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2023.06.09 05:37 Kewchie-Lord567 Some Rau Ram I’m growing for my neighbor that’s from Vietnam (CO, US)

My neighbor is from Vietnam and it’s not easy to find Viet produce, or food where we are located. I found some rau ram at a nursery in a different state when I was visiting and decided to grow it to surprise her. She has a lot going on with her kids, so I am growing it for her. This is the first harvest!
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2023.06.09 05:36 ElongatedMuskrat Starship Development Thread #46

SpaceX Starship page


  1. When (first) orbital flight? First integrated flight test occurred April 20, 2023. "The vehicle cleared the pad and beach as Starship climbed to an apogee of ~39 km over the Gulf of Mexico – the highest of any Starship to-date. The vehicle experienced multiple engines out during the flight test, lost altitude, and began to tumble. The flight termination system was commanded on both the booster and ship."
  2. Where can I find streams of the launch? SpaceX Full Livestream. NASASpaceFlight Channel. Lab Padre Channel. Everyday Astronaut Channel.
  3. What's happening next? SpaceX has assessed damage to Stage 0 and is implementing fixes and changes including a water deluge/pad protection/"shower head" system. No major repairs to key structures appear to be necessary.
  4. When is the next flight test? Just after flight, Elon stated they "Learned a lot for next test launch in a few months." On April 29, he reiterated this estimate in a Twitter Spaces Q&A (summarized here), saying "I'm glad to report that the pad damage is actually quite small," should "be repaired quickly," and "From a pad standpoint, we are probably ready to launch in 6 to 8 weeks." Requalifying the flight termination system (FTS) and the FAA post-incident review will likely require the longest time to complete. Musk reiterated the timeline on May 26, stating "Major launchpad upgrades should be complete in about a month, then another month of rocket testing on pad, then flight 2 of Starship."
  5. Why no flame diverteflame trench below the OLM? Musk tweeted on April 21: "3 months ago, we started building a massive water-cooled, steel plate to go under the launch mount. Wasn’t ready in time & we wrongly thought, based on static fire data, that Fondag would make it through 1 launch." Regarding a trench, note that the Starship on the OLM sits 2.5x higher off the ground than the Saturn V sat above the base of its flame trench, and the OLM has 6 exits vs. 2 on the Saturn V trench.

Quick Links

Starship Dev 44 Starship Dev 43 Starship Dev 42 Starship Thread List
Official Starship Update SpaceX Update Thread


Road Closures

Road & Beach Closure
Type Start (UTC) End (UTC) Status
Primary 2023-06-12 14:00:00 2023-06-13 02:00:00 Possible
Alternative 2023-06-13 14:00:00 2023-06-14 02:00:00 Possible
Alternative 2023-06-14 14:00:00 2023-06-15 02:00:00 Possible
No transportation delays currently scheduled
Up to date as of 2023-06-09

Vehicle Status

As of June 8th 2023
Follow Ring Watchers on Twitter and Discord for more.
Ship Location Status Comment
Pre-S24 Scrapped or Retired SN15 and S20 are in the Rocket Garden, the rest are scrapped.
S24 In pieces in the ocean Destroyed April 20th: Destroyed when booster MECO and ship stage separation from booster failed three minutes and 59 seconds after successful launch, so FTS was activated. This was the second launch attempt.
S25 Launch Site Testing On Feb 23rd moved back to build site, then on the 25th taken to the Massey's test site. March 21st: Cryo test. May 5th: Another cryo test. May 18th: Moved to the Launch Site and in the afternoon lifted onto Suborbital Test Stand B.
S26 Rocket Garden Resting No fins or heat shield, plus other changes. March 25th: Lifted onto the new higher stand in Rocket Garden. March 28th: First RVac installed (number 205). March 29th: RVac number 212 taken over to S26 and later in the day the third RVac (number 202) was taken over to S26 for installation. March 31st: First Raptor Center installed (note that S26 is the first Ship with electric Thrust Vector Control). April 1st: Two more Raptor Centers moved over to S26.
S27 Rocket Garden Completed but no Raptors yet Like S26, no fins or heat shield. April 24th: Moved to the Rocket Garden.
S28 High Bay 1 Under construction February 7th Assorted parts spotted. March 24th: Mid LOX barrel taken into High Bay 1. March 28th: Existing stack placed onto Mid LOX barrel. March 31st: Almost completed stack lifted off turntable. April 5th: Aft/Thrust section taken into High Bay 1. April 6th: the already stacked main body of the ship has been placed onto the thrust section, giving a fully stacked ship. April 25th: Lifted off the welding turntable, then the 'squid' detached - it was then connected up to a new type of lifting attachment which connects to the two lifting points below the forward flaps that are used by the chopsticks. May 25th: Installation of the first Aft Flap (interesting note: the Aft Flaps for S28 are from the scrapped S22).
S29 High Bay 1 Under construction April 28th: Nosecone and Payload Bay taken inside High Bay 1 (interesting note: the Forward Flaps are from the scrapped S22). May 1st: nosecone stacked onto payload bay (note that S29 is being stacked on the new welding turntable to the left of center inside High Bay 1, this means that LabPadre's Sentinel Cam can't see it and so NSF's cam looking at the build site is the only one with a view when it's on the turntable). May 4th: Sleeved Forward Dome moved into High Bay 1 and placed on the welding turntable. May 5th: Nosecone+Payload Bay stack placed onto Sleeved Forward Dome and welded. May 10th: Nosecone stack hooked up to new lifting rig instead of the 'Squid' (the new rig attaches to the Chopstick's lifting points and the leeward Squid hooks). May 11th: Sleeved Common Dome moved into High Bay 1. May 16th: Nosecone stack placed onto Sleeved Common Dome and welded. May 18th: Mid LOX section moved inside High Bay 1. May 19th: Current stack placed onto Mid LOX section for welding. June 2nd: Aft/Thrust section moved into High Bay 1. June 6th: The already stacked main body of the ship has been placed onto the thrust section, giving a fully stacked ship.
S30+ Build Site Parts under construction Assorted parts spotted through S34.
Booster Location Status Comment
Pre-B7 & B8 Scrapped or Retired B4 is in the Rocket Garden, the rest are scrapped.
B7 In pieces in the ocean Destroyed April 20th: Destroyed when MECO and stage separation of ship from booster failed three minutes and 59 seconds after successful launch, so FTS was activated. This was the second launch attempt.
B9 High Bay 2 Raptor Install Cryo testing (methane and oxygen) on Dec. 21 and Dec. 29. Rollback on Jan. 10. On March 7th Raptors started to be taken into High Bay 2 for B9.
B10 Rocket Garden Resting 20-ring LOX tank inside High Bay 2 and Methane tank (with grid fins installed) in the ring yard. March 18th: Methane tank moved from the ring yard and into High Bay 2 for final stacking onto the LOX tank. March 22nd: Methane tank stacked onto LOX tank, resulting in a fully stacked booster. May 27th: Moved to the Rocket Garden. Note: even though it appears to be complete it currently has no Raptors.
B11 High Bay 2 Under construction March 24th: 'A3' barrel had the current 8-ring LOX tank stacked onto it. March 30th: 'A4' 4-ring LOX tank barrel taken inside High Bay 2 and stacked. April 2nd: 'A5' 4-ring barrel taken inside High Bay 2. April 4th: First methane tank 3-ring barrel parked outside High Bay 2 - this is probably F2. April 7th: downcomer installed in LOX tank (which is almost fully stacked except for the thrust section). April 28th: Aft section finally taken inside High Bay 2 to have the rest of the LOX tank welded to it (which will complete the LOX tank stack). May 11th: Methane tank Forward section and the next barrel down taken into High Bay 2 and stacked. May 18th: Methane tank stacked onto another 3 ring next barrel, making it 9 rings tall out of 13. May 20th: Methane tank section stacked onto the final barrel, meaning that the Methane tank is now fully stacked. May 23rd: Started to install the grid fins. June 3rd: Methane Tank stacked onto LOX Tank, meaning that B11 is now fully stacked. Once welded still more work to be done such as the remaining plumbing and wiring.
B12 High Bay 2 (LOX Tank) Under construction June 3rd: LOX tank commences construction: Common Dome (CX:4) and a 4-ring barrel (A2:4) taken inside High Bay 2 where CX:4 was stacked onto A2:4 on the right side welding turntable. June 7th: A 4-ring barrel (A3:4) was taken inside High Bay 2. June 8th: Barrel section A3:4 was lifted onto the welding turntable and the existing stack placed on it for welding.
B13+ Build Site Parts under construction Assorted parts spotted through B17.

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SpaceX Discuss Thread for discussion of subjects other than Starship development.


We will attempt to keep this self-post current with links and major updates, but for the most part, we expect the community to supply the information. This is a great place to discuss Starship development, ask Starship-specific questions, and track the progress of the production and test campaigns. Starship Development Threads are not party threads. Normal subreddit rules still apply.

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2023.06.09 05:36 AmaznAznthrowaway 35 [M4F] #California -Looking for a girl with daddy issues

I love the idea of teaching a girl all the right ways to turn on a man. We can go slow, then ramp up. We can do oral training. We can do roleplay. You want it rough and hard? Smooth and romantic? I am pretty open. Condoms are a must or proof of BC, not looking to have any kids.This should be obvious, but 18+ ONLY, no exceptions.
I am also open to just chatting online, but my ideal match would be someone local we can eventually meet up. PLEASE have better conversations skills than a potato. If you are going to send 1 word replies do not bother.
My ideal set up would be us chatting a little bit, then moving over to some type of video chat. Then set up a IRL meeting to feel each other out and get comfortable at Starbucks, where we can discuss G-Rated or X-Rated things. Then we can go back to my place(Yes I can host) shower up, then get down to business
My top kinks are cum worship, DD/LG, face- fucking, rimming, and face slapping/choking. I will not do any "break-in" scenarios without some type of face to face meeting first, not looking to get set-up/robbed/go to prison. I also require safe words, that way we can both get off pushing right up to the border, but wont go over it. I want to rape own and abuse your holes and body ONLY if it is consensual and turns you on.
Pluses but not requirements are : Petite body- A/b/c cups. Small butt. Innocent girl next girl type or church camp type. Mixed race.
Here is a more detailed kink list:
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2023.06.09 05:36 Hefty-Ad-4269 ClonBrowser and Storm Proxies: How to Overcome Common Web Scraping Challenges

Web scraping has become an essential tool for businesses and individuals who want to extract data from websites. However, web scraping comes with its own set of challenges, such as IP bans, anti-scraping measures, and CAPTCHAs. In this article, we will discuss two powerful solutions that can help you overcome these obstacles: ClonBrowser and Storm Proxies.

ClonBrowser, also known as a fingerprint browser, is an advanced browser that allows you to mimic various configurations and settings of your computer, including your browser and operating system. This is important because websites can identify and block scraping activities based on these configurations. With ClonBrowser, you can randomize your browser fingerprints, change your location, and even switch between different user agents. This makes it more difficult for websites to detect and block your scraping activities.

Another common issue with web scraping is IP blocking. Websites can detect multiple requests coming from the same IP address and assume that it is a web scraper. To overcome this, you can use proxies. However, not all proxies are created equal. Many proxies are easily identifiable and can still be blocked by websites. This is where Storm Proxies come in. They offer residential and datacenter proxies that are highly anonymous and difficult to detect. They also provide rotating proxies that change IP addresses automatically, making it more difficult for websites to block your scraping activities.

CAPTCHAs are another common obstacle in web scraping. These are designed to prevent bots and scrapers from accessing websites. However, there are several ways to circumvent CAPTCHAs. One common solution is to use CAPTCHA solving services. These are third-party services that use human workers or AI to solve CAPTCHAs for you. Another option is to use headless browsers, such as Puppeteer, which can bypass some CAPTCHAs by simulating a real user interacting with a website.

In conclusion, web scraping can be challenging, but with the right tools and strategies, it can be a powerful tool for gathering data and insights. ClonBrowser and Storm Proxies are just two examples of the many solutions available. By using these and other techniques, you can overcome common web scraping challenges and continue to extract valuable data from the web.
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2023.06.09 05:36 C3rtified_honker I'll wait for you.

Even when your gone and think of me no more, no matter where you are I'll always have an open door, for you when your afraid and have no place to stay, for I think of you every night no matter what condition your mental health is in I'll welcome you with an open door you may not be ready yet you need some time too I'll love you forever and I'll always wait for you-S.M
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2023.06.09 05:35 24LakerBiggestMotion @souljamookie these Reddit gooks is diff 😭🍔🤡👎🏽

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2023.06.09 05:35 lukafromchina Nitrofurantoin: Understanding Its Actions and Efficacy in the Treatment of Bacterial Infections

Nitrofurantoin: Understanding Its Actions and Efficacy in the Treatment of Bacterial Infections
Introduction Nitrofurantoin is a commonly prescribed antibiotic that has been used for decades to treat various bacterial infections. With its unique mechanism of action and proven efficacy, nitrofurantoin plays a crucial role in combating urinary tract infections (UTIs) caused by susceptible bacteria. In this article, we will explore the actions and efficacy of nitrofurantoin, delving into its mechanism of action, clinical applications, potential side effects, and future prospects. Understanding the impact of nitrofurantoin is essential in optimizing treatment outcomes and promoting effective management of bacterial infections.
Mechanism of Action Nitrofurantoin acts by disrupting bacterial cell wall synthesis and inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis, leading to bactericidal effects. It is primarily effective against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria commonly associated with UTIs. Nitrofurantoin enters the bacterial cell, where it is converted into reactive intermediates that damage bacterial DNA, proteins, and cell structures, ultimately leading to bacterial cell death.
Clinical Applications
Urinary Tract Infections: Nitrofurantoin is a first-line antibiotic for the treatment and prophylaxis of uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections caused by susceptible bacteria. It is particularly effective against Escherichia coli, the most common bacteria responsible for UTIs. Nitrofurantoin concentrates in the urine, allowing for high local concentrations and effective eradication of the bacteria.
  1. Prophylaxis in Urological Procedures: Nitrofurantoin is also used prophylactically before certain urological procedures to prevent urinary tract infections. By administering nitrofurantoin prior to the procedure, the risk of infection is significantly reduced, helping maintain the overall health and well-being of patients.
Potential Side Effects While nitrofurantoin is generally well-tolerated, it can cause certain side effects. Common adverse reactions include gastrointestinal disturbances such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Nitrofurantoin may also cause harmless discoloration of urine. In rare cases, individuals may experience more serious side effects such as pulmonary toxicity, hepatotoxicity, or peripheral neuropathy. It is crucial for healthcare providers to monitor patients closely and consider individual patient factors when prescribing nitrofurantoin.
Future Prospects The future of nitrofurantoin lies in ongoing research and development efforts to optimize its use and address potential limitations. Researchers are investigating alternative dosing regimens, formulation improvements, and combination therapies to enhance treatment outcomes, reduce side effects, and minimize the development of bacterial resistance. Additionally, efforts are being made to expand the spectrum of activity and explore its effectiveness in treating other infectious diseases.
Conclusion Nitrofurantoin has proven to be a valuable antibiotic in the management of urinary tract infections. Its unique mechanism of action, coupled with its clinical efficacy and tolerability profile, has solidified its role as a first-line treatment option. As research progresses, nitrofurantoin's continued optimization and exploration in the field of infectious diseases will contribute to more effective treatments and improved patient outcomes.
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2023.06.09 05:35 UnholyDemigod I roleplayed my last Rome 2 game. Here is the story

Rome 2 - Divide et Impera mod roleplay run
The year is 475 Ab urbe condita, and Res publica Romana is the growing power on the Italian peninsula. Not 10 years after the end of the Samnite Wars, we at still engaged with the Etruscans to our north, while Epirus at our south tests our resolve by encroaching on our borders. We must deal with these outsiders if we are to achieve our destiny. There is a dream that is Rome. It shall be realised.
476 AUC: Legio II Equestris, under command of newly appointed Legatus Lucius Julius Libo, finalises defeat of Etrutria. Shortly after, Pyrrhus of Epirus, after years of minor border skirmishes in southern Italia, invades and occupies as far inland as Cosentia. Legio II is redeployed to assist Legio I Italia. 478 AUC: after several battles ending in Roman victory, Pyrrhus is expelled from Italia. Despite heavy losses from the campaign, Legio II completes conquest of southern Italia 479 AUC: the Senate orders Legio II to northern Italy, to subdue the tribes in Cisalpine Gaul and to bring them into the Republic 480 AUC: cautious of Rome's rapidly growing role as a Mediterranean superpower, Carthage breaks diplomatic treaties and declares war on Rome. The Punic War has begun. Legio I is tasked with defending southern Italia. Legio III Gemina raised with intention of crossing Mare Tyrrhenum and invading Corsica et Sardinia 482 AUC: after far more losses than were expected, the tribes of the Po Valley have been subdued. All the land from the Alps to the sea now fall under Roman rule. Lucius Julius Libo and Legio II will occupy the area until it is assured there is no threat of rebellion 484 AUC: in the wake of years spent fighting Carthage, our military training and equipment has evolved. We have utilised tactics from our current and former enemies, while improving our strengths and casting aside our weaknesses. Years of war has turned us into a master of violence, and we will visit this violence upon all who would threaten Rome 485 AUC: years spent besieging the port of Karalis has borne fruit - the city is now ours, and with it, the province of Corsica et Sardinia. With Legio I and Legio II in Sikelia driving out the Carthaginian forces, Mare Tyrrhenum lies solely under Roman control. In 5 years of war we have driven Carthage out of Mare Nostrum and back to Africa. Plans are already being drawn up to invade 486 AUC: our invasion of Africa has paid off. Legio I Italica immediately marched onto Qart Hadasht, to strike at their power base and cut the head from the snake. After making camp in order to lay siege, the city's defenders sallied out and attacked. Despite devastating losses, we were victorious. The survivors retreated behind the city walls, but Legio II soon arrived to reinforce the siege, and our men stormed the walls. What warriors were left were no match, and the City of Carthage is ours. Legio III will soon make landfall to push west. Legio IV Minervia has been raised in Roma, where they will make for Massalia, to visit revenge for their betrayal of us during the siege of Medhlan 487 AUC: Legio IV Minervia has successfully besieged Massalia. After successive field battles, Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio marched on the city walls and began construction of siege equipment. Massalian allies attempted to aid them, but they too were defeated, following by the occupation of the city. Let all who know, to betray Rome is to condemn your civilisation 488 AUC: the province of Africa has been fully conquered by Legio II Equestris. The lands that brought Carthage their immense wealth will now swell our coffers instead. Despite the conquest being his doing, the Senate has appointed a Junian governor, instead of a fellow Julian. Suspecting bribery, Lucius Julius Libo begins to lose faith in the Republic he serves 490 AUC: Lucius Julius Libo has given up command of Legio II Equestris and returned to Roma. Petitioning the Senate to allow him to raise a new legion for the purpose of invasion of Gaul was met with success. The politicians of Rome are now so corrupt that an unjustified war can easily be put into motion. All it took was the lie that the Gauls bordering our new lands in Massalia were hostile, and that the lands to the north were fertile and rich with resources. The senate is too blind to see that with every battle won, Libo's influence in Roman politics grows 492 AUC: a Gallic tribe calling themselves the Arverni have attacked some of our scouts, and announced their intention to rid their forests of our presence. It seems that Libo's persuasions to the Senate were not without truth. A little more more leaning about the dangers of the Gauls uniting against, and the Senate has named him Dictator until the Arverni are dealt with. Lucius Julius Libo is now the most powerful man in Rome 493 AUC: Libo dispatches loyal senators to the African provinces under the guise of resolving financial troubles, while in reality, shifting loyalty from the Senate to himself. He already had the loyalty of the soldiers, now he is aiming for the people. 494 AUC: Carthage has been expelled from the African continent, after a successful siege of Tingis by Legio III Gemina. Upon arrival of the news in Rome, Lucius Julius Libo was recalled to Rome from Gaul to relinquish his powers as dictator. Despite the Gallic War still ongoing, the Senate was growing uneasy at Libo’s rapidly growing popularity, and used a weakened Carthage as justification to end his tenure. 495 AUC: Lucius Julius Libo returned to Roma, and was met with crowds of people, protesting against the demands of the Senate. In his service to Rome, Libo had saved the Republic numerous times, and Rome was still facing external threats. The crowd proclaimed Libo to be imperator, an act only previously done by a commander’s legion, but it was enough. The Senate agreed to grant him imperium perpetuum in return for relinquishing his role as dictator, to which Libo agreed. This everlasting power would grant him the ability to overrule the Senate with vetos, even consuls, and as such, historians consider this to be the first day of the Roman Empire. For the first time in 250 years, Rome was ruled by one man - Lucius Julius Libo Imperator. 497 AUC: Since the day Libo Imperator was granted everlasting imperium, he had taken great strides to improve the overall morale of the citizens of Rome by organising games and granting grain doles to the poorer members of society. Attending Senate meetings, he made sure to veto every bill that was put through without his prior knowledge. He prevented a list of enemies by compromising on many issues and joining their vote on bills he supported. He gained significant public support by making promises to rid the Republic (as the people of Rome still believed it to be) of political corruption, and then by delivering on this promise in steps, by exposing guilty senators. The size of the Senate began to shrink as he put through bills under the justification that that smaller it was, the less corruption there could be. Within 2 years it went from 370 senators to less than 100. His power continued to grow, but the people were happy. 498 AUC: Legio II Equestris, now under command of Gnaeus Julius Agrippa, has captured the last remaining stronghold of the Edetani, the final ally of the Carthaginians. With nobody to assist them, the end of the war is on the horizon. In capturing the city, the eastern coast of Iberia is entirely ours, completely enveloping the coastline of the western half of Mare Nostrum. Libo Imperator has grown bolder in his power, now requiring all bills passed to be finalised with his seal, and the words Imperium Romanum 499 AUC: with our legions pushed to their breaking point, and replacement recruits becoming more difficult to come by, Libo Imperator initiates a series of reforms, aimed at swelling the numbers with ease by removing the property requirements to join. Now, all who hold Roman citizenship will be eligible to serve her. With the state also supplying equipment, there is now uniformity amongst the legions. Gone are the old classifications, and replaced with general legionaries. Already we are seeing a large surge in recruitment across the Roman world, primarily from the lower classes looking for their chance at glory. 500 AUC: after 20 long years, the Punic War is over. Legio I besieged the city of Kartuba, awaiting reinforcements from Legio III, but the Carthaginians sallied out in an attempt to prevent being surrounded. After a decisive defeat in the field, there was no standing force left to defend to city, and our forces swept through, enslaving what civilians weren’t dead by the end of the day. As news of the victory spreads throughout Rome, a wave of nationalism follows it, with the people wanting to continue the expansion of our borders. Any nation that isn’t Rome is a potential enemy, and the senate, under the demands of Libo Imperator, fans the flames of this idea. Rome is about to embark of a series of conquests not seen since Alexander. Lucius Cornelius Scipio has been appointed commander of the Iberian forces, with the Legatus of each legion reporting to him. Quintus Trebellius Strabo will lead the conquest of Gaul, while Libo Imperator himself will take several legions into Germania. 502 AUC: Legio V Rapax sails across Mare Adriaticum to make landfall in Apollonia. Decades have passed since we pushed Epirus out of Italia, but inability to bring the war to them forced a peace between us. A peace that is now over. After many battles, Cornelius Scipio has conquered Iberia in its entirety. Rome now stretches all the way to Mare Tenebrosum. Upon their return to Rome, Scipio and his fellow Legates will be honoured with a Triumph. 503 AUC: Epirus is destroyed, their pitiful excuse for a kingdom overrun by Roman sword. Legio V Rapax will oversee the Latinisation of the local government, then move east, to bring the Greeks into our territory. 504 AUC: Athenai has taken offence to our presence in Greece and has captured Apollonia, seemingly hoping to cut us off from invading further into their homeland. It will not work. Julius Agrippa, well rested after his group Triumph, will sail his legion across Mare Adriaticum to assist Legio V. In Gaul, a final battle on the banks of the Rhine marked the pacification of the region. Gaul is ours. The legions will rest, then move onto Germania. 505 AUC: Julius Agrippa, keen to retake Apollonia, failed to scout the surrounding lands before moving onto the town, and was caught by an enormous Athenian army. Luckily, Legio V arrived in time. The largest battle in Rome’s history was fought on the outskirts of the town, and although we were victorious, thousands of Romans paid the price. Junius Brutus has made landfall with Legio II Equestris to assist the conquest of Greece. 506 AUC: Libo Imperator has ordered our legions out of Germania. Although we have subdued many of the tribes there, the longer we stay, the more nature takes its toll. We have now lost more men to the cold than to the enemy. A summer in Germania is only slightly warmer than a winter in Italia. Trade agreements with the bordering tribes, while being of little value to us, will ensure a secure border. The legions are to move to Dacia, and bring civilisation to the barbarians within. The Spartans, long past their glory, and not stupid enough to mistake the intent of our legions marching through their lands, have bent the knee before they even pointed a spear. We agreed, on the terms they would join our war against Athenai. 507 AUC: with Sparta capturing the city of Athens, and Legio II Equestris taking Pella, Greece has been conquered. To the north, Thrake and Dacia are now both ours. Rome now stretches from Oceanus to Pontus Euxinus. Over the last 30 years, Lucius Julius Libo Imperator has risen from Legatus to sole ruler of Imperium Romanum, and grown our empire to half the size of that of Alexander’s. With little to conquer without sailing to Asia, he has elected to end his conquests and focus on administering the empire he has grown. Roma Invicta.
Turn: 134 Factions destroyed: 39 Total income: 9.5M Total battles fought: 228 Fought personally: 113 Land battles: 82 Settlement battles: 78 Siege battles: 39 Total victories: 215 Total defeats: 13 (all were undefended regions with no garrison) Heroic victories 49
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2023.06.09 05:34 saapphia Banning disposable vapes - do people use disposable vapes to quit vaping?

I'm a self-ashamed vaper who is often trying not to be, but right now focusing on stopping vaping isn't really something I'm in a good position to do. I use only disposable vapes, or other people's pens. I am aware of the environmental costs of disposable vapes, and know that even vape recycling programmes aren't ideal. I know there are huge problems with them.
However, I exclusively use disposable vapes as a harm-reduction tool. I don't own a vape pen. If I did, I would sit there and vape all day. Buying disposables that run out provides a natural limit to the nicotine and other harmful chemicals that I'm putting in my body - when I use a pen with 800 or 1000 puffs, I know there's a limit and that helps make me use it less (vs when I use someone else's vape pen or a disposable with a high limit, and my mindset changes to care much less about how much I use). When my pen runs out, I have to go to the shop to buy a new one. Even if I've bought two at a time, which I have done a few times, I am more reluctant to open the next one and can put it off for a while.
My mother was a smoker her whole life until three years ago, and she was trying to quit constantly for decades before she finally managed it. Every year. Multiple times a year sometimes, depending on how short her last stint had worked out. I'm proud of her for quitting, and I'm proud of her for all her failures too, because each time she quit she was smoking less. And if she'd given up quitting after failing so many times, she'd never have got there in the end. Trying to quit is always positive, even if you didn't manage to stop fully.
But my point is, I know what quitting looks like. Smoking through the rest of the packet then getting rid of ALL temptations for smoking, including ashtrays and seats and stuff. And since a similar principle applies for vapes, I wonder if banning disposable vapes has been thought through from a quitting-vaping perspective. Because when you quit, you plan to quit. You get rid of your pods. You sell or give away your vape. If you keep it around, it's a reminder and a temptation. You haven't properly quit
And when you start smoking again, you toddle down to the store and buy a pack. If you start vaping again, you pick up a disposable. I haven't quit vaping before, so I don't know if people usually do disposables for a bit and then give up, or if it's more common to just go back to the original vape pen. But a vape set up costs a fair bit to start up - the 'barrier for entry' is higher than just going down and buying a pack of smokes, where there's no investment beyond the actual nicotine product you're consuming.
I just wonder what people's feelings are about the effect banning disposable vapes might be on those who are trying to minimise or quit vaping. Will people be more reluctant to quit if they have to buy an $80 pen and pod set-up everytime they start back up? If they hold onto their stuff to avoid the set up cost, will it tempt them to smoke more? And will it force people who vape less regularly with disposables to buy reusable pens that might increase the amount they vape?
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2023.06.09 05:34 vasco_ New players / characters start at an mmr that is way too high for the current game in SS

I don't know the exact number but as far as I can remember, the starting mmr was always ~1500. That seems still to be the case. New players get completely smashed at that mmr, they go 0-6, the other dps can go max 4/6 and the healers go 3/6; with the odd game where 1 can carry the new guy. And they need to repeat that multiple times till they are were they belong. It's not a fun experience for the new guy, nor for the other players (esp the healers). I wonder how many players who try pvp and give up after getting butchered multiple times after sitting 30 minutes in the queue?
I believe it's also a factor why it's hard to get out of the 1500-1600 bracket: if you can go max 4/6 due to someone completely new in the lobby, it's hard to make up for a bad lobby or a round you played bad. Tonight I played 7 rounds on my alt mage, and in 4 of them there was a completely new guy. I might have been unlucky, but I actually see it quite often on that character.
The counter argument that a really good player on a new alt would demolish the lower bracket is valid, but imo it's less problematic to have 1 player outclass 3 others than 3 players outclassing 1.
Not sure what the sweet spot is, but anywhere between 1000 and 1200 mmr seems reasonable to me.
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2023.06.09 05:34 Individual-Region-57 I’m being bullied by these two girls and idk what to do or why they hate me so much

I don’t really know what to do, any advice?
So I’m being bullied by these two girls that I thought were my friends, we got into an argument were they ganged up on me before i sent them screenshots of all my photos and they circled something’s that were “sus” which somewhat started the argument as I said things back to what they said about my “sus” photos. They ended up ghosting me on the Saturday we had the argument and didn’t talk to me at school, telling who I thought was just their little group a whole different version where I was the bad guy that I can only assume was highly exaggerated. They didn’t say they didn’t want to talk to anymore they just basically said I was messed up and I thought that we make up on Monday. They ended up telling a bunch of people that I had “porn” in my camera roles at other bullshit, but the dirtiest photos that I had that they circled were legit just a girls outfit from Tik tok that I took a screenshot of because I thought it was a good fit (the out fit was an aliah core fit, search it up if you don’t know what it is but it’s definitely not “porn”) and the other was another screenshot from a Kernal Sanders edit that my sister sent me on tik tok. If I’m correct the video sprouted from yt as like a music video thirst trap and in the small clip I saw kernal sanders he didn’t have a shirt on and his abs were out. I took a screenshot and apparently that’s “porn” to them, a shirtless dude.They talked behind my back, make fun of me, spread rumors, tell people I have a crush on this dude that I only talked to for the time he was at my table in one class, and even stole my phone after thinking I “hacked one of their accounts on Roblox” fyi I didn’t and they have never told me their passwords but tbh their just stupid and it’s there fault for not putting an email or pin or phone number or something as an extra precaution. I thankfully got my phone back because my mom had one of the bully’s moms phone number and asked her for the other bullies moms info, they both gave me dirty looks the next day like I did something to them. I wish I brought it up with the school that day so they would get in trouble because I honestly doubt their push over Mom‘s did anything to them while I got screamed at by mine for not telling an adult. They’ve also sabotaged me and im sure have done other things I’m not aware of. I’m not really a social person and there’s like no one I’m close with and if I am close with them then one of the girls are closer. The only person who told me jack shit admitted that they would still be friends with the person who tormented me if she didn’t stop talking to her once she my friend asked for proof. It’s currently summer and I really don’t want to go to school again in two months knowing I’ll be tormented and get dirty looks from people who blindly believe them. More info about me is that I’m a girl, black, a straight a student with a perfect record and some more info about them is that one is white and one mixed I think but still very light, they will pick at me for anything by saying stuff in front of me for example racist things, things about how I look, my friends or lack of I should say and more, they are kind of on good terms with everyone and are not favored by teachers unlike me due to being chatter boxes skipping class in the bathroom , being rude, and just being bad students with bad grades. I haven’t done anything to them sense the argument months ago, but I am looking for advice to get the rumors to stop, what to do in general, and how to maybe get revenge without getting caught seeing as how I haven’t done anything back to them yet. Any advice?
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2023.06.09 05:34 amr_31390 Mid to late game gear cleanse advice

I have been having trouble getting my storage down, as my usual gear cleanse rules arnt enough anymore so wondering if you guys have advice in the “ next step”
My current rules in order of cleanse: - Sell all gear 4* and below - Sell all flat stat bottom row gear - Sell all rare and 5* epic ACC and RES chest pieces - Sell all 5* and 6* rare gear except speed boots - Sell all epic gear with two flat sub stats - Sell all epic gear with RES, ACC and a flat stat as sub stats
This is about where I have left it for awhile so below are some ideas for continuing to filter down
Start diving into sets
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2023.06.09 05:34 Zealousideal-Lunch63 Lifeweaver Buffs Should Be Old Sym Abilities

If anybody remembers, Symmetra was a support character before she was DPS. She could provide her teammates with an extra 25 hp shield and her tp would appear in spawn.
Lifeweavers issue, in my opinion, is that his tools are useless and aren’t battle changing.
There was version of Sym where she had an ultimate ability called shield generator. Where she would place this creation down and provide her team an extra 75 hp shield. She also had a floating moving photon barrier.
Give these abilities to lifeweaver and his lack of damage won’t matter because his tools as a support will be so useful!
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2023.06.09 05:33 Bikashichigo Unlocking Earning Potential: Maximizing Rewards with PrizeRebel's Exciting Opportunities

Unlocking Earning Potential: Maximizing Rewards with PrizeRebel's Exciting Opportunities
What sets PrizeRebel apart from other earning platforms is its commitment to providing a seamless and rewarding experience. The platform is renowned for its reliability and timely payouts, ensuring that your efforts are duly rewarded. Additionally, PrizeRebel offers a robust and responsive support system, ensuring that any queries or concerns you have are promptly addressed. The more time and effort you invest in PrizeRebel, the greater your earning potential becomes. The platform also offers a loyalty program, where your activity and earnings unlock additional benefits and bonuses, making your journey even more fulfilling. So why wait? Join the PrizeRebel community today and embark on an exciting journey towards financial freedom and valuable rewards.
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2023.06.09 05:33 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Duston McGroarty – $2k/Day Website ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 05:33 Vegetable_Mirror5131 Storm Proxies vs. Other Proxy Providers: A ClonBrowser User's Perspective

In the world of internet browsing, anonymity has quickly become a priority for many users. This is where proxy providers come in, offering a way to mask an individual's IP address and keep their online activity private. A popular option for this is Storm Proxies, but how does it compare to other providers from the perspective of a ClonBrowser user?

Firstly, Storm Proxies offers a diverse range of proxies, including residential, data center, and backconnect proxies. This variety allows users to customize their experience based on their needs. Additionally, Storm Proxies provides high-speed connections that are optimized for web scraping, which is useful for ClonBrowser users.

However, other proxy providers offer similar features and benefits. For example, Luminati offers a larger proxy pool and offers more customization options for users. Oxylabs, on the other hand, provides high-quality data center proxies that are reliable for complex web scraping.

Another factor to consider is price. While Storm Proxies' plans start at a lower rate, other providers offer more competitive pricing for their services. For example, Smartproxy offers a more affordable option for users on a budget.

Ultimately, the best proxy provider depends on the user's individual needs. While Storm Proxies offers a strong selection of proxies and high-speed connections, it may not be the best option for everyone. It's important for users to do their research and consider factors such as price and features before committing to a provider.

In conclusion, as a ClonBrowser user, Storm Proxies offers a strong selection of proxies and optimized connections for web scraping. However, it's important to consider other proxy providers as well, as they may offer better pricing or more customization options based on individual needs.
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2023.06.09 05:32 Upstairs-Raccoon-989 Pride, being a loner but not being a loner

So ever since I've gotten to college(I'm a freshman btw) I constantly face this dilemma of who to hang out with and who to eat food with. Now many people say that people don't care whether you're alone or if you're with lots of people because everyone has their own thing going on in college and it's different from the social hierarchy thing of high school. And for the first quarter of my freshman year in college, I really loved that. I didn't mind eating by myself and appreciated the times I could eat with my friends. But the thing is, the more people I meet and the more friends I make, the more scared I get to be seen alone. Now that I'm in my final quarter of freshman year, I literally cannot make myself go to the dining halls by alone anymore because I don't want to run into friends or people I know and have them think that I'm a loner. For example, If I'm eating alone, I really don't like it when people I know come up to my table and say things like "Omg [my name] are you eating by yourself? You should've texted me blah blah blah. Can we eat with you?" Idk, I feel fine eating alone but when things like this happens, it sort of hurts my pride to be seen as someone who's eating alone BECAUSE they're a loner. Does it make sense? Like I don't think I'm loaner bc I have a good amount of friends and I'm very social for an introvert but I like to charge my social battery while I eat bc i don't have to worry about other people. Yet most people jump to the conclusion that I'm eating alone because I have no choice and again, I hate how it feels because I feel like I'm being pitied and/or looked down upon, even if it's not true. Bc of this, I find myself trying to post on instagram often for when I'm with people so that people know that I have friends. I've been reflecting a lot recently on why I feel so strongly like this and I know I have to deal with this pride but idk how.
Just today, I went down for dinner(at a super late time where I hoped that no normal person would be eating) but I somehow ran into my friend and her friend who I also know. I didn't really want to join them(it was also just a 2 people seating table) and I was perfectly fine eating by myself. But about 10 minutes later as I started eating, one of my friend came up to me and asked if they could join me. I really really appreciated that! It was very kind of them. But at the same time, because of my pride, I felt kind of sad and annoyed to be pitied(even if it's not actually pity) and to be seen as someone who's "lonely" and needs company. So because of that, I told them "if you want to" and in a way rejected them saying that I planned to eat really quickly and go back to my dorm. I thanked them of course but I realized I came off a bit rude and very obviously prideful in my response. To make that up, I did stop by their table to say bye before leaving but it's been weighing on me so much.
So to recap or TLDR, I'm quite prideful in myself so I can't stand being seen as a loner by my friends or people I know and be pitied yet I'm quite comfortable of being alone as long as no one I know sees me.
I wonder if others feel similarly to me and if so, how you guys have overcome or are trying to overcome this sense of pride?
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2023.06.09 05:32 emarkd What's with the "like your shoes" scam?

We've been in Nola all week and seen most of the common street scams I'm familiar with but this one is new to me. I've been approached multiple times and told they like my shoes, then they'll say something like "bet I know where you got them" but by that point I'm already walking away. Obviously they're not going to be able to actually tell me where I got them, so what's the real punchline? What are they hoping will happen?
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2023.06.09 05:32 reb9h5 The Woman at the Well: Was she really a sinful outcast or was she misjudged?

The reason I ask is because because although it's true that Jesus never condemned her and told her to repent of her sins, the way Jesus ends what He says in the following text makes it sound like He was trying to make a point.
“You are right when you say you have no husband. 18 The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.
HOWEVER, some articles that I have read have a point - the people in her town believed her when she told them what just happened. It sounds like everyone basically dropped what they were doing and went to see for themselves what was happening. If living with the man, who was not her husband, was sinful, the rest of the town would have known. There are people who even attribute the fact that she was getting water by herself during that time of day to her being some sort of outcast. But again, would an outcast have that many people drop everything that they were doing, and go based on solely her testimony alone?
Maybe it's true that her testimony was amazing enough for even an outcast to be believed, but it's hard for me to wrap my head around. But couldn't she have also been a concubine, or maybe she was living with a male guardian? Although, from the way Jesus said it, maybe a relationship of a man with a concubine would be more of a match? But that could also be wrong. (When it comes to phraseology of the middle east in the first century and how people said things in general, I'm no scholar. That's why I'm here.)
Also to add - there are reasons she could have needed more water and chosen to go that time of day as opposed to the times where it would be cooler and the other women would go.
  1. The water she had already collected was spilled and she needed more.
  2. Maybe they had guests over and needed more water. Wasn't hospitality a big thing back then, especially for the middle east?
  3. Something else I heard was that maybe the reason she didn't go with other woman wasn't because she was afraid of being ridiculed, but afraid of having so many women feel sorry for her and what she has gone through?
Anyway - please please please PLEASE feel free to add any insight you have. If you know of any historical references of women in the first century in that part of the world being believed (or not) and if their status or reputation had anything to do with it, please let me know! If you think that their approach to seeing for themselves would have happened regardless, or if maybe you think they would have handled it differently if she was not someone they looked at as respectable, please let me know. Thank you so much to anyone who decides to help me!
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2023.06.09 05:32 MountainMannequin Am I(31M) wrong to want to have my own savings account separate from my spouse(29F)

My wife and I have been married for nearly 10 years. We have a 1 year old together. Since the beginning of the relationship we each had only joint accounts, two checking and one savings. One of the checking accounts is for bills, so more than half my paycheck gets directly deposited to that one, then the other checking account is for spending on groceries or things needed but not necessarily bills. Then we put money away into joint savings. We each have the ability to see and access these accounts. Well over the years I’ve gotten paid more to where I more than cover the bills and necessities. My families health insurance, life insurance, and AD&D insurance is deducted from my paycheck. My wife was working part time the whole time we were married, but makes more hourly so usually made the same biweekly. We used her income to pay for wants or extra principle payments towards the house.
However, we have always been so frugal with our money and very tight, this was so that we could ensure we were set and prepared for retirement, but now I feel like we are over preparing. We will have our house paid off by the time we are 45, we each have Roth IRAs, and I have a pension and a Roth 457 account through work. Im now getting to a point in life where I want to spend a little on myself without having to have both my wife and I agree on it. I want to start moving over maybe 2-300 in my own savings or checking account for me wants. Such as on games, or speaker system, or personal projects. I told her she could do the same cuz she works right now but even though it’s been reduced from 4 days to 1 day a week and I don’t mind if she puts aside the same amount herself for her wants cuz she’s also the primary caregiveparent to our son and also deserves an award for hard work.
But she hates this idea. She doesn’t like the idea of keeping our finances separate. She says it’s how couples get in fights and it causes relationship problems. She thinks everyone else is doing it wrong this way. I told her our finances will still be connected but I think we should have our own allowances for things for ourselves where we won’t feel the need to ask the other for permission. She says I don’t have to ask permission now. But I told her I feel like I do cuz sometimes my purchases are bigger but if I was saving 2-300 a month I could save up for those. She said I could do that now with our joint savings. I said but I still feel that’s still shared so I’ll have to ask permission. Besides it’s really just an emergency savings not a fun or wants savings. She still despises the idea.
So am I wrong? I just think it’s fair for each of us to have an allowance for ourselves that’s disconnected from everything else. Our own separate savings for ourselves. Is that bad for couples?
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2023.06.09 05:32 Andrew-Boss1 19 [M4R] St. Louis/Online - Looking for connections!

St. Louisan here! Recently turned 19 and I’d love to get to know you guys. I’ve just graduated high school, and am fast approaching a turning point in my life.
Friends are mostly first and foremost, but I’d love to get to know someone better and see where things go over time! You know what they say, the meaningful ones stick around.
I play baseball, am very into playing and listening to music, and I absolutely love marching band. Not sure if I’ll be going into it in college, though…
I digress though. I’d love to hear from you guys, and see what sorts of things you guys are into!
Forgot to mention; I’ve got some selfies I can provide, if looks are a deterrent for some.
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2023.06.09 05:32 Jcook_14 In depth analysis on the Cosmos IBC; trustless bridging through light client verification

TLDR at the bottom
Current state of Interoperability
As it stands today, there is too much trust in cross blockchain transactions. Bridges act as one of he most vulnerable parts of blockchain and it’s a billion dollar issue.
The current model of blockchain bridging tends to operate like this:
Imagine you send a transaction from X chain, to Y chain. What happens under the hood is, you a wallet or multiple wallets, held on both chains, as well as smart contracts to initiate transactions between chains. When you send a tractions from one chain to another, these wallets will lock up the tokens on one end, which will initiate a minting nodule on the receiving chain to mint the newly bridged tokens.
How does the communication happen though? In reality, it’s about smart contracts initiating these lock and mint/burn modules. Oracles relay information to each chain, when a change in state and a lock up has been made on the starting chain, and should trigger a mint on the destination chain. In which case, the bridge contracts will act appropriately.
Risks in the current system
This type of bridging leaves a few levels of risk. You have smart contract risk, which likely includes multisig risk. So if enough ravage keys get compromised, or worse,a group of multisig key holders go malicious, then they could theoretically drain the bridge.
You also have third party oracle risk. So if an oracle receives incorrect information, or has sine sort of issue that halts important information for a period of time, the bridging system may not be operational.
Comparing this to the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)
This protocol allows sovereign blockchains that are hooked into it, to communicate freely through light client verification, without the need for multisigs or Oracles.
It goes like this:
Chain A and Chain B have a relayer, who agrees to run a light node, that will communicate between chain A and chain B. To initiate this relationship between the two chains however, there must be a “handshake agreement”, to obtain trust in each others ledger as they currently stand.
At a high level, each one of the chains will perform this step by communicating their algorithm and a snapshot of their consensus state, containing the root hash at the latest block height. The light client then can confirm that these chains are accurately communicating their state, and that they are both compatible for IBC communication, and then the handshake agreement is over and the chains now can communicate through the relayer.
Many validators opt to run relayers, alongside their validating nodes, however, their is no requirement where only a validator can run an IBC relayer.
IBC’s capabilities
In general, an IBC transaction can include, but is not limited to coin transfers. It can also transfer arbitrary data, and thanks to Interchain Accounts and Interchain Queries, it also includes cross chain smart contract deployment and execution.
These types of base layer communications are essential for ensuring trust, in this trustless bridging system. Relayers actually can’t “miscommunicate”. It’s essentially the chains directly communicating, and the relayer simply relays directly what the chain states, and and a relayer has to sign a direct order of communication from a chain. There is not trust necessary in a relayer, as they can’t change the way the protocol is set to form direct communication.
This sort of trustless bridging of both transactions and general information, with a direct link from each chain, is extremely important to be able to form seamless communication for cross chain smart contracts and collaborations. This type of bridging will also create a new paradigm to allow for cross chain abstraction, as multi hop IBC transactions will soon allow for any chain to connect to any chain, using the already connected relayers on each chain.
However, I will save multi hop IBC transactions for another day.
IBC differs greatly from the current state of blockchain bridges. It doesn’t rely on any smart contracts, oracles or multi sigs. Rather it relies on relayers, who can utilize a light client, to form a direct communication link between blockchains.
These relayers are able to communicate transactions, as well as arbitrary data, perform Interchain Queries and open up accounts across chains, allowing for easy execution of cross chain smart contracts. There are many different use cases coming from things such as multi hop IBC and ZK IBC, that will make even more efficient cross chain communication, and an even more abstracted IBC.
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