Why isn't my sendit app working


2021.03.04 14:08 DrinkBleachGodDammit notonlyforfanswebsite

the notonlyforfans.nl website isn’t working and we need answers why

2014.02.21 05:43 Rusty419Shackleford The Tektite

Everything about Moldavite, a sub that respects people that use it for any purpose. Real or Fake posts are allowed but make an effort to bring some joy to the sub with different threads and questions instead of 'help me and bye' posts.

2017.10.19 19:49 DreadPirateLink Hold My Kibble

"Ruff ruff. Barooo ruff!" Translation: "Hey human, hold my kibble. Check this out" the classic words that end in either awesomeness or failure.

2023.03.27 05:45 babysoop Feeling stuck

I’m (28f) painfully introverted. If I’m not at work, I’m at home. Once a week, I go grocery shopping. Anything outside of this routine, I have to mentally prepare to do. I’ve isolated myself to the point that I don’t really talk to anyone on a personal level outside of some family and my SO.
I don’t know why, but as I’ve gotten older, maintaining friendships has become more and more difficult. I’m not really a fan of going out. I don’t drink anymore, so I’m not as compatible with some of the friends I used to talk to more often. If I do go out, I like to be able to decide when I’m going home, and it’s honestly not long after I go out. My social battery has just been running on fumes.
Part of me does want to have friends to talk to, and I feel guilty for leaning on my boyfriend to fulfill so many roles for me. I just have such a hard time connecting with anyone beyond a surface level anymore. I feel fake and phony, like a robot when I do try making connections with people. I just feel so anxious and awkward. I feel like I act how I think I’m supposed to act, and not authentically like myself.
Often, I feel like I just don’t belong anywhere. I don’t hate being introverted, and I do love spending time alone. But it does feel quite lonely sometimes.
I don’t really expect anyone to make it this far. Just wanted to dump this into the void, rather than dump even more onto my partner.
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2023.03.27 05:45 BuyTheLightt Stat Checker x Problem Solvers or Barbarians x Wizards

I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about balancing in 5e. It is easy to find many posts saying that clerics are too good, or that wizards are better than sorcerers, or that martial classes are weak compared to spellcasters, and it is this last point that I want to address today.

Also worth mentioning: outside of combat factors are not being taken into account in this post (like stealth).

Goal of Combat:
The ultimate goal of (almost) any combat is reducing the enemies' hp to 0 while your party has more than 0 hp. And this is ultimately achieved through:

Stat Checking:
Having better stats (offensively and defensively) than your enemies. Essentially, trying to win the hp game.

Imagine there are two barbarians fighting each other, they are both melee builds and the only reasonable action they can take is attacking. The winner will most likely be the one with the better offense or defense.

But Dnd isn't only about hitting and being hit, there are a lot of strategical elements that can be used to grant the edge to one side or another of the battlefield, and here is where comes:

Problem Solving/Weakness Exploiting:
The main goal of Problem Solving is to exploit the weaknesses of your opponents to indirectly facilitate the process of stat checking them. You need to have the right tools for the situation you are in to be able to effectively work as a problem solver.

For example: keeping your distance against melee characters - forcing them to use ranged weapons - reducing their damage output; or casting wall of force, separating the enemy forces in half and heavily reducing the damage your party is receiving each turn. In both of these examples, you are not having any direct effect in your opponents' hp total, but you are either allowing your party to function better or reducing the effectiveness of your opponents.

Stat Checking can come in the forms of: Health, damage, debuffs, healing, buffs (excluding utility spells, like Fly), summons, and damage reduction. As all of these examples directly increase

And Problem Solving can be: Range, healing, debuffs, area of effect abilities and spells (like fireball or hypnotic pattern), or battlefield control in general (including spells like Fly).

obs: Debuffs and Healing can be both stat checking or problem solving, depending on the intent they were used with.

Dnd Classes:
Every class can perform both as a Stat Checker and as a Problem Solver, as wizards can cast damaging spells and barbarians can make use of grappling and shoving.

Ranking of classes according to their expertise in Stat Checkers to Problem Solvers:
Barbarians - Rogues - Fighters - Monks - Paladins - Clerics - Rangers - Sorcerers - Bards - Wizards

obs: Subclasses and spell choices and others can have a huge influence in how a class will play.

Druids depend too much on the subclasses and Warlocks play to both extremes, so they are excluded from this list. I have never played an artificer.

Another objective present in combat that is not necessarily a part of stat checking nor of problem solving is Prevention, which consists of taking actions against the weaknesses your opponents are trying to exploit - the defensive tools.

Examples: Bardic inspiration, bless, halfling luck, paladin aura, counterspell, Dispel Magic, (not the spell shield, that would be stat checking I think), totemic barbarians.

Effects on the Meta:
Every encounter will present different challenges and each and every dnd game will present different encounters and situations for the players, so defining a meta is impossible, as one master may present entirely different situations to their players than another one. How many encounter and short rests there are between each long rest is the most important detail to determine whether a sorcerer or a warlock will show a better performance, for example.

Against flying creatures with ranged attacks, a barbarian by itself is almost useless, in a similar fashion that a wizard will not perform very well fighting a single enemy which has access to legendary resistances when compared to a barbarian. This is because wizards have lower stats in general and most of their spells will not be very effective - with the main exception of buffs like haste, as damaging spells are usually not as good against a single enemy as attacking with extra attack. I don't think there is anything meaningful a wizard could do in a situation like this at level 7, except for casting buff spells on his allies or himself and using a few firebolts in the meanwhile. A barbarian, on the other hand, can rage, engage the creature and start smacking it down for more than 20 damage per hit.

Considering that different encounters will require your party to be profficient in stat checking, or problem solving, or both, we can conclude that being able to switch between both modes would be very beneficial and also that having party members complementing each other is usually better than having only stat checkers or only problem solvers.

So a party composed of 1 wizard and 1 barbarian should have a better time in more encounters when compared to a party composed of 2 wizards or 2 barbarians

So even if we consider barbarians as worse than spellcasters, in a party with 1 bard and 1 wizard, adding a barbarian should be better than adding a sorcerer, as you need some way of beating the meatballs that are resistance to magic.

Taking this into consideration, hybrid classes that can perform both of these roles are particularly good, as they will be very effective independent of the situation they are in, and some classes are very good at both the functions of Problem Solving and Stat Checking - like paladins, sorcerers or warlokcs.

Casters in the Meta:
Overall, casters should embrace their identity as Problem Solvers, as they will never be able to compete with Stat Checkers in terms of damage and survivability (besides some niche situations I will talk in the next segment), but also add a few tools to allow them to be effective in situations that demand Stat Checking. A few buffs, damaging spells and healing are all very welcome. Spells like haste, chromatic orb and mass cure wound.

These main casters should focus on Problem Solving by selecting spells that are useful in different situations. There is no need to have both Slow and Hypnotic Pattern memorized, as they are essentially one and the same. Instead this Wizard could learn Fog Cloud or Heat Metal.

The Problem:
I would say that the main problem regarding Casters x Martials is that some spells are just broken. Polymorph, Heal, Sunbeam (with quickened spell) and some others are just too effective at Stat Checking and partially remove the need for a martial class in the party, and this is particularly clear at and above level 11. Why would we have a barbarian if we can just transform our wizard into a T.Rex when need be?

Besides this, Problem Solving is at times too effective and has very easy requirements to meet. Hypnotic Pattern and Fireball are only level 3 spells, but they are so effective in so many encounters, having the potential to single handly erasing a problem that would require multiple turns of Stat Checking.

Barbarians are very good. A caster will never be able to defeat a barbarian in terms of Stat Checking, the raw damage output of a barbarian, a fighter or a paladin is miles above what a full caster can expect to achieve (besides warlocks), and their defensive stats are straight out better in terms of hp and ac. Even at level 11, a wizard can expect to deal 75 damage once per day with disintegrate, a paladin or a fighter can deal even more damage during this same turn, and follow up with a consistent damage output for the next rounds.

However, Stat Checking is not all there is - the versatility and plain power present in the arsenal of a caster may as well have a greater impact on most battles than the protection of a full plate and the edge of a +1 greataxe. But this is mostly okay!

If we were to analyse what the best party composition for a long campaign is, a mix between stat checking and problem solving will be the most likely answer, as we do need to kill our enemies eventually, we can just stun and debuff them forever.

Maybe it is true that the compass of the meta is slightly tilted to the side of Problem Solving - and casters by extension - but this does not mean a party will not greatly benefit from a bulky fighter holding the line, or a sneaky rogue getting them headshots.

If my party consists of a wizard, a sorcerer and a bard, a barbarian will fit in perfectly! And I'm sure the player will love to be showered in all the buffs.
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2023.03.27 05:44 philaoranaut bakit kailangan may kasabay manligaw. di pa ba ako sapat?

I like this girl whom I met on a dating site. we dated once and we only met once. di na nasundan since I worked abroad. I had 4 exes(1 yr was the shortest, 4 yrs longest span) while she had 1 which lasted for 8 yrs. fyi, im not rushing but im the type na once I dated, I go all in. as in date to marry and settle with you. marupok ako but kaya ko panindigan feelings ko. I am sexually active with my last 2 since I lived in na while she's still a virgin. we're both aware naman and di naman daw big deal sa kanya. 4 yrs age with me being older.
One of the reason why di na nasundan yung date namin is she dated someone else after, which I found out later on. nung umamin ako about my feelings, nalaman ko rin na may kasabay akong nanliligaw. tho I had a deal na once na may feelings na sya, she should let me know and I'll stop. I didn't mind at that time since she's like my everyday person na and we exchange photos and how's your day going and so on. so ayun na akala ko there's something in between us.
fast forward to present.. I got busy with work and im away. she got cold and dry. I tried to tell her my feelings but wala. I sent her novel long messages but all I got was 1 sentence replies. then prinangka ko sya na and she admitted she had a date with the other guy. she told me walang feelings and yet she didnt even seen my msgs for the whole day. obviously, those times na she ignored me, she had a good chat with someone else.
we're ok naman I think and she sends photos from time to time but my gut feelings know there's something wrong na eh. smalls signs like she forgot my dog's name, some terms in our chats, not as active as before and she felt pa at times na parang I force her to reply. I feel the difference. I know kasi were constant noon. not there yet but sabay pa kaming natutulog at inaabot pa ng umaga.
I'm unstable. I am firm with my feelings. I would wait for her for god knows how long pero is it worth it pa rin ba at this rate? I know we dont have label but normal lang ba to date others? I'm naive perhaps but my dumbass is in love with her. Idk what to do.
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2023.03.27 05:44 Spammy1611 Is there a way to transfer Oculus PC games to Steam VR?

let me explain, when i try to launch a game via oculus pc, it says my "hardware isn't compatible" but when i launch a game from my pc, it opens just fine. and i have bonelab on quest, so i get it on oculus pc as well, but i cant launch anything from oculus pc, so is there a way launch the game not using the oculus pc app? or maybe could you tell me in which folder my oculus games are stored in so i can add them to my steam library? thanks!
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2023.03.27 05:43 SergeAzel New Fishing Webapp - Sparkfly.gg

Hey everyone, I'd like to invite you to Sparkfly.gg, a fan-made webapp to help track fishing completion.
For side-by-side use with Guild Wars 2, it's goal is to be a quick reference for people who are either trying to complete regional fishing collections for the fishing meta-achievements, or people simply fishing to farm the repeatable collections.
Its features include:
This has been a personal project I've been developing (with great help from my friends) for just over a month, please don't expect too much polish; however, I am open to all constructive feedback.
Additionally, we are also looking for more recommendations on fishing locations, and other region-specific details that may be important to note. Please reach out if there's any details we should add!
Please note this is still nothing more than a passion project. I can't promise that all or any requests will get implemented. I also can't promise that it will function on a wide variety of browsers. I can't say I'll be able to fix any browser-specific problems, but I'll still try my best. Mobile use is at least partially supported, but functionality is limited, and probably won't look very nice. Additionally, it doesn't currently have any translations for other languages - I apologize if this causes any inconvenience.
In spite of these limitations, I hope some people will find this useful.
Lastly, this isn't the only Fishing app out there; in case you don't like sparkfly.gg, I would love to pay homage, and direct you to some of the other options available:
If there are any other good fishing resources, let me know and I can add to this list.
Thanks again and happy fishing!
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2023.03.27 05:43 Adsareim Temporary Build GPU Suggestions

I'm building a new PC to replace my laptop, which is reaching its fifth year of heavy use (starting to have significant trouble running games/multiple programs at once). I'm not looking to drop >1000 dollars on a powerhouse to replace it, because I plan to use this build for only 1-2 years before building a higher end model.

The parts I'm (currently) planning on buying:
  1. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor
  2. Noctua NH-U12S chromax.black 55 CFM CPU Cooler
  3. Gigabyte B450M DS3H WIFI Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard
  4. G.Skill Ripjaws V 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory
  5. Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive
  6. MSI MECH 2X OC Radeon RX 6650 XT 8 GB Video Card
Totals to about $750
I've got some fans, a psu, and a case already lying around that I'll be cobbling together since this is a budget build.
My question is: Could I spend more on a nicer gpu, and then re-use it down the line when I do a higher end build? I know the CPU, motherboard, and ram can't be reused because I'll be switching to DDR5, which is why I'm looking at cheap options since this isn't designed to last that long, but I wouldn't mind getting the higher end GPU as long as it won't be a waste.
For reference: most of the games I play aren't very intensive. Valorant, League of Legends, Factorio.
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2023.03.27 05:43 nickgondoit I’m tired (19M) of my girlfriend (18F) and don’t know what to do anymore.

So me and Anna (fake name) are in a LDR relationship. We have known each other since November and been dating since March 2nd. We are visiting each other in July for the first time.
Since the beginning, we were close to each other. Talking up all night, seeing common interests, and playing games together. We are both in college (I graduated early so this entire spring I’ve been kinda free besides work). Weeks go by and we start calling each other love and other romantic terms. Now this is like January or Early December. Usually she’d text me when she arrives to college at 7 am and wouldn’t respond until like 8 or 9 pm. I was wondering maybe she’s busy? Then again, she has no job so she’s at school from 7-12 pm then goes home.
We have a mutual friend named Emma. Emma knows Anna in real life and takes care of her. Anna’s parents are divorced and she lives with her dad along with her siblings. Her living conditions are terrible and Emma has to bring her food to eat sometimes. I understand that part but if she would’ve told me about it I could’ve pitched in as well. Anna has a sleeping problem because as soon as she’s home, she sleeps for 6-8 hours. And that’s on top of the hours she sleeps at night. So in my mind, before I knew all this, was maybe she doesn’t really like me. I was getting annoyed at the fact she wouldn’t tell me about a problem she’s going through.
Fast forward to February- now she gets medicine to control her sleeping but it still sucks. Her dad isn’t helping her and her siblings so she asked me for money for food. I happily gave her 40 bucks to eat. I also asked her about the medicine she’s supposed to be taking. “Do you take it?” She says yes and that I should stop asking her about it. I’m taken back like why is she mad. I remind her that’s it helping her health and will improve her grades. I also want to talk to her through the day a little too. It fucking sucks texting twice or once a day. I ask her for a picture of the medicine to see if she has been taking It. She fucking snaps and tells me to stop second guessing her. I’m telling her I don’t believe you just show me the picture of it. We have a whole argument that’s still going right now.
On top of that, when I think about her during the day when she’s sleeping, I send her romantic videos and memes on instagram for her to wake up to. She never responds to any of them. It takes her days to open it and even then she might just respond with an lol. I always try to initiate a phone call with her. Most of the time she’s busy sleeping. When we do call, she says she loves me for treating her well but I just don’t feel loved at all. Her friend Emma also says I’m annoying her by making sure she takes her medicine. Emma says she can take care of her and she doesn’t need my input. As her boyfriend though, I feel like I can remind her? Is that such a big deal that someone cares about your health? All her exes treated her like shit and I don’t know if it’s trauma or what. I love her but I don’t know if I can continue this. I really need help.
TL;DR Girlfriend and her friend thinks I’m annoying for making sure she takes her medication. She also doesn’t show as much effort to me as I do to her.
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2023.03.27 05:42 rharu Hardware suggestion for tech savvy who didn’t like Nvidia Shield

So I’m looking for hardware which can handle those: - Plex server with external usb drive (actually can place 2.5 or 3.5 HDD inside) - no transcoding required since my tv handle 4K as direct drive -Torrent client + Using VPN as interface or kill switch, qbitorrent what I used on my PC which do the job (windows) - super cheap - low power usage, planning to use 24/7 (ideally) - (option) Install Moonlight for nvidia game streaming really optional Indo 4K @ 60 fps - Linux or Windows or Android does not meter (but I don’t think android is worth it on tv)
Why I didn’t like nvidia shield (used as client and server for ~7 days):
I think raspberry pi 4 will do the job but currently it’s sold out everywhere. So looking for advice.
For example I can get Optiplex 5040 i5-6500 8gb ram Intel HD 100USD Used
Any advice will be appreciated
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2023.03.27 05:42 getawaycar19 DIY highlights at home on already highlighted hair

DIY highlights at home on already highlighted hair
Long time lurker of fancy follicles and always been interested in doing my hair at home, my current hair stylist just moved out of my city so just thought why not try it this one time!
So current pic of my hair: my hair is naturally black and I've been highlighting it at the salon for many years, usually chocolate brown. It's turned quite brassy as you can see:
Current hair
Hair inspo (more blonde and to go lighter)
Hair inspo (blonde highlights)
I'm planning to mix bleach powder with a 20V developer. Then toning it down with a toner or semi-permanent hair dye.
Would this work and would I achieve this kind of blonde - or would I not need to bleach at all?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.27 05:42 Mental_Driver_6134 How to feel more comfortable around BF( 23M) and be my true self (21F)

I recently got into my first relationship(kind of) . It has only been about four months but we have been friends for over two years now. we actually met online on twitter because we used to support the same sports team .it was during covid and we were just getting out of lockdown so we used to have a lot to rant about and that's basically how we started talking more. he doesn't use twitter anymore but we didn't take long to share numbers and we've been texting and stayed in touch since late 2020, I had had feelings for him for a long time but he never seemed to be interested in being more than just a friend. we started talking more last year and towards the end decided to confess our true feelings .
I have made some poor decisions in my life and not planning out my career wisely still hurts. I do not like my college or peers, I feel very out of place here. it is not like I'm totally pessimistic about my future because I like what I do but my confidence level has gone down a lot. I do not have many friends ,and nothing worth talking happens in my everyday life and even if something happens when I compare it to what he talks about ,it looks very trivial. I'm just waiting to get out of this place and start afresh, work hard so I can stop regretting about my past mistakes .
Now all this makes me super conscious about myself whenever I talk to him (We haven't met IRL yet, although we have planned to later this year).I feel inferior to him. I always think twice before saying anything , I constantly fear of being judged and because of this I end up restraining myself from talking about a lot of things. now he isn't someone who tries to outsmart me or constantly find mistakes in what I say (and honestly I don't think I'm that intellectually inferior to him anyway) .
He is super nice and always keeps telling me that I should stop overthinking and just say whatever comes to my mind but I still find it very difficult to overcome these things. He's two years senior to me and sounds much more mature than me, he's very calming and I really love him. He's in a much better university than me, not even comparable and has a much better social life and friend circle.(He has his own problems though but he's still in a much better situation). He still gives a lot of his time to me but most of the time all this makes me feel more and more inferior to the point that I feel very unconfident talking about certain topics I would have comfortably talked about if it were someone else. He even thinks that I don't like talking about academics with him since one time when he told me to share my resume with him so he could reach out to his friends and talk for a referral, I got very uncomfortable (because I didn't wanna embarrass myself), even though he was just casually talking about it, I got very anxious , and told him that I would like to take a break (although it didn't happen), I even had a breakdown later that day.
I fear these problems will keep coming back , we talk about everyday stuff , he talks about his problems and all the lovey dovey talk but I don't want to be just this much to him. I don't even watch sports or movies anymore so I feel like we end up talking about the same everyday things .I know I'll work hard and find something good for myself eventually but these small things affect me a lot.
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2023.03.27 05:42 Subject-Yogurt-8149 AITB for telling my teacher something was stupid

So I 13 NB was in class one day when I was asked to shut my Chromebook which I was happy to do. The problem started when he also asked me for my phone in which I asked why. He told me I was obviously on it and so I picked my Chromebook bag up off the floor and grabbed my phone and gave it to him. After I had finished my work I was showing a classmate something on my Chromebook when my teacher took my Chromebook. Then he took another kids phone even though the kid wasn't on it and I said that we were being punished for not braking the rules and it was not fair or right. He sent me down to the office but I have had the weekend to think and I definitely over reacted but AITB.
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2023.03.27 05:41 FinalGirlLaurie Advice on shooters in dreams?

So I had some freetime the other day and decided to make a character in a cartoonish style to expand my modeling skills. I showed my partner and they made a remark about it looking like a character who could be from a hero shooter and then that got me going. I love hero shooters and dreams is available so why not make one? This all happened yesterday and since then I’ve made a fully functional kit for the character and a ui. I have 5 more characters planned and i’m using my knowledge from a major project i’ve been working on for the past few years so most of things required for this game isn’t new to me. The style i’m going for is something similar to Gigantic which was a game I would’ve liked to try but couldn’t because it died. So I just wanted to know if there’s any advice anyone can give me about action mobas and how I can go about that in dreams?
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2023.03.27 05:41 NewMeEverytime AITA for Getting mad at my friend, Cuz they told me I should save my money.

I (17F) get 20 dollars every week by my Parents cuz i don't have job. To get food after school. Whenever i buy stuff that take a good percentage of what i have.
I always beat myself up about it and telling my self i am going to save money. Now, I just tell myself that its okay to treat myself now and then. And I usually save a small amount money.
Like 11 dollars or 2 dollars on my cash app. This dude wanna come up to me telling me that I should be saving 30% of my allowance and how saving 2 dollars is bad.
I told him, I get 20 dollars per week and that I don't have a job. And i don't like lying to my mother that I need money, when in reality I already have enough money to buy me something to eat. So, that's why choose to treat myself after school. So when my money gets send i'll have some extra like 22 dollars. Etc.
And then this dude, need to bring up the example of me getting kicked my house. I will admit I am very paranoid and me and my parents have iffy relationship. So i don't like thinking that type shit. So got a little upset.
It felt he was judging me for saving such a lil money. So, I explain to him I don't have a job, I do save money just like amounts. And this man is going off talking about how need to save 30% of my 20 dollar allowance. I only get that allowance because I need to eat after school. Every day i go to Taco bell and order the same thing, Because its like 2 dollars and its the only thing I can afford.
But here i am getting shit because I decided to give myself the luxury of buying a smoothie and chicken flattbread and my favorite cookies. Coming out of happy because saved 2 dollars. It may not be much but atleast its something.
Only to have some asshole tell me i need to save more. I mean for godsakes, where was his savings when he needed something to eat? And had to ask one of our friends to buy him something to eat. He is the last person to tell me this. And before yall say "you don't know his conditions"
Well the guy walks to his house, So he doesn't live that far from our school. On top that atleast his Parents let him get a job. Unlike my Parents who wouldn't want me to get a job because i don't have a car. (Despite knowing how to drive) Because they do not want to pay for my insurance , So they want to wait till i turn 18.
So am i the asshole for getting upset?
(Actually nvm, Idc whether i am the asshole or not bcause the last thing i need is someone to tell what i should and shouldn't do with my money.) And i am not going to aplogize for getting upset either🤷🏿‍♀️
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2023.03.27 05:41 LytningStryke101 AITA for not buying my mother more while overseas?

I just got back from my overseas trip to Greece and Italy (Athens, Delphi, Florence, and Rome primarily). It was a trip offered by EF Tours that our principal passed onto us. The total price of the trip was approximately $4,000 (it was slightly more, but simplification), which included hotels, breakfast and dinner, landmark access, excursions, and plane tickets.
My mother paid for that about 1.5 years in advance, which was of her own choice. I offered to help pay for some of it, but she denied it, saying that she wanted me to experience this for my last year of high school and wanted it to be memorable. It was a once in a lifetime experience and she didn't want me to miss out. In the end, she payed for the entirety of the trip.
Fast forward to March 16 (the start of the trip), and I had 400€ saved up after conversion from USD. I know that isn't much after a year and a half, but I'm a 17M, so I'm unfortunately not the best with money yet. That was all me working and putting aside extra, and none of that was my mother's. To put it simply, she payed for the ability to go, while I paid for everything extra on the trip, including lunch, snacks, souvenirs, and anything else not included in that $4,000.
By the end of the trip, I had 1.50€ to my name, with most of it being spent on myself. Trying different overseas foods for lunch, trying a LOT of gelato, and a few other things. As for the gifts, the most money was spent on my mother. 30€ for me, 30€ for my girlfriend, 16€ for her mother, and 60€ for my mother. My mother got a bottle of local Italian dessert wine (40€) and 20€ worth of jelly beans (she loves jelly beans, and the ones in Italian candy stores are so much better than the ones over here).
Now, for the whole reason of this post, now that plenty of context has been given. I was driving home with my mother and mentioned the incense burner I got for my girlfriend's mother. She then said that she was really upset I didn't get her anything and that she was my mother, she paid for the trip, etc.
However, out of everyone's gifts, she got the highest value, the largest, and something that she could add to her collection (she collects liquor and wine bottles) to display. And jelly beans, who can forget the jelly beans? Meanwhile, she kicked me out of the house a few months ago and my girlfriend's family has taken me in and has treated me just the same as their daughter. So, while she is my true mother, I don't think it's right to feel entitled to more gifts than everyone else just because of that.
I can see where she's coming from, that maybe I could have gotten something more materialistic, but those 400€ were mine to spend as I pleased, and that's how I saw it. I still got her something and I wouldn't have been able to get anything for myself if I spent most of that on my mother. I could have also avoided this by being better at spending and saving, so I'm honestly torn. I don't know if I am an asshole for this or if it's entitlement of my mother. I'm split down the middle right now.
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2023.03.27 05:41 uncertainlyso AMD FY 2023 forecast (March 2023)

I'm curious to see how much my views change as the quarters go on. My guess is that I'll probably post a new version of this before earnings (my guess on the future based on events in the quarter) and right after earnings (did anything change given AMD's results and commentary).

Data center


Before, I thought that client was going to be bleak in 2023.But I'm a bit more optimistic on client than before. So, I'm upgrading to...bad?




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2023.03.27 05:39 Rabid_Kiwi I had another bad day.

People at my work were obviously trying to se me up with a woman. But I have ms and I have a hard time telling how old people are. I thought she looked younger, but I could not be sure. I had to tell one of the people at the driving range about my ms and that I’m in my forties. I hate disclosing that to anyone. They knew how old I am, and knew how old she is. Why would they do that? I know they hate me, and don’t believe me. I can understand their childish need to pick on me all the time. But my boss and everyone just tried to set me up with a girl that could be my daughter… Dafuq, I need a new job but they trashed my name and rep, and on top of that I have ms. No one wants to hire someone with ms. I can’t lose my health insurance. I’m trapped. Isolated and no one I can trust. Fuck man, that poor young woman. They set her up or corrupted her to do what? Just to hurt me? Dafuq… Something really bad is going to happen to me.
They manipulate, that’s all they know how to do. My memory is failing me and every one I thought was my friends, just lie to me and degrade me. They all hate me, and everyone I reached out to for help just tries to make it worse. Because they don’t listen, they refuse to believe, when I tell them I’m disabled… I’m hated because I’m losing my battle with ms, and my symptoms are breaking through. I have no one I can trust. I’m fucked.
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2023.03.27 05:39 Tasty-Hotel-1946 Everything: To D from A

D, You went on a date with another woman yesterday. You strung me along after we broke up, I did things for you I wouldn’t have otherwise done to try and keep whatever we had alive. If I knew it would turn out this way, I never would have.
We fought yesterday. I apologized, and you left for someone else. She friendzoned you. Yes, I know about it. C told me everything. I miss you, I’m willing to move past that if you’d just take me back. Please. I miss you, I can’t live without you. You said forever, and you said you believed in soulmates even after we broke up. I helped you with college apps. I showed you things about myself, and you hung me out to dry. I’m so hurt, and I just want things to go back to how they were. I promise I can change, I’ll be less anxious. I just want you back more than anything. I hate myself for not fighting harder to keep you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
You wanted to hang out before you left, do you still want to? I want to more than anything. Please. I want to show you funny things and play video games with you and talk for hours over the phone and bike with you again. I bet I can beat you up the hill this time ;). But you want space to experiment with other girls. I’m sorry I could never be enough when I gave you everything.
I don’t care that I’m showing my cards, this is how I feel. This feels like a second breakup.
Sunshine, if i can call you that anymore, I showed you almost everything you love. I gave you my all. I’m working on myself, I’m going to therapy, but you didn’t put any effort in. I wasn’t worth it, and now you’re like everyone else. You used me like they did. I was right in the end, you used me like they did.
But I still want you back. You were my one.
I miss you.
Sad Mlem.
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2023.03.27 05:39 dfrank129 My 100% completely not subjective Top 10 Pokémon to use against Rockets

In light of the event, here we go. A few quick notes: -I listed the moves with each of these that I have on MY Pokémon. You could use different ones, and in some cases you should. -Most of these are Pokémon you'd be inclined to have powered up already, if not planning to. -I tend to prioritize laziness/mindlessness, so fast-move spam is supreme, but not at the expense of fainting/swapping. So high-powered spammy Pokémon are also great. -Also, I'm sure I missed some and there's also some I would use but don't have (or have a good one of).
  1. Groudon with Mud Shot, Fire Punch* and Precipice Blades*.
    1. #1 vs electric, poison, and the current iteration of dark, plus top tier vs steel
    2. Top tier generalist
    3. Not only is it the best at four jobs, it's also a great generalist with its coverage and combination of leader shield bate and precipice blades nuke
  2. Kartana with Razer Leaf and Leaf Blade
    1. #1 vs water, rock and ground
    2. Not a generalist, but incredibly dominant in its matchups compared to other Pokémon.
  3. Shadow Mewtwo with Psycho Cut, Psystrike* and Shadow Ball*
    1. Top tier generalist
    2. Mewtwo isn't the best at any one thing, but even when it's bad, it's actually good. I've taken down Tyranitars with PC/Psystrike. I use Psycho Cut with Psystrike and Shadow Ball, but you certainly could use confusion, and you certainly could use any of the punches. Just depends what you want out of it.
  4. Machamp/Lucario (CounteCross Chop/x and CounteAura Sphere/Shadow Ball)
    1. #1 vs normal, ice, steel, AND winning is for winners
    2. #2 vs rock
    3. CC Machamp is more consistent, Lucario with Power Up Punch is more spammy, and Lucario with Aura Sphere hits harder. Depends what you're looking for. Both have utility 2nd charge moves.
  5. Melmetal with Spark, Thunderbolt and Superpower
    1. top tier generalist
    2. Not dominant at anything. Not especially good against any particular grunt, but possibly the most flexible generalist. Can work against almost any grunt, leader or even Giovanni.
  6. Hydreigon with Bite, Brutal Swing* and Dragon Pulse
    1. #1 against psychic and ghost
  7. Roserade with Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb
    1. #2 against water, rock, and ground and fairy (poison variety)
    2. The poor person's Kartana as a grass type, and slightly fragile but still very good. Bonus points for the bullet seed/weather ball variety. Note: Roserade is up here because of both its Grass and Poison variants. I just use it for poison.
  8. Blaziken with Fire Spin, Blaze Kick and Blast Burn*
    1. Top tier fire type, not definitively #1 though against any grass/bug/ice/steel.
    2. FS/BK is unique and fast although C/BK is probably better given the grunt's plethora of not-weak-to-fire fire types. A solid generalist and arguably top-tier for four different rocket types. A rare CD mon that doesn't absolutely need its CD move.
  9. Rhyperior with Smackdown, Rock Wrecker* and Surf
    1. Top tier vs flying, although matchup dependent. (Ice/Electric are situationally better). Can also work against non-Numel/Camerupt fire types and non-steel ice types. More reliable than other rock types like Rampardos.
  10. Swampert with Mud Shot, Hydro Cannon* and Earthquake
    1. Top tier (although not #1) vs Fire, Rock and Ground
    2. Decent generalist due to Mud Shot-Hydro Cannon spam and coverage with Earthquake or Sludge Bomb.
Honorable Mentions:
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2023.03.27 05:39 WHiSPERRcs Do Apply to Tufts: A response thread from a current student

Hey all:
I saw the post about how you should not apply to Tufts, so I thought I'd respond (in bold)
It's an overpriced, subpar joke of a college.
Yes, it's expensive, Yes, it's probably overpriced. However, it's not a "subpar joke of a college." The issue with statements like this is that many students think this about their own schools without ever experiencing other universities. As I'll get into in this response post, Tufts has plenty of valid criticism and negatives, but overall for the vast majority of students, Tufts is an amazing place that provides a top-tier education, community, and experience.
- Don't assume you're attending a Boston school. Tufts is in Medford/Somerville, and downtown Boston is 20-30 minutes away by car. You'll probably have the chance to visit proper Boston twice a month at best if you take a rigorous workload. We just got the green line, but that takes up to an hour to get you in town. 90% of your time here is spent in suburban hell. The most common sights around are chain link fences, dilapidated road signs, and ugly architecture.
Anyone actually researching Tufts before applying knows that Tufts is not in Boston. For most applying, this is actually a positive. Being 15-20 minutes outside downtown Boston by car (it's not 30m unless you're driving on Boston Marathon weekend lmao) allows Tufts to have a unique campus bubble/vibe while still being soooo close to Boston. You can drop everything and get into Boston within half an hour easy, if not less, via the new green-line T stop on campus or the older red-line T stop in Davis Square. When I was applying, and comparing Tufts, and BU, Northeastern, all of which I applied to and got accepted, the real campus, quads, and camaraderie it allows was a massive plus, not a negative.

While I personally agree the Somerville / Medford architecture isn't particularly appealing, it's the definition of Boston/New England. Both Somerville and Medford (for those who don't know, these two towns/cities split Tufts down the middle and are the neighborhoods that Tufts is actually located in, not Boston) are extremely family friendly and safe.
- You share one gym and two small dining halls with 6000 students. Lunch lines can be 20-30 minutes long, and the food is shit compared to other colleges. Other dining options are overpriced and only two locations allow you to use meal swipes.
The gym issue is a valid criticism. Luckily for you all, Tufts is fundraising to build an entirely new aquatics center as we speak, and when that is completed, the gym will get a complete overhaul and expansion. I've heard this will be done in < 5 years.

The dining hall lines were weirdly bad during COVID, but aren't at all anymore. It can get busy sometimes, particularly around dinner, but it's rarely bad. They're also working right now to renovate some dining services which should all be complete by next year. Hodgdon-Food-on-the-Run (Hodge), which offered like a Chipotle, Sweetgreen, and Cava equivalents (good these chains if you're unfamiliar) was very popular with students and often was very very crowded. This has just been closed temporarily for renovation and will be reopened in the fall. Also, the food is relatively good compared to other schools. I've tried quite a bit.

Also, a clarification: Tufts has 2 full-form dining halls, but a handful more dining options.
- The school is heavily overenrolled. They barely have enough housing as is and are still looking to increase their freshmen class sizes. Chances are, you'll get put into modular housing with no community or dorm culture for your first year here. They've already taken down their tennis courts for mod housing, and are planning to cannibalize some baseball fields too.
Tufts, like almost every other school during COVID, did overenroll and this did cause some housing issues. Luckily, they're correcting it now. Also, they're about to begin building a new upperclassmen dorm as we speak.
- Campus looks like shit most time of the year. During spring and summer, it looks fine with some green, but 80% of the buildings are just prefabricated houses they bought up around the neighborhood. Trust me, this will get your mood down, especially during the winter months.
Welcome to New England, and Boston specifically. This wouldn't change for any school in the area.
- The Medford campus does not have a proper health center. For any serious ilness or injury you'd have to uber to off-campus clinics 20-30 minutes away. The on-campus wellness center is just a house that doesn't even open on weekends. Mental health services are so overbooked that getting a therapy session can take two weeks. Again, it's because the school is heavily over-enrolled.
While somewhat true, this is also misleading. For almost any school, if you have a serious injury you will end up at a hospital, not your schools health services. That being said, Tufts has a lab on campus and can do any STD test (etc) here. They also have plenty of partner hospitals that they can help get you appointments with. It's a good thing Boston houses some of the best hospitals in the world then, huh. I've had no problem scheduling appointments, even for the next day.
- The hill is annoying AF to walk over every day. It's cool at first, but you soon realize how much of a nuisance it is to walk up and down a hill to go to classes and return to dorms, especially during the winter when the roads are frozen.
It's a hill. It's a unique thing about our campus. Yeah, it 'sucks,' but it's also only 30 seconds to get to the top. The fact that the hill is the largest complaint for Tufts student should be a resounding positive about our community, classes, professors, and quality of life.
- Party scene is depressing. (not a problem for me personally, but if you like to party, might wanna watch out).
Yeah, kinda true. We aren't University of Alabama. If you want parties, you can find them easily. Will they be 4000 person ragers? No. Can they be fun? Absolutely. I don't think anyone if applying or matriculating here because of the party scene, though.
All of this for the grand total of 80k a year. You're paying almost double the price of Harvard, for a quarter of the quality.
Yeah, so the Harvard comment isn't true at all. I know you clarified in the original post that you were talking about aid, but I know plenty of students here personally on financial aid with very good packages...and 1-2 actually compared it to fin aid offered by Harvard and chose to come here purely on financial reasons.
I'll add something that I put in my comment of that post as well:
What’s not mentioned is the the students here are all incredibly nice and amicable. I just went on spring break w 7 friends to Barcelona (got tickets hella cheap in September) and all of my other friends from HS who I still regularly talk to and not having anywhere near as a good of an experience as I am. Just like every school there are plenty of good things and plenty of bad. It’s a damn hard school to get into, and many of the students here are super smart. Overall, my experience here is very positive despite a handful of legitimate criticisms and negatives, and I know I am having a much better time than at least ten friends from HS at a variety of other universities.

Also since this is this subreddit, I’d like to add that tufts admissions refuses to supply us news with some specific information about their students like gender identity etc. Regardless of your politics or what you think of this, this is partially why tufts has been slipping in the rankings (like Columbia or reed college historically)

Feel free to DM me any questions.
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2023.03.27 05:38 liveinlivingcolorx Are you switching things up for the April start? Staying the same? Share your journey so far!

With April starts coming up soon, I thought it would be fun to talk about our progress so far this year! Is your system working for you? Are you starting over for April?
For me personally I feel like I've been having a bit of a crisis with my planners this year and I've tried just about every Hobonichi lol. In September I ordered the Weeks and Cousin, which I've been alternating in and out of since December and it was my first time in both. And I hated the Weeks! I can say that with my full chest, I bought into the hype but the layout just doesn't work for me. I like the Cousin, but it isn't portable enough and to be honest I'm not keen on the vertical weekly layout either. So for April I'm going back to the A6 for my journal, alongside a different brand for my planner. I didn't think I liked the A6 last year as there's no Weekly layout, but I've discovered that it's actually the best option for me as a journal, I just need a different book for planning. I'm a bit upset that I'm going to end up pretty much wasting the Cousin and Weeks, but at least I know what works for me now so I don't have to get FOMO when I see everyone elses spreads XD
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