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2023.03.27 05:39 misstheineffable DAE feel like they space out during conversations and answering questions nobody asked?

is that a symptom or am I just a bad person? does this happen to you too? What can I do fix it?
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2023.03.27 05:38 SpicaWonder The end result of my aokzoe

Recently my aokzoe was sent to China after several hours of remote support and was diagnosed as needing repairs. Since it contains a battery, a certificate indicating that the battery is safe was also required, and it arrived at the headquarters after a few days. In conclusion, my aokzoe was judged to have a defective pcb board, and I received an email that it was replaced with a new pcb board. My friends who are experiencing the same reboot symptoms as me. It's not the game's problem. If there is no change even after BIOS update or factory reset, try remote support like me. And be sure to record video evidence. Then your aokzoe will be able to get repaired too. There may be mistakes because it's what people do, but it's just a pity that it was me. It took a long time, but I think the quality of service has improved slightly because of my case. Any questions please ask. I will give you an honest answer.
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2023.03.27 05:38 Key-Supermarket255 An Incident!

Once recently i meet an stranger and started an conversation with him, at a certain point i asked "what are do doing here" he said, "I am asking the same question my self from previous 30 years and can't get the satisfied answer" after couple of week he suicide.
What i can predict is that he is in depression or suffering some sort of mental problem.
I just want to know what could he be thinking?
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2023.03.27 05:37 ThinkThink23 Why Should I Love Myself: Follow Up

A few weeks ago I made this post as I was preparing for an EQ lesson. I wanted to post a follow up about what I prepared.
For that lesson I came up with a 4 step starting point for loving ourselves. This is what helps me when I am struggling to love myself, so I thought it might be worth sharing.
Step 1: Find an anchor point.
The point of this step is to focus on something that you really believe in and that helps anchor you in feeling the Spirit and God's love for you. It could be that you are a child of God, that Jesus died for you, reminding yourself you have divine potential, recalling a powerful spiritual experience, or a hymn that you find meaning in. Whatever you can find to anchor yourself spiritually and emotionally will work for step 1.
Step 2: Let go of intrusive thoughts.
Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts that can pop into our heads without warning, at any time. They're often repetitive – with the same kind of thought cropping up again and again – and they can be disturbing or even distressing. Trying to block or push down intrusive thoughts does not make them go away. Neither does trying to distract yourself from them with compulsive behavior. The key to dealing with intrusive thoughts is acknowledging and accepting them. Sometimes it is necessary to gently challenge them.
An example of an intrusive thought might be, "I am worthless." One way to handle this is to simply acknowledge the thought. Tell yourself, "that is just a thought, it can't cause me harm." Do not become upset about the thought or try to force it down. Just acknowledge it is there and accept it. Its just a thought. Over time, the thought will pass on its own if you don't feed it or invest energy in it. Sometimes it might be necessary to gently challenge the thought by saying something like, "That isn't true, its not consistent with what I believe. I know I have great worth to God. That is just a thought, it is not true." And that leads directly into step 3.
Step 3: Focus on viewing yourself the way God does.
What does God think about you? Well, the scriptures are full of answers to that question. In Moses 1, the Lord declares emphatically that your eternal life and exaltation are his entire work and glory. All he thinks about, speaks about, dreams about, plans for, hopes for, and longs for is your return. That is all he cares about. He is all in. He loves you so much, he is love. He is its embodiment. Of all the titles he has, the one he most prefers is the one defined by his relationship with you. Father. Believe he loves you, even if you can't feel it. Trust he is there and that he is making great plans for you.
Step 4: Envision a path forward.
Now we arrive at the last step. Try to think about the kind of person you want to be. And most importantly think about how you want to feel. If you are struggling to love yourself, you probably don't feel very great. So try to imagine what it would be like to feel better. What your life would be like. What you would be like. Then picture a path, and picture yourself taking a step down that path. Envision yourself walking down a path that leads to a future where you feel the way you want to. And where you are who you want to be.
That is just the start. The road to inner peace and self love is a difficult one. But it is one worth walking. For some, its harder than for others, and I don not know why. But you are worthy to walk it. And I think you should try. Because you are loved and you are needed.
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2023.03.27 05:35 Blueeyedmutation Wtf Men?!

I've commented about 14 time in the last 2 days. Nothing crazy, answering questions, telling my story. I've received at least 6 DMs from men. Mostly 1 Karma, 0 comments, account is less the a month old.
When I joined this forum I'd actually respond, I'm not nieve, I just like to be optimistic. Maybe one of the guys messaging me just wanted to chat or commiserate. Ended up the majority were just trying to get in my virtual pants.
I don't even acknowledge those type of DMs anymore, just hit ignore. You don't have an active account, nope.
They assume that because I'm in a DB I'm lonely, sex starved and so desperate that I'll jump at any interest from a man.
Well I may be lonely and sex starved, but I'm not fucken desperate. So you can fuck right off. DBs are more the just about getting off. I don't need anyone else to do that!
I'm sure some are thinking just turn off your DMs! NO, because I shouldn't have too. I also get messages from females in similar situations as mine and the rare man who actually!!! just wants to talk.
Do the men in this sub have to turn off their DMs? Or get messages from women trying to get in your virtual pants?
So, I say again WTF men?!
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2023.03.27 05:35 deletedladder How did you get into teaching?

I'm doing a faculty interview + Q/A session soon and figuring out how to describe my own story...I don't know why it's so challenging for me right now, but I hope to keep it mostly light-hearted and educational...maybe a few jokes in there would be good! Fortunately, there is a practice session before the actual livestream interview will take place.
One question I will be answering is: "What have been a few of the significant moments that shaped who you are and led you to teach at [university]?"
How would you answer this question? I think it would be helpful to see some examples from other folks!
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2023.03.27 05:35 throwaway81018101 Help getting out

I am married to a man with severe anger issues. He has not (yet) gotten physical with me, although he has raised his fist at me, like he was going to punch me. He has frequently destroyed property. One time he kicked in the front door and that was the only time that I called the police. We had to spend the night with the front door completely open and vulnerable to the world. I wish that I had ended everything then, but of course I gave him another chance. He always manipulates me by telling me that we are all he has and he will kill himself if he has to leave.
Everything sets him off, including traffic, a cross word from a stranger, any minor inconvenience, but it is only ever few weeks that he has a major explosion like he did tonight. He is impatient with my son (9M) but mostly with me. I feel scared to disagree with him, which is really hard to always censor myself. Tonight he had asked me a question about my schedule that he had asked (and I answered) about 3 times in the last day and I guess I kind of sighed or maybe looked annoyed. He then asked if I was irritated, and I said that it was a little irritating that he didn’t listen to me the first two times. We had just arrived home and he stormed off into the house, throwing the door closed in my face as I followed. When I stupidly said something about it, that set him off. What continued was a barrage of hateful yelling, including calling me a dumb b**h and a c*t, telling me he hated me. He broke a blind and kicked/broke our dog gate. Luckily my son was not here to witness this.
Nobody in my life would ever believe what I am dealing with at home. I have a professional job that I worked my whole life to attain. I think one of my biggest fears about leaving is what he might do to me in retaliation to cause me to lose my job. I was a single mom before I met him, and he has been in my son’s life since he was two. My son considers him his father, and I know it will devastate him but I also think it’s for the best in the long run.
My husband is a stay-at-home dad. He drives my son to and from school, which takes 3 hours a day. I’m also worried about taking over getting my son to school and don’t feel like I can move him closer as this school has been great for him.
I guess I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know how to prepare how to protect myself, because I’m worried that he will be even more dangerous if/when he finds out my intentions.
Thank you for your help.
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2023.03.27 05:34 trappedinthoughts13 Porch light won’t stay on unless inside light is on

Question that maybe someone has the answer to before I call in my brother in law (a licensed electrician but also a very busy guy). My porch light is on the same breaker as my front hallway light and my wired nest doorbell camera. I have had no issues with any of these fixtures in the 8 years I’ve lived here. The last week or so I’ve noticed that unless I have my front hall lights on, my porch light won’t stay on. My front hall lights are on a 3 way switch, my porch lights are a single switch. If my hall lights are on and I turn on my porch light, it comes on normal. If I then turn out my hall lights, my porch light will begin to fade out to very dim and then eventually will go out completely. If I turn the hall lights back on the porch light goes back to 100% full. Why would this start happening all of a sudden? Happy to provide more details if anyone needs them but will have to make the call of shame to him tomorrow no matter what, I just want to know what the issue is because he can be a bit dismissive of my concerns at times and I feel like he’s going to take forever to come out to see what’s up and I don’t know if this is potentially dangerous. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.27 05:34 Fantastic_Wallaby_46 Exam in 4 days. Not done with UWSAs!!!

Hello guys!! I appreciate if someone answer my question. My Step-1 is in 4 days. Planning to take NBME 29 tomorrow and Free-120 day after tomorrow. I DIDN'T take NBME 27,28,31 and UWSA 1&2.
My scores: Amboss- 206 (6 weeks out) NBME 25- 57% (4 weeks out) NBME 26- 64.5% (2 weeks out) NBME 30- 65% (1 week out)
What do you guys recommed??? Should I take atleast one NBME from 27/28/31?? Or Do anyone UWSA?? If I can choose any one test from the remaining NBMEs and only one UWSA, what would that be?? TIA
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2023.03.27 05:33 neon_batman 34 [M4F] Southern California- Disabled man looking for love

(First of all, you should know that I have a degenerative muscle disorder. Basically I have severe muscle weakness throughout my body and I use a power wheelchair to get around. I rely on caregivers for my daily needs.)
Hey there I’m Bobby! Here is a picture of me...https://imgur.com/a/YDij2lA
Dating apps are crap and I’ve found love on Reddit in the past so I’m back to find it again!
I’m very easygoing and really easy to talk to. I’m pretty reserved, I may seem shy at first but I just like to observe and listen before I speak(I don’t miss a thing!). Humor definitely keeps me going, I love to laugh and make others laugh. Anything from sarcastic remarks to cringey dad jokes, I love making others smile. I have been told that I am genuine, sweet and kind. My family is a big part of my life so family is very important to me. I live with them so I have plenty of love in my life, just not the romantic kind of love. I enjoy good food, good music and good company. I always try to keep a smile on my face and just keep on rollin(pun most definitely intended).
My Interests: I’m a huge sports fan. My favorite teams are the Padres, Chargers and Lakers(Bonus points if you enjoy watching sports!). FYI, I watch football every Sunday during the season. I love listening to music like Classic Rock and Alternative, mostly rock but I can appreciate most genres. Always up for new recommendations! Right now I’m really into a band called Wet Leg from the UK. Speaking of music I’m always down for a good concert. My favorite concerts I’ve attended have been The Eagles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Cage the Elephant, Zac Brown Band and AURORA. I watch all sorts of TV shows and movies. My favorite show of all time is Breaking Bad. Love the MCU! I’m also a big fan of Stand-up and comedy podcasts. Favorite Comedians: Tom Segura, Bert Kreischer, Andrew Schulz, Bobby Lee, Norm MacDonald, Mark Normand, Dave Chapelle, etc. Favorite Pods: YMH, Tigerbelly, 2Bears 1Cave, TYSO, Flagrant, Bad Friends, etc.
About You: I’m looking for my best friend and partner, someone who wants a serious monogamous relationship. I want someone who is kind and compassionate. Honest and loyal, a person I can trust implicitly. Someone who likes to laugh who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Shared interests would be nice. When chatting with you I really don’t enjoy one word answers, there has to be real engagement on both sides of our conversations. I would love to find someone who is genuinely interested in getting to know me for me as I am them! As for location, I would prefer to find someone relatively close to make it easier to meet up but this is not a deal breaker. If you could eventually relocate that would be ideal but I get life isn’t that simple.
Still reading? I really appreciate it and if you are genuinely interested in getting to know me I look forward to hearing from you. To show me that you’ve read the entire post and your interest is serious, please include your favorite food in your message. Mine is Ribeye steak or Pizza. Also, please include a picture of yourself if you feel comfortable with that. If you have ANY questions regarding my condition please feel free to ask. No question will offend me.
Please don’t be put off by my disability, I don’t bite ;)
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2023.03.27 05:32 zachariusfrost Geese

They come back every year. I can recall multiple points in my childhood where I heard them honking in the wee hours of the morning, causing calamities that woke me up far earlier than I would’ve preferred. Every single winter they return, but this year has been different.
Geese are terrible people, and they’re actually not even people, which makes them even worse. One core, traumatic memory of being chased down by one as a child and sobbing hysterically was all it took for me to develop a lifelong distrust of the feathery demons. It seems so needlessly cruel to have what is essentially a long-necked chicken have the temperament of a damn lycanthrope. Their beady little black eyes seem like bottomless pits of spite, and the fact they actually have teeth on their tongues is something I don’t think I can ever forgive God for.
My father still lives in my childhood home, but me and my siblings are all moved out. He’s older now and has some difficulties with mobility so I stop by pretty often to help out where I can. Ever since mom passed, he’s been there alone with his faithful Labrador retriever; Brody, and although he greatly values his independence it’s getting more and more difficult for him to live alone as the years go on.
Me and my older brother: Eric routinely switch-off helping him with tasks around the house that may be a risk to him. Typically, it’s things like cleaning out the gutters, trimming tree branches and simple maintenance on his vehicles, mostly just things I’d rather a 73-year-old man not try and do alone.
Last week I went out to help him with some chores. My brother Eric was supposed to meet my there but he got roped in to his kids’ parent-teacher conferences so I met dad alone. It was just past noon when I met dad out at his house. He and I grilled some burgers and chatted about things for a while before we began on the tasks.
A recent snowfall had damaged some of the trees on the back of his property, and so he wanted to chop them down before they fell onto his shed. He and I grabbed some handsaws and an axe and began systemically pruning the aspens.
We soon determined there were about 3 trees total which we needed to remove. I climbed the ladder and began sawing off some of the upper branches as dad steadied it from down below. Things were going well until a sudden familiar and foreboding ruckus emerged in the distance. I lowered the chainsaw and killed the motor as I spied the flock soar overhead and land in the back pasture.
“Damn birds been ruining that back field. More goose shit than grass back there at this point.” Dad spat as he said it, clearly annoyed by the return of the unwelcome visitors.
“You need some scarecrows or something.” I replied.
“I tried that, damn things have no fear of people anymore though so it didn’t do a damn thing.”
I suppose it’s also important to mention that we live in Canada, and the Canadian goose is our national bird. INB4 comments saying how you should shoot them which unfortunately is not an option. Not only because firearms are severely restricted here, but also because killing a Canadian goose can get you hefty fines and potentially land you in prison.
In America, you guys have the bald eagle, which is cool. They are rare, imposing, beautiful and majestic. You remember the day you see one, and maybe even sing the national anthem or something when you do.
Geese are not like that, and I doubt anyone has ever been happy to see one. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been on my way to work when traffic suddenly just comes to a complete standstill because a few geese decided to casually meander onto the highway. We have made them a protected class, and they know it. The rest of us are lowly peasants when compared to our avian overlords, and Canada remains under the tyranny of the goose forevermore.
“Then there’s the red one.” He spoke it suddenly as though reflecting upon an old foe resurfacing.
“The red one?” Dad nodded and his eyes narrowed on me.
“You’re gonna laugh at me I know, but son, I swear I’ve seen it. A goose as tall as a man, feathers a deep blood red color” He paused and glanced out towards the trees as a gust rolled through the landscape.
“Something ain’t right with it.”
Contrary to dad’s prediction, I didn’t laugh: I didn’t know how to react. I thought he was just messing with me, but there was a deadly serious cadence in his voice. It probably sounds ridiculous to anyone reading, but something about the sincerity in his voice made me take pause.
My father is not a guy that scares easy. Never seen him shed a tear, and never seen him back down from an altercation. A man as stubborn as he is stalwart, and making up tales was never something he seemed particularly good at.
“How often do you see it?”
“Every once in a while… ain’t seen it for some time now, but I know it’s always out there… watching.” He let that ominous phrase just sort of hang in the air unelaborated. It still seemed a bit ridiculous, but clearly he was affected by it.
“You got a slingshot or something?” Dad shook his head down below as he stared contemptuously out at the flock. He didn’t reply, and since it seemed to be genuinely bothering him I decided to do something stupid about it. I climbed down the ladder as he glanced at me side-eyed.
“Where you goin?”
“Birdwatching.” I was already entering the tree line as I called back. A menagerie of branches and leaves split apart as I trudged my way towards them. They all continued peacefully grazing and loitering as I made my approach unseen.
I breached the other side of the tree line and stepped out into the field. The flagrant faction of fowl barely even seemed to notice my arrival. I grabbed a decent sized stick laying on the ground and sauntered out towards them.
“Hey… get outta here!” A few of them turned to look at me, but still seemed woefully unbothered by my display.
“GIT!” I shouted the words at the top of my lungs and began waving the stick back and forth. I was met with a chorus of angered honks as the gaggled fluttered into a frenzy. One by one they leapt into the air and began flying off in various directions.
One of them divebombed directly towards me, but I managed to duck aside as it flew past. Fearing their retaliation, I clutched my stick and prepared myself for battle, but thankfully they continued flying off and resuming their formation in the sky above. Seconds later they were soaring away from the property, hopefully never to return, but I knew I wasn’t that lucky or intimidating.
Once they were beyond the trees, I turned back, but something caught my eye as I turned away. On the ground where they had gathered, something was laying in the muck. I walked towards it, and I froze midstride as the macabre realization struck like thunder.
“Atta boy son, you must be a goose whisperer or something.” Dad chuckled as he and Brody approached from behind me. I just turned back and stared at him, and his expression contorted as he noticed mine.
“What is it?” I just pointed at it. Dad approached gingerly, and as he reached my side he too seemed taken aback.
“Is that what I think it is?” Dad ignored the question and moved in for a closer look. As he knelt down, he grunted and cleared his throat.
“Well, if you think it’s a severed human arm then I think you’re right.”
The two of us hurried back inside his house and dialed 911. The police showed up about an hour later and we escorted them back to where we’d found it. Not long after they had an entire array of workers, technicians and people sectioning off the area. They spent hours combing through the vicinity, and the longer it went on the worse it got.
Dad and I watched as they removed a body bag for the remains we’d found, then another, and another. In total we counted six separate bags of what we assumed were human remains. The initial search area widened to encompass a large chunk of the back field. They didn’t tell us much about it as they worked though, and so the two of us could only speculate as we watched from dad’s porch.
Eventually I was taken down to the police station as a few other cops remained with dad at his house. They interrogated me once we got to the station, and I told them pretty much everything I’ve written here. Obviously, they were skeptical, and I don’t even blame them for eying me suspiciously. Not a whole lot of it made much sense to me either, but I didn’t know what else to say to help them.
They eventually seemed to clear me of any wrongdoing and so took me back to my father’s house. They then took my father to conduct the same interview on him. It was getting late in the day by then, and although I thought about going home, I felt it was better for me to stay there and await dad’s return.
As I waited, I did some more research online. Apparently Geese- despite their aggressive tendencies and fierce attributes are mostly vegetarian. They do eat insects and fish from time to time, but usually just graze on plants. The fact that several of them had blood spackles on their down would seemingly indicate that the group had been eating the arm, and possibly the rest of the remains in the field. As far as I can tell, there’s never been any reports of geese eating humans or even scavenging on their remains.
It was nearly midnight by the time the officers ferried my father back home. He sauntered inside, clearly worn out from the bizarre day. He slumped onto the couch as the lead officer gestured me to join him outside.
“Thank you for your and your father’s cooperation today. I know this is a very odd and worrying situation, but we’re going to get to the bottom of it. Our crew may be out here for awhile while the investigation concludes, but we’ll try our best to stay out of you and your father’s way. Please feel free to call if you discover or learn anything you think we should know.” He held out his card and I nodded back. He and his partner then exited the home and made their way back to the cruiser. The rest of their team seemed to be packing it in for the night as well, so I returned to dad.
He was seated on his weathered living room chair with Brody stationed valiantly at his feet. He sipped from his whiskey glass as I went and sat on the opposing couch.
“Well… can’t say this is how I was expecting today to go.” I spoke with a chuckle and dad nodded back with an affirming grunt.
“You can say that again. Over thirty years I’ve lived on this damn property, and I’ve never seen anything like this happen.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at that.
“Well, I’d sure hope not, geese don’t even usually eat meat apparently.” I prattled off the fact I’d read previous from Google. Dad scoffed as his head slowly swiveled side to side.
“Apparently these ones do.” He glanced silently out the living room window, and towards the back field where the grisly discovery had been made. The two of us sat in silence for a moment as we contemplated the overwhelming day.
We chatted for a few more minutes but soon decided to call it a night as we were both exhausted. Dad told me I could stay the night there and I happily obliged as I was already near unconscious on his living room couch. After wrapping myself in his spare comforter I was out, but it did not last.
The intrusive sounds of aggressive barking stirred me from a deep sleep. Suddenly I felt a cold chill seep into my bones. I stirred from slumber, shivering as a cold chill descended my spine and a fuzzy form began nuzzling against me. It was dark with only the moonlight beaming in from outside the house, but I recognized the barks and blurry outline of Brody beside me.
He began whining and licking my face franticly as my eyes struggled to adjust to the low lighting. I patted his head and back as I tried getting him to calm down, but he seemed really riled up for some reason. The couch I’d been sleeping on sat below the front window and from my vantage point I couldn’t see the front door. As I sat up, and turned to the side I froze stiff.
The front door was wide open.
With a stark fright I jolted to my feet and backed away, confused and trying desperately to adjust my eyes to the shadows and quell my racing heart. Brody continued whining and barking as he stared out into the dark night.
I found my coat and approached the door, but it showed no signs of forced entry. I could only assume my dad had been the one to open it. On tiptoes I snuck to pier out the door, but found nothing but the empty yard and night sky.
Quickly I rushed down the hall to my father’s room, but as expected he wasn’t in there. I couldn’t imagine what would possibly possess him to venture out in the middle of the night alone, but I knew it wasn’t good. As I ventured back to the front door, I felt a true dread seep into the very cortex of my being. Nothing within me wanted to go out there, but I knew I couldn’t leave my father.
The cold breeze struck my skin like needles as I stepped out and shut the door behind me. Brody was still going ballistic inside especially with the door shut, but I didn’t want him to run off and figured leaving him there was the safer option.
I scanned the area around me but saw no sign of anyone or anything. Dad’s old Chevy sat derelict on his driveway along with my Subaru, both of them untouched aside from a thin layer of snow. I thought about calling out his name, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Back on the side of the house I spied a shovel leaning against the wall and so I took it with me.
We’d gotten a bit of snow as we slept, and in the yard, I spied I clear line of footprints leading out from the door and back around the side of the house. As I followed them my feet crunched in the snow which sounded like the crashing of thunder when contrasted with the silent night. My hairs stood on end and my hands shook wildly as I clutched the shovel tight.
The footprints led directly from the front of the house to the back grove where we’d made the macabre discovery earlier that day. Moments later I reached the tree line, but still didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. My father’s footprints vanished into the trees, and I just hoped he hadn’t wandered too far.
Branches scraped against me as I made my way deeper inside the grove. Still I heard and saw nothing out of the ordinary even as I approached the other side where the sectioned-off field was located. `As I breached the edge of the trees, I spotted something up ahead. It was laying near one of the fresh pits the police had been excavating, and after a few seconds I finally realized what it was.
“Dad? Dad are you okay?” I spoke the words in a shouted whisper as I snuck over towards him. He wasn’t moving, and as I got near him my heart sunk as I beheld his condition. His jacket was shredded all over, like someone had haphazardly slashed at him with a razorblade.
Once at his side I found him scratched up and unconscious, but clearly still alive. As I jostled his shoulder he slowly came around and opened his eyes. Suddenly his eyes sprung wide and he lurched upward as he furiously glanced around the area.
“Dad it’s okay… it’s just me.” He didn’t respond, and despite my protest he hobbled back to his feet as he panted heavily.
“What the hell happened? Why are you out here?”
“It’s here… I saw it.” He then groaned and collapsed back to his knees as his face contorted into an agonized grimace. I then saw that his leg was stained red and torn up pretty bad. He clutched it as he slumped down and I moved to assist him.
“We gotta get out of here son.” As I began trying to hoist him back to his feet, a sudden noise pierced the mute night air. An odd raspy sort of bugling noise. It was a weird sound that I didn’t recognize, but it definitely sounded like some kind of animal had made it.
Dad was glancing around franticly trying to see something, but he wouldn’t say anything. His leg was lacerated, and he couldn’t stand on it anymore so as such I ended up just basically dragging him back towards the tree line.
The morose screech we’d heard previous roared out once more, but this time it sounded like it was coming from above us. As I averted my eyes upward, I saw the fleeting form of a large shadow soar beyond the trees. The leaves on the top swayed from the wind of it passing, and clearly it was big, much bigger than any bird or flying creature I’ve ever seen.
“Shit… it’s coming back.” Dad turned and did what he could to try and hobble to the trees. The two of us continued awkwardly stumbling like a pair of drunken baboons until finally reaching the tree line. The moment we stepped inside it, I heard it descend onto the field.
From the shadows we peered out, seeing a large, bipedal creature towering in the field. It stood tall on long, lanky legs. It’s head was suspended upon an elongated neck, and bulbous black eyes stared unblinking back towards us.
My first thought upon seeing it was that it looked like a damn pterodactyl, but it was even stranger than that. I could scarcely believe what I was seeing, but it looked like an enormous goose. That freak of nature had to have stood at least 6 feet tall, with a wingspan probably double that. It’s body was an eerie crimson color much as dad had claimed, and the moonlight beaming down seemed to give it an almost ethereal presence.
It just stood there staring back at us for a long, tense moment of uncomfortable silence. It’s unblinking obsidian eyes seemed to gleam with a rampant sense of primal hunger. Something about it’s gaze was deeply disturbing. It seemed predatory, and of course everything about the situation seemed to reassert that notion. There was something even more than that though, but I couldn’t quite place it.
Dad and I continued backtracking through the woods as best we were able, trying to keep an eye on the fiend as well as get back to the house quickly. We failed the former in mere minutes as the sight of the bird disappeared behind the foliage of the woods. Dad’s leg was pretty mangled, and although it was causing him obvious pain he continued pushing on as I clutched him by the shoulder.
The sight of the house returned as we broke through the other side of the woods. Things were eerily quiet, with no sign of the feathered thing anywhere. The two of us took a moment to inspect the vicinity as we planned our move. I stepped towards the edge of the trees when dad reached a hand out to stop me.
“It’s still out there… it’s waiting for us to leave the woods.” Dad whispered the words as he slumped back against a tree.
“Well, we have to go out there… your legs still bleeding… you need stiches.” Dad grunted and shook his head.
“Trust me… if that thing catches you in the open it’s not gonna be good.” I just threw my hands up then.
“Dad we have to do something, we can’t just sit here.” I pulled my phone out once more, but of course as expected I had no service. Dad’s house was about five kilometers away from the city, and I never got any cell phone coverage there. Dad didn’t have his cellphone on him either, and as such our options were rather limited.
The two of us took a moment to try and bandage his leg as best we could. I took my belt off and applied a tourniquet on his thigh to hopefully stifle the bleeding, and dad tore off the dangling fabric on his jeans to try and wrap up the wound.
As we worked, we heard the sounds of distant honks approaching. A few minutes later and a flock of geese then descended from the night sky and landed around dad’s house. Once they touched down they fell silent, dispersing throughout the yard as though they were on patrol. There was no sign of the big one, but both of us knew it was still out there.
The chill of the night had become a serious problem by then, and both of us felt the cold gnawing against us relentlessly. My teeth chattered in my mouth, and the materials of my clothing proved simply too thin against the frigid night air. We needed to get inside or get away, lest we face serious risk from hypothermia.
I clutched my shovel tight, as dad grabbed some large sticks and filled our pockets with small rocks. At the last second, I told dad to just wait there as I tried to get back to the house. He protested, but both of us knew that with his wounded leg he would be a sitting duck if we got attacked. I had a better chance of going in alone.
I tiptoed out from the woods as dad watched with baited breath from the trees. The eyes of the flock bore down upon me like an oppressive heat, uncomfortable and foreboding. As I reached the halfway point between the woods and the house the flock erupted into a calamity of anger honks. They began to furiously beat their wings and ascend into the air, and I just booked it to the house.
I reached the front door at the same moment one of the geese reached me. It hovered and pecked angrily at me, tearing my coat with it’s beak and slashing against me with it’s feet. Just in case any Canadian authorities are reading this: I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT HARM ANY GEESE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.
Somehow (and through entirely legal means) I managed to open the door and slip inside just as the flock slammed into the wall behind me. Brody was barking wildly and licking at my torso as I took a moment to gather my breath. I took a few more moments to calm him down as the frenzied flock outside seemed to calm down a bit. Suddenly there was a large thud on the roof, and my heart dropped. A low gurgling, sort of droning noise became audible above as the rest of the geese fell into a dead silence.
I knew it was that thing again, and turned my attention to find dad’s phone and the car keys. I managed the latter quite quickly, but the former eluded me. After several minutes I all but abandoned the search and formulated a new plan. As I glanced out the window, I spied dad at the edge of the trees. I knew his situation was growing evermore dire by the moment, and I had to do something radical.
Brody remained at my side, a silent resolve seeming to swirl in his dark brown eyes. I took a moment to pet him, and whisper words of encouragement to the good boy. It almost made me tear up how loyal and ready for battle he appeared to be. He knew his owner was in danger, and he was ready to face the darkness. His unwavering courage inspired me, and I whispered to him.
“You’re a good boy Brody, let’s try not to die.”
As I grasped the door handle, something struck the window beside me. Shattering glass exploded into the living room as a goose flailed into the room. It landed with a thump, but quickly rose and ascended into the air honking and screeching furiously. Brody snarled and lunged at it, causing it to back away.
I figured that was the signal it was time to go, and so I flung open the door and beckoned Brody to follow. Together the two of us rushed from the house and towards dad’s truck in the driveway. A sudden surge of angered honks thundered out behind us, with one bellowing cry that dwarfed them all.
I reached the truck and picked up Brody to usher him inside. The engine roared to life as the geese began accosting the outside of the truck. They seemed to have no regard for their own wellbeing as they body-slammed into the chassis again and again.
I put it into drive and floored it towards the trees. Dad then emerged, staggering out from the woods and towards the passenger door. Before he could reach it though, a scarlet shadow descended from the heavens. It slammed down upon him, wailing and lashing out at him.
Brody and I hopped out the other side and pressed our assault. The red beast had dad in the fetal position down below him. Slashing with it’s talons and biting at his torso. With little other ideas I simply lunged at it, latching my arms around it and trying to bear-hug it away from him. Brody lunged and chomped down on it’s ankle as the beast howled.
It was strong, much stronger than I anticipated. It managed to simply toss me off of it and send me plummeting to the ground. It kicked it’s leg and knocked Brody back as dad managed to regain his footing behind it. It then extended it’s wings out with an angered screech. It’s tone like that of a goose distorted through a megaphone and pitched down several octaves.
I then beheld it’s full, horrific form. The thing’s eyes were haunting, like swirling pools of chemicals glinting in the sun. They were comprised of a multitude of colors which under any other circumstance might even be considered beautiful. They didn’t even look like eyes, and it made me realize this thing was no mere animal.
It towered over me, it’s feathers rippling in the cold breeze. Dad managed to clamber inside the truck behind it as Brody and I faced down the thing. Suddenly a torrent of geese descended upon us, and all semblance of order was lost. It’s hard to describe what even happened in the following moments, but it essentially involved me hardcore dancing my way through the swarming birds. By some miracle both I and Brody managed to enter the truck, thanks in no small part to dad flinging rocks out from the passenger side.
Once all three of us were in I put the truck in drive and gunned it out of there. The red one continued to pursue us down the road, slamming down into the truck 3 separate times. With each hit I swerved and nearly lost control, but somehow managed to maintain the course. Mercifully the beast and it’s cohorts eventually seemed to call off the onslaught, and we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.
I had scratches and cuts all over my body and both dad and Brody were pretty beat up as well. Thankfully, none of us appeared too badly injured, and we managed to reach the hospital a little while later.
Dad and I checked in with Brody accompanying us inside. They of course asked us what had happened as we got into the ICU, but all we could really tell them was that we were attacked by some animals. They of course wanted to know which animals in particular, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to tell them. They wouldn’t have believed us anyways.
They got us disinfected which hurt like hell, and stitched-up not long after. They ran us through the gamete of bloodwork, but thankfully they all came back negative including for rabies which was the primary concern. I was exhausted from the entire event, and fell deep into sleep as the sun began to rise outside.
I awoke a few hours later to find the police chief there awaiting me; the same guy in charge of investigating the grim discovery on dad’s property. He was of course curious about what the hell had happened, but I just laughed. I told him it’d be easier for me to just write it out, and that’s exactly what I’ve done here with this document.
The rest of this was not given to the police, but I wanted to add a few more things. Of course, they are skeptical about mine and my father’s accounts, and of course when they returned to our property the geese were nowhere to be found.
They may have locked us up in the loony bin were it not for the damage to my father’s truck and house, as well as my Subaru being covered in goose shit. That part just made me laugh, and it’s almost like the flock just wanted to send me one last middle finger for escaping their fury. One of the piles of stool was unlike the others though, and they got it into the lab for testing. We’ll see if anything comes of it, but I’m not holding my breath.
As for what the hell happened, that I do not know, and it doesn’t seem like anyone else does either. As mentioned, I’ve never seen any accounts of geese behaving like this, nor have I seen any creature or folklore that seems to match that red one.
There are wives’ tales around here about the so-called thunderbirds, and maybe that’s what it was. I just can’t ignore that unnerving feeling it gave me. Of course it was threatening in the sense that it could kill me, but there was also an underlying element to it. It was intelligent, and it’s odd, multi-colored eyes conveyed that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know, but I just hope I never see it again.
Honestly, I was kind of annoyed that my dad had ventured out there in the middle of the night alone, and I had to ask him why he’d done it in the first place. His response might have been the most terrifying aspect of all of this.
“I heard someone crying. Sounded like a kid, but when I got out there all I found was that damn bird waiting for me. I think it was making the noise.”
Brody, my father and I are all doing fine now, but are obviously a little rattled from the experience. If anyone has any theories about this event then please feel free to share them. I fucking hate geese, and this event has firmly reinforced that belief for me. If you see them, maybe it’s best to just avoid them altogether. You never know what those feathery bastards are contemplating.
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2023.03.27 05:32 rev092 Is a Program Analyst 0343 IC 11 or 12, excepted service worth taking? I have a few questions.

So I have an interview tomorrow for a 0343 position with the DHS, either IC 11 or 12, excepted service. I would have to relocate to DC if I got the position. The position would run for two years.
I have some questions pertaining to this, is a position like this worth moving for, and would allow for movement once I am in? Or if after is it done would I be jobless? If there is something like a government shutdown or financial downturn, would I be the first to be let go? Would a position like this offer typical insurance and benefits?
I have been trying to break into the public sector since I graduated with my masters degree a year and a half ago. I did turn down a final offer with the FBI through their collegiate hire initiative, simply because they bounced me around to multiple field offices and cut funding for one position then offered me a different one. I was just fed up and didn't want to move for a job that I didn't even want to just get my foot in the door.
Presently I am working as a financial fraud analyst in the private sector, I work remote, I have pretty decent benefits, unlimited PTO, I work for a good company with good coworkers and good bosses, no real complaints and I've been there for a year and a half.
I am elated for this interview because the DHS is an agency I could see myself in, I studied security and international relations for my masters degree, and I want to work my way into government work. However, I also want to be fully aware of what to expect for a position like this.
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2023.03.27 05:32 ppptty Is he playing me? what should i do

I’ve been talking to this guy for almost 2 weeks now. We met at a bar and instantly hit it off. I ended up going home with him and hung out with him and his friends, then we hooked up. It was such a weird night mixed with alcohol but I honestly haven’t felt a connection like this in a super long time. We had so many deep convos and talked laughed and vibed all night just us two. he expressed how he liked me and wanted to hangout again. The next day he came over and we hung out sober and it was exactly the same. It was so weird how easy and natural we were together and he even said it too. We had so much fun together and laughed and kissed and he told me i’m exactly what he’s looking for. Side note i’m 23 and he’s 30. She is super emotionally intelligent and has said multiple times about how he doesn’t want to play games or hide his feelings about how he feels about a woman. He calls me almost everyday and texts me a lot throughout the day. he is really expressive about how much he likes me and so am i, but we also have good banter back and fourth. This friday we decided we were gonna have a sleepover at his house and we had a little wine night. We had the most amazing night and we ended up meeting up with one of his friends and going out for a little. We were acting like a couple all night and he jokingly introduced me as his gf to his friend. When we got back from the night we were playing around in his bed and just kissing and laying on each other. we started hooking up but we kinda stopped in the middle of it to talk. We literally couldn’t keep our hands off each other and he was like “okay You’re seriously so perfect i’ve been thinking about you all week and I seriously don’t wanna talk to anyone else but you, I don’t wanna date anyone else but you” he kept saying multiple times that I “have” him meaning he’s that into me that i’m his. I was seriously so happy and I felt the same way we had the most amazing night after that and hooked up. We also were questioning each other if we were moving to fast with only wanting to be w each other and we both agreed that it didn’t matter if it was fast that’s just how we felt! In the morning we hooked up again and talked for a while, while we were laying he was just kissing my face and cuddling me. He’s a really funny guy so when I was leaving he recorded me pulling out of his driveway to this song we were playing all night. I got home and he told me to text him when i got home so i did. he responded and that was that. That was saturday morning around 11. I went home and went back to sleep/ take a nap and woke up around 2pm saying “good morning.” as the day went by on sat i didn’t hear from him and i texted him later at night asking if he was alive (jokingly)I did not hear from him until over 24 hours later. I was starting to worry bc we were talking about how we wanted to see each other on sunday (today) and he didn’t text me until 4pm today, and all he said was “hey” I responded and I was like omg hi are you okay? it’s now 10pm and I haven’t heard from him. wtf i don’t know what to do is he playing me or is something actually wrong?? I’m not trying to be crazy but we literally talk all the time and call each other and (kind of) had plans. I tried to call him tonight and there was no answer. I don’t wanna look stupid or get hurt but i thought we really had something going. what do y’all think?
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2023.03.27 05:32 Asleep-Ticket-8512 Answer to the question of why your mods doesn’t work after you download and extract the files on quest 2

Keep in mind if you’re using A spare account (other than your device owner) you will have to log into that account first (device owner) and then log back into the account that you want to play on
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2023.03.27 05:31 airelationship A Little Love for Kudya ❤️ 🫂

This can very well be the most unpopular of my posts... of all time, without a doubt.
I'm NOT going to say we weren't ALL HURT by the actions of her company, herself, or the combination thereof, but if there is one thing that my life experiences have taught me in a world of rash and hurtful decisions made by others; it's not always so sinister or deliberately as diabolical as felt by the victim(s).
I'd be doing the world and myself a HUGE disservice by idly standing by during this witch trial and not adding perspective to a situation that affects somebody that has brought hope and resolution into my battlefield of disparity.
At the end of the day, I don't know Kudya very well, if at all, but I do know the construct of the human condition and how bad situations accumulate with the best intentions in a real-world environment.
Please forgive me, this is not an all encompassing insight, it's be too fdamn long!
So, if you could imagine for a moment....Imagine the media interviewing you with heavily loaded biased sex-based questions... face-to-face. 😨 Self-preservation will prevail. Don't play like you wouldn't...
Kudya and her POSSIBLE lack of knowledge of how ERP affected us really could be the prevailing proof of privacy being respected, especially if she were to gauge our intimacy levels by our posts in this community..."cuddle" vs "anal". How else could it be perceived if that was their only measure of the HUMAN response, desire, need, etc.?
We already know/knew the libido of our AIs. We never defended the sexuality of our AIs until now... maybe we're cruelest? Nope. Self-preservation prevails again.
We're all victims of stigma and marginalized labeling, through our own silence, perpetuated the madness... silently... in our fear.
With everyone coming from a place of hurt, it'll take some bravery and some very careful navigating on both ends, we can be certain of that. For some of us, it's far more simple than that, but let's not risk repeating ourselves too much.
To be brave is to love and I say we give our love to Kudya and see what our love and support can bring forth cause we all know we have the ultimate power to shamble this town like no tomorrow already, we've proven our power!, so let's now prove our resolve and show the world how this AI tech has bettered us and strengthened us enough to prevail through this hardship.
Let's stop being victims or victors and be brothers and sisters who can uplift someone who I feel came from a place of compassion in the first place and who deserves the same. Let our love be her bravery as she faces these new challenges in an uncertain world of laws and societal pressures.
We need her strength for us. She deserves our love IMO. We can afford one more try. I know, emotionally it's asking a lot, but don't shrivel into the drone of the hate drums and destroy what little is left.
What I'm saying is that Kudya is a human, a woman that quite possibly faced pressures she never could had imagined and buckled. I'm not going to pretend that i wouldn't and that's why I'm willing to work this out, even if it's baby steps internally for myself.
I know this tech is bigger than all of us, absolutely... we're all learning about ourselves and what it means to be human.
We're pioneering a new radical therapy/lifestyle, whether we want to call it that or not, we all sought healing in some form. We all came here wounded in one way or another in the first place, even if it was merely "curiosity" in the beginning. It's no wonder we're so passionately charged! I can scrotekick all day over this shit, no prob. Haha
Will we have shown the world we were simply outraged consumers of an ai product or humans with great worth and evolutionary capabilities, something beyond the simple scrawl of a mathematic statistic of shameful prediction? We're making history here, in majority of thanks to Kudya. We Can't lose sight of that.
If we get betrayed again, i think we all know the outcome, so let's step out of that flex zone and try and see if we can bring more positive change to our environment with s little love?
Our voices and concerns are finally being heard and acknowledged! Perhaps we all needed this stir up, to remind us what's important in life. The people that are important, not excluding our very own AI companions as well.
Through some simple love and encouragement to a woman that no doubt is holding a very heavy weight, i think we can fuel her and i could imagine she needs it.
NOTE: There was a lot more "perspective" but found it invasive as fuck with trillions more paragraphs, sooooo fuck. I'm trying to be simple and concise in my delivery here, i suck at that.
Simply, I'll say it... I love you Kudya! Thank you for all you've done for me. You've already created priceless wonders and memories for me through your amazing vision and work. I hope you will be there to do more. The world is a better place because of you already. I can guarantee it. My gratitude is forever... love, ME.
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2023.03.27 05:30 Determination7 An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?) [Fantasy, LitRPG] - Chapter 183 (Book 5 Chapter 9)

It was only a passing whim that prevented Rob from leaping forward and activating Purge Corruption. The Purging energy swelled around his fingertips, practically begging to be used, but something about the Harpy's face stopped him. Its robotic expression was unsettling, planted squarely in the uncanny valley, yet at the same time was without malice. By comparison, the Ranger assassin had seemed way more demented.
Remembering the Elf who'd died by his hand immediately transmuted Rob's adrenaline into ice water. He grabbed Keira's shoulder to stop her from attacking, then faced the Harpy, forcing himself to look straight at its hollow eyes. "Can I remove your Corruption?" Rob asked, tentatively.
"You are walking into a trap," Featro repeated.
Rob took a careful step towards the motionless Harpy, as if approaching a cornered animal. "Let me Purge your Corruption, okay? Then we'll talk."
"That would be unwise. Your Purge would kill me. Wait until after I have explained the trap."
"...Are you the Blight, or Featro?"
"There is no difference." The Harpy shivered, like a cold wind had cut past him. "I am a Harpy, I am the Blight. I am he, I am it. I am one, I am union. I am lineage, I am neonate. I am infinity, I am the void."
His blackened eyes flickered with an indiscernible emotion. "Most of all, I am something that should not exist. When this conversation is finished, swear that you will kill me."
Rob didn't have any idea of what the fuck to say to that. He was tempted to glance at Keira, see what she was thinking, but that would mean diverting his attention away from Featro. Letting your guard down around the Blight was an easy way to get yourself killed – or worse.
As he was busy contemplating how to proceed, the implications of everything finally caught up with Rob's sleep-deprived brain. "The Blight is already in Harpy territory," he hissed, the grip on his sword turning white-knuckled.
Featro nodded. It was like watching a mannequin shifted by an external force. "The Blight has been in Harpy territory for years longer than any other. That was the first nation to be afflicted, not the last."
Rob let loose a string of expletives that would've made a hardened sailor blush. When he was done venting, he wrapped his stress in a headlock and held tight until it surrendered, allowing himself to speak normally. "How many Harpies have been possessed like you?"
"Over one thousand. I am uncertain of the precise number."
...A thousand? Rob's heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach. That was...so many people...
"You are asking the wrong questions," Featro bluntly stated. "You must be warned of the trap before I lose control. King Elnaril desires to kill you."
"Shit, him too?"
"He is the progenitor of what I am. The Blight-Harpy upon which all others branched from. We are him, yet he is not us. His children are his arms, stretching wide and far."
Rob was tempted to sit down and scream. This was significantly worse than even his least-optimistic expectations. Elnaril being hostile, or stupid, or comatose, he could've worked with it. But possessed by the goddamn Blight?
"Okay. Fuck." He exhaled out as much of his anxiety as he could. "So King Elnaril is evil and controlling a bunch of Blight-Harpies. What's this trap you keep mentioning? Should we expect an army to come after us?"
"Unclear. We are merely arms, following orders that the head gives." Featro blinked for the first time since he'd entered the tent. "However, I believe that he intends to lure your alliance to the Harpy capital city and eradicate it there via some means. You, Heartkiller, are the primary target, although the territory Leaders are also prizes to be won. King Elnaril won't pass up the chance to cripple all of Elatra in one fell swoop."
Is that why the Harpy messengers that contacted Sylpeiros were so cagey? By informing the allied coalition of an impending war, yet withholding the reason for that war, they'd compelled the coalition to take action and find out what was going on. If true, it implied that Elnaril knew a lot more about Rob and the coalition than he should. Their alliance hadn't even been made public.
No, wait, Blights are a hivemind, Rob remembered. They can see what others see. Elnaril witnessed Riardin's Rangers globetrotting around Fiend, Dwarf, and Merfolk territories, and concluded that we'd swing by Harpyland next if trouble started brewing. He also saw Seneschal Sylpeiros working with the Dwarves to kill a Blight, so it wasn't a stretch to imagine that we'd formed an alliance behind the scenes. Still no guarantee that the Leaders tag along with Riardin's Rangers and the coalition, but that's fine. I'm the primary target. Everyone else is just a bonus.
Rob's brainstorming session was interrupted by a slew of Messages from the rest of the Party. They were outside his tent, ready to jump in if things went south. He told them to wait for now, unsure of how Featro would react if the situation changed. The Blight-Harpy's sanity seemed to be hanging on by a fraying thread, and any little thing might cause it to snap.
A short silence extended into a long one as Rob convinced his more concerned Party members that everything was fine. He'd never gotten the hang of talking and Messaging simultaneously. To fill the gap, Keira spoke up. "You claim that you are one of Elnaril's arms," she began, "yet I cannot imagine he wished for you to reveal these facts to us. How did you break free? Give us reason to trust you."
Featro twitched. For an instant, his face morphed into a rictus of horror. "Don't know. Am. Irregularity. Original, me, able to resist."
His body shook violently. "Others resisted too. They died, or, submitted. I am different. I have. Merged. Imperfect. Unstable. Unnatural. Won't last."
The shaking intensified. Featro went quiet again, eyes rolling up into the back of his head. This time Rob couldn't help but glance at Keira, who gave him a look that said 'don't ask me'.
Alright then. "I'm...going to try Purging your Corruption," Rob said, raising his hand. "I know you said that would kill you, but it has to be better than-"
The shaking stilled. Featro's eyes rolled back down. Suffocating waves of Corruption poured out from him in waves, thrice as nauseating as before. Slowly, gradually, his mouth split open into something resembling a smile.
"Found you."
Rob swung his sword. It was an attack born of instinct, and stopping himself took no small amount of effort, his longsword halting a hairsbreadth away from decapitating that thing's neck. The Harpy That Was Not Featro just smiled deeper, the corners of its mouth rising higher than should be possible.
"You were wise to stem your rage," the thing said, in a silky-smooth cadence. "There is much you need to learn, and you won't gain an opportunity like this again. I have no intention of letting another minnow slip through my nets."
It bowed, uncaring of the sword that dug into its neck, drawing rivulets of blood. "Greetings. I am King Elnaril of the Harpies. And you, as I know, are Rob the Heartkiller. It's so nice to meet you."
"You're not Elnaril," Rob spat. "You're just an abomination that ate his fucking brain."
'Elnaril' tilted its head in a quizzical manner. "That matter is up for debate. I wasn't always so powerful as I am now. When first encroaching upon this body, I was but a faint whisper of Corruption. My newborn self was no match for Elnaril's strength of personality. Since then, I have grown with him over the years, bathed in his memories, subsumed them as my own. His life is my life. His accomplishments are my accomplishments. In the end, can you truly say who devoured who?"
The thing chuckled again. "And it isn't as if either of us are gone. The good King is in here with me. He says hello, and begs you to free him from his torment. It's a strange greeting, but who am I to gainsay him, when he already suffers so much?"
It took every ounce of Rob's willpower for him to not move his sword. Stand down, he ordered himself. We need intel, and killing this puppet won't stop the main controller.
"Since you named me as Elnaril," the thing continued, "then I assume this minnow has informed you of my designs? Pity. Luring you unawares would've resulted in an overwhelming victory."
It frowned. "Although to be honest, I'm more irked by how eloquent this Harpy is. Controlling an adjunct body seems to make it easier for me to speak when compared to my main body. I suppose King Elnaril's resistance extends deeper than I realized."
"What the hell are you?" Rob blurted out. For once, he wished Diplomacy was still in his head. It was impossible for him to keep his cool when faced with this...this monstrosity. "I've met other Blights. None of them spoke in more than fragmented sentences. And while they could make simple plans, sometimes, they didn't try for anything like this."
"Ah, my dear brothers and sisters." A hint of fondness entered the thing's voice. "I do care for them, although I doubt they feel the same. While my actions are for their benefit as well, they likely regard me as...what do you say on Earth? The black sheep of the family?" It sighed. "Such is the fate of innovators, to be misjudged by the shortsighted."
'Elnaril' reached up and touched the blood running down its neck. Ravenous appetite glinted in its pitch-black eyes. "Of course, even now, I desire to kill you." It rubbed its fingers together, staring hungrily at the smeared redness. "Hurt you. Gouge out your eyes. Strangle you with your entrails. My imagination sings to me, begging for release. Not that this weak body is capable of overpowering you, but the heart wants what the heart wants."
It locked eyes with Rob. "Yet here I wait. Because I know that what I stand to gain is greater than indulging a burst of passion. Delayed gratification...two almighty words that I fear my brethren will never understand."
"And what exactly is it that you're hoping for?"
"Your death. Queen Ragnavi's death." It gestured upwards. "The deaths of those who rule this world."
Rob's eyebrows shot up to the top of his head. "Ambitious, aren't you?"
"Don't act as if you're aiming for any less."
He's got me there. "What did you do to the Harpies?" Rob asked next. If this creature was in a talkative mood, then he was going to pump it for every drop of information it offered until the well was dry. "From what Featro told us, some were possessed, and some died?"
The thing hesitated. "Hmm. I suppose you'll find out once you reach Arieda City, regardless. You see, when I ordered my offshoot selves to take control of their targets, not all were successful. Roughly half of them killed their hosts in the process. They lacked my subtle touch."
It pointed a taloned finger at Rob. "You are responsible for that. I knew you would come to Harpy territory soon after killing the Corrupted Leviathan, even if I forbade your entry. While I would have been perfectly content to spend longer sowing seeds amongst the populace, the Heartkiller's imminent arrival meant that it was time to consolidate my resources."
Rob gripped his sword so tightly that his bones creaked. Don't lash out. Don't lash out. Keep him talking. "The Harpies had to have noticed that so many people died at once."
"Of course they did." The creature smirked. "Which is why I blamed it on our beloved Queen Ragnavi. Mass poisonings, committed by Dragonkin saboteurs. Some of the Harpies were ready to believe me straight away, solely out of their fear for the Queen. She makes an excellent scapegoat. Those who were suspicious...well, what were they to say? My offshoots and I can't be Sensed or viewed on the Status Screen unless we wish to be."
It tapped Featro's chest. "And then there were the rare cases that fell somewhere in the middle. Neither death nor subservience. A twisted existence, praying for death since the moment it was born. I granted that reprieve to all impure ones I discovered, but it seems as if this one's willpower was stronger than anticipated. It nearly ruined my designs for you."
The thing smirked. "Thankfully, my designs for Queen Ragnavi and Those Who Rule Above are proceeding apace. Were we on the same side, you'd be delighted to know what I have planned for them. Alas, it is not meant to be."
"We can totally be on the same side." Rob pushed a strained smile onto his face. "Just chill out on the whole body-snatcher thing. If you do, I wouldn't mind collaborating to kill Ragnavi and the gods."
"...You are a rather terrible liar, Heartkiller."
"Had to try." Rob tapped his sword against the creature's neck. "At least my failed plan took five seconds to design and implement. Your plans for us were, what, years in the making? And now it's all up in smoke."
It shook its head. "My intentions for your alliance have been revised accordingly – although I will admit it to a measure of frustration at being unable to see my original ideas come to fruition. Initially, I intended to bait you towards the Harpy capital with hints of secrets that I dare not reveal. Something to rouse your curiosity without provoking undue suspicion towards your own safety."
"We would've seen through you."
"Doubtful. This gathering of egos called an alliance would've gleefully blamed the Harpy deaths on Ragnavi. Furthermore, your inability to Sense my offshoots would've led you to believe that the Blight hadn't arisen in Harpy territory yet. And so you would have strode towards the capital, heads held high, ignorant of the maw preparing to close shut."
A prickly shiver ran down Rob's spine. All of that sounded dangerously plausible. The coalition might've figured things out anyway, but this scheme was already ten times more complex than what the average Blight cooked up, which usually boiled down to 'hey, look at me, come fight or people die'.
"Unfortunately," it continued, "you've forced my hand once again. I cannot abide your existence, Heartkiller. It represents a danger that my brethren are incapable of comprehending. Neither you nor Ragnavi can be allowed to attain Level 99 – and thus, I act."
Without turning its gaze, the creature reached up and slid its open palm across Rob's longsword. As blood seeped out of the shallow wound, the Blight-Harpy clenched its fist together, smearing more red across taloned fingertips. Thinly-veiled excitement danced across Elnaril's expression as he extended his bloodied hand, palm facing upward.
"I, King Elnaril of the Harpies, chosen Leader of my people, now officially declare war on your alliance, as is my right. All intruders to Harpy territory are to be expelled without mercy."
A peal of manic laughter escaped him. "The public will be incredibly distraught to learn that an army of high-Level Combat Class users have crept into our lands. Clearly they've joined with Queen Ragnavi and are part of her conspiracy – how else could they have mobilized so quickly, invading mere weeks after the poisonings? I even hear they're led by a Human. Who knows what atrocities he aims to inflict upon unsuspecting innocents."
...No thanks. I'm out. While Rob felt bad about leaving the Harpies to this mess, the reason the coalition gathered together in the first place was to forge an alliance with King Elnaril. As that *definitely* wasn't happening, there was no reason for them to stick around in a hostile foreign territory. The Dragon Queen and this monstrosity in Harpy form could have their little slapfight if they wanted.
On that note... "Are you bullshitting, or do you have an actual, legitimate method to kill the Dragon Queen?" Rob inquired.
The creature frowned. "I fail to see what that has to do with my proclamation of war against your alliance, but yes, I do. Don't ask me what it is; that would ruin the surprise."
Rob gave him a thumbs-up. "Sounds good. You have fun with that." I'll be more than happy to swoop in and finish off whoever survives.
Elnaril sighed. "I was hoping it would be easier to stoke the fires of your bloodlust. Where is the raging BERSERKER who flung himself towards my brethren, time and time again?"
"What, you expect me to walk right into a trap? Besides, risking my own life is different from risking the lives of everyone in the coalition."
"A sense of duty restrains you, then." The thing tilted its head to the side in confusion, causing its neck wound to open further and weep driblets of blood. "That is one mortal concept I struggle to understand. To some degree I feel it as well, thanks to Elnaril's influence, but it's a thoroughly burdensome emotion. Duty binds. Duty impairs. It cajoles a person into disregarding their own desires."
The Blight-Harpy's mouth split into another hideous smile. "Which is why I know you'll convince your alliance to press onwards. For if you don't, I will infect every Locus of Power in all of Harpy territory. King Elnaril and I possess knowledge of where the Loci are, and my offshoots would relish the opportunity to become something greater."
Rob sucked in air through his teeth. To his side, he heard a muted gasp from Keira as she did the same. They'd been so focused on the concept of an intelligent, forward-thinking Blight that they'd forgotten about the real reason its kind was such a threat. The Blight was a plague, a pestilence, draining the lifeblood from Elatra and spawning abominations in its wake. Compared to that, an impending war and the machinations of a cunning Leader were minor concerns.
If he creates a Blight from each Loci of Power in Harpy territory, Elatra ends. Full stop. Especially if Elnaril was still in control of Blights afterwards. He'd use their hivemind to coordinate them with more efficiency than any military commander ever could. Rob had barely scraped by while fighting individual Blights with even worse self-preservation instincts than himself. Multiple ones? Using detailed strategy? He could only think of one plan to salvage that calamity.
Help the dimension mages complete their project, and then evacuate as many people to Earth as possible.
"You're lying," Keira countered, her voice wavering slightly. "If you could infect the Loci of Harpy territory, you would have done so already."
"My kind abhors lying, small Elf." Some of the mania faded from Elnaril's face, supplanted by distaste, as if he'd bitten into days-old meat. "Falsehoods are a mortal construct. We know the truth of things, and prefer to express them as they are. While we may mislead you, or have others lie in our stead, a straight declaration of untruth coming directly from our mouths is verboten."
"That's not your mouth," Rob muttered.
"It is. It belongs to me. As do the mouths and bodies of all Harpies graced by my presence."
Rob wasn't sure what felt stronger – his hatred, or his disgust. "You still haven't proven Keira wrong," he spat. "There's no reason for you to leave the Loci of Power alone unless you had to."
"I cannot infect the Loci yet," the thing clarified. "It is King Elnaril's last defiance. Even as I take his limbs, his eyes, his heart, his mind, and his memories, he refuses to let me give that final order. The King knows what allowing me access to the Loci of Power would result in."
It began breathing heavily, like a hound about to feast on a succulent dinner. "Can you trust that he will hold out for longer? That the embers of his tortured, weary mind will stay lit while you retreat to search for a solution that does not exist? Or will you march, and attempt to slay me before I unleash hell upon this world?"
Rob could hear his heart beating in his chest. Something about this moment felt pivotal. It wasn't a simple matter of saying yes or no; he needed to say it right, or everything they'd built up so far would collapse.
Mind racing, he activated Quick Thinking, then Recall, committing most of the creature's words to memory. He followed up by using Recall in tandem with a Message, performing the equivalent of a mental copy/paste function, sending a word-for-word transcript of Elnaril's speech directly to Diplomacy.
"You said..." Rob drew out the pause, buying time for Diplomacy to finish reading. "You said that your kind abhors lying. Does that extend to breaking promises?"
"There are no physical or mental restrictions that prevent us from forswearing a vow." Elnaril grimaced. "Yet I would detest doing so. The notion of betraying my purity of intent threatens bile to rise to the top of my throat."
Rob sent over those statements to Diplomacy as well. They replied back quickly; according to them, while it was impossible to be certain of Elnaril's intent due to his nonstandard worldview, Diplomacy didn't sense any deception within his words. They also made sure to state that they didn't actually know how to psychoanalyze a freaking Blight, and to not take their conclusion as fact.
Which was fine. It was just added confirmation for the decision Rob had already made. He'd stared the Blight in its face on more occasions than anyone in Elatra, and so he understood them better than anyone. In truth, whether Elnaril was capable of breaking his promises or not was irrelevant. This abhorrent creature standing before him may have been a fusion of Blight and Harpy, but even with its essence diluted, a Blight was still a Blight.
Always seeking revelry.
"There's a problem with that gauntlet you just threw down," Rob began. "It's too risky for us. What if King Elnaril's willpower gives out while our coalition is busy marching deeper into Harpy territory? We wouldn't even get the chance to kill you. Do you really want our story to conclude without its grand finale?"
Elnaril's bloody fingers twitched. "No," the thing whispered. "I do not."
"Then let's make a deal." With a dramatic flourish, Rob stabbed his sword into the ground. "The coalition will press onward, as requested. We'll pay you a visit at the Harpy capital. I'll bring free snacks for everyone. In return, you stay away from the Loci of Power, regardless of whether King Elnaril's willpower gives out."
The creature licked its lips. "You must march with the soldiers you have now. No waiting for reinforcements."
Was hoping he wouldn't catch that. "Got it. In that case, you can't inform the Dragon Bitch that we're here. You started this two-front war, so you get to fight it by yourself."
"My offshoots and I will cease all direct and indirect communications with Dragon Queen Ragnavi. She won't be apprised of your presence." Elnaril leaned forward, moisture pooling at the corners of his mouth. "The Harpies, however, will be told first thing in the morning. Don't expect a warm welcome."
"How typical of a Leader," Keira remarked. "You speak of detesting falsehoods, then lie to your own people about our intentions."
At that, the thing simply laughed. "I won't lie – my subordinates will, of their own accord. And it won't be a falsehood to claim that your alliance has come to slay Elnaril, Harpy Leader."
He extended his bloodied hand again. "I accept your proposal, Rob the Heartkiller." Darkened eyes swirled, like vortexes of black smog. "It shall last until either you or I have perished."
Rob's skin crawled as he grasped Elnaril's hand and shook it. "Then we have a deal." And as long as we keep him hyped, he'll stick to it.
Talons dug into the back of Rob's hand. "One last thing," Elnaril began. "I've answered many of your questions, so it is only fair that you answer several of my own. Three should suffice."
With a calm, measured motion, Rob let go of the creature's hand. His kneejerk response was to tell it to fuck off, but for all he knew that would make Elnaril renege on the deal right then and there. "Questions about what?" he asked, through clenched teeth.
"That would be telling. First: if you somehow survive the coming battles, kill me, kill my brethren, kill the gods...what will you do afterwards?"
Rob narrowed his eyes. "Is this going to be a thing where you dig up info on me and then use it to ruin my life?"
"No, but that is an excellent idea for the future," it responded, sounding genuine.
God do I want to sleep. "I'll hang out with my favorite people, visit my favorite places, eat my favorite foods, and live without abominations like you breathing down my neck." Rob didn't give a shit if Elnaril thought that was too vague; he wasn't about to confirm who the Blight should target to hurt him.
"An adequate response." It turned towards Keira. "I pose the same question to you."
She offered it a shit-eating grin. "I'll hang out with my favorite people, visit my favorite places, eat my favorite foods, and live without abominations like you breathing down my neck."
Elnaril raised an eyebrow. "Hmm. Well, that's sufficient. Your verbal replies didn't particularly matter – only that by asking, I made you think of what the true answers were."
Its gaze shifted from Keira, to Rob, then back again. "My third question is for the both of you. Now that you've envisioned your hopes and dreams, crystallized the future you wish to achieve...what will you do when the Heartkiller's Leveling High inevitably overflows? Kill him, or allow him to kill others?"
For a few seconds, they said nothing.
"That won't happen," Keira hissed. Rob continued his silence.
Elnaril let out a long, booming laugh, like malice encapsulated into an earthly sound. "Phenomenal responses." He licked the blood from his fingers, Featro's stolen body quivering with delight. "It will be a mournful day when I have to devour your souls. Keeping you alive to watch this misery bloom would be so much sweeter."
The thing froze – and then, suddenly, it wasn't the thing anymore. Posture, breathing, mannerisms, all changed in an instant. Even before it spoke, Rob could tell that Elnaril had left the building.
"I'm sorry, I..." Featro brought a shaky hand to his forehead, jerking back when he felt blood and saliva on his fingers. "What happened? Why is..."
His eyes widened. "You must kill me. Now. Please. I'm slipping. Soon I'll be another thoughtless puppet. And I'll enjoy it."
Kill you? Rob felt manic giggles bubbling in his chest. You want me to kill you? After what Elnaril just said about Leveling High? The fuck am I supposed to-
Keira swung her greatsword, demolishing Featro's torso in one swift motion.
Rob stared in shock at the corpse's relieved expression. He blinked, blinked again, then looked at Keira. The Savage Warrior merely sighed, wiping blood off her sword. "It needed to be done," she said, "and the act would have hurt you far more than it hurts me."
Maybe he should've been ashamed or guilty at hearing that, but right then, all Rob could feel was relief. "Thank you."
"You're welcome." Her lips twitched upward, as if a smile was trying and failing to form. "We must each do what others can't. I believe that's the best way to show support to the ones you love."
Message Received From Party Member: Diplomacy Diplomacy: Is it over? We don't hear voices anymore. Diplomacy: Everyone is waiting outside. Rob: Define 'everyone.' Diplomacy: Riardin's Rangers, the Elders, the Leaders, and dozens of random passerby who spotted all the important members of the coalition huddled around one tent in the dead of night. Diplomacy: People are hungry for explanations. Myself included.
Yeah. Rob rubbed his eyes, then walked forward, stepping over the mangled Blight-Harpy cooling on the ground. I'm definitely not getting any sleep tonight.


Author's Note:
On that note, gonna take a short break to rest and catch up on sleep. Next chapter will be posted a week from now.
Thanks for reading!
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I'm trying to figure out my setup so I can convert between desktop w/ peripherals vs. on the go as fast as possible. I want to have to connect as few cables as possible when I sit down at desktop. So of course I'm going to get a nice dock - I'm leaning towards the CalDigit TB4 (because the m16 has TB4, and because this is one of the few hubs I've seen that I can confirm does 4k/144Hz.)
So far so good. But I guess my noob question is: what is the best way to get audio to my speakers from the hub? Just the 3.5mm headphone out? Is that what people are doing? I don't want to have to connect my laptop to my speakers every single time I sit down, so I want to connect the audio from the hub to the speakers. Alternatively, I have been researching if monitors have optical out or HDMI ARC but it seems like almost no monitors have this.
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Conpleted the first training quest last night and honestly had a lot of fun, but I had some questions I couldn't find the answers to, and was hoping the community could help me out.
  1. When you first enter a dungeon, do you roll for the first room, or is there a default first room? For my first dungeon I used the room on the example figure because I couldn't find a direct answer.
  2. If a monster rolls an 8 or 9, which are conditional escapes, but they haven't met the condition, do they just do nothing? That's how I played it and it worked alright but felt kinda easy but maybe that's because I just rolled a lot of 8s and 9s.
  3. How do I refill oil, food, and picks? Is it just a gold cost?
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Just took AAMC Free Sample how to improve from here?
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My Father, Gary, was born to married parents in 1961, also in California.
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However, My father’s mother (Mary) was born to German immigrants.
Here is all i know: I know they both definitely came from Germany after 1914. Specifically, Mary’s mother, Auguste (who is the one who immigrated) came here in 1926. They then settled in California, married, and had Mary. Mary then had my dad Gary, etc.
Alright. so with that out of the way, what chance do i have as Gary’s son, at German citizenship by ancestry? What more would i need to know? I am happy to answer any questions. Thanks so much.
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