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Shows about fat and obese people. Fascinating stuff

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This community is geared to discussions about the MyFitnessPal (MFP for short) platform, including the app for Android and iOS and website. # DISCLAIMER We are not healthcare professionals and you should speak with your healthcare team about nutrition and exercise goals and concerns. What we can try to offer here is assistance with how the MFP platform can be used, in support of your goals.

2023.06.02 06:45 jeengeeng Blood in pee

Hi, my 3 year old female golden retriever has been having blood in her pee about a week now. Her heat started about 4 weeks ago so I thought it may be due to that and I decided to wait for a few days. It’s not getting better and she only bleeds when she pees, so I think the heat is over and this might be a UTI or worse (touchwood). I’ve booked an appointment with my usual vet but it’s on Monday because she’s only available then.
Here is a picture of the blood in her pee: https://imgur.com/gallery/U5OgNHR
The blood seems to be thicker today. Otherwise, my dog is acting normal without any signs of lethargy or loss of appetite.
Is it okay to wait until Monday or is this an urgent case? There is a slot with another clinic tomorrow but I would prefer to go to my usual vet.
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2023.06.02 06:43 manjirinadkarni_ 5 Dietary Habits That Are Wrecking Your Digestion

It is not just about what you eat but how you eat too! Even though you are eating as clean as you can, there has to be a reason why you are still bloated, crampy, running to the ladies room, anxious and tired all the time. You may or may not realize, but your recent weight gain and constant fatigue are all related to your diet as well as digestion.
Here is a list of the 5 common poor dietary habits I have seen people follow that totally wreck their digestion


Hunger is the biggest cue that your body needs nourishment. Hunger is also a sign that your Jatharagni or digestive fire is stroked and working well. Have you ever wondered whether you eat because you are hungry or just because the clock tells you that it’s the time to eat?
I have seen so many people focus on eating at fixed times that they totally forget to check in with their body whether it feels hunger or not.
Eating when not hungry is the no 1 cause indigestion. Eating when not hungry means that brain has not received any signals from your stomach to secrete any digestive juices to carry out digestion and hence your stomach is ill-prepared for the food that’s being stuffed into it. If your stomach is not going to secret sufficient digestive juice, how can you digest the food that you are eating? In Ayurvedic medicine, this semi-digested or undigested product of digestion is known as ‘Ama’ and is circulated through your body serving as undigested toxin, creating inflammation in your body further causing allergies, stiffness, joint pain, as well as weight gain.


Is there someone who doesn’t eat emotionally…the answer is probably a few in a million. Today’s fast track life where people barely have time for anything, how can they find time to feel their emotions. Sometimes emotions like sadness, worry, loneliness, anxiety are harder to understand and process, as people don’t even know they are going through it for the lack of mindfulness. So the quick solution is food.
Today people turn to food for entertainment, comfort, stress relief, or as a reward rather than to nourish their body and mind. Often people eat to numb their emotions, especially sugary sweets as sweet taste is instantly comforting. This is nothing but a distraction to suppress certain emotions which result in totally overloading your digestive system. Again when you eat out of sadness, anxiety or boredom, your body is caught up in the emotions and not focussing on digesting food, which leads to ‘Ama’ the digestive toxin.
But it is so much more than just that. 'Your body needs to process emotions just the way it needs to process food and that takes time'. Most emotional states cause you to secrete stress hormones activating your sympathetic system shifts your body in the fight- flight- freeze mode. This takes away from your 'rest-digest' parasympathetic system. So again you barely secrete digestive enzymes and the food you eat makes you feel bloated, gaseous, and really uncomfortable.


This is the biggest weight-loss myth I have seen in my practice as an Ayurvedic doctor. If you think it is a good idea to chug a few glasses of water just before your meals to fill up, eat less and effortlessly lose weight, you need to think again. I have encountered so many 'weight loss gurus', who advise their clients to drink at least 2 glasses of water before they eat anything, which is the ‘worst’ thing you could do to your digestion. Too much water can easily dilute your digestive juices....just like when in your grade 8 chemistry class where you learnt to dilute an acid by adding water.


Let me get something straight to you…Multi-tasking is a myth. It just means that you are taking the same amount of time to do many things at once, often inefficiently, than choosing to do one thing at a time with all the focus and efficiency, In today's world, this is a sad reality for many busy women, men and alike.
Older men and women who lead a hectic life, working, attending client calls, dropping kids to school, getting to the gym while grabbing a quick meal; whereas some kids just cannot simply sit and eat without being glued to the idiot box. Eating on the go is a terrible habit for anyone and everyone and is another reason that leaves your digestion compromised you’re your brain doesn’t is still focussed on reading emails, how the heck will it know that you are eating and need to secrete digestive enzymes??


Last but not the least, eating against your dosha type
Dosha type? What the heck is that?
Well there are five main elements that make up the universe also your body- Akash or space, Vayu or air, Agni or fire, Ap or water and Prithvi or earth. These five elements combine to form 3 biological energies within your body known as the doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These doshas govern our physical, mental, emotional states as well as behaviour. Your health, happiness and longevity depend on the balance of these doshas, which are affected by foods, dietary habits, lifestyle, as thoughts that you think. Since these impact you in each and every aspect of your life, considering them when you choose your diet and nutrition is of utmost importance. This is the reason why some people cannot handle cold foods at all, and some react to dairy. If you have a diet that is not compatible with the dominant doshas in your body or your dosha type, it sets you up for digestive imbalances as well as different health issues.
So take some time to see which of the above habits are the main reason your digestion is suffering and feel free to share with someone who needs this information.
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2023.06.02 06:42 tikitessie Orange County, CA support staff: open house hiring event on Saturday June 3 in Huntington Beach for multiple privately owned GP clinics in OC

Seacliff Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach is hosting a hiring event Saturday June 3rd from 10a-4p. We are hiring for multiple positions (groomers, receptionists, assistants, tech/RVT, veterinarians) for multiple hospitals and facilities across Orange County. Here is the EventBrite link.
My unicorn clinic in Fountain Valley (small privately owned GP) is in desperate need of a tech to replace me; the only reason I am leaving is because they have asked me to be PM at a sister hospital. Post or DM questions, or just show up! RSVP not absolutely necessary but it helps us get an idea about how many people are coming.
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2023.06.02 06:40 sheyennemarie Ozempic and anhedonia?

Hi there!
I (28F) started Ozempic about 7 weeks ago to manage T2 diabetes and help with weight loss. I’ve also, over the last while, noticed that I’ve been feeling mildly depressed. In particular, I just haven’t been finding much interest, joy, or motivation to do things. I haven’t been able to pinpoint why, exactly.
I’ve been reading more and more about how people have found that Ozempic has been helping with other things, such as addictions. Research is still obviously in very early stages, but I’ve heard that some are theorizing that it has an effect on the brain’s reward system. Depressed mood is of course usually caused by multiple things, but is it possible that this may in part by why I’ve been finding stuff less interesting and enjoyable in general? Anyone have any other similar experiences?
Thank you!
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2023.06.02 06:34 Professional-Box-412 Should I get a second surgical opinion?

Height: 6"1'
Weight: 80kg
Race: white
No relevant medical history and taking no medications
Located in Australia
I dislocated my shoulder for the first time two and a half weeks ago, the doc told me there was only a small tear and i don't need surgery on it, but i've heard the risk of recurrent dislocations is high for someone my age and i'm worried i'll end up with an unstable shoulder if i just leave it and do PT. I'm relatively active, i injured it playing basketball and I'd like to continue playing and weightlifting at gym etc, i also volunteer as a firefighter so i'm worried that will be affected too.
The MRI report:
Clinical Information
MRI left shoulder this. Left shoulder dislocation 1 week ago. Hill-Sachs on x-ray. ? Labral tear, ? Cuff tear.
Unenhanced MRI left shoulder. No prior relevant imaging for comparison.
Anatomical glenohumeral alignment.
Moderate acute Hill-Sachs lesion, 23 mm craniocaudally, 21 mm wide, 9 mm deep. Extensive underlying marrow
Full-thickness anterior and inferior labral tear (at least 6 - 9 o’clock), with adjacent chondral defect and periosteal stripping, without a osseous defect or marrow oedema, consistent with anterior periosteal sleeve avulsion injury.
Likely superior labral anteroposterior tear extending posterior to the biceps anchor.
No further glenohumeral chondral defect. Large joint effusion.
Long head biceps tendon intact fluid in the sheath from the joint effusion.
Supraspinatus, infraspinatus and subscapularis tendons intact. Normal muscle block.
Normal AC joint alignment.
Moderate acute Hill-Sachs lesion.
Extensive anterior and inferior labrochondral injury without bony injury, consistent with anterior periosteal sleeve avulsion injury.
Likely SLAP tear.
Is it worth getting a second opinion at the very least?
Thanks so much in advance.
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2023.06.02 06:34 agoldenbell Wellbutrin, Abilify & Adderall?

Over the last few months I’ve been meeting with a psychologist that has helped me a lot, but she felt I needed medication for my bipolar II (which I agreed with!) so she referred me to a NP for medication. The NP is really nice, listens to every concern, and takes everything my psychologist suggests seriously. After getting to know her, and her looking over my chart, doing a few assessments etc she determines that I also have ADD on top of bipolar II. She prescribed me Welbutrin 150mg, once a day, and Mirtazipine lowest dose (I think 7.5?) for night time. I reacted well to the medicine but still needed more help (my psychologist’s words, hers, and mine) so as of today, she also prescribed me a low dose of Abilify and a low dose of Adderall.
I haven’t taken the new medicines yet because my pharmacy didn’t fill them today. I’ve looked up these new medicines combined with what I’m currently taking and found the results to be pretty scary, honestly. What reassures me is that I am taking low doses of all of the above, but is there still grounds for concern? Should I not be mixing Abilify, Adderall and Wellbutrin? I’ve read things like seizures, irritation, and even weight loss can occur (I’m already underweight as it is.) Does anyone here have experience taking these medications together?
Note: I do not plan to quit any medications or anything drastic like that, and I will absolutely be in touch with my health care team to keep them all updated on my concerns, issues etc. but I thought it would also be good to talk to the regular folks like me who might have first hand experience taking these medications. Thank you so much to who ever takes the time to read this, I appreciate any words of advice or solidarity.
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2023.06.02 06:26 130UniMaron0 Ex homeless considering participating in outreach while unaffiliated with any nonprofit, advocacy, or state program. Is it a terrible idea or could I be on to something?

I was homeless for about a decade of my life. It started when I was in middle school and I finally exited in my 20's. I did this by obtaining a subsidy through a non profit, but I had to find the right non profit to get it, for starters. I had to document in black and white a history of chronic homelessness, which came out to only be 4 years on paper despite having actually been homeless for closer to 10. I learned everything about this life the hard way. I'm lucky to be alive. I know so much about the local system and how it operates, but I can't share this knowledge with anyone. I know so much about the corruption happening within the shelter system, but I can't tell anybody. I know so much about street survival but have nobody to pass it on to. I've tried joining non profits and coalitions but they all operate in conjunction with the very system I had to fight for my life in, one that is rotting at the core, and the most influential members in these groups are career social workers. Not all of them, but they are the ones whose words hold the most weight. There is nobody representing people like I once was. There is nobody providing us a voice, or providing us with meaningful guidance in how to navigate this system and how to survive in the meantime. Advocate teams have gone out during sweeps to "help" but all they do is yell at the people that they don't have to move their tents and hand out some snacks and water bottles. I think the food and water is great but it's less than just a bandaid solution, it's like sweeping broken glass under a rug. They have county workers going out and referring people to shelter, but I can vividly remember when I was approached by them when I was at the lowest point of my homelessness and got referred, it is such an awful memory I will never forget it. It happened years ago and I can still recall every tiny detail as though I am living it all over again. These referrals aren't helping people, in many cases they are harming them. Since my cities election, policy surrounding homelessness has began evolving rapidly and I am witnessing devastating effects every time I go outside. Massive sweeps are taking place and I see homeless people everywhere, more than I've ever seen before. I see them suffering in many different ways, I see some who have turned hostile against the public and are actively lashing out at strangers. There were definitely times I wanted to do that when I was on the street, I can still very clearly remember the blinding anger and spite I felt then. It makes me think that I have turned my back on my own people. Because I made it out and I survived, should I be grateful and try to just move on and pretend the last decade was one long bad dream? Being so young that last decade contains all of my core beliefs, morals, life experiences, and sense of self. I can't turn away from it, this survivors guilt is eating me alive. I want to reflect these intensely painful memories and emotions into something positive instead of letting it poison the life I fought for or making me angry and bitter and resentful of society. A lot of the time I find myself feeling these emotions and I know they are counterproductive. I think the root of it is all of this knowledge and experience I have locked up inside me, unable to be put to any use. I don't think anyone in an influential position will listen to a word I have to say, because in the end, they will protect the hand that feeds them even if it goes against their own morality. They will defend this system with all of its flaws until the end, and when they are done they will move on to another job in social services and forget about it all. I don't even want to get paid, I don't desire any form of compensation. I just want to see change but I'm beginning to think the only way that could ever happen is if I start at ground zero, engaging with homeless people on the street and without outside entities involved who have an agenda to push.
The biggest problem I can see immediately is addiction and violence in the population. I do not know how I would help an addict. I have never used illegal drugs. I had many neighbors across various programs while I was doing time in the system, who came in sober and got immediately hooked because of the drug culture inside the shelter. The ones I knew better, I would try to talk to them, I would try to tell them they were taking steps backwards every time they picked up that pipe, but as they say in NA- change comes from within, and unless the addict wants to recover, they will not. I begged friends I had as a kid to stop using, I told them I felt like I couldn't go on without them, yet I lost them all to addiction anyways. It didn't matter what I said or did, because an addict cannot stop using unless they truly want that from within their own self. This was one of those hard reality pills for me to swallow in life because it meant the loss of people who I loved, both in the spirit and in the flesh. I honestly do not know how I would help somebody in active addiction or if it is even possible to do so. I am still grieving loss associated with substance abuse. Another lesson I learned from street school is that addicts are volatile. They may appear fine for some hours, days even, then they will descend into a negative spiral. Sometimes that spiraling manifests as verbal abuse, screaming and delusions, other times it manifests in physical violence or suicidal acts. Obviously I'm not equipped to deal with that if I am just a singular person trying to go out there and talk to people by myself. I can usually evaluate somebody pretty quickly by sight, but you never can know for sure. The most dangerous people, homeless or not, are the people who are best at hiding such tendencies. This has really left me stumped on how I could proceed. What I am considering is focusing on finding people younger than I am, people who are often newly homeless and may not have been exposed or had limited exposure to street drugs. They also qualify for the same type of program that got me my subsidy, Transitional Age Youth, which many young people are unaware of. One of the worst places for a young homeless person to be is inside an older adult shelter, but social workers still refer them there and young people still walk into the trap. Maybe if someone could warn them, guide them, show them safe places to sleep and shower and eat, educate them on which shelters to stay out of and which ones are worth a shot at, maybe it would put my life to use beyond working my civilian job and going to my civilian Community College where I am completely separated from my past. Maybe it's just delusional on my part to think I could help anybody. I'd really like to hear from other homeless people or recently exited homeless. Any feedback from those who have experienced this, even criticism, would perhaps give me a better starting point.
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2023.06.02 06:26 Classic_Carpenter_10 Permanent Closure of the Sun Medical Clinic in Stettler, AB

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2023.06.02 06:22 MrThrowitinabin Wondering if I did everything I could when in reality I couldn't do anything

So I've been lurking this subreddit for sometime now, Reading other's stories and how much they've been through. Due to their courage I always felt like posting/unloading my own troubles here too, But everytime I was about to click send I regretted it.
Today however I finally feel like I should just go through with posting and get this all off my chest, Or atleast write it down to help the process.
TW: Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Gaslighting, Neglect, Suicide mentions, Among other things The following is a "relatively brief" recap of my situation, In which i'll go over pretty several situations and types of abuse i've been through, So keep that in mind before reading. With that here I go....
I was born In what in the US and lives there till about I was 10. I lived with my mom and dad as an only child in a classic American style suburb. Life was great as a kid, Atleast the being a kid part was, Y'know, School, Friends, Hangouts and sleepovers. I had it all in that sense, But then one day while dad was out working, Mom opened the door to a guy I never saw before, Little did I know that this "guy" would be a key player in everything that would follow. For the sake of this retelling of events we'll call him "Carlos".
Now even before that day mom was no saint, She was overly agressive when punishing me, She'd play with my feeling, etc; but this is when everything took a turn for the worst. Carlos came in and said "Is that your son? I thought you'd ve alone.-something something" I don't fully remember what he said since it's been so long but he was shocked to see me and almost left then and there, Mom comforted him back in and lead the man into her room, She then grabbed my arm so tightly and threw me outside on the front lawn to quote on quote "play" while she "Catched up" with her old friend Carlos.
After I came home later in the afternoon mom I saw that Carlos was gone and that our livingroom table was broken. After a bit of discussion on what happened She started to beat me senseless with her closed and ring-wearing fist until I promised that when dad came home I'd: not tell him about Carlos and that I'd say that I broke the table with my toys?, I don't know how she thought dad would think a 6 year old boy would leave a noticable crack in a high-quality wooden table was possible with some transformers toys and a toy lightsaber but hey, She was the adult then.
After this event Mom would have a cycle where first she do some sketchy shit like bring in a guy, Sell dad's stuff or straight up abandon the house with me alone to go on a shopping spree, Then she'd buy me anything I wanted to keep it a secret and she'd seal the deal with... a pink promise... a fucking pinky promise. Oh but the icing on the cake is that she learned from her previous mistake and now, everytime she'd do this, She would first tie me to the bed in her room, close all the window blinders, Take out the lightbulb and disconnect everything that could produce light and/or sound in the room and LOCK ME IN FOR HOURS AT A TIME. She then moved her lover for the day encounters to the guest room and I could always hear her, I would hear her say that I was out at school, A friends house or playing somewhere in the neighborhood. Then I'd hear her moan or laugh and drink dad's expensive wines from his cabinet.
While in the coined by her "Nap time game" I had certain things to abide by.
-If I made sound, she'd come in to beat me
-If I moved too much, she'd come in to beat me
-If by the time she'd open the door I was either: Out of the restraints or had pissed on myself in the timeframe I was locked in place, You could guess what happened.
Outside of this she'd beat me regularly, Cuss me out for no reason, Force me to study and get perfect grades, Not allow me to hangout with certain friends due to once again, In her words "Not liking their people, they're bad people", Lock me outside, Leave me at family member's houses to be a sort of punching bag for them and only recently while talking with my psychologist have I unlocked a dormant memory of her forcing me to lay on her naked body under her shirt and suck on her nipples "like a baby".
Now you may be wondering what my dad was doing during all of this, That's where mom's manipulative prowess came into play, She'd play the victim, She'd downplay the situation, She would start arguments and even hit him as to distract him from the main point, me. My dad eventually filed for divorce but despite the piles of evidence against her, the court decided for me to be in my mother's custody with weekends to my father.
This was the beginning of the worst part of it all, Without dad around, Everything mom would do previously increased tenfold and got even worse, Cigarette burns on my lower back and behind my ears, More brutal beatings, Neglecting me for DAYS on end, etc. After a second attempt to gain custody from my dad. My mom accused him of some heavy and fake charges of assault and attempted murder which as a result made the State deport my dad to his homecountry, by this time I was around 9.
Now, completely alone, Mom and I would move around constantly and at one point we'd live where the rest of ber twisted fucking family lives. They all took turns doing shit to me, Stuff my brain seems to have forgot, My cousins, aunts and uncles saw me as their little toy. And although I was never penetrated nor had any sort of direct contact with any man's genitals, there was more abuse on that front.
Now a year later and age ten, My mind finally realized the weight of everything that occured to me and I grew insanely depressed and anxious. I also grew obese due to my mom only feeding me fast food everyday, several times a day. I was at the edge then, And I got to the point of contemplating suicide by dropping off a bridge nearby as I had seen a news report about someone doing just that.
Around December mom, In a rare showing of maturity decided to let me travel to go see my father for the holidays in his country, with the strict condition i'd come back to her. I went on this trip and had a sense of love from dsd and his side if the family I hadn't felt for so long. On the second to last day sitting on an iron bench at the town's main plaza I begged my father not to let me leave back to mom, I wanted to stay with him and live peacefully with him. My father clearly saw this coming and as such prepared for the worst, He got a court appeal against my mom that essentially kept me from leaving the country till either my mother came into the country's jurisdiction or until i was 18.
Life these past 10 years in this new country has been rough, most of it was adapting to the culture, and going through 11 different psychologist and 3 different pharmaceutical agents. I lost out alot on the social factor till i was 16, before then people who knew me during that period referred to me as "a living husk" or "dead inside", I really was, I felt like my whole life i was hopeless and always out of control if the events of my life, As if a childe could have any say in those kinds of things. In the end my offical diagnosis was clinical depression and PTSD which my last psychologist would often use the term C-PTSD to describe it, which is partly why I came to this sub in the first place.
During my recovery process I was still able to befriend alot of people, But outside of my main group of four friends i don't really care about anyone else. I even got a girlfriend when I was 17, She was great but part if me felt like I just wasn't capable of feeling love or that I deserved love, Which made me break with her 9 months into the relationship.
Nowadays I'm no longer depressed but there are times where I feel as if i'm some kind of soldier without a war (not in a cool way at all), Like as if my mind and body are bracing for the worst but that's not necessary anymore, I'm no longer "bleeding from a fresh wound" so to speak, but boy do the scars left behind sting on days like today.
There's alot more I could talk about but i feel like this is already quite long and I could honestly write a full book with everything i've seen and been through, Anyways if you made it this far, Thank you... This little vent has provided a small bit of catharisis for me.
For every and anyone that is in/ has been in a similar situation, It get's better, You're stronger than you'll ever realize and remember to put yourself as your main priority, Don't let others insert themselves as the center of your world.
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2023.06.02 06:18 CranberryDue6339 Body Recompy question

This may be a very stupid question, so I'm sorry in advance, but I'm very new to fitness.
I started taking estrogen close to a year ago and am finally seeing very good progress with my hips getting bigger, no working out or anything. I want to start working out because I feel like my body 100% isn't what it could truly be at. So will doing a body recomp routine risk possibly losing my progress with natural fat transfer to my hips in the short term? I would really hate to lose fat and lose the hips I've gotten because I know you can't target fat loss.
I also am unable to go to a gym, maybe I'll be able to when I start school again, but I'll mainly be relying on resistance bands and some low weight dumbells.

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question again! Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.02 06:05 jay_vt Flying Embers Stick Figure Mango Coconut - discontinued

Hey fellow Keto friends! I have essentially been living a keto lifestyle for a couple of years. When I was strict about Keto for weight loss, I wasn't drinking, but once I got down to an acceptable weight, I just changed my lifestyle to avoid most carbs. I did quit beer which was my main nemesis and discovered an amazing specific hard kombucha called "Stick Figure" a tribute to the amazing reggae band of the same name (one of my favorite musicians). Stick Figure is a branded version of Flying Embers' Mango Coconut which quite frankly is a surprisingly tasty drink, especially over ice. I often add some Digestive Bitters from a company called Urban Moonshine (also an amazing product that will hopefully be back on the market again soon here in Vermont). I also make a keto friendly "Smokey Bougy Fashioned". It tastes like a sipping an old fashioned at a campfire, in a glass.
Highball glass
1 clear ice ball
Smoke it with Aged & Charred Oak drink smoker
Pour 1 part bourbon
3 parts Mango Coconut
1-2 droppers of said bitters
1 luxardo cherry (not keto strict any more)
Smoke the drink again with the drink smoker from above
Enjoy your campfire in a glass of bourbon. The Smokey Bougy Fashioned.

Unfortunately Flying Embers has decided to stop selling Stick Figure and perhaps Mango Coconut altogether. Very disappointing to finally find a tasty keto friendly alcohol drink that doesn't get my as hammered as bourbon by itself. It's almost like a tasty sour beer that I miss from before I shed a bunch of weight. Please Flying Embers, keep making Mango Coconut Hard Kombucha!
Thanks, David
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2023.06.02 06:01 sarcasic Just need to write this out for someone to see

Didn’t know what to tag so apologies if it’s the wrong one. I lose my uncle suddenly last December, he went quickly but he was very important to me and I didn’t get to say goodbye. My grandma died in February of this year, I got to say goodbye to her but she was sleeping and wouldn’t wake up again before she passed.
My dad’s now in the hospital, and the verdict looks okay but that’s what they said about my grandmother and my uncle, too.
My great aunt died a few weeks ago and I wasn’t close with her but it still hurts me, and my grandfather is heartbroken as well as struggling with dementia that only gets worse by the day. I don’t think he has many years left.
I feel fine until the memories hit me and I just can’t stop crying. I’m terrified to lose my dad and my grandfather. I don’t know how much more loss I can take. I’m 19, I was going to start college last semester but with two deaths I couldn’t do it. This year I’m supposed to start in the fall but I just feel like everyday I’m terrified to lose someone again. That phone call in the middle of the night or a text message from a relative..
I keep thinking I’ll never be able to hear my grandmother’s voice when she sings again, or my uncle when he played the guitar in his band. I feel like I’m clinging to people and pulling on their shirts to not leave me. I know it’s not their choice, and I don’t mean to be selfish.
I’m definitely getting better by the day but I feel this ache all the time and it hurts. I’ve never been religious but I think about praying for my dad to stay alive.
I know grieving is never easy on anyone or anything but I wish I didn’t already have clinical depression on top of this. I rarely think of ending things anymore but I’m just so sad and so tired.
I’ll stay alive, I know I’ve got people I wouldn’t want to feel the way I’m feeling right now regarding me. I don’t get those feelings much anymore, anyway.
You don’t have to comment or anything if you don’t want to, I think I just needed to tell someone. Thank you for reading if you did. I’m going to go to bed now and pet my cat and hope to shed less tears tomorrow. That’s all we can do, right? At least I still hear and see them in my dreams, I’m thankful I have a vivid mind.
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2023.06.02 06:01 Automobile-11 Fuel optimization Know how to optimize your vehicle fuel.

Fuel optimization Know how to optimize your vehicle fuel.
Fuel optimization
Fuel Optimization: Maximizing Efficiency and Sustainability in the Transportation Sector
Fuel optimization plays a crucial role in today's world, as the transportation sector continues to be a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation. It encompasses various strategies aimed at maximizing fuel efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing the environmental impact of vehicles. This article explores the importance of fuel optimization, the key factors affecting fuel consumption, and innovative technologies and practices that can enhance efficiency and sustainability in the transportation industry.
  1. The Importance of Fuel Optimization-
  2. Fuel optimization is a critical aspect of sustainable transportation. The transportation sector heavily relies on fossil fuels, which contribute to air pollution, climate change, and resource depletion. By optimizing fuel usage, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and conserve natural resources. Additionally, fuel optimization directly translates into cost savings for individuals, businesses, and governments. Efficient fuel consumption reduces operational expenses and enhances profitability, especially for industries heavily dependent on transportation, such as logistics and delivery services.
  3. Factors Influencing Fuel Consumption-
  4. Several factors impact fuel consumption in vehicles. Understanding these factors is crucial for developing effective fuel optimization strategies. Some of the key factors include:
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a) Vehicle Maintenance: Proper vehicle maintenance, including regular servicing, tire inflation, and engine tuning, can significantly improve fuel efficiency.
b) Driving Behavior: Aggressive driving habits, such as rapid acceleration and harsh braking, consume more fuel. Encouraging eco-friendly driving practices, such as smooth acceleration, maintaining a steady speed, and anticipating traffic flow, can lead to substantial fuel savings.
c) Aerodynamics: Reducing air resistance by optimizing vehicle design and minimizing drag through features like streamlined bodywork, underbody panels, and side skirts can improve fuel efficiency.
d) Vehicle Weight: Carrying unnecessary weight increases fuel consumption. Removing excess cargo and avoiding unnecessary additions to the vehicle can result in fuel savings.
e) Route Planning: Efficient route planning can help minimize mileage, idling time, and congestion, leading to reduced fuel consumption and improved productivity.
  1. Innovative Technologies for Fuel Optimization-
  2. Advancements in technology have enabled the development of innovative solutions for fuel optimization. These technologies focus on improving vehicle performance, enhancing fuel efficiency, and transitioning to cleaner energy sources. Some notable examples include:
a) Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: Hybrid and electric vehicles offer significant fuel savings compared to traditional internal combustion engines. They utilize electric power in conjunction with fuel, reducing emissions and improving overall efficiency.
b) Alternative Fuels: The use of alternative fuels, such as biofuels, hydrogen, and natural gas, presents an opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. These fuels produce lower emissions and can be used as substitutes or additives to traditional petroleum-based fuels.
c) Engine and Transmission Optimization: Advancements in engine and transmission technology, such as direct fuel injection, turbocharging, and continuously variable transmissions, contribute to improved fuel efficiency by maximizing power output and reducing energy losses.
d) Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): ITS integrates information and communication technologies with transportation systems to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve fuel efficiency. Smart traffic management systems, real-time traffic updates, and adaptive cruise control are examples of ITS applications.
e) Telematics and Fleet Management Systems: Telematics technology allows monitoring and analysis of vehicle performance and driver behavior. By providing valuable data on fuel consumption, idle time, and route optimization, telematics systems enable companies to make informed decisions to optimize fuel usage in their fleets.
  1. Government Initiatives and Policies-
  2. Governments worldwide are recognizing the importance of fuel optimization in achieving sustainability goals. As a result, they are implementing various policies and initiatives to promote fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. These include fuel efficiency standards, tax incentives for eco-friendly vehicles, subsidies for alternative fuels, and investment in research and development of advanced transportation technologies. Governments are also supporting the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and promoting public transportation as an energy-efficient alternative.
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2023.06.02 05:59 Relative-Narwhal-777 Gym instructor online

Hello po, if anyone knows a gym instructor for weight loss yung online lang po and kahit advice lang on what exercise i should do in the gym and bahay to lose weight.
Thankk uuu
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2023.06.02 05:58 jamammers1 Frustrated with my latest doc appointment

I recently went to a new primary physician to discuss symptoms I’ve been experience for about 2 years. 36 YOF, 220lbs, unable to lose weight despite trying different diet plans and exercise plans. Constant fatigue, easily can sleep for extended periods of time and fall asleep pretty much anywhere, anytime. My body just always feels depleted of energy, to the point where it effects my personal relationships. I tried to explain my job stress, got nowhere. Feeling frustrated because she basically told me had no reason to be there, and I only needed to see a gynecologist for annuals because I’m “young”. I explained to the her my family history of obesity, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, and diabetes; and her response was that my weight problems are probably genetics and to try intermittent fasting. I practically had to convince her to run labs, and she didn’t want to even to schedule a follow up to discuss the results, saying that the medical assistant could do that if things were abnormal. I just got my lab results, TSH was 1.9, and my fasting A1c is right at the low end range for pre-diabetic, so I doubt that I’ll hear from her. Overall, I just feel like I wasn’t heard. The entire encounter lasted less than 10 minutes, and I walked out with no real advice or direction. She had zero interest in my stress levels, didn’t ask about my work schedule, nothing. Kind of at a loss on how to proceed, I just can’t shake the thought that feeling like this isn’t normal, especially since I haven’t always had these issues.
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2023.06.02 05:55 Hiddenbeing Don't know if my symptoms stem from COVID or fluoroquinolones..

Hi everyone, I'm new to this sub. I'm a COVID long hauler since dec 2021. I was given fluoroquinolones for a kidney infection february 2022 while I was still recovering from COVID. I'm not sure wether it's COVID or antibiotics but I started experiencing hallucinations, psychosis right after taking them. I stopped antibiotics after 4 days as I read it can cause psychosis on the box instructions (very rare 1 case reported ). Then two months later I get severe weight loss and muscle atrophy, struggle to walk, then burning everywhere in my body that still persists to this day.
Does any of you have similar symptoms ? Does it sound like I've been floxied ?
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2023.06.02 05:48 wheelsfeels Help, can't get past 3-4 days of <800 cal/day "fast" ugh

Doing a very low calorie keto diet (carbs below 40 g / day, fat below 20 g / day, ~100 g protein / day) primarily for metabolic health & weight loss. I've been doing it on and off for the past month but I can't get past 3 or 4 days in a row before getting cravings and giving in. Then inevitably I binge and don't track for the rest of that day if not multiple days. Help? My willpower is obviously shit but is there something I can do to prevent the cravings? I've tried distraction, breathing exercises, eating pickles or drinking pickle juice, having some hard candy just to keep my mouth busy, etc but once I start thinking about wanting carb-heavy food it just won't stop till I give in.
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2023.06.02 05:41 kanbreze Best Fat Burner [NZ]: Top 5 Fat Burning Supplements & Pills That Actually Work In New Zealand

Losing weight and achieving a healthier body is a common goal for many individuals in New Zealand. If you're on a weight loss journey and looking for effective fat burning supplements and pills, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the top 5 fat burners available in New Zealand that have proven to deliver results. These supplements are designed to boost your metabolism, increase energy levels, and help you burn fat more efficiently. Read on to discover the best fat burners that can assist you on your weight loss journey.
PhenQ is a fat-burning product that works in five different ways to tackle stubborn belly fat,

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  4. trimtone 4: [Provide an in-depth analysis of the fourth fat burner, showcasing its specific benefits, mode of action, and potential side effects or considerations.]
  5. Garcinia cambogia 5: [Highlight the fifth fat burning supplement, emphasizing its effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and any additional advantages such as appetite suppression or energy boosting.]
Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fat Burner:
  1. Ingredients: Look for fat burners that contain scientifically backed ingredients known for their fat burning properties, such as green tea extract, caffeine, or forskolin. These ingredients can help increase metabolism and enhance fat oxidation.
  2. Safety: Ensure that the fat burner is manufactured by a reputable company and complies with quality standards. Check for any reported side effects or allergies associated with the product.
  3. Customer Reviews: Consider the experiences and feedback of other users in New Zealand. Look for testimonials from individuals who have achieved positive results with the fat burner.
  4. Price and Value: Evaluate the pricing of the fat burner and compare it with the value it offers. Consider factors such as the number of servings, recommended dosage, and overall cost-effectiveness.
PhenQ is a fat-burning product that works in five different ways to tackle stubborn belly fat,
Finding the best fat burner in New Zealand can greatly support your weight loss efforts. The top 5 fat burning supplements and pills discussed in this article have demonstrated effectiveness in promoting fat loss and aiding in weight management. Remember to combine these supplements with a balanced diet and regular exercise for optimal results.
Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice. Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or weight loss regimen.
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2023.06.02 05:39 Kroftyy I just finished watching The Challenge: All Stars for the first time. Here are some of my thoughts!

Hey all,
So that has to be a record for me I think - I finished and posted about Double Agents less than 2 days ago, and am now here with my All Stars post. That should give you a good indication of what I thought about this season. Lets’ discuss!
Disclaimer: At this stage I have only seen seasons 5-36 of The Challenge, plus the VS spinoffs, and AS1. Please refrain from spoiling any other seasons, or returning players. Thanks :)
TL;DR Summary
All Stars is a love letter to the old-school Challenge. OG cast members are brought back and inject new life into the show, falling back into familiar roles, or in some cases, showing tremendous growth and maturity. This season SLAPS, and is a return to form in many ways. Dailies and eliminations are honed back to simple, yet effective, much like we saw around The Duel era. Gone is the over-production of the mainline season, instead showcasing fun and entertainment. The cast brings it across the board, fantastic characters, loveable moments and inspiring growth. The entire vibe of the season is a throwback, with 80s-00s music, a house that calls back to old-school moments, familiar formats and challenges, and of course, the old-school cast. The season is capped off with a genuinely fun and tough final which was a joy to watch, and whilst the season isn’t perfect due to a one-winner final, and it feeling a little short, it’s an A-Tier through and through.
The Good
The Not So Good
The format
The format this simple is so simple and it’s fantastic.
This season is essentially an individual game, with some dailies performed in pairs/teams depending on the episode. The usual daily/elimination structure remains, with all contestants participating in a daily challenge each episode. Each day is either a male or female elimination day. Depending on the day, the top and bottom performing male/female earn immunity or a direct ticket into elimination (LOVEEEEE seeing daily losers going straight into elimination). Their opponent is then chosen by majority vote in the cast, although much of the time people end up self-nominating this season.
For the first half of the season the ‘additional twist’ is the lifesaver - a twist we haven’t seen in a long, long time. The top performing alternate gender from the daily gets access to the lifesaver, and can use it to save the nominated/voted contestant from going into the elimination. It’s only used once, and when it is, involves a majority re-vote on the spot to find the new contender.
For the second half of the season, the lifesaver is dropped and the individual eliminations turn into double eliminations. The bottom performing male AND female are made a pair and go straight into elimination. The top performing male/female get immunity. The house still continues to majority vote the opponent, but only vote for one person. That person then gets free choice from the whole cast on who they want as a partner, for the elimination. This was a little clunky and unfair I thought. Probably the weakest part of the format, and robbed Kendal from a final spot.
Overall though, I enjoyed the down-to-earth feeling of this format. It was simple. No ‘security breaches’, no ‘kill cards’ (as much as I love that twist) - just straightforward. It’s a perfect match to the OG feel of this season.
The cast
The cast this season is mostly fantastic. You can all tell that are having such a great time being there. We get contestants falling into familiar moulds, contestants who have grown and changed, and most importantly, contestants that want to win.
Yes: This is my first true exposure to Yes as a contestant. I previously saw him in Battle of the Seasons where he was first boot, and for a few episodes in Sexes 1, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about him from that season. This one showing has made me a huge Yes fan though. I love his attitude, and his positivity, I love his approach to the game, and I think he put in a powerhouse performance in that final, playing not only harder, but smarter as well. I was definitely rooting for him (among pretty much everyone in that final LOL) and was glad that we got a brand new Champ this season. Congrats to Yes and hope to see lots more of him - also him calling out the ‘punks on those other shows’ is iconic.
Jonna: Jonna was absolutely fantastic this season. I LOVE the maturity and grace that she has come back to The Challenge with. The Jonna we had previously known was much younger, much more fiery and immature, and going through a bit of a rough patch in her life (including getting partnered with Zach). This new and improved Jonna was a delight to watch. She’s a mom now, and come onto the show a mere 7 months post-partum, and she does FANTASTIC. I think she was such a likeable and enjoyable presence all season long, and then went on to perform so well, unexpectedly, in that final. I cannot wait to hopefully see her back on AS2 - I truly think she could smash it.
Darrell: This might be one of my favourite Darrell seasons ever. After he was robbed of all airtime on Double Agents, we get huge exposure to Darrell this season, with him being one of the main narrators and confessionalists. He is in prime form when it comes to his comedy this season. I don’t know if it was cause he could swear, or what, but he was more hilarious than ever before. I have a ridiculous number of quotes from him that I want to call out below. Great, strong performance throughout, and was the second TRUE threat to win in that final, alongside Yes. Loved their friendly rivalry, and whilst I’m happy Yes won… I was rooting even harder for Darrell. So close!! I hope he gets more time on the All Stars show because it really suited him.
KellyAnne: Those that have followed along with my posts will know I’m a massive fan of KellyAnne, and so I was extremely happy to see her cast this season. It’s been way too long. It’s probably not one of her most memorable seasons, she plays a pretty low-key game and doesn’t have a huge amount of screen-time, or memorable moments, but I loved watching her make another final and essentially ‘winning’ for the girls side alongside Jonna. The two of them 100% deserved at least some prize money, and should have received a title.
Mark: Mark is one of the challengers this season that hasn’t changed a bit, for better or worse. Mark has always been an interesting character to me - he’s obviously prolific for being a S1 Road Ruler, a big part of early challenge seasons, and producing All Stars (idk when I found this out, but I know he had something to do with it), but aside from that, and having no personal attachment to those things, I don’t always find him genuinely entertaining or fun. He tries really hard for the camera this season, and really plays up his role as the ‘godfather’, which comes across as a little cringe and overdone at times. He’s ridiculously in-shape though, and I’d be surprised if he didn’t win an AS season.
Jemmye: Jemmye is the one person on this cast I was a bit shocked to see. Almost like, Faith on the US team in WotW1 levels of shocked. She feels a little out of place in this cast, which is a little strange because she debuted at a similar time to Jonna, but Jonna feels like a better fit. Perhaps because Jemmye continued to be quite prominent on the main show up until quite recently. With that out of the way, I think she was fine throughout the season. Alongside Darrell, I’d bet she had one of the highest confessional counts all season, and I have always appreciated her narration capabilities so I think that’s completely fine. I also think she performed unexpectedly well at times, both at certain stages in the final and at some dailies.
Alton: Alton is someone I predicted on this season but didn’t genuinely expect to see, so I was surprised to see him here after his experience on Bots2. I can tell this season was a much better fit for him though, with much of the youthful partying and drama gone. I think he was a pretty good contestant this season. He still has a little of that trademark arrogance and doesn’t always come across the best, but he’s a fantastic partner to the everyone in the final, even whilst taking Aneesa’s yelling, and always remains a good sport. I also loved how he picked Aneesa to come into elimination with him, giving her some respect, and surprising her at the same time. I also loved the little Syrus and Alton drama and hope we get to see it continue in AS2.
Ruthie: Loved seeing Ruthie back as well this season - it’s been a huge amount of time since seeing her. A very, VERY low-key season for her overall though. I was a bit disappointed to never see too much from her, especially because I remember her for her powerhouse performances in those early seasons (especially that line-drop challenge challenge, forget its name). She remains fun throughout though, and I loved when she called out Aneesa, but she ends up performing surprisingly poorly in the final, at least compared to my expectations. If she gets to come back on another season I’d love to see the edit showcase her a bit more.
Big Easy: Much like Mark, Big Easy is a contestant who has not changed at all. He still has this weirdly misplaced arrogance and attitude that makes him comes across extremely poorly at times. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for him, because he debuted in my first season and continued to have a storyline over the few after that, but I can’t really excuse how he talks to some people, particularly in the final. Also, how he tried to convince Jemmye to quit the food portion so he could quit too. Saying that, he has some good moments this season as well. He has some surprising puzzle performances, one quote in particular which rocked me and had me dying, and I appreciated his storyline of ‘finishing a final’, and that he was able to accomplish that.
Aneesa: This feels like a MUCH better spot for Aneesa to stay as opposed to the main challenge. I actually thought she was quite likeable again this season (after thinking so on DA too), albeit it seemed she was having even more fun here. Yes, we get the EXACT SAME STORY as the main show ‘I get booted before the final every time, I can never win, this is my season’, which is old and a bit dry, but she had a few moments which I found quite sweet - her reaction to getting picked by Alton as a preferred partner into elimination. Her reaction to making the final, etc. She’s never going to win, and has to drop that thought (and those confessionals), but I didn’t mind her this time.
SIDENOTE: I can’t believe I’m STILL talking about finalists. Pretty crazy that half the cast makes the final.
Derrick: Has Derrick always been this cringe? I think he might be my least favourite contestant this season, without a doubt. The whole season is just him being a bit of a cartoon character and playing up to the camera, or sucking up to Mark. It’s not a great look and not really how I remembered Derrick from way back. Hopefully it’s a one-off and he comes back with a bit more maturity, but was really not a fan of his at all this seaosn.
Jisela: Jisela was another contestant I didn’t really remember. And I went on a bit of a rollercoaster with her this season. I initially adored her after that first episode - coming in as a bit of an underdog and putting in a fantastic, gutsy performance at the first challenge to prove herself. I think she had a really nice storyline there. Over the course of the season I soured a little though. She had a whole bunch of seemingly misplaced anger towards to Kendal which I didn’t appreciate, but also a weird and uncalled for reaction to Aneesa ‘not giving her her first choice’ into elimination, ending their friendship over it?!? Did the cameras not show something here? She’s quite funny though, has a bubbly personality and some good confessionals.
Nehemiah: Is dead to me after pulling Kendal into her THIRD elimination and sending her home before the final. Up until that point I was really enjoying his return. His win against Teck was solid, and he was injecting a little bit of drama into the house. I’ve always enjoyed his personality and think he speaks well and is able to tell a story. Bummed that his season ended with the aforementioned Kendal thing though as it has soured me on him a little, especially when he was the number one person saying ‘new people should go into eliminations’ - a bit hypocritical.
Kendal: I couldn’t tell you a thing about Kendal from Inferno, but I adored her this season. She was an underdog from the get-go, with the entire house hating on her non-stop (do we have details on why this is btw?). That automatically endeared me to her, who doesn’t love an underdog story, but she went on to be a solid competitor. She wins two eliminations, both of which aren’t super easy, and goes in a THIRD time in a season with only six eliminations. She’s good at dailies as well, and has a really enjoyable, down to earth personality. I love how real she feels, which is actually a bit of a theme this season, aside from a few exceptions in the cast. Completely robbed, deserved a place in that final. Hope she’s back for AS2.
Laterrian: Laterrian went from being an absolute nobody to me, to one of my favourites coming out of this season. I loved everything about him. His drive, his determination, his fleeting aggression, his need to win no matter what. He’s such a real friend to those in the house, speaking up for and supporting Syrus with the Alton altercation, and then being the ONLY person to happily throw their name in the ring to be Katie’s partner - so much humility and grace in how he handled that situation and resulting loss. He also had a fantastic showing against Ace and in the mini-final. I think Laterrian has turned into a serious winning threat.
Katie: I’m a massive Katie fan and continued to love her this season. She’s just fantastic. You can tell she has definitely matured and grown as a person, and she’s often biting her tongue, but we still get so many memorable moments from her - the many times she had to fall from heights and flashed back to Cutthroat, her fight with Trishelle, and her trademark dry humour. Katie is probably someone I don’t expect to see on AS2. She seems like she enjoyed herself this season but is maybe happy with where her story is at, and whilst I love her, I have to agree. She’s had a good run and this is a great season for her to end with, if that is the case. Quotes from her below for sure.
Syrus: Really enjoyed Syrus this season. I don’t remember a huge amount from him, even though I HAVE seen him on a few seasons, but despite being an earlier boot he’s memorable here. I loved his relationship with Beth, really appreciated his drive to win, and loved the little rivalry he developed against Alton. He got SO unlucky with his injured leg, and then heading into an elimination which involved landing on said leg. Regardless I loved that his ego got in the way and he called out Alton for that elimination when he could have had anyone else. Was a great storyline, hope to see him on AS2-3.
Beth: Beth came back this season to prove she’s matured, I think. I always hated Beth on the show, I could never enjoy her and just found her grating and annoying. But she’ so different this season, and I think accomplishes a lot in improving my view on her. She’s more mature, she’s likeable, and she avoids all the drama and crap she used to stir up in the past. I loved seeing glimpses of her family, and think she got a little screwed with the sudden shift to double eliminations. Much like Katie I could see this being her only AS appearance with a young family at home, but we’ll see. If it is, it’s a great place to leave things. Loved her humility in defeat, and how that was juxtaposed to Syrus’ swearing and anger. She clearly had a great time this season.
Teck: My first season seeing Teck, I believe. The only person on this cast that I’d never seen before (even though I didn’t remember a few others). I could not get enough of him. Teck is absolutely hilarious. He’s fantastic at confessionals, such a shit-stirrer and so entertaining. He put in a genuinely strong elimination performance against Neh, coming THIS close to taking that win. A bit of a quote machine in his short time on this season, very reminiscent of Darrell, and gone way too soon. Because he hasn’t done ANY seasons I’ve seen, I expect he may be one and done with AS1, but I hope I’m wrong and he is back again!
Arissa: Arissa has a crazy few episodes on this season. She turns from hippie, chilled, weed-food lady who prays to the sun into this swearing, loud quitter in the span of one episode and it’s ridiculously memorable and fun. She’s a great early boot.
Ace: I actually feel so bad for Ace. He’s never performed that well on the show, but my heart just broke for him this season. He seems like such a pure soul. Loved how he didn’t even want the money for himself, but to donate, and how he said he missed his dog. So sadddd and was absolutely brutalised by LT in that elimination.
Trishelle: omfg Trishelle has not changed at ALL. She had me in the first half though, not gonna lie. She starts off so strong, with an apology to Aneesa for what happened on Rivals 2, but that quickly devolves into CRAZINESS when she unleashes on Katie for ‘not coming right up to her’, which in turn sets Katie off briefly. She’s promptly sent into elimination, and looses with humility, taking her trademark brand of insanity home with her. A short stint, but so in-character.
The challenges
The dailies
Dailies were so different to what we’ve grown used to on the main show. They are so much more simple and low-key, no explosions or over-production, and it work so well. It’s such a return to form imo.
The eliminations
Eliminations are closer to what we’ve seen on the main show, but it’s a curated choice of games, all of which are interesting and fun to watch played.
The final
This final was really special to me. I haven’t enjoyed a final so much in so long.
Everyone involved was having the best time, and they were all so supportive and uplifting to eachother. Everyone was a fantastic partner, outside of Big Easy - Alton, Yes, Darrell and Mark all showcasing how to treat and support your partner. Everyone is keen for the win and trying their hardest.
I’m usually not a fan of staged finals but the approach taken here was fantastic and kept things really fair. Instead of stages being timed, and leading to an arbitrary advantage at the next stage, all stages were scored with points, 5/4/3/2/1 depending on placements. The entire first day was ran in duos, with partners rotating between every stage. I was initially thinking this was an insanely smart way to make a one-winner final fair. Day 2 goes onto ruin this, but Day 1 is incredibly smart in keeping things even. There’s a bunch of running, swimming and cycling through beautiful jungle and waterways, with stages between involving eating, assembling bicycles, puzzles, and the overnight endurance portion.
Day 2 is a straightforward long race up a mountain, and at this point the final becomes completely individual, ensuring a male would take home the crown - this is annoying, and my least favourite part of the final. Points from Day 1 STILL MATTERED though.
Overall, despite one-winner, it’s still a fantastic final and one I really enjoyed watching.
Random remaining thoughts from throughout the season
So yeah, I bloody loved this season. I had so much fun and was smiling from ear to ear all season long. It’s such a great love letter to the show, and I’m beyond excited for AS2 and AS3, if they are more of the same. A great cast, good challenges, a good final, amazing music and uncensored swearing, and a cool new winner. Slightly marred by the one winner final and some other nitpicks, but it’s an A-Tier season. SO MUCH FUN.
Next up will unfortunately be S37, even though I badly want to skip straight to AS2. I’m staying chronological! So check below for my predictions for the next season, and please let me know your thoughts on this season!
This will be ranked quite high. Perhaps too high, but I had too much fun with it. It’s holding a special place for me at the moment. It’s possible it drops slightly over time, with less recency bias.
  1. S25: Free Agents
  2. S24: Rivals 2
  3. S33: War of the Worlds
  4. S21: Rivals
  5. S34: War of the Worlds 2
  6. The Challenge: All Stars
  7. S13: The Duel
  8. S30: Dirty 30
  9. S10: Inferno 2
  10. S29: Invasion of The Champions
  11. S20: Cutthroat
  12. S8: The Inferno
  13. S19: Fresh Meat 2
  14. S12: Fresh Meat
  15. S26: Battle of the Exes 2
  16. S22: Battle of the Exes
  17. S32: Final Reckoning
  18. S17: The Duel 2
  19. S15: The Gauntlet 3
  20. S18: The Ruins
  21. S31: Vendettas
  22. S36: Double Agents
  23. S28: Rivals 3
  24. The Challenge: Champs v Stars 2
  25. The Challenge: Champs vs Pros
  26. S6: Battle of the Sexes
  27. S14: Inferno 3
  28. S11: The Gauntlet 2
  29. S7: The Gauntlet
  30. The Challenge: Champs vs Stars
  31. S5: Battle of the Seasons
  32. S9: Battle of the Sexes 2
  33. S23: Battle of the Seasons (2)
  34. S27: Battle of the Bloodlines
  35. S35: Total Madness
  36. S16: The Island
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2023.06.02 05:35 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Men's Singles Round Three 🐢

Some great matches coming up here, and holy wow did Altmaier and Sinner put on a show today.
Congrats to Belle23, unpleasant, 5grand8to1, and dcphil who are leading the ATP bracket comp, and thiago1314 who's leading the odds comp.

Alcaraz vs Shapovalov :

This round will have the first big tests for a lot of seeds. This one is somewhat unexpected. Denis Shapovalov came into this event not even being discussed. His play lately (and at Roland Garros) had been decent, but included very few match-wins. So much so that many people (myself included) believed Nakashima and Arnaldi would beat him, and it seems like the pressure being off has allowed him to play some good tennis. Arnaldi played solid, but Shapo was just a bit too much for him. It sets up what is arguably a more high profile matchup, one that’ll give us our first look at Alcaraz having to really showcase his defensive abilities. Thus far Carlos has won fairly easily. He dropped an odd set to Taro Daniel, but it didn’t really affect the momentum of the match. Against a guy like Denis, he’ll need to avoid giving him too much confidence, so I think we’ll see his foot on the gas throughout this match.
The tricky part here is that all the pressure is on Alcaraz. He got a bit creative in his last match because he was dominating things and sent some shots wide and into the net playing for the crowd. The outcome was assured though, so the audience shifting their support to the challenger wasn’t something that really mattered. If Shapovalov plays the type of tennis that he needs to in order to win against Alcaraz, the energy shift in the stadium is going to be palpable, and it’ll be interesting to see him navigate that. Stories of crowd-shifting energy aside, Alcaraz probably wins this in 3-4 sets. He really is fast enough and solid enough on defense to put back most of what Shapo can offer, and Denis is prone to errors when he has to come up with a bunch of shots in a row. The slightly slower courts benefit Alcaraz because he is able to generate his own pace very well, and because it makes it harder to hit through him. I don’t think Shapovalov is ready for this level of opponent, but I do think he has the type of offense and athleticism necessary to put on an excellent show. Should be a tremendous match. Alcaraz in 3-4.

Musetti vs Norrie :

This is a rematch of Barcelona, where Norrie won the first before Musetti pulled away, eventually winning 6-1 in the third. I somewhat think there will be a similar outcome here. I thought Shevchenko could score on Musetti, and nope. Norrie is one of the hardest workers on tour, and regularly outperforms his own tennis ceiling by digging in and refusing to miss, but he’s playing a guy who seems to be able to do that without being at full exertion. The slower conditions do benefit Norrie a bit, but I don’t think he’ll be able to score that easily on Musetti and his flat backhand is not able to score on clay the way it is on hardcourt. Lorenzo is taking care of his serve really well and the crowd is behind him. It’s apples and oranges but if Shevchenko played Norrie, I’d expect him to win a set. Musetti’s ability to infuse pace and hit a much heavier ball should give make this feel uphill for Norrie, and I don’t think fatigue will be an issue because both he’s been winning in straight sets. Ready to be surprised, but Musetti in 4.

Fognini vs Ofner :

Fognini saunters up to the chalkboard, peering up at numbers and symbols. The equation is long and complex, but it is no match for Fognini.“14,” says Fabio, with a wry smile, pointing to the board. The teacher squints disapprovingly.“You are no match for Fognini,” says Fognini.“Sir this is a Wendy’s,” says the teacher, who is wearing a Wendy’s uniform. It is a Wendy’s. “Ahh, so it is,” says Fognini, while reaching into his bag for his spectacles. “I’ll have a McDouble”
Fognini is in great shape to make the fourth round, but I’m not buying my tickets yet. I thought Kubler would outwork him, but Fognini outclassed the Australian. His power and deft offense really set him apart, and this next match does have the feel of “if he puts in the work, he should win”. Despite all that, I think he is in a bit of trouble. These are the matches that he should have been winning his whole career, and he constantly struggled against contenders who were willing to make the same effort on a big stage. Ofner has one big benefit here, his serve is much bigger than Kublers. Even as I’m typing this, it feels like I’m going to go on a “doubt Fognini” losing streak, but Ofner is playing good tennis and he got a simple round 2 win which should give him a bit of a reset. The days off are really useful for someone who came through qualifying.
This is a spot that both players are going to be absolutely motivated to get a win, so we should see the best from both up until the pressure moments arrive. Then I think Fognini implodes and Ofner squeaks by because he’s simply been playing more big moments in his time grinding the Challenger tour lately. Ofner in 5.

Schwartzman vs Tsitsipas :

DIEGOGOGO! It’s refreshing to see Schwartzman winning matches and enjoying himself out there once again, even if it’s at the expense of my picks. I wasn’t sure how it would happen, but I thought his form would revert. It hasn’t, but unfortunately I’m primed to pick against him again. Stefanos Tsitsipas beat RCB in straight sets, and it was the type of solid performance that makes me doubt he’ll have a lapse here. Schwartzman is capable of dragging this out, but Tsitsipas has gone beyond the level where he can beat by someone trying to extend rallies. His forehand is too big for that, and his serve can bail him out when he needs it. His returning is the last issue he needs to work on (his backhand is fine but could improve of course), but Diego’s serve isn’t much. If he wins a set, it’ll be a pretty good accomplishment, but I don’t think it will change the momentum or rattle Tsitsipas. Tsitsipas in 3-4.

Djokovic vs Davidovich Fokina :

We got a look at Djokovic, and a close first set woke him up, Fucsovics played his best, but he just doesn’t have a way to score cheap points on Djokovic. Even in the wild Altmaier upset of Sinner, Daniel was serving really well and getting quick points from that. You need that to pull an upset, because the top players score on their serves. The first guy who made Novak play is gone, and here is the first guy who could beat him if he doesn’t play his best. Davidovich Fokina is through after a really solid performance against Luca Van Assche. LVA showed great mettle in continuing to play throughout this match, which is impressive considering how many challengers have gotten breadsticked in the early rounds. ADF is just able to generate offense and hit cleanly for an entire match though, and there is no hole in his game. The h2h for Djokovic ADF does include one win for Fokina, a 3 set win in Monte Carlo. The problem with counting that is that Djokovic seems to always bow out of Monte Carlo early.
Looking at strictly tennis, Fokina has a few ways to make this competitive. One, he’s hitting his backhand really well and his forehand down the line really well. This is important because Djokovic has magical rubber bones. He defends extremely well to the backhand wing, and shifts his weight so that he can almost always send the next ball to his opponent’s backhand. Since ADF is hitting his backhand cleanly cross-court and down the line, he has a puncher’s chance to maintain control of rallies when he goes down the line. Two, his stamina appears to be solid right now. He’s fast enough to defend against Novak’s ground game, so there’s a good chance he’ll reap the benefit of whatever occasional errors Djokovic does throw in. He’s ready to challenge here, but I’m not sure if he can win. The same way Shapo is the best showcase for Alcaraz, ADF is the best for Djokovic. Very few players on tour have a complete offensive array, and even fewer that do can also defend and take care of their serve against him. I’m expecting a very high level affair, and if Djokovic is able to just shut him down it’s a very scary notion for the rest of the draw. Novak will have to elevate his level in this match, and I’m interested to see if he will. Djokovic in 4-5.

Varillas vs Hurkacz :

That’s a nice lead you’ve got there. Be a shame if someone .... won every single set left in the match. Juan Pablo Varillas has arrived in the third round with a very strange path. Down two sets and with Robert Bautista-Agut playing some tremendous tennis, Varillas seemed sunk. RBA looked fatigued in the first set though, and this season has seen the roboto finally look like a human, which answers some questions about AI developing consciousness. No need to worry as long as we’ve got Varillas. This next match is one that Varillas is unlikely to win if he does down 2-0, but he might not have to here. RBA was really dominating baseline points and not making many errors. Varillas was just a bit outmatched in the hitting department until the edge was off. In this matchup against Hurkacz, Varillas will be the more consistent player from the baseline by far. Returning serve could be an issue, but Griekspoor was 50/50 to win his match so Varillas will know that he won’t just get served off the court.
Trouble for Varillas lies in his own lack of a serve. Griekspoor has a lot of pop (I keep using this word this week and idk why, I promise to stop soon) on his delivery and Varillas is more of a traditional clay-court server, solid stuff but not many unreturneds. Hurkacz turning around after two three setters is likely going to be tough, but I think he should win this in 4 unless the first set turns into a marathon. If the first set is a tiebreaker though, I could see Varillas wearing Hubert down.

Khachanov vs Kokkinakis :

Kokkinakis and Wawrinka absolutely delivered. A five set classic that ended with a lot of respect shared between the two players, and Kokkinakis collapsing to the floor. Wawrinka was on his last legs at the end of the match, but his full-stretch slices kept rallies going and Thanasi was forced to hit a number of huge shots to finally get across the finish line. It was a match that Stan probably would not have recovered well from, and it’s a nice name for Kokkinakis to add to his list. Despite being the younger player, Kokkinakis is towards the second half of his career on tour so every win is a bonus. This next round is one that Kokkinakis will likely play the role of Wawrinka in. His explosive offense will allow him to be competitive, but the odds that his opponent’s level stays steadier as the match progresses are strong. Khachanov had some early hiccoughs this week but he’s been a consistent performer at the majors and the slower courts will make it tough for Kokkinakis to beat him. Khachanov in 4.

Sonego vs Rublev :

Sonego and Rublev both faced tricky left-handed opponents from France, so are they twins? Yes. Rublev is a pretty sizable favorite for this one, which is a semi-puzzle because Sonego won their previous meeting on clay and he’s playing some great tennis. The price (-340) is likely a result of Rublev’s good form. He’s hitting the ball well and the slower clay makes it tough to hit through him. He’s also much more consistent than Sonego. Lorenzo is serving really well though, and his dropshot/forehand combo is good enough to expose Rublev’s slightly slowed movement. There have been a lot of matches so far where both players were playing well, but one managed to be just slightly better in each rally. I worry that’s the case here, as Sonego is at the top of his game but still is a tiny bit inconsistent. He’s been dominating his matches, but at a level below what Rublev generally brings to the table. The h2h and his form are hard to ignore though, so I think this will be very competitive. It’ll be hard for Sonego to win the baseline rallies from neutral, but I think he’ll be able to return serve a good enough chunk of the time to frustrate Andrey. Rublev in 5.

Rune vs Olivieri :

This draw is doing Holger a ton of favors. After a Monfils wrist injury gave him a walkover, he now has what I consider the easiest match of the third round. Oliveiri’s run to this current stage has been great for his career, and he’s an extremely hard worker, but he just doesn’t have the game to beat Rune. Vavassori was dealing with cramps in his previous round, and played a two hour doubles match last night. The result was a somewhat flat performance today. When he had control, he was able to hit the ball clean past Oliveiri, but most of this match was G.A. moving him around and getting in better and better position until he could finally end the rally. The third round finish will get him inside the top 200 and net him enough prize money to keep competing for at least a year or two more, and he certainly won’t give up here, but he wins by outlasting his opponents and outworking them, and Rune is just another tier of tennis. Holger should win in 3 sets by at least a break in each.

Cerundolo vs Fritz :

Oddsmakers set the total at 36 for Cerundolo Hanfmann. Given their previous matches had been close, and both were in good form, it led me to believe that one of them would hit a wall physically in this match. It turned out to be Hanfmann. The score after an hour of play was just 4-3 in the first set, and the writing was on the wall despite some frustration from Francisco’s end. He finished the match in straights, and next is a winnable but tricky contest against Taylor Fritz. Fritz saw himself matched up against the French version of himself.
Rinderknech is a tall lanky fellow with a huge serve, a middling backhand, and big forehand that seems to work amazing when he wins and lack pace when he loses. After winning the first set 6-2, the announcers were getting excited. Tennis announcers are 80% unbearable, and when they try to get involved in predictions, it gets worse as they try to educate us to some secret plot when they’re completely guessing. The announcer pointed out how Rinderknech was mixing in serve and volleys and how that was a sign of supreme confidence. Nevermind that Rinderknech serve-volleys every single match he’s ever played on tour, TODAY HE’S CONFIDENT! Unfortunately for him, Fritz found his serve in the second set, and he became somewhat unplayable. In a match between two servers, the guy with the stronger baseline game usually wins, and that was the case here. If they both served underhand, Fritz would never lose a set.
Cerundolo is definitely much better than Fritz on clay, but he’s played a ton of matches in a row. He was the more physically able player today against Hanfmann, but it was a battle between two guys who’ve played nonstop for the past two weeks. Fritz is relatively fresh, and his serving is good enough to win him sets if he can get to the business end. I don’t see a way that this ends quickly, and given Cerundolo’s slight fatigue I worry that Fritz may edge him in the end. Cerundolo in 4 or Fritz in 5.

Jarry vs Giron :

Ah yes, the classic Roland Garros question. Can anyone stop Giron? After not really doing anything of note this clay season, Giron has some alive here. He froze the talented qualifier Medjedovic, and gave no hope to Lehecka in a straight set beating that was pretty quick (the match last just 1:44). The end of the road has arrived, but given his stellar play it’s not entirely safe to count him out. Nico Jarry is different though. It’s been since the early days of Zverev that we’ve seen a guy with such a huge serve who also goes after his groundstrokes. Jarry lost the first against Tommy Paul, but his focus and effort was there and once he was able to secure breaks of serve, the set was simply over. I think Tommy is a bit hindered, but it’s not clear what the issue is. Hopefully he’s healthy for grass, but for now it was a solid win for Jarry, who let loose some charismatic roars after the win.
Giron’s serve/forehand combo are good enough to make him competitive here, but it’s a david goliath situation, and I think Jarry will just be able to hold onto his serve a bit longer than Giron. Jarry in 4.

Zhang vs Ruud :

A few seasons ago Zhang was starting to win titles on the challenger tour, and it was a bit of puzzle because his best success was coming on clay. Fast forward to now, and he’s in the third round of the French Open and has cemented himself in the top 100. A month ago he’d have a good shot to beat Casper Ruud also, but something is in the air this week. Hypothetically, if I were working on an animated musical called Casper Ruud : King of Clay, I’d have been worried up until last week. Casper always has some struggles on hardcourt, but he was getting washed left and right on clay. He finally showed signs of life in Geneva though, and in the past round he really looked sharp. The conditions are good for him, and his draw is filled with gradual raises in level so he has time and practice to get himself together.
Zhang is a dangerous opponent here, but Ruud should be able to defend well enough to win. The 3/5 format really lends Ruud the ability to play a solid and safe tactical game without risking the loss to a redlining offense. I think Zhang will outperform his pricing here, but Ruud should outlast him. Ruud in 4.

AlternativetimelinewhereSinnerlosesmaier vs Dimitrov :

Daniel Altmaier. Holy wow. Holy glob. Amazing. Absolutely legendary performance. I expected him to play well, but to win in the manner he did is just unheard of. Altmaier was doing everything he could in the first set, and when he finally got to the tiebreaker, he immediately gave up the advantage. He got zipped, and it was the kind of “well, you tried” result that usually folds people up. He had constant pressure on his serve in this match, and saved 15 of 21 break points he faced. After he lost the 3rd set 6-1, it looked like he was sunk. Somehow, he battled through the 4th and won in a tiebreak, and won in the fifth. This was a 5 and a half hour match, and both players levels stayed extremely high throughout. Sometimes Sinner can throw in some poor performances, but he played well in this and Altmaier was still able to win.
While Altmaier was battling for the entire day, Dimitrov won in fairly comfortable fashion. Ruusuvuori kept grinding away, but Dimitrov is just at a very high level in this event. The creative and ambitious shots that he occasionally goes for are landing, and the topspin he hits with just seemed more effective than Ruusvuori’s flat power in the long run. I’m unsure how Altmaier recovers for his match with Dimitrov, as his win against Sinner was not only extremely long, but emotionally draining. His best tennis can absolutely compete even against Dimitrov, but the difference in time on court may allow Dimitrov to win. Grigor’s stellar play may also lend itself to this outcome. I’m expecting a close contest in the early goings, but it’s hard to see another upset even if his last opponent (Sinner) is a bit better than his current one. Dimitrov in 4.

Zverev vs Tiafoe :

Wait. Why is Zverev playing like he used to play? It seems like the ankle injury gave Zverev a reset that has re-ignited his tennis acumen. Molcan is a tough test, and the type that Zverev’s passivity can really give control to. From 0-0 though Alexander was aggressive and accurate, and the difference in weight of shot was evident. Spectators know that Zverev is full of errors and quitmode, but the work it takes to keep the ball in play over and over is not automatic, and Molcan was worn down into defensive errors in this one. He didn’t notch many unreturned serves either, and Zverev is back at the level he showcased last year at this event. If you’re looking for a darkhorse winner, it’s probably Zverev.
Tiafoe had a much tougher opponent, and made quick work of Karatsev’s nostalgia. Aslan was slated to really be competitive here, but Tiafoe’s serve can pretty much make him a threat in any match, and his physical strength let him outlast the sharp play of Karatsev that saw him net the first set. Zverev has won almost all their previous meetings, but this is probably the peak of Tiafoe’s career (not this current event but he’s improved every season) so it should be competitive. I think Zverev’s height will give him the ability to put a few more returns in play, and his own serve is not quite as effective as Tiafoe’s but it’s good enough to keep him in the match. If Tiafoe can isolate Zverev’s forehand he does have a good shot here, but I expect Zverev to be slightly more durable, and his return to offensive tennis means that he’s not the same Next Gen disappointment that we’ve seen losing in the past few years. Zverev in 4-5.

Coric vs Etcheverry :

This is a great spot for Etcheverry. He made quick work of De Minaur, and this is the round where the flat hitters went down to the traditional clay-court players. Etcheverry hits the ball really hard, and there’s full commitment on every swing which generates a really pleasing sound off his racquet. Coric thus far has been outlasting his opponents, and while his physical strength is off the charts, Etcheverry is a step up from the guys he’s been facing and should be fresh for this. Add in that he also won their previous meeting in 2022, and there’s reason to believe that this will be very competitive. Coric fans can breathe easy though, because it’ll be much harder to hit through him than it was to down De Minaur. I think the record number of 5 setters is likely to continue in the third, and this is just another extremely close match. Leaning into the upset. Etcheverry in 4-5.

Nishioka vs Seyboth Wild :

Thiago is really getting rewarded for defeating Medvedev. Playing Guido Pella is always tough, but he’s well past his prime. They went to four sets, but Seyboth was almost always in control. He’ll have a much tougher test here in Nishioka, and it’s a spot where Thiago can win, but he’ll need to show the type of patience that he did against Medvedev. Yoshihito was able to shut down Purcell, who suffered from some cuts to his hands early in the match. Dropping the first and winning in 4 really feels like a dominant performance to me, because it generally means the other player had to redline to get the first set. Nishioka’s defense is good enough to frustrate Seyboth, but he’s not really playing his best tennis yet. I know Thiago is better, and I know this is his surface, but I’m not sure that he can get this done quickly, and in a long match I think I like Nishioka. Offense vs defense, and I have concerns that Nishioka’s experience and next-level speed are the right formula to get past Wild. Nishioka in 5.
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2023.06.02 05:24 ms_mczormick [NY] Help deciding tone for short term disability extension appeal letter

Hello there, AskHR, I have two sample letters drafted that I am struggling between and wanted to ask an HR professional their opinion which letter seems to use the appropriate tone when asking to have an STD Extension Appeal approved. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time and assistance.
Example One:
I write this in response to your recent denial of my application for an extension on my short-term disability leave. Though I respect your decision, I request a reconsideration of my request. I do not believe that my disabilities impact my ability to do my job. However, I need to be accommodated appropriately to excel at my job responsibilities. I applied for short-term disability leave beginning on due to debilitating anxiety and depression. Per ADA guidance, I am a qualified individual for short-term disabilities. My recent challenges include but are not limited to inconsistent sleeping habits, dietary interruptions, communicating, caring for myself, and suicidal ideation. However, I have worked incredibly hard to get my anxiety and depression within manageable/acceptable limits. I have kept regular efforts and meetings with my medical team to get my mental health within manageable limits to return to work. However, I need added time to seek treatment. I hope to return to work no later than June 12. In addition, I would also like to discuss the possibility of having a reasonable accommodation request approved for at least one wellness/mental health day off - one that would not count toward my paid time off (PTO) allocation. Please see the attached documents for my medical history.
Example Two:
I write this in response to your recent denial of my application for an extension on my short-term disability leave. Though I respect your decision, I request a reconsideration of my application. I applied for short-term disability leave beginning on due to debilitating anxiety and depression that made it impossible to fulfill my job responsibilities. I was dealing with severe loss of appetite, chronic fatigue that left me sleeping nearly 18 hours per day, intrusive passive suicidal thoughts, disassociation, lack of motivation, panic attacks, an inability to get out of bed, agoraphobia, and severe social anxiety. I changed therapists because I felt I was not progressing with my initial therapist. I also have been working with my psychiatrist to see what medical changes are needed to bring my symptoms under control. The denial letter cited two psychiatrist appointments, one from and the other from . During the appointment on , I discussed with my psychiatrist positive changes in my depressive state and a lack of intrusive suicidal thoughts. However, I also expressed that I had continued struggling with my appetite and had lost over 17 pounds. We also discussed increased anxiety; I woke up in a panic and needed Klonopin daily to stabilize my anxiety. Dr. and I decided against medical changes because I would be traveling alone out of state. We did not want to risk the possibility of adverse reactions to a new medication in a new location so far away from any support system. The denial letter also states that during my visit with Dr. on , "I was feeling ok." However, in this instance, "feeling ok" refers to no longer experiencing suicidal ideation or disassociation, not that the severe clinical depression had fully resolved, and does not address the worsened anxiety upon my return home. The interpretation of my statement also fails to consider the further stress that working, team, company dynamics, and job responsibilities would have added. I did not feel I was in any condition to return to work or that I could handle additional responsibilities. One example is that an email from Github requesting a review on a PR compounded my anxiety, and seeing my manager's name in my email inbox led to a panic attack. As stated in the medical records and the letters from my psychiatrist and therapist, I required additional time and treatment before returning to work. However, we have been working incredibly hard to get my anxiety and depression within manageable/acceptable limits to target June 12th as a return to work date. I'm sharing all of my medical records with this letter and an invitation to contact my therapist for more information. I would like you to reconsider my case and approve my short-term disability extension claim. I have maintained regular efforts and meetings with my medical team to get my mental health within manageable limits to return to work.
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