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2023.06.09 04:24 London-Roma-1980 CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 3 PREVIEW

We've focused on the Big Ten the last few days in conference play. Today, we move our eyes to the SEC, where everyone is chasing Kentucky. But one team thinks they have the solution: outrunning them and playing full-court defense. Can the Razorbacks make something out of this? Let's take a deeper look.
#2 Kentucky Wildcats at #23 Arkansas Razorbacks.
Thus far in their two games in SEC play, Arkansas has scored 179 points -- an 89.5 average. Kentucky, meanwhile, has put up 191 points -- a 95.5 average. Arkansas is known for Forty Minutes of Hell, a full-court swarming defense that leads to fast breaks. Kentucky has the deepest bench perhaps in the country and isn't afraid to bring in an entire new lineup at a moment's notice.
Take the over.
Even with that, Arkansas recognizes they have an uphill battle. "We're the underdog here," guard Joe Johnson said after shootaround to reporters. "We have to hit all our shots and get back on D so we can help against their bigs. At our best we can make it happen."
Redemption is also on their mind. Arkansas is coming off of an upset loss to Missouri and will be hoping not to fall into a losing streak. Kentucky, meanwhile, is on a seven-game winning streak and will hope to extend it, though they know it won't be as easy as their 35-point romp against Georgia.
"They're more than one big star," coach Adolph Rupp said, indirectly referencing Georgia's Dominique Wilkins. "They got a few good shooters, and they got some good athletes. We'll need one of our lines to catch on, and that'll help us win."

#2 Kentucky (13-1, 2-0) # #23 Arkansas (10-4, 1-1)
Anthony DAVIS 5 Scott HASTINGS
Jamal MASHBURN 8 Andrew LANG
Tayshaun PRINCE 9 Oliver MILLER
Julius RANDLE 10 Sidney MONCREIF
Rajon RONDO 11 Bobby PORTIS
Karl-Anthony TOWNS 12 Alvin ROBERTSON
Antoine WALKER 13 Darrell WALKER
LINE: Kentucky by 17 1/2
Florida State (7-6, 0-1) at #24 N.C. State (10-3, 1-0)
Miami of Florida (9-4, 1-0) at #3 North Carolina (11-2, 1-0)
#9 Notre Dame (9-3, 0-0) at Louisville (10-3, 1-0)
Virginia Tech (7-6, 0-1) at #5 Duke (11-2, 1-0)
Providence (8-6, 1-1) at #18 DePaul (9-5, 1-1)
Seton Hall (8-5, 0-1) at #15 Connecticut (11-3, 2-0)
#13 Maryland (9-5, 0-2) at Iowa (10-4, 2-0)
#7 Michigan (11-3, 2-0) at #19 Illinois (9-5, 1-1)
#6 Michigan State (10-4, 1-1) at Nebraska (8-6, 1-1)
#12 Ohio State (11-3, 2-0) at #8 Indiana (11-3, 1-1)
Central Florida (6-7, 0-1) at #17 Houston (9-4, 0-1)
#21 Cincinnati (10-3, 1-0) at Iowa State (8-5, 0-1)
#4 Kansas (11-2, 1-0) at TCU (7-6, 0-1)
#16 Texas (10-3, 1-0) at Oklahoma State (7-6, 0-1)
#25 Auburn (9-5, 1-1) at Texas A&M (7-7, 1-1)
#2 Kentucky (13-1, 2-0) at #23 Arkansas (10-4, 1-1)
Missouri (10-4, 1-1) at #22 Alabama (11-3, 2-0)
Tennessee (9-5, 1-1) at #20 LSU (11-3, 2-0)

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2023.06.09 03:15 TheAppalachianBoi Which region/country do you think is more culturally closer to the rest of the United States?

"southern united states" refers to culturally dixie states such as: Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and south Carolina etc.
"most of Canada" refers to the non Quebec, non native etc.. Canadian culture
"rest of United states" refers to non-dixie culturally states
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Excuse me… WTF???
She literally isn’t joking💀💀 discord people are so fuckin weird
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2023.06.08 22:41 SnarfsParf DPEs for IR and Advice

Hey everyone, I’m getting towards the end of my instrument rating and I’m starting to shop around for DPEs in the Northwest Georgia/Northeast Alabama/Southern Tennessee(KCHA) area. If anyone has any particularly good experiences, horror stories or just a straight up gouges, it is much appreciated!
Also, I still feel like I have a decent amount of holes in my knowledge, so any advice on efficient studying to fill those in would be great as well. I’m definitely working with my CFII on these, but it doesn’t hurt to hear some other points of view. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 22:32 Boondocks-Ninja Parents committed concealment/fraud and took my inheritance from grandparents will, what can I do, how do I go about proving it? [AL]

All are Alabama residents, grandparent lived in Tennessee and made their will there. I have just recently gathered enough evidence for me to know what they did, filed for a lost will most likely because I would have been left the most, I was closest to my grandmother and she knew my parents were abusive and treated me poorly, unfortunately I didn't know anything about it at the time and it's been 4 years so I don't know if I can do anything, but honestly they still mess with me and try to pop up at my place and run the show, they're horrible narcissists and caused me so many problems mentally, physically, financially, and I'm finally standing up for myself. Even if I can't recover anything I want to make it hard for them because they deserve it, they have everyone else fooled but they are just... evil. The kind of people to anonymously call Child services and make things up when they don't get their way.
I've heard I can gather evidence and go to a jury trial to prove concealment and fraud, but I have no idea how to get the documents, track down the lawyer and get the original will, prove on paper that they've cut me out but not my brother and sister who are just like them and defend their every move.
I know this is about an inheritance but if I can make them account for anything they've done to me - I want to.
I can prove they've used me for money and intentionally inflicted emotional distress to control me, used my kid as emotional blackmail, and things like that all my life. I just recently stood up to them and they tried physically threatening me and running over me, not leaving when I asked and doing whatever they wanted, I caught them starting it and all the rest on video and can prove they lied to the police from the police report because they said I started it and threatened them, which was immediately exposed when I showed the officer the video.
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2023.06.08 22:15 Lopsided_View58 This subreddit is becoming an unironic porn subreddit

Like you niggas now just posting flat out porn like there ain’t even a joke or caption it’s just random shit you find on gay porn sites.
Like Ik we all give Brandon and dreamy the exception because the porn they do is funny in an ironic way, but the stuff that is posted now ain’t even funny. It’s just porn and even then it’s full on porn to the point where it’s hard to even meme on it because there isn’t really any comedic factor. Only possibly way is by adding it in a bait or switch or something in that manner.
At this point most of you are beating your meat to this shit don’t even lie cause I be seeing the “this makes me hard” comments.💀
Edit 1: I’m spitting and Ik many agree with me, the gay porn can be funny but there needs to be nuance to it than just random gay porn you’d find on a gay site that’s all I’m saying, Daddy I’m coming for example is funny alone because if the way it’s said and the context you can add to it is gold like I just want what’s good for thugirony
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2023.06.08 21:28 CitrusCosmos New Listener's Top 10 Peggy

Hi, I wanted to share my 10 favorite Peggy songs today. I am an avid Death Grips, MF Doom, Denzel Curry listener but I have only recently gotten into Peggy. I have listened to everything including the Devon Hendryx stuff!
Quickly to preface, my favorite album is LP and its not even close. So I will try to not be too biased and fill the list with songs from that album - but just know that What Kind of Rapping Is This, Dirty and Thot's Prayer didn't make the list but they are still amazing.
Honorable Mentions: Thot Tactics, 1539 N Calvert, Bald, Bubblegum Crisis, Rebound, I Used To Be Into Dope
10. Drake Era - The way the beat creeps in and picks up slowly as the rapping gets faster and more angry over time is so hype, love this beat where Peggy just goes off at everyone. The MC Ride line is fucking hilarious.
9. Baby Im Bleeding - absolute banger, love the aggressive rapping. The looped sample comes off really abrasive at first but also super smooth and addiciting.
8. Jesus Forve Me I am a Thot - this song is deeply melodic, but then switches up to this heavy ass beat drop and aggressive rapping. I havent done much debunking of this song but sonically, its very fun to listen to. AMHAC is my 2nd fav album, and this song definitely pushes it up there.
7. Tired, Nervous and Broke - I love the buzzing and soothing instrumentals here, and the aggressive rapping compounding it. I also really like the outro where Peggy sings on the piano with his friend. The original offline version is my favorite. This song just so clearly highlights how LP is a cumulation of all his previous work, refined to the core.
6. Fix Urself - This mellow but triuamphant sounding melody is one of my favorites, it was created during a time of anxiousness during the pandemic and I can definitely hear that, but the horns in the instrumentation defintely give some semblance of hope. Peggy sings as if he just overcame a hurdle in his life, he hints at his personal life a ton. I just like how nice this song sounds to be honest, its a nice moment of clarity.
5. End Credits - Holy shit, this blew my mind when I first heard it. Peggy goes batshit insane over this heavy metal guitar beat and it sounds amazing. This song just highlights his prowess as both producer and rapper, its mixed perfectly and the guitars dont drown out the vocals. Nothing much to say about this song, but the way it opens up with that hyper violent sample before the craziness kicks in gets me every time.
4. Rainbow Six - despite being sampled off a silly little meme basically, Peggy managed to transform the sound into something menacing, twisted and genuinely evil sounding. The way the beat drones over the soft rapping is insane. Its nightmarish in sound, and that sudden cry around the 1:39 mark is super dope.
3. LIARA - Yes, I love the ghost-pop tape. HBK, Sakura, Bubblegum Crisis, Behold a Pale Horse are among my favorites. But LIARA is my #1 favorite, this song is atmospherically amazing - it feels like your conciousness is just floating in the boundless cosmos - its soothing but also sounds hopelessly somber and sad.
2. Hazard Duty Pay - Not an unpopular choice, the sample is absolutely insane and I love listening to End Credits into Hazard Duty Pay back to back. The mixing is immaculate, as Peggy raps over how he won't be pushed around the music industry in some of the most aggressive rapping over such a beautiful beat.
1. Free the Frail - yup, this is my #1 favorite. Not just because of the beautiful vocals from Helena Deland weaved in with Peggy singing, but because of this message of this song - don't be afraid to explore your craft and create your own voice. Peggy reminds us not to "rely on the strength of his image" - His music is at times political and angry, but he doesn't want us to be in his echo chamber, he wants us to resonate with our own voice and to take it easy with the work we do in our lives. This is the best Peggy song to me because it simply just sounds wonderful, and that outro needs no speaking of, its just perfect.
Ok that's my list, gonna grab some sushi to go for lunch now. Bye :))
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2023.06.08 21:24 Chicanarist Desperately need help, Can I still win her over?


Hello, so I’ve had an interest in this girl who I’ll call Melina (Elden Ring reference lol). So I’ve been interested in Melina since 3rd grade, and I am currently in high school so it’s been a very long time. She is my first real interest however in all these years I’ve never worked up the courage to make a move or even talk to her. The only times I ever talked to her were for school reasons (School projects, etc). Other than that, the only times I ever see her are when I walk past her in the hallway, during lunchtime occasionally, during some classes, etc. The weird thing is that I’ve had other interests throughout the years but I eventually lost interest in all of them, except for Melina. In fact I’ve only become more interested with her as the years pass by, even though I barely even see her and never talk to her. The truth is, this is a little embarassing to say but I’ve never been with anyone romantically in any way, and in my mind she HAS to be my first relationship. I don’t know why but I firmly believe I will win her over one day and marry her. But I can’t even talk to her yet so we’ll see how it goes. The main reason I can’t work up the courage to make a move is because i’m not particularly attractive. I mean if I started putting in effort I could look good but as of right now, she is definetly way out of my league on an attractiveness scale as well as a social hierarchy scale. She’s one of the most popular girls in my school and I’m a complete and utter loser that can’t even look her in the eye.

Recent Events

Alright now that the context is over, let me talk about the events that have happened recently, because it has been VERY eventful. So about 2 months ago I decided I was done waiting and I want to begin making a move, my original plan was to befriend her first, and show her how good of a guy I am, and then make a move. However something happend. So like I said this was 2 months ago, I thought to myself “Why not be open about my interest?”. I was thinking that if I didn’t try to keep it a secret then maybe that could remove a lot of the awkwardness. I wasn’t going to tell her explicitly, I was just going to tell my friends and some other people at school and my idea was that word would eventually get to her and if she reciprocated feelings then she would approach me and if she didn’t like me back then she would just do nothing and BOOM i just shot my shot without any of the awkwardness or riskiness. But this went very wrong. So I started telling people about it and word spread extremely quickly, way quicker than I ever expected.Fast forward a couple days and I’m eating my lunch with my friends and I see her with her friends on the other side of the cafeteria, and SHE LOOKED AT ME. Like we literally made eye contact for a split second until I quickly looked down. This was exhilirating, like literally my heart started beating quickly and I told my friends what happened. They looked back and she waved at me. Like bro when I tell you I had such butterflies in my stomach I’m not joking. Anyways after school on that day I gained some confidence, word had obviously spread and I knew that she knew I liked her. So I decided to send her a text, so I said “Whats crackalackin?” and she said “No” I was thinking for hours and hours of what to send until I finally landed on a funny meme that was kind of edgy, it’s the kind of meme I would send to my friends. So I sent it and she left me on read. Then the next day I sent another hilarious slightly weird meme and she replied with “Oh”. I don’t know if that’s bad or good but a response is a response so I was happy. Anyways after the next day I was in lunch and all my friends were egging me on to go and talk to her but I couldn’t do it. I chickened out and eventually I look up and I see her and her friends walking towards me. I instantly pick up my bag and run as fast as I can in the opposite direction. That kind of thing happened a lot, she would be near me and I would run away full speed, this happened like 3 or 4 times. Eventually she waved at me one day and I waved back then ran away. Some days pass by and I find out that she screenshotted my texts with her, and pretty much the entire grade had those screenshots. People started greeting me with “What’s crackalackin” and it was slightly embarassing. At this point the entire grade knew that I liked Melina. I tried texting her some more but then she eventually ended up blocking me. Like 2 weeks pass by and I send one of my friends to go ask her to unblock me. Eventually she actually unblocks me and I haven’t texted her or talked to her since.

By now I had regretted not keeping it a secret, I wish I just kept it a secret and did my original plan: befriend her, workout and look better, show her I’m a good guy, then make a move. That’s how most people do it, but now I’m on max difficulty, cuz she knows I like her and it just sucks cuz I don’t know where to go from here. It’s also worth mentioning I don’t share any classes with her this year, but since summer is approaching, next year I was hoping to share atleast 1 class with her so I could try talking to her and advancing from there. We are also going to have a school play and I think she will sign up so I was thinking of signing up too. So far that’s my 2 plans but other than that I got nothing.So here we are, what should I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated because this is my first real attempt at pursuing a girl
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2023.06.08 21:02 Latter_Bother687 How the US has grown

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2023.06.08 20:35 Jaco_B_W Everyone in the reddit beating up the guy who posted a cringy meme causing brandon to end the reddit video early.

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2023.06.08 20:20 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 78. Navy

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
Anchors aweigh, my boys, anchors aweigh
Farewell to foreign shores, we sail at break of day, of day
Through our last night ashore, drink to the foam
Until we meet once more, here's wishing you a happy voyage home
Navy is one of the oldest football programs in the country, having fielded their first team in 1879. With that comes a history of excellence, as it should with the Navy, who as a program is top 25 in all-time wins for FBS schools, has 2 Heisman winners, and a national title in 1926. Quarterback Roger Staubach, known as “Captain America”, was the winner of the 1963 Heisman and is an NFL Hall of Famer, the only QB in history to achieve both feats.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 2015: 19. Navy: 11-2 (25.276) 2. 2019: 19. Navy: 11-2 (24.894) 3. 2009: 28. Navy: 10-4 (13.712) 4. 1996: 28. Navy: 9-3 (8.642) 5. 2013: 42. Navy: 9-4 (7.584) 6. 2004: 31. Navy: 10-2 (6.282) 7. 2010: 41. Navy: 9-4 (4.625) 8. 2016: 47. Navy: 9-5 (3.576) 9. 2008: 44. Navy: 8-5 (3.107) 10. 2006: 42. Navy: 9-4 (2.051) 11. 2014: 53. Navy: 8-5 (-0.393) 12. 2005: 45. Navy: 8-4 (-2.572) 13. 1997: 51. Navy: 7-4 (-3.492) 14. 2007: 57. Navy: 8-5 (-4.937) 15. 2012: 61. Navy: 8-5 (-5.454) 16. 2003: 62. Navy: 8-5 (-7.845) 17. 2017: 64. Navy: 7-7 (-9.488) 18. 1984: 62. Navy: 4-6-1 (-12.294) 19. 1985: 59. Navy: 4-7 (-16.923) 20. 2011: 78. Navy: 5-7 (-18.345) 21. 1995: 67. Navy: 5-6 (-20.772) 22. 1999: 77. Navy: 5-7 (-22.534) 23. 2021: 93. Navy: 4-8 (-24.879) 24. 1990: 83. Navy: 5-6 (-25.375) 25. 2022: 101. Navy: 4-8 (-25.436) 26. 1993: 90. Navy: 4-7 (-34.187) 27. 2020: 111. Navy: 3-7 (-34.632) 28. 1998: 92. Navy: 3-8 (-36.294) 29. 1989: 85. Navy: 3-8 (-36.349) 30. 1983: 92. Navy: 3-8 (-38.305) 31. 1988: 90. Navy: 3-8 (-38.616) 32. 2018: 110. Navy: 3-10 (-42.027) 33. 1994: 93. Navy: 3-8 (-43.185) 34. 1986: 97. Navy: 3-8 (-46.615) 35. 2002: 109. Navy: 2-10 (-51.419) 36. 1987: 99. Navy: 2-9 (-52.186) 37. 1992: 100. Navy: 1-10 (-54.324) 38. 2000: 108. Navy: 1-10 (-56.258) 39. 1991: 105. Navy: 1-10 (-56.694) 40. 2001: 114. Navy: 0-10 (-60.702) Overall Score: 11207 (78th) 
No conference titles? Navy’s bad! Kidding of course, they didn’t have a chance to win any as an independent until 2015 when they joined the AAC. As you can see on the list above, Navy’s clearly had some bad years, with a whopping 14 seasons of 3 or less wins. To make up for it, they’ve achieved some remarkable highs for a service academy, with 11 finishes inside my top 50. A 10-2 season in 2004 narrowly misses out on Navy’s top 5 seasons because of their 107th ranked strength of schedule that year. Despite some remarkable QB play in recent years from Keenan Reynolds and Malcolm Perry, the 2 consensus All-Americans are both from RB Napoleon McCallum in 1983 and 1985, who finished 6th and 7th in Heisman voting in those years, respectively. Speaking of Keenan Reynolds, he set the NCAA career record for rushing TDs in 2015, accumulating 88 in his 4 year career.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 2001 (0-10 overall, Independent)
Navy gets a pass for 2001. 2 weeks into the season, the September 15th game against Northwestern was cancelled shortly after the 9/11 attacks. The Army-Navy game was more than a game this year, with President George W. Bush taking part in the on-field coin toss. Army prevailed 26-17 on the day. Navy LB Brian Stann ribbed that Navy only got pregame visits from President Bush and Senator John McCain, while Army received an impassioned speech from General Norman Schwarzkopf. The game finished off a stressful year for Navy, who fired head coach Charlie Weatherbie after an 0-7 start. On-field lows were a 7-70 loss to Georgia Tech, a loss to 3-9 Tulane, and of course the Army-Navy Game. Navy hired Paul Johnson for 2002, who’d turn around the program for good. If you’re an MMA fan, you probably recognize Brian Stann who I quoted above. Stann went on to become a successful UFC fighter and commentator, joining Fox Sports after his retirement from MMA in 2013.
5. 2013 (9-4 overall, Independent)
A season with many highs. A 3-1 start included a 41-35 win over Indiana and 28-10 over Air Force. After losing 2 straight to strong Duke and Toledo teams, Navy went 5-1 the rest of the regular season, only losing 34-38 to a Notre Dame team that finished in the top 25. Wins included 24-21 over Pitt, 58-52 in 3OT over a San Jose State team coming off an 11-2 year, and 34-7 in the Army-Navy Game. A perfect ground game of 366 rushing yards against Middle Tennessee in the bowl led to a 24-6 win to finish 9-4 in Navy’s second to last season as an Independent. QB Keenan Reynolds (more on him later) threw for 1000+ yards with 8 TD 2 INT, but most importantly ran for 1346 yards and 31 TD, setting an NCAA record for rushing TDs in a season by a QB. Reynolds also ran for 7 TD against San Jose State, an NCAA record. Outside of Reynolds, longtime New England Patriots long snapper Joe Cardona was also on this team, and didn’t have a bad snap all season long.
4. 1996 (9-3 overall, Independent)
Even for as bad as 2001 was, Charlie Weatherbie’s teams had their moments. A 5-1 start featured 3 wins over Power 6 teams: 10-6 over Rutgers, 64-27 over Duke, and 47-18 over Wake Forest. That set up a Shamrock Classic game in Ireland between Navy and Notre Dame. A 54-27 win for Notre Dame set a record for the longest winning streak over an annual opponent at 33 games. Unfazed, Navy won 3 more straight including a nice 36-26 win over Georgia Tech in Atlanta. But even so, Weatherbie’s teams…left a lot to be desired. Navy watched their 21-3 lead over Army evaporate by the end of the game, stopped at the goal line twice for a 28-24 Army victory. To be fair, this was one of Army’s best teams of the past few decades, and they finished ranked #25. Navy rebounded to beat Steve Mariucci’s Cal team in the Aloha Bowl 42-38 to finish 9-3. Navy OC Paul Johnson left to become Georgia Southern’s head coach, and would go on to perfect the triple option at Navy from 2002-07 and institute it at Georgia Tech from 2008-18. WR LeBron Butts (no relation to the basketball player) had 14 catches for 179 yards and 2 TD.
3. 2009 (10-4 overall, Independent)
Oh look, one of my all time favorite players, QB Ricky Dobbs. Dobbs was a steady work horse all season. He only averaged 3.6 yards per carry, but had the 3rd most carries in the nation with 315 and ran for 1203 yards with an NCAA QB record 27 TD. The record wouldn’t be broken until 2013 by Navy’s own Keenan Reynolds. Dobbs led a steady offense combined with a great defense (19.4 PPG allowed), leading to Navy’s 2nd double digit win season since 1905. Navy had a chance to tie #6 Ohio State with 2 minutes left, but their 2 point conversion attempt was returned by OSU for 2 pts themselves, making the final score 27-31. A 14-27 loss two weeks later to Pitt turned out to be another quality loss, with Pitt going on to finish 10-3 and #15. A 10-4 final record included wins such as 16-13 over 8-5 Air Force, 38-35 over 8-5 SMU, 13-10 over Wake Forest, 17-3 over Army, 35-13 in the bowl over 8-5 Missouri, and the pièce de résistance, 23-21 over #19 Notre Dame in South Bend. Previously on a 43-year losing streak to the Irish heading into 2007, this was now the 2nd time in 3 years Navy had beaten Notre Dame, previously unthinkable.
2. 2019 (11-2 overall, 7-1 American)
After Keenan Reynolds left for the NFL, the QB position had big shoes to fill. Following a stopgap 9-5 record in 2016, 2017 arrived. Zach Abey took the majority of snaps, but Malcolm Perry was too talented to keep off the field, far and away the best athlete on the team. Perry had a monstrous year with 9 starts at slot back and 3 at QB, rushing for 1182 yards and 11 TD on 8.6(!) YPC, and was the team’s 2nd leading receiver with 13 catches for 303 yards and 2 TD. Perry started 5 games at QB in 2018, but dealt with injuries en route to a 3-10 season. That led to a mysterious 2019, with Navy picked 5th in the 6-team AAC West Division.
A 2-1 start showed potential, with a 42-10 win over East Carolina and close 23-35 loss to one of the conference favorites in Memphis. A 34-25 win over an Air Force team that would finish 11-2 showed Navy was back to their winning ways, with a real chance at a bowl as long as Perry stayed healthy. Navy reeled off blowout win after blowout win, eventually getting up to #23 before losing to #16 Notre Dame 20-52. Now at 7-2, Navy still had a shot at making the AAC title game. Perry showed up big against #25 SMU, rushing for 195 yards and throwing for 162 in a 35-28 win. After beating Houston 56-41, Navy just needed Memphis to drop one game, but the Tigers won out to make the AAC title game at 11-1. Navy played Army in the last game as usual, and Perry WENT NUCLEAR. He didn’t throw a single pass, rushing for 304 yards on 29 carries with 2 TD in a 31-7 win. In the bowl against 8-4 Kansas State, Perry again went for 200+ on the ground, winning 20-17 on a last second FG. Navy finished the year #20 in the country.
Perry went off all year long, winning AAC Offensive POTY with 1084 passing yards 7 TD 3 INT with 2017 rushing yards and 21 TD on 6.8 YPC. Perry legitimately was one of the quickest athletes in the country, if you watch his highlights he looks like a quicker but slower Kyler Murray. Because of this he was drafted in the 7th round by the Miami Dolphins as a WR, and has caught 9 passes for 92 yards and 1 TD in the NFL.
1. 2015 (11-2 overall, 7-1 American)
2015 was a magical year not just for Navy fans, but for college football fans following Navy. QB Keenan Reynolds was the darling of football, and went down as arguably the greatest option QB in college football history. Reynolds became one of football’s biggest stories as Navy kept winning throughout the year, starting 9-1 with wins such as 33-11 over 8-6 Air Force, 29-17 over 8-5 USF, and 45-20 over #13 Memphis. Navy got as high as #15 in the nation and was one of the favorites to earn the Group of 5’s spot in a New Years 6 bowl. After a loss to Houston the dream ended, but they still had the Army-Navy game to tend to. The game earned its biggest rating this century with a 5.1 overnight, mostly due to Reynolds’ star power. Reynolds finished 5th in Heisman voting, and when he wasn’t invited to the ceremony, people protested and lobbied for changing the invitation rules. A 44-28 win in the bowl over 8-4 Pitt capped Navy’s first ever 11 win season, and their highest finish in over 50 years at #18.
Navy announced the retirement of Reynolds’ #19 jersey after the season, joining a short list of Roger Staubach (12), Joe Bellino (27), and Napoleon McCallum (30). Navy’s 36 wins in Reynolds’ 4 years tied the class of 1909 for the most ever by a 4-year Navy squad. Reynolds finished as the NCAA’s all-time leading rushing TD leader with 88. In 2015 he threw for 1203 yards 8 TD 1 INT with 1373 rushing yards and 24 TD. This was the 3rd straight season he finished top 5 in rushing TDs in the country. He earned 3rd Team All-American status, won the AAC Offensive POTY, and won the James E. Sullivan Award given to the most outstanding collegiate or Olympic athlete in the United States. After the season, he was drafted in the 6th round by the Baltimore Ravens, the first Navy QB drafted since Roger Staubach in 1964.

5th Quarter

What do you remember about Keenan Reynolds and that 2015 season? How about Malcolm Perry? Who was the better passer, runner, and overall player between the two? Is Reynolds the greatest option QB of all time, even over Tommie Frazier? What other Navy moments/games/plays/players do you remember? How does Navy look to fare in the upcoming seasons? Does Ken Niumatalolo get enough credit in the college football media for what he’s done at Navy? What else is on your mind about Navy?
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2023.06.08 19:33 Iambikecurious Who would this Maine have backed in 2020?

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2023.06.08 19:21 xjackstonerx The Runts Alabama/Tennessee

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2023.06.08 18:59 Nottodaykyle My 3rd of 4 Conferences for MF23: Southern Intracoastal Conference

My 3rd of 4 Conferences for MF23: Southern Intracoastal Conference
The SIC is a dominant conference in my league made up of 12 of the best southern programs. Every year at-least 6 of their programs finish within the top 25 rankings at the end of the season.
The only southern programs that tend to give the SIC a run for their money are the ones in the Eastern Athletic Conference.
The southern teams in the EAC either didn’t make the cut to join the SIC, just moved up from the group of 5 level to join the EAC, or rejected their offer to join the SIC due to the pride of the EAC being the best conference based on academics.
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2023.06.08 18:55 Ins4tiableWand3rlust Which of these univs has competent administrative offices, doesn't have ass housing, and doesn't have a lot of unenforced nightime noise?

I'm a Tennessee student. I'm at the University of Memphis and it seems like the administrative officers barely passed with a GED. Nothing against GED holders, they just circle around what their contemporaries say about due dates, likely dates important processes will be finalized, whether there's a summer payment plan, whether I can even check in to summer housing after hours (I had to sleep in my loaded car because a student worker wouldn't let me check in after hours, which was said to be allowed), etc. Everything they say gets stepped on later. The most unorganized and logically inconsistent group of adults I've encountered at my age of 26. My questions about specific financial and time-based concerns matter because I'm a near FT working student. If my residence hall is full of delinquent adult children and I'm given timeliness about things that don't go as expected, I won't have housing to live in and I won't be able to pass my classes. I'm approaching college with goals in mind and these people are basically laughing about that.
I've been to UT Chattanooga, and though it had competent admin officers, it had a really bad noise problem that went unenforced. And I had some loud roommates who my resident director just scheduled "talk it out meetings" for me and them, instead of enforcing the housing contract. I spent countless days writing emails to him to little effect. This and every other thing about college is astonishingly illogical.
I'm looking at several TN universities and out-of-state ones that count as in-state: U Central Missouri, U North Alabama, U Central Arkansas, U Georgia Southern, Tennessee Tech U., and Austin Peay U.
Which of those has competent administration, a student body that doesn't shit on your need to study and sleep, and generally has decent housing?
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