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2023.03.27 07:00 AndreyDidovskiy Crypto Consensus Breakdown - Understanding 15 powerful forms of Distributed Agreements

Crypto Consensus Breakdown - Understanding 15 powerful forms of Distributed Agreements
Originally Published:
Tl,Dr - Consensus is a fancy word for agreement - Not every consensus mechanism serves the same function - Consensus is the key element that creates trust in a system.
The cryptocurrency industry is notorious for its ability to use exotic terminology to confuse the shit out of non-technical people. Hell, sometimes even the most technical of people can get lost in the sauce.
The absurd rate of innovation that takes place in crypto is a breeding ground for new ideas. These new ideas require new, yet familiar forms of being communicated. One of the most overused forms of communication is through the formulation of terminology as “PROOF-OF-xyz”.
Everybody is always trying to prove something & this is for good reason, after all, the very essence of blockchain is “Don’t Trust, Verify.”
However, at some point it all just becomes overwhelming.
Today we put an end to this!
Ok, not really, but we will dissect one of the most important technical aspects upon which the entire industry is built: Consensus Mechanisms
Preclude, this is a very dense topic that requires an understanding of many different technical elements; I will try to break them all down as we go through it & provide links/resources for those that want to dive in deeper.
Cryptocurrency operates through a cloud computing system called a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), such as a Blockchain or DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph).
This technology has been developed as a solution to a computational “paradigm” known as The Byzantine Generals Problem which explains the difficulty of establishing secure communication in decentralized environments. Basically, if 3 generals surround a city & want to capture it, they must attack all at once. Any less than all 3 & it will fail. How can these generals coordinate with each other if there is so much risk involved in sending a message? The messenger getting lost, being delayed, losing the message, forging a fake message, getting caught by the enemy or just lying about it. It is actually a pretty stimulating read for anybody interested; but for the sake of brevity, we must move on.
Blockchains/DLTs are (supposed to be) immutable, transparent, append-only digital ledgers that provide an operational guarantee of consistently only showing the truth. These properties have given blockchain technology the colloquial nickname as “the trust machine”.
While we intuitively know what trust is, defining it is no simple task.
Trust is the assurance that future outcomes are dependable. It is the ability to put faith into something/someone without the fear, uncertainty or doubt of that something/someone fucking you over. Trusting is the ability to make a decision, with a high degree of confidence, and not have to worry about the counterparty risk.
Consensus mechanisms are the vehicles for establishing the truth, avoiding non-truth, & in turn garnering user trust in cryptocurrencies.

What is a consensus mechanism?

As it relates to crypto, consensus mechanisms provide the dual functionality of security guarantees & reward regulation. They are systems/protocols that are used to agree on a single version of history for all the chain’s activity. A code of conduct for establishing a common agreement on the shared, single, true state. They dictate: - who verifies & confirms the transactions that are submitted into a blockchain block(s). - how that verification & confirmation happens - who & how is somebody rewarded for their efforts/contributions
This is where things get a little tricky: Consensus mechanisms do not have to only have to deal with the cold hard computational logic of blockchain security. They can be used to express the coming to an agreement of trust on virtually any arbitrary social, technical or mechanical element.
The nuances of the delicate architecture behind consensus mechanisms are extremely complex… but at the highest level they can be boiled down to four core composing design elements: - computational complexity the amount of resources & steps that are necessary in order to arrive at the desired outcome (the quickeshorter, the better) - fault-tolerance At core of any computational network’s consensus is the ability to maintain operations in the event that network participants drop out or stop working (which can happen sporadically) The higher the fault tolerance, the easier it is to game the system; the lower the tolerance the more resilient the system it. So if the fault tolerance of a system is 51% that means that the system can continue to operate as long as 49% is compromised. If the tolerance is 67%, that means the system can handle only 33% of compromised nodes. - resilience the ability to continue delivering proper results in the event of malicious activity (can happen for prolonged periods of time) - liveliness the guarantee that even after some unforeseen event happens, the network will continue to operate truthfully

Tradeoffs in Mechanisms:

There is no single universal mechanism to rule them all. Consensus mechanisms are radically different according to their application.
The blockchain trilemma poses that it is impossible to have the presence of all 3 properties: Security, Scalability, & Decentralization in a single system.

Source: Research Gate
There can only be some degree of a mixture between 2-of-3 elements. Based on which combination is present in a blockchain, each mechanism will differ according to: - performance - consistency, - scalability, - efficiency
While there are hundreds, if not thousands of different mechanisms out in the marketplace today; there are two general types of Consensus mechanisms based on their operational logic, proof-of-work & proof-of-stake. Every other variation will just be some modular adjustment or combination of these two.
Now that we have a general understanding of Consensus mechanisms; lets review some of them:
Disclaimer - Not every “Proof-Of-something” serves the same functions as the others. - Not every consensus mechanism needs to have “Proof-Of” in its name. (but these do) - Byzantine Fault Tolerance is an element of any/every mechanism.

POW — Proof Of Work

Decentralization: Very High Fault Tolerance: 51% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: Resource-intensive process of extreme mathematical complexity that demands dedicated hardware. POW consensus is reached via the contribution of computational resources to solving mathematical problems of monstrous complexity. Here, nodes are called miners and earn their rewards through the emission of new network tokens. Leaders for block proposals are chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis according to whoever is able to solve the mathematical problem. POW itself has a built in sub-rule of “chain weight” or “chain height” & truncation. Whenever POW is running, miners are building their own versions of the next block; however, only one block will be accepted. Meaning that the network will truncate/discard all non-accepted blocks & always recalibrate to the version of the chain that is longest/heaviest (in terms of the amount of work done on it). This is considered the most secure/decentralized model of consensus because of its ability to resist global government scrutiny.
POW Examples - Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Kaspa (KAS)

POS — Proof Of Stake

Decentralization: moderate-high Fault Tolerance: 67% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: The most popular model for consensus. The concept behind this one is straightforward, users lockup/collateralize their tokens in order to participate. In POS models there are fixed circulating supplies meaning that no new tokens are issued as block rewards, the rewards are earned through the accrual of transaction fees. Additionally, unlike POW, POS models employ stake-slashing for any misbehavior; in the event that malicious/subversive behavior is found, that violating node will have ~50% of its stake forfeited to the network for redistribution amongst the fair nodes. Commonly considered to be less secure & more centralized than POW in the sense that incentives of network nodes are similar to legacy financial systems; deeper-pocketed players have a better chance to own the network nodes. Another important element to not overlook in POS is that there in order to become a node there is a minimal requirement of stake. In the example of Ethereum, it is 32 ETH. The tradeoff with this design is that a high level of truthful activity is expected in order to not lose stake; while it does minimize potential accessibility & in turn decentralization count. Additionally, POS is known to suffer the “rich getting richer” problem, the consensus is rooted primarily in just the amount/value at stake; therefore those who have more, will earn more & not give others a fair chance. Aside from the prior, the truth of why this scores lower on decentralization than POW is resilience against governments. Governments can in theory hunt down these networks & force them to shut down operations; POS is easier to subvert on a mass scale. However, one major benefit of POS over POW is energy efficiency.
POS Examples — Ethereum (ETH), *Cardano (ADA), *Tezos (TEZ), CELO (CELO), Polkadot (DOT), *Avalanche (AVAX), ThorChain (RUNE), Ontology (ONT) \is a variant of POS*

dPOS — Delegated Proof Of Stake

Decentralization: Low Fault Tolerance: 67% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: The most popular adaptation of regular POS; delegated Proof of Stake is an attempt to democratize access to participation in the network’s operations & rewards. Only the largest can partake in the securing process while smaller-sized token holders “delegate” their tokens to the operating nodes; basically, they vote with their tokens, never giving them to the actual node. dPOS consensus models will typically have in the range of 21–101 nodes that are handling network operations. These network operators are selected based on the amount of tokens they have at stake. The largest benefit of the dPOS variant is that by constraining the amount of nodes; while this leads to centralization, it does also bring the added benefit of faster processing times.
dPOS Examples — Polygon (MATIC), Tron (TRX), EOS (EOS), Lisk (LSK), Ark (ARK), Radix (XRD),

LPOS — Leased Proof Of Stake

Decentralization: Low - Moderate Fault Tolerance: 67% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: This is an advanced variation of POS. Very similar to the delegated proof of stake model, Leased Proof-of-Stake provides the technical difference in; that in dPOS the network nodes accrue the rewards & then distribute to their delegators; but in LPOS users are actually lending their tokens to the nodes, thereby they own a portion of that nodes weight & accrue the rewards directly, rather than through the delegate. The tradeoff here is that to run the physical node, very high level of technical knowledge & equipment is needed. So far this implementation has only been utilized in one project.
LPOS Examples — Waves (WAVES)

HPOS — Hybrid Proof Of Stake (also called Proof of Activity)

Decentralization: Moderate Fault Tolerance: 51% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: As the name might have hinted out, HPOS is a creative architecture that leverages both base consensus models (POW + POS). In this model, there are two tiers of processes that take place. On the base level, miners (just as in POW) verify & package transactions into blocks. Then these pre-vetted blocks are submitted into the mempool of the second tier, where POS nodes run an extra round of checks on the blocks & validate them.
HPOS Examples — DASH (DASH), Decred (DCR)

PPOS — Pure Proof Of Stake

Decentralization: Very High* Fault Tolerance: 67% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: Another variation of POS. Novel in design when compared to other variations because it is arguably more decentralized (not). This variant does not have a punishment mechanism; so technically bad actors can act badly & not suffer. However, this design is extremely low in its barrier to entry, only 1 single token is required to join as a node. In theory, this is easy to game because a single actor can make a silent-Sybil attack by distributing 1,000 tokens over 1,000 different wallets.
PPOS Examples — Algorand (ALGO)

POI — Proof Of Importance

Decentralization: Low-Moderate Fault Tolerance: 67% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: Reputation-based model that is yet another implementation of POS. Difficult to become accepted as a valid node, easy to get kicked out. I must admit, this one is a little more creative in its approach. Proof of importance utilizes two factors outside of just the stake; these include: 1. the staking nodes’ network activity (rather than just staking passively, they must contribute to the velocity of the token on the network) 2. the quality of the nodes’ activity (spam transactions will not help)
POI Examples — NEM (XEM)

POA — Proof Of Authority

Decentralization: None - very low Fault Tolerance: 51% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: Centralization is the name of the game here. POA utilizes a valuable non-financial primitive to operate, identity. By using identity, all of the operating network participants risk their reputation in order to be part of the consensus circle. Anywhere there is identity there is centralization. However, by having small constrained amounts of known operators, networks that use POA have extremely high throughput potential. This is definitely not a mechanism that you want underpinning any public goods blockchains, but that hasn’t stopped projects from leveraging it.
POA Examples — VeChain (VET)

pBFT — Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Decentralization: Low Fault Tolerance: 67% Use case: Developing robustness of a mechanism Description: A key compositional component for building other consensus mechanisms. Typically found in permissioned networks, pBFT works by leveraging the replication of data throughout nodes. Not the most efficient of models due to inherent communication restraints, but very resilient (obviously tolerance is high in centralized systems, the players only have themselves & their friends to blame).
pBFT Examples — *Zilliqa (ZIL) {\uses a mixture of POW + pBFT}*

dBFT — Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Decentralization: Low Fault Tolerance: 51% Use case: Developing robustness of a mechanism Description: As is the case with its cousin above (pBFT) delegated Byzantine fault tolerance is a compositional element for the creation of more robust blockchain systems. On its own, the mechanism can be used to support distributed communications, however, they are limited by communication constraints that make dBFT systems centralized by default.
dBFT Examples — NEO (NEO)

POC — Proof Of Capacity/Commitment

Decentralization: Low Fault Tolerance: 51% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: Unique twist on the POW consensus mechanisms; rather than utilizing processing units to constantly solve problems; proof-of-Capacity leverages disk space/memory. POC plots potential solutions to future problems & stores them in the empty disk space of miners. Not to be confused with a total lack of mining, because mining still takes place; it just happens pre-emptively (which then might bring up potential security risks). Not very effective at large scale due to high sensitivity in the event of a node dropping out, which requires a re-plotting of the whole network & becomes less efficient as more mining nodes join (they require additional plotting which then creates huge backlogs on the computers allocating disk space).
POC Examples — Storj (STORJ), Chia (XCH), Signum (SIGNA)

POH — Proof Of History

Decentralization: N/A Fault Tolerance: N/A Use case: Timestamping & organization Description: This is not a standalone protocol to build a blockchain on. POH is used with, you guessed it, POS, as a technique used to timestamp transactions using a VRF (verifiable random function) hashing method that allows for blocks in a blockchain to be processed & submitted into a mempool. This allows for a network to continue operations at maximum capacity regardless of what might be happening with any individual node at a given time. If a node did not submit a block on time that is not going to hinder the production of the next block because the delayed block will be organized into its correct position as soon as possible.
POS Examples — Solana (SOL)

POET — Proof Of Elapsed Time

Decentralization: Nope Fault Tolerance: 51% Use case: Securing blockchain history Description: This is an extremely centralized model for building a network, primarily because it is Intellectual property (IP) that is protected by patents & nobody wants to go to war with Intel. Nevertheless, the design itself is brilliant. POET is yet another model that leverages POS logic with a mixture of the Nakamoto consensus principle of longest/heaviest chain, along with its own added concepts of an internal timer & “resting”. Miner nodes are selected at random & the same node cannot be selected back to back. Once a node commits a block a random timer is put on the node & it falls “asleep”. While it is asleep it does not use any computational resources; which makes this model greener in terms of electrical consumption than other POS variants.
POET Example — HyperLedger Sawtooth

POA — Proof Of Access

Decentralization: Low Fault Tolerance: 51% Use case: Securing Storage & data Description: An augmented version of POW, Proof-of-Access is an algorithm created by the Arweave project that uses a clever technique to verify incoming blocks. Instead of solely relying on the previous block, miners use something called a “recall block” along with a randomly picked previous block. Recall blocks can be though of as reliable points in the history of the chain that do not require the storage of all the chain data. This creates a lightweight model for proving data, resulting in more efficient storage capabilities, less computational resource waste & increased throughput. One potential downside of this model is that it prefers older nodes due to their history archives; newer nodes do not have access to the same archived data & will only be downloading the recall blocks. Which in theory creates a hierarchy by age.
POA Examples — Arweave (AR)

POREP — Proof Of Replication

Decentralization: N/A Fault Tolerance: 51% Use case: Securing Storage & data + Cloud Computing Description: This beauty of a model is actually an expansion of a predecessor model in data storage (Proof-of-Space) with a build-out integration of POW that prioritizes the ability of storage space on the network/in the operational node’s disk space. There are elements of the pBFT consensus mechanism in that data that is added into the network, is replicated throughout network miners. The ingenuity of POREP is defined by its ability to combat the decentralized cloud computing industry’s most devious attack vector known as a “generation attack”, whereby a mining node pays to upload a document & then infinitely requests that document, collecting fees for providing the storage of it.
POREP Examples — Filecoin (FIL)
That is only a small sample of how much incredible work is actually out there.
Consensus mechanisms are the crux of a distributed system’s trust. The mechanism dictates the rules/laws by which the system operates. Every choice in a system’s design must be made with extreme scrutiny, applying an improper mechanism to a system will cause cognitive dissonance between the users & network operators; in turn causing a loss of trust.
It is impossible to quantify which mechanism is better than the other; everything is contextual, everything is subjective.
With infinite opportunity ahead of us, I thank you for reading
May your journey be incredible & Your portfolio be plentiful 🥂
Originally Published:
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2023.03.27 07:00 Shekari_Club Twitter is suspending accounts of many Iranian activist. This is a cyber attack on an American platform orchestrated by IRGC. More detail in the post imges

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❖╋ ━━━━━━━━━━━━◢◤◥◣━━━━━━━━━━━━ ╋❖- You have been invited to The Cursed Realm 18+
Do you wish to proceed? ╭━━━╮ ╭━━━╮ Yes No ╰━━━╯ ╰━━━╯ ❖╋ ━━━━━━━━━━━━◢◤◥◣━━━━━━━━━━━━ ╋❖- Welcome to medieval fantasy let your darkest desire come true, This is a plot-basedd rp server with lots of things to choose to do or your oc, ERP is also allowed but please don't try to build up a plot for your oc.
𝐏𝐋𝐎𝐓 𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐄 • With impending doom, and suffering, you have a chance to manipulate the lore and everything else toward the winning side! Magic, spirits, and even weapons can be used to change the lore for good…. or evil. Anything is possible in this server, from underground kingdoms to the well-loved Sliver Night Tavern where you can drop by for a drink and meet a few people. Now the only question is what will you do in this cursed world?
𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 • We currently have 3 different factions and hopping to add more later on in role-play, The factions we have are Rogusin-The group who plan on destroying the world and replacing it with what they want, Dead end Guild- The adventure group who battle to protect this cursed realm from darkness, and lastly, The Fleet of Fire- a pirate group who will do whatever they feel like.
𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐔𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐘 • We are a growing community that is pretty active, we look forward to new people joining us and meeting them in Rp, we do kick the inactive member who do not make an oc after a week in the server to raise our activity. We have multiple staff to help you and make sure you are good, and ready to go at any time as well. ──────────────── ──⋄ What We Offer ⋄─── ──────────────── ➼ Great staff ➼ Partnership opportunities ➼ Nice community ➼ Self Role ➼ Amazing kingdoms ➼ A helpful and supportive admin team who are willing to help you through any troubles within the server! ➼ Oc creations & Jobs ➼ Events ➼Hentai
Invite: ➼
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2023.03.27 06:57 Sarojgroup Unlocking the Potential of AI in Real Estate

Unlocking the Potential of AI in Real Estate

The global economy has traditionally depended heavily on the real estate market. Yet, this business is about to undergo a significant transition due to artificial intelligence (AI) development. AI has emerged as a game-changer for companies across industries, and the real estate market is no exception. This advanced technology has the potential to unlock vast opportunities in real estate by automating tasks, predicting market trends, and providing valuable insights to stakeholders. With the growing adoption of AI in the real estate market, it is poised to become more efficient, customer-centric, and profitable.
Now, let us embark on a journey to uncover ways AI can enhance the real estate market.

Automated Property Valuation

Property valuation is an essential aspect of real estate. It is the process of determining the value of a property, and it involves analyzing various factors such as location, size, condition, and comparable sales. Traditionally, property valuation is done manually, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. However, with the help of AI, property valuation can be automated.
AI-powered algorithms may examine huge volumes of data to estimate a property’s value precisely. These algorithms can consider property features, neighborhood characteristics, and market trends. This can save time for real estate agents and provide more accurate valuations for clients.

Personalized Property Recommendations

While showing customers properties, real estate agents put in a lot of time. However, not all clients are interested in every property, and finding the right property in the real estate market for a particular client can be challenging. AI can help solve this problem by providing personalized property recommendations. flat in whitefield
AI algorithms can analyze clients’ preferences, such as location, property features, and price range, to recommend properties that meet their needs. This can save time for real estate agents and clients, as clients only need to view properties that meet their criteria.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to estimate the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. Predictive analytics in the real estate market helps forecast market trends, property valuations, and demand.
AI-powered predictive analytics can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends. This can help real estate agents and investors make informed decisions about buying and selling properties. For example, predictive analytics can identify properties likely to appreciate, allowing investors to make profitable investments.


AI-powered computers called chatbots can communicate with people via text or voice commands. Chatbots can answer common questions and assist clients in the real estate market. Chatbots can be integrated into real estate websites and social media platforms to provide instant customer service. gated community in bangalore
Real estate agents can save time using chatbots to automate repetitive chores like responding to frequent inquiries. They can also provide 24/7 customer service, which can improve customer satisfaction.

Image Recognition

Image recognition technology uses AI algorithms to analyze and understand images. In real estate, image recognition can be used to analyze property images and extract information such as the number of rooms, the condition of the property, and the presence of amenities.
AI-powered image recognition can save time for real estate agents by automating the process of analyzing 2bhk flat sale in Bangalore property images. This can help real estate agents provide more accurate property descriptions and identify properties that meet clients’ needs.


AI in real estate can transform the industry by providing more accurate property valuations, personalized property recommendations, predictive analytics, chatbots, and image recognition. It’s clear that AI is not just a trend but an essential tool for the future of the real estate market, and those who embrace it will gain a competitive edge in the market. By leveraging AI, stakeholders in the real estate industry can make better-informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.
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2023.03.27 06:56 jsakic99 ACS March-27-2023: Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr joins Adam in the studio and the guys recount their respective stories traveling home from Tampa this morning. The two also talk about sharing earbuds on a plane, ghost hunter TV shows, and why civilization hasn’t improved asphalt yet. Jay also shares stories about being on the same flights as Johnny Mathis and Stevie Wonder. The guys watch a video of Jay performing on SNL as Dick Vitale which leads to a discussion about reading cue cards on TV. Next, Adam begins the Irate 8 of ‘March Madness Madness’ with Jay commentating.
Chris reports the news. The guys talk about an NYC store shaming shoplifters by posting his/her picture and the crime on a ‘Wall of Shame.’ This leads to Adam complaining about a local councilwoman defending catalytic converter thefts and proposing its decriminalization because it affects a certain marginal community. Next, the guys talk about the passing of a new bill in Idaho allowing firing squad executions. Adam proposes some new ideas on how to improve firing squads. Lastly, the guys chat about Jane Fonda and her appearance on one of Norm Macdonald’s shows.
“No offense to any of the tards out there.”
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2023.03.27 06:53 Coffee_Lover90 Among Realms Internal Battles

Chapter 1: The Start of a New Conflict
It was midnight in Kingswood, Arrowswift, a far from welcoming neighborhood. The type where its resident’s only idea of “welcoming” would be to greet new visitors (along with their wallets and other belongings) with open arms if they so much as suspect you’re of higher class, and won’t even hesitate to teach you some “manners” if you’re not a very well-behaved guest. On this one particular night, there was an event currently taking place inside the back alley entrance of a closed-down bar.
And through this entrance, just downstairs to the dim-lit hallway, turning a corner of the basement, right passed a muscly, rugged man guarding the door, was a fight club. A considerably large crowd bordered the cage, captivated by the brawl going on inside, bets were already placed and it was the end of the 5th round as a fighter was swiftly brought to the ground, defeated.
“Wow, five straight wins people, FIVE STRAIGHT WINS!” emphasized the announcer of the cage match. “It's like you guys WANT to look bad, c’mon!”
The crowd roared as the loser was dragged out of the cage.
“Alright, final round folks,” said the announcer. “Who wants to have the last dance with this handsome stud?” He gestured to the fighter of five straight wins, Dominic Ledger. The man of the hour nonchalantly stood there with his arms crossed and eyes closed as he waited for the 6th and final participant to enter the cage.
“I’ll take 'em!”
Ding Ding!
The sound of the bell made the fighter’s lips curl into a smirk as his hazel eyes slowly rose to meet the gaze of a big, burly man who looked to be in his 40s at least. He strutted up to Dominic with a smug grin on his face, towering over the shorter man with his shadow swallowing him whole, and sneered with a low, raspy, menacing voice.
“Hope you’re quick on your feet, pretty boy.” He cracked his knuckles and got in a fighting stance. “Cuz I dance dirty!”
Mildly amused, Dominic got in his own fighting stance and beckoned him to make the first move. As his opponent charged at him, Dominic sprung into the air with perfect timing and flipped over his back, causing his bulky contender to stumble and slide to the ground. Regaining his composure, the young fighter whipped his long, wavy poliosis-colored hair out of his face and turned to his “dancing” partner.
“Hmph, your ballet could use a little more practice, don’t ya think?” Dominic taunted.
Growling with anger, the bumbling bodybuilder let out a roar while lunging forward as he tried endlessly to throw every punch and kick under the sun at his younger, yet more experienced contender, all of which were unsurprisingly countered with ease. Dominic soon gained the upper hand, successfully returning every single jab and kick onto the bigger man before throwing him up against the cage face first as the crowd went nuts. So the cocky fighter took a moment to relish in the attention.
Meanwhile, a guy in the crowd, who wasn't cheering along with everyone else just looked around stoically with his arms folded, then mumbled to himself, “Alright, time to cut this short.” before walking off. The guy made his way to the cage gate when the announcer noticed him.
“Hey hey hey! Where ya th-” He was cut off by a hard shove to the face as the man proceeded to go inside. Not noticing, the soon-to-be champion walked up to his defeated combatant.
“Hey muscle man, I thought you’d be more of a challenge,” Dominic continued taunting. “I’m disappointed.”
“Don’t be cute with me boy. I’d give your ass something to sas about if I didn’t have to put ya away first,” he replied slyly.
“Wha- GHAHHH!” The champ suddenly got tased from behind by the same man from the crowd and was brought to the ground.
“Hey, you!” shouted the announcer, confronting the intruder. “First off, no weapons allowed! Second, if you ain't a fighter, you can’t just enter the cage like that!”
The man pulled out a police badge and put it right in the announcer’s face. “APD, I can do whatever the fuck I want. Now shut up.”
The announcer was completely stunned and backed away with his hands up as the cop addressed the entire crowd. “Alright everyone, show’s over! You’re ALL under arrest!”
Meanwhile, Dominic’s "opponent" who’s also revealed to be undercover handcuffed him while he was subdued on the ground, chuckling at his expense.
“Fuck…” was all the passionate fighter could groan out as he rolled over on his back and just laid there, deflated by what just happened.
Four Months Later…
“Dominic Ledger!”
Dominic’s hazel eyes popped wide open, jumping slightly in his bed. Previously asleep in his cell, he is suddenly startled awake by the gruff voice of a correctional officer.
“You’re free to go.”
“Huh?” Dominic was a bit stunned that he was being released so soon after just four months of incarceration. As he’s being escorted out, he passes by an inmate who calls out to him, “Yo Dom, lemme know when you open up ya dojo!” to which Dominic only nodded with a smile.
He changes from his prison garments back into the black tank top, baggy purple, black, and white tribal tracksuit, and white sneakers that he wore at the fight club, and walks up to the front desk for the rest of his belongings.
“Looks like the early jailbird gets the worm, huh?” said the female jail clerk, handing him his stuff.
“I know, thought I’d be here longer,” Dominic admitted to her.
“Yeah well, that’s how it is when your uncle’s a famous boxer,” said another officer walking passed the former inmate. “By the way, thanks for teaching me that knife hand strike,” he whispers to him before walking away as Dominic gives him a wink, leaving with his things.
Outside of the Corrections Department, a red Volvo drives up to the front of the building. The driver of this expensive car is Clarence Dukes with his son Seth in the passenger seat.
“Get outta the car and get in the backseat boy.” Clarence barked at his son.
“Huh?” Seth answered confused.
“You heard me!” Clarence bellowed. “Backseat now! So your cousin can sit up front.”
“He can’t sit in the back?” Seth shot back, unbuckling his seatbelt.
“No,” he said sternly, “that boy’s had a hard life and we gotta be courteous to him. And maybe if you had the same drive and discipline your cousin does, you’d get the same privilege. Til then, earn it first!”
Seth gets out of the car and into the backseat just as Dominic exited the building. Clarence gets out to greet his approaching nephew with his arms extended wide, accompanied by a deep, raspy, “He-ey Dominic!”
“Hey, Uncle Clarence.” Dominic greeted back as they embraced with the older man’s big, beefy body practically engulfing him.
“Ahh It’s been so long, how ya feelin' boy?” Clarence asked.
“Never been better,” Dominic replied.
“Hey, Dominic.” Seth waves at his cousin unenthusiastically.
“Hey, Seth.” Dominic waved back.
“C’mon, get in.” Clarence opens up the passenger seat for his nephew. “We’ll go get the rest of your stuff back at your old place.”
On the way to Dominic’s apartment, he and his uncle continued catching up while Seth remained quiet in the backseat.
“So how was it in the clink?” Clarence asked. “Ya shoulda called and told me you got locked up, I would’ve posted bail sooner.”
“Eh, it’s not too bad in there, nothing I’m used to,” Dominic replied.
“That’s what I always admired about you, Dom; hard like iron. Ya know what that is? That’s that Dukes blood running through your veins.”
“I’ll say this,” Dominic continued, “their gym is much better than any I’ve ever been to.”
“Yeah? Well, just wait til you see mine, you’ll have a field day.” Clarence chuckled, “But I see you’ve been packing on some muscles of your own, I bet you had all those inmates at your mercy huh? Ya let em know you’re the nephew of the great Duke of Steel?”
“Actually, I’ve just had some guys ask me to teach them a few moves,” Dominic corrected him, “Some even said I should consider becoming an MMA instructor.”
“Well, maybe someday you can be,” Clarence assured him, “but ya gotta work your way up to that first. Shouldn’t take too long though cuz I’ve always said you were a rising star, I just never understood why your mom never saw that in ya.”
“Mom already had enough to deal with, but she definitely never approved of my relationship with violence,” Dominic said.
“Hey! Martial arts ain’t violence, it’s an art form,” Clarence argued, “Believe me, if your mom could see you for the champion you’ll become (thanks to me), she’d change her tune.”
“If you say so,” Dominic replied tentatively.
“You got lots of potential kid, and heart; just no direction is all. But don’t worry my nephew, cuz when I'm done with you, you’re gonna be a legend. No more going behind back alleys or small, stuffy, overcrowded bars fighting a bunch of no-names and winning chump change. Picture this instead: A big, flashy stadium, packed from every angle, with ALL eyes on you as you go neck and neck with other big-name fighters and hearing YOUR name echoed throughout the whole damn building when you rise as the victor!” Clarence chuckles, “Now that’s a dream, right?”
Dominic gives a half-hearted laugh. “Yeah, that sure is a lot to take in.”
They finally arrive at Dominic's apartment, once parked, Clarence turns to his nephew and puts a hand on his shoulder.
“Well, you’re with us now, and we’re happy to have ya. And right on time too, cuz Seth here needs ALL the push he can get. Speaking of which, Seth! Go help your cousin get his things!” Clarence ordered his son again, snapping his fingers this time. “Go! Pick up the pace! A good workout for ya.” Seth moaned, rolling his eyes but did what he was told.
After gathering the rest of Dominic’s things, Clarence drives them back to the wealthy neighborhood of Copper Lane where they eventually arrive at his mansion. Inside, Clarence’s daughter Claire was in the middle of an online kickboxing session in her father’s personal gym.
“Remember, keep it straight, don’t lean.” said her instructor over the laptop.
“How’s this?” she asked.
“Good,” he complimented, “You’re a pretty fast learner.”
“Well, you’re a pretty good teacher.” she flirted back winking at him.
“CLAIRE!!!” Claire jumps when she hears her father.
“Oh fuck, dad’s home! I gotta go!” She rushes to close her laptop and quickly hides behind the door just as her father barges in looking for her.
“Claire, I know you’re in here!” With his back turned, she tries to sneak out only to bump into her older cousin.
“Oh, Dom! You’re here!” she exclaimed nervously.
“In a rush?” he playfully asked.
“Yeah well, ya know how it is. So how was it in ja-” Her words are cut off by a sudden yank of her shoulder as her father spins her around to face him.
“Claire!” Clarence holds up a bracelet she left in his gym. “You been in my gym again?”
Avoiding his question, she responds with, “Dad, do you mind? I’m trying to catch up with my cousin.”
Clarence grabs her by the arm. “Scuse us, Dom.” He drags her to her room and shuts the door. “I told you you can’t be a fighter!”
“Dad, this isn’t the 50s, I can be a fighter if I want to,” she argued back.
“Bullshit! You’ll just get pummeled out there and make me look like a fool.”
“How would you know? You never even bothered to train me!”
“I don’t train girls! You know that, and for good reason; I mean look at you, you spend all your time whining and being a brat, I can only imagine you in the ring with another fighter.” he demeaned.
All Claire could do was just stand there and grit her teeth at her close-minded pig of a father with squinted, green eyes full of hatred. Meanwhile, the two male cousins are placing Dominic’s belongings in his new bedroom when the elder cousin broke the silence.
“So Seth, we got a long road ahead of us, hope you’re ready for a ride.”
“Yeah.” Was all the younger cousin could respond with as he places a box down.
“Yeah? You know, you haven't said very much since I got here, something bothering you?” Dominic asked.
"Uh, no. Forgive me, I’m just a bit flustered with everything going on.” Seth looked out the window facing away from his cousin.
“Hey, it’s natural for fighters to get the jitters, but you can’t let it get to you,” he advised leaning against the wall, “Uncle Clarence told me in his emails that you’re in serious need of some motivation, I suppose I could offer some expertise.”
“Thanks, but that’s not exactly what I meant.”
“What’s stressing you out then?”
Not even looking at his cousin once, Seth paused for a minute before letting out a sigh. “It’s just… dad’s so hell-bent on making me into a fighter, he even put me to work at his gym as a janitor, so when I’m not training, I’m cleaning showers. Either way, I’m bound to that gym.”
“Sheesh, and I thought I was passionate, he got me beat,” Dominic remarked.
“Sure… so into HIS passion, I barely have any time for MINE.” Seth’s tone had a bitterness to it.
“What does that mean?” Dominic asked.
“Uh… You know what? Never mind. It’s not that important.” Seth dismissed as he ran a hand through his messy, short black hair before turning back to his cousin. “Oh, by the way, dad bought you some new hand wraps and he told me to give them to you.” He motioned to his cousin to follow him. “C’mon.”
Dominic followed his cousin into his bedroom where his workout bag was, when Seth reaches into it to pull out the wraps, a drawing tablet falls out.
“Shit…” Seth cursed under his breath.
Dominic picks it up off the floor before Seth could grab it first and starts flipping through it. Seth had drawn a bunch of comic book-style illustrations of various fictional characters.
“Uhhhh, th-th-that’s not important!” Seth stuttered trying to take the pad from Dominic.
“Oh, are these the drawings Uncle C mentioned? They’re actually pretty good,” said the older man.
“Please give that back.” Seth finally takes the pad from his cousin and quickly puts it back into his bag. “Dad’s on my ass enough as it is, I’d really rather not get into this right now.”
"Yeah, cuz keeping it secret is a better solution, huh?" Dominic asked sarcastically.
"I’ll see you at dinner okay?” Seth says with a sigh as he walks out, ignoring the rhetorical question.
Dominic suddenly hears the ear-piercing shrill of “You're such a sexist dick!!!” before hearing a loud door slam. He comes out into the hall to see his uncle angrily storming off from his daughter’s bedroom, and takes a breath before stopping short of his nephew.
“Come with me Dom, I wanna show ya something really cool,” he says as he directs his nephew to his den which has a double door.
When he opens it, Dominic sees the den as a big, exaggerated trophy room. Inside, many of Clarence’s trophies are showcased in individual glass cases on one wall with the middle wall having a large fireplace holding a flat-screen TV. And all around the fireplace are framed pictures of Clarence in his youth along with other famous fighters. And right in the middle of the hard, shiny wooden floor was a 2-seater, home theater recliner facing the TV.
“Woah.” Was all Dominic had to say as he looked around.
“Impressed beyond words?” his uncle asked, “One day, you and Seth will have a place here.” He points to the opposite wall that also had glass cases on the shelves but no trophies inside of them... Yet. Dominic takes a closer look at them and notices that the plaques below the cases already have his and Seth’s names on them. He then goes to look at some of his uncle’s framed pictures as Clarence begins to narrate to him.
“Yeah your uncle was something else at your age, I had that same drive as you. I was on a roll and didn’t wanna stop. Did you know your uncle has NEVER lost a single fight? And I went up against the best of the best: Clive 'Brick Wall' Donovan, Max 'Bigfoot' Graves, Jack 'TNT' Morris. Those guys were also legends of their own, they NEVER lost a fight… Until of course, they went up against a new legend… Clarence “Duke of Steel”!”
He laughs fawning over some of his pictures and then lets out a nostalgic sigh. “Sometimes I regret how things turned out, cuz you could bet I’d still be making history right about now.” he turned to his nephew. “Like I said, with you here, Seth could really learn a thing or two about discipline. Boy’s been slacking, more focused on his silly drawings than he should be on his form.”
“Well Claire sure seems into it, can’t you train her?” Dominic asked. However, the question was only met with big, thundering laughter.
“HAHAHA! Ah, kid, women aren’t equipped to be fighters, I mean they’re equipped to be trained just not for fighting if ya know what I mean,” he scorned, elbowing his nephew. “Besides, that girl is barely college material, ya think she could get her head out her ass long enough to dodge a single punch? Good one Dom.”
“I dunno, I’ve seen quite a few female fighters and they're not exactly “trainable” when they’re flipping guys over in a spar,” Dominic said, trying to remain light-hearted but clearly rather put off by his uncle’s ignorance.
“Aw, that’s just chivalry, Dom. no self-respecting man would ever let the woman pull the strings.” Clarence scoffs and puts a hand on Dominic’s shoulder. “Now, get some rest, my nephew. Tomorrow I’ll show you the gym,” he says, walking out of the den.
Around 11:00 PM later that night, the rest of the family has long since retired to their rooms. Dominic, still feeling active, decided to visit his uncle’s den again. While looking over some of his trophies, memories started flooding his mind:
“How many times do I have to keep bailing you out of trouble boy?”
“Mom, it’s not my fault this time-”
“Well, whose fault is it? That boy you put in a coma?”
“He had it coming to em-”
“I just don’t know what to say to you, not even in college yet, and already you've seen the clink!”
“C’mon mom, college is not that big a deal, at least you'll save more money for your medication.”
“I'm not worried about me Dominic Travion Ledger, I'm worried about you. You’ve been at this since childhood, anytime I think you're in good hands, you always find a way to stir up trouble. I might as well just let your uncle raise you 'cause I’m at my wit's end here!”
“What's wrong with Uncle Clarence? He seems nice! He said he could train me to-”
“No! Over my dead body! Listen here, you think I like being so hard on you? You and I are in some rough times, but my main concern is making sure my only son has his head on straight so he won’t get locked up or even dead before I am. I’m gonna straighten you up whether you like it or not, cuz if you don’t start manning up around here, who will? Do you understand me?”
“…Yeah mom.”
Dominic walked over to the empty shelves and stuck his focus on a specific glass case that had his name on the plaque, he saw his reflection in it, though it wasn’t staring back at him very favorably. He turns to leave the den and as he’s walking out, he notices Seth quietly leaving his bedroom fully dressed. Not noticing his cousin, Seth tiptoes over to Claire’s bedroom door, quietly knocks, and sneaks in when she opens it.
Curious, Dominic walks up to the door and puts his ear up to it but hears nothing, he tries to knock quietly but gets no reply. When he peeps in, he finds the room empty with Claire’s window fairly open. Just as he looks out of it, he faintly hears Seth exclaiming in excitement, “Alright, to Hot Buns City it is!” followed by a giddy, “Yeah!” from Claire as the two of them enter Seth’s cheap, orange, and red-striped muscle car before driving off.
The siblings headed downtown to Hot Buns City; a pretty popular, 24-hour burger joint and hang out amongst other people their age. They sat outside to eat, laughing, talking, and enjoying the fairly peaceful night with each other for once.
"So Jason NEVER noticed his pants were split?" Claire laughed.
"Nope, not helping that he didn't even bother to put on underwear that day," Seth replied, chuckling.
“So Michael's looking hotter than ever, does he ask about me?” Claire asked seductively, twiddling the straw of her milkshake.
“Shouldn’t you know? He’s giving you private kickboxing lessons.” Seth pointed out, mouth full of burger.
“Well he WAS.” she corrected with annoyance in her voice, “And it’s getting harder to do that thanks to dad. I was BARELY even able to get 20 minutes of training today.”
“Yeah well, dad’s been keeping me way too busy in the ring lately. Even in my downtime, I can't so much as pick up a pencil without hearing one of his lectures, “The only form of art you should be focused on is MARTIAL arts.” he mocked his father.
“Seth, sooner or later, you have to stand up to dad,” Claire said.
He scoffs, “Like you’re any better?”
“At least I’m not the one he’s pushing super hard.” she snarked back.
Seth sighed, “I just don’t get why dad can’t drop his 1940s-era sexist attitude and just make YOU his successor.”
“Yeah… Well, the thing is… I wanna be a fighter, but I don't think I wanna be a FIGHTER fighter.” Claire said struggling a bit with her wording.
“What do you mean?”
“I feel like I could do more than just fight in cages, I wanna make a difference, like a service, you know?”
“You mean like join the army?”
“Not exactly, I’m thinking of joining the force,” she revealed.
Seth only responds with a skeptical, “Hmm, well good luck with that.”
Causing Claire to get defensive. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I'm just curious as to HOW you’ll even get that far with dad breathing down your neck.” Seth clarified.
“It's ok, I got it all planned out,” she reassured with a sly grin. “I figured once I save enough money, I’ll just tell dad I applied for college and they accepted me and just take it from there.”
“Uh-huh,” Seth said, still unconvinced. “Well meanwhile, I’m still waiting to hear from that publisher?”
“Wait, if you can’t find time to draw, how are you able to make full comics?” Claire questioned.
“During my night shifts, when I'm pretending to work,” Seth answered blandly.
“Oh.” Claire grunted, “You know what? I don’t wanna talk about dad anymore, let’s talk about something else.”
“Yeah, let’s talk about not inviting me to one of your secret outings.”
They turn to see Dominic standing over them with a playful smile.
“We thought you were asleep,” Claire gets up to sit with her brother to let their elder cousin sit opposite them.
“Nah, just been looking forward to spending quality time with my two little cousins.”
“How did you get here so fast?” Seth asked.
“I borrowed Uncle Clarence's Volvo,” Dominic replied nonchalantly.
“Are you crazy?” Claire gasps. “Dad's gonna flip! He won't let anyone touch his Volvo!”
“Hmph, look who’s talking, trainee.” This left her at a loss for words and a lot of blushing. “Relax, it'll be back in the garage before he knows it,” he assured.
“Not that he’d care,” Seth thought to himself.
Dominic continued. “But while we’re on the subject Claire, I’d like a follow-up on those training sessions of yours, picked out a style yet?”
“Style?” Claire asked.
“Fighting style.” Dominic specified.
“Oh, Kickboxing.”
“Ahh, impressive. Such a shame Uncle C won’t let you fight, I’m interested to see where this goes.”
“Tell me about it!” Claire exclaimed. “But if you think that’s impressive, just wait till I join the force. It’s always been a big dream of mine; but not to be just any regular cop, but one of those action movie hero-type cops, ya know?”
Dominic just nodded, playing along to his littlest cousin's wide-eyed naivety. Seth just rolled his eyes. “I think she might be taking this a little too seriously.”
“Say what you want Seth, at least she’s going for what she wants. Which reminds me, when are you gonna man up and tell Uncle C you don’t wanna be a fighter?” Dominic asked.
“You think I haven’t?” Dad’s not exactly a good listener.” Seth said.
“Yeah, he’s more of a yell-at-your-face-first, ask-questions never kinda psycho,” Claire added.
“Hey now, isn’t that a little harsh? “I know he can be strict, but I think you two should cut him a little bit of slack,” Dominic told them, “I mean I wouldn't be going anywhere right now if he didn't take me in.”
“Easy for you to say, you’re like the son he’s always wanted,” Seth lamented, “I’m just hoping with you here, he’ll pay less attention to me for once.”
“C’mon Seth, you know that won’t happen. As his real son, he’ll just keep putting this on you unless you finally put your foot down for once.”
Seth just looked down. “I dunno about that Dominic.”
“Just give him time, he’ll learn to respect your choices… eventually. But, you know, ya gotta admit little cous, martial arts could actually do you some good cuz confidence has never been your strong point.”
“Mmm-hmm.” Seth moaned dismissively.
“Right?” Claire teased, “Seth always was namby-pamby.”
“Am not...” Seth mumbled when suddenly-
“Heeeey babe.”
They’re interrupted by a trio of douchey-looking guys who all looked to be in their 20s walking up to their table (more specifically Claire’s side).
“Watcha doin hanging out with these homos?” The leader of the trio got in between the two siblings and shoved Seth out of his seat so he could sit next to Claire.
“You SHOULD be hanging with me in my Ferrari enjoying a good looong ride if ya know what I mean,” he said putting his arm around her. If the leud invitation didn’t spell “slimeball” written all over it, his hungry, grey eyes and sly smirk certainly did. This encouraged a round of cackling by his two equally slimy friends.
“What!? Eww!” Claire desperately tried to break free from his hold until Dominic threw a ketchup bottle at him and sat up from his seat to get in his face.
“Hey, dickhead, leave her alone!”
“What’d you say to me tranny!?” The punk tries to make his way over to the streaky-haired man until Seth gets in between them.
“Look man, we don’t want any trouble okay? Can’t you just go flirt with some other girl?” he suggested trying to keep the peace. The lead douche gave an over-the-shoulder glance at his goons.
“Am I mishearing things boys, or is this little runt giving ME orders?” Seth began to back away as the lead douche slowly approaches with his goons surrounding him like hyenas. “You talking to me, little boy?” he bullied the shorter, younger man with a hard shove.
“Hey, stop it, man. You’re not that cool…” Seth tried in vain to be stern, but non-violent.
The lead douche only responds with an even harder shove followed by a loud, venomous, “What? Speak up, little man!”
“Aww look, I think he’s bout to cry.” one of the goons instigated.
“Gonna cry little pussy?” Lead douche mocked, getting in his face this time. Dominic and Claire decide to offer Seth some encouragement.
“Hey Seth, are you really gonna take that?”
“Yeah, man up dammit!”
In the midst of all the pressure placed on him, Seth impulsively punches lead douche in the face which strikes a reaction from his goons as they gang up on the meek fighter.
“H-hey, get off me punks!”
“Put this little runt in his place boys!” lead douche orders his goons while holding his face in pain.
Dominic and Claire sprung up and rushed to his aid, but lead douche grabs Claire and proceeds to drag her away. “And you are coming with me, bitch.”
Without warning, Claire strikes him in the gut and body slams him. Meanwhile, Dominic starts fighting one of the goons as Seth fought the other; this turns their peaceful night into a full-on, bloody, intense brawl. Seth fought with the teachings forced on him by his father, though due to his lack of confidence and disdain for conflict, he was still clearly struggling as his opponent (who wasn’t even any taller than Seth was) takes control and knocks him to the ground.
The goon was about to pounce when Claire grabs him by his dreadlocks, slings him to the ground, holds him down, and spits right in his face. The largest goon of the group grabs Dominic and throws him onto his uncle’s Volvo, then their leader jumps on the hood up over him, but Dominic kicks him in the groin and throws him off.
The big goon rushes to punch him only for his fist to go through the window a split second after the seasoned fighter dodges in time. As the brawl went on, the severity of it became so big, that the people who were previously eating outside all scattered with some going inside the restaurant to watch the fight from there and others taking out their cellphones to record it.
Dominic noticed a bystander trying to call 911. “Shit… Hey, forget these guys! C’mon, let’s go!” he told his cousins.
They all stopped what they were doing and headed for the cars. As Claire got in the Volvo with Dominic, Seth got in his own car and tried to start it up, only to learn that his car battery died…Again. And to top it all off, lead douche shatters the driver's side window trying to pull Seth out with him. “Oh, you ain’t leaving so soon, little girl!”
Dominic sees this, gets out of the damaged Volvo, grabs him, and bashes his face into the backseat window of Seth’s Muscle car rendering him unconscious.
“C’mon, the Volvo still works!” he says as he helps Seth out of his car.
They all got in the Volvo and drove off before the cops could even arrive, but back at home, things weren't any easier. After learning that the fight was uploaded and now trending on, it was even any wonder if their hearing was still intact from all the yelling Clarence was doing.
“DAD WE’RE NOT KIDS! WOULD YOU JUST LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE!?” Claire tried to out-scream her father.
“This boy just got outta jail and you almost got 'em put back in! And not only that, got my precious Volvo damaged in the process, all because you two don’t wanna follow orders!”
“Dad, did you not hear what we said!?” Seth intervenes. “Three guys picked a fight with us and one of them almost kidnapped Claire!”
“Yeah!” Claire chimed in. “And FYI, he would have if I didn’t know how to fight back. Still don’t think girls can be fighters, dad?”
“ENOUGH OF THAT!” Clarence roared, “Now none of this would’ve happened at all if you didn’t sneak out, especially you boy!” He pointed to his son, “You got training AND work, what are you thinkin goin to a burger joint?”
“C’mon, dad! I just wanted ONE night to be normal. You almost never let me go anywhere or eat what I want.”
“You’re a fighter! You’re supposed to be staying focused and watching your calories-”
“But I don’t wanna be a fighter! That’s what YOU want! I…I keep trying to tell you that.” Seth interrupted, his voice cracking at the end.
Clearance stared down at his son in disapproval before saying, “Well then, what the fuck else are you gonna do, Huh? You barely act like a man." He crosses his arms, "So maybe I should just let you make your coloring books all day, is that what ya wanna do, huh?”
"They're not coloring books! Look, comics may not be very manly to you, but it’s what I really like doing okay? I even…” When hesitation sets in, he glances at his sister and cousin with the latter motioning to him to continue. Seth turned back to his father. “I even contacted this publisher.”
“And?” His father pressed him.
“And… Well, I haven’t really heard back from them yet, but… In the meantime, I’ve even thought of applying at this comic book store-”
“No, no… Stop.” Clarence puts a hand up. "Now you listen to me boy, you are a Dukes and you have a responsibility to represent that name. And the fact that you’d much rather make childish drawings all day tells me that I'm just busting my ass trying to toughen you up for nothing. Ya know how bad that makes me look? You don’t have a clue what I go through trying to turn you into a man. You know what? I’m not even gonna get into this in front of your cousin, cuz I don’t wanna hear another word about comic books or fighting from you two entitled brats ever again.”
“But dad-”
“I MEAN IT! And while you’re at it, both of you will pay for every damage done to my Volvo. So Seth, get used to working overtime, Claire, I don’t care how the fuck you do it-”
“Actually, Uncle Clarence,” Dominic spoke up, walking over to him. “Claire and Seth had nothing to do with the Volvo, it’s my fault.”
“I know, I know, I shouldn’t have taken it without asking and I'll pay for the damages, I promise.”
“Dominic, don’t. You ain't gotta take the fall for your cousins’ reckless actions.”
“But they really didn’t-”
“Don’t worry about them, just focus on yourself and your training and go get some rest…” Clarence reassured his nephew and turned back to his son. “And I’ll see YOU at the gym tomorrow, bright and early,” he warned while walking out of the living room.
Dom walks over to his sulking cousins. “Look, guys, I’m sorry I got you into trouble. And you don’t have to pay for the Volvo, I’ll take care of that myself.”
“Well, that’s one less thing to worry about, not that it makes it better.” Seth sighed, heading to his room. “See you tomorrow Dom.”
“Good night Dom.” Claire gets up too and hugs her big cousin before heading off to bed herself.
Dominic goes into his own room and lies on his bed contemplating what to do. Finding a job was already out of the question, It’d be difficult to land one even if it’s part-time. Not just because of his felony record, but on such short notice like this, it would also interfere with his uncle’s plans already put in place for him. After all, if he’s this strict on his own son, then Dominic could only anticipate the vigorous training he’ll endure too.
All he knew was that he needed to make some easy money fast so that his two cousins wouldn’t have to catch hell from their father over HIS actions. And after spending a little over an hour failing to find other ways around it, he reluctantly comes to the conclusion that the only way to get quick, easy money he doesn't have is by doing the only thing he knows how to do.
To Be Continued…
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2023.03.27 06:51 Common_Communist I wish this Sub would get a kickstart back to greatness again.

I used to love coming here for the shared laughs of DBL memes, thoughtful discussions on the game’s meta, and honestly just for the community at large. I’ve been lurking for a hot minute and I’ve noticed that the sub itself has been sinking down into the pit of its own salt. Beginner questions are unregulated instead of in a mega-thread of some kind, half the posts are callout/circlejerk posts of “look at this stupid whale I got matched with. This is so unfair” with a picture of some dude’s team he put all his resources in to be good. I really wish this sub could revitalize into something great, and hell, it’d certainly draw new players in to keep the game alive. Let’s have an art contest and get some of the artists we loved active again, let’s start newer discussion threads, ban the whale vs f2p circlejerk callout/post war, organize some of the beginner questions, let’s organize a community tournament. IDK, I really want this sub to be better. It feels like a graveyard currently. Rant over
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2023.03.27 06:51 havntmadeityet Got attacked by a dog last night

Last night I was attacked by a neighbors dog. I've never had this happen to me and I've always trusted dogs. Unfortuantly this incident left a bad taste in my mouth.
I'm a 30yr old male. The attacker was a Belgian Shepperd
I live in a gated condo community where the front doors are on the outside of the perimiter and the garage is on the inside. I had gotten dropped off outside so I walked in the complex and towards my garage. While passing all the other garages I noticed one was half way open. I kept walking as I always do and as I walked in front I heard a dog barking at me. Keep in mind it's very dark outside so vision is limited. Next thing I hear are sound of nails on concrete sprinting at me. I slowed down to try and be friendly to the dog but it was running full speed and lunged at me. It took a nice bite out of my right butt cheek and sweater. I manged to jump over a hedge and then on top of a car to escape further injuries. I saw the dog run back in to the garage so I sprinted over to mine and got away. From the moment I heard the nails on concreate to myself getting bit was maybe 1-2 seconds. It all happend so fast.
I was worried about the safety for others so I went back into my garage to see if their garage was still open. It was and as I was standing there I saw the dog do the same exact thing to either someone else or possibly another animal. Wasn't quite sure because there was cars blocking my view. The dog went to return to it's garage but instead started pacing in front of it. The dog spotted me leaning out of my garage and sprinted towards me I'm assuming to attack again. I went back into my house to avoid another injury.
I had enough and went out the front door to the homeowners front door. I knocked on the door rang the doorbells and no one answered. I called the police to come take care of the situation because my complex was not safe with this dog running around. After the call with the police I went back and knocked on the doorr some more. Finally someone answered and it was a 14 year old boy. I told him what had happened and expressed how I felt. He was sorry and went into the grage to close the door. He came back and explained to me that everything is okay and the door is closed. I told him I need to speak to an adult because this is not okay. He told me his father was not able to come downstairs so he called him ( which I thought was weird .) The father was not speaking english so it was a dead end at that point. I went back to my house and waited for the police. When they arrived they went to the house and they would not answer the door. They called the individual and they hung up on the police as well.
In the end I spoke with the police about the situation because they were already there. Since a bite happend during the attack the humane society was called and they took over from there. I have to send photos of the bit to them and a few other things.
I've never been one to reach for a lawsuite but as I mentioned earlier this incident left a bad taste in my mouth. I am actually scared to walk around outside now because I fear another dog is going to blindside me. It sickens me that that dog is still in the community and this can happen to anyone else. I have video footage with audio of the incident as well that I obtained from another neighbor. If I go forward with this do I contact a dog bite lawyer or personal injury lawyer?
Any help on how to approach this would be helpful since this is my first time being in this situation.

Also would like to add the family has came over to my house with gifts and excuses for the situation. Claiming someone must've opened their garage and what not. I din't talk much I just let them talk
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2023.03.27 06:49 PresidentInTraining ATTN: Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson): Partnership Proposal

TLDR: I am running for POTUS in 2024 by launching an app as both my campaign platform and my solution to winning an election outside the two parties system. And I mean entirely. I would like your help coordinating the massive social media initiative my plan is going to require, and in return I will let your team turn the entire process into creative content. My App is a massive social relief initiative completely funded by the revenue generated from building community solar field projects. Essentially a savings account in the American people's name funded primarily through green energy revenue. Kickstarter campaign goes live 27-MAR-2023.
Greetings Mr. Donaldson,
I'll begin by stating that everything I am about to reveal here is very real. I am a tradesman not a politician so please try to keep that in mind.
Let me tell you a bit about myself for context.
My name is Benjamin J. Lee. I am a retired Air Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. OIF/OEF Veteran. I am a carpenter and recently began training as an Electrician's Apprentice. I had the time to view you and Lex Fridman's conversation and I must say. I do not understand how people get you so wrong. Normal people see a cash pinata, but I see your genius for what it is. You are just doing what you love and trying to do your part to save the world at the same time. That's exactly why I believe you and I should work together. You inspired me to do the same thing after your podcast appearance. I sat down and I figured out a 10 year plan on how to put America back on the right track. And after hearing what I am trying to do, I do believe that it will peak your team's interest enough to at least see if I am full of shit or not.
And the best part of my campaign initiatives are, I can prove they work. And I can do it long before I ever step foot into office.
The first integral piece to my software is called the Social Media Safety Net. This is essentially a trust I am setting up into the American people's name that will be funded by a few of the following initiatives.
First the "Solar Safety Net". I am going to be coordinating the creation of new tradesman cooperatives in local communities to build commercial scale solar fields. This will achieve the following things.
-It will provide my social programs with guaranteed, scalable, and renewable green revenue.
-Give communities access to publicly owned land so they can build and negotiate energy contracts with the advantage of commercial scale building costs. (Typically Residential solar is over $4 per watt to build an array. Commercial on the other hand is around .89 cents.)
-That means I can also bring the commercial advantages of solar to the residential market, and do it almost essentially free to the citizens. And they won't have to damage their homes with rooftop solar.
-Investing into small businesses that are established to maintain these fields, and then negotiate contracts to maintain other solar arrays as well. They will also help the communities negotiate their energy agreements with local power distributors. This will vary state to state depending on their green energy packages.
(I can give a better breakdown of the numbers later, however it is a solid investment strategy.)
Another example of one of my fundraising initiative's is called "Merch to Miracles." I am going to conduct nationwide merch campaigns partnered with as many current streamers and content creators that I can get on board. I will coordinate everything on the Merch creation side and partnered creators will just create their own sub campaigns. The partners retain 50% of the revenue generated, and then 50% rolls back into the app.
Now how does this app give back to the American people?
Actually in so many ways it's almost hard to explain but I will attempt to do so in a single letter.
The first part of the app is the virtual oval office. The software is going to have video and stream hosting integration because I believe it's bullshit that the President feels so disconnected from our society when he could literally be on a stream every week interacting with his constituents. But then again I am 35 and our current president is like 300 something so who knows if I am wrong about that. It's going to use a new form of voting prototype that will allow me to hold and advertise votes between myself and my voter base. They will get to weigh in on the spending of project funds, current events, and community activities that I will be planning. And everything will be completely free for the end user. If they are registered as an Undecided voter on the app I will also be able to see their demographics and a little about them.
How am I supposed to properly represent my constituents if I never take the time to get to know them?
There will be a Rate my Representative function and profiles for every seat of our government. I am coining it my "Digital Checks and Balance System".
But the greatest parts of the entire project are my social relief packages. User's App profiles will have links and integration with many current social media platforms. But they also will contain the ability to rack up Hero Points. These Hero points can be earned through a wide array of activities.
-Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Hero missions that focus on getting people involved in their communities, creating art, hosting parties ect. (User's will have profile unique QR codes that are used to reward points in person through event coordinators.)
-Contest submissions for Long form writing, poetry, art, and inventions coordinated on dedicated Reddit and Discord communities and threads. (Upvote system is already perfect for my eventual vision here)
-Participating in and finishing education
-Community service
-Civil Service
-And much much more to be announced
There will then be functionality for users to mark a particular hardship on their profile and then use their earned hero points to roll on social relief crates. These crates will come in various sizes and for various hardships but here are just a few examples.
-UbeLift Vouchers for people needing to attend work or school
-Student Loan Forgiveness
-My Career Retraining Support Initiative
-Funds to host community events
-Scholarships and more
And the best part is that because solar revenue is stable, the funding for supported programs will be too. The points never go bad and are tradeable so communities can pool their points for projects, much like I am trying to pool everyone's voices into one powerful roar to wake our politicians up.
I am going to get this mission accomplished with or without your assistance. I do believe however it would be much more effective and much more enjoyable for myself if you did me the honor of helping me save our country, and then maybe, the world.
If you'd like to learn a little more about me, or see the Kickstarter promo videos visit, or have one of your team members contact me here.
Also I apologize if any of my media content looks like a 5th grader produced it. I am doing this entire thing by myself and I was in trade school until about 3 weeks ago, so I had to take the crash course on video production, political campaigning, solar technology, economics, marketing, streaming, app development, and a bunch of other shit.
I am so excited about the things you and I are going to do together in the next few years.
Hope to hear from you soon Jim.
*Edit* Sorry, could you also ask Lex if he'd be able to give me his input on creating a learning AI that I could use with Youtube and its search algorithms to assist our job placement strategy. We need to start harvesting passion as a resource. People are simply more productive pursuing a passion instead of a paycheck. That's unrelated but thank you anyways.
Lee, Benjamin J (SSgt Retired)
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
"Initial Success, or Total Failure"
Sexual Tyrannosaurus
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2023.03.27 06:46 ActualEmu1251 Any FTM making adjustments for their pets as their due date approaches?

FTM (31 years old) and currently 37+4 weeks. I have not seen much talk on this subreddit about what everyone is doing to adjust their pets to a newborn. I am curious what others are doing or maybe I am the only one making adjustments for my dogs?
My husband and I have three bigs dogs that are fantastic and well trained. Yesterday we did buy a baby gate to transition them out of our bedroom at night. They sleep on dogs beds or on the floor every night, but I am worried about stepping over all of them 3-5 times a night with the baby. We are planning to start moving them into the spare room and hallway, so they are near, but I don't have to walk over them.
We also plan to introduce them to our baby the day we come home and want to make the baby a positive experience for them. My fear is that if they are always in "trouble" for sniffing or licking the baby, they will associate him as a negative experience. I am trying to tell myself now that it is ok if they occasionally lick the baby and want to smell him a lot in the beginning...a baby is new to them too!
How are other's planning to introduce their dogs to a newborn? What have you done before that was helpful? We are open to advice!
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