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A letter I’ll never send

2023.06.02 06:21 bunniii333 A letter I’ll never send

I could write a thousand words about you and never scratch the surface of how I feel. The devastation, the admiration, the hatred, the repulsion. To put it simply, I hate you. You were a hurricane that came into my life with no forecast and you made me believe your love was the raft I needed to survive the raging abyss that is my life. I will forever wish I had decided to stay home that night. I wish I decided that I didn’t need to follow the staircase up to a grimy dive bar, and I wish I decided against starting a conversation with the DJ sitting alone in his booth. You knew I was 18, I knew the difference between us was 12 years, but I didn't truly know what that would mean for the dynamic we would soon call “us”.
At first, you were exciting, the first person I called my friend in this new city I had lived in for less than a month. You felt like an entryway to my vast & spirited new home, and I wanted to absorb everything you were willing to teach me. I learned very quickly that to know is to suffer, and the city lights dimmed after just a short time by your side. The first time I met you one-on-one, you were waiting for me outside my dorm, smoking a Marlboro Red, ready to take me along one of your typical nights. I remember carefully planning my outfit for the night, not wanting to be perceived as putting too much effort into how I looked, but also stressing about getting denied from the bars over not looking 21. So we made the 15 minute walk to the same bar where I first met you, the same place I would eventually be called a regular, and where I would spend most nights falling asleep as you worked until the sun came up. Within a half hour and on my second ice-breaking drink, your fourth, I discovered your first red flag: leaving me alone in a crowded bar to sell cocaine. For some strange reason, maybe because I was afraid to lose my only potential friendship, or maybe just because I lacked any foresight, I stayed, we laughed, we kissed, I went to sleep smiling. That night when you offered me a pearly white bump off the keys to your apartment, I declined.
The first time I went home with you, I met your two roommates, two cats, and a dog. One cat, the alleged queen of the house, was curled up asleep on the couch. The other cat & the dog were locked up in two cages stacked on top of eachother. I spent most of my time, day and night at this apartment, and I can remember maybe one time those poor animals were allowed out of their discretion coated jail cells. As time went on, I frequently compared their situation to mine, suffocating and unable to escape. However, what grabbed my attention on this night was the state of the space I had just arrived to. Empty beer cans littered the floor so exceptionally that stepping on them was unavoidable. Dirty clothes were piled up on every surface and the coffee table carried pounds of weed and about a million dime bags filled with white powder. Your bed had a thin blanket and no sheets, an invitation for mediocre sex and the first time I accepted a line from the bag you never let go of.
We woke up that next morning, and I followed your lead of picking up a drink like we never stopped. Wake up, crack a beer, snort a few lines, have sex, snort a few lines, crack a beer, head to the bar, fall asleep with no idea how we got home. Another routine that would be established, you and I were rarely sober. All of our conversations were fueled by alcohol or various drugs, creating the illusion of sublimity. You made me believe I was special, that I was the best thing that's ever happened to you, and to lose me would be losing yourself. Another thing you regularly made known was that you loved me because I never expected you to change. I now realize this was in effort to manipulate me to never expect or ask for more than the bare minimum. It absolutely worked.
In a similar fashion, you would talk about how terrible my roommates and my family were. You told me they treated me like shit, so I thanked you for letting me stay with you. How ridiculous is it that I fully believed you were looking out for me by not letting me have conversations you weren't a part of? “All of my exes hate me” were the words you used to describe your dating history. I wish you were kidding. It was after this conversation that I learned about your three children and their multiple mothers. I listened to stories of your divorce, how you slammed her into a wall so hard the drywall cracked, how long it had been since you’ve seen your children. You knew how to make yourself into the victim when you were in fact the perpetrator. Honestly, I’m not sure if I was addicted to you or the drugs you would fuel me with. If I was with you, we were never going to be sober whether that be cocaine, molly, mushrooms, xanax, or whatever else you had your hands on that day. When I wasn’t with you, I felt physically sick and empty. On the other hand, I was completely dependent on your love just as intensely. If not you, then who else will accept me? You held me when I cried, brushed my hair when I could barely keep my eyes open, and reassured me that everything was going to be okay as long as I was with you. Crawling into your arms and hiding from the world under your protection was my peace. I’m not sure you really loved me either, I think you loved having someone to control in every aspect. I think you loved that I took your word as gospel and would blindly follow you off a cliff if you asked me to. I hate myself for being so vulnerable and naive, wasting away by your rules that I was too strung out to really think about. I kept my mouth shut and spoke only when spoken to. My body was no longer mine, regardless of what I wanted. I was your toy that you got to parade around on your arm. I was conditioned to hang out with your sketchy friends who always got a little too close for comfort. I always wanted to be on your good side because I had seen plenty of times where hell broke loose after something as trivial as someone stepping on your shoe.
When someone you love physically puts their hands on you, it is the single most confusing and harrowing feeling in the world. You gave me bruises on every inch of my body, called me the most horrible names I’ve ever been called, but then cradled me while I cried, brushing away my tears and kissing my forehead, asking if I learned my lesson. The relationship we had was so unconventional but we had a routine that seemed to just work. It’s impossible for me looking back to see how I loved you so much. Of course I believe with everything I have that you are a terrible human and I hate you. But the good moments we had were so good. You know everything about me, more than anyone has ever gotten to know. The walls I spent years putting up to protect myself were completely gone with you. You always had the right things to say, knew what I was thinking just by my body language and as we were unknowingly reaching the end, I know you cared and truly loved me. We were always in perfect synchrony, laughing together, always wanting to be closer together, the hugs that silently said a thousand words. Ironically, your arm wrapped around me was my safety net, if I was with you, we were in this together. I really truly loved you innocently and passionately. You always dealt with my temper and when I was having a tough time dealing with life. You kept me in check even though the ways you did so damaged me forever and forced me to move back home. I sometimes almost forgive you when I think about how crazy and lost you were just like me. I still smile when I remember you literally have my favorite necklace tattooed on your face. I really do hope you get sober because I think you could be a good person if you wanted to be, but I refuse to be part of your journey.
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2023.06.02 06:17 Common-Lobster-1939 My 7 month journey from hell. F gastritis.

So I was diagnosed back in January of this year, however, I’ve been having the symptoms since early December. I’m 19, a female, and WAS a college student & worked full time. This diagnosis has/had completely turned my life upside down. Nausea was my #1 symptom, and was absolutely debilitating. I was on the bathroom floor every single day & night dry heaving and crying. Not to mention I have a phobia of throwing up. In this season, (December), I had no idea what was wrong. I made sure I wasn’t pregnant, etc. The night I got my first onset of symptoms I was drinking wine. That night, all hell broke loose. It was immediate. The nausea hasn’t ceased since.
Moving on to January. I had been to the hospital twice before my third visit, and all they did was prescribe me protonix, (pantoprazole), and nausea meds. The nausea meds did nothing… except cause a blockage (sever constipation… I don’t even want to talk ab it lol). & the protonix made my heart have sever palpitations, and gave me the worst side effects. My third visit landed me in there for a week, on Christmas. They only admitted me because my heart rate was resting at 150. It was the nausea and pain keeping it there, but they wouldn’t listen. They thought it was anxiety.. anyway, I had to beg them to do an endoscopy. I’ve had stomach issues my whole life, and knew it was something on the inside. Finally the results came back. They said it was mild gastritis, and consistent with “peptic duodenitis”. (Also it was H pylori neg). That’s what it said on my chart. They said my esophagus was also red and irritated, but it was from throwing up. Despite me telling the doctor I hadn’t thrown up… they wouldn’t do anything. I hadn’t eaten in over 8 days when I was there, yet they sent me home and said it had to heal on its own. (I had an actual GI doctor there btw). When I cried about not wanting to be discharged yet because I still felt like I was dying, the doctor called a psychiatrist to my room and prescribed me lexapro… let me just tell you, this journey has been a mess and mentally draining. No one would listen to my symptoms and how TERRIBLE I felt.
When I left the hospital, I began trying to eat. Mostly so I literally wouldn’t die. I stuck to saltines, and boost drinks. By the end of January, I decided enough was enough. The protonix was making me feel absolutely awful, and none of the PPI’s were helping. I did a bunch of research, went on the gastritis sub here, and got to work. I ordered zinc carnosine, slippery elm, and aloe Vera capsules. I began taking the slippery elm before every meal and bed. The zinc I took as soon as I woke up on an empty stomach like the bottle says.
Flash forward to now, I’m eating every day… which I never thought would happen. I’m still no where near healed… but we’re getting there. I had to drop out of college, and have been unable to work. I have POTS on top of this, and the gastritis has made it seem a million times worse. I passed out cold talking to my lawn guy outside last week… not my best moment, I must say. However, I’m not on the bathroom floor every night, I’m not being starved for 8 days due to nausea, and I’m in a better mindset. The toll this diagnosis takes on someone isn’t talked about enough. I’m lucky to have an amazing husband I just got married to. He’s my rock and my support system. He has taken care of me, along with taken on all the bills while I’m healing.
Friends, this is something that takes time. I’m turning 20 this month, and I have to face the fact that I won’t be able to leave the house, eat a cake, or regular food for that manner. It’ll be my banana and me. However, it could be worse. I could be where I was in January. Just know, progress will come. Even if you’re in my shoes and it comes SUPER slow. When I have really bad days, I look back to where I was 5 months ago and smile. I’m somewhere I wasn’t back then.
If you have any questions, please let me know. I didn’t go super into detail on a lot of things to save some words & reading time. - I’ve always read in this sub, but I’ve never participated. It’s hard. But it’s comforting knowing that we aren’t alone in this journey. <3
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2023.06.02 05:56 NeedleworkerSad357 Overview of the Blackmail Running Our World

This post is an overview of the blackmail tactics used to control most of the influential people and governments around the world. Obviously I cannot cover everything in a single post, so as with my previous posts I highly encourage you to research further yourself. All sources and links are at the bottom of the post. An understanding of what trauma-based mind control programming (MKULTRA/MONARCH) is, and how it works, is again necessary to understanding much of this. My other posts here:
The world is run on blackmail, mind control, and shame.
There exist many collections of videotapes of 'high-up' people engaging in some of the worst, sickest things imaginable. Drugs, torture, pedophilia, and murder are common themes to these videos. These tapes are in the hands of many different people, groups, and especially intelligence agencies. 'Honey-trap' operations are constantly being run to gather compromising and incriminating evidence on people of importance. Child slaves will be used to compromise people on video. Global leaders are often covertly videotaped doing perverted things with sex slaves sent to them by intelligence agencies, the Illuminati, or other groups, and this is then leveraged. Rape and murder of a child (forced or not), one of the most repulsive things possible, is many times filmed to ensure future compliance.
"Back in 1966, Rothstein became the first police detective assigned to investigate the prostitution industry. Almost immediately he discovered an underground sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. ‘Human Compromise’ is what he labelled the honey-trap process. Rothstein and his colleagues found that approximately 70 percent of top US Government leaders were compromised in this way. Rothstein said, the CIA conducted the human compromise operation, while the FBI was tasked with covering up any leaks."
"One of the things I found out over the last ten years of studying governments and listening to intelligence and counter-intelligence is that those in government are sexually compromised, and their sexual secrets are collected and then they are promoted into governments and into judiciaries and into all the positions of importance. Paedophilia is the preferred dirt as it is easily photographed, easily presented in a range of media, immensely shameful, and the public demands your resignation."
"Paul Bonacci, one of the victim-witnesses in the Franklin affair, also clearly stated Larry King used him in blackmail operations in New York and Washington. The latter was in connection with the activities of a close associate of Larry King, Craig Spence, who was involved in a prostitution ring consisting of underaged boys that were supplied to Washington's upper class, which went right up to the White House."
"Sexually bent politicians in denial of their sexuality to the public are a threat to their own country and policies. They are easily setup, photographed, politically bribed, toppled, and supported in the destruction of their country. This method of altering a country’s policies is epidemic and now endemic to politics."
"Bob (Hope) was politically connected and knew how to lure people in and insure they would work for him. He invited them to his parties and dangled various kinds of illegal or immoral perversions in their faces. Once their perversions were uncovered, he could blackmail or control them. That is how Bob worked. Bob was very good at this. I watched him do it to people over and over. He lured them in, detected their weaknesses, then used that knowledge in his favor, for his connections, and ultimately for his personal gain."
These blackmail 'practices' are often used in conjunction with trauma-based mind control. This mind control is an integral component of, and is deeply intertwined with child trafficking, sex slavery, Satanic ritual abuse, and many other horrific crimes. Many of the children used for blackmail are programmed, and many of the people being blackmailed (including (sometimes future) politicians, leaders, presidents, etc.) are also programmed themselves.
"My personal belief, based on my experiences, is that over the years, more leaders were under mind control."
"Fritz Springmeier notes that 'It is a standard tactic of the Illuminati, their New World Order and its various branches to use fear and blackmail to bring people into line.' Cheryl Beck had a 'sexy Sadie' program that was used to blackmail government and military people as a child prostitute seductress. Cathy O’Brien’s daughter Kelly was 'being prostituted to the CIA for blackmail purposes.' Svali notes that using child prostitutes to blackmail political leadership outside of the Illuminati was very common."
"Beryl-Green said Epstein knew about MKULTRA. He was into mind-controlling victims and satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Epstein was into DNA mixing, human cloning and he knew about New World Order plans."
"This dirty game has been honed to a fine art, which is a standard feature of the Illuminati/intelligence groups. The CIA term for blackmail is an 'OK FIX.' When they use a person’s past sins to force someone to do something they refer to this as 'biographic leverage.' Any weak point in a person can and will be exploited. Sexual entrapment for blackmail is referred to as a 'HONEY TRAP'. Black widow alters are being trained and sent out for this purpose. In order to blackmail, or threaten, you have to have something to threaten the person with. Men are frequently entrapped by sexual behavior which is criminal. Sometimes they are also entrapped by murder. The Monarch slave will be allowed to have children so that they can be blackmailed into complying to save the children or grandchildren. The Monarch slave in turn may be used to blackmail others. Certain alters are trained in this. A Monarch Beta model is highly trained in seduction. Many politicians and ministers are operating under blackmail today. The extent that blackmail is being used by the NWO would boggle people’s minds. Porn films are taken of the Monarch victims, so that they can be used to blackmail the victim. Monarch victims are forced to commit ritual murders which are photographed and then used to blackmail the mind-controlled victim."
Intelligence agencies all over the world utilize blackmail, routinely employing and exploiting it as much as possible. It is an extremely important 'tool' of theirs. Operations are done to gather the incriminating evidence.
"Other 'neutralisations' verge on the bizarre. An individual who must remain nameless for a variety of reasons - but whose name is known to this writer - underwent an experience that is both horrific and chilling. I shall call this individual 'Mr. X' or, simply, 'X'. Mr. X was a leader of one of the largest CIA-backed Contra groups. He recently testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. Formerly, X was a senior executive in a South American subsidiary of a leading US soft drinks corporation. During his Senate testimony, he denied any knowledge of CIA involvement in the narcotics trade, adding that condoning such activity would have been foreign to his way of life. Not so, says Tatum. Mr. X had been recruited into the CIA by then-Director William Casey, with the assistance of Oliver North. In 1990, when Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega announced there would be 'free elections', X was ecstatic. He began jostling for position and asked President Bush to ensure he be given a prominent position in the new government - in return for his years of toil at the behest of the CIA and the Enterprise. The pressure came in a form that Bush could not ignore. Failure to help his friend would result in X's intimate knowledge of Bush's involvement in the dope trade being made public. His threat left Bush with a sour taste. A Pegasus team was assigned to 'neutralise' him in early 1990. Mr. X, Tatum states, 'fancied himself a lover of women. Tall, large-breasted blondes were his favourite. It was determined that, if effectively neutralised, [X] could be an asset. Therefore, it was decided that intimidation would be used to control [X].' They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname 'Burundanga' or 'the Voodoo drug'. The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is 'void of smell, void of taste'. When properly administered 'it causes absolute obedience' without this being 'observable by others'. Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug. Tatum states that X was invited to spend a relaxing weekend at a luxury hotel as a guest of his friend George Bush. His host for the weekend was a trusted 18-year veteran field-intelligence officer. The evening started with cocktails and was followed by a fine meal. ''Nothing but the best' were the orders.' Following the meal, he was ushered into the suite of a 'blonde bombshell' supplied by the CIA. Mr. X had already ingested a dose of Burundanga during pre-dinner cocktails. X was gallant with the blonde as they both moved into the bedroom where video cameras were already set up in one corner. In short order, the blonde had X standing naked in front of her and began to indulge his desires. All the while, the video cameras whirred. Slowly stripping off, the 'blonde' revealed his manhood in all its glory. Mr. X was instructed to reciprocate the favour and perform fellatio. He obliged, his intimate activities recorded at 24 frames a second on videotape. Tatum says the male prostitute was hired from a bar in New York and killed that same evening. Two weeks later, X - wholly unaware of the events of that evening - was visited in Nicaragua. He was presented with a copy of the video footage, along with instructions. Tatum says that X can never allow that video to be seen: 'Not only does it reveal his homosexuality, but it also reveals his bestiality and satanic worship rituals.' As frame after frame flicked by, X reportedly wept, forced to watch himself kill his homosexual 'lover' and then engage in the most grisly cannabalistic ritual imaginable. Neutralised, Mr. X became a leading member of the Nicaraguan government a few short weeks later."
"Check out the FBI records on Scarlett: What was his original HOOK that got him so deeply embedded into UK Illuminati culture? He murdered the nanny of Lord Lucan in the 1970's. Lucan wasn't actually involved. Scarlett got it wrong. He was under mind control at the time. How we all laughed on his training sessions when we heard that one. Not funny, really. We were all in the same boat. Each had something terrible attached to us, in our past. That is all part and parcel of the Illuminati contract. Young people forced under mind control to commit murder when young and then later on, picked up by British Intelligence to be used and abused as they wished - as loyal servants of the British Crown. One can only hope that by exposing these HOOKS, that some sort of amnesty can prevail. If these people are freed from the demonic Illuminati contract by exposing their HOOKS - one can only hope that they will come forward as a sizeable and influential body of political and public figures, in order to put an end to it. Here's hoping. Check out Rimington's hook to see what sort of mind ran MI5 for so long. It's a game called 'mafia' and it is ALL about blackmail."
"...He had previously signed off on Epstein’s 'sweetheart deal' because Epstein 'had belonged to intelligence.' Acosta, then serving as US attorney for Southern Florida, had also been told by unspecified figures at the time that he needed to give Epstein a lenient sentence because of his links to 'intelligence.'"
"Detective Rothstein found that the CIA were behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honey-trap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials. Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket, and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters."
"Michael Aquino was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use in this experimentation on children. Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they're questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence. They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of...they were taken to be used by professional pedophiles. People that have the money to buy what they want, take the kids wherever they want...and by splitting the children’s personalities they could then train each one of the personalities to do a different function. And the rest of the personalities within that host personality would not be aware of it or remember it."
"Vinson also told Nick Bryant that Spence and Larry King were 'partners' and 'hooked up with the CIA', stating specifically that 'King and Spence were in business together, and their business was pedophilic blackmail.' They were transporting children all over the country. They would arrange for children to be flown into Washington, DC and also arrange for influential people in DC to be flown out to the Midwest and meet these kids. Per Vinson, Larry King had confided in him that he had clients who liked to torture and even kill children: 'King said they had clients who actually liked having sex with kids as they tortured or killed the kid. I found that totally unbelievable.' After Vinson said this to Nick Bryant, he asked Bryant later on in the interview if King’s disclosure had indeed been true. He was unaware at the time that other evidence, including witness testimony, had suggested that it was."
"According to fugitive ex-CIA officer Frank Terpil, CIA-directed sexual blackmailing operations were intensive in Washington at about the time of the Watergate scandal. One of those operations, Terpil claims, was run by his former partner, Ed Wilson. Wilson's base of operations for arranging trysts for the politically powerful was, Terpil says, Korean agent Ton Sun Park’s George Town Club. In a letter to the author, Terpil explained that ‘Historically, one of Wilson’s Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary. Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasies in the flesh...A remembrance of these occasions was permanently recorded via selected cameras...The technicians in charge of filming were TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA]...The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of whom may still be in office.'"
"Intelligence and counter intelligence ‘work’, and they ‘work together’ to create scenarios that are so unbelievable that they cannot be published in the mainstream media, and if they are, they will appear like a joke. The information to blackmail a country, to blackmail its politicians, to blackmail its Prime Ministers and Presidents, to blackmail its judges and lawyers is a very serious matter."
The Illuminati and other cults also engage in the same blackmail operations. There is a huge overlap between secret societies/cults and intelligence, with top intelligence usually being run by them. All of them do this.
"I was able to have first hand access to the Jeffrey Epstein case investigation documents. According to the documents, Epstein was the head of a global fraternity related to the Shriners called The Royal Order of Jesters. This order is covered with scandals and lawsuits related to human trafficking, but they are very protected because many members of the order are high-profile political figures and businessmen. It is crazy how these people manage to operate under the radar for so many years, decades...Now you may ask how they do this? Easy...By using blackmail tactics, they manage to have Judges and Law Enforcement licking their feet. That's how Jeffery Epstein got assassinated. After he was out of the game, the whole business is run by other people. Major names are involved and many high-profile people who are all bound to the order by means of blackmail. This is particularly disturbing when you find out that the cases of Catholic priests involved in sex scandals are events organized by The Order of Jesters. They run blackmail operations with the purpose of seducing people in power...With those videos in their power, the careers and the public image of many people are in the Jester's hands. They are free to do anything, they can turn even the President of the United States into a slave."
-- "Jeffrey Epstein Post" [7]
"Illuminati 'FROG ON A LILYPAD' programming: The FROG as a paedophile - with no 'tadpole tail/tale', as in no memory of what he/she has done until they get past 40 years old. It becomes clear that so many people were forced to be paedophiles and to abuse their children - only to wake up to all of this later on - post 40 years old. Then to have Stella Rimington on their doorstep with a videotape - telling them that she will send it to the police if they do not do precisely what she says. The ultimate blackmail weapons combined: A tape of you committing paedophilia - and even worse - incest with your own children. Guaranteed to 'silence' most people for life. The scope of this Illuminati blackmail project has been immense, in British society and it has to be exposed. There is safety in numbers."
"(Sue) Arrigo adds that the kids with the most smarts and/or looks, about 5% are skimmed off the top by the Luciferians in charge like the Bushes and used as either spies or corporate sex slaves or both. They’re typically pimped out on high priced loans to influential politicians as house boy and girls to ensure the puppets in Congress are happy and blackmail-able for control."
"The Masonic leadership of Freemasonry in a given area will have thousands of 'blackmail' files on essentially everyone of importance in their area. Upper echelon people such as judges, lawyers, and politicians are generally controlled via IRS infringements, and many of the lower echelon people are controlled through weird sexual items. This is where the Delta and Beta Monarch slaves are so helpful to the Illuminati. (This information comes from several witnesses who are informed about the blackmail files & their methods for blackmailing.)"
These people are already in power, and have set their system up so that nobody rises to a prominent, powerful, or influential position without being selected, extensively compromised, controllable, and usually under mind control. They are all 'in it together', and because of this they protect eachother. Most have 'insurance' on one another.
"The most common phrase associated with that one was ‘talk about the pot calling the kettle black’, meaning that each Illuminati slave had been caught on camera and from an early age – doing something terrible – as Rimington was fond of saying ‘we are all as bad as each other and all in it together.’"
"Oftentimes when I and others were prostituted to various government (New World Order) leaders, Dante had hidden cameras filming perverse sexual acts apparently for future blackmail leverage. These videos were scandalous in proportion and were usually ordered by Reagan. Dante turned the videos over to Reagan, and covertly kept copies to protect himself. Dante converted a small room of his Beverly Hills mansion into a security vault, where he kept his personal copies of the international blackmail porn tapes there. Blackmail was openly initiated to ensure that each criminal participant understood that if one fell, they all fell. Maintaining 'dirt' on each other through this Mafia-style method was seemingly the only way these criminals implementing the New World Order kept each other 'honest.'"
"The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing - the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters."
"In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, Rothstein discovered the truth about Watergate (plus Sturgis’ and the CIA’s involvement in the Bay of Pigs incident, and the related assassination of JFK). Sturgis told Rothstein, the Watergate burglars sought something they nicknamed ‘The Book’ which listed the Democratic and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, etc."
There are certain places known for this, two famous examples being Little St. James island or Bohemian Grove (there are many, many others).
"For those of you who are interested in Bohemian Grove and the current list upon the Internet of those poor unsuspecting 'invitees' who will be pressganged into going (and subsequently blackmailed out of their minds afterwards, by the Illuminati)...the entrapment going on at Bohemian Grove is of an avaricious and esoteric nature - in relation to all of those unlucky 'invitees' who want to join this 'prestigious club' but then get videoed doing things that they wouldn't want anyone to know about - 'guests' who are then subsequently blackmailed out of their brains...and for the rest of their lives. But then that was what the Illuminati cult and their Sat B'hai contract has always been about...promising that you would get everything for nothing (if you agreed to be unquestioningly obedient to the Crown) and that you would now be part of an 'esoteric' prestigious Satanic club."
"Numerous videos are covertly produced at the supposedly secure political sex playground in northern California, Bohemian Grove. High tech undetectable cameras use fiber optics, and fish-eye lenses were in each of the elite club's numerous sexual perversion theme rooms. I was programmed and equipped to function in all rooms at Bohemian Grove in order to compromise specific government targets according to their personal perversions. 'Anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone' was my mode of operation at the Grove. My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consists primarily of the highest Mafia and U.S. Government officials. Project Monarch mind controlled slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: purveying perversion. Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to 'party' without restraint. The only business conducted there pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of 'Masonic Secrecy'. The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and appropriately referred to as the Underground. The wooden sign was carved to read: 'U.N.DERGROUND'. My purpose at the Grove was sexual in nature, and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave's viewpoint. As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferation of their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subjected to ritualistic trauma. Slaves of advancing age or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered 'at random' in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grave, and I felt it was 'simply a matter of time until it would be me'. Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of the Russian River. These occultish sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory. I witnessed the sacrificial death of a young, dark-haired victim at which time I was instructed to perform sexually 'as though my life depended upon it'. I was told, 'The next sacrifice victim could be you.' The club offered a 'Necrophilia' themed room to its members. I was so heavily drugged and programmed when used in the 'necrophilia' room, that the threat of actually 'slipping through death's door' and being sacrificed 'before I knew it' did not affect me. Other perversion theme rooms at the Bohemian Club included what I heard Ford refer to as the 'Dark Room'. When he not so cleverly said, 'Let's go to the Dark Room and see what develops,' I understood from experience that he was interested in indulging in his perverse obsession for pornography. In the Dark Room, members had sex with the same mind-controlled slave they were viewing in porn on a big screen television. There was a triangular glass display centered in a main through way where I was locked in with various trained animals, including snakes. Members walking by watched illicit sex acts of bestiality, women with women, mothers with daughters, kids with kids, or any other unlimited perverse visual display. I was once brutally assaulted by Dick Cheney in the Leather Room, which was designed like a dark, black leather-lined train berth. There was a room of shackles and tortures, black lights and strobes, an opium den, ritualistic sex altars, a chapel, group orgy rooms including poster beds, water beds, and 'kitten' houses. I was used as a 'rag doll' in the 'toy store,' and as a urinal in the 'golden arches' room. From the owl's roost to the necrophilia room, no memory of sexual abuse is as horrifying as the conversations overheard in the Underground pertaining to implementing the New World Order. I learned that perpetrators believed that controlling the masses through propaganda mind manipulation did not guarantee there would be a world left to dominate due to environmental and overpopulation problems. The solution being debated was not pollution/population control, but mass genocide of 'selected undesirables'."
News 'headlines' with hidden symbolic communication are also used by intelligence and other groups, many times referring to blackmail (among the many other varieties of covert operations).
"'Nuclear' is a comm used all over the world to symbolize extraordinarily explosive information, like blackmail. Which is why if we reconcile blackmail with news about nuclear, a secret truth will become clear. The two most powerful blackmailers ever? That would probably be Jeffrey Epstein and Hugh Hefner. And this is why the deaths of blackmailers like Hugh Hefner and Jeffrey Epstein both coincided with 'Nuclear Accidents':"
08/09/2019 Is Putin covering up a Nuclear disaster?
09/26/2017 Nuclear explosion kept secret by Russia
"Why are CIA blackmailers dying the day after Russia declares nuclear accidents? The reason for the -1 day in Epstein’s case is they likely died before the official day, and these comms were to give agents a heads up on the upcoming BOOM before it hits papers. In Hefners case they had to signal people to move the blackmail. The point as stated is a lot of 'nuclear' is all about blackmail. Not all of it, but a lot of it."
Blackmail is a worldwide 'practice', with all countries and their governments engaging in aquiring and utilizing it to the fullest.
"Just as the 1986 Mirano scandal, the X-Dossiers contain evidence that sexual blackmail operations, whoever is running them, are not limited to the United States. In 1996, X1 reported how the same activities had been going on in Brussels."
"As the bewildered Belgians tried to make sense of what was going on, incredible rumours began circulating that Dutroux might have been protected in some way, that he had friends in high places. Pornographic videos taken from his home were said to feature prominent individuals, one a senior member of the Roman Catholic church. It almost defied belief. Who would protect a psychopath, other than people with something truly terrible to hide?...'It is quite obvious,' said Katarin de Clercq, Belgian coordinator of the pressure group End Child Prostitution Abduction and Trafficking, 'that some people were protecting Dutroux. The government tried to convince us that he was a lone serial killer and psychopath, but now we hear stories about unnamed famous personalities being involved in sex orgies and blackmail and pornographic video tapes. People feel that something is completely wrong here and we have to show we will not tolerate it.'"
"I was unfortunate enough to attend the IHS Templar Castle rite in 2001. Amongst the people in attendence were: J. K. Rowling. Gordon Brown. David Miliband. Stephen Daldry. Stella Rimington (she was the Dr. Mengele of the organisation, organising the torture and murder of kidnapped children). Dr. Joanne Collie. Andrew Marr (he spent most of the time naked and screaming - off his head on some form of narcotic). John Scarlett (he was so drunk/drugged up that he had very little idea of what was going on around him). The Templars had captured a large amount of people whom they called the 'snakes' i.e. slaves in a large dungeon underneath the castle. One brave person managed to set them free and the result in the neighbouring village of Mons and other places nearby, ensured that the British Army had to move in. Thus began the most incredible cover-up in recent European history. It was like WACO, Guyana. I was one of the 'slaves' taken at that castle but subsequently freed by the British Army (who also know what happened - a MASSIVE cover-up). The British Army ordered those in the Castle to come out. They then sent a tank in to bulldoze the walls. Prince Philip and Prince William were in that Castle. Both of them had murdered countless tiny children in their rites. The British Army assembled watched as both walked out with large, dark, woven potato sacks over their heads. They were then bundled into a van and driven away. The name SPUDNIKS was coined because Prince Philip and Prince William had to exit the castle with potato sacks pulled down over their heads and bodies. The British Army present at the time - may or may not have had any idea who they were but the SIS general there, certainly did. They might have managed to cover it up regarding the ordinary soldiers there but the videotapes are now on sale worldwide. The whole event had been closely monitored for blackmail purposes."
The CIA also blackmails incestual/pedophilic parents for their children to use in trauma-based mind control slave projects like MONARCH.
"My Uncle Bob, also implicated in manufacturing the porn, out of apparent desperation informed my father of a U.S. Government Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET Project to which he was privy. This was Project Monarch. Project Monarch was a mind-control operation which was 'recruiting' multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for its genetic mind-control studies. I was a prime 'candidate,' a 'chosen one'. My father seized the opportunity as it would provide him immunity from prosecution."
"The expendables are the children of parents who were blackmailed into turning their children over to the CIA. This is all hidden by the power of the National Security Act. These are children, who have been sold by pedophile fathers, or pornographic parents. The programmers/masters program them with the expectation that they will be "thrown from the freedom train" when they get to age 30. (Freedom Train is the code word for the Monarch trauma-based mind-control. To be thrown from the Freedom Train means to be killed.) The CIA and the Illuminati are skilled at blackmailing parents to give up their children. They would watch the mail for porn. Pedophile and murderers who abuse their children are warned that they will go to prison for long lengths of time if they do not cooperate by selling their children into mind-controlled slavery. In return for the parent’s cooperation, they provide rich financial rewards to the parent(s). It’s clearly a case of 'if you don’t cooperate you lose in life big time, if you do cooperate you win big time.'"
Blackmail is the glue holding together all of the sick people in charge, and is the one of the top methods of control. This is the truth: blackmail, pedophilia, and mind control are how this world is really run.
"Former CIA director William Colby giving advice to John DeCamp, urging him to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair:"
"'What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.'"
"Again, it’s built in, entrenched foxes guarding the predatory henhouse that permeate all levels of government, military, courts, law enforcement, entertainment and news media, corporate global finance and education. With pedophile puppet masters controlling the pedophile puppet strings of blackmailed, compromised and controlled Western politicians, courts and law enforcement, their diabolical infrastructure has afforded them living above the law continuing to rape and kill our innocents for centuries."
Links and Sources
[1] - Noreen Gosch Speaks About - Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch And The Attempted Theft Of Her Book 'Why Johnny Can't Come Home'
[2] - Master List of Quotes and Comments
[3] - Trance-Formation of America
[4] - One Nation Under Blackmail
[5] - Thanks for the Memories
[6] - Eyes Wide Open
[7] - "I had access to classified documents about the Jeffrey Epstein case"
[8] - Child Trafficking, Ritual Sex Abuse & MK-ULTRA Are A Single Worldwide Operation, Run by the U.S., U.K. and AUS Secret Services
[9]- Symbolism Communication
[10] - An Illuminati Primer
[11] - The Reality of Protected Child Abuse Networks
[12] - The Hallett Report No. 1
[13] - The Pegasus File
[14] - Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations
[15] - The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Mind Control Slave
[16] - Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula
[17] - Hope Beryl-Green Article
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2023.06.02 05:47 lolilololoko Ginny & Hermione & Molly didn't hate Fleur because she was French. They hated Fleur because of her behaviour

Goblet of Fire page 250:
Reason number 1: Being disrespectful to Dumbledore
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and — most partic- ularly — guests,” said Dumbledore, beaming around at the foreign students. “I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to Hogwarts. I hope and trust that your stay here will be both comfortable and enjoyable." One of the Beauxbatons girls still clutching a muffler around her head gave what was unmistakably a derisive laugh. “No one’s making you stay!” Hermione whispered, bristling at her.
Reason number 2: Goblet of Fire, page 404
“It is too ’eavy, all zis ’Ogwarts food,” they heard her saying grumpily as they left the Great Hall behind her one evening (Ron skulking behind Harry, keen not to be spotted by Fleur). “I will not fit into my dress robes!” “Oooh there’s a tragedy,” Hermione snapped as Fleur went out into the entrance hall. “She really thinks a lot of herself, that one, doesn't she?"
Goblet of Fire: page 418
Meanwhile Fleur Delacour was criticizing the Hogwarts decorations to Roger Davies. “Zis is nothing,” she said dismissively, looking around at the sparkling walls of the Great Hall. “At ze Palace of Beauxbatons, we ’ave ice sculptures all around ze dining chamber at Chreestmas. Zey do not melt, of course . . . zey are like ’uge statues of diamond, glittering around ze place. And ze food is seemply superb. And we ’ave choirs of wood nymphs, ’oo serenade us as we eat. We ’ave none of zis ugly armor in ze ’alls, and eef a poltergeist ever entaired into Beauxbatons, ’e would be expelled like zat.” She slapped her hand onto the table impatiently.
Why Ginny & Hermione & Molly dislike Fleur in HBP
The Half Blood Prince: Page 90
“It’s her,” said Ginny, plonking herself down on Harry’s bed. "She's driving me mad."
“What’s she done now?” asked Hermione sympathetically. “It’s the way she talks to me — you’d think I was about three!” “I know,” said Hermione, dropping her voice. “She’s so full of herself."
Page 92:
“Bill is very busy at ze moment, working very ’ard, and I only work part-time at Gringotts for my Eenglish, so he brought me ’ere for a few days to get to know ’is family properly. I was so pleased to ’ear you would be coming — zere isn’t much to do ’ere, unless you like cooking and chickens! Well — enjoy your breakfast, ’Arry!”
Not a nice thing to say infront of your hosts, eh? I don't think it's cool to imply that your hosts house is boring.
Page 131
“. . . Bill and I ’ave almost decided on only two bridesmaids, Ginny and Gabrielle will look very sweet togezzer. I am theenking of dressing zem in pale gold. pink would of course be ’horrible with Ginny's 'air"
Chill Fleur, no need to insult Ginny like this 😭
Page 132
. “She has let ’erself go, zat Tonks,” Fleur mused, examining her own stunning reflection in the back of a teaspoon. “A big mistake if you ask —” “Yes, thank you,” said Mrs. Weasley tartly, cutting across Fleur.
Not a cool comment, Tonks was depressed during the HBP. Of course she wouldn't be the same.
Page 333
Celestina ended her song on a very long, high-pitched note and loud applause issued out of the wireless, which Mrs. Weasley joined in with enthusiastically. “Eez eet over?” said Fleur loudly. “Thank goodness, what an ’or- rible —” “Shall we have a nightcap, then?” asked Mr. Weasley loudly, leaping at his foot.
Page 340:
“You are as bad as zat Tonks,” said Fleur to Ron, when she had finished kissing Bill in thanks. “She is always knocking —” “I invited dear Tonks to come along today,” said Mrs. Weasley, setting down the carrots with unnecessary force and glaring at Fleur. “But she wouldn’t come. Have you spoken to her lately, Remus?”
Not cool Fleur. What did Tonks ever do to you?
Just a bonus on Molly calling out Ginny on calling Fleur phlegm to show that Molly didn't hate Fleur, she just disliked her.
“Mum hates her,” said Ginny quietly. “I do not hate her!” said Mrs. Weasley in a cross whisper. “I just think they’ve hurried into this engagement, that’s all!” “They’ve known each other a year,” said Ron, who looked oddly groggy and was staring at the closed door. “Well, that’s not very long! I know why it’s happened, of It’s all this uncertainty with You-Know-Who coming back, people think they might be dead tomorrow, so they’re rushing all sorts of decisions they’d normally take time over. It was the same last time he was powerful, people eloping left, right, and center —” “Including you and Dad,” said Ginny slyly. “Yes, well, your father and I were made for each other, what was the point in waiting?” said Mrs. Weasley. “Whereas Bill and Fleur . . . well . . . what have they really got in common? He’s a hard- working, down-to-earth sort of person, whereas she’s —” “A cow,” said Ginny, nodding. “But Bill’s not that down-to- earth. He’s a Curse-Breaker, isn’t he, he likes a bit of adventure, a bit of glamour. . . . I expect that’s why he’s gone for Phlegm.” “Stop calling her that, Ginny,” said Mrs. Weasley sharply, as Harry and Hermione laughed. “Well, I’d better get on. . . . Eat your eggs while they're warm Harry."
Molly just clashed with Fleur and misunderstood her, Ginny and Hermione hated her. Theres no point in hating Molly anymore because she and Fleur solved their differences and I'm pretty sure that today Molly adores Fleur. I'll even add the HBP hospital scene to show they solved their differences.
Pages 622 & 623
“And what do you mean by zat?” said Fleur suddenly and loudly. “What do you mean, ‘ ’e was going to be married?’ ” Mrs. Weasley raised her tear-stained face, looking startled. “Well — only that —” “You theenk Bill will not wish to marry me anymore?” demanded Fleur. “You theenk, because of these bites, he will not love me?”
“No, that’s not what I —" “Because ’e will!” said Fleur, drawing herself up to her full height and throwing back her long mane of silver hair. “It would take more zan a werewolf to stop Bill loving me!” “Well, yes, I’m sure,” said Mrs. Weasley, “but I thought per- haps — given how — how he —” “You thought I would not weesh to marry him? Or per’aps, you hoped?” said Fleur, her nostrils flaring. “What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk! All these scars show is zat my husband is brave! And I shall do zat!” she added fiercely, pushing Mrs. Weasley aside and snatching the oint- ment from her. Mrs. Weasley fell back against her husband and watched Fleur mopping up Bill’s wounds with a most curious expression upon her face. Nobody said anything; Harry did not dare move. Like every- body else, he was waiting for the explosion. “Our Great-Auntie Muriel,” said Mrs. Weasley after a long pause, “has a very beautiful tiara — goblin-made — which I am sure I could persuade her to lend you for the wedding. She is very fond of Bill, you know, and it would look lovely with your hair.” “Thank you,” said Fleur stiffly. “I am sure zat will be lovely.” And then, Harry did not quite see how it happened, both women were crying and hugging each other. Completely bewil- dered, wondering whether the world had gone mad, he turned around: Ron looked as stunned as he felt and Ginny and Hermione were exchanging startled looks.
I just felt like making this because I always see the fandom hating on these 3 because they supposedly hated Fleur for being French and whenever someone express criticism over Fleur in the fandom, they get attacked and y'know everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Well for Hermione there's a bonus on all of these which is jealousy because Ron fancied Fleur.
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2023.06.02 04:20 CDDaniels My great-great-grandparents' house isn't so unoccupied...

My extended family owns a big property down South. It sits in the flattest, dryest plains you could imagine, with the dullest house I've seen at the end of a drive that takes you through what looks to be untouched post-apocalypse. It's a two-story antebellum affair, built of planks that were probably painted a hundred years ago, but are now dried and grayed by the sun. Its windows are cloudy and floors creaky, but its interior has some charm, and we've refused to sell it, mostly since nobody wants to figure out who exactly it belongs to.
School will be starting up soon, so to put an end to the drowsy mid-August slump, I decided we'd go down and give the place a visit. I'm forty or so, work in an office job, with a wife and two kids. I gave my aunt a call, and made sure nobody was at the old place, then broke the news to my kids when they got home. One's seven and one's nine, both boys, and they were surprisingly excited. The last time we'd went had been boring beyond belief, thanks to the nearest town cancelling the annual fair, but they must have been too young to remember.
It wasn't an unpleasant drive. We stayed the night in a pleasant little inn in Kansas, and arrived around noon at the property. I unlocked the front door with a charmingly outdated brass key, and walked back a century in time. A thin layer of dust covered most of the living room. A fireplace sat on the left wall, and on the right a doorway led into a small kitchen. Against the back wall of the living room was a less-than-sturdy staircase, and two bedrooms sat at the rear of the first floor. I rolled my suitcase up against the wall to the kitchen, moving an intricately carved hat stand to the other side of the doorway. "Welcome in!" I announced, as the other three filtered in.
The room was dimly lit even with light streaming through the windows. Luckily the house had been "modernized", with electricity in some of the rooms. I flicked a switch, inviting the pleasant glow of an incandesent floor lamp on the other side of the room. My older son flopped down into a red velvet armchair, with gilded armrests, as if he'd been standing for hours. "You just spent three hours sitting in the car, Mikey," I reminded him, smiling.
"Gotta say, this isn't my kinda place. If I gotta share a room with Todd, I'm at least taking the nice chair."
He was right about it being the nice chair. A wooden chair sat opposite the fireplace, with a rough construction that seemed oblivious to the possibility of splinters. An equally robust bench sat between them, facing the fireplace, made of the same gray, splintered wood. My wife Liz sat down, stretching, while my youngest started exploring the house. I walked to the foot of the stairs, looking up at the second floor. I could see an attic door in the ceiling to my right, and at the top of the stairs against the wall sat a table, with a vase of cotton plants, which had dried out long ago. I walked up tentatively, checking each step to ensure it wouldn't buckle under my weight.
On my left was a short hallway, with a room on each side. On my right, an open space stood empty, with windows overlooking the dirt driveway. I tried to open up the door to one of the rooms, which I seemed to remember held cardboard boxes of old documents and trinkets, but it wouldn't budge. The other room seemed to have been a bedroom. Its only window was boarded up, and the only furniture, a bed, made of the same rough wood, sat against the far wall. There was a closet door opposite the foot of the bed, but it too was stuck. The house had surely shifted, especially given the unstable soil it rested upon.
The rest of the evening passed uneventfully. I cooked some delightfully rustic (my wife used less forgiving terms) food on the 1970s-vintage electric stove, and opened the windows to let a breeze in to combat the stifling warmth of the un-air-conditioned house. Not long after sunset, which we watched from the porch, I put my sons to bed, both in the bedroom downstairs, across from ours.
At some point in the dead of the night (I'd foregone my digital alarm clock, trusting the sun would wake us up), I felt something over my shoulder, standing beside the bed. The room, which had no windows, was pitch-black. I felt it drift away, and fell back asleep.
I awoke again, this time with light faintly streaming through the now open door. "Dad," a voice said. I could make out Todd, my younger son, standing shortly inside the doorway. "I keep waking up. I think someone is coming in our room."
I quietly crawled out of bed, trying not to wake Liz. "It's probably just the house settling and making creaking noises," I whispered. "Or maybe Mikey couldn't sleep."
Todd and Mikey's room, which had two windows, was slightly lighter, and I could see the beds. I helped Todd back into his, assuring him that everything was alright. I turned to Mikey's on the other side of the room, and found it empty. "Todd," I said, in an urgent voice. I heard him quickly sit up. "Do you know where Mikey went?"
"He left."
" you know where?"
Todd pointed up, in the general direction of the stairs. I walked out of the room and up the stairs, worried, trying to walk slowly on the weak planks, but rushing to find my son. I looked around, not seeing him in the open area overlooking the driveway. I opened the door to the upstairs bedroom, and saw him, sitting against the wall below the window. I rushed over to him. "Mikey, what are you doing up here?"
"I heard you tell me to go upstairs," he said, looking into my eyes with worry.
I looked around, confused and concerned. "Okay. What happened when you went up here?"
"I got in bed. I couldn't sleep. I kept seeing the closet and it was so dark and-"
Mikey trailed off. I looked at the closet door, which was again shut. I walked over and shook the handle, but the door didn't budge.
"It was open, and inside was pitch black. I was scared. I'm not lying Dad. Why did you tell me to come up here?"
I was deeply unsettled by this point. I didn't want to scare Mikey, so I lied. "I told you to come up here so you'd have your own room. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was so scary up here." That part wasn't a lie. I led him downstairs, and put him back to bed.
The next morning, I awoke to the sun streaming in through my bedroom door. I'd left it open in case something else happened, but the events of the night before were starting to feel like a bad dream. As we all awoke and gathered in the living room, I recollected the things that had happened, considering all the ways they could have happened. I get night terrors from time to time, I talk in my sleep, and the house's foundation wasn't particularly stable. It made perfect sense that I just sleep-told Mikey to go upstairs, and the house settled just enough to let the closet door swing open for a little while.
We had a breakfast of bacon and eggs, cooked in a thick iron skillet I found in a cabinet. "I hear there's a waterpark in town," Liz mentioned. That got the boys' attention. We pulled our swimsuits out of our suitcases, and drove twenty minutes down to the town for the day. It wasn't exactly bustling with people, but there was a small waterpark with a couple of slides, and a nice sandwich place for lunch. We drove back to the house and played some card games.
Although I'd done my best to put on a good face and see the house as charming and welcoming, as the shadows grew longer that afternoon, I couldn't help but feel something gnawing in the pit of my stomach. It got dark outside by the time we'd finished playing games, and Liz and I said goodnight to our boys. As I sat on the edge of our bed to pull off my shoes, I glanced over at her. "Does something About this place?"
She looked over at me. "Last night, did you hear something?"
"Hear something?" I asked, probing, hoping it was something innocuous.
"Never mind," she replied, shaking her head.
I chose not to tell her about Mikey. Although I was pretty sure I'd just sleeptalked, I didn't want to worry her.
I walked out to the living room and flicked the light switch, plunging myself into darkness. The starlight was just enough for me to see my way back to our room, and shut the door. " 'night," I uttered, crawling under the covers, and nudging up against her reassuring warmth.
I woke to a startling crash. I bolted awake. I opened the bedroom door, as quickly as I could without flinging it into the wall, and ran around the corner. In the near pitch black room, I made out the figure of a young boy. It was Todd, on the ground under the stairs. Right at head height was a broken board, half of it hanging at an unnatural angle. "Todd!"
He sniffled. I bent down and put my hand on his shoulder as he sat up. "Why did you try to go upstairs?" I asked, with quiet restraint, holding back panic.
"It told me to," he replied, barely whispering.
Wordlessly I picked him up, and rushed to his and Mikey's room. Mikey was still asleep. I sat Todd back in his bed, and pulled his covers over him. I fumbled through the darkness to the fireplace, and grasped the fire poker. I stepped over and took hold of the stair railing, and carefully ascended, minding the broken step. When I reached the top, upon seeing the open door to the upstairs bedroom, I felt a chill. I stepped inside. The closet door was wide open.
The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Something felt deeply wrong. I turned, and ran down the stairs, feeling every board bend under my weight. I rounded the corner and catapulted into bed. All I felt was cold. I took heavy breaths, slowly feeling the warmth return, and soon drifted back to a worried, interrupted sleep.
In the morning, I wasn't as quick to shake off the feeling from the night before. I gathered everyone in the boys' bedroom, where we sat on the beds. I explained what had happened with Todd, who had some bruises, but nothing serious. There was an unspoken unease, that made us all eager to get out of the house for a while. Liz decided to take Todd to a petting zoo half an hour down the road. Mikey, who was too old for the petting zoo (since when?), wanted to go walk the property with me.
Liz and Todd took the car out to the petting zoo, leaving us waving in the driveway. We turned to our right, and headed out to the barn, a half-collapsed wooden structure that held some old tools and not much else. I grabbed an axe and Mikey took some hedge clippers, and we strolled the boundary of the plot, hacking through some brush that had popped up along the barbed wire fence. The sky, which had been cloudy for the first time that morning, started to darken, eventually promising rain as we made it half a turn from the driveway again.
As rain started to fall and thunder echoed from across the plains, we crossed the front path back to the barn. As I walked under the windows of the house, I couldn't help but feel it was watching us...or maybe that something was watching us from it. I brushed past my worries. I was toting an axe, after all. As we leaned our tools back against the rotting barn wall, heavier drops started falling, and the thunder grew louder. Not wanting to be the only other tall things on the prarie, we made our way back from the barn to the house. Lightning stuck just a few hundred feet away, with a blinding flash, burning a line into my retinas...straight down to the power line along the road.
When we got inside, as I'd expected, the light switch didn't work. The storm clouds had blocked out the sun, leaving the house almost as dark as the night before. A gust of wind slammed the front door shut. Mikey was silent. He slowly walked forward, straight toward the back wall of the living room. I followed him, at his same slow pace. As he reached the foot of the stairs, I turned. I cannot describe the shock of seeing the attic door standing open, the ladder folded down, making contact with the second story floor. Mikey gasped. I silently covered his mouth with one hand, and wrapped around him with the other. I tried to walk backward, pulling him away with me, but he was frozen, fixed on the gaping black entrance. As something moved in the corner of my eye upstairs, with sudden strength, I pulled Mikey to the side. This must have shaken him, and his feet moved. I released him and he ran, ran to the door. I followed in his path, looking back, seeing a glimpse of a shadow against the top of the back wall. I didn't want to look back to shut the door.
Mikey faltered, running out of breath, as he ran down the porch stairs and across the front path. I picked him up, holding him tightly, my arms burning, as I ran. He let out a wail, finally, and tears streamed down our faces. With some distance between ourselves and the house, I let go of Mikey and turned, and saw a shadowy figure in the upper window. Its eyes were dark, hollow. Until Mikey grabbed my arm and pulled me away, I stared, unable to move away from the figure. "What are you staring at?" he whispered, wrapping me in a hug which seemed more like a straightjacket.
Silently I reciprocated, holding him tightly, as rain battered us and thunder rolled through the barren landscape around us. With immense relief I saw headlights in the distance, and a blue SUV purred into the driveway. we threw ourselves into the car, and with a silent understanding, Liz immediately reversed out and flew toward the nearest town.
I'm not sure what we encountered in that house. I think it must have been a ghost, or some sort of reaper. I know I shouldn't have lived, that without Mikey, I would've walked back into that house. That without me, one of the boys might have had too close of an encounter with that thing. I don't know what Mikey saw in that closet, and I haven't asked him since. I don't know what Liz heard, but I think if we hadn't been sleeping in the same room, she would have gone up those stairs too. I haven't told them what I saw, and I don't know if they saw it too. All I know is, if you're invited to stay in a house that old, and you start feeling drawn to something, you get. out.
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2023.06.02 03:59 EasternTune4592 “I’ll Be Watching You”

I grew up in a very paranormally active home in East Bethel, Minnesota in the mid-90’s.
As I mentioned in my previous posts, this house had every type of ghost you could think of - a shadow man in a hat & trench coat, another shadow figure that bizarrely danced down the hallway, an unknown man in a fishing get up, a doppelganger of my father, giggling girls, and many other unseen entities.
We experienced all kinds of unexplained electrical malfunctions like the dishwasher starting itself despite not being used in years, radio’s playing and changing functions seemingly on their own, and broken lights suddenly turning on by themselves for no apparent reason. There were also times there would be knocking on the walls and explosive pounding on the front door all without any plausible cause.
This particular incident occurred in the summer of 1997. I was 5 years old, and was just about to turn 6. My younger sister and I were sleeping in what was supposed to be our “big girl bedroom.” It was a previously unused room in the basement my mom had decorated for us in a ballerina Barbie theme when she was expecting our baby brother. She wanted the new baby's room to be close to hers, so we were evicted from our cozy bedroom upstairs to the cold and neglected basement.
My mom had added some Barbie sticker decals to the walls, and splurged on a Queen size Barbie comforter and pillow shams to make the uncomfortable room seem more exciting to a 4 and 5 year old.
For some reason me and my sister were sharing a bed in this new room even though we had our own beds when we were in the upstairs room. Despite all my moms efforts and the assurance of my sister's physical proximity, the downstairs room always made me anxious. I would beg my little sister to let us keep our small television on for comfort, but she hated that staticy feeling that emitted from the television that she seemed ultra sensitive to.
One early morning between 3:30 and 3:45 am, I woke up to an eruption of chaos happening around me. The first thing I became aware of was that my little 5 year old body was bouncing up and down off the mattress without my control. I was laying on my back with my arms slightly out to my sides. My knees were bent, sticking up in the air, with my feet flat on the mattress. My body was bouncing as if someone was quickly jumping up and down repeatedly on the mattress very close to me towards my feet.
The next thing I noticed was how dark the room was. It was always dark when the TV and all the lights were off, but this was different. It was so dark I couldn’t make out the outline of the door opening less than 10 feet away from us.
Meanwhile the FM radio clock plugged in on the shelf above our heads was playing an unknown song at a volume that felt like it was going to shatter our eardrums. This unknown melody pierced the dark room like an alarm, causing panic and confusion.
My sister was in the bed laying on her side facing me. She was not bouncing up and down like I was. She was shaking my arm and crying. She was begging and pleading for me to wake up and make everything stop.
Without even taking a moment to think about how or why any of this was happening, I sprang up to my feet, and while standing on the bed, I pulled the power cord of the radio from the wall. Silence immediately enveloped the dark room and seemed to bring calm.
At the time I didn’t know the song that the clock radio had been screaming out, but as I grew up I would learn it was The Police’s 1980’s hit, Every Breath You Take. It took me 15 years after this experience to appreciate how creepy that song was, especially in the context of this event in a home plagued by invisible entities -
 “Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I’ll be watching you Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay I’ll be watching you” 
After I unplugged the radio somehow my little sister was able to go right back to sleep without so much as a peep about what we had just experienced. I don’t remember doing so, but I know I went to my parents bedroom that night and laid down on the floor on my moms side of the bed. I remember just laying there wondering what I had just experienced.
If you made it this far - thank you for taking the time to read my story. I can’t wait to see what people’s thoughts are on this experience. Best wishes to you all!
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2023.06.02 03:45 Dsg1695 Am I overreacting after recent drama with my mother or am I making a good point?

This past weekend, my mom’s bf was acting like an ignorant dick & I wasn’t having it. He was being very reactive & acting ghetto, I was beyond irked I put my foot down. He’s been on good behavior for the past few yrs , is “reformed” & thought this behavior was a thing of the past. We all went out for bfast Sunday & had a bad experience at a diner so we left after no service after being seated for a while. We all get back in the car & everyone is throwing out their preferences & I had to be the bigger person saying everyone has to come to an agreement. He cursed under his breath, I said there’s no fucking need to act up, it’s just breakfast for crying out loud, the vibe is off & I’m not having it right now.
My mom picks somewhere hastily & we settle there, I sat at the far end of the table & didn’t talk for the whole time bc he pissed me off really bad. My mom right when we’re getting ready to leave asks if I’m ok bc I seem grumpy. I roll my eyes & and am like are you freaking joking right now I’m not the one that’s been acting up this whole time I’m simply reacting & you’re asking the wrong person. She takes a breath, says something about being positive & her bf says “exactly”. I couldn’t believe it, when we leave I storm off to the car, when we get home she & her bf spend the rest of the day out on the porch talking. In between that time she asks if I’m okay, I get defensive again & bring up his shitty behavior. Then maybe after an hr she comes back, says that she finally gets why I reacted the way I did & apparently she & him talked about it while they were out there.
She & I weren’t talking for a few months before, saying she really doesn’t want that again & worries that’ll be the case bc of this new friction in the house now. Since Sunday she hasn’t really talked to me(we all live together), she said hi Monday, I replied kind of dryly & left it at that. Tues morning, I walk by & normally she’d say good morning but doesn’t talk to me. I only confronted her with internet issues & she writes me a check for money she borrowed. I don’t get why I’m the one that is not being communicated with while her bf is the issue imo & they’re talking like nothing ever happened.
I just think about the times when I was younger, her bf was a dick, did shitty things & they never went long without talking. My mom & I on the other hand, the longest we’ve gone without talking was a yr. When we’d go months without talking, it’s normally something petty that caused it & I don’t feel like she made an active effort to reconcile (even if I caused it). She’d reach out for my bday or maybe follow up after a few months/send a text🙄. But when we communicate she’s loving, I wonder how’d she’d act if she & my brothers fought. I feel like it might be best if my mother & I are civil moving fwd/very surface level & if that means moving out so be it.
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2023.06.02 03:45 Dsg1695 Am I overreacting after recent drama with my mother or am I making a good point?

This past weekend, my mom’s bf was acting like an ignorant dick & I wasn’t having it. He was being very reactive & acting ghetto, I was beyond irked I put my foot down. He’s been on good behavior for the past few yrs , is “reformed” & thought this behavior was a thing of the past. We all went out for bfast Sunday & had a bad experience at a diner so we left after no service after being seated for a while. We all get back in the car & everyone is throwing out their preferences & I had to be the bigger person saying everyone has to come to an agreement. He cursed under his breath, I said there’s no fucking need to act up, it’s just breakfast for crying out loud, the vibe is off & I’m not having it right now.
My mom picks somewhere hastily & we settle there, I sat at the far end of the table & didn’t talk for the whole time bc he pissed me off really bad. My mom right when we’re getting ready to leave asks if I’m ok bc I seem grumpy. I roll my eyes & and am like are you freaking joking right now I’m not the one that’s been acting up this whole time I’m simply reacting & you’re asking the wrong person. She takes a breath, says something about being positive & her bf says “exactly”. I couldn’t believe it, when we leave I storm off to the car, when we get home she & her bf spend the rest of the day out on the porch talking. In between that time she asks if I’m okay, I get defensive again & bring up his shitty behavior. Then maybe after an hr she comes back, says that she finally gets why I reacted the way I did & apparently she & him talked about it while they were out there.
She & I weren’t talking for a few months before, saying she really doesn’t want that again & worries that’ll be the case bc of this new friction in the house now. Since Sunday she hasn’t really talked to me(we all live together), she said hi Monday, I replied kind of dryly & left it at that. Tues morning, I walk by & normally she’d say good morning but doesn’t talk to me. I only confronted her with internet issues & she writes me a check for money she borrowed. I don’t get why I’m the one that is not being communicated with while her bf is the issue imo & they’re talking like nothing ever happened.
I just think about the times when I was younger, her bf was a dick, did shitty things & they never went long without talking. My mom & I on the other hand, the longest we’ve gone without talking was a yr. When we’d go months without talking, it’s normally something petty that caused it & I don’t feel like she made an active effort to reconcile (even if I caused it). She’d reach out for my bday or maybe follow up after a few months/send a text🙄. But when we communicate she’s loving, I wonder how’d she’d act if she & my brothers fought. I feel like it might be best if my mother & I are civil moving fwd/very surface level & if that means moving out so be it.
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2023.06.02 03:31 Il8sai3h9e2 How much does it cost to furnish a house?

We’re a new couple and will be buying our first house in next 1-2 years. We don’t have many physical assets. Mostly a laptop each, two cars paid off, enough casual/work clothes, and secondhand IKEA-type furniture. We’re probably going to give the secondhand furniture to friends and family since we’re moving out-of-state.
New vs old house furnishing for 4-bed, 3-bath. All costs excluding mortgage, real estate fees, and moving fees.
New home: - bed, sofa, desk, chairs, tables, dressers - appliances (washer & dryer, fridge, dishwasher?) - lawn equipment (if we don’t do HOA) - one living room TV - curtains, bedding, bathroom toilette - cleaning supplies
Old home: - all above + higher maintenance budget for HVAC repair, foundation cracks, plumbing upgrade, exterior painting, roof repair?
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2023.06.02 03:12 crte2 I’m concerned that terminex didn’t actually treat for bed bugs

On Monday I found two bed bugs on the side of my bed. I got Terminix out the next morning and showed him the bugs. He looked at the mattress/curtains and said he didn't see any signs of them except maybe on one curtain but it was hard to tell because of the pattern so according to the inspector the infestation was very mild and should easily be taken care of. We paid them $1,500 & we're told that they would be 1. Spray the beds then cover them 2. Spray something inside the couches 3. Spraying the baseboards/ headboards and 4. Releasing some kind of spray in the air. We asked what we needed to do before hand and they told us strip sheets and make sure food/dishes were put up. That's it. Today was the first treatment. Of course we had to leave but I have a ring camera and after about 20mins i checked it and he was GONE. About another 30 mins go by and he sends an email saying he is done, there might be a smell so let the house air out when the 4 hour window is up. (When I got home I didn't smell anything in the air or on the beds that indicated they had been sprayed. I just do not understand how you could treat a 3 bedroom house in under twenty mins. I have a huge heavy king size bed with the twin split box springs. I can't imagine one person being able to get the mattress covers on this bed plus the others in that time frame let alone also do 3 different spray treatments all in exactly 23 minutes. So I started looking stuff up online and I found a bunch of conflicting information like most sites said that "prep" work required bagging up bedding, stuffed animals, curtains, moving all the furniture and stuff away from the walls and they didn't make us do any of this so naturally I am completely freaking out. Having no pest control experience mainly I'm wondering if it is at all possible to do a bed bug job that quickly??
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2023.06.02 03:03 0_----__----_0 Hi Denver, here is my big list of things to do this weekend, GO NUGGETS!!!! [June 1st - June 4th]

Happy Pride everyone!! I may have missed some pride events so please feel free to add them. Go Nuggets!
Looking to make plans for the rest of summer? Check out the Summer Events post here: Summer Events in the Denver Area : Denver (
I send this out as a newsletter which you can sign up for by clicking this link. There are no ads and it's free, so send it to your friends.


🏀🏀🏀 NUGGETS VS HEAT @ Ball Arena @ 6PM GO NUGGETS 🏀🏀🏀
Lord Huron @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7:30PM
Anees @ Ogden Theatre @ 8PM


'No Vacancy' Art Reveal @ RiNo Art District @ 6PM Be one of the first to see how the group of artists from the 2023 NO VACANCY program have transformed the empty IMAC building warehouse.
Michael Franti & Spearhead @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7PM *There’s a special pre-concert yoga session that starts at 4PM. Tickets sold separately.
Decibel @ Summit @ 6PM *Featuring Dark Funeral
Valentino Khan @ Ogden Theatre @ 9PM
Andy Sydow Band @ Bluebird Theater @ 7:30PM
Pride Party @ Meow Wolf @ 8PM *Featuring Vincint


Rapids vs San Jose Quakes @ DICK'S Sporting Goods Park @ 7:30PM
Denver Day of Rock @ LoDo District This free one-day music festival features four stages of live music and entertainment for the whole family in the LoDo district!
Swinging' Under the Stars @ Little Man Ice Cream @ 7:30PM Summer's in Full Swing as Little Man Ice Cream & Swingin' Denver welcome you back for a full summer of live swing music, free swing dance lessons, and ice cream!
Ongoing - Farmers Market @ City Park @ 8AM
Yoga on the Rocks @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7AM Start your day with an exhilarating workout at the awe-inspiring Red Rocks!
Meditation in the Galleries @ Clyfford Still Museum @ 9AM Clear your mind, relax, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you in the galleries!
Breakfast Fly-In @ Wings Museum @ 9:30AM Enjoy breakfast from a local food truck, watch aircraft fly in and explore interactive exhibits and simulators.
Music from Eastern Europe & the Caucasus @ First Baptist Church of Denver @ 7:30PM
Hunter Hayes @ Summit @ 7PM
Bakester @ Marquis Theater @ 8PM
Blue Oyster Cult @ Paramount Theatre @ 8PM
Devotchka @ Levitt Pavilion @ 6PM *With Annastezhaa
Sam Burchfield & & The Scoundrels & Of Good Nature @ Bluebird Theater @ 7:30PM
Kreator & Sepultura @ Ogden Theatre @ 6:30PM
Shrek Rave @ Mission Ballroom @ 8PM
Justin Jay's Danceportation Party @ Meow Wolf @ 10:30PM


🏀🏀🏀NUGGETS VS HEAT @ Ball Arena @ 6PM GO NUGGETS 🏀🏀🏀
¡Viva! Streets @ Downtown Denver This community event series celebrates Denver's vibrant neighborhoods and supports local business with temporary car-free streets.
Colorado Opera Season Celebration @ Ellie Caulkins Opera House @ 2PM Join the Opera Colorado artists in residence for their final performance of the 2022-2023 season.
NEMR Stand Up @ Comedy Works Downtown @ 7:30PM
Nancy Norton - The RE-Charge Nurse @ Comedy Works South @ 8PM
'Straight Up with Stassi' Podcast LIVE @ Paramount Theatre @ 7PM Stassi Schroeder Clarks brings her hit podcast to live audiences on her long-awaited tour.
Central City Opera @ Levitt Pavilion @ 4PM

All weekend

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - 'One Night of Thunder' Show @ Aurora Fox Arts Theatre @ 5:30PM Presented by Collective Consciousness, this show is an unpredictable and exciting story of adventure, intrigue, and fate.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY- Joe Russo @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
All weekend - Riverdance: 25th Anniversary Show @ Buell Theatre The beloved theatrical phenomenon is back with a new, re-imagined and powerful production.
All weekend - Jake Johannsen Stand Up @ Comedy Works South
All weekend - Maz Jobrani Stand Up @ Comedy Works Downtown
All weekend - 'Best Town' Play @ Buntport Theater A new play about stars, isolation, the magic of libraries, and Laura Ashley curtains.
All weekend - ‘The 39 Steps’ @ The Singleton Theatre The inventive and hilarious, this hit play combines a film masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock with a juicy spy novel and a large splash of Monty Python humor.
All weekend - ‘Miss Rhythm: The Legend of Ruth Brown’ Cabaret Show @ Garner Galleria Theatre This intimate cabaret experience explores the life and times of R&B legend Ruth Brown through story and song, accompanied by a five-piece jazz band.
Ongoing - 'Islands Beyond Blue' Exhibition @ DAM The museum is re-opening its Oceania gallery with a special temporary showcase of large-scale installations and treasure highlights.
Ongoing through September 10th - ‘Awful Bigness’ Exhibition @ Clyfford Still Museum ‘Awful Bigness’ fills the Museum’s largest, skylit galleries and celebrates Clyfford Still’s biggest, most ambitious works.
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2023.06.02 02:59 Choice_Ad_1267 The gray man: paranormal activity or sleep paralysis?

To preface: This story takes place in a small resort town in Minnesota. I have experienced countless paranormal events in my short lifetime (F, 26) … All of which took place in this town/surrounding areas. My fiancé, Austin (M, 28) had never experienced paranormal/ghosts ever in his life, until I brought him to meet my family in Minnesota in what I call their “haunted mansion” in this very town.
My parent’s home was a large residence on a lake in Minnesota. At 6,647 sqft. this was a big and beautiful home. One of the cool and notable parts of this house was that on the second story, there was a little nook at the top of the stairs. It looked like a regular & cozy nook, a bookshelf on each side of the walls & a rocking chair in between. (This will be important for the story later) the cool part about this nook was that the bookshelf on the right side wall actually opened up into a whole other living space. You’d simply push onto the wall and it would open up to a hidden living area, bathroom, bedroom & access to the outside.
I stayed there for a whole summer before I moved out to California when I was 17, and I don’t think I got a full nights sleep for the entire summer.
Every night I would be stuck in this petrifying state whenever it was nightfall and time for me to be alone in my room. I would lay awake at night RESTLESS, I would hear noises around me, see shadows all over my ceiling and walls of what I can only describe as ‘demonic’ or just overall creepy figures/people/ghosts? Shadows. The ‘shadow people’. And they loved to torment me. The most unnerving part of these sleepless nights wasn’t the sounds or the visuals, but the feeling -a paralyzing fear would wash over me, night after night. It felt like a physical presence in the air, it was heavier than reality and much darker, suffocating. True, petrifying horror, all around me.
I chalked it up to sleep paralysis- because that was the only way I could justify these horrors night after night. Though.. I was never fully asleep when these chilling events would occur… It’s safe to say sleep wasn’t something I got much of in the “haunted mansion”.
It wasn’t until I brought my fiancé to visit the family home, and he had a similar experience as me, that I really believed the residence could be truly haunted.
Me and the fiancé were enjoying our time in Minnesota (if you haven’t visited, Minnesota is paradise in the summer- 75 and sunny, gorgeous summer storms, all the good vibes).
I had been living in California for 6 years now, and while I was a little nervous to revisit the haunted mansion, I had my fiancé with me now, and many years had passed- (i should note also that I hadn’t experienced any of the “sleep paralysis” since moving out).
The first night there, we went to sleep and all was well. (I was very relieved).
However on night 2, the spooky presence came back to haunt us.
I woke up around 2 a.m. very thirsty. Our room was on the second story of the house, so getting up for a glass of water meant walking down the hall, passed the creepy bookshelf corner, down the stairs and into the kitchen.
I was feeling confident and brave since the first night at the mansion and the past 6 years, I hadn’t felt that evil paranormal presence… So I decided to let my fiancé sleep and venture out into the dark mansion alone.
I wandered down the dark hallway, but upon reaching the bookcase nook I was stopped in my tracks, as the rocking chair between the bookcases was rocking methodically, as if someone was in it. I immediately NOPED out, and headed straight back down the hall, into the bedroom where we were staying.
Without telling my fiancé about the creepy rocking rocking chair, I nudged him awake and asked him if he could go get me a glass of water. I didn’t bother telling him about the rocking chair, because at this point I really believed it was all in my head, and I was simply paranoid and maybe a little crazy.
Being the amazing & loving man he is, he groggily got out of bed, went down, & retuned with a glass of water (unscathed).
We both went back to sleep.
Shortly after going back to sleep, Austin was randomly awake again. He woke up, sat up, and turned his eyes to the door in front of our bed.
He says the moonlight was shining into our room, giving a soft blue hue, so his eyes didn’t need to adjust from awaking suddenly from his dead sleep. He took full account of the empty room before he lowered his head and body back down to rest on the pillow. However, as if the bed was a thin veil between the waking world and the dream realm, he slipped through and was sitting upright in bed again.
This time, in this dream state, he could see the light was on underneath the doorway to the hall. He could hear faint footsteps reaching the top of the stairs on the other side of the door.
Once again, as he fell back to the bed, he swung through into his awakened state and saw that the room was back to normal with a dark doorway.
In the back of his mind he knew that he was dreaming, but was unable to control when he slipped back into his dream. He was only able to recognize when he was truly awake. With each consecutive fall, the footsteps in the lit hallway drew closer.
As he traveled back and forth in between the planes, the pace quickened and the footsteps became louder.
Soon the footsteps reached the door to the bedroom and the entity on the other side began to slowly open the door. Falling to the bed and in between dreaming and reality happened faster and faster- until it was almost like the flash of strobe light between being awake in the empty room, and watching the door creep open in the dream. In the doorway stood a gray staticky figure.
It was like a shadow of a man standing before him. A dark gray looming figure, with a head and shoulders that tapered down to the bottom of the now open and lit doorway.
The gray man stood at the lit doorway, but did not enter. His blank face stared into the room where we slept, almost as if to make its presence known.
Austin woke for a final time, and it was morning, the door was closed, and the man was gone.
He woke me up and told me of scary dream/reality he experienced. I had never told him about the horrors I experienced in the mansion prior, but I opened up to him about all of it after hearing his experience. After all was out in the air, we both genuinely believe a dark presence haunts the mansion. My family has since moved out, so thankfully we won’t be visiting that residence again.
Because it happened to us both… we believe it may be more than a sleep paralysis coincidence… But what do you think?
P.s. if Morgan from THT is reading this…. Me and Austin were both just re-listening to episode 37 where you, Lauren & Alejandra talk about your paranormal and creepy experiences in MN. Being a MN girl who also moved to CA, I really relate to you all, and think it’s interesting we all had creepy stuff happen while in the land of 10,000 lakes. Would love to discuss this further with you if you ever do another creepy Ep!
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2023.06.02 02:57 crte2 Bed Bugs Scam??

On Monday I found two bed bugs on the side of my bed. I got Terminix out the next morning and showed him the bugs. He looked at the mattress/curtains and said he didn’t see any signs of them except maybe on one curtain but it was hard to tell because of the pattern so according to the inspector the infestation was very mild and should easily be taken care of.
We paid them $1,500 & we’re told that they would be 1. Spray the beds then cover them 2. Spray something inside the couches 3. Spraying the baseboards/headboards and 4. Releasing some kind of spray in the air. We asked what we needed to do before hand and they told us strip sheets and make sure food/dishes were put up. That’s it. Today was the first treatment. Of course we had to leave but I have a ring camera and after about 20mins i checked it and he was GONE. About another 30 mins go by and he sends an email saying he is done, there might be a smell so let the house air out when the 4 hour window is up. (When I got home I didn’t smell anything in the air or on the beds that indicated they had been sprayed.
I just do not understand how you could treat a 3 bedroom house in under twenty mins. I have a huge heavy king size bed with the twin split box springs. I can’t imagine one person being able to get the mattress covers on this bed plus the others in that time frame let alone also do 3 different spray treatments all in exactly 23 minutes. So I started looking stuff up online and I found a bunch of conflicting information like most sites said that “prep” work required bagging up bedding, stuffed animals, curtains, moving all the furniture and stuff away from the walls and they didn’t make us do any of this so naturally I am completely freaking out. Having no pest control experience mainly I’m wondering if it is at all possible to do a bed bug job that quickly???
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2023.06.02 02:52 MinuteGas2247 AITA for not allowing my stepdaughters dog to come every other weekend?

I 38F and husband 43M have 3 kids. We’ve been together 8 years. Last year our youngest 13F begged her bio mom to get her own dog. At their moms house they get what they want whenever they ask. For example we bought her horseback riding lessons and so her mom bought her a whole ass pony!
This past December she was going through a hard time. They already had a dog but she wanted this dog and was going to spend her savings $2500 on a mini pomsky max 10lbs. She pleaded & her mom said she could as long is the dog could come to our house every other weekend. She finally got the dog and paid the $75 to have it “certified” as an emotional support dog with NO TRAINING.
My husband, without much conversation with me prior, agreed to let the dog come w/her. We already have two large dogs and a cat. I like the dog. It’s sweet but each weekend was chaos. It’s a wrestling match when they are together. For hours. My dogs are fully trained and well behaved. Our 18 month old golden is not neutered and neither is her dog. It’s a pissing match marking territory all over my house. Hes now about 25lbs. He doesnt listen. She doesn’t take care of him the way she should. One time my husband walked into our bedroom the dog looked at him and pissed all over my bed!
In February, my husband texted his ex saying that the dog wasnt allowed to come back until it was fully trained. She responded that she completely understood, she was so sorry and she doesn’t know what to do with the dog. A few weeks back we were asked by her to watch the pup for a weekend while she was out of town. We said absolutely. We were doing her a favor since she wouldn’t be available. He did the same thing again.
The following weekend my husband went to pick the girls up and the dog was packed up and ready to come over. He politely told her no and that he was still not coming because he wasn’t trained. It got heated but I felt like they came to an understanding. Today my husband goes to pick them up and same thing! His ex wife said that we agreed to this and if we weren’t going to keep our end of the bargain she was rehoming the dog because she can’t be tied down on her weekends without them. She’s too busy. Putting the blame for rehoming the dog on us. Side note - two or three weeks after they got their second dog their 1st dog passed suddenly from cancer. So they now have one badly behaved dog. My husband got angry and raised his voice in front of his daughters to his ex because this is just insanity but quickly calmed down. When I got home I went in to have a heart to heart and try to explain why it just isn’t working out. She said that it doesn’t matter now because since they’re getting rid of it and that her dad came in screaming at her and her mom. I told her that I was really sorry it didn’t work out with us watching the dog and that it is not our responsibility and it’s just too much right now. AITA?
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2023.06.02 02:21 Worriedtoomuchabout AITA for drinking in my own home?

Hello everyone, let me start this with a back story I apologize for the length in advance. I feel if I explain more you may understand my frustration. My husband (M24) and myself (F 23) bought a home in 2020. In 2020, my husbands dad fell very ill with covid in May 2020 during this time my husband was deployed and with the way things looked we assumed my husband would probably have to be called home due to his dad having been put on life support and not doing well. Thankfully after several months his dad was able to come home in September,he was bed bound, then wheel chair bound, and on oxygen for several more months. My husband came home in October. My husbands family have never been rich, his parents provided what they could and my husband recounts times where they wouldn’t have light etc. my husband though adores his parents as do I like I love his parents, they are what I wish I had growing up as they are so supportive and loving (which sometimes can be enabling as you will see why later) With that being said, his parents and 3 brothers were living in a trailer home, that was not wheel chair accessible making it hard for his dad to get to appointments. The trailer also had mold and no heat which would be detrimental to his fathers health. So my husband and I had saved a substantial amount of money from his deployment and me working and landing a good WFH job during covid. So after talking to his brothers who said they would be willing to pay rent, we decided to purchase a home, a home that we could also come back home to once he gets out of the military. My husband didn’t expect the first two months rent payments since our mortgage didn’t kick in for two months. Since we were making good money we paid a portion of the mortgage even when we did not live there the past 3 years. We received no help from anyone which was fine, it is our investment and we could help his family by providing a beautiful home way below rental rates.
So I moved back here to live in the house as I received an amazing job offer in March. Since my husband will be getting out of the military in a year we decided it would be best for me to come home, save money, and sell this home and purchase another that we would prefer to live in as our forever home as I’ve noticed several things I didn’t like about this one.
This is a 4 bed 3 full bath home. Both his parents live here, his dad (60) is on disability and his mom (58) has never worked, 3 brothers we’ll call them Mike (26) Alex (22) & Ben (25) and Bens wife Ashley (21). (Ben and Ashley are saving to buy a home) But being here I have noticed things that bother me like Mike and Alex expecting their mom to wait on them hand and foot. Which she enables because “they are her sons” and I’ll “understand when you have kids.” They are completely okay doing the bare minimum and never moving up in life or seeking out better job opportunities. I could go more into depth but being here has made me realize how my husband and I are pretty much his parents retirement plan especially if his brothers don’t get it together. So I feel some resentment has begun to grow which I hate (not towards his parents but his brothers)
On to the actual story, My husbands parents don’t like drinking on-top of being very religious. They know that I do drink and my husband does though. Well their parents went to visit their grandparents for the long weekend over Memorial Day. Friday I asked my sister in law if she wanted to drink with me at the house since their parents wouldn’t be there and she said yeah and she asked her husband who also agreed but he did say Mike and Alex won’t do it because they don’t like that which I said okay. We decided to go out and drink outside and listen to music Alex didn’t bother seeing what we were doing but when Mike got home from church he went to see what we were doing and after he asked and we answered “just listening to music” he went back inside and I thought that was that. I will say neither of us got loud, nobody threw a block party. We just were chilling and talking, it’s not like we were passed out drunk in the lawn and throwing up everywhere.
The rest of the weekend passes.
Monday night comes, i greeted their parents when they got home then I hear all the brothers talking to their parents in their room a little bit later.
Tuesday at work, I received a text from my sister in law saying she thinks they were talking about us drinking because her husband was upset. Then my husband texts me and just says not to drink at the house again because his parents didn’t like it. Which I then told my husband I didn’t do it when they were there for a reason. Which my husband agreed but just said they are renting and to just not so it doesn’t cause issues. Which okay what ever but the way I see it is this is my house? Is it not? Yes I moved into it while they were here but it is my house at the end of the day and we have paid a portion of the mortgage even before I moved in which I will add is higher then the 3 brothers at one point i believe it was was split $800 between them and we paid the remaining $400. So each brother only paid $266 but me and my husband paid $400 bc they couldn’t “afford it” at one point. When looking back now just angers me as the are able bodied men.
But when I got home, I was visibly upset and angry, specifically at the Mike who clearly is the one who had to run and tell his parents as if we were little kids and as if this was his parents house we did it in.
Later on in the evening my mother in law asked me to then come into the living room to talk to all of them. The conversation proceeded to be about what was going to happen when we buy the new house, which I had already told them when their parents weren’t here on Friday as I feel no need to involve their parents on money concerns as they do not pay anything and I don’t want them worried. I repeated myself and said I don’t care if they go to the next house with me until my husband comes home, and they should use that time to look for better jobs and save and actually have goals in life instead of being content where they are since Mike said he would be fine, which unfortunately if you took away my husband and Bens help I don’t see how they could make it with todays economy, I didn’t mention that though rather I offered help with their resumes, connections to people etc. I told them right now you only pay $233 a month ( each brother only pays $233 we pay $360 ontop of my husband paying rent where he is at too) and since the rent is so low they should save, work on your resume, go back to school I don’t care if they are there if they are working on bettering themselves so I don’t have an issue. It was going to end at that but then Mike said something along the lines of “I wasn’t going to bring it up but we felt disrespected by what happened the other night and we don’t want issues like that in the future….”
I seen red. That made me feel like a child in that moment as if I’m being scolded by my parents. But I’m not a child, I’m an adult, with a career, a husband, and life goals, that can’t have a simple drink in her own home? I had to take a moment to collect myself because everything flashed through my mind of how i could I have possibly disrespected them? My husband and I flew their parents out for vacations, we housed them for free for two months, I literally took Alex and Mike and their dad to a Major League Baseball game through my work, my husband pays for the internet that they play their games on, my husband bought the 72 inch flat screen tv in the living room that I haven’t even got to sit down and use because the brothers hog it, and not one single thank you? But they are quick to ask for more or make demands from us like asking me for a ps5 ? I don’t let my dogs roam the house they can only be in their crate or my room because Mike doesnt like dogs, Mike painted and made a mess in one bedroom of the home, and didn’t even finish it? Theres paint in that bathroom sink of MY HOME, he didn’t ASK to do that. To me that is disrespectful and I could go on and on and on.
So I said okay and left it at that but later when I calmed down and could calmly talk I told him I found it disrespectful that they told my husband over me first, and before I could tell him that to me it was disrespectful that he ran to tell his parents instead of talking to either me or my sister in law or even his brother as an adult he brought his mom into the conversation because he said she’s the one who told my husband and turned it into a discussion with their mom on how I need her to talk to me over my husband if there's an issue with what I do or talk to us together, which yes is true and she apologized. But not after her crying and it being a big deal which it didn't need to be. But the main issue I had was Mike not being able to be an adult and talk to me and the fact he drags his mom into the conversation that was between me and him. I just gave up.
My husband says I need to be respectful about things I do in the house in the future, he says he’s not mad at me because he didn't see anything wrong either with it at first but just to not do it because he doesn’t want issues which I deem fair.
But was I really disrespectful or AITA for drinking in my own home? I guess it could be seen as I knew it was wrong because I did it a day they weren’t there but that was precisely the point, I’m not going to do something they don’t like in front of them, but I also live here too, I pay more then them, and my names the one on everything. I feel rude for being hung up on the money aspect, but that was their argument that they pay rent too like I won’t throw the money in their face and never have his parents are clearly thankful but his brothers are not and saying I disrespected them just rubbed me the wrong way. I guess too I want to know if am I over reacting or if my feelings are valid?
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2023.06.02 02:03 Aggravating-Abroad96 I wonder if the stapler is edible

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2023.06.02 01:38 PiggyMcoof Article 1: Sickness and Error

It's a Saturday morning and Penny and Georgie got called to breakfast. Pony, their roommate also got called to breakfast. Penny asked, "What are we doing today?" her father, Patrick responded "I got a call last night from Mr. P, he said his wife had gotten ill. I'm going to the hospital at 1:00." "Can I come, Dad? Anything is better with Mr. P." Piper (the mom) hesitant to say it volunteered to come too. "Are either of you coming?" Patrick asked Pony and Georgie. Pony replied, "Nah, I have plans with some friends." Georgie answered, "I don't trust it, even though Mr. P's a family friend, the results may do more harm than good." Meanwhile, at the Station, Officers Ron and Poley are working. Poley has his eyes set on Willow, an infamous thief. Ron is looking through severance throughout the city. "Poley, can-" Willow started before Poley stopped her saying "Nope, don't wanna hear it." Ron's eyes were sore from how many hours of staring at a computer screen. He began to rest his eyes. He dozed off to the sound of Willow and Poley yelling at each other from all the other side of the station. At the Hospital, Mr. P, and his assistant Bunny, had just gotten done getting ready for the Piggy family. Beary and Badgy are taking the prototype cures "Do you think these will work?" asked Badgy. Beary replied "I don't know. Because of Mr. P, our budget increased dramatically, yet he wants us to hurry. So it could be in any ballpark. Besides it's not like when the Piggy family drinks this they'll turn into freaks." Badgy simply agreed as they walked through the halls of the hospital. Sheepy escorted Penny, Piper, and Patrick to the testing room. And Katie, Beary, and Bunny each held bottles of cure. Bunny injected the cure into Piper via a syringe. Katie did the same to Penny. Penny read the syringe aloud "Substance one-hundred-and-twenty-eight?" Katie said in a kind but concentrated voice "That's what it's called, kiddo" Beary injected Patrick with a syringe. After that it was said and done, The pigs became stronger within seconds. "Wait until the guys at the gym see me with my shirt off," Patrick said excited and energetic. "Yeah, that's a bit of a stretch." Replied Piper. While Penny is hugging (more so squeezing the life out of) Katie, Bunny, Badgy, Sheepy, Beary, and Mr. P. A few hours after they return home, Penny and Georgie play with toys. Penny was using a doll and Georgie was using an action figure to play with. Penny just collapsed to the ground it sounded like it hurt. Georgie yelled for his parents but nobody answered. Piper was in front of the sink doing some dishes. When she collapsed and dropped a glass plate on herself. Glass shards were everywhere. Patrick was in the garage tuning up the family car. He was flat on the concrete ground with a wrench in his nostrils. Georgie was in bed when he woke up to Penny with her hands and feet touching the bottom bunk. (where he slept) but not Georgie himself. Penny had her eyes blackened but only one was glowing red, she still had some control, but she had very little control left, was scared so he slipped his legs into a position and he kicks his sister in the face, doing so stunning her for a few seconds. This gave him enough time to get up and get out. But he hadn't escaped yet. He still needed to leave the house. Easier said than done, by using what Pony taught him about lockpicking he was able to bypass the lock. He smashed his dad's head into the code dial, which somehow managed to finish the code correctly. Infected Piper knocked the planks off the door by pulling way too hard on the planks. Then Georgie yanked the wrench out of his infected dad's nose for the wrench pad. The tips at the end had congealed blood from being in someone's nose. He got out and his family couldn't get out the door all at once. At the Station, Ron was awakened by the sound of a ringtone. "Hello, is someone there?" asked an unknown voice. "I'm here," answered Ron. "Thank God, it's you Listen, it's not safe where I am but there is a runaway child." Ron replied "Child's name?" "Georgie Piggy." answered the caller. "Who ar-..." the caller hung up before Ron could finish asking who he was talking to. Ron just headed for the Piggy Household in search of Georgie Piggy. Ron drives a police car there and when he hops out he says bravely "Well this is the place where Georgie Piggy was last seen." as he bravery struts through the yard. As he was about to open the front door, Penny came out of nowhere and beat him with a baseball bat. While Ron is knocked out Piper breaks into the Station, she looks at her reflection, she wants to look at herself. But all she can see is a cold brutal entity with her body and plain black eyes staring back. Piper sniffs out Poley and Willow. "Holy crap! What is that?!" Screamed Willow in pure shock. Poley, not buying Willow's shock gets caught off-guard and Piper scratches him. Poley fought off Piper temporally disorienting her. Willow offered Poley some assistance. Poley accepted and freed Willow. Willow followed through with it and knocked Piper out cold. Willow suggested, "Hey Poley, I think it would be wise to find shelter." Poley responded "You're right, I know of an abandoned refinery just outside of town. Nobody should be there." Off they went to the refinery. Ron woke up and found himself in the bedroom. Penny was sleeping on the bunk above him she kept saying weird things like "Obey him, praise him." and "He sees from The Underneath." Ron went into the kitchen which was still filling with water. His red and yellow rubber shoes were a substitute for rain boots. He turns the water off, found a purple key, and uses the window to get outside. Penny was soon out there. She threw the bat and starts shaking Ron around like a ragdoll. And breaks a piece of wood that opens a mini bunker where a safe with a purple lock is. Ron gets up and grabs the purple safe. He looks at the key and safe repeatedly until he decides to put the key in his suit and pick up the safe. Penny is at the only entrance/exit Ron takes the safe and slams the safe into Penny's head had a concussion. Ron notices the door was just closed. With a note saying "Good luck in there McOof." Ron went to his car questioning what had happened and pondering who wrote the note. I could make a whole episode of Solving Mysteries based not just on Georgie but also around who wrote that freak note. End of Article 1.
"Mr. P is an honest potato. Being one of his best friends, I know he would never do things like this maliciously. - Patrick"
"I learned firsthand that Willow has a duality. I've never seen someone so aggressive turn passive that fast. I wonder where McOof went."
"Sheepy gave a potion to a cop and his friend."
"Ron McOof made my childhood the host and lead investigator on Solving Mysteries, he was my idol growing up."
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2023.06.02 00:57 varmints_ update on my last post (a bunch more info in the comments)

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2023.06.02 00:20 Common-Somewhere562 AITHA for un inviting my friend to a concert we are both suppose to go to

I (21F) and one of my close friends we’ll call her Cynthia (19F) we’re supposed to be going to one our favorite artists together. The concert was a few weeks ago and actually coincidentally got re scheduled. It is now coming up again though and I do no think I can go with her. The show was on a Saturday so I went up to her house on Friday night to stay over so we could leave early in the morning because the show was about two hours away. We don’t really get to see each other that often because I live pretty far away and I’m in school and have a full time job. It had been about 2 months since I had seen her. Friday night was great we had drinks and we smoked and everything we were up till about 1am, we started talking about the next morning and I told her we should get up around 11, it was a two hour drive and we had check in at the hotel and we were going to stop at the store before we went. We agreed and went to bed.
In the morning I was up around 10 and decided to get ready, I didn’t wake her up until around 10:45 because that is what time she told me the night before and I know she has trouble getting up. I woke her up and she immediately had an attitude. She went back to sleep and she didn’t get up till 11:30. It didn’t really bother me that she did that because I knew we had plenty of time. We finally got on the road around 12 and decided to stop at a rest stop for lunch. We got our food and we were sitting but she still had an attitude. I was trying to make subtle and friendly conversation every response she had was an attitude. But I just brushed it off. This continued the whole ride though, over little things ( the songs we were listening to etc.) I finally had enough, I was so upset ( I also have bipolar and when I get upset or mad it explodes almost) I was crying and telling her how she was making me feel. She didn’t listen to a single thing I said and told me I was the one snapping at her and having an attitude. I really felt like I didn’t though (besides when I reacted)but she said since Friday night I had been like that. Again I didn’t feel like I did and I actually know I hadn’t been. I apologized i don’t have much time off and had been working non-stop for the past two months and I didn’t want to go to the show fighting or fight with her all weekend. We finally recovered got to the hotel and the show was canceled but we decided to stay anyways or I would have been charged for a late cancellation fee and figure we would take advantage of a weekend away.
We got to our room changed and went down the pool when we got back up. She was going to shower I wasn’t going to because we were thinking about going back. But I changed my mind. I went in and rinsed off for about 30 minutes. I came out and asked her if she was going in she said no and sarcastically said “your quick rinse took 20 minutes” with an attitude. I started reacting again, told her that I’m not doing this all weekend and that I was gonna go to the car to take a breather. She accused me of leaving and abandoning her even though I told her I wasn’t and said we can do whatever she wants and she can come with me. She said no and I went in the bathroom and sat there for 40 minutes crying. I finally relaxed and when I came out she wanted to talk. She told me basically the same thing the first time, I just agreed so we could get over it. We got dinner, I showered and then went to bed not ignoring her but I didn’t really talk to her unless she talked to me. The next morning I got up around 9, started getting ready I change in to something casual did my hair and that was it. Cynthia didn’t get up till around 10 and she rolled out of bed literally and we went down to the hotel breakfast we came back up around 10:30 and she packed in about 5 minutes. We didn’t have to check out Till 11. She asked if I was ready to go and I suggested we chill for a few before we leave. She immediately snapped at me and said “so now you wanna get all cute and have fun” i again got upset but didn’t say anything and got in the car and started driving I was silent the whole ride home.
We were about 10 minutes from the house and she finally asked me if something was wrong. I told her I was just tired. She then said it’s almost been a year since we hung out and we just need to get back in our groove. I saw her a couple months before this though and she has never made me feel this way ever and we’ve been friends for a few years. I was so upset I cried for almost the whole day after this. She texted me a few days after this basically saying the same things and that if she needed to apologize for me to stop being mad at her then she would. ( IMPORTANT DETAIL- I paid for this weekend along with the tickets and she is supposed to be paying me back and hasn’t given me anything yet) AITAH if I uninvite her, I feel so confused over this and feel guilty if I uninvite her but I don’t think I can risk my mental health over this happening again. Also I feel guilty asking but she’s owes me about 150 for just that weekend not even the tickets but I feel guilty if I uninvite her and then also ask for the hotel money back and for the food and stuff that weekend
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2023.06.01 23:56 nic_s1 Eoe rant

I hate this disease so much. Like I don’t understand I have asthma, eczema & now this. I know it’s all link together but it sucks. I’m trying so hard to point out my triggers. I know I been allergic to seafood my whole life but around 13 peanuts came now I’m 23 (it’s soy & wheat). Also I have oas but what I hate the most is it’s like if u eat 1 trigger food your whole day fuck up it seems. I be getting hard to breathe , dry cough , running nose , everytime I eat a food or drink something besides water I get cough after. Idk if anything in house like dust mites or mold can trigger this as well. Than it’s like once the flare up happens u don’t know how long it will last. Right now I take 1x pantoprazole 40mg in morning , 1x fexofenadine & 1x montelukast before bed. This disease be making me feel so sad like I got my eczema under control , my asthma was under control but now came back & now this bs. I also be going to the gym working out but this shit be having me hard breathe & dry coughing a little during my sessions or hard swallow.
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2023.06.01 22:35 Wild_girl_travels Positive experience with laparoscopic myomectomy

Hello ladies,
I wanted to share my story in the hopes this will give at least some of you a bit more comfort going into your surgery. I found there were lots of negative post surgery experiences here and in the wider realms of the internet, so I thought I should probably share a positive one too! I am now Day 10 post-op.
Surgery type: Laparoscopic myomectomy
Insurance: Private. Pre-diagnosis, ladies, not to sound like I am advertising private insurance, but even if you have a tiny inkling something might be wrong (but haven't been to the docs yet and no diagnosis), get private insurance - it gives you a bit of security that even if nothing is wrong you could have had the opportunity to get medical attention fastebetter quality.
Age: 32
Fitness level: High/athletic - I do lots of gym-ing, running, surfing, skating, cycling. I was a bit overweight in my early 20ties (not massively so, maybe like 2kgs over my BMI), so after my ovarian cyst surgery I was paranoid to get PCOS so I really changed my lifestyle around and got into sports, which now has turned into a lifestyle I can't really live without!
Living situation: Live on my own in a rural town, but close friends live nearby.
Previous surgery: Ovarian cyst surgery where they also had to remove my ovary (very large cyst) circa 10 years ago. Didn't have any symptoms back then even, just thought I had IBS (which I think a lot of us do) - turns out there was a cyst the size of a small basketball growing on my ovary, and they had to remove both...which sucks of course, but when your in your early 20ties you don't really think about how this may affect your future ability to have kids. Mine was an emergency surgery performed after I went to ER with crazy gas pain in tummy, in a foreign country, so overall this whole experience was really traumatic emotionally and I am still dealing with the aftermath of this.
Symptoms before surgery: No real symptoms - normal periods, bit of bloating (assumed IBS), bit of hormonal acne here and there. Been on birth control pill since my ovarian cyst surgery, so keeping hormones in check through that.
Diagnosis: I pulled what I thought was a hernia at the gym, went to GP, got a ultrasound which funnily enough found nothing, so they attributed it to a one off random told me to ease off exercise for a couple of weeks and start again. However, I instinctively knew something was wrong with my body, so TRUST YOUR GUT LADIES! Because I had a previous cyst and my ovary removed circa 10 years ago I got into real panic mode about my fertility, so I requested a referral to a OBGYN in case there was an issue with my other ovary. Note ladies, private insurance if you live in a country where healthcare is horrible is so important. I saw the OBGYN within a week, if that wasn't the case I would have needed to wait about 6-12 months to see one on the public system. OBGYN sent me for another ultrasound (this time transvaginal) and they originally didn't see any problem, but by the end of the app, they weren't quite sure what they had seen (useful, I know), so OBGYN sent me for an MRI. MRI found 1 med-large fibroid on uterus. I then had a long chat with OBGYN as to the best treatment type, and because of my age and the desire to have children she recommended removal through laparoscopic surgery.
Fibroid numbetype: 1 med-large subserosal fibroid 7cm, and the surgeon found two others ( 1 x 4cm and 1 x 1cm) during my surgery (did not see them on the MRI, I know crazy!). OBGYN also now suspects I have adenomyosis, which is something I will have to deal with once I have recovered from surgery. I know, fun!
Day of surgery: Had to only wait a month between my app with OBGYN and surgery (again, thanks insurance). Hospital was boujie as (had never been in private hopsital) and everything from the admission to surgery just felt like a well oiled machine which was really good to keep the stress levels down. I had my friend there with me and we chatted all the way until I got rolled away for surgery. Surgery lasted about 2 hrs.
Waking up post-surgery: I woke up to see 2 nurses monitoring my vitals, and they rolled me to my room where my friend was waiting. I was pretty out of it and asked some silly question to my friend, which I am sure she loved sharing with our friend group. I had an afternoon surgery so I was in my room by dinnertime, but believe you me I did not want to eat anything. I drank lots of water overnight, and they kept coming in to check my vitals and give me pain and anti-nausea meds + laxatives and some other stuff that helps with heartburn etc.
Day 1 post op: In hospital, had a bit to eat for brekkie (eggs - high protein), they took my catheter out from my lady parts, so I can pee by myself. Didn't hurt at all taking it out (also they put the catheter in while you're under so you feel nothing). Went for my first pee, went for a little ponder round hospital (about 5mins in the hallways), and spent the rest of day watching series, reading etc. Pain was totally fine, and I was just on paracetamols etc., didn't need anything stronger. Had pretty bad nausea, but they kept me topped up for that. Lots of sleeping, but generally because of the pain meds I didn't feel any pain at all! Getting in and out of bed was a bit hard, but I have really strong arms from surfing so i was able to push myself up quite easily. Every hour or so, I tried to get up and do a couple of laps (5-10min) in the hallway. Because I was doing fine and was mobile, I could do this by myself, but there were lots of people who did the same thing but needed to be accompanied by a nurse. Drink lots of water gals, this will help with triggering your need to pee independently and getting your bowels moving, and also helps flush your body.
Important things to make your stay at hospital more comfy: Loose low rise sweatpants - I actually bought a pair a size too big so it was more comfy. Oversized t-shirts and jumpers, something you can easily put over the catheter in your arm. I-pad (life saver for me, I could catch up on netflix), magazines or crosswords. I had a book, but my brain was deffos not ready to engage while I was still in hospital. Electrolyte drinks - these were incredible and really helped to get my bowels moving too! Heat wrap - they had some in the hospital, and they're essential pain relief for anesthetic leaving your body pain (my right shoulder was in pain) - they kept heating it up round the clock which was so GOOD.
Day 2: Discharge day/first day at home - they would not discharge me until I had a bowel movement, so I was drinking water like crazy to help trigger some gut movement. Otherwise you will have to shove pills up your bum to get the party started. Luckily for me all of my drinking, and eating regular, yet small meals during Day 1 did the trick! My friend came to pick me up and we had a 2 hrs drive to get home, and this was not something I had thought about before. This was probably the worst part of my entire experience. I was so motion sick the entire way home, that the car had to be made into a freezer (AC pumping) and I had to do deep breathing all the way home not to throw up (which I did when I got home, but thankfully not in caon roadside). Once I got home, I pretty much just dropped into my bed and slept for about 5 hrs. I threw up once, while clutching a pillow to my abdomen to make it hurt less. Did some small walks around the house, friends dropped off some food, so I didn't have to cook or anything. People dropped in really regularly to check on me. My friends bought me heat packs for shoulder pain (still from anesthetic and gas leaving your body), and it was the best.
Day 3: Started day off with small walk outside to the post box and back, felt exhausted afterwards, but with little pain. I clutched a soft pillow to my abdomen while doing so (just felt more comfortable this way). I was managing with paracetamol every 6 hours, irrespective of whether I felt in pain or not. This is what docs advised on discharge. I had no pain really, discomfort in my tummy area sure, mainly just felt odd with the stiches. What I found hardest was breathing while walking (I know, weird right), I felt really out of breath every time I tried to go for a longer walk (200m plus). I just listened to my body and stopped when this happened, while also attempting to increase the length I walked bit by bit to train my lungs. Bowel movement back to normal pretty much, some light bleeding (doc said this is normal), but stomach was huge (as in 6 month pregnant huge). I called my doc as I was concerned about why it's so large, she said it's normal and swelling should subside in a couple of weeks (yikes!). I was drinking lots of water (2-3L a day), and eating a primarily veggie & high protein diet. I cut dairy, red meat an processed foods out during my recovery as I had read this helps. Ate a lot of kiwi fruit to help my bowels. Overall, by day 3 I did some light house work and did about 2 hrs of work (e-mails etc.)
Day 4: Walked about 1km in the morning, felt tired after so took a nap. Pain almost completely gone, bowels normal, no more spotting/bleeding. Feeling almost normal (ish). Did some housework, couple hours of work. Another 1km walk later in the arvo. Diet still restricted to protein, fibre, no dairy, no red meat and not processed foods.
Day 5: Dropped my meds, as I did not feel pain at all, my stomach felt fine, and tummy swelling had gone down. Felt okay all day, bit bloated, but walking really helped. Did about 2km walk in mooning and 2km walk in arvo, with small stints of walking around the house all day. Still more tired than normal, so lots of resting & naps.
Days 6-10: Nearly back to normal (well normal-ish) - no pain, everything regular, have been off painkillers for 5 days. Introduced dairy back into diet, felt fine. Had an ice cream :) Increased walk length to 3-5kms per walk (2 x daily) - feeling puffed still, lungs still feeling exhausted during walking but getting better every day. Have been doing about 5-6 hrs of work each day, while still taking lots of mini break for naps and resting.
Day 10: (today) - OBGYN has cleared me for short drives with car (initially she said 3 weeks no driving), as I have been off pain meds for over 5 days and feeling fit and alert. I feel almost normal to be honest, the area where the stiches are feels a bit tender, and still a bit swollen, but swelling has gone down heaps. Hoping to keep upping my walk distances and that my lungs will catch up slowly.
Something I really struggled with: Emotionally, I was a bit of a wreck after surgery. The additional diagnosis of adenomyosis really left me questioning whether I will be able to have children in the future, so I had a good cry with my friends about it (whom immediately jumped in to be surrogates). I'm trying to not think about it too much during recovery, but it's something that is heavily weighing on my mind as one of the main 'side effects' is infertility. I am hopefully going to see a fertility specialist after I have recovered to talk about my options. Obvs doesn't help that I am single, but I am so ready to be a mom (emotionally and financially), so am I ready to explore what else is out there for me to hopefully start on a journey that will lead me towards a wee addition to my solo independent lady family.
Also, I struggled with just being and home and not doing ANYTHING. I am normally really active and exercise helps me to relieve stress and sleep better, so not being able to do that has been driving me up the wall. I am very lucky to be self employed so I have no pressure from anyone else to get back to work, but I feel guilty for doing little work for over 10 days. I'm a workaholic, so it's really hard for me to 'just rest.' I will hopefully go back to working full time from next week, but I will really need to check myself to not be 'overdoing' it and set myself back in recovery.
Key takeaways: If you feel up for it, get up and start doing small walks as soon as you can after surgery - this well help get your bowels moving and heal faster. Drink lots of water! Eat a diet that's high in protein & fibre (pre and post op for sure), cut out dairy, red meat and processed food if you can. I am a young fit adult and this really helped with recovery as my body is trained to be under stress and has a high pain threshold, by being fit my recovery is up to 3-5 faster than an average person. Even if you're not fit now, there's a lot of studies (goggle them, I kid you not) suggesting that physical training before surgery, like gym exercises or running boosts the odds of a good outcome, so if you've got your surgery scheduled for a couple of months time see if you can incorporate some exercise in your daily routine.
Also you might be okay psychically, but it's okay if you feel like a mess emotionally. A good network of close females was so important for me. I cried, I laughed and I felt supported by them in allowing me to talk through my emotional trauma, especially relating to the potential fertility issues in the future. Anything to do with woman's health for me has been so hard to talk about, as it feels so personal, and you feel less of a 'normal female' if you have fertility issues. Most of my life I have been trying to avoid even thinking about it, so it felt so nice to just let it all out! I really hope you all have those people in your life you can open up to and be vulnerable around!
Having the support of close friends/family will be key while you're in hospital and for the first week or so - I could have never done this without my close friend group, they were with me at the hospital and took turns bringing food and drink and attending to most of my whims while I was at home, so make sure you have some support with you during this time!
Anyways, I hope my essay helped someone - I think I can put my good experience down to 3 simple factors: excellent pre-existing fitness, private health insurance and having a good movement regime/diet structure post-surgery.
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2023.06.01 22:22 maxler5795 today i turned 18. what did i do to celebrate becoming an adult? why, by rickrolling my entire family.

so basically, my 2 parents and 2 younger sisters as well as myself have this tradition to wake up anyone on their birthday while singing happy birthday. every time its my birthday i think of a way to play a joke on them. most of the time i was either too lazy (imagine waking up at 5am on a wednesday for a joke. 15-16 yo me didnt even try). but since this year ive consistently been woking up early out of habit, i decided to stuf some cushions on my bed, which is in front of the bed, put never gonna give you up, going back to the start, shutting off only the screen, grabbing a wirless keyboard and plugging its dongle and then waiting in the bathroom across the room for an entire hour (from 6am to 7am) watching the owl house S3. cause of course i did. then when my family came in and i heard them sing, i then heard my mom move the sheets and say "nos cagó!" rough translation being a very vulgar way of saying "he fooled us!" i then press spacebar on the wireless keyboard and hear never gonna give you up. i get out of the bathroom laughing my ass off and basically just saying "finallly. i bloody did it!" we then proceeded to have breakfast with me still thinking about it. i'm not gonna forget it anytime soon and this is proof of it.

TL;DR: i finally did a scheme to fool my family i had in my head for years.
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