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2023.06.02 06:15 Perfect_Peach9852 This priest near me that was caught with CP

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2023.06.02 06:15 tangleofcode Existing scripts for backtesting the magic formula locally?

I'd like to play around with different variations of strategies such as the magic formula. I've come across samples of such on tradingview.com, but would prefer running backtests locally without being tied to a particular website.
So are there any existing scripts (python, etc) around that I can use as a starting point for running these simulations locally on my computer? If not, which frameworks would you recommend me looking into? I came across https://github.com/edtechre/pybroker which looks promising, but I'm open for other suggestions.
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2023.06.02 06:14 zartes Convergence Manifesto - I've run most of it. I have notes

at the start of the year, I decided I wanted to run a campaign for some friends, and to save myself some effort, I thought I would run a pre-written game. I looked up Eberron adventures, and the convergence manifesto looked like it would suit the quick, very-slightly-casual-ish campaign I wished to run. While I haven't finished the campaign yet, I want to write out some thoughts about it.
To start with, I'd like to say that some of my criticisms of the campaign are probably problems with me. I have focus issues, and I'm a picky perfectionist, and to be fair to all the writers involved, they have done better jobs than I would in their shoes.
A note on my group: our party consisted of a human wild magic sorcerer (ex-skycoach driver), human wizard (aundairian expatriot), a gargoyle barbarian (used the rules for a Hadozee), an eladrin eloquence bard, and a goblin rogue (retired Conquerer champion looking for something new to do)
The Campaign As a Whole:
The premise of the Convergence manifesto is that Nigel Faurious, Provost of Morgrave university, wants a bunch of relics that are each attuned to one of Eberron's planes. Each adventure is a mission to some location on Khorvaire to retrieve or create such an item.
Each of the adventures is written by a different author, and as a result I think they vary pretty wildly in quality.
Adventure 1: Fired and Forgotten.
Synopsis: PCs go through hazing ritual to join adventuring guild in Sharn, get sent to pick up bespoke Fernia-linked magic item from a forge in the Cogs, discover forge has been shuttered due to warforged workers protesting - they have to convince the owner to be less of an ass. Then Daask show up.
This one was good! A strong start. Everybody enjoyed the hazing ritual, and I decided to use the optional NPC with the aberrant dragonmark manifesting (for reasons I'll explain further down). The warforged union situation was a very good introduction to what is special and different about the Eberron setting. This might be an issue with me as GM, but I found that the PCs dealt with the non-combat parts of the adventure VERY easily through use of skills and illusions, never thought about leaving the immediate vicinity of the forge (and thus missed some content), and I felt kind of bad having the forge owner not immediately cooperate in the face of 20+ results on Persuasion and Intimidate.
The daask Ettin bruiser being toned down for a bunch of level 1s was a very nice touch, but throwing that at the players right after the fight with the mephits made that bit rough.
Adventure 2: Live Another Day
Synopsis: PCs get air-dropped into Droaam so they can find a hidden valley with an Irian manifest zone, so they can charge up a crystal. On the way they may encounter some ogres, have to navigate a hidden set of tunnels, and then on arriving discover a clan of harpies is living in the valley, as they are persona-non-grata in Droaam. When Droaam monsters follow the PCs into the valley, they have to fight them off before the harpies will let them complete their mission
So, slight issue with this one, probably unique to my party - the adventure calls for a lot of Survival rolls for the overland travel and nobody in my party had survival. They were a bunch of city-slickers. Seemed a little odd the adventuring guild picking the party to do this.
While the adventure was somewhat rail-roady, it at least makes sense in that the PCs are following in the footsteps of a prior explorer. My main issue was the last portion - once the PCs get to the valley, there will ALWAYS be Droaamite monsters on their heels. Firstly, this discounts the possibility that the party had been religiously using Pass Without Trace or doing other things to make them untrackable. My party didn't, but a party with a ranger and/or druid might have. Secondly, the fight as written is a bit boring. It's two Gnolls. Two gnolls shouldn't be a threat to a clan of harpies. Once the gnolls are dead, three goblins show up. After that, two half-ogres show up. You can optionally add some more scenes fighting gnolls and chasing anything trying to get away. I revamped the fight a bit by making all of these fight scenes one long drawn-out battle with reinforcements arriving, and I re-contextualized the Harpies wanting the PCs to fight the monsters without their help - the Harpies could probably run rings around the ground-based humanoids, but the Harpies both thought this was the PCs fault they were here, and didn't want to show themselves in case any stragglers got away to report on the Harpies' presence.
Weird thing my party did: when they encountered the ogres at the start of the adventure, the group came up with a plan to pretend to be fellow Droaamite monsters if they failed to sneak past - they then snuck past the ogres without any issue, and were disappointed that they couldn't use their disguises... so they used them when the encountered the harpies, not knowing the harpies were enemies of Droaam. This very nearly turned into a combat situation, but the bard managed to talk everybody down and explain why they had been lying.
Adventure 3: Rime or Reason
Synopsis: Nigel sends PCs to Icewhite island to get a Risia macguffin after another expedition failed to return. They have to contend with a blizzard, find a tower of ice in the middle, and defeat ice monsters, a puzzle/trap, the possibly backstabby survivors of the failed expedition, and then deal with the tower collapsing once they find the item.
Some parts of this one were good - my party really seemed to enjoy trying to find a solution to get through the blizzard despite their lack of survival skill proficiency. Two of the casters were constantly casting prestidigitation to keep the Constitution 8 rogue from succumbing to hypothermia, and even then it was a bit touch and go.
Now, I had some issues with the ice tower as presented. First, the adventure says it's an ancient dwarven ruin, dating back to when the dwarves came down from the Frostfell. Personally, that didn't make great sense to me - why would you willingly make a building in a risian manifest zone? The whole of Icewhite island is freezing cold, and the manifest zone is worse.
Second problem - there is door, with a puzzle. The puzzle is so easy that I worked out the answer the instant I looked at the handout at the back of the adventure, before even reading the description - there are four columns of symbols (a book, scroll, wand, potion - again, not terribly dwarf-y?), and each symbol rotates a certain number of octagonal faces from one row to the next, and you just have to make the last row match the pattern. If you mess it up, it will spring a trap that will potentially either tickle the PCs a little, or cause a TPK if they're messed up from any prior fights because anybody reduced to 0 HP by the trap is frozen solid until freed by greater restoration, which no PC at this level of adventure will have.
Third problem - the tower is only four storeys tall. As described, it more cube-shaped than tower shaped. Also, as described, a PC with misty step standing on the shoulders of another PC of above average height could potentially teleport to the top of the tower and avoid 50% of the adventure content.
Fourth problem - the top of the tower is described as a garden made of icy plants... which doesn't make sense with Risia's canonical loathing of life.
my fixes: I changed the backstory of the tower, rather than being a dwarven relic, it was an Aundairian Magical Congress research facility, set up during the war to try to draw weaponizable power out of the Risian manifest zone - a wizard tower felt more right than a dwarven one. I then changed the solution to the puzzle - the symbols still had to be rotated, but what columns they were in had to be swapped, to represent the Congress sharing magical knowledge. I had the other expedition that was there explain they had tried the obvious solution and it hadn't worked. I also made the tower taller, mostly as an aesthetic thing, and so that the stand-on-shoulders-and-teleport trick only got the party Eladrin up to a balcony, rather than the roof. I kept the set-piece of the tower collapsing, saying that the magic the Aundairians had been trying had kept the manifest zone coterminous and removing the macguffin broke the spell holding the ice tower together.
Adventure 4: Living Legend
Synopsis: the party goes to Darguun, hunting a legendary hobgoblin hero. They get to see the fact that bugbears take slaves, follow a guide to a Thelanis manifest zone, and undertake several trials to prove they are worthy of claiming the hero's weapon to bring back.
So... the premise is cool. The execution is anything but
Even setting aside the fact that some parties might get entirely side-tracked by fighting slavers, the issue I had was that the trials in the adventure didn't seem to really key into the fact that Eberron goblinoids are supposed to have some different and interesting cultural mores.
The trials aren't bad, per se, but they don't feel goblin-y at all.
Worst of all, though, there is a Hobgoblin you encounter during the trials who is one of the Dhakaani fallout-vault people who is set on passing the trials to claim the weapon herself. As written, she is quite easy to befriend, will readily tell the PCs that she is from a hidden vault of survivors of the goblinoid empire, and if they DO befriend her, doesn't leave the room she's in despite the fact she's here for the same cultural relic the PCs are. WHICH FEELS INSANE. Every bit of canon and kanon lore I've encountered about the Dhakaani suggest that they distrust non-Dhankaani at best, and outright loath them at worst, and are trying to keep their presence secret. She should be either fighting to the death or keeping her origin secret then betraying the PCs, or not here at all.
Between the un-goblin-ish trials, and the insanely cooperative yet unhelpful NPC, this one needed the most fixing to satisfy my tastes. As I didn't have the time and brain juice to do that before the session, I decided to skip this adventure, and have the PCs collect a Thelanis macguffin as part of the later adventurer where they go to a Feyspire (adventure 12: Lost in Dreams).
Adventure 5: Perfect Timing
Synopsis: PCs get on a lighting rail intending to jump off it as it goes over a bridge, so they can appear in Daanvi to acquire the macguffin. twist: there's emerald claw terrorists on the train, and one of them has stolen the thing the PCs need to get into Daanvi, intending to go himself. Once in Daanvi, it's a race against the Emerald Claw guy to fill out all the paperwork to get the macguffin first
So, over-all, this one is really good. The premise is good. Situation is hilarious. It's very Eberron
Minor issues: the train has SO MANY COMBAT ENCOUNTERS. the PCs start at one end, and have to fight their way to the other, with one fight in every single train car, one of which is purely due to a misunderstanding. It took two sessions to get through the train half of the adventure, and that is with me having skipped two of the fights. In hindsight, I would have maybe also varied the stats of the enemies a bit more.
Also, while I comprehend the drama of having the thief jump out of train with his accomplices during a fight, this presumes the PCs don't kill every single one of his accomplices. I had to pull some shady DM shenanigans to get the guy out of the train in one piece, and give him new allies to help in the final battle at the end of the paperwork race.
My players enjoyed this one a heap, but one did comment that he thought it should have come later in the campaign, as it was such a departure from the others.
Adventure 6: Night's Gambit
Synopsis: PCs have to infiltrate Fort Bones in Karrnath and steal a mabaran macguffin from under the nose of the military there.
Another really good one, although not without it's issues. The adventure presents interesting characters in the form of the fort's up-tight commander and relatively chill head necromancer, a timeline of what they will be up to at various times of day, and has options of all kinds of approaches: sneaking in, joining up with what is basically the Karrnathi Foreign Legion, or acting as bodyguards for a visiting inspector. I loved that it gave all these options.
my only complaints were that the timeline was a little hard to make sense of as presented, and the map of the fort seemed... a bit too small and simple for the facility as it's described. I feel like you'd expect one of Karrnath's most important border forts to be at least a two-storey building (I fixed that by describing the fort's upper levels as being still under construction after the last time it was sacked).
How my party handled it: so, my group aren't terribly sneaky on the whole. They also do not look like adventurers - to glance at, they are a Gargoyle, the hottest and floweryest elf you've ever seen, a depressed cab driver, the least magical aundairan wizard ever, and a goblin grandmother. So they couldn't really sneak in, wouldn't blend in as recruits, and I felt wouldn't really be the kind of people the inspector would hire as bodyguards....
...so they decided to BE the inspector. Eladrin lady was the inspector herself, gargoyle got dressed up as weird undead bodyguard, aundairian wizard was silent note-keeper, grandmother was a servant, and cabbie became the coach-driver. The group arrived a day early ("surprise inspection"), and were given a tour of the fortress. They executed everything perfectly. In the end, the only fight they had was an ambush on the necromancer in his own bedroom at 3am, wherein they beat him senseless, put him to sleep with a spell, and healed him back to full HP, so when he woke up in the morning he had no physical proof that anything had happened and was questioning his own sanity. They even fashioned a replica of the macguffin (it's a conqueror piece - the goblin rogue had her own set, which the wizard imbued with some necromantic energy), so the alarm wasn't raised for several hours after the PCs had left the fort.
Adventure 7: The Silvered Edge of Twilight
Synopsis: PCs go to Thaliost to pick up a Lammanian macguffin from a silver flame priest - when they get there, it's been stolen. They do some investigating, track the theives to the railway station, and chase them down to the Eldeen reaches where they fight Ashbound druids and lycanthropes.
Kind of middling adventure - nice premise, but very railroady. For starters, there's an NPC (who I edited out) who gets sent with the PCs for all of the investigation portion who basically seems to exist to keep them on track and/or provide lore about Thaliost and also to force them into a fight they might otherwise be able to avoid. Even outside of that, the investigation seemed a bit being-led-by-the-nose, although maybe that came down to how I was running it.
The issue, for my run at least, was once they were on the train. As written, the PCs need to track down the missing item on the train - it's written with there being a few red herrings as to who might be the thief, but it's a magic item. I have never seen a group of PCs who didn't have access to detect magic, so my PCs just bypassed all the red herrings with a single spell.
Next, there is supposed to be a set-piece fight where the were-tiger with the item jumps off the train, and leaves here were-rat minions to fight the PCs. I can't really criticise the adventure writer for not forseeing what my PCs did: the eladrin bard walked scootched up to the were-tiger, went "hey, I gather you're a nature-themed terrorist? I am too! I hate civilization. Can I tag along and then borrow your item when you're done with it? Also are you single?" and then rolled a 27 for persuasion.
The PCs came along and jumped the lycanthropes a day later. To be fair, the adventure never explained how the were-tiger was supposed to get to the final battle before the PCs as she jumped off a moving train and is slower than it is.
Adventure 8: The March of Madness
Synopsis: PCs go to an ancient dungeon in the Shadow Marches, go on a vision quest before being allowed inside by the druid guardian, and then have to contend with/repair the wards inside the dungeon before they can get their Xoriat macguffin. Depending on how it plays out, they may or may not end up accidentally killing an ancient orcish guardian inside the dungeon, and may or may not be betrayed by an insane warlock.
The adventure is very solid, great even. The map that comes with it is... very uninspiring, so I re-mapped the dungeon and added a bit of extra flavour to one room (there's a weird trap that doesn't make much sense, so I made it a weird manigest zone effect rather than a deliberate thing), but that is basically the only changes I made. 4.5 stars!
Adventure 9: Weathering the Storm
Synopsis: PCs get sent to the Lazaar principalities to receive a Kythri macguffin that is being imported. Ship doesn't arrive, investigation leads to sky pirates, which in turn leads to an attack on a skyship.
So, again, really nice premise. Some issues with the execution, though - see, the synopsis in the adventure itself makes reference to the Chaos Fleet, a concept introduced in 4th edition, where there was a pirate fleet in the principalities that were basically Davy Jones' crew from Pirates of the Carribean, if they went all elemental-y rather than all fish-y.
Except, the Chaos Fleet never actually show up in the adventure at any point. All the opposition in the adventure is Wind Whisperer pirates. ALL of it. Literally, it's only the one statblock for everybody except the final boss.
my fixes: when the PCs are inspecting the wreck of the vessel that had their macguffin on it, rather than Wind Whisperers returning to the scene of the crime, I had a Chaos fleet ship turn up chasing the scent of the macguffin that they were lusting after - I used weirds from the Ravnica book, and some mephits. After that, I fed the PCs info of sightings of Chaos Fleet ships chasing after a skyship in the heart of a storm - the Chaos guys I described as not usually a threat because they're terminally incapable of cooperating with each other, but this was concerning because the Wind Whisperers seemed to be trying to use the macguffin to draw all of them into their wake and then force them into Regalport.
In the adventure as written, then PCs are airdropped onto the macguffin-holding skyship with some friendly Regalport sailors to help them (and to keep the fight against the Wind Whisperers manageable). I gave the wind whisperers some more variance in statblocks (scounts, thugs, deck wizards from ghosts of saltmarsh), and had the ship under attack by elementals at the same time, rather than give the PCs allies.
I also had the aberrant dragonmarked NPC from adventure 1 show up in Regalport, saying she had been given a grant by Nigel to continue her studies somewhere other than Sharn.
Adventure 10: At Death's Door
Synopsis: PCs sneak into the upper level of the Lair of the Keeper to get a Dolurrh macguffin while the (alleged) Keeper is out having a meeting with some minions. It's a dungeon crawl.
This is the best one. Almost every encounter can be fought or talked through (with varying difficulty). The Rakshasa is great. The demon and the bodak are great. The Orcs are great. I loved it. No fixes. No notes. 5/5 stars.
Further Adventures:
This is as far as we've gotten at time of writing. I'm currently gearing up to run A Heart in Mourning, and am running into some of the same issues as Rime or Reason - the adventure site feels too small, the approach to it a bit too rail-roady due to being a tower, combined with the fact it doesn't really feel like it's Shavarath-ish enough. Also, ending with a collapsing tower seems repetitive at this point.
I need to read Lost in Dreams in more detail. It looks complex, so I'll report back on that one.
As for the last adventure - a read-through revealed some really neat set-piece fights and the stupidest twist I've ever \***ing heard of*. As written, the adventure reveals that Nigel Faurious has secretly been... a gnome woman from zilargo who the PCs have never heard of and who wants revenge on Sharn for her sons dying in the War.
I at least have a fix for that: Nigel Faurious is... actually Nigel Faurious. Nothing secret going on there. He came to Morgrave university in his 20s in hopes of studying to help his fiancé - the fiancé had an aberrant dragonmark that meant they would create spontaneous manifest zones temporarily. One day they had a bad flare-up, and got killed by a mob, just like the NPC nearly is in adventure 1. After that Nigel as spent the last 20 years trying to reverse-engineer the manifest-zone creation effect with the intention of destroying the city that killed the love of his life.
Thanks for reading all this way, I know this has been a really long post. I appreciate the effort.
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2023.06.02 06:14 JohnMoneyOfficial Thrift store find

Thrift store find
Found this skillet at a local thrift store, it was almost completely smooth inside so i took it home to add to my collection. I cant figure out what brand it is however. Only thing i could find on it was this 8. Hoping someone here could help me figure it out
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2023.06.02 06:12 SavageBasher0 Best place to sell? (US)

Bit tight for money at the moment, so most of my collection will be going. Is ebay a good idea? I feel like fb marketplace won't get me as much per movie as a listing on ebay since fb is localized
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2023.06.02 06:08 AdVast5347 Current parents - How important is a 'village' to happiness?

To current parents - how important is having a village to success?
I am currently agonizing over the decision to have a baby. I am 37 and the decision needs to be made very soon however I just cant decide which is causing many sleepless nights, anxiety and upset feelings.
I have read the main keys to success are a supportive partner, good finances and a robust village. I have two of those things, my husband is awesome and despite not being anywhere near rich we make enough to get by.
The biggest issue is the 'village'. My husband and I moved to another country for his job a few years ago. We have no family in the country and no close friends. If we were to have a child we would have no one at all in our village. As my husband makes a fair bit more than me it makes logical sense for me to stay at home with the baby initially but I'm not sure how I would cope or how much I would enjoy being a parent with no support whatsoever?
As mentioned my husband is awesome and I love just simply hanging out with him and doing random things together in the weekend. I stress that if we have a baby with no support we will never get to hang out together again and have fun like we do now as one of us will need to be tending to a baby at all times? I assume we will also be exhausted so might not even have the energy to hang out anyway.
So to the people who did it without a village .... was it manageable? Were you still able to enjoy life?
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2023.06.02 06:08 Clear-Dingo-7260 Homeschool is not working out at ALL and I need to go back to public school

Disclaimer: if your a parent coming to talk about how public school isn’t any better get out. I need 100% honest answers about this no sugar coating. I have done BARELY any home school this whole year and I’m scared the school isn’t going to accept me back into public school anymore because of the work I haven’t done. I don’t even like homeschool so doing work on a computer just makes things worse. This is my first year of home school and I really don’t have any excuses on why I haven’t been doing any work so if the school asks I’m just gonna have to be honest. My question is how can I make myself get accepted what do I have to do? Because obviously I’m no way fucking near getting the whole program done I am literally on the beginner chapters I’m done w this bs fuck homeschool I’m willing to do whatever it takes to go back to public school and btw answer me I need answers thanks
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2023.06.02 06:08 Big_Vacation613 why is my mom so worried about my grades?

Today was the last day of school (hallelujah), and i finished my advanced english final. I had an A in the class (95%), but after the final, it dropped down to an A- (93%). Yeah, I was maybe a little disappointed that I wasn't going to have a 4.0 this tri, but an A- still isn't a bad grade. However, when my mom found out, she was calling me, saying "what's going on?" "why do you have an A-?" "what can you redo to bring it up?" "oh, you got a B+ on this assignment, go in tomorrow and redo it (as we have fridays set aside as makeup days)" Now, don't get me wrong, I know how fortunate I am to have parents that actually care about my education and want me to do well, but this is going overboard. anyways, I can't go in tomorrow as I have other responsibilities, and I let her know this. she just kept pushing it and saying "well, see if you can just go and retake this online test (I can't, we took it nearly a month and a half ago)" and I finally put my foot down and said "an A- is not that big of a deal". she said "well then I guess it's not a big deal if you don't go to your thing tomorrow". i was frustrated, so I said "it's just an A-!" and she got really mad at that. it just annoys me. like yes, I understand how important it is to have good grades, and I'll always strive for an A, but it's an A-, not an F.
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2023.06.02 06:07 mirio_shigaraki Help me want to keep going

So I've played BG1 many times over the years and also SoD a few times. But I've never played bg2 until now. Not seriously anyway. I'm still in chapter 2 but I've done nearly all the sidequests you can do without advancing the story yet, in and out of athkatla and I'm just struggling. I love BG1 and have beaten several times bu 2 is a slog. I've heard for years that it is one of the best rpgs ever but I just don't see the same charm as 1 yet. Please convince me to keep playing.
For the record I've put in 60 days in game so far and about 20 is hours
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2023.06.02 06:07 godofmydreams Woke up to bleeding

I’m 25F on day 9 and my healing has been rough won’t lie especially the last few days had very bad stinging pain on left side of my throat leaving me unable to swallow, eat or drink i barely managed to get some cereal down me and drink some water yesterday but it’s currently 5AM and I’ve woken up to coughing up blood, feeling super light headed and small chunks which i think is the scabs coming up but i looked in my throat and my left side is bleeding dark blood I’m currently on hold on a call with my local hospital but i really really do not want to go back in i thought the worst was behind me I’m trying to tell myself it’s all fine and the bleeding is from the scabs but I’m calling the hospital to be on the safe side, has anyone else has this?
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2023.06.02 06:06 agreenerdrycleaner3 Dry Cleaning Delivery Near Me - A Greener Cleaner

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2023.06.02 06:06 Ticklish_Waffle Apparently I'm being unreasonable with what I'm looking for?

I told someone near where I live that I'd only really be interested in dating a guy who's within 2 years of me and doesn't only want sex and he told me that's completely unreasonable for where I live. Is it really?
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2023.06.02 06:06 Ferrea_Lux Rant about people who use low-tier decks and blame others for their losses.

So, I like joining LFG duel rooms on Xbox and chilling with people. I'm a branded fanboy, but when I play casually I'll run branded dogmatika or springans with a small branded engine. If I notice their deck belongs in 2015, when I fusion summon, I go with brigrand instead of mirrorjade.
I'll admit, I run pretty decent decks. Branded tri-brigade and swordsoul is still tri-brigade and swordsoul, but I don't like bullying the local brick-eyes deck (unless they're really asking for it). Although I do whale on MD, I hate building slow and/or bad decks. You'll catch me with a million UR before I craft eldlich, and the weakest deck I have is pure dragonmaid.
But enough about my decks. Here's how I currently duel people who don't use rogue/meta decks: I don't. I don't mind spectating at all while I'm on my phone. I join rooms because I want to chat yugioh with yugioh players. If someone pulls up with a cyber dragon or dino deck, I give it a go and have fun, win or lose. I tell my opponent what I'm playing, and ask if they want me to change after we're done. I try my best to be as friendly as possible, which is common courtesy of course.
And yet I, and other players, will draw flakk from players who make garbage decks. Now, this isn't everyone who runs low-tier decks. I've met chill people who stick around or calmly leave when they can't rack up wins, which is perfectly fine imo I wish them the best. But it's the entitled people who try to victimize themselves because they spent their resources wrong, or "protest" the meta by using anything but cards you see in ranked.
I'm sorry you don't like ash blossom, I'm sorry it takes 4 turns to set up a good board, I'm sorry your boss monster that took over half of your hand that could win you a poker game has no protection and deals piercing battle damage. I'm sorry your deck can't compete against mine, but whyyy do you have to take it out on me AND everyone else?
They'll state they have a "fun" or "fair" deck that they're still learning. The lobby then splits, subconsciously, and the people running low-tier decks duel it out. All the power to them. If the lobby doesn't, the person offering will either leave or cry that no one is playing with them. If they loose too much, they'll swap to some cheap floodgate or burn deck (in fairness it's not just people who exclusively play low-tier decks who do this).
You, dear reader, may ask, "Well, this sounds like a very specific and niche situation. Just find another room." And you would be right, if you theoretically asked that. I've played many other games like For Honor and Dark Souls where, if there's someone being upset, just find another group. A perfectly reasonable solution I could enact for myself.
However, I'm on Xbox. I can tell you over half, if not most, of the LFG rooms has at least one player with a butt so sore from ranked they take it out on others in duel rooms. I don't blame them, ranked is so full of smurf accounts that it's nauseating. But telling people they're "meta slaves" because they won't let your salamangreat deck you don't know how to pilot win is... tireing. And with over half the LFGs being like that, it's hard to find a decent room without someone like that in it.
My favorite part about all of this is when they swing with floodgate or burn decks. I have a branded deck that has over half the cards dedicated to board breaking, and they loose their boisterous, cocky attitude very quickly. I don't even need turn 1 plays against them. I just break their board and beatdown with titaniklad or iris (I personally consider ecclesia and the gang as part of branded).
I don't know, I understand the plight low-tier deck users go through. They miss playground yugioh or like a slower, turn 20 playstyle. In truth I don't mind that. I like the current state of the game and want it to be faster. I want every deck to be as good as branded despia or tearlaments, but sadly we're faced with this disparity between archtypes. Even so, I hate that people will take out their anger at others because they're not winning with their garbage deck. And what surprises me the most is when they expect the lobby to bow to them for saying, "yugioh was better back in the day."
Everyone is entitled to play how they want with who they want. But I can't be the only one who cringes at someone not getting their way with their decks. Feel free to share any opinions about my rant or other experiences you had. Admittedly, I'll be going to sleep after I post this, but I'll be sure to reply in the morning, take care!
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2023.06.02 06:05 froxen_fyr How do people doing user research get people to answer surveys?

I am an HCDE international student, and it's so difficult to get people to answer your surveys. The Slack channel doesn't seem to work, and frankly everywhere else I post the survey, it gets blocked or deleted because of it being a survey. How do you all get people's attention to do the same. This subreddit does not seem to work either and my post never makes it through.
I need to keep on posting surveys to get data on my projects. It's especially harder when I have projects that are entirely Seattle based, I cannot even reach out to people online. As an international student it becomes even harder to access the local populace in Seattle. I have even been asking random strangers at UW to fill out my survey so far and it's very very slow. Is there something I might be missing. Any suggestions regarding this would be helpful too. TIA. Also if you can help me with my current survey about the T-Mobile stadium it would be nice too: https://forms.gle/GAmbCeKXBqSU5H6EA
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2023.06.02 06:05 orig_cerberus1746 Developer with experience in physics programming, VR and Unity

Hello, I am Leandro, but you may call me Leo. I've been coding professionally for 12 years using mainly Python, JavaScript and C#.
My current set of skills are:
You can see some of my opensource projects or packages in my github https://github.com/leandro-benedet-garcia
My linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leandrobgarcia/?locale=en_US
Some of my projects
Preferred contact method are direct messages here in Reddit or trough the email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.02 06:05 Actual-Obligation728 Cotton" in Kursk . The explosions rang out near the railway station, local residents reported.

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2023.06.02 06:05 WeaselBit Elderly Arthritic Dog Comfort

My dachshund/corgi mutt is fourteen and starting to really struggle with arthritis. According to the vet she has it in many of her joints, most notably her shoulders, back, hips, and carpal joints. She's already on a daily dose of Carprofen and takes joint supplements. She also has an orthopedic bed. She's been on a diet to get her to the lower end of her healthy weight to take stress off her joints. I don't have access to a local vet who does laser therapy. I've tried heat treatments (she doesn't enjoy them and they don't seem to make her more comfortable). A check-up two months ago showed that she was in otherwise excellent health according to her full bloodwork and exam.
Are there any other recommendations for her? The medication and a little TLC used to keep her more perky but over the last month she's begun to struggle to use stairs to the point that on bad days I have to carry her up and down them or she won't ask me to go out and will urinate on the floor to avoid having to use them as being carried seems uncomfortable to her as well despite me picking her up under her entire torso to avoid tweaking her back. She still has good days, her tail still wags, but it used to be that she only had a few 'bad' days a month and now it's a couple a week.
I hate to think that I'm going to lose my otherwise very healthy dog to pain, or worse, not realize how much pain she's in and have her suffer when there's something I can do for her. I'd love some suggestions for ways I can make her feel better.
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2023.06.02 06:04 Sure_Lifeguard_6979 40s male - me and my older sister suffered all sorts of abuse. Thinking of cutting my parents off for a while

My older sister and I had a very traumatic childhood.
She was physically abused by our parents and I witnessed it. 6.5 year age difference. Our parents fought each other physically as well and extreme narcissistic.
I’ve blocked out most of my adolescence, but I was physically abused but mainly had to deal with covert emotional incest, neglect, and mental abuse(as far as I can remember anyway)
My physical abuse involved things like having my ears twisted, I was hit once so hard on my ear that between the smack and twisting I’ve got partial deafness in the ear.
When I was 5 I had chicken pox, my mom was so annoyed I was keeping her up because of how itchy I was, she screamed at me and then started scratching my body as hard as she could to make me stop complaining and cried myself to sleep.
I have blocked out the majority of my childhood and have definitely disassociated from many things. Some things are starting to come to the surface.
My sister and I both recently started having worries of CSA (without prompting each other)
Our maternal grandfather was incredibly abusive to our mom and siblings(SA and much more)
My sister feels she was abused by him.
Based on some weird circumstances of my own I have come to terms I was a victim of CSA either by my grandfather or others.
Self harmed as an adolescent, highly aware of sex at a young age.
Had an out of body experience at 4/5 staring at my sleeping body with no covers on at my grandparents place.
Always had disliked my maternal grandfather heavily and assumed it was due to what he did to my mom, but also wondering if it was due to something happening to me too.
Considering it happened to everyone else it seems plausible.
Extreme aversion my entire life to anyone touching my butt. Like seeing red when it happened.
My father would “goose” me until I finally lost my mind on him one day.
Something I’m not sure “qualifies” as sexual abuse My parents “pranked” me 3 times when I was around 8/9 years old.
Twice my dad snuck into the bathroom to film me naked. Another time after a shower my mom snuck up behind me and hoisted me up by my legs to pull my towel off to reveal me to my dad filming with their camcorder.
Either way this caused immense shame , turmoil, and trauma.
I never told anyone and when I was nearly molested by a camp councillor shortly thereafter I didn’t tell my dad until my 30s and the reaction was surprisingly non-plussed to the point he forgot to even tell my mom and neither of them have even discussed it with me even after I brought it up another time.
Makes me wonder if they abused me in some capacity when I was too young to remember or I’ve blocked out more than I thought.
I have a weird memory/dream that I French kissed my mom when I was really young.
I’ve harboured that my entire life thinking it had to be a dream, but I had it at an age I would never have even known what French kissing is.
I had constant nightmares in my adolescence of a dark force dragging me into rooms that I could never escape.
My dad said one time I saw him naked and I went and stood in the corner with my head down as if I was ashamed/embarrassed and I apparently would also go outside and they would find me standing in our yard.
Even seeing a few “harmless” photos of me naked as a young child at the beach triggers me due to all the other circumstances of my upbringing.
I have a young son and he’s at the age where all the things started happening to me, so I feel like that may be why so many feelings and memories are surfacing because I could never imagine treating him a fraction of the way we were treated.
I’m suddenly wanting to limit my interactions with my parents even moreso after burying things for so long.
30+ years of denial and trying to justify it”wasn’t as bad as others” but the more I remember and allows myself to process, I’m finally realizing terrible things were.
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2023.06.02 06:04 LinguisticMadness Advice? I know the issue but what ideas do you have to fix it?

Hi! So first of all, trigger warning for sensitive mental health stuff, be safe guys!.
Okay, my issue is, I will procrastinate at any literal time I have to study at all and won't be able to get to it for some time. I get triggered by studying and have meltdowns-ish? (bawling my eyes out that is) due issues coming back to me.
I know the main solutions is going to a professional, and I'm looking to it as little chance there is to get it (no money for private, or simply long wait queue to request a guy to go once a month, so looks kind of bad tbh. There is also another alternative but is kind of not clear yet so most likely not getting it, and has a chance of being shit too), but even with it, I can't wait until I get better, I need to get my exams done now.
I normally push through it with brute force and grit teeth and endure hours of feeling like hell on earth and then some more, then when I am ok enough I study, little but I go by. I've been doing this everyday for months now, and I'm proud of getting three books that are heavy as bibles down, even when I have two left I probably won't get on time to :/. It honestly makes me feel bad when I'm at my worst, and anxious at my best.
Still I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this as it's getting worse, just right now I did the same thing and I felt worse, I felt it was a bit near of doing something negative permanently (I wouldn't so don't worry). I can't get to all my material on time because of me feeling like I'm going through a grater emotionally, and this situation over all sucks and I feel horrible, so yeah
Advice? I know I just dumped hell and back in here, but no need to feel pressed I get it. I also don't expect you to solve my issues in just a comment, some alternatives or ideas to make things more bearable are fine. Some of your own insight or even just seeing a motivation to get studying can help a bit, I think. So all good. Thanks a lot for reading! Will try to go back and study even if it's a little bit.
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2023.06.02 06:04 NOBODY__EPIC Broke 90 for the first time. Played whites.

Broke 90 for the first time. Played whites.
Played a local course not too far from me. Put driver away after hole #1 but FIGIR were still awful.
Short game saved me. The basic putting and chipping green I got for apartment helped my game a lot.
Ball softly hit the pin and spun off the side of the cup on #5 for eagle. Guess I meant to write “lip out” instead of “chip out” for Eagle. Not sure why I wrote anything in the first place. Adrenaline was pumping.
It was a nice day and great round. The grind continues.
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2023.06.02 06:04 BabyJesusBro TIFU by bringing up a Reddit Post

Today I 20M was scrolling through my feed when I saw this dumb greentext and I thought it was pretty funny and relatable.
For context if you don't want to click the link or if it gets taken down: It talks about how whenever your parents would see you hanging out with a girl as a man, they would say something along the lines of "OOOO is that your girlfriend?" or this could be replaced with some other kind of "harmless" teasing.
I mentioned it to my mom who was sitting in the living room near me, expecting to have a casual conversation about a childhood memory and perhaps some lighthearted banter. And she said a bit loudly that I was dumb for caring so much about something so minor that happened over 12 years ago.
My dad heard my mom calling me dumb from the other room and asked for the details, and by now the conversation had gone from lighthearted to them taking offense for the situation. I explained that it may have been possible that I associated this tiny negative experience with bringing girls home to the house, and that small things like this can add up as it probably wasn't the only time.
My dad said he was heartbroken to hear this and demanded that I tell him everything that has gone on with my relationships throughout the years as he thinks this was a stupid reason to not share in the first place.
TL;DR: I brought up a reddit post about teasing and had to spend hours explaining the intricacies of every female relationship I haven't talked to my parents about
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2023.06.02 06:03 fatefuloscar Job interview next week for a sales role, never worked sales before

I recently was laid off from my job in insurance and have been struggling to make ends meet. I have an in person interview next week for an e-commerce sales gig at a local car dealership chain. The only problem is that i’ve never worked a sales/commission based job before. I live in phoenix and feel somewhat intimidated by the whole thing since my last job had me at 27/hr. I’m utterly unsure of what is expected to be a “typical” base salary in the sales industry and for this role. Obviously “some money is better than no money” but my resume and past experience is strong, i just don’t want to let my inexperience with sales or my being laid off to result in me being taken advantage of. Any advice?
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