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Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person horror, survival game where players take on the role of a teen counselor, or for the first time ever, Jason Voorhees. You and six other unlucky souls will do everything possible to escape and survive while the most well-known killer in the world tracks you down and brutally slaughters you.

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Like /MURICA , but TEXAS

2023.06.09 07:23 scocoku Question About items in toolbelt

Hi everyone! New to Dinkum, really love it so far! But the toolbelt/cargo space management is killing me. I searched the sub and can’t find similar questions. Is there a way to not have all items I pick up automatically go into the empty space in the toolbelt? So I don’t have to spend a million times a day putting stuff out of the toolbelt to switch things in?
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2023.06.09 07:22 Glitteringface146 27F [Chat] California - Let's chat and get to know each other first..

Im really in the mood to chat with someone. i just feel a bit lazy and relax and unwind, light talks will really hit the spot for me and maybe learn something new.. I'm single, no kids and never been married. I'm colombian/caucasian, curly hairs and curvy. as for hobbies I enjoy watching anime and netflix series, I'm into outdoor activity to like camping and suchs.
Actually, I'm not closing my door for things like relationships but I'm not really rushing it. You know it really takes time to commit to someone especially when it's about long term. So if we are a match, don't be shy and just message me. And if you feel lonely, alone and you need someone to talk to. You can hit me up as well, as what they said, sometimes it's better to talk to a stranger than to a well known person but yet stranger. By the way, I appreciate it if you're older than me, not really a fan of talking to someone younger than me.

California or any parts of USA only, If u dm me please tell me your name and age. maybe city where u from..
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2023.06.09 07:21 Significant-Notice- Emergent Ventures winners, 26th cohort

Winston Iskandar, 16, Manhattan Beach, CA, an app for children’s literacy and general career development. Winston also has had his piano debut at Carnegie Hall.
ComplyAI, Dheekshita Kumar and Neha Gaonkar, Chicago and NYC, to build an AI service to speed the process of permit application at local and state governments.
Avi Schiffman and InternetActivism, “leading the digital front of humanitarianism.” Avi is a repeat winner.
Jarett Cameron Dewbury, Ontario, and Cambridge MA, General career support, AI and biomedicine, including for the study of environmental enteric dysfunction. Here is his Twitter.
Ian Cheshire, Wallingford, Connecticut, high school sophomore, general career support, tech, start-ups, and also income-sharing agreements.
Beyzamur Arican Dinc, psychology Ph.D student at UCSB, regulation of emotional dyads in relationships and marriages, from Istanbul.
Ariana Pineda, Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern. To attend a biology conference in Prospera, Honduras.
Satvik Agnihotri, high school, NYC area, to visit the Bay Area for a summer, study logistics, and general career development.
Michael Loftus, Ann Arbor, for a neuro tech hacker house, connected to Myelin Group.
Keir Bradwell, Cambridge, UK, Political Thought and Intellectual History Masters student, to visit the U.S. to study Mancur Olson and Judith Shklar, and also to visit GMU.
Vaneeza Moosa, Ontario, incoming at University of Calgary, “Developing new therapies for malignant pleural mesothelioma using epigenetic regulators to enhance tumor growth and anti-tumor immunity with radiation therapy.”
Ashley Mehra, Yale Law School, background in classics, general career development and for eventual start-up plans.
An important project not yet ready to be announced, United Kingdom.
Jennifer Tsai, Waterloo, Ontario and Geneva (temporarily), molecular and computational neuroscience, to study in Gregoire Courtine’s lab.
Asher Parker Sartori, Belmont, Massachusetts, working with Nina Khera (previous EV winner), summer meet-up/conference for young bio people in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Nima Pourjafar, 17, starting this fall at Waterloo, Ontario. For general career development, interested in apps, programming, economics, solutions to social problems.
Karina Belokapov,17, sophomore in high school, neuroscience, optics, and light, Bellevue, Washington.
Sana Raisfirooz, Ontario, to study bioelectronics at Berkeley.
James Hill-Kurana (left off an earlier 2022 list by mistake), Waterloo, Ontario, “Generative models that can help you write Verilog, and get better through self-play.”
Ukraine winners
Tetiana Shafran, Kyiv, piano, try this video or here are more. I was very impressed.
Volodymyr Lapin, London, Ukraine, general career development in venture capital for Ukraine.
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2023.06.09 07:19 jholifield88 Looking for help

Hey guys been watching for a while, need some help.
I have a valid TWIC and waiting on my passport to come back (dogs chewed up mine but not my ex wife's, go figure) want to get my OS and eventual AB, working the deck and go overseas. But I'm in south central MS and don't know where to start, I have all my paperwork for my MMC but I haven't sent it in yet. As far as the STCW and such I don't know where to go. I understand Mobile is the closest Union which from this page seems to be the best thing to do. I make good money where I am working now but there is something about the water that calls to me. My ex wife, who I met on my days off, emotionally abused me .. Im not looking for sympathy but around here I don't have anyone to steer me in the direction I need to go.
Little background, I spent 2+ years on a towboat, crew change in Convent, LA, I've been everywhere from Algiers lock in New Orleans, Mobile bay through the MS sound to Galveston Galveston bay/lower MS,Upper MS, Ohio River, McAlpine lock outside Louisville KY, even spent 2 months on the Illinois River during winter outside of Peoria, IL, double locking at Peoria lock (which was a task breaking ice off the clevis for a southern boy, I also spent a Christmas in the hole at New Orleans and fought mosquitoes and wished we could wear shorts) but I know time on the river did not count as sea time, it was just the opposite. Sea time brought you in on the river as atleast a first mate
Im a 2 time divorcee at 35 next week (i admit I might be the problem) no kids and my house is paid for, but I'm used to being myself and am looking to get on a long hitch
Any help would be very much appreciated
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2023.06.09 07:18 CursedHarrenhal A Guide to Jon Snow's friends & foes in the Night's Watch in TWOW (Spoilers Extended)

Im trying to predict what's gonna happen with everyone at Castle Black in TWOW. I have ideas, but one problem keeps coming up; we dont know how the brothers of the Night's Watch will respond to Jons murder.
I believe Jons murder will cause a lot of division in Castle Black; between the NW vs the Wildlings, the NW vs Mel & Selyse... but it will also cause division WITHIN the NW. Some seem to support Jon, others appear not to. For the majority of the NW, theres no indication one way or another. But I wanna know who's on which side, so heres what I've come up with so far:
- Ghost
- Dolorous Edd
- Hareth (Horse)
- Rory
- Satin
- Iron Emmet
- Leathers
- Jax
- Arron
- Emrick
- Pyp
- Grenn
- Toad
- Bowen Marsh
- Wick Whittlestick
- Othell Yarwyck
- Septon Cellador
- Alf of Runnymud
- Left Hand Lew
- Ser Alliser Thorne
- Mully
- Fulk, the Flea
This list only includes NW brothers who are still alive by the end of ADWD. It's hard to say who supports Jon and who doesn't with certainty. So let me give a brief explanation for each of these guys and why I think they will be either pro- or anti-Jon:
- Ghost - Obviously he's on Jon's side. He arguably IS Jon. And yes.. Ghost is a brother of the NW
- Samwell Tarly - No explanation needed. But Sam is far away, in Oldtown, so he's irrelevant to Castle Black in the TWOW opening
- Edd Tollett - No explanation needed. But Edd has been sent to Long Barrow along with Iron Emmett, so he isn't at Castle Black either.
- Hareth (Horse) - Horse is guarding Jon after the Shieldhall speech, right as the assassination is about to take place. If Jon trusts him enough to guard his life, this probably indicates Horse will stay loyal to Jon:
Horse and Rory fell in beside Jon as he left the Shieldhall. I should talk with Melisandre after I see the queen, he thought. If she could see a raven in a storm, she can find Ramsay Snow for me. Then he heard the shouting … and a roar so loud it seemed to shake the Wall. "That come from Hardin's Tower, m'lord," Horse reported. He might have said more, but the scream cut him off. (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Rory - The same goes for Rory, he was with Horse guarding Jon as the assassination took place. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn in TWOW that Horse or Rory were killed in the assassination attempt. But if they survive they'll probably be Team Jon
Val, was Jon's first thought. But that was no woman's scream. That is a man in mortal agony. He broke into a run. Horse and Rory raced after him. "Is it wights?" asked Rory. Jon wondered. Could his corpses have escaped their chains? (Jon XIII, ADWD)
Jon saw the flash of naked steel a few yards away. His own bowmen nocked arrows to their strings. He turned in his saddle. "Rory. Quiet them." Rory lifted his great horn to his lips and blew. (Jon V, ADWD)
- Satin - Seems to be close with Jon. Is picked by Jon to go on missions. Jon defends Satins positions as his personal steward and squire after Edd. Satin is the only one of Jon's friends who doesn't get sent away to the Shadow Tower. Satin also adopts the old gods, indicating his closeness with Jon. Also it's clear the anti-Jon faction hates Satin. Satin probably has the most evidence of anyone to show he'll support Jon. Satin's whereabouts at the time of the assassination are not known
His friends laughed—Grenn, Toad, Satin, the whole lot of them. (Jon III, ADWD)
Septon Cellador spoke up. "This boy Satin. It's said you mean to make him your steward and squire, in Tollett's place. My lord, the boy's a whore … a … dare I say … a painted catamite from the brothels of Oldtown." And you are a drunk. "What he was in Oldtown is none of our concern. He's quick to learn and very clever. The other recruits started out despising him, but he won them over and made friends of them all. He's fearless in a fight and can even read and write after a fashion. He should be capable of fetching me my meals and saddling my horse, don't you think?" (Jon VIII, ADWD)
Whatever Satin may have done in Oldtown, he is our brother now, and he will be my squire. (Jon VIII, ADWD)
- Iron Emmett - He is picked to be the master-at-arms for Castle Black. He spars with Jon. He is selected for the mission to the weirwood in ADWD. There isnt solid proof he would support Jon, but he seems to be a prime candidate as an ally. He was sent to Long Barrow with Edd Tollett, so he isnt at Castle Black
- Leathers - Leathers almost certainly supports Jon. Leathers is a Wildling who became a brother of the NW. Jon makes him the master-at-arms after Emmett. The anti-Jon faction does not approve of Leathers appointment
"Is it true that you mean to replace Emmett with this savage Leathers as our master-at-arms? That is an office most oft reserved for knights, or rangers at the least." "Leathers is savage," Jon agreed mildly. "I can attest to that. I've tried him in the practice yard. He's as dangerous with a stone axe as most knights are with castle-forged steel. I grant you, he is not as patient as I'd like, and some of the boys are terrified of him … but that's not all for the bad. One day they'll find themselves in a real fight, and a certain familiarity with terror will serve them well." (Jon VIII, ADWD)
"How many men are enough?" he asked Leathers. "A hundred? Two hundred? Five hundred? A thousand?" (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Jax - The same as Leathers. Jax is a Wildling who joins the NW. He isn't mentioned as often as Leathers, but given that Jon's murderers were in large part motivated by Jon's relationship with the Wildlings, I imagine any Wildling NW-brother will have to be pro-Jon
- Arron & Emrick - Two brothers from Fair Isle who are recruited by Jon. They both swear their oaths before the Weirwoods, even though they were born following the Faith of the Seven. There is little information about them, but what little we have seems to suggest they may be pro-Jon
- Pyp, Grenn & Toad - These guys are Jon's friends who he sends away to the Shadow Tower. They are certainly pro-Jon, but they aren't nearby enough to matter
- Bowen Marsh - Stabbed Jon
- Wick Whittlestick - Tried to slash Jon's throat
- Othell Yarwyck - The First Builder of the NW. He is one of the leaders who is increasingly antagonistic towards Jon leading up to the assassination. He was seen at the Shieldhall meeting, standing near Bowen Marsh. Almost persuaded to support Janos Slynt for Lord Commander in ASOS. He doesn't attend the Thenn-Karstark wedding
As for Borroq, Othell Yarwyck claimed the woods north of Stonedoor were full of wild boars. Who was to say the skinchanger would not make his own pig army? (Jon XIII, ADWD)
But others had chosen to absent themselves to show their disapproval. Othell Yarwyck and Bowen Marsh were amongst the missing (Jon X, ADWD)
"I summoned you to make plans for the relief of Hardhome," Jon Snow began. "Thousands of the free folk are gathered there, trapped and starving, and we have had reports of dead things in the wood." To his left he saw Marsh and Yarwyck. (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Septon Cellador - A part of the council that becomes increasingly antagonistic towards Jon's command. There's not a lot of evidence to support him being anti-Jon, except he hates the Wildlings and assoiactes with the anti-Jon faction
"These are godless savages," said Septon Cellador. "Even in the south the treachery of wildlings is renowned." (Jon XI, ADWD)
- Alf, of Runnymudd - Alf appears to be heartbroken when Garth is killed by the Wildlings. Some have theorized this indicates Alf and Garth may have had a gay relationship, but there is no other evidence for this. Alf is seen hanging with Bowen Marsh during the Shieldhall meeting. He likely blames Jon for the death of Garth. He is one NW brother I feel certain hates Jon
"Who is it?" asked Owen the Oaf. "Not Dywen, is it?" "Nor Garth," said the queen's man she knew as Alf of Runnymudd, one of the first to exchange his seven false gods for the truth of R'hllor. "Garth's too clever for them wildlings." "How many?" Mully asked. "Three," Jon told them. "Black Jack, Hairy Hal, and Garth." Alf of Runnymudd let out a howl loud enough to wake sleepers in the Shadow Tower. "Put him to bed and get some mulled wine into him," Jon told Three-Finger Hobb. (Melisandre I, ADWD)
Othell was surrounded by his builders, whilst Bowen had Wick Whittlestick, Left Hand Lew, and Alf of Runnymudd beside him (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Lefthand Lew - There is no evidence for him being anti-Jon... except he is standing with Bowen Marsh and the anti-Jon faction during the Shieldhall speech. I have no idea what his beef with Jon is, but I feel certain he is with Marsh
Othell was surrounded by his builders, whilst Bowen had Wick Whittlestick, Left Hand Lew, and Alf of Runnymudd beside him (Jon XIII, ADWD)
- Mully & Fulk, the Flea - Right before the Shieldhall meeting, Jon is told by Mully and Flea that Ghost is acting aggressively. This is obviously a warning that Jon is surrounded by enemies who will try to kill him. But it could additionally indicate that Mully and Fulk the Flea are specifically Jon's enemies. This is the only potential hint I could find that might suggest Mully & Fulk are on either side
"That'd be sweet, m'lord," said Fulk the Flea, "but your wolf's in no mood for company today." Mully agreed. "He tried to take a bite o' me, he did." "Ghost?" Jon was shocked.
- Spare Boot, Kegs, Halder, & Albett - These men are part of part of Othells builders. The builders are seen with Othell and Bowen Marsh in the Shieldhall
- Ser Alliser Thorne - Alliser hates Jon, but he isn't at Castle Black right now. Although I predict Ser Alliser will return and maybe even be elected new Lord Commander in the beginning of TWOW, some theorize he may even seek justice against Jon's conspirators
Please tell me what you think of my list! I'd like to hear arguments about why should anyone be added or removed from either list?
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2023.06.09 07:17 Camp-North Best Sleepaway Summer Camps


Best Sleepaway Summer Camps

Summer camp can be a big decision for both you and your child.After each, there are multitudinous benefits to transferring your child to summer camp.One of the stylish reasons to work at a camp over the summer is to help produce an experience that promotes the internal, physical, and emotional health of children.Is your sprat going to camp this summer? Congratulations! You ’re giving them an experience that may have numerous life-long positive benefits. You're giving them the occasion to grow and develop chops and character traits that are frequently hard to develop in the comforts of home.


Our sleep away camp in Maine achieves this goal through activities that emphasise 21st-century life skills – collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. By supporting children to step out of their comfort zone, our New England sleepaway camp will help them gain confidence when faced with new situations in life.

We give Different types of camp Like-

Benefits of transferring your Child to a Summer Camp

Camp North Star is the top premier Maine sleepaway camp for boys & girls. We offer the best overnight summer camps for kids & teens in New England. Call Now: (207) 998-4777.
Thank You, For More Service’s Please Visit Our Websites.
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2023.06.09 07:17 Opposite-Arrival8160 What to Expect: Moving to Seattle

I currently live in one of the most high cost of living cities in the state of California, and am actively being priced out of housing. I am losing a whole paycheck to rent every month (despite splitting the cost of rent with another person), and just received a fat 10% price increase for this coming leasing period. This lands my current cost for housing at a crisp ~ $2,300 for a 1 bed, 1 bath tiny, old apartment away from the city. Unfortunately, the situation is even more grim to move, as the same (shitty) complex that we live in is now charging $2,750 for new leases, which is about on par with all other apartments in the area.
Now, with all that backstory out of the way, Seattle has always been my dream city, and I am going to try to use this opportunity to catapult a life there. I guess I have a couple of questions:
  1. I currently work as a staff advisor at a large university and would gear to get a similar position in Seattle. Which colleges are the best to work at, and why?
  2. I understand that Seattle has the reputation of being a HCOL area, but will it still feel that way given my background? I estimate that I will be making slightly more and that housing will cost less than what I pay now, but really don’t know what to expect.
  3. How on earth do people move across multiple states? Is the best way to sell everything and start over, or ship things here?
** I promise I will not be one to complain about the weather lol. I have autoimmune conditions that make my body run uncomfortably hot, so I have been looking for a coolerainier climate **
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2023.06.09 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - June 9th

# Today In Phishstory - June 9th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Tuesday 06/09/2009 (14 years ago) Asheville Civic Center, Asheville, NC, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2009 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Kill Devil Falls , The Moma Dance , Sample in a Jar , Stash , Dog Faced Boy , Gumbo , Tube , Lengthwise , Divided Sky , When the Cactus is in Bloom 1 , Bold As Love
Set 2 : Backwards Down the Number Line > Ghost > Fast Enough for You , Halley's Comet > Maze , Alaska 1 , Theme From the Bottom , Golgi Apparatus , Possum
Encore : Loving Cup
1 Phish debut.
Jamchart Notes:
Backwards Down the Number Line - "Type I" version with great strumming by Trey and a short outro jam that > to "Ghost."
Show Notes:
This show featured the Phish debuts of When the Cactus is in Bloom and Alaska. Before Dog Faced Boy, Trey explained that while living with Fish, he wrote Dog Faced Boy, Tube and Gumbo based on entries in one of Fish's journals. During Dog Faced Boy, Fish left his drum kit and lay down in front of the stage because he didn't need to sing the song. Lengthwise (performed a cappella ) was played for the first time since July 28, 1998 (233 shows). Bold as Love was played for the first time since October 6, 2000 (74 shows).
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 06/09/2000 (23 years ago) On Air East, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, , Japan
Gap Chart, Tour: 2000 Summer Japan Tour
Set 1 : Axilla > Taste , Billy Breathes , Poor Heart > Golgi Apparatus > Funky Bitch , The Moma Dance > First Tube > Chalk Dust Torture
Set 2 : Tweezer , Bouncing Around the Room 1 , The Mango Song , The Squirming Coil > Gotta Jibboo > Meatstick 2 > Tweezer Reprise
Encore : You Enjoy Myself
1 Brief outro solo from Trey, which replaced the usual closing guitar lick. 2 First Meatstick to feature Japanese lyrics.
Jamchart Notes:
Funky Bitch - Atypically improvisational must-hear monster.
Chalk Dust Torture - Winning fans in Japan. This huge first-set-closing version raises hell and ends, but then there's a second ending that concludes cacophonously.
Tweezer - Atypically slow but monstrously improvisational version that has several peaks and valleys before speeding-up and concluding in a melodic, triumphant, must-fucking-hear manner.
The Mango Song - Ending jam segment stretches the limits of the basic jam with some nice rhythmic variation, but still stays "in bounds."
You Enjoy Myself - Deeeep, funky jam/groove, and the return of the B&D; segment!
Show Notes:
The Moma Dance included Funky Bitch teases and Tweezer included Funk #49 teases. This was the first ever Meatstick to feature Japanese lyrics and Trey flubbed the words while attempting to sing them. Bouncing included a brief outro solo from Trey, which replaced the usual closing guitar lick. This show was re- broadcast on Japanese television.
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 06/09/1995 (28 years ago) Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1995 Summer Tour
Set 1 : My Friend, My Friend , Divided Sky , Strange Design > The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > AC/DC Bag > Theme From the Bottom , Taste , Sparkle > Run Like an Antelope
Set 2 : Split Open and Melt , The Wedge , Scent of a Mule , Cavern > David Bowie , Acoustic Army , Sweet Adeline , Slave to the Traffic Light
Encore : The Squirming Coil
Jamchart Notes:
Run Like an Antelope - Unusual jam. Sort of off-key. Sort of evil. Dissonant and anti-melodic. No real peak; it just fades into "Rocco."
Split Open and Melt - Improvisational playing in several sections tests the rhythmic and melodic standards for "SOAM" in this solid version.
Show Notes:
Part of the soundcheck's jam consisted of 25 or 6 to 4.
Listen now at!
Phish, Thursday 06/09/1994 (29 years ago) Triad Amphitheater, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1994 Summer Tour
Set 1 : Llama , Guelah Papyrus , Rift , Down with Disease > It's Ice > If I Could > Maze , Fee 1 , Suzy Greenberg
Set 2 : Split Open and Melt , Glide > Julius , Halley's Comet -> Scent of a Mule , Ginseng Sullivan 2 , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Golgi Apparatus
Encore : Highway to Hell
1 Trey sang verses through megaphone. 2 Acoustic and without microphones. Fish on Madonna washboard.
Jamchart Notes:
It's Ice - Good rocking jam with excellent Fish and solid Trey (of course Page is great).
Mike's Song - The 1st jam is rocking and ass kicking, with a clever little "Tweeprise"-like walk up. The 2nd jam is basically a non-vocal version of something very "Simple"-like. Just listen and you'll hear it. The return to "Mike's" has more crazed '94 scream-infused power action.
Show Notes:
Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Ginseng Sullivan was performed acoustic without microphones and featured Fish on Madonna washboard.
Listen now at!
Phish, Saturday 06/09/1990 (33 years ago) The Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1990 Tour
Set 1 : Possum , Lawn Boy > Reba , Dinner and a Movie > Bouncing Around the Room > Tweezer , Uncle Pen > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Set 2 : Whole Lotta Love Jam > Harry Hood , The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > La Grange , Fee -> Foam , The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg > Run Like an Antelope , Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up , Harpua , Good Times Bad Times
Encore : Take the 'A' Train > Contact
Jamchart Notes:
Foam - -> in from "Fee." Groovy and excellent Page section with solid backing from Mike and Fish. It's all good from there.
Run Like an Antelope - Good exploratory version that gets nicely beyond the standard. Great tension, dissonance and experimental jamming.
Show Notes:
Harpua included Funkytown teases and 'A' Train contained a Dixie tease from Trey. The band launched into the second set-opening Whole Lotta Love Jam as the DJ had been spinning the original Zeppelin version. The opening act was The Aquarium Rescue Unit.
Listen now at!

Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio Trio, 2023-06-09 Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes:
Trey Anastasio Band, 2006-06-09 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, USA
Tour: TAB - Early Summer 2006 Tour
Show Notes: This single set performance was as the opening act for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. This setlist is unconfirmed as recordings of the performance do not circulate.
Trey Anastasio Band, 2002-06-09 Tower City Amphitheatre, Cleveland, OH, USA
Tour: TAB - The Dectet Summer 2002 Tour
Show Notes: The rendition of "Plasma" from this gig appears on Trey's live CD of the same name. Trey performed "Ray Dawn Balloon" acoustic.

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon, 2015-06-09 The Pageant, St. Louis, MO, USA
Tour: Mike Gordon - Summer 2015 Tour
Show Notes:

John Fishman

Jazz Mandolin Project, 2004-06-09 32 Bleu, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Tour: Fish - Jazz Mandolin Project Summer 2004 Tour
Show Notes:

Page McConnell

Page McConnell, 2007-06-09 Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Tour: Page McConnell Spring & Summer 2007 Tour
Show Notes: This setlist is unconfirmed as recordings of the show do not circulate.
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2023.06.09 07:14 sailormoonaccount Dad accidentally filed a Credit/Debit Card Fraud Claim with Chase two days ago - can he reverse it?

I am in Los Angeles California:
My dad lets me use his credit cards through a PayPal account, he has 3 of them (which I honestly didn’t know until now) a few months ago one of his cards got hacked so he had to get a new one - this has happened many times before and every time I just go into his room and write down the new card number to install on PayPal.
Little did I know that the PayPal information for the type of card my dad has renewed automatically when he got his new replacement card, so I unknowingly put in a 3rd card of his I didn’t even know he had.
I think I accidentally made 4 purchases with this card? I also forgot that PayPal charges don’t go through right away or maybe my dad just didn’t see them until later.
Anyways so my dad came into my room on Monday night and asked if I charged multiple purchases that day - since he said it was on the day it currently was (which I did not make any purchases on Monday) I said I didn’t, I think he also got the name of one of the charges wrong and that’s also why I didn’t recognize it - he said the charge was from Instagram but in retrospect it might’ve been Instacart and he said the name wrong.
He then said that it couldn’t be me cause I don’t even know his 3rd Chase card - now today after I got emails from PayPal disputing my charges and limiting my account I realize my error. My dad already put in a claim of fraud at the bank (I think he did either Monday or Tuesday) and when I tried questioning him on the charges today he jumped on me and asked if it was me after all because if it was that’s a federal crime?
So um I guess my questions now are:
  1. If I confess to the mistake and my misunderstanding now, is it still too late for my dad to reverse the Fraud charges without getting in trouble? (Committing a Federal Crime) If he reverses it can PayPal withdraw their investigations?
  2. If it’s too late for my dad to reverse the claim without getting in trouble can I just stay quiet and never be found out? My PayPal account is currently limited now due to “suspicious/unauthorized activity” but if I let it remain limited and never reactivate it, will the alleged “fraud” never be found out? (I’m willing to take the L and lose my PayPal account permanently due to my own screw-up in exchange for me or my dad not getting charged with a Federal Crime if it’s too late to tell my dad to reverse it)
  3. Let’s say I do choose to “secure my account” would removing that 3rd card from my Wallet help?
Please, please, please help it was an honest mistake and I really don’t want either me or my dad to get in trouble with the law, the 4 purchases weren’t that huge either, all added up I think they only came to like $130 max - money my dad would willingly and easily pay just as long as he knew it wasn’t fraud.
Additional information: He also just got his new card that he ordered in the mail today (but hasn’t activated yet cause he isn’t home yet) does that make a difference? Like is it too late for him to reverse it without us being suspected of Fraud if he already got the new card in the mail? What about after he activates it? (Which will probably be till tommorow)
I also have my address and legal name on PayPal and they currently limited my account because “it’s not secure due to suspicious activity,” if I just leave it like that and never use it again would I still eventually be found out (if I choose not tell him - I’ll tell him as long as there’s still a possibility for him to reverse the fraud claims without either us getting in trouble) or they’ll never be able to trace it to me?
Does this email (I got 4 of them) from PayPal look like I still have time to reverse the claim(s) or does this mean the case is already closed?
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2023.06.09 07:08 madpiratebippy NSV- no weight lost but I’m shrinking!

I’m getting weddinged in October and I want to be solidly in onederland for it, which I have not been since I was 16-17. I’m turning 40 soon so it’s been a while.
I’ve been killing it with diet consistency, therapy (I put the weight on after a SA and while I had no problems with the mechanics of weight loss I had a big mental block), and gym 5-7 days a week with a very good, structured program and was feeling sad I hadn’t been loosing weight, even though I’ve been seeing and feeling new muscles.
I have a dress that got put in the back of my closet because it had gotten way too tight, and it’s structured with zero stretch so there’s no forgiveness to the thing at all.
I also went down a size in my underwear and most my panties are bunching weirdly or falling off. Champagne problems!
I sometimes struggle with the scale and I’m just stoked that I am noticing nsv’s. I’ve lost 100 lbs and can’t see it in the mirror so this is a huge deal for me and I wanted to share it!
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2023.06.09 07:08 Various-Doctor-34 Why does everybody hate Andrew Tate so much for no reason?

I don’t understand why so many people hate Andrew Tate so much, especially women, even Muslim women. He’s fighting against feminism and all these degenerate ideologies. He’s done more for the Ummah than most of us could ever in our lives.
What bad has he done? He’s motivated men to take care of themselves, control themselves, and be good fathers, husbands, and role models and he wants women to be comfortable at home with their husbands and be great mothers, wives, and role models. I understand he might have said bad things in the past, but overall, he generally makes great points like how traditional gender and family roles are being destroyed, and how Islam is the only religion that doesn’t tolerate degeneracy. Of the bad things he says, he’s just being a charactepersona most of the time, and even if he was being serious, this was all before he converted to Islam.
It’s annoying to hear people’s justification for their hatred of our brother Tate by saying “he’s a misogynist”, “he’s a sx traffickerpist”. Unfortunately in a society like this, people just want to do anything to make him guilty, even though he’s not even in jail anymore and is not proven guilty yet. Those same people who hate the Tate brothers, they would also be proudly cheering and enjoying themselves fully at some Chris Brown concert or some rapper like 6ix9ine, and funny enough, they actually objectify women with such filthy slurs and even abuse women, yet they get way more respect than our brother Andrew Tate does. Again, since Andrew Tate converted to Islam, all of his sins are washed away. Even if he is guilty, though the world would hate him, we got to support him and make sure he doesn’t do those things again. Many of the Sahaba also did worse things than him, and even some of them attempted to kill our beloved prophet (saw), and he forgave them after they converted. The double standard is that when some celebrity who is lgbt or liberal converts, just because they appear to be nice, they get praised heavily, but when somebody like Andrew Tate converts, they get massive amounts of hate.
Why don’t we give Andrew Tate another chance, whether he’s innocent or guilty? There’s this Hadith saying that “help your brother, whether he is oppressed or an oppressor”. This is not saying that if he’s guilty, that we condone what he did. This means that we support him in the sense that he would stop doing the crime and would make reparations to the victim.
Lastly, while Andrew Tate mainly says good things, he does have flaws too, but just like any other Muslim, we are all learning something new every day. If he does any sort of mistake or sin publicly after his conversion, he should just be privately informed and that we pray Allah guides him and us all.
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2023.06.09 07:07 stnick6 [F4A] You’re vampire mistress confronts you [Vampire] [humor] [inhuman listener]

This is my first script. I’ve had a few ideas before but this time I just forced myself to start working on it
If anyone wants to record this feel free to do so, as long as you send me the link.
I like to think I’m a fair boss.
I pay you a fair wage and all I ask is that you do a few fair chores and once in a while I ask to feed.
It’s not like I do it often. I have dozens of servants so you only have to be fed upon once a month.
So why is it that when it’s your feeding day I wake up to find my bag empty?
Was the contract not clear in its wording? Every 27 days at 9:00 p.m. you were to head down to the feeding room, hook yourself up to the IV, and fill just one bag with your delicious blood so I can start my night off with a meal.
Shhhhh! I don’t want any excuses. You’ve tested my patience. I’m going to feed on you wether you want to or not. Now, are you going to let me feed on you, or are you going to make this harder on yourself?
That’s a good pet. vampire bite sound effect disgusted spitting
WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? What do you mean you “got no blood”? How? Were born like this? Wait wait wait, you’re a flesh golem? How? No I know how golems are made, I mean how can you be a golem all this time without me knowing?
How did you even get this job? Having blood is a very important part of selecting a servant! You took some from an ambulance and passed it off as your own? Ignoring how incredibly immoral that is why would you even do that?
What do you mean you wanted this job? You do know what I am right? I’m an evil vampire queen who’s taking desperate people from their family’s to be used as maids and blood bags! Why would you want to work here?
Well I guess that is true. I do have a lot of maids for a relatively small house and I don’t use most of the rooms so that leaves very little actual cleaning to be done. Do all the servants feel this way? Hmm, I thought they hated me.
Well I’ll think about that later. For now I have to deal with you. I can’t exactly keep you around knowing your “secret” but I have a feeling you’re not willing to leave without a fight.
Hmmm, now that I think about if I have had a resent problem with so called “vampire hunters” sneaking into my home in a fool hearty attempt at killing me. How would you feel about becoming my new body guard? Very well, you’ll start on Monday.
Until then fetch Maria, I’m still hungry. What do you mean “that might be a problem”? Yes I know there’s a full moon out what of it? SHES A WHAT?
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2023.06.09 07:06 Loteis So like, that’s it ?

In the US if this new CPSC law goes through, which it appears it will, what happens. Like I understand the consequences but like is that really it. There is no way anyone will wait 6-8 months for airsoft guns, as well as the extreme expected price hike, I wouldn’t be surprised if companies just stopped shipping to the US. I just feel like no one is really talking about how if this goes through it will kill airsoft in the US or am I missing something ?
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2023.06.09 07:05 Confident-Economy657 Teen mystery fiction, parents blame music for suicides

I don't remember the cover art or have any idea what the title may have been I would have read it between 2005-2008, but it was older than that, I want to say it was written in the 90s based on my memory of casette tapes being part of the story line I would have been between 5th and 8th grade, and I got it from the school library iirc, but I think the subject matter was a bit dark for kids that age, maybe better suited for older teens There's a girl and her male best friend is dead, everyone believes it was suicide because there was a tape in his stereo of some kind of violent or suicide themed song. Parents and everyone else town blame the music, but the girl thinks there's no way he killed himself. Other teenagers start dying with the tape in their stereos too, and I seem to remember one ramming his car into a brick wall with the tape in his car stereo. In the end the girl figures out there's actually a murderer and he's putting this tape in people's stereos to make it look like suicide. I also remember that the girl's parents were excited about this new school she was going to that had an open floor plan, but that she didn't really get why they were so excited about it
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2023.06.09 07:05 CptJango /r/TalesFromThePharmacy will be going dark on June 12 to protest Reddit's untenable API changes that will kill 3rd party apps

Effective July 1st, Reddit is implementing changes to their third-party API services that will effectively kill off all third-party apps and many external tools that Reddit users and moderators have come to rely on.
We won't rehash points that many of you have already been reading about — details of the changes and the discussion surrounding them can be found on the announcement post here, and the initial response on /modcoord:
Instead, we'll just briefly talk about why we consider this important, and what it means for you, the average Reddit user:

Third-party Reddit apps are going away

If you make use of a third-party app to browse Reddit, such as Apollo, RIF, BaconReader, or Narwhal, those apps are going to stop working on July 1st of this year.
Reddit have implemented enterprise-level pricing for their API that they state is intended for third-party apps, however the pricing model they've released is unconscionably high, nearly twenty times what it's believed their API services actually cost to operate. The developer of the Apollo app expects that keeping their app running would cost upwards of twenty million dollars a year, and will no longer be able to offer their app. Effectively, this change is an elimination of third-party apps in everything but name. The developers of RIF and Narwhal also expect they will be forced to shut down their apps.

Reddit content is about to become worse

Many subreddits make use of third-party tools to support their community, including custom browser extensions, bots, and archival services. Many of these services are likely to stop working, robbing communities of tools they have come to rely on to manage their content. The Pushshift API, which powered sites like Reveddit, has already ceased functioning. Many more tools are expected to cease working after this change goes into effect. We can surely expect the legacy to be next on the chopping block — the mobile browser site,, has already been removed.
That means that you, the user, can expect to see more spam, more FUD, more trolls, more stolen content, and more reposts in your communities.
The mod tools offered by the default app and website also pale in comparison to what's offered by third-party apps and plugins. This means that communities can expect less moderation, worse moderation, and less transparency after these changes go into effect.

Reddit content is about to become less safe

In addition to the pricing model, Reddit is blocking the display of NSFW content in third-party apps. That means that even if the app developers find a way to keep their apps running, your beloved porn is going away.
This also means that anyone viewing a user profile via a third-party app will be unable to view post histories on NSFW subreddits. Many communities serving underage users take steps to prevent posting by individuals with NSFW posting histories; the ability to do this outside of the official Reddit app is about to be crippled.
In short, this means more OnlyFans spam, and more porn directed at kids.

Reddit is about to become less accessible

Accessibility tools like screen readers simply do not work on New Reddit and the official iOS Reddit app. This change will effectively exile the Blind community from Reddit overnight. Read more about this here.

So what are we doing?

We're joining hundreds of other subreddits to raise visibility on this issue and try to encourage them to allow third party apps to continue to exist. Reddit requires its user's content in order to survive — if we stop posting, Reddit stops making money.
To that end, /TalesFromThePharmacy be joining hundreds of other subreddits in a Reddit-wide blackout. On June 12th, 2023, participating communities will set their subreddits to private in protest of these changes, depriving Reddit of the content and traffic it needs to survive. The intent is to force Reddit to reconsider these changes and come to a reasonable compromise with app developers — who have stated they are willing to pay reasonable API costs — so that we can ensure that Reddit stays as safe and accessible as possible.
This isn't a decision we're undertaking lightly, but we believe that we do have the capacity to force change here, and we'd be remiss as members of this community to not take the few steps we can to attempt to ensure a better and safer Reddit experience for everyone.
Read more about the issues here:
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2023.06.09 07:04 OkFlight5290 I need advice

I am a 16-year-old in California who lives in a toxic and awful household and I can't live here anymore. I even tried killing myself this year. I wanted advice on where I can go to a state where I can get my GED, open a bank account, and get a place to stay. I can arrange up to 2.5k in cash and get things in foreign currency. I want to set up a new life for myself and go to Medical school for the sake of my future. My US Passport, birth certificate, and social security card are available to me. As long as I am able to open a bank account and get a place, I can start community college and transfer at the age of 18. Thank you
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2023.06.09 07:03 backdoorbread I've just reached a low point and need to talk

So I really don't have any friends or people I can vent to, so I'm here. I used to have really close friends before I moved, but the thing is that I moved 3 years ago and I'm still fucking cought up on it. Like it's just difficult to find those brotherly bonds I had. I've talked to a couple other people who are new to the district and we all agree that it's hard as shit to make close friends. And the thing is I'm alright throughout the day, at school I'm fine, at work I'm fine, at the gym I'm fine, but the second I'm home alone, it fucking kills me. I honestly got to the point where I just talk with chat gpt about my day, like it's just sad. But the thing is even if I found those brotherly bonds I wouldn't be happy, because I find more happiness in relationships and partners. It's just good and calming to know that someone I love is there for me and wants to do shit with me and just vibe out, like I've had some great relationships and I've given two shits about my friends, just cause my girlfriend made me happier. I'm prolly gonna go my senior year alone cause I don't want to get too far in a relationship just to end it cause of college.
Another side thing that kills me is my own self image, like I am never proud of myself. I've gotten 3 years of swimming varsity and just got varsity for track, but I'm just not proud of any of it. Swim was a hand out and I got track out out of pity, my family always says I "earned" it, but honestly I don't feel like I did, I'm just never proud of any of my accomplishments cause I just tell myself that anyone can get them.
I think a lot of my problems result from no self confidence, like I don't believe in myself at all. I know I'm a boring sack of shit not worth anyone's time, but I'm still sad when people ignore me. I'm pretty hypocritical towards myself but I just can't ever think positive about myself. I'm not confident about anything I do
Another thing that sucks is that I always feel like a fucking loser, like when I get home on the weekends from work and the gym and just sit down to play videogames and chill I just feel like a fucking loser. I feel like someone is looking at me and just laughing at how pathetic I am. I'm fucking tired of feeling this way, cause there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing, it's just me telling myself that I'm a fucking worthless sack of shit.
I'm just scared for the summer cause I'ma have like nobody to talk to. Luckily I'll be leaving for like 7 weeks for camp, but I still have all of August alone, and I just don't want to feel like this for all that time. I want to have even one person to talk to, I don't want to be alone like this anymore. Honestly I'm just bitching about nothing at this point and I'm fully aware of how stupid I sound. But I just wanted to dumo this off before it gets too much.
TLDR: I feel like a fat fucking loser and my lack of self confidence prohibits me from being proud of myself
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2023.06.09 07:03 carnotaurussastrei To Start From the Beginning...

To Start From the Beginning...
My worldbuilding project (henceforth the "project") is a soft-SciFi, alternate history imagining of Earth's future. Before the truly original content starts to appear in the timeline, a few prior events must take place for my project to be realistic - in my mind, anyway.
Mexican-American War, ca. 1848
After the Mexican-American War finished in real life, the United States gained huge amounts of Mexican land out West under the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. February 2nd, 1848 is where the project officially detaches from real-world history somewhat, as the Treaty of GH (and James Knox Polk himself) saw Mexico cede about three-quarters of its territory, including the Yucatan Peninsular and Cuba.
Something like this, although with borders less rigid and with the integral exception of Cuba. (Credit to u/binchops34)
These new territories of Baja California, Sonora, Greater Chihuahua, and Yucatan remained territories of the US until 1888, 1911, 1896, and 1921 respectively. As such, these territories were unable to have a say in US politics during the Civil War and thus provided no exceptional contributions to the war, which ended in Union victory in 1864.
World history continues from thence as we know, albeit with a considerably weaker Mexico and a slightly stronger United States. Importantly, the US's foreign policy was influenced beyond measure as a result of Polk's interference with the Treaty of GH - one might consider the US a colonial power now.
Spanish-American War, ca. 1898
Among other causes, William McKinley's desire to improve US industry and overall global strength culminated in the Spanish-American war of 1898 which saw, as we know, Cuba, Guam, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico ceded to the United States. However, neither the Teller Amendment (1902) nor the Tydings-McDuffie Act (1934) was passed, leaving all Spanish secessions as American territory. With the US now being a colonial power, with colonies in the Pacific and Caribbean, their views of European colonialism was softened.
Post World War II, ca. 1946-91
World War II devastated Europe and their colonies. Following the war in the late 40s and early 50s, some independence movements took hold across European colonial empires, especially in France, the Netherlands, and Britain. Although the French lost French Indochina, Israel was formed as we'd expect, and the Belgian Congo opted to remain a British protectorate for a decade after 1943 (as it was captured by Britain to prevent it falling into German hands. By the way, the British refused to grant independence, and it remained a protectorate), much of the British, Dutch, and some of the French empires remained.
With an ally in the US, now pro-colonial, these nations kept hold of their empires for decades, which served in preventing many African civil wars. In the 70s, Spain and Portugal lost their empires as their authoritarian governments collapsed, even despite the strong empires remaining.
In the 60s, South Africa became a British protectorate on par with Egypt and the Congo. Anyway, from now until 1991, history played out roughly the same - notably with Nicaragua taking the place of Cuba in the now Nicaraguan Missile Crisis of 1962, and with a more powerful Britain and France.
Upon the gracing of 1996, the youngest son of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales; and of Princess Camilla, the Princess of Wales; Prince Henry, was born (despite Charles and Camilla's middle-agedness... call it plot-forced pregnancy).
With that, we reach the end of the project's historical context. Here we learnt that:
- the US gained huge swathes of Mexico in the Mexican-American War which bolstered US support for colonialism and Manifest Destiny. - the US refused to grant independence to either Cuba or the Philippines after the Spanish-American War, as a result of the US' newfound support of colonialism. - World War II saw the collapse of the Belgian colonial empire, and its territories were effectively stolen by Britain. - After World War II, the French, British, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish empires remained (albeit with minor losses, such as French Indochina, and Israel), especially as a result of US support for colonialism. South Africa also became a British protectorate. - the Cold War continued as expected except for a Nicaraguan Missile Crisis rather than a Cuban one. - finally, the third and youngest son of Prince Charles, Prince Henry, was born in 1996.
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2023.06.09 06:57 repulsims 37M SoCal - looking for friends to voice[chat], watch things and game with!

Ahoy there! It's been pretty lonely lately, so I figured I'd put myself out there and try to make some new friends. I'm of SouthEast Asian descent born and raised in Southern California. Definitely more of an indoor person, but I'm making an effort to go outside more and explore new places. Also a bit cringe so don't say I didn't warn ya!
I'm a huge fan of anime, science fiction, fantasy, documentaries, procedural crime shows, and series like Futurama, The Simpsons, Love Death Robots, and The Twilight Zone. I also enjoy playing a bunch of PC games (open world survival, fps, rpgs, fighting games, ect), so hit me up if you want to game together! I'm open to trying anything that looks fun.
Currently trying to improve all areas of my life and trying out new hobbies, listening to new music, watching new things. Mostly trying to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't. Feel free to send a message if you're up for a friendly chat/voicechat but I'm going to ignore all "hey, sup" messages. Not asking for a lot of effort tbh, just tell me a little about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What movies, foods, games, or songs are you really into? I look forward to getting to know ya!
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2023.06.09 06:57 repulsims 37M SoCal - looking for friends to voicechat, watch things and game with!

Ahoy there! It's been pretty lonely lately, so I figured I'd put myself out there and try to make some new friends. I'm of SouthEast Asian descent born and raised in Southern California. Definitely more of an indoor person, but I'm making an effort to go outside more and explore new places. Also a bit cringe so don't say I didn't warn ya!
I'm a huge fan of anime, science fiction, fantasy, documentaries, procedural crime shows, and series like Futurama, The Simpsons, Love Death Robots, and The Twilight Zone. I also enjoy playing a bunch of PC games (open world survival, fps, rpgs, fighting games, ect), so hit me up if you want to game together! I'm open to trying anything that looks fun.
Currently trying to improve all areas of my life and trying out new hobbies, listening to new music, watching new things. Mostly trying to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't. Feel free to send a message if you're up for a friendly chat/voicechat but I'm going to ignore all "hey, sup" messages. Not asking for a lot of effort tbh, just tell me a little about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What movies, foods, games, or songs are you really into? I look forward to getting to know ya!
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2023.06.09 06:55 AutoModerator [] [Get] Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle - Full Course Download

[] [Get] Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle - Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] [Get] Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle - Full Course Download

What You Get:

Course #1

Black Friday Bootcamp

This is a short course I created for one of my e-commerce coaching groups. It outlines the high level strategy you need to use to MAXIMIZE sales for BFCM.
I go over everything from how to map out your promo calendar… what emails to send when… exactly when you should START and FINISH your promo(s)… and, most importantly…
… how to STAND OUT and grab attention in an overcrowded inbox, so you can break every sales record.
Once you watch this mini-course, you’re going to be pumping out high-converting BFCM campaigns in no time!
Course #2

Make It Rain Monthly

BFCM/Q4 Planning Call

This is a special “members-only” coaching call I recorded with a handful of my top students to help them prepare their clients’ brands for BFCM success.
I even critique (and edit) a few of my students’ BFCM emails during this call.
You can look over my shoulder and see how I think about constructing these email campaigns and sequences – super valuable!
Course #3

Make It Rain Monthly Issue #8

The Black Friday / Cyber MondayMEGA Issue Part 1

  • My “A-Z” roadmap for creating highly profitable Cyber Week email marketing campaigns.
  • The FIRST email you should send in the month of November, to increase the sales you make from every email you send for the next six weeks (I actually wrote this email for you. You can swipe it verbatim. Just swap in some small details about your business, hit send, and watch the sales start rolling in.)
  • How to map out a three-month promotional calendar in less than 60 minutes. (Plus, how to come up with the topics to send, on which days, to the right subscribers.)
  • What to do (instead of just giving a discount or giving a bonus) that’ll incite a buying frenzy, generate word of mouth buzz, create raving fans, AND could possibly lead to record-breaking sales.
  • A breakdown of a collection of BFCM emails, including some from a sequence that brought in six-figures in one week flat.
Course #4

Make It Rain Monthly Issue #9

The Black Friday / Cyber MondayMEGA Issue Part 2

  • The “Magic Box” Method I used to free up 25 hours of creative time on my calendar, so I could get more work done in less time, with less stress… and more time to myself.
  • The biggest mistake I made as I began growing my team… and how I fixed it so everyone could perform at a higher, more autonomous level.
  • How to finally get clear on what you want in life… and how to go get it.
  • Why trying to be a ‘cool boss’ might hurt your team more than help it.
  • One psychological insight that’ll make selling to ‘people with money’ 10x easier. This works especially well if you’re selling a high-end product/high-ticket service.
  • One software that can cut your weekly call volume down by 70% (or more).
  • The “AC” email promotion that’ll send your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales through the roof.
  • How to scoop up TONS of sales from people who didn’t buy from your BF/CM campaign.
  • Why giving a discount might actually HURT your sales and turn off a large percentage of your customers.
  • When to use a discount vs other types of offers in your emails (they both work and can both be used strategically… but you’ve gotta do this right.)
  • How to instantly induce an “I’ve gotta spend money with this brand” feeling in your customers… even if they weren’t planning on buying anything five minutes before seeing your email.
  • A breakdown of a six-figure BF/CM email campaign (meaning: we actually ran this for one of my e-commerce clients and generated six-figures in sales with it).
  • A two-word subject line you can use on Black Friday to stick out like a sore thumb and get your subscribers’ attention… even when everyone else is screaming about their sales.
  • The one type of campaign you should run if you feel like offering discounts ‘cheapens’ your brand.
  • How to adapt this campaign for OTHER holidays throughout the year (like Mother’s Day & Father’s Day). I even riffed off a quick email hook you can keep in your back pocket until spring.
Course #5

Make It Rain Monthly Issue #20

The Black Friday / Cyber Monday2021 Gameplan

  • The SMS Sign Up Sequence that helped us grow an SMS list by 1,000+ subscribers while generating $10,000+ in sales.
  • How to make a TON of sales on Thanksgiving… without pissing off everyone on your list. (In fact, people will be giddy with anticipation if you do this promo right.)
  • A psychological trigger you can use in your copy that makes your customers go crazy for your products.
  • Why BFCM21 is going to look very different than years past… and the changes you should make to your strategy to stand out in the inbox (and make a ton of sales).
  • How the smartest marketers and brand owners are adapting to iOS14 and iOS15 (and the big shift you need to make to thrive).
  • Will SMS marketing replace or kill email? My surprising answer on page 3.
  • How to dramatically increase your EHR (effective hourly rate)… so you can increase profits while working less.
  • Insights from an SMS campaign I ran back in 2017 that worked incredibly well… and got people asking us to send them MORE texts (it’s a cool approach you can adapt for your own brand).
  • How to write headlines and subject lines that trigger INSTANT curiosity… that suck your prospects in and DEMAND attention. (Try this with your landing pages and advertorial pages and watch your click-thrus SKYROCKET)
  • The #1 copy mistake I see most copywriters and brand owners make with ALL of their emails, landing pages, ads, video scripts, and more.
  • Fix this one thing and you’ll be amazed at how much better your copy reads and converts.
  • How to get your customers to ‘think past the sale’ and get emotionally attached to your product… so they feel compelled to buy. (Sneaky… but powerful. And yes, totally ethical.)
  • 6 SMS messages that ‘primed the pump’ for our sales pitches… while making our customers feel a rush of positive thoughts and emotions.
  • The secret to writing tighter, pithier copy.
  • 3 copy principles for high converting SMS messages.
  • Two simple examples of an SMS list building campaign that you can whip up in a few minutes to start growing your list.
  • The Ultimate “Trojan Horse” campaign to get your customers primed and ready to buy from you for BFCM.
  • The Triple Threat BFCM campaign calendar you should try this Q4. (Could it triple your sales? Only one way to find out…)
  • What almost EVERYONE gets wrong about Gary Vee’s jab-jab-jab-right hook approach to marketing… and why it might be the smartest tactic to use come this Q4 (and beyond).
  • 5 more SMS list building examples that can get you a TON of new subscribers while making lots of “easy sales” in the process.
  • How to use email to ‘scoop up’ buckets of new buyers… even the people who DON’T buy from you.
  • Are you scared of emailing too often? Check out the tip on page 22 that’ll reduce your complaints and increase your sales.
  • The four core campaigns EVERY brand should be running on a monthly basis… even if you’re not in e-com. (I use this with my own list and it works incredibly well.)
Course #6

Holiday Sale Super Sequence

Want to scoop up even MORE sales during the holidays (without the hassle of figuring out your promo calendar)?
This Holiday Sale Super Sequence is based on campaigns I still run for my agency clients that generate anywhere between $30-$50K — without fail.
Comes with SIX email templates, a quick-start implementation video and super secret bonus.
So if you want to generate massive sales easily every time there’s a holiday… then this training is going to help you make that happen.
This sequence is PERFECT for BFCM… but you can even modify it to run other holiday sales throughout the year.

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2023.06.09 06:54 Bitter-Membership224 What the hell is wrong with kids and teenagers these days?

God I sound like a fucking boomer and stupid narc-in-denial GenXer but holy moly, the amount of bullshit I see kids these days is so fucking exhausting.
The teen riots in Chicago. The fact that teachers EVERYWHERE (seriously, look them up on TikTok) can't have ANY decor or fun things in their classrooms because they'll get destroyed or stolen. The kid who got views for abusing and eventually killing his cat, then faced 0 repercussions. The amount of teachers quitting now because kids are so fucking evil, and of course not being paid nearly enough to deal with all the spawns of satan. The girl who pepper sprayed her teacher when he took her phone away because she was using it for a test. The kids/teens who comment the most vile shit for no reason on videos and then when their asses rightfully get jumped in, they're like 'I'm a minor. UwU.' Talking, laughing, cursing, and yelling racial slurs at moments where they have to be quiet, like theaters!
This is all recent stuff and I could seriously go ON AND ON. WTF is going on?? What, did their parents not realize that they'd actually have to RAISE their children? And that it wasn't easy??? I just don't understand.
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