Kyoya x tamaki lemon

What is the motivation here?

2023.06.02 06:05 rara1067 What is the motivation here?

What is the motivation here?
Genuinely curious - what is the purpose of clarifying this post with “(not every day, but some days)” 🤔
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2023.06.02 05:31 Taxi_Dancer ***excerpt*** TALES OF THE DEAD IN SPACE UNIVERSE: THE MARCHING DEAD CORPS ***excerpt*** (The first part of the follow up to the Dead In Space Series)

*** excerpt***
The Terran Space Marines...
They are, hands down, the most elite fighting force that has ever been sent into space to protect, defend, and conquer in the name of mankind. Highly trained in surface, subsurface, and space combat, they are almost unbeatable in a fight. In the nearly two-hundred and forty years of the existence of the Terran Space Marines, there is a near zero record of them ever being defeated in incursions, rebellions, insurrections, wars, and even encounters with hostile extraterrestrial entities.
They are, hands down, the best equipped of all branches of the Terran armed forces, each Terran Space Marine packing the most advanced arms, armor, and equipment that the intergalactic military defense industry can supply. Employed only for the toughest missions, the Terran Space Marines are only called upon when the Terran government needs the very best, most elite fighting force in the galaxy, to accomplish the most impossible jobs. Their exploits have been legendary, from a regiment of Space Marines recapturing Norfolk Orbital Station from a plague which turned the quarter million inhabitants into crazed demonic horrors, to a platoon of Space Marines who killed a literal giant skeletal death god on a planet named Willow’s World.
The elite Space Marines are the few, they are the proud, and they are the exact opposite of the person who I am. I am definitely not Space Marine material. Hell, I’m not even Terran Space Regular Army material. Naturally, there are more regular Army Joes than there are elite Space Marines, the Army being easily ten times the size as the Space Marines.
I’m a trooper in the most non-elite, non-glamorous, and most expendable of all the branches. I’m part of the FODERR (fodder), or the Federal Optional Deployment Enlisted Reserve Regiments, and ‘yes’, we are all painfully aware that we are literally ‘fodder’ both in name and in mission. Probably the only thing that the FODERR has going for it is that we are the largest branch of the Terran military, far larger than even the Army. To give you an idea of how numerically massive our numbers are, for every one Space Marine there are about ten regular Army GI Joes. And for every one regular Army soldier, there are about fifteen to twenty of us reservist troopers. Our numbers need to be far greater than the other branches of the service due to the genus doctrine which our genus political masters came up with which states that if the enemy has twenty high impact rounds for their weapon, we will send twenty-one reserve troopers to take the enemy down. Such is the gallows humor which the average trooper such as myself has grown used to. The fact is, the only thing that outnumbers us on the battlefield are usually the enemy and the number of rubber body bags which the Terran government sends with us.
Artillery prep? Never heard of it. Flanking maneuvers? Don’t make me laugh. Armor support? Sure, if you’re the enemy. Not for us, though. In the FODERR, we have just one combat doctrine which is, ‘Hey, diddle-diddle, straight up the middle.’ Have you ever seen a full on FODRR frontal assault? It’s pretty impressive for the first few minutes. After that, however, it usually turns into a slaughter. That’s why the FODERR Corps are known throughout the galaxy simply as The Marching Dead.
Okay, okay, okay... maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit about us not having artillery and armor support. After about a month of basic infantry training, those of us basic trainees who have shown the aptitude for it, basically those of us who can’t find their asses with both hands, are sent to artillery and armor school. And those few of us with the ability to find their asses with just one hand may even be selected to go to aerospace flight school as a gunship pilot. For the rest of us, however, after basic infantry training we were sent to advanced infantry training for an additional three weeks where we were taught to operate mortars, anti-armor and anti-aircraft weapons, correctly breaking those heavy weapons down, putting those heavy weapons on our backs, then marching that heavy shit from one end of the galaxy to the other.
Oh, and by the way, don’t think you are going to get out of the Marching Dead Corps by simply falling out of the training. Once you sign the contract to be in the Corps, you are in until your three years is up or until you become the creamy filled center of a rubber body bag. If you fall out of training, all you end up doing is earning a front row seat to the spearhead of the assault, and that tends to be detrimental to your 25% chance of surviving to the end of your three year contract.
So, you might ask, why would otherwise mentally stable young people sign on to become a FODERR Trooper? Well, to tell you the truth, most of us didn’t. Most of those who signed the contract, the ‘Federal Option’ of the Federal Optional Deployment Enlisted Reserve Regiment, are convicted criminals who are facing long jail sentences. And in this day and age, criminal offenses such as saying or thinking something which might be a threat to the Party is enough to land you a date in court standing in front of a judge and a recruitment officer with a Federal Option military contract in hand.
For me, I was working at the main city library as a lowly librarian assistant, trying to scratch out a living while also trying to pay my way through college indoctrination. Our local Party officials voted themselves a 40% annual raise so, naturally, the loyal citizens’ taxes increased. I had been saving to pay my loyal citizen tax from last year when the Party officials voted themselves a raise, and finally had enough to pay. I took a day off to drive to the Department of Taxation, a twelve story complex that took up a full three city blocks downtown. Parking was scarce, so I had to drive around the block for almost an hour before I landed a parking space. After waiting for another three hours, I finally paid the taxes that I owed which, I found out, went directly into a fund that paid for the annual vacation of the Party City Council to the tropical paradise of the Vega X System.
As I returned to my car, I was greeted by an enforcement officer writing me ticket for a parking violation. It seems that the back bumper of my old lemon-mobile extended 2.2 centimeters into the parking space behind me, meaning that I was obligated to pay for two parking spaces instead of one. I was charged on the spot for attempting to defraud the local party government and, two hours later, I was hauled to the twenty-two story tall Department of Justice building across the street which took up six city blocks and, after a thirty minute wait, was standing in front of a judge. I was faced with multiple criminal charges including illegally occupying more than my fair share of public spaces, attempting to defraud local party government, disrespect of party mandates, illegal storage of a personal vehicle on public property, and because of my race, I was also charged with sympathizing with white supremacy.
Unfortunately, because I had just paid my yearly tax increases, I did not have the money to pay for these additional penalties and fees, which added the additional charge against me of illegally not having enough money in my bank account to pay for additional government mandated taxes, penalties, and fees, the recommended amount being at least 45% of your total bank account.
The judge sentenced me to sixty-five years of hard labor on a mining asteroid in orbit around Saturn or, if I so chose, I could take the three year Federal Option. As my car was being impounded, I signed the contract placed in front of me by a military recruiting officer who told me that the storage fees for my piece of shit vehicle will be taken from my first year of federal service. Along with about another five hundred people between the ages of 18 to 40 who became instant convicted criminals that afternoon, I was led to the west wing of the Department of Justice building where we waited for three more days, sleeping on cots without blankets in large, freezing, open bays, subsisting on toast and potato soup twice a day while under constant armed guard. There were no separate spaces for males, females, and those who identified as part of the LGBTQXRWYVF779+++ community. Fights were rarely broken up by the guards, but the three dozen or so people who tried to escape were quickly rounded up and handcuffed to braces on the walls for their entire stay, not being released even when it was feeding time or if they had to relieve themselves in the filthy restrooms which could barely service one hundred people. After three days, the two thousand people who were there before us were taken away and finally it was our turn to board the cattle trucks which would take us directly to our FODERR infantry basic training sites.
Since the Terran government declared a war on terrorism against the Alpha Centauri Colonies, over seventy FODERR infantry basic training camps were opened throughout the country, mostly abandoned or underused military bases which had been reopened and expanded, together adding nearly a quarter million troopers annually to send into the wars in space beside the regular Army and the Space Marines.
So, almost exactly two months after I was declared a hardened parking violation criminal, I found myself stuffed into a rusty space freighter along with two hundred other troopers on our way to war in the Alpha Centauri system...
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2023.06.02 03:16 GhostSpiderNinja Hi I need help finding a fanfiction

Hello this is my first time doing this so if I've posted in the wrong spot Im sorry
I've recently read a naruto fic and its bugging me that I couldn't find it when I went to show my friend. I've been looking for weeks and I still haven't found it.
What I remember of the plot is this
Its a naruto X fem kyuubi pairing I don't think it was a harem im pretty sure it was a single pairing but I could be wrong (yes there are lemons in this story but there rare from what I remember)
fem kyuubi feels sorry for what they go though but I think tricks naruto into freeing them but they end up becoming like husband and wife or or something like that I remember fem kyuubi saying something about a knight not brining the beast to heal but a knight pledging themselves to the beast instead not those exact words but something similar.
during the sasuke retrieval mission fem kyuubi takes something from naruto could be chakra but I remember something about pure kindness so it maybe that thus betraying naruto somewhat.
naruto then makes a choice to keep walking a path and fem kyuubi knows this because of some type of link or bond they have
at one point fem kyuubi is walking up a mountain looking at what she took from naruto
the last chapter or two I remember reading was naruto fights the three tails im not sure how the fight ends but the three tails leaves during the fight three tails dose ask why did she chose you or something like that
fem kyuubi later summons the three tails to them and berates them something about naruto being worthy or something like that
fem kyuubi then goes' to see naruto temporally like an illusion or something
I read it on fanfiction. net but I could be wrong
Anyway I can't find it and its driving me crazy looking for it so any help is appreciated
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2023.06.02 01:40 TheRashawn This look good to y’all?

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2023.06.01 23:46 Dmoney6970 Udder Madness drop

Udder Madness drop
Save 15% at with Coupon code SFCDMONEY
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2023.06.01 23:44 Whovian599 Some woman came into my job and handed out these flyers saying she wanted to save us.

Some woman came into my job and handed out these flyers saying she wanted to save us.
Multiple references to people like jordan peterson and tucker carlson on the right page. The back of the right page also had tons of jargon on it.
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2023.06.01 21:08 Luvdady Questions &/or Recommendations

I built a Tekno ET 48 2.0 somewhere around mid-late 2021. Parts listed below. I am trying to figure out if I did something wrong or if I maybe got a lemon ESC. I only drove the car 3-4 times between then and now. I know this seems crazy but my XMaxx and other RC's took up the time. Anyhoo, I really wanted to rip the truggy.
About a week ago I had it out and raced it around on the road in front of my house and my front lawn. After about 15-20 minutes I drove it over to where I was sitting to make sure all was well and it looked fine (looked fine being the key words). I drove it away and it made it about 12 feet and then made a super loud pop and stopped moving. The ESC blew a capacitor.
I know it's to late for a the Hobbywing warranty but I would like to get it up and running again. I bought a Castle copperhead 10 esc/motor combo for my Slash and its awesome so my plan unless I am told it's a bad idea is to go with a Castle Mamba Monster X 8S 1/6 Brushless. The Hobbywing said 2-6S but I don't think it could handle the power.
I know enough about gearing to be dangerous. That being said I don't think I over geared it. Let me know if you think I did. Also, Can I use the sensored Hobbywing motor w/ the Castle ESC? I don't think there is anythinng wrong w/ the motor and I really don't want to have to buy a new motor and ESC.

Tekno ET 48 2.0 kit
Pro-Line MX38 Badlands HP Belted 3.8 Tires
Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus G2S Brushless ESC/4268SD G3 Motor Combo
Tekno RC "M5" Hardened Steel 5mm Bore 15T Mod 1 Pinion
44T Spur Gear
Savox SB-2290SG Black Edition Servo
ProTek RC QS8 Anti-Spark Connectors
Common Sense RC Lectron Pro 6S 22.2V 5200mah 50C Lipo
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2023.06.01 20:52 Puzzleheaded-Mail-84 Pack man liquid diamonds disposables

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2023.06.01 20:26 EnvironmentalHat2630 UT character elimination contest Day 9! Gyftrot got a nuclear bomb as a present, Memoryhead couldnt bring back all the memories, and Lemon Bread got sliced. The top 3 characters that got the most votes will be voted out. (Dont vote on this if it says 1 day ago check my profile for a new one)

UT character elimination contest Day 9! Gyftrot got a nuclear bomb as a present, Memoryhead couldnt bring back all the memories, and Lemon Bread got sliced. The top 3 characters that got the most votes will be voted out. (Dont vote on this if it says 1 day ago check my profile for a new one) submitted by EnvironmentalHat2630 to Undertale [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 19:52 sarah_1221 Do these macros add up?

They seem to good to be true tbh
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2023.06.01 19:10 goldtail15 Just when I thought I was finally finished... I have to wait 52 DAYS to get enough crystal shoes 🥲

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2023.06.01 17:55 safesnakezone Chroma Mix, a card game about colors and color theory

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2023.06.01 16:47 DotaBangarang So what's everyone growing this year?

So now that even us folks up in Canada have moved our seedlings outside, what are you all growing? What's going well? What's struggling?
I've got 9 Aji Charapitas, 6 Bhut x Neyde, 6 Numex Lemon Spice, 6 Malaysian Goronong, 6 Numex Cayennes and a dozen classic Jalapenos and Fresnos that all did awesome growing in my south window since March.
I had horrible luck with my Peach Ghosts with only two plants being deemed worthy of getting potted and put on the deck and had zero white haberneros make the cut.
I'm growing Jimmy Nardellas for the first time and while they were all grown the same as the rest of the plants they shot up in size and are nearly double the height of everyone else.
How's everyone else's season starting off?
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2023.06.01 13:23 Spaghetti_Ketchup Finally hit 1k.

Finally hit 1k.
Thanks to shark week. I hit 1k on round 4.
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2023.06.01 13:06 Playerunknown114 Seeing as you guys loved my settlers layout list so much here’s my other lists from the past few months (pt 1)

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2023.06.01 12:13 KamaandHallie Some of my favourite TV shows that might interest some looking for something to watch

Some of my favourite TV shows that might interest some looking for something to watch
  1. The X-Files
SUMMARY: Two FBI agents named Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate strange unexplained phenomena that the rest of the FBI ignores, such as UFOs, secret government conspiracies, the paranormal, and other things that defy explanation. All the while secret agencies in the shadows try to cover up the truth.
RATING: 9/10, my favorite show of all time, the two characters are so great and memorable, and every episode has an intriguing mystery you won't imagine. It's one of the few shows that treat conspiracy theories and cryptic stuff in real life seriously, and the grounded realistic tone helps the mood and sets it apart from other similar shows.

  1. Twin Peaks
SUMMARY: After the murder of high school student, Laura Palmer, an FBI agent named Dale Cooper is called to the small mountain town of Twin Peaks to investigate her death, but he soon finds out that the town and the mystery surrounding her death go much deeper than anyone could have thought.
RATING: 9/10, this is the show that changed television as a storytelling medium, and easily one of the weirdest TV shows you'll ever see (as common with David Lynch). This show mixes every genre you can imagine into one pot, and it all blends really well into a world that you can't help but be fascinated by, and every single character is so likable and memorable. Despite being pretty simply made, it really manages to convey a feeling of otherworldliness. The villain in this show is one of the most terrifying in TV history. Also, expect to be confused a lot.
If there's one thing I have a gripe about this show, it's that after the death of a certain character in season 2 (you'll know who I mean), the show really derails its plot for the remainder of the season. But in the final episode of season 2 and for season 3 (The Return), the show becomes amazing again. Oh, and the prequel movie "Fire Walk With Me" and the deleted scenes compilations movie "The Missing Pieces" is great too, check those out as well.

  1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
SUMMARY: We follow the misadventures of a trio of sentient fast food items including the mean and foul-mouthed Master Shake, the straight-thinking and smart Frylock, the lovable but idiotic Meatwad, along with their fat grouchy neighbor Carl, getting into random weird situations in their bland and pathetic everyday lives.
RATING: 8/10, this is easily my favorite animated show, definitely one of the funniest, and it never gets boring to watch. In the middle of shows with fantastical larger-than-life ideas, it's fun to watch a show where every single character is a pathetic deadbeat idiot and lives a very bland life that just happens to have weird fever-dream stuff in it. It's a funny silly show to just turn off your brain to and enjoy.

  1. Project Blue Book
SUMMARY: Based on the real-life Project Blue Book, this show follows the cases of Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Captain Michael Quinn of the US Air Force as they investigate sightings of UFOs and aliens around the country.
RATING: 8/10, this is the next X-Files, except more UFO-focused. The characters here are all great, especially the two leads, they're both really likable and enjoyable and it's fun seeing the progress and growth of their friendship. The mystery of this show is also pretty intriguing despite being the usual UFO and government coverup mystery like X-Files. Still upset it got canceled on a cliffhanger, hopefully, it'll continue.

  1. Poirot
SUMMARY: A murder mystery show based on the works of Agatha Christie following a short Belgian gentleman named Hercule Poirot, solving some of the most heinous and complicated crimes with his little grey cells.
RATING: 9/10, one of my favorite murder mystery shows, a big part to the character of Poirot, who is so sweet and endearing but also very calculated, intelligent and filled with faith-based struggle on human condition. The side characters are great too, such as Poirot's best friend, Captain Hasting, Chief Inspector Japp, and Miss Lemon. This is a show that actually gets better with each season, and has one of the best and saddest endings to any TV show.

  1. Father Brown
SUMMARY: A priest named Father Brown who lives in the village of Kembleford, solves gruesome murders with his close companions that the incompetent inspectors fail to solve with the intent of saving the sinners' souls.
RATING: 8/10, another of my favorite murder mystery shows, once again the characters are all really likeable here, with Father Brown being a kind understanding man who only wishes to help people, even those who committed murder or are discriminated in 1950s society. The cast are all very endearing, and it's always fun seeing their dynamic and seeing Father Brown help people, even in the most grizzly murder cases.

  1. The Chosen
SUMMARY: A modern serial adaptation of the story of Jesus, with a more grounded, historically accurate, and more relatable down-to-earth characters and interpretation of the story, being told from different perspectives of the people Jesus recruits.
RATING: 9/10, easily my favorite adaptation of the story of Jesus after "Jesus of Nazareth" (1977). I really like how this show attempts to be a lot more historically accurate and have a more realistic feel to it. The show also really succeeds in making the characters relatable and likeable, since in most adaptations you mostly just follow along with them without feeling to much about them, so it's nice this show gives every single character a more defined personality. Also, this is the only interpretation I've seen where Mary Magdelane is one of the disciples, so huge plus for that.

  1. The Twilight Zone
SUMMARY: An anthology series following different characters across different settings and time periods and situations where strange unexplainable events happen in mix of science fiction, horror, comedy, fantasy, superstition, and others.
RATING: 9/10, if you love shows where weird supernatural stuff happens, this is the show for you. Every single episode is different and really great, offering something different, it can be funny, weird, heartwarming, depressing, and even horrifying, you never know what you're gonna get. Despite every episode being 22 minutes and having a different character each time, the show manages to make every single character relatable, likeable, and sympathetic in a pretty short amount of time, and you really do get worried, feel sorry, or root for them. Definitely a must-see.

  1. Midnight Diner
SUMMARY: An anthology series about the owner of a small alleyway diner that opens from midnight to dawn as he meets and learns the life story of different people who come into the diner as he cooks whatever food they request.
RATING: 9/10, it's a very nice slice-of-life show with a pleasant little setting, you get to watch the delicious-looking cooking while also learning and sympethizing with the different people who eat at the diner.

  1. Samurai Gourmet
SUMMARY: A recently retired man named Takeshi learns to appreciate life differnetly than he ever did before, especialy for food. He also develops a samurai alter ego in his mind that represents his inner warrior, who does what he wants or what he should do, an ideal self in a way.
RATING: 8/10, a feel-good show like Midnight Diner, the main character is just really heartwarming, and watching him experience life in a new way in a stage of life a lot of people consider to be the end is a really nice message. The show is also really funny, and the food looks great. Definitely worth checking out.

  1. Xavier: Renegade Angel
SUMMARY: A weird, faun-like shaman guy named Xavier, who rambles the world in order to ponder deep questions and help others to reach spiritual enlightenment using deep philosophical ideas of life. Problem is, he doesn't actually understand any of the stuff he preaches, is a huge narcissist, looks for trouble and help people where there is no trouble, and ends up destroying everything in the end.
RATING: 9/10, easily one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, there's not one single scene or line of dialogue in this show that isn't funny or memorable. This is a very one of a kind show, and it's easily one of the weirdest shows you'll ever see in your life. The animation looks ugly and terrible, but it was done on purpose and it's part of the charm. The show somehow manages to be stupid yet genius at the same time, it's clear the writers of this show are very smart, and every single episode is stuffed with at least fifty jokes a minute, that it's possible to watch the same one-minute clip from the show, and discover a joke you didn't notice until your fifth viewing. It also has a lot of smart satire on spirituality and New Age spiritualism, and mocking the people who preach them through the character of Xavier. This show is only twenty episodes long and every episode is only eleven minutes long, and it's really worth checking out, clips and episodes are available on YouTube. Also the theme song, listen to the theme song.

  1. Columbo
SUMMARY: A seemingly ditzy, slow and easily distracted police lieutenant named Columbo, gets into cases of near-perfect murders committed by people of very high-intelligence. But Columbo isn't as slow or distracted as he seems, and he always gets the killer to reveal themselves.
RATING: 9/10, easily one of my favourite and best detective murder mystery shows out there. But what makes this show different from every other murder mystery is that there is no mystery. Every episode follows the killer's story, not Columbo, from their background, their motivation, and how they committed the crime and cover it up. Columbo never seems like a competent officer or serious threat, which always leads to the killers underestimating him, and Columbo knows these guys are smart, and it's near impossible to prove the crime by the usual means most of the time. But Columbo is good at reading people, noticing little flaws in their innocent act, which allows him to tell something's off about someone. Because the crime is near-perfect, Columbo doesn't always gather one damning piece of evidence, rather he tricks the killer into revealing themselves by placing them with the main evidence and gets themselves to accidentally reveal themselves as the killer. It's a very unique, funny, and enjoyable show and worth checking out.

  1. Rome
SUMMARY: The show follows two Roman soldiers named Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo and their intertwining lives of trouble with all the major events in ancient Rome, all the way from the rise and death of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, to the rise of Augustus.
RATING: 9/10, this show was essentially HBO's Game of Thrones before Game of Thrones actually came out. The show runs for two season, but is filled with every drama, action, and tragedy of ancient Rome you can imagine. The two (closest things to) protagonists, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus are a very enjoyable duo, and you always root for them to be in a better situation despite both of them doing pretty terrible things. The drama involving the more major historical characters is also great, from Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Atia of the Julii, and Caesar's nephew, Octavian. All the characters in this show are as grey as can be, as Rome is a society where all sorts of terrible things are normal. The characters can go from decent to despicable and from hateable to being sort of admirable so many times, and you can shift a lot from liking a character to hating them and vice versa. The only disclaimer is this show has a lot of violent and sexual content, and I do mean a lot. Otherwise, go check it out, it'll be worth it.
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2023.06.01 01:20 capibarapartypal First year growing. 3 already moved outside and doing swimmingly. 2 more look ready.

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2023.06.01 01:00 DoctorLondom -196 rule

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2023.05.31 22:48 Hindohammer 72 hour water fast results and adcice

I've lurked in on this thread often enough, first post.
I'm currently on day 2 of a 3 day fast.
These are my current stats:
Day 1 - 208 Day 2 - 202 Day 3 - 194 (final update)
I've been into athletics all my life, but x y and z led to massive weight gain over the last 2 years. I'm looking to get back to a respectable baseline. I'm very active regardless of the weight gain. This is my current schedule for the week. My diet is dogshit, but my discipline for training is still solid, just not food as of the last few years.
I was 260 then one day swapped to OMAD with a 1200 call limit and keto. Dropped to what I am now, and discovered this thread. Below is my current exercise schedule. I don't lift weights. If the first 2 fasts go well, I plan on adding a daily calisthenics class at the park, which would be heavy cardio/body weights.
Mon/wed/ Kick boxing 1 hr daytime Bjj 1 hr daytime Bjj gi 1 hr night time Kickboxing 1 hr night time
Fri Kick boxing 1 hr daytime Bjj 1 hr daytime
Tues/thurs Bjj 1 hr night time Bjj 1 hr night time
Sat Bjj open mat 2 hrs
I started my fast on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday, I finished my 2 morning classes, I still feel good. I just wonder with a water fast, am I going to hard on my exercise? Or keep at it? I was going to start creatine and bcaas today. After some reading I'm decided against it.
I drank a gallon of water yesterday with a lemon. Today, I've been doing the same.
The goal is to get back to my 165 weight range. Ideally, to those who know more than I do, if I keep this up what should my loss look like? Numerically speaking does anyone have any estimates?
The plan is:
3 days fast 1 day eat 3 days fast
Repeat this for a month or until I hit 180. If I'm mentally stable, and physically as well ... then keep going until 165.
On my food day I plan on having a zero restricted day, I don't intend on feeling guilty for the food day.
Any thoughts or guidance is much appreciated.
Thank you
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2023.05.31 22:38 fifthdirty Alguna app financiera que haga "todo" y tenga "todo"?

En mi experiencia no hay ninguna app que tenga todo lo que una app tiene que tener.
Las cosas que me interesan personalmente son: Rendimientos diarios, Dólar MEP "barato", Apple Pay, buena plataforma de pago de servicios, buena app, buen soporte, que los pagos en USD se unifiquen.
Existe una app definitiva que cumpla con todo para no tener que andar moviendo la merluza de acá para allá? ¿Soy el único que usa esas funciones? ¿Por qué las apps todavía no se equiparon?
Brubank: Positivo: Apple Pay. Notificaciones en Real Time. Linda App. Buena plataforma para pago de servicios (Pago mis cuentas). Negativo: Dolar MEP caro. No genera rendimientos automáticamente. Los pagos en USD no se unifican.
NaranjaX: Positivo: Genera rendimientos sin hacer nada. Negativo: No tiene Apple Pay. Linda App pero la UX de soporte es un asco. La plataforma para pago de servicios es una basura, a veces no los toma, a veces falla (Pago Fácil). Los pagos en USD no se unifican.
Ualá: Positivo: Apple Pay. Linda App. Buena plataforma para pago de servicios. Dolar MEP a "buen" precio. Los pagos en USD se unifican. Negativo: No genera rendimientos automáticamente, sino que hay que estar moviendo el saldo de un lado al otro. La plataforma para pago de servicios es una basura, a veces no los toma, a veces falla (Pago Fácil).
Lemon: Positivo: Linda App. Los pagos en USD se unifican. Negativo: No tiene Apple Pay. No genera rendimientos automáticamente. No tiene plataforma para pago de servicios. No hay Dolar MEP.
Belo: Positivo: Linda App. Buena plataforma para pago de servicios. Los pagos en USD se unifican. Negativo: No tiene Apple Pay. No genera rendimientos automáticamente. No tiene plataforma para pago de servicios. No hay Dolar MEP.
Mercado Pago ni la nombro, no tiene nada y los rendimientos se pagan muy random asique me molesta.
¿Hay respuestas a mis preguntas? ¿Solo es un ranteo?
Buen miércoles.
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2023.05.31 20:15 EnvironmentalHat2630 UT character elimination contest Day 8! Dogamy got too depressed, Chilldrake paid a visit to KFC, and Gaster got shattered across time and space. The top 3 characters that got the most votes will be voted out of the contest. (Dont vote on this if it says 1 day ago check my profile for a new one)

UT character elimination contest Day 8! Dogamy got too depressed, Chilldrake paid a visit to KFC, and Gaster got shattered across time and space. The top 3 characters that got the most votes will be voted out of the contest. (Dont vote on this if it says 1 day ago check my profile for a new one) submitted by EnvironmentalHat2630 to Undertale [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 09:41 Weirded_Wordly Protein powder plus EAA—how much is “enough?”

I’m fairly new to the community here and love reading all the science and data-based posts and comments, it’s super refreshing! My comment is fairly general, so if not sub appropriate I apologize and can ask elsewhere.
I’m 43, in fairly great shape, and just started taking supplements to improve my weight training performance. No current health conditions or anything. I’m taking 5g (1 scoop) creatine ( and just started taking 7.7g (1 scoop) Thorne Amino Complex and would love some thoughts on it ( I’m looking to add some protein powder (sticking with Thorne, I know it’s pricey, but I’m okay with that (
My question is, considering taking the others, how much protein powder should I take? I found this post ( with a referenced study mentioning 1.6g/kg. I’m ~90kg (200lbs) which means ~140g protein daily. I’m nowhere near that in my food intake (hence the need for supplements). But if I take maybe 100g of this protein powder (~5 scoops), that’s roughly a container a week (30 scoops/container).
I’m new to supplements so go easy on me, but is that pretty standard for what you all are experiencing? I know it can get pricey, I’m okay with that, but I just want to know that my supplements are correct. I’m not training for competition, but am lifting a good amount and am consistent (I have a home gym). Thanks for the input!
Edit: not sure if it’s relevant but I just wanted to add that I’m not trying to gain weight/bulk. I wouldn’t mind leaning up a bit but not sure what effect the protein powder would have in terms of weight or body fat %. I can be mindful of the caloric value of the protein powder (1 scoop = 100 calories x 5).
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