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[FOR SALE] Losing interest in vinyl & out of work due to the union strike - buy my records before they're sold elsewhere! SEALED: Rock, jazz, funk, soul, indie, rap, country, etc.

2023.06.09 05:28 cannonfunk [FOR SALE] Losing interest in vinyl & out of work due to the union strike - buy my records before they're sold elsewhere! SEALED: Rock, jazz, funk, soul, indie, rap, country, etc.

I've been collecting vinyl for well over a decade, but as I've gotten older my priorities & interests have shifted a bit. Additionally, the film industry strike has affected my income, so I figured that now is as good a time as any to start passing on my music to someone else.
I plan on keeping the core of my collection for now, but here's a bunch of stuff I either never got around to listening to, or don't see myself listening to much in the future. By the end of this month I plan on making another post with used vinyl, but that requires a little more work.
Shipping is...
All items will be shipped in new mailers with padding and/or stiffeners, and box sets (or 4+ LPs) will be packaged in bulk LP boxes with plenty of protection.


M/M unless otherwise noted

Jazz/Soul/Funk/Hip Hop
Rock/Indie/New Wave/Alt
  • Soundtrack - La La Land - $13 - A couple light crease marks on sleeve
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2023.06.09 05:28 Salty_Mikey [WTS] Safariland SW Shield Holster / Diamondback Stock/ Magpul RVG (Picatinny) / Ruger LCP 2 Holster / Rifle Mag Pouch (Pistol Mag add on / Rechargeable CR123 charger with 4 rechargeable CR 123 Batteries

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/WoBO0od
Hi, I have couple items for sale
All Prices are shipped and I’ll cover PayPal G&S ( please no notes )
(1) Safariland Smith and Wesson Shield Holster (came with a belt loop paddle and an extra one paddle ) asking for $20 shipped
(2)A rifle stock came out off my Diamondback DB 15 rifle , asking for $8 shipped
(3) Salty Magpul RVG (Picatinny) , asking for $10 shipped
(4) Ruger LCP 2 IWB Holster, $10 shipped
(5) Rifle Mag Pouch (with a pistol mag add on ) , asking for $8 shipped
(6) Brand new CR123 rechargeable charger with 4 new CR123 rechargeable batteries, asking for $20 shipped
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2023.06.09 05:25 jeritex-jrit JERITEX Top 24HR Volume (June 09, 2023) Which one do you HODL?

JERITEX Top 24HR Volume (June 09, 2023) Which one do you HODL?

#JERITEX Top 24HR Volume:
🔹 $BTC 69.69M
🔹 $ETH 39.61M
🔹 $XRP 17.02M
🔹 $SFT 16.94M
🔹 $JET 8.96M

Which one do you HODL?
Trade them at https://jeritex.io
#BTC #ETH #SFT #JET #XRP #Crypto #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Jeritex
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2023.06.09 05:24 Alex-_Alex [TotK] TotK Link is the most broken through engineering prowess alone.

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2023.06.09 05:21 hollow-fox 6KW Worth it on Old Home?

Hey all got a quote from sunpower for a 6.09kW system 14 panels with an estimated 5732 kWh a year offset. This is for an old home that’s 2600 sqft. I was kinda underwhelmed by this.
I don’t know the yearly power usage because we haven’t moved in yet but we estimated at 17,581.
Just looking for general advice on if this is even worth it. I really wanted a system that would offset nearly 100% and be able to do a battery back up for power outages. Looking for any advice on if it’s possible to do something like that.
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2023.06.09 05:07 bishnoiboi For better battery backup, charge your phone and DONT USE IT

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2023.06.09 04:58 BravoFive141 Ryobi vs Husqvarna vs Echo for battery equipment?

Hello all,
I'm looking for some recommendations/reviews on what to move forward with as I start to transition my lawn equipment from gas to electric. Also, I figure it may help me to list things out and then step back and review everything.
For clarification, we live in Florida and have a fairly small yard. I'm not sure of the exact size, but Zillow says our lot is 4,255 square ft. Currently using the following equipment:
I'm fairly satisfied with the mower. It's only about 2 years old, and I can usually get the front yard and most of the back yard finished on one charge depending on when the last mow was. I'm not too picky about recharging, as it gives me a chance to take a lunch break and get out of the heat for a bit while the battery is recharging. I'm not in a rush for a new mower, but I wouldn't mind upgrading eventually depending on what brand I select for the other equipment.
The leaf blower and edger are good, but battery life leaves a bit more to be desired. On an 18v 4ah battery, I'm lucky to get 15-20 minutes of use. Strangely, the hedge trimmer seems to get a much better battery life on the same battery, so my only guess is that the hedge trimmer is less battery-intensive.
I've had zero problems with the Echo string trimmer aside from always having to pull 3-4 times, choke, then pull 1-2 more times to start it. Admittedly, I've had it for 6+ years and never cleaned the air filteanything else on it, so that's probably my own fault.
I've been debating switching to fully electric equipment as it's just easier to operate for myself and my wife and less hassle with mixing fuel. I'm just having trouble deciding between a few brands/equipment.
Obviously, Ryobi would be easiest to stay with since I already have a decent amount of Ryobi equipment. Most of my tools and lawn equipment are Ryobi. That being said, I feel like I see more about the Ryobi string trimmers not being that great.
The Echo battery string trimmer seems great, and I've had a positive experience with Echo for many years. Only downsides for me would be that I'm not a big fan of the look of their leaf blower, and the string trimmer doesn't seem to be as powerful as some others out there. It'd probably get the job done fine for our yard though, and it pretty much checks off everything I'm looking for (Decent battery size/run time, no foldable/attachment-ready pole, and easy to change trimmer head).
Husqvarna also seems to be a strong contender. String trimmer seems to be pretty decent based on some YouTube videos, and the blower looks nice and is supposedly one of the most powerful battery blowers on the market. Also, all of their equipment apparently has an active cooling system. I'm not sure if that's more of a gimmick than anything useful, but being in Florida, I'd like to imagine it would help. The downside is that I can't seem to find much real-world information on Husqvarna battery equipment.
I was considering Ego, but after seeing a lot of negative reviews on battery life/fires and the Line IQ system on the string trimmers, I'm just not that impressed.
I'd love to get some input from those who may already have some of this equipment. Thanks in advance!
Edit: Words
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2023.06.09 04:52 ButYouWill Master of Puppets: Songs Ranked

  1. Orion
  2. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  3. The Thing That Should Not Be - Best Solo
  4. Master of Puppets
  5. Damage, Inc.
  6. Battery
  7. Leper Messiah
  8. Disposable Heroes
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2023.06.09 04:51 Galbert123 [USA-MA] [H] Switch Games, Modded GB Pocket [W] Paypal

Switch games, with cases. I'll cover the first $3 in shipping. Will ship in sandwiched between cardboard inside a reused Amazon bubble mailer.
Crash Team Racing - 19 - Spyro ad insert
Blasphemous - 50 - comes with inserts/stickers (map, stickers, digital contents key I bought this used but haven’t used it myself but I don’t know if it’s redeemable)
Trials of Mana - 21 - Merch ad insert, reversible slip cover
Disgaea 6 - 29 - comes with mini art book
Super Neptunia RPG - 37 - reversible slip cover
Odd World Strangers Wrath - 15 - cool reversible slip cover
Risk of Rain 2 (includes risk of rain 1) - 15 - limited warranty insert
Modded with an orange backlight. I dont know much about the specifics of the build as I bought it years ago. What I do know from playing it a handful of times this week in prep for this sale that it goes through batteries fairly quick and the AC port does not work with an oem pocket charger I have. I will make sure this is packaged carefully. wrap in toilet paper (not from the bathroom), then bubble wrap, then a box with stuffing to eliminate movement. I'll cover the first $5 in shipping. - 80
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2023.06.09 04:47 Smiling_Facade First Time RC Owner

Just picked up a Hoss VXL 4x4. Ran it through a couple 5000mah batteries today and I’m VERY pleased with it. This is the RC I wanted when I was a kid and got the Walmart ones…..🤣. Anywho, I’m looking for advice on upgrades now. Really just kind of use it for a bashefun toy. What order do I need to do upgrades? I can see that I’m not a fan of plastic drive shafts, so probably get the metal ones first, but after that, idk. Any and all help appreciated. Looking forward to the community
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2023.06.09 04:45 OzBargainBot Panasonic CR2032 Lithium 3V Coin Battery CR-2032PG1BW $2 + $6 Shipping ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ Bing Lee

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2023.06.09 04:42 jwm3 I have a mixture of 60 cell and 72 cell panels, can I pair them up in series?

I have inherited a system with an equal number of 60 cell and 72 cell panels that in the past were all paralleled up and fed into a pwm controller with a 24v battery bank.
This is obviously not ideal, the extra 12 cells on half the panels were wasted and the controller is old tech. The cells and batteries are fine though but I'd like to fix the glaring issues with the controller and topology.
My current plan is to get a 100V capable MPPT controller and pair each 60 cell panel with a 72 cell one in series making a virtual 70ish volt 132 cell panel and then parallel up the pairs.
Does this idea pass the smell test?
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2023.06.09 04:29 Guwho Brother arrested on false gun chargers

Ok I’m just going to start off and say I made a post about this last week in this sub but I didn’t have the 100% details and was going of information from over a year ago. I’ve gotten new details on the case and going to share them here
My brother and 3 other people were meeting up at a Walmart to gather in a rental vehicle to drive to a different location to shoot a music video.
As they all arrived and were moving things from their person vehicles to the rental car, they were approached by plain clothed under cover officers (no body cams) and detained under the suspicion of them “Moving in and out of vehicles”
Clearly the detainment should of been over once’d they gathered everyone’s id and see that the vehicle they were going in and out of is theirs.
Not sure if they were searched illegally or not but they were searched and the driver of the rental van, was concealed carrying at the time.
The officers then arrest 3 out of the 4 people there including my brother for possession of a firearm, even though the true owner claimed possession and was allowed to leave that night with his firearm.
I’m not sure if the gun was sitting loosely in the rental or not but it was never in possession of my brother or his 2 friends.
He was on probation at the time and wasn’t able to bond out so he’s been in jail for over a year or so now. They’ve dropped the charges of possession of a firearm about 6 months ago.
But I’m hearing now that they have transported him to a federal prison about 3 months ago and there may be trying to charge him with possession of ammunition now, even though he never had anything on him the day he was arrested.
Me and my father are kinda stuck and unsure what to do in this situation. We currently don’t have money for an attorney at the moment.
Is there a possible lawsuit to the PD for this ? What other resources should we try looking into to help free my brother ?
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2023.06.09 04:28 ipodclassic80gb Wf-1000xm4 update from 1.2.6 to 2.0?

I bought these earbuds used from Amazon and was glad to see the battery issue hasn't affected my pair. The firmware is on 1.2.6, and I an wondering if it would be safe to update to 2.0? I don't want to ruin these buds with the update, however multipoint connection would be convenient if it's possible to safely update with no risk. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
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2023.06.09 04:08 couponfordeals 60% off > $36.57 > #VIOLEWORKS 88VF 6 inch Electric Chain Saw Banggood Coupon Code [2 Batteries] [Czech Warehouse]

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2023.06.09 04:07 couponfordeals VIOLEWORKS 88VF 6 inch Electric Chain Saw Banggood Coupon Deal [2 Batteries] [Czech Warehouse]

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2023.06.09 04:07 Direct-Piano7965 Clevo Laptop Batteries rtl8723be laptop battery

Clevo Laptop Batteries rtl8723be laptop battery
Battery Type: Li-ion Battery Voltage: 11.1V Battery Capacity: 5600mAh, 62.16Wh Battery Color: Black Weight: 330g Size: 268.70 x 49.70 x 19.50mm Cells Amount: 6-Cells Battery Cell Quality: Grade A
Replace Part Number: CLEVO 6-87-W50S-4D4A2 ,CLEVO 6-87-W650-4D4A ,CLEVO 6-87-W650-4E42 ,CLEVO 6-87-W650S-4D4A2 ,CLEVO 6-87-W650S-4D7A1, CLEVO 6-87-W650S-4D7A2, CLEVO 6-87-W650S-4E42, CLEVO 6-87-W650S-4E7, CLEVO 6-87-W650S-4E72, CLEVO 687W650S4D4A2, CLEVO 687W650S4D7A2, CLEVO 687W650S4E7 ,CLEVO 687W650S4E72, CLEVO W650BAT-6 ,CLEVO W650BAT6
Compatible Laptop Models: Aftershock M-15 Clevo GAZP9, Gigabyte Q25N, N1761, P15fv3, Q2556N V3, Rtl8723be, W650 SR, W650DC, W650RB, W650RC, W650RC1, W650RN, W650RZ, W650RZ1, W650S Series, W650SB, W650SC, W650SF, W650SH, W650SH Series, W650SJ, W650SR, W650SR Series, W650Sz, W650SZ Series, W651DC, W651RC1, W651RN, W651RZ1, W651SB, W651SC, W651SF, W651SJ, W651SZ, W655RC1, W655RN, W655RZ1, W655SB, W655SC, W655SF, W655SJ, W655SZ, W665SZ, W670, W670RBQ, W670RBQ1, W670RC, W670RCQ, W670RCQ1, W670RCW, W670RCW1, W670RNQ, W670RNQ1, W670RV, W670RZQ, W670RZQ1, W670RZW, W670RZW1, W670SBQ, W670SBQ1, W670sc, W670SCQ, W670SCQ1, W670SFQ, W670SFQ1, W670SJQ, W670SJQ1, W670SR, W670SRQ, W670SZ, W670SZQ, W670SZQ1,

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2023.06.09 04:03 Guanran928 [Hypr] Tokyonight + Some Catppuccin :D

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2023.06.09 03:55 wetbird88 1997 YAMAHA cart project

I have a 1997 Yamaha cart that needs new batteries. The Trojans will cost around 1300 for all 6. It’s a 48 volt cart that ran great until one of the battery posts stripped out of the battery. They were installed in 2017. I’m thinking of replacing the batteries but I’m wondering if it’s worth it or if the cart could possible need other repairs. Do the motors go out on these things or are they fairly resilient? Is there anything else I should consider on a cart this old or should I be able to install new batteries and be good to go?
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2023.06.09 03:55 sekharreddyiy OnePlus 11 Battery life

OnePlus 11 Battery life
I'm getting mixed results of battery life on my OnePlus 11. Sometimes I get around 5-6 hours screen on time. Sometimes I'm getting a strong 7-8 hours screen on time. What settings do I need to set for best results??.
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2023.06.09 03:55 Paravi Does anyone know what the mod is that has blurred the pixels and made the game visually look less pixelated?

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2023.06.09 03:49 Massive_Level_7127 What Are The Advantages of Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones and How Do They Work?

What Are The Advantages of Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones and How Do They Work?
I believe you also have the common experience that when we eat cookies, even if we cover our ears, we can hear the cracking sound of cookies. Or when we scratch our head, we hear the sound of fingers rubbing against our head. This is actually the most common example of bone conduction.The vibration of a cookie or the friction of the head is transmitted through the skull to our inner ear, which helps us to hear sound. This sound transmission method has also been cleverly applied by scientists to wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, and in the past 2 years, they have become the most popular digital product.

What are the advantages of wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones?

First of all, because they use the principle of bone conduction to transmit sound instead of air conduction, most wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones do not affect the acquisition of ambient sound by both ears when used. Therefore, it is very safe when you use it outdoors, and you will not ignore the possible dangers because you are immersed in the music when wearing it.

Secondly, because most of the them are close to the hard bone position (beside the ear), instead of directly blocking the ear canal like in-ear headphones, or clamping the soft tissue of the ear like clip-on headphones.After wearing wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones for a long time,ear damage cause of Headphones is much less than in-ear headphones or clip-on headphones. For example, if you wear them for four hours, clip-on headphones may cause your ears to hurt unbearably, but even if you wear wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones for a long time, you will basically feel nothing. Therefore, they are very comfortable to wear.
On top of that, common headphones can clog the ear canal, leading to the growth of a lot of bacteria that can lead to ear infections. Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones do not have these effects because they do not need to be worn in the ear, and they will not rub against the external auditory canal when worn. So they are more suitable for people with oily ears, otitis media, small ears, and some people with sensitive ears because they do not need to be inserted into the ears. They are also more suitable for people who need to wear headphones for a long time. Therefore, wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are very healthy.
Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones have relatively little hearing damage, because hearing damage generally occurs in the eardrum and inner ear, while wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones directly bypass the eardrum to avoid eardrum damage. Moreover, the vibration waves of them are relatively moderate, and the impact on auditory hair cells will be less, so the damage to hearing caused by them is minimal. For these reasons, wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones have become very popular these years.
Of course, wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are not perfect, and they have their drawbacks.
The first is that the sound quality is not as good as traditional headphones because of its wearing method. Due to its design characteristics, the anti-interference effect is not ideal in noisy environments such as shopping, taking the subway, and taking a car. Because it is transmitted to the ear ossicles through the skin and skull, so their degree of music reproduction is not as good as traditional in-ear headphones.

The second is that the phenomenon of sound leakage still needs to be overcome. If there is a common problem with wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, it is the problem of sound leakage. Although major manufacturers are trying to improve the sound leakage, judging from the actual status, sound leakage still exists in the headphones. Of course, mainstream wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphone brands, such as wissonly and Aftershokz, have made a lot of efforts to improve the sound leakage of wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, and have almost solved the sound leakage problem.
In general, wireless bone conduction headphones have more advantages than disadvantages, which is why they are becoming more and more popular.Their advantages and disadvantages are determined by the way they work.

How do wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones work?

When it comes to the working principle of wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, you must first understand the "essence of sound". Simply put, the sounds we hear every day are vibrations in the air. For example, have you ever seen a scene of “loud high-pitched sound shatters a glass window”on TV? This phenomenon is caused by the treble that transmits strong air vibrations to the glass window, causing the glass window to resonate.
We hear sound as vibrations in the air. Sound travels through the ear canal to the eardrum, then through a spiral organ called the cochlea to the brain, where it is finally perceived by us. While standard headphones that fit into the ear canal use this "standard" path to transmit air vibrations to the brain, wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones work quite differently.

The sound transmission path of standard headphones: sound source vibration → external auditory canal → eardrum → cochlea → brain
The sound transmission path of wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones: sound source vibration → skull → cochlea → brain
So, with wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, you can enjoy music without ear canals or eardrums. wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones do not need to be plugged into the ear canal when worn, which will cause less damage to the eardrum and better hygiene for the ear canal, so they are the healthiest headphones.
Bone conduction headphones are safer than common headphones,and they have a lot of advantages, They are your best sports headphones.So how can you find your most suitable one of them? Let me recommend a few headphones.

1, Wissonly Hi Runner wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
As a veteran electronic product fans, I can responsibly tell you that the Wissonly wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are true bone conduction, which can protect hearing, so they are recommended by many otologists.
At the same time, Wissonly Hi Runner is also very good in terms of sound quality. It uses a 360 surround vibration unit, which can increase the vibration area by 35% compared with traditional wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones.They reduces the loss during bone conduction sound transmission, and which makes the sound more powerful.
Wissonly Hi Runner wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are made of memory titanium that can be self-adjusted, which can ensure that the headphones have a good wearing experience and take into account more users.
In terms of functionality, as the flagship model of Wissonly Brand, Wissonly Hi Runner supports IPX8 waterproof level which is higher than the industry standard, and it can be worn in diving. It is equipped with 32G body memory, as well as the latest Bluetooth 5.0. Its product performance and experience have been comprehensively improved, truly making wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones suitable for more life scenarios.

2. Philips A6606 wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Philips A6606 is very pleasant to touch, especially the side is softer and touches the skin. It looks like an advanced product on hand. And the charging joint soft plug of the headphone and the gap between different parts are smooth, and the overall workmanship is quite good.
It supports for dual-microphone stereo calls, and is made very well in terms of call quality. A6606 supports mobile phone APP control, if a call comes in during running or cycling, it can be connected by simply touching the left unit, which will not affect the safety of riding. And bone conduction sound pickup technology + dual noise-canceling microphones can also filter out the wind noise during moving forward, and the call effect is guaranteed.

3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
AfterShokz Openrun Pro's headphones are very light, weighs only 26g. It's very light and comfortable to run on your ears. The whole machine is made of titanium alloy, and the headphones on both sides are wrapped with skin-friendly silica gel, which make it has a IP67 waterproof grade. It can be drenched in the rain, splashed with water and washed, and there is no problem even in bad weather during outdoor sports. The structure adopts the back-hanging design and can't be worn in the ear, which is very friendly to users who often wears it. The whole machine is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 three-core chip, which can realize fast connection, stable sound quality connection within 10 meters, and intelligent identification by algorithm, which can effectively filter the ambient sound and make the voice clearer.

4.Earsopen peace tw-1 wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
It is IP67 waterproof grade, easily resistant to sweat, and even capable of a short immersion underwater, but not suitable for swimming. The lightweight body just weighs 9g,its clip-on wearing method is novel.At the same time,It has a certain stability. But it is not suitable for long-term wear, and there will be a lot of discomfort.

5.Moing wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
The overall experience is average, but the price is low, so it is worth trying.
It weighs only 30g, so it can be worn for a long time without burden. Streamlined sinking design is adopted, which fits the ear shape when wearing. Its body is made of memory alloy material, so you don't have to worry about deformation after bending for many times. The overall configuration of Moing is good, Bluetooth 5.0. Titanium alloy frame, built-in power capacity of 200mAh, and it supports 6 hours of battery life.
If you are still confused about how to choose wireless bone conduction headphones, I suggest you choose Wissonly or Aftershokz. Their R&D teams have more than 10 years of technical experience in this field, which makes their products perform well in terms of sound quality and sound leakage reduction. If you consider the cost performance ratio, it is recommended to choose Wissonly.
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