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From B.C. to NorCal, from the Pacific to Idaho, welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

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A friendly community for news, events, and questions about Kitsap County, Washington.

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A place to discuss Yakima, WA!

2023.06.02 07:37 SnesraEmopp I asked Chat GBT for the best bush trips

  1. The Alaskan Range: Beautiful scenery with challenging flying conditions.
  2. The Canadian Rockies: Unprecedented views with immense beauty.
  3. The Pacific Northwest: A fantastic trip through gorgeous mountain regions.
  4. The South African Bush: A challenging and rewarding flight experience in the scenic African wilderness.
  5. The Australian Outback: A journey through the vast and rugged landscape of the Australian outback.
  6. The Brazilian Amazon: An adventure through the lush tropical forests and remote villages of the Amazon.
  7. The Scottish Highlands: A unique flying experience through the rugged and remote landscapes of Scotland.
  8. The Patagonian Wilderness: A scenic flight through the stunning mountain ranges, valleys, and glaciers of Patagonia.
  9. The Swiss Alps: A thrilling flight through the breathtaking Swiss Alps, with stunning views of the mountains and lakes.
  10. The Himalayas: An exhilarating flight through the world's highest mountain range, with some of the most beautiful and challenging scenery in the world.
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2023.06.02 03:46 Ungbuktu Whats this?

Whats this?
Its growing in pacific northwest now
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2023.06.02 03:42 MotorBobcat Anyone seen this? Thoughts?AKA Emperor Of The North.

Anyone seen this? Thoughts?AKA Emperor Of The North.
The film takes place in the Pacific Northwest during the Great Depression. It's about two hobos who have been challenged to stowaway on a train with a brutal and cruel conductor. It is surprisingly violent, and the film's climax is a long and bloody brawl between Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin.
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2023.06.02 03:41 Stock_Requirement564 Ownership from here 2004 XC70

So, I'm not looking for specific mechanical advise- just more of a what to expect, what would you do kind of thing. A bit about her. I'm the original owner, 192,000 miles. The last few years, she gets about 4,000 miles a year. Live in the Pacific Northwest, sits out in the rain, no rust, no accidents. For those who know about the glove test to determine PCV issue and related, she passes that with flying colors. Starting to drip a little oil at the front crank seal. Shifts well, suspension nothing has ever been done. Has the country road rattle. Oil changes always synthetic, change what's in the transmission pan every other service. Did the timing belt at 102,000. Plugs, filters, coils etc. Normal stuff. Cruise is glitchy. Alarm module is dead.
The road forward is what I wonder about. Wondering what really to expect from here. When did your older Volvo start to show signs of not being trustworthy to head on decent road trips. 1000-2000 jaunts? Cross country even? Any advice to someone who's moderately ignorant on these? Is there a point on big maintenance that you decided wasn't worth it and ran it into the ground, or with the normal stuff and some repairs- was it really worth it and kept it a car that you could still go anywhere with? Thanks for your time.
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2023.06.02 02:32 rrrrrafe If you’ve never roadtripped through Oregon you don’t know what you’re missing. In fact, the forests all across the Pacific Northwest will hold a special place in your heart for the rest of your life.

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2023.06.02 02:04 malevolentslime Missing Women in Portland area

These women have gone missing since December 2022. Details, links below. Police have not said there's any connection between these cases
Ashley Real, 22
Bridget Leann (Ramsey) Webster, 31
Charity Lynn Perry, 24
Joanna Speaks, 32
Kristin Smith, 22
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2023.06.02 01:21 pj3677 [HIRING] DevOps, Build and Release, SRE

Company Position Location Salary range
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Kubernetes / DevOps Engineer United States $106k-$159k
Modular Build and Release Engineer United States $156k-$253k
Replicated Senior SRE Remote $155k-$180k
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2023.06.02 01:08 Volodio The fourth ruler of the new Argead dynasty

The fourth ruler of the new Argead dynasty
If you guys are uninterested, just downvote and I'll stop posting.
First ruler
Second ruler
Third ruler

Alexandros VII the Huntmaster (968 – 1006)
After the death of Alexandros VI, there were three men to succeed him. The first was Hypatios, the second son who had been on numerous campaigns and had ruled with his father for years. The second was Kaisarios, the third son who had always stayed at court, never participating in any campaign. The third was Alexandros. He was the 19-year-old son of Hephaistion, making him the grandson of Alexandros VI, though fortunately for him he was not an albino like his father.
Hypatios was away when his father died and did not hear the news until several weeks later. Alexandros and Kaisarios, who were both at the court, tried to gather supporters. Kaisarios focused on other members of the Argead dynasty, descendants of the previous Argead leaders through their daughters and their loyal followers, while Alexandros tried to win the favor of the new nobility. He was successful and notably received the support of Theodotos, who gave him the army. Alexandros VII declared himself despot and took control of Athens. Kaisarios fled to Krete where he also declared himself despot. Hypatios, when he discovered what had happened, went to Cyprus where he had some support and claimed to be despot.
After a few weeks, the three Argeads were focused on ruling their lands and increasing their support in the areas they controlled. Their lands also had not fully recovered from the wars of Alexandros VI. They were all too busy to prepare for a war against each other and a status quo was established, temporarily. The next year, the Roman civil war ended with a victory of Leon VIII. The lands controlled by the Argeads had been spared, which had allowed them to gather support to themselves. They particularly made sure the nobility would support the Argeads instead of the Basileus in case of a war between both sides. Alexandros VII was discovered during that period to be a ruler as fair and just as his grandfather had been. Progressively, he became disinterested from Krete and Cyprus, but was too powerful for Hypatios and Kaisarios to bother him. They spent most of their reign focusing on internal matters.
In 972, Alexandros VII married Alfrhildr, a woman from a prestigious northern family. The next year, she gave birth to a daughter, Leontia. In 974, he attacked the Constanta family for some of their lands in Bulgaria. The victory of the Argeads had encouraged many Roman families to try their hand in the kingdom of Bulgaria. After a few years, many held lands here. Theodotos was put in charge of 3 000 men and went in the mountains to fight the war. The Constantas had not much support for they were in the edge of the Empire and thus the conflict quickly ended with an Argead victory.
During those years, Alexandros continued making sure he had the support of the nobility, not only by maintaining good relations with the heads of the families but with the other members as well. Some Christian families even accepted to abandon Christ, something which showed a great support toward the Argeads. He ruled his lands fairly and invested in them, especially in Attica. In 977, Alexandros VII had another daughter named Aigidia. Alfrhildr died a few months later of a disease. He remarried to Hypatia, a Greek noble. The next year, Theodotos died in his bed. The despot used the occasion to pressure the Skleros family to renounce Jesus, which they did as a result of the diplomatic efforts of Alexandros over the years. In 979, Hypatia gave birth to a girl, Helene.
In 980, the despot was invited to a prestigious position at the court of Leon VIII. He went here and tried to find support among the Roman nobility against the Basileus. In 981, Alexandros attacked the Pastillas family. He wanted to counter their influence in Epirus and thus attacked their base in Asia Minor, specifically their lands in Kibyrrhaiotai. He sent Niphon, the widow of Alexandros VII’s sister Agne, who had died a few years prior, with 3 300 soldiers to wage this war. The Pastillas’ first strategy was to stall by hiding in their forts while they called for the intervention of Leon VIII. However, the despot used his influence at court to prevent any imperial meddling in the conflict. In 982, the Pastillas finally chose to face the Argead army. With 1 200 men, they tried one last stand at the Battle of Adrassos but they were defeated. Following the battle, one part of the family made an internal coup and negotiated a surrender with Alexandros, weakening his family but strengthening himself. He agreed to submit to the Argeads and have all of his former subjects also submit, and in exchange he kept Kibyrrahaiotai. To show their commitment, he abandoned Christ. With this victory, the Argeads finally had full control of Epirus once again and also more than tripled the size of the area under their influence in Asia Minor. That same year, Hypatia had another daughter, Kyra.
In 984, Alexandros caught wind of a conspiracy by the Bulgarians who wanted to retake their lands. They were negotiating with the owners of the forts for a pacific transition in order to force the Argeads to abandon the area if they did not want to be engaged in a long and costly war. This plot was led by Petar, a man living in the kingdom of Wallachia, north of the Danube. To prevent it from happening, Alexandros sent Niphon with 3 500 men to invade a part of Wallachia called Oltenia. At the same time, Hypatia gave her husband another daughter, Garyphallia. The campaign lasted some time as Niphon captured each fort. In 986, he defeated the king of Wallachia at the Battle of Rusii de Vede, forcing him to renounce control of the region. Soon, the local nobility swore allegiance to the Argeads in order to keep their lands. Petar had been killed during the war, putting an end to the plot.
In 988, Leon VIII was involved in a war against the Pope in Italy. The campaign turned into a disaster as the Catholics hired many mercenaries and completely destroyed the imperial roman army. This was deemed the perfect occasion by Alexandros VII who, in 989, stopped paying taxes to the Basileus and declared he would stop serving him. Leon VIII reacted by immediately trying to take the Argead forts in Greece. He quickly raised some men to kill the rebellion before it really began. However, Niphon was already here with 3 700 soldiers. He easily defeated the first army. Despite this victory, all of the nobles in the Eastern Roman Empire stayed loyal to the Basileus, including the Argeads from Krete and Cyprus, who had created their own family.
The next year, another army of 4 200 men was raised and sent to Greece, but it was defeated at the Battle of Corinth in May, thanks to the better terrain. More men were recruited, including mercenaries. However, by that point they were divided instead of following a single command. Niphon exploited it by defeating each army separately. In 991, Leon VIII died, as did Alexandros’ daughter Helene. The new Basileus was the 8-year-old Anthimos. Because of his age, he was not in charge of ruling and the Roman nobility squabbled among each other to gain as much power as they could. As a result, the war against Alexandros had a lesser focus. Especially as a lot of the nobles had been captured on the battlefield and forced to pay heavy ransoms to go back to their lands. Moreover, he was an important rival of theirs. After a few months, they agreed to give Alexandros VII his independence in the name of the Basileus, hoping with him out of the Empire he would stop troubling them.
Alexandros VII’s first decision as an independent ruler was to create an order of warriors dedicated to the defense of the Argead’s rule. They were called the Myrmidons, as a reference to Achilles that Alexander the Great loved so much, and led by Gregoras. In 992, Alexandros invaded Bulgaria. It was still ruled by Simeon II, now very old. The king had spent his life fighting many enemies and seeing his kingdom slowly weaken. The Myrmidons were tested during this conflict as they were called to participate in the invasion, bringing the total number of Argead soldiers to 5 300. They encountered little resistance as the Bulgarians were busy in other wars, as they had been consistently for the duration of Simeon II’s reign. After a year and a half of war, Simeon II agreed to surrender Moesia, which represented half of what was left of his kingdom, in exchange for the end of the invasion. The conquered area was given to Niphon as a reward for all of his efforts during Alexandros’ reign.
In 995, Alexandros attacked duchess Ruxandra of Vedin. The next year, as the campaign was ongoing, another part of the Pastillas family attacked Alexandros to take the land of their kin. They were helped by many other Roman families. The despot negotiated with Ruxandra, she would swear allegiance and keep her titles and possessions, then he was free to focus his efforts on the Roman nobles.
The Myrmidons were once again called. In total, the Argeads had 6 500 soldiers. While the army prepared for the campaign, Alexandros accepted he would not have a son and decided it was time to confirm his daughters as heir, and in particular Leontia who was showing a lot of skills necessary for ruling. They were married to members of prestigious Varangian houses as princesses of the highest rank.
The campaign began in 997. It started with the Battle of Cremnia in December, when Niphon defeated the 6 200 men of the Roman nobles. It was followed by a series of sieges until the Battle of Smyrna in August 999, during which the Romans were once again defeated. They negotiated a truce a few months later, giving a heavy ransom in exchange for the return of their forts. Alexandros used that gold to improve his court, showing the world he was really a ruler in his own right, and continued spending it profusely on his domain.
In 1002, Alexandros VII attacked the duchy of Rashka, ruled by a cabal of nobles acting in the name the 6-year-old duchess, Lyudmila. The despot justified his invasion by claiming to wanting to help the child get rid of bad influence. Niphon died of natural causes during the war. After his death, the command of the army was divided, which was especially necessary for the warfare in the mountains of the region. The war ended in 1005, when the nobles accepted to surrender Lyudmila, who was brought to Athens to be personally raised by Alexandros, with Alexandros’ men staying to rule in her absence.
That same year, the despot took Konstantia, an Argead from Krete loosely related to him, as his concubine. Despite his acknowledgement of his daughters as heir, he was still hoping for a son. Alexandros VII died of natural causes in 1006, at 56.
Alexandros VII is the one who really made the independence of the Argeads happen. Despite the trouble they caused to the previous Basileus, the Argeads overall still benefited the Empire greatly thanks to the exorbitant taxes imposed on them. That loss, decided by the noble families more concerned by their own struggle to power rather than anything else, was devastating to the Eastern Roman Empire as a whole which became weaker than ever. It is important to note that despite becoming independent, Alexandros VII is not the one who really remade the Argead Empire. He still called himself despot, and was usually referred to as the Despot, as the only other despots, of Krete and Cyprus, were insignificant in comparison. When historical documents mentioned the realm he ruled, they usually called it Hellas, as he was ruling from Athens which was his center of power. But it was nothing official.

The extent of the Argead's control in 980
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2023.06.01 22:47 IranRPCV From the North American Climate Justice Team:

In the communication we sent prior to the 2023 Community of Christ World Conference, we promised to distribute “a post-Conference summary of actions taken” in the resolutions that touched on climate issues and global security. By now, you are well aware that climate change is a threat multiplier. Every conflict, injustice, and societal problem is increased by the stress and crises brought by rapidly changing and escalating climate impacts. As a result, several resolutions considered at World Conference were of importance to the North American Climate Justice Team, and we want to share the results of conference action concerning them.
Climate Emergency
One of the first resolutions under consideration at World Conference called for the global church to declare a “Climate Emergency;” promote sustainability in individual, congregational, and mission center life; and requested the Earth Stewardship Team to create resources to raise awareness and foster action mitigating carbon emissions throughout the global church. There was passionate discussion about the resolution, but few comments in the negative.
The Order of Bishops brought an amendment to the original resolution that widened the responsibility of providing educational and motivational materials. Rather than asking the small, under-funded Earth Stewardship Team to assume the burden of creating resources for the global church, they suggested the entire church body take responsibility. In this way, materials can be produced locally, adapted to the needs and culture of each area. The amended resolution passed.
Racial Justice
The World Conference considered and passed a resolution acknowledging racial injustice and calling for repentance and change. Issues of racial injustice are increased by eco-racism in several ways:
· The populations least culpable in increasing carbon emissions are the ones most impacted by global warming and climate catastrophes. Drought, flood, fires, hunger and poverty add to the suffering endured by those who are already oppressed by racial injustice.
· Developed nations are often the slowest to make the changes needed to mitigate climate change and assist racially disadvantaged peoples.
· Climate solutions tend to unjustly benefit the wealthy while ignoring the economically challenged, perpetuating prejudice and systemic injustice.
The first resolved in the resolution on racial justice crafted by the Greater Pacific Northwest Mission Center begins with “… Jesus has declared God’s love for all the world and all creation…” The statement lays as a foundation for racial justice the unconditional love of God for the diversity built into all creation. The passing of this resolution affirms the equality of all, calls for the elimination of institutional racism, and promotes actions that will bring about a just, equitable, and peaceful world for all people—and by implication, creation and all life.
Climate Refugees
Friday, the assembly approved a Resolution for a Refugee Day, in cooperation with the United Nations, set for June 20, and tasked a team with creating associated educational information in multi languages. During that discussion, a delegate from Africa proposed an amendment that “climate refugees” be specifically included in our focus on Refugee Day.
Climate refugees are those people whose lives, livelihoods, and living environments have been destroyed by climate disasters, causing them to leave their homeland and seek refuge in another country. Although international law protects refugees in general from oppressive actions and inhumane treatment, climate refugees are not included. They are the invisible poor, at high risk wherever they go. The UN High Commissioner Report estimated an annual 21.5 million refugees have resulted from climate disasters since 2008. This number could increase to 1.2 billion by 2050.
By including climate refugees in our resolution, we are raising awareness about the difficulties faced by those displaced by climate crises, and speaking out against the injustices they suffer. The amendment – and the resolution – passed with an overwhelming majority. It is unlikely that educational materials will be created and available this year to assist people in remembering Refugee Day, but you can raise awareness in your own congregation. Please mark it on your calendar and plan your own activity of remembrance on June 18 or 25, which are the two Sundays closest to the official UN Refugee Day of June 20.
The topic of non-violence was chosen by the First Presidency for consideration throughout the week using Alternative Common Consent Surveys of interest and preferences. As a result, a great deal of information and multiple perspectives were shared during the week. The primary question was:
Should the First Presidency continue to develop a statement on the role of nonviolence in the pursuit of “peace on and for the Earth” (Doctrine and Covenants 165:1d) and in the life and mission of the church?
Please note that the primary question includes avoiding violence to the earth and all life forms, in addition to human life. This initial question was followed by delegates choosing their top three perspectives on this issue, and then the one perspective that was most important in their thinking. The First Presidency will consider that information carefully as they continue to work on a statement about non-violence that can be helpful throughout the global church and applied in multiple contexts.
. Conversations throughout the week in quorum meetings and informal situations helped broaden the applicability to environmental non-violence. The North American Climate Justice Team was privileged to help raise awareness, provide information, and encourage action on the climate emergency, and foster non-violence in all its forms.
As we look toward the future, the North American Climate Justice Team is committed to providing awareness, education, and resources to assist individuals, congregations and mission centers in addressing issues of climate emergency. You can help. Talk about climate issues. Share with others the steps you have taken to make changes in your own lifestyle. Write letters and emails to your legislators supporting sustainable environmental policies. And continue to uphold the sacredness of God’s creation in every possible way, to empower the flourishing of all life.
If you have any questions or concerns, visit the “Contact Us” section of our website,,
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2023.06.01 22:17 gringobrian Alterra (Ikon) to purchase Schweitzer from longtime ownership group

Letter from Tom Chasse, current President & CEO of Schweitzer
Dear Schweitzer Community,
When I was offered the job at Schweitzer in 2006, I remember feeling like it was the opportunity of a lifetime. I knew the mountain had something special to offer, but ultimately, it’s the community that captivated me. The people who’ve been a part of Schweitzer’s story are undoubtedly some of the most passionate and hardworking. Not to mention, many of them are fantastic skiers and snowboarders.
For the last 20 years, I’ve watched Schweitzer evolve into a nationally recognized destination, and our community grow more than many of us could’ve imagined. Some highlights include terrain expansion, the addition of 5 new chairlifts, the construction of Sky House and Humbird boutique hotel, as well as the recent opening of Cambium Spa.
These successes have also come with challenges. As one of the community’s largest employers, we’ve experienced the constraints that come with the lack of affordable housing. As an industry, the expansion of multi-resort passes, the demands for better technology and infrastructure as well as the increasing need to protect the places we love to play require significant collaboration and capital. And I’d be remiss not to mention the pandemic’s disruption which continues to ripple in ways that test us. If there’s one thing that we can all count on, it’s change.
Today, MKM Trust, owner and developer of Schweitzer, has agreed to sell their resort operations along with the Mountain Utility Company (MUC) to Alterra Mountain Company. Alterra currently owns 16 destination resorts in North America and partners with an additional 40+ destinations around the world with Ikon Pass. The transaction is expected to close later in 2023, and is subject to certain closing conditions, including regulatory approvals.
As some of you may know, we’ve been under the same ownership for the last 18 years. About the same amount of time as I’ve been working for Schweitzer. Since the early 2000’s, MKM Trust has been instrumental in Schweitzer becoming one of the region’s top ski destinations, investing over $100 million in capital to help fortify itself as a premier destination in the Pacific Northwest.
With room for growth and plans for future expansion and development, MKM’s decision to exit the mountain resort business puts Schweitzer in a favorable position to begin a new chapter with Alterra at the helm. I’m personally very excited to join a family of world-class destinations with passionate industry leaders who can help guide Schweitzer in becoming the best version of itself.
Already we’ve had some exposure to Alterra’s business philosophy. Recognizing the innate value of the unique culture found at each of the mountain communities, Alterra’s goal is to preserve, sustain, and support its two most important resources: the mountains and the people who live and play in them.
Alterra’s vision to create positive impacts for their people, places, and community is in alignment with Schweitzer’s core values – staff and community. Their commitment to preserving the authenticity of each destination while investing in the overall mountain experience is what I’m most looking forward to under the new ownership.
Aside from new ownership, not much is expected to change. I will remain President and CEO of Schweitzer to help facilitate the transition and lead ongoing efforts to build out the new Schweitzer Creek Village base area. Alterra intends to keep our entire Schweitzer team in place and is committed to retaining our mission, our values, our brand, and our unique and funky culture.
At this time, all current Schweitzer pass products will remain consistent with previous years. There are no changes to Ikon Pass 23/24 winter access at this time. We will also continue with our passholder reciprocal products that include Castle Mountain, AB, Loveland, CO, and Whitefish, MT.
For our existing 2023/24 Winter Passholders: We understand the timing of this announcement is right after the Early Bird Pass Deadline. Please know that if you have already purchased a Schweitzer Season Pass, you’ve secured the best deal and there are no changes to price or access at this time.
I hope you’ll join me in welcoming this new chapter for Schweitzer. So many of you have invested your heart and soul into this place and without your support, Schweitzer wouldn’t be what it is today. As I look ahead to the next 20 years and beyond, I’m enthusiastic about the future of Schweitzer and can’t wait to see what’s in store.
Tom Chasse President & CEO Schweitzer
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2023.06.01 22:05 IntrospectThyself Opened up my book today and found this smol boy inside

Opened up my book today and found this smol boy inside
Location Pacific Northwest.
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2023.06.01 21:05 thecoffeeroaster I Made an Amazing Discovery

I'm hoping this reaches some people so that you too can experience better DermaDry results!s
For context I've been using DermaDry for about 2 years now, and I have the aluminum metal plate version still. I've had pretty decent success with it, but if I didn't keep up with it every 2 days my hands would start sweating all over again. Especially my fingertips would still tend to get really sweaty. My hyperhidrosis is pretty bad.
I live in the Pacific Northwest in the United States, and we have some of the best quality tap water in North America because we're situated above a very clean water aquifer. Because of this, our water is extremely soft I had a hunch that this was a part of the reason DermaDry wasn't working that well for me. So, I started searching the web for what hard water is composed of, but I kept getting results for how to soften hard water. What I wanted to do was exactly the opposite! I ended up checking a Wikipedia article that listed the most common chemical compounds in hard tap water. The main three that I found were:
Since these chemicals are in tap water already (some of them are used in antacids too like Tums), they pose no risk to our health. I heated up about a gallon of water to boiling and mixed in ¼ teaspoon of each of those chemicals. I sourced them on Amazon, just buying the smallest amount that I could for each of them in straight powder form. It only cost me about $25 for all three.

In Conclusion:

After using that custom made hard water, my hands have never been dryer! I experimented with using each of those chemicals separately and I found that the Calcium Carbonate is the most effective ingredient. This leads me to believe that the iontophoresis unit is depositing an antiperspirant onto the skin and that antiperspirant is likely composed of calcium carbonate. Another conjecture I have is that the aluminum is being broken down into an ion of some kind and being transferred to the skin. (A lot of antiperspirants have some kind of active ingredient containing an aluminum compound.) I am not a scientist, so these are just hunches that I have at this point.
Either way I hope this helps you keep dryer hands, especially if your water is soft! It works amazingly for me.
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2023.06.01 20:36 Gorgias666 What is this bug and why is it so attracted to me!

What is this bug and why is it so attracted to me!
Im sitting outside on a huge, roughly 500-700lb rock surrounded by trees. (Pacific northwest region of us) and suddenly i notice maybe 10 of these guys desperately trying to climb the rock to me, and only while i sit on it. The surrounding area is infested with them. The isopods inhabiting the same soil are keenly uninterested in me and make no appearances on the rock.
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2023.06.01 20:26 SheHawksSeahawks The Pacific Northwest in Miniature

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2023.06.01 19:03 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Quail Park Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Lynnwood
Quail Park Med Tech Lynnwood
Quail Park Cna Lynnwood
Sea Mar Community Health Centers Pharmacist Aberdeen
Frontier Derm Partners Advanced Practice Clinician Aberdeen
Northern Quest Resort and Casino Massage Therapist Airway Heights
Moran Environmental Recovery Deckhand Anacortes
Builders FirstSource Driver-Class A CDL Delivery Arlington
Rainy Day Basement Systems In-Home Sales Arlington
Pick n Pull Auto Dismantlers Customer Service Advisor Arlington
Farwest Steel Corporation Warehouse - swing shift Auburn
Med Travelers Speech & Language Pathologist - School - (SLP) Auburn
Haggen Northwest Fresh Head Night Stocker Auburn
Bellevue Arts Museum Executive and Development Assistant Bellevue
Bank of Hope Branch Manager Bellevue
West Coast Self-Storage Customer Service Associate/Assistant Property Manager Bellevue
Sliced Marketing Coordinator Bellingham
ReBound PT OT & Hand Therapy Physical Therapy Clinical Assistant (Aide) Bellingham
La Fiamma Payroll Administration, Bookkeeping Support, and Office Up-Keep Bellingham
Sea Mar Community Health Centers Medical Assistant Certified or Registered Bellingham
Aramark Uniform & Career Apparel LLC Route Sales Support Driver Bellingham
TAPCO Credit Union Member Service Representative Bonney Lake
7-Eleven, Inc. Assistant Store Leader Bonney Lake
RET Physical Therapy & Healthcare Specialists Physical Therapy Tech Bothell
Atlantis IT Group Product Designer Bothell
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Download Logo and Key Art Here:
HOUSTON, TX — June 1, 2023 — Anime streaming service HIDIVE, in partnership with Nippon TV, revealed today its plans for the North American premiere of Episodes 1 & 2 of new action-fantasy series HELCK at Anime Expo 2023 next month. The screening of HELCK will be presented in English subtitles and take place on Saturday, July 1 in the Platinum Ballroom at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, Calif. Earlier this year, HIDIVE announced its acquisition of HELCK, which is based on the popular shōnen manga written and illustrated by Nanaki Nanao. The new series will debut after Anime Expo as part of HIDIVE’s Summer 2023 Simulcast Season.
HELCK North American Premiere
Episode 1 & 2 Screening
Saturday, July 1, 2023 at 1:30 pm Pacific
Platinum Ballroom – JW Marriott
"We are thrilled to present the North American premiere of HELCK in partnership with Nippon TV,” said John Ledford, President of HIDIVE. “We’re committed to creating exceptional fan experiences and we can't wait to share the first two episodes of this exciting new series with attendees at this year’s Anime Expo. Shonen fans will not want to miss this special HELCK premiere!”
Directed by Tatsuo Sato, HELCK is written by Toshizo Nemoto and Mitsutaka Hirota and animated by SATELIGHT Inc. The series stars Katsuyuki Konishi as Helck, Mikako Komatsu as Vermilio, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Azudra, Akira Ishida as Hon, and Shiki Aoki as Asta.
A certain country in the demon world. The Demon King was defeated by the hands of one of the heroes, and a competition was held for the title of the New Demon King. The Imperial Four Heavenly Kings Vermilio, who is in charge of the tournament, is furious at the participation of the human hero Helck, who is supposed to be her enemy. After receiving news of the fall of the castle of Urum before the final, Vermilio sets out to retake Urum Castle with Helck and other finalists. With a smile, Helck says, "Let's destroy humans." Are those words true? The truth behind the smile is...
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2023.06.01 17:49 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in IL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
HelioHire Data Science Analyst Chicago
HelioHire Senior Data Scientist Chicago
Hand & Stone - WI & IL Spa Sales Associate Algonquin
AEG Vision RCM Billing & Collections Specialist Alton
AbleHearts Cna (ft) Alton
Direct Care Staffing CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant, ALTON, IL Alton
Alton Toyota Receptionist/Cashier Alton
Gustave A Larson Company Warehouse Attendant/Driver - CDL Arlington Heights
Access Community Health Network Northwest - Medical Assistant Arlington Heights
Kroger Assistant Store Manager - Marianos $8,000 INCENTIVE! Arlington Heights
DentalWorks General Dentist Aurora
Clarks Part Time Stock Associate Aurora
Aviston Countryside Manor Certified Nursing Staff - CNA Aviston
Champro Inventory Planning & Demand Analyst Bannockburn
Heinen's In-Store Shopper Bannockburn
ComForCare Home Health Care - Buffalo Grove/Mokena Caregive HHA, Barrington, Tuesday, Friday 12:30 -3:30, Thurday 12:30-5:30 Barrington
Motor Werks, a member of The Murgado Auto Group Automotive Loan Processor Barrington
Jiffi Stop CashieSales Associate Barry
Oberweis Dairy Shift LeadeKey Holder Bartlett
Wheaton Eye Clinic LTD Ophthalmic Assistant - Bartlett/St. Charles Bartlett
Maryville Academy Transitional Counselor - All Shifts - St. Teresa of Calcutta - Bartlett Bartlett
Orkin Sales Representative Bartonville
Petersen Health Care Registered Nurse (RN) Batavia
Heritage Woods of Batavia Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) - 1st Shift Batavia
Metal-matic Llc Parts Room Attendant (Day Shift) Bedford Park
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in il. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 17:45 charlietreger Mariners MiLB Affiliate Collage

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2023.06.01 17:14 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in SD Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Agtegra Cooperative Truck Driver Aberdeen
Dunham's Sports Team Member Aberdeen
Goodwill of the Great Plains Retail Team Leader-Aberdeen Aberdeen
Hallmark Retail Merchandiser Aberdeen
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Outside Sales Representative Aberdeen
Northwestern Engineering Company Class A Semi Truck Driver Belle Fourche
Northwest Tire Outside Sales in Minnesota Brandon
Insomnia Cookies Cookie Delivery Driver Brookings
Discovery Real Estate Co. Showing Assistant (Req: DBE32BMI) Brookings
Liv Hospitality, LLC DooValet Deadwood
Waypoint Detailed Delivery Field Representative/ Driver Egan
EmpRes Healthcare RN - MDS Coordinator Flandreau
Select Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist (OTR) Garretson
Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas Dentist - Traveling Howard
Wm CDL Truck Driver - 5000 Sign On Bonus Huron
OAP Transportation, LLC d/b/a O'Reilly Auto Parts CDL A - Home Daily - Sioux City Jefferson
ENT Consultants Medical Receptionist North Sioux City
Specialty Dental Brands-SD Registered Dental Assistant Pierre
Common Cents Cashiers and Assistant Full and Part Time Rapid City
Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board Behavioral Health Care Coordinator Rapid City
Lincare Holdings Medical Delivery Driver Rapid City
Tribal EM Registered Nurse- ED Rosebud
Two Men And A Truck® Driver / Mover / Laborer Sioux Falls
The UPS Store #2494 Full-Time Center Associate 2494 Sioux Falls
Diamond Mowers VP of Sales Sioux Falls
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 16:07 jwrig Supreme court rules against Teamsters Union and NLRB for "strategically timed strikes."

Looks like SCOTUS reversed the Washington State Supreme Court over the teamsters timing a strike which led to tens of thousands of dollars of lost concrete.
21-1449 Glacier Northwest, Inc. v. Teamsters (06/01/2023) (

The vote appears to be 8 to 1.

EDIT: Typo in the title, meant NLRA
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2023.06.01 16:03 negativemoney [Update] $1M the boring way

This is possibly the final update to my series of previous posts, "$500k the boring way", “$250k the boring way”, and my original post, "$100k the boring way". Those older posts have all the details but I will attempt to summarize. Also I just wanted to say that I really wanted to make the title "$1000K the boring way" but didn't have enough confidence.


Reached $1M net worth from a starting point less than -$100k in roughly 11 years, mostly through consistent saving. Net worth chart included below. All salary numbers are gross.

Quickish Recap

My wife and I are both 34 and live in the Pacific Northwest. We met when we were 24 and I estimate at the time that we had a combined net worth of close to -$120k. I’m an engineer (EE) and my wife is a public school employee.
On our journey to $500k net worth we:


It's been a while since my last post - it was definitely weird going back and reading through these previous snapshots of our life. The $500k update was posted in Dec 2020 and even though the pandy had been going on for a bit, (as we all know) we were in for a much longer ride than anticipated.
2021: I think it's telling that I had a lot of trouble trying to remember things that happened this year. I hate to call it a lost year because I'm extremely grateful for the extra time I got to spend with my young kids - we really just didn't do much due to having said young kids and an abundance of caution. I went through my phone photo highlights from 2021 to try and jog my memory and they all were geotagged at our house or a nearby town.
I actually found this pretty interesting from a financial perspective - on one hand, sure, there were less opportunities for spending on things like restaurants and social activities, and in the comments of my last update I had noted that our cash had built up really quickly basically on accident. On the other hand, the unknowns and challenges surrounding the pandemic and parenting really shifted my mindset around spending. I found it much easier to justify all types of purchases and spending because "well, whatever it takes to get us through this". I wouldn't say we went overboard or anything like that, more like we accepted a healthy amount of lifestyle creep into our lives. We bought the ridiculous inflatable kiddie pool (no it didn't last long), we started adding more "fun" stuff to our cart at the grocery, paid for little subscription services here and there, etc. For my own mental health, I basically completely stopped tracking spending, stocks, our accounts, bills, and most things finance-related (including this subI'm so sorry). Ultimately I think doing less during the pandemic plus our increased spending was more or less a wash financially.
At work, I officially maxed out on my salary band, so effectively I didn't get a raise. I'm pretty sure the COLA was also nonexistent this year which they blamed on Covid. I got to work 100% remote with no pressure to bring people back, which I really appreciated. With working a bunch of on-call nights and weekends I ended up at $136k for the year. My wife completed her first full year of part-time work which dropped her from $90k to $60k
We did end up buying a new car shortly after my last post in Dec 2020. Went with a Subaru Ascent (sorry to all the minivan fans from the previous comment section) and it turned out to be really lucky timing because we got it for insanely cheap and 0% interest and then the car market went crazy.
Our youngest joined our oldest at daycare in the fall for a total of $2,150/mo.
2022: At my job, I was feeling kind of stuck. At this point I had found that some side projects that I took on for "fun" (I did have a genuine interest/passion) had become basically additional full-time positions. I was getting a ton of recognition and accolades for the work I was doing, but no promotion or raise. The culture at my workplace was to protect/gatekeep the top engineering title at all costs, so my successes were constantly met with "you're doing great, just be patient" or "the optics might not look good to the other engineering departments" or various other BS. Ultimately, it made me start to resent my job that I really loved. I let my supervisor know early in the year that my patience was running low and eventually I would be forced to look elsewhere, which he understood.
On one frustrating day in the fall I decided to just have a quick look at the other similar companies in my area and happened upon a job posting that was kind of my dream role (essentially getting to do some of the extra work I had taken on as my full time job and drop the day-to-day stuff). It all happened very quickly after that: I got a call the morning after submitting my resume, then a week later I got a job offer 20 minutes after my interview had concluded. I asked for as much time to decide as possible, gave the offer to my current employer, and they made me wait a long time before coming back and saying they wanted to but couldn't match right now. So I left ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There's a ton more to say on this topic but probably too much for this post as it is so happy to continue down in the comments if people want. The CEO ended up requesting to do a personal exit interview with me, so that was cool.
Otherwise, 2022 was pretty uneventful financially. Obviously the market was down so not a lot of action or visible progress in our net worth journey. Was one of the first "extended" downturn-type period of time I've experienced in the market. I didn't change anything.
We took a much needed family vacay south of the border. Daycare raised prices by a reasonable 5% to $2,250/mo.
2023: I started my new job in late Jan, going from $135k total comp to $160k plus a $12k signing bonus and I no longer have to be on-call overnight. I heavily engineered my start date to make sure I was still able to receive a one-time payout my old employer did at the beginning of the year to make up for freezing the salary schedule during Covid. I also had something ridiculous like 700 hours of PTO paid out (RIP my taxes this year).
Side note: I do not recommend saving up as much PTO as I did, go live your life. I was saving aggressively to prep for us having kids, and then the pandemic happened so barely used any for a couple years. Happy accident that my banked PTO ended up getting much more valueable over the years as my salary was increasing rapidly.
Our house is great but as the kids are growing we are thinking it would be nice to have some extra space. We've talked to our realtor and lender to get the process moving but not in any specific rush. We will have to do some upgrades to the house like exterior paint, possibly the roof, deck upgrade (finished ourselves) but those are needed either way so just going to do them in case we decide to enter the market. The idea of getting a new mortgage right now seems so wild to me, but I know you can't time these things. It definitely would hurt to go from 2.875% to 7%. I'm considering exploring just adding on to our current house, but not sure if that's really feasible at this point.
Daycare is now $2,900/mo lol (this is even with our costs going down slightly as our son has aged into the older classroom). It was actually hilarious to me that they sent out a "We won best daycare in the region" announcement followed very shortly by a 30% price increase. It is what it is though - I think this is pretty solidly reasonable for the area.
We took a family trip to Disneyland a couple days before our son turned 3 so that his park entry would still be free. My mindset going into trip planning was "Disney is expensive, so if you want to go, just accept that". We used a few different little tips and tricks for saving money here and there but overall tried not to worry too much about complete optimization. With that attitude we had a great trip and to me at least the memories and moments with my kids were totally worth it. Do the princess breakfast.


Here is our entire financial journey summed up in one line. Apparently they don't do the thing anymore where it changes color when crossing over from negative to positive, that's a bummer (the first line on the y-axis is $0, not the x-axis). I really thought it would look like more of an exponential curve by now. There aren't really inflection points anymore besides the Covid 2020 drop, when the app would get confused, or accounts would stop updating from time to time, so here are the relevant dates in list form:
I enjoyed watching the time between milestones get shorter and shorter, and then 2022 happened.

Current Finances

Our savings rate was 40% from 45% one baby and 55% no babies. Now? I have absolutely no idea. Past me and part of current me thinks that's both hilarious and terrifying - who even am I?? I believe it's likely around the 40% mark still. I think part of me doesn't want to figure it out because it might be lower than I was hoping for and stress me out unnecessarily.

Now what

I told my wife the news that we were officially millionaires (that sounds so stupid typing it out) a few days ago and she asked "what does that mean". I said "literally nothing, lol". We are definitively in the "boring middle" phase of retirement savings, and so I don't expect any substantial changes.
When is enough, enough? I really don't know. I still want to retire early, but as I've grown into my career (and very muchmostly enjoyed the work) I've found myself less eager to leave. I think working from home has had a huge impact on this. It's probably time for a sit down with my wife to talk about our next 5-10 years and maybe map out a number that we would feel comfortable with.
It's for sure time to update the budget soon and get that back on track. My oldest will attend kindergarten in the fall, so that will be nice to cut our daycare bill in half. We may never see that money if it ends up going towards a larger mortgage, but I need to get an updated picture of our finances before we can figure out exactly what sort of house we want to afford.
Our student loans are what initially set me down this path of aggressively saving and investing. I find it kind of funny that despite all of our financial accomplishments, we still have not officially paid off our student loans. I'm holding out hope for the student loan bill to go through, so until there is interest being charged again, the last $10k will just sit there.
Not that I think anyone would remember this, but if you read the last post you know I was planning on making a will and getting some life insurance. It's been 2.5 years and I've made zero progress on those fronts, which I realize is terrible and I really need to get on that. Likewise, I still don't have a specific plan for the kids' college beyond "let's just generically save money and we will cash flow college or figure it out".
For my career, I've got one last level to go as an individual contributor in my field. If I stay at my new company, I'm probably a couple years out from achieving it, but I could probably get it as soon as the end of this year if I go back to my old job. That would allow me to end my career in the $200k range which I think is a solid goal.

The End End

Is this my last update ever? Maybe, who knows. Maybe a retirement update is in order many years down the road, but really I don't expect our path to there have anything new or interesting that I haven't already covered (wasn't that the whole point of this series of updates?).
Looking back on this, I like to think that I successfully made our journey to being millionaires as boring as possible. I was inspired at a young age to learn that the possibility of retiring early could be simple and didn't take an overwhelming amount of skill or knowledge. You just had to be as consistent as possible. I'm not to retirement yet, but I believe in the path we are on and I'm hoping someone will find similar inspiration by me just showing the receipts.
Finally, I want to sincerely thank everyone for reading and commenting over the years. As a loooooong time lurker on this sub I was so nervous for my first ever post and the responses I've received since then have been so uplifting and personally motivating. It means a lot. Back to saving and living our life now. See you around!maybe
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2023.06.01 15:57 Faithhal 1win Review Is 1win Legit in India?

1win Review Because of its Curacao license, Hindi-language support, and ability to deposit and withdraw in Indian rupees, 1win is regarded as one of the best online betting platforms in India. The fact that the platform covers major international and local tournaments in well-known sports like cricket and kabaddi is also noteworthy.
Since the site is well-known for its quality and safety, it is an excellent choice for bettors of all kinds. In the next section of our 1win review, we'll talk about the sports betting options, the mobile app's functionality, and 1win's legality in India.
In India, is 1win legal?
1win is a legal service in India that, over the course of its existence, has developed a favorable reputation among users from both India and other nations. The stage has every one of the fundamental licenses to work in India and guarantees that players can put down wagers with no limitations and have a good sense of reassurance about their assets and exchanges.
The sports betting options at 1win's Sportsbook include numerous popular sports like football, basketball, cricket, the Indian Premier League (IPL), volleyball, hockey, cyber sports, and tennis. as well as high-profile matches and tournaments.
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Because of its extensive selection of cricket betting options, 1Win is well-known in India. They offer a wagering support on cricket occasions including the Indian Chief Association (IPL), competitions, titles and neighborhood rivalries. Big Bash League, Gold League, T20 Blast, Pacific Premier League, Silver League, and numerous other events are currently available. 1Win also provides cricket betting in real time, which enhances the overall sports betting experience. With the versatile application accessible for Android and iOS, you can undoubtedly put down cricket wagers and get warnings of your wagering results.
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