Chicago pd season 1 episode 4

[email protected] Season 4 Episode 1 Full Episode Online

2015.12.30 09:16 maylabara21 [email protected] Season 4 Episode 1 Full Episode Online

Watch Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 Online at ultra fast data transfer rate, cost-free, virus-free access , with maximum speed, you immediately Watch Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 Full Online.

2018.04.26 00:45 BizarroRick Live PD Presents: Women on Patrol

Subreddit for Live PD spin off 'Live PD Presents: Women on Patrol' on Lifetime

2017.11.29 18:22 BBringman Showtime's The Chi

The SHO series 'The Chi' follows multiple story lines as people of different ages and backgrounds try to make their way through the streets of Chicago, intertwining paths and showing how everything isn't so black and white. 'The Chi' is on Sunday night at 10 PM on ShowtimeDe

2023.03.27 05:07 Early_Ask4188 looking for league team (most stats are from divs 1&2) xbox series x👍

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2023.03.27 05:05 aloverfromapastlife New Album Song in 2021 TV show ????

Let the light in is in season 2 if Yellowjacket’s. A bunch of her songs are in season 1 episode 2 of the show which is from 2021 BUT has LET THE LIGHT IN and other songs in it… can someone explain ??????? Wtf??????
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2023.03.27 05:03 geekstar13 finally won a tournament!

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2023.03.27 05:02 MaximzM season 1 seems a bit all over the place

i havent watched the show since it first aired on TV and now that im rewatching it season 1 seems either out of order or maybe there was some sort of writing mistake with Iolaus or something. in episode 1 Iolaus was supposed to stay behind at the end of the episode, then come episode 7 and hes just suddenly traveling with hercules again, which isnt a bad thing but rather they didnt really give like a hey how you been type of moment instead hes just shows up outta no where. Iolaus continues to journey with him all the way till ep 11, then suddenly ep 12 hes not there which is weird to me, then they bring him back in ep 12 and its like eyyyyyy Iolaus i havent seen you in so long how you been? which this would make sense to me if they havent seen each other since ep 1 as if this was supposed to be ep 7 ya kno? but this is like bruh he was gone for 1 ep and i dont even know why lol.
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2023.03.27 05:02 Additional-Ad7305 [OC] 2023 MLS Attendance Tracker - Week 5

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2023.03.27 05:01 mikefetters Season 4 episode 7 ending confusion

I haven’t watched episode eight yet so maybe there’s some explanation, but I found it so coincidental and somewhat dumb that there just happened to be leaked photos of Joe going to an Indian restaurant and Nadia finding a key in his apartment to the abandoned building next to the Indian food place.
How did she suspect that the Indian food and the key she found were related even in the slightest? I’m sure he goes to other places to get food as well, why weren’t their leaked photos of him doing anything else?
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2023.03.27 05:00 AutoModerator The Chase Weekly Thread — w/c 27 March 2023

Oh hey, we have a date for the return of the US episodes — three more months away on June 29th...

UK Schedule

ITV1, 5pm Challenge, various times
Monday 27 Mar S14E21 S5E31/33, S7E65–66, S8E103, S11E81–82
Tuesday 28 Mar S14E24 S5E33–34, S7E66–67, S8E104, S11E82–83
Wednesday 29 Mar S14E5 S5E34–35, S7E67–68, S8E106, S11E83–84
Thursday 30 Mar S14E18 S5E30/35, S7E68–69, S8E107, S11E84–85
Friday 31 Mar S14E27 S5E30–31, S7E69–70, S8E108, S11E85–86
Saturday 1 Apr S6E114–118, S10E26/28, Celeb S6E16
Sunday 2 Apr S6E119–120/122–123, S8E103–104/106–107, S10E29–30, Celeb S7E1
UK "missing" list

Ireland (Virgin Media) Schedule

VM2, 7am VM2, 9–11am VM1, 1–3pm VM2, 6–8pm VM2, 8pm
Monday 27 Mar Oz S11E6 S13E121–122 S13E99–100 S14E169
Tuesday 28 Mar Oz S11E21 S13E123–124 S13E101–102 S14E171
Wednesday 29 Mar Oz S11E22 S13E125–126 S13E103–104 S14E173–174 Family S1E3
Thursday 30 Mar (6am) Oz S11E23 S13E127–128 S13E105–106 S14E175–176
Friday 31 Mar (6am) Oz S11E24 S13E129–130 S13E107–108 S14E177–178

US (ABC) Schedule

\new episodes return June 29**

Australia (Seven) Schedule

3pm Sydney 5pm Sydney
Monday 27 Mar UK S10E170 🆕 S12E36
Tuesday 28 Mar UK S10E171 🆕 S12E12
Wednesday 29 Mar UK S11E86 🆕 S12E28
Thursday 30 Mar UK S10E79 S11E109
Friday 31 Mar UK S10E80 S11E120
Australia "missing" list
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2023.03.27 04:59 tiaViva Here is the Rottmnt iceberg

Here is the Rottmnt iceberg
i want to think everyone From Rise of the TMNT for Halping me Complete the iceberg Chart:)
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2023.03.27 04:57 Ash71010 Tilly Keeper’s performance is underrated

Rewatching season 4 and her performance- particularly in episode 9- is so fantastic. The expressions playing across her face during the wedding montage are so powerful. You can so clearly see all of the emotions that Phoebe is processing and it’s just heart wrenching. I didn’t appreciate it during the first watch, but the second time it really struck me.
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2023.03.27 04:55 stephenph Just had two red Oaks cut down, now what

Two leaning Red Oaks cut down and I now ave a pile of misc length logs 1-4 feet in in diameter. I am guessing my first step is to cut it to a proper length (about 16 inches) and then split it. Is it better to split it now or let it season a few months?
Does anyone think I will be able to get this wood down to 20% or less by winter?
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2023.03.27 04:52 AncientSphere Can You Make the 2023 Nationals a Playoff Team Before Opening Day?

Can You Make the 2023 Nationals a Playoff Team Before Opening Day?
New game, same me. Here's me doing this for the 2021 Orioles in OOTP 22
To make this even more difficult, this is my very first save in OOTP 24! Now it's not an engine I know inside and out.
A committee of friends and I discussed which franchise it would be most difficult to do this challenge for, the team with the least farm depth and worst major league roster, and the Nationals seemed like the best choice for the job.
All settings are default except for the following (on a standard MLB starting file):
  • Scouting at 100%, overall and potential ratings on 20-80
  • Trade difficulty on the maximum setting (I did not use the new Trading Hard Mode since I only have 3 in game days and would not be able to make any trades in time)
  • Injuries off (too random for a single season sample)
  • Player morale and team chemistry off (more creates reasons not to trade for a player rather than testing actual player evaluation skills)
  • I am not allowed to trade the following prospects because selling all your top prospects to compete immediately is "too easy and creates an unsustainable team model"
    • James Wood
    • Robert Hassell III
    • Cade Cavalli
    • Cole Henry
    • Elijah Green
  • Trading injured players was on (Was used to trade Strasburg and Corbin 100% retained)
  • I am allowed to bump up player's positional experience at a position to 200 due to not having Spring Training since a save starts 2 days before Opening Day (I don't even know if I did this this go around tbh)
  • I changed ballpark factors to all 1.000s last time I did this, didn't realize I did until I copy pasted the list of rules into this post, so I did use the Nationals stadium but I didn't even look at what the factors were in the first place so couldn't gameplan based on it.
  • I am not allowed to touch the team once the first game of the season is played. The lineups and rotation I set are final (except for guys who are injured who come back midseason)
To be entirely honest, my first attempt went horribly. I wish I could be super cocky and go "oh yeah no sweat" but not the case.
Like seriously, the IRL Nats might be better than this
After that first attempt, I decided to look through the WAR leaderboards that season to gameplan my approach for the next attempt. Gain some knowledge on who the underrated OOTP 24 players may be.
A lot of my initial players that I traded for were fine. Bryan Reynolds, Jake Cronenworth, Matt Brash, Oneil Cruz, and Jazz Chisholm Jr. were all good, but I gave up team depth to trade for them thinking I was saving salary. Framber Valdez I saw as being a near ace caliber player, and he only put up around 2 WAR which was a very wasted investment (and I believe in my first attempt I traded Elijah Greene for him of which I now disallowed myself to do).
So here's what I did the second time around:
I used Commissioner Mode to force trade back Nicky Lopez for the prospect that I paid for him because I didn't want to restart the entire file because of me deciding against that trade before making any others
I'm actually surprised I didn't find myself using the new feature of being able to include 10 players in a trade at all, I did have one trade with 6 (Jazz Chisholm Jr.) but otherwise they were all trades that would have been possible in previous version.
The main problem with the Nationals is the complete lack of budget space. Even with lowering the scouting and development budget, it only left with an initial $10M of room to work with, which means no trading for contract dumps (or ones the AI sees as ones) and essentially forcing me to only trading for cost controlled players early in arbitration, which cost substantially more. I was only able to get rid of Jeimer Candelario, Victor Robles, and Corey Dickerson
I did allow myself to add Luke Westphal to my team for his demand of 3.4M because he wouldn't be able to sign by Opening Day and I figured no team would have offered him his demand if he was a FA at this point. To me, it sounded like a reasonable technicality.
So, here's how attempt #2 went:
Overall, I'd say Attempt #2 went pretty well
A faltering Phillies certainly helped but we held out own in what's known as a very tough division
Here's what the team scheme looked like
Trading for bats was exponentially easier than pitching
Pasquantino was surprisingly disappointing, expected more of a 65/55/55 LHB, but we made up for it
I didn't like having Thad Ward but he rewarded me for trusting him
I don't make this challenge winning a ring because the playoffs are quite the crapshoot unless you're like a 130 win team, and winning 90 is hard enough, but here's the playoff results anyway
Mets blow a 3-1 series lead in the Subway Series to allow a Yankees win as the Nats get swept in the Wild Card
Lead the league in OPS
Even though you can look through the trade log and see for yourself that I didn't trade any of the prospects I said I wouldn't trade
Now with AI drafted Dylan Crews!
Cade Cavalli still injured lol
Henry was literally on the team the whole year so yeah, proof is in the roto.
All in all, OOTP certainly made their trade AI more brutal. Not being able to trade for Shohei Ohtani for far too little for once certainly didn't help lol.
Oneil Cruz was the only player who really stood out as someone who cost shockingly little. Will Benson was a guy I noticed in my first attempt that put up 4 WAR and with his build I wondered if it was a fluke or it was real and it turns out it was real so he counts for me as well.
It even felt like I lost a few trades. Torkelson, Cruz, and Aldonis for Cronenworth hurt but I knew from my first attempt that he's a guy who plays super well.
Either way, the Nationals became a playoff team, they have all their top prospects. I got the job done. You should be able to open an MLB save as the Nationals on 100% with hardest trade difficulty and do exactly what I did and get the same team. Maybe not the same results, there's always statistical variance, but it's a team that did in at least one reality make the playoffs.
Bonus 10000 game sim against the 98 win Mets
and against the 79 win (team closest to exactly .500) Brewers, perhaps we got a bit lucky
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2023.03.27 04:51 alvinfree Season 3 Episode 1

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2023.03.27 04:51 Dwayne_Man9323 Best Blankets to use?

Hey, everyone! Good news! I've managed to finish the frame of my PVC vocal booth. However, I have a question about the blanket part of the booth. Should I use actual soundproofing blankets, or would moving blankets be better?
If there are any recommendations you can give me, I would appreciate it so much!
I found some I've been looking at.
Filmcraft Studio Blanket.
Sure-Max moving Blakets. 4-Pack
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2023.03.27 04:50 phatmonk17 Broken promise. How to deal with this?

My husband and I are in a long dist relationship atm. My husband was busy with shifting houses. After the brunt of it was done he just had to wait at the empty house until the owner came by at 3.30pm to hand over.
When I called, he was just chilling, waiting so I asked if we could finally watch a movie together. He agreed. I asked him if he's sure since the owner comes at 3.30. He said definitely and promises that we'll watch a 1 hour episode at 2pm. 2pm is late for me, bedtime really, but I really want to watch a movie with him so I also agree.
1.30pm he calls to say he cant do it anymore but that I "probably already knew that right?". I'm not too happy. He says oh wait actually the owner is coming at 4.30pm so he can do it. He asks is 2.45pm is okay though.
I decide to sleep and keep the phone near so when he calls at 2.45 I'll wake up. At some point in the night I accidentally wake up and check to see if I missed his calls. He had texted "babe..." at around 2.45pm I think to check if I'm awake. He didnt call me, I think because he thought I was asleep. I appreciate his consideration here but in the moment it felt like poor effort and I didn't think it was worth responding. It felt like I was forcing him to watch a movie with me. I go back to sleep. We dont end up watching anything together.
I understand him and why things didnt work out. What I do not appreciate is the way he made and broke a promise so easily albeit an insignificant one. In the past, I've communicated to him that promises irrespective of its weight is not taken lightly by me so promise carefully.
I'm hoping for some perspective on what I'm feeling, how to deal with this, and whether it's even important enough to deal with. Please be kind. We've only been married since December and I can't tell which things to let go and which to put forward so would appreciate direction 😊 Thank you for your time.
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2023.03.27 04:49 Antman269 What’s another video game that HBO should pick up?

After the massive success of The Last of Us show, which many are calling the best video game adaptation ever, what would you say is another video game that HBO can do justice by adapting into a TV series? I could see them being interested in more adaptations after this.
I think they could make a really good Red Dead Redemption show. A high budget western drama focusing on the downfall of the Van Der Linde gang, and the Wild West as a whole.
I’d have them do it chronologically, so season 1 is an adaptation of Red Dead Redemption 2 with Arthur as the protagonist. Make it 16-20 episodes long and they should be able to get all the key plot and character elements in. The last two or three episodes of the season could switch to John’s perspective after the time jump to cover the epilogue’s events.
Season 2 would be adapting Red Dead Redemption 1 and conclude the series.
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2023.03.27 04:49 karmasrelic recommend me some FITTING books pls. i havent read much yet (so even stuff "everyone knows" might help) and i will explain what i like/ dont like below (pls read first if you are gonna comment, dont just spam your fav book)

context: - im male 26, im german but im good enough in english to not complain if its a non-translated book. - i have read tons of manga (like 8k chapters+) watched tons of series (prob 120+ seasons) and therefore am already pretty picky to plots/ characters etc. even though i havent read many "normal" books yet. - im not looking for books that educate me or give me skills of any kind. its purely for entertainment. adventure, fantasy, romance, supernatural, fighting, magci, teen-relationships, good (or twilight) characters. roughly in that direction.
books i have already red: die zwerge (1) / krieg der zwerge (2) / rache der zwerge (3) /schicksal der zwerge (4)
der herr der tränen (1)
wächter der lüge (2)
das lied des blutes(1)
die begabte (1)
der ewige krieg (deacon saga 1 )
feuerjäger : die rückkehr der kriegerin(1)
ich soll nicht töten (1) / blut von meinem blut(2) / im namen meines vaters(3) // (if you have smth like that im most interested atm) //
prinz der dunkelheit (1) / könig der dunkelheit (2) / kaiser der dunkelheit(3)
what i dont like: - if the mc acts dumb. getting drugged, addicted, overly emotional doing smth hasty, etc. etc. - if the story is "slice of life" aka nothing special happens. i need that extra spice of some kind of power or someone is a werewolf or the mc has a serial killer as parent and has to suppress some tendencies or has a split personality or whatnot. not just "teen romance, a party, girl gets pregnant, daily life-problems, some cheating, they get together anyway, end". - pacing that is tooooo slow or to many factions i dont care about. game of thrones (the series) for example really turned me off at first (liked it afterwards) with all its location jumps and world setting, showing so many "semi-main-protagonists". - dystopian bullshit with human made problems. when everyone is out for each other when they could just work together, weird pseudo class-systems and survival-games, etc. - cyber punk futuristic setting. most of the time the weird ideas just tick me off. - while i really like serial killer books (especially with teenagers and the like) written from the perspective of the serial killer (like in the TV show "dexter" - my all time favourite btw -) i do NOT like serial killer books where the killer is just blunt evil or fucked up. has to be someone relatively normal, "relatable" whose reasons you can kind of understand at least. most books i get recommended are just "lets get as brutal as we can" psycho-killer flicks (dont like that!) - religious stuff - im a determinist - causality above all. - asshole character tropes that become good guys later. always feels forced. - no homosexual stuff (e.g. TV show jeffrey darmer didnt appeal to me at all, even though im digging most serial killer series (dexter, marry kills people, prodigal son, etc.) - no CSI police department perspective stuff. if its a serial killer tarned as police, fine (like in dexter) or if you have sequences of the polices fiew of the aftermath etc. thats fine but i dont want a full police perspective crimi-series where you are supposed to wonder who the actual killer is. find that extremely boring.
other than that, if you somehow read all that ^^ and feel like you have smth i might like, recommend it
BUT pls write "book name" ; "because:..........." explaining why you think i like it, if you do. thx in advance.
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2023.03.27 04:47 Existing_Monitor1542 Chill AQ focused alliance looking for new members! We run map 5/4/3 and have an optional 1 BG war group. All that we ask is that your are consistent and above uncollected. Hit my line @Mc_3001 if you’re interested :)

Chill AQ focused alliance looking for new members! We run map 5/4/3 and have an optional 1 BG war group. All that we ask is that your are consistent and above uncollected. Hit my line @Mc_3001 if you’re interested :) submitted by Existing_Monitor1542 to ContestOfChampionsLFG [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 04:47 bamzing Modern Showcase Qualifier Results - Mar 25 2023




1. UB Mill (8-1) tibalt_of_red_sub @TibaltOfRedSub
2. Mono G Tron [Jegantha] (7-2) bonsheen [Twitch]
3. 5c Creativity (6-2) sebastianpozzo
4. 4c Omnath (5-3) MentalMisstep @KingofTraitors
5. Grixis Shadow [Jegantha] (5-2) Magic_Dan
6. 4c Rhinos (4-3) TokaraStrait
7. BG Yawgmoth (4-3) Sweetflying @Sweeetflying
8. UW6 Control [Kaheera] (4-3) McWinSauce @McWinSauce
9. Domain [Jegantha] (4-2) Boin
10. BG Yawgmoth (4-2) Jamesses
11. UW6 Control [Kaheera] (4-2) Do0mSwitch @Do0mswitch [Twitch]
12. BG Yawgmoth (4-2) Talisker @TaliskerMTGO
13. UR Murktide (4-2) rileydk @rileydk_
14. Affinity (3-3) T-Wilder
15. 5c Creativity (3-3) Lord_Beerus @Lord_Beerus187 [Twitch]
16. 5c Creativity (3-3) Darkvulpine
17. UW Emeria Control (3-3) BurnMann
18. Mono W Hammer (3-3) CrusherBotBG @StefanDimov413
19. UR Murktide (3-3) qUaBaTcHiE @qUaBaTcHiE [Twitch]
20. UR Murktide (3-3) Graciasportanto @MauroSasso2
21. Amulet Titan (3-3) VictorCarvalho01
22. Mono U Merfolk (3-3) mashmalovsky @mashmalovsky
23. Creativity (3-3) internetsurfer09 @youngpeezy8 [Twitch]
24. UW Control (2-2) WaToO [Twitch]
25. Creativity (2-4) Mondou
26. 4c Omnath (2-4) ajollygoblin
27. Rhinos (2-3) IslandGoSAMe @IslandGoSAMe [Twitch]
28. Living End (2-4) MeninoNey @MeninooNey
29. Creativity (1-3) manohito
30. Abzan Devoted Druid (1-5) Finespoo
31. UW Hammer (1-3) _dragun0v_
32. Rhinos (1-3) BERNASTORRES @P22Bernas
33. Creativity (0-2) jakobpablo @jakoboffline
34. UR Murktide (0-2) sokos13 @sokos13_
35. UR Prowess (0-2) A-I
36. UW Hammer (0-3) Muril0Ambra
37. UR Murktide (0-4) ArchaeusDota @ArchaeusDota
Scraper by bamzing! ALL deck names are automated, please don't get too angry if the scraper mislabeled something. If your name is on there and you have a TwitteTwitch/YouTube link, I'll add it! But please tag me (u/bamzing) so I can see your request.

Full Metagame Breakdown

7 Creativity (4 Creativity, 3 5c Creativity) 5 UR Murktide 3 Rhinos (2 Rhinos, 1 4c Rhinos) 3 BG Yawgmoth 3 Wx Hammer (2 UW Hammer, 1 Mono W Hammer) 2 4c Omnath 2 UW6 Control 1 UB Mill 1 Mono G Tron 1 Grixis Shadow 1 Domain 1 Affinity 1 UW Emeria Control 1 Amulet Titan 1 Mono U Merfolk 1 UW Control 1 Living End 1 Abzan Devoted Druid 1 UR Prowess 

New Cards (ONE)

Jace, the Perfected Mind Soulless Jailer Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines The Filigree Sylex 

Tournament Highlights

  • (Massive credits to McWinSauce (mcwinsauce) for collecting the full metagame of this event!)
  • 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀! The winner is tibalt_of_red_sub on UB Mill! The Mill Villain of MTGO is going to the MOCS! LET'S GOOOOOO
  • bonsheen is our runner-up and played Mono G Tron with Jegantha! Suuuper interesting to see Mono G Tron climb all the way to the finals! Is this deck slept on too?
  • sebastianpozzo was on 5c Creativity. Creativity is the most popular deck this entire tournament, with Murktide not too far behind!
  • MentalMisstep was on 4c Omnath. Featuring 2 mainboard Elesh Norn Mother of Machines with no ways to tutor her, you know the card is worth its place over Kaheera!
  • Magic_Dan was on Grixis Shadow with Jegantha. Our Shadow gamer continues to show the archetype is very very good
  • TokaraStrait was on 4c Rhinos. A fairly traditionnal build I think? Perfectly reasonable for a high-stakes event
  • Sweetflying was on BG Yawgmoth. Yawgmoth has been a very consistent high performer deck for a while now, being the winner of last season's notably!
  • McWinSauce rounds out our T8 with UW6 Control with Kaheera! It's pretty interesting to see this deck pop back up after a short moment in the sun a few months ago. I played this deck before and it honestly kinda kicked butt, I'd imagine it'd do well in the hands of a top MTGO player.
  • In the rest of the metagame breakdown, I am looking at BurnMann on UW Emeria Control. I haven't seen the decklist yet, we'll need to hunt Twitter! But if you do find it, make sure to post it in the comments section!
  • Congrats to tibalt_of_red_sub for taking the tournament down!

Follow me on Twitter!

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2023.03.27 04:46 UncleScummy Where Can I Watch Season 4?

I’m still on season 3 episode 4 and have heard the show takes a much darker turn. Honestly not sure if I should look forward to this or not but I’m still curious where I can watch it.
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2023.03.27 04:44 Pharmapreneur11 7 Key Details You Need to Know When Buying a Business Using SBA Funding

Hey everyone, I came across this incredibly informative Twitter thread by Eric Hsu (@lawyer4SMBs) about buying a business using SBA funding. I thought it would be useful to share it here. Eric has closed 30+ deals and shares 7 details that are frequently missed, which can delay your deal and cost you thousands of dollars.
1. Tax Clearance Certificate This is a proof from the state that your acquisition target's taxes are paid up. It's required in every deal, even asset purchase deals. Remember that states can always collect unpaid taxes from you even if you only purchased the target's assets. A few pro tips from Eric:
2. Lease and Landlord Subordination Landlords might not care if your deal closes or not; they just want their rent. Your lease won't get funded without two key things from the landlord:
Don't leave these until the last minute. It can take time to negotiate the lease and to talk landlords into signing the subordination agreement or allowing for changes to be approved by the bank.
3. Life Insurance An SBA loan requires you to have a specific life insurance policy (amount and beneficiary). Your existing life insurance often won't work. Underwriting can take time, so start on life insurance as soon as you know you've got a live deal.
4. Seller Note Covenant If there's a seller note in your deal, the seller will need to sign a seller note covenant with the bank. This covenant states that the seller note is subordinate to the bank loan. Banks may also require additional (sometimes unappealing) concessions. Get this early!
5. EIN Letter for Acquisition Entity This is the entity formed specifically to acquire the assets (or stock) of the target business. Some banks accept a screenshot of the EIN as assigned online, while others require the letter (printable during the online application).
6. Foreign Entity Registration (if applicable) This is needed if the acquisition entity is formed in a different state than the target. Some states have easy electronic filing, while others (e.g., Florida) require paper filing. Either file early or form the acquisition entity in the target state.
7. Seasoning of Funds (from everyone who will be supplying) You need to show proof of where the money sat for the last 60 days, usually by providing two months of bank statements. This rule also applies to investors riding along on your deal. Ensure they know and can comply, as you don't want the bank rejecting a $100k check from an investor because they can't meet seasoning rules.
Link to twitter thread
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2023.03.27 04:41 killadreedzps4 Round three season one best episode matchup 1

View Poll
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2023.03.27 04:35 OsmanKayiBey Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 49 With English Subtitles

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