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22[F4A] AL ain't it, y'know?

2023.03.27 05:46 nogreennoblue 22[F4A] AL ain't it, y'know?

hi hi! thanks for clicking my silly little ad and giving it a read.
i'm a 22 year old young American woman currently residing in southern Alabama, unfortunately.
i'm searching for genuine people to talk to and i'm interested in seeing where it'll go. i do prefer people who live in the United States due to time zone differences; however, obviously, if we mesh, and we become something more, then i'm all for it :)
i like to think i'm charismatic and entertaining, but i suppose you'll have to be the judge of that. i'm a fan of traveling, environmentalism, puzzles, reading, and gaming (but when i say gaming, i mean like stardew valley and pokemon). there's more to me, but what's the point in putting all of it here when i can tell you privately!
i'm a fresh biology graduate and currently have a full-time job in environmental education. eventually, i'm pursuing a graduate degree, but in what... who knows... and where... who knows? i'm a traveling lady now! i'm hoping to visit 30 countries by 30 and i'm at 10 ;)
i guess i should put a little about my appearance: i'm 4'11, chubby, tattooed, blue eyes, and faded green hair. i'm in no rush to 'get skinny,' but i have been working towards being healthier - mentally and physically.
what am i looking for in someone? i just want to see where things go. these damn dating apps are mostly making me upset and i'm really not convinced i'll find the one near me. so, honestly? i just want to talk with some people and see how we vibe. age ranges preferably no younger than 20 and no older than about 27 just because of where i am in my life and where you would be in your life. have some ambitions! be willing to hold a conversation!
i'm willing to share photos later and my name, of course!
hope to hear from some of y'all soon! have a good day!
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2023.03.27 05:46 Comprehensive_Exit46 Case Western Reserve vs Ohio State University

Hello everyone! I got admitted into CWRU and OSU, I plan to major in something related in business/marketing and I wanted some opinions on which school I should go to. OSU has a better business school ranking than CWRU, but CWRU is a higher ranked school overall. So I don't know if it would be easier to get a job after college if I attended OSU or CWRU, and it also seems that not many people know CWRU since it is a private university.
I am a out-of-state student so I can't visit both colleges in person, please let me know if you have attended/visited either colleges and let me know what the campus is like and your experience there. Thank you so much!!
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2023.03.27 05:44 No-Designer-8398 Additional course to do alongside BBA

I am presently living in Lucknow. I am doing BBA from a private university here but i oftenly listen about how my university doesn't offer good placements and jobs after completing BBA . So i am thinking about doing any computer course along with BBA . If not BBA then maybe this course can help me to get placed in a better job . Any suggestions?
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2023.03.27 05:37 Raspyy Should I go back for a masters in computer science or another field?

Hey everyone! Fellow ChemE graduate here. I currently work for a pharma company in process controls and have been here for 2 years now. I'm somewhat satisfied with my job and pay, but I've always wondered if I should go back to school and transition to another field.
I've read a lot about the drawbacks of the chemical engineering field on this sub. Location, work/life balance, and pay are the biggest things I hear about when people compare us to software engineers. The biggest two things I dislike about my current career path is geographic flexibility and work/life balance.
I feel that as engineers in manufacturing, we cannot live wherever we want. Working from home is almost never possible as a process controls engineer. While most pharma plants are near major cities, I would enjoy the flexibility of a more traditional office job where I can find a job in almost any city.
The next thing is work life balance. Most of the time in pharma, its 40-50 hours a week and not as bad as some of the horror stories I've seen on this sub. However, I absolutely HATE the 24/7 manufacturing aspect of our jobs. I'm expected to be on after hours on-call rotations with my other engineers. This is something that I feel other careers do not share, and I do not want to be doing this when I'm in my 30s-40s with a family.
This leads me to my current conundrum. I would love to go back to school and get a second bachelor's OR master's degree and transition away from the manufacturing world. I'm most interested in computer science, but I'm open to other fields (systems engineering, IT, networking, etc.). I feel that my job as a process controls engineer at least in my current role is more coding/software/IT focused anyways, and I do not mind it at all. Why not take the leap and fully devote myself to this career transition?
Anyone else in a similar situation? What advice/thoughts do you all have about going back and essentially switching out of chemical engineering? Any of you all had success doing a complete 180 and getting a degree in CS?
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2023.03.27 05:32 rev092 Is a Program Analyst 0343 IC 11 or 12, excepted service worth taking? I have a few questions.

So I have an interview tomorrow for a 0343 position with the DHS, either IC 11 or 12, excepted service. I would have to relocate to DC if I got the position. The position would run for two years.
I have some questions pertaining to this, is a position like this worth moving for, and would allow for movement once I am in? Or if after is it done would I be jobless? If there is something like a government shutdown or financial downturn, would I be the first to be let go? Would a position like this offer typical insurance and benefits?
I have been trying to break into the public sector since I graduated with my masters degree a year and a half ago. I did turn down a final offer with the FBI through their collegiate hire initiative, simply because they bounced me around to multiple field offices and cut funding for one position then offered me a different one. I was just fed up and didn't want to move for a job that I didn't even want to just get my foot in the door.
Presently I am working as a financial fraud analyst in the private sector, I work remote, I have pretty decent benefits, unlimited PTO, I work for a good company with good coworkers and good bosses, no real complaints and I've been there for a year and a half.
I am elated for this interview because the DHS is an agency I could see myself in, I studied security and international relations for my masters degree, and I want to work my way into government work. However, I also want to be fully aware of what to expect for a position like this.
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2023.03.27 05:30 Determination7 An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?) [Fantasy, LitRPG] - Chapter 183 (Book 5 Chapter 9)

It was only a passing whim that prevented Rob from leaping forward and activating Purge Corruption. The Purging energy swelled around his fingertips, practically begging to be used, but something about the Harpy's face stopped him. Its robotic expression was unsettling, planted squarely in the uncanny valley, yet at the same time was without malice. By comparison, the Ranger assassin had seemed way more demented.
Remembering the Elf who'd died by his hand immediately transmuted Rob's adrenaline into ice water. He grabbed Keira's shoulder to stop her from attacking, then faced the Harpy, forcing himself to look straight at its hollow eyes. "Can I remove your Corruption?" Rob asked, tentatively.
"You are walking into a trap," Featro repeated.
Rob took a careful step towards the motionless Harpy, as if approaching a cornered animal. "Let me Purge your Corruption, okay? Then we'll talk."
"That would be unwise. Your Purge would kill me. Wait until after I have explained the trap."
"...Are you the Blight, or Featro?"
"There is no difference." The Harpy shivered, like a cold wind had cut past him. "I am a Harpy, I am the Blight. I am he, I am it. I am one, I am union. I am lineage, I am neonate. I am infinity, I am the void."
His blackened eyes flickered with an indiscernible emotion. "Most of all, I am something that should not exist. When this conversation is finished, swear that you will kill me."
Rob didn't have any idea of what the fuck to say to that. He was tempted to glance at Keira, see what she was thinking, but that would mean diverting his attention away from Featro. Letting your guard down around the Blight was an easy way to get yourself killed – or worse.
As he was busy contemplating how to proceed, the implications of everything finally caught up with Rob's sleep-deprived brain. "The Blight is already in Harpy territory," he hissed, the grip on his sword turning white-knuckled.
Featro nodded. It was like watching a mannequin shifted by an external force. "The Blight has been in Harpy territory for years longer than any other. That was the first nation to be afflicted, not the last."
Rob let loose a string of expletives that would've made a hardened sailor blush. When he was done venting, he wrapped his stress in a headlock and held tight until it surrendered, allowing himself to speak normally. "How many Harpies have been possessed like you?"
"Over one thousand. I am uncertain of the precise number."
...A thousand? Rob's heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach. That many people...
"You are asking the wrong questions," Featro bluntly stated. "You must be warned of the trap before I lose control. King Elnaril desires to kill you."
"Shit, him too?"
"He is the progenitor of what I am. The Blight-Harpy upon which all others branched from. We are him, yet he is not us. His children are his arms, stretching wide and far."
Rob was tempted to sit down and scream. This was significantly worse than even his least-optimistic expectations. Elnaril being hostile, or stupid, or comatose, he could've worked with it. But possessed by the goddamn Blight?
"Okay. Fuck." He exhaled out as much of his anxiety as he could. "So King Elnaril is evil and controlling a bunch of Blight-Harpies. What's this trap you keep mentioning? Should we expect an army to come after us?"
"Unclear. We are merely arms, following orders that the head gives." Featro blinked for the first time since he'd entered the tent. "However, I believe that he intends to lure your alliance to the Harpy capital city and eradicate it there via some means. You, Heartkiller, are the primary target, although the territory Leaders are also prizes to be won. King Elnaril won't pass up the chance to cripple all of Elatra in one fell swoop."
Is that why the Harpy messengers that contacted Sylpeiros were so cagey? By informing the allied coalition of an impending war, yet withholding the reason for that war, they'd compelled the coalition to take action and find out what was going on. If true, it implied that Elnaril knew a lot more about Rob and the coalition than he should. Their alliance hadn't even been made public.
No, wait, Blights are a hivemind, Rob remembered. They can see what others see. Elnaril witnessed Riardin's Rangers globetrotting around Fiend, Dwarf, and Merfolk territories, and concluded that we'd swing by Harpyland next if trouble started brewing. He also saw Seneschal Sylpeiros working with the Dwarves to kill a Blight, so it wasn't a stretch to imagine that we'd formed an alliance behind the scenes. Still no guarantee that the Leaders tag along with Riardin's Rangers and the coalition, but that's fine. I'm the primary target. Everyone else is just a bonus.
Rob's brainstorming session was interrupted by a slew of Messages from the rest of the Party. They were outside his tent, ready to jump in if things went south. He told them to wait for now, unsure of how Featro would react if the situation changed. The Blight-Harpy's sanity seemed to be hanging on by a fraying thread, and any little thing might cause it to snap.
A short silence extended into a long one as Rob convinced his more concerned Party members that everything was fine. He'd never gotten the hang of talking and Messaging simultaneously. To fill the gap, Keira spoke up. "You claim that you are one of Elnaril's arms," she began, "yet I cannot imagine he wished for you to reveal these facts to us. How did you break free? Give us reason to trust you."
Featro twitched. For an instant, his face morphed into a rictus of horror. "Don't know. Am. Irregularity. Original, me, able to resist."
His body shook violently. "Others resisted too. They died, or, submitted. I am different. I have. Merged. Imperfect. Unstable. Unnatural. Won't last."
The shaking intensified. Featro went quiet again, eyes rolling up into the back of his head. This time Rob couldn't help but glance at Keira, who gave him a look that said 'don't ask me'.
Alright then. "I'm...going to try Purging your Corruption," Rob said, raising his hand. "I know you said that would kill you, but it has to be better than-"
The shaking stilled. Featro's eyes rolled back down. Suffocating waves of Corruption poured out from him in waves, thrice as nauseating as before. Slowly, gradually, his mouth split open into something resembling a smile.
"Found you."
Rob swung his sword. It was an attack born of instinct, and stopping himself took no small amount of effort, his longsword halting a hairsbreadth away from decapitating that thing's neck. The Harpy That Was Not Featro just smiled deeper, the corners of its mouth rising higher than should be possible.
"You were wise to stem your rage," the thing said, in a silky-smooth cadence. "There is much you need to learn, and you won't gain an opportunity like this again. I have no intention of letting another minnow slip through my nets."
It bowed, uncaring of the sword that dug into its neck, drawing rivulets of blood. "Greetings. I am King Elnaril of the Harpies. And you, as I know, are Rob the Heartkiller. It's so nice to meet you."
"You're not Elnaril," Rob spat. "You're just an abomination that ate his fucking brain."
'Elnaril' tilted its head in a quizzical manner. "That matter is up for debate. I wasn't always so powerful as I am now. When first encroaching upon this body, I was but a faint whisper of Corruption. My newborn self was no match for Elnaril's strength of personality. Since then, I have grown with him over the years, bathed in his memories, subsumed them as my own. His life is my life. His accomplishments are my accomplishments. In the end, can you truly say who devoured who?"
The thing chuckled again. "And it isn't as if either of us are gone. The good King is in here with me. He says hello, and begs you to free him from his torment. It's a strange greeting, but who am I to gainsay him, when he already suffers so much?"
It took every ounce of Rob's willpower for him to not move his sword. Stand down, he ordered himself. We need intel, and killing this puppet won't stop the main controller.
"Since you named me as Elnaril," the thing continued, "then I assume this minnow has informed you of my designs? Pity. Luring you unawares would've resulted in an overwhelming victory."
It frowned. "Although to be honest, I'm more irked by how eloquent this Harpy is. Controlling an adjunct body seems to make it easier for me to speak when compared to my main body. I suppose King Elnaril's resistance extends deeper than I realized."
"What the hell are you?" Rob blurted out. For once, he wished Diplomacy was still in his head. It was impossible for him to keep his cool when faced with this...this monstrosity. "I've met other Blights. None of them spoke in more than fragmented sentences. And while they could make simple plans, sometimes, they didn't try for anything like this."
"Ah, my dear brothers and sisters." A hint of fondness entered the thing's voice. "I do care for them, although I doubt they feel the same. While my actions are for their benefit as well, they likely regard me as...what do you say on Earth? The black sheep of the family?" It sighed. "Such is the fate of innovators, to be misjudged by the shortsighted."
'Elnaril' reached up and touched the blood running down its neck. Ravenous appetite glinted in its pitch-black eyes. "Of course, even now, I desire to kill you." It rubbed its fingers together, staring hungrily at the smeared redness. "Hurt you. Gouge out your eyes. Strangle you with your entrails. My imagination sings to me, begging for release. Not that this weak body is capable of overpowering you, but the heart wants what the heart wants."
It locked eyes with Rob. "Yet here I wait. Because I know that what I stand to gain is greater than indulging a burst of passion. Delayed gratification...two almighty words that I fear my brethren will never understand."
"And what exactly is it that you're hoping for?"
"Your death. Queen Ragnavi's death." It gestured upwards. "The deaths of those who rule this world."
Rob's eyebrows shot up to the top of his head. "Ambitious, aren't you?"
"Don't act as if you're aiming for any less."
He's got me there. "What did you do to the Harpies?" Rob asked next. If this creature was in a talkative mood, then he was going to pump it for every drop of information it offered until the well was dry. "From what Featro told us, some were possessed, and some died?"
The thing hesitated. "Hmm. I suppose you'll find out once you reach Arieda City, regardless. You see, when I ordered my offshoot selves to take control of their targets, not all were successful. Roughly half of them killed their hosts in the process. They lacked my subtle touch."
It pointed a taloned finger at Rob. "You are responsible for that. I knew you would come to Harpy territory soon after killing the Corrupted Leviathan, even if I forbade your entry. While I would have been perfectly content to spend longer sowing seeds amongst the populace, the Heartkiller's imminent arrival meant that it was time to consolidate my resources."
Rob gripped his sword so tightly that his bones creaked. Don't lash out. Don't lash out. Keep him talking. "The Harpies had to have noticed that so many people died at once."
"Of course they did." The creature smirked. "Which is why I blamed it on our beloved Queen Ragnavi. Mass poisonings, committed by Dragonkin saboteurs. Some of the Harpies were ready to believe me straight away, solely out of their fear for the Queen. She makes an excellent scapegoat. Those who were suspicious...well, what were they to say? My offshoots and I can't be Sensed or viewed on the Status Screen unless we wish to be."
It tapped Featro's chest. "And then there were the rare cases that fell somewhere in the middle. Neither death nor subservience. A twisted existence, praying for death since the moment it was born. I granted that reprieve to all impure ones I discovered, but it seems as if this one's willpower was stronger than anticipated. It nearly ruined my designs for you."
The thing smirked. "Thankfully, my designs for Queen Ragnavi and Those Who Rule Above are proceeding apace. Were we on the same side, you'd be delighted to know what I have planned for them. Alas, it is not meant to be."
"We can totally be on the same side." Rob pushed a strained smile onto his face. "Just chill out on the whole body-snatcher thing. If you do, I wouldn't mind collaborating to kill Ragnavi and the gods."
"...You are a rather terrible liar, Heartkiller."
"Had to try." Rob tapped his sword against the creature's neck. "At least my failed plan took five seconds to design and implement. Your plans for us were, what, years in the making? And now it's all up in smoke."
It shook its head. "My intentions for your alliance have been revised accordingly – although I will admit it to a measure of frustration at being unable to see my original ideas come to fruition. Initially, I intended to bait you towards the Harpy capital with hints of secrets that I dare not reveal. Something to rouse your curiosity without provoking undue suspicion towards your own safety."
"We would've seen through you."
"Doubtful. This gathering of egos called an alliance would've gleefully blamed the Harpy deaths on Ragnavi. Furthermore, your inability to Sense my offshoots would've led you to believe that the Blight hadn't arisen in Harpy territory yet. And so you would have strode towards the capital, heads held high, ignorant of the maw preparing to close shut."
A prickly shiver ran down Rob's spine. All of that sounded dangerously plausible. The coalition might've figured things out anyway, but this scheme was already ten times more complex than what the average Blight cooked up, which usually boiled down to 'hey, look at me, come fight or people die'.
"Unfortunately," it continued, "you've forced my hand once again. I cannot abide your existence, Heartkiller. It represents a danger that my brethren are incapable of comprehending. Neither you nor Ragnavi can be allowed to attain Level 99 – and thus, I act."
Without turning its gaze, the creature reached up and slid its open palm across Rob's longsword. As blood seeped out of the shallow wound, the Blight-Harpy clenched its fist together, smearing more red across taloned fingertips. Thinly-veiled excitement danced across Elnaril's expression as he extended his bloodied hand, palm facing upward.
"I, King Elnaril of the Harpies, chosen Leader of my people, now officially declare war on your alliance, as is my right. All intruders to Harpy territory are to be expelled without mercy."
A peal of manic laughter escaped him. "The public will be incredibly distraught to learn that an army of high-Level Combat Class users have crept into our lands. Clearly they've joined with Queen Ragnavi and are part of her conspiracy – how else could they have mobilized so quickly, invading mere weeks after the poisonings? I even hear they're led by a Human. Who knows what atrocities he aims to inflict upon unsuspecting innocents."
...No thanks. I'm out. While Rob felt bad about leaving the Harpies to this mess, the reason the coalition gathered together in the first place was to forge an alliance with King Elnaril. As that *definitely* wasn't happening, there was no reason for them to stick around in a hostile foreign territory. The Dragon Queen and this monstrosity in Harpy form could have their little slapfight if they wanted.
On that note... "Are you bullshitting, or do you have an actual, legitimate method to kill the Dragon Queen?" Rob inquired.
The creature frowned. "I fail to see what that has to do with my proclamation of war against your alliance, but yes, I do. Don't ask me what it is; that would ruin the surprise."
Rob gave him a thumbs-up. "Sounds good. You have fun with that." I'll be more than happy to swoop in and finish off whoever survives.
Elnaril sighed. "I was hoping it would be easier to stoke the fires of your bloodlust. Where is the raging BERSERKER who flung himself towards my brethren, time and time again?"
"What, you expect me to walk right into a trap? Besides, risking my own life is different from risking the lives of everyone in the coalition."
"A sense of duty restrains you, then." The thing tilted its head to the side in confusion, causing its neck wound to open further and weep driblets of blood. "That is one mortal concept I struggle to understand. To some degree I feel it as well, thanks to Elnaril's influence, but it's a thoroughly burdensome emotion. Duty binds. Duty impairs. It cajoles a person into disregarding their own desires."
The Blight-Harpy's mouth split into another hideous smile. "Which is why I know you'll convince your alliance to press onwards. For if you don't, I will infect every Locus of Power in all of Harpy territory. King Elnaril and I possess knowledge of where the Loci are, and my offshoots would relish the opportunity to become something greater."
Rob sucked in air through his teeth. To his side, he heard a muted gasp from Keira as she did the same. They'd been so focused on the concept of an intelligent, forward-thinking Blight that they'd forgotten about the real reason its kind was such a threat. The Blight was a plague, a pestilence, draining the lifeblood from Elatra and spawning abominations in its wake. Compared to that, an impending war and the machinations of a cunning Leader were minor concerns.
If he creates a Blight from each Loci of Power in Harpy territory, Elatra ends. Full stop. Especially if Elnaril was still in control of Blights afterwards. He'd use their hivemind to coordinate them with more efficiency than any military commander ever could. Rob had barely scraped by while fighting individual Blights with even worse self-preservation instincts than himself. Multiple ones? Using detailed strategy? He could only think of one plan to salvage that calamity.
Help the dimension mages complete their project, and then evacuate as many people to Earth as possible.
"You're lying," Keira countered, her voice wavering slightly. "If you could infect the Loci of Harpy territory, you would have done so already."
"My kind abhors lying, small Elf." Some of the mania faded from Elnaril's face, supplanted by distaste, as if he'd bitten into days-old meat. "Falsehoods are a mortal construct. We know the truth of things, and prefer to express them as they are. While we may mislead you, or have others lie in our stead, a straight declaration of untruth coming directly from our mouths is verboten."
"That's not your mouth," Rob muttered.
"It is. It belongs to me. As do the mouths and bodies of all Harpies graced by my presence."
Rob wasn't sure what felt stronger – his hatred, or his disgust. "You still haven't proven Keira wrong," he spat. "There's no reason for you to leave the Loci of Power alone unless you had to."
"I cannot infect the Loci yet," the thing clarified. "It is King Elnaril's last defiance. Even as I take his limbs, his eyes, his heart, his mind, and his memories, he refuses to let me give that final order. The King knows what allowing me access to the Loci of Power would result in."
It began breathing heavily, like a hound about to feast on a succulent dinner. "Can you trust that he will hold out for longer? That the embers of his tortured, weary mind will stay lit while you retreat to search for a solution that does not exist? Or will you march, and attempt to slay me before I unleash hell upon this world?"
Rob could hear his heart beating in his chest. Something about this moment felt pivotal. It wasn't a simple matter of saying yes or no; he needed to say it right, or everything they'd built up so far would collapse.
Mind racing, he activated Quick Thinking, then Recall, committing most of the creature's words to memory. He followed up by using Recall in tandem with a Message, performing the equivalent of a mental copy/paste function, sending a word-for-word transcript of Elnaril's speech directly to Diplomacy.
"You said..." Rob drew out the pause, buying time for Diplomacy to finish reading. "You said that your kind abhors lying. Does that extend to breaking promises?"
"There are no physical or mental restrictions that prevent us from forswearing a vow." Elnaril grimaced. "Yet I would detest doing so. The notion of betraying my purity of intent threatens bile to rise to the top of my throat."
Rob sent over those statements to Diplomacy as well. They replied back quickly; according to them, while it was impossible to be certain of Elnaril's intent due to his nonstandard worldview, Diplomacy didn't sense any deception within his words. They also made sure to state that they didn't actually know how to psychoanalyze a freaking Blight, and to not take their conclusion as fact.
Which was fine. It was just added confirmation for the decision Rob had already made. He'd stared the Blight in its face on more occasions than anyone in Elatra, and so he understood them better than anyone. In truth, whether Elnaril was capable of breaking his promises or not was irrelevant. This abhorrent creature standing before him may have been a fusion of Blight and Harpy, but even with its essence diluted, a Blight was still a Blight.
Always seeking revelry.
"There's a problem with that gauntlet you just threw down," Rob began. "It's too risky for us. What if King Elnaril's willpower gives out while our coalition is busy marching deeper into Harpy territory? We wouldn't even get the chance to kill you. Do you really want our story to conclude without its grand finale?"
Elnaril's bloody fingers twitched. "No," the thing whispered. "I do not."
"Then let's make a deal." With a dramatic flourish, Rob stabbed his sword into the ground. "The coalition will press onward, as requested. We'll pay you a visit at the Harpy capital. I'll bring free snacks for everyone. In return, you stay away from the Loci of Power, regardless of whether King Elnaril's willpower gives out."
The creature licked its lips. "You must march with the soldiers you have now. No waiting for reinforcements."
Was hoping he wouldn't catch that. "Got it. In that case, you can't inform the Dragon Bitch that we're here. You started this two-front war, so you get to fight it by yourself."
"My offshoots and I will cease all direct and indirect communications with Dragon Queen Ragnavi. She won't be apprised of your presence." Elnaril leaned forward, moisture pooling at the corners of his mouth. "The Harpies, however, will be told first thing in the morning. Don't expect a warm welcome."
"How typical of a Leader," Keira remarked. "You speak of detesting falsehoods, then lie to your own people about our intentions."
At that, the thing simply laughed. "I won't lie – my subordinates will, of their own accord. And it won't be a falsehood to claim that your alliance has come to slay Elnaril, Harpy Leader."
He extended his bloodied hand again. "I accept your proposal, Rob the Heartkiller." Darkened eyes swirled, like vortexes of black smog. "It shall last until either you or I have perished."
Rob's skin crawled as he grasped Elnaril's hand and shook it. "Then we have a deal." And as long as we keep him hyped, he'll stick to it.
Talons dug into the back of Rob's hand. "One last thing," Elnaril began. "I've answered many of your questions, so it is only fair that you answer several of my own. Three should suffice."
With a calm, measured motion, Rob let go of the creature's hand. His kneejerk response was to tell it to fuck off, but for all he knew that would make Elnaril renege on the deal right then and there. "Questions about what?" he asked, through clenched teeth.
"That would be telling. First: if you somehow survive the coming battles, kill me, kill my brethren, kill the gods...what will you do afterwards?"
Rob narrowed his eyes. "Is this going to be a thing where you dig up info on me and then use it to ruin my life?"
"No, but that is an excellent idea for the future," it responded, sounding genuine.
God do I want to sleep. "I'll hang out with my favorite people, visit my favorite places, eat my favorite foods, and live without abominations like you breathing down my neck." Rob didn't give a shit if Elnaril thought that was too vague; he wasn't about to confirm who the Blight should target to hurt him.
"An adequate response." It turned towards Keira. "I pose the same question to you."
She offered it a shit-eating grin. "I'll hang out with my favorite people, visit my favorite places, eat my favorite foods, and live without abominations like you breathing down my neck."
Elnaril raised an eyebrow. "Hmm. Well, that's sufficient. Your verbal replies didn't particularly matter – only that by asking, I made you think of what the true answers were."
Its gaze shifted from Keira, to Rob, then back again. "My third question is for the both of you. Now that you've envisioned your hopes and dreams, crystallized the future you wish to achieve...what will you do when the Heartkiller's Leveling High inevitably overflows? Kill him, or allow him to kill others?"
For a few seconds, they said nothing.
"That won't happen," Keira hissed. Rob continued his silence.
Elnaril let out a long, booming laugh, like malice encapsulated into an earthly sound. "Phenomenal responses." He licked the blood from his fingers, Featro's stolen body quivering with delight. "It will be a mournful day when I have to devour your souls. Keeping you alive to watch this misery bloom would be so much sweeter."
The thing froze – and then, suddenly, it wasn't the thing anymore. Posture, breathing, mannerisms, all changed in an instant. Even before it spoke, Rob could tell that Elnaril had left the building.
"I'm sorry, I..." Featro brought a shaky hand to his forehead, jerking back when he felt blood and saliva on his fingers. "What happened? Why is..."
His eyes widened. "You must kill me. Now. Please. I'm slipping. Soon I'll be another thoughtless puppet. And I'll enjoy it."
Kill you? Rob felt manic giggles bubbling in his chest. You want me to kill you? After what Elnaril just said about Leveling High? The fuck am I supposed to-
Keira swung her greatsword, demolishing Featro's torso in one swift motion.
Rob stared in shock at the corpse's relieved expression. He blinked, blinked again, then looked at Keira. The Savage Warrior merely sighed, wiping blood off her sword. "It needed to be done," she said, "and the act would have hurt you far more than it hurts me."
Maybe he should've been ashamed or guilty at hearing that, but right then, all Rob could feel was relief. "Thank you."
"You're welcome." Her lips twitched upward, as if a smile was trying and failing to form. "We must each do what others can't. I believe that's the best way to show support to the ones you love."
Message Received From Party Member: Diplomacy Diplomacy: Is it over? We don't hear voices anymore. Diplomacy: Everyone is waiting outside. Rob: Define 'everyone.' Diplomacy: Riardin's Rangers, the Elders, the Leaders, and dozens of random passerby who spotted all the important members of the coalition huddled around one tent in the dead of night. Diplomacy: People are hungry for explanations. Myself included.
Yeah. Rob rubbed his eyes, then walked forward, stepping over the mangled Blight-Harpy cooling on the ground. I'm definitely not getting any sleep tonight.


Author's Note:
On that note, gonna take a short break to rest and catch up on sleep. Next chapter will be posted a week from now.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.27 05:29 pizzalover_1256 I’m Exhausted

I’ll preface this by saying, I was hired as a personal secretary 9 months ago at a family run buisness. I work with my dad. I was given no training, It was also supposed to be part time.
Now that you have alittle backstory, let’s begin.
Pretty much 3 days after I started working there and going home at lunch. The guy I was hired to be a secretary for we will call him Peter, asked if I could stay at “company” over lunch .
Which turned into full days. During lunch everyone is scheduled to take it at the same time ( I know stupid) They don’t lock the doors even though half the staff leaves for lunch. The other half pretty much hang out in the lunch room , leaving me to try and eat my lunch as fast as possible in between answering phones and helping customers that walk in. The kicker is I don’t know what half the stuff the customers want is . It’s not my job to know. So I’m stuck trying to get one of the yard guys attention to help the customer while I answer the non stop ringing phone.
At the start they were better about someone coming up to help me but last week really was the last straw.
(My dad always goes home for his lunch hour anyways )
My dad broke his rib last week, and has been home since, leaving me to take on some of his responsibilities, like I’m the one in charge of the till and making sure it balances out at the end of the day. I also have to answer his deals and take back any of his customers returns . On top of that they always want to send me out to get coffee.
Since my dad isn’t there for me to tell him about the crap they pull at lunch they’ve been worse, I’ve had nobody helping me on the front desk for the whole lunch hour, I’m answering as many calls as I can take and trying to help customers. I literally had to yell into the lunch room behind me to try and get help and nobody came out , I also have customers looking around me and trying to get into the lunch room to talk to a certain manager they all prefer .
I was so stressed out I was telling my friend in the other office building about it, she literally came and got me at lunch so I could go eat in her office forcing those idiots to do their own work ,
I reached a tipping point and I was searching for a new job while in her office .
Am I being a baby about the situation or are they actually in the wrong?
I don’t think I am , there was no job duty’s laid out in writing and no contract signed for work, I was just told I was to be a personal secretary which deals with peters emails, the new stock that comes in , and prepping the buyer lists so Peter knows what to prepare.
Instead I’m answering phones, taking and making deals, doing the stock, running the till, I act as I.T support, I do shipping, they got broke into so I dealt with the insurance company and creamer their 400 tools list of what was taken , with proof of purchase for each , also the city is trying to move them off the land even though they’ve been there 52 years. Guess who got to prove when we were established and has dealt with the lawyer since day 1 you guessed it ,me. To top it all of I’m doing all that for $19 and hour , $2.50 less than a yard guy gets to start.
Im fed up and I’m wondering should I move jobs or am I over reacting?
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2023.03.27 05:28 No-Yam-2894 MIL issues with new baby… is this common to feel this way?

So our baby will be 2 months old this week… she came 2.5 weeks early, and it’s been manageable so far, but I wouldn’t say we have been thriving. Breastfeeding has been a struggle, she has been colicky the last week, I suffer from anxiety/depression which is managed fairly well, but it does flair up sometimes…. So my mom has been with me nearly every day since SO has gone back to work, and I am so thankful to have her. MIL is not retired, unlike my mom, and has two previous grandkids from her daughter. I think she must have had an experience there being needed more because it was her daughter … so don’t get me wrong. I do love my MIL. And some may look and think my biggest problem is that she loves our new daughter and just wants to be around her… I know, sounds terrible… but IT IS and I am wondering if this is common to feel like this??? She holds out her hands when she arrives like I am expected to just hand baby over and has been offering since she was just a couple weeks old to take her to “give us a break” (we have not asked for this) and she doesn’t want to give her back when she cries, she mispronounces her name, when I said I wasn’t ready for separation yet she said “oh insert my name we know what we are doing with a baby! We aren’t going to kill her”, when she was meeting my SO aunt and grandparents at MIL house, she held the baby for over half the visit before then taking it upon herself to offer her to other people to hold… is that not my job??? And she has already met and spent plenty of time with baby, great grandma didn’t even get a chance to hold her! So am i the asshole here, to feel this way, like so effing annoyed at everything she does, or do lots of new moms feel frustrated with MILs? like I want her to be included, and around but I need her to back off. Just because you are here doesn’t mean baby is yours for the entire visit. It’s my god damn daughter and if I wanted to hold her for your whole visit, I shouldn’t feel like I am denying you what you feel is your right. She doesn’t tell me how to parent I know I am lucky in that sense. She isn’t super outspoken, but it’s the way she goes “oh… ok” and it’s like… I can read between the lines. You don’t like it. But you are trying to deal but I can see you exploding at the seams and i am so annoyed by it all the mean person in me wants to deny you seeing baby…. I wouldn’t, and SO doesn’t fully understand my feelings cause it’s his mom obviously and I get that…. But how do I get over this???? And how do I deal with it?? And am I alone in feeling this way??
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2023.03.27 05:27 livanon Not over my situation-ship (a year on).

It’s been nearly an year since me and my x (situation-ship stopped seeing each other ) We lived together for a brief while,6 months but he began to move on.It had only ever stayed a situation-ship because neither of us would be loyal however there was love there.
I finally moved out when he went to Ibiza and Mykonos ,since learning he managed to sleep with three girls on that holiday.
My dating life since has been un eventful as I know I’m not ready to date anyone as I’m still in love with him.
I still lay up at night a year on and my heart physically hurts I no longer see him. I’ve spoken to him since and his been filling me in on all the ‘peng tings ‘ his been with since.
He said they’d never be a chance for us again as he wouldn’t want to sleep with me after I’d slept with others (one sided as I could get past him being with others for the sake of us ).
I look at the girls his following and liking his photos and I don’t compare ,they are beautiful.
I just can’t get over the feeling of literal heart ache and that sinking feeling even a year on ,I really love the boy.
I want to focus on myself this year ,hit the gym and save up for my nose job and just be celibate then drop him a line maybe in a year and see.
I just don’t know how to deal with the sleepless nights ,heart ache and missing him to bits.
No one else compares ,but I didn’t realise at the time.I want my man back but his no longer my man and said he never will be .
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2023.03.27 05:26 livanon Not over my situation-ship (a year on)

It’s been nearly an year since me and my x (situation-ship stopped seeing each other ) We lived together for a brief while,6 months but he began to move on.It had only ever stayed a situation-ship because neither of us would be loyal however there was love there.
I finally moved out when he went to Ibiza and Mykonos ,since learning he managed to sleep with three girls on that holiday.
My dating life since has been un eventful as I know I’m not ready to date anyone as I’m still in love with him.
I still lay up at night a year on and my heart physically hurts I no longer see him. I’ve spoken to him since and his been filling me in on all the ‘peng tings ‘ his been with since.
He said they’d never be a chance for us again as he wouldn’t want to sleep with me after I’d slept with others (one sided as I could get past him being with others for the sake of us ).
I look at the girls his following and liking his photos and I don’t compare ,they are beautiful.
I just can’t get over the feeling of literal heart ache and that sinking feeling even a year on ,I really love the boy.
I want to focus on myself this year ,hit the gym and save up for my nose job and just be celibate then drop him a line maybe in a year and see.
I just don’t know how to deal with the sleepless nights ,heart ache and missing him to bits.
No one else compares ,but I didn’t realise at the time.I want my man back but his no longer my man and said he never will be .
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2023.03.27 05:24 ask4helpreddit Please help me. I cant stand my job but i am out of option

I've been skipping work and I'm a mess. I work a shitty low paying job at a factory and I hate it.
I get depressed and sick when doing it. One day I puked on the job site and got kicked out. I genuinely hate it so much. I nearly developed an addiction to cope with the depression I had from this job. My mental health is at an all time low too
Cant keep doing this. I see people push through and thoughen it out but I just cant. I cant force myself anymore. No matter how many people call me lazy or spoiled or weak. I dont wanna do this job anymore.
I dont know what to do anymore. I dont have many alternatives since I have no skills or higher education.
I dont know what to do. I seriously thought about giving myself brain damage just so I could start tolerating this monotonous dumb soul sucking job. I dont understand how anyone can do it. I feel so much sadness and anger knowing anyone has to go through this. I can literally feel my braincells and will to live dying as I work. I no loner feel happiness, joy or hope for my life. My mental capacities have been getting work since I got this job. I feel dead already. PLEASE FUCKING HELP.
I tried applying for other low skill jobs but they either would not hire me or if they did they sucked just as badly
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2023.03.27 05:19 staff_count_403 34M4F [Chat] I need a friend

I’m in a stage of life where I’m just not meeting a lot of new people (married, kids, busy job). I’m a pretty private person and I’m having trouble finding new friends, particularly ones I would feel comfortable opening up to. I have a tendency to close off and bury a lot of things and I’m definitely feeling like I need to seek for a bit more external support with how things are going for me right now. I also am a good listener and am usually the rock for those around me, so hopefully I can be that for you as well. I prefer chats over DM’s.
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2023.03.27 05:17 MulberryGullible3984 Knowledge is Power

Hi, I'm Allison. I am currently 3rd shift supervisor at the waffle house in a small town in Mississippi. I am also currently on medical leave due to the fact that I had to have an emergency partial colectomy last week. It's driving my crazy, I went from my fast paced Waffle House job to barely being able to get off of the couch on my own. I am hoping to return to light duty work in a few weeks. I love my job and so far Waffle House has been the absolute best company I have worked for to date and I've been in supervising positions at several other big name restaurants over my career. I want to go so much further in this company and I do believe that I have the background, skill set, and ambition to do so. My unit manager is soon to start showing me the ins and outs of what an assistant manager at WH does in their day and I am excited. That is the purpose of this post. I'm asking for the help, knowledge, and advice of any other unit assistant managers and unit managers that ass a part of this community. I want to use the next few weeks of my downtime to absorb any knowledge that I am able to do that I can hit the ground running upon my return. I've already hit the internet with at least 4 different search engines and cannot find any assistant manage manager training materials that I could download or purchase. So if any of you out there maybe have a copy of one laying around, please respond to this post or email me at [email protected]. I am wanting the reading materials on all positions from server to grill op to management. I haven't spent much time pulling shifts as a server but knowledge is power and I want it. I have the shift supervisor materials and the production/grill op materials. I look forward to hearing from anyone that will oblige me, we can even text and chat and you can share your knowledge with me. Thank you so much for any help that anyone is able to offer, it's greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.27 05:09 jay1982k Stop talking about old money like u know.

Stop talking about old money like u know what it is. People arent self flagellating themselves because theyre rich and want to hide it. Objectively, old money is into the same crap neuvo riche are. They just behave differently about it.
Having traveled enough around the world ive seen enough american and mainly european old money live how they wish. Everything from fancy cars to showy clothes.
The reality is that old money doesnt care. Thats it. And because they dont care they will drive a bmw. They will fly private jet. Or theyll wear costco chinos. Doesnt matter.
The biggest difference is that not old money is busy posting here like you and i trying to guess their intentions or write about it.
If youre gonna write about it like you know (heres looking at me) or ur gonna act like its something specific (driving beaters) the only truth is that youre not old money.
Also. Old money doesnt mean theyre nice. These are the same folks who probably had a hand in americas non intervention policies. The same groups that colonized other countries. The same descendants who made every effort to hide their wealth in tax shelters
This article is literally about old money and they interview them. Guess what. They have jobs, get degrees and dress shitty.
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2023.03.27 05:04 Puppy_love08HD Not sure which subreddit to post in since I cover so much, so I guess it's a vent.

TW: alcohol, anxiety/depression, mental health struggles
Honestly, I have a shitty support system at the moment, and have nowhere else to go to vent. Here's my story;
Backstory: Around this time last year, my ex step mom passed(2022). I clung to alcohol for a few months because it was the only thing at the time that numbed the pain. I got a better support system, some friends came and went, and eventually stopped drinking.
Thing one: The Breakup Fast forward to January, I (15 NB) met a really cool guy (14 M) who is a year younger than I, and we hit it off at a school club meeting. We started dating late January (2023) and I fell for him extremely hard. And I dont mean middle school yeah I really like this guy hes cool, I mean I poured every ounce of my well being into this guy. Which yes sounds very dumb, and I expect to get shit like "oh calm down you're just in high school there'll be plenty more" which I completely get and understand, but it still hurts. He broke up with me on the day of our 2 month anniversary (yes I know, dumb, but it was cheesy, and we both enjoyed cheesy anniversaries) and it wasnt even a break up, he dumped me. I dont remember specifics but it went something like this: ▪ I have a class before normal school starts, which I had just finished. ▪ I usually wait for him in the mornings of where it ends, and he showed up ▪ I was sending a text to my dad that I needed a ride home after school because of sports ▪ midway of me typing, he looked at me and said "hey I think we need to break up" ▪ I look up in shock, start crying, and ask if hes joking ▪ he says no, I just sit there and stare at him in shock and disbelief ▪ mf walks away because I didnt say anything, I text him to come back, he says no ▪ I then go to where his first period is, because I couldn't find him anywhere else ▪ he explains why he wants to break up, I said I understood ▪ friend of both of ours walks by, I ask if he was told the news, to which he said yes ▪ at that point I'm just bawling my eyes out, because I thought the relationship was doing fine ▪ I go to all of my classes like normal, just crying my eyes out in every class silently until Friday, which was about two days
Thing two: the relapse Friday night nobody was home, so I decided I was tired of being sad and turned back to alcohol. I had nearly a year sober, just to throw it away because of some guy. Sure it wasnt just because of him, I mean I'm tired of dealing with everyone else's bullshit and the breakup was just the cherry on top
Thing three: The over a month long pain So about Febuary 18th, I started getting some abdominal pain that would come and go in varying intensities. (Still there btw, with it being nearly april) I've been on multiple medications and none of them helped, I wont go into detail on the medical side as to not gross anyone out, but it has been hell. I've been to the ER about three times now and they still dont know what's going on. The doctors suggested an MRI, which I will be getting hopefully some time this week.
Thing four: The mental health aspect Since I got dumped, I'm realizing that I dont actually have any friends, nor a good support system because I talked to my boyfriend (at the time) about literally everything. I trusted him a lot, and loved him to death. Not only am i dealing with my shit, I have about 3 people that need my help almost 24/7 because of their problems, and its killing me, I never get to vent to any of them, so here I am venting to strangers on the internet.
Thing five: School School wise I'm doing decent, grades arent too shit but im trying to be better because I get grounded if I have anything below a B-. My days are pretty hard since my routine is thrown off. I used to go everywhere and do everything with him, but I'm alone again.
Thing six: The vent that doesnt make much sense I'm just so tired at this point. I'm doing a super shit job at taking care of my body, and stress isnt helping whatsoever either. I tell myself that I'm okay and that I'll be fine but I know deep down that itll take a while. I push myself so much to the point that I cant catch a break. And hell it doesnt help that I've never been recognized for my 12 hour days, like I'm supposed to be a kid and playing video games n stuff right after school, but I go above and beyond and still dont get seen. I wake up at 5 AM for fucks sake and dont get home till about 6, then I have homework, chores, food (which I occasionally skip, because yk, shitty job at taking care of myself) and then I try to go to sleep around 8 or 9, but I'm cramming all of this homework in at the end of the day that makes it so I get to sleep at like 10. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not too healthy.
TL;DR Got dumped, been in pain for over a month, relapsed, and have a shitty support system
If you did read the whole thing, thank you
Edit: grammar
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2023.03.27 05:04 Difficult-Resort7201 Should I even bother?

Graduated with an accounting degree in 2011. Didn't think it was for me, and I had an opportunity to go back to school to pursue physical therapy. Needed to make money so I quit that path and got my first full time job falling back on my degree. Worked a year as a "staff accountant" for a local landscaping company. Probably wasn't the greatest learning environment and I didn't exactly have my head on straight at the time... Struggled through bank rec's for a few months until I was re-assigned to other duties by the controller because I botched them so bad.
Over the years I held various unrelated positions ranging from a medical billing/data entry to physical labor.
Got lucky in 2018 and acquired my best paid job as logistics supervisor in the automotive manufacturing industry. Lost the job due to my consultant status when the company did cuts for Covid.
Got even luckier making a 5500% return on my entire net worth in my first few weeks trading stocks and derivatives. Naturally, I made a full time-run at this. Paid my bills for 2 years doing well, until I did something really stupid and over-leveraged a very high risk trade. Lost most of my account and got a job in a restaurant waiting tables. Just quit that and now I'm back to the drawing board.
I have enough money and experience to make a run at trading full-time again, but I know I'd have a easier time overall working and trading longer term trends and/or actually investing.
I keep reading that there's a giant accounting shortage, but will someone like me (zero public accounting experience, multi-year employment gaps) even have a shot at getting in the door with a public accounting firm?
I'm a pretty cool guy with loads of interesting stories and have never been in legal trouble, but I've struggled lately even getting interviewed for anything remotely professional.
I'm on the east coast and open to relocating. I actually like accounting and have put what I've learned in college to great use in my trading career, so it's not like I regret pursuing the degree, but part of me feels like it's now or never for an accounting career.
I'm not afraid to work tons of hours (always was the go-to OT guy at my supervisor job) and the hybrid-remote model offered a lot these days seems like it'd be right up my alley.
I somewhat stink at networking and have fallen out of touch with most of my old college friends.
What say you Accounting? Do I even have a shot at securing an entry public accounting position to further my knowledge and develop a skill-set?
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2023.03.27 05:02 onemorestripe Getting fired was not a big deal.

Not sure if this fits within the parameters but I want to share my experience getting fired for the first time.
The CEO (he's the son of the founder) stripped the accounting department down to just me and a remote worker in India. He didn't speak English very well so we communicated in math. I became the default head of accounting and negotiated an 16% raise. I was proud of myself since I took zero accounting classes in college and exactly one math class. This is to say that I got to my position through pure immigrant work ethic.
However, we experienced a labor shortage which meant I had to take on more customer service duties to help out. It was my first mistake. Two of the reps we hired quit and I kept helping out. Eventually my work started to drop in quality as I was cutting corners to meet deadlines which included having enough funds in our bank account to cover salaries every pay week.
One of the corners I cut was the verification of bank account information. It was an internal request from the customer service manager to change the direct deposit account for a sales rep. The email requesting the change included his phone number in the signature. It was my second mistake. The phone number for verification has to be one we established before the change request. This was maybe explained to me once in passing by the CEO.
You can probably guess what the scam is by now. Someone hacked his email account and emailed the manager who then forwarded me the email. Because it was an internal request from a coworker that sat across the office from me, I made the decision to cut this corner so I could get back to the hundred other things I had to do.
When our sales rep called to ask why we hadn't paid him, my boss checked the call logs for the day and saw I had never called the number on file. He called me to the conference and fired me in front of two managers. Operations and the aforementioned customer service manager. Not sure why they were there.
I was pretty depressed and spend the next two weeks smoking weed, training Jiu-jitsu and running errands for my partner. My unemployment got denied because it was considered negligence on my part. The jobs that were calling me back never came close to what I was making. After two weeks, I bit the bullet and started a job at a Chinese pharmaceutical company. It was strictly receivables and whereas my coworkers had a full 8 hours of work, I could finish all my work in 3 hours or so. My paychecks were pathetic though and I was thinking about canceling my trip to Spain to see my dad. As a bonus, I had to deal with pharmaceutical reps who would sell a truckload of creatine to a high school wrestler. I could smell commission on their breaths when they talked.
Then I got a job offer that matched my previous salary, as a temp, at a environmental waste management company. I gave notice, trained my replacement and started my new job. So far, I love the new gig. Making sure factory workers breath clean air and removing asbestos from old buildings is much different than selling overpriced door knobs and vitamins. The office is full of people that love what they do. The COO gave me tickets to see the Impractical Jokers at the Prudential. My supervisor is already about a permanent position.
To those wondering how I explained getting fired, well, I lied to the pharmaceutical company and my new job only asked why I was leaving the pharmaceutical company. If you've been fired, I strongly recommend lying.
All in all, I'm already making the same amount I was making at my old job. Except now I enjoy going to work and I do not have to deal with a single sales rep or even customer. I come in, prepare my spreadsheets for the billing cycle, reconcile our accounts, hand the project managers the invoices and I leave by 5. And I leave with enough energy to cook dinner for my partner and maybe hit the mats.
So I guess if you made it through this whole story, my point is this: getting fired wasn't the end of the world for me. And it doesn't have to be for you. The owners of the means of production have lost so much leverage that even a first generation American with an useless degree has a chance. All because my nepo baby boss decided to teach me accounting basics and practice on live accounts for years because he didn't want to train a new person on our operating system. Then he fired me. He fired me right into the dream job I didn't even know I wanted.
Also, I improved my leg locks and escapes in jiu-jitsu. My coach gave me a second stripe on my white belt because of these improvements. This last bit is not relevant to the story. But, goddamn is jiu-jitsu hard. I guess if it were easy, it'd be yoga.
TL; DR: I got fired from my job and I ended up in a better job with work/life balance, a pay raise in the horizon and a clearly defined role in a company that actually does some good in this world.
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2023.03.27 05:02 TerraBeatVoxl I cant even touch yomi hustle modding again, thanks discord community.

TLDR if you dont wanna watch the video.
Discord modding community has made me a depressed, anxious, nearly caused me to discontinue my existence, and has ruined an amazing game for me.
Order of events: 1: I make "Woman" and try programming her moves with the express purpose of understanding how to make characters and all the mechanics
2: UNDOCUMENTED/UNREPORTED community moments making me cry in #coding 2.5: I point out the purpose of @helpers role and the point of being able to ping it, staff comes in and helps by revamping the role and it's purpose #HELPFULSTAFFMOMENT
3: I make my WIP stuff and show her off, this results in community acting like they've never seen "big teets and ess" in their life and being annoying, but generally get some good reception too
4: Someone is a jerk, I finally get staff's attention, they help me out with it, but one bans my character and punishes me mid-convo with another staff... despite them knowing said staff was talking to me about my character. #HELPFULSTAFFMOMENT? 4.5: staff edits rules to be "clearer about NSFW stuff", still unclear for my specific situation. This is the point were good portion of higher staff becomes useless/uncaring, and has some clear biases
5: Nui is a jerk, I get the attention of the staff who said they'd help me, same one who banned my character, they agree with Nui. I eventually leave the situation but go to staff DMs for a moment
6: I go to Ted, a convo spanning out weeks were I'd get the silent treatment happens
7: I start anew, but the issues of the community and staff's hypocrisy of "listen to only us" and "listen to others" still shows it's ugly head on top of the stress of keeping up with the constant updates of the main game.
8: I talk about my character being banned in discussion areas, eventually snap and realize I'll never get help from staff and post the replied message in #help-applications, think that it's ok since not posting issues with staff is a suggestion/request and not a rule at the time, and express that I've been going nowhere with them and was forced to talk like this.
9: Flieg deletes my post, stops all convo in general chat areas about my issue, and forces me into DMs and the WORST CONVO
10: 12/13 staff vote to ban me, the one staff member who's from the official server and doesn't begins to "mediate" the discussion. Say my demands.
11: Flieg would later be forced to apologize, (don't know about the announcement post I requested), I'm told I can post about my issues with staff in #self-promo, but I'm not happy with how it's basically the furthest corner of the server....among other things. 11.5: fail to make a youtube video about it instead of a simple normal post, make video private in regret for multiple reasons
12: Days after the inital discussion, I realize some things are not fair and start to get suspicious of the remaining staff. this results in them not wanting to work with me and revealing the 12/13 vote.
13: HARDEST depression of all, blaming myself for EVERYTHING and believing that everyone wants me gone, even the few staff I thought I was on good terms with
14: I have one final convo (don't know how/why it started, but this wasn't what they were originally coming to tell me) where a staff member tells me I can post my "Woman" character again, so long as I change one sprite.
15: I'm too beaten and battered from everything and can't work on or even play YOMI Hustle without reliving crap, give up working on Akuma and modding.
16:try to post on #self-promo about my experiences weeks later, hoping to open eyes about how the community/staff treat some people and make people show empathy/sympathy... maybe get some encouragement.
17: people cared about a dumb comparison i made than what i actually posted, dogpiled on me, and actively get people telling me im the issue for "making drama".. basically telling me i should forever suffer in silence and you cant get sympathy on the internet.
Heres all the details.. but it wont be fun to read through.
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2023.03.27 04:59 technic666 Loneliness and weight gain

I sunk extremely low during the entirety of the pandemic. For the first time in my life i've gained rapid weight. I've managed to stay around 170-180 pounds for a long time but for the past 2 years i've gradually gained 25-30 pounds of mainly belly fat. I have stretch marks on my hips now and it makes me so sad and even more depressed. It's worsened my social anxiety x10
I used to have a ex girlfriend who i'd do everything with but she is gone and I have nobody to do fun things with. I have no friends where I stay and if i'm ever doing something i'm alone. I feel like a ghost among everyone else. I think about all the times me and my ex would roam around town doing everything together but nowadays it's just me by myself 24/7. I'm 21(m) turning 22 next January and I still live with my father, it's an extremely depressing atmosphere living with him.
I don't know what to do, how to make friends, how to move out. I haven't had sex in nearly 3 years and although I like to think I don't mind not having sex I know deep down I miss it. I recently quit my past job and i'm not in school yet, i'm waiting for summer classes to start and thats the only positive going for me. Ever since high school graduation i've been lost with no since of direction or any motivation. My discipline is piss poor and I feel like a total loner failure.
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2023.03.27 04:55 Hellion998 Mongul's a cool villain so watch me rant about him for a bit.

You ever had a character that you randomly fixated on for some reason that changes over time? That's how I feel with Mongul from DC Comics. For various reasons, this large, yellow, red-eyed tyrant is such an appealing villain to me that should be in more DC shows even the live-action ones. The main reason I like Mongul so much is because... *he's an unapologetic POS,* he's callous, destructive, brutish, sexist, manipulative, and basically every bad adjective you describe something with, sure he's probably not THE EVILEST DC villain... but if the likes of Superman puts him on his "Kill-On-Sight List", it really proves his despicable nature.
I would LOVE to over his actions in the comics, but unfortunately I don't read that sh*t, so I gotta go off the TV shows, starting with his debut in the WarWorld 2-parter. In this, he rules over a planet where the only real source of joy for the people is the blood-sports that take place there since basic provisions have been mostly nonexistent for awhile now. He leads an alien slave-trade and manages to capture Superman to participate in his event against his reigning champion and Superman can only put up with him for so long before he stats beating his champion in the arena, but not killing him, much to the annoyance of Mongul. Afterwards, Mongul speaks to Superman in private and tells him he's gonna lose to him or else he uses his massive, f*ck-off laser cannon designed to make convincing way easier and instead of threating Earth, he threatens the planet of Superman's opponent who just tried to kill him in the ring.
This is another thing I like about Mongul, he's really good at taking advantage of other individuals for his own gain, knowing that Superman is so pure good that he shall willingly sacrifice his own life to save a person he doesn't even know that well. Anyways, Mongul obviously loses but will make his return in Justice League Unlimited. "For the man who has everything", is the episode where Mongul makes his return in his most conniving and threating way yet. During Superman's birthday, Mongul shows up on Earth and gives him a little "present" in the form of "Black Mercy", a telepathic plant-based organism that traps the victim in near-catatonic like state of mind and creating a simulation of their heart's desires and we get Superman on Krypton with a family, a wife and son and his world bustling with life.
Meanwhile... MONGUL IS BEATING THE BRAKES OFF OF WONDER WOMAN. I do mean "BEATING THE BRAKES OFF OF WONDER WOMAN" which is quite a large feat in my opinion especially with just brute strength alone and meanwhile, Batman is trying to get Superman to snap out of it but nothing's working, only Superman can break free from the Black Mercy.
Superman eventually realizes that his perfect reality is just an illusion and he needs to go, even telling his son that "I don't think you're real..." and eventually he comes back and he comes back *incensed*. He starts beating up Mongul but the alien is still able to hold up against him all while giving the best line of dialogue in this whole episode:
"Happy birthday Kryptonian. I give you oblivion."
Having Superman get pushed this far is a very awesome and chilling moment and I like this alot because its interesting to encounter a villain that can push this far and one NOT named Darkseid. Even after Superman almost killed him, Mongul gets the upper-hand and attempts to crush him to death but Wonder Woman utilizes the Black Mercy against him in a dramatic twist of irony and at the end of the episode, even though we don't directly see his thoughts... you can hear the faint sounds of raging fires, explosions, and *people screaming*, showing that we are truly looking upon a monstruous individual.
Despite his brief appearances, Mongul really added tension and overall darkness to the episodes he was in, an intergalactic slave trader that forces others to fight to the death for sport, can easily take advantage of a situation, and can overpower most foes with just brute strength alone but also switch to a more tactical mindset at will. He's not just a one-shot brute, he's genuinely a threat and his callous personality to life really adds a dark tone to the villain overall and unlike Darkseid, a literal god, he can do bad all by himself with no need for advanced technology or divinity and only to do whatever he so desires.
Mongul is a cool villain and I wish to see more him in the future.
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2023.03.27 04:54 Kusko25 I just finished Forbidden West for the first time and I skipped the credits

Horizon Forbidden West was the only game on the PlayStation that I wanted to play. However, I couldn't justify buying an entire console just to play it. As a result, despite being a fan, I just played the game for the first time when it became available as a cloud game in PS-Plus.
After playing really good games, I usually sit and let the credits roll, enjoying the music and reflecting on the game as a way of respecting the work of the people who went into making it. But sadly, unlike Zero Dawn, I didn't feel the need to do that this time.
I'm afraid this post will turn into a rant, and despite gaining some catharsis from reading such rants here on Reddit (specifically after combat), this isn't really what I want to do. Instead, I'd like to lament, praise the game where it inspired me, and share why it let me down when it didn't follow through.
Praise I can give without reservation goes to the world design. The entire map is beautiful, with all its varied biomes, and most importantly, the different tribes that inhabit it. Guerilla excelled at giving all of them unique identities through architecture, fashion, tribal markings, and history. It is all beautifully worked out, and whoever was responsible for that can be truly proud.
This leads well into the characters that live in this world and their relation with Aloy. I truly find almost all of them (I don't really care for Zo) intriguing and inspired and would have loved to see how they clash and interact with Aloy, who is, if we're being honest, often arrogant and rude. Yet all of them fell short in development. Most grievously, I believe the AIs were hard done by. Games often, when addressing truly sentient AIs, play into the question of whether they should have the same rights as humans and be treated as equals, with the clear answer that, yes, obviously they should. Yet, at the same time, it seems they are content to reduce them to plot devices.
GAIA was named after a primordial divine creature. All the world was made from her, and it is an apt descriptor if we look at how complex such a mind must be. Distributed across the entire world, directing countless machines and terraforming equipment all at once, a mind that has tended an empty earth for hundreds of years before and watched the rise of tribes across the globe. But in the game, she is reduced to an exposition machine. She has no sense of humor, isn't adventurous or maternal, or even flirty, nor is she unknowable and mysterious. She delivers every conversation with the impassivity and monotone of a corporate secretary who doesn't care much for her job but is too integral to ever be let go.
Similarly, I was excited to meet the subfunctions, and two of them stood out as particularly interesting. The broken HADES had so much personality in the short conversation we had with it. As a monster brought low, HADES still believes in its purpose, but lacks the ability to act on it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, HEPHAESTUS was more robotic than any other subfunction, yet it still exhibited a distinct personality. HEPHAESTUS displayed neither hate nor malice, and it didn't want to destroy anything. It simply recognized that local human populations were a threat to the things that mattered to it, and thus they needed to be culled. This is similar to how humans would cull wolves living near settlements to feel safe. HEPHAESTUS was driven and never deviated from its purpose. It was a true psychopath, ruthless and cruel not out of evil, but simply because it saw no reason not to be. I didn't expect a deep dive into all the subfunctions, but it felt inadequate that each subfunction was only given a sentence to speak and no other interaction before being cut out, losing their intelligence, independence, and individuality, to become a light on the wall.
Introducing interesting concepts in characters and then never exploring them applies to almost all of the companions. Varl and Zo were deeply spiritual people who were both confronted with the reality that their religions were just stories that became myths, either invented to explain the world or distorted through time until they became dogma that they believed in.
Hekarro was crippled, and losing an arm comes with a loss of ability and a massive mental toll. We see a little of this with how much anger he carries when we first meet him, but this seems to fade without any need to confront it. For that matter, his abilities seem almost unaffected by the loss of an arm; he is still an outstanding fighter against machines and humans alike. Even climbing a sheer cliff face isn't a problem for him, and that's just not how humans work. Through him, we could have explored PTSD, feelings of helplessness, the need to accept that we can't define ourselves through only one thing all our lives, and instead have to see value in the self rather than just what you can do, but no. The deepest we go is that he has conflicting feelings about his replacement arm. (Sidenote: Did my game glitch, or did he just not use it ever outside the small quest where he shows it to you? Even when Regalla was advancing on the chief, he wasn't using it.)
Erend already had some character development in Zero Dawn, too bad that he appears to have forgotten that. He is a clumsy meathead, and everyone seems fine to bully him a little about it. He considers himself a useless failure, and every time he mentions it, everyone just awkwardly grins like this kid. Someone give him a hug.
Interestingly, Alva, as the companion that gets introduced the latest, has the most complete arc. She confronts the shortcomings of her culture, her worries about her family, duty vs. her own interests, and how the paragons of her myths were dickheads in real life. And she's having a great time with it, despite it all, the big nerd.
Finally, Beta... Beta is a living foible for Aloy's own preconceptions. As much as Aloy dislikes being praised, she has a certain attachment to being the only one who can save the world, the chosen one created to heal the very earth, and suddenly she is confronted with someone who has the same theoretical qualifications as her but doesn't ever confront her self image. At the same time, Aloy takes quite a bit of pride in that she managed everything alone and became so great through only her own merits, but that is, of course, only partially true. Rost cared for her and loved her, and despite their disagreements, he gave her a home to grow in. Beta, by comparison, was truly alone, and it left her broken and despairing. While the game eventually sort of addresses this, it is way too little and only stuffed in at the end. It feels like bad pacing to me and an insult to people who actually grew up in abusive conditions when they portray it like all is needed is one nice conversation for you to get over yourself. I understand there are limitations of what you can do in the context of a game, but I don't think that is a sufficient excuse. (Another sidenote, does the name Beta imply that there was another attempt to make a Sobeck clone, or is Sobeck herself the Alpha?)
Beyond that, Regalla is introduced as a main villain and then promptly ignored, to the point that I felt nothing about her when it came time to decide her fate. I actually thought it was a rather interesting plot device in Zero Dawn that Helis thought of himself as your great opposite and chosen of the sun when he really was just an obstacle in your way and a tool for HADES (and a tool, period). Applying the same to Regalla doesn't quite track though, given that she isn't just a fool, but actually in proper ideological opposition to Chief Hekarro. There was great potential there for exploring their common past, examining the drive for vengeance against the need for peace, but instead, she became a one-note antagonist, and we had less than 15 minutes of interaction with Hekarro.
Similarly, the Zeniths are introduced as maniacal egocentric bastards and only really used as an evil Deus Ex Machina. Aside from Tilda, I don't remember a single one of their names and couldn't even be bothered to look them up. They didn't work well as caricatures of greed and excess because they actually had a lot of power. It would have worked marvelously with the metaphors for CEOs and the hero worship of the Quen if we could have exploited their shortcomings. Perhaps we could have learned more about the individuals by investigating old Far Zenith facilities, or we could have managed to turn some of their tech against them by using old login credentials because they stopped caring about basic sensible security procedures and were still using legacy code. Alternatively, we could have had the boss fight against the blonde guy be a fake-out once the shield was down, where he still talks the same big game but goes down in a single hit because they hadn't been in real physical danger in a thousand years. We could have also made fun of their clothing and design choices, which all screamed more money than taste. Unfortunately, none of these things happened, and all we have is the Zeniths showing up, doing some things, and then going away.
This leads somewhat into Aloy and the team just being a bit dumb in this game. They make barely any efforts to learn about the Zeniths, even though they are helpless against them. Aloy finds their base by accident and never even sets up a camera. They allow Regalla enough free reign that she can just march on the Grove twice, essentially unopposed. And there are so many moments where Sylens should have become a bigger priority: when he lured Aloy into the West, when he delivered her to the Zeniths, when it became clear that he was responsible for the civil war and no doubt had more plans, when he first demonstrated a weapon that can kill a Zenith, and when they were exposing themselves to Zenith attack without that weapon. They never tried to get to him, instead running directly into a doomed scenario with Cauldron Gemini.
As expected, this has turned into a rant, so I'll quickly double down on that and list some of the most irritating points:
Why introduce so many new options without examining their impact on gameplay? More and more arrow types clog up the weapon wheel. Acid, adhesive, and purgewater are just versions of fire, ropecaster, and useless, respectively. So many open-world activities are locked behind equipment that you only get through main missions. Why not unlock them through well-developed side missions that can be completed anytime and that main missions may point to?
What is this massive focus on melee combat in a game that so heavily focuses on avoiding damage? The only occasions where I have found the complex weapon combos to be useful were in one-on-one battles with humanoids. Machines don't get staggered, so you can't pull off the entire combo without dodging, and multiple humans fire on you and their own people indiscriminately, so you can't focus on melee there either.
Why remove the long dodge? All enemy attacks have so much area that you need to abuse the i-frames to survive, and even then, I constantly get staggered even without being really hit (played on hard). Why nerf the jump slowdown? It wasn't game-breaking any more than concentration is now with the larger pool and refresh speed, but not having the zoom was helpful for short range.
Why does nocking another arrow cost stamina and have to be re-learned? Why hold onto the "buy better gear with money and machine parts" system but also introduce a crafting system where you use money and machine parts to improve your weapons? Either system works fine on its own, but it is annoying when I have to spend ages improving a weapon I bought for a lot of money, and at the same time, it's frustrating when I discard gear that I have invested effort into upgrading.
Why are you trying to be a platformer when it really doesn't work for you? Why are machines now able to spam their attacks without cooldown (Stormbird kept dive-bombing me, Thunderjaw was just shooting constantly)? Why did you replace so many canisters with purgewater (hooray, a status effect that doesn't debilitate their physical attacks at all and whose only benefit is that it accelerates better status effects)? Why did you replace canisters amongst variants? My brain is small and can't keep track of what is where when they still look the same.
Why is HEPHAESTUS capable of producing so many Hunter Killers, even though the whole point of Cauldron Sigma in the Frozen Wilds was that he could produce there without restrictions? Why are about 2/3 machines apex? Why build so many new spectacular machines that aren't properly balanced? Elemental Clawstriders spew more stuff than a Bellowback but don't have a single tank, large machines are so full of attacks that unless you exclusively use Tearblast, they will always die before you can cripple them. Projectiles are psychic and track you not only mid-flight but also target you while the machine doesn't know where you are. Agile creatures have their only weaknesses at the back, which you'll never see.
I could probably go on, and this was cathartic, but there is no need. In conclusion, I played Forbidden West in its entirety, and I'll likely do NewGame+ as well and maybe replay it some other time, but it's not a great game. It has too many big flaws and wasted potential for me to love it, and I hope for better, maybe even in DLC.
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2023.03.27 04:53 ginburglar Does anyone know why there are so many single Indian men age 20-35 posing as drivers on this sub? Also that are gay?

Forget all the sex between 2 or more men. Straight Indian men will throw a single hand on a hip, and they have zero wrist control. I'll talk about that later, but they do take everything literally.
You would think they are uber shills pretending to be single gay indian men age 20-35 that will never feel the warmth of a woman. The problem is they aren't educated enough to get a job of that nature.
Then I thought it was just kids, having fun on the internet. The problem is they all have the same basic story and use slang popular with sassy women from the early 2000s. Which again is not at all specific to homosexual Indian men. These guys take their shirts off to dance with other men, and invented gay yoga. It's a very fluid culture, but it narrows it down to singe Indian men age 20-35 that think vaginas taste like pee.
Ok, I did say I would get back to the gay part. Again keep in mind it doesn't matter if they are gay or normal like Nepal or East Timor. Here is I how I know. They take everything the original definition of literal, and of the 6 I fuck 5 jerked me off while there dick was in my ass. A straight man would never do that.
TLDR Why are so many single indian men age 20-35 that sweat near women posting on this sub?
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