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2023.03.27 05:04 13Glitch Barnes and Noble sale haul

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2023.03.27 05:04 hiimpaul2022_ Is this a first edition HP Sorcerer's Stone?

I received this book as a gift and was told its a first edition but I'm not sure how to tell. It says 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 9/9 0/0 01 02 Printed in the U.S.A. 37 First American Edition, October 1998. I was looking up first edition HP sorcerer's stone books and it had a different set of numbers in it. I'd love to know if this is actually a first edition or not.
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2023.03.27 05:03 Armut2012 Department of State Passport Application wows

US Passport applications per year since 2010. As you can see increased volume is since 2017. So 2022 was not the record year, but was the 3rd highest. Back in 2018 when 19 million passports were processed, I renewed my passport in Feb 2018 and from submission to printing it was 17 days. Another 3 days to receive it by mail. So, all that high demand narrative is just a hype... FY 2022 18,693,257 FY 2021 14,263,338 FY 2020 11,533,128 FY 2019 18,578,593 FY 2018 19,108,577 FY 2017 19,603,630 FY 2016 16,838,457 FY 2015 14,596,917 FY 2014 13,287,573 FY 2013 12,673,903 FY 2012 12,481,013 FY 2011 12,028,710 FY 2010 14,005,102
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2023.03.27 05:03 pancakes1411 Help Power Ranking These Teams

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2023.03.27 05:03 1-800-angel well this is a new one

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2023.03.27 05:02 Additional-Ad7305 [OC] 2023 MLS Attendance Tracker - Week 5

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2023.03.27 05:02 Gray_Bat Doing my nails helps during study breaks keeps me going.

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2023.03.27 05:00 sd4051 Plz rate the improved cyno build

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2023.03.27 04:58 Ability-Cold Historic Moment

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2023.03.27 04:55 bamzing Friday Modern Challenge Results - Mar 24 2023




1. 5c Creativity (9-1) Alan07 @AlanLB07
2. BR Grief (8-2) christiano7
3. Mono U Tron (7-2) shoktroopa
4. Affinity (7-2) Tezzey @TezzeyMTG [YouTube]
5. 5c Creativity (6-2) DarthStone
6. Mono W Humans (6-2) qbturtle15
7. 4c Rhinos (5-3) SoIMBAGallade @SoIMBAGallade [Twitch]
8. UR Murktide (5-3) ejk
9. BR Grief (5-2) YungDingo @YungDingoMTG [Twitch] [YouTube]
10. UR Murktide (5-2) JozefTelecki
11. Domain [Jegantha] (5-2) quinniac
12. UR Breach [Jegantha] (5-2) Bmadman
13. UW Hammer (5-2) Parrit @ParritMtg
14. Mono U Merfolk (5-2) ht991122
15. 5c Creativity (5-2) Butakov @butakov_mtg
16. 5c Creativity (5-2) Jumba
17. UR Murktide (5-2) Jatuh
18. Temur Rhinos (4-3) rastaf @MtgRastaf [Twitch]
19. Living End (4-3) Mighty_Ravendark
20. UR Murktide (4-3) lilianna1989
21. Eldrazi Tron (4-3) brenden2000 [Twitch]
22. Eldrazi Tron (4-3) Diallelus
23. BR Grief (4-3) NsaneGoon
24. Mono W Humans (4-3) galatriste
25. UR Murktide (4-3) Joryago
26. Dredge (4-3) jeremy_hines
27. Grixis Shadow [Jegantha] (4-3) Restokiki
28. 4c Creativity (4-3) nathanb1992
29. UW Hammer (4-3) every1isbadbutme
30. UR Breach [Jegantha] (4-3) hauterho @Auterhaus
31. Living End (4-3) Cana-Brava
32. BR Grief (4-3) artilleryfrost
Scraper by bamzing! ALL deck names are automated, please don't get too angry if the scraper mislabeled something. If your name is on there and you have a TwitteTwitch/YouTube link, I'll add it! But please tag me (u/bamzing) so I can see your request.

Top 32 Archetype Breakdown

5 Creativity (4 5c, 1 4c) 5 UR Murktide 4 BR Grief 2 Mono W Humans 2 Rhinos (1 4c, 1 Temur) 2 UR Breach 2 UW Hammer 2 Living End 2 Eldrazi Tron 1 Mono U Tron 1 Affinity 1 Domain 1 Mono U Merfolk 1 Dredge 1 Grixis Shadow 

X-2 or better Archetype Breakdown

4 Creativity (4 5c) 3 UR Murktide 2 BR Grief 1 Mono W Humans 1 Rhinos (1 4c) 1 UR Breach 1 UW Hammer 1 Mono U Tron 1 Affinity 1 Domain 1 Mono U Merfolk 

New Cards (ONE)

Sheoldred's Edict Soulless Jailer Minor Misstep Kemba, Kha Enduring 

Tournament Highlights

  • (Short comments for the Challenges this weekend, check out the Modern Showcase Qualifier results post! Lots of effort was put into it)
  • Archon takes it! The winner is Alan07 on 5c Creativity!
  • christiano7 is our runner-up and played BR Grief!
  • shoktroopa was on Mono U Tron.
  • Tezzey was on Affinity.
  • DarthStone was on 5c Creativity.
  • qbturtle15 was on Mono W Humans.
  • SoIMBAGallade was on 4c Rhinos.
  • ejk rounds out our T8 with UR Murktide!
  • In the rest of the 5-2 bracket, I spy most of what we know I think?
  • And in the 4-3 bracket, we see another person (galatriste) on Mono W Humans!
  • Congrats to Alan07 for taking the tournament down!

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2023.03.27 04:54 X2burrito I don't know who to play

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2023.03.27 04:53 ObviouslyOblivious90 Random Rivality Round 20

Random Rivality Round 20
And following on from my previous post, here is the second round for today!
Unfortunately, I don't think you'll all be too thrilled by your choices here but I just made a big speech in the last post about taking the good with the bad and it's almost 4am, I have to be up for work in 3 hours and I cba repeating myself.
So let's crack on and choose our next quarter-finalist.
Fresh from their recent victory, let's give a warm welcome back to:
The Bows Pen Wears as Colin Tells Her She Does Not Count. These bows seem to get brought up a lot on this sub so I can only assume it’s because they are fan favourites. And it’s easy to see why. They are a beautiful collection – nay, symphony – of beautiful yellow silk adornments, accompanied by delicate pink flowers. My only criticism is that they are perhaps a little too subtle to be fully appreciated unless you are looking at them quite closely. (Sometimes I feel the costume department go too far when it comes to Pen’s outfits, but then there are times like this where I feel they didn’t quite go far enough.) Luckily for Colin, though, he is able to fully admire each and every bow as he spends the scene standing right in front of her telling her that she does not count. Lovely.
Going up against Pen's blursed bows, we find ourselves blessed by the return of:
The Tomato-less Bouquet of Flowers Colin Brings For Marina. Isn't courtship such a wonderful thing? Isn't it lovely to see how much Colin enjoys openly courting a love interest? Look how proudly he walks into the Featherington house with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on his arm, to very clearly signal his intentions and affections. It might not be a bushel of tomatoes but they are still beautiful. And look at those colours! I especially love all the yellow flowers - they feel really special. I know that Colin brings flowers for Marina every. single. time. he visits her, but these are wonderful nonetheless. How kind of him to hand them over to Marina right in front of Penelope's face so that Pen too can admire such a lovely bouquet
Yep, it's Pen vs Colin. Bows vs Bouquet. What could possibly measure up to all that, eh?
Obvs x
View Poll
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2023.03.27 04:52 fastcar_22 [email protected] OPK - do we think today (CD 18) is positive?

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2023.03.27 04:50 burst-chan DAT Advice! Should I retake??

DAT Advice! Should I retake??
Hi looking for some advice. Just retook my DAT and was wondering if I need to retake again or if I have a chance for this coming up cycle?
Background: Worked as a RDA for 4yrs before going to hygiene. RDH for almost 3yrs now! GPA 3.33 Volunteer & shadowing hrs ~200-300+
Definitely nervous about my QR score and honestly thought I did better in Bio bc I was scoring 19/20s for the past week so not sure what happened :c
I know that I may have to apply broadly, but I am a CA resident and would like to know what in-state and out-of-state schools I may have a chance at.
Any advice would be appreciated!!
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2023.03.27 04:50 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – Idea Audience Proof Product -The Side Income Playbook!

Get the course here:
[Get] Justin Welsh – Idea Audience Proof Product -The Side Income Playbook Download Full Course – Instant Delivery
What You Get:
Section 1: Course Context
Section 2: The Mindset for Building Online
Section 3: Idea
Section 4: Audience
Section 5: Proof
Section 6: Product
Section 7: What’s Next?
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2023.03.27 04:49 G3Shawty [Modded] Tanker Ship from the Cargo Ship Mod, can't get any oil on the Tanker! Any help is appreciated

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2023.03.27 04:48 AshDingers [Xbox] [PC] [H] ~3000 RLCS Items Listed [W] Credits

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2023.03.27 04:48 Comfortable-Land5981 How I Would Book AEW Double Or Nothing 2023!!

Promotion All Elite Wrestling
Date May 28, 2023
City Paradise, Nevada
Venue T-Mobile Arena
  1. AEW Trio's World
Death Triangle vs House Of Black (c)

  1. AEW All Atlantic
Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs Orange Cassidy (c)

  1. AEW FTW
Adam Cole vs Hook (c)

  1. AEW World Tag Team
FTR vs The Gunn Club (c)

  1. AEW Women's TBS
Ruby Soho/Saraya Knight/Toni Storm vs Jade Cargill (c)

  1. AEW TNT
Samoa Joe vs Power House Hobbs (c)

  1. AEW Women's World
Thunder Rosa vs Jamie Hayter (c)

  1. Casino Chip Ladder
Sting vs Max Caster vs Lucha Saurus vs Wardlow vs Scorpio Sky vs Darby Allen vs Sammy Guevara

  1. AEW World
CM Punk vs MJF (c)

  1. AEW World
Jon Moxley vs MJF (c)

  1. AEW World
Chris Jericho vs MJF (c)

  1. AEW World
Kenny Omega vs MJF (c)

  1. AEW World
Hangman Adam Page vs MJF (c)
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2023.03.27 04:47 bamzing Modern Showcase Qualifier Results - Mar 25 2023




1. UB Mill (8-1) tibalt_of_red_sub @TibaltOfRedSub
2. Mono G Tron [Jegantha] (7-2) bonsheen [Twitch]
3. 5c Creativity (6-2) sebastianpozzo
4. 4c Omnath (5-3) MentalMisstep @KingofTraitors
5. Grixis Shadow [Jegantha] (5-2) Magic_Dan
6. 4c Rhinos (4-3) TokaraStrait
7. BG Yawgmoth (4-3) Sweetflying @Sweeetflying
8. UW6 Control [Kaheera] (4-3) McWinSauce @McWinSauce
9. Domain [Jegantha] (4-2) Boin
10. BG Yawgmoth (4-2) Jamesses
11. UW6 Control [Kaheera] (4-2) Do0mSwitch @Do0mswitch [Twitch]
12. BG Yawgmoth (4-2) Talisker @TaliskerMTGO
13. UR Murktide (4-2) rileydk @rileydk_
14. Affinity (3-3) T-Wilder
15. 5c Creativity (3-3) Lord_Beerus @Lord_Beerus187 [Twitch]
16. 5c Creativity (3-3) Darkvulpine
17. UW Emeria Control (3-3) BurnMann
18. Mono W Hammer (3-3) CrusherBotBG @StefanDimov413
19. UR Murktide (3-3) qUaBaTcHiE @qUaBaTcHiE [Twitch]
20. UR Murktide (3-3) Graciasportanto @MauroSasso2
21. Amulet Titan (3-3) VictorCarvalho01
22. Mono U Merfolk (3-3) mashmalovsky @mashmalovsky
23. Creativity (3-3) internetsurfer09 @youngpeezy8 [Twitch]
24. UW Control (2-2) WaToO [Twitch]
25. Creativity (2-4) Mondou
26. 4c Omnath (2-4) ajollygoblin
27. Rhinos (2-3) IslandGoSAMe @IslandGoSAMe [Twitch]
28. Living End (2-4) MeninoNey @MeninooNey
29. Creativity (1-3) manohito
30. Abzan Devoted Druid (1-5) Finespoo
31. UW Hammer (1-3) _dragun0v_
32. Rhinos (1-3) BERNASTORRES @P22Bernas
33. Creativity (0-2) jakobpablo @jakoboffline
34. UR Murktide (0-2) sokos13 @sokos13_
35. UR Prowess (0-2) A-I
36. UW Hammer (0-3) Muril0Ambra
37. UR Murktide (0-4) ArchaeusDota @ArchaeusDota
Scraper by bamzing! ALL deck names are automated, please don't get too angry if the scraper mislabeled something. If your name is on there and you have a TwitteTwitch/YouTube link, I'll add it! But please tag me (u/bamzing) so I can see your request.

Full Metagame Breakdown

7 Creativity (4 Creativity, 3 5c Creativity) 5 UR Murktide 3 Rhinos (2 Rhinos, 1 4c Rhinos) 3 BG Yawgmoth 3 Wx Hammer (2 UW Hammer, 1 Mono W Hammer) 2 4c Omnath 2 UW6 Control 1 UB Mill 1 Mono G Tron 1 Grixis Shadow 1 Domain 1 Affinity 1 UW Emeria Control 1 Amulet Titan 1 Mono U Merfolk 1 UW Control 1 Living End 1 Abzan Devoted Druid 1 UR Prowess 

New Cards (ONE)

Jace, the Perfected Mind Soulless Jailer Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines The Filigree Sylex 

Tournament Highlights

  • (Massive credits to McWinSauce (mcwinsauce) for collecting the full metagame of this event!)
  • 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀! The winner is tibalt_of_red_sub on UB Mill! The Mill Villain of MTGO is going to the MOCS! LET'S GOOOOOO
  • bonsheen is our runner-up and played Mono G Tron with Jegantha! Suuuper interesting to see Mono G Tron climb all the way to the finals! Is this deck slept on too?
  • sebastianpozzo was on 5c Creativity. Creativity is the most popular deck this entire tournament, with Murktide not too far behind!
  • MentalMisstep was on 4c Omnath. Featuring 2 mainboard Elesh Norn Mother of Machines with no ways to tutor her, you know the card is worth its place over Kaheera!
  • Magic_Dan was on Grixis Shadow with Jegantha. Our Shadow gamer continues to show the archetype is very very good
  • TokaraStrait was on 4c Rhinos. A fairly traditionnal build I think? Perfectly reasonable for a high-stakes event
  • Sweetflying was on BG Yawgmoth. Yawgmoth has been a very consistent high performer deck for a while now, being the winner of last season's notably!
  • McWinSauce rounds out our T8 with UW6 Control with Kaheera! It's pretty interesting to see this deck pop back up after a short moment in the sun a few months ago. I played this deck before and it honestly kinda kicked butt, I'd imagine it'd do well in the hands of a top MTGO player.
  • In the rest of the metagame breakdown, I am looking at BurnMann on UW Emeria Control. I haven't seen the decklist yet, we'll need to hunt Twitter! But if you do find it, make sure to post it in the comments section!
  • Congrats to tibalt_of_red_sub for taking the tournament down!

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2023.03.27 04:47 watchinitgrow Lumberjack. $55 shipped.

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2023.03.27 04:47 eastern_infantry Hitting my head against the wall

Hitting my head against the wall
They are so inured ao hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it
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2023.03.27 04:47 Professional_Fix8512 Proud af rn

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