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2020.03.25 06:34 FloridaMuslims

*MODERATED* Welcome to a place where Muslims from all over our beautiful state, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, St. Petersburg, the Keys, Palm Beach, Daytona, Pensacola, Brevard, Tallahassee and beyond can congregate to list upcoming events, share halal restaurants, post photos and celebrate each others good works inshallah. 😊

2016.02.24 02:07 KnowLoitering Navarre Florida!

Welcome to the subreddit for Navarre, Florida - aka "Florida's Best Kept Secret"! This page is for any and all content relating to the people, places, news, and information of Navarre, Florida.

2012.08.14 08:46 For everything nestled between Mobile Bay and the Florida line.

/BaldwinCountyAL. We cover Fairhope and Foley, Spanish Fort and Orange Beach. Summerdale, Robertsdale, Lillian, Point Clear, etc. If it's in Alabama's largest county, it's here.

2023.06.02 06:40 romancepools1 Keep Your Romance Pools Sparkling with Professional Pool Cleaning Delray Beach

Keep Your Romance Pools Sparkling with Professional Pool Cleaning Delray Beach
If you are a pool owner in Delray Beach, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your pool to ensure safe and enjoyable swimming experience for you and your loved ones. Regular pool cleaning is the key to ensuring that your pool remains free of dirt, debris, and harmful contaminants. In this article, we share essential tips for effective Pool Cleaning Delray Beach.

Pool Cleaning

Skimming the pool regularly

Skimming the pool is a simple yet effective way to keep your pool clean. It involves using a pool skimmer to remove leaves, debris, and insects that have accumulated on the surface of the water. Skimming should be done every day, especially during the summer months when there is more debris in the pool.

Brushing the pool walls and floor

Brushing the walls and floor of your pool is another essential step in keeping it clean. This helps to remove any dirt, algae, or grime that may have accumulated on the surface. You should use a pool brush to scrub the walls and floor at least once a week. This is particularly important in areas of the pool where there is little or no circulation, such as behind ladders and steps.

Vacuuming the pool

Vacuuming is another essential part of pool cleaning. This is especially important for removing dirt and debris that has sunk to the bottom of the pool. A pool vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the bottom of the pool, walls, and steps. Vacuuming should be done at least once a week, depending on the level of use and debris in the pool.

Checking and balancing the chemicals

Regularly checking and balancing the chemicals in your pool is crucial to maintaining its cleanliness and safety. Chemicals such as chlorine and pH are used to kill bacteria and prevent algae growth in the pool. You should check the chemical levels of your pool at least once a week and adjust them accordingly. It is also important to check the total alkalinity and calcium hardness of the pool water to ensure that it is safe for swimming.

Backwashing the filter

The pool filter is an essential part of the pool cleaning system. It helps to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from the water. Over time, the filter becomes clogged and loses its effectiveness. To ensure that the filter is working correctly, you should backwash it once a week. Backwashing involves reversing the flow of water through the filter, which dislodges any dirt or debris that has accumulated in the filter.

Checking the water level

It is essential to maintain the correct water level in your pool to ensure that the pump and skimmer are working correctly. The water level should be maintained at the halfway point of the skimmer opening. If the water level is too low, the pump and skimmer will not work effectively. If the water level is too high, the pool can overflow and cause damage to the surrounding area.

Hiring a professional pool cleaning service

While regular pool cleaning is essential, sometimes it may not be enough to keep your pool in tip-top condition. That's where professional pool cleaning services come in. A professional pool cleaning company has the experience and equipment necessary to keep your pool clean and healthy. They can also detect and fix any issues that may arise, such as leaks, equipment malfunctions, and chemical imbalances.


In conclusion, regular pool cleaning is essential to ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of your pool. While many pool owners may consider cleaning their pools themselves, hiring a professional pool cleaning service offers numerous benefits. Professional pool cleaners have the knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure that your pool is always in top condition. From removing debris and maintaining the chemical balance to cleaning equipment and detecting potential problems, professional pool cleaning services offer a comprehensive solution for all your pool maintenance needs. If you're a pool owner in Delray Beach, Florida, consider hiring a professional pool cleaning service like Romance Pools to keep your pool clean and well-maintained.
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2023.06.02 05:33 vwatchrepair [Pixel 7 Pro] Zoom comparisons at Pensacola Beach

[Pixel 7 Pro] Zoom comparisons at Pensacola Beach
Enjoyed the beach today, despite some rain and high winds. Decided to do some zoom tests from the pier.
1x, 2x, 5x and finally 30x
And this was hand holding the phone against the railing of the pier is some pretty hefty sustained winds.
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2023.06.02 05:25 koma1201 THC Q

Hey! I’m visiting Miami for a few days and I’m from a state that has legal cannabis. I went to a store in Miami Beach and bought 500mg THC gummies. Are these legit even though here in Florida it’s not legal? Just wanna here what you guys who live here think.
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2023.06.02 05:12 bearded-writer Got a random shoutout for my “Allegedly” ostrich shirt

I was at a beach resort in Florida Tuesday rocking my LK shirt, and some Squirrelly Dan-looking fella told me he loved my shirt. Always great to meet a fellow fan!
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2023.06.02 04:03 ecounltd Seeking Recommendations for a Road Trip along Florida's East Coast!

Hey Florida!
My wife and I live in northern Florida and are planning a road trip along Florida's east coast, starting from Fort Lauderdale and ending in St. Augustine. We're looking to explore and get a good feel for the different cities and towns along the way since we're considering a potential move. We're hoping to gather insights and recommendations from fellow Floridians.
We already have a few places in mind, but we would love to hear your suggestions on the best spots to experience the atmosphere of the east coast. We're particularly interested in areas that would be appealing to young professionals, are affordable, and preferably with good access to beaches and a night life (although we don't mind driving).
We came up with an initial itinerary and would love your feedback:
  1. Fort Lauderdale
  2. Delray Beach
  3. West Palm Beach
  4. Vero Beach
  5. Melbourne
  6. Cocoa
  7. New Smyrna Beach
  8. Daytona Beach
  9. Ormond Beach
We're open to adding more stops along the way or modifying our itinerary based on any recommendations. If anyone has any tips on great cities, neighborhoods, etc., we would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance for your advice and recommendations!
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2023.06.02 03:26 justyn122 Guys. I caught one.

Guys. I caught one.
No master ball either but used a Ultra so not a red one but couldn't let him pass. Sorry was just super excited and had to share .
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2023.06.02 03:08 SandovalsNews Fixed It For You!!!! 😅😂🤣😭

Fixed It For You!!!! 😅😂🤣😭 submitted by SandovalsNews to Sandovals [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 02:48 Calgary_Nude_Rec PSA: Please do not trespass to access the clothing-optional area in Weaselhead

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2023.06.02 02:20 backpackwayne After Biden's masterful negotiations and passing a bill that played McCarthy and republicans like a fiddle, guess what the headlines are today?

After Biden's masterful negotiations and passing a bill that played McCarthy and republicans like a fiddle, guess what the headlines are today? submitted by backpackwayne to democrats [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 01:45 distractedinmydreams What kind of bug bites are these???

What kind of bug bites are these???
I’m an NYC native currently staying with my parents for a month in Central Florida. We recently went to New Smyrna Beach, and I came back with these 2 massive bug bites. They’re not mosquito bites, because I have those on my other leg, and they are not as big and red. Cortisone 10 and Itch relief cream do not work on these bites, and actually burn when I try and put anything on them, but work on the other ones (the mosquito bites). Anyone have any idea what kind of bug bit me and how I can make the itch stop??? Thanks!!!
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2023.06.02 01:42 126610LN Florida Road Trip!

Many thx in advance!
Going on our 1st long road trip with the family to Miami Florida later this month. 2 adults and 2 kids under 10. I have questions if you've done this drive.
How many kilometres were you able to do every day? My wife doesn't want to do any driving. I'm fine all day behind the wheel but I know that won't happen realistically! I'm used to doing 20 km/h over the speed limit on 400 series highways. Is it reasonable to assume doing the same (12 mph) on US interstates?
Where did you stay on the way down and back? We might extend the trip by a couple days if we find a nice beach house somewhere.
What did you do for cell phone plans? I'd like to use GPS with Android Auto and Bell's plan is neither good or reasonably priced. Are there any good American sim cards or sim apps for shorter term use?
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2023.06.02 01:34 JeliPuff Who was the Gloucester County Jane Doe, and who strangled her?

On the 4th of February 1990, a body was discovered in Deptford Township. It was found in what was then a wooded area, between the Pathmark Supermarket (Now the Edge Fitness Clubs Gym) and The Club at Locust Grove Housing Department on Clement's Bridge Road in Deptford Township, New Jersey. Apparently the location was littered with car parts.
Her remains were skeletal and incomplete. According to NAMUS, she was missing "one or more limbs" and "one or more hands." There were sweatpants tied around her neck, and her cause of death is believed to be ligature strangulation.
She is believed to have been between 16 - 20 years old and to have been dead for 1 to 2 years before her discovery, placing her time of death around 1988-1989.
It was determined that she was between 5'5 - 5'8 (165cm - 172cm) and 120 - 145lbs (54.4 - 65.7kg). She was white, with medium to dark brown hair, misaligned teeth (several of which had silver fillings), a crooked philtrum (the groove between the base of the nose and the upper lip) and a nasal septum deviation to the right. According to a newspaper from the time, she also had an overbite.
Several pieces of jewelry were found with the body, and multiple items of clothing were found inside the sweatpants around her neck. The jewelry includes a 14k gold horseshoe earring with a spiral pattern, a yellow/gold ball earring and a 16'' faux pearl bead necklace. The clothing inside the medium sized, Tultex branded sweatpants were a pair of Nylon pantyhose, a mid-length sock and a knee-length nylon stocking.
No fingerprints were found, however DNA, dental charts and dental X-rays are available according to the New Jersey State Police. The full DNA profile was uploaded to the Federal Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) in 2008.
The National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children reached out to investigators in 2020 asking if they could review the case, and investigators are also working with the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification in an effort to use genealogy to identify the victim.
The current theory from law enforcement is that she was a runaway from a different area, as "she would have been identified by now if she was from the area." The fact she was found in an area near the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 55 seems to support this theory.
According to unidentified-awareness 10 women have been ruled out as possible matches. They don't list them on the site, however I was able to find 4.
Carol Donn, disappeared from West Palm Beach, Florida in 1980.
Tracy Kroh, disappeared from Millersburg, Pennsylvania on August 5th 1989
Alicia Markovich, disappeared from Blairsville, Pennsylvania on April 26th 1987
Tiffany Sessions, disappeared from Gainesville, Florida on February 9th, 1989.
She has remained unidentified for 33 years.
With genealogy underway, I have hope that she will be identified in the coming years. Hopefully we have a breakthrough soon. This is one of my first ever posts so I'd love some feedback as I'm keen to make some more and would be happy to see where I can improve. :)
If you have any information regarding the case, contact:
The Deptford Township Police Department (Ph: 856-686-2227), and The Gloucester County Prosecutors Office (Ph: 856-3845680; Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))
I used these sources:
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2023.06.02 01:21 Significant_Leg_7423 Major Delays after RFE

Background : I am an Australian Citizen. On a business trip to the USA (she was living in Los Angeles at the time) in 2016 I met my wife and we started dating. She is a US born citizen. I moved to the US on an E-3 (treaty visa between US and Australia) in mid 2017. My wife (girlfriend at the time) formed a new LLC and sponsored my E-3 visa. We moved in together in mid-2017. In July 2018 when on vacation in Greece I proposed and we got engaged. We married in a legal ceremony in September 2018 in Los Angeles and then had a large wedding celebration in the US with 300 friends and family in March 2019.
I applied for my I-130 and I-485 in December 2018 and we had a joint interview in July 2019.
In February 2020 the I-130 was approved by USCIS.
In March 2020, we moved from Los Angeles to West Palm Beach, Florida.
In June 2020 (start of the pandemic) I received a RFE and the questions had to do with my US tax returns from 2009 till 2020 (even though I had never filed a US tax return until 2018), a copy of our lease and the LLC tax returns since inception. I provided all these items in august 2020.
Since I sent the RFE response back, I have not heard from the USCIS on my I-485.
My wife and I are happily married and in September 2021 we had our first baby. We own property together and also own numerous businesses.
I’ve had a work authorization and advanced parole card for the entire time (except for 6 months in 2022 when there we’re processing delays). Right now my work authorization and advanced parole are valid till September 2024 (I received a 2 year card).
I have had two immigration lawyers on my file and the new one want me to file a lawsuit against the USCIS which I’m hesitant to do.
What are my options ?
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2023.06.02 00:54 ZachMacKayak Best health insurance plans with national coverage?

Long story short, I tore my pec 3 months ago and the only doctor I’ve found willing to fix it this far out is in Florida. I live in Washington. Looking for a health insurance plan that has the FL doctor in network. Clinic is palm beach sports medicine.
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2023.06.02 00:53 jaybond0007 32 m NY here for nudist friends

Hi! With summer coming and the beaches opening up I really wanted to take a trip to Gunnison or even just have friends to hang out with really, only nudist activity I’ve ever really done was nude yoga in the city on meetups but that’s about it
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2023.06.02 00:38 Psychological-Vast77 Help me get some things for my 5month old puppy

Hey everyone! I just wanted to come on here and let you guys know that we have created an Amazon wishlist for my pup named Obi and some things for his brother! We moved to Orlando, Florida from West Palm Beach late last year and it’s been hard trying to live in our own with the bills and the economy nowadays, but we’re surviving! There is a detailed description on the top of the wishlist once you open the link. Obi is growing as a puppy and is soon to be needing new things, I thought this would be the perfect way to put things together that we would want/need for him since currently we have been struggling financially so it’s been hard getting him new things or even good things for him. Anything helps, even a share!💙
Pic for tax! 🐾
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2023.06.02 00:26 Substantial-Rub8054 Found in Jupiter Florida on the Beach

Found in Jupiter Florida on the Beach
My guess is serpentine?
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2023.06.01 23:53 Ghost51500 Hey! Moving to Pensacola (sorry) lol and was wondering if y’all could tell me about a few areas listed below that I’ve been looking at? (More context below)

I’m a single male moving from East Tennessee. Everything I have read has been pretty much (NE or SE Pensacola only). My max budget is 250k which doesn’t get much now. I have seen some homes pop up in Cordova West I really like. Also around Brent. I have also seen some nice ones west of Warrington as you get closer to Perdido, but I am wanting to be closer to the downtown/pcola beach area. Thanks for any help! I’ll be down in 2 weeks to drive around and look at different areas.
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2023.06.01 23:20 ducksarecool89 Florida State Parks Checklist, what’s your favorite and why?

Florida State Parks Checklist, what’s your favorite and why?
What are y’all’s favorite parks? What are the best things to see and do there?
I’ve been to a few of these but now plan to explore/experience them all with purpose starting this summer and over the next few years.
First one crossed off: Kissimmee Prairie State Park - it’s a designated dark sky park. Photos are from October.
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2023.06.01 23:03 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/house roundup for the week of May 25 - May 31

Thursday, May 25 - Wednesday, May 31

Top 10 Posts

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38 4 comments Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love
32 1 comments Basement Jaxx - Romeo (Official Video) [2001 - UK] [Sp] [AM] [BC] [Dzr] [SC]
27 5 comments Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face (Live) [2000 - France]
24 6 comments Track Id of this song? played by Solomun in 2023
21 1 comments Mall Grab - Feel U [Dzr] [SC]
17 2 comments Sade - Smooth Operator (C.I.S.C.O Edit) [AM] [BC] [Dzr] [SC]
17 3 comments Diana Ross - Upside Down (Kolter Edit) [Sp] [AM] [BC] [Dzr] [SC]
16 0 comments M&S Pres. The Girl Next Door - Salsoul Nugget (If U Wanna) (M&S Sure Shot Dub)
15 8 comments Capcom vs. SNK 2 - This Is True Love Makin'
14 2 comments The Streets - Weak Become Heroes (Ashley Beedle's Love Bug Vocal) [Sp] [AM] [BC] [Dzr] [SC]

Top 5 Most Commented

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12 26 comments What is your most prized record in your record collection??
9 14 comments Podcasts?
10 13 comments Anyone know of the house scene in the Tampa Bay Florida area? I just moved here
3 13 comments Seeking Chilled House Music Suggestions for New Beach Bar
1 9 comments House/Tecno festivals in the fall?
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2023.06.01 22:20 Mysterious-Value-329 Am I overreacting? Pregnant, and mom keeps insisting I move back to a very red state.

Can someone tell me if I am overreacting/pregnancy hormones, or if I had a right to be mad at this?
For about 5 years, my husband and I lived in Florida. Florida was always a bit red, but we lived there before DeSantis got into office, so it was manageable, especially living in a blue city. Everything went downhill once Desantis was elected.
My husband and I had a dream from the start of our relationship to move to Colorado, and once Florida politics got worse and worse, we decided to just up and move. Especially since we were starting to talk about having kids. I refused to have children in a state that has no human rights. Plus, as a bisexual, very pro choice woman, it was not the place for me. My husband agreed. The only reason he liked Florida was because of the warm weather, he has some chronic pain ailments and the cold weather makes them worse.
Anyway, I think from the time we moved, my mom held on to a glimmer of hope that I or we would move back. Always dropping little comments that I could move back in with mommy if my marriage doesn't work out (which I would never do). Trying to bait me by sending me photos of the beach saying "don't you miss this?" (no. Mountains > oceans. Plus, I can fly two hours to California, have a beach AND human rights! Win win!). Bragging that it's 80 degrees in February in the hopes that I'll say I miss it. This continued even after my husband and I bought a house here, basically showing the long term commitment of staying here. Her argument is because we live in a slightly red area of Colorado, it's "basically the same" as Florida and may as well come back. Um, no, it's not. At all. The city leans slight red and is surrounded by blue areas. It's been incessant little comments since we moved in 2021.
The "funny" thing is, my mom is a democrat. She hates Desantis. But, she loves the warm weather. And has, verbatim said "As much as I disagree with his politics, as a post menopausal, straight white woman, they don't have much of an impact on me". I like the warm weather too, as does my husband for reasons mentioned above. But human rights matter more to us, so if the cold becomes too much ever, we will move to California.
Now, I'm pregnant. Yay!! This has only made her comments much worse. We don't have any family in this state, BUT my husband and I are both self employed, doing very well financially, and we will both have the ability to be stay at home parents as we set our own schedule and have savings to not work for up to a year. My husband is extremely hands on, and I know he will do everything I do less breastfeeding and birth. I do not underestimate how hard parenting is, but I think I have an advantage being that we can both be stay at home parents, we can afford a post pardum doula, and my husband isn't a loser man child that sees childcare as "women's work".
I know this sounds dramatic, but I would literally rather be a single mother in a dingy studio apartment on welfare vs move back to Florida. This is truly how strongly and angry I feel about it.
The last time my mom made a comment relating to us moving back to Florida, I snapped. I lost it. I told her it's evident that she cares more about selfishly seeing me/her grandkid, then she does them having human rights (especially so if this child is a girl). She cares more about seeing me, than me having rights, and me being in a place that makes me happy. I said it's disgusting how she can care so little about politics that don't directly impact her life, especially as she was a teacher all her life, mostly teaching students of very marginalized backgrounds. I said "you literally live in the North Korea of the USA and you want me to come back??!" It was a very heated convo and we haven't spoken in a week.
If she genuinely and whole heartedly wants to see me and her grandkids more, nothing/no one is stopping her from selling her home and moving to Colorado. But ohhhhh noooo its cold here!!!!!!! It snows here!!!!!!! I don't know anyone there!!!!!!!!!!! It's more expensive!!!!!!!!!!
Is Colorado perfect politically? No, no location is perfect. But I love it here for reasons beyond politics. It is the most scenic and beautiful state I have ever seen. I take two to three hikes a week, and can't wait to do more 14ers once not pregnant. The people here are so much nicer too. Overall, there's very little I don't like here.
Any outside thoughts would be appreciated, but either way, it felt good to get this off my chest.
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2023.06.01 20:49 Awexiaway 29F trying this again but without the typos.

For the person that got in their feelings because I made an error sayings it’s midnight lmao. People on here are too sensitive over the little things but when it comes to reading the full content, they can’t. So taking out that error, sorry to the keyboard warrior. LAST PART IS IMPORTANT.
Hello. My name is Nicole. I’m living in California. From New Jersey. I went to college in Florida and obtained my degree in biology. Never actually worked in that field, I work on social media and am also a model under contract with unruly agency. I also do private content. Hopefully I’m not over sharing because somehow it’s not accepted.
I love to travel. I travel a lot actually due to work. Work takes me to many different regions for photoshoots and also give me the chance to parlay that with my private content job. I love eating seafood. Fresh oysters over a bed of cold ice is my favorite. I workout but it’s only to maintain a tone lol. Not a very knowledgeable person when it comes to workouts haha. Yoga included.
I like the beach and inside pools. Not sure which one is better though. Leaning towards inside pools. I have a few cosmetics done to me. One being breast implants. Been installed for 5 years now. Often times a pain to maintain but I think it’s worth it for work. Again, hopefully not oversharing. I can answer whatever questions, just don’t want to ramble on here if no one reads this.
Tried to make this as interesting as possible so if anyone wants to converse just hit me up. Do the same and put some effort into the message. Not here for a boring discussion, so won’t be replying to anything I don’t find worth it. Thanks for reading!
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