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Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

2023.06.02 07:36 calloutcowards Scrog runoff and humidity issues

Hello everybody! I recently started a 9x Glookies (4x Barney's, 5x Blimburn) grow in my 5x5 and I've run into a bit of a conundrum. My last SCROG, I had significant issues with runoff collection. I drilled holes in the bottom of drip trays, ran lines out of them and had those collect in a tote. It was leaky, messy, led to mold and was just and overall mess.
I was planning to just shop vac the runoff and elevate the plants a few inches this go around. Problem is, I can't get all of the water. There is simply not enough room for me to move around with the shop-vac. My humidity right now (as seedlings) is at 82%.
I'm using 10 gallon pots with coco coir in them, so I'm guesstimating an average of maybe 14 gallons of runoff every couple of days from 9 plants when I start watering them more. I can shop vac a lot of that water up, but I have severe joint pain and honestly cannot handle the physical strain of bending over and doing it for very long.
So, for what's not going to be able to be vacuumed; evaporation will have to be employed. I'm not worried about nutrients or lime scale on the tent floor. I can clean that. What I want to know is if my 120 pint/day (6,000 sq ft) dehumidifier can successfully bridge the gap between what I can't vacuum and what evaporates.
Basically, if I need to allow 7 gallons of water to evaporate in my tent daily, but I use a dehumidifier that can remove 15 gallons of water from the air daily, is my risk of mold zero as long as the plants aren't standing in still water?
Thanks for any insight guys.
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2023.06.02 07:35 NateWSR503 I am back

I am back
You have not known me but I have returned to this game after a long time. This is my shop, Nate's Pizzeria and Catering. It has Catering in it because why not? Currently I am in Chapter 4 and awaiting (patiently) for Chapter 5.
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2023.06.02 07:35 Orrans [fix] fid that worked for me for the broken Jake Paul quests today

[fix] fid that worked for me for the broken Jake Paul quests today
If you woke up to that situation when 3 out if 4 quests are done and you didn't got the prizes and you said "hey! Wth?!". Try to watch and ad, for me refreshing the shop with an ad fixed it
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2023.06.02 07:34 WildernessTech Trip food report: Egypt

Hey guys, I just did a 10 day history/culture Nile cruise and wanted to share some of my celiac adventures now that the world is opening up again.
Some caveats, Egypt was just getting its tourism feet under it when the revolution happened in 2011, and then really started to push that again just before the spicey cough hit everyone. So it really felt like I was dealing with a lot of established businesses who had recently replaced a lot of staff, I suspect that a lot of the really experienced front of house tourism folks got hit really bad by it, so the overall institutional knowledge level was lower than what I'd otherwise expect. That said, everyone was super eager to please, most spoke 2-3 languages.
I'll try to break this up into some manageable chunks.
Egyptian cuisine in general: There are a lot of influences, so you get a big mix of foods that are now part of the culture. Breakfast may well have been called Breadfast, because of the number of pastries and similar dishes. But in general they do a lot of grilled meat (halal obvs) and veggies. Spices are pretty direct/simple not a huge number of sauces or dips, so in general lunches and dinners were easy enough, and I'm generally just a coffee=breakfast guy anyway, but heaps of fruit were pretty normal as well.
First hotel, New Cairo Hyatt: massive breakfast buffets, pretty decent lunch and dinner options, I did my usual of "What's the easiest thing the chief can do gluten free" and got a steak and roasted veggies. They really didn't seem to have much ability to do GF baking, or have many good GF options, but again, it's a very new hotel and the staff are trying to learn the needs of their market.
Last hotel Cairo InterContinental: Older hotel, obviously hired in staff from other places in Europe to bring up the training level, waiters had really good knowledge of celiac requirements, and overall had great procedures for dealing with that in the restaurant (had some other problems resulting from new staff, but seemed to be a training issue, and again a massive buffet with almost nothing safe for breakfast)
Train: We did a sleeper train on two legs of the journey. No really safe options for food, think airline meal, but only one option for dinner, and breakfast was three types of bread. Thankfully we didn't have to waste much of the food, as we were able to find folks who wanted it. It's worth mentioning here that while there is a lot of poverty in Egypt, and it's clear who's living kinda rough, there is both a sense of pride and community that meant we saw very few people just begging for food, they were more likely to try to sell something (anything) to a tourist rather than just beg, but we were able to give out the extra food, and it was both appreciated and shared. I don't want to make it seem like it was better than it was, but for a country that has functionally not had a working government for 60 years, they still make things work and get stuff done. It's by far not an ideal situation, but it is what it is, and I ended up with lots of packaged breadrolls to give away. I was able to pick up a few packaged food things that were from the EU so had compliant labels, and that was fine.
Cruise: The Nile cruise had pretty good food selections, pretty big buffet, and the worst day for me had only two options, some grilled chicken and sauteed veggies. Generally, I also had rice or roast potato, and sometimes an option of two proteins, just depending on sauces and such. Very limited breakfast options, and no dedicated deep-fryer, so that did limit some things. No desserts at all apart from fruit.
Food at sites/ restaurants: Generally pretty good options, very upscale places, so good knowledge, but again, lots of buffets, so not ideal, two places were just straight grill/bbq sort of things, so that was fine.
Overall: So as I mentioned earlier, most of the people were super eager to please, and very accommodating, they also tended to speak more than one language. That being said, even though I had a printed celiac info card in Arabic, and a very good guide, there were some times where it was hard to understand if they were just agreeing to be agreeable, or really trying to inform me, or if they didn't really understand my concern at all. I did get tagged out by something at some point. Given that about a third of our tour group got some sort of gut bug, which I think I also got (but who can say for sure) it's hard to know. I was as careful as I reasonably could be, but when dealing with buffets and potential cross-contaminations, it was challenging. That being said, would I recommend a similar trip for anyone else? Yeah, I would. You just need to know yourself, if you have debilitating symptoms, then probably not, but if you can generally manage, then it's likely worth the overall risk. The tour companies and people will get better with time. As I said, something got me, but have no idea what, and realistically it may not have been a gluten reaction, it's very possible that I got a bug early on in the trip and just toughed it out until I medicated near the end (I can be somewhat stubborn). That said, they do "tipped" toilets so having cash on hand for toilets is a thing, they like their bidets, which is kinda good when the guts are not great, and pack a lot of your own tissues/sanitizer. It was really hit-and-miss what places would have no TP, and there was no real way to predict it. The toilets were generally pretty clean when we found them, but again, not always. The general rate was 10EGP but ranged from 5-20 to use a toilet outside of the major hotels, and airport. It was a general annoyance to everyone on the trip, but not enough to be a major problem. I think everyone was more bothered about how many tips were needed that were not really explained by the travel agents, but it wasn't a huge cost factor. Also, we could have gotten away with just handling all that in Euro or USD, in fact, if we were to go again, I'd try to get all the tour costs priced in USD and take that, as it was harder to get EGP in Australia (but we are getting well off topic now).
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2023.06.02 07:34 Alarming_Courage_489 My ex boyfriend is trying to make me jealous

I (16 F) had a boyfriend (16 M) we got together the night of KOH on February 19th. We dated and all seemed good until last Friday May 26th. So Thursday night I got a message from my ex saying that he was wondering if I could meet up with him sometime so he could talk to me about something serious. So I message and ask him if I did anything wrong and when did he wanna meet up and he told me on Friday and I asked him at what time and he didn’t respond and he told me that he wanted to meet up at the gulch at 11 AM. I agreed and I went to go talk with my dad about it and he said that he didn’t feel comfortable with me going down there by myself because if it was something that was going to upset me he doesn’t wanna see me hurt. And when my mom got home that night she told me the same thing. But I was so confused because Wednesday we hung out and all seemed perfectly fine but I did notice that when I would go and try to be affectionate with him I felt like something was wrong. But I didn’t think much of it and thought he was just tired. But back to that Thursday night I just kept getting the feeling like something was wrong and I couldn’t help but cry because of how scared I was. I thought I was going to vomit. I told him that this was making me nervous and that I couldn’t help but cry and he said that he was sorry if he caused that and I told him that this doesn’t sit right with me and that I feel like he’s going to break up with me and he told me something that I don’t remember but he said to me “just please make this easier and go to bed.” So when I woke up Friday morning I was growing more worried every minute that passed by. He said that he didn’t want me to feel this way and that he wanted to talk to me. Around 10:55 I leave my house and I’m waiting for my ex at the place he wanted us to meet up at. He shows up and he makes small talk and I asked him what he wanted to talk about. So he told me that he felt like he couldn’t open up to me and that he’s always had trouble with it and that the last thing he wanted to do was break my heart. I told him how I felt. He told me that it felt like we grew distant and he went back to him not being able to open up to me and I asked him “if you want too we can work on that. Only if you want too.” And then he told me that he wanted to break up and that he thought about breaking up with me for awhile. I went and hung out with him some more and I feel stupid for doing so and when I got home I just cried and my mom came up to my room and asked me how I was feeling cause I had told her and my dad about the break up and my friends. I just looked at my mom and cried and she hugged me and comforted me. I then bawled my eyes out to my dad and he hugged me tight. But Saturday morning I get a text from my ex’s best friend asking me if my ex had another girlfriend and I told him that I didn’t think so and his friend told me that he was just wondering cause my ex had sent him a photo of him in another girls car but I just thought it was a friend but later this friend told me that he thinks that my ex has another girlfriend because he was sent a photo of her and him together and his friend sent it to me and conveniently I was listening to “kill bill” by SZA and his friend asked him if he had another girlfriend and my ex said “Yeah lol, sadly me and RT broke up and we both thought it was better if we were just friends.” But during this week however my two friends and I were hanging out when we picked up my ex and while we were all hanging out I noticed a hickey on his neck but he told my friend that it was just a bruise. Which I didn’t believe. And then Tuesday night he sent me a photo of his neck and he had hickies on his neck and this girl who I’m assuming is his new girlfriend sent me a photo pulling down the collar of her shirt showing me a hickey she had near her chest. I told my ex yesterday that I didn’t feel comfortable with seeing that and that should only stay between them. He said he understood and then he shifted it to me running off anytime he caught up with the group. But tonight I cut contact with him and all the stuff he gave me I put away. My friends are saying that my ex was definitely seeing another girl and my grandma said that you just don’t decide that over night. And when I told my ex that I didn’t want him to contact me anymore he asked me “what did I do?” Idk guys what do you think?
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2023.06.02 07:31 towingnapervelle Car Lockout Near Me

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2023.06.02 07:31 xtexm 21 year old father with sole custody of my 2yr old.

This is not only a story of a fraudulent adoption, but the insight of what I as a now 21 year old fathe parent went through to even be a parent in the first place. From what I experienced and what I’ve learned. My son now almost two, looks nearly IDENTICAL as me when I was that age. Being a parent has given me MEANING in life more than anything I ever thought. Fraud was committed by my sons mother. 2021 I was 19 years old. When my son was born, I had no idea. His mother broke up with me and fled the state while still pregnant. She proceeded to tell me she is going to cut off contact and that I am not the father. My rights were stripped from me & terminated in a different state without my knowledge when he was born.
After finding her whereabouts I was able to serve her, and take her to court for paternity action. This was already two months after he was adopted. I found out about the adoption with no details other than it was filed and finalized in a different county. So, we end up getting a dna test and confirm that’s my baby. I ended up meeting my son for the first time ever when he was six mo.
2022: 20 years old. The entire year I spent going to court, going to a different state where my son presided with adoptive parents, three hours away. His adoptive parents tried every tactic in the book to keep me from getting him. In fact, I have recordings of altercations that were initiated by his adoptive parents. They did not want me to parent and raise my son. September of 2022 started a court ordered transition plan which kicked off a whole range of events from accusations, appeals, delays and much more.
2023: 21 years old. I did everything the courts asked me to do as stated in the transition plan. February 2023 I won custody. It’s now been four months since I’ve had sole custody and eight months since the transition plan started. The plan really enabled my son to adapt and bond with me and my family. To say I did it by myself would be an absolute lie.
Being a parent makes you reflect on your childhood. It makes you realize how thankful you are for your family and everything they’ve done for you. Being a parent/ father has made me a better person. I have the rest of my life and my legacy with me. We are teaching each other and learning every single day. It’s great being a single parent and it also has its down sides too. I love my son with everything in me. When I first found out I was his father it was unreal. I was a father to a baby I couldn’t even put a face to in the beginning. I fought hard to build that bond with my son, and it grows each and every single day.
Anyways for all you parents who read this here’s a cheers to making an impact on our children!
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2023.06.02 07:30 jrcroom Single Room including utility bill at Indah Villa, Bandar Sunway

Single Room including utility bill at Indah Villa, Bandar Sunway
Martin 60193333084
Whatsapp: https://appoin.me/martin_h2mN
Room Detail: https://appoin.me/rooms_SDfPs
Fully furnished bedroom for rent in Indah Villa Condo, Bandar Sunway. This spacious bedroom comes with: Air conditioner, Fan, Bed & mattress, Study table & chair, Wardrobe. Bathroom comes with hot/cold shower. Rental price cover water & electricity bill except AC
About 13 minutes walk to Monash University & Sunway Medical Centre. Less than 10 minutes walk to Sunway University, Sunway College & Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.
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2023.06.02 07:30 SL13PNIR Cardano Daily Discussion - June 02, 2023

Cardano Daily Discussion - June 02, 2023
Hello everyone,
Welcome to the Cardano Daily Discussion!
The standard sub rules apply here (see sidebar), with the exception that price discussion is allowed in this thread, though we encourage you to try not to make this the focus and talk about the project itself. Please ask questions, help others and be civil - be sure to get involved in Project Catalyst too!
If you're new, please make sure you're read through the newbies guide and share it with others (use the ?newbies comment command to reference it).

⚠️ Scam Warning ⚠️

Please read the Cybersecurity guidelines for Cardano Users.
There are ongoing giveaway scams on youtube and many scammers lurking in Cardano's social channels impersonating ambassadors/moderators/official staff contacting users via direct messages.
For example, searching 'cardano' on youtube and sorting by most recent upload date shows several giveaway scams running (all videos in screenshot are scams):

Ongoing 'giveaway' scams on Youtube
The youtube scams are automated; use stolen footage usually of Charles Hoskinson and are restreamed so to appear to be 'live'; appear to have many watchers (which are bots); use bought hacked channels and are edited to appear like official channels.
See this post for more examples of what they look like
Do not be fooled!

To be clear:
  • ⚠️ There is no such thing as a Cardano giveaway
  • ⚠️ Never share your seed phrase with ANYONE
  • ⚠️ Never send ADA to someone promising to send you more ADA back
  • ⚠️ You will never be contacted by ambassadors/moderators/staff
Please report scams on the Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau.

⚠️ Scam Warning ⚠️


Midnight Subreddit

In anticipation of Input Output's new data protection blockchain 'Midnight', I've managed to acquire Midnight through some negotiation and repurpose it for the Cardano Community (the sub was created for a card game back in 2011 but was mostly unused).
I decided to do this as I thought the project will eventually need a home on reddit and best to setup now before any scammers do. Obviously there's not much to post about on there right now as it's early days as the project is yet to be released, but if you'd like to be kept up to date on the project please feel free to join the new subreddit if the project interests you and I'll be sure to post updates as and when they become available.
Right now the sub is mostly a carbon copy of cardano, I've copied most of the automod and rules over, so certain aspects may seem a little incongruent atm, but I'll tailor and tweak the sub as we go. Feel free to send me or post any input if you want stuff to change.
Cheers all
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2023.06.02 07:29 Rid2cool Car insurance - Am I covered by one-way insurance for stop sign runner?

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I got into an accident recently. I was in a 3-way intersection that had stop signs all around. I stopped, performed my visual checks, and then proceeded to turn into the street. The offending party ran their stop sign, hitting my vehicle. The offending party was coming in at a high rate of speed and was nowhere near present when I was performing my visual checks. At the time of being hit, I honked my horn and came at a complete stop. I came at a complete stop because had I gone forward a bit more I'd get hit in the driver's side of the door (the impact was on my front bumper). Now, my struts are messed up (mechanic verified it) but my front bumper barely looks scratched. Turning my steering wheel produces a large rubbery squeaking noise, almost as if I'm captaining a ship. Would I be covered by one-way insurance in the province of Quebec? From my understanding Quebec is a no-fault state. But I'm not sure how I'd fair out in this regard. Any advice would help me.
Also, what are my legal advice? I exchanged information with the offending party. However, I never reported to the police since my broker told me the police would only come if the offending party was unruly, unwilling to cooperate (exchange info), and getting violent. Offending party was none of that except a bit rude in the exchange of words (elderly fellow). As such, do I still have the ability to make a police report? The entire event was captured by my dashcam. Therefore, I'm not really worried about having my facts corroborated by anyone. I never once mentioned I had a dashcam to protect myself.
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2023.06.02 07:28 Aoxomoxoa_aoxomoxoA Concerns about Discontinuing Third-Party App Support and Increasing Prices for the Reddit API

Dear Reddit Team,
I hope this finds you well. I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding the recent decisions to discontinue support for third-party apps and to increase prices for the Reddit API. As a dedicated Reddit user and someone who values the diverse ecosystem that has flourished around the platform, I believe these actions would have significant negative consequences for the Reddit community as a whole. Allow me to outline my concerns below:
  1. Limiting Innovation and User Experience: Third-party apps have played a crucial role in enhancing the Reddit experience by providing unique features, improved interfaces, and specialized functionalities tailored to different user preferences. They have significantly contributed to the growth and engagement of the platform. By discontinuing support for these apps, you risk stifling innovation and limiting the ability of users to customize their Reddit experience. It is this diversity that has made Reddit such a vibrant and inclusive community.
  2. Monopolizing Access and Control: Increasing prices for the Reddit API could result in monopolizing access to Reddit data and functionality. Higher costs might discourage independent developers, startups, and smaller projects from integrating with Reddit, leading to a concentration of power in the hands of a few large organizations. This monopolization could diminish competition, limit user choice, and potentially create an environment where the platform's development becomes dependent on a single entity. It is important to maintain a level playing field for developers to foster innovation and healthy competition.
  3. Fragmenting the Community: By discontinuing third-party app support, you risk fragmenting the Reddit community. Many users have grown accustomed to specific apps that align with their preferences and needs. Removing these apps without providing viable alternatives could alienate these users and disrupt the sense of community that Reddit has fostered over the years. It is essential to consider the impact on users who have come to rely on these apps for their daily interactions and contributions.
  4. Overburdening the Official App: With the discontinuation of third-party app support, the burden on the official Reddit app would significantly increase. While the official app provides a solid foundation, many users have opted for third-party apps due to their additional features, improved usability, and personalized experiences. The sudden shift to solely relying on the official app could result in performance issues, slower updates, and potential limitations to handle the increased user load, leading to frustration among the user base.
Considering these concerns, I kindly request that Reddit reconsider its decision to stop supporting third-party apps and carefully evaluate the impact of increasing prices for the Reddit API. Instead, I encourage you to explore ways to collaborate with third-party developers, foster innovation, and create a sustainable environment that benefits the entire Reddit community.
I understand that managing a platform like Reddit involves complex decisions, but it is vital to prioritize the interests of the users and the community. By maintaining an open and supportive ecosystem, Reddit can continue to grow, adapt, and provide a unique and enriching experience for its users.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my concerns. I hope we can engage in a constructive dialogue to find solutions that uphold the values of Reddit and its diverse user base.
The Entire Reddit Community
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2023.06.02 07:27 Somethingemerald My mom asked me when I’m going to start eating healthy again. 9 weeks PP.

My whole pregnancy I basically ate like a rabbit. No sugar, junk food, gluten, dairy or soy as I have PCOS and food allergies. I really felt depressed over it because food makes me happy.
I’ve always struggled with food though. In my early 20s I would restrict myself and I lost an unhealthy amount of weight. People close to me were worried about me and people who I wasn’t so close to would congratulate how thin I was which made me want to keep eating less. I’d weigh myself several times a day and would only have 1 small salad and a protein shake.
I finally bounced back and started allowing myself to eat more and now I’m 29 and struggling with binge eating and gaining weight due to thyroid issues and PCOS. I’m 9 weeks PP and I’ve been allowing myself to eat foods I wasn’t eating during pregnancy because I missed good food.
My mom is very thin but constantly talks about how big she is. I was enjoying a slice of pizza and she asked me when I’m going to start eating healthy again. I’m spiraling. I am already so insecure about my postpartum body that her comment just really threw me for a loop. I went shopping with her last weekend and she kept making comments about how I shouldn’t buy clothes right now because I still have my postpartum weight.
I just needed to get this off my chest. Women are so vulnerable after pregnancy and with my mom knowing what it’s like to struggle with restrictive eating and also postpartum bodies, I’m shocked she makes these comments to me. I’m just upset and don’t know if im being dramatic.
My sister is also making similar comments. She got weight loss surgery and is now 4 pant sizes smaller than me and I’d say I’m pretty average. She told me to be careful about how many calories I’m consuming. It’s honestly so upsetting. I feel so trapped in my body so these comments make me feel worse. I’m trying my best.
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2023.06.02 07:27 Sealcatt My roommate finding a kitten was the worst mistake of her life

It started when I was heading home from a camping trip with my roommate kayla and our friend Ben, we were enjoying the road trip but were all beginning to get bored as we got on the highway and the beautiful forest scenery faded into empty fields. We were in the middle of deciding where we should stop to get food when Kayla shouted at me to pull over and assuming she was carsick and needed to puke I immediately did without asking her why. When I got to the side of the road she almost immediately jumped out and ran behind the car then down the road. When she got back after a few minutes she was holding a small gray thing and excitedly climbed back in the car, Ben who was in the backseat leaned forward to see what she was holding and it took me a minute to realize what the gray thing was. To my surprise it was a tiny kitten who looked only a few weeks old “is it dead?” I instinctively asked even though it was obvious it wasn’t as it’s eyes were open and it was quietly mewing. The rest of the car ride consisted of Kayla telling me to drive faster because she wanted to get home to take it to the vet or something (I wasn’t exactly paying attention to what she was saying…) anyways a couple days after getting home despite my constant protesting Kayla and I now had a cat. She took her to the vet and she had so many diseases and worms i knew we couldn’t pay to fix but Kayla insisted and tortilla (don’t ask me why she chose to name it that) now was my problem. Though she payed for the vet bills I was tasked with buying tortilla things like food bowls and a bed and eventually she became my full responsibility with Kayla spending little to no time or money on her. Though I hated her at first I soon started loving tortilla and renamed her Smokey. At some point I left to go on another camping trip this time without Kayla and when I got back she told me smokey gotten out while I was gone and was still missing. I was devastated and did everything I could to try to find her but wasn’t able to and eventually gave up. A few weeks after that though I began to notice strange things happening like waking up in the middle of the night to distorted meowing coming from outside or occasionally seeing a small shadow behind me in the mirror, I talked to doctors and therapists but they all told me it was just hallucinations caused by the grief of losing Smokey which I believed until things started getting worse and I was no longer able to sleep due to every time I closed my eyes I would hear the sad distorted meowing again. I soon couldn’t stand it anymore at some point gave up on ignoring it like my doctors told me to do and got up in the middle of the night to go outside to find the source of the meowing. As I walked around the sides of my house the meowing grew more distorted but also more sad(?) I couldn’t explain it but I felt drawn to it and soon found myself standing in front of a plastic bag that was poorly hidden behind a couple of cardboard boxes, maybe it was because I was still half asleep or maybe it was because my doctors had put me on so many different kinds of medications that I wasn’t thinking right but something compelled me to open the bag and inside was something that part of me new I was going to find yet my heart still sank and I felt sick looking at it, a tiny decaying body. It took me a minute to fully register what I was seeing but when I did I nearly puked. I picked up the bag and ran inside barging into kaylas room and began screaming at her to wake up. When she did I thrust the bag into her and she nervously looked away which confirmed my suspicions that it was her who did it. I screamed at her asking why she would do it and the answer she gave was pathetic “I was just holding her and she clawed me…I didn’t mean to kick her so hard…” hearing this made me furious and I snatched the bag away from her but when I looked back in it the body was gone, I then turned to face her but she was gone to. I spent a lot of time looking for her and attempted to call her multiple times. That morning I called the police to report her missing and when they couldn’t find her I was of course questioned but was quickly let go. That night I ended up sleeping at my moms house partly because the apartment was still being searched for evidence and partly because I couldn’t stand to be there anymore. As I fell asleep I had a dream of Kayla screaming and crying saying she was sorry and that she didn’t mean it, she was heavily bleeding from gashes covering pretty much her entire body, she began to attempt to run but tripped and something I couldn’t see dragged her away. The next morning I saw on the news that both her and Smokey’s bodies had been found behind the dumpster near my apartment but the killer is apparently unknown the only kind of evidence they have are the large gashes covering her body and the blood on Smoky’s rotting paws.
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2023.06.02 07:27 huuugostiiiglitz 11 month reactive aussie

I have an 11 month old female australian shepherd. My partner and I have had her since she was 4 months old. She came to us potty trained and while I have used crates in the past with other dogs I have owned (2 aussies), we did not crate train her simply because she can be left alone in our room (a small confined area) without chewing on anything, getting into anything, or going to the bathroom. Clover (our dog) does have a crate, we use it on occasion if she is too hyper or misbehaves ( I know this is not the best practice), however, she actually enjoys her crate sometimes and opts to sleep in it on occasion (it is in our bedroom).
Since we have had her she frequently pulls on her leash and is extremely reactive to other dogs from across the street. I cannot do anything but pick her up because she becomes obsessively fixated on the other dog and insistently barks. I generally try to limit her ability to see other dogs by walking in various directions when I see another dog approaching, but it becomes impossible at times when there are dogs on every corner of my suburb.
She has a few dog "friends" that come over to play or stay with us for periods of time, however she is very dominating and even aggressive at times towards them, especially when I am near, when there is food involved (I feed the dogs separately), or when there are toys involved (I always remove toys but sometimes they are hidden). She does not like other female dogs (we had a friend's dog over once and while she warmed up to her after several hours, she was extremely reactive and territorial for the first few hours) and she used to be okay with male dogs but recently we have another aussie male over (a friend's dog) and she snapped at him when I got home and was trying to feed them (separately). She follows him around like a shark, she is extremely jealous when we give him any attention, and she is always watching him, almost nipping at his face. I do try to separate them and usually they have a great time and play well together but for some reason this time is different (this is not his first stay with us).
Our dog is extremely possessive over me too. She guards me and hates when my partner and I hug. She will bark and growl at us. She barks every time someone comes home, is outside our house, or someone is over.
How can I train her? I watch videos on youtube but none really apply to her case. She is smart but she lacks impulse control, she is NOT food motivated, and is becoming more territorial / less confident. I have owned aussies in the past, invested in dog training, crate trained, trick training, etc. I am not an inexperienced dog owner. However, I don't really know where to begin with her just because her case is so unique. She is not even a full sized aussie- she is about 38 lbs! I know a lot of her aggression stems from lack of confidence, probably my lack of consistency with training, and a few other things but I really want to work with her and make her better.

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2023.06.02 07:26 chihuahuatrembling is the void i feel in my relationship an indicator of comphet

hi! i (22f) have never posted on Reddit so apologies if i do something incorrectly. this may be a bit all over the place. i'm currently in a mostly healthy relationship with a 23m. and while i generally find him to be agreeable and i think our personalities mesh very well together, i'm not sure i feel understood by him.
he's generally a nice man, often demonstrating his love and care for me through acts of service. one thing i've always liked about him is i feel he's the most emotionally intelligent man I've met, (although we met during the pandemic and really only saw each other for the first year or so, and he doesn't have that many friends so it's not too often i see his behavior towards anyone but me.) he's very funny and we make each other laugh a lot. he is warm and affectionate. he makes great efforts to take care of me and loves listening to me. he is also more willing to be open and vulnerable about his feelings than most men. of the men i've encountered in my life, i would definitely say he is the best. we've been together for 2.5 years and live together. i love him and would die for him and i mean that.
on the flip side, i oftentimes find him irrationally angry and he can be hurtful without intending to be. he can act like a big brute when he's mad. and he doesn't extend care and compassion to others even close to the way he does to me, which i don't find flattering; just embarrassing and weird. he can be really careless in assessing the feelings of others. he sincerely enjoys listening to me talk about my life and my thoughts but very often demonstrates interpretations of my behaviors/words/choices that make me feel completely mischaracterized. it may all sound contradictory, but people can be contradictory. we have kind of sworn to remain together for the rest of our lives, but there's a surprisingly large part of me that really dreads that because i don't get to experience more sapphic experiences. i find myself getting the ick often despite really really not wanting to. i don't want sex with him often unless i'm drunk and i don't derive pleasure when i'm solo thinking about him even though i do think he's very attractive visually.
this has been a theme in a lot of my past relationships with men. i just don't feel like they /get/ me in a way i long to be understood. i feel that a lot of who i am is overlooked, misinterpreted, or under-appreciated. i like having certain elements of myself that are just for me, but i am someone who pays very close attention to little details about people and both intuitively and meticulously go out of my way to demonstrate that, so i find it kind of bizarre that oftentimes the people i am closest to don't necessarily match that energy in a way that resonates deeply within me.
i'm bisexual and have known this about myself nearly my whole life without having ever really experienced shame about it. i spent some time being closeted but always felt like it was the world that was wrong, not me. i have dated mostly men and only one girl when i was in high school and that relationship was very unhealthy. i find myself romanticizing the idea of relationships with women as an adult. like women understand each other in a way that is very sacred, but i have no idea if that's accurate. i don't think i'm fully gay as i do experience sexual and romantic attraction to men, but do always feel they are emotionally disappointing in this ineffable way in comparison to the way i imagine being with a woman feels. when being physically intimate with men, i more often than not tend to feel very tense and physically aware in a bad way, like i'm just following protocol until it's over and fake orgasms to make it be over faster even if i'm with someone i know can actually get me there. i've actually considered many times in my life that i may be a lesbian but then develop crushes on men again. does this sound like anyone's experience with comphet or are men just generally disappointing?
is this normal? is it unrealistic to want to feel fully understood by a partner? do others experience this deeply seated dread and loneliness within relationships around the feeling of not being truly known? is it something i'm doing wrong? is it just a question of maturity for now? have i just been dealt a crummy hand of men? does being exclusively with women feel different? I also sincerely apologize if this isn't the best subreddit for this post. like i said; very new to this.
TLDR: feeling confused as there's a big void still within me romantically despite being with someone i consider to be the optimal man and want to know if this is just what it will always feel like to be with men in other people's experience.
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2023.06.02 07:26 Status-Efficiency851 PCVR on PSVR2: good value for Sony

Obviously having PCVR available has come up, since it would be great, but a lot of people think Sony would be diluting their cut with people buying non-ps games. As a counter-point: I really want to try MS Flight Sim in VR. That means buying a competing headset. I will probably buy a bunch of games for that headset, taking away from my PSVR shopping. If the PSVR offered PCVR, I wouldn't buy another headset. It seems like they're creating more competition than they're avoiding, at least to me.
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2023.06.02 07:25 manbehindthebar26 New Pyro locations

I’m seeing the Pyro has some new locations on the map… I’ve gotten the warning he’s near me at Port and Marshlands now. Does anyone know if these are still locked locations or any details on it? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.02 07:25 Astronadish Astrology and Horoscope Reading Vedic Astrology Psychic Reader Near me...

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2023.06.02 07:24 I_love_pillows My karmic reincarnation story

When I was born, as per my culture parents took me to fortune teller.
Fortune teller told my parents I was a butcher in a past life and will be destined for hardships. Also that I will die as a teenager.
I did had a near miss accident when I was 15. But otherwise I am now in late 30s.
When I was young I used to be fascinated with butchers cutting meat in the markets. But otherwise I had no interest in butchery. However i had always been fascinated with old photos. I have a heartfelt connection to 1920s/1930s buildings and styles. I see the 1950s as an optimistic design era, and the 1980s as a depressive era style wise. I like to think I was born once in 1920s and died around 1970s/80s. Generally I’m fascinated with historical styles in general.
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2023.06.02 07:23 No-Interaction2247 22[M4TF] its, summer time. I need a TF dom🙏

*TF only HMU!!💪 Hello!! Im a subby from antipolo. Im down for anything tbh. Just looking for a master ready to train me!! And yes TF only!! I only require you to have a place, be kind and understnding, kinky, and hopefully near antipolo, marikina, pasig, katipunan!! About me: 5'9 Antipolo Clean I have a car College student Has a flexible schedule College student
About you: Kinky Dom Has a place Understanding and kind Flexible sched
Hope to see you soon Master!! :))
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2023.06.02 07:23 erwin76 Question: Are 3P sales allowed?

Hi group, I am curious as to the scope of this trading subreddit. I have collected 3rd party Legends figures (Newage, Magic Square, MechFansToys, Iron Factory etc) for over a year and amassed maybe 250 figures by now.
Unfortunately I am running low on cash. We recently bought a new house, and moved, but renovating cost more than anticipated, with suddenly materials becoming in short supply, etc. We are nowhere near poor, just not able to buy everything we wanted, like window screens for all windows, new lamps instead of the ones we moved, stuff like that. So don’t buy from me out of empathy ;)
Anyway, fortunately my interest in this hobby has been waning. So I want to sell probably my whole collection, all the roughly 10k worth of it.
I have almost all NewAge figures up until halfway through the Inferno/Grapple releases. I collected them in their toy (EX), Shattered Glass, Comic, and G2 versions, or the G1 toon versions if EX wasn’t an option, like with Beachcomber.
I have filled the gaps with my Magic Square stuff, like with Seaspray, Blaster, the full Menasor, etc.
Then a number of cool Iron Factory figures like Ruination, the full DJD combiner, Megatron, Drift, Wheeljack and a couple more.
I have lots of MFT figures, such aa Hotrod, Rodimus Prime and Cron, Wreck-Gar, the Triplechangers (also the Astrotrain and Blitzwing variations).
Finally odds and ends, like Assaulter as my Broadside (FansProject? I always forget), Zeta Superion, Zeta/1Studio Cell, original colors, with add-on rings, Before&After Sixgun, and about 8 Gobots from Action Toys.
If allowed, I would gladly give more details!
I live in the Netherlands and can ship overseas. Paypal G&S only for foreign sales, please.
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