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Ocean to 2nd Street, and up to Belmont Heights; the best neighborhood in Long Beach!

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Subreddit for Long Beach City College in Long Beach, CA. Community Colleges need love too!

2023.06.09 07:23 privateduckcall House on a Cliff

I was built long ago
Once full of love I now stand hollow
Beaten by the wind I have always faced proud
Rooted on ground I never knew was shallow
On my hill I have welcomed those looking for a view
The ocean grows gorgeous with every year
But as of late I’ve sat empty with no company to give
As my view of the beach grows nothing becomes clear
My boards grow weary
Paint peeling reveals an unknown surface I rather not show
I thought with age I would be adored even more
Pebbles the size of boulders start to crumble below
Why am I suddenly realizing I am on the edge?
Why can I see so much beneath me?
Is this the reason all have abandoned my walls?
All these cries are lost over the sea
I’m scared to collapse
I scream out to the sea
But the sea doesn’t care
what will happen to me
My foundation is crumbling and dropping to the beach
Few stopped to look but help never came
Hope is now gone as my walls start to moan
My boards not decayed but dead all the same
What will do it? My panicked frame tenses
With the edge that close, it could be any day
that the ground collapses or a hurricane arrives
whatever it is, painless, I pray
With a lurch, my structure tips off the ground
And I get my last look over the white tipped sound
As I fall I see sky and sea aflame with vibrant miracles
and I’m reminded of the sunsets
and the dolphins
and the rainbows
and all the things I wish I could’ve enjoyed more if
I wasn’t built as a house on a cliff
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2023.06.09 07:21 Significant-Notice- Emergent Ventures winners, 26th cohort

Winston Iskandar, 16, Manhattan Beach, CA, an app for children’s literacy and general career development. Winston also has had his piano debut at Carnegie Hall.
ComplyAI, Dheekshita Kumar and Neha Gaonkar, Chicago and NYC, to build an AI service to speed the process of permit application at local and state governments.
Avi Schiffman and InternetActivism, “leading the digital front of humanitarianism.” Avi is a repeat winner.
Jarett Cameron Dewbury, Ontario, and Cambridge MA, General career support, AI and biomedicine, including for the study of environmental enteric dysfunction. Here is his Twitter.
Ian Cheshire, Wallingford, Connecticut, high school sophomore, general career support, tech, start-ups, and also income-sharing agreements.
Beyzamur Arican Dinc, psychology Ph.D student at UCSB, regulation of emotional dyads in relationships and marriages, from Istanbul.
Ariana Pineda, Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern. To attend a biology conference in Prospera, Honduras.
Satvik Agnihotri, high school, NYC area, to visit the Bay Area for a summer, study logistics, and general career development.
Michael Loftus, Ann Arbor, for a neuro tech hacker house, connected to Myelin Group.
Keir Bradwell, Cambridge, UK, Political Thought and Intellectual History Masters student, to visit the U.S. to study Mancur Olson and Judith Shklar, and also to visit GMU.
Vaneeza Moosa, Ontario, incoming at University of Calgary, “Developing new therapies for malignant pleural mesothelioma using epigenetic regulators to enhance tumor growth and anti-tumor immunity with radiation therapy.”
Ashley Mehra, Yale Law School, background in classics, general career development and for eventual start-up plans.
An important project not yet ready to be announced, United Kingdom.
Jennifer Tsai, Waterloo, Ontario and Geneva (temporarily), molecular and computational neuroscience, to study in Gregoire Courtine’s lab.
Asher Parker Sartori, Belmont, Massachusetts, working with Nina Khera (previous EV winner), summer meet-up/conference for young bio people in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Nima Pourjafar, 17, starting this fall at Waterloo, Ontario. For general career development, interested in apps, programming, economics, solutions to social problems.
Karina Belokapov,17, sophomore in high school, neuroscience, optics, and light, Bellevue, Washington.
Sana Raisfirooz, Ontario, to study bioelectronics at Berkeley.
James Hill-Kurana (left off an earlier 2022 list by mistake), Waterloo, Ontario, “Generative models that can help you write Verilog, and get better through self-play.”
Ukraine winners
Tetiana Shafran, Kyiv, piano, try this video or here are more. I was very impressed.
Volodymyr Lapin, London, Ukraine, general career development in venture capital for Ukraine.
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2023.06.09 07:20 immenselyaverage How should I (18M) deal with my currently long distance gf (19F) who keeps getting upset over small things?

I know the title sounds really bad, but please bear with me for a bit.
Me and my girlfriend have been long distance ever since summer started and we went back home from college. She lives a 2 day drive's distance away and we have a trip planned out where she's coming to visit me here in the next couple of weeks. Long distance has been frustrating, going from being with eachother every day, sleeping together, waking up together, eating together, to just being able to facetime or text has proven very annoying. It's one of those things that really tests my gf and I's communication skills.
But ever since we started, she's been getting upset at things that I wouldn't really imagine would be that big of a deal -- I could be an insensitive kid (I get I'm not at an age that's known for being good with interpersonal skills), but I'd like some opinions, advice, insults, whatever you got for me.
Some examples of things that she got upset with me over include:
-Me saying we could call at one time, but because I was talking to my mom about something pretty serious, it pushed back our call about two hours. I get being mildly upset at this, it's disappointing to not be able to talk to your bf/gf when they promised they would call, but she then decided that we shouldn't call because it was obvious I "didn't want to".
-Today, when I was playing games with my friends, I was texting her pretty off and on for a couple hours, but what drove her over the edge was when I didn't respond for 12 minutes, she texted "k goodnight" and then read my messages apologizing but never responded. I can understand not feeling like a priority sucks, but we called earlier in the day, texted ever since I woke up (including hours I'm working), and she's busy babysitting.
-There have been countless times where something I say gets absolutely misconstrued, and no matter how many times I elaborate, how eloquently worded I put things, it just means the same negative thing to her. Some examples include "I miss our time together, I feel like I really took it for granted" = "I was bored with you", "No you can't have my XXS work t-shirt from this job years ago because it wont fit" = "You're fat" (for the record, she is absolutely NOT fat -- but that shirt size was definitely meant for a little kid, which she is not), "I'm at the beach with my friends for the weekend, I'm sorry we haven't been calling as much" = "I'm not interested in talking to he she is not a priority". Most of these things have some basis to them, I'll agree -- talking about clothes sizes is a touchy subject with her, I should've been more careful, talking with her over the phone is important while long distance, I could've said something to try and make her feel like more of a priority, etc.
I feel like the most used word in our conversations is "sorry", and she's never the one who says it. I try and make her feel loved 24/7 and I'm walking on eggshells the whole time. But the things she says? It doesn't matter whether I think it's hurtful or not. Her saying I "look like a virgin" is the funniest thing to her, she'll tell her friends, sister, brother, whoever she's with that I got upset when she called me that the first time, but continues to point and laugh at me about it. If she's upset with me? She won't hold back, I'm being "rude" or "bitchy", where's the mutual attempt to LOVE eachother and not make the other feel bad?
I'll admit, what she says to me isn't the worst thing, and I feel like I made it sound worse than it is. What gets on my nerves the most, however, is how she acts when she's upset.
She won't communicate or let me know she's upset, she just wants to text one word replies, be passive aggressive in any message that isn't one word, if we're calling she'll pretty much just reply with "hm" or "k" and then get even more upset that I'm not talking more when I'm conversing with what feels like a brick wall. I apologize and apologize for anything and everything, I will send huge paragraphs breaking down where I feel I went wrong and how I'm trying to be more mindful of these things because the last thing I want to do is make her upset. In response? I get a "cool".
Anytime I talk about my relationship with my friends or family, they all say it's toxic -- I can see where they're coming from, but she was never like this in person. We would spend all day together laughing and smiling, and just having a great time. We did everything together and I just want that joy back. I'm extremely hesitant to bring these things up with her because if she gets upset with small things, how is she going to react to me telling her that I feel like I can't talk freely to her, that I have to bite my tongue or apologize profusely all the time.
It feels like she does this on purpose just to get a "sorry" out of me, and I really don't know why. I'm so tired of just giving in and trying to make her "happy" just for her to do this again an hour later, all at my emotional expense.
We go back to school in about a month and a half after she leaves from her trip to go back home, but we've only been long distance for a month and I feel like I'm at a breaking point.
So, relationship_advice gurus, how in the wrong am I? How am I gonna continue long distance until we can be together in person again? Should I continue long distance until we can be together in person again? Should I tell her how I feel? Should I take everything on the chin and just deal with it until school starts? Any criticism or advice is very much appreciated.
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2023.06.09 07:14 itechnolabs Tips For Non-Tech Founders To Hire Developers For a Start-Up

Tips For Non-Tech Founders To Hire Developers For a Start-Up
What are the essentials for a start-up to succeed?
Do you know how to develop robust mobile applications that reflect your brand’s voice?
Or is it about technical expertise that will allow you to dominate the technology ecosystem?
Most of the time non-tech entrepreneurs wrestle with these issues. These questions are posed even in the present, a certain segment of society does not believe that non-tech entrepreneurs could create a similarly impressive technology product, if not greater than their technical-backed counterparts.
CEOs and founders who aren’t tech-savvy have shaped the technology world in the present, even without a technological background. Whatever their academic background or prior experience in the field of technology they pave the way to success by spending a lot of time learning how to improve their skills and upskilling and finding the best talent.
Let’s say for example: Beginning a long and successful journey since its start as a hospitality company, Airbnb is run and developed by non-tech-savvy founders. Three co-founders and none had any background in computer science. Brian Chesky, a great visionary who realized his goals and was named to the top of the list of 100 most influential individuals by Time magazine, used to play hockey and bodybuilder before launching Airbnb together with Co-Founders Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk.
There are numerous instances in which non-tech-savvy founders have created amazing products and were at the forefront of technological innovation. In the past, such as Pandora, Alibaba, StyleSeat, and TeeSpring in addition to Tinder, Vayable, and others, non-tech-savvy founders have been able to even surpass the inventive heights reached by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology.
In addition to the insight and knowledge of the founders, it was a factor that was essential to the success of these remarkable organizations. That is the kind of talent needed for understanding, creating, and executing the ideas of these very successful entrepreneurs.
However, hiring developers for startups is a lot easier task to do than said. This article by iTechnolabs will help you learn how to find developers for your startup. We will discuss how you can find developers who are the perfect fit for your company and will assist you in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.
Read more about Tips For Non-Tech Founders To Hire Developers For a Start-Up
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2023.06.09 07:13 MonsieurCapybara Why is every on-ramp in the county closed??

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2023.06.09 07:05 rojotoro2020 LA-Long Beach is now 2% more expensive than Oakland

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2023.06.09 07:02 Awkward_GM New Player, how it went for me. Looking for mod and config advice

Long story short I didn’t want to drop $30 on a game that’s been out for years. And was happy to find this game.
I did an initial test of the game and found myself in the desert biome. Immediately I started digging a staircase down to find resources which I was not prepared to locate. Realized when night fell that I couldn’t see anything, and since I couldn’t find coal I got lost underground. 😬 Reset. Downloaded some mods for Mobs, Creatures, Villagers, Nether, and Mineshafts.
Wound up in a very cold climate. The area I was in had grass, but a few blocks to the left was snow. Took a half hour to realize there were no Mobs spawning. Eventually I realized the Mod features were turned off by default and got them working. I still felt a bit too safe however. I started using torches to mark my territory and where I’d been. Even making a makeshift lighthouse on an island off of where my base was. And making a bridge full of torches to light my way in case I got lost.
Up until now I had been using random number seeds. This time I just started from 1 and didn’t find a seed I liked till 4 or 5 which was a mountain full of Apple trees and I think a mod I downloaded placed a nice ruin at the top where I took shelter and built up as my base. I downloaded the Stamina Mod and had fun with collecting apples and farming wheat. I also created a mineshaft from my base at the top of the mountain to so far I think 1000 blocks down. I basically started looking for new ores, but so far have only found Iron, Gold, Copper, and Tin aside from coal. I got frustrated at one point and only had my pickaxe, a few apples, and a pile of ladders as I dug straight down (“Oh no……! Splat”).
Couple of issues I’m having that I want to try and mitigate with Mods:
• Need more fun landmarks to find. I tried downloading a Villages and shipwreck mods but they had conflicts with Mods I had installed.
• Traveling from the top of the mine to the levels with gold is about 5-10 mins of holding down shift to go down the ladders. (God forbid I forget an item in a chest at base)
• Traversing steep terrain. The worst example of this was I dug myself into the center of a cavern where I had no idea where the nearest wall was. Eventually I found I could make a wonky bridge with torches attached, but I feel like I was doing this inefficiently.
• None of the villagetraders have been spawning. Though maybe I have to find them in a way I am unfamiliar with?
• More ruin or exploratory mods that give cool stuff to find. Especially while mining as right now I’m just finding featureless caverns.
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2023.06.09 06:56 Miss_Lib What to do about a neighbors Airbnb

I live in a beach town and just bought our condo last year. We bought it at the same time as the people upstairs from us so no usage was established at the time. I have a decent relationship with the owners and believe they are respectable people. Last year everything with their rentals was fine… we dealt with regular floor noise that comes with being below them and only complained directly to the renters if it was excessive. This year it’s been so many young kids. The unit sleeps 6 but on MY cameras i often see anywhere from 7-10 kids with luggage and then tons of friends come through. They have to pass by my door to get upstairs. They have parties and run up and down the stairs all night. And just general jumping around. My problem is, I just don’t know if they know this is who they’re renting to because it’s so different from last year and I don’t want to insult them or for them lose money. We’ve had to tell two groups of kids so far to be quiet. I’ve never rented an Airbnb before.. what kind of info is required? Should I tell them what’s going on? They have cameras on the steps which I know they don’t check regularly or even if they’re on but I also don’t know what is allowed as far as cameras at an Airbnb. Do people rent for their kids and then just let the kids go? How strict is the verification process so you know who’s actually staying? It’s going to be a long summer if this keeps up. I’m just trying so hard not to screw them.
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2023.06.09 06:55 pukeblood213 Billionaire Beach Malibu Ca. Toyo Speed Graphic 135mm Optar Kodak Portra 400. Light Leak

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2023.06.09 06:42 Gwarner21 Long Walks On The Beach / a7iii / 28-70 f3.5-5.6

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2023.06.09 06:28 pperpkqw Official transcripts. What is that mean this one. This one is still on to-do lists on my student center I already send one to csulb.

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2023.06.09 06:18 RepulsiveBrick7054 Me (21M) and my girlfriend (21f) are long distance and she gets mad when I don't give her attention.

So here's the deal. I am currently a summer intern at my dream company, and its amazing. That being said, I am very busy, and rarely get time to speak with my long distance girlfriend. We have been dating for 7 months. Even though my work does not go late (typically get off around 5 pm), I always end up hanging out with my co workers, whether its going to the beach or getting dinner, and genuinely just forgot to respond to or text my girlfriend. By the time I am home from wherever I am and have time to talk to her, she is already asleep. She is upset with me, and claims that if I truly cared, I would make the time to talk to her. However, I feel like she should recognize this opportunity for me, both for making new friends and connections with people my age, and also for connections in the work place. I want to clarify that I don't go completely dark and forget to respond for at most a couple of hours. Am I in the wrong here? Should I really be making more of an effort to talk to her? Should she recognize that I am truly just busy and not ignoring her? I think it's on both of us, but curious what everyone thinks.
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2023.06.09 06:13 calvacs 2020 Christmas tree on new account

2020 Christmas tree on new account
I just decided to make a new clash base and It somehow has a 2020 christmas tree. Is this unusual or common?
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2023.06.09 06:13 Insatiabledoobie About Meh.

Hi. I’m Jazzy. I’m as of right now 33, F and African American. I wish I spoke creole or French but my parents didn’t come from that line of Africans lol so I’m just the regular one language gal. I’m a natural born Floridian, but that is no longer my place of residence. If you stalk my earlier posts, you’ll see that. I like holding hands and long walks on the beach - just kidding, I’ve held hands maybe a couple times with a potential lover but not on the beach. Also I tend to fall on my ass while walking on sand. There’s not much I have going on, I’m pretty boring in my everyday life, I work two jobs, both I love. I have like two friends but most times it’s just me and my thoughts. If I weren’t so used to it, I’d probably go crazy. So what do I do on my time off? Sleep. Lol I’m always tired and I do have low iron. So if you’re ever down for nap dates or sleepy talk, I can’t think of a better partner then myself. I’m a lover of cartoons and I don’t mean anime. Certified Disney whore, so if you love to watch those kinds of movies with me, you just got major points, friend. I sing randomly sometimes, but I have massive stage fright so don’t ask me to do it, just let it happen. I’m allergic to cats, they’re adorable but bad for me. I also love dogs to but even some of those mess me up. So, I’m sorry to all the cat daddies out there. I’m sure your sassy kitty is the best. I can’t always promise a great conversation or a great mood, but I’d just love someone to talk to. We don’t have to be attracted to one another but I’m not against a deeper connection. I just want someone who doesn’t mind being there, reaching out, listening to me. TALKING. I love listening so, you’ll always be heard. I wanna hear a voice too. So again, it’s okay if this isn’t you. But thanks for reading. Down to send a voice note if you’re ever interested.
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2023.06.09 06:07 StucknotForever STBX fabricating and exaggerating my assets

My mess takes place in CA, a 50/50 no-fault state. I filed for divorce in February. Today I finally received his complete schedule of assets and debts, months late. He's delayed every part of this process. He filed his response on the last possible day after spending spent weeks harassing me to do it for him. My attorney and I immediately noticed that he left out several asset accounts so we repeatedly requested the information. He kept promising he would give us the information but never did. My attorney then began to "threaten" discovery, stbx agreed to cooperate but, of course, never did. Then he agreed to mediation, rescheduled, completely backed out, agreed again, backed out again, lied about retaining an attorney, eventually actually retained an attorney, and then lied about everyone's contact information. I'm exhausted and racking up legal fees.
Now, he's falsely claiming that I own some really expensive items. Some items are gross exaggerations of things I own (ie: listing a crystal and silver necklace retailing for $100 as a white gold and diamond necklace with a current market value of $1000), a few items just flat out don't and have never exsisted, and a couple items were sold years ago. He also neglected to list most of his jewelry, claimed his credit card is mine, claimed he owned things before the marriage that were actually purchased during the marriage, and claimed I have life insurance with a cash value that flat out doesn't and has never existed.
I have physical proof, receipts, and statements to dispute most of this and I think I'll just need to get appraisals for the rest but, has anyone else dealt with lies and delays like this or similar? How did everything shake out? I really don't see the point of all the these delays and lies other than to pour salt in my wounds. He knows I have records and receipts for pretty much everything for claims after PCS moves and insurance purposes.
I feel like there should be some sort of consequences for at least lying on his disclosures, but he's always gotten away with this sort of behavior. He's active duty and any other time he's had a brush with the law, he faced no consequences because of the "appreciation of his service." He regularly lies and exaggerates and believes everyone else does as well. He will insist that the sky is green until he's blue in the face, and plays dumb to avoid the even thr smallest of responsibilities. I know to expect more problems, but it worries me that I don't know what other problems are possible. At least there are no children.
I feel like I'm drowning over here. I was doing pretty good, all things considered, but today feels like 5 steps backwards. All I want is freedom, but I can't even move out because he's destroying the house that we need to sell, and I'm dead broke. He refuses to do anything besides sit in his neckbeard nest, drink, game, and watch porn or anime while I repeatedly injure myself trying to take care of the property and sort through our belongings. He's was abusive in all forms throughout our long-term marriage, and has npd/bpd, alcohol dependence, anger control issues, and is a self-declared "difficult person" with his own private definitions of everyday words. Can anyone relate?
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2023.06.09 06:06 annamaaae Spoke with Best Buy canada again, there’s still hope.

Spoke with Best Buy canada again, there’s still hope.
A glimmer of hope for us Canadians.
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2023.06.09 06:04 Send_More_Bears Got arrested last night… refused breathalyzer and took blood test at the station..

I was pulled over for a stupid lane change I made.. officer did a FST on me , which I’m pretty sure I passed all but he said I failed a few (big surprise) and then asked me to take a breathalyzer. I refused and they placed me under arrest, took my to the station, and made me take a blood test. I refused the blood test but they eventually got a warrant.
My question is, I believe I might’ve been just at the limit at the time I was pulled over, but if they took the blood tests a few hours after my last drink of the night, do you think my BAC would’ve been at an acceptable level by then? I didn’t drink that much, maybe 5/6 beers and a small shot over about 4-5 hours, and my metabolism is pretty fast I think. Also the first 3/4 beers, I was skating at the time and sweating a good amount. I also may have had some illegal drugs in my system, will this heavily affect my results/outcome?
This is in CA.. does anyone know how long blood test results take in SF?
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2023.06.09 05:42 owosage i’m taking my niece and nephew to the beach next week

my older sister came into town with her two kids the other day with no warning. she’s (assumably) withdrawing from opiates and having a manic episode. everyone in my family is taking turns accommodating them and it’s a whole mess. i haven’t seen the kids in about 8 years, they’re 15 and 12 now. what they’ve been subjected to their entire lives is inexcusable and despicable. foster homes, sexual and physical abuse, drugs. they never got to have a normal childhood.
but what really broke my heart is finding out that all they want to do is go to a beach. they’ve never been to a beach, not even a lake. i grew up poor, but even i had gone to the beach several times as a kid. and i had taken it for granted.
i don’t know how long my sister will stick around this time but i want to make sure the kids have at least one good memory before they’re gone again, so i’m taking them to the beach next week. they are so excited and i am so happy to share this moment with them and really glad to be their aunt. i just wish i could do more for them.
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2023.06.09 05:41 bionicaliens Feeling happy!

I’m currently sitting on the beach enjoying a well deserved vacation with my NP and only a couple weeks away from a long visit to my other partner’s home.
Life is good.
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2023.06.09 05:38 ThouHastForsakenMe Parents don’t like me making decisions for myself

Long background: I’ve been treated like shit my whole life by everyone around me. My childhood involved being screamed at by my father for little things like not understanding homework problems ever since I was 3, for not eating a lot when I wasn’t hungry, being force fed until I puked, being constantly compared to my sister, being spanked and hit for things regular children do, etc. I suffer with mental health problems (depression, skin picking, hoarding items I believe hold sentimental value, anger issues, suicidal thoughts, and constantly feeling gaslit). I have repressed memories from my childhood which are too painful to remember such as my dad screaming and calling me an idiot or a bitch. My parents constantly threaten to leave the house to my sibling because I’m unfit and lazy after small, petty arguments they start. They still think I’m going to take care of them when they’re old. Whenever I defend myself in an argument or even have just a little bit of sass in my voice, my sister (who was treated better than me because she doesn’t mask her mental illnesses in front of them) will side with my parents. I’m tired of constantly forgiving them and feeling at fault, and then being put through this again.
On to the real issue: So I just graduated from high school recently and with a 3.83 gpa (which my parents don’t think is too impressive) and a golden seal of merit for mastering the 6 subjects. I’ve been discussing going on a trip with my parents for years to celebrate my grades (which I’ve sacrificed my mental health for 4 years). We have finally narrowed it down to Santa Barbara, even though they wanted me to go to DC. After comparing the two places, SB was the best as it offers me a chance to tour the University I’ve been dreaming about going to for a year now, as well as visit the beach. My parents can’t let go that I don’t want to go to DC and keep bringing it up over and over again. I’m at my breaking point and tired of being looked/called an idiot, or someone who can’t even decide on a location for a vacation I feel like I earned.
My mom has been trying to change my mind and shorten our 5-day trip and limiting funds even though she’s shelling out more on my sister’s upcoming trip to Denver for school. My sister got to spend a week in Hawaii with no monetary limitations and with one of the nicest hotels we’ve stayed at for her graduation trip (when she barely passed high school). She’s been whining about how dc has history, but I’ve provided at least 6 museums/historical sites in SB to no avail. I’ve sent screenshots of the places and yet she wants to pick just 1 (after saying to make sure that we have stuff to do for the 5 days). Now she’s planning to cancel the trip or go by herself after another small argument.
I’m not trying to sound like a victim because sometimes it is my fault, but I just don’t have enough fight in me to keep living like this and keep feeling like shit.
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2023.06.09 05:37 Oliver-Morris Any teens going on the june 9th cruise?

Im going on a cruise tmmr debarking from long beach and was wondering if anyone else was going also
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2023.06.09 05:36 Basic-Cartographer-4 Can’t move out yet But I’m done

Alright guys so I’m 20 and live with my mom. She told me as long as I stay in college maintain my room clean. Clean my OWN things and and help around the house then there would be no problems. Recently, my mom told me that the reason why she doesn’t love me is because I don’t help her and honestly it pissed me off because I help her all the time. I would drop off and pick up my brothers get my brothers ready in the morning take care of them do all her errands like going to the store to get groceries and buying stuff for the house and I also always buy her stuff when I go out on my own.
My mother never thinks of me when she goes out. She’s never paid me gas for picking my brothers up. I also wash the dishes and I clean other areas. Now it’s annoying because whenever she washes dishes If I make a mess she gets mad and says I have to clean it which is fair but if I wash the dishes and someone puts a dirty plate there and their were no dishes in the sink. She still makes me wash it. She wants me to stay at home cleaning the floor doing everyone’s laundry. Taking care of HER kids and at the same time meet her expect doing good in school and I also work. Truly it breaks my heart when she said that she acts mean towards me all the time because “I don’t help” when she doesn’t even work and she can do all those things yea I can help but man every damn second she’s always calling me to do this to do that so ofc I’m going to not want to do anything anymore. Plus she’s always insulting me.
One day she got drunk and invited family over. And the next day she went to the beach and I had 2 exams 3 homework and I had to work. I came back from work at 3am and when I woke up at 12pm she said all you do is sleep you never do anything I expected you to pick up the house which were alcohol bottles on the table. And I did help. I picked all the food that was there and I also washed EVERYONES dishes. I just didn’t have time to pick up the bottles.
Today she went to her friends house and she said why didn’t you take out the trash or wash the dishes well I’m doing homework and she’s like you didn’t work today that’s not an excuse I don’t care when her husband is literally on the couch playing video games. My mom is a violent person and she puts her hands on me all the time. On my neck or she punches me. She has pulled my hair. She has left bruises on me. She has pulled a knife on me and every time I forgive her. Anyways I just left to my room to avoid her and she kept saying. “ I can’t wait for you to move with your dad “. She told my little brother. “Right your sister is a good for nothing”. “And you ask why I don’t love you”.
Honestly I’m just done she makes me want to kms. At this point when I move by the end of the year. I’m going to block her. And I’m done trying to please my mom and buy her stuff to try to get her to like me. She never will. And that’s the sad truth. I’ll never be enough for her. So I’m giving up and it’s sad I couldn’t break the cycle. I truly don’t want anything to do with her
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