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Overview of the Blackmail Running Our World

2023.06.02 05:56 NeedleworkerSad357 Overview of the Blackmail Running Our World

This post is an overview of the blackmail tactics used to control most of the influential people and governments around the world. Obviously I cannot cover everything in a single post, so as with my previous posts I highly encourage you to research further yourself. All sources and links are at the bottom of the post. An understanding of what trauma-based mind control programming (MKULTRA/MONARCH) is, and how it works, is again necessary to understanding much of this. My other posts here:
The world is run on blackmail, mind control, and shame.
There exist many collections of videotapes of 'high-up' people engaging in some of the worst, sickest things imaginable. Drugs, torture, pedophilia, and murder are common themes to these videos. These tapes are in the hands of many different people, groups, and especially intelligence agencies. 'Honey-trap' operations are constantly being run to gather compromising and incriminating evidence on people of importance. Child slaves will be used to compromise people on video. Global leaders are often covertly videotaped doing perverted things with sex slaves sent to them by intelligence agencies, the Illuminati, or other groups, and this is then leveraged. Rape and murder of a child (forced or not), one of the most repulsive things possible, is many times filmed to ensure future compliance.
"Back in 1966, Rothstein became the first police detective assigned to investigate the prostitution industry. Almost immediately he discovered an underground sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. ‘Human Compromise’ is what he labelled the honey-trap process. Rothstein and his colleagues found that approximately 70 percent of top US Government leaders were compromised in this way. Rothstein said, the CIA conducted the human compromise operation, while the FBI was tasked with covering up any leaks."
"One of the things I found out over the last ten years of studying governments and listening to intelligence and counter-intelligence is that those in government are sexually compromised, and their sexual secrets are collected and then they are promoted into governments and into judiciaries and into all the positions of importance. Paedophilia is the preferred dirt as it is easily photographed, easily presented in a range of media, immensely shameful, and the public demands your resignation."
"Paul Bonacci, one of the victim-witnesses in the Franklin affair, also clearly stated Larry King used him in blackmail operations in New York and Washington. The latter was in connection with the activities of a close associate of Larry King, Craig Spence, who was involved in a prostitution ring consisting of underaged boys that were supplied to Washington's upper class, which went right up to the White House."
"Sexually bent politicians in denial of their sexuality to the public are a threat to their own country and policies. They are easily setup, photographed, politically bribed, toppled, and supported in the destruction of their country. This method of altering a country’s policies is epidemic and now endemic to politics."
"Bob (Hope) was politically connected and knew how to lure people in and insure they would work for him. He invited them to his parties and dangled various kinds of illegal or immoral perversions in their faces. Once their perversions were uncovered, he could blackmail or control them. That is how Bob worked. Bob was very good at this. I watched him do it to people over and over. He lured them in, detected their weaknesses, then used that knowledge in his favor, for his connections, and ultimately for his personal gain."
These blackmail 'practices' are often used in conjunction with trauma-based mind control. This mind control is an integral component of, and is deeply intertwined with child trafficking, sex slavery, Satanic ritual abuse, and many other horrific crimes. Many of the children used for blackmail are programmed, and many of the people being blackmailed (including (sometimes future) politicians, leaders, presidents, etc.) are also programmed themselves.
"My personal belief, based on my experiences, is that over the years, more leaders were under mind control."
"Fritz Springmeier notes that 'It is a standard tactic of the Illuminati, their New World Order and its various branches to use fear and blackmail to bring people into line.' Cheryl Beck had a 'sexy Sadie' program that was used to blackmail government and military people as a child prostitute seductress. Cathy O’Brien’s daughter Kelly was 'being prostituted to the CIA for blackmail purposes.' Svali notes that using child prostitutes to blackmail political leadership outside of the Illuminati was very common."
"Beryl-Green said Epstein knew about MKULTRA. He was into mind-controlling victims and satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Epstein was into DNA mixing, human cloning and he knew about New World Order plans."
"This dirty game has been honed to a fine art, which is a standard feature of the Illuminati/intelligence groups. The CIA term for blackmail is an 'OK FIX.' When they use a person’s past sins to force someone to do something they refer to this as 'biographic leverage.' Any weak point in a person can and will be exploited. Sexual entrapment for blackmail is referred to as a 'HONEY TRAP'. Black widow alters are being trained and sent out for this purpose. In order to blackmail, or threaten, you have to have something to threaten the person with. Men are frequently entrapped by sexual behavior which is criminal. Sometimes they are also entrapped by murder. The Monarch slave will be allowed to have children so that they can be blackmailed into complying to save the children or grandchildren. The Monarch slave in turn may be used to blackmail others. Certain alters are trained in this. A Monarch Beta model is highly trained in seduction. Many politicians and ministers are operating under blackmail today. The extent that blackmail is being used by the NWO would boggle people’s minds. Porn films are taken of the Monarch victims, so that they can be used to blackmail the victim. Monarch victims are forced to commit ritual murders which are photographed and then used to blackmail the mind-controlled victim."
Intelligence agencies all over the world utilize blackmail, routinely employing and exploiting it as much as possible. It is an extremely important 'tool' of theirs. Operations are done to gather the incriminating evidence.
"Other 'neutralisations' verge on the bizarre. An individual who must remain nameless for a variety of reasons - but whose name is known to this writer - underwent an experience that is both horrific and chilling. I shall call this individual 'Mr. X' or, simply, 'X'. Mr. X was a leader of one of the largest CIA-backed Contra groups. He recently testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. Formerly, X was a senior executive in a South American subsidiary of a leading US soft drinks corporation. During his Senate testimony, he denied any knowledge of CIA involvement in the narcotics trade, adding that condoning such activity would have been foreign to his way of life. Not so, says Tatum. Mr. X had been recruited into the CIA by then-Director William Casey, with the assistance of Oliver North. In 1990, when Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega announced there would be 'free elections', X was ecstatic. He began jostling for position and asked President Bush to ensure he be given a prominent position in the new government - in return for his years of toil at the behest of the CIA and the Enterprise. The pressure came in a form that Bush could not ignore. Failure to help his friend would result in X's intimate knowledge of Bush's involvement in the dope trade being made public. His threat left Bush with a sour taste. A Pegasus team was assigned to 'neutralise' him in early 1990. Mr. X, Tatum states, 'fancied himself a lover of women. Tall, large-breasted blondes were his favourite. It was determined that, if effectively neutralised, [X] could be an asset. Therefore, it was decided that intimidation would be used to control [X].' They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname 'Burundanga' or 'the Voodoo drug'. The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is 'void of smell, void of taste'. When properly administered 'it causes absolute obedience' without this being 'observable by others'. Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug. Tatum states that X was invited to spend a relaxing weekend at a luxury hotel as a guest of his friend George Bush. His host for the weekend was a trusted 18-year veteran field-intelligence officer. The evening started with cocktails and was followed by a fine meal. ''Nothing but the best' were the orders.' Following the meal, he was ushered into the suite of a 'blonde bombshell' supplied by the CIA. Mr. X had already ingested a dose of Burundanga during pre-dinner cocktails. X was gallant with the blonde as they both moved into the bedroom where video cameras were already set up in one corner. In short order, the blonde had X standing naked in front of her and began to indulge his desires. All the while, the video cameras whirred. Slowly stripping off, the 'blonde' revealed his manhood in all its glory. Mr. X was instructed to reciprocate the favour and perform fellatio. He obliged, his intimate activities recorded at 24 frames a second on videotape. Tatum says the male prostitute was hired from a bar in New York and killed that same evening. Two weeks later, X - wholly unaware of the events of that evening - was visited in Nicaragua. He was presented with a copy of the video footage, along with instructions. Tatum says that X can never allow that video to be seen: 'Not only does it reveal his homosexuality, but it also reveals his bestiality and satanic worship rituals.' As frame after frame flicked by, X reportedly wept, forced to watch himself kill his homosexual 'lover' and then engage in the most grisly cannabalistic ritual imaginable. Neutralised, Mr. X became a leading member of the Nicaraguan government a few short weeks later."
"Check out the FBI records on Scarlett: What was his original HOOK that got him so deeply embedded into UK Illuminati culture? He murdered the nanny of Lord Lucan in the 1970's. Lucan wasn't actually involved. Scarlett got it wrong. He was under mind control at the time. How we all laughed on his training sessions when we heard that one. Not funny, really. We were all in the same boat. Each had something terrible attached to us, in our past. That is all part and parcel of the Illuminati contract. Young people forced under mind control to commit murder when young and then later on, picked up by British Intelligence to be used and abused as they wished - as loyal servants of the British Crown. One can only hope that by exposing these HOOKS, that some sort of amnesty can prevail. If these people are freed from the demonic Illuminati contract by exposing their HOOKS - one can only hope that they will come forward as a sizeable and influential body of political and public figures, in order to put an end to it. Here's hoping. Check out Rimington's hook to see what sort of mind ran MI5 for so long. It's a game called 'mafia' and it is ALL about blackmail."
"...He had previously signed off on Epstein’s 'sweetheart deal' because Epstein 'had belonged to intelligence.' Acosta, then serving as US attorney for Southern Florida, had also been told by unspecified figures at the time that he needed to give Epstein a lenient sentence because of his links to 'intelligence.'"
"Detective Rothstein found that the CIA were behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honey-trap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials. Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket, and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters."
"Michael Aquino was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use in this experimentation on children. Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they're questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence. They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of...they were taken to be used by professional pedophiles. People that have the money to buy what they want, take the kids wherever they want...and by splitting the children’s personalities they could then train each one of the personalities to do a different function. And the rest of the personalities within that host personality would not be aware of it or remember it."
"Vinson also told Nick Bryant that Spence and Larry King were 'partners' and 'hooked up with the CIA', stating specifically that 'King and Spence were in business together, and their business was pedophilic blackmail.' They were transporting children all over the country. They would arrange for children to be flown into Washington, DC and also arrange for influential people in DC to be flown out to the Midwest and meet these kids. Per Vinson, Larry King had confided in him that he had clients who liked to torture and even kill children: 'King said they had clients who actually liked having sex with kids as they tortured or killed the kid. I found that totally unbelievable.' After Vinson said this to Nick Bryant, he asked Bryant later on in the interview if King’s disclosure had indeed been true. He was unaware at the time that other evidence, including witness testimony, had suggested that it was."
"According to fugitive ex-CIA officer Frank Terpil, CIA-directed sexual blackmailing operations were intensive in Washington at about the time of the Watergate scandal. One of those operations, Terpil claims, was run by his former partner, Ed Wilson. Wilson's base of operations for arranging trysts for the politically powerful was, Terpil says, Korean agent Ton Sun Park’s George Town Club. In a letter to the author, Terpil explained that ‘Historically, one of Wilson’s Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary. Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasies in the flesh...A remembrance of these occasions was permanently recorded via selected cameras...The technicians in charge of filming were TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA]...The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of whom may still be in office.'"
"Intelligence and counter intelligence ‘work’, and they ‘work together’ to create scenarios that are so unbelievable that they cannot be published in the mainstream media, and if they are, they will appear like a joke. The information to blackmail a country, to blackmail its politicians, to blackmail its Prime Ministers and Presidents, to blackmail its judges and lawyers is a very serious matter."
The Illuminati and other cults also engage in the same blackmail operations. There is a huge overlap between secret societies/cults and intelligence, with top intelligence usually being run by them. All of them do this.
"I was able to have first hand access to the Jeffrey Epstein case investigation documents. According to the documents, Epstein was the head of a global fraternity related to the Shriners called The Royal Order of Jesters. This order is covered with scandals and lawsuits related to human trafficking, but they are very protected because many members of the order are high-profile political figures and businessmen. It is crazy how these people manage to operate under the radar for so many years, decades...Now you may ask how they do this? Easy...By using blackmail tactics, they manage to have Judges and Law Enforcement licking their feet. That's how Jeffery Epstein got assassinated. After he was out of the game, the whole business is run by other people. Major names are involved and many high-profile people who are all bound to the order by means of blackmail. This is particularly disturbing when you find out that the cases of Catholic priests involved in sex scandals are events organized by The Order of Jesters. They run blackmail operations with the purpose of seducing people in power...With those videos in their power, the careers and the public image of many people are in the Jester's hands. They are free to do anything, they can turn even the President of the United States into a slave."
-- "Jeffrey Epstein Post" [7]
"Illuminati 'FROG ON A LILYPAD' programming: The FROG as a paedophile - with no 'tadpole tail/tale', as in no memory of what he/she has done until they get past 40 years old. It becomes clear that so many people were forced to be paedophiles and to abuse their children - only to wake up to all of this later on - post 40 years old. Then to have Stella Rimington on their doorstep with a videotape - telling them that she will send it to the police if they do not do precisely what she says. The ultimate blackmail weapons combined: A tape of you committing paedophilia - and even worse - incest with your own children. Guaranteed to 'silence' most people for life. The scope of this Illuminati blackmail project has been immense, in British society and it has to be exposed. There is safety in numbers."
"(Sue) Arrigo adds that the kids with the most smarts and/or looks, about 5% are skimmed off the top by the Luciferians in charge like the Bushes and used as either spies or corporate sex slaves or both. They’re typically pimped out on high priced loans to influential politicians as house boy and girls to ensure the puppets in Congress are happy and blackmail-able for control."
"The Masonic leadership of Freemasonry in a given area will have thousands of 'blackmail' files on essentially everyone of importance in their area. Upper echelon people such as judges, lawyers, and politicians are generally controlled via IRS infringements, and many of the lower echelon people are controlled through weird sexual items. This is where the Delta and Beta Monarch slaves are so helpful to the Illuminati. (This information comes from several witnesses who are informed about the blackmail files & their methods for blackmailing.)"
These people are already in power, and have set their system up so that nobody rises to a prominent, powerful, or influential position without being selected, extensively compromised, controllable, and usually under mind control. They are all 'in it together', and because of this they protect eachother. Most have 'insurance' on one another.
"The most common phrase associated with that one was ‘talk about the pot calling the kettle black’, meaning that each Illuminati slave had been caught on camera and from an early age – doing something terrible – as Rimington was fond of saying ‘we are all as bad as each other and all in it together.’"
"Oftentimes when I and others were prostituted to various government (New World Order) leaders, Dante had hidden cameras filming perverse sexual acts apparently for future blackmail leverage. These videos were scandalous in proportion and were usually ordered by Reagan. Dante turned the videos over to Reagan, and covertly kept copies to protect himself. Dante converted a small room of his Beverly Hills mansion into a security vault, where he kept his personal copies of the international blackmail porn tapes there. Blackmail was openly initiated to ensure that each criminal participant understood that if one fell, they all fell. Maintaining 'dirt' on each other through this Mafia-style method was seemingly the only way these criminals implementing the New World Order kept each other 'honest.'"
"The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing - the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters."
"In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, Rothstein discovered the truth about Watergate (plus Sturgis’ and the CIA’s involvement in the Bay of Pigs incident, and the related assassination of JFK). Sturgis told Rothstein, the Watergate burglars sought something they nicknamed ‘The Book’ which listed the Democratic and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, etc."
There are certain places known for this, two famous examples being Little St. James island or Bohemian Grove (there are many, many others).
"For those of you who are interested in Bohemian Grove and the current list upon the Internet of those poor unsuspecting 'invitees' who will be pressganged into going (and subsequently blackmailed out of their minds afterwards, by the Illuminati)...the entrapment going on at Bohemian Grove is of an avaricious and esoteric nature - in relation to all of those unlucky 'invitees' who want to join this 'prestigious club' but then get videoed doing things that they wouldn't want anyone to know about - 'guests' who are then subsequently blackmailed out of their brains...and for the rest of their lives. But then that was what the Illuminati cult and their Sat B'hai contract has always been about...promising that you would get everything for nothing (if you agreed to be unquestioningly obedient to the Crown) and that you would now be part of an 'esoteric' prestigious Satanic club."
"Numerous videos are covertly produced at the supposedly secure political sex playground in northern California, Bohemian Grove. High tech undetectable cameras use fiber optics, and fish-eye lenses were in each of the elite club's numerous sexual perversion theme rooms. I was programmed and equipped to function in all rooms at Bohemian Grove in order to compromise specific government targets according to their personal perversions. 'Anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone' was my mode of operation at the Grove. My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consists primarily of the highest Mafia and U.S. Government officials. Project Monarch mind controlled slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: purveying perversion. Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to 'party' without restraint. The only business conducted there pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of 'Masonic Secrecy'. The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and appropriately referred to as the Underground. The wooden sign was carved to read: 'U.N.DERGROUND'. My purpose at the Grove was sexual in nature, and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave's viewpoint. As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferation of their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subjected to ritualistic trauma. Slaves of advancing age or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered 'at random' in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grave, and I felt it was 'simply a matter of time until it would be me'. Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of the Russian River. These occultish sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory. I witnessed the sacrificial death of a young, dark-haired victim at which time I was instructed to perform sexually 'as though my life depended upon it'. I was told, 'The next sacrifice victim could be you.' The club offered a 'Necrophilia' themed room to its members. I was so heavily drugged and programmed when used in the 'necrophilia' room, that the threat of actually 'slipping through death's door' and being sacrificed 'before I knew it' did not affect me. Other perversion theme rooms at the Bohemian Club included what I heard Ford refer to as the 'Dark Room'. When he not so cleverly said, 'Let's go to the Dark Room and see what develops,' I understood from experience that he was interested in indulging in his perverse obsession for pornography. In the Dark Room, members had sex with the same mind-controlled slave they were viewing in porn on a big screen television. There was a triangular glass display centered in a main through way where I was locked in with various trained animals, including snakes. Members walking by watched illicit sex acts of bestiality, women with women, mothers with daughters, kids with kids, or any other unlimited perverse visual display. I was once brutally assaulted by Dick Cheney in the Leather Room, which was designed like a dark, black leather-lined train berth. There was a room of shackles and tortures, black lights and strobes, an opium den, ritualistic sex altars, a chapel, group orgy rooms including poster beds, water beds, and 'kitten' houses. I was used as a 'rag doll' in the 'toy store,' and as a urinal in the 'golden arches' room. From the owl's roost to the necrophilia room, no memory of sexual abuse is as horrifying as the conversations overheard in the Underground pertaining to implementing the New World Order. I learned that perpetrators believed that controlling the masses through propaganda mind manipulation did not guarantee there would be a world left to dominate due to environmental and overpopulation problems. The solution being debated was not pollution/population control, but mass genocide of 'selected undesirables'."
News 'headlines' with hidden symbolic communication are also used by intelligence and other groups, many times referring to blackmail (among the many other varieties of covert operations).
"'Nuclear' is a comm used all over the world to symbolize extraordinarily explosive information, like blackmail. Which is why if we reconcile blackmail with news about nuclear, a secret truth will become clear. The two most powerful blackmailers ever? That would probably be Jeffrey Epstein and Hugh Hefner. And this is why the deaths of blackmailers like Hugh Hefner and Jeffrey Epstein both coincided with 'Nuclear Accidents':"
08/09/2019 Is Putin covering up a Nuclear disaster?
09/26/2017 Nuclear explosion kept secret by Russia
"Why are CIA blackmailers dying the day after Russia declares nuclear accidents? The reason for the -1 day in Epstein’s case is they likely died before the official day, and these comms were to give agents a heads up on the upcoming BOOM before it hits papers. In Hefners case they had to signal people to move the blackmail. The point as stated is a lot of 'nuclear' is all about blackmail. Not all of it, but a lot of it."
Blackmail is a worldwide 'practice', with all countries and their governments engaging in aquiring and utilizing it to the fullest.
"Just as the 1986 Mirano scandal, the X-Dossiers contain evidence that sexual blackmail operations, whoever is running them, are not limited to the United States. In 1996, X1 reported how the same activities had been going on in Brussels."
"As the bewildered Belgians tried to make sense of what was going on, incredible rumours began circulating that Dutroux might have been protected in some way, that he had friends in high places. Pornographic videos taken from his home were said to feature prominent individuals, one a senior member of the Roman Catholic church. It almost defied belief. Who would protect a psychopath, other than people with something truly terrible to hide?...'It is quite obvious,' said Katarin de Clercq, Belgian coordinator of the pressure group End Child Prostitution Abduction and Trafficking, 'that some people were protecting Dutroux. The government tried to convince us that he was a lone serial killer and psychopath, but now we hear stories about unnamed famous personalities being involved in sex orgies and blackmail and pornographic video tapes. People feel that something is completely wrong here and we have to show we will not tolerate it.'"
"I was unfortunate enough to attend the IHS Templar Castle rite in 2001. Amongst the people in attendence were: J. K. Rowling. Gordon Brown. David Miliband. Stephen Daldry. Stella Rimington (she was the Dr. Mengele of the organisation, organising the torture and murder of kidnapped children). Dr. Joanne Collie. Andrew Marr (he spent most of the time naked and screaming - off his head on some form of narcotic). John Scarlett (he was so drunk/drugged up that he had very little idea of what was going on around him). The Templars had captured a large amount of people whom they called the 'snakes' i.e. slaves in a large dungeon underneath the castle. One brave person managed to set them free and the result in the neighbouring village of Mons and other places nearby, ensured that the British Army had to move in. Thus began the most incredible cover-up in recent European history. It was like WACO, Guyana. I was one of the 'slaves' taken at that castle but subsequently freed by the British Army (who also know what happened - a MASSIVE cover-up). The British Army ordered those in the Castle to come out. They then sent a tank in to bulldoze the walls. Prince Philip and Prince William were in that Castle. Both of them had murdered countless tiny children in their rites. The British Army assembled watched as both walked out with large, dark, woven potato sacks over their heads. They were then bundled into a van and driven away. The name SPUDNIKS was coined because Prince Philip and Prince William had to exit the castle with potato sacks pulled down over their heads and bodies. The British Army present at the time - may or may not have had any idea who they were but the SIS general there, certainly did. They might have managed to cover it up regarding the ordinary soldiers there but the videotapes are now on sale worldwide. The whole event had been closely monitored for blackmail purposes."
The CIA also blackmails incestual/pedophilic parents for their children to use in trauma-based mind control slave projects like MONARCH.
"My Uncle Bob, also implicated in manufacturing the porn, out of apparent desperation informed my father of a U.S. Government Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET Project to which he was privy. This was Project Monarch. Project Monarch was a mind-control operation which was 'recruiting' multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for its genetic mind-control studies. I was a prime 'candidate,' a 'chosen one'. My father seized the opportunity as it would provide him immunity from prosecution."
"The expendables are the children of parents who were blackmailed into turning their children over to the CIA. This is all hidden by the power of the National Security Act. These are children, who have been sold by pedophile fathers, or pornographic parents. The programmers/masters program them with the expectation that they will be "thrown from the freedom train" when they get to age 30. (Freedom Train is the code word for the Monarch trauma-based mind-control. To be thrown from the Freedom Train means to be killed.) The CIA and the Illuminati are skilled at blackmailing parents to give up their children. They would watch the mail for porn. Pedophile and murderers who abuse their children are warned that they will go to prison for long lengths of time if they do not cooperate by selling their children into mind-controlled slavery. In return for the parent’s cooperation, they provide rich financial rewards to the parent(s). It’s clearly a case of 'if you don’t cooperate you lose in life big time, if you do cooperate you win big time.'"
Blackmail is the glue holding together all of the sick people in charge, and is the one of the top methods of control. This is the truth: blackmail, pedophilia, and mind control are how this world is really run.
"Former CIA director William Colby giving advice to John DeCamp, urging him to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair:"
"'What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.'"
"Again, it’s built in, entrenched foxes guarding the predatory henhouse that permeate all levels of government, military, courts, law enforcement, entertainment and news media, corporate global finance and education. With pedophile puppet masters controlling the pedophile puppet strings of blackmailed, compromised and controlled Western politicians, courts and law enforcement, their diabolical infrastructure has afforded them living above the law continuing to rape and kill our innocents for centuries."
Links and Sources
[1] - Noreen Gosch Speaks About - Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch And The Attempted Theft Of Her Book 'Why Johnny Can't Come Home'
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[17] - Hope Beryl-Green Article
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2023.06.02 05:23 Historic_cheese [P&P 2] Lower Valley Industries Merzal-M1 Recon Vehicle

[P&P 2] Lower Valley Industries Merzal-M1 Recon Vehicle
(WARNING, This pitch is also a soggy attempt at telling a story, try and understand at your own risk-)
"hmm..hmm, hm hmm.. try to see it my wa-'
"Ebir.. what are you doing? The human asked the warforged driver, who only shrugged as a response. the humming continued to the indifference of the human. The two were from LVA, a regional military arms company which had had found itself in another competition for _____________. Somehow, someway, the two impromptu engineers had found themselves driving the prototype 'M1' Recon Vehicle to the assessing grounds. This would be all fine and dandy if the train that was supposed to drop them 20 kilometers from the base, had broken down 200 kilometers away. Both Chet and Ebir were going just wait for the train to get fixed, but 'Carl' convinced (or rather, forced) them to drive the rest of the way. 'It would show the officers how reliable i- i mean the tank is' he said.
although phrased like one, he didn't mean it as a question he DID run the tank. And while he couldn't stop them from just waiting, he had a way with words (yelling through the intercom).
It took the trio a few hours, a few canisters of fuel, a track repair or two, but finally they could see a paved road leading to the grounds.
"Seriously, whats up?" Chet tried reiterating, ducking down into the hull of the tank to give Ebir a look. "A song I've been thinking up since the drive." "A song?" Chet seemed surprised, waiting for him to continue. Ebir tried keep his eyes on the road, but couldn't help but turn his head to meet the humans gaze, "Yeah, don't know what I'm calling it just yet.. why do you look so spooked?" He raised an eyebrow. Chet shook his head, "No no, just uh.. never took you for a bard, hah."
"Well I've always liked music, no offense to the company but being a artificer engineer was supposed to be a temporary thing." The warforged sighed, letting his knee control the steering wheel to gesture with his hands. "I wanted to travel the world, y'know? see things, sing songs to audiences. Turns out that costs money and wasn't exactly stable.. So I did the next best thing, fast forward a few years and now-" He unceremoniously knocked on the metal, "I find myself in a prototype tin box, driving to who knows where, all while there's a war going on. Just tried of all of it." Chet frowned before nodding, he was about to say something before the engine spoke.
"Im sure when this is all over you'll be able to become a musician, Ebir!"
That made both of the men hit their heads in surprise. Ebir was fine, Chet not so much. "For the love of all things holy- Warn me when you chime in randomly and without warning.." Chet rubbed his head.
"Kinda Oxymoronic"
"Yeah yeah.. so what's up now? you blow a piston or something-" Chet picked up the receiver to his left, pressing the button next to the console. Carl took a minute to respond
"No, nothing like that. Ren just wanted to tell you the left track is looking a bit loose"
"Oh, well alrigh- wait whos Ren?"
"The Moth!.. hey, you there? Chet?"
".." Ebir stared at the utterly gobsmacked man behind him, "You uh.. you alright man?" Chet didn't say anything.
"Chet? Cheeeet, did the phone break? Chet!" The engines words fell on deaf ears as Chet muted the phone. When he finally turned to Ebir he simply said. "Its sentient..."
"what's sentient?" "The Mo-"


The tank barreled through the gates of the proving ground entrence gate before Ebir could step on the breaks in time. The breaks screeched as they slid for a 40 or so feet, finally coming to a stop directly infront of a well dressed Tabaxi.
There was a tense few seconds where Ebir and the Tabaxi stared at each other silently, both equally shook.

"Are we here? i cant see past the vent slits-"
-------Uh.. Pitch here?-------
The Tabaxi was the first to speak, coughing uncomfortably before putting up a smile.
"uh. Hello there! you must be the...LVA folks!" He concluded. His fur was tinged a slight lilac color, while his eyes were a deep magenta. Chet was the first to reply, opening the commanders top hatch awkwardly.
"Uh- y-yeah! that's us alright, sorry about the.. gate." "Oh, dont worry about that, its just some wooden stick that a gnome gets paid to lift up and down with a button" One of the gnomes frowned at the comment.
"anyways, im more interested in how the hell you stopped while going so fast! one foot more and i would have broken something" The Tabaxi chuckled, although Chet could sense a hidden threat laced in his words. it was around this time that Ebir opened the drivers hatch, sticking his head out, "The Merzals outfitted with some pretty strong breaks, wouldn't want someone getting run over- uh, nevermind that, moving on-" The snow leopard laughed in a similar manner to before, waving his paw dismissively. "No no its fine, all in good spirit. Anyways, while i would love to keep talking, this is still a proving grounds. it'll also give us a excuse to fix that gate later" He whispered to Ebir, casting a side glance to the shatter checkpoint gate.
"Right, just give us a second to tighten everything up, it was a bumpy journey." "No worries, although i was told you'd arrive on rail for the most part, did something become loose on the way?" It was the humans turn to answer, "The train broke down one, maybe two hundred kilometers away, we would have waited but the engine insisted." Chet rolled his eyes as if it were a normal occurrence.
"Thats quite impressive, we can talk more after i see this thing in action" The officer concluded, turning on his heel before walking towards the actual testing grounds, alright?"
"Oh, and before i forget, its Nabe, Nabe Sonatra"
Despite turning away from the tank, the officer waited for the tank crew to tighten the treads of the vehicle, walking next to it while it drove to the platform.
His optimistic expression soured as he inspected the side, running a paw over the rivet heads and tugging at the spare track links. he made sure not to get his tail run over as he slowed down to the reaside near the engine.
Why couldn't he hear it running? the tank was moving, and when he leaned in closer he could clearly hear gears moving and exhaust spewing out of the exhaust pipe. Nabe made sure to make a mental note of the oddity.

One the tank parked itself in on the metal platform that marked the entrance to the course, the two engineers got out and leaned on the right fender of the tank. Nabe still wore that weary look as he waited for their pitch. Ebir started,


"Right, so what you see here is the Merzal 'M-1' Recon Vehicle. It weighs just under 9 tons, has frontal protection around 60 to 84 millimeters of rivetted armour as you can clearly see"

"We also have a welded and bolted turret face option-"
"Why rivets." The officers hand was now scratching his chin, "Not to be rude, but the bureau's been getting some very impressive designs gentlemen." He pulled out a pocket sized notebook, flipping through pages as he spoke. "Angled plates, Cast turrets, we've gotten submissions by ship builders. So what makes your.. M-1 stand out?"
"Well first off. The rivets are enchanted in bulk to act as bolts when being disassembled if you needed to take them off for any real reason. Welding was a risky choice as the side armour is relatively thin, and seeing that these are going to be exported en mass, LVA wanted to keep things simple and cheap" Carl started talking, nobody interrupted.
"They're significantly stronger than normal rivets, but just as simple when installing them, they create their own drilled hole when pressed into the metal during installation. And if hit with enough force, and i mean A LOT of force, they will pop off in the opposite direction of the force acting on it. The armour will fail before the armour. This all sums up to a tank that any train builder or crew member in the field worth their weight in salt can build and repair armour wise, no heavy Oxy torch needed."

"..Well, go on." Nabe was completely engulfed in the engines ramblings, along with the two engineers.
"Oh, sure! ill just pick up where Ebir left off, \ahem*: Being powered by me(Dorn V10), the Merzal will reach speeds of around 45 miles per hour on road, and 25 to 30 cross country depending on how bumpy it is."*

"You'll be able to almost shear 90. slopes, but id advise you to only go as steep as 60 or 70. The M-1 can also comfortably go up a 40+ degree slope in reverse. The Dorn engine is easily accessible for repairs as well."
"Did you teach him this?-"
"Armament consists of the 38mm VM2 with 96 rounds in the hull, a coaxial and hull mounted 8mm Samiel machine gun, and a 14mm Samiel Machine gun mounted in a AA mount."

"Vision was a area of focus LVA didn't slouch on, i think? anyways- The driver has wide 'FOV' vision port to his or her disposal, while the commander has a 360 rectangular cupola. Depending on the height of the commander, the vision ports can either be slits or episcopes, the former being able to open via a hinge when not buttoned up. That large Periscope box and gunsight have both 'Truesight' and 'Zoom' spells housed in Arcane crystals to aid the commander-"
"Wait, wait wait, slow down there." The officer pleaded, trying to wrap his head around the new information, "Arcane Crystal?"
Ebir spoke up rather quickly, pulling out a assortment of glowing blue and white crystals from a cloth pouch, "Y-Yes, they're a alternative to runes. Runes, need to be etched into a solid material, Arcane Crystals don't. Glass, slag, amber, and gemstones all work; you just need to use a Purify cantrip, or any non necrotic spell to embow it with arcana." Ebir handed a piece of glowing white piece of slag no bigger than his thumb to Nabe, who inspected it with great interest.
"I.. does it hold more arcane energy than a rune? wouldn't this be more fragile?"
"gemstones and clear glass can hold more arcane energy than runes etched in stone or metal, and they are more fragile. That's the point, try smashing it on the ground." Ebir asked. The officer stared at the ground, shrugging before throwing the crystal on the ground.
As soon as the crystal hit the ground, it exploded in a familiar flushing wave. "..Counter spell." Nabe concluded, a small smile forming on his face at the dissipating wave of energy.
"Mhm, Arcane crystals shatter instead of crumbling or snapping; Thus it releases all its energy at once instead of fizzling out. Making them perfect for-" The warforged climbed onto the fender of the Merzal, pointing at the 5 launcher barrels affixed to the sides of the tank.

"Launcher ammunition. If a spellcaster decides to try and launch Fireball, the commander can depress a button to launch arcane crystals with a timed explosive charge, watch-" Ebir scrambled onto the roof of the tank this time, reaching into the commanders hatch and pressing a button. The 4th right barrel shot out a flurry of slag and amber bomblets, exploding in a perception warping wave of 'Counterspell'. Nabe clapped enthusiastically at the explosion.
"And thats the basis for the magic in the Merzal" Chet finally chimed in, opening the cylinder like turret on the front of the tanks armour. It was a launcher, holding space for one large crystal, and multiple others. The large slot already housed a deep purple gemstone, "Detect magic." The officer guessed.
"Its like having a anti magic field, while still being able to use magic. huh."
"Theres a few spots all dotted around the tank, capsules to put arcance crystals in. You can customize the crystals if you have a spellcaster on hand, or just use the factory 'settings'. Normally that means:
-Counterspell/Dispel magic in the turret launchers
-Deafen in engine bay containers,
-Dispel magic and Detect magic in the side hull turret bustles.
-'Smoke' in the rear containers,
-Truesight and 'Zoom' in the periscope
-'Shield in various containers in and on the exterior of the tank.
"But again, any spellcaster can configure the Arcane crystals how they see fit. Arcane crystals just give more customizability compared to using etched runes."
"I.. see, that's.. that's quite interesting.." Nabe concluded.
Chet and Ebir exchanged glances before walking to the rear of the tank. "Back here's a telephone to communicate to the crew from outside the tank, nothing special..."
The two hadn't noticed Nabe trail behind, snatching the shinier, stronger gemstone based arcane crystal from the hull-turret bustle. He speed walked back besides them after stuffing it in his coat pocket.

Chet was still talking to what he presumed was Nabe by the time the feline had walked back to them.
"You've already heard Carl- I mean, the Dorn engine. I'm surprised there were more models lying around than we first thought, who wouldn't want a talking engine? like- Hey, Carl" *Chet opened the engine deck, exposing the large construct engine. He reached down and blindly untightened a bolt. "What did I just do?"
"You loosened the 6th bolt around my fuel hose" He responded curtly.
"See? Self diagnosing engin-"
"Whats... whats that?"

(The moth, its the moth guys!!)
"Oh... uh. Thats the LVA Moth mascot." Chet shrugged his shoulders in defeat, clearly having told a similar story about the picture one time too many.
"Oh, wait, i remember now. you guys adopted it as a mascot?-" "Yes. Yes we did, moving on."

"all you need to do is befriend and train the Dorn engine and you've got yourself a 4th crewmember. And for the record, they can run on low octane fuel, don't listen to the models that say they'll blow up just because a number is below 80. But if push comes to shove you can install a solid 'purify' stone in the fuel tank.
"About that, You'll still be able to use runes and sigils in these containers if need be, yes?" "We've tried them out with Protection sigils, no hiccups."
Sufficiently impressed, Nabe took out the notebook again, jotting down a slew of notes, he occasionally glanced a look at the tank and the engineers. "Simple design, cost effective design, above average mobility, im guessing minimum fuel requirement.. Arcane crystals able to be customized by any spellcaster.. A very universal template Lower valleys made." The two engineers exchanged looks again, "Thats what it called for, its easy to jam a tank with specific spells and what not, but there's always the risk a rune breaks or a sigils scratched off. Arcane crystals are more universally accessible, with field repairs being significantly easier. Everything about the tanks made to be as simple as simple to understand, no matter where they're being shipped." Chet concluded, Nabe put his notebook back snuggly into his coat pocket.
"All very good, but it is getting quite late. We can proceed with actual testing tomorrow, ill just need any other information about the tank now so i can send it to the higher ups." Ebir stepped forward, producing a small set of papers, specifications and a.. Dorn training manual. A quick flip through revealed to Nabe that he was much top mentally exhausted to try and tackle it.
"Well then, i think thats it for the day, you two rest up in the bunks, im sure the trip was exhausting enough. Dinners served at 7:00pm, ill be sure to see you then. I want to hear the full story about that picture!" The mentioning of dinner made Chets stomach growl, "That sounds good, see you then."
And with that, the men went their separate ways.


(Middle) Examples of arcane containers/hatches.
Rear most hull piece. Ren is visible
Side hull/'Turret bustle', able to detect and rotate its barrel towards magic threats 40ft in front of itself. Can fire off arcane crystal bomblets

Tow hooks (upper) and transport hooks (lower). Dozerblade attachment points also visible (4 points)

"Yeah.. Yeah i got the crystal... ill send the sample in about a week, pretty simple stuff really.. too simple. When i get my hands on their training manual ill send that too."

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2023.06.02 04:51 Creepy-Night936 Ladies, I present to you my previous SBF who ghosted me for almost 6 months and is now crawling out of the woodwork. If this was your situation, what would you do?

Ladies, I present to you my previous SBF who ghosted me for almost 6 months and is now crawling out of the woodwork. If this was your situation, what would you do?
Just because he had a minor inconvenience (highly doubt this excuse was true), he thought I still give a f**k about him. We were together for 5 months and everything was going smooth and fine. He spoiled me with gifts, bought me my first apartment (that's already paid for for the entire year), got me the best computer setup to play games in, made sure I had adequate allowance for those months not including spas, salons, and shopping that's completely a great experience if you look at it at face value.
However, he suddenly vanished. Good thing he's not the only one I'm exclusively talking with and I had savings. Regardless of having a great connection and similar interests that we share, he was gone for months that I knew wasn't unwarranted because he was online in Discord, Steam, and PSN lol. After a couple of check ins with him, I stopped because I had other men treating me better.
So I included our last conversation above from January (but he's already ghosting me since December). It's so funny that because he had some "scare" last March (based on his "timeline of events"), he decided to message me last month after neglecting and ghosting me for months.
I have several SBFs I'm talking with so this message doesn't faze me because this is a common tactic now. I've been in the bowl for so long and well versed in human psychology, heck, just being connected with people will let you have this experience. They will reel you in with some sob story to see if you don't have boundaries or standards regarding this matter.
Some newbies might see this as an opportunity to jump back into this guy's arms if they were in my situation because of how this guy treated them at the first months of the relationship. They might think they'll get treated great again. It's classic manipulation 101 using empathy as a primary drive to forgiveness. When they knew you're that gullible, they'd do it again, rinse and repeat.
I've had SDs that were in drastic situations because of age or accidents so I truly know what a legitimate situation regarding this feels like. They didn't cease communication because it's convenient then message out of the blue for sympathy points.
I showed this message to my friends and they agreed with me however, some said to check on him because it was sweet of him to remember me during that hardship he went through (I rolled my eyes hard lol)
If you were in this situation, I'm curious what would you do?
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2023.06.02 04:40 MisterSnippy Coming Softly, Softer, It Goes

    Fog rolls up, wisping through and across her vision, gradually covering up the figure reflected in the silverbacked glasswork. For a moment, she stands hunched over, letting the water condense and run through hills and valleys between her cyan scales, liquid tinted by colour, traveling down her tail in a stream of droplets. Drip drop, streaming off the end into clear pools that reflect a shimmering clearer view. Water inches up the yellow walls, coating them with a thin film of liquid, that, when gathers enough, trickles down and enlarges the puddles dotting the floor, turning it into a nascent ocean. The last glimpse she has of the mirrored figure, before it's replaced with a cyan smudge, is the expression of unease, ever present, always concealed carefully behind grey fog.
    Her inner sanctum is soon left behind, doors closed, wet feet slapping against wooden floors scattering droplets, exchanging mental safety for physical sensibility. One arm slips past another, entering the wardrobe, fingers dancing across different shirts and jackets, tip tapping, stopping on the Torimine suit. Soon, tail slipping through skirt, arms maneuvering through shirt and jacket, shoes     slipped on, business-ready. Well-fitted, but a time away from being well-worn. There's not much left for her to grab  from the room, just a quick bite to eat, leftovers from yesterday, hidden away in a darkened cupboard, and then out the door into Salazsar.
    It's pre-dawn, sky  suffused by cloudly dark grey, smatterings of snowflakes whispering through the wind, backlit by lamps and magelight. They stick to her dress and scatter around her whenever the wind changes its aimless flow. She moves down a spiral-staircase, gliding to a lower, more mercantile, level. A much slower, clumsier, snowflake, crystallized by life, not temperature. Step-by-step I descend, until the bottom appears, stonework smoothed from the timeless passage of pedestrians. For a moment she pauses, deliberating, reflecting. Does she  really want to do this? She scoffs, no question about that, a false question, then followed by the real one. Does she really want to to this, today? Joints  grind back into gear, rust shaking off and flaking away, the answer apparent. She has to.
    She looks up from the paperwork on her desk, staring in the direction of the concerned, male, voice, that softly rumbles through the doorway into the dim office. The light outside is brighter than  inside, making it hard to see a clear figure, instead he's more fuzzy silhouette, eyes glinting against the darkness.
    My eyes meet his for a moment, before he glances elsewhere, pretending to stare at the other objects that litter the room, like the paperwork splattered over her desk. They don't stick to any one object for lengthened time, afraid any errant gaze will be imprisoned into eye-contact if it lingers.
    "Listen, are you doing alright? If you need to take a day off you  can, okay?"
    She gives him an exasperated look, accompanied by a smirk. A hint of teeth poke through the gap in her smile, scales at the corners of her eyes crinkle, head tilts.
    "I'm fine. Trust me on that. If I needed a break I would take one."
    A perfect smile, happy quick exhale, through the nose, fingers clutching a quill delicately preparing to be put to page, documents to be signed. The Gnoll looks mollified turning to leave, but not
    "Well, just remember. If you need to take a break I'd be happy to cover for you, it's no issue."
    The last word is rhetorical, he leaves without leaving room for reply. Just her in the office, alone, once again. The only sound the sounds of the paperwork rustling when she places and replaces documents. Lots of paperwork to do, organized into three sections ,one pile growing taller than the others, a combined mix of them.
    In the air is a stale smell that sticks to me, seeping into her clothing, into the chair, into the documents. It's unclear where it comes from, not smelling like ink or paper, but something other, not foreign, however. It's all she smells, nothing else, not the pungent ink, not the dusty office, not perfumed Drakes or mouth-watering foodstalls. But it doesn't matter,  work  to do. Quill reappears against page, drawing lines of ink, curved, straight, forming letters and then words. On this page the final words appear, her signature, always signed, "Revlii Darktongue", exactly the same every time. She places the sheet into the tallest pile, and then places claws upon another and draws the paper over. And then writing again, and signing again.
    Street slowly winding upwards, Drakes and Gnolls huddled close together, trying to fit further into the crowd, but also struggling for warmth, this close contact being secretly treasured by many. She aswell, is huddled with them, skirt scraping against other garmets, head covered by wayward snowflakes, face made wet by foggy breath, all     their faces wet. The kind of cold misery that forms bonds, and strengthens friendships Her shoes carefully step over small patches of ice, and once or twice a member of the crowd helps her catch her balance when she slips, and she too, for them
    The sky is a brilliant orange, beauty magnified by the spires and towers that surround  me, distant rooftops glinting orange reflections, eternal burning away of daylight into night. Her path travels upward s, stairs passing beneath her, railings caught, shoes ever click clack and stomp when a slip threatens. The spot appears, between two spires, an opening where the city can be seen down a line, sunset perfectly positioned in the middle.
    Revlii takes a minute to take off my shoes, placing them on the ground, and then carefully clearing a clean patch to sit on. A  white exhale slowly comes, relaxed, as she gets into a good mental position. The sun slowly falls, distant orange chased by coming clouds that arrive from faraway lands. Work was okay today, she thinks, more of the same, but sometimes lack of change can be  good. I might even Level soon if I keep it up.
    Another exhale, tension leaving her body, flowing into the air, quickly washed away by cold winds and burned through by the orange light. Her daily routine is to sit here and watch the sunset, regardless of the weather. There are many views like this one in Salazsar, but this one feels personal, only belonging to me, and her alone. More snowflakes fall, amount increasing, wind also getting colder.
    She dislikes Winter, her favourite  season being Spring, but Winter always brings a calmness with it. Maybe it's how sounds seem to be dampened, the world almost still, vibrations sucked away into snowfall. Maybe it's how the sky looks, blues darker and more inviting, oranges brighter and more vibrant, vying for dominance and turning the sky brilliant shades with the rise and set of the sun. Tommorrow is the weekend, which is nice, I think. Soon the  solstice will  come, and she'll be back on track towards more favoured seasons less inclined to snowfall and chilly air. Another     exhale. Life is good.
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2023.06.02 04:37 Altruistic_Mood_8025 Your parents never loved you if they never understood or respected your freedom and dreams enough to let you grow as an individual. They only love themselves. They are using you as an tool to fulfill their own dreams. These two quotes killed me inside as I read them.

In Southeast Asia, many people are extremely fond of a large, thorny fruit called durian. You could even say they are addicted to it. Its smell is extremely strong, and when some peoplefinish eating the fruit, they put the skin under their bed so they can continue to smell it. To me, the smell of durian is horrible. One day when I was practicing chanting in my temple inVietnam, there was a durian on the altar that had been offered to the Buddha. I was trying to recite the Lotus Sutra, using a wooden drum and a large bowl-shaped bell for accompaniment,but I could not concentrate at all. I finally carried the bell to the altar and turned it upside down to imprison the durian, so I could chant the sutra. After I finished, I bowed to theBuddha and liberated the durian. If you were to say to me, “Thây, I love you so much I would like you to eat some of this durian,” I would suffer. You love me, you want me to be happy, butyou force me to eat durian. That is an example of love without understanding. Your intention is good, but you don’t have the correct understanding.
Without upeksha, your love may become possessive. A summer breeze can be very refreshing; but if we try to put it in a tin can so we can have it entirely for ourselves, the breeze will die. Our beloved is the same. He is like a cloud, a breeze, a flower. If you imprison him in a tin can, he will die. Yet many people do just that. They rob their loved one of his liberty,until he can no longer be himself. They live to satisfy themselves and use their loved one to help them fulfill that. That is not loving; it is destroying. You say you love him, but if you do not understand his aspirations, his needs, his difficulties, he is in a prison called love. True love allows you to preserve your freedom and the freedom of your beloved. That is upeksha.
These are from Thich Nhat Hanh's book - The heart of Buddha's teaching.
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2023.06.02 04:33 EazyDoesIt8 In Search of A New Universe

Hey all!
I'm looking for a new Sci-Fi book or series to get into. My main likes are:
I recently read all of Dune and love love loved it. One of my favorite things about it was that it was incredibly deep but actually digestible with some effort (and i'll argue that all day!). Not a big fan of the "word salad because it's my universe" style of writing (looking at you, Dan Simmons even though I love you). Even The Expanse series was too jargon-y for me, I felt like I had to pause somewhere in every sentence to translate what they were talking about even after a book and a half. I can appreciate a series having its own lexicon, I mean it should! It's a big part of immersion! But if the reading doesn't flow after a while and i'm still getting tripped up on your nonsense, i'm out
When I talk about horror, I truly enjoyed the more sadistic parts of Hyperion and the unfathomable creepiness of the watchers in The Night Land. I watch a lot of horror, read horror manga, play horror games and listen to true crime almost constantly so it takes a lot to really get down to my bones and creep me out. This isn't 100% a requirement but oh baby would it be nice :)
I want to feel immersed in an author's well-crafted world that was made with passion! I want to be excited to dig into what they've crafted.
Gimme the good stuff!
(PS. No Asimov, please. I've tried and cannot)
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2023.06.02 04:20 CDDaniels My great-great-grandparents' house isn't so unoccupied...

My extended family owns a big property down South. It sits in the flattest, dryest plains you could imagine, with the dullest house I've seen at the end of a drive that takes you through what looks to be untouched post-apocalypse. It's a two-story antebellum affair, built of planks that were probably painted a hundred years ago, but are now dried and grayed by the sun. Its windows are cloudy and floors creaky, but its interior has some charm, and we've refused to sell it, mostly since nobody wants to figure out who exactly it belongs to.
School will be starting up soon, so to put an end to the drowsy mid-August slump, I decided we'd go down and give the place a visit. I'm forty or so, work in an office job, with a wife and two kids. I gave my aunt a call, and made sure nobody was at the old place, then broke the news to my kids when they got home. One's seven and one's nine, both boys, and they were surprisingly excited. The last time we'd went had been boring beyond belief, thanks to the nearest town cancelling the annual fair, but they must have been too young to remember.
It wasn't an unpleasant drive. We stayed the night in a pleasant little inn in Kansas, and arrived around noon at the property. I unlocked the front door with a charmingly outdated brass key, and walked back a century in time. A thin layer of dust covered most of the living room. A fireplace sat on the left wall, and on the right a doorway led into a small kitchen. Against the back wall of the living room was a less-than-sturdy staircase, and two bedrooms sat at the rear of the first floor. I rolled my suitcase up against the wall to the kitchen, moving an intricately carved hat stand to the other side of the doorway. "Welcome in!" I announced, as the other three filtered in.
The room was dimly lit even with light streaming through the windows. Luckily the house had been "modernized", with electricity in some of the rooms. I flicked a switch, inviting the pleasant glow of an incandesent floor lamp on the other side of the room. My older son flopped down into a red velvet armchair, with gilded armrests, as if he'd been standing for hours. "You just spent three hours sitting in the car, Mikey," I reminded him, smiling.
"Gotta say, this isn't my kinda place. If I gotta share a room with Todd, I'm at least taking the nice chair."
He was right about it being the nice chair. A wooden chair sat opposite the fireplace, with a rough construction that seemed oblivious to the possibility of splinters. An equally robust bench sat between them, facing the fireplace, made of the same gray, splintered wood. My wife Liz sat down, stretching, while my youngest started exploring the house. I walked to the foot of the stairs, looking up at the second floor. I could see an attic door in the ceiling to my right, and at the top of the stairs against the wall sat a table, with a vase of cotton plants, which had dried out long ago. I walked up tentatively, checking each step to ensure it wouldn't buckle under my weight.
On my left was a short hallway, with a room on each side. On my right, an open space stood empty, with windows overlooking the dirt driveway. I tried to open up the door to one of the rooms, which I seemed to remember held cardboard boxes of old documents and trinkets, but it wouldn't budge. The other room seemed to have been a bedroom. Its only window was boarded up, and the only furniture, a bed, made of the same rough wood, sat against the far wall. There was a closet door opposite the foot of the bed, but it too was stuck. The house had surely shifted, especially given the unstable soil it rested upon.
The rest of the evening passed uneventfully. I cooked some delightfully rustic (my wife used less forgiving terms) food on the 1970s-vintage electric stove, and opened the windows to let a breeze in to combat the stifling warmth of the un-air-conditioned house. Not long after sunset, which we watched from the porch, I put my sons to bed, both in the bedroom downstairs, across from ours.
At some point in the dead of the night (I'd foregone my digital alarm clock, trusting the sun would wake us up), I felt something over my shoulder, standing beside the bed. The room, which had no windows, was pitch-black. I felt it drift away, and fell back asleep.
I awoke again, this time with light faintly streaming through the now open door. "Dad," a voice said. I could make out Todd, my younger son, standing shortly inside the doorway. "I keep waking up. I think someone is coming in our room."
I quietly crawled out of bed, trying not to wake Liz. "It's probably just the house settling and making creaking noises," I whispered. "Or maybe Mikey couldn't sleep."
Todd and Mikey's room, which had two windows, was slightly lighter, and I could see the beds. I helped Todd back into his, assuring him that everything was alright. I turned to Mikey's on the other side of the room, and found it empty. "Todd," I said, in an urgent voice. I heard him quickly sit up. "Do you know where Mikey went?"
"He left."
"D...do you know where?"
Todd pointed up, in the general direction of the stairs. I walked out of the room and up the stairs, worried, trying to walk slowly on the weak planks, but rushing to find my son. I looked around, not seeing him in the open area overlooking the driveway. I opened the door to the upstairs bedroom, and saw him, sitting against the wall below the window. I rushed over to him. "Mikey, what are you doing up here?"
"I heard you tell me to go upstairs," he said, looking into my eyes with worry.
I looked around, confused and concerned. "Okay. What happened when you went up here?"
"I got in bed. I couldn't sleep. I kept seeing the closet and it was so dark and-"
Mikey trailed off. I looked at the closet door, which was again shut. I walked over and shook the handle, but the door didn't budge.
"It was open, and inside was pitch black. I was scared. I'm not lying Dad. Why did you tell me to come up here?"
I was deeply unsettled by this point. I didn't want to scare Mikey, so I lied. "I told you to come up here so you'd have your own room. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was so scary up here." That part wasn't a lie. I led him downstairs, and put him back to bed.
The next morning, I awoke to the sun streaming in through my bedroom door. I'd left it open in case something else happened, but the events of the night before were starting to feel like a bad dream. As we all awoke and gathered in the living room, I recollected the things that had happened, considering all the ways they could have happened. I get night terrors from time to time, I talk in my sleep, and the house's foundation wasn't particularly stable. It made perfect sense that I just sleep-told Mikey to go upstairs, and the house settled just enough to let the closet door swing open for a little while.
We had a breakfast of bacon and eggs, cooked in a thick iron skillet I found in a cabinet. "I hear there's a waterpark in town," Liz mentioned. That got the boys' attention. We pulled our swimsuits out of our suitcases, and drove twenty minutes down to the town for the day. It wasn't exactly bustling with people, but there was a small waterpark with a couple of slides, and a nice sandwich place for lunch. We drove back to the house and played some card games.
Although I'd done my best to put on a good face and see the house as charming and welcoming, as the shadows grew longer that afternoon, I couldn't help but feel something gnawing in the pit of my stomach. It got dark outside by the time we'd finished playing games, and Liz and I said goodnight to our boys. As I sat on the edge of our bed to pull off my shoes, I glanced over at her. "Does something feel...off? About this place?"
She looked over at me. "Last night, did you hear something?"
"Hear something?" I asked, probing, hoping it was something innocuous.
"Never mind," she replied, shaking her head.
I chose not to tell her about Mikey. Although I was pretty sure I'd just sleeptalked, I didn't want to worry her.
I walked out to the living room and flicked the light switch, plunging myself into darkness. The starlight was just enough for me to see my way back to our room, and shut the door. " 'night," I uttered, crawling under the covers, and nudging up against her reassuring warmth.
I woke to a startling crash. I bolted awake. I opened the bedroom door, as quickly as I could without flinging it into the wall, and ran around the corner. In the near pitch black room, I made out the figure of a young boy. It was Todd, on the ground under the stairs. Right at head height was a broken board, half of it hanging at an unnatural angle. "Todd!"
He sniffled. I bent down and put my hand on his shoulder as he sat up. "Why did you try to go upstairs?" I asked, with quiet restraint, holding back panic.
"It told me to," he replied, barely whispering.
Wordlessly I picked him up, and rushed to his and Mikey's room. Mikey was still asleep. I sat Todd back in his bed, and pulled his covers over him. I fumbled through the darkness to the fireplace, and grasped the fire poker. I stepped over and took hold of the stair railing, and carefully ascended, minding the broken step. When I reached the top, upon seeing the open door to the upstairs bedroom, I felt a chill. I stepped inside. The closet door was wide open.
The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Something felt deeply wrong. I turned, and ran down the stairs, feeling every board bend under my weight. I rounded the corner and catapulted into bed. All I felt was cold. I took heavy breaths, slowly feeling the warmth return, and soon drifted back to a worried, interrupted sleep.
In the morning, I wasn't as quick to shake off the feeling from the night before. I gathered everyone in the boys' bedroom, where we sat on the beds. I explained what had happened with Todd, who had some bruises, but nothing serious. There was an unspoken unease, that made us all eager to get out of the house for a while. Liz decided to take Todd to a petting zoo half an hour down the road. Mikey, who was too old for the petting zoo (since when?), wanted to go walk the property with me.
Liz and Todd took the car out to the petting zoo, leaving us waving in the driveway. We turned to our right, and headed out to the barn, a half-collapsed wooden structure that held some old tools and not much else. I grabbed an axe and Mikey took some hedge clippers, and we strolled the boundary of the plot, hacking through some brush that had popped up along the barbed wire fence. The sky, which had been cloudy for the first time that morning, started to darken, eventually promising rain as we made it half a turn from the driveway again.
As rain started to fall and thunder echoed from across the plains, we crossed the front path back to the barn. As I walked under the windows of the house, I couldn't help but feel it was watching us...or maybe that something was watching us from it. I brushed past my worries. I was toting an axe, after all. As we leaned our tools back against the rotting barn wall, heavier drops started falling, and the thunder grew louder. Not wanting to be the only other tall things on the prarie, we made our way back from the barn to the house. Lightning stuck just a few hundred feet away, with a blinding flash, burning a line into my retinas...straight down to the power line along the road.
When we got inside, as I'd expected, the light switch didn't work. The storm clouds had blocked out the sun, leaving the house almost as dark as the night before. A gust of wind slammed the front door shut. Mikey was silent. He slowly walked forward, straight toward the back wall of the living room. I followed him, at his same slow pace. As he reached the foot of the stairs, I turned. I cannot describe the shock of seeing the attic door standing open, the ladder folded down, making contact with the second story floor. Mikey gasped. I silently covered his mouth with one hand, and wrapped around him with the other. I tried to walk backward, pulling him away with me, but he was frozen, fixed on the gaping black entrance. As something moved in the corner of my eye upstairs, with sudden strength, I pulled Mikey to the side. This must have shaken him, and his feet moved. I released him and he ran, ran to the door. I followed in his path, looking back, seeing a glimpse of a shadow against the top of the back wall. I didn't want to look back to shut the door.
Mikey faltered, running out of breath, as he ran down the porch stairs and across the front path. I picked him up, holding him tightly, my arms burning, as I ran. He let out a wail, finally, and tears streamed down our faces. With some distance between ourselves and the house, I let go of Mikey and turned, and saw a shadowy figure in the upper window. Its eyes were dark, hollow. Until Mikey grabbed my arm and pulled me away, I stared, unable to move away from the figure. "What are you staring at?" he whispered, wrapping me in a hug which seemed more like a straightjacket.
Silently I reciprocated, holding him tightly, as rain battered us and thunder rolled through the barren landscape around us. With immense relief I saw headlights in the distance, and a blue SUV purred into the driveway. we threw ourselves into the car, and with a silent understanding, Liz immediately reversed out and flew toward the nearest town.
I'm not sure what we encountered in that house. I think it must have been a ghost, or some sort of reaper. I know I shouldn't have lived, that without Mikey, I would've walked back into that house. That without me, one of the boys might have had too close of an encounter with that thing. I don't know what Mikey saw in that closet, and I haven't asked him since. I don't know what Liz heard, but I think if we hadn't been sleeping in the same room, she would have gone up those stairs too. I haven't told them what I saw, and I don't know if they saw it too. All I know is, if you're invited to stay in a house that old, and you start feeling drawn to something, you get. out.
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2023.06.02 03:43 RammsteinNicCage Cat - Gastro Pain? 2nd Opinion?

Starting late last year, my 11 year old female cat started to experience pain. This started right after I got a new electric space heater that she camped out in front of (could be a complete coincidence on the timing). She would be laying down and all of a sudden get a pang of pain and meow out loud - she never did this before and it was loud. She also passed gas at least once which I've never experienced from her before. She would go to the litter box, occassionally as her rear legs stepped in, she would meow in pain again. She was been straining more than usual (she's always been a bit of a strainer) and would try pooping several times within 30 minutes or so before she finally got something out that was much more liquid than usual (she's always had small poops that were a bit more liquid than solid). I brought her to the emergency vet the first night, they did x-rays, urine, and blood and didn't see anything wrong. They gave her liquids and she seemed better for a few days (this made me think the space heater dehydrated her). Started again with the pain after a few days, brought her to the regular vet, they did an ultrasound and didn't see anything of concern. Several more visits and nothing obvious. We tried changing her diet a few times (she's incredibly picky) and she is currently on Hill's Prescription Diet i/d which she is eating. The food change did seem to help stiffen up her poops a bit although over the last couple of days she's been having more spurts of poop instead of a pile, she's still periodically experiencing pain, she's more gassy, and still having failed poop attempts in a short period of time . She routinely jumps up and down from counters and gets cases of the zoomies with no pain. She's been having a weird relationship with water lately - for awhile, she was only drinking water out of the faucet, but I've got her drinking from a bowl again (but it's a bowl in the bathroom, not the one next to her food dish).
I don't think my vet has done anything wrong, but at this point we're at a loss as to what is causing this or what else to test for. So, I'm looking for suggestions of what could be the problem or suggestions on how to get a second opinion (which I've never done before). Thanks!
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2023.06.02 03:29 woodrow7021 Part 2: Costco history remembered

Part Two: Costco History Remembered
The Costco you know today is light years different from it’s early days when it comes to merchandising. The first Costco was VERY much a warehouse with low light, lots of walls in strange places, and a lot of product jammed into every available spot. Most manufacturers believed that Costco was just a low quality discounter selling “seconds” (products that weren’t first quality), and so they didn’t want to sell to Costco because they felt it would diminish their brand, or it would violate their exclusivity agreements with other retailers.
To combat this, the founders of Costco made sure there was a huge sign behind the membership desk proclaiming the 100% return guarantee on products sold. It sent a clear message that Costco was not a junk dealer, and that did help a few vendors to agree to sell to Costco. Those first brave companies were rewarded with tremendous loyalty in their relationship with Costco, and the bond stayed strong despite the otherwise fickle world of wholesale/ retail.
So, what was selling, and what eventually went away?
1) several categories were much more prominent in the early days. Automotive aisles had engine hoists, ramps, air tools, jack stands, and more. The tool aisles were loaded with inexpensive tools made by Allied, and it was very similar to Harbor Freight. There were multiple aisles year round of what is often called knock-down furniture. O’Sullivan was the brand name, and the member had to assemble it like an IKEA product. The boxes were enormously heavy, but Costco sold a gazillion bookcases that way. As Costco grew, the realization that it had to focus on reaching higher levels of quality caused it to switch to better furniture brought in seasonally, and as fewer people were working on their cars, the sales diminished on those items to a level requiring the auto aisles to be greatly reduced to mostly oil and windshield wipers.
Tools were another issue. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and some local places like Eagle ( that later got bought by Lowe’s) all monopolized the big brands like Dewalt, and those tool companies believed that if they sold to Costco, their relationship with the hardware stores would suffer significantly. To this day, Costco still struggles to find quality tools to sell.
2) some categories were HOT! Cameras and film were tremendous sellers. Costco usually has 10+ SKUs of cameras, and had a whole pallet island of film. Kodak film, Fuji Film, and Polaroid film was in almost every member’s cart. Unfortunately, Polaroid film was also in the top ten of stolen items! Organized groups would swoop in, fill bags/ pockets with it, then dash out the door. Undercover employees could usually be found staking out that section. All this went away when phones started taking the place of cameras.
3) office supplies had multiple aisles of product. Copy paper sold out quickly (even today, Costco keeps it’s wholesale title by selling truckloads of it to school districts, etc.). Computer paper was a must have—-remember the stuff that had little holes on each side so a gear could pull it through a printer? “Green bar” paper sold like crazy. Office chairs had 6 or more styles, and members would race each other down the aisles in them if they weren’t cabled to the steel. The rise of what came to be known as Category Killers lead to the office department’s reduction to just an aisle. Office Depot, Office Max, etc all could match or undercut Costco on the best sellers by selling all the other items that they carried at a higher mark-up to offset the loss leader.
4) I always felt bad for the bread and potato chip vendors. In the early days, they would be in the aisles for hours before opening because they had to take two retail size packages and use tape guns to create a two-pack of everything. Their companies in the early days refused to believe that customers would be crazy enough to buy huge bags of chips or super long loaves of bread, so for several years they made their route drivers lives miserable. Today, when I see what a supermarket calls “ family size” for a bag of chips, I can only laugh—it looks like an individual serving size compared to Costco! Also, the route drivers LOVE Costco, because it’s typically just one stop and they’re done until they have to come back and restock/ face the product later in the afternoon
5)So very much of Costco in the early days was focused on the commercial size products. Many of the canned food items came only in #10 cans ( the big ones that are almost the size of a bowling ball). There was no option for a smaller can. Eventually, as the membership grew to be dominated by retail shoppers, Costco started the separate Business Center division, and those allowed Costco to have the space for things like 6 packs of small cans instead.
6) Bonus memory! Clothing in the early days was often described as dowdy, old lady clothing that no one would want except at Halloween. Certainly it wasn’t THAT bad, but almost no clothing vendors would sell to Costco directly, so most was bought from middle men selling what no one else wanted. Worse, Costco had huge, ugly clothing racks made from 2x4s and pipe to display the clothes, so it was all displayed like you’d see in your closet. Shoulder view only! Costco put the clothes on a table eventually, and the sales skyrocketed. With the shear volume of people picking through them, it is very, very labor intensive to keep the tables looking clean, neat, and straight, but it’s worth it. The vendors soon saw the incredible sales Costco was doing, and now most sell direct. A few (Harley Davidson apparel for example) are still hold-outs.
Kinda long post, but I hope you enjoyed it enough for me to do more.
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2023.06.02 03:27 Jarkyc New Bebes

Today I got 2 new baby rats, and it is my first time owning rats. They have been terrified all day (I understand why). I wanted to know how to bond with them better. I have gotten them out once, to try and show them their food and water just because they have been staying on the other side of the cage from it all. They have been staying in the same corner all day, I understand. I did put a piece of food next to them just to show them "hey maybe you should eat" and made sure their food bowl is placed in the vicinity they are currently huddled in. I wanted to know what I could do to bond with them better so they'll be less scared, what treats would be best for them (things like fruits and veggies, we already have a bunch as is). Thanks in advance <3
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2023.06.02 02:37 _garynunchucks_ About to quit after just 2.5 weeks

My first day of work was May 14 and up until this Monday, I worked a total of four days (8 hours each). This Monday, I started full time and worked up until today 8 hours each again. Overall, 64 hours. I was planning on staying here as long as possible even if I wasn’t a huge fan of opening and prepping in the mornings.
However, my manager told us toward the end of my shift that he had posted our schedule in the office and we could go take a look. Despite me making it clear during my interview that I absolutely had to work 40 hours a week, I was scheduled for a grand total of ZERO hours this upcoming week. I asked the manager and he said he didn’t have enough hours to go around, despite the fact that he was giving those hours to people who said they didn’t want them in the first place.
At this point, I was pretty heated and went to go serve some of the customers at the front and the first guy in line made a snarky comment apologizing how he had kept me from doing my job since he had been waiting at the front for maybe 20 seconds while I was looking at my schedule. I kept my head down and served him.
Next in line, a woman (C) and her son. I asked her repeatedly and patiently what she wanted on her bowl and she just stood there silently staring at me. I raised my voice thinking she couldn’t hear me and it took me and a couple other co-workers to get her to respond. By now, I had made up my mind that I was done and needed to go somewhere that could actually give me hours. I decided to just take a bowl home for my family (already got one during my break but said fuck it) and went to get my drink. This lady (C) tries to start scolding me and says I wasn’t being lenient with her at the front (whatever that means). I told her I was fine and that she needed to respond to us when we serve. She tries to argue and scold me more and I basically told her that she’s wrong, I’m right back and forth and then walked out of the store.
I would have liked to work here longer but if I can’t get the hours that I need to support myself, I have no choice but to go elsewhere. Also nice that I got to put a customer in their place after having to deal with so many rude ones all these days.
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2023.06.02 02:26 CoreyNK What's Up At Ninja Kiwi - 2nd June 2023

What's Up At Ninja Kiwi - 2nd June 2023

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's blog with the NK team!

What’s been going on this week?

BTD6 Update 37.0 is right around the corner! To get a sneak peek of what is coming, check out the links below!
Check out the preview notes here!
Watch this awesome video to get all the info!
Have a look at this magical paragon here! Big thanks to u/TimHaywoodProductions for adding in some epic Tower Keepers music!
Battles 2 Update 1.10.4 is live, bringing some bug fixes and changes!
Read the notes here!
Tread Carefully Race results: 1st: Near - 1 minute 37.86 seconds 2nd: ozen - 1 minute 38.71 seconds 3rd: bruhbruhiscute - 1 minute 38.86 seconds 4th: Vcoach - 1 minute 39.26 seconds 5th: Eins-Bohr - 1 minute 39.40 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 - Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkeys on sale. Ongoing "Military Exercise" Odyssey, ending Wednesday. "Central Establishment" Race this weekend. Lych will be appearing on Quarry this weekend, starting Saturday and ending Thursday. Ongoing Contested Territory, ending Tuesday.
- Battles 2 - Ongoing Season 12 ending June 21st. Biker Bones showcase, ending Thursday 8th.
Ongoing No Pain No Gain, ending Saturday. Bananza starting after.
- Bloons Pop - Friday: Yellow Bloon Popper Saturday: Level Smasher Sunday: Black Bloon Popper Party Goal: Lead Bloon Popper Vault of Monkey Money, 3rd Canister and Great Bundle on sale. Ongoing Party Crashers, ending Wednesday Triple Rewards starting Friday, ending Monday.
- BTD Battles - Professor Evil appearing this weekend. With a second tougher one starting Tuesday and ending Thursday. Friday: MOAB - BFB Cards, BFB Boosts Only Saturday: MOAB Cards, MOAB Club - BFB, BFB Cards Sunday: MOAB, MOAB R3 Speed - BFB, BFB Card Club, BFB Boosts Only Monday: MOAB 2x Medallions with Club Access on sale.
- BATTD - Ongoing Martian games: More Ghosts, More Camo, More Zombies. Magic Man, No Powers, More Regrow starting on Sunday. Tuxedo Jake, Hunter Marceline and Character Bundle pack on sale.
- SAS4 Mobile - VS on Friday, APOC on Saturday and LMS with Black Box as rewards on Sunday. Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, Epic pack and 2nd premium gun set: Donderbus, RIA 15SE and Torment
- BTD5 - Ongoing Bloon Hunt, ending Friday. Preferred Monkey rotating every 3 hours, starting after. Heli Pilot Skin on sale.

Questions from the comments:

What happened to all the Mini MOABs and other special MOAB-class bloons in BSM2? Super Monkey appears to have held them off… for now. But yes, we do think about them, too!
Where can I buy a cape like Adora's? Your local Renaissance faire is likely to have some excellent options!
Have crosspathing benefits been considered for the Beast Handlers (beyond just having that extra T2 beast)? As it stands, it's the one tower where crosspathing is usually not worth the cost. The benefit to cross-pathing Beast Handlers is being able to merge those cross-paths into other Handlers to juice them up or to just hang out with more than one Beast at a time!
What do the monkeys do with the real-world money spent in-game? Do they convert it or use it on human things? We suspect it was confusing to them at first, but they seem to have adapted and use it like we might. Mostly they go to the movies or the arcade, maybe some bowling too. And banana cake, sales are through the roof!
How do the bloons react when they find out that a new monkey has ascended to paragon status? (how will they react when the wizard paragon comes) Hopefully, by being terrified of the power that is to be unleashed upon them. But it is a fair question if there is any information that leaks back, if there are no witnesses…bwaahahahaha!
Has the engineer monkey or other monkeys ever convinced Etienne to have other weapons on his drones? Etienne is very protective of his drones, he has crafted them for excellent balance and control. As much as the engineer's ideas sound fun and amazing, he doesn’t want to mess with his perfection!
Do the monkeys celebrate birthdays? You bet they do! Keep an eye on our socials in the coming weeks to see what they are up to!
How do the heroes react when they see a spider in the house? Most of them are pretty calm and let it go about its business. Obyns always wondering if that was Steve or Tom?!?!
Bloons Pop told us that Striker Jones likes to bake so I'd like to ask what his favorite pastries to bake are! Pain au chocolat or a classic apple pie!
Are there other monkey clerics out there besides Adora? If so, are they all devoted to the sun god or are there other deities they align with? We’re pretty sure Ezili is not a sun god acolyte. Is scary-dark-cosmos a deity?
How does Gwen feel about hockey? She hasn’t played it herself but she really enjoys full contact sport! Watch out for her on the roller-derby track.
What is the recipe for the post-battle banana cake and who cooks it? Every monkey has their own tweaks and secrets they like to add! Here is one of our favourties! https://ninja.kiwi/Banana-Bread
What happens to the super monkey after he transforms into the tech terror? does he lose his personality or mind? It does look like a complete transformation after Robo Monkey but we’re not entirely sure. It could still be a suit or fancy adaptive metal, or it could just be a full suit as that would be needed to withstand the power that comes from the Annihilation. Either way we think they retain control of their faculties as they are still able to target effectively and work so well with their Monkey friends.
what is blons about? is it simply an obscure map that monkeys made soley for testing or is it something more?

Have a great weekend and happy gaming! -Ninja Kiwi Team
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2023.06.02 02:20 user905022 Emily was completely justifiable for firing her maids

i know its a show but i think emily had every reason to fire each one of her maids. One of her maids kept putting in nuts in emilys salad after telling her 5 times... lowkey that would annoy me too. Also another one of her maids spoke so quiet you couldnt hear her, the other refused to work by hiding in her house. Another couldnt understand what emily was asking her to do. Another literally made emily do all the house work, she couldn't even open a door in time and didn't know that youre supposed to put the food on the dinner table... at this point it's just common sense.
And Lorelai kept excusing the maids behaviour but if any of her employees at her inn acted like that Lorelai would fire them too.
And as much as Emily wanted things a very certain way, if you work for someone you should at least respect what your employer is asking of you.
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2023.06.02 02:19 hackzubbard 2024 Post-Spring/Pre-Summer Recruiting Overview

We're now in that sweet spot after A-Day and before Summer OVs/Camp Season where it makes sense to take note and reflect. Remember that camp season likely changes this board dramatically and we'll see a good # of decision (both to Alabama and elsewhere) throughout June and early July.
Rankings Note: Every comic is someone's first so here's how to read/interpret/understand the rankings listed below: Commits and Top Targets will show their 247 Composite Rank, their On3 Composite, and their Comp2 Ranking, which is just the raw average of the 2 composite ranks, rounded down. This overview will just reflect the pre-summer top targets/names to know and not the full list. Summer camp season will drastically change this list (new big board in July/August)
# of 4/5* change each year but I like a little consistency so here's generally how I arbitrarily split it, based on the average year-over-year data:
5*: #1-#32
4*: #33-#350
3*: #351-#2000

QB (1 Needed/1 Commited)
Overview: Barring something crazy, a team's QB will be the most important player on the field 9 times out of 10. Bama's looked around for a potential 2nd option but is pretty content with their 5* QB of the Future already commited
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 5* Julian Sayin Carlsbad in Carlsbad, CA (SoCal) 247: #11 , On3: #14, Comp2: #12 One of the most "ready" prospects in the 2024 class, Julian is very skilled at every facet of QB play - might not be the highest ceiling from an NFL perspective but very likely the highest floor. Julian commited to Alabama somewhat out of the blue but has been locked in since and the Tide's primary leader on offense in this class. This is your QB of the Future.
RB (1-2 Needed/0 Commited)
Overview: Alabama has good RB depth heading into 2023 but could very likely lose both Jase and Roydell at the end of the year so 2 RBs again this cycle feels right. It's doubtful it'll have the star power of the Haynes/Young duo from '23 but I would not sleep on the 2024 targets.
Name H.S. Rank Notes
Top Targets
1. 4* Kevin Riley Tuscaloosa County in Northport, AL (Tuscaloosa area) 247: #97, On3: #102, Comp2: #99 A homegrown talent, Riley does it all, running with great balance, breaks contact and gets going in a hurry. Top 3 of Bama, Auburn, UGA - this should end up being an Iron Bowl battle that Alabama wins, though it does appear Riley might take his time. If Alabama pushes hard, he could be a summer commit.
2. 4* Daniel Hill Meridian in Meridian, MS (E MS) 247: #196, On3: #194, Comp2: #195 One of the more unique RB prospects, Daniel Hill is a big bodied guy but plays a ton of receiver as well - not a comparison but could have a Najee Harris-esque roll. Alabama is battling South Carolina here, with the Cocks having some buzz after an early Bama lean. Bama is not done here but might need to press harder.
3. 4* Nate Frazier Mater Dei in Santa Ana, CA (SoCal) 247: #76, On3: #74, Comp2: #75 One of the nation's top RB prospects with some of the best long speed, Nate Frazier will push for #1 back status in 2024. Frazier is pretty wide open currently, being highly desired by both the local west coast school and the SEC powerhouses. I'd have trouble projecting him anywhere yet but it would be really cool if it was Alabama.
WR (2-4 Needed/2 Commited)
Overview: Alabama has taken 10 non-transfer WRs over the past 2 cycles so while I think they'll take a normal # in 2024, I'd lean more towards 3 than 4 total, unless a 'best available' type wants in
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 5* Perry Thompson Foley in Foley, AL (Mobile area) 247: #27, On3: #29, Comp2: #28 A taller receiver, Perry thrives with straight-line speed and a suprising ability to weave through space - Thompson earned his offer last season in camp routing up 2023 5* DBs. As a high-ranking prospect, Perry is somewhat keeping his options open and will likely take visits but has repeatedly reaffirmed his commit - Alabama's steady pursuit should allow them to hold on.
2. 4* Rico Scott Bishop McDevitt in Harrisburg, PA (Cent PA) 247: #372, On3: #289, Comp2: #330 A real smooth operator - plays RB and WR and is at his best going up the field. A bit of a suprise to some, Bama had seen him previously in camp and then watched his fall progress and saw what they needed to pull the trigger. I think we'll finish in the top 150-170
Top Targets
1. 4* Amari Jefferson Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN 247: #270, On3: #288, Comp2: #279 My favorite realistic WR addition - his vertical and lateral speed POP off the screen, looks like a top 75 guy. Currently a Tennessee baseball commit, football is his likely future, as Alabama and Georgia battle it out. This will be a tough battle but one I very much hope the Tide wins.
2. 4* Aeryn Hampton Carthage in Carthage, TX (E TX) 247: #116, On3: #126, Comp2: #121 More fast than quick, Aeryn runs like a RB, weaving through traffic and hitting the jets. Aeryn has been up-front about his love for Alabama and has narrowed his list to Bama and Texas, his former commitment. Aeryn has the green light to commit but seems like a guy who could go back and forth so unclear where this ends up.
3. 4* Cam Coleman Central in Phenix City, AL (E AL) 247: #54, On3: #25, Comp2: #38 This guy's the real deal - big bodied but with slot speed and one of the best high-pointers in the class. Alabama's been trying to get him on campus and he's been uninterested, so the communication has been laid back. Cam and Perry Thompson kinda fill the same role so it's not a huge concern but Auburn is leading here and would give Hugh Freeze a real weapon.
TE (1-2 Needed/0 Commited)
Overview: I think *how* Tommy Rees constructed/called his ND offenses is a bit overblown in how his Bama offenses will look (you play with the talent you have) but Bama has been trying to find their Kyle Pitts/Brock Bowers/Michael Mayer for years now - really since OJ Howard/Irv Smith with a brief detour into Jahleel Billingsley. Alabama would like multiple bodies here if available but would really like a least one really good on in 2024
Name H.S. Rank Notes
Top Targets
1. 4* Caleb Odom Carrollton in Carrollton, GA (W GA) 247: #85, On3: #69, Comp2: #77 A true mismatch nightmare, Odom is a true receiving threat TE, big bodied with room to grow but a little slender currently. Caleb is kinda wide open at the moment but this feels like one where Bama should start to push, with UGA snagging two of their targets in Jaden Reddell and Colton Heinrich
OL (4-5 Needed/0 Commited)
Overview: Alabama brought in a big OL class in 2023, which is already living up to expectations behind the scenes. They'll try to repeat the process in 2024, as they continue to re-tool their OL room
Name H.S. Rank Notes
Top Targets
1. 4* OT Daniel Calhoun Walton in Marietta, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #86, On3: #106, Comp2: #96 A mammoth of a prospect, Calhoun has the look of a SEC lineman, able to play on the left or right side of the offensive line. Top 3 of Bama, UGA, and Texas but suprise suprise, this looks like another Bama/UGA battle. Feel better about Bama in this one but it's close and OVs will be big.
2. 4* IOL Casey Poe Lindale in Lindale, TX (E TX) 247: #142, On3: #134, Comp2: #138 One of the most coveted interior prospects, Poe boasts both a mean streak as well as the ability to move the center, making him about as A1 as you can get for an interior OL prospect. Top 3 currently would be Alabama, Oklahoma, and UGA. Will be a tough battle but Alabama is the perceived leader heading into visits. Bama REALLY wants him.
3. 4* OL Jordan Seaton IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL (Originally from Washington DC) 247: #41, On3: #42, Comp2: #41 Big, athletic frame who could end up playing inside or out - Seaton prefers OT but somecurrently leaning towards IOL. Ohio State was and is very involved but Bama/UGA feel like the primary players since making the move to IMG. I believe he visited for the A-Day game and it certainly seems like Bama will be an option until the end here.
4. 4* OT Marques Easley Kankakee in Kankakee, IL (NE IL) 247: #263, On3: #240, Comp2: #251 A longer and leaner tackle prospect, Bama and UGA are again involved with Tennessee being the 3rd team in the mix, as well as the possible leader. Despite the Vols' early lead, this one can really go any direction after visits.
5. 4* OT Weston Davis Beaumont United in Beaumont, TX (SE TX) 247: #180, On3: #124, Comp2: #152 A basketball-first prospect with high-upside as an OT, Davis has some interest in Bama but local programs like Texas A&M are getting some good recent buzz. Think it'll be paramount for Weston to camp.
DL (3-4 Needed/1 Commited)
Overview: Another unit Alabama's been trying to step-up, talent is a necessity in 2024
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 4* DE Jeremiah Beamon Parker in Birmingham, AL 247: #103, On3: #98, Comp2: #100 Alabama's most recent commitment, Jeremiah is a FORCE rushing the passer, a little undersized with plenty of room to grow before a potential reneissance. If that sounds like Quinnen Williams, it's because that's the comp he's been getting. Many thought he'd be a sooner or later kinda commit and he went ahead and stopped messing around.
Top Targets
1. 5* DE Eddrick Houston Buford in Buford, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #15, On3: #15, Comp2: #15 High upside, athleticism, and flexibility - bit of a tweener for the Saban defense who could slim down to an Anfernee Jennings role and add some weight to try and emulate Jonathan Allen. Another prospect that I think comes down to Bama and UGA, I feel better about Bama's chances here than with Eddrick's Buford teammate, KJ Bolden.
2. 4* DT Terrance Hibler Holmes County Central in Lexington, MS (Cent MS) 247: #281, On3: #368, Comp2: #324 A bit undersized, Terrance makes up for it with violence, punch, and pure 'want-to'. Alabama has made a great early impression, alongside local Miss State, and the Tide are in a great spot if they choose to push here.
3. 3* DE Utah Commit Isaia Faga Central in Phenix City, AL (E AL) 247: #733, On3: #676, Comp2: #704 Alabama has seen some recent success with Pacific Island players but it's rare to have one so local. Isaia excels at getting through traffic and getting into the backfield. Isaia's uncle is the Utah DL coach, leading to the early commitment, but Alabama is interested in seeing him camp and who knows where it could go from there.
EDGE (1-2 Needed/1 Commited)
Overview: The highest star rating per capita, talent is hardly a problem here but we'd love to have more.
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 4* Cayden Jones Christ School in Arden, NC (W NC) 247: #147, On3: #171, Comp2: #159 Alabama has been looking more and more at hybrid LB types who could end up on the EDGE or off-ball (Jihaad Campell, Qua Russaw) - Cayden Jones is another, playing a ton off-ball and walking down to the edge and will likely project into a Terrell Lewis/Dallas Turner - type role. Since last year, Cayden had been up-front about wanting the green light to commit and jumped on it when he got the chance.
Top Targets
1. 5* Dylan Stewart Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington DC 247: #10, On3: #9, Comp2: #9 Maybe the top pure Edge guy, Dylan reminds me of Keon Keeley from last cycle; similar build, bend and length. Visits to Alabama, Ohio State, Miami, South Carolina and UGA have put all 5 in contention, similar to Keeley. I'd give the Gamecocks and Hurricanes the edge going into the summer but Alabama is RIGHT there and another visit to campus could flip the script.
2. 4* Jordan Ross Vestavia Hills in Birmingham, AL 247: #38, On3: #33, Comp2: #35 A high-end Edge, Jordan flashes natural talent that can only grow with development. A little undersized, Alabama has told him to gain weight and camp prior to a serious pursuit, giving UGA and Tennessee an early lead. This could change quickly this summer, as Jordan finds his way onto campus.
3. 5* Colin Simmons Duncanville in Duncanville, TX (DFW Metro) 247: #4, On3: #3, Comp2: #3 One of the Nation's top athletes, Simmons effortlessly flies around off the edge. LSU and Texas are battling it out thus far but Alabama will continue to work here.
LB (2-3 Needed/1 Commited)
Overview: There's somewhat of a logjam of older player at the LB position so I would expect attrition after 2023, which will need to be replaced by incoming players.
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 4* Sterling Dixon Mobile Christian School in Mobile, AL 247: #188, On3: #164, Comp2: #176 Similar to Cayden Jones, Sterling is another hybrid type - beginning as an edge type with some off-ball experience, Sterling will transition to ILB this offseason for Mobile Christian and then at Alabama. A long-time commit, Sterling will take some visits but there's not a huge concern there.
Top Targets
1. 5* UGA Commit Demarcus Riddick Chilton County in Clanton, AL (Cent AL) 247: #25, On3: #38, Comp2: #31 Demarcus is an excellent example of a modern LB and exactly what Alabama wants from the position: excellent weaving through traffic, sideline-to-sideline movement and can shade down to rush the passer. An early UGA commit, the strength of that commitment has wavered significantly and while there's still some work to do, the feeling is he could very likely flip to Alabama over the summer.
2. 5* Justin Williams Oak Ridge in Conroe, TX (Houston area) 247: #13, On3: #12, Comp2: #12 Similarly archetypal LB prospect: a bit slight at the moment, he makes up for it with WR-level speed and burst, making him a real weapon against a high-powered offense. Oregon, Alabama, and UGA are the likely top 3 - Bama made a good impression this spring but needs to get him back on campus ASAP - feels like UGA could swoop in here if Riddick flips.
3. 4* Bradley Shaw Hoover in Hoover, AL (Birmingham area) 247: #176, On3: #139, Comp2: #157 More of a traditional ILB, football IQ and sure tackling give him a Shaun Dion Hamilton feel. Alabama, Auburn, and UGA are the top 3 schools and this feels like Iron Bowl battle, where Alabama will win or lose based on how they push to reel him in.
DB (4-5 Needed/1 commited)
Overview: You gotta take a solid # of DBs every cycle but CB is one of the most important/most needed positions in 2024 after losses to the transfer portal.
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 5* CB Jaylen Mbakwe Clay-Chalkville in Pinson, AL (Birmingham area) 247: #19, On3: #17, Comp2: #18 A legitimate two-way player, Mbakwe, like Kool-Aid before him, could have been a 5* WR as well as DB but prefers defense. Jaylen is the defensive leader of the class and will be pretty instrumental in how the defensive class comes together.
Top Targets
1. 5* CB Charles Lester III Riverview in Sarasota, FL (Cent FL) 247: #16, On3: #19, Comp2: #17 An all-around athlete with the ability to play multiple DB positions, CL3 could be commited or off the board at any moment. There's a clear interest in Alabama on his end but the Tide have yet to really push, leaving the door wide open for FSU. He OVs on June 3rd so it's likely that we'll have a better idea of where Bama goes after that.
2. 4* CB Jameer Grimsley Tampa Catholic in Tampa, FL 247: #230, On3: #195, Comp2: #212 Somewhat of the prototypical Saban corner, with a long and lean build and a wingspan for days. Jameer has seen his recruitment skyrocket this spring and schools like Bama, FSU, and Penn State are pushing. Bama's got a great shot for this prospect who should continue to rise.
3. 4* S UGA Commit Peyton Woodward St. John Bosco in Bellflower, CA (SoCal) 247: #69, On3: #70, Comp2: #69 Peyton shows good play speed and flows to the target in run defense; a good balanced safety. Peyton has not been shy about letting other programs try to flip him from the Dawgs and his family is full of Alabama fans, making the Tide a very possible flip option.
4. 4* CB Zabien Brown Mater Dei in Santa Ana, CA (SoCal) 247: #57, On3: #56 , Comp2: #56 Zabien is a physical pass defender who excels at getting in passing lanes and making plays on the ball - not a specimen but a true competitor. As a Mater Dei kid, the axiom has been USC most often has first right of refusal so we'll see how the summer visits go and if Bama can/will make a push here.
5. 5* S KJ Bolden Buford in Buford, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #8, On3: #5, Comp2: #6 Likely the top DB in the 2024 class, KJ is how they come; a true 5* safety. UGA has a healthy lead thus far but Bama (alongside others) will have a chance to fight back during summer OVs
6. 5* CB UGA Commit Ellis Robinson IV IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL (Originally from CT) 247: #5, On3: #7, Comp2: #6 One of the stickiest DBs in the class, Ellis was the other 5* CB alongside Alabama freshman Desmond Ricks at IMG in 2023. Alabama led early but UGA got the momentum and the commitment. It's likely Ellis will take visits, including a potential OV to Alabama, but I would not predict a flip to Alabama at this time or in the future.
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2023.06.02 02:19 Von_und_zu_ Reposting (hopefully properly) because I found this Maureen Callahan snark so scrumptious

My earlier post was binned because I did it incorrectly. In my boundless enthusiasm for Maureen Callahan's DM column - which summarizes so well so many of our Saint's qualities that we oft discuss - I copied the entire thing. My apologies mods and fellow Sinners.
Oh what joy we felt after claims Harry and Meghan have ‘nothing left to say’! And how it only deepened our despair at the grim reality - they’ll NEVER stop blabbing. https://archive.ph/6Rpt6
A representative sampling:
Referencing the Cut dissection: ‘At one point in our conversation, instead of answering questions, [Meghan] will suggest how I might transcribe the noises she making: “She’s making these guttural sounds, and I can’t quite articulate what it is she’s feeling in that moment because she has no word for it; she’s just moaning”.’ Our poor, hapless duchess, interrupting her moans to explain that her wordlessness means she has no words.
Referencing Pearl: A girl, Meghan said in a statement, ‘on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to overcome life’s daily challenges’? What does any of that even mean? More of Meghan’s word-salad, the same leaves constantly re-tossed.
Referencing the latest "dubious" award: Our duchess was decked out in a figure-hugging gold strapless dress, waving to the assembled paparazzi as she made her grand entrance through a Hertz rental-car backdrop. Oh, how she was in her element, ascending to the stage as Alicia Keys’s ‘Girl on Fire’ blared through the ballroom. How she condescended to actual activists in the room, announcing from the podium that their awards were ‘frankly, well deserved.’
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2023.06.02 02:11 d3m0t3x The Moskal Glass Empire

The Moskal Glass Empire
A new life; I was born into the Moskal family by a busy-looking woman who went by the name Violet Moskal. Within the first couple of seconds of my fresh life, I learned that she was in the midst of building an empire. Possibly the biggest empire of its sort ever to exist.
Her mission was quite simple: to create the greatest glass empire in history. I looked at her in awe and with amazement.
At this moment, I knew I wanted to learn her wise ways, as I had never taken part in the production of glass before, and asked if it was alright if I stood by and tried to decipher her ways of crafting.
Without hesitation, she offered me the most amazing opportunity: apprenticeship under her mentoring. It was an offer I could not and would not refuse.
I was quite taken aback by the kindness and acceptance of me, so I promised myself I would do everything I could to help grow the empire to the best of my ability.
I wondered why there was so much paper there as I didn't understand the connection it had to glass production. She explained that it was used to filter the soaking glasswort ashes into soda ash, something I found quite intriguing.
Soon after this, my mother had to attend to some errands. This is when my uncle took me under his wing and taught me how we grew the glasswort in the desert area. As farming was a craft I was already familiar with, I just jumped straight into action and started filling the entire desert area with new glasswort saplings. Our now collective goal was simple: expand the empire.
By this point, we had solicited the help of my sisters as well, my older sister Crystal, and my two younger sisters Gem and Saphira. They quickly took on the roles of producing more paper, gathering and melting down limestone, and mixing the required ingredients.
When our mother returned from her errands, she told us it was time. It was finally time to learn how all of the pieces fit together and how the final product was created: glass.
Quickly lighting the coal-filled kiln, she heated the soda-lime glass mixture until it was a glowing ball with a fiery orange shine and proceeded to attach the hot glass ball to the blowpipe. With no time to spare, she filed it down into a glass funnel, and then into a beautiful wine glass. She made it look so easy, yet so elegant.
She explained that if you heated two pieces of glass mixture and combined them on the blowpipe, it would form a clear glass bottle. At this point, she looked at me and said it was my time. My time to attempt creating my very first bottle.
Without hesitation, I lit the kiln and heated the two bowls of glass mixture just like she had taught me. I attached the first piece to the blowpipe, then the second one. Without even realizing it myself at first, I had succeeded!
A clear moment of happiness washed over me as I stood there, surrounded by my mother and sisters. We had done it. Together, we had built something extraordinary. I marveled at the glowing glass bottle in my hands, a symbol of our collective effort and determination.
As I gazed at the bottle, I couldn't help but reflect on the journey that led me here. From the moment I was born into the Moskal family, to the awe-inspiring vision of my mother, Violet, and the invaluable guidance of my uncle, every step had shaped me into who I was now—a proud member of our multigenerational family empire.
The empire was not merely a physical manifestation of glass and success; it represented the strength of our bond, the passion that drove us, and the legacy we were building for generations to come. We had created something greater than ourselves—a testament to the power of dreams and determination.

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2023.06.02 02:10 Robertjdomino First few lines from my first Novel. (Poet trying to write a book)

"Cream and white”

Life, the connective tissue of consciousness, the ever forward sloshing of sense, experience and memory together, cemented by knowledge, constructed, destroyed

and reformed by question

A dull hum rolls through this space. With my eyes still closed, my body lays warm since the “tuck in”. Her loving bedtime routine, cocooning me in linen, Radiating heat self-made, kissing my bald head before parting, Only to return when the sun decides to rear its head once more, Allowing the carbonated fizzle of dawn to pop shandy shades of its familiar orange. Before the blue seeps through, the clouds appear, and a new day has begun. Dawn.
My eyes still closed, I feel the nightlight stain through m’eyelids. 6 months present, Yet it seems like many lifetimes have passed in this effervescent capsule I’ve found myself in.
Is it a gift to grow up too quick? Or is it a curse to feel old before I’m young?
I really doubt this is the dilemma of every diaper clad infant surrounded by the outlined shadows of animal print wallpaper. Such familiar surroundings, yet it all still feels so new. Two living beings, paired with eyes and nose, hair and hands... They push their lips against my stomach, Make funny faces, Share their warmth, love, and food with me. Two words I know, but cannot speak… “Mom and Dad”.
The humming becomes a splutter.
The rusty bottomed AA batteries, plugged into the nightlight begin to give way. Unintentional white noise, a welcome and pleasant defect, Soothing me off to sleep ever since my arrival. The room begins to flicker. A monotone flashing light display. A grand exit for such a benign entity. A last gasp for life. As if it were waving goodbye. The end of an aura. And just like the light, the sound that once surrounded, subsides and dies.
A dull hum rolled through this space.
A sterile stillness sweeps through the unknown of the night. The sound of pure silence begins to deafen the space between my sinuses. Internal monologue, the only interceptor. Alone with my thoughts. I’d much rather be happily distracted then uncontrollably aware of the lonely nature of mankind.
Like a barn door in a storm, My eyes swing wide open...
As they adjust, the wooden bars of this crib begin to follow my line of sight upwards. With the wind gliding in from the left, through the shutters, A plastic mobile greets me, swinging above my head ever so slightly. Luna leaves a light blue luminosity, presenting the plasticine figurines. Stubby armed, yet smiling widely, the fireman, the dog and the police officer greet me. Hanging by their hooks, stringed up by their back sides, with nowhere to be. Dangling forever, by a thread.
Looking past the plastic with a blank, open-faced stare, The roof above, painted a radiating cream, comes into focus. Its cracks and fractures, pebbledash and speckled patches paint the picture of a young couple, Thrown into the depths of family life and responsibility, Making the most out of making ends meet.
Cream, the colour of bottled formula. Cracks, the corners of father's eyes.
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2023.06.02 01:44 ColeTargaryen42 PUMPKIN GIRL

--- The Dream ---
Mia woke up to a noise in the basement she was not sure if she should go or not she was very scared to leave her room she got out of bed and got up and creeped to the door she quitly opened the door and looked out to see if there was anything out in the hallway as she walked to the stairs she seen the light on in the kitchen and she went quitly downstairs mia went and seen that the refrigerator was open there was blood in the refrigerator and intestines hanging from the shelf she was getting scared she didn't know what was happening she herd the noise in the basement as she went to the basement she seen that the light was on and that nobody was there she looked and had found a blood trail to the table in the back near the washer and dryer and she went to the table she seen a clear box on the table as she went and opened the lid to the clear box and she seen that it was filled with blood as she looked in the box she picked up the big wooden spoon next to the clear box and put the spoon in and stired and as she did Mia's head floated to the top as she screamed she turned around and seen a gir with a pumpkin smile she fell backwards and covered her face with her arms.
---- Awake ----
Mia woke up and was drenched in sweat she had a fearfully look on her face and did not know what to do she stayed up for the rest of the night beacuse she was afraid to go back to sleep she got up and went to her desk and turned on the light and got her art pencils and started to draw what she seen in her nightmare

It looked so real that she put it in a frame and Mia turned on the TV and watched M.A.S.H it was one of her favorite TV shows and she was wondering if she was going to see this thing in her dreams agian hopefully she won't be there but she had a bad feeling about it she seen that the sun was coming up it was 5:00 oclock am and her mom came in and seen her up as Mia's mom Dana asked her what is wrong she told her that she had a nightmare it was worse then the one that she usually has and Dana asked what that pic of the girl was Mia seid it was the thing that she seen in her nightmare she was scared and want to go to a therapist.
Dana told Mia that she is worried about her and that she was going to keep her home today and take her to the therapist to see what's wrong she was not sure if she's going to get any sleep tonight because of the nightmares she had she told her mom it felt real to her and she didn't know how to handle it so Dana told her before she gets a therapist she's going to take her to a sleep doctor to find out what's really going on Mia agreed to that so Dana and Mia got in the car with her picture and thay drove off to the clinic thay drove to Rosemont street and then turned left after Dana turned left she then drove down the street to the first 4 way interaction and then turn right thay went and got to the clinic and made a appointment for the doctor and the receptionist gave her a paper to fill out.
So she fill out the form and told thay seid it would be about minutes so Dana went outside and called her school and told and told them she won't be coming in today that she is I'll thay seid ok so she went in and the doctor came out and called mia in and her mom went with her the doctor told her to put the gown on and lay down on the bed to relax and she did as the doctor went into the other room to sit down her mom was there looking at the screen Mia fell asleep.
----Dream realm----
Mia herd a noise from downstairs in the basement agian she woke up and put her feet on the floor and quietly went to the door as she had tears running down her face and had her fingers in her mouth she walked downstairs slowly and quietly as she looked the lights where on in the kitchen again and Mia went into the kitchen to find out the refrigerator door was open again and she seen that there is blood and intestines in the fridge as she looked on the floor there was a blood trail going to the basement agian and this time there was a whole lot of it she backed up fast but she knew she was in the clinic and the doctor could see everything she See's so she went and got the broom handle and went and opened the basement door and slowly went down the stairs and seen that there is a lot of blood on the steps she started to show fear and started to cry.
----Back in the clinic----
Dana omg is this the night she told me about I can see why she is upset and scared.
Doctor I have had a lot of patience's before with nightmares but I never had a patient like this who actually had a nightmare that was gruesome and bloody like this intestines and blood coming from the fridge that's insane.
Dana yes it is she drew a picture of the monster in her dream she had brought it here with her.
Doctor omg this is creepy I don't know what to think of this.
----Back to the Dream realm----
Mia went downstairs in the basement and looked now there was body's hanging up from hooks and she saw that the clear bin was full of blood she back up to the wall and fell to the floor with tears in her eyes she was scared to open the box she knows what is in there and is scared to look again as she got up and went slowly to the box and opened the lid as she got the big wooden spoon she stired it and her head came up as the monster was behind her she turned around and hit it with the broom handle as it fell to the ground she ran to the stairs and went up and closed the door.
----the Awakening----
Doctor omg Mia calm down what was that monster and why was you head in the clear box with the blood in it.
Mia I don't know omg sob sob I don't know I am so scared I refuse to go to sleep I can't go to sleep sob sob.
Doctor oh dear me I have never seen this before I have never experienced something like this.
Dana this is what kept my daughter up and this poor girl is scared shitless of this how do we stop this please doctor.
Mia what if I let the monster get me sob sob it's a dream what if that is the only way to end it sob sob sob sniff.
Dana no don't do that.
Mia mom I can't stay up all night every night I need to rest my body will die if I don't rest.
Doctor she is right what is the harm of it it's a dream.
Dana just please don't die on me please your my baby girl.
Mia I will mom sniff sniff I am sorry mom.
So thay went home and Dana ordered some food as thay waited Mia told her mom that it's going to be hurtful to do this she knew she was scared because she was shacking and in fear of this thing.
5 minutes later
The food got there and Mia and Dana ate after Mia ate she went upstairs and got a bath going for her and she got her clothes and went in the tub she scrubbed herself up good and cleaned her self as she did the dead skin came off and she felt better after she drained her water she stood up and got a towel and dryed off she then went got her clothes on and went to bed.
----The Dream realm----
Mia took a deep breath and thought it was just a dream and that it's going to be ok so she went downstairs and went downstairs to the basement she then went and taken the clear plastic bin and pushed it on the washer and dryer she taken her clothes off and then put and drop her clothes she went and layed down on the table and waited for the monster to come as she waited she herd a noise from behind the hanging carpet and sheets it was the monster of the dreams as she did not look the monster seen Mia laying there.
Monster what are you doing girl.
??? My name is Mia I am sniff sniff offering my body to be eaten by you.
Monster my name is pumpkin Girl and why are you wanting me to eat you.
Mia is that not how this ends pumpkin Girl
Pumpkin Girl no why would I eat myself.
Mia what do you mean eat yourself no your supposed to eat me I am your dinner I am supposed to be eaten by you to end this.
Pumpkin Girl no I can't eat you I will die and you will still be alive I love this look and I don't want to lose it .
Mia so what I not going to be eaten by you so I taken off my Pikachu nitewere just so you will tell me I can't be eaten I came her to be eaten now eat me.
Pumpkin Girl are you fucking crazy.
Mia well I still be alive in the real world if you ate me.
Pumpkin Girl yes .
Mia well you eat me then I won't bug you to do this and you can leave just please so I feel better in the real world.
Pumpkin Girl for heaven sakes fine I will eat you just stop this harping and I will leave after this will that make you happy.
Mia yes very much.
Pumpkin Girl ok fine here we go.
So pumpkin Girl start to eat Mia and she screamed in pain as she died in her dream she was being eaten by herself as she was told and she tore Mia apart.
----The Awakening----
Mia it feels like it's over I think I stopped it sniff omg that is so great I think I can rest easy now so she went downstairs and looked around to find that things felt ok and she finally got the feeling it was going to be ok and not a nightmare she felt a lot of relief from all of that she seen her mom in the kitchen and she went up and gave her a big hug and told her she thinks tit will be ok and she might be able to get some rest she told her mom she wants to go to school tomorrow she asked her if she was sure and Mia seid yes Dana told it was ok she went and told her she is going to lay down for the rest of the day and her mom told her ok she went upstairs and went to her room and laid down and went to sleep till morning.
----Next morning----
Mia got up and got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen table and she felt good as dana seen that her daughter was feeling good she herd the bus pull up and she taken her breakfast and ate on the bus.
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2023.06.02 01:39 Ourbeautifulcats 26 Problem-Solving Products For Your Cat's Most Annoying Habits

  1. Anti-Scratch Furniture Tape: Protect your furniture from your cat's scratching habits with adhesive tape designed to deter them.
  2. Cat Puzzle Feeder: Keep your cat mentally stimulated and entertained while they eat with a puzzle feeder that requires problem-solving skills.
  3. Interactive Laser Toy: Provide endless entertainment for your cat with an interactive laser toy that stimulates their hunting instincts.
  4. Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Say goodbye to the hassle of daily litter box cleaning with a self-cleaning litter box that automatically removes waste.
  5. Sisal Scratching Post: Redirect your cat's scratching behavior to a designated post made of sisal, a material that cats love to scratch.
  6. Catnip Spray: Encourage your cat to use their scratching post or play with their toys by spraying them with catnip spray.
  7. Motion-Activated Water Sprayer: Prevent your cat from jumping on countertops or furniture by using a motion-activated water sprayer that deters them.
  8. Calming Diffuser: Help reduce your cat's anxiety or stress-related behaviors with a calming diffuser that releases pheromones known to relax cats.
  9. Wall-Mounted Shelves: Create vertical spaces for your cat to climb and explore, reducing their desire to jump on countertops or other unwanted surfaces.
  10. Hideaway Beds: Provide your cat with cozy hideaway beds or enclosed spaces where they can retreat and feel safe.
  11. Anti-Anxiety Jackets: Alleviate your cat's anxiety by using an anti-anxiety jacket that applies gentle pressure to their body, similar to a comforting hug.
  12. Slow Feeding Bowls: Control your cat's eating speed and prevent them from scarfing down food too quickly by using specially designed slow feeding bowls.
  13. Cat Dental Treats: Promote good oral hygiene and help reduce plaque buildup by giving your cat dental treats designed to clean their teeth.
  14. Anti-Hairball Supplements: Minimize hairballs in your cat's digestive system with supplements that assist in the breakdown and elimination of hair.
  15. Catnip-Infused Toys: Engage your cat in playtime by offering catnip-infused toys that encourage them to chase, bat, and pounce.
  16. Non-Tip Water Bowl: Keep your cat's water supply steady with a non-tip water bowl that prevents spills and messes.
  17. Automatic Cat Feeder: Maintain a consistent feeding schedule for your cat with an automatic feeder that dispenses meals at set times.
  18. Tangle-Free Leash: Enjoy outdoor adventures with your cat using a tangle-free leash that prevents the leash from getting tangled during walks.
  19. Window Perch: Satisfy your cat's curiosity by installing a window perch where they can comfortably observe the world outside.
  20. Odor Eliminator Spray: Combat unpleasant litter box odors with an odor eliminator spray that neutralizes smells instead of masking them.
  21. Motion-Activated Toys: Keep your cat entertained even when you're not around by providing motion-activated toys that activate when your cat approaches.
  22. Claw Trimmers: Maintain your cat's nail length and reduce the chance of scratching incidents by regularly trimming their claws with claw trimmers.
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2023.06.02 01:38 Ourbeautifulcats 26 Problem-Solving Products For Your Cat's Most Annoying Habits

  1. Anti-Scratch Furniture Tape: Protect your furniture from your cat's scratching habits with adhesive tape designed to deter them.
  2. Cat Puzzle Feeder: Keep your cat mentally stimulated and entertained while they eat with a puzzle feeder that requires problem-solving skills.
  3. Interactive Laser Toy: Provide endless entertainment for your cat with an interactive laser toy that stimulates their hunting instincts.
  4. Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Say goodbye to the hassle of daily litter box cleaning with a self-cleaning litter box that automatically removes waste.
  5. Sisal Scratching Post: Redirect your cat's scratching behavior to a designated post made of sisal, a material that cats love to scratch.
  6. Catnip Spray: Encourage your cat to use their scratching post or play with their toys by spraying them with catnip spray.
  7. Motion-Activated Water Sprayer: Prevent your cat from jumping on countertops or furniture by using a motion-activated water sprayer that deters them.
  8. Calming Diffuser: Help reduce your cat's anxiety or stress-related behaviors with a calming diffuser that releases pheromones known to relax cats.
  9. Wall-Mounted Shelves: Create vertical spaces for your cat to climb and explore, reducing their desire to jump on countertops or other unwanted surfaces.
  10. Hideaway Beds: Provide your cat with cozy hideaway beds or enclosed spaces where they can retreat and feel safe.
  11. Anti-Anxiety Jackets: Alleviate your cat's anxiety by using an anti-anxiety jacket that applies gentle pressure to their body, similar to a comforting hug.
  12. Slow Feeding Bowls: Control your cat's eating speed and prevent them from scarfing down food too quickly by using specially designed slow feeding bowls.
  13. Cat Dental Treats: Promote good oral hygiene and help reduce plaque buildup by giving your cat dental treats designed to clean their teeth.
  14. Anti-Hairball Supplements: Minimize hairballs in your cat's digestive system with supplements that assist in the breakdown and elimination of hair.
  15. Catnip-Infused Toys: Engage your cat in playtime by offering catnip-infused toys that encourage them to chase, bat, and pounce.
  16. Non-Tip Water Bowl: Keep your cat's water supply steady with a non-tip water bowl that prevents spills and messes.
  17. Automatic Cat Feeder: Maintain a consistent feeding schedule for your cat with an automatic feeder that dispenses meals at set times.
  18. Tangle-Free Leash: Enjoy outdoor adventures with your cat using a tangle-free leash that prevents the leash from getting tangled during walks.
  19. Window Perch: Satisfy your cat's curiosity by installing a window perch where they can comfortably observe the world outside.
  20. Odor Eliminator Spray: Combat unpleasant litter box odors with an odor eliminator spray that neutralizes smells instead of masking them.
  21. Motion-Activated Toys: Keep your cat entertained even when you're not around by providing motion-activated toys that activate when your cat approaches.
  22. Claw Trimmers: Maintain your cat's nail length and reduce the chance of scratching incidents by regularly trimming their claws with claw trimmers.
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2023.06.02 01:36 Ourbeautifulcats 26 Problem-Solving Products For Your Cat's Most Annoying Habits

  1. Anti-Scratch Furniture Tape: Protect your furniture from your cat's scratching habits with adhesive tape designed to deter them.
  2. Cat Puzzle Feeder: Keep your cat mentally stimulated and entertained while they eat with a puzzle feeder that requires problem-solving skills.
  3. Interactive Laser Toy: Provide endless entertainment for your cat with an interactive laser toy that stimulates their hunting instincts.
  4. Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Say goodbye to the hassle of daily litter box cleaning with a self-cleaning litter box that automatically removes waste.
  5. Sisal Scratching Post: Redirect your cat's scratching behavior to a designated post made of sisal, a material that cats love to scratch.
  6. Catnip Spray: Encourage your cat to use their scratching post or play with their toys by spraying them with catnip spray.
  7. Motion-Activated Water Sprayer: Prevent your cat from jumping on countertops or furniture by using a motion-activated water sprayer that deters them.
  8. Calming Diffuser: Help reduce your cat's anxiety or stress-related behaviors with a calming diffuser that releases pheromones known to relax cats.
  9. Wall-Mounted Shelves: Create vertical spaces for your cat to climb and explore, reducing their desire to jump on countertops or other unwanted surfaces.
  10. Hideaway Beds: Provide your cat with cozy hideaway beds or enclosed spaces where they can retreat and feel safe.
  11. Anti-Anxiety Jackets: Alleviate your cat's anxiety by using an anti-anxiety jacket that applies gentle pressure to their body, similar to a comforting hug.
  12. Slow Feeding Bowls: Control your cat's eating speed and prevent them from scarfing down food too quickly by using specially designed slow feeding bowls.
  13. Cat Dental Treats: Promote good oral hygiene and help reduce plaque buildup by giving your cat dental treats designed to clean their teeth.
  14. Anti-Hairball Supplements: Minimize hairballs in your cat's digestive system with supplements that assist in the breakdown and elimination of hair.
  15. Catnip-Infused Toys: Engage your cat in playtime by offering catnip-infused toys that encourage them to chase, bat, and pounce.
  16. Non-Tip Water Bowl: Keep your cat's water supply steady with a non-tip water bowl that prevents spills and messes.
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2023.06.02 01:32 xKitten01x STALKING

TW: stalking,[email protected],mask,BDSM,Daddy,-KINK
Btw english isn't my first language.. so I'm sorry for mistakes. If you don't like the topic then don't read it. It's my fantasy and if I like it then so be it. Have fun while reading. ;)
Part 1:
"Same routine every morning.. boring." I muttered to myself and sighed. I was putting things on the shelves and looking at the clock. I was about to finish my shift... Finely.. I looked to the left and saw a handsome man, around 25 years old. He was wearing a suit and had short blond hair. ,,Wow very handsome.." I whispered to myself and looked over at him again. Our eyes met for a moment and I looked away in embarrassment. I slowly shook my head and focused back on my work. ,,20 minutes left... Almost done." -end of work- I put on my jacket and closed the deal. I walked slowly through the alleys and tilted my head back. ,,Gosh... Im so tired.." The moon looked really nice today, I thought and went on. I had a very strange feeling.. like someone was watching me.. I had this feeling for a long time.. But today that feeling was very strong.. like it was right behind me. I turned around but when I didn't see anyone I breathed a sigh of relief. I only had to go through one alley and then I would be at home.. my poor cat is waiting for me.. I heard another noise behind me and turned around again, but again I saw no one. My heart was pounding in my chest and I just ran. I ran as fast as I could and when I finally saw my house I grabbed my keys from my pocket in a flash. My hands were shaking and I was panicking. When the key finally fit in the keyhole, I unlocked the door and ran inside. Immediately I looked through the spy hole but nobody was there... Did I just imagine it...? I breathed a sigh of relief and my cat came up to me and meowed. "What's the matter my darling. Are you hungry?" I said to my cat in a sweet voice and she meowed again. ,,Aww your so cute!" I mumbled and stroked her. I went into the kitchen and put wet food in my cat's bowl. She ate everything up straight away and I giggled. "I'll have to put you on a diet soon." My cat looked at me wide-eyed as if she just understood what I said. I giggled. I slowly went to my room but I still had a very bad feeling.. My window was open when I walked into my room and I shook my head. ,,I'm so stupid. Why am I leaving my window open?" I went to the window and quickly closed it. ,,So stupid.." I mumbled. If I'm not more careful I might get killed one day.. I yawned and slowly took off my clothes. I slowly went to my closet and put on a white t-shirt. I was only wearing my panties and the t-shirt which was way too big for me. I quickly jumped into bed and closed my eyes. And so.. I fell into a dreamless sleep..
I woke up and looked at my alarm clock. It was 3 o'clock in the morning. What was that noise?! .. was that my cat..? I called her name but she didn't come here as usual. ,, Darling? Where are you. Come here my sweetheart." But she didn't come... What was going on? Still a little sleepy, I rubbed my eyes and got up from my bed. I slowly walked towards the door and when I wanted to open it, the door jumped open and I screamed in terror. Someone was holding my mouth it was dark and I was so fucking scared.
,,One peep and I'll hurt you babygirl~" He whispered in my ear and I felt goosebumps over my body. I kept my eyes shut And made no noise. When nothing happened for a few seconds, I slowly opened my eyes and saw A man wearing a balaclava. I could feel his muscles pressing against my body and I was breathing fast. He took a step and pulled me with him. I whimpered but stopped because be clamped his hand over my mouth. The man pushed me onto the bed and my eyes widened in shock. I couldn't see much but his eyes.. His eyes pulled me under a spell I couldn't break.. I was scared but felt safe in a different way. I think now all my brain cells are burned away.. why should I feel safe.. He broke into my house.. who is this guy. Okay everything will be fine everything will be fine I'll give him all my money and then he'll go.. I thought to myself. He cleared his throat and stroked my head. He slowly lowered his hand from my mouth. My first intention was to scream but I didn't want him to hurt me. I kept quiet. ,,Good girl.. keep quiet." I nodded and I wanted to talk but I noticed tears starting to fall from my eyes. I saw the guy's eyes he looked shocked for a moment but then he had a cold gaze. "J-Just take wha-whatever you want. I'll g-give you all my mo-money but p-p-please don't hurt me!" I begged him and more tears fell down my cheek. I heard him sigh and he lovingly brushed my tears away. "Oh no my kitty.. I don't want any money. I want you." He said with a dominant undertone that gave me goosebumps. My heart was beating wildly in my chest. I didn't understand myself and my body it was exciting but I was scared.. a strange man was in front of me but I liked it in some way.. I think now I'm completely insane. "Will you be good kitten?" he asked, pinning my chin with his index and middle fingers. I couldn't do anything but nod. ,,Good girl." He ran his hand down my body and stroked my chest. He slowly slid under my t-shirt and a small moan escaped me. My whole body is shaking.. But it felt good.. slowly he ran his hand down to my panties. He chuckled and whispered, "You're wet.. does it turn you on when a strange man comes into your house and rapes you?" And with these words he drove two fingers into me. Tears rolled down my cheeks but I enjoyed it. I groaned and tried to push his hand away but he pinned me with his other hand on the bed. I couldn't move he was too strong. I slowly adjusted to the darkness and could see that he had a muscular build... I'm crazy I should scream... but why cant I? He continued to finger me and when I realized that I was almost at the peak I groaned loudly. But the man withdrew his fingers from me and I could literally feel his grin. ,,Do you like that little one? You're so naughty." He Chuckled. I couldn't say a thing.. I was exhausted and I just wanted to sleep.. yes sleep.. it's all getting so dark... has it always been this dark?.. I feel so light.. so light.... ,,Hey wake up." I heard a voice.. it was so far away.. I'm tired.. I don't feel any emotions.. was it always so empty in my thoughts?... ,,HEY?! KITTEN? WAKE UP!" Who's screaming like that... Too loud.. just a little sleep..
To be continued....
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