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2023.04.10 23:28 apneighbor Heaux level 99, opsec level 0

to summarize this
Here's the worst part…
the quality of the publicly-released sexts is just lame. Like, c'mon, if you're going to get fired, the sex better be apocalypically good.
Do better.
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2023.03.30 23:41 PoliticsModeratorBot Megathread: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

According to four unnamed sources to The New York Times, a Manhattan grand jury has voted to indict Donald Trump, current Republican presidential candidate and former president of the United States. The AP is reporting that Trump's lawyer says he has been informed of the New York indictment.

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2023.03.17 07:49 unusuals86 Funeral services to be held today for Air Force veteran killed in deadly pit bull attack

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2022.10.23 17:48 Dependent-Interview2 Sinclair Media is the epitome of asshole design

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2021.11.03 20:04 jm15xy Don't Play Jordan Peterson's Game

Consider the "Tim Boyd":
No one owes you or your family anything; nor is it the local governments responsibility to support you during trying times like this! Sink or swim, it’s your choice! The City and County, along with power providers or any other service owes you NOTHING! I’m sick and tired of people looking for a damn hand out! If you don’t have electricity you step up and come up with a game plan to keep your family warm and safe. If you have no water you deal with out and think outside of the box to survive and supply water to your family. If you were sitting at home in the cold because you have no power and are sitting there waiting for someone to come rescue you because your lazy is direct result of your raising! Only the strong will survive and the week will perish. Folks, God Has given us the tools to support ourselves in times like this. This is sadly a product of a socialist government where they feed people to believe that the FEW work and others will become dependent for handouts. Am I sorry that you have been dealing without electricity and water; yes! But I’ll be damned if I’m going to provide for anyone that is capable of doing it themselves! We have lost sight of those in need and those that take advantage of the system and mesh them into one group!! Bottom line, quit crying and looking for a handout! Get off your ass and take care of your own family!
There is nothing -- and I mean it, NOTHING -- in Jordan Peterson that is not contained in this paragraph written and posted by former mayor of Colorado City, TX. Read his "apology" too: that is important as well.
THAT's the problem with Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson is not a scholar, he is not a deep thinker, he is not a complex personality, he is not an intellectual (public or private), he is not a spiritual leader.
Jordan Peterson is wordy. Jordan Peterson IS Tim Boyd buried under layers and layers of hedges, obfuscation, heaps of bombastic and mystifying cant*.
Don't take him seriously. If you do, you already lost. He conned you into talking to him as a serious person and not as the Tim Boyd he really is. You play his game on his terms and for the benefit of his audience.
Exempli Graita (courtesy of u/1DreamatAtime):
Or maybe, just maybe take responsibility for yourself. Your choices are not my responsibility in any shape or form and to be clear this applies to common decency. Your making sweepingly broad statements to include all of humanity. This is my sweepingly broad statement to all teams I don’t personally know! It’s not personal, it’s a matter of available irritant space available in any given day, whether I choose to entertain your bs and extend myself to play along with your delusions. People in my personal life? That’s the common sense area that you live to jump over. Clarifying that those specific people that I know and love are treated like I would want to be treated in that circumstance. We have a relationship weighted with value, I in turn have a responsibility to support them as I would want them to support me. I still owe nothing to the rest of the community, I deal with specific individuals, not labeled demographics. The basic complaint Peterson made is still valid regardless of the distraction labels. Your choices, preferences, Christmas wish list etc. have no bearing on my personal responsibility. I don’t need to change my speech or anything about me for you to be you! Well unless your will to do the same for me??? Boy, do I have a wish list a mile long! I get somebody saying no, this is your crazy and your not my problem comes off abrasive, it’s meant to be abrasive. What other logical response would one have, to someone else over reaching into someone’s private space of though and speech? It’s offensive to even think, you thought you where this special you have the right to demand someone else comply to your wishes, so you don’t feel bad. Do you! Leave the rest of the world out of it. FYI offensive does not = hate or any other label. Guess you might want to start asking your selves why your so insecure in your personal beliefs that your threatened by someone’s else’s choices???
There is absolutely nothing to these people that demands any considered response.
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2021.05.20 17:02 jenigmatic_42 Hot take: Jamie has Intermittent Explosive Disorder

First things first. Children with intermittent explosive disorder (IED) show short episodes of intense and uncontrollable anger or aggression with little or no apparent cause. Onset is late childhood/adolescence.
Adolescents with IED have low frustration tolerance and are disproportionately enraged by small annoyances, often becoming verbally and physically aggressive, sometimes causing property damage or even physical injury. Road rage, breaking furniture and getting into fights are all common behaviors for people with the disorder. They describe feeling overcome with anger and “out of control.” Some experience a sensation of building tension in the head or chest that is finally released when they react aggressively. The explosions are typically brief, less than 30 minutes, and are not premeditated, or aimed at some tangible objective. Adolescents and young adults with IED are at a higher risk of intentionally harming themselves or committing suicide.
More info
This came to me in a very roundabout way.
When looking up the significance of camera work focusing on the beer cans and champagne bottle in episode one, I found a link to famous vaudevillains, The Raspyni Brothers. They use a prop called a kara box, and when I looked up that term, it brought me to this article about Kara Box, whose fiance was shot and killed over throwing away a mattress in TX after an episode of IED got out of control. Article
This would explain Jamie's extreme reactions toward Jeanette and Kate (punching Jeanette, hitting his steering wheel after an argument with Kate).
It also confirms my suspicions that when he's sitting outside Jeanette's house with a gun, it's actually because he's suicidal, distressed, and wants to talk but feels conflicted.
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2021.04.21 08:59 wokenet April 21, 2021 Protest Stream Discussion

Please use this thread to discuss daily live protest links from April 21, 2021
Recent Live Streams
Source State City Platform Status
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April 21, 2021 Stream Archive
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KTXS OH Columbus Facebook
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Christina's Comrades WA Renton Facebook
James Copas OH Colombus Facebook
Frank Nitty MN Brooklyn Center Facebook
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2021.02.19 22:44 ShellYeah90 Our state is in crisis and instead of handling the situation, Texas citizens have been failed in so many ways. No one here was ready for this storm. Hurricanes, we can handle. But a statewide winter storm? We've never had one here.

I don't usually post personal or even opinionated things. I primarily use social media for the memes and my preferred form of communication while here is gifs. But, to put things simply (because there aren't words to fully express my feelings), I am pissed.
Our state is in crisis and instead of handling the situation, Texas citizens have been failed in so many ways. No one here was ready for this storm. Hurricanes, we can handle. They happen yearly. But a statewide winter storm? We've never had one here. The cold, the ice, the windy chill... we don't know how to function in it. Other areas who are used to this weather can poke fun, but maybe consider hunkering down in your home because there's too many people to evacuate the city, being stuck while your power goes out and there are 130mph winds outside, watching helplessly while water rises above your roofs and ruins everything you've worked so hard for all of your life, and wondering just how you're going to keep your family safe long enough to catch a boat out. Because we do that shit. And it gets worse every year, but we keep working together to keep each other safe and help each other out. We smile and are friendly with each other, but we don't make fun of people in helpless situations.
Texas citizens aren't equipped for winter storms. We don't have snow tires, snow plows, or salt trucks. Our clothes aren't very warm, they're not snow or wind resistant, we don't typically use gloves, scarves, or whatever other accessories are used in snow. And we wear the same shoes in winter that we wear for any other season. Our homes aren't insulated for cold. Our pipes aren't insulated for ice. Our winters don't generally fall below 60°F and we're not prepared for it to.
So, when climate change (yes, it's real) took it's toll and brought a real winter to our state, it became a crisis... a statewide disaster, even. And the leaders that we rely on, the ones that were voted into office and are paid for by our taxes, not only failed their state, but showed calloused disregard for their citizens.
On 8am Monday morning, my husband and I lost power. And, with our water being sourced from a well, we had no access to water, either. At the time, we still had cell service and were in contact with friends that had lost power at 2am. It was approximately 25°F outside. At the time, it was 68°F inside of our house.
Hearing that the Super Stop on the corner of North Main and Cedar Bayou Lynchburg was open, my husband and a neighbor walked down together. The roads were iced and it was too risky to drive. They arrived to find that the owner was charging cash only and not using his computer (no paper trail) so that he could charge double for everything. $7 for a 24 pack of bottled water. $14 for a 4lb bag of charcoal. It is baffling how someone can take advantage of a terrible situation. It sickens me. But we needed water. And our neighbor needed charcoal. So price gouging continues in a vicious cycle.
We don't have children, but we keep many different exotic animals that need certain climate conditions in order to survive. It took two hours for the inside of our house to drop 18 degrees, down to 50°F, reaching deadly levels for most of our pets.
Our bearded dragon (Merlin), no longer having his heat sources, slipped into brumation. He is 3 years old and has never had to brumate before. Our pixie frog (Prince Charming, also 3yrs), burrowed down and began to hibernate for the first time. It was too dark for us to check on the red-eyed crocodile skinks (Big and Red) or the Vietnamese centipede (Burton), but they had seemed to burrow, as well. We couldn't see the axlotls (Silly and Willy) but we believed they were okay. Our green bottle blue tarantula (Pennywise), curled up and died. We blocked the windows to try and keep the cold from coming in and covered up habitats to try and keep in warmth. The green cheek conure (Jigsaw) and parrotlet (Navi) seemed to be well, just stressed and confused. We gave them extra seeds to keep them warm. The rats (Hannibal, Dorian, and Bilbo) huddled to keep each other warm. We had already blocked off the outdoor aviary containing a pair of finches and a pair of parakeets for the colder weather and they were all nesting to keep warm. The day before, my husband had brought in a half-frozen, near-dead lizard (Draco) and he was alive but not well in his temporary rescue home. The dogs (Kuzco and Lulu) and I all bundled together as we waited (and prayed) for our power to come back on soon.
The power did not come back on. And the temperature continued to drop. Still cuddled together, we could only hope that the inside of our poorly insulated home would at least stay above freezing point. But it did not. After a horrible night of silent, shivering attempts to sleep, we found that our house was at 32°F exactly.
The birds are my husband's babies. They've bonded and he loves them dearly. And as I was tending to my dogs, I had to watch him come out of his office cradling Navi in his hands. He had tears in his eyes when he murmured "Navi didn't make it." And it took everything that I had to hold myself together for him.
I waited until he went back into his office, still holding Navi, to be with Jigsaw before I checked on Merlin. To my horror, my bearded dragon was no longer just brumating. He wasn't just limp and unresponsive. He was frozen stiff. He wasn't moving at all. He was gone.
In a desperate effort to save their lives I called for my husband to go to the car with me. We bundled them in blankets and rushed to the only place where we could find warmth. With the car's heater on full blast we both held our beloved pets and prayed for a miracle. In our rush of panic, we both made attempts at compressions. We petted our babies to get their blood flowing. We did everything that we could think of to save them.
I remember holding my breath when I thought I saw Merlin take his. I watched closely to make sure that I wasn't seeing things. And when I saw his spikes moving and his stomach shakily inhale and then slowly exhale, I shouted excitedly "he's breathing!" My husband, also excited, leaned over to see. And we smiled at each other when the breathing continued. I watched my dragon revive. And I will never be able to describe the extreme sense of relief that I felt when he finally opened his eyes and looked at me.
Our little Navi and my sweet husband were not as lucky. And my heart is still breaking for them.
With a new sense of fear and loss, we brought our creatures into our bedroom and shut all of the doors. We stuffed clothes under the gaps in the doors. We blocked the windows as best as we could. We cuddled and bundled and just hoped that we wouldn't lose anyone else. There in the dark, freezing silence, we also discovered that cell service was shoddy, at best. We had no communication and no connection with the outside world, which seemed to have frozen over in an apocalyptic nightmare, we waited and hoped that power would come back soon. It had been more that 24hours, after all. Surely the electric companies would have figured out how to actually roll the blackouts by then, right? They had promised rolling blackouts. They had said it would be 30-45 minutes. That would have been well enough for everyone. We could have survived that. My babies could have survived that. My home wouldn't have become a freezing death trap if the blackouts were rolling. But they didn't roll. I had friends that never lost power. I had friends that went without it longer than we did. And all we could do was hold our beloved pets and wait.
By some luck, my husband and his brother were able to text each other, even though our cell phones were basically useless, and he invited us to his home. They had a generator. They had running water. They had warmth. Hope was on the horizon. But roads were still icy and chances of making it safely were slim. With our pets so at risk, and some barely alive, we felt we had no other choice. We loaded up the car with Merlin, Prince Charming, Jigsaw, the dogs, and whatever food we could fit. We didn't even pack clothes for ourselves. We just wanted to fit as many of our animals as we could and some food since they said they were low.
My husband fed Silly and Willy, making sure they ate. We read they could survive freezing temperatures and hoped they would be okay until we returned, whenever that would be. I filled up every bowl of food in my rats' cage and every water bottle, guessing it would last 2-3 days and hoping they could keep each other warm. It was still too dark to see my burrowed skinks and centipede. We tried to place everyone, including Draco, in the warmest areas (although with the house below freezing, there was no place that could be considered warm). We gave the outdoor birds as much food and water as we could. Every window was covered and every door was shut. We did everything that we could think of to protect our pets.
Stressed, weary, and down-trodden, we began the drive across Houston. Many roads were closed. GPS was down. Texts and calls weren't guaranteed to make it through. And there were so many people that still sped along the roads as if there weren't ice caked over it. We watched vehicles slide. We watched people, not knowing how to react, slam on their brakes when they lost traction. We kept our distance from other drivers and drove slowly, carefully, to our destination. We just wanted to keep our family safe and alive. And, fortunately, we only hit ice twice and both times we made it safely back to traction. A trip that usually takes about an hour with traffic took us over two with no traffic. But we made it.
Our sister-in-law was waiting for us in their standalone office where she had prepared a heater and space for our creatures. They set it up because it was warmer than anywhere in the house. And they diverted energy from their generator just for our pets. Uncomfortable and in tiny, traveling enclosures, our babies were lined up on their desk. They were far from home and didn't have their UV lights, basking lights, giant habitats, or familiar surroundings. But they were alive. And they were warm.
Relieved that at least some of our babies were well, we focused on getting the dogs settled and unpacking the food. We had brought nearly everything from our fridge and freezer, which we had saved by simply opening the doors and letting the chill of our house keep it cool when the power went out. Now we were packing it in snow to keep it cold. I went inside to comfort my dogs. Kuzco, my 10mo shepsky, is very skittish and I was worried about how he was doing. He and Lulu, my 8wk aussierottie (whom I had only gotten a few days before), had been quarantined in the dining room with the table being used as a wall. Kuzco couldn't see anything but the occasional child coming up to say hello. He was happy for the company but scared of the dark. As I was trying to comfort him, my husband came inside and said "you need to come and hold your dragon again." And the sound of his voice and the look on his face had me nearly breaking my leg to get out of that barricade and to my Merlin.
Between the rush of packing in the dark and the stress of everything we'd been through, I'd forgotten a few important things: Kuzco's calming treats, thermometers, hygrometers, and my contacts (my glasses are several years old and I can't really see well with them). We had been so relieved at having a warm space for our babies and having finally arrived there safely, that we hadn't realized the office was not yet warm enough for them. At least, it wasn't warm enough for Merlin.
He had been licking at the air, so I knew that he was dry. In my concern, I mixed water in with his fresh soil so that he could have some humidity. Again, I had forgotten the necessary tools to measure his heat and humidity, so I was just guessing. And in these mistakes, the damp soil got cold faster than the office could get warm and he began to freeze again.
I found my dragon brumating once again. This time, he was only partially stiff, so I knew that he hadn't left me yet. I held him close to my chest and sat in front of the heater, once again trying to revive him. We also placed the soil in front of the heater to warm it up and dry it out a bit. Eventually, Merlin became alert again. But I was sick at having gone through so much, come so far, reaching what I thought was safety, and almost losing him again.
After making sure that he and his soil were okay, I again had to leave him to tend to my dogs. My husband was busy with Jigsaw and the unpacking. Prince Charming, fortunately, was doing just fine. I made sure both puppies ate, drank, and pottied outside. And, after a long, damn near impossible day, my husband and I were able to sleep. Or rather, we were able to attempt to sleep.
I will never be able to thank my in-laws enough for everything that they did for us. They have 4 children, 2 dogs, and 2 tortoises of their own. And they had their mom and her cat staying in their living room. It was already stressful for them to not have power when they had their own family to care for. But they took ours in, as well. And I will always be beyond grateful for that.
That night, in my nieces' bedroom, I held my dogs and wondered if I would have to endure the loss of anymore of my babies. And as I tried to find sleep, my Kuzco began to hyperventilate. He had just lost his brother, my Xander, a week before. And now he was in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people where he had to be isolated because the cat was not a fan of strange dogs (she literally went out of her way to attack him, even when he was barricaded). And my dumbass had forgotten his calming treats. All I could do was hold him tight and tell him it was okay. It took a while, but I finally got him to sleep. My husband set alarms and got up every two hours to check our other babies in the office and make sure that the generator was full and running properly. I don't think either of us really slept that night.
The next day, we checked with our neighbor and landlord to find that we still did not have power at our house. And my in-laws' house had lost water pressure the night before. Everyone in Houston had. So now, there were masses without power, without water, without cell service, and without the necessary means to survive the freezing temperatures that were now not only outside, but inside most homes.
On top of the obvious stress, my typical anxiety was kicking in. On a good day, I struggle to be social. And these were not good days. I was a guest in someone's home and I couldn't express how thankful I was because I felt so exhausted from all of the stress, grief, and constant fear. I felt terrible for feeling terrible. But I couldn't force myself to smile or be happy when I wasn't even sure who would survive or for how long. With the roads constantly melting and refreezing and more sleet/rain on the way, I wasn't even sure when we could get home or if we would have power when we needed to go home. I had left pets that I loved and the ones that I had brought with me were still not guaranteed to make it.
My in-laws were still so accommodating. But they wouldn't really let us help to clean or cook and that made us feel worse. In my anxiety, I kept thinking that I was in the way or that I was upsetting everyone. I still do. I don't like depending on anyone. It's an awful feeling. But in this case, it was necessary. I had no other choice, because I couldn't bear to lose another of my precious babies. I couldn't bear to see my husband's face or hear his voice crack as he told me we lost another one. Not if I could help it. I would do whatever I could to take care of them.
I took a moment of reprieve to watch Kuzco play in the snow. I hate the cold. But shivering out there, the feeling of needles pricking over my body and the cold burn of the wind as it cut through my 4 layers of pajamas and sweats, was worth it to watch my shepsky in his own winter wonderland. He ran around in their ice and snow covered backyard as if it were a mystical land and every icy slide and snowy mound were a magical discovery. And when he saw the snow flurries began to fall from the sky his furry face lit up with pure joy. I watched my happy not-so-little puppy excitedly jump up and try to catch the snowflakes in his mouth. His blue eyes were so bright and brilliant. And we both came alive in that moment. I wish we could have stayed there. But the snow turned to downpours of sleet and, unfortunately, we had to go back inside.
I had planned to keep my dogs in the office with me that day, but they were kind enough to put the pets on rotation, so my dogs were no longer confined. They were able to stretch their legs in the house and play with my nieces and nephews. They played fetch and they wrestled and they even played with balloons. The girls taught Kuzco how to keep the balloons from hitting the ground. It was fun to watch him jump up and boop the balloons with his nose whenever they called his name. Meanwhile, my pets in the office all seemed to be well. They were alert and lively. I still had no way of knowing their temperature or humidity level. But it looked like they would all pull through. Kuzco still had his moments where he would panic. It was a busy house with lots of people coming in and out (and even the generator scared him), but we gave him some extra love and calmed him down each time.
That night, the power flickered on for about an hour before going out again. Our landlord said that ours, too, had been on for a bit before going right back out. The rest of the week was still showing freezing temps, but maybe the powers that be were finally starting to figure out how to actually handle this crisis. Later, the water pressure increased. And, late that night, as we lied in bed and tried to sleep, the power came on. And it stayed on.
I didn't sleep. With wifi, I was able to pull up the security system to our house and see that we, too, had power. And I watched it through the night. There was movement in my rats' cage. I couldn't see how much food or water they had left, but they were still alive. I checked the temperature and watched it rise as the heater stayed on. Excited, I waited for my husband to wake up so I could tell him. I wanted to go home. I wanted all of us to go home. I had babies to check on and they all needed to get back into their controlled climates with a healthy supply of food and water. We all craved a feeling of normalcy.
My phone began to show notifications again... all of these emails and gaming things that reminded me the world was still out there, spinning like it should be, while my world had stopped and frozen still. For a while I was angry. How could things outside of my winter apocalypse still be happening normally? How could the rest of the world just keep on moving while I had just been struggling to keep my family alive? And then I saw memes and jokes on social media. And I got angrier. My family had been devastated. And I know I'm not the only one. I can't be the only one to have lost loved ones. I can't be the only one to have watched loved ones suffer. I can't be the only one to have stressed and worried about what's going to happen and what I'm going to do if/when it does. And yet there are people out there laughing at our situation. While families struggle to stay warm, to find food and water, to make it without the GPS, data, and communication that we're all accustomed to, to care for their elderly and disabled, to keep their children from crying and their pets from dying... there are actually people making jokes about it. Yet when our corner of the world gets record breaking winds and floods we step up and help each other. Companies do what they can to help the people. Employers cut their employees slack. And the rest of the world watches in awe. This is a record breaking storm for us, one that we were in no way equipped to deal with. And instead of empathy and aid, we're getting ridiculed? The only ones I see giving a shit are the people. The citizens that have been affected by this unprecedented crisis are all offering to do what they can while the government, power companies, and water companies make excuses. It's bullshit.
Our power was out from 8am on Monday morning to 10p on Wednesday night. For approximately 62 hours my home had no climate control. I have no way of knowing how cold it actually got inside. But below freezing is unacceptable. And to find out that there were some who went without even longer while some never lost it at all... who fucked up? Because someone surely did. And don't let them blame their failure to roll a blackout on a bad grid. They were just too lazy to figure out another solution.
We arrived home to piece back together what we could and try to reestablish our sense of selves. What had only been a few days felt like weeks of walking around in a living nightmare. The outside birds were still chirping. Draco actually survived and, due to our TLC, is better now than when we found him. Burton is hibernating (there's some sluggish movement, so I know he's alive) and I hope he wakes up soon. Silly and Willy are just fine. Hannibal, Dorian, and Bilbo are all okay, they just need some cuddles and de-stressing time. Big and Red froze to death. I found their stiff bodies near each other and in their ivy plant.
Due to fluctuating temperatures, we lost all of the food that we did not eat at our in-laws'. And most of the roach and cricket colonies that we use as feeders for our pets have been wiped out.
We have Merlin, Jigsaw, and Prince Charming back in their habitats. Charming and Merlin are grumpy, but they've eaten and they're well. Jigsaw is back to normal. Kuzco has finally calmed down and is happy to be home. And Lulu is completely clueless about the entire situation.
But this situation cannot die. It cannot go without resolution. Something needs to be done. For years, Texas has been told to fix the power grid. Texas insists on having its own so that they can avoid federal regulation. This is at the cost of being able to rely on the rest of the country and use its energy when we need it. All because Texas wants to be like the middle-aged husband holding out hope that he'll one day divorce his wife. Here's the thing Texas: your ugly ass wife is the only one who will tolerate you and you're too fucking helpless to take care of yourself. So stop buying those pretty, young things in the bar those drinks and then crying because they won't go home with you. Stop wasting your money on those hot rods. And own up to the fact that you need to work on yourself to be happy. Fix your fucking power grid and stop playing the blame game! Also, do something about the water situation. Take care of your damn kids. They shouldn't be struggling to survive, dammit.
Gas stations and grocery stores are empty wastelands of ruined food where people scour to find whatever they can to make due. Everyone's resources were destroyed from loss of power. And trucks haven't been able to get through the icy roads to resupply.
One winter storm should not send a civilized society into the stone age. It doesn't matter where you're at, your government should be prepared. Your elected officials are supposed to be taking care of this shit, not running their mouths. Meanwhile, there's an audacious mayor who grew such a big mouth he was forced to resign. The vote got Tim Boyd into office, folks. And here's what he has to say:
"The City and County, along with power providers or any other service owes you NOTHING! I’m sick and tired of people looking for a damn hand out! If you don’t have electricity you step up and come up with a game plan to keep your family warm and safe. If you have no water you deal with out and think outside of the box to survive and supply water to your family. If you were sitting at home in the cold because you have no power and are sitting there waiting for someone to come rescue you because your lazy is direct result of your raising! Only the strong will survive and the week will perish."
Yeah, he must have forgotten that those people he's bitching about are the ones that elected him into office and that they pay the taxes for his salary. And, in case anyone was doubting it, it is, IN FACT, the city and county's job to take care of its citizens. A government's basic functions are providing leadership, maintaining order, providing public services, providing national security, providing economic security, and providing economic assistance. And, as far as power providers and other services, I have contracts and I make payments. So YES, they owe me exactly what I pay for: the electricity, water, and cell service that they agreed to give me in the contracts that we both signed. So, Tim Boyd, as much as you try to backtrack and say you didn't mean it and you wish you could rephrase everything, we all know the truth is that you're just an idiot who doesn't give a fuck. I wonder how long you went without electricity. I wonder if you worried how long your family would survive. I wonder if you cried and had to bury any loved ones. This "week" will surely perish. It will be behind us, along with all of the other bad weeks that we've seen come and go. And so will you. Good riddance. You can spend your free time working on your grammar and spelling.
As far as Ted "Fled" Cruz goes, I hope he gets impeached. He sat by and watched while his state fell to shit, while his citizens suffered, and then he flew to fucking Cancun. Sure, he can say he was just dropping off his family, but we all know he only came back because he was getting flak for it. Do you know how many parents had to comfort their children in the freezing cold darkness of their quiet homes? Do you know how many scared families had no way out and no where to go? These are your citizens! And this is all after he actually made fun of California for their grid, knowing that ours needed to be fixed, knowing that we would suffer when disaster hit. He was elected to be our leader and he failed us so spectacularly. Where was the guidance for the power companies? Where was the communication? Where is the aid? People were unable to work and unable to provide for their families. And no one is offering to help them. Our resources have been diminished. What is the game plan?
And not only were there people taking advantage and price gouging during this dreadful time, but it continues to go blatantly unchecked. Plumbers are charging $800+ just to look at a problem with no guarantee of solving it. Gas station owners are marking everything up when they know people can't afford to not buy. And even the power companies are talking about charging more for the electricity that was used this past week, because it was in "high demand."
I will say that Xfinity gave us a credit on the days that our power was out, knowing that we were unable to use it. And my brother-in-law, who owns his own renovation company, is giving free consultations. He doesn't even give estimates until he's sure about the issue. And my aunts, who have always been such a blessing to us, were sweet enough to send us a door dash gift card so that we wouldn't have to worry about shopping right away.
And I cannot say enough how thankful I am to my brother and sister-in-law for providing us with a sanctuary for our babies. They were going through enough on their own and still, they invited us over and gave us warmth and safety. It was nice seeing them, my nieces, nephews, and near-mom-in-law, even under the circumstances. I'm sorry I couldn't be better company.
In the meantime, to all of you who went through it during this awful crisis, my heart is with you. What happened to the people of Texas during this weather is beyond unfair. It is intolerably savage. We deserve better. We deserve elected officials who care about us enough to step up and take care of us during a disaster, and not just when the media is on them. We deserve to get what we pay for and have our contracts honored. We deserve to have a power grid that can sustain us when we need it most. We deserve to have blackouts rolled instead of just having half the grid shutdown to fend for itself. We deserve to have a water supply that we can rely on. We deserve to have the cell service that we pay for. We should never be kept in the dark and in the cold.
This should have been a fun time for us. We see snow once every few years, if we're lucky. We should have been out there with our sweatshirts and sweatpants, sledding down the streets on whatever we could find, from trash can lids to screen doors. We should have been building icy snowmen and making snow angels. But instead, most of us were just trying to survive. We were running out of laundry and using every blanket that we had to keep our families warm. We were wondering if the food would make it and rigging ways to prepare it. We were scrambling to find water. We were worrying and trying to get in touch with friends and family with phones that were, at best, battery-draining flashlights. If we had generators, we were still struggling and conserving gas because there was none left at any of the stations. And if there was, the stations didn't have power to access it. And there are many more experiences that I'm sure I'm not covering because I was fortunate enough not to have to live through it all. But my heart aches. It aches for everyone that had to endure this tragedy that none of us should have had to endure.
My husband and I are still recovering. And this is far from over. But if anyone needs it, we'll help if we can. Just reach out. If anything, we can all be here for one another. Fuck Texas. It's not the state or the city that takes care of us, obviously. It's each other. We have always been able to awe and inspire with how we step up and take care of our fellow citizens. And that's just what we'll do.
For anyone interested in my sources or further reading, here you go:
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2021.02.19 07:41 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://ktxs.com/news/local/three-weather-related-deaths-in-abilene

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2021.02.17 17:14 fatslayingdinosaur Former Texas mayor resigns for facebook post

KTXS: Colorado City mayor resigns, responds to his controversial Facebook post. https://ktxs.com/news/local/colorado-city-mayor-resigns-after-controversial-facebook-post
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2021.02.17 16:33 hova092 With the power out, the roads closed and no cell signal, is this what locked-in syndrome feels like?

Im originally from NJ so pardon my filthy transplant perspective, but this all feels particularly cruel. It's one thing to not have resources, it's another to have no way of giving anyone updates or asking for help. The immediate incorrect blame put on wind farming and the"liberal agenda" on the radio everywhere (not to mention the Colorado City Mayor's FB post that he felt worth posting before he resigned) has been an extra kick in the pants. Can someone give me some local perspective on how this happened?
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2021.01.12 21:44 Graphenes Chuck Schumer is calling on the FBI to add anyone identified breaching the Capitol to the federal no-fly list, saying the attack on the Capitol was domestic terrorism. He said those who stormed the Capitol should qualify as “insurrectionists for the No-Fly List.”

Chuck Schumer is calling on the FBI to add anyone identified breaching the Capitol to the federal no-fly list, saying the attack on the Capitol was domestic terrorism. He said those who stormed the Capitol should qualify as “insurrectionists for the No-Fly List.” submitted by Graphenes to NoctilucentNews [link] [comments]

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Former HSU football player reportedly killed by police after intervening in domestic fight
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2020.09.02 20:34 leftyghost Texas School Outbreak Megathread Continued (Public Districts L-Z and Private Schools)

La Porte ISD at College Park Elementary + La Porte Junior High faculty
Lake Dallas ISD student
Lake Travis ISD 6 cases
Lake Worth ISD at Miller Elementary employee
Lamar CISD 65+ staff at Foster High school + Frost Elementary + A couple more students at George Ranch High School + 3 at Meyer Elementary Aug 31
Lampasas ISD 28 cumulative Gold Star for having a Dashboard
Latexo ISD at Latexo Elementary and High School
Lazbuddie ISD football player
Leander ISD 34 employees also Winkley Elementary teacher dies of covid-19, possible - not completely confirmed also Leander ISD child nutrition services faculty member dies of covid-19 Aug 19th Cases at Rouse High School Sept 14
Liberty Hill ISD staff at Rancho Sienna Elementary
Lindale ISD "several confirmed cases" at Velma Penny Elementary so the school is shutting down for 2 weeks starting Aug 26
Lipan ISD "multiple staff and students"
Lockney ISD staff
Longview ISD students at Foster Middle School + Ned Williams Elementary + 15 Students in August Gold Star for new Dashboard + 58 Cases since Fall Semester Started
Lubbock ISD staff and student over the summer + new cases after reopening Aug 17 + at Honey Elementary - not shutting down despite exposure + Guadalupe Middle + Cases at 5 campuses Aug 21 - Estacado High School, Coronado High School, Smith Elementary School, Wester Elementary School and Roscoe Wilson Elementary School
Lufkin ISD 2 confirmed, 384 quarantined Sept 17 Gold Star for having a Dashboard
Magnolia ISD at Magnolia High School, + now with Gold Star Dashboard with 24 cumulative since Aug 12
Mansfield ISD 15 staff and students
Mason High School coach tests positive + A student at Mason Elementary Aug 25
Manor ISD staff at Manor High School
Marshall ISD student at Marshall Early Childhood Center, 14 students now quarantined also a Student at Marshall High School Aug19 and District transportation Staff Aug17
McLeod ISD students at elementary campus since school started back up Aug 14
Mesquite ISD at Poteet school official
McMullen County ISD 2 students
Midland ISD 38+ staff at Jane Long Elementary + Alamo Junior High + Lee Freshman + San Jacinto Junior High + Midland High + Central Office + Bunche Elementary + Coleman High + Rusk Elementary + Pease Elementary + Emerson Elementary + Lamar Elementary + Greathouse Elementary + Lee Senior High + Scharbauer Elementary + School Plant + De Zavala Elementary + Bowie Elementary
Midway ISD Woodway Elementary Principal quarantined after staff test positive Aug 21 also earlier this spring Principal at River Valley Elementary and Students over the summer also 2 Midway High School Students Aug 28 triggering quarantine for "several dozen high school students" - Midway ISD now has a Dashboard showing 8 active
Mineola ISD Mineola High School staff member + Junior High Staff Member + entire volleyball team quarantined + Student and Teacher Aug 26 at Mineola Elementary
Montgomery ISD Principal survives 51 days in hospital
Mount Vernon ISD 2 High School Students Aug 24
Nacogdoches ISD band student at Nacogdoches High School
Navarro ISD 23+ staff and students
Needville ISD one student at Needville Junior High one at Needville High School
New Deal ISD staff
Northside ISD Leon Valley Elementary employee dies of Covid-19 also 2 staff at John Jay High also 11 active Sept 2 and 112 cumulative since May and New cases Sept 10 at Oliver Wendell Holmes High School + Cases at Rita Kay Driggers Elementary Sept 14 + Cases at William Howard Taft High School Sept 16 + Cases at O'Conner High School Sept 16
North East ISD staff at Las Lomas Elementary + Longs Creek Elementary + custodians at Roan Forest Elementary + staff at Harris Middle School and Wood Middle School
North Lamar ISD staff
Ore City ISD student - two second grade classes now quarantined
Overton ISD employee
Richardson ISD 7 student athletes after 2 weeks of workouts Aug 23
River Road ISD student at River Road High School Sept 1 + 11 cases confirmed by Sept 16
Palestine ISD 2 student athletes at Palestine High School
Paris ISD staff at Paris High School
Pflugerville ISD employee
Pine Tree ISD staff at Pine Tree Middle School + additional Staff and student at Pine Tree Junior High Aug 24
Plano ISD staff Clark High School + student outbreak during summer school at Davis Elementary + a Student at Jasper High School Aug 23
Pleasant Grove staff
Pleasanton ISD student athlete
Port Neches-Groves ISD Teachers
Prosper ISD at 3 cases Hughes Elementary and Hays Middle School and School district administration
Queen City ISD outbreak among staff and students, school closing for a week Sept 16
Ranger ISD 3 Teachers
Red Oak ISD students at Red Oak High School and Red Oak Middle School
Redwater ISD student at Redwater High
Richardson ISD 7 students at Lake Highlands High School Aug 23 after 2 weeks of athletic workouts
Rockwall ISD students + Rockwall High school resource officer dies of covid-19
Rochelle ISD students
Round Rock ISD 24 employees
Saltillo ISD employee
San Angelo ISD staff at San Jacinto Elementary
San Antonio ISD Special Education Teacher at Ogden Academy his died of Covid-19 also San Antonio ISD Will Rogers Academy teacher dies of Covid-19
San Diego ISD staff
Sherman ISD 3 active staff 6 active cases students Sept 2Gold Star Dashboard
Skidmore-Tynan ISD students
Snyder High School students
Spring Hill ISD Staff
Spur ISD Multiple teachers and students aug 23 - going completely online for 2 weeks
Sulphur Springs ISD 5 staff also at Barbara Bush Primary
Sweetwater High School student
Taft ISD Football player
Terrell ISD student and Gilbert Willie Elementary staff
Texarkana ISD
Timpson ISD and 7 more positive cases Sept 9
Thrall ISD at Thrall Middle School
Trinity ISD Coach and Student
Troupe ISD students at Troupe High School
Tyler ISD at Legacy High School on campus when it opened August 19th + now at Rice Elementary on Aug 21 + Case at Rise Academy Sept 9 + Case at Tyler High School Sept 10 + 2 new cases Sept 8 and Sept 16 at Legacy High + 2 Cases at Moore MST Magnet School Sept 9 and Sept 16 + Case at Hubbard Middle School Sept 14 + Case Sept 16 at Birdwell Dual Language Elementary + Case Sept 10 at Bonner Elementary + Case Sept 13 at Griffin Elementary + Case Sept 17 at Orr Elementary + Case Sept 14 at Peete Elementary + Case Sept 8 at Ramey Elementary + 2 Cases Sept 10 and 11th at Rice Elementary good notadashboard New Covid Tracking page
United ISD cases at Zaffirini Elementary School Sept 15, class quarantined
Uvalde ISD at Uvalde High School 1 student athlete last week, but players did not quarantine so now more of them testing positive
Verbiest ISD 4 staff and students
Wolfe City ISD 3 staff
Waco ISD Middle School Principal dies this spring of covid-19
Willis ISD 2 cases at Meador Elementary Aug 25th
Windthorst ISD student since starting back on Aug 17th
Winnsboro ISD 2 students Aug 24 at Winnsboro Elementary School and Memorial Intermediate School
Wichita Falls ISD staff at Scotland Park Elementary and Cunningham Elementary Sept 3 + Staff at McNiel Middle School Sept 8 + Ryder High student Sept 4
White Oak ISD High School Closing until Sept 9 due to multiple cases
Whitney ISD student on Aug 21
Wylie ISD staff at Draper Intermediate + Davis Intermediate + Burnett Junior High + new cases Aug 19 at Birmingham Elementary + Cox Elementary School + New cases at Wylie East Junior High Sept 14
Zavalla ISD positive case on campus Aug 24
Private Schools with confirmed cases
Ascension Academy students Aug 24
Donna Shepard Leadership Academy staff
East Texas Montessori Prep Academy student
Incarnate Word High School teacher dies of Covid-19
SFA Charter School student
Anyone who wishes to offer support for keeping up with this project can support the Patreon here
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2020.08.16 23:36 leftyghost Texas School Outbreak Megathread

Since 5 months of deliberating whether they ought to track school outbreaks just wasn't enough time for TxDSHS and TEA to decide we will start doing it here.
Universities with confirmed cases:
Abilene Christian University - 6 Active cases as on Aug 21
Angelo State University - 51 students and staff cumulative
Baylor University - 1,007 cumulative since August 1
Lamar University - 126 cumulative since March 1
McMurry University 2 students Aug 30
Midwestern State University - 14 staff and students
Rice University - 85 students and staff cumulative since March
Sam Houston State University - 446 cumulative
Southern Methodist University - 500+ Cumulative - 257 Active Cases Sept 14 also a ‘handful’ of football players have tested positive for COVID-19
South Texas College - 41 students and 61 employees
Tarleton University - 49 in the week of Aug, 30- Sept, 4 - 207 cumulative
Texas A&M University - 1,521 Since Aug 1
Texas A&M University-Commerce - 163 active Sept 9
Texas A&M University Texarkana - 6 cases Aug 31
Texas Christian University - 1,156 cumulative also Texas Christian University Law Professor Dies of Covid-19
Texas State University - 647 cumulative
Texas Tech University - 1,689 cumulative
Texas Women's University - 2 students and 9 staff since June
University of Houston - 200 cumulative since March
University of Texas at Austin - 280 new in September by Sept 10, 1,052 cumulative
Public Schools with confirmed cases
Abilene ISD 4 students, 1 since reopening for fall + Sept 21 2 Elementary classes quarantined after 2 teachers test positive
Argyle ISD 2 cases Sept 2
Allen ISD student athlete over summer
Amarillo ISD 174 cases Sept 16
Arlington ISD student athlete at Arlington Martin High School
Atlanta ISD student at Atlanta Primary School on August 21
Austin ISD 51 cases and Longtime Crockett High Custodian has died of covid-19
Azle ISD staff member at Walnut Creek and a student at Azle elementary school Aug 25
Bastrop ISD 5 cases
Beaumont ISD staff
Beeville ISD superintendent aug 14
Big Sandy ISD student plus More students the next day + Closing School Until Oct 5 due to large numbers of positive students
Birdville ISD 5 cases Sept 17 at David E Smith Elementary, Oh Stowe Elementary, Watauga Elementary, North Oaks Middle School, Haltom High School Gold Star Dashboard
Boerne ISD 7+students and staff at Champion High School + 100+ exposures
Boise City PSD multiple staff - school opening now delayed
Borger ISD 2 staff at Borger Intermediate
Bowie ISD 4 cases, 2 students 2 staff Sept 21
Brooks County ISD case at Falfurrias Elementary Sept 17
Brownwood ISD staff member on campus Aug 12 at Coggin Intermediate + a student on campus at Brownwood High School August 18th
Bryan ISD students and staff at Henderson Elementary + Sul Ross Elementary + Bryan High School
Burleson ISD 3 staff
Bushland ISD 1 Case Sept 16
Calhoun County ISD staff + Staff at Seadrift School Sept 16
Cantuillo ISD 3 cases sept 21, 2 of them at Alderete Middle
Canyon ISD student at Reeve-Hinger Elementary Aug 21 + 46 cases Sept 16
Carroll ISD Carroll Elementary staff also Carroll ISD Eubanks Intermediate School staff
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
City View ISD at City View Elementary
Clear Creek ISD Kindergartner at Ross Elementary Aug 31st first day of school
Clifton ISD Band member
Coahoma ISD at the Elementary Aug24 and the Junior High and High School and another On campus Aug 24 at High School and Staff Aug 26 at Coahoma Junior High
College Station ISD staff at College Station High School
Conroe ISD 235 cumulative since May, 545 Actively Quarantined Students Sept 17, 48 Employees Actively Quaratined Sept 17 Gold Star Dashboard
Comal ISD Canyon High school Band member while at band camp also 6 current positives between Smithson Valley High + Canyon High + Comal Discipline Center + Mountain Valley Middle +9 symptomatic + 20 exposures
Commerce ISD "number of exposures" to to positive student at Commerce High Aug 24- school shutting down for a week
Community ISD 8 Cases Sept 10, closing down their only Middle School, Edge Middle School for a week
Copperas Cove ISD 5 cases
Corpus Christi ISD teacher at Los Encinos Elementary dies from covid-19 also 108 Employees and 3 students test positive since Summer began
Crandall ISD at Wilson Elementary
Crockett ISD at Early Childhood Center Aug 31
Cumby ISD student
Cushing ISD Superintendent + 7 staff
Cy-Fair ISD employee
Del Valle ISD 13 cases
Diboll ISD students Sept 2
Denison ISD 1 week after starting back
Denton ISD at Guyer High School Sept 2
Dripping Springs ISD at Walnut Springs Elementary
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD 1 staff at Saginaw Elementary + 1 student at Wayside Middle School Gold Star Dashboard
Ector County ISD -At least 19 staff and students at Bonham Middle School + Ector Middle School + Odessa Collegiate Academy + Odessa High School + Permian High School + Wilson and Young Middle school and Nimitz Middle School + E.K. Downing Elementary also Reagan Elementary staff + LBJ elementary student + Fly Elementary student and staff + New Tech Odessa staff
Edna ISD 4 cases students and staff
El Paso ISD Barron Elementary Nurse has died of Covid-19 also El Paso employee at Mission Ridge Elementary
Elysian Fields ISD Student and Employee at Elysian Fields High School Sept 2
Eustace ISD student athlete during summer workout program
Evadale ISD student
Fabens ISD 2 teachers Oct 1 at Fabens High School
Flour Bluff ISD Superintendent dies of Covid-19
Franklin ISD "several football players" Sept 3
Frisco ISD Staff at Frisco Memorial High School also Frisco ISD Wakeland High School student athlete + 3 more students at Frisco High School Aug 20
Gainsville ISD 3 students at Lee Intermediate and Gainsville High School
Gainsville State School/Juvenile Correctional Facility
Galveston ISD administrator
Garland ISD 9 staff Aug 25 at Webb Middle School + Steadham Elementary + Montclair Elementary + Jackson MST + Freeman Elementary + Centerville Elementary + Bussey Middle School
Gilmer ISD student at Gilmer High School
Georgetown ISD 7 cases
Granbury ISD students and staff at Granbury Middle School and Granbury High School
Grand Saline ISD employee and another Employee Sept 1
Grapeland ISD still infectious lab confirmed student on campus first day school is back in person
Grapevine-Colleyville ISD staff at Colleyville Middle School
Hallsville ISD student athlete over the summer and another Student after returning to Hallsville Junior High in August
Hardin-Jefferson ISD elementary student also Hardin-Jefferson High School Band director dies from covid-19 this spring also +13 additional cases announced Aug 21 after 8 days of school, 10/13 at Hardin Jefferson High School
Harleton Elementary Student also Harleton High School Student
Hays CSID 31 cases
Henderson ISD 13 students and staff The 1st East Texas school district to return, on August 5th + 4 students at Elementary and High School Aug 25 + High School and Middle School employees announced Sept 17
Hereford ISD staff + student
Highland Park ISD 3 cases Sept 16
Humble ISD Woodcreek Middle school also 13 student athletes across Humble ISD during summer workouts
Ingleside ISD 2 Varsity Football players
Jefferson ISD Jefferson High School student
Jim Ned CISD 15 staff 3 students Aug 25
Joaquin ISD
Junction ISD Employee at Elementary campus Aug 25
Katy ISD 93 cumulative cases since Aug 19 plus Paetow High School and another at Paetow High also at Morton Ranch High School and Katy High School also School Nurse at Morton Ranch High Dies from Covid-19 Gold Star Dashboard
Keene ISD staff
Keller ISD 40 people + 3 staff at Keller Middle School test positive sending all 145 fifth graders to quarantine Aug 31
Kenedy ISD staff
Kerrville ISD student at Early Childhood Center + District Employee Sept 2
Kilgore ISD elementary teacher on campus August 19th also Students at Kilgore Primary and Kilgore High School Aug 19
Killeen ISD 12 employees
Kingsville ISD at Memorial Middle School
Klein ISD 18 Active Sept 17 on Dasboard with 3 cases at Klein Oak High, 3 cases at Zwink Elementary, 2 cases at Klein High, 2 cases at Klein Cain High, 1 case at Strack Intermediate, 1 case at Krimmel Intermediate, 1 case at Bernshausen Elementary, 1 case at Klein Intermediate Gold Star Dashboard
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2020.08.07 21:45 AnastasiaBeavrhausn The disappearance and murder of Hailey Dunn Part 2 .

Part 1 https://www.reddit.com/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/i1fpnx/the_disappearance_and_murder_of_hailey_dunn/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Please keep in mind that Hailey’s mother, Billie Jean Dunn, Billie’s boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, and her father, Clint Dunn have made conflicting statements over the years. As time has gone on, many mainstream media outlets' links are no longer available. I've provided links to the forums that discussed the articles.
I was contacted by a former neighbor who gave me a good idea of what the neighborhood was like at that time. Colorado City was a small town of approximately 4K people. Hailey lived across the street from section 8 housing. All the kids played together and for the most part got along. There was enough distance between the houses that loud parties won't be noticed. It was normal for several cars to be at any home at any time. This generous person said it was the perfect storm for a lifestyle like that to happen. The cops were incompetent or indifferent to what was going on around them. Colorado City was described to me as a place where scared or failed cops went. Good cops moved on to greener pastures.
Although I said Clint lived across the street in part 1, I've learned that to get to Clint’s house, Hailey had to cross the street and cross a field to get to his house. Now it makes sense why to be used binoculars to watch people arrive at the New Year's Eve party. He said he was waiting to see if Hailey came home.
There are several timelines available, I used the one confirmed by law enforcement.
Hailey Darlene Dunn was 13 when she was reported missing on December 28, 2010.
LE initially described Hailey as a runaway, but were investigating the circumstances surrounding what happened that Sunday night to Monday when she was last seen.
LE was familiar with Billie and Shawn due to their both calling 911 on the other. If you listen to the True Crime Daily at time stamp 4:20, you can hear LE’s reaction to their calls.
LE issued warrants for Hailey’s mother, Billie Jean Dunn, and her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins’s cell phones. The warrants were for any data from December 25, 2010, to January 7, 2011.
There were 3 potential sightings of Hailey the day she went missing December 28, 2010. The links are no longer active, so I linked to other forums where they were discussed.
A neighbor said he saw Hailey in the backyard talking on the phone. The owner of the home said that he can not be trusted and he had to kick him out.
The second was a hairdresser who knew Hailey for many years. She said she saw Hailey, her friend, and a boy she didn't know walking by her shop that day.
The third I was unable to locate.
In the affidavit LE says:
”There are NO witnesses who saw HD walking on the date she is believed to have left her residence.”
Investigators believed the witnesses were wrong about the day they saw Hailey based on conversations with friends. The same friend Hailey allegedly made plans to spend the night said she did not see Hailey the day she went missing and no plans were made to spend the night.
Investigators found a text sent to same friend at approximately 2:00 pm on December 28, 2010, the day she went missing saying ”wrud” (what are you doing ). The friend and her mother denied receiving the text.
While Hailey’s family, teachers, and friends described her as smart, loving, fun, blunt, caring, and outspoken, Shawn Adkins described Hailey as ”promiscuous” and ” uses drugs”.
The Laura Recovery Center, Marc Klaas from The KlaasKids Foundation, and Carrie McGonigal from Team Amber Rescue arrived to help with the search for Hailey.
Over time, Marc Klaas said in an interview that Billie should be ashamed of herself for telling lies to law enforcement. His team packed up and left. Carrie McGonigal and her team remain supporting Billie to this day. You may be familiar with Carrie, she's Amber DuBois's mother. When Amber disappeared, LE focused on Carrie’s boyfriend because the day Amber went missing, his day was out of the ordinary. Carrie left her boyfriend, taking their child because she was convinced by the authorities that he was involved. It was after the murder of Chelsea King by John Gardner when he confessed to killing Amber and Chelsea that Carrie and her boyfriend reconciled and later got married.
Hailey’s mother, Billie also had a private investigator working pro bono. He left after a month and refused to give a reason why.
Law enforcement had searched two garbage landfills and various sightings of Hailey. There was no evidence of her at any tipped location.
Law enforcement found discrepancies in Shawn Adkins's statements. He said he went to work, was fired, then he drove to his mother’s house. His cell phone pinged his route from Colorado City, to his job in Snyder, to Colorado City, then to his grandmother's house, then to his mother’s house and back to Colorado City. From 7:00 am until 9:00 am, there were no pings at all. When asked to explain the discrepancies, Shawn said that he went to his job and quit, stopped by home no one was there so he went to his grandmother’s house, again no one was home, then to his mom’s house. This is disputed by his supervisor who saw him. He said he and Shawn made eye contact, Shawn bought a soda, and left. He said Shawn never said a word to him.
I read within the week Hailey went missing, Billie and Shawn painted the living room and gave away their sofa. The MSM reports are no longer available, but I linked where they are discussed.
It was also reported, allegedly Hailey and Billie had a ”fight” on December 27, 2010, about Hailey wanting to live with her father, Clint. Billie said it wasn't really a fight, just something moms and teens do.
On February 24, 2010, LE announced they found over 100,000 images of child pornography, beastiality and other deviant images on a computer at Shawn Adkins’s mother’s house, and a USB found at Billie's house. No charges have been filed for anyone regarding these images. Law enforcement also found that Shawn had been communicating with other women and receiving nude pictures the day Hailey went missing.
On March 17, 2011, when LE knocked on Billie’s door, she denied that her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins was there. LE entered the home and found Shawn on the premises. Apparently, he was hiding in a closet. LE arrested Billie for lying to an officer serving a warrant. This arrest is the only one in the Hailey Dunn murder.
On March 16, 2013, Hailey’s remains were found by a man who was arrowhead hunting. Law enforcement only found her skull, a single tooth, a femur, and her sweatpants she was reported wearing the day she disappeared.
2013 is the last time LE spoke publically about the Hailey Dunn case. MSM stopped talking about her murder and everyone but Hailey’s father, Clint who is very active on social media, has stopped talking too. Clint has a private investigator who runs the Who Killed Hailey Dunn sites.
In 2013, a federal prisoner named Sonja Rene Callahan sent a letter to her sister claiming she witnessed a teen being drugged in a mobile home in Odessa in January 2011. She alleges the teen died and was buried. She did not mention the teen by name. Billie said the FBI told her the letter is not credible.
There was also a rumor I couldn't source that alleges Shawn took Hailey to the hotel and traded her for a drug debt. There is no credible evidence that happened as far as I can find. Other than the dog tracking her scent to the hotel, there's no confirmation of this rumor.
Where are they today:
Hailey had a memorial and her remains were later buried by family.
Her mother, Billie, is a nurse. She got her license back with stipulations. She is occasionally active on the Hope For Hailey Facebook page.
Clint Dunn, her father, and his PI are very active on the social media on The Who Killed Hailey Dunn sites.
After Hailey went missing, David Dunn, her brother, spoke to LE, but didn’t speak publicly. He was removed from the home by CPS and stayed with a family member. He later returned home. I think he deserves his privacy and didn’t attempt to locate him now.
Shawn Adkins is allegedly harassing women on the internet. He said that he had nothing to do with Hailey’s murder and the affidavits are lies. I haven’t found any current statements from him.
The house where Hailey lived has been demolished. Any clues it may have held are gone.
Discussion points:
Who killed Hailey Dunn?
Is it possible after a decade and no direct physical evidence to get a conviction?
What do you think of the inmate letter?
Edit: words
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2020.08.06 02:07 CrystalBLong Missing Person Since 2013- Clay Rodman

Hello, Mrballen! I watch you on YouTube every time you post something new. I truly appreciate your service. I’m a military wife myself I always support our Veterans in every way I can. What I’m about to refer to you is a local mystery. For seven years there’s not ever been an investigation that turned up any substantial evidence. Clay Rodman went missing from Abilene, TX in 2013. There has been a reward offered for information regarding his disappearance, as well as a residential yard on the north side of town (known here as the bad, less desirable side of town) being excavated but with no findings. It’s still a mystery to this day. Links to follow: http://charleyproject.org/case/clay-allen-rodman
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2020.07.20 20:07 Laurelais-Hygeine Dyess airman arrested for child sex crime

Dyess airman arrested for child sex crime
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2020.06.28 04:37 Laurelais-Hygeine Hardin Simmons University dismisses investigates students for deeply divisive tik tok post.

Hardin Simmons University dismisses investigates students for deeply divisive tik tok post.
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2020.06.17 16:32 1SuperSlueth Ex-Abilene youth pastor accused of sexual abuse waives arraignment

Ex-Abilene youth pastor accused of sexual abuse waives arraignment

New rule: No children allowed anywhere near a church!! Lord Jealous is unwilling or unable to protect them from his pedophile spokesmen.

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