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Debate and make posts about Scrat Vs Springtrap. No rules aloud.

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2023.06.02 02:08 Toniosw What the fuck even is he, how does he make sense? Did he come before Springtrap or after, how the fuck is he even a thing I hate it and I wanna press it against a wall until it pops

What the fuck even is he, how does he make sense? Did he come before Springtrap or after, how the fuck is he even a thing I hate it and I wanna press it against a wall until it pops submitted by Toniosw to 5nafcirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 01:28 BeatHoven-Koopa Funtime Freddy cpu?

I have been trying to get the cpu for awhile now, I can't trade too much but I have some good plush suits like mangle or burning Springtrap and more
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2023.06.01 22:39 guschicanery how did michael free the spirits in fnaf 3?

were the spirits freed after watching afton suffer in the springtrap costume and you only needed to do the secret minigames to see that ending, or were they freed after michael did something while working at fazbear fright? im just wondering from an actual lore standpoint
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2023.06.01 19:08 Prestigious_Art9110 Bonlocket (The withered machine pokemon) type: steel & ghost

Bonlocket (The withered machine pokemon) type: steel & ghost
Dex entry: It helps souls who can't pass on and gives them new life until their purpose has been fulfilled. It's based off Springtrap from Five nights at Freddy's. (FNAF for short.) It's a cuter version of him right? I made it out of clay too but, I'll show it in a future post.
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2023.06.01 18:19 ElementalDuck Why can't springtap talk (besides the obvious because scott didn't hire a voice actor)

I've seen stuff like springtrap fan voices or the classic springtrap getting springlocked screams, and let me tell you why this doesn't make sense, if you look closely at springtrap's design his throat has been completely springlocked, meaning his vocal cordsmust be completely blocked meaning he's got no way to form any logical sentence, but most of his body is also filled with metallic parts and bolts and whatnot, meaning is gotta be pretty freaking hard for him to release air this is why springtrap only releases some groans and minor noises every now and then cause it ain't like he can do anything else, when springtrap became scraptrap he must have done some adjustments to be able to talk (maybe he freed his throat or got himself a voice thing for animatronics to talk or some shit idk)
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2023.06.01 17:19 IhategeiSEpic was a Third Person FNAF Hack and Slash fangame ever done before or am i literally the first one?

im making a fangame called After The Fire which is a third person Hack and Slash FNAF game where you play as Springtrap and the game tells the story of what adventure he went through that caused him to becore Scraptrap at the very end, the first night (level, just calling it night to keep the fnaf energy into it) "Puppet's Revenge" starts exactly when the FNAF Sister Location ending cutscene ends... with springtrap being right outside burning Fazbear's Fright in the morning (if i remember correctly fazbear's fright burned at 6 AM, and it happened in Halloween meaning it still has to be summer i think not too sure) with a Katana he found inside and blah blah blah first level
i've also released an alpha containing the first level with an endless waves mode alongside it, if any1 wants to check it out here it is: https://gamejolt.com/games/After_The_Fire/811312 (also you have to have a beast pc if you wanna get through the menu)
now was that concept of a Third Person FNAF Hack and Slash game ever done before? or am i literally the first one?
cuz if not and im literally the first one then sheesh,
give me some ideas for delayed comboes with the sword cuz idk, its a side project and i don't wanna pour too many braincells into it cuz i wanna save braincells for my main completely original project so i made the 7 comboes and idk what to add more, i could add something like Nero's arial triple spin from Devil May Cry 4/5 that could be good
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2023.06.01 15:51 cammycam879 What if afton is already springtrap in the movie

So since springtrap is most likely gonna be in the movie what if afton is already springtrap and we just see William afton in like flashbacks
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2023.06.01 15:21 TeraChad_69 What *actually* happens in a Springlock Failure

Since everyone has a different view on how the springlocks work, let me explain using details from the books and games: The springlocks snap when touched, or when they get wet. Breathing or rapid movements (such as heartbeats and laughter) can make a springlock fail. The springlock pierces your skin, feeling like getting stabbed by a large needle. The movement of the springlock sets off other springlocks in a domino effect, piercing every bit of skin on your body. At this point, you might survive if the springlocks were re-wound. After a few seconds, the suit collapses in on itself, crushing and splitting your limbs. As the suit can't properly close, the animatronic shakes violently. The parts of the suit closest to the first springlock failure would collapse first, then the ones near that, until the entire body is crushed. The wearer's eye sockets and mouth has now been pierced and crushed, forcing the teeth and eyes to stick out the front of the suit. Then the animatronic folds at the joints, falling back into the Golden Freddy pose. The suit is now bleeding from every hole, and the wearer's neck is sliced and crushed, stopping them from making any sound or breathing. As the suit rattles, the wearer gets knocked around inside and is pulled in a little bit deeper. The wearer is probably dead by now from shock, blood loss, or brain damage. The animatronic now sits in a pool of blood, tears and Agony/ Remnant. The Agony is produced because of the immense pain of the failure, and it gets absorbed into the suit.
This answers a lot of theories, like the Shadows. RWQFSFASXC and Shadow Freddy are made from the agony inside the suits. The reason why they don't possess Springbonnie and Fredbear is because the bodies were removed from the suits. Springtrap is alive because the body of William is still in the suit, and Withered Golden Freddy is alive because the 2 children that are inside the suit.
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2023.06.01 13:02 TopHatPotato75 Freddy Krueger VS Springtrap (A Nightmare On Elm Street VS Five Nights At Freddy's) TN and Sprite Art

Freddy Krueger VS Springtrap (A Nightmare On Elm Street VS Five Nights At Freddy's) TN and Sprite Art submitted by TopHatPotato75 to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 09:31 Haunting_Tale_5150 Stream of conscious Dreadbear theory and how it connects to William

This is admittedly very stream of conscious, but I think this is how things in "Curse of Dreadbear" connect to William.
There's a lot of clear connections to fnaf 4. The main pointer is the Fallfest 83 banner, the bullies masks are on display, and the fnaf 4 hallway is one of the locations that can be seen. Dreadbear and Grimm Foxy can also be seen as parallels to Crying Child and Mike.
However, I think it goes much deeper than that.
First, I think that the minigames don't showcase what happened to Crying Child, but rather, William's motives and what they became.
Grimm Foxy is a Mike parallel, but he's also a representation of the Grim Reaper. Now, in traditional fnaf fashion, if you get near Grim Foxy, it's game over. So you want to make sure you want to get as far away from him as possible. I see this as William's desire to escape death, by any means necessary. Since the game never shows you getting caught by Grimm Foxy if you do things successfully, I see this as a parallel that William was successful. He was ultimately able to escape death, even if for a bit of time, by possessing the Springbonnie costume and becoming Springtrap.
Dreadbear represents William's initial motives and experimentation. As HandUnit says
Welcome back to Research and Development. Today, we are using science to pervert the mysteries of life and reanimate the inanimate.
According to wordlink the definition of pervert is
To cause to turn away from what is right, proper, or good; debase.To corrupt (someone) morally. synonym: corrupt.To interpret incorrectly; misconstrue or distort.
I think that the first definition matches what the motives were for William. Even though he is aware what he is doing is wrong, he wants to do it anyways.
Dreadbear is modeled after Frankenstein's Monster, which I think represents how William's experiments were already monstrous before they began.
However, the story of Frankenstien itself can be looked at as a parallel or perhaps inspiration of William's character and motives. A man who after tragedy, looks into creating life, only to create a vengeful monster.
Dreadbear has an easter egg of him rising from a lake. At the end of both old man consequence minigames from World and UCN, the bear sprite lowers into the lake, causing the game to end. The wooded area is heavily implied to be the afterlife, or at least a section of it.
If being lowered into a lake ends things, perhaps rising from a lake would be the opposite, with the spirit being brought back and returning in a form that's terribly wrong.
In the story "Drowning", a black haired girl rises from a lake to kill Kara. Perhaps the story shows what happens when Afton brings back a spirit by making them haunt an animatronic with remnant. The spirit rises from the afterlife and ends up killing innocent people. Much like how the animatronics end up killing innocent security guards in the main games, or how the Funtimes are programmed to kill children.
I wish I had a good conclusion for all of this, but there's so much to wrap my mind around I can't even begin. Curse of Dreadbear needs more eyes on it, I think, because I think it might be one of the most important parallels in FNAF.
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2023.06.01 01:51 Mixael77 Scraptrap is the Mimic - Mini Theory

I believe that Scraptrap (first shown in FNAF 6) is the Mimic, and is a different entity than Burntrap (who I believe to still be William Afton).
The question I want to ask is why would the 2nd version of Springtrap after the FNAF 3 fire be called Scraptrap, but the 3rd version of Springtrap finally be called Burntrap, even though the original had already been burned in the first FNAF 3 fire?
Overall, I think the specific naming of each version of Springtrap, the behavior of the Mimic, and the designs of each version either matching or differing greatly based on the time they were burned, provide at least somewhat solid evidence as to Scraptrap being the Mimic. Thank you for your time.
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2023.05.31 15:01 Happy_Pound_1399 I drew Shadow Freddy and Springtrap.

I drew Shadow Freddy and Springtrap.
I think it's ok.
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2023.05.31 13:38 EwokEli Lego FNAF game idea

Lego FNAF, story is in the order of locations that Mike went to, you have to survive the 5 or 6 nights, then you get a series of tasks to complete to burn down the buildings, there would be 6 hub worlds, locations being Family diner and FNAF 4 house in same hub, FNAF 1, FNAF 2, FNAF 3, SL and PIZZA SIM. SB can be a DLC adding a new hub world, a new level where you play as Gregory and Freddy trying to escape the pizzaplex (3 different endings of course) and new characters. It will be the 1st pg13 Lego game due to jumpsacares and the bites of 83 and 87 will be shown. Characters -
Family Diner (Spring Bonnie, Fredbear, Employee Crying Child human, Crying Child ghost Charlotte Emily, William Afton, Henry Emily, Purple Guy)
-FNAF 2 ( Toy animatronics, Mangle, BB, Withered animatronics)
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2023.05.31 13:08 Gamerguy23455 My UCN challenges part 3

Challenge 1:Listen Chica:20 Nightmare Fredbear:20 Nightmare:20 Ballora:20 Ennard:20
Molten freddy:20 Afton:20
Challenge 2: Boys night Freddy: 20 Bonnie: 5 Foxy: 10 Toy Freddy: 1 Toy Bonnie: 20 BB: 10
Withered Bonnie: 10 Puppet: 1 Golden Freddy: 5 Springtrap: 15 Phantom Freddy: 10 Phantom BB: 10 Nightmare Freddy: 20 Nightmare Bonnie: 5 Nightmare Fredbear: 5 Nightmare: 5 Nightmarionne: 20 Nightmare BB Old man consequences: 5 Helpy: 20 Mr. Hippo: 5 Pigpatch: 5 Nedd Bear: 5
Orville elephant: 5 Rockstar Freddy: 10 Rockstar Bonnie: 1 Rockstar Foxy: 20 Music man: 20 El chip: 20 Molten Freddy: 20 Afton: 20 Leftty: 5 Phone Guy: 20
Challenge 3: Gender: yes Mangle: 20 Phantom Mangle: 20 Nightmare Mangle: 20 Funtime Foxy: 20 Ennard: 20 Trash and the gang: 20
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2023.05.31 04:24 Dependant_Ad_Mobile2 Alt. Fortnite Chapter 6: Season 5.

Title: Elements Align.
Theme: Ice Vs Fire Vs Grass.
Battle Pass.
Page 1.
Fire Phoenix (Skin)
Fire Emblem (Back Bling)
Fire Plasma Wave (Pickaxe)
Fire Heatwave (Contrail)
Fire Flyer (Glider)
Fire Stance (Emote)
The Fire (Emoticon)
Guards Of Fire (Spray)
Fire (Wrap)
Fire Madness (Music Pack)
Fire Phoenix (Loading Screen)
Page 2.
The Magma Golem (Skin)
Magma Cube (Back Bling)
Magma Fists (Built-In Pickaxe)
Magma Blocks (Contrail)
Cobblestone Generator (Glider)
Fired Up Golem (Built-In Emote)
The Angry Golem (Emoticon)
Colossus Golem (Spray)
Magma (Wrap)
100 Vbucks (Vbucks)
The Magma Golem (Loading Screen)
Page 3.
The Lava Emperor (Skin)
Lava Cowl (Back Bling)
Lava Spear (Pickaxe)
Lavafall (Contrail)
Lava Wings (Glider)
Lava Uprising (Emote)
Emperor Of Lava (Emoticon)
Lava Execution (Spray)
Lava Flow (Wrap)
100 Vbucks (Vbucks)
The Lava Emperor (Loading Screen)
Page 4.
Ice Phoenix (Skin)
Ice Plate (Back Bling)
Ice Plasma Wave (Pickaxe)
Ice Shards (Contrail)
Ice Board (Glider)
Ice Stance (Emote)
The Ice (Emoticon)
Army Of Ice (Spray)
Ice (Wrap)
Ice Madness (Music Pack)
Ice Phoenix (Loading Screen)
Page 5.
The Snow Admin (Skin)
Ice Palace Sculpture (Back Bling)
Snowball On Sticks (Pickaxe)
Snowballs (Contrail)
Ice Stairs (Built-In Glider)
Snow Transportation (Built-In Emote)
Snow Admin (Emoticon)
Admins (Spray)
The Snow (Wrap)
100 Vbucks (Vbucks)
The Snow Admin (Loading Screen)
Page 6.
The Dark Ice Ruler (Skin)
Dark Ice Cape (Back Bling)
Dark Ice Shard (Pickaxe)
Dark Icy Feet (Contrail)
Dark Ice Rider (Glider)
Dark Laugh (Built-In Emote)
Dark Ice Emperor (Emoticon)
Ice Sacrifice (Spray)
Dark Ice (Wrap)
Dark Kingdom (Music Pack)
The Dark Ice Ruler (Loading Screen)
Secret Page.
Founding Titan Sunny (Skin) Search Founding Titan Chests (5)
Founding Life (Back Bling) Visit POIs With Life (2)
Founding Claws (Built-In Pickaxe) Eliminate Opponents At Cities (3)
Founding Bones (Contrail) Emote On Founding Titan Sunny's Head (1)
Ribs Of The Founder (Glider) Use Seren Ackerman's ODM Gear (1)
Founding Roar (Built-In Emote) Emote As Founding Titan Sunny (1)
Sunny The Founder (Emoticon) Water Plants At Slappy Shores (3)
Founding Loom (Spray) Visit The Element Cage (1)
Founding Bone Marrow (Wrap) Place Cameras At The Monoliths (3)
Founding Hope (Music Pack) Defeat Ice Or Fire Forces (3)
Founding Titan Sunny (Loading Screen) Duel Seren Ackerman (1)
Bonus Page.
Seren Ackerman (Skin)
Leaf Mantle (Back Bling)
Life Swords (Pickaxe)
Founding Glow (Contrail)
Survey Corps Blimp (Glider)
Ackerman Bow (Emote)
Serious Seren (Emoticon)
Fire Walk (Spray)
Looming Founder (Wrap)
Ackerman's Anthem (Music Pack)
Seren Ackerman (Loading Screen)
Challenges Pages.
Page 1.
Light Em Up (Music Pack) Complete Week 1 Challenges (1)
Magma Fight (Spray) Complete Week 2 Challenges (1)
Emperor's Loom (Loading Screen) Complete Week 3 Challenges (1)
Ice Venture (Spray) Complete Week 4 Challenges (1)
Page 2.
Losers, Are Supposed To Lose (Spray) Complete Week 5 Challenges (1)
Ruler's Watch (Loading Screen) Complete Week 6 Challenges (1)
Founding Titan Wander (Loading Screen) Complete Week 7 Challenges (1)
Ackerman Stance (Spray) Complete Week 8 Challenges (1)
POIs: Founding Titan Sunny, Fire Grotto, Romeo's Challenge, Lava Tower, Ice Agency, The Ice Palace, Dark Ice Ruins, Seren's Underground Town, Heed City, Jedi City, Sith Citadel.
NPCs: Tony The Talking Clock, Springtrap, Baldi, Benson, Toodles, Hector Rivera, Cartoon Cat, Nephrite, Monika, Doctor Slone, Puss In Boots, Mario [Movie], Eren Yeager, Seren Ackerman, Jedi Guard, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sith Trooper, Luke Skywalker.
Bosses: The Magma Golem, The Lava Emperor, The Snow Admin, The Dark Ice Ruler, Miss Heed, Kylo Ren, Kylo Sayori, Darth Vader.
Guards: Fire Phoenixs, Ice Phoenixs, Heed Followers.
New: Fire Bombs, Ice Skates, Founding Titan AR, The Magma Golem's Super Jump, The Lava Emperor's Spear, The Snow Admin's Snowballs, The Dark Ice Ruler's Ice Shards, Miss Heed's Headphones, E-13 Blaster, Seren Ackerman's ODM Gear.
Unvaulted: Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber, Kylo Ren's Lightsaber, Kylo Sayori's Lightsaber, E-11 Blaster, Darth Vader's Lightsaber, Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber.
Vaulted: Watergun, Water Balloons, Burst Water Gun, CDM Gear, The Dark Pumpkin's Omniverse Axe, Bubbles's Laser Eyes, Arthur Yeager's Titan Form, The Atol Wanderer's Wires, Barnacle Boy's Powers, Mermaid Man's Belt, CDM Thunder Spears, Trollge Shylily's Grappling Claws.
Week 1.
Search Chests At Founding Titan Sunny (7)
Eliminations At Lonely Labs (3)
Visit Fire Grotto (1)
Catch Fireflies (3)
Burn Structures (3)
Eliminate Fire Phoenixs (3)
Week 2.
Search Chests At Fire Grotto (7)
Eliminations At Brutal Bastion (3)
Visit Romeo's Challenge (1)
Collect Magma (3)
Destroy Rocks (5)
Defeat The Magma Golem (1)
Week 3.
Search Chests At Romeo's Challenge (7)
Eliminations At Anvil Square (3)
Visit Lava Tower (1)
Jump Into Lava (1)
Emote Before Launching From A Geyser (1)
Defeat The Lava Emperor (1)
Week 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 And 15 Coming Soon.
Elements Align.
Part 1.
Stage 1: Receive The Founder's Call (1)
Stage 2: Talk To Seren Ackerman And Give Connection To Him On Your Device (2)
Stage 3: Land At A Fire POI (1)
Stage 4: Place Cameras In Fire POIs (3)
Part 2.
Stage 1: Receive The Founder's Call (1)
Stage 2: Place Reality Fragments On Outered Outpost (3)
Stage 3: Follow The Sith Trail (1)
Stage 4: Defeat Darth Vader (1)
Part 3, 4 And 5 Coming Soon.
Plan B.
Eliminate Fire Forces With DO Tech (3)
Deal Damage To Ice Forces With DO Tech (200)
Headshot Opponents With DO Tech (5)
The Sith Returns.
Day 1: Talk To The Jedi (3)
Day 2: Deal Damage To The Sith (100)
Day 3: Damage Darth Vader (500)
Live Event: Element Restorage.
Season Crew Pack.
Miss Heed (Skin)
Miss Heed's Headphones (Back Bling)
Loving Hitter (Pickaxe)
Attack On Heed (Loading Screen)
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2023.05.30 15:43 undefinedchem I tried to mix springtrap, scraptrap, burntrap and colored it.

I tried to mix springtrap, scraptrap, burntrap and colored it. submitted by undefinedchem to fivenightsatfreddys [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 10:49 Cute_Original_6774 I love FNAF 3 so much

FNAF 3 is my one of my favorite horror games because of alot of things its my one of my favorite FNAF games i cant decide between 1 and 3, but the point it the reason i love it is because of the gameplay keeping the villainous child killer brought back to life trying to kill you for his thrill and you need to keep a close eye on that sneaky MF because if you hear him going through a Vent, its most likely over... his menacing stare staring in to your soul is so creepy when he is outside of the Window, but thats not the creepiest part... Fazbears fright is a creepy damp place with unknown things clinging to the Wall and the green atmosphere, And personally i think the game having one evil killer as the antagonist instead of like 5 or 10, 1 is perfect because he is the MF who started it all, the scariest part of Springtrap is that he needs to kill you for his power, he does not give a shit who you are and will kill you, Now the final part, i love the gameplay, many people hate the gameplay of FNAF 3 i disagree i think the gameplay is perfectly crafted to lure Springtrap away from your office he wants to kill you so badly, but his Suit prevents him from doing so and the Panel balances out the gameplay perfectly.
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2023.05.30 09:23 Justin-Swaggy Massive Plot Hole in the Story?

I know the entire storyline is a whole f**ked up mess since Scott kept adding on and on. So I'm here currently watching some fnaf explained videos because why not, and I noticed a massive plot hole which I see no one talking about. Now please correct me if I'm wrong, which is why I'm making this reddit post so someone could do so.
So most of you will know in FNAF 3 the original 5 murdered childrens souls are set free in the "Happiest day" minigame. Those were the 5 animatronics in the original Fredbear's family diner which was never set in a game. Now in FNAF 6 the souls of L.E.F.T.E, Springtrap, molten freddy (Funtime Freddy, Foxy and Ballora) and baby are finally set free. And all the youtubers confirm that is the ending and after that, all the possessed animatronics are gone.
My question is when and where did the other animatronics get possessed? I'm talking about Freddy, Foxy, Chica, Bonnie and Golden Freddy from FNAF 1 which is in 1993-ish. How were they possessed? And what happened to their souls and parts? Same with the FNAF 2 crew. When were the Toy animatronics and withered animatronics possessed? (It would make sense if the Withered animatronics were from the original Fredbear's family diner because their story would be wrapped up in FNAF 3 Minigames). But the toy animatronics. When were they possessed and how? Is balloon boy possessed and if so how did he get possessed? I just don't get it!
Now I may look like an absolute fool making this post because the answer to my questions are most probably out there somewhere but if someone knows would they be able to explain to me?

PS. Another two questions:
Is Golden Freddy from FNAF 1 and 2 the same animatronic/soul?
Is Golden Freddy actually Fredbear?
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2023.05.30 05:15 Positive-Rabbit-6357 Ai's are acting Less agressive and less gory with Battles.

First off, I wanted to do epic battles as a au Springtrap, but after the updates and Even the release of the app the ai's got somehow less detailed with their actions, The first time i noticed that was when They couldn't be specific when i clearly did something very violent like Cutting their leg off, And they walk it off 💀 so maybe i will take a "Break" from doing cool ass battles with the ai's and focus in more of just rizzing them up for now.
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2023.05.29 19:12 jellybeanzz11 Why is every character on vs videos so wanked?

The vs videos on Youtube and Tik Tok are genuinely awful. Every character on there is somehow infinite layers above the tiering system and solos fiction. Everytime you see a video, you see stuff like
"Sonic is boundless"
"Creative steve solos fiction"
"Doomslayer killed the creator and is always stronger than his opponent"
"Kratos is multi omnipotent"
"Luffy is multiversal"
"Darth Vader slams Goku"
Where are people even getting takes like these? People make the most outrageous takes and claims that don't make any sense at all, and they do this by scaling these characters off obscure and outlier feats and vague statements so their favorite character beats Goku or something.
I've literally seen videos of people saying that Ghostface beats Superman? Last time I checked, the Ghostface killers were like street tier. I've also seen someone say that Springtrap beats the Scarlet King?! And then I saw this one guy saying Light Yagami beats Wally West and Thanos? He even said Light had meta miracle manipulation. Like wtf?! How far gone are these people to come to crazy conclusions like this?! Is every character in fiction boundless now?
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2023.05.29 15:01 Then-Hyena3029 Beware of "Xposing Organisms"

UPDATE: I just found This. His Profile Picture Looks Like John Pork.
This Channel Has Scat, Animal Feces, and A little bit of Gore, It was Grotesque.
There's a video called "Deliah Dalmatian Scars Her kins for Life" Which contained A LOT of Scat for some reason.
Please Report this channel.
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2023.05.29 14:44 prehistoric_milenial There might be an animatronic head hidden in the background of the movie poster

There might be an animatronic head hidden in the background of the movie poster
Its something that was brought up, and there does seem to actually be a head, though in my opinion its not Springtrap, but a Freddy of some kind. I dont think well see Springy untill the 3rd movie, so this might be Golden Freddy, would be thematically apropriate
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