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Have an animal surprised by a magic trick, funny reaction to a trick or some great tomfoolery?! Share it here!

2023.06.09 05:34 morningstaralchemy Unable to update Finder to a new firmware.

Unable to update Finder to a new firmware.
I received my Flashforge Finder V0.6 as payment for a service I provided a local business, they had received it on consignment and because it was being consigned for cheaper than my fee they jumped on the trade. I've had this machine since September of last year and have not been able to print anything or even update the firmware. I've read numerous posts regarding this issue I'm stuck on the firmware that doesn't allow you to update the firmware anymore, I'm only here in hopes that somebody here has the original firmware saved in a zip file they can send me so I can hard flash the firmware with a USB drive. If anybody does please post in the comments below, I'm willing to pay for the file if I absolutely have to, but I'm hoping a fellow creator is generous enough to share the file that flashforge has denied me access to for almost a year now. Benchy for attention (Printed on my recently purchased and not yet honed Ender 3)
P.S. in case there are any new people here who are wondering which firmware version is causing this specific issue it's firmware version v1.5.20170419
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2023.06.09 05:33 najib1312 Sarathkumar Appreciation Post

Saw Rudhran last night, overall it's a typical below average commercial movie. Raghava Lawrence tries so hard to immitate Rajinikanth and it's so cringe!! Can't accept him as a mass action hero.
The real show stealer is definitely Sarathkumar. Man is almost 70 years old but doesn't look a day older than 40! His getup & acting esp in the flashback portions were lit!
I feel Tamil Cinema didn't utilize this man to his full potential. If he didn't jump into politics and focused on his career, he could have become close to Rajinikanth stardom in 90s.
He was my favorite hero in the 90s and part of me is still excited to watch his new movies, although they've all been major disappointments. I think the last movie of him I enjoyed was Aai or Ayyam Looking forward to catch his new movie Por Tozhil, hearing good reviews on this.
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2023.06.09 05:33 sympathyforthestrawb My Instructor has changed career

So I’m 30 lessons deep, I’ve passed my theory, ready to start doing country roads dual carriageway and parking. My instructor decides to tell me he is quitting and moving on. This has left me in a strange position as my test isn’t until November and I have a friends car I’m insured on to do my test In and practice in three times a week but do not have a fail safe method for manoeuvres. Finding another instructor is near impossible where I live and changing between cars would also be awkward.
Im confident on the road but could do with someone to point out bad habits and minor errors before a test. I’ve been watching contour drivings’ videos on YouTube and find him to be a great explainer. But any other advise would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 05:33 SnooMacaroons3823 Suggestions for shoulder/arm pain?

I’m on methotrexate and Celecoxib for inflammatory arthritis. However, I’m being treated for what might be a gastric ulcer, so the NSAIDs are currently paused. I don’t think I’ve had a great night’s rest since as I just cannot get comfortable. The last few nights I’ve had issues with my shoulder and arm throbbing (my whole arm). My hand feels hot, stiff, and swollen, but isn’t if I look at it. I think I’m mostly dealing with referred pain, but I don’t have pain during the day. Only when I’m in bed and trying to sleep (it’s worse after 5-6 hours of sleep). I do not lay on the shoulder that hurts. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, what worked?
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2023.06.09 05:33 Afraid_Share_6566 Found out my ex is sleeping with the “don’t worry about” friend

Hi all. Was with my ex for almost 4 years, but romantically involved for 7 (didn’t get together until after highschool, same sex relationship) We broke up almost 3 months ago. I’m the last few months of our relationship they were suddenly really close with one of their friends. I immediately felt a vibe, expressed my concern, got the whole “just a friend” thing. Even after we broke up they were adamant nothing was going on. We still love together. That person is over almost everyday and spending multiple nights. Earlier I went into ex’s room to borrow something (with their permission) and found a receipt for a sex store and a brand new strap on beside the bed.
I knew it the whole time but it still makes me feel sick knowing it for real, yknow? Also makes me kinda angry. I feel betrayed but I know we aren’t together anymore and it seems ex waited to actually do stuff so i can’t really be mad.
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2023.06.09 05:33 Popular_Ad4331 Passed AI-900 with 916 score

So after study 4 days for it , i take the exam today. There are 33 questions in 45 mins , take 15 min to answer them all and review. The exam is very easy, just use ms learn and freecodecamp 's video on youtube and thats enough.i think the hardest part is the natural language processing , just need focus more on this part.
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2023.06.09 05:33 ThrowRAdrunkgfadvice Gf (24F) purposely annoys me (24F) when drunk

this has always been a slight issue in our relationship but came to a head tonight.
my girlfriend does very childish things when she drinks (once, she threw a glass of water in our friend's face at a bar) tonight we had a few glasses of wine and she started to do her usual drunk routine of putting her hands all over me, making loud/repetitive raspberry noises, etc. when we headed to bed she kept pulling the blankets off of me. i kept pulling them back and waking her up (i thought she was just sleeping heavily) to ask her to give me more blanket. i wake up at 6 am for work so i was very drained at this point.
eventually i got so frustrated i just said "oh my god [gf's name] and went to sleep on the couch, when she texted me "you can just go home"
i went upstairs and asked her honestly if she was pulling the blankets off of me on purpose. she started to laugh and said "maybe" and i got very upset and said "you know i can tell when you do things just to annoy me, im not stupid" and she said "i know" afterwards, i told her "it stresses me out badly when you do things like that" but she simply said "i don't want to talk right now" so now i am just laying on the couch exhausted wondering what to do. how can i get her to understand the stress this causes me and stop the childish behavior? she is an absolutely lovely person and i am very happy with her besides this
TLDR: girlfriend purposely physically annoys me when drunk and feigns innocence and dodges my conversations about it. i need help getting her to stop the behavior because it stresses me out immensely
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2023.06.09 05:32 Upstairs-Raccoon-989 Pride, being a loner but not being a loner

So ever since I've gotten to college(I'm a freshman btw) I constantly face this dilemma of who to hang out with and who to eat food with. Now many people say that people don't care whether you're alone or if you're with lots of people because everyone has their own thing going on in college and it's different from the social hierarchy thing of high school. And for the first quarter of my freshman year in college, I really loved that. I didn't mind eating by myself and appreciated the times I could eat with my friends. But the thing is, the more people I meet and the more friends I make, the more scared I get to be seen alone. Now that I'm in my final quarter of freshman year, I literally cannot make myself go to the dining halls by alone anymore because I don't want to run into friends or people I know and have them think that I'm a loner. For example, If I'm eating alone, I really don't like it when people I know come up to my table and say things like "Omg [my name] are you eating by yourself? You should've texted me blah blah blah. Can we eat with you?" Idk, I feel fine eating alone but when things like this happens, it sort of hurts my pride to be seen as someone who's eating alone BECAUSE they're a loner. Does it make sense? Like I don't think I'm loaner bc I have a good amount of friends and I'm very social for an introvert but I like to charge my social battery while I eat bc i don't have to worry about other people. Yet most people jump to the conclusion that I'm eating alone because I have no choice and again, I hate how it feels because I feel like I'm being pitied and/or looked down upon, even if it's not true. Bc of this, I find myself trying to post on instagram often for when I'm with people so that people know that I have friends. I've been reflecting a lot recently on why I feel so strongly like this and I know I have to deal with this pride but idk how.
Just today, I went down for dinner(at a super late time where I hoped that no normal person would be eating) but I somehow ran into my friend and her friend who I also know. I didn't really want to join them(it was also just a 2 people seating table) and I was perfectly fine eating by myself. But about 10 minutes later as I started eating, one of my friend came up to me and asked if they could join me. I really really appreciated that! It was very kind of them. But at the same time, because of my pride, I felt kind of sad and annoyed to be pitied(even if it's not actually pity) and to be seen as someone who's "lonely" and needs company. So because of that, I told them "if you want to" and in a way rejected them saying that I planned to eat really quickly and go back to my dorm. I thanked them of course but I realized I came off a bit rude and very obviously prideful in my response. To make that up, I did stop by their table to say bye before leaving but it's been weighing on me so much.
So to recap or TLDR, I'm quite prideful in myself so I can't stand being seen as a loner by my friends or people I know and be pitied yet I'm quite comfortable of being alone as long as no one I know sees me.
I wonder if others feel similarly to me and if so, how you guys have overcome or are trying to overcome this sense of pride?
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2023.06.09 05:32 mocibunny Need help getting over a friend

Hey! this is my first time posting in this sub, but I've been lurking for a while. As the title states, I need help getting over my ex best friend whom i no longer talk to and understanding if I did something wrong. And sorry in advance for any grammar errors or for rambling my pent-up emotions.
So, I(15NB) and my ex-friend, C(15M), Met in the first month of our freshman year of high school. We grew to be friends very quickly seeing as we shared many hobbies and interests that ranged from taste in literature to taste in music. We could talk for hours and even though we only shared one class we quickly became bound at the hip. Eventually, we became best friends as the months progressed. We shared more than hobbies and taste but also political ideologies, what we wanted from our future, and what we imagined would make us truly happy. We even planned a future together. Everything was wonderful and I thought that I had finally found a friend that would last longer than a few years. He helped me realize what I wanted in life, realize that I could be a better person, and that the friends i did have we toxic.
Now, we both had our faults, and the end of our friendship was because of issues on both ends, but it was something he had done that really set the end in place. yet the beginning of the end started because of me. I was having some very personal issues and was feeling very unwell that week (This was In December if I correctly remember) and I had told him this. And on a certain day he wouldn't really talk to me and had recently flaked on a planned hangout and It was very irritating to me because I had previously explained that I wanted him to talk to me more, so what did I do? Well In history class He was asking a lot of questions about a guy and it was really dragging the lesson out and it annoyed me that he could ask so many questions yet not keep a conversation going with me, so I made a sarcastic remark about how the questions he was asking were pointless.(childish, i know) This really upset C because next class he sent a text asking me what my problem was, but when I didn't answer because I was taking a test, he later in the day sent another asking why I was acting so bitchy and treating him like a "side character." This really upset me And I continued to banter with him until he convinced me to tell him why I was upset. I sent multiple paragraphs about how he was getting really distant and hoe his multiple times of flaking we really upsetting me. I explained how him not talking to me even though I sat right in front of him and tried to make conversations made me feel like he was abandoning me and I apologized for my behavior. C didn't answer for almost a whole day. At some point I sent more apologies. When C finally did answer he said he forgave me and reassured me that would never abandon me and said all was good.
Amazing right? well the next day at school it was as if I wasn't even there. It destroyed me. It made everything feel like he just played me for fun and that he was done with me. It made me feel like a toy in a way. I had just confided all my fears about his distence indicating he was leaving me and the next day I got nothing. No wave back when I waved, no hello when I said hello, and no hug that usually happened every morning. This went on until February. It was hell. I was alone because he had convinced me to drop my other friends because they were bad people. He glanced right through me like a ghost and talked to anyone but me. I didn't know what to do. It was like I was grieving for someone who never even died. I really cared about C.
And then one day he comes back, comes back when I was just starting to accept that it was over. It was wonderful. He brought me a bunch of presents and letters and hugs. He said he never meant to make it seem like he abandoned me, and that he just thought that I needed space. It was so easy to forgive him. Everyone needs different things, but not everyone needs the same things. It was just a misunderstanding. And so for the first time in the friendship I set a boundary. We were going to communicate about everything now that we were talking again. I explained how even though he may need space after a argument, I needed closeness. I needed reassurance that I was still cared for. I needed a friend to be there. I told him I would not accept him ghosting me again, not matter how many times he insisted he was only giving space. He agreed to not do it.
So a week or so later I was really annoyed because my phone had broken. When I came to school, I explained to him that I broke my phone and was upset over it. I told him we could continue communicating over email. What did C say? "Ew, no. Emails for old people dude." seriously. I told him I really wish he would but he was adament he wouldn't. It really upset me. And I told him so. What was C's next brilliant move? He ghosted me again. Even though he would later insist that he was giving me space, is it really giving space if only one person agreed to it? He stomped the one boundary I made. I wouldn't get over it so easily this time.
A month or so later he tried making a casual conversation by asking me if i was "Over my mood yet" and I just couldn't even respond.
Then in April, a friend of his gave me his email saying he wanted to talk. Now up to this point I was starting to get over him, no longer was I looking in his direction hoping he would be looking at me too. I sent him a email. I needed closure. I still wanted him back even though i started to look more into his character and saw how he would talk behind his friends back, make jokes of their problems, talked to people he told me were bed, always complained when he didn't get something, and how he could never accept his faults. But he was my best friend. Those things can be gotten over, right? plus, I wasn't a saint either. I was clingy, negative, and snippy and so much more. We could get past this right?
Well, he sent a email sort of apologizing. He said he was sorry that I felt the way I did and that he understood if I hated him. He said he wanted to still be friends. It was like a wish was being answered. I sent a email back explaining how his actions made me feel, addressing problems with our friendship, making plans on how we could fix them. I explained how even though he apologized he still crossed a boundary I had set and that I wouldn't trust or forgive him so easily, but I was still willing to try and get over it. C's Response? denial. He said he did nothing to lose my trust, how it was my fault he kept ghosting me seeing as I never said anything about it, how he was the only one who put in effort to hangout, and how I was in no position to he hurt enough that I couldn't forgive him. This resulted in a back in forth between him bringing up things long past and saying i didn't communicate and me explaining how i had already addressed a topic he was twisting all over and trying to get him to keep on topic with the original issue of discussion. eventually I asked him why It was so hard to accept that he had really hurt me and he never responded again.
That was the last time we actually communicated. I know there is no way to salvage the friendship and yet I check my emails everyday hoping to see his name. I even went to this subreddit hoping to see a post about me. I miss him. He was the very best friend I had. This isn't healthy and I need a break to this habit. How do i get Over someone I lost a lond time ago?
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2023.06.09 05:32 somejerkatwork Soft top v hard top?

Im looking at a gladiator as my next daily driver Jeep. What is everyone’s feedback on having the soft top versus the hard top. I’m not so sure about how well the soft rear window will hold up over time, but I doubt I would ever take the hard top off if I had one. The looks of the soft top when it is flipped back doesn’t make any difference to me. I live in northeast ohio so a foot of snow overnight is an occasional possibility. I do pull a 16 foot flat bed trailer with lumber or glamping supplies a couple times a year. My driving is about 50/50 freeway and surface streets.
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2023.06.09 05:31 eye_of_jade I feel like a lot is missing from my marriage (M49/F44)

I want to start this post by saying that I love my wife. I truly, truly do. The companionship that we enjoy and the way we we share our time together as friends is so rewarding. She fits me well in that capacity. In the friendship part of our relationship, we are well-paired. We have both proven that we are reliable, faithful in word and deed, and both trying in our partnership. She says the same about me.
Recently, I asked her for a hug and it felt kind of empty. I asked her if everything was okay between us and she did not reply at first. We kept talking and after a lengthy and tearful conversation we came to recognize that neither of us were currently happy in our marriage. She was telling me that she felt I was distant, not interested in her and not really putting effort into meeting the expectations that she had about little things that showed her I cared and thought about her. She is right. The conduct on my end has been changed in the past few weeks since we talked. I recognize that a few weeks of improved behavior doesn't fix a marriage but she does indicate that the changes she sees are what she wants, that she feels loved and feels the loving affection and connection she has been missing and I know that by sheer force of will, I can continue to deliver what she has been missing. But when we talked, I came to realize that my focus on my partner had faded due to a few things: our long-time flagging sex life, our lack of common interests and a few other contrasts I outline below.
Our sex life has never been a raging fire. Prior to meeting my wife, I had many partners (all female) and was dating several women off-and-on before we met. I can confidently say that I've never found my wife to be an enthusiastic lover. With a few scant exceptions, I have always initiated sex. Like, literally less than twenty times in our relationship of 17 years has she brought sex to me. For her to come to me for sex is vanishingly rare. Part of it is that I am large and so vaginal sex makes her uncomfortable. But part of it is just a general lack of interest on her part, honestly. In addition to that, if I try to kiss her anywhere that is not her neck or mouth, she shields her body from me with her hands. She places her hands between her body and myself almost reflexively, even though I have carefully expressed disappointment during less passionate moments. Having someone act like something as simple as kissing her breasts or stomach warrants treating me like an unwelcome attacker is an absolute mood killer. It seems like a trauma response but she insists that she has never been sexually assaulted and I believe her. I love to give oral sex and she does not want me doing that. I have held out hope that things would get better but we will be married 12 years this year and there has been no change. For someone who has always been vigorously sexually active prior to being with her, this is a big loss for me. I have discussed with my father what his sex drive is like at 80+ years old and he assures me that that interest has not flagged for him; my mother died in 2012 but her zest for intercourse was also apparent in her taste in jokes and a few drunken conversations over the years. So I don't anticipate that my interest in having a prolific and passionate sex life will just go away. In one episode in our sexual history, I had started a new medication that affected my ability to reach orgasm in the short term. During this session, we ended up focusing more on me than normal and I gave her suggestions for some approaches that were new for us (using toys on me, not something we had done before). I did eventually reach climax but she later informed me that the episode had been like work for her, not an episode of pleasure and rather than rising to the challenge of finding some creative approaches, she made it clear that that entire session was not something she was interested in repeating. That was discouraging, to say the least. We have tried talking about why our interest has dwindled and the last time it was specifically discussed, she told me that she had simply forgotten how to initiate the act. That pretty much just abandoned me with all responsibility for our sex life. If there is something I am doing that drives her away from our sex, she is not sharing that. I know her well and I truly believe that I'm getting all of the sexual attantion she can muster. She doesn't talk openly and well about our sex life. When I try to talk to her about things involving our sex life, the conversation is halting and stalls out. She just doesn't seem comfortable talking about the details and intimate components of our sex life so talking it out has never really been successful. She doesn't really leave the house and works from home so I don't even see how infidelity is possibly involved. I don't think that the problem is that she doesn't want sex with me so much as that she just isn't interested in sex with anyone. This realization is the most disheartening: I think she is perfectly content to not have sex in our marriage, and obviously that's not what I want. I've been holding out hope that things would improve for a long long time but they have not, and to improve things, she would have to show an interest in sex that she has heretofore never shown.
Like many people in my industry (software engineering), I love games. Tabletop games, video games, all sorts of games. I'm actually designing a modular deck builder game that is nearly completed. Gaming is my passion. It's very obviously and clearly at the top of my list of activities that give me enjoyment. My wife hates playing games. She sees it as a task to be completed, not an activity to be enjoyed. She will concede to play games with me probably like five or six times a year. And honestly, when we play, she is good at these games. One game we enjoy (Splendor). . .I can't remember that last time I won against her. And understand I would never let someone win just for some other reason. . .if someone takes the time to play a game with me, I give them a worthy opponent if I can. As for game projects I have done over the years, I would describe her as tolerant of my activities there. She will talk about these efforts with cool regard but has never truly been supportive or enthusiatic about my projects. She may have played the game I'm developing now once. In contrast, she has no real interests that I can discern. It's strange to me. . .but she has no real hobbies or interests. She listens to murdetrue crime podcasts, scrolls endlessly on her phone, shops for stuff online. . .not much else. She has a little chihuahua mix that she fawns over constantly and I participate in that as much as I can. I love the little dog and I'm actually watching that dog now while she is out of town on business. The dog is super-affectionate toward me so there is no point of contention there. Everyone loves everyone. . .but it is not really an interest, per se. She has developed a few short-term interests (acrylic painting, photography) but she has always held me away, at arm's length. Never have I been invited to participate or join her when she has done these things. I don't know if she fears scrutiny or just wants solitude for these few creative facets of her self but I am clearly not supposed to be a part of these things. There are no activities that she savors that I can enjoy with her, and I feel that absence. The activities I love are things she is aware of, but she doesn't do those things very often, and I feel that absence as well. We end up streaming shows that we can both enjoy and sitting in a cuddly fashion on the loveseat with the dog. That and going out to eat pretty much encompasses the activities we share, and its pretty bland.
Another huge gulf between us is just a contrast in our natures. I am a solid extrovert and she is a pronounced introvert. Once a month, I host a group of friends to play tabletop games, enjoy some adult beverages and such, listen to music. . .very chill. She shuts herself into the master bedroom and does not participate. I play the role of host for a gaming meetup at the local game store; she has never once come to join us. Her friends invite her to do things and she participates very sporadically. Her introverted nature has sometimes put a wet blanket on plans I might want to have. My monthly gaming sessions at one point involved a friend of many years driving from two hours away and for a while, she wouldn't let him sleep over and instead expected him to stay in an AirBnB situation. Her sensitivity to social contact is pronounced enough that recently, when she had to have brunch on Saturday morning, a graduation party on Saturday afternoon and then a family gathering with my people on Sunday afternoon, this was too much for her to cope with and she took the following Monday off. In typing this up, it occurs to me that her social aversion may have become more pronounced over the years.
Finally, there is the ways that she holds me away in some contexts. In every home we have shared, I have been encouraged to use another bathroom that is not the master, leaving the master for her exclusive use. She seems to want to have her own spaces for things. She has always had a sanctuary room that she can retreat to that I do not have any influence on, which is fine. I have also generally had a space for my computing and gaming hobbies, however those were shared spaces in the past when we couldn't afford a big enough space for everyone. There is a portion of our kitchen that she expects to be for her exclusive use. In talking to her about this part of our lives, I have recently discovered that her feeling is that in places in the house where our clutter is mixed, even if her things are there, she doesn't feel welcome there. She appears to only feel comfortable using spaces that are "safe" and exclusive for her use. We have stopped sharing a bed, which really bothers me but, to be fair, I have restless leg syndrome and a CPAP device so my nocturnal situation is not truly accomodating. However, along with the other ways she holds me away, it just adds to that feeling.
I'm going to be fifty in January. To be clear: there is no other person in the picture on my end. I really don't want to be looking for a new partner at fifty. But I also really don't want to stay in a sexless marriage with someone who holds me at arm's length and shares so little with me. Again, and I can't stress this enough, for companionship and friendship, we are 100% aces. When it is just the two of us, we communicate openly and well about almost everything (except sex, obviously). But I want someone who wants me, passionately and openly. I want someone who can share the things I truly love willingly and draw pleasure from them, as well as invite me into their own emotional and meaningful episodes that we can share. As I have said, I can keep her satsified in our marriage just by trying and I'm certain I can do it indefinitely. But there will be broad categories that I will be unsatisfied in and I find myself having to decide if I want to keep myself in a marriage that is missing so much, or make the change and find myself adrift as I approach my later years. It's a shit choice, really. I think that if she started delivering passion and enthusiasm for our sex life and shared some interests with me, I could maybe get around the rest of it.
Am I being unreasonable in thinking these things that I feel are missing are important?
Are these absences meaningful enough that I should seek a new partner at my age?
How much does it suck to date at 50?
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2023.06.09 05:31 One_Cantaloupe8843 I faked DID, and I'm starting to come clean. AMA.

I know that's a hefty title, which is exactly why I'm using a throwaway to talk about this. I'd like to say I fully reconigize why it was messed up, and I am trying to stop. When I started, I was young and incredibly immature, but it is a tricky web to escape. I'm going to explain why I did it, how I started, and more stuff along those lines. You're welcome to ask any kind of question after reading the post. It'll be a bit long, but bear with me.
Here's a bit of backstory on how it started: When I was younger, maybe 11 or so, I went to a pysch ward for the first time. I was too young to be considered an adolescent but seemingly mature enough to the doctors to avoid being put with the "little kids" immediately. (I'm also pretty sure there just weren't enough beds in the younger kids' ward at the time, seeing as I was moved there later on in my stay.) But initially, I got moved to the adolescent ward, so mostly 15-17 year olds. There was someone else at the ward, we'll call them V, for the sake of anonymity. They were 15, and they were into the same webseries as me, at the time, and with that one little fact, we bonded really quickly. The webseries in question is about one guy discussing his real-life problems with different sides of himself, Logic, Anxiety, Morality, etc, all with unique outfits to go along with it. I was obsessed with the idea of splitting oneself off and talking to themselves, and so was V. V took it a step further, saying that they had DID. And me, being the naive child I was, went along with it.
The thing was; V did NOT have DID. They had incredibly exaggerated version, fantasy-based and completely melded to their will, and that was my template for it. I faked it to go along with them, to make them feel more comfortable, and what they were faking was FAR from accurate DID. (I'm happy to provide details upon request, but all you really need to know is they said alters could "move across systems." I really hope you catch my drift on how bad it was.) Me and V ended up exchanging contact info (which you should NEVER do at a ward, fyi), and we talked outside of it when we both were released. V and I kept faking this together, for months. It almost became like a narrative fantasy piece, it was so unrealistic. I ended up joining a few servers online for DID/OSDD, and met people who actually had it, leading my perception of it to change drastically. I realized that what I was faking was incredibly inaccurate, and changed up the way I was doing it. I became more educated, and my faking became more realistic. After eventually cutting ties with V a whole year and a half later, I didn't stop faking it. I'd become close with people on these servers and I'd learned a lot about it, and at that point, didn't want to stop.
I'd started incorperating it into my real life, telling people I got close to that I was a system. I learned all about going limp to fake a switch, doing different voices, etc. I went as far to tell my doctors I was a system after being admitted to a different ward. (Hell, I got medically reconigized and set up for diagnostic testing, and it was all fake.) Even now, there are people in my life that still believe I am a system. I think only my therapist, my girlfriend, and a mutual friend of ours actually know that I am not.
I think it started becoming incredibly entertaining once I learned how to do it properly, which is FUCKED, and I realize that. That's why I'm trying to come clean about it, tell more people, but it's very difficult when it's become so incredibly ingrained with my personality as a whole. That's a topic for another post, though.
I thought I'd post the story here if anybody wanted to ask any questions on why I did it or how it worked, the like. I ask that you don't use anything said in this post to harrass people with DID/OSDD, even if you suspect they're faking. I'm just hear to spew my story, not attack anybody elses.
Thanks for reading all this, and go forth.
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2023.06.09 05:31 Turbulent_Dare5917 Did I Just Fracture My Penis ?

Im 17yo . Today tossing around the bed , i hit my morning wood on the bed and felt pain , i dont remember if i heard a pop . but i ignored it . i only feel pain if my penis presses againist something . i can get erections but my penis bends 90° upwards . I have no bruising or anything .
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2023.06.09 05:31 Quick_Problem9687 "Minecraft Mastery: Test Your Knowledge with 30 Trivia Questions!"

Sure! Here are 30 questions about Minecraft:

  1. What is the primary objective of Minecraft?
  2. What are the different game modes available in Minecraft?
  3. What is the name of the main character in Minecraft?
  4. How do you gather resources in the game?
  5. What is the purpose of crafting tables in Minecraft?
  6. Name three hostile mobs in Minecraft.
  7. What is the maximum level of enchantment in Minecraft?
  8. How do you create a Nether portal?
  9. What is the purpose of Redstone in Minecraft?
  10. What is the name of the dimension where the Ender Dragon resides?
  11. Name three types of biomes in Minecraft.
  12. How do you tame a wolf in Minecraft?
  13. What is the rarest ore in the game?
  14. How do you brew a potion in Minecraft?
  15. Name three types of trees found in Minecraft.
  16. What happens when you defeat the Ender Dragon?
  17. How do you create a map in Minecraft?
  18. What are the different types of villagers you can encounter?
  19. How do you create an iron golem in Minecraft?
  20. What is the name of the boss mob found in ocean monuments?
  21. Name three decorative blocks in Minecraft.
  22. How do you create an enchanting table?
  23. What are the different modes of transportation in Minecraft?
  24. How do you make a bed in Minecraft?
  25. What is the purpose of a beacon in Minecraft?
  26. Name three types of food you can find or create in Minecraft.
  27. How do you make a cake in Minecraft?
  28. What is the maximum height limit in the game?
  29. How do you create a shield in Minecraft?
  30. Name three different types of armor available in the game.

Feel free to answer as many questions as you like!
Certainly! Here are the answers to the 30 Minecraft questions:

  1. The primary objective of Minecraft is to survive and thrive in an open-world environment by gathering resources, exploring, crafting, and building.
  2. The different game modes available in Minecraft are Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, and Hardcore.
  3. The main character in Minecraft is simply known as "Steve" or "Alex," depending on the chosen skin.
  4. Resources in Minecraft can be gathered by mining blocks, chopping down trees, killing animals, and exploring underground caves.
  5. Crafting tables in Minecraft are used to craft more advanced items and tools by combining different resources.
  6. Three hostile mobs in Minecraft are zombies, skeletons, and creepers.
  7. The maximum level of enchantment in Minecraft is level 30.
  8. To create a Nether portal, you need obsidian blocks arranged in a rectangular shape of at least 4 blocks tall and 5 blocks wide, then light it with a flint and steel.
  9. Redstone in Minecraft is a mineral-like material that can transmit power and be used for creating complex redstone contraptions and mechanisms.
  10. The dimension where the Ender Dragon resides is called "The End."
  11. Three types of biomes in Minecraft are forest, desert, and ocean.
  12. To tame a wolf in Minecraft, you can give it bones until it becomes friendly and its collar turns red.
  13. The rarest ore in the game is the "emerald ore."
  14. To brew a potion in Minecraft, you need a brewing stand, water bottles, and various ingredients such as Nether wart, blaze powder, and different types of herbs.
  15. Three types of trees found in Minecraft are oak, spruce, and birch.
  16. When you defeat the Ender Dragon, you trigger an end cinematic and gain access to the End cities and the ability to collect dragon egg as a trophy.
  17. To create a map in Minecraft, you need a compass and paper. The compass is placed in the center of the crafting table surrounded by paper.
  18. The different types of villagers you can encounter include farmers, librarians, blacksmiths, butchers, and clerics, among others.
  19. To create an iron golem in Minecraft, you need four blocks of iron arranged in a "T" shape and place a pumpkin or jack o' lantern on top as the head.
  20. The boss mob found in ocean monuments is called the "Elder Guardian."
  21. Three decorative blocks in Minecraft are paintings, flower pots, and carpets.
  22. To create an enchanting table, you need obsidian blocks, a book, and diamonds. The setup includes placing the obsidian blocks in a U-shape and the book in the center.
  23. The different modes of transportation in Minecraft include walking, running, swimming, riding horses or boats, using minecarts, and flying with Elytra.
  24. To make a bed in Minecraft, you need three blocks of wool and three wooden planks. The wool is arranged in a horizontal line at the top, and the wooden planks are placed below each wool block.
  25. The purpose of a beacon in Minecraft is to provide a buff to nearby players, granting special abilities such as increased speed, strength, and regeneration.
  26. Three types of food you can find or create in Minecraft are steak, bread, and pumpkin pie.
  27. To make a cake in Minecraft, you need three buckets of milk, two sugar, one egg, and three wheat. The ingredients are arranged in a specific pattern on the crafting table.
  28. The maximum height limit in Minecraft is 256 blocks from bedrock to the sky limit.
  29. To create a shield in Minecraft, try this minecraft hacks
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2023.06.09 05:31 wakuwaku_2023 Bottom Line is

AKILL: Sh*t scared after Mohanlal mentioned Vanitha commission for "sughipikkal" remark and is now tryin hard to make amends with Shobha. Looks Cringey AF.
SHOBWA: A sore loser as proved by the prank BB played. No sportsperson spirit. Really makes you wonder, how selfish is she. Carries too much hate. Pure Visham.
KOZHI Shu Shu: Mooparku paper reading habits kurachu kurava or else he would not have made up that stupid story of wearing army cloths, walking in LOC disguised as an Army person, lub story with Sana(what the feck was that). Talliko Aniya..Talliko...but onnu payiye.. this is also the best content for A10 to prove he deserves his Lt. col position in territorial Army. Hope he questions these bogus claims. Illegil Superstar Saroj cinema il kannichadth anne satyam.
RAPPER RINO: I mean, you feel bad for his fans. Today, tomorrow, within next few days he will take Marrar's case enne okke parayan tudagitu kurachu Kalam ayyi. Just one shot by Vishnu and the guy got badly triggered. Asking Marrar and rest to face him head on and then when Marrar came to talk, he hid inside his blanket. Kashtam. Well, the guy is lucky, even though he doesn't do much(being nice here, he does absolutely nothing), his fans are deligent as ever and support him. We all Need that kind of fan base. Nothing but respect for his fans.
JUNOICE: I have not seen propoganda newspapers and channels whitewashing their people as much as JUNOICE ikka does for the person he is supporting. Marana support. Somewhere along the line if you think about it, he has always been a classic 3rd wheel. Sagar-Cerena...mooparu was third wheel. When they starting makin content together, ikka was left out. Now it's Shushu and Rino in one bed kushu kushu ing and ikka tryin to wade his head in. A classic 3rd wheel.
Cerena, Renesha, Nadira, Vishnu, Shiju: They're having most fun. Not being particularly targeted by anyone and yet they can Target all. Vishnu is currently playing a anti hero, hope he doesn't turn into a bully. Rest are havin fun.
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2023.06.09 05:30 CaliforniaCynthia How lesbianism was drilled out of me growing up in the 80s

It's hard to understand just how homophobic American society was in the 80s without living through it. There were no LGBT people on mainstream TV. Nobody in our city was out publicly. Reactions to "coming out" ranged from disgust to violence. Most people didn't even know it was possible to like the same gender without being perverted, or that gays could have wholesome and genuine love. It was even worse for gay men than lesbians, because of AIDS everybody thought they had a disease and could spread death to any straight person they touched. Education on AIDS was minimal and millions of LGBT people died from it because nobody cared, least of all our president Ronald Reagan who let the disease run unchecked.
There was a guy at my college who was caught kissing another guy in 1987, he was expelled right away and had his was dorm trashed and things ripped apart, then he was charged for the damage. At 30 that was my only one and only experience meeting an LGBT person. I regret to admit that at the time my thoughts were "well he did do the gay, that's pretty bad, but he didn't deserve to get kicked out for it."
The signs that I was a lesbian were there but I never remembered, because it was all beaten out of me when I was too little to remember. When I was 5 years old I had this weird obsession with a movie I had never seen called "The Love Garden" just because I overheard somebody on the way home from school saying that two women kissed in it. My dad told me that "girls don't kiss girls" and that the movie was made by a "very sick person".
And my mom admitted that when I was 7 years old I tried making two dolls kiss and she smacked me with a mallet and sent me to bed without dinner. She said "if I ever tried anything like that again the Devil would come into the house and take me away to a place full of fire". So by the time I was 10 or 11 the idea that a girl could like a girl was totally unfathomable. I didn't even remember why exactly, just that it was not a thing that was possible.
There was a real yearbook quote from a guy I went to high school with in 1984 when I graduated that said "Couldn't get the girl of my dreams, but at least I'm not a f*ggot." Yes a slur written out in full, approved by the yearbook committee and the school. I never even thought about it until I was going through the book after I had changed my views on LGBT people sometime in the 2000s and I was like what the fuck.
My parents have changed their views today but they were caught in the same cycle of being raised on homophobia by their parents. They are really happy that I've come to term with myself, because I seem so much happier.
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2023.06.09 05:30 Davess_World2019 Hagwon Blacklist Toyko John's Blacklist Site

After 4 years, these get deleted at Toyko John's Blacklist Site, but before they do, here is a "who's who" of Hagwons who made the list, posted in chronological order from January 1, 2016 ~ Jan 6. 2023.
See a list of blacklisted schools posted on this site here.
As a bonus, if you want to know what was posted about a hagwon, I have copied every comment from Toyko Jon into a Microsoft Word file. If you want to retrieve it from the memory hole, send me a message and I send you the complete complaint. *Some I have failed to copy before they were removed.
Memory Hole
*NOTE: Although some of these will be dated, by a couple of years in some cases, my experience is, "People rotate in and out of jobs, but cultures don't change." Koreans stay on he job for years, not rotate through like foreigners do.
Learn about toxic cultures and human behavior with animation: THE MONKEY/STEPLADDER EXPERIMENT
Continued here.
RISE Mapo-gu Campus Jan 6. 2023
AHEV (Ansan Hwajeong English Village) Dec 31. 2022
PEAI Daechi/Seocho and iSpeak Dec 22. 2022
IYA Skola/ Hillside Collegiate (Wirye) Dec 12. 2022
Altiora-gangseo/SLS Dec. 7. 2022
Bucheon Rise Dec 4. 2022
Poly-Eunpyung gu Campus Nov 30. 2022
American Stem Prep Nov 29. 2022
Plum Academy/ FTK / FTK Jamwon Nov 22. 2022
Sequoia Hagwon Jeju Nov 21. 2022
Cheongshim Language Institute in Bucheon Nov 18. 2022
St Paul American Scholars, Gwangyo Branch Nov 5. 2022
Pinewood, Misa, Hanam,Gyeonggido Oct 31. 2022
YBM ECC Gimpo Oct 31. 2022
POLY, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul Oct 27. 2022
Global kids Korea haeundae Busan Oct 19. 2022
Hillside Collegiate Songdo Oct 16. 2022
Walnut Global Education, Seoul Oct 14. 2022
GBA Academy or Dream I Kindergarden, in Goyang Oct 12. 2022
TCIS (Thinking Christian International School) Sep 3. 2022
Sage's English Academy (SEA) Sep 9. 2022
Chungdahm Learning aka Creverse Sep 17. 2022
ComoBlanc/ Dreamberry Sep 22. 2022
Worwick Franklin Institute, Ok-dong, Ulsan Aug 21.2022
JM Academy in Seoul Aug 20.2022
JM Academy in Seoul Aug 15.2022
Spol English Institute Gimhae, Oxford Academy Gyerong, Eunbit Kindergarten Ansan, EiE Korea Hwaseong Aug 11.2022
Little Fox English Academy Hyeokshindoshi and Wansan in Jeonju Aug 9. 2022
FTK Songdo Branch Aug 7. 2022
ReadingStar International Aug 4.2022
FTK English East Pangyo, Bundang, Seongnam Aug 1. 2022
Lion English, Gajwa, Seoul Jul 28.2022
Milestone Institute Seocho Branch Jul 26.2022
Gwanak SLP and DYB Choi-sun Sangdo Jul 26.2022
ILS JEJU Jul 25.2022
CLS- Children's Language Academy Jul 19.2022
Welltain Christian International School (WCIS) in Cheong-na Jul 19.2022
Geniplus in Seocho Jul 16.2022
ELL Academy, Incheon Jul 15.2022
Bibakids Jul 7.2022
Infocus English Academy in Wonju, South Korea Jun 28.2022
Bay Hills International Language Institute Jun 24.2022
Altiora EDS and English Revolution Hagwon in Gwangmyeong Jul 1, 2022
DAKS Language Academy Gwangmyeong Campus Jul 1, 2022
Simson Bibakids Jun 29, 2022
Bay Hills International Language Institute Jun 28, 2022
Evening Class/Kids Class, Pyeongtaek Jun 27, 2022
Ian School, GLITT, Children's Musical Company Jun 24, 2022
YBM ECC Dongnae Jun 16, 2022
YBM ECC Dongnae, Busan Jun 16, 2022
American Stem Prep Jun 4, 2022
DOCS Language Academy in Gwangmyeong Jun 4, 2022
SLP and DYB Cheonan May 29,2022
GE English Academy in Ilsan May 22, 2022
DUX Literature Academy, Daechi May 17, 2022
EASM Academy- Changwon May 17. 2022
ComoBlanc / DreamBerry - Songdo May 17, 2022
SLP Ulsan Namgu May 16, 2022
Edupro Haba in Songpa-gu May 12, 2022
Wonderland Kindergarten, Jukjeon, Daegu May 12, 2022
YBM ECC Dongnae May 11, 2022
Gimpo Sau/Janggi Chungdahm May 11, 2022
Docs Academy in Gwangmyeong May 8, 2022
YMB ECC Dongdaemun May 6, 2022
DOCS Academy Beagot – Siheung May 4, 2022
FTK Bucheon May 3, 2022
Cheonan SLP May 2, 2022
Wizville Langauge Institut May 2, 2022
Hillside Collegiate/Iya Skola in Songdo Incheon Apr 20, 2022
Prairie English Academy in Gimpo Apr 20, 2022
DOCS Academy, Siheung Apr 15, 2022
Frage English Institute, Suseong-gu, Daegu
Jamsil C-GATE
Cheongna SLP in Seogu, Incheon
KidsWiz in Nowon
DOCS academy baegot in siheung
Jungchul language Institute Cheongju-si
EOS Wingsly School, Yeongtong, Suwon, South Korea
Maplebear Gimpo
Iya Skola Ulsan
Francis Parker Collegiate in Bundang
HABA League Academy in Anyang
JK English Academy, Jinhae
FTK GuriDasan branch
Ilsan POLY
EASM Language Institute - Changwon, Gyeongsangnamdo
JM English
Welcome World English in Suwon
American Stem Prep Aspk/aspj in Yongin
Singapore International School - Gwangju
Gangnam English Academy (GEA) in Sinsa-Dong
JM Academy
Dongah Institute/Yongin
Children's Musical Company, Ian School, GLITT
Kid's College Suseong Daegu
RISE Yeouido
Avalon English
The GENIUS Academy in DAEGU
Milestone Institute Seocho branch
Ballet Model in Gangnam
Milestone Institute in Daechi, Seoul
Dux in Daechi
Rise Bundang
Miller English School - Hwa-jeong, Goyang-si
SOT (School of Tomorrow) Gwanakgu campus
JM Academy in Seoul
SLP Ulsan Nam-gu branch
Wizville Language Institute in Yeonhui-dong Seodaemun
The Genius Academy in Daegu
EiE Yeoju
SLP Uijeoungbu
Little Fox Daechi in Gangnam, Seoul
SLP Ansan
SLP Yeongdeungpo
Avalon English, Yeongtong
DOCS School Gwangmyeong
Little America
ECC Gwangsan, Gwangju
NamDongtan ECC
Bucheon POLY
L Bridge or L khan, or U2m school located in Hwaseong or Dongtan 2
CL Education Pyeongchon
MICA International Scholars, Yongin
Milestone Institute Seocho
Kingspledu, Jeju
WCK English Academy
Avalon English Yongsan-gu
BNK Academy Nowon-gu
RISE Pyeongchon
Sejong igarten
Ballet and Model in Gangnam
Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village (Yueungjin University)
Nooree Education, Daegu, Korea
Francis Parker Collegiate branch in Haeundae, Busan
Icare hagwon in Seogwipo
Cheonan Buldang Altiora
Dongah Institute/ Yongin
Red Wagon English School in Bundang
MLC formerly known as Maplebear Sejong Campus
Ecole d'art Language Institute - Changwon, Gyeongsangnamdo
JB (Jeongbal) Poly
Winny Winny Wonheung, Goyany.
Gangnam English Academy
PEEC pyeongtaek English Education Center
YLC (Yulgok Language Center) in Gimcheon.
Samhyook Elementary School- Wonju South Korea.
Kangnam Pride Institute in Gangdong-gu, Seoul
American Stem Prep - Formerly St. Paul Kinder
YMB ECC Dongdaemun
Altiora Jeju / WeGrow Academy
DOCS in Gwangmyeong
Wizville Yeonhui-dong
POLY Gwangmyeong
Poly in Haeundae, Busan
BNK (Banana Kids) Nowon
Gangnam English Academy (GEA)
EASM academy in Changwon
Little Fox Centum in Busan
KINGSPLEDU English Kindergarten, Jeju
Cheongshim based in Bucheon
YBM C-GATE in Apgujeong
JP English School
Badasoop English Village, Sejong City
Chungdahm- Mokdong 2 Campus
BCIS Education Paju
FastONE GangnamSeoul, South Korea
Banana Kids School in Uijeongbu, South Korea
CIS (Canada International School) Uijeongbu
JM English in Songpa
Cheonan SLP
VIS English in Yeouido. AKA Little Socie in Yeouido
Poly Seodaemun campus
Rise schools, Wirye Campus
Daejeon Worwick
Bay Hills Reggio Emilia International English Academy
YBM ECC Seongbuk
Little Fox Deungchon school
Global Kids Korea, Busan
SEED International School
Badasoop English Village. Sejeong city
JLS Academy (Seosan-Si)
SLP Jeonju-si oppisite Emart
SPEP/The Princeton Review/In Times In
April/Chungdham in Suwon (jeongjadong)
Bucheon Sunny School
TKLeaders English, Busan
Seodaemun Poly
Milestone Institute (MI)
Altoria in Jamsil
Oxford Language School in Cheongju
Kids College Walker Hill Guuu
Maple Bear Pyeongchon
Fast one and Dux academy
YBM Seoul (Adult Division)
Chungdahm CDI April Ulsan Branch
YBM Adult division
TASK English in Cheonan, Chungnam
Sejong Poly
JM English Academy in Songpa
MPoly Dongnae, Busan
Hanseo University
RISE Yeouido
Iya skola, Seoul
Little River Day School
GSI Cheongna and GSI Ilsan (Global Standard English Institute)
Feinschule, Gyeyang-gu (near jakjeon), Incheon
Sahm Yook Elementary School
ILCE (I Love Clover English), Daejeon, South Korea
R&R English Academy Gwangyang Jeollanamdo
Winnie Education, Ilsan
Gyeyang Global Language Center in Incheon
ARA in Jeonju
Apgujeong GATE
Seocho SLP
Gyeongsang National University (GNU), City of Jinju
Masan Poly Korea School
Cheonggu Ehwa
POLY Cheongna Campus
Ara Academy, Jeonju, South Korea
Kids Club in Yeonje-gu Busan
Norian School in Dunggu Usan
FASTONE ENGLISH (Gwanghwamoon)
Singapore International School - Gwangju
Lighthouse International School, Ilsan
Wizville Yeonhui-dong
Big Heart Christian School
MPOLY - Seo-gu, Daejeon
Thinking Child School (TCS) in Busan
Gyeyang Global Language Center. Incheon, Gyeyanggu
Little scholar academy
Incheon English Village(ICEV)
Multicampus Education Co
Paedea Plus
GE English Academy in Ilsan
Gyeyang Global Language Center. Incheon
One By One in Apgujeong, Seoul
Suwon campus - DYB Choisun
Dux Apgujeong
MICA International School (not an accredited international school)
POLY Bucheon
Geumho Little Fox Language Center Jeonju
Avalon English Academy - Mokpo Campus
N.IVY, Daegu, in Dalseogu
GRAPE, Daegu, Suseongu
Jones International Christian Studies
Suwon Global Village
ECC Bukgu Daegu
Future Education, Seoul
ING English in Wirye/Hanam/Seongnam
English Book Ladder - Joengja Bundang v
ILS in Hanam city
Songdo International Kindergarten
Guro Wonderland Language Institute
Creative Children's Learning Center, in Seoul
Inje English Village
Avalon, Suji
Jungchul Seochang Campus
Little America Academy in Gimpo
SPEP: QUICK FACTS Speaking Proficiency Enhancement Program, Apgujeong, Seoul
CDI Gimhae Jangyu branch
Grace Academy in Migeum
CDI/ Chungdham Sangin, Daegu
CIS/NAIS/Canada International School- Uijeongbu
EIE/IBC English Town in Daegu
Gangnam English Academy in Sinsa-dong, Seoul
Korea POLY School Suwon Campus
Kids Club Willy Campus
Paedeaplus Icheon
Chungdahm Institute Yeongtong
DUKE English Literature Academy Daechi
iChristmas Korea in Seocho-gu
CDI Songdo Branch
Avalon Yongin campus
Gwangmyeong SLP
Kids College Pyeongtaek
Elan Preparatory in Mokdong
Poly Mokdong campus, Seoul
Jungchul English Academy Geoje
CDI Chungdahm Daejeon Review
Chungdahm Learning (CDI) Incheon Cheongna Branch
Gangnam English Academy (GEA), Apgujeong
LIA Seocho
Wingsturn Kindergarten/Academy near Sindang
Norian Kindergarten, Dong-gu, Ulsan
Korea Christian International School, Yeong-deung dong
Jung Chul academy
Redwagon Academy
English Book Ladder, near Jeongja
Roy's English Academy in Songjeong-dong, Gumi
Mapo Youth CenteKEST
Hwajeong POLY
TOPLY English Institute, Bucheon
Junggye POLY
Daegu Chungdahm/April
SLP Gwanak-Gu
JC English School in Jecheon
Pyeongtaek English Education Centre
Lighthouse English Center, Hagwi
SOT (school of tomorrow) in Seocho
Global Aviation college
English Kindergarten, just outside Migeum & Dongcheong-dong in Bundang/Suji
5 Touch Language in Giheung, Yongin
Triple A English Academy near Seohyeon Station in Bundang
Worwick Franklin Institute - Wirye (New town/ Shindoshi)
Kaylee English School in Cheonan
SPEP/One-Stop Prep, Based Out of Gangnam in Seoul
Bambini Edu in Songpa
Avalon, Tae Jon Dong, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do
Worwik franklin institute Ulsan
Gimpo POLY, Seoul
Songdo International Language Center (SILC) in Songdo, Incheon
Nagwon Feinschule Hagwon in Bonseon-dong in Nam-gu, Gwangju
Dr.Jung E Class - Gwangjin-Gu Branch v
Gyeongsang National University
Dongtan kids College
Daegu, Sangin April/CDI
iSponge branch located in Geomdan Sageori
Jungchul Academy, Cheolsan Dong, Gwangmyeong
Banana Kids school, Uijeongbu, South Korea
SLP Jungnang
Evine (Junggye-dong branch in Nowon-gu).
Brain Talk English Academy, Mokpo/Namak
Dongrae Yonje SLP in Sajik, Busan
I-garten in Cheongdahm
Kim & Lee Language Institute in Suwon
International Language School (ILS), Bongdam-eup
Talkster Waegook Hagwon in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do
Aphabet Street School in seoho
Edu Pro in Bangi Dong
JLEE Preparatory, Bundang area
GrapeTree Academy/GrapeTree English Learning Center, Gangdong gu, Gildong, Seoul
Chungdahm Institute I-Garten (formally IDEA KIDS ASSETS) Cheongdam, Seoul
KJC21 hagwon, Jangyu, Gimhae
Bono language world- Gumi, Okgye-dong
Chungdahm Institute in Uijeongbu
International Life Long Learning Center in Yeonsu-Dong, Incheon
Prime Academy (Prime Junior) in Yeonhui-dong, Seoul
Noumena Education Initiative - Gangnam, Seoul
Cambridge Institute in Gangnam
Pagoda, Gangnam Branch
NY English Studio, Haehwa-dong, Seoul
Jin Myung Language School, inside the Jin Myung Fitness Center, Jakjeon, Incheon
BPA (Best Prep Academy) near Jeongja station in Bundang, Korea
Berkeley Language School, Haeundae, Busan
Sogang Language Program (SLP) in Songpa Gu
Pagoda Junior Hwajeong
Yeonsei language school Gumi
Genesis English Academy, Ilsan
Avalon/Langcon Academy in Pyeongtaek
Wiz Island - Janghanpyeong / Dongdaemun Branch
PalsLab Hagwon in Yeontong-gu, Suwon-si
Boramae UBestA Language School/ UBestA Language Institute in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Youngseon Middle School in Jeollabuk-do
Maple Bear Songpa or Maple Bear Bundang
Global Tesol
SLP's Hwajeong branch
YBM ECC Suseong-gu Daegu
Miracle Academy, Suseong-gu, Daegu
KDLP Korean Dual-Language Program, Gimhae South Korea
Dongnae Yeonje Gu SLP (Seogang Language program) in Busan
ESL Academy in Yeonsu-dong, Chungju (aka FTK ESL Academy, Chungju)
BaeUm Kids English Village, Haan dong, Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi do
Best Prep Academy (BPA) in Jeongja
JungChul English Academy, Palyong-dong, Changwon
CCLE (Canadian Cultural Language Experience)
Jeongja Worwick Franklin Institute, Jeongja
Chungdahm and CDI April Gwangmyoung, Cheolsan Station
Geumjeong Corem in Busan
Namcheon Eastern English Academy in Busan
LOTIS, Leaders of Tomorrow International School in Jamsil
UACE International Language Institute, Suji
Woosong University in Daejeon, South Korea
Kings Kids English Academy in Gangnam and Songpa
Wonderland in Hyangnam, near Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
World Prep School in Geoje
Seoil Foreign Language Institute in Yullyang-dong Sangdang-gu (Cheongju, Chungbuk)
E. Bo Young Talking Club, Chungju
Advanced Junior English in Bundang
SLP Dongnae in Busan
TLBU GLOBAL school in goyang
MLS (My Language School), in Kyungsung University area, Busan
JC English academy in jecheon South Korea
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2023.06.09 05:30 ogreatgames Parasite Eve 2: End The Outbreak - PS1 Game

![video](mcmwl1v6aj591 " Players will take the role of Aya Brea and search to end the outbreak. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! ")
#playstation #rpg #survival --
Parasite Eve 2 For Sony PlayStation 1. Looking for a video game that will give some thrills and chills? Parasite Eve 2 is an action role-playing survival horror video game that could creep you out. The game features an iconic character named Aya Brea who is on a mission of ending the Neo Mitochondrion Infestation. Aya, the in-game character, can carry a limited amount of weapons and ammunition throughout the game. Parasite Eve is such a promising game with its outstanding storyline and sinister twist. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.09 05:30 corncobsammy [H] Games [W] Mortal Shell, Blade of Darkness, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition, Syberia: The World Before, Ghostrunner, Superliminal, Lone Fungus, Mega Man 11, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
12 is Better Than 6
A Case of Distrust
ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery)
AI War 2
Aegis Defernders
Aliens vs. Predator Collection
Almost There: The Platformer
Ara Fell
Aven Colony
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock
Between the Stars
Beyond the Wire
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Blade Assault
Bleed 2
Book of Demons
Boomerang Fu
Boreal Blade
Capitalism 2
Chroma Squad
Circuit Breakers
Cities in Motion 2
Colt Canyon
Command & Conquer Remastered Collection
Crazy Pixel Streaker
Cyber Hook
Dark Future: Blood Red States
Dead Effect
Dead In Bermuda
Dead In Vinland
Deadly Days
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
Desert Child
Disciples: Liberation
Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Double Kick Heroes
Driftland: The Magic Revival
Dungeons 3
Epic Chef
Espire VR
Eternal Edge +
Evoland Legendary Edition
Fallout 1
Family Man
Farmer's Dynasty
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark
Final Exam
First Class Trouble
Five Dates
Fling to the Finish
Fluffy Horde
Forged Battalion
Founders' Fortune
Freaking Meatbags
Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard
Full Metal Furies
Full Throttle Remastered
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows
Genesis Noir
God's Trigger
Golf Gang
Good Robot
Grand Ages: Rome
Hard Reset Redux
Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?!
Hotshot Racing
I'm not a Monster
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
If Found...
In Other Waters
Infectonator: Survivors
Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
Iris and the Giant
Iron Harvest
Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth
Kill It With Fire
Kill the Bad Guy
Late Shift
Layers of Fear
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice
Mad Games Tycoon
Main Assembly
Midnight Protocol
Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp
Moving Out
Mr. Shifty
NAIRI: Tower of Shirin
NBA Playgrounds
Nether: Ressurected
Night Call
Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor
Not Tonight
Opus Magnum
Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You
Out of Space
Out of the Park Baseball 17
Override: Mech City Brawl
Pac-Man 256
Paradise Killer
Partisans 1941
Peaky Blinders: Mastermind
Pivot Pilot
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
Planet Alpha
Popup Dungeon
Project Winter
Punch Club
Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator
Raiden V: Director's Cut
Railroad Corporation
Railway Empire
Rapture Rejects
Rebel Cops
Regions of Ruin
Regular Human Basketball
Reverse Crawl
Running with Rifles
Sam & Max: Season 1
She Remembered Caterpillars
Shoppe Keep 2
Size Matters
Skulls of the Shogun
Spellcaster University
State of Mind
Still There
Sudden Strike Gold
Super Daryl Deluxe
Super Magbot
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality
Surviving the Aftermath
Sword Legacy Omen
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
Tabletop Playground
Tales of the Neon Sea
Telltale Texas Hold'em
The Adventure Pals
The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game
The Hex
The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante
The Shapeshifting Detective
The Shrouded Isle
The Spiral Scouts
The Wild Eight
This is the Police 2
Through the Darkest of Times
Total Tank Simulator
Tower of Time
Train Station Renovation
Undead Horde
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York
Vikings - Wolves of Midgard
Warstone TD
Weaving Tides
Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
White Noise 2
Wurm Unlimited
X-Morph: Defense
Yoku's Island Express
Zombie Night Terror
Zwei: The Arges Adventure
Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection
60 Parsecs!
8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure
Forward to the Sky
Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure
Love is Dead
Pool Panic
Super Cloudbuilt
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2023.06.09 05:29 Knicole616 I just need to rant

I feel like in the past week we’re more so friends then boyfriend girlfriend ,I no longer get the i made it to work and I barely got the I’m on the way home text anymore,if I don’t kiss he when he gets home or before bed I get nothing,no more see you soon text or response to I love you text,sex maybe once a week if I’m lucky,didn’t even get a good response to getting a tattoo he more so seemed annoyed that I got it,went from asking what we should do for my birthday and anniversary to not getting asked so im guessing we’re doing nothing ,the past week he gets home goes straight to the “bathroom” and then takes a shower,we no longer talk about the future his response to a friend asking about marriage was not for a long time fine what ever I just thought we had a plan and it’s looking like it’s not happening anymore ,oh and apparently he’s leaving for 2 months for work,so that means I’m stuck at home with the dog for 2 months ,all I got when I said that’s 2 months with either not seeing you or hardly seeing you is yeah but it’s more money (I don’t drive,have a job and I never finished high school because of my father and his stupid you will be homeschooled but I’m not working to pay for your schooling)
Know this is a mess and probably doesn’t make much sense,I also will randomly start to feel this why in may or June,same thing happened last year where I was doubting whether he loved me or still wanted to be with me
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2023.06.09 05:29 doors_2 Led Zeppelin giving their influences the credit

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2023.06.09 05:29 Lutinja Help me balance my BBEG

If you recognize my username and play in my group, stop reading now.
Hey everyone! So I'm in a bit of a pickle here and could really use some help! I'm a fairly new DM but ive read through both the PHB and DMG.
A while back i found this thread about a monster under the bed.\_monster\_under\_the\_bed\_a\_frightful\_fey\_packed/
I loved the theme and really wanted to work with it one day so i saved it and moved on with my life. Now recently in my first ever campaign im DM'ing we had two people interested in joining the group on a semi pemanent basis which would bring the PC count up to 7. Hefty number i know, a misstake i know., I'm getting to that hold on for a sec.
To introduce them to the group we decided to do a shorter adventure during the groups "downtime" between quests to introduce the new people to the group. Everyone was level 4 with the plan to reach lvl 5 after the day was saved. A perfect opportunity to save some kidnapped children and beat the monster under the bed i thought!
Anyhow, my first challenge was to pump up the CR of the bedmonster from 1 into something more apropriate, but how do you balance an encounter with 7 lvl 4s, cant be that hard i thought to myself. Off to Kobold fight club, find something apropriatly deadly since its a fight after a long rest. Add a dash of Fey based creature for the flavour. Autumn Eladrin seems like a good choice. CR10 with a medium difficulty.
The plan was to stop the monster from kidnapping a new child, the monster escapes, and then the group follows the monster into a well to save the quest child. Where they find a crying child, and run into the monster, slightly hurt from the previous scuffle. Enter the plottwist, the crying child turns into a second monster. Boom, Deadly fight. Very deadly fight. Boom, the group struggles but comes out on top in the end. Saves the children. Boom, the players are super satisfied with their achivement and that their grit and hard work payed off and they won a great victory. Boom, great session with great reviews of me. Everyone is happy.
Day of the adventure. The plothook sinks in deep, everyone is invested. They feel for the children. They end up at an orphanage where a child has already gone mising and a little 9 year old girl is putting on a brave face defending her adopted siblings from this monster with nothing but a wooden sword and a toy wolf. She pickpocketed gold from one of the adventurers a few days earlier to be able to equip all the kids with protective toys and wooden weapons. The girl is the monsters next target. The party has no idea what the monster is, all they know is that he has told the girl he is after her and that is enough for them to come for him. It's no longer about the money.
They all hide under blankets (Except the Goliath barbarian, they park his bum outside because he cant fit in a childs bed). While waiting they hear the monster taunt and try to lure Lily away from her blanket. He wants to play with her, give her candy, give her toys, the missing boy/brother misses her so much because she abandoned him, he calls for her in his sleep, he misses her so much that he cries every night. The table is shaking right now. Lily screams, everyone throws off their blankets in true super hero fashion witnessing Lily heroicially standing on her bed, wooden sword just dripping with the freshly cut smokey substance the monster is made of. By her side, her toy wolf Wilbur has grown in size and come alive, with buttons for eyes and yarn for fangs he growls at the monster while protecting Lily with his body. The monster, creaming in pain and reaching a panic from all the "grown ups" in the room.
Que an epic battle.
Monster statblock
Yeah nope. First on initiative, the wizard. Spawns a bloody Flaming Sphere right on top of the Monster, lighting him up and instantly discovering his weakness to light. Second on initative, the Goliath Path of the Giant Barbarian charges through the door like the Kool Aid man, frothing at the mouth with full rage on and grown to large size rushes the monster while screaming incoherent obscenitys and grapples the monster to the ground. The next two rounds concist of the barbarian pinning the monster to the ground while everyone else takes turns kicking the ever loving darkness out of him while the rest cheer them on.
The image is best portrayed by one white die surrounded by 6 black dice. Those who know they know. The monster did a total of 0 damage those two rounds. He took 116. I mean i know, action economy yadda yadda but jesus christ I did not expect this. This wasn't epic at all, it was a light warmup after breakfast. I made sure the damage output would be enough to down the casters in one hit and the tankier ones in two. With 2 attacks and the fear aura i was hoping to at least put some fear into them before skeddadling away with or without the poor child.
After the two rounds a few people had to run and we called it. The following 4 weeks were canceled due to scheduling conflicts before we gave up and went back to the original 5 players. Please help me make this a memorable experience.
This is the party as it stands
Path of the Giant Barbarian with GWM and dreams of becoming a Luchadore.
Banneret Fighter with 19 AC whose greatest joy is to hear my childlike waaaaaaaah as I miss.
Draconic Sorceror with 16 AC and Silvery Barbs ready to ruin every crit i get on the reckless barbarian.
Circle of the Moon druid who likes Bear form.
and finally a Evocation wizard who seems to always light things on fire by misstake.
So my plan right now is that the the wizards lights the orphanage on fire. Thats right, i prefer them to feel terrible over feeling bored. While everyone is trying to contain the fire she has started, again, the monster slips away.
Now, how the hell do i make this memorable. I have a few ideas.
1: Raise str or dex to escape grapple, possibly inherent disadvantage due to being actual darkness.
2: Give him a few lair actions when he retreats to his cave
- Summon smaller shadowmonsters to even out action economy. Im thinking kobold statblock or something similar with pack tactics so a few of them can take down the casters if left unattended
- An action that snuffs out all light sources
- Spellcasting once as a free action
3: Legendary actions
- Succeed a saving throw
- Envelop the room in darkness. Blind everyone and can only see him when adjacent for X turns. Can only be done once (Despite there being 2 of the monsters)
4: Make the lair cave larger with a few fights vs smaller shadowmonsters to drain the party of their resources.Twisted statues coming alive as crooked figures. Twisted paitings with deranged characters in them stepping out to attack the adventures. (I know this is the most reasonable choice but i would prefer not to make the lair a 3 session ordeal, and even then i would need your help to balance him)
5: Higher AC? Higher HP? Just prolong it long enough to get a few hits in and make them work for it?
6: Do nothing because there being 2 of them would be hard enough for 5 level 4 PC?
7: Base him off another monster entirely?
Please help me put the fear back into them =(
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