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Clayton is a town in Johnston County, North Carolina, and considered a satellite town of Raleigh

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Garner is a town in Wake County, North Carolina, United States and a suburb of Raleigh

2023.06.02 04:49 MrEpicLuke Kenswick in Humble?

Looking to settle around Houston and noticed the affordability of Humble west side of the highway by airport north of 1960. How are the residential areas culture and safety wise? I wouldn't personally be keen in any apartments along the road by the airport just looking at the maps and such, but it seems like it's pretty densely built up and green, lots of schools around and a mall of questionable quality within reasonable distance.
Can I get the brutally honest review of that little cluster of open houses so I know whether to cross off the region on zillow or not? ^^;
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2023.05.31 17:43 nerdyswag16 We bought our house at the start of COVID, before all the craze of rising prices. Would it be dumb to sell?

I know in most situations it wouldn't matter, all houses rose so it shouldn't matter, I've heard all that. But I feel like I'm in a unique position. In 2021 we got approved for this house for 95k and jumped instantly even though it needed some work.. We haven't had it appraised, but Zillow values it now at nearly 230k, and my neighbor with half the size yard and house sold for 190k just this past year in only slightly better condition (maybe even the same but different, they still had the old tile and carpet, mine has already been removed to concrete) So I feel the Zillow price listed for my house is fairly close.
We could afford it when we first moved in. Now our taxes have doubled, with another rise incoming. Then with everything else rising it seems like we are just trying to get by at this point. The house stopped getting worked on. We don't like the area (metro Detroit) either. My wife works from home and I'm jumping from part time work while trying to start a handyman business on the side. We would like to move somewhere where houses have not rose nearly as much. Most likely Northern lower peninsula of Michigan.
There is some kind of roadblock in my mind from just jumping on this, but at the same time it does seem like a good idea, financially at least. We haven't really paid off much towards the house as I'm assuming we are still in the heavily paying off the interest part of the loan. If we sold for 220k after closing cost and paying the loan off we are hoping to have around 100k left over. If we moved up north we could buy the house, entirely paid off, potentially some to spare. My wife can work anywhere with Internet, and everywhere seems to be short of handyman/contractors. Plus we both want to be around nature out of the city.
To me it sounds like a great idea, but my wife and I can't stop "joking" about selling. It's hard to get past the roadblock of being comfortable with what you know and diving into something new. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.31 11:19 Appropriate_Syrup574 [IWantOut] 33F US -> US/Canada

Hey there. Looking for some perspective.
33F originally from the US, living in South Korea for the last 5+ years on a teaching English visa. I have recently decided that teaching isn't worth it for me anymore, and am currently completing a second Bachelor's in Computer Science. I'll be finished by next summer. My first Bachelor's is in Human Development & Family Sciences (basically pre-Social Work). I am weighing my options between returning to the US or trying for permanent residency in Canada.
  1. My family is getting older, and I want to be there to help & support them financially.
  2. Familiar culture - one of the big reasons I'm calling it quits in Korea is due to lack of community. I feel isolated, and it's heavily impacting my mental health. I want to be part of a community, to build lasting relationships, and to belong somewhere.
  3. Financial security. IT pays much better in the US.
  4. No immigration issues.
  5. Housing in some of the areas I'm interested in moving (Minneapolis, upstate NY, western Mass) isn't too outrageous.
  1. Politics. I'm a queer woman and generally not optimistic about the future of the country. I know it's not all doom-and-gloom, but it's hard not to be pessimistic when I read the news out of America.
  2. Healthcare costs.
  3. Gun violence. Part of the reason I went back to school is because I refuse to teach in the US, and a big part of it is related to gun violence.
I have been looking into Permanent Residency requirements for Canada, and they seem achievable to me. I could easily afford a Master's from a Canadian university, which seems like a good path to PR.
Pro - Canada
  1. Healthcare is more affordable.
  2. Less gun violence.
  3. Culturally similar to the US. Not the same, but probably as similar as I'm gonna get.
  4. Cheaper universities - if I get my Master's in Canada, it will cost a fraction of what it might in the US.
Neg - Canada
  1. Housing prices. I doomscroll through Zillow often these days, and it seems impossible that I could ever afford to live in BC, which is where my heart is. I went to university in the PNW and miss those forests. I'm looking at some more affordable options in Alberta now, but I'm not enamored with the area. In a perfect world, I would love to own a home one day.
  2. Hoops to jump through for Permanent Residency.
  3. Far from family. I want to be closer to family in case of health emergencies, and I would love to have my grandmother move in/nearby so that I can help with her care. My family lives in Florida, which is an absolute no-go for me, and I doubt I could convince my grandmother to move to the Great White North.
I just feel very stuck right now. I feel like I will regret not spending more time with my family-- especially my grandmother, who I'm very close to-- as they get older. At the same time, all my friends that know about my plans are screaming at me not to come back to America, it's a garbage dump. What would you do?
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2023.05.30 16:44 Sufficient_Stage451 Interesting order

Interesting order
Saw this a while ago wanted to post here
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2023.05.29 12:05 Subspace_Teddy2206 Commute Alameda --> Emeryville?

Hi all,
moving to the Bay Area from Berlin, Germany later this year and am researching the area at the moment. I will be working in Emeryville so it makes sense to try to get an apartment right there or in North Oakland / South Berkeley neighbourhoods. Am using Zillow / Craigslist and have a focus on these three areas.
However, in my search I have found a number of nice and not horribly expensive places in the city of Alameda. And it does look like a nice area for me and my wife (and two cats), professionals in the mid 40s, no massive club goers. Heard and read so far however that the commute into Emeryville is not so convenient as cycling there takes a long time as there is just a tunnel connecting Alameda which is not advised to use. One would need a car, is what my future employer said.
How about bus or other connections there in 2023? Any locals who are in the know and happy to share?
Thanks and see you there ;)
EDIT: Thank you everybody for the helpful posts, highly appreciated!
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2023.05.29 03:51 Enigmajikali First real Unicorn

First real Unicorn
I've been doing this since the year started more or less. Had tip increases, but never this much. I left a note with the pick telling him the bag was heavy and not to trust it, and thanking him for a good trip and getting me away from the city.
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2023.05.26 20:42 Lumpriest Moving in Utah? Start here.

Flood Maps
Earthquakes (and other geologic hazards)
Mass Transit (UTA)
School Boundaries
Military Bases
Regional and International Airports

For very low income families and stricken landlords who want financial assistance and information from the State, see the following link:
Dept of Workforce Services: Housing and Community Development
For a national landing page for housing resources, including tenant disputes, evictions, and foreclosures, see the following link:
USA.gov Housing Help
You do not need 20% down on a mortgage for a primary residence.
This is a common misconception. The down payment on a primary mortgage typically starts at 3% of loan amount. This will change depending on factors such as loan amount, interest rate, term, and credit score. However, there are programs and grants (offered by the lender, state, and charities) that can assist in your down payment and greatly ease the upfront cost of your home purchase.
Consider that when you apply for a mortgage, the lender will take into account all reliable monthly payments when determining what you can afford. This includes principal, interest, mortgage insurance, HOA payments, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and other miscellaneous escrow payments. If a lender tells you that your monthly payment cannot exceed $xxxx, they include all of the above in that payment.
Mortgage Calculator
Talk to a lender for prequalification. You are not obligated to work with anyone you talk to! If you decide to have a loan officer pull your credit, you may request a copy of your credit report. You can take this report to other lenders to shop rates so that you don’t have multiple pulls on your credit. (Note that whatever lender you use to purchase your home will require their own pull of your credit at time of preapproval.)
Lenders will have their own in-house programs and/or grants to incentivize first-time homebuyers, military veterans, rural residents, and other unique circumstances. Ask what programs apply to you.

Utah Housing
Good Neighbor Next Door
VA Grants
HUD-Supported State, County, and City Grants
Complete List of Searchable HUD-Supported Grants
Locals use KSL, not Craigslist, for local listings including rentals.
Outside of KSL, the best way to find mom-and-pop rentals is by driving through a prospective neighborhood looking for rental signs (yep, I’m serious). Below are common websites used for rentals in UT.
Note that some of these sites IDX feed with each other, but there may be unique listings on each.
HUD Subsidized Housing

UT is a landlord-friendly state. Tenants and landlords should know their rights and obligations. Start here for information.
Utah is a cold desert. We experience freezing winters and sweltering, dry summers. The extreme temperature change is hard on infrastructure including roads, water and sewer pipes, and housing materials.
We are part of the ongoing drought of the western US. Water conservation is a current and real issue statewide.
When planning outdoor activities or considering rural housing, consider your availability and access to water.
Weather Behavior and Averages
Plant Hardiness and Frost Dates

The SaltLakeCity wiki includes a list of neighborhoods and associated maps via Google Maps. Click here for a direct link.

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) runs our mass transit in the North Wasatch Front. Our mass transit leaves some to be desired compared to other large cities. If you do not or will not have access to a car, check that your residence will be within reasonable distance to mass transit.
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2023.05.26 07:12 wildtyper Looks…familiar

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2023.05.26 01:19 kayladiane05 Moving Back!

Originally from Niagara County, went to college in WNY and lived in Amherst for a bit before moving to Albany for a job 5.5 years ago. Fast forward and I got a new job in Buffalo! So happy to move back.
We’re moving July 1 and everything is pretty much set other than of course the apartment. Just wondering how aggressive it is. I’ve been on Zillow and HotPads and seeing all these people apply is making me a little anxious. Any tips?
I’m looking Kenmore, North Park, Allentown, Elmwood.
Also looking forward to so many new food places in these neighborhoods, weggies subs, and even a freaking Tim Hortons coffee once in awhile.
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2023.05.25 19:16 puff-puff-pasta Questions about living in Ridgecrest

I know Ridgecrest isn't a "Reddit" town, but I'd rather get fewer replies than wade through a chaotic Facebook group, haha.
Anyway, Ridgecrest is on my list of relocation considerations and I'm not getting much luck getting any responses from the local realtors. So I figured I'd hit up the locals and see what bites.

I think Ridgecrest would be a nice choice for my family... Despite the fact that it's hot as sin over there and I'm going to have an out-of-control AC bill. Most of its reported downsides are things I don't care about (I'm not a "nightlife" person). Or things I'm not going to let bother me (like earthquakes) because que sera, sera. I'm primarily concerned with expenses and practicalities at the moment.
Thanks in advance if you respond to any of my questions.

Edit: I appreciate everyone's thoughtful responses! Thank you! I hadn't heard of Race Internet but I'll definitely be checking it out.
I have trivial questions in case anyone trips over this post at a later date:
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2023.05.24 04:06 Educational_Copy_140 Thinking of moving away from Virginia Beach to somewhere else in VA

I've lived in Virginia Beach since 1991 when I got stationed here in the Navy and just never left. But now I'm retired and bored of the endless suburbia landscape and looking to try somewhere else. BUT, I've never really been anywhere else in the state. I've driven 95 north to south, crossed the state on 64 and 460 but never really stayed anywhere.
I'd be looking for scenery, low crime, middle of the road politics and a more small town feel without the 'everyone knows everyone's business' stuff, not too Jesus-y or meth-y. Near a city but not IN a city. Like we can drive in to see and do things but not have to deal with all the city garbage.
*EDIT: Thank you all so much for the suggestions and representing your areas of the state. I had no idea I'd get so many ideas. Off to Zillow next*
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2023.05.23 23:50 babybutters1234 Area trends

What are some resources for finding trends in my area? Besides speaking with a realtor, which we have spoken to a few, but opinions vary so ideally I’d like to evaluate the info myself and come up with my own opinion.
I’ve also been browsing zillow but not sure what to look for specifically in the details/data. Houses are going quick here still so it’s hard to tell what specifics are selling the home. Houses with pools are listed for like a day before they fly off the shelf above asking, which I know can be a unique market to market situation, but that’s the only obvious factor.
We have to sell in 3 years (military) so any upgrades we do aren’t just for us and need to have some sort of research behind them.
Yes, I know trends change with time, but some stuff is universally preferred in a certain area. For example- we are in north central Texas and for some reason espresso stained cabinets are the big thing here. This differs from where we just came from where white cabinets were still the dominate preference for buyers.
We just want to make informed choices and aren’t concerned with exact dollar for dollar return but the things we are going to do anyways (like adding a deck/patio) I would like to be on trend for the area (:
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2023.05.19 22:59 robo-dragon All setup! Come see me and and other fantastic vendors tomorrow and Sunday in North Olmsted, Ohio at Rock-A-Rama! A great little NE Ohio Show for minerals, fossils, and jewelry. 10 to 6pm tomorrow and 10 to 5pm on Sunday.

All setup! Come see me and and other fantastic vendors tomorrow and Sunday in North Olmsted, Ohio at Rock-A-Rama! A great little NE Ohio Show for minerals, fossils, and jewelry. 10 to 6pm tomorrow and 10 to 5pm on Sunday. submitted by robo-dragon to u/robo-dragon [link] [comments]

2023.05.19 03:43 normalville Now what? STBX removed everything to another state her lawyer said Based on jurisdictional issues I will not be representing her.

Background story: Marriage of 23 years on the rocks for at least 10. No children they are all adults and independent. I was pushed to my limits and left the house. We have a house in PA and a house in NC. I moved to Florida she moved to Pennsylvania. She removed everything from the North Carolina house and left only garbage behind.
Her attorney sent me a letter to negotiate an equitable distribution asking for ridiculous things like giving her the vehicle and assuming the loan on it, 2000.00 a month in permanent alimony and doing something about 20K in a 401K. After I did not give an inch past 50/50 and did not budge on any alimony. Then I pointed out taking everything and not listing several items in her original letter worth 5,000-20,000 dollars would not play well in the courts. Her lawyer wrote me back "I have been out of county on a case. Based on jurisdictional issues I will not be representing Ms. STBX on any court filings. As it does not appear that we will agree in a separation agreement Ms. STBX will be deciding how she wants to proceed. Best Regards,"
Basically the PA property is free and clear of any mortgage. The North Carolina house has a mortgage I am paying. The values of the property "based on Zillow estimates" are equal say 200K. I still owe 100K on the North Carolina house. She took about 60 or 70K of marital assets to Pennsylvania I have nothing from the Marital assets besides the equity in the North Carolina house.
What exactly does her attorney mean it is not in her jurisdiction? What should I do at this point? Nothing has been filed with any courts yet I am assuming since I have not been served with any papers yet.
Bottom line with the PA house and all of the marital assets in Pennsylvania if we can agree the she keeps the PA property and the marital assets she pretty much stole, get the vehicle loan in her name and forget about the 401K and alimony. She walks away with 250K and I have 100K in equity in North Carolina. Bullshit I know but probably worth it at the end.
Where would I file the equitable distribution agreement? Florida where I live, Pennsylvania where she lives or North Carolina where the marriage ended?
Advice suggestions? What would you do?
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2023.05.16 17:48 ArtemZ Good coworking spaces?

I'm a bit bored of working from home and going to the office in North Olmsted is not appealing too. I tried to work from Madison Branch public library, but I need to do online meetings from time to time and the staff here hates even whisper.
Any ideas?
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2023.05.14 21:18 cillogreen Where to get good jerk chicken? Anywhere from Lorain area to East side of Cleveland.

My dad's favorite place for jerk chicken in north olmsted closed a month or two and he is beyond distraught. Any recommendations on where to get good jerk chicken? Willing to travel anywhere between Lorain to Painesville. Thank you!!
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2023.05.14 05:59 CaptainWikkiWikki Sometimes I Miss Where I Grew Up, But I Can Never Afford to Move Back

I'm not sure what this post is. Is it just whining? Who knows. Bear with me.
I moved from my native north OC (Fullerton/Brea/Placentia) to DC over a dozen years ago for better work opportunities in my field. I wound up meeting my wife out here, who happens to be from North San Diego County. We have kids and live in the DC suburbs and all is fine and dandy.
But it's hard not to miss my SoCal upbringing at times, especially because most of our family is still out west, particularly our parents. With telework options now being largely permanent for me, I sometimes think I'd like to move back home so my kids are closer to their extended family. (And because I miss In-N-Out. Obviously.)
And then I look at Zillow. What a demoralizing affair.
It's not surprising in the least, and there have been many "how do people afford Orange County" threads on here in recent years, but it saddens me that I, as a person who makes a far above average income in an expense area, am essentially nothing in Orange County. It's a whole other level there. I can afford a 5 BR home with a dedicated office (and a basement!) in Virginia, but I would be lucky to get a 3 BR, 1 bath rundown single story home in Garden Grove if I went back home.
There's always Temecula or somewhere like that, but those places lack the charm of my true homeland. Plus, it's hot there.
Of course, my in-laws can't fathom why we don't just move to San Diego, which cracks me up constantly. All I can think is, "OK, boomer."
I'm sure I'm not alone. It's just sad to think that short of a major housing bubble rupture, SoCal will remain essentially unreachable. I'll forever be economically banished from the area that made me.
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2023.05.13 00:28 william_fontaine 10 arrested in North Olmsted human trafficking sting, including a pervious superintendent of Westlake City schools

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2023.05.10 22:37 frugaly Pickup games around North Olmsted?

Hey guys! I’m looking for any type of fun pick up games for my boyfriend to play this spring/summer!
He would like something really casual (not super competitive) on the west side. It can be anything: soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee, you name it!!
Drop your suggestions below! :)
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2023.05.10 02:37 robo-dragon Feeling a little blue today…or is it purple?…How about “blurple?” Getting ready for Rock A Rama in North Olmsted, Ohio! Dragon’s Hoard will be there with this hand-picked Elmwood Fluorite flat and so much more! See my comment for details.

Feeling a little blue today…or is it purple?…How about “blurple?” Getting ready for Rock A Rama in North Olmsted, Ohio! Dragon’s Hoard will be there with this hand-picked Elmwood Fluorite flat and so much more! See my comment for details. submitted by robo-dragon to MineralNCrystalSales [link] [comments]

2023.05.09 18:51 fiftythreestudio Let's talk about why American cities aren't kid-friendly.

BOTTOM LINE, UP FRONT: Part of it is because the rent is too damn high - but it's also because of failed urban design policies.
Older folks in the US like to get nostalgic about the old days, because back then it was safe to let kids play outside without supervision. My dad, who grew up in Boston in the 1950s and 1960s, regaled us with stories of how they used to go to the neighbors' houses and play stickball in the street. Older buildings still have these types of signs on them saying "no ball playing." (The sign in the image is one I took in Brooklyn.)
Thinking of it from the 21st century, the idea of it is a little ridiculous. What parent in their right mind would let their kid play soccer or baseball on a New York City or San Francisco or Los Angeles street? It raises lots of questions, doesn't it?
Nope, it wasn't safer in the old days. Using the murder rate as a proxy, New York City in 2020 had a lower murder rate than New York City in 1960. (Data is pulled from the City of New York's open data portal, and the U.S. Census Bureau.) I've used NYC because I have good data, but the trend is broadly similar in other major cities.
year murders population murders/100,000 pop.
1930 494 6.93 million 7.13
1940 275 7.45 million 3.69
1950 294 7.89 million 3.73
1960 482 7.78 million 6.19
1970 1117 7.89 million 14.15
1980 1814 7.07 million 25.65
1990 2245 7.32 million 30.66
2000 673 8.01 million 8.40
2010 536 8.18 million 6.56
2020 468 8.8 million 5.32
I've used the murder rate as a proxy for a city's safety, because it's hard to compare crime rates between eras. Laws, enforcement patterns and cultural standards change over time. (For example, in the 1950s, homosexuality was illegal, but women couldn't legally refuse to have sex with their husbands.) To do apples-to-apples comparisons across time and space, criminologists use homicide rates as a measuring stick. Man has killed man since Cain and Abel. And it's not hard to determine whether a homicide has happened. The Princess Bride notwithstanding, there's no such thing as "mostly dead."
So, there's two things.
First, there's the housing shortage. As I, and many people my age know extremely well, the rent is too damn high. Or the mortgage, if you want to buy. A nothing-special, century-old 3-bedroom house in a place like Berkeley will easily run you $1.2 million if you want to buy, which is $8000 a month. Because personal finance experts advise you shouldn't spend more than 1/3 of your gross income on housing, this means you have to make $24,000 a month ($288,000 a year) to afford it. This means that many objectively affluent people are getting squeezed like crazy. It's also why you don't see a whole lot of children in the Bay Area.
But there's another, unseen reason.
It's because urban streets aren't designed for families. City streets these days are usually designed with only one purpose in mind: to transport as many cars from point A to point B as possible. This has been an integral assumption of the Green Book - the traffic engineer's standard manual - for decades. Other uses of public spaces have largely fallen by the wayside, though this did somewhat change during the COVID pandemic, when streets were closed to promote social distancing. Sadly, cities are reversing those changes now. University Avenue in Palo Alto was a delight to stroll down, and children were playing soccer in the street when it was closed to cars, but all that is done now. Mayor Adams in NYC tried to do the same thing in NYC, but the neighbors revolted.
But it doesn't have to be this way. Old World cities are still built like this. The last time I was in Madrid, I stayed on the Plaza del Dos de Mayo, a public square in the Malasaña district of central Madrid. The plaza is a classic public square, fronted on all sides by restaurants and six-story apartment buildings. Families would sit in the square, the parents would drink their coffee or wine, and the kids played soccer there. There was no danger of some jackass in a Ford running down your six-year-old. Same thing in Tel Aviv, where the big, broad streets of the city center are built with playgrounds in the median. If you want to see how this works, look at Ben-Gurion Boulevard. Ben-Gurion is the same width as Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Ben-Gurion has one narrow lane of traffic in each direction, and most of the rest of the street is devoted to space for people going about their daily lives. Sunset, by comparison, uses nearly every last square inch for car traffic.
The crazy thing is, Americans also used to do things like this. In the early 20th century, among the crowded tenements of Manhattan, the NYPD closed off streets in the densest parts of Manhattan so children could play baseball, hopscotch and to do all the other things that children do.
Not a big deal, honestly. First is that the truly essential traffic - deliveries and such - can be restricted to particular hours, as they do in Europe. Second, there's a well-established principle in traffic engineering called "induced demand," meaning that traffic expands to fill the road space allotted. This is how LA could spend a billion dollars expanding the 405 freeway, and traffic got worse. The only really good way to actually reduce traffic congestion is a political hard sell: impose tolls on the congested areas, as they do in London and Stockholm, and use the funding to improve public transit.
This is going to be a political hard sell, I admit; but then again, this is why I'm a guy with a book, and not a politician.
crossposted from the blog.
Obligatory plug: The book is coming out in November! It's up for preorder on Amazon etc, but if you want a signed copy, you can preorder it from me.
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2023.05.09 18:01 Queenbee_3tinybees MLS listing not showing up on Zillow, North Texas. Our agent doesn't know.

Our agent listed our house for rent on MLS on 5/5 and said it takes 2 days or so for the listing to show up on Zillow. It's 5/9 and the rental is still not up. She says she has no control over that.
Does she need to do something specific to sync the two together? I feel like I need to guide her through this :-/
I'm in North Texas
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