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2023.06.02 06:57 Otherwise_Win_3995 jealousy

hello, im gonna be vulnerable here and i understand this may get some hate. my boyfriend has a friend that he went to highschool with we will call Giana. Giana is a high achiever, very smart and makes a lot of money and goes to a very fancy med school, been on TV, etc. i met my boyfriend a few months ago, and his parents are nice enough. they do want him to be with Giana though, and I know that. im going to a trade school to get my licensing to be a mortician and I work at a funeral home now. my school is small, cheap, and a community college. ive never done anything respectable, or high achieving like she has. The other day at dinner his parents brought her up and showed each other what she posted for my boyfriends birthday and how much they loved her. they never usually address or talk to me. she’s very pretty and has a good body too, the more I think about all the ways she’s better than me the more sick I feel. i have never told my boyfriend because im scared of being vulnerable with him and it’s embarrassing to admit that I’m having a problem. i wish i wasn’t like this and my boyfriend always tells me how much he loves me, and reassures me often. i don’t know why i have such a hard time with it.
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2023.06.02 06:55 codeinfinity959 Russia's Rupee Trap Is Adding To$ 147 Billion Hoard Stuck Abroad

A crooked trade relationship with India is forcing Russia to accumulate up to$ 1 billion each month in rupee means that remain stranded outside the country, swelling the cache of capital it's amassed abroad since the irruption of Ukraine. Russia has surfaced as a top supplier of oil painting to India over the once time, settling a lesser share of trade in public currencies and turning shipments east as traditional guests in Europe escaped purchases after the war began over a time ago. But with significances from India stagnating, Russia is ending up with an excess of rupees, which its companies have trouble repatriating because of original currency restrictions. impasse over a result has left Russia awaiting the fat to rise further, according to people familiar with the accommodations. Any quarter, the imbalance will probably induce the fellow of$ 2 billion to$ 3 billion that Russia can not use, according to Bloomberg Economics. The quantum would add to an estimated$ 147 billion in net foreign means erected up abroad over the course of 2022. r70oldpk " The reason is a sharp boost in the volume of oil painting inventories from Russia," said Irina Zasedatel, a member of the presidium of Russia's Association of Exporters and Importers." Against the background of an increase in the growth of oil painting deals, there is little sign of expansion in the force of other goods." An impasse at the negotiating table between India and Russia is complicating their booming one- way trade. In the first quarter, India had a trade deficiency$14.7 billion with Russia. A top precedence for India is to promote the wider use of the rupee in transnational agreements. The central bank has suggested that countries accumulating redundant rupees from exports can put the finances in original securities including government bonds. The two countries are agitating colorful payment mechanisms including investments in India's capital requests by Russian realities. It's an option that originally did not find favor with Moscow but is now back on the table as billions of rupees pile up in Indian banks, officers in India familiar with the details said, asking not to be named because conversations were private. Other possibilities include channelizing the accumulated rupees into Indian structure systems in exchange for equity stakes. For Russia, the only respectable option is to use currencies of a third country, similar as China's yuan or the United Arab Emirates dirham, said people familiar with the reflections. An agreement is far out since Russia has limited sway in a situation with many indispensable buyers to India, they said, asking for obscurity to describe the private addresses. Russia's government and its central bank did not respond to requests for comment, and neither did India's Ministry of External Affairs. What Bloomberg Economics Says. " Russia's trade with India is decreasingly imbalanced. India's exports to Russia have not caught up with booming significances, but there is a limited appetite in Russia to save its current- account fat in rupees. That said, there are no indispensable oil painting importers of India's quality on the horizon for Russia, so exporters and banks will gradationally accept agreement in rupees. This will allow Russia to keep its oil painting flowing, but will make hard currency more scarce, weaken the ruble and push affectation advanced." — Alexander Isakov, Russia economist. Though changes in how the government in Moscow levies oil painting companies have succeeded in stabilizing public finances after a record swell in spending, the incapability to recoup earnings deprives Russia of hard currency at a time when its exporters formerly face longer stay times for payments because numerous domestic banks have lost access to their pressman
accounts in the west. In the months following the irruption, homes and companies have also been moving billions of bones
in finances to banks abroad. And with some foreign profit now trapped overseas, pressure on the ruble may grow worse since smaller import proceeds will be converted into the Russian currency. 9us3tsqg The screwing of commerce leaves many good options for the Kremlin and underscores how little logrolling power it has in a redrawn global oil painting request that is seen Asian bootstrappers India and China lade up cheaper Russian oil painting. It also shows why a shift down from the currencies of Russia's adversaries remains fraught with pitfalls.
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2023.06.02 06:33 iabdtsl WIBTA for not sharing inheritance?

Sorry alot of back story. My 26F dad passed away recently. He is survived by myself my two older brothers & his gf & her 3 adult kids. My brothers struggle with drugs and one has been estranged for about a decade. I knew my father wouldn’t include that brother in his will, but I didn’t know I would be named the sole heir. From the moment I found out, I planned to take care of the not estranged brother and his kid & I also planned to set aside some for his gf as they dated for so long & if my dad didn’t have her in his life, I wouldn’t have pursued my future across the country. Things started as well as they could have under the worst circumstances. Myself, my dads sister, and his gf came together to divide responsibilities. But soon the cracks started to show. Comments were being made that were super off putting (gotta keep the character count down). They thought throwing his ashes in the ocean would be best since it’s free while I would rather go in debt to lay my father to rest. But the logical decision was to sell his car and use the proceeds. Instead the gfs kids wanted to sell it to keep the proceeds for a down payment on a house for themselves. Their help started to slow, but came to a near halt when it was discovered I was the heir to his life insurance policy who we thought was going to his gf. Because of other drama, the funeral was canceled but the celebration of life plan was still on. My aunt and I interned my father since his gf had no interest. Few more trips back home to clean the house that was in utter disarray which is shocking because my dad kept a clean house and used to hate clutter. They no longer came to help as they already came to lay claim to sentimental items they wanted that I was very willing to let go of as I wanted them to have keepsakes. While packing to go back for his celebration of life, I asked if they could bring framed photos so I wouldn’t have to fly with them. Instead I was met with hostility for interning my dad “without their knowledge” although they did know and were even in possession of his ashes until that very day. So instead of going to his celebration of life, I picked up flowers and spent the day visiting my dad and mom who are at the same funeral home. It was so painful having them both there. It was so painful seeing the still damaged earth where my dad was laid to rest. Fast forward a few months and it’s been radio silent except for a text from one sibling letting me know their interest in buying his house. Running out of words, but what makes me most reluctant to not share with them, beyond being left alone, is the fact that the person I trusted to love and care for my dad, didn’t in the way he needed. He succumbed to diabetes, he managed his diet well at first, but his gf liked wine and other things not healthy to a diabetic. Don’t get me wrong, I blame myself too, I should have been there. But I don’t intend to leave his gf or her kids a penny. So, AITA?
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2023.06.02 06:22 raindropsonroses_97 Is ghosting better than going through a breakup with a friend?

My friendship of 8 years is going downhill. I don’t know if I just ghost completely or say something. I fear if I say anything it’s going to be an argument. I spent almost 6 years in a emotional and mental abusive relationship. She had to deal with the constant venting. But she had her fair share. An ED, miserable home life, stress of school, bad breakup. I was there for that. She always hated my ex. But when I was moving on I met my husband. We got married extremely fast and she didn’t seem supportive til the day of the wedding. I let that go. She’s in a relationship that she says is completely normal. But it’s constant complaining of plans ruined, getting ignored, no time together. It’s her relationship but she vents to me about it. I tell her straight up what I think. She doesn’t listen but it’s okay because I did the same thing. It’s her life. Nothing is a normal conversation anymore. I tell her my car took a shit worried about getting to work or losing my job. I get “oop” or “wack” when she vents I send paragraphs of how important, loved, cared for she is, etc. this week a friend in her boyfriends friend group took her life. Extremely upsetting. Everyone’s feelings is valid of course. But I feel like she’s projecting too much of her own issues into this. It’s always hard when you know someone that passes. We haven’t talked in two days because I told her while we were having a somewhat rare casual conversation that I was going to call my OB the next day because I was a couple days late in my period (for someone that’s had two miscarriages back to back I was a little spooked ). She replied “Ok”. We haven’t talked in a few days she tells me it’s hard getting ready for the funeral. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open it. When I finally did she brought up it was a very hard day and that her boyfriends ex was there… why is that something that would cross your mind at a funeral. Who cares? A friend took their life. You are surrounded by grieving people. Then said sorry it must be triggering since I lost someone to suicide. But I feel like being in a intimate relationship with someone that takes their life is completely different kind of hurt then your boyfriend’s friend ex girlfriend that for some reason she compares hers mental breakdown to her own. Or saying this is the worst death you experienced when you have attended close family funerals. They hung out in groups but never one on one. But I could be wrong? I just feel like she’s lost all touch of reality. That she only cares about what’s going on with her. She has friends she goes out with to have fun I’m the friend that gets the left overs and issues. But the second I say anything it’s dismissed. She’s apologized in the past for being a bad friend but keeps repeating.
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2023.06.02 06:20 Frequent_Ad4043 Anyone else?

I’ve had a rough couple days. Yesterday we took a 4 hour road trip to my cousin’s funeral, was there for 4 hours, then a 4 hour road trip back. The whole time I drank only one regular water bottle and other than that a coffee, a soda, and a burger. I had a headache from crying at the funeral and just overall exhaustion from being on the road. I got home at around midnight but didn’t fall asleep until later (and didn’t have the greatest sleep) and this morning I woke up early for work and felt nauseous. I’ve been slightly nauseated all day, but still able to eat and work. I took a Zofran at around 1:30pm and that helped for a few hours but then it came back. I have no stomachache and the nausea isn’t terrible, just kinda lingering & annoying. I’m also really tired. Does anyone else feel queasy when they haven’t slept well? The logical side of me wants to think it’s a combination of yesterdays crying, lack of water, headache, and then not sleeping well. But then the other side of me wants to spiral, and I don’t want to go there because my anxiety makes everything worse.
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2023.06.02 06:11 cuttle_33 Met a guy travelling Australia, feeling confused by the very strong feelings we have for each other. Have you done long distance at the beginning of a relationship?

Hello, I (32f) am travelling Australia in my van. This has been something I have worked toward for 5 years and it is really important to me. Due to crazy life situations last year I left home with minimal funds this yr and my lil snail house, but I felt if I didn't leave I wouldn't ever leave. I've been on the road for 3 months and travelled from east coast to west coast. Currently I am looking for work because I ran out of money lol.
Halfway across Australia I met a guy(31m) in a small town. It was meant to just be a one off thing and then it turned into a 4 day fling and he came out to meet me 2hrs from his town camping at the beach.
It was surprisingly so lovely as he isn't usually my type. We both had a great time, had great chemistry, the best sex, long talks around the fire, adventures in the day. It was so weird we just kinda "got" each other straight away. He was actually emotional when it was time to say goodbye.
I ended up needing to go back to his town for supplies, so then we spent one more night together at his house. He ended up telling me has 3 kids ( to two different mums), his youngest being only 2 months old, and middle child like 18months. It was so fucked, I was really upset he didn't tell me. We have had many serious talks about the whole situation since, it's still a red flag for me because I know I don't have all the details (like his exes pov).
Anyway, I figured after I left town it would just fizzle out and it would just be a great travel story, but it hasn't.
Against my better judgement and the incompatibilities of our life situations I really really like him, and he feels the same way. I feel irrationally attached to him. We talk on the phone every night and message through the day. I am experiencing all of those new relationship butterflies and intense emotions. But we aren't even together??
He needs to finish his trade and obviously has babies so needs to stay in his town. I don't think I'll ever move there (but right now irrationally I wish I was?). But he has his own dreams and goals for his life and we are kind of dreaming them together? But also it feels like it is impossible but also neither of us want to let this go?
I talked to my therapist about it and was using dismissive language to explain the situation which she pulled me up on. She ended up saying as long as it is not hurting either of you and you both feel good then maybe it is worth exploring despite the life challenges we could face down the road if we chose to be together.
Idk. I don't know if I'm being love bombed, or if this is a genuine connection.I don't feel manipulated and feel he respects my boundaries and definitely isn't a yes man (like we have debates and stuff over the phone lol). He is very complimentary, which I love, but I know it can be a sign of love bombing. But I also recognise that we aren't seeing each other in person to show active forms of affection, so often say how we would like to show affection on certain situations because we can't be there together in person.
He has said multiple times that he doesn't want to hold me back, and wants me to do my trip, and sees me as free.
I have never done long distance before and my logical brain thinks this is stupid. I've tried to cut off/logic my way out of it and said this doesn't make sense, which he agrees, but we just end up continuing to talk.
Do you think feelings like this can be real? Or are we both crazy? Has anyone else done long distance at the beginning?
TL;DR I'm falling for a guy I met travelling and spent 4-5days with. I am considering doing long distance but think that's crazy. We both have very strong feelings, but I am confused as to whether they are real or inaccurate because of our situation.
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2023.06.02 05:51 SilvoKanuni Dawn on the Luzum - Barnam Pt. V

Ibandr, during the morning and afternoon so full of life and sound and laughter, slowed as the sky darkened above. The sun had set for some time and the shadows of the city were erratic and scattered in the evening torchlight. There were many lit throughout the city at sundown, many in the city center, some south by the riverbank to ward off animals, and some in the west by those who grew cotton and made goods. Shadr held one of these torches now. He was a young man, having grown up in Ibandr and never knowing the starving times, although his father always spoke of them. He had also talked to him about the day the city spilled its own blood. How he had been part of the fight to retake Ibandr from the Zivold and how he barely survived, losing an arm for his efforts. When the eastern man had come - Barnam had been his name - his father jumped at the chance to sabotage the man who stole their lives, even if it had been so long. Shadr’s father was too old but Shadr himself was not, the young man eager to serve his family however he may. So now he stood as the sun set, stick alight with flame, looking at the large pile of dried grass and hemp and cotton. Waiting.
Over a hundred men on horses galloped toward Ibandr. Barnam rode at the head, taking one last glance over his shoulder at the men riding behind him, Shahadr’s Point falling further in the distance. It was getting darker by the gallop, the sun having set to their right. Up, down. Up, down. Up, down. The rhythm of horseback calmed Barnam. He felt at home, at peace on horseback now. His life with the Albayet had been good to him, prepared him for his duty. He looked at the sky as he rode, the first twinkling stars shining in the dusk. He blinked. What was that? Another! A streak of light shot through the blackening blue of the heavens. Some time passed then, another!
“Vastatn blesses us on this night!” Barnam called to the riders behind him, pointing to the sky at the shooting stars making their way across the world. He gripped the spear in his hand tighter. Good fortune was to come.
Ibandr was more difficult to see as they rode on the flat plains between Shahadr’s Point and the city, but in the darkness he could just make it out. Flames. The old boys have done it then, he thought. When last in the city, he found an old friend of his father and that man’s son, Shadr. There were a handful of others but all too old or afraid to move against the Zivold. Shadr, though, was eager. Setting fire to the cotton in Ibandr’s west had worked well enough, if he could see the flames from here. The sky darkened as they neared the city. It was almost time.
He was close enough to hear shouting over the sound of the horses around him. Then, a great bellow louder than he’d ever heard. A bellow sounding across the city, the plain, again and again in long, slow bursts. An alarm? A call for help? Someone must have seen them. A hundred men on horseback would be hard to miss, but Barnam did not care. “It’s time, Albayet! Ride to our glory! Ride for Kalliza!”
Shouts of Kalliza, victory, to war called out behind him as the hundred split into three groups, one stayed straight behind Barnam while the others spread out in two directions, one to the west to the fire and the other to the east.
“Victory!” Barnam heard himself shouting as he burst into the city, the vastness of the plain suddenly replaced by houses and canals and patchwork fields of sorghum. Men, women, children had come out of their peripheral homes to answer the commotion, and Barnam looked at their terrified faces as they saw him and his horsemen ride toward them.
A scarred, weathered, bearded man, in billowing clothes carrying a spear in his right hand and a scythe tied to his hip, screaming as he charged on a horse. A sight to see. A last sight to see. He did not want to kill innocents, he did not mean to kill them, but you have to be realistic about these things. In the heat of war, Barnam would not stop to question each and every life he took. Today was a day of new beginnings, of a cleansing of the city and washing it in a new path. The stars streaking above were the ushering of a new dawn on the Luzum and Barnam would be damned if he would get in the way of that. He thought all these and more as his horse ran down the man who stood defiantly in front of him. As they made their way to the city, the screams confirmed that the first man was only one of many. You have to be realistic about these things.
The city had no way to prepare for what was coming. Through his whole life Barnam scarcely had heard of any meaningful raids on the city, or great battles between one city and another. Ibandr and its people had not been tried and tested as Barnam and the Albayet had.
With that Barnam could not have expected the first fighters they saw. Ten men burst forward down a street between two larger houses, two had spears and the rest holding hoes or scythes. They came so suddenly Barnam and the horseman next to him, Gudenle, had no time to move. Bunched up as they were they had no time to fight. One with a spear burst it through Gudenle’s horse, throwing him to the side. Another ran to finish Gudenle off but was stopped by a second spear bursting through him, Barnam having flung his own to defend his man. The defenders stood shocked for an extra breath, and Gudenle, with Kalliza watching over him, landed well and was on his feet. He swung a scythe from his hips into his arms and Barnam did the same. Barnam, Gudenle, and the other horsemen fought through the men then, losing two more horses but no tribesmen.
Having bested their first challenge, they trudged on. Barnam and the Albayet fought for quite some time as they made their way to the city center. Those who came to defend the city were few and far between, but they fought fiercely and bravely. By the time they reached the great storehouse of Ibandr and the Temple of Kutenr, only Barnam, Gudenle, and eleven others remained. Barnam dismounted from his horse to confront the sight before him. He and his Albayet stood opposite a tall, lean man dressed in cotton and some foreign leather clothing, with others around him. All stood fierce and tall, with either spears or blades of copper or stone. The tall, lean man held a copper blade in his right hand. Beyond, dozens of citizens were running either into their homes or making a dash to leave the city. Flames blazed in the west and a cacophony of screaming, neighing, and yelling filled the air.
“Where is the Zivold?” Barnam bellowed above the clamor. “I am Barnam, son of Huttl, a righteous man who walked in the light of the Paroxl. He was murdered by Attarnap, a coward and a thief, and I demand his presence in front of me today!”
The tall man raised his eyebrows and gasped. Behind him, the storehouse glowed in the light of the flames, encroaching closer and closer. “Barnam? Is that really you?” He started to laugh. “The little boy who lived on the edge of the furthest part of the city. Amazing, even the dung can come back to haunt you. And here I thought I was being punished for killing my father.”
“Your…” Barnam couldn’t believe what he had heard. “You killed… Attarnap? You killed the Zivold?”
The man who Barnam knew as Belis only nodded. “My father was complicated, Barnam. He was complicated and he was a fool. He thought he could take more and more, demand more and more of the people, and everything would be fine. This temple, those canals, that lake to hold the flood waters for a drought? Do you know how many died for those Barnam? Too many. Too many times there were riots like the one your father tried to start and I fear that if he stayed alive that would be the end of our,” he gestured to the men around him, “position in the city.”
Barnam could not believe what he was hearing. The men around Belis moved forward, and Barnam’s men did the same. “No!” Both men shouted at once. “He’s mine,” Belis said, and Barnam grunted in agreement. How dare he?
Barnam let out a roar. “How dare you take what was mine by right?” Barnam took a step forward, Belis almost stumbling to step back, keeping his distance. “Your father took the life of my own. Theft in its many forms is the only sin worthy of punishment by Marryagai the thief, is it not?” He held out his right arm, scythe in hand, rounding it on those who stood by to watch. Then, pointing at Belis, “and your father Attarnap stole the life of Huttl, stole a husband from a wife, a father from a son. and now you steal my revenge from me? You, Belis, lowlife of lowlives, believe you can take your father’s place. You, Belis, murderer of your own kin, your own father believe you can steal vengeance from me?” Bantam raised his arms, “Look at what you stand against! I am Barnam, son of the union between Mauair and Huttl, chosen by the Albayet to lay waste to what you claim, summoned by Samvastatn to bring glory to this earth. You call yourself Kutenr, as your father did?” He stepped closer. “Do you remember who Kutenrs nemesis is? Do you know the story of Kalliza, Paroxl of horses and creator of the plains, champion of the world when the greed of Kutenr and his grains grew too great. Look around you, Belis. I am Kalliza manifest in flesh and bone.”
Barnam cackled as he looked around him once more, taking yet another step toward Belis, and pointed with his scythe. “The gods have forsaken you, murderer! Dezmedetem rages behind you laying waste to all that you were. Samvastatn courses the sky with light, laying waste to all that you will be. And here I stand, I, Barnam of the Albayet, Barnam of Mauair and Huttl, Barnam the bane of Belis, Kalliza reborn, true lord of Ibandr, to lay waste to all that you are!”
With a guttural cry, the would-be conqueror flew at Belis. It was all Belis could do to raise his copper blade in time, a loud clang misshaping both scythe and sword as the two men connected. Barnam came at him with the fury of gods, whirling his scythe on Belis faster than he ever had. Belis stumbled back with each strike. Barnam was practiced, experienced, weathered from his life in the east, while Belis had only ever killed those around him with treachery, not skill. Belis was slower, weaker and more fatigued with each strike he had to block. But there was a chance. Barnam was the more skilled fighter, yes, but the fury of the gods which coursed through his veins made him move faster, think less. The maddening smile on Barnam’s face blinded him to any outcome but his victory. The Zivold’s eyes darted around with every chance, desperate to unearth some victory.
As the two men moved in their melee, Belis saw his chance. Barnam arced high and Belis, in one move, turned to yank a torch jutting from the ground, grabbing it with his left hand. The blade in his right flew at Barnam’s scythe while his left burst forward, torch in front, at Barnam’s face.
A howl of pain burst through the chants around them. Shocked by his own success, Belis stood there, mouth agape, torch and blade in hand. Barnam reeled from the strike, face almost smoking, and when he looked at Belis the right side of his head was a scarred and seared mass of red and pink flesh. Barnam stared at Belis, right eye almost blocked by the puffing of his face, and muttered something to him.
“What did you say, brute?” spat Belis at the hulking man in front of him.
“Burn me,” Barnam repeated, “and you burn the world.” The words of the Paroxl Kalliza, when he struck down Kutenr in their battle for the heavens. Barnam leapt at Belis once more. They fought again but this time there would be no mistake on Barnam’s part, and Belis felt it. Barnam pushed him further and further back toward the great storehouse. As they stood at the entry way, Belis’s arm outstretched with his balde in hand, Barnam brought his scythe down hard on the man’s wrist. A second howl of pain and a clang as Belis’ blade fell to the ground and his wrist was carved through. His hand was still attached but he’d be getting no use from it any longer.
“Stay back!” Belis screamed, waving the torch in front of him. On the floor in front, his shadow danced in the light of the growing fires in the western district. The flames were nearing them now, the heat coursing through the air. “Stay back you demon! You’ll get no more from me, you and your horseback brutes will not take this city while I live!”
Just as Barnam was to respond, “Then die,” Belis turned and ran into the storehouse. Barnam raced after him. “Take this monster!” Belis yelled as he shoved the torch onto an open pile of grain. The dry sorghum burst into flame, sparks flying and fires licking the roof. “Take this as your payment for your father’s death,” Belis was screaming now as he ran further in the storehouse, laying fire to piles of cotton, throwing off jar lids and burning the seeds and fibers within. Barnam could do nothing, impotent with his scythe, as a wall of fire separated him from Belis. Enraged, he bellowed and ran outside and around the storehouse to the Temple of Kutenr. Belis stood there now at the base. Behind him the storehouse was just beginning to burn as a whole. In front of him the temple, and behind the temple the fires of the western districts were finally upon them.
“So Barnam,” Belis stood at the base, torch flames licking the air and wrist dripping with blood, “is this was you wanted? Is this what you wanted to claim as your own?”
Barnam ran at him, raising his scythe and in one motion bringing it down on Belis’ neck. His face froze in horrified surprise and the scythe dug into his shoulders and neck, blood spurting from the wound. “Let it burn Belis. Let it all come to the ground from which we sprouted.” He brought his scythe out of Belis, who fell to the ground, gurglilng, and brought it back down to hack again and again. “Let it burn!” He was shouting, hacking, laughing, “Let it all burn! You stole my vengeance so now I shall have it back twelve-fold! Let it burn! We shall rebuild! We shall rebuild! We… shall… rebuild!” And with the final cut Belis came apart, head, neck, shoulder, and arm separated from the rest of him, face still looking on in horror at Barnam.
He was panting now, the man turned conqueror, his old and rutted copper scythe dented and broken from the fighting and the effort. He tossed it aside with a clang. His face burned from the torch, his lungs burned from the flames beside him, his muscles ached from the battle.
But above? Above the sky was a light with the streaks of a thousand stars, coursing through the sky as though it was Samvastatn and Niovollin creating the earth once more, sending stars from the heavens to course their energy through the world as rivers. Thousands and thousands of stars streaked across the sky, heralding the rise of a new man. A new Zivold. A new God.
“Barnam!” He looked behind him. Gudenle was coming from one of the round homes next to the storehouse, dragging a small, frail man behind with him. “Is this him?”
The man fell in front of Barnam, wrapped in bundles of cotton and hemp, thick matted hair gray and white with age. “Hadr,” Barnam breathed and knelt at him, putting his hands on the man’s shoulders.
Hadr brought his face up to look at Barnam. One thin, shaking hand came to rest on Barnam’s cheek, and he breathed a staggered breath. “Is that you Barnam? Is that you my boy?” A tear welled in his eye and he started to shake his head. “No, no, no,” Hadr muttered, “no, no no. Do not give me your empathy, my dear boy. I have wronged you.”
Barnam could not understand. Gudenle was saying something about needing to leave as the fire was only growing, but Barnam waved his hand and stared at Hadr. “It was me, Barnam,” the old man said through tears, “I betrayed your father, your uncle, everyone that day. I told Attarnap when i got you and your mother out of the city. It was me Barnam! I’m the reason your father is dead,” and he shook in his sobs, muttering, “let me die, boy, let me die.”
Hadr fumbled with his hands in his rags, but Barnam could barely see for the red that covered his vision. Hadr had betrayed his father, his family. Hadr had betrayed him. He grabbed Hadr by his hair and yanked his head up, putting the two men face to face. “You don’t die yet old man,” and he spat in his face. “You come with me. When the fires abate, you will proclaim me Zivold of Ibandr. You will proclaim that I am the vessel from Kalliza on this world. You will put me higher than any Zivold has ever been, and only then will you be allowed to die. I will do it myself.” He spat in his face again and pulled him to his feet by his hair.
“Let me DIE!” Hadr screamed as he was yanked up. His hands fumbled through his rags and they emerged gripping a small blackshine [obsidian] blade from his rags. He pulled his arms out and thrusted into his belly, but Barnam grabbed his arm like a vice, inches from death.
As he twisted the blade from Hadr’s hands, Barnam only repeated, “You do NOT die yet old man,” and threw him forward. He nodded to Gudenle, and the company walked away from the flames of the city center.
Flames swallowed Ibandr. For two days and two nights, Barnam, the Albayet, and the prisoner Hadr waited at Shahadr’s Point as they watched the city burn on the riverbank. Refugees fleeing from the burning and seeing where the conquerors had gone had come to be with them, either to curry favor or through sheer terror of seeing their home burning. Others stayed by the farms in the homes that survived or camped by the great reservoir.
When the fires abated, the survivors, the conquerors, and Hadr the prisoner walked into the city, faces of terror and horror and grief staring back at them. Some houses stood, others charred, and still others broken and brittle. Barnam had tried to stop the pillaging of the city but you have to be realistic about these things. He was Kalliza on earth. The city needed to be burned before it could be rebuilt.
When he arrived at the city center, the storehouse was a charred ruin and the temple behind it stood charred and blackened. The fires had raged and the once great city of Ibandr now stood charred but still proud. The Albayet went and corralled those who remained in the city center, and still others had come to the core now, refugees in their own lands, fleeing the fires that burned without remorse. Many had come to Barnam and the Albayet but others had stayed in the city, finding refuge in this or that district that survived the fires.
Barnam announced who he was, why he had come, and what the future held for Ibandr. “Belis was a fraud! Attarnap was a fraud!” He brought up Hadr. “A fraud held up by this man against the Paroxl, against our gods!” He walked to the ruins of the storehouse. “I am no fraud. I am Barnam, Kalliza reborn. Kutenr is nothing to the light of Kalliza and it is in his name which this city will be rebuilt.” In one year Barnam promised they would be returned to their former glory and poised to reach greater, grander heights than ever before.
The conqueror’s bloodthirst had been quenched. Knowing Attarnap was dead, killing his son, and laying waste to Ibandr had been revenge enough against those who wronged his father and those who stood by and done nothing.
Barnam the conqueror became Barnam the rebuilder. Over the year he convinced the Albayet to move west, abandoning the Duf river in a great migration to Ibandr, calling the union between the Hortens of Ibandr and the Hortens of the Albayet the Hemoph Hortens, or Union of the Hortens. He replaced the storehouse with one of similar grandeur, but on the side walls and pillars were carved intricate images and forms of Barnam as Kalliza, striking down Belis of Kutenr. The Temple to Kutenr was stripped bare and its walls adorned with images of Ibandr, or stories of the Paroxl, and above all of Barnam the Magnanimous, images carved to tell his story and his journey from refugee to god.
At the year’s end, Barnam held the Festival of Kalliza. It was here that he brought out the imprisoned Hadr, old and shriveled and frail. He had not been kept in a prison or in solitude or tortured. Barnam let the man walk free under supervision. “Let those who died by his hand torment him,” Barnam once said. They had forbidden him from holding weapons of any kind lest he take his own life, but the sight of the free Sinnamit, free by the mercy of Barnam the conqueror alone, did much to grow the new Zivold’s legend.
Hadr announced Barnam as a god reborn, lord of the new world and Zivold of Ibandr, son of a man and woman wronged and champion to all those that had been wronged. Never mind that Barnam had created so many wrongs when he burned the city. No, never mind all who died for one man’s vengeance. You have to be realistic about these things.
At the height of the ceremony came Barnam’s final act for the new city. As Hadr finished proclaiming him god of a new dawn on the Luzum, Barnam repeated all of Hadr’s transgressions. His slights against his father, against his city, against the gods. His cowardice and failures as Sinnamit. Barnam called Hadr a necessary sacrifice to give for the life of Ibandr, and slit the old man’s throat on the steps of the new temple, bringing all of the Sinnamit’s powers into his own.
Ibandr rose back to its prominence prior to the Albayet Sacking, and rose further still. Barnam learned of the projects built by Attarnap, of how Ibandr had risen from its people and its lands and by harnessing the power of the river Luzum to control the fate of their crops. To defend against the dry seasons and the wet. Ibandr was rebuilt and Barnam ensured that it was he who was credited. He played his factions of the loyal Albayet families and those who felt were allies within the city, against those who wished him to be gone. Barnam kept ownership of the grain but for other goods he allowed families to hold their own. His reign was tenuous in reality but the image of Barnam as greater than he was, as a god among mortals, a step in a new direction, the rosy fingers of the coming dawn, cemented any fears against his hold and guaranteed he would not often be tested.
Barnam had three daughters and two sons with his wife, married from the time he was with the Albayet, and when he died his son, Askalladr, was appointed the Zivold by the strong families, the Illir as they were coming to be known. The Zivold was now the strongman of the city, emblematic of the gods on earth, priest-king, god-king, father-king, all were encompassed by the great and powerful Zivold.
Attarnap and Belis were nothing. They were glorified tribesmen who hoarded wealth. Barnam was something else, a ray of heaven on the ground. Askalladr’s ascension was only further proof that now, indeed, there was a new Dawn on the Luzum.
Context: Was a lot of fun writing all this. This last piece may not be as strong for evidence of statehood but in connection with the other r rp posts I hope this is enough to establish season 5’s first true city state! There’s a lot more to develop in the next week but hopefully this is solid enough ground for Ibandr to gain prominence on a larger stage. I will definitely be sticking to shorter pieces in the future lol
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2023.06.02 05:45 lyridsreign [AETHER][MIDGARDSORMR][FC][LFM] JOIN AZURE INFINITUM! A Growing, Global, Inclusive, Active, Organized, and Friendly Community Awaits You! Welcoming Players Of All Experience, Availability, & Play-Style!

We are Azure Infinitum
Visit us at: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/)
You may have seen us in the Aether data center's party finder during our weekly events, or may have seen our recruitment shouts around the realm in-game in Midgardsormr, but there just isn't enough space in those places to really explain everything wonderful about what our Free Company and community is.
Azure Infinitum is an LGBTQ+ friendly community, and welcomes players of all experience level, play style, and availability. We're a warm home with a balance of online players, weekly optional activities, and flexible ranks from our membership, to our support & leadership categories. We have a 24/7 Support Team, a Councilship that governs each tier, seasonal events of our own, and many resources between the games we support and online services.
Who We Are
We are an established 9-year old community who's home is in Midgardsormr Server of Final Fantasy XIV. We are a structured, well-rounded, welcoming, friendly, and organized community that hosts daily events (check out our calendar: https://azureinfinitum.com/events/ ) that provide opportunity for members to excel. We work to provide an arena and opportunities to establish strong bonds and camaraderie between our members. As a community we are driven, we carry each other forward, and we are proud.
Our Name & Philosophy
Learn more about our global community here: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/aboutus/)
Learn more about our FFXIV Free Company here: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/ourffxivfc/)
Azure Infinitum means "Azure/Blue Infinity or Infinite Blue/Azure" and there is some mythos behind the name that stems from our guild-wide philosophy of kindness, freedom, vigilance, diversity and activity. We promote positive fellowship among members in an organized guild, with our sights open to our unending endless skies, full of possibility and success together.
Our motto is "As Free As The Azure Sky!" which stuck well when our FC was restructured from an old guild in 2014 as Azure was founded, and it was first shouted as we looked out at a clear blue sky above. has continued to be our electric victory as we continue to snowball in success and activity, our members soaring high through the Azure Sky, flying together!
Click here to learn more about our community ranks: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/ranks/)
Our community has an organized ranking structure beginning with Members who comprise the majority of the roster. Scouts are our support team of Members who've stepped up to more officially support the FC, some work on obtaining a future leadership rank. Lieutenants and Officers comprise the proud Azure Council, a diverse group of players of different specialties and services to the FC, making up lower and higher tier leadership, seeing over the Scouts and the FC weekly events, aside from being admins. The FC Infinitum Master oversees all and leads the Azure Council and the company forward while always keeping the heart and vision of the community alive and in sight. Currently we are re-assessing ranks in the free company, giving more support permissions and duties to our Scouts, while the current council operates as a small team of Lieutenants lead by the FC Master.
Everyone Welcome and Who Fits Best
We have an open door policy. Whether you're casual, a returning player, a veteran, or a newbie, we have a vast array of players in our member roster. Our weekly schedule is organized and provides an array of activity for players of most levels, however we like to ask players who're pretty new or under the level cap, to be extra vocal about their needs while they're still unable to attend some daily events or higher level content that most of our weekly lineup focuses on. We want everyone to have as much fun as possible and have the most success. We find that most players enjoy Azure Infinitum, many have stated that they subscribed to FFXIV much longer than they ever would have imagined after they have been around in our community, as they've gotten involved and experienced all that we offer.
Our FC keeps a daily schedule (see here: https://www.azureinfinitum.com/events/) of events that are hosted by permitted Scouts and Council ranks, these range from 8-man and 24-man raids and map parties, to WT journal groups and trial clear parties or farms, and more- and attending anything isn't mandatory at all here. We're happy to have you, and its up to our members how much they'd like to get involved. Attendance is optional! There's never any stress to attend FC functions.
Savage Raiding Statement
We find that some hardcore raiders looking for free companies just to join their statics who don't already have one, might not fit well if savage raiding is their only or greatest focus, because traditionally Azure does not have a Savage Static, but focuses more on allowing members to organize their own groups and also provides resources to do so. Despite not supporting an official static for the FC, we hope that hardcore raiders enjoy the wealth of our community's wealth of harmony and overall fun, and that everyone may take initiative to seek out or build a raiding static within our community if they are interested, as opposed to missing out on experiencing Azure. Depending on the content season, we may have an Unofficial static lead by a leader, and routinely offer limited time Savage-learning events that may run for a number of months.
Rules and No Drama Policy
Please take a moment to look over our Rules Page at (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/rules/), we find that rude individuals and people who create drama are the outsiders here that don't fit well. We know its a big page, so at least visit the General Rules section before joining.
Recruitment Care & Activity
People of Azure Infinitum are often if not always good natured players who found their way to our community looking for a place with structure, friendliness, organization, and great activity, or they've been scouted during recruitment drives and have been well screened. Its a place where one can be social and attend everything, or relax in the background and enjoy the services and facilities of being in an active, organized, and friendly FC. We actively recruit periodically to assist with upkeep of community activity levels, and to meet new comrades. A community that closes recruitment can be doomed to stagnation. Its normal for a community to have an inner core of die hards who log in daily regardless of content releases, and also have an outer core of individuals that range from those with less availability to those who check in during Patches. This is why we take extra care in keeping the fresh blood flowing into Azure, cautious recruitment, and support our active model by always staying welcoming and sometimes running recruitment campaigns and other services. Like this ad!
Handling Online Drama
Because we keep a no-drama policy and have a strong communication network, it is leadership's ultimate priority to handle any issues that may come up as soon as possible, and most people appreciate our problem solving which has inspired many other communities. Between our Support & Leadership ranks, we use a number of report and resource channels to handle situations, and perform problem solving protocols & tactics to fairly address issues as possible. Drama is inevitable at some point for any online community, so its important to have a large and strong list of moderators (currently around 60!) and a council of leaders (15+) to quickly handle any problems. Luckily, we don't have a lot of drama, but we're always very well equipped and very prepared. Our community has been commended by game staff in the past for our methods, and we have worked with the FFXIV Special Task Force to ensure as much safety to our community as achievable. It should be stressed that it is up to our membership to report to GM's in-game, and to Azure Leadership should any issues or concerns come up. Its also highly recommended that our members appropriately document evidence that can be used to help us assess situations and make proper decisions. Documenation such as screenshots of harassment is a great example! Our members online safety is greatly important to us and is a number one concern of our leadership team. Our Rules Page at: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/rules/) describes a bit more in Chapter 3, including other entries on avoiding/ignoring trolls, playing while intoxicated, depression, and more.
Our Philosophy
We believe in our community and its people, how far we can go, how much we can do for each other, being an experienced community who's core values are positive fellowship, formation of bonds, and indomitable unity.
Azure Infinitum tightly grasps success and masters a casual and lucrative weekly play schedule while inspiring motivation and providing avenues for further success, friendships, and camaraderie among all who freely fly together among our Azure skies.
Founding on the principles of intricately forging a generally drama-free experience with keen leadership and a zealous and mighty membership, Azure has striven to guide and support many hundreds of players through every era of Final Fantasy XIV.
With an illustrious history, company lore, impressive statistics, and a model that is adaptable and blessed with innovative ability, Azure Infinitum claims a dominant presence of excellence and player growth that is possible in our community and extended services.
Estate Organization
We have the entire set-up at our estate, from gardens for members and Krakka Root production (free for members' chocobos), to our stables, nicely uniform clean lawn with hangout spots that are popular, with crafting stations, all available NPCs for simple mats and repairs, cut-scene viewer, toybox, triple-triad board, a fully operational and geared fleet of airships and subs, and our Azure Infinitum Assembly Chamber on the top floor for our meetings where announcements are made at our Grand Assemblies. Check it out if you like at Mist Ward 7 Plot 1.
We also have an organized form of gathering for weekly events in the yard, places to relax, food that is always available on tables at our Cellar, and hold a lot of special events and social games at our Hall. We're also conveniently located next to a Market Board and a Retainer Bell outside of our estate.
Communication and Extended Azure Services
We have multiple services of which none are mandatory, but we provide being (azureinfinitum.com) where our Forums, Event Calendar, News, Company Meeting Summaries, Seasonal Merch Giveaways, Contests, Rules Page, and more take place and can be found. We also have a popular and active Discord Server.
We also have a Facebook Group, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Steam Group, (Look us up! Or visit: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/socialmedia/) and Linkshells like our Infinitum Alliance LS for contact and aid from our allies if needed, our Azure Hunters LS for Hunters, and our Azure Industry LS which connects our members to our inner crafting/gathering community for newbies to pros.
Also worthy of mention is our big Company Meetings in-game, known as Azure Infinitum Grand Assemblies. Even though we have several avenues that keep people connected, our live assemblies gather the FC in unity where announcements are made first, and all proposals, ideas, and more, can be decided together live with the Azure Council present.
This network ensures a lot of information and communication gets around and has been exceedingly useful to us.
More On Events
One part of our reputation that often precedes us is our event crafting and hosting.
First, let me make sure its clear that attendance is never mandatory, but those who can make use, when possible, of what we provide each day, benefit from our events each week.
Since our beginning, traditions like our Thursday Treasure Thursdays events have run each week. Our weekly line-up presently begins on Tuesdays post-weekly reset, and consists of Raid Tuesdays, Wondrous Wednesdays (WT Journal Parties, often doubles as Trial Clears and Pony Drops), Treasure Thursdays (Endwalker's timeworn maps with groups of 8 doing up to 3 rounds of maps allowing for up to 24 maps ran), 24-Man Tuesdays (full pre-formed Azure 24-member alliances are made and raids are cleared, will be returning upon the release of EW's 24-man), Super Azure Slayer Sunday (our weekly meetup to do all sorts of PVP content be it Rival Wings or Frontline), and Monstrous Mondays (helps clear the current and previous patch extreme trials).
Special, Seasonal, and Quarterly Events
More info here: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/azureday/)See the latest event news & more at: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/news/)
We also have what we call Special and Quarterly Events. These types of events are Weekend-Long-Events that usually consist of a theme or celebratory social events we craft. During these events we hold big Riddle Races, Costume/Glamour shows and contests, 3-Story Mansion Maze Races, Speedrun Dungeon Races, Hide and Seek games, Custom Quest Events, Discord events like Cards Against Humanity nights, Comedy events, PVP Tournament Circuits, and more.
Our Special and Quarterly events are Azure Day Weekend (Takes place 3 times a year across a weekend, celebrates the FC), Azure Summer Festival (3-days at the end of August in partnership with Child's Play, raises money for children in long-term care, anniversary of historic FC event called the Lunar Rebellion), Anniversary Azure Day (a big weekend event in November that celebrates our Founding), Azure Day Saint's Wake (celebrates Halloween/All Saint's Wake), Azure Starlight Day (celebrating Starlight Day/Christmas/December Holiday Season), Azure Grand Melee and Duel Tournaments (PVP Circuit series crowning our PVP Champions) and more.
Azure Day Weekends
If you've been around our server you may have heard of our Azure Day Weekends. Our Azure Days take place quarterly as mentioned just above, with four evolved editions called Azure Summer Festival, Azure Day Saint's Wake, Azure Starlight Day, and Anniversary Azure Day. With Azure Day Weekends and related events traditionally occuring quarterly our members are always excited to see the next big weekend of crazy and fun social games, and our showering of the free company in gil and prizes galore. We go all out when we celebrate the free company, and Azure Days are another way we find for leadership to give back to the community. 2023 and beyond is now host to additional seasonal Azure Day events!
We're always giving our members a chance to have fun, win big, and make some great memories in the in-game family we've become. Something fun is always on the horizon in Azure.
I almost can't stress enough how friendly our community is. We have a vast variety of members from hardcore gatherers and crafters, social butterflies, chill veterans, experienced raiders, level grinders, support teams, PVP aficionados, mechanic specialists, and mentors. We're also very friendly to all casual players as well and we keep an open door so long as recruits are always aware that we have a no-drama tolerance here.
​Evolution into a Gaming Clan & Network
Plans are in the works and foundations are being laid that is slowly turning our community into a larger gaming network, with our first established Azure Wing with regular occurring activity being founded in Monster Hunter World, this has led to a successful Destiny 2 clan and more. Becoming a member of our Discord and/or Free Company now means access to things like our huge discord, Azure Wing membership in other games, and being able to join in on any of our other activities in the general community. Azure Network as its being called at the moment, is growing with an all-new website and community features for playing together across Final Fantasy XIV and to Azure Skies beyond!
We rank high as one of the top FC's in Worldwide Activity on lodestone, and have for a long time. Most of our players are divided between the US East and West Coasts, members in East and West Canada, and a few outside the US or in EU or Aus zones. Because we do have an activity policy (mentioned below) we keep a standard flow of people, and have crowds in the early morning, late morning, early afternoon, afternoon, evening, and late night crowds.
Elitism isn't our style. Our community boasts a broad range of characters, great personalities, the proud, and also some silly goofs. But elitism isn't welcome, no matter how successful we are or how large we grow. We're always welcoming towards fresh faces interested in joining our guild, and the in-game activity ranges between 30-60+ online at once during prime time hours, sometimes around 70+ on patch days, and usually always with half the roster logging in throughout a 24 hour period, and around 15-30+ during the night.
Activity Policy
We ask that our members do not go missing without logging in for more than 60 days straight. If we hear word from someone or have some kind of decent excuse, we place our members on our On Vacation rank, which lasts presently until 90 days have passed. Exceptions are made for military deployments, hospital stays, financial issues, disability/health related issues, moving, or other reasons that might fall on a case-by-case basis.
All members not heard from in 60 days (roughly 2 months) or currently 90 days (roughly 3 months) are discharged. We allow 3 joins to Azure Infinitum in total, but exceptions can be made due to reasons listed above. If removed for inactivity, or you've left our FC for another reason and haven't already joined 3 times, you're always welcome back, but please remember, we are not a revolving door.
Keeping our roster full of members who have been online and presently play the game actively ensures an active environment for our players who play often. It also keeps our credits and clerical processes balanced across our network, and allows space for new faces to join our big happy in-game family of comrades.
How to Join
Quick Instructions here for joinin us in FFXIV & more: (https://www.azureinfinitum.com/howtojoinazure/)
If you are interested in joining our Azure Infinitum free company, please register an application at our site and/or FC in-game. You can also seek any of our Scouts, Lieutenants, Officers, or the Master of Azure Infinitum in-game and ask for an invite. You can find their names on the roster page at our website.
If you read everything on this page, you are awesome, and you should let anyone you talk to who recruits you know that you read everything on this page which will greatly expedite your invitation to join.
If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to send a /tell in-game to me or any of our Scouts or Lieutenants listed on our official roster here: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/freecompany/9232519973597911137/membe
You can also message us at our FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/AzureInfinitum
Discord here: https://discord.gg/azureinfinitum
Twitter: https://twitter.com/azureinfinitum
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/azure_infinitum/
Main Site: https://www.azureinfinitum.com/
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2023.06.02 05:32 guppied URGENT! Adoption/Rescue/Foster Needed for Pitty Terrier Mix

URGENT! Adoption/Rescue/Foster Needed for Pitty Terrier Mix
Sharing because this kitten season has been increasingly brutal in the area when we were already battling over population. Our local shelter has managed to find places for other dogs right before the clock runs out for Poppy. Unfortunately she hasnt found anyone to take her despite having a lot of donations and backers. Maybe someone here can share and help find this girl a home.
Side note: The shelter has managed to maintain a no-kill status, for what is now a record length of time, thanks to their placement efforts. Having them lose that status and having it be such a beloved resident would be heartbreaking.
*COPIED POST BELOW* Sharing Is Crucial Right Now To Get The Most Urgent Dog Seen!!!
Meet Poppy!! #A032410
Poppy is the longest dog resident right now and is in imminent danger! There are 0 kennels open, and if dogs aren't being rescued, fostered, or adopted, then some hard decisions will have to be made! Let's not let that happen!
Poppy is 7 years old and as sweet as can be! She loves people and does well with other dogs OUTSIDE of the home. For in home she needs to be the ONLY dog so she of course can get all the attention and all the love to herself as she deserves! She walks well on leash and knows some basic commands.
Poppy is declining in the shelter! Who could blame her being locked in a cell 23.5 hours a day! She needs out and a family to love her and give her the forever home she has been waiting so very long for.
Please, now is the time to foster through the shelter with the Doggy Day Out Program, foster for rescues, and most importantly, GO ADOPT! The shelter needs the community to step up and help! Tag rescues, pledge, share! We don't want Poppy's last day to be coming up. Let's get this pretty princess outta there!!
Manteca Animal Shelter 115 East Wetmore Street Manteca, CA 209-456-8270
Open 10-4pm Tuesday-Saturday
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2023.06.02 05:31 vhsbxby AITA for not moving back in with my mother?

So, I (20F) am a college student living in the dorms by myself this summer and have been ever since I came here. For some backstory, around three years ago when COVID hit, I was with my great-grandmother for spring break; then I got quarantined with her from there. I was very comfortable there because I was able to leave the house and hang out with friends (when quarantine was done) not be watched 24/7, had some sort of privacy, and I didn’t always have to watch my brother since I did that all the time when school was in-person because my mom (42F) did late hours (she now works at home after COVID). My mother and I already have a tipping relationship but back then it was awful. I felt happy with my GG, and she was mad, so she took me off the lease for staying with my GG.
So, I lived with my GG until I went to college in August 2021. So now fast-forward, we have a better relationship with each other, and my great-grandmother passed away in February this year and gave the house to my uncle. He has kids and a wife, so there wouldn’t be any room for me, and my grandma doesn’t really like having company at her house much (plus me living with her would remind her of how she didn’t get the house.) Anyway, that meant I didn’t have anywhere else to go. I had asked my mother if I could come back because and she had said in a snarky tone, “What’s home to you anyway?” I took that as a sign that she didn’t want me back home. Last week, I told her I didn’t start summer classes till the end of June, and she got mad asking why I didn’t just come home.
I told her about what she said about “what’s home to me”. She acted as if she didn’t recall it, then said it wasn’t meant to be taken “that way” and that I was being childish that I didn’t ask her about it. She then went on and on saying how I never want to be around her, how I don’t like her, and how I don’t respect her.
She kept bringing up things in the past how when were at my GG’s house for the funeral and we were supposed to room with each other, I had advocated we should be in separate rooms to avoid any conflict and I wanted to room with my brother since I hadn't seen him in awhile. I thought it was the only logical reason at the time, especially with everyone on edge. I got angry and started ranting about how I never said I didn’t like her but every time we are together that we argue, and it turns ugly so why even bother? Then we just started yelling at each other until she said she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore and she cut me off.
I don’t know if I’m the asshole for not giving it another chance and overthinking what she said but I honestly don’t want to move in if we still have heated arguments over the phone knowing it would be 10x worse in person.
A quick thing I do miss my brother and he understands what’s going on and why I don’t want to go back home. If anything, my mother, and him have a way closer bond.
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2023.06.02 05:23 PlanesandWhisky Can we be real about the 2023 presidential election for a moment...

TLDR: I cannot be the only person who sees this.... Biden is too old and frail, a bit shady, and his VP is clueless and completely unqualified.... Trump is a criminal and also too old and unfit for office and totally corrupt.... Can we please please please get a couple of reasonable candidates to vote for... literally any regular ass American would be better.
Let's start out with my intention. I would love for this post to get 69 million 420 thousand upvotes... but seriously, I want as many people as possible to see this because the media is starting to make me feel like I am the only person who sees that this election cycle is nuts.
This Presidential election is looking to be a choice between two terrible options... I will outline all of my demographics followed by my thoughts and I would really like to hear some alternative opinions because as a regular ass voter, I see nothing but terrible options from the two parties and I am starting to feel like I am the only one who sees that the current political landscape is a total shit show.
Demographics: Ethnicity: Caucasian Gender: Male Age: 35 Occupation: Military Officer Education: BS (it was a bullshit degree but also a bachelor of science) Relationship: Married (divorced once but I deserved it. I was a total shithead the first time) ... happy to provide any other demographics but at the end of the day I am a regular American with a regular salary, a regular job, a regular everything else.
Biden Let me start off by admitting that I was wrong about this guy. I voted for him in the last election because I felt like President Trump was unstable as fuck and presidential policy should not be posted on social media or be based on how one man is feeling that particular day. Biden promised a lot, I didn't expect much from him, to be honest, but I had hoped that we would at least get a president who was able to fill the role at a basic level. I was not looking for Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln. I was simply hoping for a President who would show up to work, have a reasonable foreign policy, who would put some pressure on the corporations and their CEOs making millions of dollars, and who would address the issues that the majority of Americans were dealing with like student loans, health care, unfair taxes, and loopholes that benefit the 1% and fuck the 99%. End of the day I was hoping that he would look out for the 99 and not the 1%. So far we have got some good and bad in terms of policy... he got us out of the war in the middle east even though that was completely fucked up... poor planning... total rush to failure. Thank God that more people were not killed or injured and God bless those service members who sacrificed all for this shitty plan, they were patriots and I am thankful every day that we have Americans like them willing to "stand the watch." He got some relief for parents who could use the help financially when times were tough during covid but he totally fucked it up when he fumbled the ball when it came to supporting the unions like the rail workers, amazon, etc, he fucked up student debt relief (we shouldn't ONLY forgive loans...we need to address the outrageous price tag on education in addition to the loans)... He appointed Mayer Pete who had one job as Transportation Secretary and totally fucked that up by prioritizing his image over actually dealing with airline travel (I am a pilot so a bit read in on this topic... he screwed the pooch on this one), trains, and the supply chain.... he also has been a bit short sided on Ukraine support.... (Ukraine deserves independence but there needs to be an explanation of what we are getting as taxpayers for our money... Please explain to me what the return on investment is for the billions we are spending. I do not have an issue with spending our tax dollars on helping make the world a better place but I need to know how my $50B+ is making a difference before you spend it.) Also his sons.... Beau was a naval officer who allegedly did a bunch of drugs.... should have been booted out of the military and Hunter absolutely took dirty money and it was all covered up. President Biden may not have been involved in any of that but at the end of the day, all of the sins of his sons were covered up for the benefit of their father.
Trump As a white male military officer, I thought I was definitely a Republican before this guy came into office. I mean come on, I was basically their prime demographic. At least that is what I was told my whole adult life. I was unsure when he was elected as I thought this was a publicity stunt. Then he put "Mad Dog" Mattis in office as the Sec Def and I thought "America, Fuck YEA!" he had a bunch of crazy ass tweets and I wrote most of them off because I trusted that General Mattis and the rest of the cabinet would keep the country on the right track. And then he fired Mattis. This was the point when I realized this dude is a sociopath who only cared about being "right". He gave no fucks about what the correct decision was... all he wanted was to be "right." The most respected military General since Colin Powel was fired/resigned from the office of Sec Def under President Trump.... This was shocking. But who knows what happened behind closed doors.... perhaps this was for the best. Then the election and Jan 06. And since then this dude has been the sorest loser I have ever seen. It has been 3 years and he is still talking about how the election was stolen and if you disagree with him he will blackmail you into agreeing with him or he will support your opposition candidate. Fuck this dude. That is not how democracy works..... I do not disagree with his foreign policy as a military officer... He made some solid decisions regarding China and his critique of NATO was not completely incorrect. He said things and made decisions that others were afraid to say and do and I was into it but he also said and did things that was I absolutely not into... if you want America's help then there has to be some benefit to the American taxpayer... if you want to fuck around and find out with OPEC and your pilot students shooting up an American Military Base... then enjoy fighting your wars with Iran on your own.... I full-heartedly believe that the American Tax Payer should see a return on investment for their taxes but President Trump seems to only actually give a shit about his own personal gain. Let's not be naive, his son-in-law totally got paid off by Mohammed bin Salman. He 100% had the support of the Putin regime. He gave himself and his buddies tax breaks that he did not afford the 99%. He said a lot of crazy shit. This guy is nuts and doesn't give two shits about the 99%. He will gladly give you a MAGA hat for your donation but when it comes to actual policy, he has shown that he will take your money, put some in his own pocket, some in the pockets of his friends, and then give you just a little bit back so that you feel like you got the good end of the deal.....The average American made much less than the 1%... he gave you some back in covid relief to make you forget that you were getting royally fucked.
I am not running for president but if I was this would be my platform... in other words, this would be the platform that I wish we could vote for!
There are a lot of other policies that we can go through here and no POTUS is going to have all the answers (that's why he or she needs a strong cabinet). I hope that there is some discussion started here... but at the end of the day.... the two candidates that we are likely looking at are both unfit. We deserve some quality candidates and not the old crazy reality TV star and the Old washed-up politician with a terrible VP. Give me someone reasonable to vote for, please!
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2023.06.02 05:18 RamenInTheSheets I'd like to share a story of a homeless man called Nobby that I like to think Linus is based off

I'd like to share a story of a homeless man called Nobby that I like to think Linus is based off
So firstly, before I get into it - Linus is 100% not based off this man - but I'm sure a lot of us have characters in this game that resembles real-life people we know.
Anyway! Nobby! He was a lovely man that loved to keep to himself. He was pretty much " famous" in my town for the sole fact he lived in a bus stop.
People respected him, and respected his space. No one would go into the bus stop, unless it was raining and then he would welcome people in. It was just little shelter but it was his home all year round. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - he would always be there.
The bus stop was also located right by a lake, on lucky days you'd might see Nobby taking a dip or a bath in it (I'm not even joking this actually happened and everyone at my school would say it was good luck). He was always dressed when he did this, and if he ever needed to change or anything I believe he would do this behind his home, not sure on that though.
Everyone had a story of Nobby, even me.
The first came from when I was a kid in the 90s. Me and my mum would get the bus outside his home all the time to go into town - and one time I decided to give him my pocket money so he could buy himself a McDonalds (it wasn't a lot only £1.99). A week later when we went to get the bus, he showed me the toy he got in the happy meal and he gave it to me as a gift. If I remember correctly it was a Space Jam toy, but I could be wrong).
My second moment was probably one of the most influential in my life. My school was near by and I would skip lessons and go hang by the lake, as we did back then. At one point I started "seeing" this guy - we were both young teens (13? maybe younger) and still figuring things out and not really knowing that we were gay. We just knew we liked to spend time together, holding hands, play fighting and even kissing.
We'd always do these things by the lake in a hidden area type part one day Nobby caught us. We were both shocked and didn't know how to react. All we were doing was holding hands, but as young queers at that point of time - we didn't think it was right or acceptable.
But Nobby simply smiled and said "it's okay" and walked off. We both left right aware and it did actually lead to us calling off whatever we were doing. But his simple comment left an impression on me and helped me come to terms with my identity.
As I got older I would go to his shelter to talk to him before getting the bus home. He never would really say much and I never really got to learn anything about him, but I did notice that whenever I or someone would talk to him, he would finish with "Thank you for talking to me".
Airel view of his home and the lake - both very close by a bit like Linus and the mountain lake
(Image pulled from google maps)
before anyone points it out, I know the bus shelter in this image looks different to the more recent one, but I will explain that
On multiple occasions, people tried to offer him help - by offering a place to live, from private tennats to the council, but he remained at the bus stop.
There really wasn't a lot known about Nobby apart from his name, that he liked to keep to himself, and that he was happy with where he was living.
There were LOADS of rumours as to why he lived there. Some people speculated that he had lost his family to a fire and now had a phobia of living in doors, others speculated he was just a hippie and "one with nature". In reality, no one really knew for sure and as far as I'm aware, no one found out.
There was even speculation around his name, in the 70's he was known as Ned, at one point this became Ted. Others knew him as Michale and David - but again no one know for a fact.
(I don't think anyone even knew if he had any family or anything).
One thing we can say is he lived at this bus stop for a long time. As mentioned he first moved in during the 70's - and he stayed there until the early 2000's.
He actually became so well known in my town that the bus stop was even given it's postcode/address.
In 2005 some assholes destroyed his home. They trashed his stuff but even worse, they set it on fire - I couldn't find an image of the damage they did but it was bad. After this happened, the local community came together - my school and others hosted fundraisers and ultimately a local church got to work and rebuilt his home.
One step further, a local double glazing company fitted the shelter with the two windows you can see on google maps today - they even offered to fit a fourth wall and a door, but nobby declined this offer. He was happy having his shelter as it was.
He would attend local festivals and events but as I mentioned, he would really keep to himself.
In 2006, due his declining health he finally took on the offer to move into a house. The council got him moved into a one-bedroom place quite quickly and he remained there until 2020 - when he sadly passed away.
I'm not too sure on who covered the cost for his funeral and the turnout was small however his memory was not forgotten.
A memorial was set up locally and the shelter now has a plaque that dedicates that space to him.
But anyway, that's the story of Nobby. The local homeless man that reminds me of Linus. I hope you've been able to see the links and connections to him.
He was an amazingly lovely man and I hope his memory is never forgotten.

Couple of links for sources and proof: https://www.peterboroughimages.co.uk/nobby-the-tramp/ https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/people/final-farewell-to-peterboroughs-nobby-2503630 https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/people/calls-to-honour-memory-of-peterboroughs-nobby-2210060
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2023.06.02 05:00 DrSatan420247 Do you think her father collects Picasso's later stuff?

She should have told us!
"Chris-ta-pher! The childhood Hamptons summer home of Emmy Award-winning actress, activist and entrepreneur Drea de Matteo, best known for playing Adriana La Cerva on “The Sopranos,” has hit the market for $5.99 million."
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2023.06.02 04:51 poisonselina 31F4R looking for a platonic text friend during the day.

I work from home and have lots of moments during the day I’d like to chat for a bit. We don’t have to be attached at the thumbs all day! But something that turns into real friendship would be nice. I’d really appreciate it if you were like 28+. I’m just in a different life than we were at 22 and it feels less relatable.
I’m married no kids, live rurally east coast US. Similar time zone would be nice! I like lots of music and books. I’m bad at keeping up with movies and TV. I rewatch the same shit over and over. 😂 I’d love it if you were queer or queer friendly! I’m not trying to prove my humanity to my new text fiend, no offense. :)
Other than the usual. I’m a good listener, I love witchy stuff, I would totally love to read your birth chart. I am down with all things pink. 🤷‍♀️ I like to craft for fun but I’m no good at it. That’s really it! Look forward to hearing from you. ✌️
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2023.06.02 04:50 funeralclient McReynolds Nave and Larson Funeral Home

Welcome to McReynold’s-Nave & Larson Funeral Home

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2023.06.02 04:10 longquankailida Zhejiang Longquan Kailida Automobile Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Longquan Kailida Automobile Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.
We are located in Lot 13, Lutian Industrial Zone, Longquan City, Zhejiang Province. The company specializes in the production of Car AC Condenser, evaporators, excavators, trucks, and bus air-conditioning accessories. The company was established in 2003, covering an area of 35000 square meters. The company has passed the national high-tech enterprise, the second-level enterprise of safety production standardization in Zhejiang Province, and is a professional auto parts enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and export. Evaporator and parallel flow evaporator heater tank etc. The products are mainly exported to North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries and regions. Over the years, Kailida products have been well received by customers at home and abroad. The company has established a complete and effective quality management system. On the basis of the IS0/9001 quality management system, the company has established a complete and effective quality management system. The ISO/TS16949 international quality management system standard. Customer satisfaction is always our pursuit. Goal, warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit, investigate and negotiate cooperation with our company.
[Email:[email protected]](mailto:Email:[email protected])
Address:No. 13, Phase I, Lutian Block, Industrial Zone, Longquan City, Zhejiang Province, China
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2023.06.02 04:02 poisonselina 31F4R looking for a platonic text friend during the day.

I work from home and have lots of moments during the day I’d like to chat for a bit. We don’t have to be attached at the thumbs all day! But something that turns into real friendship would be nice. I’d really appreciate it if you were like 28+. I’m just in a different life than we were at 22 and it feels less relatable.
I’m married no kids, live rurally east coast US. Similar time zone would be nice! I like lots of music and books. I’m bad at keeping up with movies and TV. I rewatch the same shit over and over. 😂 I’d love it if you were queer or queer friendly! I’m not trying to prove my humanity to my new text fiend, no offense. :)
Other than the usual. I’m a good listener, I love witchy stuff, I would totally love to read your birth chart. I am down with all things pink. 🤷‍♀️ I like to craft for fun but I’m no good at it. That’s really it! Look forward to hearing from you. ✌️
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2023.06.02 03:59 EasternTune4592 “I’ll Be Watching You”

I grew up in a very paranormally active home in East Bethel, Minnesota in the mid-90’s.
As I mentioned in my previous posts, this house had every type of ghost you could think of - a shadow man in a hat & trench coat, another shadow figure that bizarrely danced down the hallway, an unknown man in a fishing get up, a doppelganger of my father, giggling girls, and many other unseen entities.
We experienced all kinds of unexplained electrical malfunctions like the dishwasher starting itself despite not being used in years, radio’s playing and changing functions seemingly on their own, and broken lights suddenly turning on by themselves for no apparent reason. There were also times there would be knocking on the walls and explosive pounding on the front door all without any plausible cause.
This particular incident occurred in the summer of 1997. I was 5 years old, and was just about to turn 6. My younger sister and I were sleeping in what was supposed to be our “big girl bedroom.” It was a previously unused room in the basement my mom had decorated for us in a ballerina Barbie theme when she was expecting our baby brother. She wanted the new baby's room to be close to hers, so we were evicted from our cozy bedroom upstairs to the cold and neglected basement.
My mom had added some Barbie sticker decals to the walls, and splurged on a Queen size Barbie comforter and pillow shams to make the uncomfortable room seem more exciting to a 4 and 5 year old.
For some reason me and my sister were sharing a bed in this new room even though we had our own beds when we were in the upstairs room. Despite all my moms efforts and the assurance of my sister's physical proximity, the downstairs room always made me anxious. I would beg my little sister to let us keep our small television on for comfort, but she hated that staticy feeling that emitted from the television that she seemed ultra sensitive to.
One early morning between 3:30 and 3:45 am, I woke up to an eruption of chaos happening around me. The first thing I became aware of was that my little 5 year old body was bouncing up and down off the mattress without my control. I was laying on my back with my arms slightly out to my sides. My knees were bent, sticking up in the air, with my feet flat on the mattress. My body was bouncing as if someone was quickly jumping up and down repeatedly on the mattress very close to me towards my feet.
The next thing I noticed was how dark the room was. It was always dark when the TV and all the lights were off, but this was different. It was so dark I couldn’t make out the outline of the door opening less than 10 feet away from us.
Meanwhile the FM radio clock plugged in on the shelf above our heads was playing an unknown song at a volume that felt like it was going to shatter our eardrums. This unknown melody pierced the dark room like an alarm, causing panic and confusion.
My sister was in the bed laying on her side facing me. She was not bouncing up and down like I was. She was shaking my arm and crying. She was begging and pleading for me to wake up and make everything stop.
Without even taking a moment to think about how or why any of this was happening, I sprang up to my feet, and while standing on the bed, I pulled the power cord of the radio from the wall. Silence immediately enveloped the dark room and seemed to bring calm.
At the time I didn’t know the song that the clock radio had been screaming out, but as I grew up I would learn it was The Police’s 1980’s hit, Every Breath You Take. It took me 15 years after this experience to appreciate how creepy that song was, especially in the context of this event in a home plagued by invisible entities -
 “Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I’ll be watching you Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay I’ll be watching you” 
After I unplugged the radio somehow my little sister was able to go right back to sleep without so much as a peep about what we had just experienced. I don’t remember doing so, but I know I went to my parents bedroom that night and laid down on the floor on my moms side of the bed. I remember just laying there wondering what I had just experienced.
If you made it this far - thank you for taking the time to read my story. I can’t wait to see what people’s thoughts are on this experience. Best wishes to you all!
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2023.06.02 03:53 FitCake4164 What royal houses did you think were extinct but turned out to be alive?

Hey all,
So, this is gonna be an odd story. I'll keep it short though. I'm a History student at university and study abroad. I often call home and speak to my relative, who works at a housing management firm. They own property and one such property had to go through litigation.
It's a home worth millions owned by a rich Royal person from a old family who my relative said was "from the middle east". I asked what family, and she said, "it's something Osman". My historical ears perked up right quick. She was surprised to hear about what this clients lineage entailed.
Ever since, it's got me thinking about what other families were deposed, or just lost to time, which might still be around lurking in the shadows? I've always been curious about this, especially as I know the Von Habsburgs are lingering around in Austrian politics, and France is full of old royal houses too.
So, what interesting stuff did you find on the topic of you ever looked around? Which royal houses did you think we're dead and gone, only to be still lingering about?
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2023.06.02 03:53 FitCake4164 What are some interesting royal lineages you thought were extinct, but weren't?

Hey all,
So, this is gonna be an odd story. I'll keep it short though. I'm a History student at university and study abroad. I often call home and speak to my relative, who works at a housing management firm. They own property and one such property had to go through litigation.
It's a home worth millions owned by a rich Royal person from a old family who my relative said was "from the middle east". I asked what family, and she said, "it's something Osman". My historical ears perked up right quick. She was surprised to hear about what this clients lineage entailed.
Ever since, it's got me thinking about what other families were deposed, or just lost to time, which might still be around lurking in the shadows? I've always been curious about this, especially as I know the Von Habsburgs are lingering around in Austrian politics, and France is full of old royal houses too.
So, what interesting stuff did you find on the topic of you ever looked around? Which royal houses did you think we're dead and gone, only to be still lingering about?
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2023.06.02 03:41 Warm-Philosopher7613 Am I (25 M) reading the situation wrong with my friends sister? (25 F)

Hi all, I tend to have bad anxiety so I think I'm overthinking this, but just wanted to get something out and others thoughts on it. So I've been friends with (25F) for the past three years through her brother, but in the past 8 months we've gotten a lot closer. We live in different cities, however I have been visiting her city a lot more for work (and this summer I will be visiting almost every 2-3 weeks until the fall, and there's a strong chance I move there next late spring/early summer for career reasons)
I thought she had a crush on me, but didn't make a move when I went as I was worried about her brother and I's friendship when I visited around new years, and we stopped talking for a little, just texts here and there, and she would occasionally facetime me out of the blue to say hello. I went with her brother a few weeks ago to a festival and met her again there, and we kind of hung out and talked all 3 nights (though it was a music festival, so mostly us going around to different stages, chatting a little, and then dancing, not like we were having intense convos etc) Her brother drunkenly told me that he had thought about the two of us dating, and would be okay with it if we did, or if we just remained friends, so I started dancing with her and talking to her the day after the festival again.
Since then, I mentioned I was visiting the city in two weeks, and she offered me to spend the weekend at her apartment. We started texting almost everyday, mostly really long texts about our thoughts and such, responding when we could. We facetimed twice, and then on Tuesday she called me when she got back home late, and we talked for a few hours. I am not double texting or anything, I pretty much just text her about how my day was etc, and she responds after work (different time zones since she's east coast rn) with a quick "That sounds rough! Today was long for me :b going out with friends tonight for so and so"
This is going to sound insanely dumb, and on some level I recognize it, but I have very limited dating experience so the slow down of texting to once or twice a day worried me that she's losing interest even though it's only been two days since we last spoke (and I thought that convo was great!). For people who are in situations with busy people, is that normal, and do I just need to chill the hell out? Should I slow the texts daily and just call her every few days since we don't really have time to be texting throughout the day other than just quick spots?
tl;dr: Started talking to girl again, can't tell if things are going well or if I'm in my head. Trying to figure out "correct" cadence of communication for text and calls and such
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2023.06.02 03:15 jayjayisrad Weird

Idk are grasshoppers political or
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