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Hello everyone still homeless out here in San Jose my hometown going on almost 4 months now with my fam after being at first brought from the jungle to my aunt house around 2018 cause I got my old job back doing nightcrew it been hell of a ride trying to build credit an find a place suitable for all our needs and to live comfortably since grandma getting ready for dialysis hoping not soon but been getting those doctor calls no one wants here but so far the worse was a false concern after almost 5 years there she is the type to do stupid unethical shit to people out of sheer jealously cause i don't disrespect my elders like some of her kids or grandkids, hated/racism of some races or just a cunt to get her way on Jan 5th an before this date this year my grandma(mom) uncld and me were illegally locked out of the main house an threatened to cut the power all this on police body cam video btw who she lied to in front of them when asked if we could prove proof of living there almost 5 years she got a temporary restraining order to get her ex best friend now my grandma later on me but didn't serve my uncle all with tro's on false accusations an lots of other messed up shit we tried explaining I even called the non emergency number to explain everything is false an it on body cam that she lies but no dice been out homeless spent all out money on motels cause mom (grandma)can't leave her in shelters or alone no one else helps but us an few good friends from time to time cause hate bugging anyone with our probs been looking for old settlement payouts or unclaimed wages from jobs on an state controllers unclaimed property assets an wages but juggling alot while on my days off now but still work back again Tuesday night it been a ton of hell an stress caring everywhere in the gov emergency help sites or getting loans cause credit only 580 but issue with ID theft cause most likely fam where I was living just thought I write this sorry my friends if you figure out an know me personally or somewhat personally I wanna just die but I can't an got to take care of what little fam I have left if I can't them couldn't probably for my own future one either if lucky hopefully but anyway I'll be alright do take care everyone be safe and you'll see me using playing the The Disko Starz or something while on beer runs if at the time I am 420 an alcohol friendly an accepting making friends anywhere with anyone well see you around everyone.
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2023.03.27 06:43 TheFrostborn True Predators Chapter 22: Prejudices Part 1

Spoilers for a major event in the main story. All credit for this universe goes to u/SpacePaladin15 and all events in this story are non-canon. As always, corrections and advice are welcome and encouraged.
Memory Transcription Subject: Kona, Venlil Space Corps
Date: [standardized human time]: September 28, 2136, five minutes after previous transcription
She couldn't help but gawk at her surroundings. Walking through the underground Gojid city was a fascinating experience to say the least. The way that each building seamlessly rose out of the rock like a stalagmite, the only unnatural features being the glass windows set into their carved openings, was like something out of a surreal dream.
Despite being smaller than most modern cities, she was impressed at how she found practically everything that could be expected from a modern federation city. A hospital, schools for children of all ages, several recreation buildings, a water treatment plant, and many others that she saw on their short walk. They even passed a public park with large, multicolored crystals as decorations instead of trees or other plant life.
There were certainly differences too however. Instead of a farmer’s market or grocery store, there was a single, large building labeled “rations.” Instead of an exterminator office or police station, there were only small military barracks that were carved directly into the stone walls that surrounded the city.
The thing that surprised Kona the most however wasn’t any of these details, even considering that they were far underground. The thing that surprised her most was a feeling she’d not had for a long time.
She was completely at peace.
She had been trying to figure out exactly what it was that made her feel this way. She hadn’t gone hungry, she wasn’t thirsty, Joseph and his soldiers had provided everything she’d needed. Well… everything short of a bath.
Perhaps it was this new place. Such a large facility… so much protection… surely they were safe now from the Arxur.
Well… not all of us…
A pang of guilt filled her heart. She couldn't begin to imagine what Joseph was feeling right now. Knowing him, he’d likely begun to wiggle his way back out of his sleeping bag, making preparations to come looking for them. She’d have to find a way to make it up to him when the time came. It’s not like she meant to leave him behind like that… everything was just happening so fast…
Perhaps it was it her new friends that made her feel this way? Her tail curled in frustration at the thought. No… she’d never been a “social butterfly,” as Joseph would say, so she’d never had that many friends… but she’d still been at peace before… before…
Before the humans came…
She inwardly gasped at herself when she came to that realization. She’d thought she conquered that anxiety long ago. And yet… now that she was separated from Joseph… she was finally at peace again.
Shuddering with guilt, she subconsciously gripped her leg fur, before pressing closer to Thraxis, her… boyfriend?… lover? She still wasn't quite sure what he was to her now. There was clearly… something there, but she couldn't quantify it.
And besides, he was clearly dealing with some harsh emotions himself. She knew it had something to do with the flowery symbol they saw on their way in. Something that had enough significance to make the usually amiable man become quiet and somber.
Despite all this however, as she pressed herself against him, Thraxis draped his arm comfortingly around her shoulders in a warm embrace. It made her feel safe… secure… at peace…
It warmed her heart that, deep down, Thraxis clearly saw her as a source of comfort as well.
Finally coming to an understanding, she all but purred at him as they continued to make their way towards the Gojid official’s office. They had finally left what could be considered a common area and entered what appeared to be a business campus.
The difference between these people and the farmers was like night and day. Whereas the farmers had enthusiastically taken them in, these people seemed… almost fearful at their approach.
A part of her understood why. Now in the light of "day," the Gojid soldiers were surprisingly intimidating. They wore full body ballistic armor suits colored in a patchwork of grays to camouflage with the cave walls. And yet there was still space for their sharp spines to poke out through the back, making for a frightening appearance whenever they flared.
Furthermore, these soldiers carried far more advanced weaponry than their surface counterparts. While the soldiers above ground had used a standard combat rifle, these soldiers appeared to be wielding some kind of energy weapons. She’d heard rumors from some of Joseph’s men that they existed, but had never seen any in person. All things considered, Wellic’s soldiers made for a very intimidating procession.
And yet… something about the situation just didn’t sit right with her. These soldiers were the city’s protectors. Perhaps different from the Blades in strict purpose, but shouldn’t be any different from the other soldiers she had come across. The Gojid citizens above ground didn’t hesitate to run behind the soldiers at the human military’s approach. The faithful also didn’t hesitate to run to the temple for sanctuary. And this was despite the dangers of intruding upon holy ground. The citizens trusted the soldiers and Blades to protect them.
And yet this city’s denizens had avoided these soldiers like a plague. Conversations stopped as they entered the square. Politicians, standing out with their green sashes, ceased their conversations to stare warily at them as they passed by. Merchants, whose voices had previously been shouting loud enough to echo against the distant ceiling, fell silent as they hid behind their stalls or froze in place. She even caught sight of a Gojid mother pulling their child inside as they passed by.
What is wrong with these people?
She didn’t have time to ponder this however as they finally approached their destination. It was a large and well decorated building carved directly into the central pillar that held up the arching roof above them. The outside reminded her of the temple of Valla. The difference however was specifically what was carved there. Whereas the temple had been decorated by farmers and craftsmen, this building was covered by politicians, merchants, philosophers, and military men.
As they approached the front gate, a pair of guards stood at attention before opening it at Wellic’s salute. Just next to the gate, printed only in the Gojid language was the name of the building.
“Shelter Zero… Penitentiary?” she read out loud.
Wellic paused for a moment to turn around and swish his tail happily. “Oh… you can read our language?”
Kona flicked her ears affirmatively. “A little. I’m not perfect but I did study your culture when I was learning to become a teacher.”
Wellic nodded along before practically beaming at her. “That’s wonderful! With time you’ll fit in quite nicely here!” He then turned around and made his way inside. The part that Kona didn’t say was what was written right next to it.
Thanks to our proud donors…
Below that were the symbols for over a dozen famous Gojid industries. But they were all overshadowed by the same flowery symbol cleverly hidden behind them.
Okay… so they clearly have some pull around here… so how have I never heard of them before?
In her studies she’d never even once come across that symbol. Was it some kind of secret banking clan or something? She couldn’t imagine what else it could possibly be.
As they passed through the front doors, they came upon a foyer dominated by a set of desks that ran in circular arcs around the central pillar inside. At each one, a Gojid worker was busily typing away at a terminal. Kona couldn’t fathom what could keep them so busy but had her thoughts dashed away as they all rose from their seats at their approach. They saluted Wellic which the old man returned before sitting back down in their seats and getting back to work.
Is this what being royalty feels like?
She didn’t know if she liked it. Having made their way to the central pillar, she saw two doors of an elevator open up allowing them to step inside. At a press of a button, the elevator descended further down into the earth before coming to a stop about twenty feet down. When the doors opened again, they walked out into what looked like a highly advanced intelligence office. Once again, a dozen personnel stood up from their desks and saluted them. This group was far more relaxed than the previous one however, happily flicking their ears at Wellic’s approach.
Dominating the center of the room was a holographic display of the shelter and surrounding tunnels. The level of detail was amazing and almost made her pause to look at it before being goaded forward by one of the guards. It took a moment, but as they passed by she could see where she and Thraxis had entered the Blades’ Sanctuary before being found by Wellic. She could only hope that Joseph wouldn’t get lost in the meantime.
Passing the display, the guards finally relaxed as they left their side and marched into a changing area. Wellic, in turn, guided them to a gold trimmed door with Wellic’s name printed on it. Wellic opened it for them before waving his paw inside invitingly.
Swishing her tail in thanks, she made her way inside the room first, finding a more personalized office. It stood in contrast to the rest of the building by having a more rustic look. The stone walls had been covered by wall paper to mimic wood and dirt of an old fashioned Gojid dwelling. Portraits of Wellic’s life framed the walls on all sides. Her gaze took in the photos showing his induction to the Blades, his marriage to a beautiful Gojid woman, a picture of him happily feeding their first child, and many more. Her tail wagged happily when she saw a picture of him crossing blades with a much younger looking Thraxis at the sanctuary. Likely one of his first training sessions among the Blades.
At the very back of the room stood a beautiful crystal desk with a viewing screen built directly into its surface for Wellic to do his work. A large, luxurious chair sat behind it with three more, less luxurious ones sitting in front.
“Go on and make yourselves at home.” Wellic said happily, closing the door behind him, “I’ll be right back with some beverages.”
“Oh, Wellic that won’t be necessary.” Thraxis protested.
But the old veteran only shook his head. “I insist. It’s not every day that Valla blesses us in such a substantial way. We must celebrate!”
With that, the old man disappeared through a side door, leaving her and Thraxis alone as the echo of kitchenware bounced off the walls. An awkward silence stretched between them before Thraxis cleared his throat.
“Do uh… do you want to sit down?” he asked awkwardly.
Kona nodded before making her way to one of the chairs in front of Wellic’s desk. Letting out a pleasurable sigh as she took her seat, her tail wagged in delight as she realized that her seat also reclined. The chair was clearly designed with Gojids in mind so the back of it was a little deeper than was comfortable, but that didn’t bother her one bit.
Just having the opportunity to sit down and relax… She had no idea that she would miss such modern conveniences this much.
I don’t plan on camping in dark caves again any time soon.
Thraxis chuckled at her before taking his own seat. “Yeah… it feels good to take a break off our feet.” He groaned in turn as he also leaned back. “Wow… these are the nicest chairs I’ve ever sat in.”
That broke Kona out of her reverie, prompting her to sit back up. “Wait… are you saying you’ve never sat in a recliner before?” she asked incredulously. “Weren’t you like… the High Inquisitor? The leader? I’d figure someone like you would have enjoyed at least a few nice things.”
Thraxis’ eyes opened, looking much sharper than they had previously. She inadvertently shivered under his gaze. “I’m afraid not. A blade’s lifestyle is one of humility… even for me.” he grumbled. “I have a lot of questions to ask.”
Kona swallowed back what she wanted to ask next. Thraxis was hiding it well, but he was clearly under a lot of stress. She wouldn’t add to it with her own concerns.
Before things could get too awkward again, Wellic re-emerged from the side door, Kona caught just a short glance of a basic kitchen and bedroom behind it. It was hardly larger than a closet but Wellic didn’t seem to mind too much. In his paws, Wellic carried three drinking glasses and a large bottle with a Gojid name so stylized that she couldn’t read it. But she assumed it was some sort of fruit drink from the illustration of several kinds of fruit on the front which she recognized from the vineyard they’d passed through.
Making his way to his seat, Wellic set the items on the desk before leaping into his own seat with a groan and pulling himself closer to the desk. He then reached down to his prosthetic leg but stopped a moment before looking back up at her. The look in his eye was only there for a moment, but it sent a chill up her spine. As quickly as it appeared though, it was gone, replaced by a more gentle view. “I’m sorry, forgive my manners. Do you mind if I…” he said, gesturing to the prosthetic.
It took Kona a moment to regain her bearings. “O… Oh! No not at all, go ahead!” she flustered.
“Thank you.” Wellic whispered back. After undoing several straps around his midsection, the prosthetic came free prompting a tired groan from the old man as he set the metal leg to the side and began massaging his calloused stump. The sight of it filled Kona with sympathy. She was reminded once again that both he and Thraxis were not normal Gojids. They were warriors through and through.
“You know,” Thraxis said, a hint of humor in his voice, “considering how much better you seem to be doing… I assumed you would have finally moved on from that hunk of iron.”
Kona sat quietly but was thoroughly confused. A moment ago, Thraxis seemed ready to get into an argument with Wellic. But now he was just…. Joking around? That didn’t make any sense.
Clearly his ruse had worked however as Wellic let out a belting laugh. “What can I say? I’m a creature of habit and well…” he added, his voice growing more somber, popping the bottle open with one of his claws, “I suppose I’ve been more distracted lately.”
“What do you mean?” Thraxis asked, voicing both of their thoughts.
But Wellic only shook his head. “In a moment. For now, let’s drink!” He then turned his gaze happily towards Kona. “My dear, have you ever tried Golsupa?”
When Kona shook her head, Wellic chuckled as he poured her a glass. “Well then, you’re in for a treat! This is actually a bottle of the first harvest this shelter has ever produced.”
Her curiosity now fully piqued, her taill wagged excitedly as she gingerly took the glass with both paws. As she held it, she realized with shock that it was actually made of crystal and not glass like she thought.
Maybe Thraxis has a point… this is way too luxurious!
But that didn’t stop her from taking the first sip… before downing the whole thing ravenously. Letting out a satisfied breath, her eyes practically sparkled as she wagged her ears happily at Wellic. “This is delicious! How have I never heard of this?”
Before Wellic could respond, Thraxis cut in, his voice deep and grim. “Because it’s not something that the common folk typically enjoy,” he growled. “Golsupa is typically something only the elite has access to.” Kona froze at his tone, a shiver running up her spine as she could practically feel the rage boiling out of Thraxis.
“Wellic… my old friend… you have much explaining to do…” he snarled.
The tension between them was so thick that Kona could practically taste it. Before things got too heated however, Wellic sighed as he set the bottle down and leaned forward, clasping his claws together.
"Very well,” he said morosely, “I suppose I owe you that much.” He then turned a sympathetic gaze toward Kona. “Would you mind giving Thraxis and I some privacy? Just have some private Blades' business to discuss.”
The way he said it wasn’t a request, but rather an order. Kona looked over at Thraxis for an explanation and was surprised by Thraxis nodding toward the door. “Trust me… I don’t think you’ll want to see me like this…”
Wellic grumbled at that before pressing a button on his desk. “Sergeant, could you please send someone to escort our new Venlil friend to her quarters? I think I’ll be busy for the next hour or two.”
Once again, Kona was caught by surprise. “My… quarters sir?” she asked. She had been expecting to have to share with somebody else.
“Yes,” Wellic said morosely, “not everyone who was supposed to be here made it. We’ve got several hundred more beds waiting to be filled. I’m sure there will be many there waiting to talk with you.” He then opened a drawer in front of him before pulling out a small touchscreen device with a wrist strap before offering it to her.
“A citizen ID,” he explained. “It acts as your identification, credit storage, and house keys. Hard to do anything in here without one, but you’re now part of our community.” He then offered a happy expression to her. “Welcome to Shelter Zero.” As soon as he said that, the office door opened and a lone Gojid officer, unarmored this time, made his way inside and gave her a deadpan look.
“Is this the one?” she asked, pointing at her.
“Yes,” Wellic replied, “take her to house B. She’s had a rough couple months among predators so she needs some tender loving care.”
Only now was Kona able to pick up on the condescending tone with which Wellic addressed her. She also realized that it was how he had been talking about her since they first met.
It made her uncomfortable and she now wanted to leave as soon as possible. Before she left though, she placed a comforting paw on Thraxis’ shoulder. Her physical contact made his muscles twitch, but he relaxed a bit as he looked at her.
“Are you… going to be alright?” she asked.
“Don’t worry about me.” he replied, gently placing his own paw over hers. “I’ll see you again soon.”
Kona wanted to say more, but couldn’t find the words. So she simply nodded before allowing the female officer to escort her out of the office. As she stepped into the elevator, she gave the office one last look before the doors closed.
Please be alright… at least until you come back to me…
The trip from the penitentiary to her quarters was a surprisingly short one. After about a fifteen minute walk, they made their way back out of the business campus and into the normal business sectors.
On the way, Kona managed to break through the officer’s facade and learn a bit more about her. Her name was Telas and she’d apparently been working in this shelter for almost four years already.
“After the Arxur’s first attack,” she explained, “I guess the government didn’t want to take any more chances. So they found anybody with minimal connections and brought them here to go to work building this place. It was mostly just construction for the first three years. My job was pretty boring back then.” she said humorously.
Officer Telas turned out to be far more friendly than expected once she began to open up. She even offered to show Kona around the city the next day to help her gain her bearings and find something to do.
“This shelter is a team effort.” Telas said, “Nobody gets to freeload around here so we’ll need to find out where we can best use you.”
“Don’t worry,” Kona replied, wagging her tail excitedly, “I don’t intend on taking advantage of you people. The fact you let me in at all is a debt I couldn’t live with not paying back.”
For the first time, Officer Telas swung her own tail happily back at her. “Good to hear it! I think you’ll fit in just fine around here. And you did manage to fight off some predators I heard.” she added, a look of respect crossing her features. “We could use a few more numbers in the security detail. Maybe we could be coworkers… ah, here’s your home now!”
Apparently the living quarters were simply smashed in between all the smaller businesses because, when they did find it, Kona found that it was simply stuck between a large restaurant and a fancy cooking store. Why they would even have such things in a place like this was beyond her, but she was just too emotionally exhausted to care at that point.
Housing unit B was a large but simple structure similar to interstellar hotels she’d visited back on Venlil Prime. The lobby was sparse, but comfortable. A few sets of furniture were placed against the walls, several portraits of the surface hanging above them, and a large marble desk acted as the workplace for the unit’s attendant.
Her escort explained the situation to the attendant and, after a quick calibration of her ID, she was brought to her living quarters on the third floor.
“This is where you’ll be staying Kona,” Telas said with a friendly swish of her tail, “if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us with your ID. We only wish for everyone to be as comfortable as possible during this transitionary period.”
Kona tilted her head at that. “Transitionary? Is there something I should know?” she asked.
The officer tilted her head in kind. “Did Wellic not tell you?” After a shake of her head, Telas sighed, “Figures, you were in that office the whole time. Word travels fast here. Now that we know the Dominion is back, we’ll all be staying down here… for the rest of our lives.”
Kona’s eyes widened in shock. “You aren’t even going to try to get help? Maybe fight back? You Gojids have pushed back the Dominion before.”
But the officer only shook her head. “Maybe if we had stopped them in orbit, that may have been possible.” Her face then hardened with hatred. “But thanks to those damned humans… our military infrastructure is shattered. And then, thanks to you, we now know they have made landfall. We’ve already lost contact with several shelters across the planet. We can only assume they’ve either been conquered… or destroyed… probably both.” She then took Kona’s paws gently into her own. “You’ve been stronger than most to get this far, but I’m sorry… nobody is coming for us. Not anymore. But I promise we’re safe here.”
Kona’s eyes began to water as the reality of their situation hit her again. “How… How can you be so sure? What makes you think they won’t find us down here? You said they’ve found others…”
The officer brushed her tail against hers comfortingly. “I don’t know the specifics, but I was told we have a way to stay hidden from them. The administrator hasn’t failed us once. You can count on him.”
“The administrator…” Kona asked curiously, “who’s that?”
Instead of answering, to Kona’s surprise, the officer went rigid as a look of horror crossed her face before immediately removing her paw and looking away. “I’ve said too much…” she whispered, before looking back at her, the deadpan back on her face. “Enjoy your stay Kona, we look forward to working with you.”
And with that, the officer frantically walked away, leaving Kona unnerved to say the least.
After that frightful moment, it took nearly a full minute for Kona to regain her bearings and enter her room. The door had a simple scan lock which she pressed her ID. After several moments, the screen went from blue to green before the door slid open allowing her to walk inside.
To her utter shock, she had her own room. Considering the circumstances, she assumed she’d have at least a few roommates. But that didn’t seem to be the case. Furthermore, the floor was carpeted, she now had the largest bed she’d ever seen, her closet was larger than her living quarters back on Venlil Prime, and she even had her own washroom!
Usually she’d be ecstatic. She had her own room! She hadn’t had that in her entire life, even having to share an apartment with several other teachers before she met Joseph. But something wasn’t adding up.
This place was supposed to be a bomb shelter right? So then why all of these conveniences? Living here she’d live the most comfortable life she ever had, even more than when she’d been free on Venlil Prime. And as much as this filled her with excitement, her instincts were also screaming at her that something was very wrong.
Unable to process it all, she crawled onto the bed and curled up against the overly soft pillows and shut her eyes, tears beginning to fall once again.
I hope Thraxis comes back soon…


Author's Note: Hello again everyone! As you may have noticed, despite the length of this chapter, this is in fact only part 1 of this chapter. We'll be going over the inevitable argument between Thraxis and Wellic in the next part but I very quickly realized that there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to be able to do the whole thing in one post. XD
So I decided to, once again, split this chapter up into two parts. Not quite finished with part 2 yet but I will be posting it hopefully soon. However, as always, my IRL life continues to be unpredictable and insane and it looks like this coming week will be even crazier than usual due to TAX SEASON! (yay...)
So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this part and I will definitely see you all next Sunday. Take care!
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2023.03.27 06:43 mielleah I just wanna let this out

Kasi sobra na ng one week itong nasa isipan ko. Hindi pa nakatulong ang kaibigan ko dahil kinwento ko sa kaniya and she said na baka (baka lang naman) he likes me. But I said na baka as a friend lang. He asked me about my love life kasi eh, kung single daw ba ako on top of other things na mahirap para sa isang marupok tulad ko. Normal lang naman 'yun between friends, right? 'Yung tanungin ka about your love lifeand saying na single din siya? I shouldn't give meaning sa mga bagay katulad nito. Mahirap na ngang makatulog eh! Lmao.
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2023.03.27 06:42 jake_t_ramos Do we have a definitive answer on how Panotopes was able to almost simulate paracausality?

Title. Have seen this said before and never understood exactly how Panotopes came this close when the only other examples we have are significantly modified Vex, such as Quria when she was taken, and the Sanctified Mind through worship (and they were worshipping because they couldn't simulate it- they only knew they got results from worship). The implications of these examples, including Panoptes, are important because Vex with paracausality would be a universal threat.
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2023.03.27 06:41 GamgAffiliated What should I (M19) do about this girl (F19)? Something is missing and I don’t know what it is and I need to figure it out before I go further with her.

I met this girl about 2 months ago where we were studying for a physics test in a group, we hit it off and were talking a lot and she asked for my snap chat and that’s how the story begins. I was really skeptical in the beginning of what I should do and what her intentions were because she would hit on me and hint at her liking me but then would do something to show the opposite a little later, whatever doesn’t matter. We’ve been talking every day for the past month and a bit and we see each other almost every day at uni or recently hanging out. Last weekend I asked if she would want to go to a comedy show with me and she agreed to come but I didn’t word it as a date or anything romantic just something for us to do together outside of seeing each other at university, and it was so much fun, we had an amazing time and I could tell she really had fun. Later that week I told her I liked her but not so much me pouring my heart out just me telling her I liked her and I liked spending time with her and I would love to get to know her more and then I asked her out for dinner this weekend. She agreed to come but she said she didn’t know if she liked me in the romantic sense but would come along so we could get to know each other better and spend time together. We went and it went really well but I can’t help but feel like something is missing, I don’t know if it’s the more intimate side of a relationship that’s missing or what but I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel about her too because she will carry herself and talk to me one way in person and then over text it is completely different. I do like her but I don’t know how much yet so I feel like I’m at the point where it could go either way. Everyone I’ve talked to has told me that the ball is in her court so to say and to just continue being me and all but I really don’t know what to feel at this point. I feel like I’m just going through the motions like I like her but I don’t exactly see myself loving her which is probably my sign to leave while I can but I want to see it through for what it could be. Any advice would be helpful thank you!
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2023.03.27 06:40 milkersxx Hospitality can be so toxic. Need to vent.

I left this place (Restaurant) because although the money was SO GOOD, I couldn't work in a place where I am at the mercy of a bipolar woman, who is not even the head manager. (the head manager is cool).

It was really messing up with my mental health and I never felt so miserable and with so much anger inside in my life.

List of the things that made me left the place:
- They pretend employees to complete a long ass list of online training on my days off... FOR FREE. Mind you, shifts are from 11am to 11pm-12 midnight. 4 days a week. And they wanted people to continue working on their days off. Clowns.

- If you arrive a few minutes late or this bipolar employee didn't like you, she would send you on your break last or a shorter one than the rest of the employees. It happened to me, happened once to a girl for arriving 3 minutes late, happened every time to my coworker P (because she didn't like him at all). Everybody would go on 1.45hr break, while the unfortunate one would get 50 minutes or 1.1hr . It feels very unfair when this is a very busy restaurant and you have to be on your feet running for 12 hrs..

- There was an accident once, my coworker had a bottle fall on her head so I stayed until 3 am... and they pretended me to come the next day at 11am like usual. I was like WHAT? I arrived an hour late the next day and they gave me grief.

- She threatens employees during the briefing to punish people (if you arrive late, don't do the online training) to not giving you the tips. She obviously knows this is not legal but she thinks people are stupid and don't know. Most employees are very young and don't really know or complaint at all. nobody complaints.

- If you ask for your break... that automatically means less break and going last.

- Assistant manager was disgusting. All he talked about was wanting to lick sweaty dirty assholes and choke on d!ck. truly disgusting.

Oh!! The cherry on the top: her Facebook profile said "BE KIND"
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2023.03.27 06:40 throwRAwayacc0unt26 I (M19) want to get back with my ex (F19) but I'm not sure how to go about it

We started out having a lot of fun as a couple, started dating in October of last year. It was all smooth sailing until it wasn't. Around the time of Valentine's Day, she wanted to have a talk with me. I had no idea what it was in relation to since I didn't think I had done anything wrong and always put her before myself in the relationship. We had a long, nearly 2-hour talk about various aspects of our relationship in which she wasn't happy with. She pretty much summed it up to we have different interests and don't share the same hobbies so it somehow makes our relationship harder? I'm a socially-anxious person and don't like parties or really large group activities and this seemed to cause a rift on her end as she pretty much told me she can't take me to small parties or group activities (which isn't true, I'd muster up the courage to do these things if it was with her). We agreed to take a break and think things over, and this lasted around 3 weeks. Barely any contact with one another, so I thought it was a good thing, plenty of time for both of us to realize if the relationship was salvageable or not. About 2 weeks ago, we reconvened and shared our respective thoughts. I told her that I had done lots of reflection and self-improvement over the course of our time apart and was ready to start fresh again. She, unfortunately, pretty much told me that she "wasn't ready to be in a relationship." Whether or not that's her genuine reasoning or not, I didn't ask. She wanted to remain friends and I accepted because it's not like I dislike her as a person, I was just hurt at her decision. We've hung out a few times since then and it was a little awkward at first but is getting more normal at the moment. But here's the thing: I still have strong feelings for her. When we were together, there were almost never any problems. We never argued, we just enjoyed each other's company on a romantic level. Point being, I want to get back with her and I think deep down she still has those same feelings for me but won't admit it quite yet. Is that a naive thing to believe? Perhaps, but I think it's well within the realm of possibility knowing her. How should I go about getting her back?

TLDR; ex-gf broke up with me over text and said she wasn't ready to commit to a relationship. how do I go about getting her back?

Any tips, consolation, or otherwise is extremely appreciated. This was my first real/serious relationship so if you all think I'm reading too deep into this, just let me know haha. Thanks!
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2023.03.27 06:40 ClipyBoi_3 Are you typically numbed up whenever you get a root canal? I want to know if i am in the wrong.

I remember whenever i was about 10 or 11 or however old a 5th grader is, I used to go to the dentist lot. I remember why I had to go but i used to go 1 or 2 times a month for it and even had a tooth pulled, but the last time i went around that time my normal dentist said i needed to go to a different dentist for root canal even though he did one on me before. Me and my mom went to get it done and I remember whenever he got in there he told to lay back and then I looked at him and said “Aren’t you gonna numb my mouth?” He said “We don’t have to, it won’t hurt.” Me being the little 11 year old i got very scared because this new dentist was gonna drill into my tooth and I was gonna feel everything. I said “Can you please numb me, I’m scared it’s gonna hurt.” I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t yelling, I said it as calmly as a scared 11 year old could. He said “Fine but we’ll have to set up a new appointment.” And we walked out. While my mom was signing stuff down he told her i was being very “disrespectful”. I’ve never been a disrespectful kid, i was a shy kid that knew to be nice and like i said, I was being calm. So my mother gets pissed off and we leave, she said we are never going back there. Thankfully in my small town there’s been some amazing medical changes, we now have a health clinic and a dentist office so anytime we need something it’s a 15 minute drive instead of a 50 minute drive. But i want to know if i was in the wrong.
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2023.03.27 06:38 steamboatjilly Yes I am a woman. No I don't know how to deal with kids

So my partner's family - very kind people, and pretty religious. When we hang out with them, we censor our language, pretend we don't drink, etc. And I recently realize I'm the only adult woman in the group who doesn't have kids.
We went to dinner with the fam recently and the mother of one of the kids asked them, "So and So, where would you like to sit?" Because I'm the youngest aunt, she automatically said next to me and the other young aunt. So we sit down, and this kid starts PRETENDING to cry, confirmed zero tears, the entire time we're trying to listen to the people serving us dinner to get my attention and cater to her, which apparently meant scooting her two inches closer to me. I felt so fucking awkward, like everyone was looking to me, expecting me to make her stop complaining. I didn't know how to alleviate the situation. It was nothing but annoying.
I'm an only child with a really small family, so I never grew up around babies or little kids except when I was one. Plainly, I don't know how to take care of kids. I'm nice to them and play with them to the best of my ability, but sometimes I feel like an idiot when I'm faced with them. I have NO maternal instincts.
I also don't think it's fair that just because I'm an adult woman that everyone immediately assumes I'm ready to drop everything else and cater to the children when we're with them. The fact that many parents cannot talk about much of anything besides their kids is so boring to me. I know they're a big part of your life, but oh my god.
I don't want to hang with kids. I don't want to play their strange confusing games with made up rules. I don't like feeling guilty when I try to step away and talk to the adults and they get upset/start crying. I don't know what kids want and I really don't care!!!
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2023.03.27 06:37 iexistandthatisit 10 characters that shit on gojo even while being scales below uni+

So I made i post on gojo vs the darkness devil and someone replied in the comments. Now I'm not tackling there response and reason why gojo wins but something they said about gojo.comment in question:
"One of the most haxed out characters in anime, being able to take on multi continental characters despite being way weaker than them (it'd be a stalemate no matter what match up unless they're universal+)" is what he said
Now I will be listing off a few characters that stomp gojo out, a few of them will have arguments for uni+ or above but I will be downplaying them to prove even with much lower stats they stomp him out
First character is jigen(I forgot how to spell his otsutsuki name).
Here is a link to calcs that even put naruto characters at moon level casually and even some feats at small planet level
Jigen largely upscales all of this. it is clear he is much stronger and more durable than gojo physically so that isn't even a debate.
Here is naruto being calced at relativistic, I found two calcs for this feature and used the one that makes the naruto verse in general look the worse just to exemplify how much of a stomp this still is
Jigen upscales this massively as well. In the post I made on the darkness devil vs gojo, gojo's reaction speed would be at least above mach 4760 and has a movement speed of around mach 2000. So basically gojo is getting blitzed
Now how jigen gets past infinity. Sasuke explaining jigen's ability aswell as him not being able to counter it. Sasuke showing he cab track baruto from whole other dimensions, yet the rods get shrunk to small for him to be able to find Here it is explained that gojo's brain automatically filters things to prevent them from hitting him. That is where the weakness comes in, the rods would be much too small and much too weak when they are shrunken for gojo's brain to pick up on. Even someone who can sense across dimensions can't pick up on them due to how small they are, gojo has no feats even close to that
In conclusion for the jigen section: gojo is too slow, too weak, and most of all not capable of picking up anything jigen would throw his way. Gojo loses neg diff at best. Likely though the diff would be so low it couldn't even be described as negative, merely imaginary numbers our brains can't comprehend
Next character is naruto. Specifically naruto from the war arc
First things first, as shown from the jigen statement this naruto has relativistic feats and scales to the Madera that preformed a moon level feat. So basically, gojo isn't on his level in terms of raw states.
Now the way he gets through the infinity. Truth seeker orb following Minato through his teleportation. Explaining the telportation works on wime and space manipulation, yet the truth seeker orb ignores this quality to follow him.
The infinity also works on space and time manipulation so…
Naruto is faster stronger and has the truth seeker orb that has time and space resistance hax. Naruto negs
Juubidara is next.
All of the previous stats would apply to him, he also has the truth seeker orbs. He also negs
Same shit but she is stronger than those previously mentioned besides jigen
Once again truth seeker orbs. Outscales pain's almighty push that was called at small country. He outscales this feat. Putting him over mach 50000. He negs too lol.
Finally off the naruto train let's talk about a character from my favorite series, let's talk about reinhard van astrea
I'm terms of raw stats reinhard would be above Reid,
This is from a translated q&a from the author of rezero, stating in a fight with chopsticks reinhard> is Reid with chopsticks casually cutting light speed attacks Reinhard cleaving through the rezero world and also erases reinhard from existence here reinhard is shown to cleave space between him and a target in half. Y'know the thing gojo has to manipulate to use the infinity?
So Reinhard can split space, erase existence, move faster than gojo and hit hard. Reinhard negs low diff
Another rezero hooray. regulus, sin archbishop of greed
Regulus moves at regular human speed. It should be counted but he can use things to move faster
The issues for gojo arise when we talk of regulus's hax.
Regulus's ability works by stopping the time of himself and thing he chooses. This explains that this makes Regulus and all of his attacks distortions in time. The main purpose of his attacks is they move to there destination and can't be interrupted no matter what is in their way. his attacks tear apart space
Once again infinity is a filter, gojo wouldn't be able to do anything when the space gojo needs to manipulate is being torn apart.
Regulus shows multiple times that the speed of his attacks are capable of hitting reinhard who has intuition that alerts him of any threats. even so he can set undetectable traps with his ability.
Even though his movement speed is human level. Don't expect to save gojo in a 1v1. this is Regulus's aggression when someone who is above him in rank tells him to calm down. Considering the aggression regulus shows, if he manages to see gojo once it is likely gojo dies
Due to the aggression regulus shows, his ability to tear apart space, his attack speed being able to hit and even kill reinhard, and his existence as a distortion in space he negs gojo
Next we are talking about Lillie barro from bleach. This one is gonna be pretty short(compared to the rest) Calc for lillie's strength putting it at small island level, above gojo. Speed feat that lillie massively outscales coming in at mach 3961. Lillie has better movement speed than gojo explains that nothing is fired, it just pierces anything between it and its target
Lillie moves faster than gojo, has an instant attack that doesn't travel, has the ap to hurt gojo, and gojo has no answer to his other abilities that I don't even think we need to get into to prove my point. Lillie barrow negs
Yamin from black clover Speed calcs for taking putting him to ftl
Yam is capable of damaging patry who should be comparable to William, who is capable of large mountain level feats. This doesn't put him too far ahead of gojo in terms of strength
But this, An ability that slices through dimensions and negs durability, destroys both gojo's relativity to yami in terms of strength and his only real protection, the infinity
Yami negs with this attack alone
Finally, last but certainly not least we have, LUFFY
I was debating on which one piece character I should put on here but luffy is cool so why not?
Luffy from his fight with kaido would obviously scale somewhere near him. So this puts luffy at large island+ Old dying wb being ftl, luffy logically should scale atleast but likely above this ryou example. Allows user to eject haki outwardly as an attack. Main use for luffy was going to be to attack kaido's insides.
Gojo's infinity wouldn't filter an attack that already hit his skin/insides.
As soon as luffy punches gojo the ryou is going to allow luffy to deal real damage to gojo. The ap difference in this situation means gojo gets folded instantly
Luffy negs
Well I'm done. That last one was very very sloppy, so if anyone doesn't really get in, ask and I'll go more In Depth. Anyways gojo is fodder and I'm tired. Goodnight bbg
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2023.03.27 06:37 UnderstandingRight48 My best friend can't handle differing opinions.

I've been friends with her for 6 years so this can't ruin anything. But lately everyone's been telling her to be nicer. I can handle it but it really is starting to piss me off. When I get anything wrong, she explains tensely and flares her nostrils and it makes me wanna walk out. That's not really the biggest issue (tho im sure someone will fixate on it), she just explains things to people in a really aggressive, angry way. She did it to her brother the other day (repeating herself loudly and getting scoldish with him and frustrated) and he said "you could be nicer about it, dick."
She knows she's being this way so it's cool, she's trying to fix it, I'm assuming she's going through her own shit. But it's making me so fucking angry and makes me leave the room as soon as she does it because it's getting eyeroll worthy. I'm sorry to sound so whiny about my best friend, it's just no one can stand it anymore. She agrees she can't handle differing opinions, she sees it and I told her gently but she keeps being angry. She won't let me disagree, she'll "BUTBUTBTHTBUT" me and chime in and all this stuff and even if I'm right she'll argue so I just let her have it because it's exhausting.
TL;DR: My friend can't correct someone calmly and it's tiring. I'm kinda worried it'll seep into her other future relationships.
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2023.03.27 06:37 TikTokToxic This was said after the slot comment she made on the video of my last post…Slot does a lot for DV…She provides vital support to victims which makes her an advocate…What have you done Fishy?

This was said after the slot comment she made on the video of my last post…Slot does a lot for DV…She provides vital support to victims which makes her an advocate…What have you done Fishy? submitted by TikTokToxic to TIKTOKSNARKANDGOSSIP [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 06:37 catIatte [TOMT] [MOVIE] Movie about a man who kidnapped a woman

I'm not sure what time frame to put the movie. I watched it when a babysitter had some people over and someone decided to put the movie on. I wasn't supposed to watch it, so me and a friend stood behind the couch the adults sat on, then walked away when it got too scary. I was about 5-7 so this happened in 2008-2010, but the movie couldve been released earlier than that since it was on DVD.
LANGUAGE: I believed it was dubbed in spanish, but I'm not sure if the person that put it on would put be able to go to the menu and change the language settings because I don't think they spoke english, so it could've been originally in spanish.
MOVIE: From what I can remember, a man kidnapped a woman. They were both white. She had slightly curly hair I believe. He held her captive in a huge cage in his basement.
SCENES I CAN REMEMBER: 1) There was one scene where he makes her take off her clothes and gives her a collar while she's completely naked, so the movie was probably R rated, BUT the lighting could've purposely censored heshe could've been in her underwear, so maybe it could be PG-13. He then washes her clothes in the sink. He hears a knock at his door and glances at a knife, then takes the knife and hides it behind his back as he opens his door. When he opens his door he's greeted by a man and a woman trying to sell something to him. As the other man begins to speak he stabs him in the abdomen. The woman screams. I can't remember if she ran across the street or into the house.
2) This happened later in the movie, and the girl is naked with the collar already. The man goes to his basement and crouches down to talk to the woman in her cage and asks her if she wants something to eat. He then gives her a reese's cup. The next scene is him going to the store to buy it. I remember it unnerving me because it showed me how he's perceived by the outside world, and how everyone's unaware of the type of person he actually is. He talks to people and carry on a normal conversation and they don't suspect a thing.
3) The lady escapes, somehow. I walked in on this scene while grabbing some punch and saw the woman running around the house to find an exit. She turns a corner and screams as the camera quickly pans to the wall infront of her. I'm pretty sure it was the other woman from the first scene, her body "splattered" onto the wall. I know there's a scene from Corpse Party that gave me a Ego Ratatouille type of flashback to this scene, where 2 ghost sisters "splattered" a girl into a wall. It visually resembled that. But my memory is shaky, and sometimes I recall it looking more like crucifixation visually.
If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.
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2023.03.27 06:36 offbrandemielizabeth My Childhood Best Friend hates me for the way I “Turned Out”

Sorry I am writing this on my phone so the formatting will probably be a little weird. So first a little background, I (19f) moved to my current residence when i was 7 and that following school year i met this girl M and we became really good friends. She moved away 6 and 7th grade in middle school and came back in 8th. We became friends again and she became friends within my friend group. Fast forward to 11th grade around Prom she stopped talking to me. The reason I was given was because I was no longer talking to my prom date. Let’s call him J. We were pretty good friends, We had worked together for a few years and he was sorta friends with one of my older brothers. I knew J had a crush on me but I made it very clear to him that I did not like him. Well later down the road I had a talk with M and we had a falling out because of that “reason”. A couple months later I realized J wasn’t losing feelings for me so I start to slowly distance myself after around two months he asked to talk to me and I said Yes. He told me a had a pretty serious mental disorder and that no one knew about it. He basically trauma dumped on me and the people around me told he he did it due to me backing away from him. Well I have anxiety and it lead to a pretty big anxiety attack. After that I told him no longer to contact me and blocked him. The reason I call him my stalker is because after I told him no longer to contact me he got 2 new numbers to text me, found and followed both my snap and instagram when i made them (about 6months later), and to top it all of showed up to my house on my 18th birthday which lead to me having another pretty major anxiety attack. Well during all that time I underwent a faith crisis(Mormon), moved out of my parents a month after grad and figuring out my sexuality(lesbian). After a few months of me not talking to either of them and thinking i put this all behind me i decided to follow M back on instagram. Let go of that past and all that. Well after she reached out to me asking to have dinner. I agreed to see what she had been up to and to see if we still clicked especially after everything is gone through. Well the dinner went along fine i told her about my life and visa versa. I thought the past was the past and we were all good. Well 3 weeks after the dinner she send me a really really long text. Like a really long text. Basically telling me that I am a horrible person and that J is the best person ever. Tldr of it is she blamed me for everything in high-school, told me that J is amazing and leaving him was the worst decision i ever made, told me his sister being suicidal was my fault, all of my friends in high-school actually hated me, and i was worthless. Well this sent me spiraling into a depressive episode and I’m still really hurt by what she said. I told the people in my life about this and they all told me that she’s just mad and that she want to hurt me but part of me believes that she is right and i really am a horrible person.
TLDR: My childhood best friend and I meat up for dinner after 2 years of not talking and after sent me a text telling me i’m a horrible person.
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2023.03.27 06:36 Responsible_Chip_190 Asking for a friendship

I went on 3 dates with a girl from OLD. We both admitted to feeling like something was missing. I admitted I was willing to take a chance because we both agreed we really click. She said she honestly doesn't know what it is and I believer her. My question is do you think a friendship can happen? I did like hanging out with her and we both seem to be comfortable around eachother and would genuinely like to keep hanging out to see if we could be friends at least. I let her know if she wanted to hangout to let me know and then I said goodnight. She didn't reply and a few days or so later unmatched on hinge. Not sure if those are bad signs or not. It's been a little over a week since our last date and I was gonna message her saying this "Hey [name], I was wondering if you wanted to hangout maybe this weekend as friends? Walk a trail or go to [local big park] or something.
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2023.03.27 06:36 sillusions Tipping

Went to an EDM concert a while ago and the girl that was checking tickets was also selling little party accessories like glow sticks and light up cat ears.
She asked if we wanted to buy any and when I said no, she asked if I wanted to tip her anyway. Tip you for… trying to sell me shit I don’t need??? What the fuck.
Feels like she’s clearly taking advantage of people who come in fucked up. Tipping culture has gotten out of hand since covid. I tip 20% even on take out now.
I wish we would copy the rest of the world and just make companies pay their employees. Why am I paying your salaries for you? I hate it but can’t fight back by not tipping because that only hurts the workers. Ugh.
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2023.03.27 06:36 No_Worry_673 Conflicted to go to family member’s wedding or not

Sorry in advance for long post: My husband and I have been invited to one of my extended relative’s wedding. Which I was initially very happy to go to until we found out that children are not invited. I was disappointed but was fine with that. my husband had a fit saying that was stupid if we couldn’t bring our children and that my family just want to party hard. He refuses to go. He kept going on about how weddings are about family and children. He also brought up a conversation we had over 15 years ago that if we were invited to a wedding and kids weren’t allowed we wouldn’t go out of principle. I tried to explain to him that it’s my relative’s wedding and it’s their choice to make. This is their special day and his opinion doesn’t count. I don’t want to make a big deal about it. I also explained it could be partly to keep expenses down as a lot of the extended family have children. He still won’t see this view. He doesn’t want me to go and said if I did I would be a hypocrite.
To make things worse my mom is going overboard that I have to go to the wedding. She keeps pestering me that I’m obligated because said relative’s parents bought a lot of nice gifts for our kids. She’s now trying to get her sister involved to say I have to go. In all honesty what it boils down to is that she doesn’t drive or have a car and I would be her “taxi service” to take her to the wedding. She’s refusing to travel with other family because she has a great dislike for the in-law. So if I don’t go, then she’s not going and it will look like a number of us boycotting my relative’s wedding.
So no matter what I decide, to go to the wedding or not, it’s not going to be the right decision and I’m going to be the a**hole. I feel like I’m the monkey in the middle and no one cares about my feelings in this. I’m going to get backlash from my husband or family. This really is sucking the fun for me out of what should be a joyous event. Any advice on what to do? TIA
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2023.03.27 06:36 yvrstrvly3 My (F28) longterm relationship with my boyfriend (M28) has been rocky these past months

I(F28) have been in a relationship with my partner (M28) for almost 9 yrs. He still lives at home. We are planning to save up and buy a home. But it irritates me that his mom acts likes my boyfriend is her husband. I really cannot stand her. I really want us to move away very far from his family. I fee like sometimes he thinks im mean but I have my reasons to feel this way. I have been great to his mom and sister and i feel like they arent real with me. His mom tends to defend my bf whenever I had an issue she literally said hes a boy hes gunna do what he wants regardless hes just like his father. Like No absolutely no. Both his mom and sister did not invite me to their Ramadan dinner and I know its because I’m not a muslim. Yet they invite all their friends. That upsetted me because I know they want him to be with someone with the same religion and culture. I dont know how much I can take from this family. I need advice what is best to do because I’m exhausted..
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2023.03.27 06:35 butterflyface0 Help me out here, report-based question.

I appreciate people reporting rule-breaking or potentially rule-breaking content to bring our attention to it, I just cleaned up a handful of comments thanks to your reports.
That being said, I'm struggling to understand why this comment:
When she was with Naeger, she used to make live streams that were strictly aimed at communicating a point to him. Now she’s doing it with Salah. I do not think that solo wears the pants in this family.
Is reported for the reason of "1: It's promoting hate based on identity or vulnerability". Am I missing something?
I'm not trying to call anyone out I simply don't understand why it was reported that way and don't see how it breaks any rules? Feel free to inbox me if you reported it this way and would rather tell me about it privately, my inbox is open. Otherwise, if anyone who can maybe see something I'm missing with the comment that would make it offensive please comment here.
Please try to pick the report reasons that best describe the issue with the post or comment.
Thank you!
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2023.03.27 06:35 Loud-Professional976 Updates 2&3 - I’m losing my grip and am indifferent to life

Background - I’m 56, married, not kids. I make $400k/year and have about $5M in bank from sale of company before married. Wife doesn’t work which is fine. I also have Tourette’s and ASD. When younger they thought I was developmentally disabled. Instead, testing revealed TS and ASD. Graduated fro top engineering school (PhD - physics). Socially awkward. I have 3 close friends - 1 h/w couple and I dorm roommate (gay male) all friends since college. Wife has a lot of friends - most think I’m a freak because they are very social and I’m quiet. Event 1 - wife told her friends story I had told her about my childhood. It’s embarrassing to me and I asked her not to tell anyone. Essentially my mother died very unexpectedly a day after Xmas when I was 13. Grew up pretty rural area. Father unable/unprepared to raise children so we grew up feral. This coupled with TS/ASD pretty much meant I was a virgin until well into college. I am clueless in social settings, don’t pick up innuendo, facial/social cues, etc. She thought it was a cute story but now her friends female/male make little comments. I really can’t tell if they are jokes or directed at me because of my ASD most of the time. Recently, we met them all at a brewpub and they started again - I guy in particular. I asked him repeatedly to stop as did his wife. He didn’t. I have one hobby that helps me with TS - weightlifting and now crossfit. I lift a lot - virtually everyday for 25 years. Im not violent but I had enough. I grabbed him and tossed him out of the pub like a sack of potatoes - then sat down and continued eating my salad. My wife freaked out and everyone was in shock. I posted about two weeks ago and people said get some therapy.
Therapy session - I never had therapy. A therapist who specializes in patients with ASD took me on. She is vey nice. I explained what happened. I also explained I am very indifferent to life. I have almost not interpersonal connections - though I want too. I don’t know if I love my wife or if she loves me or respects me. Her friends tell her I’m a good provider and am dependable. One of them (unmarried) said she should start dating ASD men because they are easy to live with and won’t bother her(???) which I don’t understand. They were all laughing. I think they confuse ASD with deafness. ASD people retain everything! Therapist suggested a separate couples therapist. Therapist said I was depressed.
Couples therapy discussion - discussed couples therapy with wife. she made it clear she didn’t support this idea and that I have the problem for embarrassing her in front of her friends. I left for a few hours. When I returned she was crying. She doesn’t want to lose me, we are a team, etc. after a couple hours it came out that she had a abortion a month before we started dating and that’s why she can’t have kids. I don’t understand why not, but we did the whole fertility treatment protocol with no luck. She was worried how therapist would judge. When I asked who father was she wouldn’t say because it would make thing awkward (????). I’m confused. My friends are convinced it is someone in her group of friends. I should say my gay friend and his BF are not huge fans of my wife.
So that what we have. I don’t know what to do. If I find out that it was one of the group I’m out. We have a pre-nup so she is not entitled to anything outside of $250k per agreement. Her lifestyle would take a hit. If we split up I doubt I’ll ever marry again and doubt I’ll date again. Why? It would seem my only redeeming qualities are that I am a good provider and simple to live with.
Sorry for the length.
Update: thank you all. Having other perspectives really helps me. I plan to have a conversation with her about this all tomorrow or Sunday. I will keep you all posted. I don’t think you know how much I value your input. Reddit has its detractors, but for someone like me (people with ASD) I can raise issues anonymously about things I could never bring up in a face to face meeting.
Update2: So I told my wife we are going to have to talk about couples therapy. Her response - do what you need to do, but don’t involve me. My wife’s friend Katie (divorced - H cheated) was asking me about crossfit, where I go, etc. when my wife was being dismissive a few days ago. I told her the place I go (not that many in town so it was pretty easy to figure out the schedule. On Sundays they have 1 class and open training. I pull into the parking lot and Katie is waiting for me - which is odd. I’m puzzled. Katie tells me we need to talk. She then tells me my wife maybe did or is sleeping with her ex husband, meaning my wife broke up their marriage. She found messages between them on an old iPad that he left at the house and was still signed in. I’m unsure of the gist of the messages until Katie, who knows what is up with me, explains the meanings of the messages/innuendo. So, no need to talk with my wife, but Katie and I are trying to figure out what was/is going on. I will update again soon.
Update3: so it seems pretty undeniably that my wife was/is unfaithful. I looked over the cell phone bills and there are a lot of texts and calls at very odd times to Katie’s ex husbands number. That coupled with the messages I have seen add up. Tomorrow I’m speaking to my sister (lawyer) and plan next steps. I also am moving the money around so she only has access to her $250k. I really hate having ASD and being so naive and clueless - now being one of those times it really sucks. Why couldn’t I just be normal instead of a freak show? I went outside my comfort zone and trusted someone - and it blew up in my face thanks to my own ignorance. I don’t understand/process most emotions. I have no idea what love is, what respect is, and have no way to know if my wife, or anyone else ever loved or respected me. I think i process almost all information differently than others but don’t really know. For example, I have ASD related synesthesia so I see integers as colors and equations as colored pictures - so they are relatively easy to memorize and manipulate in my brain. This is part of the reason they initially thought I was developmentally disabled when younger. Why couldn’t I just have accepted that I don’t have the ability to interact with people - I’m a reliable appliance useful to perform a needed task destined to be ultimately discarded once the task has been completed. I wish I could just transfer my consciousness to the latest AI suite.
Sorry - I am just frustrated and are having reoccurring tic attacks due to the stress and anxiety.
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2023.03.27 06:35 repentancetown at my wit's end with my hair, pls advise

at my wit's end with my hair, pls advise
biologically female, 18-21 age range, live in southwest Ontario. naturally loosely curly hair. never dyed or chemically processed. rarely (3-5 times a year) heat styled. frizzy, dry, weak, dull, etc. haven't had my hair go past my shoulders since i was 8 or 9.
for the last 5 or so years i've struggled with my hair. before that i would heat style the front of my hair for school almost daily. at some point in the last decade i cut my hair super super short and i stopped using heat tools completely, not even to dry my hair. i incorporated bits of the curly girl method (used CGM approved products, etc) and saw some improvement, my curls begun taking shape again. around the same time i was put on antidepressants, 150 mg of zoloft. and ever since then the problems have been endless. my hair is dry, frizzy, weak, and grows out of my head all crazy. it dries within minutes of getting out of he shower. no matter what kind of conditioner or treatment i use my hair does not hold onto any of it. it feels super rough and pokey when i run my hand on top of it. attached pics of my hair as i type this, kinda greasy and due for a washing, and a picture i got off google of what the average hair strand looks like for me. i'm talking 70% of my hair is some degree of crinkly and brittle like that, mostly the front or the topmost layer of my hair.
ive spoken to two hairdressers who advised me to use clarifying treatments and professional grade products, and then showed another the picture of the crinkly hair strand and she told me it has to be something internal, maybe a deficiency or some such. since this is a science-based subreddit i'm hoping someone can tell me if that's true, if it is, what exactly i have to test for, and if not, then what on earth is the issue? i told myself i'd give these professional products i ordered a couple months, and if my hair still behaves this way then i'm just shaving it all off.
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2023.03.27 06:34 ooobooodooboo Does this sound like lymphoma, should I go to urgent care .

Hey there 30 years old white/ Native American male . About 5’10 and 155 pounds . Non smoker and only drink socially a few beers a month . Duration for main symptoms since October 2022 .
I have a doctors appointment April 9th but I feel like I’m getting worse / if it is lymphoma I’m wasting time .
Main symptom is pain under left armpit that radiates down to ribs / back . I had an initial doctors around when I started feeling it . Stated no feeling of any swelling had blood test done no issues . After that I lost health care and am not on Medical . I’m in December I got worried it was lung cancer because I had a cough for a while but it might have just been my hiatal hernia . It’s been gone for a while now . Also whenever I ran I would get itchy .
Finally saw medical doctor did more blood test which came back normal besides thyroid levels so waited a few weeks retested and they are fine now . She said she did feel swelling under left armpit . I was suppose to have a appointment to discuss next step earlier this mo th but the office had to cancel and I have new appointment April 9th .
Since then though I get pain in my right armpit occasionally , always left though forsure . And recently pain in left ear , jaw and radiates to neck and shoulder and well . I’m just not sure what to do at this point .this new pain been about 3 weeks with it now
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