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2021.09.25 18:37 badmark BudgetKeebs - Mechanical Keyboards Made Accessible to Everyone!

Keyboards of all budgets welcome! Budget does not always mean "cheap", it means working within a reasonable price range but still using quality items, or the best available within that range. We also love DIY boards; 3D printed, hand wired, whatever you have, we love the creativity of the community and the wonderful and amazing projects that are created every day. No GroupBuys, Indiegogo, or Kickstarter links! Try our Discord server: for quick help!

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News/reports, studies, discussion and resources on climate change and its impacts within Colorado.

2023.06.09 07:22 oglocbaby00 1/2 short stack results

I've been utilizing a short stack strategy playing 1/2 live and I've found my results are pretty solid. I go in with 2 buy ins of $100 and it seems to be working quite well for me.
My current profit is around $15/hour with 50% of my sessions being winners, about $60 per game. Some of the games I'll rebuy if I bust out with my initial buy in, though if I have been there for close to 3 hours or more I prefer to just walk out.
I can also look at my losing sessions and recognize some mistakes I made, such as splashing around a bit too much and playing hands I shouldn't be. I'd say that this represents about half of my losing sessions and something I could easily fix. I also have losing sessions where I'm just running really cold or get a bit unlucky in certain spots.
I had a losing session tonight where I actually ran really well early on with my initial buy in and got up to almost $300. I considered leaving but stayed because the game was so good, people making big moves with complete trash or bottom pair, etc. However, I got a bit of an unlucky streak, such as my 3 bet with AA being up against 46 off suit that flopped trips on a 4410 board and turned a full house with a 6. I later had AA again and got it in good and ended up going multi way with a player that hit a set with pocket 6s.
Are results like this sustainable?
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2023.06.09 07:12 MLMCMLM Yes sir, we do expect payment up front.

 A little background info; I live in a popular tropical tourist destination & one of my jobs is as crew on a snorkel boat. I set up the boat before the trip, lifeguard, give history about the area, etc. My captain is also the owner of the business so what he says goes & knows the local waters like the back of his hand. Our company consists of him, me, & his GF who manages bookings, phones, emails. We aren’t low quality but we don’t offer full meals or entertainment on board & focus solely on the snorkel experience; because of that compared to the larger boats our private charters are lower cost than most competition. In turn, we often get penny pincher people. Onward to the main story. A family of 22 had been hounding our office before they even arrived to our location (our offices words). They were pushy and trying to get discounts and free upgrades so I was already dreading this charter. Generally we take a card number and charge it before the charter but this group was adamant about paying cash, office and captain said fine but told me to get payment before getting them on the boat. Our boat is 50ft long & stays moored offshore a few hundred yards so we use a water taxi to ferry from the shore to boat. I got dropped off to get payment, check the group in, and give them pre-boarding info. I walked up to the main guy paying for everything to start the process and that’s when things went downhill. M=me G=guy 
G: hello, which boat are we going on?
M: points to our boat that pretty one right there!
G: that’s not the boat we are going on.
M: yes it is, there isn’t any other boat sir.
G: no the boat looks like this shows me photo of boat from our website
M: yes sir, that is the same boat. We just had the bottom and paint replaced a month ago. I guess our office hasn’t updated our website, sorry about the confusion but I assure you it is the exact same boat.
G: well I don’t think you’re trying to deceive me but then why would they send me that photo?
M: I’m sorry I’m not sure what to tell you it is the same boat
G: well I think we need to go out and inspect it and look at it before we decide to go and pay for it.
M: I’m sorry sir that’s not how this works. We have already set up the boat for the charter and blocked any other bookings to accommodate your private charter. You can pay and we can take your family out for their excursion or you can decide not to go. We haven’t received payment from you so we have no obligation to you and no money to return. What would you like to do?
G: then we don’t want to go on the boat.
M: ok sir sorry it didn’t work out, you and your family have a good day.
 I picked up my stuff, turned around , got in the water taxi and left them on the shore. As we rode away I could see the guy already on the phone trying to call the office. I called his bluff & he was panicking because his whole family just heard him say they didn’t want to go; even though a lot did. Got back to the boat and explained to cap what happened, he said it sounds like he doesn’t want them on his boat anyway and their loss. We had planned to refuel after their trip but decided to do it now since we now had the morning open. They were still on the shore when we left but were gone when we got back. Once back on shore the other guys who run activities in the same area told us the group had hung around for about an hour. I guess the guy was very convinced we would come crawling back but when we didn’t the family started fighting since many had still wanted to go. Now they have to try to find another boat that has 22 spaces open and will most likely cost 2-3x more than us. It was totally worth waking up early without pay! 
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2023.06.09 06:56 stockratic Emails to Andrew Glenn

Sent an email to Andrew Glen yesterday with thoughts and rationale on pre-petition ("long") and post-petition (e.g., distressed asset buyers) shareholders. "Petition" of course refers to the Ch 11 petition filed on Feb 13, 2013. Also included what "longs" have suffered over the past months and years, including dilutions. Did not ask for a reply and did not receive a reply today.
Thought about it some more and refined my thought process. Below is the plan I communicated to Andrew just now in a follow-up email. The definitions have been carefully worded. I changed from pre-petition and post-petition shareholders to: SCLX Dividend shareholders and Post--Scilex Dividend shareholders.
I grappled with those that purchased shares for the first time (i.e., did not receive SCLX dividend shares) between Jan 10 and Feb 12. Other than a possible exception(s), I don't believe they are "longs" like those here in our Sub. IMO, new buyers of shares came around because of the buzz from the SCLX dividend. The stock had been falling and was around $.95 to $1.20 during that time.
I stated that I don't expect a reply but asked that Andrew to consider this simple framework/rationale and forward the plan to Dr. Ji and CRO Meghji. Perhaps they are already thinking of the shareholder categories for payout in the same way -- but what if they are not? Principle: Make No Assumptions. Felt impelled to ensure that Andrew (and hopefully Dr. Ji and the CRO) understand shareholders' reasonable expectations and rationale.
Certainly, the specifics related to the granting of shares/warrants of the restructured Sorrento are for them to work out.
I have been struggling with distressed asset buyers and other new buyers coming in after the Ch 11 filing and buying hundreds of thousands to millions of shares and getting a possible unbelievable payout multiple, while "longs" have taken it in the shorts and may or may not even come out whole in the end -- much less make a multiples type return.
I was a strong advocate for the Equity Committee from the beginning. Most, if not all, members are distressed asset entities as many of you already know. Those members of the EC have to own shares (equity) to be on the EC. Then, as a byproduct of being on the EC, they are privy to nonpublic information via the data room, meetings with creditors, valuation and market potential information put forth by the couple of companies doing such work, and probably some general updates on the bid process. I presume they use this knowledge to give them an advantage in potentially bidding on assets if allowed. I am unsure as to what limitations there are. I think this is a good and reasonable thing. Remember, until Hertz (and maybe a few much smaller Ch 11's), there was no payout to shareholders in a Ch 11. So, distressed asset buyers are needed to make bids.
The EC did hire Andrew Glenn, which was a fantastically good move! Therefore, I conclude the EC turned out to be a blessing. I also emailed the original EC counsel, Shari Heyen (now co-counsel with Andrew), last Friday. She and her firm, as noted in a recent post, are highly experienced and successful! I asked for consideration that 50% of any PSS jury trial award(s) be paid out to what I am now referring to as SCLX Dividend shareholders (as defined in the below email). Perhaps this is thinking a little outside the box, but since "long" shareholders have suffered through predatory PSS's actions and the stock has been decimated, it only makes sense that "longs" get some recovery. If there were a $1.1B settlement (net of attorneys fees) and no Ch 11 filed, it would have been worth $2 per share (551M shares) to "longs" plus some blue-sky premium because it would mean Sorrento could run for 2+ years at its then current expense run-rate. I didn't ask for a reply and I haven't received one.
In any event, we can't have SRNEQ share purchases on or after Feb 13 make a 10x to 20x or more return when "longs" are the ones that have suffered for months and years. We deserve the lion's share of the payout.
The framework put forth in the email:

Keeping it simple:
“SCLX Dividend shareholders” are defined as those entities that were dividended SCLX shares and, very importantly, are currently SRNEQ shareholders (no matter when they acquired their SRNEQ shares) and will remain such at least until the announcement of the Ch 11 exit and payout plan.
Post–SCLX Dividend shareholders” are defined as those entities that were not dividended SCLX shares, acquired their SRNE shares on or after January 10, 2023 (the day following the SCLX dividend record date), and very importantly, are currently SRNEQ shareholders (no matter when they acquired their SRNEQ shares) and will remain such at least until the announcement of the Ch 11 exit and payout plan.
My strong recommendation is:
SCLX Dividend shareholders (readily identifiable):
Post–SCLX Dividend shareholders:
Good night all and we live to fight another day!
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2023.06.09 06:55 Alesh_Uyarna Anyone else notice spawn trapping is the new cool thing in 6s?

I don't usually play 6s all that much. I went for IB last week on PC, went for a stasis build with Cryothesia. Had fun. I decided to run some control games today while on PC to perfect my craft with stasis with more predictable lanes.
This week for control I've played maybe 6 or 7 games, and spawns don't seem to be flipping, so a lot of games end up as just one team managing to spawn trap the other. I've been spawned in while an good chunk (3+) of the enemy team is feet away, capping the same spawn's cap point. So another death incoming.
Anyone else noticing this on steam, or am I crazy?
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2023.06.09 06:51 Fabulous-Buffalo9506 Camshaft Polishing?

We have a 2015 kia soul 2.0 ( Yeah I know these motors are junk ) anyways we have engine seizure at the camshafts.
Here's a history of the car. *bought car *wrecked car *rebuilt car front end then noticed the timing cover was broke where the motor mounts to frame. * bought new timing cover from ebay, said it fit my vehicle. Indeed it did fit. Took old oil pump and bolted it onto new timing cover. It also fit *installed timing cover and car fires right up, ran with a noticeable clacking noise. *found out there was no oil pressure to any engine components. *ran it again the next day for good measure, motor seized up 10 minutes into idle. *problem? Wrong timing cover. * after removing oil pump from new timing cover we notice the oil channels did not match *buys new timing cover with matching oil channels, installs oil pump and timing cover. *try to start, no start. Engine still seized. *broke loose a few boots on head cap holding the duel over head cams * engine frees up, unstuck. *Engine runs for 6 hours and seizes up again at the camshafts
Won't crank. Seizure in camshaft was due to no oil. It used to run so I imagine the no oil caused a sort of CHAFING in the housing where the cam meets the head. Can this be polished out? What kind of results should I look for? Could the head be warped? Seems to be a minor sticking since it ran for 6 hours then re stuck. I imagine it will be worse the more it sticks. There's a machine shop that offered to re hone my head and polish the cams. Can this be done DIY? ANY TIPS OR ADVICE??
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2023.06.09 06:45 mlmsoftware92 Binary MLM Plan Working - Premium MLM Software in Chennai

Binary MLM Plan Working - Premium MLM Software in Chennai
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2023.06.09 06:29 The_Most_Swood Tombstone but it’s in Scranton

Tombstone but it’s in Scranton
All right, Jack... you called down the thunder, well now you've got it! You see that?
[pulls open his coat, revealing a seal]
It says President of the United States
‘Joe, please, I...’
[referring to Trump, defeated and indicted]
Take a good look at him, Fat... 'cause that's how you're gonna end up!
[shoves Ron down roughly with his boot]
The MAGA Cult is finished, you understand? I see a red cap, I beat the man wearin' it!
[lets Ron up to run for his life]
So run, you cur... RUN! Tell all the other curs the law's comin'!
You tell 'em I'M coming... and hell's coming with me, you hear?...
Hell's coming with me, man and that’s no joke!
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2023.06.09 05:43 scipio211 Intermittant Black Screen Flicker

This issue has driven me nuts. A black screen flicker comes and goes with no apparent cause or pattern. Signal loss will happen and come back. sometimes so frequent it makes the PC practicaly unusable. Other times it will happen once or twice and not come back for a couple days.
I've scoured the internet for solutions. Changed power settings Reinstalled drivers. Reinstalled Windows. Turned off Gsymc. Changed resolutions or Refresh Rate. Changed monitors. Replaced HDMI Cables. Bought a new power supply. Bought new power board with voltage protection. I've tried to run stress tests and performance monitering to try induce the flicker. I can't track down the cause or even influence the behaviour of the flicker.
My last two ideas left are either replace the RAM or it's the GPU (2080) itself.
I'm not overly keen to buy new RAM since I will be rebuilding a PC at the end of the year and hopefully want to keep my 2080 for another year or 2.
Any more ideas?
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2023.06.09 05:19 anastasiaraine23 Andy Balbirnie His Journey: Leading Ireland at Lord’s and Changing the Face of Test Cricket

Andy Balbirnie His Journey: Leading Ireland at Lord’s and Changing the Face of Test Cricket
Ireland’s struggles in Test cricket and the need for first-class cricket development
When his father picked up his captain’s jacket from the dry cleaner, Andy Balbirnie realised the significance of walking out for Ireland in a Test match at Lord’s. Balbirnie recalls, “I was going away and requested him to leave it at the dry cleaner’s because it was a little filthy from Sri Lanka.
“When he gave it to me again, he stated, ‘It’s hard to imagine you’re going to be leading Ireland out at Lord’s. It has yet to sink in since I hadn’t given it much attention. I’ll reflect on it in the future and say, “Wow, that was a very fantastic event.
Ireland had a fixed red-ball schedule for the subsequent four years when Balbirnie was named captain in November 2019. However, the epidemic delayed his ability to captain them in a Test match until April 2023. He remembers, “I was honestly worried I wouldn’t get the chance to. “Covid put it off, dragged on for so long.”
Last month in Bangladesh, the chance finally materialised, and two more Tests were played in Sri Lanka shortly after. When I mention that Balbirnie is the only guy to have played in each of their six Tests to date, he quips, “I’m a well-hardened Test cricketer now. “I didn’t think I’d get six Test caps at the beginning of my career, but it’s not a lot,” the player said.
“If we lose to England and are bowled out for 30 in both innings but still make it to both World Cups, that’s a win; that’s been our best summer ever.”
Ireland played six of the games and lost six of them, a dismal record. Eight players received their first caps over the last three matches, making them particularly difficult. For spinners Matthew Humphreys and Ben White, their Test debuts also marked the beginning of their first-class careers.
Ireland has not held any domestic first-class cricket matches since the epidemic, concentrating their efforts and resources on the white-ball forms. The players are not treated fairly, adds Balbirnie. “You’re asking players to take the pitch under intense pressure without any first-class or red-ball experience.
“I know we have our limitations at home, and hopefully first-class cricket will start to filter return during the following few years, although if we’re going to start playing more Tests, we need to have something in place,” he said. We must better look after our players and ensure they aren’t merely thrown into the crucible of Test cricket. Even if it only occurs once every three years, games: North vs. South.
You may choose a team and learn about them with a red ball in their hands without it taking seven or eight games. We selected teams for the Tests in Asia based on what we observed in the nets and how players entered the pitch.
In the words of the board’s performance director, Richard Holdsworth, the next Test at Lord’s does not constitute a “pinnacle event” for Ireland. They will instead focus on the forthcoming qualifying competitions for the 2023 ODI World Cup in Zimbabwe and the 2024 T20 World Cup in Scotland.
The qualifier versus Italy, which will be played in Scotland in front of perhaps 30 spectators, will be far more significant than the Test match, admits Balbirnie. We will do our hardest to obtain a win, and it is an honour to play against England at Lord’s, but it’s just one Test during the summer, so I don’t want it to seem disrespectful to England or the ECB.
“Their top priority is The Ashes. They’ll probably view this as a glorified warm-up. If we lose to England and get bowled out for 30 in both innings but still make it to both World Cups, it counts as a victory and would make this summer our most fruitful one ever. I hope not, but World Cups are where we get the most fantastic attention on the international scene and at home, especially for a tournament in India and its benefits.
Despite Ireland’s rise over the last 20 years, cricket remains a relatively niche sport back home. “We’re getting there,” Balbirnie says. “There’s a lot more club teams in the country now. I still don’t think we’ll challenge rugby, football and GAA [Gaelic football and hurling] for a long time if we ever do. But if we can be that fourth or fifth-biggest sport, that would be good.
“Last weekend, while I was out in West Cork with my wife, Kate, I had two individuals approach me and say, “You’re Andy Balbirnie!” Kate couldn’t believe what they were saying when they said they were heading to Lord’s. It’s a modest step, so that’s fine.
Many secret cricket enthusiasts in Ireland are frightened to admit they are fans for fear that their GAA clubmates would make fun of them. But we are making progress.
Funding continues to be a problem. The ICC has included Cricket Ireland as one of the beneficiaries of its proposed revenue distribution model for 2024–2027; the board will receive a $5 million loan from the ICC in 2023 “to ensure it can meet its current financial needs,” with their annual earnings share expected to increase from about 2% to just over 3%.
“We’re receiving a good deal more than we typically do. I’m hoping that things will change for the better when the money comes through,” adds Balbirnie. The issue we face is that contrary to what powerful nations typically receive, we only accept a little funding through sponsorship. They may be able to survive without the ICC money, but we are incredibly dependent on it; it is our primary source of revenue.
The desire to host home matches at a brand-new, purpose-built stadium in Abbotstown, on the outskirts of Dublin, is foremost among Ireland’s long-held goals. The board hopes the new pitch will be finished in time to host matches during the 2030 men’s T20 World Cup, which they will co-host with England and Scotland. At Malahide, their primary home site, they virtually always lose money due to temporary infrastructure expenditures.
“I’m not sure it’ll happen in my career,” admits Balbirnie, “but I’d love to sit in the stands one day with Stirlo [Paul Stirling] and watch the young lads go at it against some of the best teams in the world.”
Among those “young lads” are Harry Tector, their best batting potential, who will be carded at No. 4 this week, and wicketkeeper Lorcan Tucker, who was not included in the team for Ireland’s most recent trip to Lord’s. Despite Josh Little’s prominent absence—he is taking a break after participating in Monday’s IPL final—Andy Balbirnie is confident in his team’s ability to succeed despite low expectations.
He claims they may have a few players competing for spots in the Ashes. The strain England cricket players face from the media—pressure that we don’t meet—will be on their batters to score runs against us. We don’t have many players going through the system, and just three or four journalists watch cricket. The fact that they are redefining Test cricket while we get to compete against them is an incredible challenge.
It’s immaculate. We expect them to attack us, so all we can honestly hope for is the ability to respond with a punch. Nobody is going to bet on us to win in any way. We only desire that the boys participate in the activity we have grown to love.
We hope that you've enjoyed reading about this article. If you have any questions about our game or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact and visit us! #indibetindia #indibet #indibetcricket #EKLOTTERY #iplwinner #trendingnews #casinonews #indibetnews #melbetnews #indibetcricketnews
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2023.06.09 05:16 RhubarbPrestigious49 The Infantry Combat Overhaul : Does OWI even play their own game?

We have all read the patch notes at this point so I wanted to play devils advocate here because I do not agree with most of the proposed changes.
I believe OWI is so detached from reality with their new found ambitions, and that these proposed changes have the potential to completely ruin the game I have come to love.
I have almost 2k hours in squad in the last year alone. I will copy paste parts of the release notes that I disagree with and provide a detailed reasoning why these notes are, at face value, antithetical to the game I love. I wont go through everything because I will sit here all night.
I am an avid Squad player, and a Marine combat veteran (Fallujah Rat), and below are my opinions.
"To achieve these goals, we are approaching the changes we want to implement in a deliberate and comprehensive manner." At face value, none of the proposed changes are deliberate or comprehensive. On one hand they give us the illusion of this well though out combat system, on the other they throw word salad chalk full with mechanical overloads in a public release that contradicts their claim in the onset of the release notes. They provide nothing but data, metrics, research, and their desired development of gameplay as their foundation of revamping the combat system. It appears that they do not actually play their own game that they develop, and rely on player data to make any sort of change. See something in the data that doesn't line up? Change it. This is a recipe for disaster, and poor development standards that we have all become custom to when it comes to OWI.
"By adopting the “see-think-speak-do” philosophy, we aim to create a combat system that encourages players to observe the battlefield, analyze the situation, communicate effectively with their squadmates, and take purposeful actions."
This is in the game already. Any squad leader or squad mate with experience doesn't just run into the battlefield mindlessly. They are aware of assets, logistics, capture points, viable forward and defensive fobs, maneuvering, etc. Slowing down the game to make it easier on the casual does nothing but hurt the experienced players that can no longer have the freedom of choice in the manner they choose to conduct their combat operations. This stifles ingenuity and thinking outside of the box. As a combat veteran myself, this is as paramount in real life as it is in Squad. Individual actions win every single firefight, period. Forcing players to See > Think > Speak > Do is so detached from reality in Squad and in a real life setting. In real life, most of the thinking is done during the briefing of the mission and the training leading to your work up and deployment. When rounds start flying, combat becomes instinct. There isn't much communication other then alerts, direction, movement, etc., as everyone has trained together in the work up and remedial actions to combat is standardized across the board. OWI essentially wants us to backtrack on initial onset of contact. "Hey guys, we just got shot at, lets all rub out heads together and figure this out." This is simply not how combat unfolds, and thus, shouldn't be forced upon the player for the sake of 'immersion' because it simply does not go down like that in real life. The way it is now is the most realistic and immersive game play I have found to the experience of a combat veteran, that being said its not perfect or exactly the same, but it does provide moments of pure immersion for a combat veteran like myself. Why change it at all if the end goal is already met, providing an immersive combat simulator? Oh.. The data... and research... /s
"One of the key changes we are implementing is to create longer firefights and provide more opportunities for tactical choices as a squad. By adjusting the pacing and dynamics of combat, we aim to extend the duration of engagements, allowing players to make informed decisions and employ various tactics to overcome the situation. This will not only deepen the tactical aspect of Squad but also generate more memorable war story moments that players can share and reminisce about."
This just reads as backwards logic. Longer firefights? Pacing of combat? Force-ably extending engagements? Not realizing players already make informed decisions and employ various tactics? I just keep thinking of these 'memorable moments' they elude to as being something akin to, 'hey remember that one time we sat suppressed in that village for 20 minutes and we finally figured out a way out of the situation? Most firefights are over before they begin in real life, very seldom does a firefight in my personal experience drag on for 5-15 minutes. While it can feel like a life time, and minutes turn into hours, the average firefight is just a couple minutes long. You want a real combat experience? Don't change how long it takes us to win a firefight. The more skilled, experienced, and disciplined will always prevail.
"In addition, we are striving to make combat more approachable for players of all skill levels. We understand the importance of creating an inclusive environment where new players can feel useful and contribute to the overall success of the squad. By providing opportunities for newcomers to engage in suppressive fire or support roles, while experienced players execute flanking maneuvers and decisive pushes, we aim to strike a balance that promotes both learning and effective teamwork. " So the aim here is to pigeon hole new players into fire support roles, and the more experienced do all the heavy lifting. This, again, already happens in Squad by and large. Which makes me go back to the question 'do they play their own game?'.
"Suppression Changes" I don't know about you guys but Machine Gun suppression in Squad as it is right now is extremely over powered and annoying to deal with as is. Making it more effective seems counter intuitive to the whole 'work together as a team and figure out a plan' if the combat de-buff is greater then its current state. This again is why just analyzing data and player behavior only gives the developers half of what they need to make an informed decision, it is also typical OWI behavior to ignore other issues and focus on ones that aren't as important.
"To facilitate longer shootouts, we need to reduce the odds of them ending in one or two shots. " What???? This is literally how combat is in real life. Firefights in squad are mostly long and drawn out regardless, intentionally extending this seems game breaking at face value.
"Scope Changes" So far, the only thing I actually agree with. Scopes have been a major issue the entire time, I am glad that the only time OWI addresses this issue is when they are trying to overhaul their entire infantry game play and just slap this change in there. How about just work on that first, instead of in tandem with an overly ambitious and seemingly not well thought out fundamental change to how the game will be played.
"Slower Movement" Does anyone really think this is a good idea? The whole justification for this change revolves around their argument that Spawn > Run > Die > Respawn is a thing they want to minimize. Slowing down movement, however slow or fast, will not and does not change this sequence.
"Traversal/vaulting/etc' "Various small tweaks to make the game feel both simultaneously more fluid and more grounded in reality."
They took away mid air vaulting, which is again in stark disagreement with real life. The Marine Corps in General has a 3 pull up minimum because they have analyzed that if you can do at least 3 pull ups, you can lift your body weight up with a full combat load once. I was able to climb walls and fences in combat gear in Iraq to get in better positions, taking this away from Squad in the manner of 'realism' is simply untrue. I could clear gaps on rooftops, and climb up things in full combat gear, and I could also swim with a full combat load, so much for realism!
TLDR; Squad isn't the perfect game. Squad has plenty of issues, problems, nearsights, poor development standards, bugs galore, etc. But beyond all of that, it still meets it end goal of bridging the gap between an ultra complex milsim, and a arcade shooter while providing relative immersion of the real life battlefield. For that, I am thankful this game exists, and in its current state there are surely things that need to be tweaked and fixed. But instead of focusing on the things the community has complained about for years that have still gone unfixed and ignored, OWI decided to just keep moving forward without ironing out the real issues this game faces.
Things OWI should do before moving forward with this change (MY OPINION):
Fix the bugs and exploits Fix the optimization Fix Scopes Fix graphical glitches Fix animations Add swimming (Marines can swim in combat gear FYI, their gear floats!) Add CAS, fast roping, air inserts, and more commander assets Update the factions, for instance, the Marine Corps is Circa 2007 as far as equipment/tech/etc goes. Add more IDF and make the systems of fire better, intuitive, and more in depth Fix netcode and registry Make the game more like Project Reality
What OWI is saying they are going to do: None of that, and make the game easier for casuals and slow the pace down in order to extend fire fights for the sake of immersion, and unless they have developers that are experienced in real world combat, I have absolutely no faith that they will pull this off in any sort of meaningful way. If they can't fix my personal wish list of items that have been complained about since Squads inception, why should I have any faith that they can execute anything beyond that especially something of this caliber. To me, they are shooting blindly into the dark and expect us to just follow their lead when they have done nothing historically speaking to prove to this community they understand what it wants.
Yes, I am salty. I truly believe they are on a path to ruin this game that I love. Nothing about this 'update' is exciting, and anecdotally speaking, a lot of the experienced players I have spoken to about this share the exact same sentiments.
Was gonna proof read but screw it, im posting. Let the flame war begin.
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2023.06.09 05:05 HaykakanTxa Daily News Report: 6/8/2023

Date: 06/08/2023
Reading time: 9 minutes, 1872 words

The units of the Azerbaijani armed forces open fire in the direction of the Armenian positions in Gegharkunik

Azerbaijani forces opened fire on Armenian positions in the Tretuk sector, Gegharkunik Province. The Armenian side has no casualties.
Armenpress, Azerbaijani forces open fire at Armenian positions, Azerbaijani forces open fire at Armenian positions near Khoznavar – MoD, Azerbaijan opens fire on Armenian positions

Red Cross visits kidnapped Armenian servicemen in Azerbaijani detention

Representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have visited the two Armenian servicemen who were kidnapped by the Azerbaijani military and jailed. Private conversations took place, and they also helped them to make contact with their families.
Armenpress, Baku shares info about 2 Armenian troops abducted by Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan violates Nagorno Karabakh ceasefire

Azerbaijani forces violated the ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh in the early hours of June 8, the Ministry of Defense said. The situation on the line of contact is relatively stable, the ministry said. Azerbaijan continues to spread disinformation, trying to substantiate the regular ceasefire violations committed by its units.
Armenpress, Artsakh reports fresh ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan, Armenia reports ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan, The Ministry of Defense of Armenia and Artsakh report about the firing by Azerbaijan, there are no losses, Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire in Artsakh, the Armenian side has no losses. PB:, Karabakh reports new ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan

Military universities will merge

Military University named after Vazgen Sargsyan and Aviation University will merge. The draft of the relevant decision is included in the agenda of the June 8 session of the government. The rationale of the decision is due to the decrease in the number of university applicants and the demand for certain professions in recent years.

Armenia makes every effort to encourage the development of "North-South" and "East-West" directions. Prime Minister

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan participated in the regular session of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council in Sochi. The EAEU plays a key role in strengthening ties, establishing a single market, promoting trade and creating a single market. The Prime Minister delivered a speech, in which he said: "During these nine years, we have achieved considerable success"
Armenpress, Armenia advocates the systematic development of mutually beneficial and equal cooperation within CIS – PM

Azerbaijan attempts to derail agreements, Armenia warns at meeting of CSTO Security Council chiefs

Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan delivered a speech on June 8 at the CSTO meeting of Security Council Secretaries. He said Azerbaijan continues to escalate the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and Nagorno Karabakh.
Armenpress, Armenia participates in CIS Border Guard council meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, The delegation of border guard troops of the National Security Service of Armenia left for Baku

Prime Minister Pashinyan participates in CIS Council of Heads of Government session

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan participated in the regular session of the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS in Sochi. The meeting is taking place in the year of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Charter of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Russia ready to discuss financial issues on building new nuclear power plant in Armenia, says PM Mishustin

Russia is ready to discuss financial issues and parameters of building nuclear power plants in the territories of Eurasian Economic Union members, including Armenia, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at the Eurasia Is My Home exhibition. The heads of government were briefed on Rosatom’s most effective plant, a joint Russian-Belarusian project with two reactors with 1200 megawatt capacity.

Belarusian leader Lukashenko calls on Armenia and Azerbaijan to find mutually acceptable solution

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko has called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to find a mutually acceptable solution to end the conflict. President Lukas

Russia aims to block EU from hosting COP29 summit, potentially leaving Armenia and Azerbaijan as contenders - report

Russia intends to block EU countries from hosting next year's UN international climate negotiations, according to internal emails seen by Reuters. Armenia and Bulgaria had put themselves forward to host the summit. If Russia vetoed all EU countries, then Armenia or Azerbaijan could still be in the running.

Armenia eager to develop ties with UK, Speaker Simonyan tells Leader of House of Commons Penny Mordaunt

Speaker of Parliament of Armenia Alen Simonyan and his delegation met with Penny Mordaunt, the Leader of the House of Commons of the UK Parliament. The delegation also discussed regional security with their British colleagues and presented the situation resulting from Azerbaijan aggression.

At CSTO, Armenia’s Security Council chief calls for targeted assessment of the situation in Artsakh

Azerbaijan continues to escalate the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and Nagorno-Karabakh and the Lachin Corridor. Secretary of the Armenian Security Council Armen Grigoryan addressed the Security Council Secretaries of CSTO member states.

Russia has no long-term strategic plans in Artsakh. Lilit Gevorgyan

Analyst Lilit Gevorgyan says Russia has no long-term strategic plans in Artsakh. He says the issue of making Armenia a part of the Union State is not removed from Russia's agenda. The analyst says the guarantor of a possible Armenian-Azerbaijani treaty is Azerbaijan itself.

Armenian Foreign Minister speaks with new Turkish counterpart

Ararat Mirzoyan congratulates Hakan Fidan on his appointment as the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. The sides expressed their willingness to continue working towards full normalization of relations between Armenia and Türkiye.

Germany expects immediate release of Armenian POWs kept in Azerbaijan

Germany expects that the Armenian prisoners of war held in Baku will be immediately released as part of the peace negotiations. Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the German Bundestag Michael Roth said at the press conference in Yerevan on Wednesday, June 8.

Semi-precious stones, precious metals, machinery named top Armenian exports in January-April

Armenia exported goods worth 2 billion 158 million 463,4 thousand dollars in January-April of 2023. Most of the exports went to Russia, a growth of 3,8 times compared to 2022. Precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals and related items comprised most of the exported goods.

The CSTO countries intend to increase the number of joint exercises

Secretaries of the Security Councils of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) discussed security challenges and threats in the region. The Security Council of the Russian Federation noted that tasks were set to block the ways of recruiting citizens and traveling to different places to participate in terrorist activities.

Armenian President receives Maren Jasper-Winter, member of Executive Board of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

President of the Republic of Armenia Vahagn Khachaturyan received delegation headed by Maren Jasper-Winter. Meeting was attended by Martin Kothé, Regional Director for East and Southeast Europe, Katrin Bannach and Armen Grigoryan.

Speaker meets SNP’s Drew Hendry, calls for cooperation between Armenia’s self-governing municipalities and Scotland

Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan and members of his delegation have met with Drew Hendry, Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom representing the Scottish National Party. Regional challenges, post-war issues and consequences were discussed at the meeting, the Armenian parliament’s press service said.

Armenian metal smelting plant will continue its activities in the border area irrespective of Azerbaijan's complaint

GTB Steel, which is building a smelting plant in the village of Yeraskh, Ararat Province, Armenia, issued a statement responding to the statement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Azerbaijan that the construction of the smelter will harm the environment of their country.
Armenpress, Company behind smelter in Armenia’s border village of Yeraskh to continue activity despite statements from Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan opposes Armenia’s plans to build new metallurgical plant

Armenian Minister, German Ambassador discuss the possibility of concluding a migration partnership agreement

Minister of Internal Affairs Vahe Ghazaryan received Viktor Richter, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany to Armenia. The issue of the possibility of concluding a migration partnership agreement with Germany was discussed at the meeting.

ICJ ruling on Azeri checkpoint in Lachin Corridor expected soon

Armenia is waiting for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on its request regarding Azerbaijan’s checkpoint in Lachin Corridor. The United Nations’ highest court ordered Azerbaijan on February 22 to “take all steps at its disposal” to ensure unimpeded movement of persons, vehicles and cargo in both directions.

2 Ukrainian-Armenians affected in Kakhovka Dam collapse

Two Ukrainian-Armenians are among those affected as a result of the collapse of the Kherson Dam. Several Armenian communities have already offered to accommodate those affected.

In Syunik, United States Ambassador to Armenia observes tense situation at border with Azerbaijan

United States Ambassador to Armenia Kristina Kvien has visited the Syunik Province, the U.S. Embassy said on social media. The Ambassador also traveled to Tegh where she observed first-hand the tense situation at the border.

Turkey's lira plunges 7.6% to record low

Turkey's lira plunged 7.6% to a record low on Wednesday in its biggest selloff since the historic 2021 crash. Traders called it a "strong signal" that Ankara is moving away from state controls toward a freely traded currency. The lira was trading at 23.2300 against the dollar at 1739 GMT after touching a record-low of 23.2620.

Christian Lawmakers urged to de-platform Azerbaijan ambassador

Azerbaijan has attacked and ethnically cleansed vast areas of Artsakh – a Christian land and democratic state on the frontiers of global faith and freedom. Azerbaijan has executed armed and bound Armenian prisoners of war, using prohibited munitions and recruiting jihadist, ISIS-aligned mercenaries from Syria.

Donations to Armenia:

Armenian Wounded Heroes
If you'd like to support me: Patreon
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2023.06.09 04:42 Ikeda_kouji Pulverize Druid Tips and Tricks

I'm close to level 80 on my Pulverize Druid so here are some random tidbits of information to other Bears out there. Feel free to share your own!

Solve your spirit issue

Doing these I can literally spam Pulverize and never go out of spirit. Exception is boss fights, but I have another tip for bosses below.

What about Spirit Cost Reduction?

  1. If you are running 3/3 Wild Impulses (as you should), Pulverize costs 38 Spirit.
  2. Ancestral Guidance gives you a 30% dmg buff after spending 75 Spirit, lasting for 5 seconds.
  3. 38+38 = 76. This means with no spirit cost reduction, you will need to use Pulverize twice before you get the buff.
  4. With ANY amount of spirit cost reduction, you will need to use Pulverize thrice before you get the buff.
  5. Getting the buff quickereliable will be a net positive to your overall gameplay experience.
Further math
If you manage to get the cost to 24, you will have to use Pulverize four times before you get the buff.
You are still generating spirit from kills/CC/procs, so while using Spirit Cost Reduction is not a bad idea, amulets/boots and totems can roll a lot of other stats that benefit you more. I would not use this stat on these items.

Two Handed Weapon is bait

At least for Druids, for PvE. 2H is probably better for PvP.
Many guides out there are listing Two Handed Weapons because you get double aspect power, plus the affixes are stronger. I was rocking a 803 Power 2H axe with +Vuln dmg%, +Crit Dmg%, +Earth Crit%, and was hitting for 150k at level 70. On paper everything is amazing. What's the issue then?
Even if you are hitting for 150k, using 3-5 Pulverizes and going completely OOM (OOS?) feels terrible. Trying to generate / fish for Earthen Might procs with Earth Spike on a slow 2H feels even worse. I then swapped to 1H+Totem, rolled a glove with lucky hit+attack speed, and got a totem with +lucky hit, CDR, attack speed, +lucky hit chance to restore spirit.
My god. My regular crits are around 50-70k, but I can spam Pulverize non-stop, and attack a lot faster. But wait, it gets better.
Since Grizzly aspect scales Crit Damage infinitely for each crit, attacking faster and non-stop means accumulating the buff even quicker. With correct timing and a little bit of luck(y hit), the 50-70k crits become 300-400k crits at the end of the grizzly timer. Which can easily 1-2 shot many bosses. Also thanks to more CDR I have almost perma Grizzly bear.
In addition, using two weapons means an extra legendary aspect. While you might get an additional +40% damage aspect in here allow me to introduce Aspect of the Trampled Earth. This beast of an aspect not only changes trample into Earth damage (which scales with out passives), but it summons six landslides which can all shotgun if the target hitbox is large. You know those large structures like towers you need to kill? A single crit trample can destroy it. Using it against bosses near walls will destroy their CC bar and do high amounts of damage to them. Oh and this thing can and most of the time will proc your Earthen Might.

1h axe vs 1h mace?

1h Axes have +28% Damage to Healthy Enemies, Maces have +31.5% Overpower Damage. I think both have their uses depending on the playstyle.
Healthy will work better for speedclearing content aside from bosses. For things like NM dungeons and Helltide I think axe is better. Because your overpower stacks will not accumulate fast enough if you are moving one pack to the other.
Overpower is probably better for bosses.
But then again I think the difference is minimal. I'd go with whatever weapon has rolled better.

Bosses are not Crowd Controlled until they are (?)

The way that it's worded, I think bosses are not considered crowd controlled until they are staggered (the bar below their HP is blue). So things like slow probably do not effect them outside of this window.
This means that certain aspects are less useful against bosses. Crashstone Aspect (Earth skills do [30-40%] more Crit Damage to CC'd units) would be weaker against bosses, whereas Aspect of Retaliation (Core skills do [20-40%] increased damage depending on Fortify) would work all the time.
Keep in mind that Crit damage is a separate damage multipler (different bucket), so for everything else it's superior.

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2023.06.09 04:35 Good_Fruit_4963 Rockchip Octa-core RK3588 System On Module

FET3588-C System on Module (SoM) carries Rockchip’s advanced hybrid processor RK3588 contains quad-core Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 cores, A76 core runs up to 2.4GHz, and A55 core clock up to 1.8GHz. It has a super advanced engine can support up to 8K output, quad-screen with different content output; The SoM has been subjected to rigorous ambient temperature testing, which approve that it could be a trusted and best option for your high-end applications and products.

Feature of Rockchip RK3588

New Generation Advanced AIoT Processor RK3588
As a universal 8K supported SoC, RK3588 is outstanding in integer operations, floating-point arithmetic, RAM, low-power and even the outline. Advanced 8nm processing, Big& Little core structure and L3 cache, which are all have been greatly improved its computing capability.

NPU With Processing Performance Up To 6 TOPS
RK3588 processor contains a triple-core NPU, supports co-work and works independently; Supports INT4/INT8/INT16/FP16 hybrid operation and computing power is up to 6TOPs. MAC utilization improved by more than 28% together with 2.0 RKNN TOOLkit2 can meet most demand for edge computing.

8K Encode Decoders Exploring
RK3588 supports 8K display output, supports H.265 and VP9 decoder by [email protected], H.264 decoder by [email protected], and AV1 decoder by [email protected]. It’s a user friendly platform for massive video playing, completely compatible with OpenGLES 1.1, 2.0, and 3.2, OpenCL up to 2.2 and Vulkan1.2. Special 2D hardware engine with MMU will maximize display performance and provide very smoothly operation.

New Generation ISP
RK3588 introduces a new generation totally hardware-based maximum 48-Megapixel ISP3.0. It implements a lot of algorithm accelerators, such as HDR, 3A, LSC, 3DNR, 2DNR, sharpening, dehaze, fisheye correction, gamma correction and so on.
For additional information, visit the FET3588-C System On Module.
OK3588-C Single Board Computer.
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2023.06.09 04:29 Bubzoluck [30 min read] The Opioid Epidemic before the Opioid Epidemic - Exploring Morphine Derivatives and the First Opium War (Part 1)

[30 min read] The Opioid Epidemic before the Opioid Epidemic - Exploring Morphine Derivatives and the First Opium War (Part 1)
Hello and welcome back to SAR! I have written and rewritten this post a few times now and I think I have landed on a format I am happy with. When we talk about the impact of medicine on history its important to get the context right, and I think I have found a way to talk about our topic. So what is it? No chemical is more important to the world of medicine than Opium, okay maybe Penicillin, but today we will say its Opium. Principally an analgesic (anti-pain), the Opium Poppy allowed for humans to take away pain in great degrees and further development on the natural chemicals has opened up surgery and post-op recovery. While we tend to look at the recent Opioid Epidemic as the only issue regarding Opiates, history reveals to us a very similar precursor. Also please head over to u/jtjdp post about morphine derivatives here! She does an amazing job explaining the higher level concepts of medicinal chemistry that I just wouldn’t do justice. Alright, enough quibbling, let’s get to the good stuff.
Disclaimer: this post is not designed to be medical advice. It is merely a look at the chemistry of medications and their general effect on the body. Each person responds differently to therapy. Please talk to your doctor about starting, stopping, or changing medical treatment.

How Much do you Know About Pain?

To be alive is to feel pain, and emo sentiments aside, this is one of the biggest biological properties of the central nervous system. When you think about it, how does the body take external stimuli and allow you to recognize it? The answer is the sensory nervous system which is responsible for sensing many different types of stimuli: temperature, pressure, pain, and chemicals. These sensory neurons carry the information from the extremities and transmit it up the spinal cord into the brain for processing. From there the brain alerts you to the issue allowing you to correct whatever problem is causing the pain. Let’s take a look:
  • We call these receptors Nociceptors and activation of these neurons in the periphery leads to a signal being sent towards the spinal cord. Those peripheral nerves eventually complex with the Dorsal Horn of the spinal cord and interface with the central nervous system to transfer the pain signal. This signal is then sent Ascending to the Thalamus where the pain signal is recognized and initiates a response (such as pulling your hand away from the hot stove). But that’s not the full story, the brain also sends signals back down Descending to modify the incoming signal and dampen it. Its this modifying that makes pain fade over time when you aren’t focusing on it—otherwise the brain would be overwhelmed by the repetitive signal and continuously think injury is still happening. Now let’s divide this process into its two parts, first up the Ascending pathway.
  • As the Action Potential travels from the periphery towards the Spine it causes the influx of Calcium into the Presynaptic Neuron. This neuron is what carries the original signal to then transfer into the Spine for further traveling. Eventually we reach the Synapse where the finger-nerve and spine meet and we get the transfer of information via Neurotransmitters. In this case, two chemicals are released: Glutamate and Substance P (which literally stands for Substance Pain). Glutamate will activate two receptors (AMPA and NMDA) which are Excitatory and stimulate the continuation of the pain signal up to the brain. Substance P activates the NK1 receptor which enhances the frequency of the pain signal (the throbbing) and the intensity of the pain burst. So to simplify, Glutamate allows the signal to be passed up to the brain but depending on the strength of the original pain signal more or less Substance P is released which modulates the strength and attention-grabbing nature of it. Okay great, we sent the pain pathway up and it will get processed in multiple different parts of the brain. But the brain can’t have that signal stinging it so it must send information back down to dampen that pain signal. This is where that aforementioned Descending pathway comes in. Above you can see how the blue line reaches down out of the brain and back into the spine to turn ‘off’ the signal. This is the basis of Analgesia or pain relief.
  • Okay so now we have to divide the action of the Descending pathway which acts to dampen and modulate the original signal coming into the brain. Now, normally at rest this Descending neuron is inhibited so any fresh incoming signal is not inhibited from the get go but once that pain signal does come in, we get the good stuff! In response to pain the brain releases substances called Endorphins which activate the mu Opioid Receptor (MOR) located on the Descending pathway. Now MOR are inhibitory in nature so they are inhibiting the inhibitory resting state of neurons, or in other words, are allowing the Descending neuron to activate. And this is an important fact to recognize, Opiates do not inhibit pain, they inhibit the physiology of the nervous system that prevents modulation of the pain signal.
    • Once the inhibition is inhibited, the Descending neuron is free to release two neurotransmitters onto the nerve that was carrying the original pain signal. Both Norepinephrine and Serotonin are released to activate their respective receptors which inhibit the release of Substance P and Glutamate thus decreasing the incoming pain signal. Likewise MOR receptors are found directly on the incoming nerve and further prevent the release of Glutamate and Substance P as well as being found on the Ascending neuron preventing the activation of the NMDA/AMPA and NK1 receptors. The result: dampened incoming signal and decreased pain sense being sent to the brain.

The Stars Align in the Shape of a Poppy
To start our story about Opiates we need to turn to the great precursor—Opium. Opium itself is not a chemical but rather a really thick liquor (called latex) that contains a high concentration of Morphine (and some Codeine). There are 38 species of Poppy plants but only two produce Opium is great enough supply that it is worth farming them and humans have been cultivating these varieties for as long as we have known about the plants. When humans settled into Mesopotamia (near modern day Iraq), Poppies were one of the few plants grown in plots as large grain or vegetable fields (meaning that they were thought of as valuable as food). Throughout the Greek age of medicine (pre-500 BCE) through the Islamic medicinal revolution (500 BC-1500 AD), Opium was a major component of treatment, assisted suicide, and poison. In fact its through the rise of the Muslim Caliphates that we see the export of Opium to other parts of the world, especially through the Mediterranean Sea once the Crusaders return. Opium trading to the East via the silk roads was an almost continuous affair since time immemorial and Pakistan was a major growing area for the Eastern Poppy trade.
  • By the time after the Crusades (11-13th centuries), we start to see the West’s fixation on Opium. For many reasons Europe didn’t develop many psychoactive plants to the same degree as more humid/hot climates like Africa, the Middle East, and India. This is why the importation of Opium (and also Marijuana) was such a trade commodity and staple in the development of Western medicine. During the Renaissance and the revival of Greek philosophy we start to see the re-fascination with Opium and by the 1600s we see merchants importing Laudanum into Europe for recreational and medicinal use. The standard use of Tincture of Opium (which is Opium dissolved in ethanol, a DEADLY combination) was a particularly favorite preparation which was prescribed to the lowest day-worker all the way up to kings.
    • The importation and use of Opium exploded in the late 1700s once the British conquered a major Poppy growing region of India. This region (western India and most of Pakistan) was originally slated to grow cotton like the American colonies but the region wasn’t wet enough to sustain the plant—it could however grow copious fields of Poppy plants to create Opium. Throughout the 18th century the British Raj became the largest exporter of Opium to Europe and after the discovery that Mercury and Arsenic may not be safe, Opium took over their duties. By 1780 almost all major remedies incorporated the use of Opium in some capacity and with the huge supply, it was incredibly cheap.
  • Poppy wasn’t only important to the British for its medicinal properties but also to bolster the huge amount of loss they were incurring in global trade to one trade partner—China. After she made contact with China in the mid-1500s, Britain starting to import HUGE amounts of tea as the Brits became literally addicted to the substance. By 1800 a full 15% of the ENTIRE British Empire’s revenue was being spent on importing tea, that’s 30 million pounds per YEAR, leading to a massive trade deficit. This means that more money was being sent to China literally enriching a foreign country while the British public was getting their fix on the black stuff. Oh and just in case you think things haven’t changed, Britain still accounts for 42.6% of the world’s tea consumption—seriously Brits, ever heard of coffee? Anyways, all this money leaving the British economy to be spent on non-Empire sustaining commodities was a major national security risk for the British. It would be different if they were importing gunpowder like the Dutch were or Silver as the Spanish had but literally they were consuming the riches they were spending the money on.
    • Remember too that the British were not in the best position by the turn of the 19th century—they had just lost their colonies in the Americas, involvement in the Napoleonic Wars killed a generation of men, and the push to develop industries over public health led to a focus on fast growth rather than smart growth. One of the results of the Napoleonic Wars was the British occupation of the Island of Java which developed a very potent Opium which was traded with Chinese merchants regularly. Soon British merchants realized they could rebalance the trade deficit by selling Javanese Opium into China but the small island was unable to produce enough Poppies to meet the demand. So Britain turned to another one of its colonies, India.
  • India by the end of the 1700s was a bit of a challenge. The British hold on the subcontinent was firm but they couldn’t grow the cash crops they wanted. Indian cotton was nothing compared to Egyptian or Southern American (i.e. Virginia/North Carolina/Georgia) cotton and the Indian tobacco was known for being bitter. But by the 1770s the British government realized that Poppy was an easy crop to grow and the demand across the border with China was an easy market; British traders brought their cargo to small islands off the coast of China where it was sold for silver. Initially the Chinese didn’t mind the sale of Opium in their territory—when the British traders collected the silver from the sale they would almost immediately use it to buy Chinese goods, thus driving tax revenue for the Chinese government.
  • But if you buy Opium, people are going to use that Opium. By the 1810s all trade with foreigners was restricted to just one port, Canton, and slowly the city started to develop a habit for the drug. The use of mind altering substances was curtailed pretty quickly for hundreds of years in China—the Ming Dynasty banned tobacco in 1640 and the Qing banned Madak (a powdered Opium containing tobacco) was similarly banned in 1729. But by 1790 more and more Chinese citizens were becoming addicted to the substance; what started as a recreational drug slowly became a crippling addiction that took hold over Canton. For a rigid society, the crippling Opiate addiction was a moral corruption for the Qing government and forced them to curtail Opium importation in 1780 and then an outright ban in 1796.
  • Knowing just how devastating the Opium was having on the inhabitants of Canton, as well as how it spread further inland, British merchants kept peddling their drug. Older ships with larger hulls were converted into floating warehouses and parked just outside of navigable waters. Once set up, Opium smugglers would pull up, purchase the Opium and avoid any oversight by the Chinese government to prevent the sale of the drug. Following their mother country, American merchants started to sell Turkish Opium, an inferior variety, at a much cheaper rate leading to drug peddling competition with more and more tons of Opium being sent into China. This drove down the price of Opium considerably which ultimately increased the demand.
    • This demand eventually led to reversal of trade, meaning that more silver was leaving China to pay for Opium than the British were using to pay for Chinese goods. American and European traders could show up in Canton with holds full of Opium, sell it off for a profit, and then make a tidy silver profit to bring back to Europe. Likewise the importation of cheap machine-made cotton, furs, clocks, and steel into China driving down domestic profits.

Let’s Look at the Drugs a Bit
Stepping away from the history a bit, let’s introduce the Family. Okay so we understand how pain is sent to the brain and how it modulates but there is so much more to the mu Opioid Receptor and that’s not the only kind of Opioid receptor that we have. The two most clinically useful receptors are the Mu and Kappa Opioid Receptors (KOR) because they result in analgesia but there is a Delta Opioid Receptor (DOR) that is worth mentioning. The majority of the Opiates that we know and love are Mu agonists but there are some very interesting Kappa agonists that are worth mentioning as well.
  • Above is a chart that shows the binding affinities of select Opiates to the Mu receptor. The smaller the number is, the more tightly they bond. Now affinity is different than potency—potency is a measure of how much drug (in g) is required to produce the same effect. So even though morphine has a higher affinity than fentanyl, fentanyl has a MUCH more potent effect (which is why it can be so dangerous, you only need a little). Now many of the opiates cause the same effect so I want to spend more time on what makes them all so different:
  • First up we have the 5-Ring Morphinians which are derived from the natural product Morphine. These structures have 5 component parts: an aromatic benzene ring (A), a completely saturated bridge ring (B), a partially unsaturated ring with an alcohol attachment (C), a piperidine heterocycle above the rest of the structure (D) and finally a ether linkage between the top and bottom of the structure to keep it fairly rigid (E). Truthfully we are only going to focus on two locations—firstly the top alcohol (red circle) can be methylated to form Codeine, a natural Prodrug of Morphine. A Prodrug is one that is biologically inactive but goes through an initial metabolism once ingested that makes it active.
  • In fact it’s this initial metabolism of Codeine that makes it very interesting. In order for Codeine to exert any pain relief it needs to be converted to Morphine which actually exerts the desirable properties. This is done by the liver enzyme CYP2D6 which is a pretty minor pathway for Codeine—only about 10% of the Codeine is actually converted to Morphine to have some action. Because of this 2D6 dependent pathway we have to be careful about administering drugs that might inhibit the 2D6 pathway because that would mean we are preventing codeine from being active. Drugs like Fluoxetine (Prozac) and Paroxetine (Paxil) are strong 2D6 inhibitors and so if we administered Codeine to someone taking this drug they’d never get any benefit from the Codeine. In addition there are genetic/ethnic differences that pharmacists can account for such as 2D6 activity. If you are someone with very little 2D6 activity then you would also not convert Codeine to Morphine and thus get no action from the drug—this may be a reason why some people say Codeine doesn’t work for them. Another reason could be that they are Rapid Metabolizers and quickly convert the Codeine to Morphine and thus get a massive hit quickly after ingestion—in that cause you’d need a much smaller dose than another person for the same effect.
  • A different drug that is the opposite of Codeine is Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) which has a Ketone on ring C. This ketone and the lack of the double bond on this ring increases the lipophilicity of the drug and increases its ability to penetrate into the brain and thus have a greater effect. In fact Hydromorphone is 5-10x more potent than Morphine due to its greater ability to penetrate into the brain and increased receptor affinity for the mu receptor. Because the A ring OH is not capped with a methyl group, we don’t need to rely on 2D6 to metabolize Hydromorphone into an active drug form which again increases the activity of this drug compared to Codeine.
  • So combine these two structural changes—the capped OH on ring A as seen in Codeine and the increased affinity found with the ketone in Hydromorphone and we get Hydrocodone (Norco, Lorcet). Well in this case you’d get a drug that has very good affinity for the mu receptor (better than codeine) BUT is still reliant on the small 2D6 pathway for activation (worse than morphine). In this regard only about 10% of Hydrocodone is active at a time. We can see this effect in the relative doses for equivalent effect: to match the effect of 30mg of Morphine, we’d need only 7.5mg of Hydromorphone (more active) but need 200mg of Codeine (less active).
  • This brings us to our last drug of this class, Oxycodone which has a special OH group found on Ring B. What you’ll notice is that Oxycodone has that capped OH on ring A so it requires metabolism through 2D6 just like Codeine and Hydrocodone. When it is uncapped it becomes Oxymorphone which has 3 times as much effect as Morphine BUT that extra OH makes Oxycodone an exclusive Mu receptor agonist. Unlike the other drugs which may go to other receptors causing side effects (more on this later).
  • Next up I want to look at some Mu opioid receptor Antagonists or those than inhibit the function of the opioid receptor. Looking at the first two drugs, Naloxone and Naltrexone, we can see that they have the structure similar to Hydromorphone so they would have incredible brain penetration and affinity for opioid receptors BUT they contain that funky Nitrogen tail. Now normally there is a short methyl tail that is required for the function of Morphine but by adding a bulkier tail the drug is able to fit inside the receptor but prevent activation. What’s most important about these two drugs is that they have much more affinity for the receptor than other opiates. We can see this effect in the graph above: when no Naloxone is present, Fentanyl occupies the opiate receptor about 75% of the time. But as soon as Naloxone is administered that number drops swiftly (within minutes)--this is because Naloxone has a higher affinity for sitting in the receptor than Fentanyl. Think of it like the bully Naloxone coming up and pushing the poor defenseless Fentanyl off the swings so the bully can play on it (except in this instance Fentanyl is causing an overdose and we need to save someone’s life).
  • Buprenorphine is similar but it is a Partial Agonist instead of being a full antagonist. Buprenorphine is not a 5-ring Morphinian byt a 6-ring Oripavine that has a few different modifications. The biggest additions is that it has the bulky Nitrogen tail found in full Antagonists but it has this funky C ring tail which fights the antagonism. The result is a tug of war between the antagonism of the Nitrogen tail and the agonism of this new C-ring tail resulting in Partial agonism—so if you took Buprenorphine you’d notice a markedly decreased pain relieving ability but importantly there is a ceiling effect, its much harder to overdose on Buprenorphine than other full agonists. In addition in the second graph we can see that Buprenorphine has the greatest affinity for the receptor than our other agonists which prevents someone from taking a more potent opiate while taking Buprenorphine. In this case the bully is already sitting on the swing and scaring away the other kids thus preventing them from having a turn (and potentially causing an overdose). This does mean that if someone was taking a more potent drug (like Fentanyl) and then took Buprenorphine, it would cause withdrawal just like Naloxone or Naltrexone.
  • Speaking of withdrawal, let’s take a look at how that happens. Remember that the pain signal is caused by the activation of AMPA and NMDA receptors from the peripheral nerve. AMPA is a type of receptor called a G-Protein Coupled Receptor or GPCR which in this case is linked to an Excitatory G-protein which leads to the activation of the nerve. When AMPA is activated, the G-protein (Ga) activates an enzyme called Adenylate Cyclase (AC) which increases the production of pro-activity cAMP—or in simpler terms—when AMPA is activated, it leads to an increase in levels of pro-pain molecule cAMP. The Opioid receptor is also a GPCR but it is linked to an inhibitory G-protein which prevents the action of Adenylate Cyclase and thus leads to a decrease in cAMP levels. So Opiates prevent pro-pain cAMP signaling from continuing.
    • In the second graph we can see how tolerance forms. Initially (A), Adenylate Cyclase and cAMP levels are not affected by having opiates even though their ability to push along the pain signal is blocked. After a few hours, the leftover cAMP is degraded and cAMP levels start to drop significantly (B). In response to these levels going down, the activity of Adenylate Cyclase starts to increase and increase (C) which raises the level of cAMP. This rise in Adenylate Cyclase activity opposes the action of the opiate which necessitates the need for increased doses of Opiates and is why tolerance forms. As sustained inhibition of Adenylate Cyclase continues, the body upregulates Adenylate Cyclase activity to create more cAMP and to combat this we increase the dose.
    • Now what if after years of taking an Opiate we suddenly administer Naloxone, an Opiate antagonist. Well after weeks to months of taking an Opiate, the level of Adenylate Cyclase activity is WAY above baseline. When you administer the antagonist, suddenly Adenylate Cyclase is able to produce a TON of cAMP that normally is blocked which leads to a MASSIVE amount of downstream signaling. The result is intense nausea and vomiting, stomach cramps, fever, anxiety, insomnia, and cravings. Thankfully the withdrawal process ends after about 72 hours but is one of the worst experiences someone can go through which is why proper down-tapering of Opiates is extremely important.

A Change in Trade Policy
Oh, you’re still here. Neat! So by the 1820s the Qing dynasty was running into many problems regarding Opium. Firstly they needed the Opium taxes to fund their efforts to put down the White Lotus Rebellion and retain power. But after almost 30 years of trade the effects on Chinese communities could not be ignored along with local officials operating under the imperial trade department, the Hong, profiting from bribes to allow Opium. Regardless of initial efforts things were getting out of hand for the Qing government. In 1800, about 4000 chests of Opium or 560,000 pounds entered the country but by 1830 that number exploded to 20,000 chests or about 3 million pounds. But more than the amount of Opium actually entering the country was the incessant rudeness of the British government to open trade.
  • One of the “problems” for the British traders was how clamped down trade was with China. By 1800 all trade was limited to just Canton and the Hong was a strict master of trade. Foreigners were not allowed to appeal decisions made by the Hong and only Chinese traders could sell goods further inland than Canton. Traders chafed against this extreme oversight and sent hundreds of letters to the Hong requesting special dispensations which were summarily denied. Things changed significantly in 1834 when the Chinese trade was de-monopolized away from the East India Company allowing any private trader to get involved in the Eastern trade.
  • In August of 1834, the British sent Lord William John Napier to Macau as superintendent of Chinese trade with the explicit order to follow all Chinese regulations. Thinking he knows best, Napier decided that the restrictive Chinese trade system was too restrictive and sent a letter to the Viceroy of Canton. This was unheard of—NO foreign traders were allowed to speak directly with Chinese officials and the Viceroy refused to accept it. So why not double down by ordering two British ships to BOMBARD two Pearl River forts as a show of force? Luckily Napier died of Typhus almost directly after else it would have resulted in a full blown war.
  • In 1839 the Qing government appointed Lin Zexu as the Opium czar to completely eradicate the Opium trade from China. Lin banned the sale of Opium in China completely, set up rehabilitation centers for those affected by the drug, and put addicts to work to distract them while detoxing. Lin demanded that all Opium supplies must be surrendered to Qing authorities and any Chinese citizen disobeying the order would be punishable by death. He even went as far as closing the Pearl River Channel, trapping British traders in Canton and seizing their Opium warehouse stockpiles.
  • The replacement for Napier was Admiral Sir Charles Elliot who protested the seizure of the Opium stockpile but knew that they could do nothing. He ordered all Opium ships to flee and prepare for battle which caused Lin Zexu to beseige a group of traders inside a Canton warehouse. Elliot convinced the traders to cooperate with the Chinese government and surrender their stock, saying that the British government would compensate for the lost Opium (which he had no authority to do). During April and May 1839 the British (and American) traders to surrender 20,000 chests of Opium which was burned for three days outside Canton. Following the burning, trade resumed to normal except no more Opium was allowed. Like many other instances of the government removing legitimate sale of a drug, the black market increased markedly.
  • In July 1839 a new scandal rocked the British-Chinese trade system; two British sailors became drunk and beat a man death outside of his village. In response, Superintendent Elliot arrested the two men and paid compensation to the villager’s family for the loss of the man but Elliot refused to hand over the sailors to the Qing government. Lin Zexu saw this as a blatant disregard for Chinese law—afterall traders needed to understand that they can’t just come to China and violate Chinese law as they saw fit. Elliot offered to hold a trial on a British ship in front of Chinese officials to show that the men would not get off free. This incident would start the smoldering.
    • On September 4th, Elliot sent two ships to Kowloon to buy food and provisions from Chinese peasants. While approaching the harbor, three Chinese war junks gave permission to the two British ships to trade but that permission was rescinded by the commander of Kowloon fort. Elliot fumed against the slight and said that if the British were not allowed to trade by 3pm, he would fire on the fort. 3pm passed and the British opened fire on the fort causing the Chinese junks to return fire. The fighting continued for 7 hours until nightfall and Elliot had to prevent the British officers from pressing the attack, thus ending the Battle of Kowloon. Having driven off the Chinese ships, the British purchased the supplies they needed while the Kowloon commander claimed that both ships were sunk and 50 British sailors killed.
    • The reaction in Britain was about as much as you expect. Prime Minister Palmerston sent out letters to the Governor General of India to prepare marines to invade China and another letter to the Chinese Emperor telling him that Britain would send a military force. He sent a letter to Superintendent Elliot to set up a blockade on the Pearl River and capture Chusan Island. He also instructed Elliot to accomplish the following objectives:
      • Demand the respect as a British envoy from the Qing Government.
      • Secure the right for British law to be doled out on British subjects
      • Get recompense for destroyed British property, especially the illegal drugs that they destroyed
      • And most important, End the Canton System thus opening up China to free trade for the first time, ever.
Alright this is where we will leave things off for now, on the brink of war with China. Stay tuned!
submitted by Bubzoluck to SAR_Med_Chem [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 04:24 Accomplished-Emu1883 BloodBarren

“The Devil’s Train, they call it!” “I hear that it only travels West, and it runs on burning blood!” “It’s gears are oiled by beasts and it’s conductor is a hideous monster!”
Those were the words that got you, a simple Ranger, so intrigued. It’s why you had ridden our so far into the desert at night. Something called you. Haunted your dreams. Gold. Out West.
The same dream every damned man has. The Gold in the West… if this train could get you there… a ride might be worth it.
Where there was nothing before, train tracks stretch before you. A train, of golden and silver steel begins its slowing, finally screeching to a halt right in front of you.
A woman, small and beautiful steps down from the front cabin. She smiles at you.
“Ticket and ID?”
[This is where you create your character]
“An ID… but no Ticket… ah well. The train will be departing soon. I will accept payment now.”
Before you can even move, the girl draws a knife and cuts your right hand at the wrist. The limp falls to the ground, and she picks it up gingerly, putting it into her bag.
Bending down, she smiles at you warmly.
“Welcome aboard The Devil’s Train.” ————————— You awaken, this time in third person, on one of the seats of the train. You check your right hand, which has been replaced with a gold and silver prosthetic.
You are now free to explore the train cars, though very little will be found. You are in the second most front car, but the door to go forward is locked. You will find very little to do besides talk to the only passenger on board, who speaks to you as such;
“Ah… a Ranger are you? Good to see more folks like you around here. Someone has to bring some sort of law to these parts.” “The train? No! Of coarse not. It’s where the train is going that needs someone’s protection. Dangerous Outlaws are everywhere… but enough of that. My name is Philip. I was a Ranger, just like you. In fact, I’m only still here to fulfill the final part of my contract.”
He hands you the RunicRevolver.
“Funny little pistol. It will help you out. Now, I’ll be getting off at the next stop. How about you go talk to The Lady? She will explain the rest.”
Now the door to the first car opens, and you can go inside. Once inside, you can talk to the lady, who explains what she can.
“My apologies. Rangers like you tend to arrive with an invitation from those above… but we made an exception for you. That hand is made up of Gold and Quicksilver. It will prove invaluable to you when you are on the hunt. I see Philip held up his end of the contract. Good. May his spirit rest well. Now, before we depart, please go take a weapon from the Armory.”
The Armory is basically your Box for this game. In it, you will find 3 different weapons for 3 different builds.
“Very well. Now, where shall we depart to?” ————————— That concludes the intro for my personal Bloodborne Sequel set in the Wild West.
The setting was inspired by my recent fascination with the Old West, and my knowledge of the Gold Rush. A time where everyone was out for themselves, trying to find a hidden, powerful treasure.
In this case, you search for not only Gold, but Icor, the Golden Blood of Gods. It is this that has been planted into the minds of would-be gold-seekers. But very few understand the the importance of “Rivers of Gold”.
This game would have a heavier focus on gun-play, your gun being un-changeable but able to be outfitted with many different types of bullets.
As well, your golden prosthetic acts as your up-gradable visiral attack and heal.
You will still have blood vials, but only 10 at max, starting with 5 that Re-charges every rest. All the other healing must be done via “Blood Bullet”, Aka a special equitable bullet that heals you when it hits a target, Visiral attacks, or Back-stabs, where your hand creates a Quicksilver Needle to drain the blood of your fisted foe.
The game still features Trick Weapons, but they act more like last resource/boss fight weapons. Unless an enemy is tanky enough to survive, you will always want to sneak attack and heal from a backstab. But you DO have limited bullets that you have to either kill enemies for or use a consumable to get more.
In short, the game is like a Western Sekiro with Bloodborne weapons and themes.
submitted by Accomplished-Emu1883 to bloodborne [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 04:20 Fun_Catch8741 SV05 + 4.2.7 + Sprite + CRtouch Klipper

After a few days of work I have managed to get Klipper and Sonic pad working with my Sovol SV05, upgraded to 4.2.7 Creality Mainboard, using Sprite extruder with CR Touch. Below is the config file, if you have anything to add please reply here. Hope it can be of use to someone, as far as I can tell no other config file for this exists on the internet.

#This is a custom Sovol S05 with Creality Sprite hot end config file. #This file contains pin mappings for the Creality "v4.2.7" board. To # use this config, during "make menuconfig" select the STM32F103 with # a "28KiB bootloader" and serial (on USART1 PA10/PA9) communication. # If you prefer a direct serial connection, in "make menuconfig" # select "Enable extra low-level configuration options" and select # serial (on USART3 PB11/PB10), which is broken out on the 10 pin IDC # cable used for the LCD module as follows: # 3: Tx, 4: Rx, 9: GND, 10: VCC # Flash this firmware by copying "out/klipper.bin" to a SD card and # turning on the printer with the card inserted. The firmware # filename must end in ".bin" and must not match the last filename # that was flashed. # See docs/ for a description of parameters. [display_status] [virtual_sdcard] path: ~/ [gcode_macro START_PRINT] gcode: {% set BED_TEMP = params.BED_TEMPdefault(60)float %} {% set EXTRUDER_TEMP = params.EXTRUDER_TEMPdefault(190)float %} # Start bed heating M140 S{BED_TEMP} # Use absolute coordinates G90 # Reset the G-Code Z offset (adjust Z offset if needed) #SET_GCODE_OFFSET Z=0.0 # Home the printer G28 # Move the nozzle near the bed G1 Z5 F3000 # Move the nozzle very close to the bed G1 Z0.15 F300 # Wait for bed to reach temperature M190 S{BED_TEMP} # Set and wait for nozzle to reach temperature M109 S{EXTRUDER_TEMP} [gcode_macro END_PRINT] gcode: # Turn off bed, extruder, and fan M140 S0 M104 S0 M106 S0 # Move nozzle away from print while retracting G91 G1 X-2 Y-2 E-3 F300 # Raise nozzle by 10mm G1 Z10 F3000 G90 # Disable steppers M84 [stepper_x] step_pin: PB9 dir_pin: PC2 enable_pin: !PC3 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 40 endstop_pin: ^PA5 position_endstop: 220 position_max: 220 homing_speed: 50 position_min: -4 [stepper_y] step_pin: PB7 dir_pin: PB8 enable_pin: !PC3 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 40 endstop_pin: ^PA6 position_endstop: 220 position_max: 220 homing_speed: 50 position_min: -4 [stepper_z] step_pin: PB5 dir_pin: PB6 enable_pin: !PC3 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 8 endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop position_min: -3.0 position_max: 300 [safe_z_home] home_xy_position: 100, 103 speed: 100 z_hop: 10 z_hop_speed: 20 [extruder] step_pin: PB3 dir_pin: PB4 enable_pin: !PC3 microsteps: 16 gear_ratio: 42:12 rotation_distance: 26.359 nozzle_diameter: 0.400 filament_diameter: 1.750 heater_pin: PA1 sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F sensor_pin: PC5 control: pid pid_Kp: 23.561 pid_Ki: 1.208 pid_Kd: 114.859 pressure_advance: 0.0 min_temp: 0 max_temp: 300 [bltouch] sensor_pin: ^PB1 control_pin: PB0 x_offset: -32 y_offset: -39 #z_offset: 0.9 speed: 10 lift_speed: 40 samples: 5 [bed_mesh] probe_count = 4, 4 algorithm = bicubic # probe_count = 5,5 # algorithm = bicubic speed: 100 horizontal_move_z: 5 mesh_min: -12, 1 mesh_max: 173, 171 # # probe_count: 5, 5 # # algorithm: bicubic mesh_pps: 2,2 fade_start: 1 fade_end: 10 fade_target: 0 [bed_screws] screw1: 25,28 screw2: 195,28 screw3: 195,197 screw4: 25,197 [screws_tilt_adjust] screw1: -4,21 screw1_name: front left screw screw2: 155,21 screw2_name: front right screw screw3: 155,190 screw3_name: rear right screw screw4: -4,190 screw4_name: rear left screw horizontal_move_z: 10 speed: 50 screw_thread: CW-M4 [heater_bed] heater_pin: PA2 sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F sensor_pin: PC4 min_temp: 0 max_temp: 130 control: pid pid_kp: 64.742 pid_ki: 0.827 pid_kd: 1267.326 [fan] pin: PA0 [mcu] serial: /dev/serial/by-id/usb_serial_1 restart_method: command [printer] kinematics: cartesian max_velocity: 300 max_accel: 1000 max_accel_to_decel: 1000 max_z_velocity: 5 max_z_accel: 100 [board_pins] aliases: EXP1_1=PC6,EXP1_3=PB10,EXP1_5=PB14,EXP1_7=PB12,EXP1_9=, EXP1_2=PB2,EXP1_4=PB11,EXP1_6=PB13,EXP1_8=PB15,EXP1_10=<5V>, PROBE_IN=PB0,PROBE_OUT=PB1,FIL_RUNOUT=PC6 [pause_resume] recover_velocity: 50. # When capture/restore is enabled, the speed at which to return to # the captured position (in mm/s). Default is 50.0 mm/s. [gcode_macro CANCEL_PRINT] description: "Cancel the running print" rename_existing: CANCEL_PRINT_BASE gcode: TURN_OFF_HEATERS M220 S100 ;Reset Speed factor override percentage to default (100%) M221 S100 ;Reset Extrude factor override percentage to default (100%) SAFE_RETRACT SAFE_PARK M106 S0 ;disable fan CANCEL_PRINT_BASE # [mcu rpi] # serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu # [adxl345] # cs_pin: rpi:None # spi_speed: 2000000 # spi_bus: spidev2.0 # [resonance_tester] # accel_chip: adxl345 # accel_per_hz: 70 # probe_points: # 150,150,10 #*# <---------------------- SAVE_CONFIG -------------------- #*# DO NOT EDIT THIS BLOCK OR BELOW. The contents are auto-generated. #*# #*# [bltouch] #*# z_offset = 3.001 #*# #*# [input_shaper] #*# shaper_type_x = zv #*# shaper_freq_x = 64.2 #*# shaper_type_y = mzv #*# shaper_freq_y = 73.2 #*# #*# [bed_mesh default] #*# version = 1 #*# points = #*# 0.336500, 0.164500, 0.037500, -0.015500 #*# 0.181500, 0.054000, -0.045500, -0.072000 #*# 0.044000, -0.028500, -0.065500, -0.043500 #*# -0.042000, -0.060500, -0.048000, 0.001500 #*# tension = 0.2 #*# min_x = -12.0 #*# algo = bicubic #*# y_count = 4 #*# mesh_y_pps = 2 #*# min_y = 1.0 #*# x_count = 4 #*# max_y = 170.97 #*# mesh_x_pps = 2 #*# max_x = 172.97

submitted by Fun_Catch8741 to Sovol [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 04:17 DuncanStudios2000 Bro, giys I found an old story of my favorite character I made back on 2018...

Tell me if you think it's canon worthy, compared to my new version...
THEDARKLORD2000's avatar THEDARKLORD2000 Jul 7, 2022 Premium Galleries T LITERATURE The Origin of The Silver Bandit Deviation Actions
Literature Text Name - The Silver Bandit
Real Name - Aliza Yashnikov
Age - 26
Height - 5'6"
Weight - 115 lb
Eye Color - Green
Hair Color - Silver
Occupation - Owns Silver Sword ind. , and is a trained surgical assistant
Allies - The Vengeance, Silver Sword, Heather Raven, Meghan Taylor, The Dutchess and Phillip Edwin
Foes - The Defenders of Earth, Roger Crilly, A.U.S.S.I, and The Assassin's Organization
Powers - highly trained assassin, martial artist, markswoman, swordswoman, Olympic-level gymnast, also has super strength (up to 12 tons), heightened senses including; foresight, pre-cognition, combat empowerment, and durability, also has probability manipulation, as well as longevity.
Origin Story - At just the age of 9 her father shot her mother and used her to get away, after that incident she wandered southern Russia eventually being captured by war trafficker's, after a few months she managed to escape and continued to wander around eventually coming across France who in which a police officer found her and put her in a foster home.
She stayed with a kind and loving family for almost 3 years until one day they were walking down a street and her foster parents were assassinated, she ran from the scene being chased by the assassinators coming up to a dock and boarded a cargo ship, she got on just as it was leaving escaping her assailants.
She ventured off hiding in a cargo crate, ending up in New York City, she lived on the street for a long while until a young man found her, he gave her his sandwich and revealed himself to be Roger Crilly, He brought her to his building and gave her a room to stay in.
After a few months she grew to trust him, and he offered her a way to get back at the people that hurt her, she of course reluctantly agreed, he took her to a room where a man named Dr Wilson was, they gave her a special serum that made her super strong and she began training under Roger's wing.
One day she was tested by having to kill an unknown man, at first she resisted but she ended up killing the man anyway, Roger knew she was ready, he gave her a job to go and kill his older brother Charlie, who was in a hospital in LA do to a cancer in his brain, she went off with Roger's other brother Jett and poisoned Charlie.
Aliza came back victorious earning her right as an official Assassin member, eventually she met another assassin named Reed Smith, whom she fell in love with, one day she found out she was pregnant and tried to hide it from Roger, who ended up finding out anyway.
He attempted to kill the child before it was born but Aliza fought back, and ended up on the run, she came up to Reed who reveled that he was indeed a clone of the original who died several years ago because of treason, she fought him vigorously, but Jett ended the fight by shooting the clone through the skull.
Jett helped Aliza hide from his younger brother, Jett eventually reveled that the man she had shot long ago was in fact her father, he helped her find a safe place to live which was in LA where she started a new life under the name Alisha Young and became an assistant surgical nurse to Aaron Thompson.
After a few years she reveled to Aaron (who was the Vengeance) that she was the Silver Bandit, to in which he of course thought that was the coolest thing he ever heard, they helped each other on missions every now and then.
While she was acting as a nurse, she started a new company where refuge assassin's could stay and help people who needed it most, she ended up being one of the many heroes who died due to the actions of the Dark Lord, but was eventually ( along with everyone else) revived a couple decades later, when she came back she found out her son was an adult and older than her in fact, and was carrying her name as the Silver Bandit.
He of course willingly gave her, her title back and named himself the Black Mamba, she continued to work as a vigilante sometimes helping the main heroes and even ended up helping Charlette Swiftly ( Charlie's granddaughter) fight Charlie and his team, after the fight ceased with Charlie in a coma, she went back to fight crime off the streets and ultimately gave up her life fighting the Dark Redeemers.
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2023.06.09 04:13 Lando_Sage CCS vs NACS, not that simple.

I just want to preface this that I own a Tesla Model 3, and I get why people are excited about Ford and GM adopting NACS, but CCS has its merits, and I don't think Tesla released the NACS in good faith.
Currently, NACS works so well for reasons such as: - made by Tesla, for Tesla - cable is only long enough to comfortably reach the charge port - simple connector - was designed specifically for Tesla's 400V architecture - all payment is handled server side by matching VIN to profile. (Plug and charge, recently implemented ISO 15118 with release of NACS)
This does not mean that those of Ford or GM will have the same experience. Currently the Mach E has a shit charge curve and rate, being NACS isn't going to change that, it'll actually most likely be worse. I guess you increase reliability while decreasing capability.
CCS current pros: - can charge any EV regardless of architecture - cables are long enough to accept all makes and models - payment isn't tied to an app - offers plug and charge through ISO 15118 - no adapter needed to access J1772 chargers - higher power capabilities for longer times
Like mentioned above, the NACS is designed for a 400V architecture, meaning cars with higher voltages, are going to experience subpar charging rates. Example, the Lucid Air can charge as high as 330kw in some instances because of the 900V architecture. On the V3 supercharge, the power is capped at 150kw. Much less than rated and less than most 400V EV's. This is the same for Hyundai/KIA/Genesis /Porsche with their 800V architectures as well. This is also why the cable is so thick. It needs to be able to cool up to 500kw of power (as measured on CCS Signet units) on a cable that's 12-15ft long.
NACS states that the connector is capable of this as well, but we have yet to see the implementation in the real world. Tesla states that they've run 1000V through the cable without cooling (?), but did not mention the amperage. There are still things about NACS that sound good on paper, but have not seen the light of day. NACS is also not an actual standard, it's Tesla marketing their internal protocol as such because right now the majority of EV's sold in NA are Tesla's.
CCS current cons: - people think the CCS is shitty because of the shitty dispensers from EA etc al. - heavy wires (since they are 4x longer they need more cooling) - bulky connector
A common misconception is that EA and other chargers are representative of the CCS condition or capabilities. This is not true. CCS in Europe (different connector because of 3 phase current, same standard) is much better than in NA, since it is better funded and the requirements are much higher. EV adoption in the EU started much earlier than the US. Burdens infrastructure bill is a step to mirror the CCS condition in the EU. CCS also has the MCS (Megawatt charging standard) which NACS also states to support.
Both ports have their merits, but in real world application, on an international level, CCS is closer to being a one port solution than NACS. I don't think having NA be the only place in the world where NACS is the "standard" is an adequate solution. I really think Tesla is trying it's damnest to avoid squandering all the subsidies and investments it received to build what was going to be a proprietary network.
Who knows, maybe CharIn ( is working on a new connector that will enable a better charging experience for the future.
PS: Remember when Elon said that any Tesla you buy will get free charging for life? Yeah, I wonder how that's going.
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2023.06.09 03:57 sweetsimpleandkind FT: I'm offering 5IV Hidden Ability Unaware Fuecocos. LF: Any quality Sprigatito, Quaxley, or past paradox Pokémon

Hi all,
I'm breeding my starter at the moment and have ability patched the line to have the hidden ability Unaware. I've got to the stage where I've produced five decent, spare male 5IV Fuecocos that I can give away.
They have an assortment of natures as so far none of them have wanted to come out with the nature I want the line to have in the end, so they will want minting! Most people want a Modest Skeledirge, and so in honour of this, each comes holding a Modest Mint totally free of charge :)
All have Best in every IV except for physical attack - I thought these were the best of the bunch so far since Skeledirge rarely runs any physical attacks. All have the hidden ability Unaware.
Paired with a Ditto u could use them as the basis for ur own line of Fuecocos, if you like, or they will even do very nicely for competitive or raid use, without too many expensive bottle caps!
I'm looking to exchange them for the following Pokémon in any quality whatsoever:
Would anyone be interested in one of these?
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2023.06.09 03:54 hvdub4 E5plus - hot end? Wits end!

I’ve been having an issue with my E5 plus as of late - running the printer with klipper on it via a sonic pad. Previously, I’ve swapped out the stock hotend to a creality spider 3.0 end. It has worked for 20ish hours with that config no issue. Now, randomly my print will stop and the web interface for the sonic pad reports that it was due to the hotend not maintaining temperature. It could be 25 mins into a print, or more, or less, it wouldn’t finish my print! I ordered and installed a new heater cartridge and got a good 8 hour print, thinking it was good to go. Today, I’m back to heater failure.
I have not yet ripped open the control housing, but I’m wondering if this could be a bad controller board? Can anyone shed some light on this, I’m at my wits end with this hot end!!!
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2023.06.09 03:40 Adventurous-Ear9433 Why Mercury, mica, pyrite were found at Teotihuacan, 'local traditions of 'magician-Priest',Genetic Evidence for Founding Populations of Americas

Teotihuacan was built on a geodetic grid system (a power center) in perfect sacred geometrical alignment with the cosmos to harness the energy of earth and sky. To understand it, we must go back to the original truth of the purpose. advanced design of Teotihuacan suggests that ancient builders had knowledge, not only of architecture, but of complex mathematical and astronomical sciences. The term 'Teohuacan' was found inscribed halfway across the globe on monuments in China, the term means 'place of the sun'(*our translation is 'Place to tie up the sun)Mercury, Hermes was the great Messenger, which also speaks for the planets quick trips around the sun. An aerial view shocked many researchers, but following the traditions we know what every pyramid was used for. Circuit Board-Teohuatican with two large processor chips— the Sun Pyramid and the Moon Pyramid. . One of the most interesting things about Teotihuacan is the finding by archaeologists of the extensive use of mica embedded in numerous structures. This mineral is found 3,000 miles away in Brazil and it is found in all buildings, housing complexes, temples and along the roads so basically this mineral is all over Teotihuacan.
The pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan contained considerable amounts of mica in layers up to 30 cm. Human use of mica dates back to prehistoric times. Mica was known to ancient Indian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman andChinese civilizations, as well as the Aztec civilization of the New World. The earliest use of mica has been found in cave paintings created during the Upper Paleolithic period (40,000 BC to 10,000 BC). The ancient civilizations & their inexplicable similarities are only shocking when one has disregarded our ancestors traditions as 'mythical ', which is a mistake made by academics only recently.
Mica is stable when exposed to electricity, light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It has superior electrical properties as an insulator and as a dielectric, and can support an electrostatic field while dissipating minimal energy in the form of heat; it can be split very thin (0.025 to 0.125 millimeters or thinner) while maintaining its electrical properties, has a high dielectric breakdown, is thermally stable to 500 °C, and is resistant to corona discharge. Muscovite, the principal mica used by the electrical industry, is used in capacitors that are ideal for high frequency and radio frequency. Phlogopite mica remains stable at higher temperatures (to 900 °C) and is used in applications in which a combination of high-heat stability and electrical properties is required. Muscovite and phlogopite are used in sheet and ground forms.
The Maya Codex Vaticanus records faithfully the very ancient oral traditions of Central America. In one curious passage it states that “in the First Age, giants existed in that country(Mexico). "These 7 who escaped from a deluge , arrive in Cholula and there began to build a tower… in order that should a deluge come again he might escape to it.” Nahuatl language it’s named Tlachihualtepetl (‘artificial mountain’). Originally it was named Acholollan (‘water that falls in the place of flight’).
-Olmec(Xi)-had two different religious associations (gya-fa):the jaguar-man or humano-feline cult and the humano-bird cult. The humano-feline cult was called the nama-tigi by the Olmecs, while the humano-feline cult was called the kuno-tigi..Xoc Bas Birdman
The Teotihuacan(Tlalocan )mural depicts a range of mountains covered in rolling clouds and mists, below a brilliant red sky dominated by the huge figure of Tláloc, the Maya/Aztec god of celestial waters. Falling from Tláloc's open hands are flaming droplets of celestial water, likely representing the high-resonance isotope of protium, that overtly reference the ignition of celestial water vapor to form HHO plasma. The differentiation of celestial waters from terrestrial waters through the infrasonic evaporation of water vapor corresponds to special modern water purification processes involving the separation of resonant lightwater (protium) from dissonant heavy waters deuterium & tritium
The plumed headdress of Tláloc is comprised of radiating feathers of green and red hues, representing the colors of auroral plasma. Three arching red plumes stand out from the other green plumes of the headdress, extending from either side of the central figure and from the foreheads (pineal glands) of the two smaller figures in profile, representing the three frequencies of sound that generate nonlinear standing waves. Rising above the giant central figure of Tláloc is a majestic twisting Tree of Life image, composed of intertwining plumes of yellow/green and pink/red aerial HHO plasma that appear identical to modern photographs of the plasma discharges of red sprites.
Tláloc, God of Celestial Water, god of the vapor that rises, from the earth warmed by the sun after the rains, god of the mist that ascends from the valleys at dawn, god of the water that returns to its source in the clouds that swim over the highest peaks, god of the humid incense from which rise the copal prayers and the prayers of sacrifice
Tláloc is the return of vapor that strains to rise, is the return of time that strains to remember. Tláloc, God of the Fight Against the Current, with whose aid the hero battles against the torrent toward his own origin and beginning, towards the wings of his soul, the wings that Tláloc hides in the hero's past
The cycle of years is past - the waiting ended. Come - reunite, pilgrims, for the sky is in flames! From Xochicalco to Teotíhuacan the red spreads one step, another step, and another, only twelve short steps from the cave of the womb to the final conflagration
The red skies depicted in the Teotihuacan mural are also directly referenced in the Pyramid of Fire Codex, when it states that "the sky will be in flames" that will spread from one pyamid to another, as the worldwide netwrok of pyramids and sacred sites become activated to bath the area in the brilliant infrared and ultraviolet-A light of aerial HHO plasma plumes.ancient, unknown science designed to create energy directed up is excavating the tunnel.
-The geoposition of Teotihuacan pyramid complex (19.68°N 98.83°W), reveals a nonlinear (or Fibonacci-based) resonant alignment with respect to the Great Pyramid of Giza, being 7,684 miles away or 30.9% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles)..which is also observed in the Paracas petroglyphs.
The Sanskrit descendant cultures of Asia express the same essential interpretation given by the Maya culture of Central America; identifying the planet Mercury as ‘the fast runner’ that takes ‘quick flight’ around the sun, having a short orbital period of approximately 88 days. Among Nahuatl cultures, the art of running was crucial to the functioning of society, enabling the rapid conveyance of messages over long distance.
Mercury is the link (messenger) between the gods (higher principles) and humankind. In the ancient art of alchemy, such as in Hermeticism, Mercury, sulfur, and salt were the Earth's three principle substances that represent the trinity in creation. As sulphur is the symbol for the active principle, mercury is the symbol of the passive principle.The symbol of Mercury is the cosmic womb being incubated by the cross of the four elements of creation - earth, air, fire and water. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury's action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious. Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both unconscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood.
Ive said before that the mercury was used to accomplish communication wth the Gods, The fluid metal element mercury was extolled as generating the luminosity of the blood of gods, for its threefold biophotonic extension of human longevity, whereby adepts of the alchemical arts were able to attain long lifespans. Mercury was closely associated with its extreme volatility, which must be carefully controlled to achieve positive results. Mercury was considered an ethereal element for its low boiling point of 357°C. When heated above this temperature, quicksilver will rapidly vaporize as toxic fumes inspiring an association with quick flight: ‘mercury has wings’.
A number of the Mesoamerican pyramids there are key components designed into their construction that act as magnifiers. These components appear to be important in the creation, magnification, and distribution of telluric fields.Pyramid & Scalar WavesEarly Irrigation of Teotihuacan
Provenance od Limestone used in Teotihuacan
Identification of Pyrite & Hematite
• Water, either moving naturally including rivers or cenotes (found at El Castillo at Chichen Itza) or by artificial canals or tunnels, similar to the Temple of Inscription found at Palenque.)
• Geo-magnetic fields. Naturally formed telluric fields that have high and low period throughout day and night.
• Pyramid design. The specific pyramid shape appears to greatly enhance the telluric fields that pulse up and into the center of the chamber.
• Pyramid interior fill. At a number of pyramids, rocks that are good electromagnetic conductors fill the interior of the pyramids and are used to enhance the pulsing field. Rocks that have veins with quartz, granite, and other electrical conducting properties appear to be favored. Characterization of lime carbonates in plasters from Teotihuacan, Mexico: preliminary results of cathodoluminescence and carbon isotope analyses
Dr Burke &Dr Brooker research determined that each location had been chosen because of its naturally occurring telluric energy field that pulsed up and into the structure or surrounding area. Also Burke and his research partner Kaj Halberg discovered electro-magnetic signatures that measured impressive charges on top of the pyramid. In a series of scans, the readings showed an average change of 908 volts over a short period of time, which was concentrated in the early morning hours. As ive stated in the past, this is the ideal time for sungazing. The pineal, contains magnetite & creates its own magnetic field. This was once a universal practice at Sacred sites, in 2009 until Nov 2012 The grand maya council held 52 full moon ritual of the new cycle where we visited sacred sites around the world and brought back these rituals. Burke mentions the readings and states, “These voltages might sound lethal and if it were a household current they could be. However, static electric charge in the air is a different type of electricity and even a thousand volts is not dangerous.” His discovery of pyramid field generation is fascinating, but what he actually uncovered was a means of generating and perhaps distributing electromagnetic energy within a pyramid complex. Which aligns with the term used for the ancient Egyptians, the Great PrNtr-house of Nature, or house of energy).
Stanford edu-Native American & Polynesian population The Genetic Evidence for 2 founding populations has constantly confirmed our traditions, the idea of independent invention is absolute nonsense. Theres an overwhelming amount of evidence, "believe" is a term unfamiliar to Dogon culture & ive yet to see the point in such a thing. If preconceived biases have clouded the minds of the majority, and they ignore evidence thats their fault. The age of the Fourth Sun, the Age of the Black Headed People (Aztec), or the Age of Heroes (Inca). This is the era in which Quetzalcoatl appeared in Mexico -- tall of stature, bright of countenance, bearded, and wearing a long tunic. His staff, shaped like a serpent, was painted black, white, and red [reminiscent of American Indians' mythology of three races of Man]. The staff was inlaid with precious stones and adorned with six stars.
-Between the 14th and 16th centuries during the Aztec era, Quetzalcoatl was worshipped as the patron of priests, the inventor of books and the calendar, as well as the protector of goldsmiths and other craftsmen..Shamanism, was invented in west Africa & brought to the Mesoamerican civilizations. The Aztec oral traditions say that Quetzalcoatl & his followers brought these beliefs ,and came from the East across the oceans. This is now corroborated by genetic, skeletal remains, artifacts, you name it. Quetzalcoatl was just a High Priest of Anu. The Gold tipped spears,or as Columbus calls it ' guanin 'to the Indians of Hispaniola. Samples of which sent back to Spain on a mail boat, and the proportion was found to be identical to what was being forged in African Guinea.
Moche Reed BoatThe Xi(Olmec) were a mix of a Polynesian/Oceanic elite aristocratic people accompanied by priests of the Orisha(Yoruba)/Mende(MalinkeBambara)responsible for introducing the religious practices and astronomical worship of the Mother Goddess complex (Venus, the Dogon Sirius observation and the Venus worship of the Olmecs, the use of the ax in the worship of Shango among he Yoruba of West Africa and the use of the ax in Olmec worship as well as the prominence of the thunder God later known as Tlalock among the Aztecs).It was R1b-V88(Yoruba) that were known as magicians to the Mayans & local Aymara over in Bolivia because of their knowledge of acoustics, which they have preserved from the Nile Valley (Anu colleges of Heliopolis).
Again, we see Toward the end of the Fourth Sun, wars between the gods were taking place. [The Battle of the Titans?] The gods' war brought havoc to the land; wild animals overran mankind, and Tollan was abandoned. The fourth Sun had begun 5,042 years before the time of the Codex Vaticano-Latino 3738 (1533). The time the Fourth Sun ended is not stated, but the Codex was written during the Fifth Sun. The Fourth Sun may have perished by means of the Jaguar. The Fifth Sun is referred to as the Age of Kings by the Incas.
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2023.06.09 03:39 SubstantialBite788 The Crystal Rose Room

I’m smashed right now, drunk as hell, with a shit-full of emotions gyrating about my head. My mind space is a concoction of fear and anger. For the past four hours I’ve drank Vodka and orange juice, Vodka and cranberry juice, and finally, Vodka and grape juice. That’s a load of Screwdrivers, Cosmopolitans, and whatever the hell you call Vodka and grape juice- well, maybe I’ll make up my own name- the Crystal Room. Ok, that’s dumb, but whatever, it’s the Crystal Room that’s on my mind right now.
I had to drank myself sloppy just to have the courage to write down my experience. I hope to get all the details straight and not stray too far from the truth.
In 2001 the wife and I went to New York city. Surprisingly, I loved it, except for my final days there. A southerner in New York. I got the worst asinine advice and general characterizations from my buddies at work. One was, “Hey, don’t stare at anybody on the subway. They don’t like being stared at.” Well, who the hell does. I don’t want to live in a city where the people like being stared at. Creepy, if otherwise.
The people were genuinely nice. I never had any issues with anyone on the subway, but then again, I didn’t just sit there staring at people like they were exotic animals in a zoo.
Next to the last day of our vacation we visited Times Square. I was intrigued by the constant action, the incessant visual and auditory stimuli. There was so much to see and so much to hear. My mind was scattered and unable to focus. There were flashing lights, advertisements, and the constant blur of nameless faces and mindless crowds. I was enjoying it, but also a little overwhelmed. I asked my wife if we could go back to the hotel, but she wasn’t ready to end the day. She assured me that she was quite capable of taking care of herself.
“Honey, just go back to the hotel. I won’t be much longer. I can take care of myself.”
“You sure? I can tough it out.”
“No, go. Please, I’ll be fine.”
I walked to the nearest subway station and rode back to our hotel, which was at the end of the line in Flushing, Queens. When I got to our hotel I slumped down in the bed and immediately fell asleep; I was exhausted. I woke up around three in the morning, the bed empty beside me. I picked up my cell phone and called her but got no answer. There was a text message:
Honey, meet me at the Crystal Rose Room. It’s just down the street from the hotel.
The time on the message was 2:00 am.
I remembered the place. It stood out among all the other crowded storefronts, with a large neon sign of a scantily dressed woman holding a red rose. What was my wife doing at a strip club? She was a regular churchgoer, never missing and always insisting I go with her. Something didn’t seem quite right.
I got dressed and hurried down to the club. I tried to bull my way through but the bouncer pushed me back, shoving his large open palm into my chest.
“No sir. Only invited guests are allowed.”
“I got a text from my wife. She’s inside.”
“What’s her name?”
“Catherine Bressler.”
“Ah, hell yeah, Mr. Bressler. Come on in. We’ve been expecting you.”
The courteous welcome shocked me, considering that a moment before he was ready to stomp me into the ground. In a flash of a moment, I went from being a nuisance to a highly regarded guest of honor. I walked through the front door and into the past. It was an old-fashioned cabaret with the waitresses dressed in flapper beaded dresses and floral headbands. They were all wearing outlandishly large pearl necklaces. There was a pianist playing ragtime music, with a boisterous horn ensemble. The air was thick with cigarette smoke and cheap perfume. My eyes were watering, but I felt eerily comfortable, like this was where I truly belonged.
On the center stage, dressed in a tight, short flapper dress, was my wife Catherine. She was dancing as if in a trance. A man walked up on the stage and started kissing her. My wife seemed to be enjoying it, enjoying it immensely. I ran up to the front of the stage.
“Hey dammit, get your hands off my wife.”
The man stopped, turned his gaze towards me, and smiled. His mouth was full of yellow, jagged teeth, encrusted with a thick layer of plaque. My wife looked at me and smiled, revealing a similar set of teeth, smaller, but no less hideous.
“I could no longer live a lie. I want my old life back and I know you will too,” she said to me.
“Catherine let’s get out of here. This isn’t funny. I don’t like this.”
“But baby, I do.”
Two men grabbed me and dragged me to one of the back rooms. They pointed a gun at me and shoved me in wooden chair. They turned the lights out and walked out of the room. I tried to run and grab the doorknob before they locked it, but I was too late. I heard a mechanical whirling and a pink light overhead was turned on. I couldn’t see where the light was coming from, whether it was a lamp or a fixture in the ceiling. It almost seemed mystical, coming from an unknown source. The room now looked like I was inside a diamond, with a rigid crystalline structure.
There were a thousand reflections of myself walking through the many faces of the crystal, independent of my own motions. They were alive in themselves, more than a mere reflection. One of them called out to me, “It’s time to come back to your true self.” He smiled, with an impressive row of sharp teeth, more immaculate, and more regal than what the groping stranger and my wife had. My reflection stepped out of the crystal and onto the plain hard wood floor, progressing slowly towards me, with his hands raised, the nails of which were long and sharp. The closer he got, the paler his skin grew. He was dressed in a black suit, with a collarless vest, and bowtie. Atop his head was straw boater hat.
He grabbed me by the throat and as his cold rigid hands touched me, I had a vision of a bygone life filled with murder and debauchery. I killed and drank, lapping up the warm, copper-tinged blood of many hapless victims. In my past life I was a monster, a man willing to kill anyone, constantly thirsting for blood, never satisfied.
“You trapped me here, but I knew Catherine could never stay away. I knew the memories would come back, the thrill and the passion of it all would well up in her soul again.”
I fought back, pushing him away, but he lounged back at me, grabbed my wrist, and bit into the side of my hand. I could feel the pressure of his mouth tighten as he sucked in as much blood as he could. His white skin began to fill with color. I punched at his head, knocking his hat to the ground.
“Damn you. That’s a nice hat. Don’t fight. I am who you are and you are me. There’s no escaping.”
I noticed that now there were many different people, or monsters, in the crystals. They were no longer my own reflection. They all looked hideous and weak, trapped in a purgatory by their own better selves.
He lunged at me again, but this time he flew at me head first. I dodged him and as he came closer to the opposite wall of the crystal room, he yelled in exasperation, holding his hand out to avoid hitting his head against the wall. His hand was engulfed by the wall, submerged up to his elbow. He was laying on his stomach.
“No. Pull me out. Don’t do this. Don’t you want to be a god again. The power. The power.”
I knew what I had to do at that point. He had revealed too much. I put my hands on his ass and pushed the rest of his body through the crystalline wall. He appeared on the other side of the crystal wall, banging with his fists, and pleading to let him out.
“You son of a bitch. You’ll be back. You can try to deny what you are, but the thirst and hunger is always there. It might be buried deep, but it’s always there, and soon you’ll miss your… or, should I say our Catherine.”
All around the room were trapped souls, damned vampiric souls, waiting for their better halves to come to their senses and embrace the darkness that was once an innate part of their existence, boldly committing to the passion of murder and gluttony.
They were screeching and hollering for release. I wanted to get out of the room. Visions of who I used to be were displayed across the crystal. I remembered who I was and when I was born. It was over a hundred years ago. I thirsted, I hungered. I killed and destroyed families, mostly preying on the weak and then there she was- Catherine. A murderer fell in love. I couldn’t kill her, even though my stomach felt empty and my hunger was uncontrollable. I bit her, but not to kill, only to bring her into my world to be with me forever. She hated me for that and then I found the Rose Crystal Room. I wanted to give her back a normal existence. A killer felt guilty. We gave up the demons, but at a price. One day, we would have to come back, and once again don the cloak of a murderer, but this time in his service, obeying his every whim. The world needed balance, according to the proprietor of this fair saloon. It needed hunters to weed out the weak. I remembered now. He was known as the Scarlet Shepard.
The door opened.
“You’re not quite ready, but you’ve had your time. I’m not erasing your memory. I’m not giving Catherine back either. You belong to me, but I don’t want it until you’re ready.”
I looked up to see a thin man dressed in a red suit with a long black tie. He was wearing a black tweed cap and a chain with an upside down cross.
His goons grabbed me by the arms and dragged me out of the room and in front of Catherine. There on the stage with her now was a homeless man, dressed in ragged clothes and smelling of liquor. She looked at me, smiled, and buried her teeth in his neck. He struggled but her grasp was too strong. She drank him dry. He collapsed to the floor.
“You made me. You love me and I know one day you’ll come back.”
I was thrown out on the streets, lonely and without my wife. The shadow of my former self still lives. I left New York with new and old memories; some I had hoped would never be discovered again. I drink to forget my sins, but mostly to forget Catherine. I tell myself that I killed her years ago, that she never survived, and that I never really ever loved her, but then again, I told you in the beginning that I didn’t want to stray too far from the truth. The truth is that I would kill a million souls to have her back again
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