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2015.12.04 06:29 karenanalyst Hire Best Magento Programmer

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2023.03.27 06:43 AndreyDidovskiy A Timeless Crypto Philosophy - 20 Nuggets of Wisdom to Guide You Through the Noise

A Timeless Crypto Philosophy - 20 Nuggets of Wisdom to Guide You Through the Noise
Originally Published:
Getting involved in crypto is pretty easy.
Staying involved long enough to make life-changing money is not.
Anyone who has ever gotten into the digital asset industry has done so with a boatload of optimism & high hopes of getting rich.
However, as soon as the reality of manipulated data, fake news & criminal gurus set in, that optimism quickly turned from the chance of a lifetime… into a shitstorm of emotional fear, uncertainty & doubt.
Those that choose to ride the chaos & rise above the noise, grow tremendously; in wealth & knowledge.
They develop an incredible sense of social psychology, distributed ledger technology & financial markets.
They are the few.
If you are ready, willing & able to claim your throne; let us begin the journey:
\Disclaimer* The wisdom below is equally applicable to traders, investors & builders alike. These are not just quotes about crypto, nor are they are not just quotes from people in crypto. This is a collection of timeless practical wisdom, from finance & self improvement to innovation & beyond!

1) Learn. And then Think for Yourself. — CZ
Originally, Malcolm X said “learn to See, Listen & Think For yourself” in his world famous speech at the Ford Auditorium. However, this version of it I first heard from Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) in one of his twitter posts.

2) Assume that everything in life is unfair & act regardless. — Unknown
Maybe your idea is better. Maybe markets are manipulated. Maybe governments will continue to be slow & stupid. Maybe bad people will win occasionally. Doesn’t matter. Keep moving!
Investors: Sometimes your might recommend something to a friend that will listen & make fantastic money. While you, yourself, did not act accordingly & some of your investments might go to 0. Keep moving. Traders: Sometimes you might go on a losing streak for days, weeks or even months… the longer you wallow, the longer you spend not making it back. Keep moving. Builders: Maybe your idea is better than others; but they seem to raise money while you cant find a single interested party. Maybe you toiled endlessly to raised money in a depression & only found $1m, while some vaporware crapshoot raised $18m in a bull market. Keep moving.

3) Only Fools Rush In. — Elvis Presley
This is actually from an old classic love song by the eternal Elvis Presley called “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. But the application of this wisdom to crypto is to always invest your time doing some research before blindly throwing money into something.

4) “If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.” — Satoshi Nakamoto
Words from the all-father of digital monies himself. Once you find alpha, shut up & take advantage of it. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to convince non-believers.

5) “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
This is such an important lesson that is best portrayed through the story of the Donkey, the Tiger & the Lion:
A donkey told the tiger, “This grass is blue.” The tiger scoffs and replies. “No, the grass is green!” Their discussion became very heated, both sides arguing and getting nowhere. The tiger finally suggested they submit their issue to the Lion, King of the Jungle, for arbitration.
As they approach the lion on his throne, the donkey started screaming “Your Highness! Isn’t it true the grass is blue?” The lion replied, “If you believe it’s true, then the grass is blue.” The donkey continued, “The tiger disagrees with me, contradicts me, annoys me…please punish him!”
So, the lion declared that the tiger would be punished with three days of silence. Well, naturally, the donkey was overjoyed and jumped around, taunting in triumph, “The grass is blue! The grass is blue!”
The tiger was upset and asked the Lion, “Why did you punish me? You know the grass is green.”
The lion replied, “You’ve known and seen that the grass is green. You know it. The punishment isn’t for whether the grass is blue or green, the punishment is because it’s degrading for a brave, intelligent creature like you to waste your time arguing with an ass, and on top of that, you came and bothered me with that question just to validate something you already knew to be true.”
The biggest waste of time is arguing with a fool and fanatic who doesn’t care about the truth of reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions. Don’t waste time on discussions that make no sense. There are people who, for all the evidence presented, do not have the ability to understand. Others are blinded by ego, or hatred, or resentment, and the only thing they want is to be right, even if they aren’t. When ignorance screams, intelligence moves on.

6) “Expect change. Analyze the landscape. Take the opportunities. Stop being the chess piece; become the player. It’s your move.” — Tony Robbins
Don’t get attached to your convictions. Don’t be a victim of your own delusions. Stop letting other people make decisions for you. Become responsible for everything that happens… & over time, wonderful things will happen.

7) “Be like water.” —Bruce Lee
I immediately start to think differently every single time I read this.
Water has no shape, it can fill any space & it cannot be destroyed.
Crypto ebbs & flows at the speed of information & being right is not as important as being profitable. Political bullshit will always be trying to superimpose itself into the industry; new regulations will get in the way; projects will fail & scams will not stop. Regardless of it all, you must calmly continue.

8) “Teachers Open The Doors, But You Must Enter By Yourself.” — Chinese Proverb
Teachers are not just the people that know what to do. Teachers are also the people that have made mistakes & know what not to do. The fastest way to learn is from the experiences of others.
The hardest part of this wisdom is being able to find the right teachers for the right lessons. However, as soon as do find them & you learn their lesson(s), do not delay, act as soon as possible.

9) “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” — Swedish proverb
Cryptocurrency is ridden with bad actors & degens that push their own agendas. Most of these agendas fall into the category of FUD. Don’t fall for it.
Its normal to feel worried, after all, money is on the line. As a rule of thumb, as soon as you might feel the worry, stop for a few minutes & consider if those thoughts are rooted in validity or if it is just an emotional spike.

10) “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” — Milton Berle
Stop waiting for something to change & start acting. If you want to make good trades, you should start doing research & looking for possibility. If you want to build an amazing product you should start drawing out plans & organizing the tools you will need. If you want somebody to just tell you what to do, go get a regular 9–5, crypto might not be for you.

11) Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. — Seneca
Finding the trade that can 10x your portfolio will not happen if you buy everything the Uber driver tells you (NFA); you will end up wasting your dry powder on random tips & when the time really comes you will have no money to deploy into the real opportunity.

12) Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. — Ralph Waldo Emerson
The outcome of your efforts will dictate where you end up in life & lady luck will reward you in proportion to your willingness to put yourself out there. The harder you work, the luckier you get. If you sit on your hands doing nothing, nothing will happen (if you are lucky).

13) “The task is…not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.” ― Erwin Schrödinger
Perspective is everything. Where the majority will panic at the sight of a bear market, few others will see opportunities to ride the short. If you think you missed the boat, you did. If you think you have a chance for profit, you do.

14) “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” — Maya Angelou,
Start somewhere, doing something & don’t look for perfection. Expect to make mistakes, expect that others will talk sh*t, expect to get better over time. As you get better, you must improve the actions you take. If you feel as though you are trying so hard but are not feeling any notable improvements… relax friend, this is a good sign… evolution is right around the corner…your time is coming!

15) “Often it isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.” ― Muhammad Ali
This quote is complimented by “Where attention goes, energy flows”.
When in crypto it is easy to get distracted by nonsense. That nonsense then sticks in the back of your mind & weighs on your emotional state. This creates an atrophy in thoughts that lead to poor decision making. Remember, that one of the most prolific forms of energy for us humans, is money. If you focus on the wrong things, you will attract the wrong things. Scared money don’t make no money. Every human has a limited amount of time & energy every single day. Allocate yours with great care.

16) “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti
Easy to say, but applying this in crypto seems nearly impossible given the constant onslaught of information that is thrown out constantly.
The infinite value of this is that learning to do so will show mastery over your own emotions. If you are able to observe without having your emotions skew the interpretation of what you see, then you will see the truth.
Don’t jump to conclusions.

17) “We learn from failure, not from success.” – Bram Stoker
The faster you fail, the faster you learn how to succeed. If you succeed all of the time & are suddenly confronted with failure you will not know what to do. Shifting your perspective from expectations of grand success to the eternal desire to learn will put you into a state of constant growth. Embrace failure as the mother of growth & watch as you start to soar.

18) “Doubt … is an illness that comes from knowledge and leads to madness.” — Gustave Flaubert
As soon as you being to doubt yourself, your decisions, or the industry at large, you will begin to spiral out of control. Once you get on the train of doubt, that shit will creep into all other areas of your life & disrupt your serenity.
If you ever feel that crypto is going to 0… Relax, Bitcoin has died >475 times & it’s still here. (NFA)

19) “We are drowning in information, but starving for knowledge.” – John Naisbitt
One of the most directly indirect references to crypto.
The difference between knowledge and information is that information is neutral, it is not right or wrong. It is not true or false. Information is just information. Knowledge, on the other hand, is the fundamental truth.
Many of us are always trying to find some kind of alpha to make a trade on. Then we see a meme about some sh*tcoin going to replace Bitcoin. That meme is information. We do not know if it will or will not replace Bitcoin. But knowledge of what Bitcoin is will give us confidence in making the decision to ignore that meme’s information.

20) “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. — Confucius
Another spin on the famous original quote by the philosopher Plato “All that I know is that I know nothing”. This is the Achilles heel for so many crypto traders & founders; they form a hypothesis and then get attached to it so deeply that when they hear statements that counteoppose their thesis they take it personally. Some even get so desperate to prove the other party wrong that they go & throw more money into their position; only to get absolutely rekt.

I would love to finish this off with one final personal piece of advice: Don’t just listen to successful people. Do what successful people Do. Action will set you free.
For anybody that is building their network or would just like to connect: Lets find each other →

Originally Published:
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2023.03.27 06:43 Rare_Butterscotch924 Getting a course vs. passion? What do you think will work out for me in the long run?

Forgive me if my English/grammar is not good to understand and if you think this does not fall into the right category. I just need a breather. Advice perse
We migrated to NB Canada from the PHL. Now, it has been 2 years and I mentally stumble over taking up a course (LPN) for better employment but there is also a part of me that wants to do tattooing for passion.
33/F Mom of two and happily married. A lil bit of background I got my 1st child at the age of 17 and started doing tattoos at 16. I was focused on doing art/tattoos and body piercing but since I was raising my child before as a single Mom paying bills required me to have a stable job and to cope with my child's needs and other finances as I am not a famous tattoo artist who has a full day-to-day schedule. Now, that I'm living in an open country where tattoos are not being judged and where everyone can freely express themselves (which I love btw) I felt like I was reborn to this country and continue my passion for art. I felt like I am embraced to do tattoos even though I did not start yet, but I've been doubting myself because I am back to zero in tattooing skills. If I should still go with this plan and be a tattoo artist again do you think it will be financially worth it for my age and status (EI stay-at-home)?IMO when it comes to experience I just have to restore my skill if there is still any to improve which I am still uncertain about because the last tattoo I did was in the year 2015 and yes it is now the year 2023! Thinking I could start getting myself a tattoo kit with my current savings without having a huge amount of loan.
Then here comes my other self wanted getting into school to take LPN and can bridge that to get nursing which is by the way a norm in the PHL (to take up nursing) but I need to loan given how many years of schooling I might be able to get it done but still gonna pay my loan after because that's how it works. Will it be worth it? Excuse my ignorance I don't know what will benefit me, my family, and my financial worries if I do this.
Which is better to be employed as an LPN or as a tattoo artist? (Crossing my fingers on both)
Both are opportunities for me to deal but I can't seem to decide.
PS. Tattoos and body piercings are like taboos in the place where I grew up. Many times I experienced existing in other people's stories as a "single Mom who is a bad person doing tattoos" because our culture is close-minded and some people think that tattoos are for those who went to prison only. I am wanting to try my what-ifs and seek help I need dynamic criticism and insights. Thank you!
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2023.03.27 06:42 MagicalEloquence 26 [M4F] India/Anywhere/Online/Any Time Zone - A fabled companionship amidst winged words. Will our whispers flow amidst the corridor of spacetime to reach each other ? Looking for someone invest in willing to talk regularly for a few weeks to months at least.

If you've reached this far, it's because of some happy confluence of my words, the Reddit algorithm and fickle fortune.
Our meeting seemed to dangle so much on fate, it's only fair we pay our dues. Give it our best shot. Do justice to the matchmakers of heaven. The directors of this romance.
I'm on the quest for a sweet companion. Someone with a good heart. Kind and empathetic - Like my own.
Someone who enjoys intellectual discussions. Who likes dissecting her topics of interest and squeezing it for all the insight if offers. Someone who loves listening to someone passionate about the things they love. Someone whom I could talk to the entire day about the various events filling it and make observations about the overall arcs of our lives.
I look forward to constructing our own little castle. Our little moments of fun, frolic and fantasy. We'll construct something special, unique to our own personal dynamic - inimitable and impossible to replicate.
I'd like someone who is open to and enjoys voice calls. There's a certain immediacy to a voice call. It feels more attentive, more immediate, more close. Of receiving someone's entire attention.
I like women who enjoy talking to me and are capable of holding a conversation. Who put effort into their conversation and type well thought out messages. Whose messages are not the bare minimum and not littered with abbreviations. Women who remember what I say and often make references to it at later points in time.
Our general moments of sugar would only be interrupted by strong torrents of spice. Moments when we'd be filled with raw, animalistic passion and forego any kind of sophistry. Times when we'd cast away the side of ourselves that everyone in real life knows and give free reign to the animal inside of us - hungry for the other. I should warn (or maybe delight) you that In my erotic fantasies I enjoy being someone far different from my usual reticent self into someone who firmly takes charge.
The first line might have drawn you by wit, but the last line has been drawn by your own interest. If you do wish to indulge your own interest and reach out to me, mention your favourite fruit along with what you liked about my post and if you're open to voice calls.
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2023.03.27 06:41 Expensive-Two-8128 🚨 Q1 2023 Net Sales PSA🚨 You can buy over 3,300 *instant* download & play digital games *directly* from GameStop (App +, including all the latest games ​for every major console/game publisher — It’s fast & easy — Here’s How (including my own personal purchase examples)

🚨 Q1 2023 Net Sales PSA🚨 You can buy over 3,300 *instant* download & play digital games *directly* from GameStop (App +, including all the latest games ​for every major console/game publisher — It’s fast & easy — Here’s How (including my own personal purchase examples)

It’s a triple-clown bad comedy joke every time an aNaLySt claims that “GameStop will fail because they’re only in the dying brick & mortar space selling physical games!” Lies.

The truth?:

  • You can buy over 3,300 instant download & play digital games directly from GameStop (App +…
  • …Including all the latest games ​for every major console/game publisher
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4 & 5
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X
  • PC *Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • And, it’s fast & easy


So, I just bought my kids Luigi’s Mansion 3, and last year bought Mario Party Superstars, Super Mario 3D World, and the Mario Kart expansion pack- all were digital download games.
GameStop made the process extremely easy, and my kids were playing right away. (My kids are too young to take care of physical games, so download just makes too much sense for all my gaming purchases :)

Whatever your​ reason, here’s how to buy instant download & play digital games directly from GameStop:


  1. Click the following pre-filtered link to show ALL 3,397 (!) digital download games available at GameStop:
  2. Filter by console brand/platform, game series, character, ESRB, customer rating, etc
  3. Click the game you want to buy and choose "Digital" delivery option (FREE SHIPPING ;)
  4. Click "Add to Cart", and complete your purchase
  5. Alternatively, you can go to, and just type search for the game you want to download

Once you place your order, you’ll get an instant email from GameStop w/ your download code


  1. Copy your download code, which GameStop instantly emails to you (see above right-side screenshot)
  2. Log into your game platform account and enter your download code
  3. Your download automatically and immediately starts on your connected console/platform

Example of Mario Party Superstars in Nintendo eShop (Online Store)


  1. Play your game as soon as your console/platform completes download


  1. Ask GameStop's customer service!: Chat or submit question at / Call 800-883-8895 / Email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
  2. Ask in the comments! Someone here pro has the answers you might need!


AGAIN: Platforms available from GameStop:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4 & 5
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X
  • PC
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo Wii U


  • Simply buy a gift card and/or console/platform-specific points/credits ONLINE FROM GAMESTOP (same link in section A above) to then buy your game directly from your game console/platform online store



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2023.03.27 06:41 GamgAffiliated What should I (M19) do about this girl (F19)? Something is missing and I don’t know what it is and I need to figure it out before I go further with her.

I met this girl about 2 months ago where we were studying for a physics test in a group, we hit it off and were talking a lot and she asked for my snap chat and that’s how the story begins. I was really skeptical in the beginning of what I should do and what her intentions were because she would hit on me and hint at her liking me but then would do something to show the opposite a little later, whatever doesn’t matter. We’ve been talking every day for the past month and a bit and we see each other almost every day at uni or recently hanging out. Last weekend I asked if she would want to go to a comedy show with me and she agreed to come but I didn’t word it as a date or anything romantic just something for us to do together outside of seeing each other at university, and it was so much fun, we had an amazing time and I could tell she really had fun. Later that week I told her I liked her but not so much me pouring my heart out just me telling her I liked her and I liked spending time with her and I would love to get to know her more and then I asked her out for dinner this weekend. She agreed to come but she said she didn’t know if she liked me in the romantic sense but would come along so we could get to know each other better and spend time together. We went and it went really well but I can’t help but feel like something is missing, I don’t know if it’s the more intimate side of a relationship that’s missing or what but I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel about her too because she will carry herself and talk to me one way in person and then over text it is completely different. I do like her but I don’t know how much yet so I feel like I’m at the point where it could go either way. Everyone I’ve talked to has told me that the ball is in her court so to say and to just continue being me and all but I really don’t know what to feel at this point. I feel like I’m just going through the motions like I like her but I don’t exactly see myself loving her which is probably my sign to leave while I can but I want to see it through for what it could be. Any advice would be helpful thank you!
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2023.03.27 06:40 fallen_fruit Feel stuck in a healthy routine, can’t seem to loose any weight or made much progress.

I am a 30F/ 5’3”, currently 152lbs.
Some context I guess, I followed a 3 month program with an online personal coach back in 2021 and got super lean (130lbs) but it was too much for me to consider it to be part of my life so I stopped counting my macros and exercising, and gained all my weight back within a month or so. Then I ended up gaining an extra 15lbs.
In April 2022 I joined another program with a personal coach and this program felt so much healthier in every aspect. Physically and mentally.
1st program I was eating 100g Carbs / 45g fat / 130g protein exercising 5 days a week (two upper body, two lower body, one glute day).
2nd program - currently. My coach told me my macros were all messed up on my 1st programs and that I was eating too few calories. I was put on a caloric deficit, according to them and my macros were adjusted to 160g carbs / 55g fat / 126g protein with only exercise 3 days a week (upper, lower, full bod) and walks recommended 2 walks a week as well.
I do feel stronger and notice how I am able to lift more weight. Some days I feel lean, but I can’t see much difference in the way my body looks. I want to loose fat and I don’t see much difference. My body measurements haven’t changed much and haven’t lost any weight. So im starting to feel a bit frustrated. My coach tells me I need to be patient and I’ll see results if I keep following the plan and make it part of my life but it’s been a year following the program and I wonder if maybe I should be eating differently or working out more.
If there’s a better sub to post this please Lmk
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2023.03.27 06:40 nguyen-hai-thanh How did grogu survive order 66

The fourth episode of The Mandalorian Season 3 officially aired on March 22nd with the title “The Founding”. In this episode, and Bo-Katan Kryzetry their best to save Paz Vizsla’s son Ragnar from a beast. But the biggest surprise of the episode turns out to be the revealation of Grogu’s savior – the person who rescued him from Order 66.
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2023.03.27 06:40 throwRAwayacc0unt26 I (M19) want to get back with my ex (F19) but I'm not sure how to go about it

We started out having a lot of fun as a couple, started dating in October of last year. It was all smooth sailing until it wasn't. Around the time of Valentine's Day, she wanted to have a talk with me. I had no idea what it was in relation to since I didn't think I had done anything wrong and always put her before myself in the relationship. We had a long, nearly 2-hour talk about various aspects of our relationship in which she wasn't happy with. She pretty much summed it up to we have different interests and don't share the same hobbies so it somehow makes our relationship harder? I'm a socially-anxious person and don't like parties or really large group activities and this seemed to cause a rift on her end as she pretty much told me she can't take me to small parties or group activities (which isn't true, I'd muster up the courage to do these things if it was with her). We agreed to take a break and think things over, and this lasted around 3 weeks. Barely any contact with one another, so I thought it was a good thing, plenty of time for both of us to realize if the relationship was salvageable or not. About 2 weeks ago, we reconvened and shared our respective thoughts. I told her that I had done lots of reflection and self-improvement over the course of our time apart and was ready to start fresh again. She, unfortunately, pretty much told me that she "wasn't ready to be in a relationship." Whether or not that's her genuine reasoning or not, I didn't ask. She wanted to remain friends and I accepted because it's not like I dislike her as a person, I was just hurt at her decision. We've hung out a few times since then and it was a little awkward at first but is getting more normal at the moment. But here's the thing: I still have strong feelings for her. When we were together, there were almost never any problems. We never argued, we just enjoyed each other's company on a romantic level. Point being, I want to get back with her and I think deep down she still has those same feelings for me but won't admit it quite yet. Is that a naive thing to believe? Perhaps, but I think it's well within the realm of possibility knowing her. How should I go about getting her back?

TLDR; ex-gf broke up with me over text and said she wasn't ready to commit to a relationship. how do I go about getting her back?

Any tips, consolation, or otherwise is extremely appreciated. This was my first real/serious relationship so if you all think I'm reading too deep into this, just let me know haha. Thanks!
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2023.03.27 06:40 mangoappletini Is it trauma, anxiety, depression, or adhd?

Interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on this, or open to being pointed to sources where I could learn more about it!
I have been wondering for a few months now if I should get evaluated for ADHD. I have felt like my life is a mess, I’m drowning, and I can’t get on top or keep control of anything since I was a teenager. I did great in school but it’s because school is where I felt seen, safe, encouraged, and where I got my validation so it was easy to chase that, however in high school I was a huge homework procrastinator even though I always got it done. Now at 28, I avoid looking for better jobs because I’m afraid I’m not good enough, I spend impulsively to feel good, I forget about bills, I spend lots of my days in horrible poor executive function state where I feel paralyzed on the couch or in bed and can’t get myself to do anything. My partner is constantly annoyed at me because I don’t notice messes/keep tidy as much as I should, I have a huge pile of laundry built up in my room that I’ve been trying to complete for months. Etc. Generally CANNOT keep on top of things and I exhaust myself trying.
Having a hard time knowing whether it would be worth it to ask about evaluation, because I’m sure lots of things about my childhood could have caused me to grow up this way. I was pretty neglected and didn’t learn a lot of basic things I’m still trying to learn. I’m afraid to talk to my psych or therapist about it because I don’t want to be treated as “just another person thinking they have adhd nowadays”.
I’ve been going to therapy for 6 years for long-standing anxiety and depression that started as a young teen, I’m on an SSRI which helps a bit in some ways, but I still feel lost.
Sorry for the rant, I’m pretty new here so just throwing this out there.
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2023.03.27 06:40 allofmysins17 4 days

It’s been 4 days and every night I cry myself to sleep. He can’t have me in my life, he wont be friends with me. I’m cut off completely from him. He was my best friend, the person I talked to everyday. The one who would hear me complain, make me laugh, my guide and my partner, but now I don’t have that. I have my notes on my phone to pretend I’m messaging him. And it’s the loneliest I’ve felt. I play pretend around people, and when I’m just about to break down, I go to the bathroom and just burst. I wish time would speed up. I can’t take this. My hunger is gone, my brain is gone- I’m on autopilot. I sleep so much now, but that even sucks because when I wake up, it’s a reminder that reality is not worth waking up to.
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2023.03.27 06:40 ragsterelectric Generator installation in Alvin TX-Generator installation in League City TX-panel upgrade in Pasadena TX-panel upgrade in Pearland TX-panel upgrade in Clearlake TX-Generator installation in Clearlake TX-residential electrician in League City TX
At Ragster Electric, we're passionate about delivering exceptional products and services that enhance your life and well-being. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to be the best in our industry. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that meet your unique needs and preferences. We value collaboration, creativity, and integrity, and we're committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and partners. With a proven track record of success, we're proud to be a trusted and reliable partner for all your product and service needs.Visit our official website at
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2023.03.27 06:40 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
Get the course here:
[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.27 06:39 detectivefig [Long] New but not. Validated but imposter syndrome. Total health symptoms.

F33. I was diagnosed IH in February. Nothing so validating as having a doctor agree something isn't right (seemingly life-long) and confirming diagnosis. I've tried Nuvigil so far at varying doses and really don't like it. On it I still desperately need sleep and naps, but am unable to fall asleep and so I become more desperate, plus all the other weirdness it makes me feel.
But now that I have confirmation of diagnosis, some days I struggle with feeling like an imposter. Everyone experiences our symptoms at some point in their life so why am I such a special case? Am I really a special case? Is it just anxiety keeping me from sleeping well? Maybe its actually that, or the other thing, have I tried this? And then I ground myself and remind myself, no its not those things, we've checked out those things. Yes, I've tried that. I have to be on my own ally in this invisible battle.
Is that the curse of IH?
And feeling a bit sheepish when all of our verbiage seems so nonchalant. The term "Idiopathic Hypersomnia" doesn't sound scary or serious, not next to Narcolepsy. Is that just the lack of awareness of it? (I am not trying to reduce what people with Narcolepsy are going through by any means) And all of the quick google search definitions and symptoms just seem so...blanketed statements - " ...that causes you to be very sleepy during the day even after a full night of good sleep." Oh, that's all it is? Ok, so what, big whoop. Especially when some of them list specific hours "even with a reasonable 6 hours of sleep" Excuse me, six? Try 13 or more. "You know you can OVER sleep, right?" -_-
I'm also curious what all of you have noticed as symptoms besides the blanket statements. Something you later realized was linked. Something your neurologist did or did not tell you about. For example, I've always had a really hard, almost impossible, time staying awake with medications that even suggest the possibility of it causing drowsiness, and having an especially hard time waking up out of anesthesia, so much so my dad was panicking. Just found out because of researching the depths of the internet that yea, those are things for IH, and anesthesia is a very serious matter for us, like time to get your medical card, serious.
Is my irritability linked? Is my vision decline (? But the optometrist says I'm fine?) and vision fatigue linked? Brain fog? Vertigo? ADHD? Loss of interest in things I used to be passionate about cause I just don't have the time or energy? Depression? Anxiety? (I mean I have other life experiences to contribute to the depression and anxiety as well) Memory problems? Dissociating? Reduction of fine motor skill dexterity? Slight hand tremors (my husband pointed that one out)? Frequent difficulty finding the word I want? Mind blanking? (...what was I doing?) My body feeling so heavy and laborious to move to do even the simplest of tasks and the process of doing said task feeling so daunting even tho it is so simple. Avoiding or pushing off topics that I know will require focused brain power. I've always been teased for making things more complicated than they are, but I feel like the only way I can see through it and understand/comprehend is by breaking it out into so many details or steps. I mean even just writing this post took multiple sessions to finish (maybe that's why its so long...hah).
Little mistakes or accidentally skipping steps while doing habitual activities? Yesterday I almost threw out my coffee mug instead of putting it in the dishwasher (near the sink, just on the wrong side). This morning I almost grabbed the peanut butter to put in my vanilla latte rather than the vanilla extract (in the same cabinet, different shelf).
Not picking up on subtleties or sarcasms. A poor friend of mine was being so subtle on Good Friday trying to keep more than one pizza meat free and I just couldn't pick up what he was putting down, so I only made one pizza without meat. Another friend of mine is eliminating dairy for a while to see if that is what is causing digestive problems, and I basically forced (albeit a very small amount) on them after a whole evening of remembering and being careful and talking about how they were doing without having dairy and how long its been. I felt sick when my brain finally turned on and it dawned on me what I had done.
I'm not trying to downplay how serious the excessive need for sleep is. I mean I'm here with you, I know. But at the same time I'm familiar with that symptom. What is really making this hard for me and the seriousness of it sinking in is just how much deeper it might/does go than that.
I'd love to hear from you all. If any of what I'm experiencing/linking resonates for any of you. Or anything you're experiencing that I didn't list. And maybe I'm just spiraling because of anxiety and having an official diagnosis of an incurable condition makes it real. I'd appreciate a reality check if that's so.
Thank you for taking the time to read my much longer rant than anticipated and commiserate with me. I was very excited to find this subreddit, it helped me feel not so alone.
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2023.03.27 06:39 TheAngryObserver Americans support affirmative action. Americans oppose affirmative action.

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2023.03.27 06:39 vkagrawalassociates Tax reductions for small taxpayers with income over Rs 7 lakh under the new tax regime

In Budget 2023, the central government will grant marginal tax relief to low-income taxpayers with taxable income over Rs 7 lakh. A marginal rise in income over Rs 7 lakh triggers the benefit of marginal relief, which results in a much greater tax burden. Please be aware that the new tax system is the only one that offers this marginal tax relief. Beginning on April 1, 2023, the relief will be available (FY 2023–24).
The income tax slabs under the new tax system were modified by the Budget 2023. Individual taxpayers with taxable income up to Rs 7 lakh are eligible for a tax rebate of Rs 25,000 under the new tax regime's new tax slabs. Their taxable income up to Rs. 7 lahks is therefore tax-free for them.
This tax relief is likely to be beneficial!
Taxpayers whose taxable income (after taking any allowable deductions) is between Rs. 7 lahks and Rs. 7.5 lakh are likely to benefit from this tax relief. This is owing to the possibility that they may have to pay greater taxes as a result of a slight rise in income over Rs 7 lakh.
This example will help you comprehend how marginal relief functions. Imagine that after taking the standard deduction of Rs. 50,000, a person's taxable income is Rs. 7.02 lakh. This taxable income of Rs. 7.02 lakh will incur a tax obligation of Rs. 26,201. (including cess). A tax obligation of Rs 26,201 resulted from an increase in income over Rs 7 lakh (in this case, Rs 2,000). The slight relief will now start to take effect.
However, a small taxpayer is not qualified to get the benefits of marginal relief if he intends to choose the old tax system in FY 2023–24, which begins on April 1, 2023.
Taxpayers with incomes over Rs 50 lakh are eligible for the marginal relief opportunity under the existing income tax regulations. This is so because the surcharge is only applied if your taxable income for the entire fiscal year exceeds Rs 50 lakh.
How small taxpayers will benefit from marginal relief
To further understand how this marginal relief may help small taxpayers, consider the following two situations.
For instance, Mr. A's total taxable income under the new tax system for FY 2023–2024 is Rs. 7,05,000. Currently, the annual tax under the new system (with cess) is Rs 26,520, although the additional income is only Rs 5000. , "Mr. A will therefore be eligible for a marginal tax benefit of Rs. 21,520/- as per the amendment. With the help of this marginal tax cut, Mr. A will ultimately pay 5,000 rupees in taxes (including cess). The marginal relief will result in a tax reduction of Rs. 21,520.
Assuming an individual's salary income is Rs. 7,51,000 in FY 2023-23, his gross total income under the new regime will be Rs. 7,01,000 after claiming the standard deduction of Rs. 50,000. (7,51,000-50,000). And on this income of Rs. 7,01,000, the total tax payable (including the education cess) will be Rs. 26104 [(7,01,000-6,00,000)10% +15000]104%.
According to Singh, the tax computed on an increase of just Rs. 1000 in gross total income exceeds even the extra revenue of Rs. 7 lahks. The taxpayer will be qualified for this relief in this case for the excess tax. Currently, the tax obligation is Rs. 26104, while the additional income is merely Rs. As a result, an individual is qualified for a marginal discount of Rs. 25,104. (Rs. 26,104-1,000). Then, thanks to marginal relief, there will be tax savings of Rs. 25,104.
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2023.03.27 06:38 edreesmiraki Cant trade in a monitor?

I was on bestbuys trade in website and i wasnt able to choose monitor as a choice, is this also the case in-person?
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2023.03.27 06:38 HereticsSpork PIA Speculation because speculation is fun.

The following is what I'm absolutely expecting to happen during the PIA shows unless some insanely awesome shit happens with holograms.
First and foremost, I'm sorry to burst everyone's bubble (including my own insanely awesome hologram themed speculation) but there is more reason to believe that a 3rd member will not be introduced at the PIA shows than there is. No matter how bad you all think Saya-metal deserves it... Or any one of the Musclemetals... Or any one of the Avengers... Or literally any dancer who fills that role for more than a fraction of a second and you all figure out who they are almost instantaneously (as many of you have done over the years) and started campaigning for (insert any Japanese girl with a pulse here) saying they deserve it, or has "earned" the role. The recent interview with Koba hints at how he views at giving people the answer so quickly after hinting there's even a question so it would go against everything he mentioned to introduce a new member so quickly after teasing one.
The relevant parts of the recent Koba interview in PMC 27
KOBAMETAL: Recently, video shorts have become mainstream on social media, and I believe that the viewer has less time to think and imagine than ever. If they aren’t given an answer quickly, it becomes boring, and they go “OK, next!” I feel that this creates a decline in the creative side of human nature.
Here is Koba basically saying that the "instant gratification" culture that has emerged within society is essentially killing creativity. And Koba, being a creative, naturally doesn't like it and sure as shit isn't going to contribute to it. So while there was Momoko standing in front of a coffin, doesn't mean that Koba is going to introduce her as a 3rd member at one of the next 2 shows. That's instant gratification. Koba wants that slow burn. He wants you to think about it and create discussion about it. He doesn't want you to just see it and move on to the next thing almost immediately. He wants to tease you about it as long as possible.... Like as if you're trapped inside a burlap sack and he's holding some long needles and slowly sticking them in you and gleefully saying "kiri-kiri-kiri-kiri".
Plus, you're all kinda ignoring the imagery of Su and Moa entering coffins to advance to the next stage and Momoko NOT entering one. Honestly, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she doesn't show up at PIA at all, but I digress...
He also states
Like influencers and K-POP artists, the more they are sought after, the more they have to create and produce, and I think they’ll hit the bottom somewhere along the way. Growing in popularity is wonderful, but personally, I’d rather try to keep the fireworks going for as long as possible, rather than just a flashy show that displays for a short moment. Like the “tortoise” rather than the “hare”, we want to keep moving forward steadily, little by little.
Keeping the fireworks going as long as possible indicates yet again that a 3rd member is not being introduced (if at all) so quickly after vaguely implying that one might be. He prefers that slow burn. He's not going to give you something that quickly.
So what will happen? I think we've already seen some of it. The group you guys are calling 'Chibimetal' (find a cringer title next time) are a part of it and I'm sure Koba has better name for it.
KOBAMETAL: As the title THE OTHER ONE suggests, the concept of this album is “another BABYMETAL”
In the conceptual sense, "another Babymetal" is about the album and these songs representing alternate Babymetalses... Somehow. But taken literally, it means another Babymetal. Another group. At the end of the recent MM shows, the end video hinted at the birth of a new metal. This has been assumed by many of you to mean Momoko-metal will be "born". But a play on the phrase "birth of a new metal" has been used in the past.
Meanwhile, metalheads everywhere were praying for metal to return. When the prayers reached the Fox God, he summoned Su and Moa and gave them a new name for a new group – Babymetal – meaning, “the birth of the new metal”.
I believe that phrase being used in this manner this time indicates the formation of a new trio/unit, and not the introduction of a new member. But Koba being Koba, it isn't going to happen as simply as possible. It's going to be drawn out over time. Instant gratification is not what he does. His pornhub search history likely contains the terms "tease & denial". I'd bet my paycheck on that.
But since the ending at Makuhari had a scene that caught people’s attention, I think everyone wants to see the ending as soon as possible. In terms of the multiverse, it’s as if there was a glitch allowing us to momentarily take a glimpse of the future, the past, or some other view in time and space.
So, if the MM shows featured a "glitch" where we were able to take a glimpse of a past iteration/variant of Babymetal with "chibimetal" (terrible name) I wouldn't be surprised if during the PIA shows there is another "glitch" where we see a future iteration of Babymetal played by... I dunno... Any 4 Japanese women signed to Amuse (gotta keep it in house after all). And why 4? More on that later.
The mention of the multiverse, and by association the Metalverse has come up in Su and Moa's Billboard interview as well.
SU-METAL: BABYMETAL is fiction, but it’s also something that’s happening simultaneously in reality. The two of us were growing in the world of BABYMETAL and the audience enjoyed that. But as times changed and we have access to a variety of information, I think everyone now has their own reality or way of looking at the world. So the phrase “previously unknown BABYMETAL” raises a certain question: “Is the BABYMETAL you know really BABYMETAL?"
And since our last album METAL GALAXY in 2019, we’ve been working to destroy the “stereotype of BABYMETAL” in order to continue taking on new challenges as the group. So I think that also leads to the “different universe” that is THE OTHER ONE.
I would expect one of those stereotypes they're trying to destroy is the biggest one, that babymetal needs to be a trio. They don't, but that isn't the point of all this.
MOAMETAL: When I first heard the words “METALVERSE” and “previously unknown BABYMETAL,” I was like, “Seriously, what are they talking about?” [Laughs] But I really love Disney and after sensing something similar to the movie Doctor Strange, I got more and more excited while working on the project. So I’d like everyone to think about BABYMETAL by connecting what they’ve gained from various other works of art.
Presumably she means Multiverse of Madness. This leads me to believe that the end result of this, the appearance of a "past" version of Babymetal at the MM shows, and what I predict will be an appearance by a "future" babymetal at the PIA shows, along with Koba delving into popular culture is that the Metalverse, similar to Marvel's multiverse, has variants. And since this is the lead-up to Kobametal's Metalverse, one of those variants will presumably need to stick around for the foreseeable future since his Metalverse will need to have those variants for the concept to work. I expect it'll be Chibimetal (again, that name is ass) and they would be the opener for some of the Japan headline shows they will undoubtedly announce. Possibly even the opener on a world tour.
Anyway, back to Koba...
THE OTHER ONE was born as a prologue to the next stage. We’re not working with the keyword “METALVERSE”, and this work is the starting point that will connect us to it.
I think he's using these shows to introduce the concept and set the table for it. It wont be fully realized until the final show of the touring for this album. I expect that the younger "babymetal" will be the "new metal" to be born on night 2 when a past (chibimetal) , present (Babymetal) , and future (the 4 older Japanese girls already under contract to Amuse) all appear together giving you a total of 10 people on stage... And this (I believe) was hinted to in the intro video of the MM shows. In a scene very similar to the chosen 7 video, the intro video featured 10 individuals cloaked in white in a circle. That imagery surely has implications that we've seen in the past with the chosen 7 and ultimately will culminate in a tour final similar to Dark Night Carnival where all 10 performers are on stage simultaneously. The L O R E always seems to drive the spectacle on the stage and rarely has any major implications on the group itself. I wouldn't expect that to suddenly change.
TL;DR the 3rd member thing is the reddest of herrings.
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2023.03.27 06:38 montagemachine starting to feel i don't have the right personality for working.

apologies if this is the wrong subreddit. to preface, i'm 25 years old. i have depression, anxiety, and ADHD, and i'm unmedicated for all of them. i am single, have no children, live with my parents and for the most part don't pay any bills.
i graduated college in december 2019. three months later the pandemic hit, and like everyone else i was struggling to find a job. by some miracle, a temp agency recruited me and i started my very first job in late april 2020, working as an administration officer in a courthouse. five weeks later, i would get fired. my co-worker found my twitter account that i specifically told him i didn't want him following and showed it to our boss, who didn't like some of my posts (tweeting about some of my co-workers being covid deniers, etc.). since i was only from a temp agency, i was just called not to come in the following week and that was that. i was 22.
my second job was at a call center. i started in late august 2020. our company was a contractor for the federal government, and our customers were unemployed and/or impoverished people on benefits. needless to say, there were a lot of rude and abusive customers, which were understandable since they were calling to inquire about their only source of income. my wages were just above minimum wage which didn't really motivate me to come to work, knowing i would only be abused by customers. on top of that, my direct supervisor loved to micromanage me and had a reputation of being the worst and most disliked supervisor out of the entire building. i was willing to tough it out for the rest of my contract (which was a year) because, other than the abuse, answering phone calls was relatively easy. but when i asked for one day of PTO and got "waitlisted", that was the last straw. i resigned in february 2021 and lasted 5 and a half months. i was 23.
by that point i had gone through two jobs in the span of 10 months. it wasn't looking great for me. i decided to enroll in a one-year course that would make me qualified to be a library technician. i started school in july 2021. while i was studying, i was on unemployment benefits which meant i had to apply for jobs on the side. i didn't have any luck. i got a total of 5 job interviews for library roles in all of 2022 and didn't get a single one. i probably sent out a couple hundred applications.
in march 2022, i had to do a 2-week internship working at a library as a requirement for my course. it was mostly shelving and checking people's vaccine certificates and not much else. while i thought it was fine at first, on my last day of the internship, i was told by a staff member that i was being mistreated by management all along. that i wasn't supposed to do that much shelving in one day, that i was supposed to have been taught more about how the library was run, and that some of the feedback i got was unfair e.g. not being smiley or friendly enough, when all i was there to do was my job that i wasn't even being paid for and even though customers didn't complain about me. while they gave my school positive feedback about me, management was talking about me behind my back all along saying they would never hire me or let me volunteer because i wasn't "trying to impress them enough". i was 24.
in november 2022, i applied to be a full-time "trainee" court clerk at a courthouse. i thought i might as well give going back to the legal industry a shot since they were hiring and i couldn't get a job at a library no matter how many applications i sent. the following december, they told me i was hired and that i was going to start in mid-january 2023.
so i started. i went through 4 weeks of induction where all we did was training via ms teams meetings and court observation. i lasted 10 weeks (6 weeks out of induction) before i finally called it.
two months in and i was already so burned out. the workload was insane, the expectations too high for someone who was still new, and my co-workers looked at me with contempt and treated me like i was a burden. the probation meeting i had on my last day was the final straw - my managers invalidated my experiences and basically told me i had to change my personality because my co-workers thought i was abrupt, unfriendly and defensive. i couldn't believe at first that half of their feedback was just about my personality and not my work. but i finally realize that when you are new and on probation, people expect you to, quite frankly, change your personality - be sickly sweet and people-pleasing and a bit of a kiss-ass. i don't remember being abrupt to any of my co-workers, but i thought that as long as i wasn't outright rude and that i was doing my job that i was fine. but i really underestimated how big of a part "likability" plays into being perceived that you're doing a good job by others. honestly i thought it was kind of unfair that they didn't even consider that the reason why i might have been abrupt was because i was already so stressed about being in court to smile or be friendly.
in the end they told me that they were willing to "keep giving me support" and that they would put me in easier courts but i had to call it. i really didn't see myself meeting their expectations or having a good enough work-life balance with this job or being respected by my co-workers (maybe race plays a part in it? who knows). it didn't help that i had to commute home 2 hours every afternoon since i don't drive and i would get home too exhausted to do much of anything.
right now i'm on my first day of indefinite well-being leave. my mom and i spoke to my union and they advised me that instead of outright resigning, i should "apply" for leave, go to doctors' appointments and/or therapy for the stress (and to prove that i needed the well-being leave), get paid worker's comp in the meantime, file a complaint, and then resign.
i was disappointed with myself upon realizing that maybe this job isn't for me and vice versa. i felt like i failed again. i'm lucky to be in a position where my parents are letting me live for free while i'm unemployed (although when i was still employed, we had an agreement where i would give my dad roughly 25% of my wages) but sometimes it makes me feel even more guilty.
i'm starting to think that i'm the problem. that going to work on time and doing the actual job isn't enough; that managers and colleagues expect you to participate in office culture and alter your personality especially when you are new. but it seems that i'm just unable to do this. when i'm in a new environment i am too focused on doing my actual job correctly to have time to chitchat and kiss ass. i guess i'm just stuck in the mentality where managers should treat me like everyone else even when i'm new and my personality shouldn't be under scrutiny so i just act like myself.
technically i can still go back to my courthouse job. i haven't resigned and they haven't fired me. but thinking about the sheer amount of workload, how far it is from my house, and how my co-workers either treat me like shit or i'm invisible, it just doesn't seem like it's worth it.
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2023.03.27 06:37 ThePurpleStatue My first time working for Amazon and in a warehouse, my experience.

So I've been working at Amazon for 3 months now at a CA location, and my experience has been very pleasant. I am in my late 20's and have only worked corporate jobs before, sitting behind a desk, boring meetings every other day, useless emails needing responses, I was DONE. So I quit and have decided to do the cliche "finding myself" thing. I saved money prior to quitting, sold my car and picked up an older but reliable one and put the difference away as an extra financial cushion but I didn't want to stop work completely so I just decided to apply to Amazon and work part-time.
I have to say, I have never had an easier job. I go in, I get labor tracked, I do my job and go home. It's gotten to the point that I actually like my job, I enjoy my time there, I am in Mech Lite so I get to basically work out and be active. Having had a very sedimentary job since graduating high school and now getting to be active has been very refreshing.
I did not think I would enjoy the job based on everything you hear about Amazon, but honestly the only thing I dislike about working there is picking up other peoples slack. It's alway the people who do the least amount of work that are the ones complaining. The managers and the PA's have never once came to me for disciplinary reasons, and have always thanked me for my work. I am not the only one I hear them thanking either, I hear it multiple times a day to others, just thanking them for being there or for their work.
As of two weeks ago my area manager and PA's have asked me to PG for them. I took up their offer and I am actually thinking of going full-time and working at Amazon for much longer than I expected.
To those that have read this all, thanks. I just wanted to share my experience, because 99% of what I heard was negative and my personal experience has been anything but, and I feel it's important to share that with anyone coming in to Amazon and was nervous or scared.
Go in, actually do what you're getting paid to do, go home.
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2023.03.27 06:37 Henri_Dupont The guy got revenge on himself. I only helped a little.

My first job in the engineering field was a doozy. I got hired for technical sales to sell this particular product. They always did a study, to show that a new client would save money on their utility bill using our product. Boss came across as a really ingenious guy, very oonvincing. He had invented this amazing product and was now bringing his invention to the world.
A couple of months in, start to smell something fishy. They had this software that the boss wrote to help with the calculations in these studies that always showed our product would save the client money.
I looked at the code in the software, and realized the program always said the product would save 1% of their utility bill no matter what. For a big outfit, 1% could be tens of thousands of dollars a year. This calculation was completely bogus.
I looked up old studies on file. They always predicted the client would save 1%. Sometimes a client would oome back with questions. They didn't realize these so-called savings. Boss would do another study, oh, your production changed, utility rates went up yada yada, you'll save 1% sure sure this time. Nobody questioned it more than that.
Boss claimed he was a licensed Professional Engineer. He was not. Boss claimed he had a PHD. He did not. Boss claimed he was a Black Belt in karate. He was not. Boss claimed he had patents. He had none. Boss claimed he was wealthy. "I drive a Toyota so that don't attract attention to my wealth." He had some money his dad was loaning him. Our office was in a broken down double wide trailer. It was located on a major street. It is still there to this day.
I looked into the actual math and physics behind this product. Yes, there was a theoretical way it oould save the client some energy, but only for truly gigantic customers, like a major industrial plant. For the suckers we were selling it to, the savings were actually pennies, not 1% of their bill.
I wrote a letter of resignation immediately, confronted the boss and his right hand goon, and walked out. I called everyone on their client list and spilled the beans. Should have called the cops. As well as the Professional Engineering license board.
Some years later, was at a legitimate engineering firm, my new boss said "There's this guy, he seems really smart, he's got these products that are supposed to save energy by (insert technobabble here). I asked "Does his name happen to be Mike?" "How did you know?" I told him the whole story of the fraud.
Some years more, Mike is in the papers. Turns out he set a neighbor's trailer on fire. He was trying to force the neighbor to sell him some land, adjacent to him, on the major street which eould be valuable I guess, and somehow arson seemed like the best plan.
But he wasn't in the news for arson, he was on trial for attempted murder! You see, when he was on trial for arson, he paid another inmate who was getting out of jail a fee, for his agreement to murder the judge that convicted him of arson. Instead of doing the hit, the other crook just went to the cops and blabbed.
The double wide trailer is still there. A faded sign announces the name of the folded company. Weeds grow up around it. Far as I know he's still in jail.
And oh, I do get some petty revenge. When ever the weeds get over 12" tall, in violation of city ordinance, i dutifully call in a weed ordinance violation. It's my civic duty, after all! It's $50 plus the cost for the city to mow it. I'm sure he'll get right on that from prison. 'Maybe his dad will loan him enough to cover the fine.
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2023.03.27 06:37 Any_Suspect_6736 The Best Wig Outlets In The USA For Colored Wigs Will Have You Looking Gorgeous!

The Best Wig Outlets In The USA For Colored Wigs Will Have You Looking Gorgeous!
With wigs and hair extensions becoming necessary in today's world, it makes sense to identify the best wig outlet for the best-colored wigs more sensibly.
Wigs help us change our looks within minutes. Whether it's curly, straight, wavy, red, silver, white, or gray that we want - wigs do it all for us! This is why the wig industry has expanded so much over the past few years. With this in mind, we've curated a list of wig outlets we feel will meet all your hair needs. Read on to know more!

Paula Young

Not surprisingly, Paula Young is at the top of this list. For women who want to feel and look their best, they offer an unequaled collection of colored wigs, extensions, and hair accessories! Straight, curly, short, long, synthetic, or human hair wigs are available, as are wigs for any event.
Simply visit their wig shops to quickly change your appearance and hair volume! They offer colored wigs or hair extensions that are especially made for this purpose if you happen to have alopecia or another hair loss problem. Additionally, they provide colored wigs made from luscious 100% human hair styles that seem natural and give adaptability. They can be curled, straightened, or styled however you wish.

The Best Wig Outlets

There are many well-known wig manufacturers at Best Wig Outlet, and there are a ton of different color possibilities! They are a trustworthy retailer that offers a wide range of premium synthetic wigs, hairpieces, extensions, wiglets, and costume wigs. The stylish, adaptable pieces they offer are suitable for both special occasions and everyday use. Their range of top brands delivers the absolute best in quality, comfort, and durability.
Premium colored wigs that are pleasant and simple to maintain are provided by Best Wig Outlet. All wig orders over $50 qualify for free delivery, and the closeout department has offers up to 85% off the suggested retail price! For every personality, style, and personal choice, there is the ideal match. Additionally, you can purchase colored wigs in the newest styles from well-known designers.


The largest online supplier of wigs and hair products, Divatress, offers a wide range of wigs and cosmetics. A wide variety of hair accessories are available, including lace front wigs, crochet hair, half wigs, and more.
One of the most popular and trustworthy online wig sellers, the company offers clients a simple, quick, and enjoyable shopping experience.
They provide a wide variety of crochet hair, half wigs, ponytails, Remy bundles, and hair extensions in addition to wigs. In addition, they sell cosmetics, salon equipment, and personal care items from brands like Andis, Babyliss, CHI, Hot Tools, Kiss, and many others. At their wig shop, you'll find lovely designs in a wide variety of natural colors.


These wig stores provide wigs in a variety of colors, including gray, black, and brunette. Are you ready to hit the shops? The distinctive collection of highlighted wigs from Pula Young's wigs in the hues and fashions you've been seeking can be found right here.
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2023.03.27 06:37 Pair_Vast Question with transfer credit

On my offer letter, I have noticed on “your transfer credit assessment” says the following- GCE A level results:0.5 100 level Interdisciplinary credit and 0.5 100 level Economics credit.
Does that make me eligible for transfer credit
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