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2023.06.02 07:20 SnooSeagulls7526 WWE TV Titles

AEW’s TBS and TNT titles got me thinking, why doesn’t the WWE have a TV title?
Television titles are so fun, I really don’t understand how the WWE has never had a TV championship. Maybe they see it as a symbol of their competition, whether it be WCW, ECW, AEW, or, more recently, New Japan, but it would make Smackdown and Raw so much more interesting.
The Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion just sound like a TV title if I’m being honest. Create a new top women’s title and then have the other two belts serve as a secondary title, like AEW’s TBS championship. The women’s division could use a mid card title anyways to better highlight talent.
Things would be a little trickier on the men’s side, but a third singles title for the men on each brand could do a lot of good. It could highlight younger talent and give fans some unpredictability during long, history making title reigns like Romans or Gunther’s. It would also highlight the guys who actually do wrestle full time compared to the part timers the WWE would rather save for PLEs.
What do you guys think, would you like to see the WWE introduce a new TV title, or reintroduce the WCW TV title, or are there already too many belts?
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2023.06.02 07:19 dancergrl20 DCI + DCA Partnership

DCI + DCA Partnership
I’ve been a performer and fan of drum corps for a long time and just saw the news.
DCI and DCA just announced a two-year partnership agreement where DCA will continue to operate under it’s own rules but will take on the operating policies of DCI. In an effort to sustain the drum corps activity, the two organizations have decided to partner.
Is this going to be good or detrimental to the economy? What are your thoughts as performers, staff, and fans?
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2023.06.02 07:19 Throwaway_u7589 My bf (22m) and I (20f) got into an argument over a road trip

For context, we have been dating for 2 years. We started dating initially in highschool but then broke it off for a year before getting back together. (Totaling of 5 and a half years and we still talking during our breakup)
Now, my bf has quite a few friends that he’s met online through gaming systems but has never actually met in person. He recently met someone on there who lives in another state about 12 hour drive away. They both starting talking because of their interest in cars.
My bf just bought a very expensive add on kit for his car but wanted to wait to put it in as we move into our apartment together next week and he is undergoing an invasive surgery at the end of the month. To have the kit put in would be close to $1500 on top of the same amount he just spent to get the kit.
His online friend offered to do it for him but he would have to make the drive and most likely stay with him. My bf then in turn asked me if I could go with him. With the time frame that he has, we would have to go the weekend after next.
I have issues with this for a few reasons.
  1. He hasn’t known this person long and never met him in person (they have FaceTimed so I know he’s not a catfish). He doesn’t actually know if this person knows how to work on cars. If this guy messed up his car, how would we get home?
  2. It’s a minimum of 12 hour drive not including traffic, which I don’t think he’ll be able to make by myself (or at least shouldn’t for safety reasons).
  3. If you look at my last post, I have a reactive dog who I can’t just leave with anybody at the drop of a hat and he doesn’t allow her in his car (leather seats).
  4. We’ll only be moved into our apartment for a week and I would have to call out of work as I work weekends which will take away from our rent money.
  5. Again, he has surgery at the end of the month that he will be down for two weeks and can’t go to work.
  6. I do not trust random men I have never met or hung out with in a group setting, why would I stay with a stranger at their house?
  7. He never wants to come out with my friends and I or go on any trips (I have known these friends since highschool) but all of a sudden he wants to go on a “random adventure”
I asked if we could plan for something later since we have so much going on, but he starts a new position at his job that requires him to work weekends once he comes off leaves from his surgery. His attitude was basically “now or never”. I just don’t know if I’m being controlling or not but I feel like these are genuine concerns and frustrations. It seems odd to me that he would drop everything to make plans for someone he’s never met when I have to push him to go hangout with his own friends he’s known for years just because this dude offered to put a kit in his car for free. His reasoning was that he wouldn’t have to pay for it so why wouldn’t he do it?
Am I being controlling or crazy? If I am I will apologize for the argument but I just need to know.
TLDR: my boyfriend wants to go on a trip in two weeks to see someone he’s never met in person to put a kit in his car and asked me to go with him. I said no and got upset because we have so much going on this month. Am I crazy for getting upset?
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2023.06.02 07:18 bitesize10 Looking for a book where the main character finds out they have some sort of power and chooses to do evil rather than good

Hi everyone,
I’m a huge sucker for fantasy, but a lot of the stories follow the below pattern:
  1. Main character (MC) is a normal every day person
  2. MC discovers they have a special powethey are prophesied to save the world/some variation of this
  3. MC is promised great fortune if they join bad guy and take over the world
  4. MC kills bad guy and remains good and righteous
While I love this pattern and will never get bored of reading new iterations of it, I’d really love to read something where the MC doesn’t choose to use their newfound power for good. Maybe they become greedy and power hungry? Maybe they join the existing baddies and help take over the world?
Heck, it doesn’t even need to be a fantasy book, just something where someone who would traditionally choose to be the good guy decides to go the other way.
Thank you in advance for any recommendations!
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2023.06.02 07:18 inter_metal What are the best options for wholesale furniture in Saudi Arabia?

What are the best options for wholesale furniture in Saudi Arabia?
If you're looking for furniture for your business, Saudi Arabia is a great place to look. There are many wholesale furniture options available, and you can find the best prices and quality here. At Intermetal, you can get remarkable outdoor furniture, luxury furniture and hospitality furniture in Saudi Arabia.
In this blog, we’ll tell you about the different types of furniture you need for your restaurant. So let’s get started.
What Types of Wholesale Furniture Are Available in Saudi Arabia?
In Saudi Arabia, there are a variety of furniture items that are available for wholesale. Some of the most popular items include bedroom sets, dining room sets, sofas, and chairs.
The furniture items that are available for wholesale in Saudi Arabia vary in terms of styles, colors, and materials. There are many different types of wood that are used to make furniture in the country, including oak, mahogany, and cherry. In addition, there are a variety of fabrics that can be used to upholster furniture, including suede, leather, and cotton.
The prices for wholesale furniture in Saudi Arabia are generally cheaper than the prices for furniture in other countries. This is because the furniture industry in Saudi Arabia is still in its early stages of development. As a result, there is a lot of competition among furniture retailers, which drives the prices down.
If you are interested in purchasing furniture for your home or office in Saudi Arabia, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, you should make sure that you are buying furniture from a reputable store. Second, you should ask the store to give you a written estimate of the total cost of the furniture, including shipping and handling. Finally, you should make sure that you understand the store's return policy.
Where Can You Find the Best Wholesale Furniture Deals in Saudi Arabia?
If you're in the market for some new furniture, you may be wondering where the best deals can be found. Saudi Arabia is a great place to start your search, as there are a number of reputable furniture dealers who offer great wholesale prices.
Before you start shopping, it's important to know what you're looking for. Decide on the style of furniture you want, as well as the type of materials you prefer. Once you have a good idea of what you want, you can start focusing on specific brands and retailers.
When it comes to finding the best deals on furniture, it's important to compare prices. Be sure to ask the furniture dealers for quotes, and don't forget to ask about delivery and installation fees.
If you're looking for quality furniture at a great price, Saudi Arabia is a great place to shop. With a little bit of research, you're sure to find the perfect pieces for your home.
How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Business in Saudi Arabia
When you are opening a business in Saudi Arabia, there are many things to consider. One of the most important decisions you will make is what furniture to purchase.
There are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision. The first is climate. Saudi Arabia is a hot, dry country, so furniture that can withstand extreme temperatures is a must. You will also want to choose furniture that is durable and can stand up to the high traffic levels in a business setting.
Another important factor to consider is culture. In Saudi Arabia, it is customary to offer guests a seat, so be sure to have plenty of comfortable chairs available. You may also want to consider including a few pieces of traditional Saudi furniture in your selection.
Whatever furniture you choose, make sure it is of the highest quality and will be able to serve your business needs for many years to come.
What did you need to know about luxury furniture in Saudi Arabia?
Are you a Saudi-based hospitality business looking to upgrade the experience of your guests with luxury furniture? If so, you’re in the right place. Saudi Arabia has a plethora of options when it comes to purchasing quality furniture. But before you start shopping for new pieces for your space, there are some things you need to understand about luxury furniture in this part of the world.
What type of style do you seek for your new furniture? Is it modern or classic, contemporary or traditional? What are the features and colors to keep an eye out for? In addition to what type of furniture pieces best suit your needs, it’s essential to consider other factors such as comfort level and durability.

Overview of Luxury Furniture in Saudi Arabia

As you may already know, luxury furniture in Saudi Arabia is synonymous with elegance, quality, and style. It is important to understand the distinct characteristics that makeup luxury furniture when looking to purchase it in the country. Luxury furniture can come in a variety of different forms, such as wood and metal frames, intricate designs and bold colors. Whether you are searching for hospitality furniture or just looking for something special for your home, the selection of luxury furniture available in Saudi Arabia is sure to cater to all your needs.
When shopping for luxury furniture pieces in Saudi Arabia, it is key to consider the materials used to make the pieces. You'll want something that's durable and high-quality so that your piece can remain as beautiful as the day you got it. Also, think about how your piece will fit within the rest of your home or establishment—will it match and complement existing decor? Consider these points carefully before making your purchase so you get a product you will truly love.

Benefits of Indoor Furniture in Saudi Arabia

Furnishing your home with quality furniture pieces is not only luxurious but beneficial as well. Investing in indoor luxury furniture for your home may seem expensive in the present, but it pays off in the long run with its promise of lasting quality and durability.
Additionally, hospitality furniture in Saudi Arabia such as couches and recliners can add to the functionality of your home. Strategically placed seating encourages socializing and relaxation for guests, making sure that no visitor ever feels unwelcome in your home.
For those who seek a more comprehensive interior design, Saudi Arabia offers an extensive range of options for luxury furniture pieces that can make all the difference in creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for an extravagant statement piece or a more subtle addition to your space, Saudi Arabia has something to suit every need and style.

Different Types of Luxury Furniture

Have you ever wondered what luxury furniture in Saudi Arabia looks like? Luxury furniture comes in many shapes and forms, so let’s explore some of the different types of luxury furniture that are available in the country.

Indoor Furniture

Indoor furniture for luxury homes in Saudi Arabia typically features large, ornate designs made from heavy materials such as wood and metal. These pieces look extremely elegant and opulent and often feature intricate carvings and detailing. Many pieces, such as beds, are usually made from skins like crocodile, ostrich or even python for added extravagance. Upholstering is also very popular for indoor furniture in Saudi Arabia, with luxurious fabrics such as velvet or suede used to cover sofa cushions and headboards.

Hospitality Furniture

Hospitality furniture in Saudi Arabia represents a large chunk of the luxury furniture market in Saudi Arabia. This includes hotel lobbies, restaurants and VIP areas which need to accommodate large numbers of people yet still feel luxurious. These areas include couches, tables and chairs with rich fabrics covering armrests and cushions that add comfort to the area but also reflect a luxurious ambiance.
There are many different types of luxury furniture available in Saudi Arabia that suit many different tastes. From indoor pieces with intricate details to hospitality settings with lavish upholstery – luxury furniture is sure to make any home or setting feel luxuriously stylish.

Buying Tips for Hospitality Furniture in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to buying the perfect hospitality furniture in Saudi Arabia for your home or business, there are some essential tips that you should keep in mind.

Quality Materials

First of all, think about the quality of materials that you require for your furniture. Quality materials such as solid wood, leather, and fabric can make a huge difference to the durability and aesthetic appeal of the piece. Make sure to ask your supplier about these details and look for products that are carefully crafted with due attention to detail.

Style Variety

The range of styles available in hospitality furniture is vast. From modern looks that embrace minimalism and clean lines, to more traditional designs with intricate details, there is something to suit every taste. It’s important to remember that furniture is an investment so selecting pieces which will stand the test of time is key. Choosing classic style elements such as smooth lines and subtle patterns for your luxury furniture will help ensure a timeless look.


If you are investing in luxury furniture for a hospitality space in Saudi Arabia then make sure it is built to withstand everyday use. Ask specifically about any wear standards that have been adhered to during manufacture and consider extra protective measures such as waterproof fabrics or extra cushioning where necessary. It may be worth investing in a professional cleaning service on a regular basis too – this could extend the life of your furniture significantly!

Design Tips for Creating a Vibrant Interior With Luxury Furniture

When it comes to creating a vibrant interior in Saudi Arabia, luxury furniture can be a great way to do it. But if you want to make sure you make the best choice for your space, here are some key design tips to keep in mind.

The Right Size

Size matters when it comes to luxury furniture since pieces that are too big or too small can throw off the balance in a room. Before you buy any furniture, make sure you measure the room and check the dimensions of the pieces you're considering—opt for pieces that fit best in terms of proportion and scale.

The Right Colors

Colors also play a big role in setting the atmosphere and mood of an interior space. Whether you prefer bright, cheerful shades or muted calming tones, keep an eye on choosing the right colors that suit your preferences. Be sure to take into account the existing wall color and flooring as well as trimming details when selecting different hues for luxury furniture.

Quality Matters

Of course, quality should always be the top priority when investing in luxury furniture for your home or commercial space. Look for high-quality materials like solid wood, metal and leather that will last through regular use over time without losing its functionality and esthetically pleasing appearance. And pay attention to construction details such as craftsmanship joints, firm upholstery and suitable hardware finishes to ensure the durability of each piece you invest in.
Overall, Saudi Arabia is a great place to find furniture for your business. You can find high-quality, affordable options here, and you can be sure that you're getting a good deal. When it comes to furnishing your business, Saudi Arabia is definitely the place to be.
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2023.06.02 07:17 Fit-Instruction9929 29F with depression dating 31M who's emotionally unavailable

I'm a 29year old woman who grew up in an abusive and chaotic household, and have been suffering from depression for atleast a dozen years.
By the time I graduated high school and went to college, I got into some toxic friendships and was deep in depression. My scores in academics dropped over time and college wasn't really successful for me. I didn't make any good friends in college either, because I tried to isolate myself halfway through that time and the friends I had made during the first year, didn't really care. I cared and gave far more during those relationships than I received, so I ultimately stopped. During that time, I had few long distance relationships with men who verbally and psychologically abused me, and I feel guilty for being with them, I was so desperate for love.
By 2019, the depression that had started in high school, had gotten worse over the years, and, I struggled with frequent anxiety and panic attacks. I started consulting a therapist and a psychologist, got some medicines and advice that helped me stand back on my feet. I almost felt like I am normal and have no issues.
In 2020, I met a man(31M) who was very gentle and kind. When I was with me and I got an attack, he was there for me and helped me through them. I started feeling like I was really loved and cared for. However, he does not know how to cook or do any household work, and we have a few fights about that. After that, he stopped supporting me emotionally. Some days when he feels he likes me, he becomes available, and there are many days when he is just out of reach, even though he is right in front of me. I stopped therapy and got off medication, because medicines made it impossible to focus and do my job well, and my therapist stopped feeling helpful.
We lived together for over a year and a half, and had a lot of fights, over really inconsequential things. I feel like a lot of those fights happened because of my anger issues. Halfway through our time living together, he wanted to break up and when I was away for a few months, he even went on dates with a girl he met on a dating app. When I had discovered these things, he was angry and wanted to break up, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to do it. I feel I have become too attached to him. I get really frustrated whenever I think about the time he was trying to break up with me and going on dates with other women. We have been together for almost 3 years now, and I have observed that whenever I am having a depressive episode, things get bad between us. From time to time, when I am having a normal mood,, he talks about getting married, but then a depressive episode comes back, he makes me feel isolated, which further fuels the negativity in my mind. I feel like he does not understand this depressed side of me, and when I complain about this to him, he tells me i should talk to a therapist.
I feel my relationships will never be successful because of my depression, and that should just quit and be alone. Is my boyfriend right, I should not be expecting him to understand my depressive thoughts?
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2023.06.02 07:17 TheShadowspawn Chapter Forty-Five - Brothers

Captain sits in a somewhat small room on board Commander Beckett's ship.
Commander Beckett sits across from him, setting up his holo-display to record the interaction.
Alien Captain: "Is this interrogation truly necessary, Commander Beckett?"
Commander Beckett: "This is not an interrogation, Captain. This is merely us asking you a few questions about the entity you encountered."
AC: "Which one? The Voidborn, or the Stellar Dragon?"
CB: "The dragon, but I would be interested in learning about the Voidborn as well. That is, if you wouldn't mind."
AC: "I would not, but I am confused as to why you would need such information from me. Was he not a human? Does his current form of existence not have something to do with the Terran High Command?"
CB: "Actually, it doesn't. As far as Terran High Command was concerned, he failed in his attempt to become what he is. The genetic modifications didn't hold up, and, as far as we were made aware, he died in the attempt at conversion into his current form. So, imagine our surprise when we have an existence claiming to have formerly been a human, that we were unaware still existed, quite literally flying through space, saving folk from some kind of nightmare creature we were also unaware existed."
AC: "... you do realise that the Data-net is accessible to all, yes?"
CB: "... I am, but Terran High Command doesn't believe anything it doesn't have actual living proof of. Which is unfortunate because we're living in some very interesting times, and if they continue to cling to only believing what their eyes see, then we're screwed."
AC: "Very well. I will answer what I can, but I do not know very much of anything about the Stellar Dragon."
CB: "That's fine. Honestly, what you know is more than we actually know about him."
Human Dave exits a room and sees Captain leaning against a wall just outside waiting for him.
Human Dave: "So, Captain, how was your interrogation?"
AC: "Remarkably civil, all things considered. I have been accused of much in my life, simply as a member of my species, but to be only asked questions on what I saw was a refreshing change of pace."
HD: "Yeah, I've seen first-hand the kind of reception Cradelians get out there."
AC: "Did they ask you about Drakonis as well?"
HD: "Yes, along with taking my recordings of the Voidborn. How is it that Terran High Command didn't know about something like that?"
AC: "Commander Beckett informed me that they did know of it, but chose not to believe that it existed."
HD: "... yeah, that sounds about right. Terran High Command doesn't bother with such useless things like common sense or the Data-net for truthful information."
AC: "That particular belief struck me as odd, Human Dave. Why would they willingly refuse to believe such information?"
HD: "Fear, mostly, I suppose. Can you imagine if your people were living on your cradle-world for hundreds and thousands of years, and suddenly, one day, an apex predator simply appeared? No indication during those hundreds of thousands of years that it even existed, then it just up and wipes out a city. And apparently, it's always been there, but your people have just been unbelievably lucky never to have seen one before."
AC: "... your argument is sound, Human Dave. I am struck with Apex Fear with only the mere thought of this hypothetical scenario."
HD: "And that's probably why they didn't want to believe that it was real."
Human Dave and Captain walk through the hallways, getting lost several times, and having to ask for directions many times; both engrossed in their conversation.
After far longer than they should have taken, they finally emerge into the docking bay, and start towards the familiar form of Captain's ship, before hearing a voice.
Unknown voice: "Yo, dumbass!"
Human Dave goes still, and turns his head to regard the one who spoke.
HD: "I'd recognise that damn voice anywhere!"
Human Dave turns his whole body, and charges at the one who spoke; who, in turn, starts charging at Human Dave.
The two collide with a THUMP, and Human Dave is the one to fall back after their chests collide.
HD: "Damn it, Barry. Would you stop being so fucking tall, you arsehole?"
Human Barry: "Make me, little brother."
Human Barry extends his arm to Human Dave, and pulls him to his feet.
HD: "The Hell are you doing all the way out here? I thought you were getting that pirate ship you stole retrofitted."
HB: "Okay, firstly, it was acquired by us. We took it through completely legal means. And we even got it registered, so stop saying we stole it."
HD: "You killed the pirates who were trying to rob you, and robbed them of their ship."
HB: "See? Completely legal. And they weren't going to use it after that."
HD: "Yeah, about as legal as that time you took Dad's speeder out and--"
Human Barry quickly covers Human Dave's mouth with his hand, and fixes a glare at him.
HB: "We made a promise not to speak of that again, baby brother."
Human Dave pulls Barry's hand off his mouth.
HD: "That was under the prerequisite that you never call me 'baby brother' ever again."
Human Barry's eyes widen in shock.
HD: "And you just broke it, so there's nothing to stop me from snitching now!"
Human Dave runs from Human Barry, and activates his holo-display.
Human Barry chases after his brother, who is starting to yell into his holo-display as he runs from his brother.
Captain watches on with amusement.
Both Human Dave and Human Barry sit in the Mess Hall of Captain's ship.
Human Dave is nursing a black eye, while Human Barry is hunched over, clutching his side.
The brothers glare at each other, before bursting out laughing.
Human Barry winces at the movement, and clutches his side tighter.
HB: "Aw, fuck! Don't make me laugh, you idiot!"
HD: "You're the one who got me in the eye, you arse!"
HB: "Yeah, but you got me in the rib. How am I meant to do anything with this?"
HD: "You never did say what you were doing out here."
HB: "Beckett sent us a message that you got involved in some kind of situation. Mum was setting up your kids with a home of their own at the time. The family home is pretty big, but even it can't contain 15 people at once."
HD: "I've been meaning to visit again, but we had some trouble getting any cargo hauls heading back this way for a while now. I think we found out why, though."
HB: "Yeah, I heard. You got attacked by some kind of space squid?"
HD: "Oh, is that what they called it? Hold up; I'll show you."
Human Dave sends a file through his holo-display to Human Barry.
Human Barry opens the file, and watches it, still hunched over in pain.
Which quickly fades as he realises exactly what he just watched.
HB: "I assume you didn't mean to show the message you made for us?"
HD: "... ah, shit. I sent you the unedited one."
HB, grinning: "It's good, Dave. You're finally getting in touch with your feminine side."
HD: "Oh, go fuck yourself, you absolute arse!"
HB: "No, but really, are you okay? That can't have been easy to go through."
HD: "I'm fine, Barry. Not the first time I've had to deal with PTSD, remember?"
HB: "I do. And I do remember you drank yourself almost to death before Mum got through to you."
HD: "..."
HB: "Is it so hard to think we might be worried about you?"
HD: "... no. I know you guys looked out for me at my lowest, and I haven't relapsed in a long time."
An Aflarrian waddles its way into the room, and climbs onto Human Dave's lap.
HB: "Being out here with Captain has been good for you. And these little guys as well."
Human Barry leans over, and gives the Aflarrian a little pat on its head, as it lounges on Human Dave's lap.
Human Dave starts stroking its back, and it purrs in happiness.
HD: "Yeah. They'll keep me from being too reckless, and Doctor does know about my history, so she's been keeping an eye on me as well."
HB: "Is she still obsessed with Donnie Yen?"
HD, witheringly: "Unfortunately, yes. Wait. How do you know about that?"
HB: "You asked for the movies you've been watching. Who do you think has been sending them to you?"
HD: "Wait a second. You've been sending me stuff from your personal collection? You swore that you'd never do that again after I accidentally corrupted one."
HB: "I did. I also acknowledged that it's been almost two decades since that happened, and I let go of that grudge a long time ago."
HD: "..."
HB: "Besides, I know you won't let them get damaged now, since you're on a ship filled with people obsessed with them. And I'm pretty sure that Doctor will never forgive you if she can't see Donnie shirtless ever again."
HD: "... God forbid that ever happen. I'm pretty sure that she'll smother me in my sleep if it does."
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2023.06.02 07:17 TheSnekofDestiny Some teammates on ranked are unbearable - Rant

Hey guys, In general I love this community and we all love this game! I have played quite a lot of games on ranked on teammaps, because I enjoy the unit Combo. So far so good BUT I get insulted almost every time I play. Yesterday I played 5 games and in 3 of them my teammate got salty and started insulting me. I am not a total noob, I am 1k3 in 1v1 and know my way around the civilis and units. Still, some players try to force a certain playstlye on you and if the game doesn't go accordingly they get angry and start using the noob word in a inflationary manner. Seriously why does this happen so often? I am not easily tilted, I usually just block them and go on. But if it happens several times a day it starts getting on my nerves. Yesterday it totally killed my mood for the game.
Do they get banned at all after reporting? I would love to know if reporting helps. And although most of the community is lovely, I kinda start to feel an increase of insulting players over the past 2 years. I don't know what solution I am hoping for, so maybe this is just a rant post. Stay positive, we love this game:)
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2023.06.02 07:16 Its_Pritney_Pitch 26 [M4A] Maybe it's time for something serious

A lil background. I've been on my "hoe phase" for the past few months and tried hookups with different people (still clean naman so thank goodness). But recently, I've been feeling more and more...empty I guess. Yung feeling na parang di na worth it kung magpadala ka na lang sa bogli whenever you need someone. Yun na yun siguro. I need someONE, not someONES hahaha.
I've only ever had hookups with guys for the s*x but in terms of relationship, I'm open naman to both genders lalo na pag long term na yung relationship. Maybe I'm kinda biromantic but homos*xual? Di ko na rin mafollow yung letters and words sa LGBT+++ spectrum but I guess that's what would describe me the closest that I know of.
So ayun. I'm trying my luck here if maybe...just maybe I could find that someone who would be willing to adjust with me and explore as to what an actual serious relationship na hindi revolving around s*x would be. Syempre given na yung magkavibe tayo or at least we compliment each other in a way haha. Looking for not just a "constant" but "in the long run" 😊
A bit about me na pang turn off 😂
- Chubby with glasses
- Casually watches anime, movies or series depende sa mood haha
- But mostly listens to music, particularly jrock,jpop and the 'english' rock and pop plus some opm on the sides din. To the point na hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay na walang nakasaksak na bluetooth earphones sa at least isang tenga (for safety na rin minsan lol)
- Not as presentable as I'd want to be because of my build but will try my best naman to dress to the occasion since I care more about being comfortable 😁
- Works a 9-6 job from Monday to Friday so mostly weekends lang din free for long dates/lakad
- Mostly introverted pero I tend to be more talkative to people I'm comfy with of course
- Sometimes called Britney lalo na sa work. But you'll have to stick around to know the story LOL
- Minsan bipolar, minsan maraming mood swings pero hindi naman ako nananakit haha.
So ayun. I'm not sure pa rin how this would work but I'm damn ready to try more meaningful connections with people.
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2023.06.02 07:15 vonthecig Suingmcdonalds

OK several years ago I had a schizophrenic break from reality, I didn't hardly eat for a year and a a half because the voices said the food was poisoned, and I eventually thought that it was the zombie appocolypse tried to drown myself in a pond didn't succeed and I broke in a man's house and hit him with a cinderblock trying to defend myself against him( he was trying to kill me even though I was trying to run away).
So anyway after serving some time in the hospital and getting my medicine adjusted I decided to get back in the workforce I am in a special program for forensic patients they take me to work and th⁹ey bring me my medicine everyday and make sure i take it.
Mcdonalds agreed to hire me with my disability and work my schedule they have me doing light maintenance and the lobby mostly I do cleaning I stay busy the whole time. it was one of the nastiest mcdonalds I have ever worked in and I worked really hard and got it cleaned up nice. The other day I woke up with bad Sulphur burps and I was very nauseous I was in the bathroom for five minutes the big boss was at the store and Instead of saying anything good about all the work I did she said I was in the bathroom for a long time I said I have been sick to my stomach today and she said I should go home then. So I did. I called them today to tell them I was going to be late because I broke my toe nail way down to the quick and I had to go to medexpress to get it bandaged before work . They put the main boss on the phone and with glee in his voice he informs me of how I won't be needing to come back in ,at first he says he doesn't have to tell me why but then he says that it was because he had me on camera wondering around for fifty minutes on the clock which isn't true , unless it was for way less time and my schizophrenia was really bothering me bad, sometimes it makes it hard for me to focus and to remember what I'm doing. He also said that my uniform was incomplete but I have been trying to buy another mcdonals hat for three days and he keeps putting off getting me one. So my question is what should I do that job was my life I was so thankful to have a place that understood my disability and was willing to work my schedule now I'm probably going to be homeless . How do i sue do i have a good case what do i sue for how much compensation could one expect to receive from this kind of a legal venture. Please any and all advice would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time..
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2023.06.02 07:15 Its_Pritney_Pitch 26 [M4A] Maybe it's time for something serious

A lil background. I've been on my "hoe phase" for the past few months and tried hookups with different people (still clean naman so thank goodness). But recently, I've been feeling more and more...empty I guess. Yung feeling na parang di na worth it kung magpadala ka na lang sa bogli whenever you need someone. Yun na yun siguro. I need someONE, not someONES hahaha.
I've only ever had hookups with guys for the s*x but in terms of relationship, I'm open naman to both genders lalo na pag long term na yung relationship. Maybe I'm kinda biromantic but homos*xual? Di ko na rin mafollow yung letters and words sa LGBT+++ spectrum but I guess that's what would describe me the closest that I know of.
So ayun. I'm trying my luck here if maybe...just maybe I could find that someone who would be willing to adjust with me and explore as to what an actual serious relationship na hindi revolving around s*x would be. Syempre given na yung magkavibe tayo or at least we compliment each other in a way haha. Looking for not just a "constant" but "in the long run" 😊
A bit about me na pang turn off 😂
- Chubby with glasses
- Casually watches anime, movies or series depende sa mood haha
- But mostly listens to music, particularly jrock,jpop and the 'english' rock and pop plus some opm on the sides din. To the point na hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay na walang nakasaksak na bluetooth earphones sa at least isang tenga (for safety na rin minsan lol)
- Not as presentable as I'd want to be because of my build but will try my best naman to dress to the occasion since I care more about being comfortable 😁
- Works a 9-6 job from Monday to Friday so mostly weekends lang din free for long dates/lakad
- Mostly introverted pero I tend to be more talkative to people I'm comfy with of course
- Sometimes called Britney lalo na sa work. But you'll have to stick around to know the story LOL
- Minsan bipolar, minsan maraming mood swings pero hindi naman ako nananakit haha.
So ayun. I'm not sure pa rin how this would work but I'm damn ready to try more meaningful connections with people.
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2023.06.02 07:15 who_dis Feeling overwhelmed with prices…

We are in the early stages of looking for a trailer, not sure exactly which one yet but feeling overwhelmed with knowing what are good prices. Seems that so many used ones are priced nearly new and they’re all over the place… any ideas or tips on how to enter the market with out over paying these days? Ideally we’d like to go used to get more for our dollar but it’s hard to justify when used prices often feel like new ones! Also wondering how you can finance when buying from a private party?
We are hoping to go to a showroom to check them out but don’t want to be uninformed and get taken for a ride by a slick sales guy.
We are about to have our first baby and have two small dogs. Looking to transition from tent and car camping to a cozy trailer for weekend and 1-2 week trip based in Seattle). Considering basecamps, bambis and sports, ideally closer to 20-23 ft since this is what we can fit in our yard. Don’t want a corner bed so one has to crawl over the other, I’m 6’3”.
Those that are shopping right now or recently purchased how do you stay sane and keep it all straight? Thanks!
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2023.06.02 07:14 SoleilSunshinee Why is he contacting my friends and family to find out details about me?

Got cruelly discarded 3 months ago. What he didn't expect that I knew what to do to protect myself because I dealt with narcissist abuse my whole life.
So once I clued in into what he was doing (and what he was - I packed his things, put them outside, didn't speak for two days, packed his stuff in the moving van and didn't even say goodbye and locked the door when he came up to say goodbye.
I then deleted and blocked everywhere. He started with the smear campaign, then asking to get his mail to my friends, sent packages to my place (opened them and bought them again to send to his new location he didn't know I knew) and then sent his friends unannounced to my place for his "belongings". I never reacted or messaged him. Then I went travelling for two months. I'm finding out he's messaged my friends and family (that he was kinda close with) memes, then to hang out, and then straight up asking about me. They all blocked him after he didn't stop even if they ignored him.
Now I found that he approached someone he barely knew at his work (my friend was there to buy wood, it's a big store), to please tell him some information about me. Didn't even try to make small talk with my friend, just asked right away. My friend just went "oh she's doing great! She's amazing" and then he looked a bit surprised and hurt replying "oh that's good then". And my friend kinda backed away and avoided him going forward.
So what gives? Im assuming he's getting frustrated cause he's cant know info on me. But why would he be hurt? He has no trouble seemingly letting his ego down. I guess I'm also wondering, if this happened to you, if your nex sent a personal message or showed up at your place and how long that took. I need to be prepared emotionally.
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2023.06.02 07:14 Its_Pritney_Pitch 26 [M4A] Maybe it's time for something serious

A lil background. I've been on my "hoe phase" for the past few months and tried hookups with different people (still clean naman so thank goodness). But recently, I've been feeling more and more...empty I guess. Yung feeling na parang di na worth it kung magpadala ka na lang sa bogli whenever you need someone. Yun na yun siguro. I need someONE, not someONES hahaha.
I've only ever had hookups with guys for the s*x but in terms of relationship, I'm open naman to both genders lalo na pag long term na yung relationship. Maybe I'm kinda biromantic but homos*xual? Di ko na rin mafollow yung letters and words sa LGBT+++ spectrum but I guess that's what would describe me the closest that I know of.
So ayun. I'm trying my luck here if maybe...just maybe I could find that someone who would be willing to adjust with me and explore as to what an actual serious relationship na hindi revolving around s*x would be. Syempre given na yung magkavibe tayo or at least we compliment each other in a way haha. Looking for not just a "constant" but "in the long run" 😊
A bit about me na pang turn off 😂
- Chubby with glasses
- Casually watches anime, movies or series depende sa mood haha
- But mostly listens to music, particularly jrock,jpop and the 'english' rock and pop plus some opm on the sides din. To the point na hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay na walang nakasaksak na bluetooth earphones sa at least isang tenga (for safety na rin minsan lol)
- Not as presentable as I'd want to be because of my build but will try my best naman to dress to the occasion since I care more about being comfortable 😁
- Works a 9-6 job from Monday to Friday so mostly weekends lang din free for long dates/lakad
- Mostly introverted pero I tend to be more talkative to people I'm comfy with of course
- Sometimes called Britney lalo na sa work. But you'll have to stick around to know the story LOL
- Minsan bipolar, minsan maraming mood swings pero hindi naman ako nananakit haha.
So ayun. I'm not sure pa rin how this would work but I'm damn ready to try more meaningful connections with people.
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2023.06.02 07:13 Frosty_Cry_1575 My first time with different guys in one night

It was the last day of school in 8th grade I was 14 years old, & my best friend was inviting girls & boys from our school to drink, play games,smoke & eat pizza, etc. My parents had an aggrement that I come home by at least 1 am in the morning or to at least call them if I was gonna be late.
I decided to go to spend the night at her house because I did not wanna follow the rules. we walked home to her house after school & her 2 older brothers Chris & Matt were already home getting the party ready chris & Matt were freshmens so 14-15 year old boys. Some of theyre friends already came and were already starting to drink. my best friend told her older brothers that the party should be over by 12 so don't get crazy their parents work in the acting buisness so they had to fly out to california to meet some clients for Friday & the weekend. I always had a crush on Matt but I always knew chris had a crush on me but I didnt like him. He always seemed so stuck up unlike his brother but he was a little bit of cute. But I couldnt say that around my best friend since those were her brother's, since we have been friends since the womb.
the party had started at 6 a bunch of ppl starting coming and getting crazy they were drinking have sex on the couch despite us only being 13-14 year old 8th grade children. I drank a little bit to get a since of feeling good. I didnt know where my friend was, she was probably fucking her bf or somth. The music was totally a vibe & I was a little tipsy so I started dancing, then Matt comes behind me drunk and says " you look so fine, like you have been since I first met you" I roll my eyes then I said something like " you used to always make fun of my big forehead though" then he says " that was chris, you know that" he puts his finger on my lips & says " cherry chapstick huh" I nervously laugh and then lean in to kiss him. He wraps his hands around my waist and he picks me up & carries me to his bedroom.
He kiss a lot and then it went on from there, he wore a condom also. I walked out the room and from what I remmber looking in the hallway mirror my hair was messy my makeup was smeared. And after this Matt was knocked out sleeping on the bed NAKED. I walked back down stairs to enjoy the rest of the party, I remmber seeing chris down stairs sitting alone. I asked him what was wrong and put my arm around him. He asked me what happend I told him that I went upstairs to rest for a moment.we had a long convoversation about love & stuff, I do not remmber much but he asked if I would make love with him and at this point I was super drunk and I said yes. Matt & chris shared a room and he took me to their room which was the room Matt & I had sex in. He did not even notice Matt laying naked on the other bed. While walking to the room he goes on and on about how much he liked me ans stuff. We do the deed then what u remmber I wake up in the morning in the guest bedroom.
My best friend knows about this but we no longer speak about it. I am a senior in high school now. I take pride in this story.
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2023.06.02 07:13 maraudez45 Fresh Pickup for the next couple weeks

Fresh Pickup for the next couple weeks
Doesn’t look like it’s the best, but smokes pretty good so far. $430 for a QP, which is a little more than I usually pay but it is what it is. The guy also threw in some gummies which look nice. Hoping this and my latest homegrow can tie me over for a bit.
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2023.06.02 07:13 bswiat1218 Commander RTS

My favorite game of all time has to be command and conquer generals. If I find myself with enough free time Ill eventually find myself dl the game on whatever current pc I’m using and spend a couple hours enjoying my tanks assaulting the enemy base or defend from a devastating Chinese flame tank attack. Another one that I like to think about is Tom Clancy’s EndWar. What really sold that game initially was the fact that you were using your own voice to issue commands to units. RTS has been a long time favorite of mine and I’m not even relatively good at it. Thinking mainly about C&C Generals, the main issue I have is micro-management.
So, the player is a “Commander”/”General” in charge of a decent size starting force but rather than a war factory or barracks producing units they must be won through territorial gains and strategic assets being taken. The player is restricted to a First-person viewpoint allowing them to do any usual fps action including picking up a weapon and firing at the enemy themselves. The starting building will be the command center. Screens monitoring all deployed units and defensive sentry personnel. Also including an overhead map view (satellite feed?) that would be used to plan operations both large and small. God view is cool but as a primarily FPS player true immersion lands from the perspective of a realistic viewpoint. So, what about body cameras or helmet gopros like were seeing from the game “unrecord”. Tanks usually have camera feeds from them. Fixed wing drones or short duration quadcopter drones all are used for command purposes and even includes that god view like feel.
Bringing back that old EndWar feel but in 2023… Voice Commands. Using technology like ChatGPT the development would follow relatively the same path as google/apple/Microsoft developing the newest virtual assistant but, in this case, will have a much narrower scope. Also, rather than collections of units being assigned to a hotkey what if they all had names and ranks and were called out using their placement within the structure. Sgt. Andrew Miller part of Charlie company 3rd platoon 1st squad is called out as Charlie 3-1 like how the military does it currently. Drawing from xcom2, Giving the individual soldier or operator a unique name (even though randomly generated) furthers the immersion. That individual will be selected for training by the player or promoted more quickly for outstanding performance. As the player progresses through lengthy campaign certain people stand out and add to how the player makes decisions because of the individual/squad’s historic reliability. Stats are always nice to look at but giving them a name and watching them progress into a leader provides that gut feeling like instinct when it comes to deciding on who to place where.
Really the idea is remake “Squad” or ‘Arma” but replace the players with npcs and focus on the strategy aspect. This isn’t even all of it. I have more ideas and details not included but I’ve been thinking about this all day and have become bored destroying 7 enemy ai set on easy with my crusade of 300 tanks in C&C Generals. Let me know what you think!
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2023.06.02 07:13 cannons_for_days COME ON RIDE THE TRAIN — a 30 Minute Review

TL;DR — Should I Pull?

New Players

Hoooooooo buddy.
Lots to unpack, here.
Firstly, if you do not have UDX Silver, GLEX Silver, Shuzer, or Liam, pull the Romancing Festival reprint for Liam or GLEX Silver. 33k jewels for Liam/Silver with Thyme, Shuzer, Rag Robin, Christmas Empress, and other good styles in the mix is hands down the best deal on offer.
For most new players I'm going to recommend Matriarch's banner. Matriarch and Roc are a very solid support core, and Matriarch gets way better with a couple of inherits that are avaialble in the offbanner pool, which you can select one style from with the ticket you got from logging in today.
If, however, you have Thyme and Overdrive Emelia and you don't have the Matriarch style with Paean of Peace, then I recommend pulling on the Lynn Woods banner for Liz. Liz's Aqua Bash+ can be a functional replacement for Paean of Peace which doesn't require chasing a character who isn't on Rate Up, and the rest of her kit is enabled by Emelia and Thyme is a big way. Polka has similar synergy with them and also brings a damn useful heal to the table, and whilst Jo isn't the same kind of "stupid powerful alongside her enablers" good, she's still a very good style that can deal a lot of damage and avoid nearly as much. Jo is also pretty danged good for a new player to pick up, with a medium Morale Down she can sustain on enemies to help reduce incoming damage by a good chunk. Overall, very solid banner, just not as "ready to go out of box" as the other one.
Depending on what else we see this month, it's possible that going back to the other banner once we see what else is going to be offered may be the best move for newbies. Matriarch + Roc + Thyme + Liz + [ShuzeLiam/Silver] would be a ridiculously good core team for someone with less than 6 months play time. 🤩 But I won't go so far as to say that until we get a better sense of what's on deck. For now, focus on Matriarch if you don't have the big Overdrive enablers; focus on Liz if you do.


OK. So on the one hand, we have a banner with a Liz style that solos Remembrance battles. And on the other hand we have a banner with a Matriarch style. Now you may thi- you're already pulling Matriarch. OK, then.
Kidding aside, I know a bunch of people reading this really are about to pull the first banner here simply because it has Matriarch and for no other reason, regardless of whether she's any good or not. And... actually, that's not a bad plan, here. Matriarch is definitely a solid support style, whether you have the Paean of Peace inherit for her or not. Roc is way better if you have certain inherits, but even if you only have her Tower S style, her offbanner A style, and her Platinum pool SS style, she's still a pretty good style with a few good options.
Liz and Polka are also pretty danged good, though. Liz in particular has amazing synergy with Thyme and Overdrive Emelia in content with direct hits to counter. She dispenses WIL buffs to the team and counters with a defense boost for the team on any turn where she can Overdrive... which can actually be most turns if you have Emelia backing her up. Polka can counter with an attack that grants the party an attack boost, so if you bring the both of them, you can actually get a lot of buffs going on overdrive turns against enemies that throw direct AoE attacks.
All of which is a lot of words to say that I can definitely recommend a pull on Matriarch's banner, and if you are eyeing Liz and Polka's banner and have the jewels to spare, I can also recommend some pulls there, but if you need to choose between them, I would definitely recommend Mama's first.

Planes Balloons, Trains, and Automobeels — Romancing Festival Limited Banner


Unit Summary

Indefatigable support unit.

Unit Analysis

Paean of Tranquility is 3 BP for a tiny heal to the party plus a medium defense boost. It's a defense boost, not a Guard Up, so it stacks with any other kind of defense increases you have. It's a single-turn defense boost, but it's 25% on top of a party-wide heal, so it's totally worth spamming if you don't have other, better things for Matriarch to do.
Saga Balloon Sanctuary is a [Fast] B-rank sun AoE for 8 BP. Its damage is not amazing, but it grants a large Attack Boost to the whole party for 3 turns. Since it's an Attack Boost, not a Morale Up, it stacks, so she can actually wind up increasing party damage output by quite a bit with her +2 BP/turn fueling an 8 BP cost skill.
Her third attack is an SSSS attack for 10 BP, which is kind of ridiculous for a character who can spam that every-other-turn. The problem is that Matriarch is such a strong support character that you're arguably not "winning" that exchange by spending her BP on damage instead of support stuff, especially if you also have a high-octane damage dealer like Silver or Liam dwarfing Matriarch's damage.
For a support character she's also tanky... as long as she's able to resist every hit she takes. Every resisted attack she takes 40% less damage from and has a 37% chance to avoid it in the first place. Every non-resisted attack... she takes full damage. So against enemies that only deal one or two types of damage, she's quite resilient. Against enemies that will fling 5+ damage types at you, you might find yourself taking more damage than you expected.


Paean of Peace. Just... just Paean of Peace. DEX/WIL/LOV/CHA buff for the whole party. 5 BP a pop. This Mama can spam it forever with no BP support. The WIL keeps your day from being ruined by status effects, the DEX helps Liam's damage, and the LOV/CHA buffs help party healers do their job better. Sure, it occupies all of her time, but it's doing a loooot of work, so it's worth it.
Available from the [Leading the People] style, now in the offbanner pool and available to be collected from the 3rd Anniversary Romancing Festival Exclusive SS Style Exchange with the ticket you received upon login. If you're pulling for this Matriarch style, I strongly recommend you use that ticket to pick up [Leading the People] as well for this inherit.


Unit Summary

Reasonable support character who becomes a great support character with inherits.

Unit Analysis

Tons of BP recovery potential. When she hits with an attack that hits a weakness, she gets +1 BP. When she hits with a Shadow attack, she gains +2 BP. So if she hits with a Shadow attack that lands a weakness, get gets 3 BP back.
The attack you're probably be going to do that with is -checks notes- Lightning of Darkness.
That can't be... really, Akatsuki? Really?
Sorry. So, yeah, Lightning of Darkness is 8 BP for S-rank Shadow/Lightning damage. That's expensive for an S-rank attack (although it's at the high end of S-rank, so you can think of it as a weak SS attack), but it hits two weaknesses, it debuffs all of the enemy's stats, and it inflicts an Attack Down on the enemy. So it's expensive because it's trying to cram a lot of stuff into one attack. The debuff is not going to be terribly useful because so many bosses will Defy Weakness at the first hint of stat debuffs, but on the rare occasion where that's not the case it can definitely be useful to debuff a bunch of stats at once. The attack down is small and only for 1 turn, so it's not amazing, but it's also noteworthy that it's not a Morale Down, so it will stack with Morale Down users.
Goby Spark is another overcosted attack, this time an AoE. Spark will clear all INT buffs on the targets in addition to debuffing their INT. That's actually a pretty big deal because it means she is really good at shutting down enemies that like to buff their INT, and enemies that love to buff their INT are some of the most problematic bosses. There's an inherit that's going to be better for this purpose in a lot of boss battles, but we're not quite to inherits, yet.
Like Matriarch, she's tanky against attacks that she resists. (She actually has the same ability - reduce resisted attacks and high chance to evade them.) Unlike Matriarch, she can stack more tankiness on top of that if you're flinging Lightning damage at the enemy, topping out at 40% mitigation if you hit with a lightning attack every single turn, healing herself with each of those as well. Oh, and if she's hitting a weakness, she'll tack a second tiny self-heal on as well. So if you're spamming Lightning of Darkness (-sigh-) and hitting a weakness with every attack, not only do you get the Attack Down effect and maybe some stat debuffs, but you're also ramping up to 64% mitigation (and 50% damage boosts) and double self-healing herself every turn.
And if you can spare the bonus BP, the bonus damage, and the bonus mitigation, she also has one of the most unique heals in the game. It's a 0 BP spell so it's BP positive on the turns she uses it despite forfeiting both of her BP ability procs that turn, but what's notable about it is that it grants the target a small Defense Up. Small Defense Up is only 5%, but it sticks for the rest of the battle, meaning Roc can dump her LP into Liam while he's dumping his LP to give him an extra 20% damage mitigation. And then she'll proceed to spam an Attack Down/stat debuff attack. Not bad, Roc. Not bad.


-deep breath- OK, cannons. You can do this.
This is Rocbouquet's 9th style. Most of those styles have at least one relevant inherit. Many of them have multiple spells worth looking at.
So let's start with GLEX Roc, currently in the offbanner pool. Psycho Boom is a shadow attack that debuffs the enemy's INT and WIL which chases with Euthanize, which is another shadow attack that debuffs INT. It's a lot of INT debuffing in a single turn, and if it happens to hit a weakness, it refunds 6 of its 12 BP cost. The majority of bosses in modern content will definitely Defy Weakness the next turn, but if you happen to find a boss that doesn't Defy, it ruins INT-based attacks.
After that we have Blooming Fireworks, which amplifies into an A-rank shadow/heat AoE for 10 BP which refunds BP to the party. It's random whether it refunds 1 BP or 2, so it's technically an unreliable BP battery, but since it always grants at least 1, it's still functionally a pretty good BP support spell. Roc gaining +2 BP guaranteed when she casts it (shadow damage) and maybe getting another +1 if it hits a weakness makes her one of the best BP battery units in the game.
Finally from GLEX Roc (yes, all three of the spells on that style are worth considering for inherits) you have Lightning Crash. Lightning Crash isn't really anything special — it's just a 0 BP Shadow/Lightning spell that can stun its target. But it's worth inheriting because it lets Roc sustain her Lightning attack buffs while she's spamming her main S2 attack down/debuff attack.
Jumping around to other styles we have Marine Ball from her previous limited style, which is a 5 BP AoE Morale Down attack. It's pure cold damage so it doesn't trigger either of her damage type bonuses, but it's a 3-turn Morale Down that she can potentially stack with her S2's Attack Down if you need more damage debuffing from her.
Dark Pulse from her previous Prefecture style is a 3 BP shadow/lightning AoE attack. Its damage is not considered good for that BP cost anymore, but she can spam it forever and be BP positive like with Lightning Crash but hitting an AoE instead of just a single target, in the event that you need that.
Enraged Squid from that style also happens to be the highest potential damage spell she has. It's 12 BP and it hits randomly between 3 and 5 times, so it's not a reliable nuke, but if you want to use her for damage, that's the spell to go with.
Soul Freeze from her A style (in the offbanner pool; you almost certainly have it if you've pulled on more than 3 limited banners in the last 6 months) amplifies into an A-rank shadow AoE for 9 BP, which is a pretty good cost for the damage it deals. On farms, she can use this on both turns 1 and 2 as long as she hits a weakness with it on turn 1, which winds up being a really good amount of AoE over two turns. It also has a chance to paralyze, although if you want paralyze and you don't need the AoE, Shadow Chains from that style would be better, with both a much cheaper cost (2 BP) and a higher innate chance to paralyze.
Also from A Roc (yeah, another style where all three spells matter) you have Drain Life. Drain Life amplifies into a 4 BP B-rank shadow attack that comes attached with a Small self-heal. The self-heal sizing in this game is not helpfully categorized, and Small self-heal tends to equate to about 900-1200 heals, depending on formation and buffs, making it a spammable attack that is very good at keeping her HP topped up.
Moving on to her SaGa the Stage style, we have Tri-Flower, a C-rank shadow AoE for 6 BP. Tri Flower's damage is utterly unimpressive, but it also buffs the party's WIL, and this style can cast it a whooooole lot with its +2 BP on shadow hit, which is a very compelling option to have for a unit that can dispense Defense Ups.
Her Platinum SS style has Water of Life, which is not going to compare favorably to Graceful Cup in most situations, but it can remove stat debuffs, and in some situations that may be more important than the Defense Up.
Also from the Platinum style is Energy Storm. Energy Storm amps into an 8 BP B-rank shadow AoE. Soul Freeze+ is better damage for only slightly more BP, so on 2-round AoE farms, you would want to use Soul Freeze. On 3-round farms, however, Roc can use Energy Storm on all three rounds as long as she hits a weakness on turn 1 and turn 2. B-rank damage is not always going to clear a round on its own, but being able to cast it back-to-back-to-back is still damn handy.
OK! Final style! We're almost there, cannons!
Last but not least is her S style from the very first Tower event the game released. Lightning from that style amplifies into a 0 BP lightning attack, similar to Lightning Crash from GLEX Roc. Triggering just the lightning portion of her Goby Hook Switch ability is obviously worse than trigger both portions, but it's better than triggering none of them which is what her staff bonk would do. If you don't have Lightning Crash, consider Lightning+ as a filler spell for those turns where she needs to recharge BP - it sustains the DEF boost and it gives her a little more bonus heals.
But Lightning+ isn't the spell we really care about, here. The spell we really care about here is Dark Wash. Dark Wash amplifies into a 10 BP SSS-rank shadow attack, which is already a compelling option over the abysmally-named Lightning of Darkness. But above-and-beyond that, Dark Wash+ removes all stat buffs on its target — not just their INT buffs like Goby Spark does. Getting that buff break function out of a cheaper spell and for all stats is a pretty big deal, and since this is from a tower style, every player has access to it. She has a highly awkward BP rotation using it, so it's not accurate to say she can use it every-other-turn or every-three-turns, but she can use it frequently enough that she can keep even bosses that have pretty aggressive stat buffing in check fairly well.


Unit Summary

Overdrive damage enabler made far better with an inherit from her last style.

Unit Analysis

Macha with no inherits is kinda meh, honestly. She can theoretically get a lot of BP going between her innate +1 BP/turn and her S1's 25% chance to grant her +4 BP on cast. And she has a ~40% chance to chase every attack with Crimson Flare+, which is a pretty hefty chase attack backed up by her 65% damage boosts. But where she falls down is what she can spend that BP on.
Flame Bash and Saga Magical Train are both AoE attacks. Neither one is especially impressive damage-wise, but they both have decent rider effects. Flame Bash will buff Macha's INT (before attacking, so she gets the buff before damage is dealt) and Magical Train inflicts Sundered on the the targets for 2 turns. Sundered makes the enemy take more damage with each attack they take that turn, meaning if you have Liam and Silver on-deck, they wind up taking a ton of damage just from the chase attacks.
Macha benefits strongly from getting more Overdrive turns, both because inflicting Sundered first thing in the turn helps maximize the damage you get out of it and also because she chases Overdrive attacks with Crimson Sunflare, getting a free trigger on the Sundered effect.
Unfortunately, Macha's only innate defenses and a good chunk of her damage modifiers come from an automatic Morale Up and Guard Up she gets every turn, which do not stack with other Morale Up or Guard Ups. That gives her poor synergy with styles like Music Fest Goddess who grant the party Guard Ups, or Riki who grants the party Morale Ups, or Summer Fatima who does both. And since Macha is only helping to deal more damage, that failure to stack with other Morale Ups/Guard Ups does actually hinder her compared to other characters like Urpina who have innate defenses that do stack with Guard Ups and can dish out a decent amount of damage on their own whilst also helping to squeeze more damage out of their teammates.


Divine Tree from her Lunar New Year style helps solve the issue above where the only thing Macha does is damage. Divine Tree is two hits of C-rank blunt/pierce damage which recovers the party's HP on each hit. Divine Tree is actually a decent attack in its own right, and with Macha's +BP tools you can use it frequently enough that it becomes the most heals-per-turn any character can muster without specific kinds of cooperation from the enemy. Of course, you don't wind up using it every turn, which can sometimes be a drawback (you may need the heal on a turn when her BP isn't ready), but on average it winds up being a very, very good healing tool.

Beef... it's what's defeating the enemies — Romancing Festival Limited Banner

Polka Lynn Wood

Unit Summary

Polka is a tank who can get in some counter hits, heal up his teammates, and dispense big hits that come attached to big attack boosts for the party.

Unit Analysis

First is Hearty Steak. Polka sizzles up a decent heal for a teammate and the charbroiled flavor continues to grant them an end-of-turn tiny heal for the next 5 turns. Whenever Polka uses it, he also grants himself that same 5 turns of end-of-turn heal. So it winds up being a good amount of healing for the LP, actually.
Second is Rising Kuroge Wagyu. Polka throws a whole-ass cow at the enemy for SSS-rank heat damage and the... smell...? grants the party a very large attack boost for the rest of the turn. Thankfully, it has [Fast] priority, so it's going to be rare for the attack boost to go to waste. Polka's damage is decent enough on his own, I suppose, but the attack boost for the party is still going to be the meat of the skill, here.
Third is his ability Skills of a Chef. Skills of a Chef is a solid damage mitigation ability plus Flame Ward (polka takes no heat damage and counters all direct attacks with a little heat attack) plus Overdrive chaser. What's the Overdrive chaser? It's Rising Kuroge Wagyu!
-presses hand to ear- I'm sorry, I've been informed that it's not an Overdrive chaser, it's an Overdrive counter. So on Overdrive turns, every time Polka gets hit, he drops a big heat attack on the enemy and he boosts the party's damage some more. If you have characters using big Delay attacks or you just expect Polka to get hit a lot that turn, that attack boost adds up for serious damage.
The longer the fight goes on the tougher Polka gets, so after 5 turns he's pretty tanky (nearly 60% mitigation) and has both reliable self-heal-on-hit and on-demand heal/turn. So he can take those direct attacks like a champ.


Still Blade Phoenix is the big one, giving Polka a 9 BP SSS slash/heat delay attack that drops a decent-sized heal on the party. This Polka is slightly tankier than Robin Polka (the style that has that skill), has better BP rotation, and has slightly better self-heal potential, but winds up dealing less damage if the enemy is dishing out lots of direct attacks. (No stacking buff-on-hit and a weaker counterattack.) Your call, there.
If party-wide heals aren't your concern, there's also Back Detonation, an 8 BP SS heat attack that has a medium(!) self-heal. Medium self-heal is substantial enough that it can actually overheal with enough CHA buffs in play. And at the lower BP cost than Still Blade, Polka can use it more often, just straight face-tanking for the team.

Liz Lynn Wood

Unit Summary

Combination WIL buffer and counter defense booster. It's... yeah, it's weird, just read further.

Unit Analysis

OK, so Liz parallels Polka significantly. Where Polka has decent damage and slowly stacks up defense, Liz starts with solid defenses and slowly stacks up damage. Where Polka counters with an attack boost on overdrive turns, Liz counters with a defense boost. Where Polka has heals for the party and self-heals, Liz has WIL buffs for the party and self-heals. Where Polka ignores heat damage, Liz ignores cold damage.
The main difference between the two is that Polka is going to want to save his BP for the big attack + attack boost, where Liz is more likely to want to spam Aqua Bash+, the WIL buff. Aqua Bash is actually a decent attack (B-rank column cold damage for 4 BP) and has the highest Overdrive gain of any skill in the game (restores 25% of the gauge on hit), making her very good at cycling her Overdrive meter back to full. When she overdrive counters with Karatsu Water Wall, she grants a huge defense boost to the party, meaning in situations where you can focus a lot of direct attacks onto Liz, she can wind up absolutely flooring the damage the party takes on her Overdrive turns. And with support from Emelia and Thyme, you can make sure those overdrive turns happen pretty dang frequently.
Honestly, the spammable WIL buff on its own is a pretty sweet deal, but in battles where direct attacks are flying every which way? Yeah, Liz will put in work.


Droplet from her last all-mage style is a spot heal that grants the target Guard Up. Great for helping someone survive a turn when Liz doesn't have Overdrive built up yet.
Twin Arrows from her A style (story reward from Polka's story) amplifies into an attack that grants her two tiny self-heals on hit for 3 BP. Great for helping top Liz's health back up between Overdrive turns.


Unit Summary

Supportish unit who gets to be super tanky for 10 total turns per battle.

Unit Analysis

When Jo's Overdrive gauge isn't full, she has 55% damage mitigation and 20% damage modifiers. When it is full, she has 30% damage mitigation and 45% damage modifiers.
On her overdrive turns, you will want to use Glacial Ray, a 10 BP SSS cold/sun attack with delay. Glacial Ray can only be used 5 times per battle (it's an arbitrary limit; think of it as costing 1 LP but you get to keep the LP for KO purposes), but it causes Jo to ignore all damage for 2 turns. With 55% damage mitigation on turns outside of that window, I don't think I need to explain how good that makes Jo at not getting KO'd.
OK, so she's tough to KO. That's great. What else she do? Well..... not a ton, actually. Glacial Ray is by far her best attack, the other two being E-rank damage and a B-Rank AoE. Fresh Squid (the E-rank attack) includes a self-heal, which is great, but again, it's not bringing much damage to the table. And Ice & Fire Giant Squid, the AoE, is fine damage-wise, and it even includes a Medium Morale Down for 2 turns to help keep damage input low for the rest of the team, but it's 8 BP, so you won't be spamming it.
Now, in fairness, Jo does get +2 BP/turn, so it's not at all difficult to rotate Hot/Cold Squid or to be ready with 10 BP for Glacial Ray on overdrive turns. But if you don't need the AoE component of the Morale Down, she also offers less damage than Aisha does with Earth Thrust, which also maintains a Morale Down.
Now "extremely sturdy + maintains Morale Down" is still a very good deal, don't get me wrong. There's definitely going to be battles where Jo is going to be better to bring than Aisha. But it's also not breaking new ground.


Lots, but I'm going to focus on two.
Sunshower from her S style (a GLEX style that was awarded during an event I no longer recall; probably going to be avaialble as a drop at some point this month) is a 4 BP cold/sun AoE attack that grants the party a tiny heal. This is actually BP-positive on this style, since she gets +2 BP/turn automatically, allowing Jo to spam that heal until it's time to drop Glacial Ray. Or if you need the Morale Down more, you can have Sunshower in your back pocket to spend a little excess BP on to help keep the party topped up while you're rotating Hot/Cold Squid.
The other is Sparkling Ice from Robingal. Sparkling Ice deals SSS cold/sun damage, chases with SSS heat/sun damage, and then paralyzes Jo for 3 turns. This is not the highest-damage Jo to utilize this spell, but she is the only Jo style that can use it every-other-turn should you have someone who can cleanse the paralyze.
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2023.06.02 07:12 NewxView Doing this solo is meaningless and BLOWS absolute dog farts…

I left high school, knowing college wasn’t for me.Scrolling threw Indeed, a job titled “marketing assistant” at a consulting firm
words like “anti-degree,” “learn on the job,” and “no experience” caught me
I applied
And out of 30 people in a group interview, me and one other person got the job… but not the job we thought.
I was catfished into a cold calling & sales position
The culture, competition, pressure, blood vessels popping. It was challenging. But I learned a shit ton.
While working, I started a small agency for local businesses, going part-time at the firm and blaming it on “school.” But, you guessed it, there was no “school”…
The agency was taking my afternoons, Getting up for standup meetings became increasingly difficult, and I was slowing down. And eventually, my bullshitting cost me my job.
so the REAL challenge began.
I now had an agency with no clients. Just a few leads, old habits, and a lot of energy.
I burnt businesses having little experience. Clawing my way to cover basic expenses like car payments and food.
eatting my fair share of shit, losing a long-term relationship, and feeding some unhealthy emotions. My brain was turning against me.
I was unraveling…and then I broke.
I had to dump and question everything. My outreach, my mindset, my mission.Slowly shifting from selling people to serving people.
And eventually (years into it) It began to pan out.
But it didn’t fill the voids I thought it would.
My journey has been solo.Im accountable for myself. I rely on myself. I build for myself (and clients).
At first, it’s empowering to be the “I did this all by myself” guy. But after time, it fuking sucks.
This is the path I’ve chosen. I’m grateful for that. It’s gotten me a 1 bedroom sky-rise downtown. And the occasional female.
But over the years, one of the Biggest lessons I’ve learned… If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
I’m turning 24 in 9 days, not getting any younger, and one thing I’ve missed is community. An inner-circle. A brotherhood.
One of my goals for this year is to build that brotherhood. People to live with, grow with, travel sporadically to Bali or Medellin with, hit the gym with, bet on UFC fights with.
My path led to cutting ties with many of my friends. And the ones I do have, don’t understand why I do what I do.
It’s tough to push yourself to extremes and build an empire when you don’t have people around doing the same. As if purpose in life slowly dwindles. You get comfortable in your shell. Building success by yourself.
I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, which is why I’m here.
Im looking for 2-3 other individuals that are more focused on taking risks, building impactful shit, and enjoying life Instead of staying in their hometown all their life. Stagnating around people they settle to be around. And not pushing their potential and business to levels once thought unacheivable..
This brotherhood is something I WILL build. For my own mental drive.
The question is, do you want to be a part of it?
(p.s im moving out of state to Scottsdale, AZ, in 26 days.) (pps, if you its not you, then you know someone. Let them know.)
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2023.06.02 07:12 actualemilys Spec tutoring

hey guys! i'm wanting to ask for a spec tutor for my 18th birthday - does anyone happen to know any good tutors?
thanks sm!
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2023.06.02 07:12 Warrber I’m tired of this

I can’t begin to just think of how just disappointed I am at myself, for backstory, I have been in a shameful sin that I started 2 years ago. When I did it I said “never again, god I love you and I won’t do it again.” I lost count of how many times I prayed that prayer and I finally excepted I can’t promise this. So when I did the sin again I just don’t know what to say honestly, I have prayed to God many times saying “I love you, I trust you, and I’m sorry plz forgive.” But I do it so many times that I just don’t even know what to do anymore, I have made action plans on how to conquer this sin, but I fail to the devil’s temptation. I went to a Mexico mission trip and came back as truly a new person, I read everyday I prayed everyday I even started getting into evangelism, I studied and witnessed to my first person aka my friend . But anyway I was doing gr8 and got a true taste at the great feeling God has for me. Then the sin came back and now I’m back where I was stuck and not knowing what to pray, I always just get sad thinking I felt so good then now I’m back to the not good feeling person I was. Now I’m here typing this truly just feeling terrible and ashamed that I keep making God mad. I just don’t know what to pray to God and say to him because I’m really tired of how I feel and how I want to feel the Holy Spirit inside me making me feel good. And I really want to get into evangelism but I need to stop playing hypocrite and work on my self first. I love you guys and please help
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2023.06.02 07:12 Low-Growth7342 Building first PC and want parts advice

Building first PC and want parts advice
Hey guys! I’m building first PC and I have a budget of around 1000 dollars. I have a list of parts already and would just like some suggestions to see if it’s good or not. Thanks for the help!
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