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2023.06.02 07:42 seagoddess1 9 days post op from open myo and I have some questions

  1. How active were you after the first week? Today I couldn’t take being sedentary so I walked around my house a lot, dyed my hair and made myself lunch and drove to Walgreens to get an enema bc I’m still dealing with constipation. I rested quite a bit but I’m lost on how much laying around were supposed to be doing if we feel okay. I’m still having pains getting up and in bed and minor pains while walking but feeling soo much better than last week.
  2. When does the post op insomnia go away? I’ve never had trouble sleeping but pretty much since the procedure I’m up until 2am- wake up at 8am and repeat
  3. I feel (while lying in bed right now) I’m having minor pains but in my vagina/not uterus. Or at least I don’t think it’s my uterus. Is this normal? Is it just nerves and stuff doing it’s thing healing?
  4. Has anyone gotten their doctor a gift? I just feel so grateful for him but honestly I feel like if I brought sweet treats or something light like that he would look at me funny lol but I want him to understand my gratitude.
For context : I had 9 fibroids removed. I posted a pic last week if you want to check out my history. Stopped pain meds this past Sunday.
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2023.06.02 07:42 EmbarrassedFix7113 Many of the comments on this sub are bad or straight up dangerous

I really respect this sub because a lot of people can't afford treatment or are sick of getting swindled by dickhead pest control companies.
That said, almost every other post asking for advice has at least one person with completely nonsensical advice in the comments.
My favorites include
•putting diatomaceous earth on your bed •putting diatomaceous earth on your curtains •only treating an infected couch... instead of assuming the whole house may have them •using rubbing hand alcohol •using cimexa exclusively to treat an infestation •engaging in the chemical vs heat treatment Civil war discussion while pretending their preferred option is the only one that works.
The truth is for a lot of this shit the average person needs to spend hours and hours understandings the risk and potential benefits of each treatment, but the commenters on this sub act as if everything they're suggesting is the holy grail.
DE and cimexa are treatments that are easy to get your hands on, but incredibly hard to utilize. They have health risks regardless of what people tell you. Do not use large quantities of them (both for your own health, and for the fact piles of dust will do nothing to kill bugs because they can sense the dust is there and avoid it). Do not put it on your bed. Do not put it in high traffic areas. Do not put them near windows, fans, AC units or anywhere where this shit will get kicked up and go into your lungs.
I strongly recommend you to use a respirator if you have access to one. Use a makeup brush to apply and keep dust from getting everywhere. Turn your breakers off while applying in wall voids and DO NOT PUT ANYTHING NEAR YOUR ELECTRICAL BOX. Keep the windows closed while applying, and most importantly DO MORE RESEARCH. There are plenty of sources on how to apply this stuff safely and effectively, I would explain more about the nuances of applying this stuff but im not going to get into because I dont want to encourage its usage.
Additionally because these are dusts, cimexa and DE will never completely get rid of the problem unless you're willing to drone strike your house with that shit and give yourself COPD in the process. If you're going to use cimexa use it in low contact areas that do not get distrubed, and then use a different (non dust) treatment in the areas that are high traffic like your bed. I'm really not trying to start an argument about the dangers of cimexa, because ultimately I can't stop you from using it, so at the least if youre going to use it use it responsibly.
If you have bed bugs on any piece of furniture, assume they're in every part of the house.
NEVER USE RUBBING HAND ALCOHOL. This is one of the few things the sub mostly is in agreement about. Rubbing hand alcohol is highly HIGHLY flammable and WILL burn down your house. This is not a joke. Saving money is not worth your family's life.
As for the heat treatment/chemical debate. Every situation is different and for effective treatment as much as it sucks to say, talking to licensed pest control specialists is your best shot. However, it's also important to recognize these people are salesmen as well so it's important to be informed about the pros and cons of each.
Chemical sprays have a lot of problems. Bugs are often times resistant to chemicals. Additionally many chemical treatments use REPELLANT spray which means that the bugs can sense the spray and hide until the residual is gone. Sprays that aren't repellant on the other hand cannot be detected by bed bugs. These are the pesticides you want. Do your research on your options and look for non repellant spray.
Heat treatments also have a huge issue. They can't really be used effectively in apartments or shared living spaces because the heat pushes bugs into neighboring apartment units. The bugs WILL come back once the heat is gone. For single family units they dont really have anywhere to run...however the process of treating the bed bugs is still extremely difficult with heat. The technicians have to constantly attempt to keep all areas and wall voids of the house above a certain temperature. Sometimes they kill all the bugs. Sometimes they don't. If a single one is left you'll be back to square one within a few months, long after your warranty has expired, and you could pay for the luxury of having to go for round two.
I AM NOT a licensed pest control specialist so I cannot tell you which treatment is more effective, but what I can say is that it's important you know the pros and cons of both sides so that you can make an informed decision. I also cannot tell you which or what to use, however if you're interested in using chemicals options I highly recommend looking for green akers pest control on youtube.
Anyways stay safe, and don't do anything stupid to save some money. I am not a licensed pest control specialist, and potentially neither are you. Never assume anything you read on this sub is true until you're well informed...yes even this post lol.
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2023.06.02 07:41 ColeTargaryen42 Chapter 2

Mia got on the bus and sat down she started to eat her breakfast when Julia got on the bus and told her to get up she got up and moved to the front of the bus as Julia came and knocked of her food the bus driver seen that Julia was picking on Mia she told her to get off the bus and she told Mia to go get more food and so she did and as she went in the house she told her mom if there was any more food and Dana seid there is plenty she told her mom that Julia knocked her food over and the bus driver let her go in to get more food so her mom made her another to go box and she thanked her and went back on the bus Mia apologized to the bus driver and she said it was ok not to worry about it so the bus driver drove down the road and stopped at the next stop a boy had gotten on and he got shoved down Mia told him he is welcome to sit next to her he gladly thanked her for that and he sat down.
???? Hey my name is Toby.
??? I am Mia nice to meet you.
Toby nice to meet you to.
Mia you look like your emo.
Toby yeah I am.
Mia Is so am i.
Toby cool that's awesome.
Mia thanks.
Toby i see you like pokemon .
Mia yeah I love pokemon I have all the games I just don't play them yet
Toby oh ok well that's cool
So the bus driver was almost to the high school and Mia ate her breakfast and as the bus driver pulled up she got up with Toby and thay got out she throw her box away and as Mia was walking Julia pushed her to the ground and and got in top of her and started to punch her as she throw her of Julia called her a freek she started to cry and toby ran up and picked her up and taken her to the nurse's office and as he waited with her the principal came in and asked what happened toby told her that Julia pushed her down and punched her the nurse came in and seen that there was blood running down her noise as she gave her a tissue she thanked her.
As toby seen the drawing she did he told he told her that it was really good and that she had skill the nurse and the principal seen the art work and thay thought that was a great picture the the principal asked if she did this and Mia told her that she did she was so sleepy and tired as she fell to the floor and passed out.
----The Dream Realm----
Mia looked around she herd a noise coming from outside the door as she was about to open the blinds to see she felt uneasy not knowing what was going to happen she thought that pumpkin Girl was gone but she did not know she opened the door quietly and looked around there was a blood trail going from the office to the cafeteria was she went to the doors she opened it and found the cafeteria floor covered in blood Mia was starting to get scared she seen another clear plastic bin there was blood in the bin and there was intestines in there and she seen that pumpkin Girl was there eating something and she went over and looked as pumpkin Girl turned and looked at her she backed up and pumpkin Girl looked at her and Mia was there crying and scared she was very frightened and she woke up.
Mia woke up and found herself in the nurse office and as she looked up toby seen the look in her face as if she just seen a ghost the principal told her to go home and get some rest Mia told the principal that she was scared to rest toby had told her to get so thirapy as she had tears coming down from her eyes she did not want to go home she wanted to stay she did not want to fail school she ran to the other end of the school and cried her eyes out and she was so scared that she was going to fail that the principal was forced to call Dana.
Toby ran after her he went to the first empty room on the other side of the school he did not see nobody there he went to the next room and looked around and there was nobody there eather he went to the next room and he looked around the classroom and there was no one there eather so he stopped looking and seen that there was blood by the door and he went in and looked to find blood in the sink he followed the trail and opened the door and yelled for the principal and the nurse and thay came running to the opened door find blood on the floor and in the sink the principal told toby that he did good today for finding this as thay looked in the closet there was nothing there.
As the nurse went and looked at the trail of blood she noticed it went in two different directions as she called the principal over she told him to look carefully he seen that the the blood went to different ways and thay went the opposite direction and found that there is a puddle of blood in the other room.
Mia went to the gym and sat down looking scared she had no idea what what is going to happen as she looked Julia came and punched her in the face and she got on top of her and beaten her to death and she slammed her in the bleacher she was bleeding to death and she hid Mia in the closet as she was out cold.
----The Dream realm----
Mia woke up to the school but she seen a blood trail that leads outside she has a bad feeling about something and she slowly moved to the door she opened it quitely and seen that there is blood intestines and body's hanging it was smelling bad and she could not think about what is going on she had seen that there was 3 doors one went out to the hall the other leads to a closet and the 3rd room was something she did not know she was worried and scared she was shacking and holding herself she just want to she seen the clear plastic bin and it had 3 locks on it there is a key in the blood but there is something else in it there she went in the room she started in and looked for a key as she herd a noise that was a basketball bounceing and she turned around to find that pumpkin Girl was looking for a key.
She herd a noise it was saying her name but she seen a box as thay shocked her out of it she woke up fast and the nurse and principal asked her who did this Mia told them it was Julia and the principal thanked her for this and that he told her that thay where really worried about her she was shacking and she seen Julia and hid behind toby she brought him towards her to keep her safe as she was looking at Mia and toby had taken her home to get some sleep.
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2023.06.02 07:40 deemaibrahim About haunted house shows

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2023.06.02 07:40 Extension-Fun-2739 Air duct scam

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2023.06.02 07:40 No-Brain-6803 How come my family doesn't understand me why I need these things to be out ??

So my parents are trying to sell the house and I'm getting frustrated with them. I'm 32 and I still live with them temporarily for the past year since I lost my job. They're trying to move to Atlanta so I can have a better chance at dating and a better life in general. I have a bad track record of being fired from almost every job and so no one here in Columbia wants to hire me. The realtor is wanting me to put all of my computers away and all of my computer desks and my tv. I have 4 computers and I need them for my online work. I make youtube videos of music videos for a living and I need to be able to keep my channel alive so that I can continue getting revenue. With them forcing me to put all of my computers away is cutting off my ability to grow my channel and make money. Everytime when I try my friends about why this is important to keep out, they would respond " Get a real job and you wouldn't have to worry about this crap you lazy bum.". It's not my fault that I can't get hired here. I told my friend to shut up and I called him an a-hole for bashing me. He told me "I'm an asshole, why don't you take a look at yourself. Your the asshole, MF." I'm so angry and mad that everyone is against me. I'm so mad that I'm just gonna lash out. I am on the verge of having a meltdown and I'm very angry. How come no understands why I need these things ??
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2023.06.02 07:39 Calamitypoo Great FPS in cells, massive drop once I enter open world area

I'm using the Immersive and Adult collection from Nexus for Skyrim SE. When I load the game in most cells (a house, dungeon, fort, etc.) the game will be smooth like butter, holding around 90fps no problem no matter how many NPC's or enemies are present. But the moment I leave the cell, my fps will tank to around 30, easily hitting 15-17 when there are more than 6-7 NPCs present. Once this has happened, I can go back to the same cell I was getting a cool 90fps and not be able to break past 30 all the sudden. What the heck is going on here?
NVIDIA Geforce 2060 gc AMD 3060 Eight Core processor Gigabyte 970A-DS3P mb 16 gigs of ram
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2023.06.02 07:39 FlimsyTemperature At a loss for cognitive toys for German shephard

My German shephard is senior (14m) and still goes on daily walks and fetch, but as he is old and sore he can no longer exercise long enough to mentally tire out. He is both EXTREMELY anxious and picky about what he pays attention to and is basically a puppy in an old dogs body. Got a lick mat, probably the best it will keep him occupied for about 15 min with some frozen mince but anything other than mince (bone broth yogurt etc) he gets bored of and abandons, but I can’t give him mince frequently on top of meals as he is also on weight loss diet plus it’s expensive. Tried Kong, he gives up if he can’t get the treat in 5 min. Slow feeders- he has 3 and he has figured them out to the point where it takes no longer than if it were a normal bowl.
Snuffle mat- takes 2 min max i tuck the treats or kibble right under but he finds it very quick and isn’t interesting in sniffing after he has found all the kibble and treats, which he somehow knows instantly both where they are and when they’re gone? Ugh he’s too smart. I’m considering getting one of those treat balls with multiple holes and some felt strips, then rolling treats in the felt strips and putting them into the holes. Does anyone have any out of the box ideas? I try find it games with hiding treats around the house but as he has poor vision he won’t do it unless I’m basically walking him to each treat. At one point I’d trap his favourite toy under his raised dog bed and he would have to figure out how to get it, but that stressed him out to the max which is not my intention
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2023.06.02 07:38 DeliciousDish9089 missed Birthday of our Boy

June 1, was a special day for my little guy, 2 years old! Of course the day meant more to me than it did to the birthday boy, after all, a 2 year old just wants to play. I took a few pics of him as he was sleeping just barely into the 12am hr of the 1st of June, as soon as his little eyes opened in the morning I was kissing on him and so excited for the special day. The dad never reached out one time asking about our child, he has had a cold for the past few days, but also he never even mentioned his Birthday. Didn't ask to see him, talk to him on video call, just nothing. Just a few days prior to this special day he acted like he was daddy of the year, spent just a few hours with him, riding in sxs and tractor the entire time, taking pics that looks like he is just the very best daddy. He had hardly played the real fatherly role nearly our sons entire life including not taking part in any part of the pregnancy willingly, went only to one appt and I had to beg him to go. It is just so sad to me how a man can play pretend just for the image of it all. I wish they could see how they negatively impact a child's life by being so MIA. I notice the more I do NC with my soon to be ex, the more he talks about our son and makes statements to me on how much he means to him, today really showed me. I just hope and pray that if we don't settle in mediation that the Judge will see through his act. It tears me apart thing about the dangers my little boy will be in if I'm not there. He is not looked over, the father doesn't see dangers, just the other day he walked off leaving our child to walk up a ladder alone, luckily I came in the house when I did, he was supposed to be spending time with him. It is so many irresponsible things he does to mention. He is perfect at playing like a child, but not taking care of our boy like an adult. Any cusidity court advice in this sort of situation? I live in TN.
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2023.06.02 07:38 Damati No power at rental property - Fairlawn Realty not responding

I'm not sure where else to post this. Hopefully this serves as a warning to others, and maybe a source of help for me. I am currently out of town for a week. On Tuesday morning a branch took out the power line to the place I am renting, Ameren came out and made the downed line safe, and Fairlawn showed up too - I only know this because my neighbor told me. In 3 days, I have not gotten a reply, a notice, an estimate of when power might be back on - absolute silence.
Do I have any rights as a renter about this? Any advice on what to do?
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2023.06.02 07:37 pirateslifewalee What is the going rate for a full time dog nanny?

I saw an ad on Facebook for one and I thought it was so crazy but now I’m thinking they were on to something.
We have a 1.5 yr old Rottweiler. He’s stubborn and VERY rambunctious. Without going in to a ton of detail; dog parks and dog daycare are a no go for him. That said; he needs a ton of mental and physical exercise in addition to tons of attention.
We also have 2 cats. 4 litter boxes, a Catio, stroller for them. Between the 3 of them, someone is always at the vet or out of food or out of litter or needs flea treatment. Never ends!
I think it would be super helpful to have someone come in and help with all of that.
Duties include:
Clean litter boxes once a week(4 litter boxes)
Scoop boxes daily
Clean and refill all water bowls daily(3 dog bowls, 3 cat bowls)
*Let cats on catio for 2-3 hours or take for a walk in stroller (daily)
Take pets to all vet appointments as needed
Administer all medicine and topical treatments as needed
Restock food, litter, treats, toys, gear, etc as needed
Make sure old/hazardous toys are thrown away as needed
Monday take dog on 2 walks + play session in nearby field
Tues take dog on play date with 1 vetted dog and their owner + 1 walk if needed
Wed take dog to a sniff spot, farm, or creek(we have a list of private spots we have access to) + 1 walk if needed
Thurs same as one of the above
Fri off work
Bathe dog (monthly or as needed)
Clip all animals nails as needed
Play with cats (daily)
Prep enrichment activities
No feeding necessary
What would the going rate for this be? How many hours a day would need to be allotted? Anything I should remove or clarify?
*oh and for the catio, we wouldn’t need someone sitting out there for 2-3 hours. Just open the door and let them go. Check in to make sure they’re doing ok, make sure the outside door is securely locked. The person could even leave the catio door open while they walk the dog around the neighborhood as long as all of the exterior house doors are locked. Catio time and a stroller ride for them isn’t mandatory daily but they sure would appreciate it!
Just trying to see what our options are!
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2023.06.02 07:36 TheEmptyMasonJar Recipe Search: Olive oil cookie that eats like a chocolate chip cookie.

I have an idea for a cookie in my head that is very olive oil heavy. However, I'm not a baker so I don't really know how I would go about doing this. I'd like the cookie to have a chewy and cakey texture, like the cookies pictured here. However, the cookies in the image are way too thick.
Does anyone know of a recipe that would create something like what I've described? Does anyone know what kind of oil to flour ratio I would need to achieve this effect?
This recipe looks okay, but I haven't tried it yet, but I want the olive oil flavor to be pronounced. I won't be adding chocolate chips. Should I consider switching out extra virgin olive oil with virgin olive oil?
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2023.06.02 07:35 booboobunnybabe Real friends matter

When people take the time to slow down in life and just embrace you as a friend a long hug holding tight As soon as they walk in the the house. You know they care. The hug was so deep i asked him if something was wrong he said no. I said are you ok he said yes. I then whispered in his ear still embraced in a long tight hug. Simply Thankyou! I needed that Wish he could have stayed longer but I understand he's tired. Hopefully tomorrow we shall enjoy our true friendship..... no sex no kissing no fights just hanging out chilling , movie, sleep and of corse hear me talk. Find out about our week and showcase real friendship. He doesn't want anything from me but my friendship he wants me to be there for him if he needs me. Yes I will, as you have shown me your actions shows me I can freely open up to you not be judged and build a future with you in it. With no hidden agenda. Hears to a beautiful us future xoxo p.s. you look so hot in your glasses call me in the morning let's make Plans you
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2023.06.02 07:35 PuzzleheadedTown2725 Puppy love part 1

One I’m not crazy , two it’s been a long time and three I wasn’t in the best emotional let’s get on with the story. I live in a moderate sized city in a mountainous area. The kind of place you can go hiking and pay an arm and leg for rent. Anyway I’m yammering.
On this shitty evening I was enjoying one of my favorite pastimes: alcohol. As I drank my problems away a gorgeous woman approached me. Short blonde hair, curves in all the right places. Something wasn’t right. Because She was interested in me.This may shock you but stuff like this just doesn't happen. We talked for hours, my jokes were landing. Hell we loved the same horror movies. Kind of ironic now that I think about it. Now I’m not ugly, at least I don’t think so, just a little awkward and dense. But she was way out of my league. I’d be damned if I didn’t look at this gift horse in the right part.
After talking we went to my place. Several things happened. One my life size chucky doll scared the crap out of her. On top of the fridge isn’t the best place for that. Two we cuddled and three she turned into a goddamn werewolf and bit me! All things considered I think I handled it pretty well. I treated my wounds, cried in the shower for thirty minutes and went to bed. What? You expected me to call the cops? They’d ask what kind of crack I was smoking.
Despite being a mythical monster and biting the shit out of me she wasn’t the worst I’ve been with. She cleaned up my place while I was firmly grasping my sanity. Honestly I thought it was a bad dream and I just had a great night with a neat freak. Of Course that didn’t explain the scar. Or how fast it healed.
It had been a week since the Werewolf incident and I was feeling kinda different. My senses were more sensitive. A lot of my neighbors need to take out their trash. Geez people that shit is disgusting. I also heard a friend of mine sneeze from across an entire Walmart.Freaked him out when i texted bless you. My vision has always been good. However now I can see fast moving objects a lot easier. I’m sure the parents of the kid who I pulled from the path of a car that ran a red light are grateful for it. It was awesome.
A week later it wasn't awesome. . I was invited to a party in a town an hour away. Nothing but forests on either side for miles. I was pissed after driving all that way just to find out the party had been canceled. Out of nowhere some asshole in an suv cut me off and I nearly crashed. I pulled off to the side of the road and I was so pissed. Without thinking I grabbed a rock and pitched the greatest fast ball of my life shattering the rear window. I was satisfied until the car stopped and my heart dropped to my ass when it drove back to me.
A mountain of a man stepped out of the car.”How the fuck do you fit in there?” Was my only thought before the rear driver side door opened.the man that stepped out was in his late 40s a few wrinkles on his face and slightly graying hair. He kinda reminded me of Will Ferrel. I mean aside from his hair and eye color he looked just like him. The two walked over to me. I’m gonna call them will and mountain since I never got their names. Will stepped forward and shook my hand.” Hey there. Seems like we’ve got a problem.”
Suddenly I was on the ground, the distinct taste of blood in my mouth and will leaning over me.” Now I understand my friend here was being reckless! “He yelled that last word over his shoulder.” However, you can’t break people’s things.”
He helped me up as Mountain walked over. In the movies you'd expect me to suddenly be an amazing fighter. This was not a movie. Mountain held me in place as Will did his best Rocky impersonation.
My only thoughts at that moment were. Where the hell are my powers.Will took that time to interrupt my thoughts.”Now I'm a fair guy and I can tell you don't have the money to pay for my rear windshield. So what I'm gonna do is beat you until I feel you have learned your lesson. How does that sound?” What an arrogant asshole.
Now if I was in my right mind I would have accepted this punishment but i wasn't in my right mind. I spat blood in Will's face and Mountain threw me to the ground before stomping on the back of my head. Blood dirt and mucus covered my face.
“You know there's one thing I hate above everything. It’s being disrespected!” Will continued his rant while walking back over to me dragging something with him as Mountain dragged me into the woods by my leg. We stopped moving but the ringing in my ears didn’t.
Flipping over to my back the full moon was the only thing I could focus on. “Come on werewolf powers!! Come on!!” I thought to myself. Will looked at me with a goofy smile on his face. He was laughing at me. I didn't think that I said it. I said it out loud. Those were probably gonna be my last words.
A lot of emotions went through my head at that moment. Fear,confusion,remorse,and Anger. Mostly anger . I was pissed. This is the textbook definition of overreacting. I broke a window and I didn't kill his dog. “ You know what Fuck this guy, fuck his car, fuck his friend and fuck werewolves!” Something hit me in the face and I blacked out.
when I came to it was still dark but I could see clearly. The area around me looked like a bomb went off. Several trees looked as if they lost a fight with The Hulk,I was covered in dirt and blood and there was a weird breeze. Looking down I found that The breeze was caused by me being naked.
My body felt like it had been stretched, reshaped and put back together by an angry toddler. By the grace of whatever deity is out there I found my keys and wallet and two more sets of keys and two other wallets.
I followed the smell of exhaust until I was back on the road. Will’s SUV was still there but no sign of him or mountain. I may have helped myself to a duffle bag full of cash in the trunk while searching for something to cover myself with. But I got into my car and drove off in my naked glory. Oh don't judge me, you just read what happened.
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2023.06.02 07:34 FPB270 Bit of an odd lost I suppose. Pic for reference. Mike, are you here?

Bit of an odd lost I suppose. Pic for reference. Mike, are you here?
From Oct 1995 to Oct 1997 I lived and worked in New Lexington Ohio. I came to need some body work on my car. This guy, out in the country, did the work. Good work. He lived in an old house, built partly into a hill. He had a nice shop out back. In the tiny stone garage under his house, was one of these 40th Anniversary models. In his body shop, 2 Panteras.
Mike, are you here?
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2023.06.02 07:34 WildernessTech Trip food report: Egypt

Hey guys, I just did a 10 day history/culture Nile cruise and wanted to share some of my celiac adventures now that the world is opening up again.
Some caveats, Egypt was just getting its tourism feet under it when the revolution happened in 2011, and then really started to push that again just before the spicey cough hit everyone. So it really felt like I was dealing with a lot of established businesses who had recently replaced a lot of staff, I suspect that a lot of the really experienced front of house tourism folks got hit really bad by it, so the overall institutional knowledge level was lower than what I'd otherwise expect. That said, everyone was super eager to please, most spoke 2-3 languages.
I'll try to break this up into some manageable chunks.
Egyptian cuisine in general: There are a lot of influences, so you get a big mix of foods that are now part of the culture. Breakfast may well have been called Breadfast, because of the number of pastries and similar dishes. But in general they do a lot of grilled meat (halal obvs) and veggies. Spices are pretty direct/simple not a huge number of sauces or dips, so in general lunches and dinners were easy enough, and I'm generally just a coffee=breakfast guy anyway, but heaps of fruit were pretty normal as well.
First hotel, New Cairo Hyatt: massive breakfast buffets, pretty decent lunch and dinner options, I did my usual of "What's the easiest thing the chief can do gluten free" and got a steak and roasted veggies. They really didn't seem to have much ability to do GF baking, or have many good GF options, but again, it's a very new hotel and the staff are trying to learn the needs of their market.
Last hotel Cairo InterContinental: Older hotel, obviously hired in staff from other places in Europe to bring up the training level, waiters had really good knowledge of celiac requirements, and overall had great procedures for dealing with that in the restaurant (had some other problems resulting from new staff, but seemed to be a training issue, and again a massive buffet with almost nothing safe for breakfast)
Train: We did a sleeper train on two legs of the journey. No really safe options for food, think airline meal, but only one option for dinner, and breakfast was three types of bread. Thankfully we didn't have to waste much of the food, as we were able to find folks who wanted it. It's worth mentioning here that while there is a lot of poverty in Egypt, and it's clear who's living kinda rough, there is both a sense of pride and community that meant we saw very few people just begging for food, they were more likely to try to sell something (anything) to a tourist rather than just beg, but we were able to give out the extra food, and it was both appreciated and shared. I don't want to make it seem like it was better than it was, but for a country that has functionally not had a working government for 60 years, they still make things work and get stuff done. It's by far not an ideal situation, but it is what it is, and I ended up with lots of packaged breadrolls to give away. I was able to pick up a few packaged food things that were from the EU so had compliant labels, and that was fine.
Cruise: The Nile cruise had pretty good food selections, pretty big buffet, and the worst day for me had only two options, some grilled chicken and sauteed veggies. Generally, I also had rice or roast potato, and sometimes an option of two proteins, just depending on sauces and such. Very limited breakfast options, and no dedicated deep-fryer, so that did limit some things. No desserts at all apart from fruit.
Food at sites/ restaurants: Generally pretty good options, very upscale places, so good knowledge, but again, lots of buffets, so not ideal, two places were just straight grill/bbq sort of things, so that was fine.
Overall: So as I mentioned earlier, most of the people were super eager to please, and very accommodating, they also tended to speak more than one language. That being said, even though I had a printed celiac info card in Arabic, and a very good guide, there were some times where it was hard to understand if they were just agreeing to be agreeable, or really trying to inform me, or if they didn't really understand my concern at all. I did get tagged out by something at some point. Given that about a third of our tour group got some sort of gut bug, which I think I also got (but who can say for sure) it's hard to know. I was as careful as I reasonably could be, but when dealing with buffets and potential cross-contaminations, it was challenging. That being said, would I recommend a similar trip for anyone else? Yeah, I would. You just need to know yourself, if you have debilitating symptoms, then probably not, but if you can generally manage, then it's likely worth the overall risk. The tour companies and people will get better with time. As I said, something got me, but have no idea what, and realistically it may not have been a gluten reaction, it's very possible that I got a bug early on in the trip and just toughed it out until I medicated near the end (I can be somewhat stubborn). That said, they do "tipped" toilets so having cash on hand for toilets is a thing, they like their bidets, which is kinda good when the guts are not great, and pack a lot of your own tissues/sanitizer. It was really hit-and-miss what places would have no TP, and there was no real way to predict it. The toilets were generally pretty clean when we found them, but again, not always. The general rate was 10EGP but ranged from 5-20 to use a toilet outside of the major hotels, and airport. It was a general annoyance to everyone on the trip, but not enough to be a major problem. I think everyone was more bothered about how many tips were needed that were not really explained by the travel agents, but it wasn't a huge cost factor. Also, we could have gotten away with just handling all that in Euro or USD, in fact, if we were to go again, I'd try to get all the tour costs priced in USD and take that, as it was harder to get EGP in Australia (but we are getting well off topic now).
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2023.06.02 07:34 b_robertson18 struggling with the prospect of dating. could use some tips/advice/wisdom/etc.

hey y'all. hopefully this is acceptable for this forum, if not I'll delete it. just looking for what my title says.
To start this off, I'm a young man. I don't really like giving my exact age on here, so I'll just say I'm under 21, but not a minor. I've been working on deepening my relationship with and getting closer to the Lord, something that has been a huge battle between my spirit and flesh, but one that I'd consider myself to be winning... albeit gradually. I still have so much to work on and I'm constantly trying to figure out how to.
My journey towards becoming a Godly man (if that's really possible) has also led me to begin wondering about the seemingly difficult concept of dating in a faith oriented setting. I do believe in dating to marry, actually I always have. There has never been even a single moment of my life where I've been interested in anything but that. I'm the kind of guy who has zero interest in flings, or leading someone on, off and on relationships, or any other bogus. I've always wanted to find one young woman to do life with, because to me that is what a relationship should be. I do not have any issues with the forbidden four letter word that starts with a P, nor do I have any other issues anywhere close to that. I find it disgusting and am an extremely hardcore believer in banning it forever.
With that having been said, how do I go about this? Is there some magical way of finding someone? I've done a little searching on here and some of y'all mention dating websites or apps, going to church, or just anything and everything that could lead me to who I'm looking for, but what are the odds of actually finding someone? with my luck, it seems like any church I'd go to wouldn't have anyone around my age group. I'm open to the prospect, but it appears to be a wild goose chase. Another major issue I see playing in is this: I feel like a lot of the Christian girls my age are in college, and I'm not, so it makes me wonder if my chances are already very heavily reduced. Add in the fact that I am looking for one with no desire to have children, is unable to have them, or is leaning towards not having them, and we have what I'm gonna call the "terrible trifecta" in regards to Christian dating. why do I not want kids, some might ask? Without going into much detail, I'm just not cut out to be a dad, something that has too many reasons why to list here. I think it's much better to find that out now than later and break someone's heart about it. This begs the question: Do Christian women who don't want to/can't have kids even exist? If so, where do I find them, and how? I tend to just assume that all of them do, because we are the group of people who seem to usually want them. I just wanted to say that I have absolutely nothing against those who do, men or women, but it's just not for me. Childfree Godly ladies deserve love too, and I'm out here looking for one.
On the other hand, a large part of me sadly wonders if I should even bother with dating, at least right now. I'm not currently where I want to be in life, and know that it will take me many years to get there. I have this kind of mentality where ideally I need to mold myself into the kind of man that the woman I'd be hoping to find would be looking for... but is this realistic, or could I grow with her, together, to become who we want to be, or who God wants us to be? I have many goals, including being financially independent, more fit/stronger, obviously a house of my own, and even deeper in my walk with the Lord... among other goals, but I know that this is far from an overnight thing. I just have to wonder if this will obliterate any chances of me finding someone.
I've heard the saying that if you aren't happy alone, you won't be happy in a relationship. I've experienced both, and I'm happy in either, my longest relationship having been over two years long, albeit with an unbeliever. I ended it because we just weren't fit for each other in so many ways, like very different views on moral and religious issues, that I was never blind to but ignored until I couldn't any longer. I was young and dumb, and now I've learned pretty much exactly what I want, and what I don't. I'm grateful I never gave in to fornication, so I'm still "pure" in that respect, but I have done everything but that, something that I wish I could go back and undo. I've been single for about a year and three months now, and I still wonder to this day, and always will, if God was the one who led me out of that relationship so that he could lead me back to him. I trust him and the plans he has for me, but I just want someone to do life with, and all that comes with it.
I would love to know what y'all think of this, and would love to receive any tips, advice, encouragement, wisdom, anything ya got. I'm also looking for some peeps to be friends with, because I have so few of them.
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2023.06.02 07:34 Alarming_Courage_489 My ex boyfriend is trying to make me jealous

I (16 F) had a boyfriend (16 M) we got together the night of KOH on February 19th. We dated and all seemed good until last Friday May 26th. So Thursday night I got a message from my ex saying that he was wondering if I could meet up with him sometime so he could talk to me about something serious. So I message and ask him if I did anything wrong and when did he wanna meet up and he told me on Friday and I asked him at what time and he didn’t respond and he told me that he wanted to meet up at the gulch at 11 AM. I agreed and I went to go talk with my dad about it and he said that he didn’t feel comfortable with me going down there by myself because if it was something that was going to upset me he doesn’t wanna see me hurt. And when my mom got home that night she told me the same thing. But I was so confused because Wednesday we hung out and all seemed perfectly fine but I did notice that when I would go and try to be affectionate with him I felt like something was wrong. But I didn’t think much of it and thought he was just tired. But back to that Thursday night I just kept getting the feeling like something was wrong and I couldn’t help but cry because of how scared I was. I thought I was going to vomit. I told him that this was making me nervous and that I couldn’t help but cry and he said that he was sorry if he caused that and I told him that this doesn’t sit right with me and that I feel like he’s going to break up with me and he told me something that I don’t remember but he said to me “just please make this easier and go to bed.” So when I woke up Friday morning I was growing more worried every minute that passed by. He said that he didn’t want me to feel this way and that he wanted to talk to me. Around 10:55 I leave my house and I’m waiting for my ex at the place he wanted us to meet up at. He shows up and he makes small talk and I asked him what he wanted to talk about. So he told me that he felt like he couldn’t open up to me and that he’s always had trouble with it and that the last thing he wanted to do was break my heart. I told him how I felt. He told me that it felt like we grew distant and he went back to him not being able to open up to me and I asked him “if you want too we can work on that. Only if you want too.” And then he told me that he wanted to break up and that he thought about breaking up with me for awhile. I went and hung out with him some more and I feel stupid for doing so and when I got home I just cried and my mom came up to my room and asked me how I was feeling cause I had told her and my dad about the break up and my friends. I just looked at my mom and cried and she hugged me and comforted me. I then bawled my eyes out to my dad and he hugged me tight. But Saturday morning I get a text from my ex’s best friend asking me if my ex had another girlfriend and I told him that I didn’t think so and his friend told me that he was just wondering cause my ex had sent him a photo of him in another girls car but I just thought it was a friend but later this friend told me that he thinks that my ex has another girlfriend because he was sent a photo of her and him together and his friend sent it to me and conveniently I was listening to “kill bill” by SZA and his friend asked him if he had another girlfriend and my ex said “Yeah lol, sadly me and RT broke up and we both thought it was better if we were just friends.” But during this week however my two friends and I were hanging out when we picked up my ex and while we were all hanging out I noticed a hickey on his neck but he told my friend that it was just a bruise. Which I didn’t believe. And then Tuesday night he sent me a photo of his neck and he had hickies on his neck and this girl who I’m assuming is his new girlfriend sent me a photo pulling down the collar of her shirt showing me a hickey she had near her chest. I told my ex yesterday that I didn’t feel comfortable with seeing that and that should only stay between them. He said he understood and then he shifted it to me running off anytime he caught up with the group. But tonight I cut contact with him and all the stuff he gave me I put away. My friends are saying that my ex was definitely seeing another girl and my grandma said that you just don’t decide that over night. And when I told my ex that I didn’t want him to contact me anymore he asked me “what did I do?” Idk guys what do you think?
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2023.06.02 07:33 i-cant-take-anymore1 Uncontrollable worry and fright

I’ll begin with a warming that I’m probably going to ramble but I cannot even think straight so I apologize.
I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember and overall have been able to manage it on my own for the most part, at least outwardly. I had an injury two years ago, I broke my leg in a very uneventful way but required surgery to set it and to place a rod in the tibia. A few months ago I had to have the rod removed and have been slowly recovering since. The problem is my anxiety has amped up 100 fold. I feel like I am out of control. I am afraid of everything that I was never afraid of before (not anymore than a regular level of fear anyways) but now the fear is so overwhelming I feel like im on the brink of some sort of melt down. Im afraid of storms, driving, my pets health, extension cords that I’ve been using for months, going in public, whether I turned off the stove when I leave the house (even if I know I haven’t used the stove in a few days) bugs (I have this fear that when I turn on a light to say my bathroom that I’m going to see a bug which is terrifying to me. I don’t know why this is happening but I feel like im crazy.
I have started seeing a psychologist but I feel like she doesn’t understand the magnitude of the level of discomfort and down right terror I’m feeling at almost every waking hour of my life!
I’m not sure what I’m wanting out of this post. I think I just needed to get that off my chest and maybe see if I’m not alone and if anyone has any coping strategies that may have worked for them that I can try.
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2023.06.02 07:33 Mrgosh001 She left me and I know it’s her lost it it still hurts

I proposed today after I finally got approved for buying my house to own and my first brand new car and money to support her and her kid I was homeless through out the relationship and wasn’t in the best place but she was there for me for 3 years through it all and when I finally turned it around I thought knew that if she loved me through my worst she’s the one to keep as things finally turned around but she told me she didn’t feel the same and wanted the old me that was dependent on her when through out the whole relationship she said she wanted better for me and I even wanted better for me it hurts cause now that life’s turning around and I’m doing good financially is when she doesn’t want to share my life with me I never cheated or lied actually I was sometimes too honest but I rather give my all to someone I thought was giving there all too now I’m left with everything I need in life house car great job and money but the biggest hole is love
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2023.06.02 07:33 ash131213 My boyfriend wanted to borrow money from me and now I don't trust him as much

So as the title says, my (34f) boyfriend (54m) asked to borrow a large sum of money from me and now I don't feel like I can trust him as much. I recently sold my house that my ex and I had bought together. It was part of the divorce decree that we sell the house and split the proceeds. The house literally closed yesterday and I got a check same day. Even with my ex and I splitting the proceeds, it was a very large sum of money, more than I make in a year at my job that I've had for many, many years. I wasn't able to deposit it yesterday, so I stopped by the bank today after work. I had told my boyfriend, who I recently moved in with and have been with for almost a year, my plans for the money. My plans basically being that I would pay off my credit card debt, put some money aside for my son, maybe buy a new car and then hold on to the rest and save it. He agreed with all of my plans. After I got home from the bank, I was feeling pretty good after having a crappy and stressful week and he said he wanted to talk to me about something. I said sure and he started by saying that he had a request and that I was free to say no and it was no big deal, but he thought he would ask anyway. He then proceeded to ask if he could borrow $30k.
Honestly I was very taken aback. The reason he wanted to borrow the money is because he has a lot of debt from stupid decisions he made before he met me, which I know all about. He has a great job and makes more than twice as much as I do and has been paying his debt down. It should only take a year or two for him to get out of the debt. He reasoned that he would rather pay me back and maybe pay me interest on the loan rather than paying interest to a credit card company. I was completely flabbergasted and felt so uncomfortable. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable with that because the future is never certain and what if we broke up or something down the road? There would be no guarantees that I would get my money back. He said he completely understood and it was totally fine, he just thought he would ask. To be honest though, I have felt so uncomfortable since he asked and feel like I can't trust him as much anymore. He knows that his request made me upset and regrets asking. I honestly can't help how upset I've been. I'm trying to put it behind me and forget he asked like he requested, but I'm finding that really difficult to do. I don't know if my feelings are unreasonable. Any advice or suggestions on how to get past those feelings?
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2023.06.02 07:32 Zellie23 Did studying polisci in college ruin your outlook on life?

Disclaimer: This isn’t a cry for help. It’s more of a rant.
Im graduating from college with a BA in political science from a good university. I’ve learned lots about politics (American politics specifically) and over time it has made me so disillusioned with the political system and competence of our government. It’s so disappointing that I wish I never cared for politics and majored in something else so I could live blissfully unaware.
Cost of living is at an all time high, congress is deadlocked in a culture war being run by 70 year olds, the Supreme Court is reversing its own decisions, and above else no one seems to care. The system is sooooo broken and because of what I know about politics from my education it won’t be fixed anytime soon (and will probably get worse).
Hey I have a good job though so that’s cool (it has nothing to do with politics). Still won’t be able to afford a house for a few decades though!
Political science killed my optimism, did it kill yours too?
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