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So I just took my ASVAB, are these scores good?

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2023.03.27 05:33 augustmuse Did she lose feelings or am I just overreacting?

I’m a young male (18 yrs) currently in my senior year of high school. There is this girl who I believe has feelings for me. She would playfully tease me, stare at me, her and her friend would come up and randomly talk to me, she would always say bye to me when I would get off my bus stop after school which I’ve never seen her do this to anyone else, and she said to me that I seem like a “fun guy to hang out with” (my friend who were around us even tease her when she said this because they believed that she suggested she liked me). In all honesty, I wasn’t really that interested in her in the early stages. I just thought she was kinda cute but nothing major. I was coming off heartbreak from someone else from my past so It was difficult for me to take any girl romantically seriously. But as time went on I’ve grown quite fond of her. Now i could even say that I feel to same way. Everything was fine until one day on bus trip back home some guy starting talking to her. She then moved seats to get closer to him and his friends. She even told me to watch her bag as she went over to speak to him. It wasn’t exactly an innocent conversation either since he made a innuendo towards her and she just laughed it off. I didn’t make a big deal about this but I honestly felt jealous then angry towards her. I know I shouldn’t and in her defense I’ve never really expressed interest in her romantically. But I’m terribly socially awkward and I don’t know how to communicate how I feel. It only gets worse because she confronted me about another girl. She said someone told her that I was going out with them. The person in question was a girl I’ve been spotted with and she even posted me on social media. I’ve never meant for it to by taken in that way and I feel guilty for potentially making her feel like I choose another girl over her. I worried that might have ruined my chances with her by getting cold feet and not taking things further with her. Did she lose feelings? Am I overreacting? Was she even interested in me to begin with? I’m not sure how to process all this or how to go about it. If anyone could please help me resolve this it would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the long post and thank you for reading.
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2023.03.27 05:32 2021wrxbase Need some advice for WOFT

Hey everyone, currently a 17 HS Junior working with a recruiter for a WOFT packet. I feel like I haven’t gotten far since its been a month and a half. I completed my sf86. I still haven’t taken the asvab yet. I only took the practice and got a 78. I feel they really aren’t taking it seriously and trying to get me to enlist. Like saying join now apply later crap. When I first met them they kept steering me away from it and I went to another recruiter from the same office who said yes which was nice. I assume this is his first time doing this since, he is new. I heard him talking with my dad that he was suppose to avoid S2S and sell me something else. But reality it doesn’t feel serious with some of the stuff he has said even though he said yes. The 1SG who is my recruiter supervisor, I mentioned ROTC (bad idea) went on the reserve spiel for a bit. I’m pretty smart kid and good grades. Currently working on my PPL. I have a cousin who is a army aviation officer and I know some warrants. Maybe i’m just over reacting lol but I really do not want to get duped
Thanks for reading my rambling that I typed on a phone.
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2023.03.27 05:32 moomeymoo Starting feels overwhelming!!

My LO is going to be 6mo in 3 weeks. We want to do BLW. For the past month or so I’ve been slowly (really slowly) introducing some purées which I’ve spoon fed her (but allowed her to hold the spoon when she’s wanted). I’ve been researching BLW for weeks but I just still feel so daunted by it all.
I have a number of questions: - How good at sitting up do they have to be? She can sit up independently for minutes at a time but she does sometimes tip over. - What equipment do we need to get? - What cups should we avoid? I’ve read some cups are bad for oral development - What foods should we start with? - When can we offer more meal type foods, rather than single foods.
Sorry, these probably seem like such basic questions, I just figured it’s easier to talk to actual people who have been through it than continuing to feel overwhelmed reading article after article on google!!
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2023.03.27 05:32 RandomFun32 How can I improve my score from a 21 to above a 30 in a year?

I have recently taken my first practice ACT that my school provided me, unfortunately I scored well below what I was hoping for at only a 21. I have a year to practice until I take the real ACT, is it possible to increase my score a 10 point jump?
I am extremely dedicated to this, and no matter how hard it might be, I will do it, but what should I do to do it? How should I start?
Thank you to anyone who responds.
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2023.03.27 05:31 augustmuse Did she lose feelings or am I overreacting?

I’m a young male (18 yrs) currently in my senior year of high school. There is this girl who I believe has feelings for me. She would playfully tease me, stare at me, her and her friend would come up and randomly talk to me, she would always say bye to me when I would get off my bus stop after school which I’ve never seen her do this to anyone else, and she said to me that I seem like a “fun guy to hang out with” (my friend who were around us even tease her when she said this because they believed that she suggested she liked me). In all honesty, I wasn’t really that interested in her in the early stages. I just thought she was kinda cute but nothing major. I was coming off heartbreak from someone else from my past so It was difficult for me to take any girl romantically seriously. But as time went on I’ve grown quite fond of her. Now i could even say that I feel to same way. Everything was fine until one day on bus trip back home some guy starting talking to her. She then moved seats to get closer to him and his friends. She even told me to watch her bag as she went over to speak to him. It wasn’t exactly an innocent conversation either since he made a innuendo towards her and she just laughed it off. I didn’t make a big deal about this but I honestly felt jealous then angry towards her. I know I shouldn’t and in her defense I’ve never really expressed interest in her romantically. But I’m terribly socially awkward and I don’t know how to communicate how I feel. It only gets worse because she confronted me about another girl. She said someone told her that I was going out with them. The person in question was a girl I’ve been spotted with and she even posted me on social media. I’ve never meant for it to by taken in that way and I feel guilty for potentially making her feel like I choose another girl over her. I worried that might have ruined my chances with her by getting cold feet and not taking things further with her. Did she lose feelings? Am I overreacting? Was she even interested in me to begin with? I’m not sure how to process all this or how to go about it. If anyone could please help me resolve this it would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the long post and thank you for reading.
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2023.03.27 05:30 ComeToMyFuckingDeli "Hard" LitRPG

Hey everyone,
I've always been interested in "hard" fantasy, sci-fi, and LitRPG, where the numbers matter, the system of magic or progression is deep and complex, and events and items are constrained by certain rules. There's always a balance between this and allowing for spontaneity and for improbable events to occur.
In my new series, Heat Death, I've created a System where almost nothing is arbitrarily chosen. In my writing process, I tend to spend about as much time deriving the rules and crunching the numbers as I spend writing (you should see my spreadsheet). But that's the backend. In general, I don't like to inundate the reader with too many numbers or too much math.
My goal is for the series to read like a standard LitRPG, but with an extremely intricate System and backstory behind it. As a reader, you can choose to delve in as much as you want, or just take a backseat and follow the story. The idea is that if you delve in all the way, everything is as rigorous as a fiction gets.
This principle of rigor applies not just to the System itself, but why the System exists in the first place. And yes, that means that Heat Death is sci-fi, in some sense. In the backstory, which plays a crucial role in the main plot, I don't break any laws of physics in order to achieve my goals. How can a "System Apocalypse" happen in reality? Well, I suppose you'll have to read to find out ;)
Let me know if you have any thoughts! I would love feedback since this is the first work that I've posted on the Internet. I'm currently more than 50k words in, of which 10k is posted. I post on a M W F schedule, so follow if you're interested!
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2023.03.27 05:30 Determination7 An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?) [Fantasy, LitRPG] - Chapter 183 (Book 5 Chapter 9)

It was only a passing whim that prevented Rob from leaping forward and activating Purge Corruption. The Purging energy swelled around his fingertips, practically begging to be used, but something about the Harpy's face stopped him. Its robotic expression was unsettling, planted squarely in the uncanny valley, yet at the same time was without malice. By comparison, the Ranger assassin had seemed way more demented.
Remembering the Elf who'd died by his hand immediately transmuted Rob's adrenaline into ice water. He grabbed Keira's shoulder to stop her from attacking, then faced the Harpy, forcing himself to look straight at its hollow eyes. "Can I remove your Corruption?" Rob asked, tentatively.
"You are walking into a trap," Featro repeated.
Rob took a careful step towards the motionless Harpy, as if approaching a cornered animal. "Let me Purge your Corruption, okay? Then we'll talk."
"That would be unwise. Your Purge would kill me. Wait until after I have explained the trap."
"...Are you the Blight, or Featro?"
"There is no difference." The Harpy shivered, like a cold wind had cut past him. "I am a Harpy, I am the Blight. I am he, I am it. I am one, I am union. I am lineage, I am neonate. I am infinity, I am the void."
His blackened eyes flickered with an indiscernible emotion. "Most of all, I am something that should not exist. When this conversation is finished, swear that you will kill me."
Rob didn't have any idea of what the fuck to say to that. He was tempted to glance at Keira, see what she was thinking, but that would mean diverting his attention away from Featro. Letting your guard down around the Blight was an easy way to get yourself killed – or worse.
As he was busy contemplating how to proceed, the implications of everything finally caught up with Rob's sleep-deprived brain. "The Blight is already in Harpy territory," he hissed, the grip on his sword turning white-knuckled.
Featro nodded. It was like watching a mannequin shifted by an external force. "The Blight has been in Harpy territory for years longer than any other. That was the first nation to be afflicted, not the last."
Rob let loose a string of expletives that would've made a hardened sailor blush. When he was done venting, he wrapped his stress in a headlock and held tight until it surrendered, allowing himself to speak normally. "How many Harpies have been possessed like you?"
"Over one thousand. I am uncertain of the precise number."
...A thousand? Rob's heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach. That many people...
"You are asking the wrong questions," Featro bluntly stated. "You must be warned of the trap before I lose control. King Elnaril desires to kill you."
"Shit, him too?"
"He is the progenitor of what I am. The Blight-Harpy upon which all others branched from. We are him, yet he is not us. His children are his arms, stretching wide and far."
Rob was tempted to sit down and scream. This was significantly worse than even his least-optimistic expectations. Elnaril being hostile, or stupid, or comatose, he could've worked with it. But possessed by the goddamn Blight?
"Okay. Fuck." He exhaled out as much of his anxiety as he could. "So King Elnaril is evil and controlling a bunch of Blight-Harpies. What's this trap you keep mentioning? Should we expect an army to come after us?"
"Unclear. We are merely arms, following orders that the head gives." Featro blinked for the first time since he'd entered the tent. "However, I believe that he intends to lure your alliance to the Harpy capital city and eradicate it there via some means. You, Heartkiller, are the primary target, although the territory Leaders are also prizes to be won. King Elnaril won't pass up the chance to cripple all of Elatra in one fell swoop."
Is that why the Harpy messengers that contacted Sylpeiros were so cagey? By informing the allied coalition of an impending war, yet withholding the reason for that war, they'd compelled the coalition to take action and find out what was going on. If true, it implied that Elnaril knew a lot more about Rob and the coalition than he should. Their alliance hadn't even been made public.
No, wait, Blights are a hivemind, Rob remembered. They can see what others see. Elnaril witnessed Riardin's Rangers globetrotting around Fiend, Dwarf, and Merfolk territories, and concluded that we'd swing by Harpyland next if trouble started brewing. He also saw Seneschal Sylpeiros working with the Dwarves to kill a Blight, so it wasn't a stretch to imagine that we'd formed an alliance behind the scenes. Still no guarantee that the Leaders tag along with Riardin's Rangers and the coalition, but that's fine. I'm the primary target. Everyone else is just a bonus.
Rob's brainstorming session was interrupted by a slew of Messages from the rest of the Party. They were outside his tent, ready to jump in if things went south. He told them to wait for now, unsure of how Featro would react if the situation changed. The Blight-Harpy's sanity seemed to be hanging on by a fraying thread, and any little thing might cause it to snap.
A short silence extended into a long one as Rob convinced his more concerned Party members that everything was fine. He'd never gotten the hang of talking and Messaging simultaneously. To fill the gap, Keira spoke up. "You claim that you are one of Elnaril's arms," she began, "yet I cannot imagine he wished for you to reveal these facts to us. How did you break free? Give us reason to trust you."
Featro twitched. For an instant, his face morphed into a rictus of horror. "Don't know. Am. Irregularity. Original, me, able to resist."
His body shook violently. "Others resisted too. They died, or, submitted. I am different. I have. Merged. Imperfect. Unstable. Unnatural. Won't last."
The shaking intensified. Featro went quiet again, eyes rolling up into the back of his head. This time Rob couldn't help but glance at Keira, who gave him a look that said 'don't ask me'.
Alright then. "I'm...going to try Purging your Corruption," Rob said, raising his hand. "I know you said that would kill you, but it has to be better than-"
The shaking stilled. Featro's eyes rolled back down. Suffocating waves of Corruption poured out from him in waves, thrice as nauseating as before. Slowly, gradually, his mouth split open into something resembling a smile.
"Found you."
Rob swung his sword. It was an attack born of instinct, and stopping himself took no small amount of effort, his longsword halting a hairsbreadth away from decapitating that thing's neck. The Harpy That Was Not Featro just smiled deeper, the corners of its mouth rising higher than should be possible.
"You were wise to stem your rage," the thing said, in a silky-smooth cadence. "There is much you need to learn, and you won't gain an opportunity like this again. I have no intention of letting another minnow slip through my nets."
It bowed, uncaring of the sword that dug into its neck, drawing rivulets of blood. "Greetings. I am King Elnaril of the Harpies. And you, as I know, are Rob the Heartkiller. It's so nice to meet you."
"You're not Elnaril," Rob spat. "You're just an abomination that ate his fucking brain."
'Elnaril' tilted its head in a quizzical manner. "That matter is up for debate. I wasn't always so powerful as I am now. When first encroaching upon this body, I was but a faint whisper of Corruption. My newborn self was no match for Elnaril's strength of personality. Since then, I have grown with him over the years, bathed in his memories, subsumed them as my own. His life is my life. His accomplishments are my accomplishments. In the end, can you truly say who devoured who?"
The thing chuckled again. "And it isn't as if either of us are gone. The good King is in here with me. He says hello, and begs you to free him from his torment. It's a strange greeting, but who am I to gainsay him, when he already suffers so much?"
It took every ounce of Rob's willpower for him to not move his sword. Stand down, he ordered himself. We need intel, and killing this puppet won't stop the main controller.
"Since you named me as Elnaril," the thing continued, "then I assume this minnow has informed you of my designs? Pity. Luring you unawares would've resulted in an overwhelming victory."
It frowned. "Although to be honest, I'm more irked by how eloquent this Harpy is. Controlling an adjunct body seems to make it easier for me to speak when compared to my main body. I suppose King Elnaril's resistance extends deeper than I realized."
"What the hell are you?" Rob blurted out. For once, he wished Diplomacy was still in his head. It was impossible for him to keep his cool when faced with this...this monstrosity. "I've met other Blights. None of them spoke in more than fragmented sentences. And while they could make simple plans, sometimes, they didn't try for anything like this."
"Ah, my dear brothers and sisters." A hint of fondness entered the thing's voice. "I do care for them, although I doubt they feel the same. While my actions are for their benefit as well, they likely regard me as...what do you say on Earth? The black sheep of the family?" It sighed. "Such is the fate of innovators, to be misjudged by the shortsighted."
'Elnaril' reached up and touched the blood running down its neck. Ravenous appetite glinted in its pitch-black eyes. "Of course, even now, I desire to kill you." It rubbed its fingers together, staring hungrily at the smeared redness. "Hurt you. Gouge out your eyes. Strangle you with your entrails. My imagination sings to me, begging for release. Not that this weak body is capable of overpowering you, but the heart wants what the heart wants."
It locked eyes with Rob. "Yet here I wait. Because I know that what I stand to gain is greater than indulging a burst of passion. Delayed gratification...two almighty words that I fear my brethren will never understand."
"And what exactly is it that you're hoping for?"
"Your death. Queen Ragnavi's death." It gestured upwards. "The deaths of those who rule this world."
Rob's eyebrows shot up to the top of his head. "Ambitious, aren't you?"
"Don't act as if you're aiming for any less."
He's got me there. "What did you do to the Harpies?" Rob asked next. If this creature was in a talkative mood, then he was going to pump it for every drop of information it offered until the well was dry. "From what Featro told us, some were possessed, and some died?"
The thing hesitated. "Hmm. I suppose you'll find out once you reach Arieda City, regardless. You see, when I ordered my offshoot selves to take control of their targets, not all were successful. Roughly half of them killed their hosts in the process. They lacked my subtle touch."
It pointed a taloned finger at Rob. "You are responsible for that. I knew you would come to Harpy territory soon after killing the Corrupted Leviathan, even if I forbade your entry. While I would have been perfectly content to spend longer sowing seeds amongst the populace, the Heartkiller's imminent arrival meant that it was time to consolidate my resources."
Rob gripped his sword so tightly that his bones creaked. Don't lash out. Don't lash out. Keep him talking. "The Harpies had to have noticed that so many people died at once."
"Of course they did." The creature smirked. "Which is why I blamed it on our beloved Queen Ragnavi. Mass poisonings, committed by Dragonkin saboteurs. Some of the Harpies were ready to believe me straight away, solely out of their fear for the Queen. She makes an excellent scapegoat. Those who were suspicious...well, what were they to say? My offshoots and I can't be Sensed or viewed on the Status Screen unless we wish to be."
It tapped Featro's chest. "And then there were the rare cases that fell somewhere in the middle. Neither death nor subservience. A twisted existence, praying for death since the moment it was born. I granted that reprieve to all impure ones I discovered, but it seems as if this one's willpower was stronger than anticipated. It nearly ruined my designs for you."
The thing smirked. "Thankfully, my designs for Queen Ragnavi and Those Who Rule Above are proceeding apace. Were we on the same side, you'd be delighted to know what I have planned for them. Alas, it is not meant to be."
"We can totally be on the same side." Rob pushed a strained smile onto his face. "Just chill out on the whole body-snatcher thing. If you do, I wouldn't mind collaborating to kill Ragnavi and the gods."
"...You are a rather terrible liar, Heartkiller."
"Had to try." Rob tapped his sword against the creature's neck. "At least my failed plan took five seconds to design and implement. Your plans for us were, what, years in the making? And now it's all up in smoke."
It shook its head. "My intentions for your alliance have been revised accordingly – although I will admit it to a measure of frustration at being unable to see my original ideas come to fruition. Initially, I intended to bait you towards the Harpy capital with hints of secrets that I dare not reveal. Something to rouse your curiosity without provoking undue suspicion towards your own safety."
"We would've seen through you."
"Doubtful. This gathering of egos called an alliance would've gleefully blamed the Harpy deaths on Ragnavi. Furthermore, your inability to Sense my offshoots would've led you to believe that the Blight hadn't arisen in Harpy territory yet. And so you would have strode towards the capital, heads held high, ignorant of the maw preparing to close shut."
A prickly shiver ran down Rob's spine. All of that sounded dangerously plausible. The coalition might've figured things out anyway, but this scheme was already ten times more complex than what the average Blight cooked up, which usually boiled down to 'hey, look at me, come fight or people die'.
"Unfortunately," it continued, "you've forced my hand once again. I cannot abide your existence, Heartkiller. It represents a danger that my brethren are incapable of comprehending. Neither you nor Ragnavi can be allowed to attain Level 99 – and thus, I act."
Without turning its gaze, the creature reached up and slid its open palm across Rob's longsword. As blood seeped out of the shallow wound, the Blight-Harpy clenched its fist together, smearing more red across taloned fingertips. Thinly-veiled excitement danced across Elnaril's expression as he extended his bloodied hand, palm facing upward.
"I, King Elnaril of the Harpies, chosen Leader of my people, now officially declare war on your alliance, as is my right. All intruders to Harpy territory are to be expelled without mercy."
A peal of manic laughter escaped him. "The public will be incredibly distraught to learn that an army of high-Level Combat Class users have crept into our lands. Clearly they've joined with Queen Ragnavi and are part of her conspiracy – how else could they have mobilized so quickly, invading mere weeks after the poisonings? I even hear they're led by a Human. Who knows what atrocities he aims to inflict upon unsuspecting innocents."
...No thanks. I'm out. While Rob felt bad about leaving the Harpies to this mess, the reason the coalition gathered together in the first place was to forge an alliance with King Elnaril. As that *definitely* wasn't happening, there was no reason for them to stick around in a hostile foreign territory. The Dragon Queen and this monstrosity in Harpy form could have their little slapfight if they wanted.
On that note... "Are you bullshitting, or do you have an actual, legitimate method to kill the Dragon Queen?" Rob inquired.
The creature frowned. "I fail to see what that has to do with my proclamation of war against your alliance, but yes, I do. Don't ask me what it is; that would ruin the surprise."
Rob gave him a thumbs-up. "Sounds good. You have fun with that." I'll be more than happy to swoop in and finish off whoever survives.
Elnaril sighed. "I was hoping it would be easier to stoke the fires of your bloodlust. Where is the raging BERSERKER who flung himself towards my brethren, time and time again?"
"What, you expect me to walk right into a trap? Besides, risking my own life is different from risking the lives of everyone in the coalition."
"A sense of duty restrains you, then." The thing tilted its head to the side in confusion, causing its neck wound to open further and weep driblets of blood. "That is one mortal concept I struggle to understand. To some degree I feel it as well, thanks to Elnaril's influence, but it's a thoroughly burdensome emotion. Duty binds. Duty impairs. It cajoles a person into disregarding their own desires."
The Blight-Harpy's mouth split into another hideous smile. "Which is why I know you'll convince your alliance to press onwards. For if you don't, I will infect every Locus of Power in all of Harpy territory. King Elnaril and I possess knowledge of where the Loci are, and my offshoots would relish the opportunity to become something greater."
Rob sucked in air through his teeth. To his side, he heard a muted gasp from Keira as she did the same. They'd been so focused on the concept of an intelligent, forward-thinking Blight that they'd forgotten about the real reason its kind was such a threat. The Blight was a plague, a pestilence, draining the lifeblood from Elatra and spawning abominations in its wake. Compared to that, an impending war and the machinations of a cunning Leader were minor concerns.
If he creates a Blight from each Loci of Power in Harpy territory, Elatra ends. Full stop. Especially if Elnaril was still in control of Blights afterwards. He'd use their hivemind to coordinate them with more efficiency than any military commander ever could. Rob had barely scraped by while fighting individual Blights with even worse self-preservation instincts than himself. Multiple ones? Using detailed strategy? He could only think of one plan to salvage that calamity.
Help the dimension mages complete their project, and then evacuate as many people to Earth as possible.
"You're lying," Keira countered, her voice wavering slightly. "If you could infect the Loci of Harpy territory, you would have done so already."
"My kind abhors lying, small Elf." Some of the mania faded from Elnaril's face, supplanted by distaste, as if he'd bitten into days-old meat. "Falsehoods are a mortal construct. We know the truth of things, and prefer to express them as they are. While we may mislead you, or have others lie in our stead, a straight declaration of untruth coming directly from our mouths is verboten."
"That's not your mouth," Rob muttered.
"It is. It belongs to me. As do the mouths and bodies of all Harpies graced by my presence."
Rob wasn't sure what felt stronger – his hatred, or his disgust. "You still haven't proven Keira wrong," he spat. "There's no reason for you to leave the Loci of Power alone unless you had to."
"I cannot infect the Loci yet," the thing clarified. "It is King Elnaril's last defiance. Even as I take his limbs, his eyes, his heart, his mind, and his memories, he refuses to let me give that final order. The King knows what allowing me access to the Loci of Power would result in."
It began breathing heavily, like a hound about to feast on a succulent dinner. "Can you trust that he will hold out for longer? That the embers of his tortured, weary mind will stay lit while you retreat to search for a solution that does not exist? Or will you march, and attempt to slay me before I unleash hell upon this world?"
Rob could hear his heart beating in his chest. Something about this moment felt pivotal. It wasn't a simple matter of saying yes or no; he needed to say it right, or everything they'd built up so far would collapse.
Mind racing, he activated Quick Thinking, then Recall, committing most of the creature's words to memory. He followed up by using Recall in tandem with a Message, performing the equivalent of a mental copy/paste function, sending a word-for-word transcript of Elnaril's speech directly to Diplomacy.
"You said..." Rob drew out the pause, buying time for Diplomacy to finish reading. "You said that your kind abhors lying. Does that extend to breaking promises?"
"There are no physical or mental restrictions that prevent us from forswearing a vow." Elnaril grimaced. "Yet I would detest doing so. The notion of betraying my purity of intent threatens bile to rise to the top of my throat."
Rob sent over those statements to Diplomacy as well. They replied back quickly; according to them, while it was impossible to be certain of Elnaril's intent due to his nonstandard worldview, Diplomacy didn't sense any deception within his words. They also made sure to state that they didn't actually know how to psychoanalyze a freaking Blight, and to not take their conclusion as fact.
Which was fine. It was just added confirmation for the decision Rob had already made. He'd stared the Blight in its face on more occasions than anyone in Elatra, and so he understood them better than anyone. In truth, whether Elnaril was capable of breaking his promises or not was irrelevant. This abhorrent creature standing before him may have been a fusion of Blight and Harpy, but even with its essence diluted, a Blight was still a Blight.
Always seeking revelry.
"There's a problem with that gauntlet you just threw down," Rob began. "It's too risky for us. What if King Elnaril's willpower gives out while our coalition is busy marching deeper into Harpy territory? We wouldn't even get the chance to kill you. Do you really want our story to conclude without its grand finale?"
Elnaril's bloody fingers twitched. "No," the thing whispered. "I do not."
"Then let's make a deal." With a dramatic flourish, Rob stabbed his sword into the ground. "The coalition will press onward, as requested. We'll pay you a visit at the Harpy capital. I'll bring free snacks for everyone. In return, you stay away from the Loci of Power, regardless of whether King Elnaril's willpower gives out."
The creature licked its lips. "You must march with the soldiers you have now. No waiting for reinforcements."
Was hoping he wouldn't catch that. "Got it. In that case, you can't inform the Dragon Bitch that we're here. You started this two-front war, so you get to fight it by yourself."
"My offshoots and I will cease all direct and indirect communications with Dragon Queen Ragnavi. She won't be apprised of your presence." Elnaril leaned forward, moisture pooling at the corners of his mouth. "The Harpies, however, will be told first thing in the morning. Don't expect a warm welcome."
"How typical of a Leader," Keira remarked. "You speak of detesting falsehoods, then lie to your own people about our intentions."
At that, the thing simply laughed. "I won't lie – my subordinates will, of their own accord. And it won't be a falsehood to claim that your alliance has come to slay Elnaril, Harpy Leader."
He extended his bloodied hand again. "I accept your proposal, Rob the Heartkiller." Darkened eyes swirled, like vortexes of black smog. "It shall last until either you or I have perished."
Rob's skin crawled as he grasped Elnaril's hand and shook it. "Then we have a deal." And as long as we keep him hyped, he'll stick to it.
Talons dug into the back of Rob's hand. "One last thing," Elnaril began. "I've answered many of your questions, so it is only fair that you answer several of my own. Three should suffice."
With a calm, measured motion, Rob let go of the creature's hand. His kneejerk response was to tell it to fuck off, but for all he knew that would make Elnaril renege on the deal right then and there. "Questions about what?" he asked, through clenched teeth.
"That would be telling. First: if you somehow survive the coming battles, kill me, kill my brethren, kill the gods...what will you do afterwards?"
Rob narrowed his eyes. "Is this going to be a thing where you dig up info on me and then use it to ruin my life?"
"No, but that is an excellent idea for the future," it responded, sounding genuine.
God do I want to sleep. "I'll hang out with my favorite people, visit my favorite places, eat my favorite foods, and live without abominations like you breathing down my neck." Rob didn't give a shit if Elnaril thought that was too vague; he wasn't about to confirm who the Blight should target to hurt him.
"An adequate response." It turned towards Keira. "I pose the same question to you."
She offered it a shit-eating grin. "I'll hang out with my favorite people, visit my favorite places, eat my favorite foods, and live without abominations like you breathing down my neck."
Elnaril raised an eyebrow. "Hmm. Well, that's sufficient. Your verbal replies didn't particularly matter – only that by asking, I made you think of what the true answers were."
Its gaze shifted from Keira, to Rob, then back again. "My third question is for the both of you. Now that you've envisioned your hopes and dreams, crystallized the future you wish to achieve...what will you do when the Heartkiller's Leveling High inevitably overflows? Kill him, or allow him to kill others?"
For a few seconds, they said nothing.
"That won't happen," Keira hissed. Rob continued his silence.
Elnaril let out a long, booming laugh, like malice encapsulated into an earthly sound. "Phenomenal responses." He licked the blood from his fingers, Featro's stolen body quivering with delight. "It will be a mournful day when I have to devour your souls. Keeping you alive to watch this misery bloom would be so much sweeter."
The thing froze – and then, suddenly, it wasn't the thing anymore. Posture, breathing, mannerisms, all changed in an instant. Even before it spoke, Rob could tell that Elnaril had left the building.
"I'm sorry, I..." Featro brought a shaky hand to his forehead, jerking back when he felt blood and saliva on his fingers. "What happened? Why is..."
His eyes widened. "You must kill me. Now. Please. I'm slipping. Soon I'll be another thoughtless puppet. And I'll enjoy it."
Kill you? Rob felt manic giggles bubbling in his chest. You want me to kill you? After what Elnaril just said about Leveling High? The fuck am I supposed to-
Keira swung her greatsword, demolishing Featro's torso in one swift motion.
Rob stared in shock at the corpse's relieved expression. He blinked, blinked again, then looked at Keira. The Savage Warrior merely sighed, wiping blood off her sword. "It needed to be done," she said, "and the act would have hurt you far more than it hurts me."
Maybe he should've been ashamed or guilty at hearing that, but right then, all Rob could feel was relief. "Thank you."
"You're welcome." Her lips twitched upward, as if a smile was trying and failing to form. "We must each do what others can't. I believe that's the best way to show support to the ones you love."
Message Received From Party Member: Diplomacy Diplomacy: Is it over? We don't hear voices anymore. Diplomacy: Everyone is waiting outside. Rob: Define 'everyone.' Diplomacy: Riardin's Rangers, the Elders, the Leaders, and dozens of random passerby who spotted all the important members of the coalition huddled around one tent in the dead of night. Diplomacy: People are hungry for explanations. Myself included.
Yeah. Rob rubbed his eyes, then walked forward, stepping over the mangled Blight-Harpy cooling on the ground. I'm definitely not getting any sleep tonight.


Author's Note:
On that note, gonna take a short break to rest and catch up on sleep. Next chapter will be posted a week from now.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.27 05:30 Illustrious-Line-996 Its not that hard for a women to score a rich man

When I say rich men I mean men who are plastic surgeons, judges, neurosurgeon's, business owners, or anyone whos earning around 300,000 usd a year. Not guys who are Hollywood stars or billionaires.
From what I've seen wealthy men generally marry women who are:
-Well groomed
- Has an average to pretty face
-Personality anywhere from reserved and nice to confident and slightly bitchy
-Around same age or up to 7 years younger
-Have a bachelors degree or a slightly interesting or reputable job eg interior designer, nurse etc
If you think about it these standards are in fact not THAT hard to meet. And it is actually a bit surprising with men constantly ranting on here about how men prefer 18 year old's who look like models. When really its not that hard. And I think that the women who do score rich men are simply the most motivated to get a rich man. Because most average women are not that motivated to get a rich man. So I dont think you have to be an 18 year old super model to score a rich man, only a slightly above average women.
submitted by Illustrious-Line-996 to PurplePillDebate [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:30 angelic_cellist Horrific statistics

According to Planned Parenthood statistics, 1 in 4 women in America will have an abortion between ages 15 and 45. That's 25% of women. I read it from a 2018 article written trying to claim having an abortion is a completely normal and routine part of a woman's life and most of them just don't speak up due to fear of judgement.
Not only that, but according to the New York Times in an article done after Roe V Wade was overturned, 60% of the women who have abortions are already mothers. I can't fathom that. How can you already have experienced bringing a child into the world and justify killing another? How could you look into the eyes of your born children? How could you tell them that they could've had another sibling? How would you respond when they ask you why they were chosen to be born and their little brother or sister wasn't? It's daunting to me to think that I'm actually lucky to be alive. It's not a corny statement anymore, it's literal. When your lives are in the hands of other people, you are lucky to be alive. I grew up regardless of the fact that my mother didn't want me. I've had some traumatic experiences before and yet I am one of the lucky ones. My sibling, who was conceived in rape, is even luckier than I am. I cannot believe that there are people who don't know these things, that genuinely think abortion is normal. When did we get outnumbered by the monsters? I sit here as I type this feeling sad and discouraged. Is it really possible to abolish this when humans were horrible enough to start it in the first place?
Anyway, here are the links to the articles:
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2023.03.27 05:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
Get the course here:
[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
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  • You are earning with your time instead of your mind and want to build a foundation to reverse that.
  • You have followed the common advice of “learn a skill, sell the skill” with little success (because you don’t have attention, authority, or an audience).
  • You are sick and tired of learning skills that lead to nowhere — and that you don’t see yourself doing for more than 10 years.
I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.27 05:29 twilighteveningsun I miss you both every single day

TL/DR- hellish experience with sickness and injury + euthanasia then hellish experience with adoption and return leaving massive void…I feel better writing this.
Some days I feel like you two are a distant memory, And I can look back on your photos and smile, I can look at your urns and paw prints and find some measure of comfort Whatever bitter measure of comfort is possible knowing you both were only 3 years old and then 14 months old.
Until it became Spring.
I lost you both in the winter, With the snow banks piled high, Winter flurries and blizzards coating the world in beautiful, sparking snow that hardly registered with me because I was spending all my energy trying to move forward.
Then time goes slower, life finds a bit of meaning and then the birds come back The sun lingers longer at night The smell of earth and melting snow Fills the air and shoots of wildflowers start surfacing Each day growing more in the sun Snow banks have melted to reveal last falls decaying leaves
I walk the remaining pup in evening twilight and everything is such a painful reminder
You’re not here. The season has changed and I have left you both behind.
I tried to fill the missing parts by adopting a dog. I was ready, I researched your breed, I researched where you came from, I found you by chance, you warmed up to me and my existing pup. You were not a replacement, you were your own dog. For the first time in months, I was happy.
You quickly befriended us. You were doing so well with your training. Your were learning routines. Had careful introductions. Started to get used to a crate.
I thought maybe this is the dog I will be able to keep. This is the dog that will make it. I put you on a puppy schedule even though you were a rebellious teenager. I focused all my energy into helping you adjust to a new life. You were not aware of your large size but you had such a good heart.
Your previous home knew nothing of this kind of aggression. I asked about your history. I even did meet and greets with you. My other dog did meet and greets with you. You were listed as “friendly with people and dogs”.
Until you decided that I am not allowed to be shared. With anyone. Not family, not friends, not even my existing dog. As soon as I am near you, you treat everyone differently. It started slowly and the warning signs were there over time but kept being dismissed. I was told it was just an “adjustment period” and he was “stressed” but I was noticing gaps in your training and you we’re severely under socialized. Not your fault. We did the decompression and backyard time only.
Strangers? Off limits. Stopping to talk to someone 30m away? Off limits. You growled. My brain is going positive reinforcement? place training+ muzzle? Sudden movements meant you flipped into growl and bark mode. Loud noises and you flipped into growl and bark mode. I’m thinking afraid? Counter conditioning? How long?
Even my own dog, who you did slow and careful introductions - I’m aware of the 3:3:3 rule- you suddenly stood and stiffly blocked his way. I’m thinking baby gate? Good treats when both are in the room with me? Place training? Reassess with new dog on drag line at all times still?
I am already mapping out in my head how to make you feel safe, how to make others feel safe around you, how to make you stop hurting yourself in a crate, how to help you feel ok being alone for short times and I tried it and I thought we were making headway.
Then you nearly bit a family member for standing up beside me. This was someone not 5 min ago you were outside playing happily with while I watched from the window.
That’s when I knew. This was not going to work. You are afraid, you are protective/resource guarding and you are insecure and you are going to break my heart and my small dog is not safe.
An friendly off leash dog calmly approached us and you growled with all lips curled back and I realized - you need to be muzzled. This is not going to work.
I don’t have the emotional capability left to train/manage your resource guarding/feaaggression when I can’t “trade” me. You don’t even want treats or toys. People can’t even toss you treats. I don’t have the emotional bandwidth for find a behaviourist to deal with the sudden surge of resource guarding or fear based aggression. Truthfully- I have no idea what I’m even looking at but it’s something that needs professional intervention and is above my skills. And I have tried.
I was told friendly, sociable, confident dog. You have some much work ahead of you. Work I can’t put in. Maybe at one point I could have done it. But not now. I’m tired.
So I gave you back to whatever fate awaited you and disclosed everything that I saw. For that I am sorry. I don’t know what happened to you. I fear what happened to you. It’s put me to a pretty bleak place.
Maybe I should have given the new dog more time. Maybe I should have managed him better. Maybe I never should have got him in the first place. But how do you curtail resource guarding when YOU are the resource. What to do with a dog so scared/resource guarding that he will escalate to a bite so fast aside from keep him out of that situation or manage it. I realized my little dog was not safe around him and my mind was then made up. That dog needed work and I feel horrible I was not able to do it and may have even contributed to his behavior.
I wish all the events of the last 5 months didn’t happen. I wish one day I will stop being sad and angry all the time but I don’t think that’s going to be any time soon.
I feel even worse giving that dog back because maybe I could have made it work. But at what cost.
If you read this far thanks for reading. I just needed to put this into words. Im just feeling defeated. I am not going to adopt or get a puppy again I’m going to let the dog I have live the rest of his life without more changes and maybe we can find some happiness.
Please know I am aware dogs from rescues and humane societies will have issues and need decompression and structure and training. I just wish this turned out differently is all.
submitted by twilighteveningsun to Petloss [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:29 swiftschange Some thoughts about Kris, The Player, and the SOUL

Hey! I'm not sure if this qualifies as a theory, but it's a thought that I had a few months ago and I thought I'd share it here
I started thinking about this during a time when there was a lot of "the player is evil!" discourse. I never really like that idea, and I don't think it makes sense - yes, we are controlling Kris against their will, and they seem to resent us for it. It makes sense and it's a very interesting concept. However, there are a couple of things that we also have to consider in this scenario:
  1. We didn't choose to control Kris. In Undertale it can be argue that in order to play the game, you had to control Frisk, but Deltarune was apparently going to go in a different direction, with the whole Vessel creation sequence. We were supposed to create this vessel for ourselves, and that way we wouldn't control anyone who wasn't willing. However, our vessel got discared without any input from us, and we kinda got stuck with Kris. This wasn't a choice made by us.
  2. The whole "the player is evil!" thing doesn't really work thematically, in my opinion. Making people feel like shit for playing the game as it's intended (even when it comes to routes like Snowgrave, because you have important pieces of lore there) seems counterproductive to me. Even Undertale's Genocide route was less "you suck for playing this" and more "what would happen if all that grinding and killing in rpg's actually had consequences?".
Considering these two points, I feel like that entire discourse falls a little flat. But I would also like to add a third point that is based in absolutely nothing other than vibes, and a vague feeling of emptiness caused by the lack of new chapters (toby take as much time as you need ily)
  1. I think only WE can close the dark fountains. not kris, us. that's why we are relevant and important to the story
(please stop booing me cmoooooooooooon)
Anyway, this point is just something I've been thinking about for a while. I should also say that I don't like the Third Entity Theory - I think it makes sense sometimes, and I believe that Toby will make something incredible with it if it turns out to be true, but as things stand and with how much information we currently have, I'm not a big fan. So this entire "theory" is based on there just being Kris and the Player.
So, here's what I believe: I think the red SOUL is ours (as in, the Player's) and not Kris's, and that's why that was the SOUL that was going into the vessel. Kris had their own SOUL before, we showed up and now they have ours. This would explain why they remove it (it isn't theirs, it feels wrong), and why their corpse like state isn't commented on at any point as being a common occurrence (it's something that started happening when we popped in). The bird cage can be easily explained as an object that has been a part of Kris's life for a long time, and as such, as seen its fair share of use. Not necessarely as a SOUL container.
The part where the whole vibes and things come up is that even if this is true, I can't explain what happened to Kris's actual SOUL, and that can very easily tear this whole thing down. Even so, bare with me, please.
I think OUR SOUL is what's needed to close the Fountains - and because we are using Kris as a vessel, they are also needed. I believe Kris has plenty of plot relevance and that this story is fundamentally about them (to me Deltarune is a coming of age story above all else), but I think that we are specifically connected to the Fountains.
I like this idea because it allows many ways to explore Kris's and the player's relationship. Maybe we eventually become friends, maybe they still hate our guts but we are forced to cooperate - if the end goal is to prevent the roaring, then they need us as much as we need them.
This would also "explain" why Kris puts the SOUL back after opening the Dark Fountain. We don't know their motives for opening it - but they may know they need us to close it.
Or maybe they like. Die after ten minutes without the SOUL or something. I don't know! We only have two chapters out of seven, and most "theories" I have are ass pulls at best. Either way, it's fun to think about, and I'm just sharing to see what your thoughts are on the whole Kris/PlayeSoul thing.
This idea came up to me after watching a few videos about Kris and the SOUL, but I honestly don't remember which ones. If I find any of them I'll link them here!
Thanks so much for reading and sorry for all the rambling!
submitted by swiftschange to Deltarune [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:29 TheYeetles Could ‘Becca’ (June 1991, ABQ, N.M) be Becky Annette Minish/Edmondson?

I could not stop thinking about ‘Becca’ yesterday, so I began scouring NamUs for potential information.
Becky Annette Minish (also known as Becky Annette Edmondson) went missing from Augusta, Georgia in 1987. Though Augusta is miles away from ABQ, I’m considering that the recent tips provided are not 100% confirmed - I’m just taking the fact that ‘Becca’ may have been from California with a grain of salt, leaving some wiggle room for errofalse information is necessary.
Becky’s NamUs profile is linked here. Becky’s eye colour is listed as blue, her hair is blonde, and her height is listed as 5’9. No scars or marks were noted.
Here is our Becca’s NamUs profile. For some reason, I feel inclined to believe that she was a potential runaway and/or estranged from her family. Becca’s eye colour was listed as hazel/grey; she was found severely decomposed which may be a contributing factor of post-mortem eye changes. Blue eyes may have appeared as grey due to corneal clouding.
This is a long shot, but there may be a chance that she dyed her hair red to avoid recognition, hence the runaway/familial estrangement theory. Our Becca’s height was listed as 5’7, which is not quite Becky’s but it’s plausible. There were no scars or marks listed for Becca either.
Becky went missing in 1987. Perhaps she abandoned her car after finishing her job and hitchhiked elsewhere. Though it was reported to be out of character for her, we never truly know what somebody else is feeling or thinking. Becky may have wanted to start over without informing anybody. The date Becky went missing to the date Becca was found doesn’t seem impossible. Becca’s estimated age was 25 - 35, and Becky would have been 23/24 in 1991. If Becky really did choose to run away, she could’ve lived in a few different places over the span of four years until her passing. Maybe she even lived in CA for a period of time.
One particular detail that caught my eye is the fact that Becky was last seen carrying a blue purse. In the room where our Becca was found in 1991, there was a blue suede purse sitting on the table.
I wasn’t even going to post this because I feel like I’m grabbing at straws here. Looking back on it, this seems like a VERY, very long shot. But there’s no way that someone (even if it’s only one person) doesn’t miss ‘Becca’ or wonder where she is. Somebody had to know Becca.
What pushed me to post this is the slight resemblance of Becky to Becca. I enhanced an image of Becky and though there are some differences, it might be worth a shot.
We also need to consider the poor quality and extremely bright lighting of Becca’s photo booth picture, and the fact that she is making a funny face doesn’t make it easier. I’ll figure out how to upload the photos.
Thank you for reading this post. I do apologise if this writeup is complete wishful thinking to some people as I’m relatively new to the world of web-sleuthing, I’m usually just a lurker.
It is truly comparable to a needle in a haystack. If Becca is Becky (though unlikely) I’ll be over the moon. If Becca is not Becky, I will keep searching. Regardless, I hope with every fibre of my being that poor Becky is found – and I sincerely hope that our Becca gets her name back after all these years.
submitted by TheYeetles to gratefuldoe [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:29 nerdyog15 TOP 10 Player Appreciation & Anything Goes Discussion 🔥🚀 Mikal Bridges night 🚀🔥 Sunday Mar26

Good evening /fantasybball! 🍻 if your players are feeling 🔥🔥🔥 tonight!
Rank Player Time FG FT 3PT REB AST STL BLK TO PTS dx score
1 Mikal Bridges 34:25 13-22 🔥 12-12 🔥🚀 6 🔥 6 1 1 1 2 44 🔥 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★
2 Jarrett Allen 35:41 8-11 🔥 8-8 🔥 0 14 🔥 2 1 3 🔥 0 24 ★★★★★★★★★★★★
3 Luka Doncic 40:00 12-29 9-10 7 🔥🚀 12 8 2 🔥 2 4 40 🔥 ★★★★★★★★★★★
4 Fred VanVleet 35:38 10-21 3-3 5 🔥 4 7 3 🔥🚀 1 1 28 ★★★★★★★★★★★
5 Clint Capela 28:41 8-11 🔥 2-2 0 16 🔥 1 1 4 🔥🚀 1 18 ★★★★★★★★★★
6 Jaren Jackson Jr. 34:19 6-10 2-2 1 7 0 3 🔥🚀 5 🔥🚀 4 15 ★★★★★★★★★
7 Isaiah Joe 28:26 5-12 5-5 5 🔥 7 5 2 🔥 0 0 20 ★★★★★★★★★
8 Kyle Anderson 31:37 5-10 1-2 1 10 7 5 🔥🚀 1 2 12 ★★★★★★★★★
9 Jalen Williams 37:05 9-14 3-3 2 5 4 2 🔥 0 1 23 ★★★★★★★★★
10 OG Anunoby 37:02 11-21 3-4 4 8 1 1 3 🔥 1 29 ★★★★★★★★
How are players ranked?
Stats are ranked SYSTEMATICALLY based on 9cat H2H performance.
Why is my player not on the list?
First, this does not mean your player performed poorly, it just means there were other players with more BALANCED performance. In 9cat, efficiency and scarcity matters a lot.
🍻 Cheers.
Visit hoopdx to see the full list.
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2023.03.27 05:28 No-Yam-2894 MIL issues with new baby… is this common to feel this way?

So our baby will be 2 months old this week… she came 2.5 weeks early, and it’s been manageable so far, but I wouldn’t say we have been thriving. Breastfeeding has been a struggle, she has been colicky the last week, I suffer from anxiety/depression which is managed fairly well, but it does flair up sometimes…. So my mom has been with me nearly every day since SO has gone back to work, and I am so thankful to have her. MIL is not retired, unlike my mom, and has two previous grandkids from her daughter. I think she must have had an experience there being needed more because it was her daughter … so don’t get me wrong. I do love my MIL. And some may look and think my biggest problem is that she loves our new daughter and just wants to be around her… I know, sounds terrible… but IT IS and I am wondering if this is common to feel like this??? She holds out her hands when she arrives like I am expected to just hand baby over and has been offering since she was just a couple weeks old to take her to “give us a break” (we have not asked for this) and she doesn’t want to give her back when she cries, she mispronounces her name, when I said I wasn’t ready for separation yet she said “oh insert my name we know what we are doing with a baby! We aren’t going to kill her”, when she was meeting my SO aunt and grandparents at MIL house, she held the baby for over half the visit before then taking it upon herself to offer her to other people to hold… is that not my job??? And she has already met and spent plenty of time with baby, great grandma didn’t even get a chance to hold her! So am i the asshole here, to feel this way, like so effing annoyed at everything she does, or do lots of new moms feel frustrated with MILs? like I want her to be included, and around but I need her to back off. Just because you are here doesn’t mean baby is yours for the entire visit. It’s my god damn daughter and if I wanted to hold her for your whole visit, I shouldn’t feel like I am denying you what you feel is your right. She doesn’t tell me how to parent I know I am lucky in that sense. She isn’t super outspoken, but it’s the way she goes “oh… ok” and it’s like… I can read between the lines. You don’t like it. But you are trying to deal but I can see you exploding at the seams and i am so annoyed by it all the mean person in me wants to deny you seeing baby…. I wouldn’t, and SO doesn’t fully understand my feelings cause it’s his mom obviously and I get that…. But how do I get over this???? And how do I deal with it?? And am I alone in feeling this way??
submitted by No-Yam-2894 to beyondthebump [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:28 Arad_Arod Just took AAMC Free Sample how to improve from here?

Just took AAMC Free Sample how to improve from here?
Hi everyone, I just took AAMC Free Sample, and I got this score from the convertor 503 (126/125/126/126). I am testing 05/13 with a target score of +505 but hoping for +510! Are my goals achievable? I had a clear content gap on C/P and P/S as I did not know a few formulas and concepts. I also ran out of time on C/P too so that will be something I need to work on. I will be doing the rest of Ubeautiful, currently at 25%, and making Anki cards for what I miss. I am doing the MileDown deck on the side. I am planning to transition into AAMC material in the middle of April. I need to develop a more robust approach to B/B passages, as I often struggle to choose between two answers due to not being able to digest the passage, any tips on this? For CARS, I don't even know. I am ESL so if you got any tips, I would appreciate it. Half the time I am like what did I just read lol? Thanks!!!
submitted by Arad_Arod to Mcat [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:27 Shamoofles A possible thought on Angela's prophecy

So I just finished a re-read of the series and came to a solution for Eragon to return back. Something needs to occur in Alagaesia where it is no longer named or considered to be the same place. Kind of like how a true name can change, perhaps maybe a place can change where it no longer holds the same identity and thus Eragon returning would still have fulfilled the prophecy. This is more just a selfish line of thought because I want moreeeee. The 4th book is by far my favorite and I would love to see what a matured and grown-up Christopher could bring to the world.
submitted by Shamoofles to Eragon [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:27 cercini (PS4) Beginner Player: Stuck on Invading Executioner

So I’m super late to this game, on my first playthrough, and I’m absolutely floundering here. I’ve read a lot of stuff on builds and the basics of draining and parrying and what have you but I’m still skating by and CANNOT get past Invading Executioner. If I could get some advice or maybe links to good guides I’d really appreciate it, none of the build advice I’ve seen is very helpful since I can’t actually get any of the stuff they recommend, and most beginners guide are very very basic and I just feel like I’m missing something
I’m working with GXM Variant +4, Bayonet Devour, & Hunter code with gifts Flame Spike, Fire Storm, Blazing Roar, Blood Guard, and Ranged Impact (some others in there too that I don’t really use)
Basically I go through the fight, manage to mostly not get hurt, damage her almost up to half, but the attrition wears me down to where I can’t heal and my companion dies, then while I’m attacking she 1 hit ko’s me.
Trying to work in draining attacks usually gets me killed, same with parrying (I especially have no idea what the timing windows for parrying are for this game)
I honestly feel like I just don’t know how to play, like maybe I should replay all the previous levels without the companion so I can actually understand the core combat loop or something
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2023.03.27 05:27 Ill_Plum_1331 Lump at injection site

Hello! My cat is Goose, he is 1 year old and has suffered with food and skin allergies, I have him on a hypoallergenic prescription diet but he has to occasionally get Cortisone shots for skin flare ups. He got one about a week ago but it didn’t seem to help his itching like it has in the past. This evening we noticed a small hard lump in between his shoulder blades, the lumps seems somewhat mobile, but it’s hard to tell because of lose skin. Of course the first thing that pops up online is a injection site sarcoma, but I did also read an article where a Vet suggested that the injection was given Intra-dermaly instead of Intra-muscularly. Could this be the reason the shot didn’t work? I’m not sure how well I trust this vet to tell us the truth if they did mess up so we are looking for other opinions. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated by my little Goose.
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2023.03.27 05:27 Unfair_Chemical1299 Is there a way to make a fast restart bind on Steam Deck BO3 Custom Zombies?

I was searching for a video or text guide on how to create a fast restart bind on BO3 on the Steam Deck. The only guide I could find was just for PC in general. The problem I ran into is you need to make the code read only for it to actually save, which I couldn’t figure out how to do on the Deck and am not sure if it’s possible. Anyone have an idea if it’s possible and how?
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2023.03.27 05:27 Biofreeze119 Story Idea

Hey all! I started writing again and I have this idea I wanted to kind of gauge interest with since the last time I wrote anything My Hero wasn't even out yet lol. Shinso and his quirk are kind of inspiration for this. Basically my OC was quirkless and wakes up one day to find strings pure energy coming out his arm.
He finds he can control them like pick things up and even phase through objects. But as he explores his quirk he starts doing things out of character and hearing a strange voice whispering to him. After a mishap with a hero, our protagonist learns his quirk is sentient and talking to him. He also learns his quirks true ability. The strings can phase through a person's skull and wrap around their mind to brainwash/hypnotize someone.
Basically I want the quirk itself to be kind of the antagonist as it manipulates and corrupts the protagonist into doing things he normally wouldn't. All the while the story kind of runs parallel to My Hero in terms of Canon as somethings change and some don't depending on the how the story develops.
I'm trying to set it up and a somewhat slow burn/longfic in terms of how his power brainwash others and himself. I'm trying to explore themes of loss of control, right and wrong and some others!
I've got like half the first chapter written and I'm having a lot of fun. I just kind of wanted to share what I'm working on and see if people would be interested in it since it's my first story in awhile. Thanks for taking the time to read this:)
P.S. I named quirk mind weaving and planned on just giving him the name Weaver lol.
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2023.03.27 05:26 Solnse rb5009 trying to poke a hole in the firewall for traefik reverse proxy.

I'm somewhat new here and I just got a couple rb5009's that I'd like to set up so that I can route to various services. I've got a raspberry pi with docker running traefik, pihole, unbound, and unifi controller for my access points. I followed a very simple guide to get traefik up and running and am supposed to have access to the dashboard. However, when I try to go to it, I get a 522 error (server connected but failed to complete) via cloudflare where I have the domain DNS management.
I suspect that my initial rb5009 firewall rules or nat is ignoring the requests since it's setup to ignore anything not coming from the LAN. I'm not really sure how to make the exception for 80 and 443 and have it sent to the raspberry pi where traefik can pick it up. I've read through a lot of forum posts, the mikrotik docs on firewall and nat, and a ton of google results but it made me overwhelmed and confused. I'm an application developer, not much of a network or infrastructure guy. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
[[email protected]] /ip/firewall/filter> printFlags: X - disabled, I - invalid; D - dynamic
0 D ;;; special dummy rule to show fasttrack counters chain=forward action=passthrough
1 ;;; defconf: accept established,related,untracked chain=input action=accept connection-state=established,related,untracked
2 ;;; defconf: drop invalid chain=input action=drop connection-state=invalid
3 ;;; defconf: accept ICMP chain=input action=accept protocol=icmp
4 ;;; defconf: accept to local loopback (for CAPsMAN) chain=input action=accept dst-address=
5 ;;; defconf: drop all not coming from LAN chain=input action=drop in-interface-list=!LAN log=no log-prefix=""
6 ;;; defconf: accept in ipsec policy chain=forward action=accept ipsec-policy=in,ipsec
7 ;;; defconf: accept out ipsec policy chain=forward action=accept ipsec-policy=out,ipsec
8 ;;; defconf: fasttrack chain=forward action=fasttrack-connection hw-offload=yes connection-state=established,related
9 ;;; defconf: accept established,related, untracked chain=forward action=accept connection-state=established,related,untracked
10 ;;; defconf: drop invalid chain=forward action=drop connection-state=invalid
11 ;;; defconf: drop all from WAN not DSTNATed chain=forward action=drop connection-state=new connection-nat-state=!dstnat in-interface-list=WAN
and ip/firewall/nat: which are mostly disabled right now but intended to force all the traffic through the pihole once I have it up and running again.
[[email protected]] /ip/firewall/nat> print
Flags: X - disabled, I - invalid; D - dynamic
0 ;;; defconf: masquerade chain=srcnat action=masquerade out-interface-list=WAN ipsec-policy=out,none
1 X chain=dstnat action=dst-nat to-addresses= protocol=udp src-address=! dst-address=! dst-port=53 log=no log-prefix=""
2 X chain=dstnat action=dst-nat to-addresses= protocol=tcp src-address=! dst-address=! dst-port=53 log=no log-prefix=""
3 X chain=srcnat action=masquerade protocol=udp src-address= dst-address= dst-port=53 log=no log-prefix=""
4 X chain=srcnat action=masquerade protocol=tcp src-address= dst-address= dst-port=53 log=no log-prefix=""
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