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2023.06.09 07:38 Cykirust Unable to buy levels

Unable to buy levels
Yeah idk what's going on, I was gonna buy levels but for some reason I am unable to.
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2023.06.09 07:38 DjRatzz I need these cards

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2023.06.09 07:38 Hurricane_Camille Things to Do in Baton Rouge this Weekend

Last week, u/ExistentialPuggle posted an amazing list of things to do in Baton Rouge that weekend and a lot of people got excited about all the fun things going on, while others shared adfitional events happening around the city. One Redditor commented that they didn’t realize how many great things Baton Rouge has going on and this is something I’ve noticed happening a lot, so my goal is to let people know all the great things Baton Rouge has to offer and hope they share it with others.
Adam Knapp, BRAC’s new president, said his biggest concern is that compared to other cities like Lafayette and New Orleans, Baton Rouge does not have “insane community pride” and looking at this subreddit proves he’s right. I know its hard to be proud of this city. I know we’ll never be #1 on any positive list and am use to scrolling down to the bottom lists to find us but I’m a Baton Rougian for life and try to find as much pride to have in gvis city as possible.
I’m usually a lurker and not much if a poster, so it might take me a few tries to get the format right. Also, with Reddit deciding to compleywly fuck over 3rd party apps, I’m not aure how easy posting will be once Apollo no longer exists.
The places I’m currently looking for events are news sources, local magzines, the library and local wbesite. If you have any other recommendations on where to look, please share.
Please share any other events I might have missed!
(Due to this being a late night Thursday adventure, I’m probabaly only going to be able to posts this weekend’s events, but my goal is to add on events that are ongoing in the area)
Friday - June 9th
• Coppélia Ballet - Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s Youth Ballet summer touring show
- Carver Library - 9:30am - Free 
• LSU MOA’s Neighborhood Art Pop-Up - LSU Museum of Art brings artists, art supplies and creative projects offering kids a fun opportunity to create artwork while learning - Shiloh Baptist Church - 10am - 12pm
• Central Community Theatre: Mary Poppins Jr. - Local theatre puts on musical based on the popular Disney movie - Manship Theatre (not sure how this will work with Summer of Swing) - 6:30pm - $29
• Rhinos of the World - Learn all about rhinos from how they communicate to where they live - Baton Rouge Zoo - 6:30pm - 7:30pm - Free but pre-registration is required
• Movies in the Plaza - Movie: Turning Red (bring lawn chairs or blankets) - The Main Library at Goodwood - 7pm - Free
• Summer Swing with Ashley Orlando - The Great American Songbook & Beyond - A voyage through jazz and swing from the early 20th century through the 1960s - Manship Theatre (not sure how this will work with Mary Poppins Jr. - $25
• Highland Road Park Observatory
- Display Premiere: The Histories and Mysteries of Glass • 5:30pm - 8:30pm - Friday Night Lecture Series • 7:30pm - Both are free 
Saturday - June 10th
• Red Stick Farmers Market - Farm fresh produce, goods, cooking demonstrations and more - Fifth and Main Street downtown - 8am - 12pm
• Market at the Oasis - Vendors selling farm grown produce, handmade items, baked goods and more - 13827 Coursey Blvd - 9am - 1pm
• Kids Fest - Live entertainment, speakers, health screenings and outdoor play - Scotlandville Parkway - 9am - 1pm
• Highland Road Park Observatory - Science Academy - Exploring Weather II - Cadets will investigate: frost, mist, fog, clouds, rain and snow - Ages 8 - 12 - 10am - 12pm - $5 for EBR Parish Cadet; $6 for other-Parish Cadet
• Irene W. Pennington Planetarium - Stargazing - Learn about stars and constellations and an all-ages show - Louisiana Arts & Science Museum - 10am - Ticket included in regular admission
• Greater Baton Rouge Model Railroaders - Miniature train models and running models of trains - 3406 College Street Jackson, Louisiana - 10am - 2pm - Free
• BASF’s Kid’s Lab: Float or Sink - Explore the science of chemistry during a 45-minute hands-on workshop - Ages 6 - 12 - Louisiana Arts & Science Museum - 11am; 1pm & 3pm - Tickets included with regular admisson
• Baton Rouge Seafood Festival - Taste seafood from all over Louisiana and experience Louisiana’s rich food history - 300 S. River Road - 12pm - 5pm - Kids - $10; Adults - $20
• Central Community Theatre: Mary Poppins Jr. - Local theatre puts on musical based on the popular Disney movie - Manship Theatre - 2pm & 6:30pm - $29
• Baton Rouge Super Regional - LSU Baseball vs UK - Alex Box Stadium - 2pm - Tickets required
• Highland Road Park Observatory: Evening Sky Viewing - Weather permitting, view the night sky through telescopes - 7:30pm - 10pm - Free - Turn off headlights when driving in
Sunday - June 11th
• Hilton Drag Brunch - Drag performances, brunch menu and bottomless mimosas - Must be 21 or older - Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center - 10am - 2pm - $60
• BASF’s Kid’s Lab: Float or Sink - Explore the science of chemistry during a 45-minute hands-on workshop - Ages 6 - 12 - Louisiana Arts & Science Museum - 1:30 pm & 3pm - Tickets included with regular admission
• Central Community Theatre: Mary Poppins Jr. - Local theatre puts on musical based on the popular Disney movie - Manship Theatre - 2pm & 6:30pm - $29
• Baton Rouge Super Regional - LSU Baseball vs UK - Alex Box Stadium - Time to be announced - Tickets required
Monday - June 12th
• Baton Rouge Super Regional (only if needed) - LSU Baseball vs UK - Alex Box Stadium - Time to be announced - Tickets required
Tuesday - June 13th
• Red Stick Farmers Market - Local fruits and vegetables, fresh breads, garden plants, prepared foods, jams, jellies and more - Main Library at Goodwood - 3pm - 6pm
Wednesday - June 14th
• Red Stick Farmers Market - Local fruits and vegetables, fresh breads, garden plants, prepared foods, jams, jellies and more - ExxonMobil YMCA - 9am - 12pm
• Sunset Paddle - Youth age 12+ and adults - Milford Wampold Memorial Park - 7pm - 8:30pm - Rentals: single kayak - $10; tandem kayak - $20; canoe - $25 - Registration required at brec.org
Thursday - June 15th
• Red Stick Farmers Market - Local fruits and vegetables, fresh breads, garden plants, prepared foods, jams, jellies and more - Pennington Biomedical Research Center - 8am - 12pm
• Juneteenth Panel Discussions - Talk will unpack the post-emancipation triumphs of Black Americans - Shaw Center for the Arts - 5pm - 7pm
• Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Art - Exhibits by Mary Ann Caffery, Margaret Humphris, Phyllis Lear and David Scott (until June 19) - Free
• Capitol Park Museum - Carnival in the Nation’s Capital: The Washington Mardi Gras Ball (until Sept 16) - Creole New Orleans, Honey! The Art of Andrew LaMar Hopkins (until Sept 16) - Back Roads to Back Yards: The Flora and Fauna of South Louisiana (until Oct 28) - The History of Louisiana’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities - Free
• Cary Saurage Community Arts Center - Why Pride: A Collaboration with the Trevor Project (until now July 2) - Free
• Louisiana Art & Science Museum - Diamonds of History: Mighty Women by Ashley Longshire (until July 2) - Pinpointing the Stars (until Aug 1) - Illustrating Health (until Aug 6) - Our Louisiana (until Jan 14) - Artistry and Accuracy l: Botanical Illustrations by Margaret Stone (until March 3) - Children & Seniors - $10; Adults - $12
• Louisiana State Archives - 70th Jubilee Invitational Exhibit (until June 29)
• LSU Museum of Art - I, Too, am Thornton Dial (until July 2) - Hank Willis Thomas/Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America (until July 30) - Art in Louisiana: Views Into the Collection - What is Printmaking - Children (under 12) - Free; 13+ - $5
• LSU Textile & Costume Museum - Til Trends Do Us Part: A Retrospect in Changing Fashion in Bridal Wear (until Aug 31) - Free
• Main Library at Goodwood - Fiber Artists of Louisiana - Guardians, Harbingers and Sentinels (until June 30) - Free
• Old State Capitol - Jazz Age Juxtaposition: The Prohibition Era of Louisiana (until Aug 19) - Political Parties and the Culture of Conventions (until Dec 15)
• West Baton Rouge Museum - Angela Gregory: Doyenne of Louisiana Sculpture (until Aug 7) - WBRP Resident- Free; Other Adults - $4; Seniors, Military, Students - $2
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2023.06.09 07:35 No-Refrigerator7935 Stressed out

Honorary don't share this anywhere and I'm on mobile. You can look back at my post history for more details on the back story but long story short: husband is a officer candidate in the army, his mom down plays any achievement of his and does not like me, and his sister was a justmaybe she's crossing into justno territory more and more every day.
So my DH has been gone for army BCT and this is the longest we've ever been apart. We're in the final stretch but honestly him being gone hasn't been as horrible as I thought it would be. He calls me every Sunday for 90minutes and I get like 1-3 letters week if he remembers to actually send them haha. But his mother has made this whole process so stressful that I want to rip my hair out.
We've had a rough idea of when he was set to graduate since December. Anytime we tried to confirm whether or not she or SIL planned to attend the graduation it was met with vague non-commital answers. My DH is not good at confronting his mother, to be fair neither am I. But we were both getting fed up, especially since during a recent phone call he asked if she had made any plans since someone in his bay said their family was having issues securing a hotel. So I texted her (it was not very nice I'll admit that but I was tired of the run around) and told her I needed to know if they actually planned on attending because I needed to make sure I made the appropriate plans for family day and graduation day. In response I get this long drawn out response about her and SIL would need dog sitters, she doesn't feel comfortable traveling to far away (it's a four hour drive from our town and 2hrs from SIL) from the grandparents even with other people staying with them, and they aren't sure if they could get a hotel in time.
I said that's perfectly fine we'll miss seeing you there I'll make sure DH calls you one of those days. No reply ok fine. I still make sure to send her updates on how he's doing throughout this ordeal. Then we find out there's a good chance he'll be able to come home for a few days in between Basic and OCS. Immediately she's telling me she wants a family dinner on top of us visiting with everyone. I said no, that even with him coming home we would be taking a full day to ourselves and the other day would be divided amongst visiting both sides of the family and doing any finaly preparations for OCS. She literally left me on read. Ok whatever.
A few days pass and I'm on snapchat and I see SIL is posting about how she's so excited to be going to a music festival. I recognize the name of the festival in the same state his basic is in and I realize she's going for 4-5 days a week before he graduates Basic. I can understand if it was pre-planned and all that I can, but I still can't help but just be absolutely baffled by the logic of telling me you can't afford to go to his Basic cause of all these reasons but then turn around and arrange all of it for a festival?
This is where I could use some advice cause I've basically made my mind up I'm just not sure on execution. I'm going extreme low contact cause I just can't do this. How do I bring any of this up to my DH? I've generally tiptoed around this since he's been gone but he knows something up and he made it clear he knew on our last call and he expected answers when we saw eachother next. I just don't want to dump all of this on him when he should be focused on more important stuff but I'm at my limit for dealing with his family. So any advice on how to approach this in the least stressful way with him would be appreciated.
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2023.06.09 07:34 hoot69 Welp, guess that answers that

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2023.06.09 07:34 AmazingAd8859 For the og Star Wars fans that where their since the 70s, what where y’all reactions when the title on empire showed “episode 5” did y’all think you missed some movies in between or was their like a press release or something before that?

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2023.06.09 07:31 BananaDreams [USA-WA] [H] Zelda TOTK CE, Gamecube manual, Switch/GBA/DS/3ds/Vita/Wii/Gamecube/PS5 games[W] Paypal F&F

I am only accepting PayPal F&F.
Shipping is not included. Open to bundle offers.

$175 Shantae: half genie hero, pirate curse, risky revenge director's cut, slipcover Selling as a bundle, all sealed PS5
$40 Cthulhu Save Christmas Sealed PS5
$55 River city girls Sealed PS5
$95 Castlevania Requiem [Classic Edition] Sealed PS4
$75 Uncharted golden abyss Sealed, small tear at the back PS Vita
$60 Mvp baseball 2005 Sealed Gamecube
$15 Dragon Ball Z Budokai player choice Game, case, manual Gamecube
$225 Pikmin Sealed Gamecube
$25 4 gameboy coloadvance lot (all loose) include pac-man collection GBA, spongebob square pants, lizzie mcguire 3 gba, tetris All loose, selling as a bundle only Gameboy Advance
$75 Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Loose Gameboy advance
$90 Golden sun + Golden sun the lost age Both loose Gameboy advance
$8 Lord Of The Rings Two Towers Loose Gameboy advance
$23 Mario kart super circuit Loose Gameboy advance
$5 Snood Loose Gameboy advance
$950 Mario and luigi superstar saga (sealed) Sealed Gameboy advance
$1200 Sealed gameboy color teal Sealed, great condition Gameboy Color
$30 Nano Assault Loose 3ds
$45 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates To Infinity CIB 3ds
$40 Star Fox 64 3D CIB 3ds
$12 Super smash bros CIB 3ds
$5 Mario Vs donkey kong mini land Manual only DS
$18 Mario party DS CIB DS
$185 Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker CIB, great condition DS
$5 ATV Quad Frenzy Loose DS
$25 Dig Dug Digging Strike CIB, sticker residue on the front DS
$10 Super monkey ball touch & roll Game, case, manual DS
$30 3 wii games bundle include Truck racer, Miniclip Sushi Go-Round, Brave A Warrior's Tale All games are sealed. Sealed game top right seal is broken. Selling as a bundle Wii

$50 2064: Read Only Memories Sealed Switch
$50 Arc Of Alchemist Sealed Switch
$45 Astalon: Tears Of The Earth Sealed Switch
$65 Axiom Verge 1 & 2 Sealed Switch
$30 Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe CIB, LRG variant Switch
$30 Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe CIB, Bestbuy variant Switch
$45 Black Bird Sealed Switch
$50 BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites Sealed Switch
$105 Bloodrayne 1 & 2: Revamped [Dual Pack] Sealed Switch
$100 Bloodstained curse of the moon CIB, best buy variant Switch
$60 Bloodstained curse of the moon 2 PAX west variant, sealed, small cut on the plastic cover Switch
$65 Code of princess EX Launch edition with soundtrack Switch
$40 DARQ complete edition Sealed Switch
$95 Deponia Collection Sealed Switch
$60 Doom the classic collection Sealed Switch
$60 Dusk Sealed Switch
$55 Fairy Tail Game, case, insert Switch
$120 shipped Fire emblem engage divine edition Top seal broken, box is in decent condition Switch
$33 Giga Wrecker ALT Sealed, LRG variant Switch
$35 Grand mountain adventure Sealed Switch
$35 Gris LRG variant, sealed Switch
$35 Hyper Parasite Sealed Switch
$30 Ion Fury CIB Switch
$85 Jay And Silent Bob: Mall Brawl Sealed Switch
$65 Langrisser I & II Game, case, insert Switch
$45 Last day of June Sealed Switch
$150 + shipping Legend of Zelda Tears of the kingdom collector edition Broken seal from shipping, otherwise unopened Switch
$46 Mercenary Kings CIB Switch
$75 Metal Unit super rare games Sealed Switch
$100 Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two CIB Switch
$60 Monster Sanctuary Sealed Switch
$50 Murder By Numbers Playasia edition Sealed Switch
$65 Octopath Traveler CIB Switch
$60 Oninaki Sealed, JPN version Switch
$50 Othercide Sealed Switch
$40 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Sealed Switch
$40 Pokemon Shield CIB Switch
$50 Quake Sealed Switch
$60 Rogue Heroes Ruins Of Tasos Sealed Switch
$56 Shantae and the seven sirens Bestbuy variant Switch
$65 Shantae and the seven sirens LRG variant Switch
$50 Slime-San Superslime Edition CIB Switch
$55 Sol Cresta: Dramatic Edition Sealed Switch
$80 Super mario party joycon bundle box only BOX ONLY, no game or joycons, mint condition Switch
$160 Stranger Things 3: The Game standard edition Sealed Switch
$35 Ms. Splosion Man CIB Switch
$45 River City Girls Zero Sealed Switch
$50 The missing Sealed Switch
$43 The mummy demastered Sealed, bestbuy variant Switch
$20 Valkyria Chronicles 4 Case and joycon skin only no game Switch
$15 Witcher 3 wild hunt complete edition No game, PEGI, box and insert and case Switch
$45 World's End Club Deluxe Edition Sealed Switch
$40 Xenoblade chronicles 2 Loose Switch

Adam's venture origins - $30
Creature in the well (sealed) - $50
Captain Tsubasa Rise of the new champions - $20
Deemo - $50
Disgaea 5 Japanese version with English - $45
Disgaea 5 - $30
Doom 64 - $40
HOA (pax west exclusive variant with sunflower seeds, sealed) - $100
HOA (sticker residue from gamestop) - $30
Knights And Bikes limited run (sealed) - $45
Oxenfree (no game, just case and manual) - $35
River City Girls (Asian version play english) - $33
Salt and sanctuary (sealed, drowned tome edition) - $140
Sniper elite 4 (sealed) - $35
Super bomber man R (PAL) - $15
Towerfall bestbuy edition (sealed) - $40
Tiny Barbarian launch edition CIB - $20
World end's club deluxe edition bestbuy cover (sealed) - $40

No case:
Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (minor damage on the cartridge covert art) - $30
Lego Marvel Super Heroes - $25
Star Wars: Jedi Knights II: Jedi Outcast - $30

Trading cards

Super rare games
- The lions song sealed pack $10
- Mundaun sealed pack $10
- Last day of June sealed pack $10

Gamecube manual only

Warioware $30
Mario Party 5 - $25
F zero gx - $25
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2023.06.09 07:30 ChitvanResort 5 Affordable Hotels in Ajmer for a Budget-Friendly Trip

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2023.06.09 07:29 StrongDark3154 100 overall at 29 years old!

I know this is hockey but I couldn’t find a subreddit for that and I thought this was too insane not to post.
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2023.06.09 07:28 AdvancedBuffalo0 Shithousery Awards 2022-23 tracker

3: Brighton's TA, Brentford's TA
2: Atletico Madrid, Fulham's TA, Wolverhampton's TA, Borussia Mochengladbach's TA, Jack Grealish, FC Augsburg's TA, Jacob Murphy, Bournemouth's TA, Chelsea's TA
1: Raphaël Varane, Leeds' TA, Southampton's TA, Richarlison, Miguel Jimenez Ponce, FC Dallas' TA, Alessandro Bastoni, Leicester City Fans, Everton Fans, Un-named Corinthians player, Rodrygo, Jamie Vardy, William Troost-Ekong, Brighton fans, Harry Kane, Gabriel Magalhaes, Carlos Borges, Ryanair's TA, Galatasaray's TA, AFC Wimbledon's TA, Patrice Evra, Memphis Depay, Japan, FC Barcelona, Wayne Rooney, Jawad El Yamiq, North Korea, Malmo FC, Cardiff City FC, FC Zenit's English TA, Al-Hilal, Domino's Pizza's UK's TA, Tyler Adams, Deliveroo's TA, Stevenage's TA, André-Pierre Gignac, Aaron Ramsdale, Southampton (review of a hotel), Roberto de Zarbi, Dom Telford, Justin Bijlow, Tomas Soucek, Un-named Guiseley player, Lauren James, Ben White, Bengaluru FC's TA, Red Bull Salzburg's English TA, Eintracht Braunschweig's Fans, Argentina's National Team, Fleetwood's TA, Hafidh Daradji (Arabic Commentator), Southampton Fans, Ederson, Mainz 05's TA, Bromley FC's TA, Aymeric Laporte, Levi Colwill, Liam Henderson, West Ham United Fans, Sam Kerr, Zhang Yan
Per teams:
6: Brighton (TA+Fans+Roberto de Zarbi+Levi Colwill)
5: Manchester City (Jack Grealish+Carlos Borges+Ederson+Aymeric Laporte)
4: Chelsea (TA+Lauren James+Sam Kerr)
3: Arsenal (Gabriel Magalhaes+Aaron Ramsdale+Ben White), Brentford, Southampton (TA+review of a hotel+fans)
2: Atletico Madrid, Borussia Mochengladbach, Bournemouth, FC Augsburg, Fulham, Leeds (TA+Tyler Adams), Leicester City (Jamie Vardy+Fans), Newcastle (Jacob Murphy), Tottenham (Richarlison+Harry Kane), West Ham United (Tomas Soucek), Wolverhampton
1: AFC Wimbledon, Al-Hilal, Argentina, Bengaluru FC, Bromley FC, Cardiff City FC, Chengdu Rongcheng F.C. (Zhang Yan), Corinthians, Crawley Town (Dom Telford), DC United (Wayne Rooney), Eintracht Braunschweig, Empoli (Liam Henderson), Everton, FC Barcelona, FC Dallas, Feyenoord (Justin Bijlow), Fleetwood Town FC, Galatasaray, Guadalajara (Miguel Jimenez Ponce), Guiseley, Inter Milan (Alessandro Bastoni), Mainz 05, Malmo FC, Manchester United (Raphaël Varane), Morocco's National Team (Jawad El Yamiq), Netherlands' National Team (Memphis Depay), Real Madrid (Rodrygo), Red Bull Salzburg, Stevenage, Tigres UANL(André-Pierre Gignac), Watford (William Troost-Ekong), Zenit
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2023.06.09 07:27 KissingClitsInTheBay 29 [M4F] #SouthBay / Anywhere! - Seeking needy Pillow Princesses 💕 Enthusiastic, sensual Switch wants to worship and adore You 🔥Lay back, relax, and let me take care of You 🙏

Greetings, my dearest! 💘
Simply put: I'm absolutely fiending to provide You with pleasure, attention, and bliss til youve had Your fill.! ♥️
I lustfully await that piercing gaze that we share when you look down at me... Shakingly anticipating the feeling of my tongue finally making contact with You; My hands exploring and rubbing You from head to toe.
I want your toes to curl, your legs to tremble, your entire body and existence to quake; Awating my next decision on how to make You feel.
Seconds seamlessly transform into hours; Every winking moment melded together in a hazy bliss... I want our experience to affect your days, your routine. You sitting at your desk, out running errands, doing work. Laying in bed, scrolling on your phone....
I want you to feel your pulse down there. When your body tries to recall the feeling, the sensations that you felt during our encounter.
And, the same goes for me and the days of my own. Thinking about You, recalling our time together; I want to be a barely functional mess...!
I lean towards the Switch-y side... 💕 So, if You need me be more dominant 🔥 and pin Your wrists down to the bed, administer some spanks and gripping before/during/after I service You, etc...
Or, if You want to unleash some pent-up dom feels, yourself..! 🤐 I can also be more submissive, and be sooo good for You, while You use me. And my mouth, tongue; And sit and use my face until you've had your fill. 💝
Important Things! (Was a great show on Comedy Central! Also, lists are awesome!):
• This experience is all about You! I want to make You feel and know that You are the very center of the universe when you're spending time with me ❤️ I want to cater to every/any one of Your needs to the best of my abilities! 🙏💕
• Absolutely NO reciprocation needed and NO actual sex/PIV intercourse. (Upon request and conversation: perhaps 🤔) BUT: Strictly cute, intimate cuddles; and hand/mouth usage only!👄🖐 🥄 🥄
• I can host You in an upscale hotel/suite 🏨 You're my pillow princess!!! I truly want to pamper You in the heights of luxury and relaxation. Plus, air conditioning and random hotel TV shows/movies, amirite?! 💕 (Again, upscale locations only!)
• Before/During/After Care, Cute/spicy pillow talk, and Cuddles/Spooning, Massages and Rubs of all kinds will gladly (and enthusiastically!!!) be provided upon request! ❣️
• If no 'care' is desired, I also have no problem with making this a "cum-n-go" situation; Where You cum all the times You need before Your departure from me. 🤷🏽‍♂️
• Privacy and Discretion guaranteed ✅💯 I'm here for You and Your needs! And am not looking to interfere with any relationships/arrangements you have going on..! I am, however, more than open to meeting up with You again; If my services leave a nice impression...😌
• I absolutely ADORE feedback; Both verbal and non-verbal!!! So moaners, loud ones, body quakers, and (squirters) to the front! 🤷🏽‍♂️😅 Don't be shy!!! Let it ALL out when You're with me 😏
Whether it's a 'dead bedroom' situation... Or a case of the person in your life "just not doing it right"... To single ladies looking to break a dry spell... To ladies just looking for good ol' general indulgence!
I'm here for You🙏 Your bliss and delight are truly my own! Leading to this beautiful, endless, infinite cycle of giving and receiving 💕 Let's experience it, together!!! ✅♥️
I know what I'm doing; And I can't wait until You've finally tried the difference between someone who merely guesses and scoffs at your needs and pleasure........
And someone who is truly there for You and knows what they're doing. 💯🔥
The pillow princess experience You thought never existed, is out there..! You just haven't experienced me yet 🤤❣️Let's change that, ASAP!
Some random, quick stuff About Me:
• 29 M , South Bay based, Single 😛, DDF, Expert cuddler and cunnilinguist, Orally fixated..! Gives hella good rubs and massages; Great kisser 😘
• INFJ x Libra Sun (w/ lots of Scorpio ♏️ in my natal chart 🔥 ) for those who keep count of those...!
• 5'9" 185lbs athletic, broad shouldered, warm n' cuddly dad bod, with warm, skilled hands 🙌 420 and alchy friendly 💨 🌿 🍺
important geotags / locations:
South Bay preferred, but mobile all across The Bay for the right chemistry 🧪 !
San Jose (all areas), Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, SJSU, Stanford, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, SJC San Jose Airport, SFbayarea
Bay Area ladies, visitors: PM / Reddit Chat Me, and let's get started on what You're in need of the most..!
Definitely NOT my first rodeo here on Reddit (with numerous successes!!); So chatting, finding a mutual vibe will be of vital importance for both parties. 💯
SFW Pics / pic links, ready to send over!
Can't wait to hear from You!
Edit: Some dude has been plagiarizing my post here and on RAOMD 🙄 Ignore that poser and get with a real lover!! 😎
And low effort messages/PMs will be ignored, and will lead me to rightfully assume that You're a bot/selleeven worse... a dude xD Reach out with some humanly stuff, please 😭😅
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2023.06.09 07:27 A-Moreno STAR-WLWG-R6F5 for 5,000 UEC

Please consider using code: STAR-WLWG-R6F5 when you sign up for star citzen
link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/enlist?referral=STAR-WLWG-R6F5
You will recieve a bonus 5000 UEC valued at 5$ when you purchase a game package
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2023.06.09 07:25 Shourya_1123 Filtering objects (stars) within a range (5 degrees) using Astropy

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2023.06.09 07:25 pie_crust129 Genshin account selling price

Hi I'm thinking about selling my genshin account but I have no idea how to price it, I'm not f2p but I'm a large dolphin at most so I'm not really looking to make a bunch of money back,
23 5 stars:
Kokomi 90/c1, Kazuha 80/c0, Yelan 90/c0, Ganyu 80/c0, Itto 90/c1, Wanderer 90/ c0, Ayaka 90/c0, Yae 80/c0, Tighnari 80/c0, Ayato 80/ c0, Mona 80/ c3, Hu tao 80/ c0, Zhongli 70/ c0, Xiao 70/c0, Raiden 70/ c0, Diluc 70/ c4, Jean 60/ c1, Childe 60/ c0, Klee 60/ c0, Venti 50/ c0, Alloy 50/ c0, Cyno 50/ c0, Keqing 50/c3
31 4 stars, I'm not gonna list the ones I don't have contellations for, I have all the 4 stars out now except Kaveh, Layla, and Kirara.
Razor c6, Gorou c5, Heizou c2, Kaeya c3, Fischl c6, Barabara c6, Bennett c5 (c6 but not claimed), Yun Jin c6, Ningguang c6, Xinqiu c4, Xiangling c6, Amber c1, Noelle c6, Diona c6, Sayu c6, Chongyun c6, Sucrose c6, Rosaria c6, Sara c3, Beidou c6, Lisa c4, Collei c6, Thoma c6, Yanfei c6, Xinyan c6, Candace c1, Kuki c3
I am only going to list my 5 star weapons: Moonglow 80/r1, Skyward Atlas 60/r1, Genppaku Futsu 90/r2, Mistsplitter 90/r1, Aquila Favonia 70/r2, Hunter's Path 90/r1, Aqua Simulacra 90/r1, Skyward Harp 90/r3, Redhorn 90/r3, Unforged 50/r2, Skyward Pride 50/r1, Engulfing lightning 70/r1
I am Ar 58, 498 achievements
Let me know what you think I could sell it for 👍

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2023.06.09 07:24 Shourya_1123 Filtering objects (stars) within a range (5 degrees) using Astropy

I wish I had a coding background from highschool lmao.
Anyways, I've got a huge bunch of stars (fits table) and I wanna filter down and look at stars within 5 degrees from a certain coordinate using astropy. I'm struggling with the documentation haha
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2023.06.09 07:24 TomorrowInner9781 when verse 2 lol 😂

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2023.06.09 07:18 duckowucko [Long-Schall] Browder Administration and "Return" of the Business Plot? (1941)

[Long-Schall] Browder Administration and

35th President of the United States, Earl Russel Long (AFA-Communist)


Vice President: Upton Sinclair
Secretary of State: Theodore Green
Secretary of Treasury: Henry Morgenthau Jr.
Secretary of War: Henry Stimson
Attorney General: Earl Warren
Secretary of the Navy: Frank Knox
Secretary of the Interior: Harold Ickes
Secretary of Agriculture: Henry Wallace
Secretary of Commerce: Norman Thomas
Secretary of Labor: Frances Perkins
President Pro Tempore: Key Pittman (Democrat)
Speaker of the House: Everett Dirksen (Republican)
In a shocking turn of events, Earl Russel Browder became the first non-republican or non-democrat to win the White House since 1856. Despite his unique affiliation, he kept true to his campaign promise and organized a politically diverse Cabinet; though of course, heavily favoring interventionists. Former President Long had made it a point, however, to take as long as possible to move his stuff out as Browder began to move his stuff in.
Browder would get to work in his first few months in office, petitioning Congress and making several notable speeches over the radio, perhaps the most extensive use of which by a President so far. In March of 1941, the Lend-Lease Act would be passed with flying colors, allowing the supply of food, oil, and raw material to the allied nations alongside the Soviet Union. This was quickly followed by the Neutrality Act of 1941, which allowed for a "Cash and Carry" policy, which was disliked by the struggling British. Browder would also enforce official resource embargoes on Japan, Germany, Italy, and Vichy-France; the latter of which had officially joined the Axis during the interim after the election.
Domestically, President Browder would continue much of the existing policies of Huey Long and George Norris. However, Browder was able to push through the Corporate Revenue Act of 1941; raising taxes on all businesses classified as "Large" that did not produce a certain percentage of their profit for the Government, which in a way encouraged companies to pursue military contracts in new ships, planes, trucks, and tanks as Browder and his administration put into effect their military expansion program in July.
In the wake of a call for a "March on Washington" by African-American Leader, Asa Phillip Randolph, Browder would sign an executive order that would prohibit employment discrimination among defense contractors based on race, faith, and sex. Browder would also begin to allow larger amounts of European -namely Jewish- refugees into the nation with some convincing from Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau.
With rampant military and industrial expansion followed by sudden openings and closings of trade routes, the American economy took a massive shift, though definitely positive in these short few months, with unemployment dropping by a whole 1 percent, currently standing at around 10% and it appears to be dropping fast.

October Morning

In the early morning of October 2nd, 1941, President Earl Browder was leaving a Virginian hotel with Vice President Upton Sinclair and a few aids and bodyguards when a few youngsters that were recently sighted coming out of the local recruiter's office walked up to the group and opened fire with concealed revolvers.
As it stands, the health of President Browder or Vice President Upton Sinclair is unknown. However the President's bodyguard has confirmed the deaths of 5 of the 6 attackers, and it is suspected the sixth has been arrested. The identities and ages of the young men have not been released, and their motives are under question. However, theories that have previously been debunked have cropped up again in public circles; talking of Japanese or German infiltrators running the Government, or of a "Business Plot" previously revealed by the late U.S. Marine Smedley Butler in 1933 following the election of George Norris. Has the business plot returned after a Communist was elected? Have the Japanese infiltrated our Government? In the meantime, we can only hope the President and Vice President are alright.
Garner Administration (1933-1933)
Norris Administration (1933-1937)
Long Administration (1937-1941)
View Poll
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2023.06.09 07:18 ZoZleepy Help I cant buy levels glitch!!

I'm so pissed theres 15 minutes left
And theres a glitch that won't let me buy any levels
Theres one last item i want in the bonuses and now I can't get it bc I'm 5 fucking stars away and theres a glitch :(
Is there any chance fortnite can help me?
submitted by ZoZleepy to FortNiteBR [link] [comments]