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Show Me the Money is a South Korean rap competition TV show that airs on Mnet. The show has grown in popularity since the first season aired in 2012, and it is credited with increasing the South Korean public's interest in hip hop. This subreddit typically follows the releases of the English subbed episodes but feel free to discuss the current episodes too.

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selfies of the soul

2023.06.02 07:51 Best-Attitude3628 Weight killing the bedroom and the relationship. Help?

Wife and I met 6 years ago when we were in our mid 20s. This may seem irrelevant but at this point she was 5’7” 175lbs and I was 6’1” 185lbs. My wife is beautiful and although she was definitely “overweight” at this time she wore it incredibly well.
A few months in we started hanging out a lot and got comfortable together and we both put on weight. No big deal really 10-15lbs each and it didn’t really effect either of us much. Then a few months later we realized another 10lbs each had been added to the scale.
At that point I went full panic mode for myself. Tried to diet and work out and included my wife (then gf) but we both failed.
That cycle repeated a few more times until we found ourselves not fitting in any of our clothes and hating our bodies. This is when my wife became “body positive” and refused to make lifestyle changes to address her weight gain. I tried and tried to start getting healthy and not only did I struggle with it, but she actively denounced me trying to get healthy saying that “weight doesn’t matter”. As of about 2 months ago we both ended up putting on about 50-60 lbs each
As this progressed simultaneously we had some bedroom issues as well. I was always the one initiating which was not what I wanted from my sex life. We talked about it many times and eventually I just gave up. I stopped trying to initiate sex as it wasn’t satisfying for me and I often got rejected.
So fast forward to now. I have been quietly doing CICO and finding a great amount of success with it (down 12 pounds after almost 2 months!!!) I never mention it to my wife because she would just scoff at the idea of me losing weight. Our sex life was dead which I was perfectly happy with until she started mentioning it to me. She started hinting that she wanted me to initiate sex and would be upset if I didn’t. I sat her down one day and told her my libido has been down and she said and I quote “I’d be fine never having sex again” which was a bit of a relief for me honestly.
Yet I could still see her hinting that she wanted me to show interest in sex. One day last week she blatantly said let’s have sex tonight. I begrudgingly said yes and of course I had to do all the work/initiate everything once we were in the bedroom. I really didn’t enjoy it.
A few days after that I had to go out of town for work to this touristy town where everyone was getting their summer started. I was working by a pool and the amount of beautiful women I saw was staggering. I was surrounded by these beautiful fit happy people. On the drive home I could have cried. I think that was the moment I realized that my libido isn’t in the dirt my wife is just so overweight that I don’t find her remotely attractive anymore.
I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.02 07:50 Sir-Vogia [Android] [2023.06.2] Strangely enough, on a series of posts there are no longer any upvote, comment or share options

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2023.06.02 07:50 TiredSnek Morph ID help please!

Morph ID help please!
So I have a bit of a weird situation. I recently fell in love with the personality of a baby ball python marked banana. Trouble was, she was priced way higher than all the other bananas the shop had. I asked why she was priced higher and they told me that they price based on breeder recommendations and she has “color enhancing genes.” While she was and is certainly very vibrant, that seemed a bit weird to me. (Though all their other animals were priced pretty normally taking morph into account.)
I asked who the breeder was, they wouldn’t tell me, so I left. There’s only one large breeder in my area (I’m in the middle of nowhere). He’s known to be very responsible, but will only interact with businesses, so checking him out was no help. But I figured she was probably the best bred snake I was going to get. My eyes glazed over, now two months (and too much money) later and she’s my baby. But I still have no clue what morph she is.
Obviously she’s a banana, she most closely resembles a banana hypo. I’ve asked other forums, and most people say she looks het for one recessive gene or another, now logically that doesn’t make sense to me (though I’ve seen some breeders say that clown and such is a visual het recessive). I’ve also been told coral glow a few times, but I’m confident she comes from the banana line. She just keeps getting more orange. Anyone know what she is?
(Her name is Gwynevere, btw. Also I’m very careful with her outside and always inspect her thoroughly after)
Thank you in advance for any help!
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2023.06.02 07:49 Not_An_Eggo my world is invisible

my world is invisible
im starting a new modpack, and when i generated the world, the minimap could see blocks and show me where stuff was, but all blocks and entities (save for one spider for some reason) were all completely invisible.
i would grab a mod list, but i dont know an easier way and i dont have much time, just looking for some commonly conflicting mods for 1.16.5
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2023.06.02 07:49 copperpumpkin Lymph Node Fixation

To be blunt, I have put myself into a complete and total mental breakdown today! This post is to show just how easily anxiety can make mountains out of molehills and some advice on media consumption.
I (20F) have had a lymph node in my neck (below my jaw on the right side) that has been enlarged for a while now, i’d probably say 2 years. I have a history of problems with my tonsils (strep throat and mono) that has likely been the reason they never went down. I’ve been told by doctors before that my neck feels normal, but here we are today! I called my dad and told him I was dying… i no I haven’t been to a doctor! Yep! Do I plan my own funeral now?
From time to time i’ll get concerned about it and then forget about it, but this is by far the largest freakout i’ve ever had - so what caused it this time around? Besides dealing with the death of a close friend and distant family members.. a few days back I learned that Hank Green was starting chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphomas… he found an enlarged node in his armpit.. well! Can you guess how my brain reacted to that information?
In short… not well! I have not slept, ate or been able to focus on anything else. In fact I have even gaslighted myself to hold all this up to being psychic about dying and having a disease… yeah… TikTok put Hank Green’s video on my page because the universe was sending me a sign i’m going to die!
Long story short.. before you call all your family and tell them you are dying and will be losing all your hair to chemotherapy.. think about why this health scare has begun? Did you see or hear something in media?
What you consume, consumes you!
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2023.06.02 07:49 I_see_47 About to start Swedish massage course

Newbie here. From California. I'm contemplating on taking JUST the Swedish massage class, instead of completing the whole program (because of time, I have 2 kids. And the money, it's 8k more) Would it be difficult for me to find a job with just a Swedish Massage certificate? Would I be able to get a business license and practice just Swedish? Is it realistic? (I also do Reiki)
Thank you for any responses
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2023.06.02 07:49 HighBeams123 Chegg link to view a questions answer free of charge

Does anybody have a chegg account so I can see a questions answer. I will send link to you and u can screenshot the answer. I am looking for someone who will not charge me any money.
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2023.06.02 07:49 firespittingAC do the effects in guitar rig 6 sound worse then its standalone version?

I have guitar rig le and I use raum and replika gr as my main delay and reverb and they sound good but it kinda makes it feel redundant that you can by them standalone or integrated into a rack plugin like guitar rig 6 and they're both included in komplete standard and up. It makes me wonder if the guitar rig plugin itself maybe down-samples the plugins inside it or the sound is somehow altered/ not as good. You already have the left,right, and stereo setting alongside things like metronome and other features that would effect the sound that's not a creative effect. The sales going on right now and I'm wondering if I should get guitar rig pro or use that money to help get komplete standard. I know the komplete bundles come with WAY more than just effects like in guitar rig but the effects are what I'm interested in, not the instruments or expansions.
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2023.06.02 07:49 phantomthirteen A difficult time

Today the youngest son of a family I’m friends with passed away at the age of 10, after fighting severe sepsis for a week. I taught him brass music (the tenor horn) and also taught three of his older brothers various brass instruments. The mother was my student in a physics course I taught at University five years ago. The brass lessons are private, nothing to do with the university. The mother approached me about getting her kids involved with the brass band after taking my physics course.
Tomorrow is also the five year anniversary of my sister’s death. She was 28 years old and was killed in a car crash when an old man failed to give way on a one-way bridge and crashed into her head on. My wife and I were very close with my sister, and the loss was devastating.
Today was also my last class at the University I teach at, as I have left and started a different job. My new job isn’t teaching directly, and I had been teaching for almost a decade. I also completed all my studies at that university, so leaving is a bit of “end of an era” stuff. Today was an optional revision class for my students ahead of their final exam, but no-one showed up. So my final class was me sitting in a lecture room on my own. That was also when I found out my young friend / student had passed away.
I am feeling emotionally quite overwhelmed at the moment.
But I have obligations, including a concert with the brass band in a week (I’m the band manager, so can’t even step back in any way). I also have a couple of Murder Mystery events (for a little side business I do as a hobby) which I’ve committed to run later in June which will need a lot of preparations, and deal heavily with themes around death.
Anyway, thanks for reading, just wanted to vent.
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2023.06.02 07:48 thehomienova Stay no contact

For context: me (m21) and my partner (f21) lived together for 7 years. very codependent relationship. last year, gaslit me for months while she emotionally cheated on me with another dude. ended up leaving me after a big fight and moving in with him. nasty breakup but no contact was helping me heal. then after some months we start talking again, she says she made a mistake, wants me back, the usual. so i say let’s get back together but the catch? she didn’t wanna hurt new dude’s heart so she waited for an out.
we kept seeing each other for months while she was still with him. i waited and then she finally gets out of it. she comes to live with me again but we both know it doesn’t feel right. we’re falling into old patterns, acting like a couple but not together. then i have a suspicion that she’s talking to dude again. she sweats she isn’t. i find evidence and ask her one more time only for her to lie again. that was the last straw.
i understand we weren’t together but still? i told her it hurt me if she stayed talking to him after she left him and she agreed she wouldn’t. even as a friend or whatever tf we were, she lied about a boundary u had set. so then i told her that i’m going to tell the dude she was cheating on him the entire time. then she starts crying, telling me not to do it, blah blah. i tell him, he ignores me but screenshots (assuming he’s showing her). i come home later that night and all her shits gone (along with some shit that was mine).
i’m mad at myself for letting her back in my life when i could’ve been healing. now i’m back to square 1 and it sucks. it would’ve almost been a year had i stayed no contact.
TLDR; ex left me for a dude. i went no contact and it felt like i was healing. broke it bc i felt she was my best friend. said she regretted her choice but couldn’t leave dude just yet, so i saw her for months while she was still with dude, took her back in after she left only for her to speak to him again after she promised she wouldn’t. stay no contact with your ex and never take them back.
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2023.06.02 07:48 NEET_4life I’m gifted at useless skills but incompetent at anything that matters.

Human interaction? I suck at it. School? Always been terrible at it. Following basic instructions? Nope can’t do that.
But I can type 200 fucking words per minute which is around top 30 in the world. Any money to be made in that? Nope. I memorized 700 digits of pi in 10th grade. At the time i felt like a special gifted snowflake. But as an 24 year old who has achieved nothing, do you think I got any use out of that? Nope.
But wait there’s more! I can’t hold a job but that’s okay because I can get top 0.01% in almost every video game I play! Even played with the #1 and #25 highest ranked valorant players in North America. But am I good enough to actually become pro? HAHA Nope! so I gave that up a year ago. Ofc i was good but not good enough
So I'm not actually “gifted” am I. Im really just cursed. Why the fuck can’t I be good at anything that provides value to the economy? Why the fuck am I good at the most useless shit. How the fuck is somebody with my brain supposed to function in the normal world. I’m a 24 year old deadbeat and I don’t see any sign my life is going to change. I got fired from my last job due to complete incompetence. I can’t communicate with people.
How the fuck are my “GiFtS” supposed to help me?
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2023.06.02 07:48 Jordennison Does anyone know of a good setup for these requirements?

TLDR: DIY Panavision C-Series
My budget for the setup is $2000 CAD or about $1500 USD but it’s not really set in stone.
The camera I’m using is the Lumix S1. It has a sensor size of 35.6 X 23.8 millimetres and a resolution of 6000x4000 when using the full sensor in photo mode, but the video mode which I’m gonna use for this setup for has a max resolution of 5952x3968 and is using 35.3152x23.61mm of sensor size. I’m going to have a 2.4:1 aspect ratio and a 2X squeeze factor with this so the highest resolution I can have and would prefer is 4962x3968 which uses 29.44x23.61mm. The lowest I can go in resolution for what I want is 3840x3200, which would be a sensor usage of about 22.8x19mm, just above 4-perf S35. Since actual anamorphic lenses are pretty expensive, I’m looking for a projection lens setup.
As before it has to have a squeeze factor of 2X. I’m also needing blue flares (actually blue not turquoise) no matter the colour of the light making them that are as big and bright as possible. Another absolute must is blue chromatic aberration on bright parts also like the C-Series as seen in arguably the most famous shot in Blade Runner (1982) on Rachel’s right cheek and a bit on her hand As I said in the TLDR I’m wanting essentially a DIY Panavision C-Series so I think I would need to have a vintage taking lens for a chance to copy the C-Series. For focal length I want as wide as I can possibly get without any vignetting. For size and weight I honestly don’t care if it’s like lugging a bag of flour around. For focusing I definitely need a variable diopter mainly because I don’t want anamorphic mumps and it’s also just way easier with single focus. I also have a UUrig cage for my S1 that might be useful for supporting the setup. No clue about what clamp to use.
I think that’s everything needed for a good recommendation but if something is missing or doesn’t make any sense lemme know. I’m still quite unknowledgeable when it comes to anamorphic. Also if no one here knows of a setup that could work for me, please let me know of somewhere else I could ask.
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2023.06.02 07:48 Exact-Guarantee-789 I feel like I can't go on anymore

I went so long without gambling after losing all my savings back in 2017. I've worked overtime every week, stayed alone told myself I wouldn't gamble and I would live as frugally as possible. Last week was my first time gambling online and my first time gambling in years. I had so much money saved up from working normal jobs and trying to make a better life for myself. After the one stint on online gambling I thought I self excluded myself from every casino. Then I found another one which said I could play for free and I thought that would be harmless. One thing lead to the next and I've completely ruined myself. I work tomorrow morning and I just want to end my life at this point. Things have been rough these past years since the pandemic my friend committed suicide and my father passed away from lung cancer. I don't know how I'm going to go to work tomorrow. I don't know how I'm going to find the strength to continue living. I've lost all my savings, 20k, In one weekend. The whole time I felt like I was having a heart attack. I felt like a crack head, I just became nihilistic and kept going and going and I feel sick. I haven't left the house all weekend, I haven't eaten. I have a therapist who told me I could just play for a little while but to make sure I didn't do it for too long. Why did she tell me that she doesn't understand anything about gambling addiction. Why did my friend send me referral links to an online casino. I'm so frustrated I want to smash my head against the wall. I know it's my fault and I can't blame anyone but myself. I'm sick. I can't be strong anymore, I cant even afford to be alive anymore. I pray that I'll just have a heart attack and this nightmare will end. It's the best I can hope for at this point. Life feels so dark.
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2023.06.02 07:48 kalospkmn I think my parents might be severed

So I've been watching Severance with my parents. This is my 2nd watch thru, but it's their first. Anyhow, Ricken is my favorite character, because his corny self help ideas are so funny to me. My bf and I cracked up laughing at his lines when we first saw the show together.
So naturally, I've been desperately waiting to see my parents reactions to The You You Are. Well, Mark found the book. "It was not me that was wrong, but literature itself. And that to truly find my place in that world, I would need to break it entirely. And so I did." I hear an intrigued hmmm from them.
My parents are watching with rapt reverence. The whole thing. The quotes just keep on coming. I'm stifling my laughter. Will the rotting toes analogy be what clues them into the joke? No, not that one. Machines being made of metal? Surely that one is obvious enough. No, they are still FASCINATED!
Finally, the line comes that I thought there's NO WAY they won't get the joke. "Bullies are nothing but Bull and Lies." And my mom literally gasps "Wow!" 🤯
So I have now concluded that Ricken's book may have just delivered my parents from a life of severance. They now have awakened to The They They Are. Praise Ricken!
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2023.06.02 07:48 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Prevent Premature Ejaculation (latest)

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2023.06.02 07:48 ReplacementEntire651 Delivery tonight

Anybody around here able to bring me some alcohol? I’m am 21+ as you can check on delivery, just don’t feel like getting a DUI. I can send you the money plus 10 bucks tomorrow. Thanks guys
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2023.06.02 07:47 Mayiani HIV anxiety

So I (M17) lost my virginity end of April to another guy (I was the top). The condom ended up off towards the end,, and I immediately regretted that - how could I be so stupid?
The very instant we finished, he jumped into the shower to clean himself out using a douche and some water, which gave me a little relief knowing he was that quick with cleaning up... he even knew I was a virgin (it was pretty obvious), so didn't have much reason to be worried - nonetheless he cleaned himself out.
Prior to having sex (end April), he had been tested in March. He also got tested about 3 days afterwards, and he showed me the results - they came back negative. That put my concerns at ease.
Now, 6 weeks later, I have a sore throat, and some very swollen lymph nodes (I've also been very fatigued, but I'm pretty sure that's just because I've been sleeping quite badly the last few days).
I'm probably being irrational, but what are the chances I have caught the disease, in spite of his regular testing, and his negative test just a couple days after?
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2023.06.02 07:47 zdaarlight Annoyed with fluctuating traffic/sales - anyone else had the same problem?

Hey all!
So April and May were an absolute nightmare for me. For some reason, I experienced a HUGE drop in traffic and sales, down to the point where I was struggling for money. My year-on-year stats were all down about 35-40% on everything - visits, favourites, sales, the lot. This was a massive rarity for me: since opening my shop 3 years ago I've generally been on the up and up and the business has been progressively growing by the month.
I'd lost my Star Seller status in January due to a handful of negative reviews (not my fault, postal delays) over the Christmas period, but regained Star Seller at the beginning of April.
Nevertheless, things were dire. Just no visits, no activity, and barely any sales. I've experienced similar dips in the past for short periods, but this lasted two months.
And then, last week (ironically just as the rest of my life got massively busy)... BOOM. It was like someone had flicked a switch. Suddenly, overnight, things went back to normal. I got a bunch of sales in (weirdly, on a lot of my less popular items) and regular service was restored. I'm now back to usual levels of busy-ness. Which is great and obviously I'm not complaining, but I'd love to know what happened.
During this whole period, I did absolutely nothing. Didn't add any new products, didn't tweak any listings, adjust tags, or anything like that. Marketing budget remained the same. I got a few (5 star) reviews. But overall, my shop was just sitting and waiting for customers to come in. Likewise, I didn't do anything which may have caused things to pick up again, it just happened totally spontaneously.
I've checked my stats, and there is one interesting thing I've found. For this year overall, everything is up for visits, apart from visits brought in by Etsy. Visits from the Etsy app, Etsy search, and Etsy marketing/SEO are down massively, by up to a whopping 49%.
So, has anybody else experienced anything similar? To me it feels like Etsy just made my shop/products invisible for a while, and then overnight decided to show me to people again. What on earth happened?
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2023.06.02 07:47 Difficult_Basis1893 I need help/advice pleasee

Ok so basically there is this girl who’s the most pretty person I’ve ever seen but i get so nervous to say anything because my face turns super red and I just get nervous, as well as my entire table being super loud and obnoxious the entire year besides me , + I think she’s quiet so she probably got annoyed at our table for being super loud . I’m super introverted and Im very talkative once you get to know me but I have no clue how to start a conversation or say anything to someone unless they come up to me. I tried to convince myself to say something on the last day of school but obviously that didn’t happen . Does anyone have any tips to fix this sorta stuff because I still want to say something to her but I cant bring myself to it. I could say something on instagram but I followed her and she didn’t follow me back + I’m just scared of getting rejected or something.
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2023.06.02 07:47 Fabulous_Yak_303 Kinder assessment

My daughter had her kindergarten assessment so we can know what she needs to work on this summer. The teacher spent a good amount of time with her, longer than the other teacher did with the other student. She told me she doesn't need any extra work this summer, that she knows everything she needs to!!!!
I was so anxious because my daughter is a little atypical and I have had suspicions that she is maybe adhd, because I am and she shows a lot of attention issues and she is constantly moving.
I was literally trying to force myself not to pace the hall while she was being assessed while all the other moms were just sitting calm. Every time I try and ask my daughter her letters or anything she is all over the place so I was so worried, even though we work on it all the time. But she knows it! She showed off her intelligence and I am just so happy she seems to be totally ready for school.
I just wanted to share with someone how fucking relieved I am that she's doing ok.
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2023.06.02 07:47 CorporealN3ther Need help finding a long lost international friend

Hey there Reddit,
This person has been in my thoughts for the longest time on and off, and I have no idea if this is a total and complete shot in the dark, but I have to try.
Back in the summer of 2007 I was an employee at Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida where i worked as a games keeper (think carnival games) in the Lost Continent.
While there I met and befriended one of my coworkers. we all called her "Eve." Eve was visiting the United States to work at Universal from Thailand. We both worked as games keepers, and after talking here and there, We became friends. Me being the shy person I was back then at eighteen, we sadly ran out of time to hang out before she had to return to Thailand. I believe Eve was her nickname/name on her name tag, and she told me her real name but I can't for the life of me remember it.
Shortly before she had to return to Thailand, She invited me to go to SeaWorld. I was never able to take her up on the offer before she had to head home. We were friends on MySpace, and I asked her to come back and visit and she agreed, but I didn't have the money for an international flight. After MySpace fell out of popularity, I lost contact and I have no idea how I would search for or get in contact with her.
This probably seems like a needle in a haystack, but I imagine back then she was around my age, so probably around her early 20's. So likely mid 30's today.
Does anyone have any idea of how I would start my search to hopefully get in contact with her?
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2023.06.02 07:47 burningexeter [QUESTION] What can you see sharing the same universe as Disney XD's Pair Of Kings.

[QUESTION] What can you see sharing the same universe as Disney XD's Pair Of Kings.
To shake things completely up on this small subreddit, I think this will do exactly the trick.
It's been both a fan theory and a headcanon of mine that numerous TV shows all take place in the same shared universe but with different tones and styles to show the multiple different perspectives of this whole world where as long as everything is somewhat grounded or at least grounded to some degree, literally anything can happen.
It consist of all the following:
Oz (HBO), The Wire, Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul/El Camino, Sons Of Anarchy & Mayans MC, The X Files (the first nine seasons)/Millennium/The Lone Gunmen, Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel, LOST, Heroes (the first season), 24, The Shield, Dexter (the first five seasons), Chuck, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, Weeds (the first three seasons), Orange Is The New Black, Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan, Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Malcolm In The Middle, Arrested Development (the first three seasons), Drake & Josh, Pair Of Kings (Ha! there it is, you thought it wouldn't show up) and yes even Transformers Prime & Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.
I was thinking of adding a few movies in here and there but I thought just having Fight The Future, the two Drake & Josh specials, Predacons Rising and El Camino makes them feel more special.
How Pair Of Kings fits into this is that it's part of the comedy side to this universe alongside others like Seinfeld and the first three Arrested Development seasons only it's still able to stand on its own because of how fantastical it is.
If I had to throw in some movies to this universe than I'd go with the few following:
Commando, Big Trouble In Little China, Under Siege, Super 8 and Wildwood.
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