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A true crime community to discuss the ongoing investigation into the murders of University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Madison Mogen. OFFICIAL TIP LINES: 208-883-7180; [email protected]

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TheBrewery is a professional community focused on issues related to the production of Beer, Wine and Liquor. This subreddit is for the discussion of all things related to the industry such as Business Plans, Marketing, Startup, Licensing, Distribution, and Technical issues.

2023.06.09 06:14 Period_Worrier Friend was arrested in car after physical searches of person and vehicle was arrested, but I wasn’t, can police come for me anyway?

Not sure if I have to include this: Scotland, I’m 22, friend 57, we were pulled over already, police came behind us and friend threw drugs under my seat, police asked us to step out and searched cafriend’s person. I wasn’t searched, I was asked details such as home address and phone number to contact me on, as my friend got arrested for possession of a weapon (a retractable baton), stolen goods (unsure what, possibly farm diesel but I don’t drive so maybe not?) and I’m unsure if drugs were mentioned as the other officer questioned me at the side of the road away from the vehicles. She didn’t inform me I was under investigation or anything nor did she mention any arrests/charges, I was simply told to return home friend to be taken to station and I was told they’d contact me if needed, so what now? If friend claims to not have been in possession of these things but blames me, will they return to arrest me? I can’t disprove things weren’t mine but I don’t drive, I know where the fuel was purchased, I’ve never even seen this baton, I’ve never been into criminal trouble, I had nothing on my person but the officer didn’t physically verify this, just verbally verified my identity and such, am I in trouble? If so, what are my rights and what can I ask for, I’ve never been in trouble before and I don’t know the procedures but I’m afraid my friend will turn responsibility on me?? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.09 06:14 SantanaSky78 Things that make ya’ go “Not Today, Satan!”

Call me fucking weird, but if I heard Amy correctly, she said that when they had a huge bonfire for all the ungodly influences in their house to be burned as a sacrifice to Jesus, they burned everything Disney….
Did they or did they not GO to Disneyland on one of those specials around the time Johannah was born? I’m sure they did. I remember the cast member handing out a gazillion pairs of golden inscribed mouse ears.
Someone make it make sense. Did the burning of Dumbo pajamas happen before or after the free trip to the Magic Kingdom? This doesn’t add up.
Something stinks in Tontitown and it isn’t the grapes.
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2023.06.09 06:14 cripplingsushi DoorDash customer service at it’s finest

DoorDash customer service at it’s finest
The agent I was connected with can barely form a coherent sentence lmao.
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2023.06.09 06:14 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (complete)

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2023.06.09 06:14 Nasheuss Fedex office refused to take our packages. What should i do? Should i get mngr fired? Should i sue? I dont know what to do.

So we took about 30 packages (14" cube) to location # 1 this morning because we are a small business and only been selling about 3 months and our product is finally taking off so we are working on getting a daily pickup scheduled. We had already been told 2-3 days ago by mngr at location # 1 that we should schedule a pickup with them because are packages are too big and which we have been working on but seems like we might have to wait until next week to have one set up. Later today i went to take a few more packages we had for todays order to location #2 which is a little further so it wouldnt be even more packages for location #1. Once i arrived i was unloading the packages and the associate came outside and told me that he coulndt take the packages and when questioned coulndt give me an answer. He just showed my a printed out paper with our address and company name saying his mngr told him to refuse all packges from us. He treated me as if i had missed payment or if i had done something wrong. I pleaded with him to at least take these packages as we were already working on getting a daily pickup scheduled and he refused and just ignored me. He even refused to give me his manager's last name when I asked for it, which is very unprofessional. I had to load all the packages back into my car because they literally "kicked me out". I think the mngr at location #1 blackmailed us and called all near by locations to ask them to refuse our packages because they want to force us into scheduling a daily pickup, which we are already working towards. This is definitely not the way to do it as they are literally turning away/punishing our business for giving them too much business/money.
What steps do you guys recommend i should take? Should I write a letter to the higher ups? Should i sue them? Should i record a video and give to UPS so they can advertise FedEx turning away our business for giving them too much business?!
I am contacting our sales rep first thing in the morning and let him know the whole situation but I want to make sure the person who cause this learns his lesson.
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2023.06.09 06:13 Several_Tax_9891 AITA for dropping my ex boyfriends stuff off at his house?

psa - sorry this is so long but there were details i really wanted to add am i the asshole for dropping my now ex boyfriends stuff off to his house? info - i 18 female broke up with my 18 male then boyfriend due to the fact that i realized he was emotionally abusive and manipulative. i learned this through therapy and deeply talking to my mom (she and my dad got divorced for the same reason. my dad had the exact same emotionally abusive and manipulative tendencies through their marriage) we dated for almost two years. once i realized everything was not as i thought, i knew i needed out (it took me a very long time to realize i was being abused and manipulated). after that fact, i came to the knowledge that he cheated on me during our first months of dating (simply because i wasn’t ready to have sex and that’s what he wanted) so he went to his ex girlfriend for that. i didn’t feel exactly safe telling him he was abusive and i really just wanted to be done without being gaslit so i didn’t bring up the cheating either. i just told him we were going separate ways as we are freshly out of high school (TRUE). he did not accept this. i also mentioned that because we’re so young i need to learn a little more self love before loving anyone else (also VERY true). he told me he wasn’t going to let me go ever etc. and even tried to manipulate me by lying about a heart condition and that he was getting a heart transplant. i found out both were lies from his parents. anyways flash forward a few weeks i found a few odds and ends of things i still had of his. i told him i would get them back to him before i started packing for college. i mentioned dropping them off to him when i was over by his house for errands next and he got extremely mad saying that we could see eachother and hang out and that i didn’t need to “avoid” seeing him. he’s an ex for a reason and i don’t feel the need to hang out etc. especially where it’s so fresh and we both need time to heal. he told me he started dating someone (also something i found out was a lie from his best friend.) anyways im very clearly done and he will not leave me alone. i had one of my guy friends with me and had cleaned all of my exs items so i dropped the box of things off at his house. one of the items i had in there was a dirt bike helmet that we had used when going riding. i dropped the box off and texted him that i did so once i was a safe distance from his house. he immediately got really upset and called me over 10 times. he texted me telling me i was a stupid bitch and that i was an asshole. why? because apparently i wasn’t supposed to have the helmet and if his parents found out i had it they would be pissed. i apologized and told him my intent wasn’t to get him in trouble. he continued calling me a bitch. i didn’t respond because i refuse to put up with his blatant disrespect for any longer. the next morning he let me know that all of his stuff was ruined because of a storm that came through before he got home. i found it weird since it was in a box closed shut and under the awning of his front deck AND the fact that i only live ten mins away from him in the same city and i didn’t see a huge storm pass. (i then later found out that this was all a lie as well. he wanted to guilt trip me into getting back with him i guess?) anyways long story short i know im probably not the asshole? but i guess i could’ve had the decency to give it back to him in person and there is a chance his parents did get mad about the helmet. but i genuinely don’t care anymore and just want him to leave me alone. i kind of just wanted to rant but i guess i’m asking if i really am a bitch hahaha.
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2023.06.09 06:13 brown_panda98 Alhumdulillah PTI Khi leadership is gone. InshaAllah Hopefully better leadership will come up\_Hareem\_Shah/status/1666528815047143424?s=20 Observe the Gold Bracelet on the guy
I was disappointed when Ali Zaidi survived the purge because of how many people said he was just another ISI lackey. I don't know much about the VP who left but heard one of the journalist (Haroon Ur Rasheed maybe?) that even though he was with IK, he was a weak link and had solid corruption files on him. Regardless, they are gone, the best thing PTI can do is support JI in the upcoming Mayoral Election and support the true mandate of the people. To earn some respect back in Karachi they lost to the PTI Khi leadership (including Vawda). InshaAllah get rid of PPP, and get these streets open again. I HATE UNI ROAD TO MY CORE. Good Riddance! I hope for better days in Karachi under Naeem Ur Rehman's Leadership. InshaAllah
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2023.06.09 06:13 LemonNarc Car-brain thinks that removing a lane for cyclists means "cyclists are more important than cars????"

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2023.06.09 06:13 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Charles Miller – The Writersonal Branding Playbook ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 06:13 alegaltest How I got into listening to the Grateful Dead...

I remember getting From The Mars Hotel from the local library when I was in early high school. Then I got American Beauty. Then I got Live/Dead. I used to get DMB, Phish, and SCI CDR B&Ps but did not get into a lot of live Dead until the Internet Archive had shows. I found a list of concerts I went to from 2000-2013. Since then I have seen one Levi's Stadium Fare Thee Well type shows with Trey on guitar, 5 Dead and Company Shows, 2 Santana, and 1 Bob Dylan. Here is a link to a Bob Dylan show in Louisville I recorded recently. A Santana show in Evansville is on the same youtube account. There is a BB King June 2013 Evansville show I recorded on Sugarmegs and a 2013 Dark Star Orchestra Bloomington, Indiana show on (I used to work for the Internet Archive in SF in 2008.)
List of some concerts I attended
1999_June_W.C. Handy Blues Festival (John Lee Hooker)
2000_06_22_Dave Matthews Band_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2000_06_23_Dave Matthews Band_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2000_06_24_Dave Matthews Band_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2001_04_20_Fugazi_Indianapolis, Indiana
2001_04_26_SCI_Louisville, Kentucky_Palace Theater
2001_04_27_SCi_Louisville, Kentucky_Palace Theater
2001_06_23_Sick-O_Fest_Winslow, Indiana
2001_07_15_String Cheese Incident, Phil Lesh and Friends_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2001_07_22_Trey Anastasio Band_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2001_11_02_Bob Dylan_Terre Haute, Indiana_Hulman Civic Univeristy Center
2001_11_03_Oysterhead_Lafayette, Indiana_Elliot Hall of Music
2002_June_Bonnaroo Music Festival_Manchester, Tennessee
2002_10_29_Trey Anastasio Band_Louisville, Kentucky_Palace Theater
2002_12_30_Umphrey's Mcgee_Chicago, Illinois_The Vic
2002_12_31_Moe._Chicago, Illinois_Aragon
2003_02_20_Phish_Chicago, Illinois_Allstate Arena
2003_02_21_Phish_Cincinnati, Ohio_U.S. Bank Arena
2003_02_22_Phish_Cincinnati, Ohio_U.S. Bank Arena
2003_05_09_Jammin' On Jersey_Murat Theatre Parking Lot_Indianapolis, Indiana
2003_June_Bonnaroo Music Festival_Manchester, Tennessee
2003_07_21_Phish_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2003_07_22_Phish_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2003_07_23_Phish_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2003_08_02_Moe., Bob Dylan, The Dead_Joliet, Illinois_Route 66 RaceWay
2003_08_05_Bob Dylan, The Dead_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2003_08_24_Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, Radiohead_St. Louis, Missouri, UMB Bank Pavillion
2003_August_Moe.Down music festival_Turin, New York
2003_10_31_Moe._Chicago, Illinois_Aragon Ballroom
2003_12_30_Moe._Philadelphia, Pennsylvania_Electric Factory
2003_12_31_Maceo Parker and Moe._Camden, New Jersey_Tweeter Center
2004_02_03_Moe._St. Louis, Missouri_The Pageant
2004_02_20_Yonder Mountain String Band_Louisville, Kentucky_Headliners
2004_02_21_Galactic_New Orleans, Louisiana_Tipitinas
2004_May_Summercamp Music Festival_Chillicothe, Illinois
2004_June_Bonnaroo Music Festival_Manchester, Tennessee
2004_06_23_Phish_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2004_06_24_Phish_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2004_06_25_Phish_East Troy, Wisconsin_Alpine Valley Music Theatre
2004_06_26_Phish_East Trey, Wisconsin_Alpine Valley Music Theatre
2004_07_25_The Dead_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2004_08_10_Phish_Mansfield, Massachusetts_Great Woods
2004_08_11_Phish_Mansfield, Massachusetts_Great Woods
2004_08_12_Phish_Camden, New Jersey_Tweeter Center
2004_08_13_Phish_Coventry, Vermont_Newport State Airport
2004_08_14_Phish_Coventry, Vermont_Newport State Airport
2004_08_15_Phish_Coventry, Vermont_Newport State Airport
2004_10_31_Moe._Nashville, Tennessee_Ryman Auditorium
2005_02_25_Moe._St. Louis, Missouri_The Pageant
2005_04_15_P Funk_Nashville, Tennessee_Cannery Ballroom
2005_05_04_P Funk_Chicago, Illinois_House of Blues
2005_05_05_Widespread Panic_St. Louis, Missouri_Fox Theatre
2005_May_P Funk_Salem, Missouri_Camp Zoe
2005_May_Summer Camp Music Festival_Chillicothe, Illinois
2005_June_Bonnaroo Music Festival_Manchester, Tennessee
2005_07_16_Les Claypool_Louisville, Kentucky_Jillians
2005_07_27_Widespread Panic_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2005_08_18_Neil Young_Nashville, Tennessee_Ryman Auditorium
2005_08_19_Neil Young_Nashville, Tennessee_Ryman Auditorium
2005_09_24_Comes A Time A Musical Tribute to Jerry Garcia_Berkeley, California_Greek Theater
2005_10_14_Widespread Panic_Nashville, Tennesee_Starwood Amphiteatre
2005_10_29_Todd Snyder, Yonder Mountain String Band_Nashville, Tennessee_War Memorial Auditorium
2005_11_05_Ravi Shankar Festival of India_Chicago, Illinois_Symphony Center
2005_11_25_Phil Lesh and Friends_Chicago, Illinois_Chicago Theater
2005_11_26_Phil Lesh and Friends_Chicago, Illinois_Chicago Theater
2005_11_27_Phil Lesh and Friends_Milwaukee, Wisconsin_Eagles Ballroom
2005_12_12_Phil Lesh and Friends_Atlanta, Georgia_Fox Theater
2005_12_13_Phil Lesh and Friends_Atlanta, Georgia_Fox Theater
2005_12_30_Moe._Ashville, North Carolina_Orange Peel
2005_12-31_Sound Tribe Sector 9_Atlanta, Georgia_The Tabernacle
2006_01_25_Moe._Lousiville, Kentucy_Jillians
2006_02_03_Moe., The Disco Biscuits_Chicago, Illinois_Aragon
2006_02_17_Phil Lesh and Friends_New York, New York_Hammerstein Ballroom
2006_02_18_Phil Lesh and Friends_New York, New York_Hammerstein Ballroom
2006_02_19_Phil Lesh and Friends_New York, New York_Hammerstein Ballroom
2006_02_25_Larry Coryell_Lousville, Kentucky_Jazz Factory
2006_03_11_Ricky Skaggs_Lousiville, Kentucky_Palace Theater
2006_03_11_Railroad Earth_Louisville, Kentucky, Headliners Music Hall
2006_03_19_P Funk_Cincinnati, Ohio_Bogarts
2006_04_07_Project Object_Louisville, Kentucky_Headliners Music Hall
2006_04_15_Toots and the Maytalls_Bloomington, Indiana_Bluebird Nightclub
2006_05_18_Phil Lesh and Frends_San Francisco, California_Warfield Theater
2006_05_19_Phil Lesh and Friends_San Francisco, California_Warfield Theater
2006_05_20_Wavy Gravy's Birthday Concert_Berkley, California_Berkley Community Theater
2006_06_23_Radiohead_Berkeley, California_Greek Theater
2006_06_24_Zappa Plays Zappa_San Francisco, CA_Warfield Theater
2006_07_14_Phil Lesh and Friends_Columbus, Ohio_Lifestyles Community Pavillion
2006_07_15_Phil Lesh and Friends_Indianpolis, Indiana_White River State Park
2006_07_18_Phil Lesh and Friends_Louisville, Kentucky_Palace Theater
2006_08_02_Widespread Panic_Louisville, Kentucky_Palace Theater
2006_09_22_The Mars Volta_Chicago, Illinois_Aragon Ballroom
2006_09_30_Roger Waters_Noblesville, Indiana_Deer Creek
2006_10_17_Widespread Panic_Evansville, Indiana_The Centre
2007_P Funk_San Francisco, California_Fillmore
2007_05_18_Wavy Gravy's Birthday Concert_San Francisco, California, Grand Ballroom
2007_09_20_Donna Jean and The Tricksters with Bob Weir_Marin, California_Sweetwater Music Hall
2007_09_23_Phil Lesh and Friends_Berkeley, California_Greek Theater
2007_11_27_Phil Lesh and Friends_San Franciso, California_Warfield Theater
2007_12_31_Mars Volta_San Francisco, California_Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
2008_01_25_Phil Lesh and Friends_San Francisco, California_Fillmore
2008_01_26_Phil Lesh and Friends_San Francisco, California_Bill Graham civic Auditorium
2008_02_04_Deadheads for Obama_San Francisco, California_Warfield Theater (listened to the concert from the side door)
2008_05_13_Phil Lesh and Friends with Bob Weir_San Francisco, California_Closing of the Warfield
2008_05_14_Phil Lesh and Friends with Mark Karan_San Francisco, California_Closing of the Warfield
2008_05_16_Hot Tuna_San Francisco, California_Great American Music Hall
2008_05_17_Phil Lesh and Friends with Sikiru Adepoju and Henry Kaiser_San Francisco, California_Closing of the Warfield
2008_05_18_Phil Lesh and Friends with Bob Weir_San Francisco, California_Closing of the Warfield
2008_07_Smashing Pumpkins_San Francisco, California_Fillmore
2008_June_Harmony Festival_Sonoma, California
2008_July_Oregon Country Fair_Eugene, Oregon
2008_11_03_Experience Hendrix Tour_San Francisco, California_Masonic Center
2008_11_Rubber Soldiers_Berkeley, California_Ashkenaz
2008_12_13_Rex Foundation Concert_San Francisco, California_Grand Ballroom
2008_12_30_Phil Lesh and Friends and Ratdog_San Francisco, California_Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
2008_12_31_Phil Lesh and Friends and Ratdog_San Francisco, California_Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
2009_June_W.C. Handy Blues Festival_Henderson, Kentucky
2010_03_03_Furthur_Chicago, Illinois_Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University
2011_08_02_Bob Dylan_Evansville, Indiana_Roberts Stadium
2011_11_21_Furthur_Indianapolis, Indiana_Murat Theater
2013_02_06_Dark Star Orchestra_Bloomington, Indiana_Buskirk Chumley Theater
2013_06_05_Boscoe France Band, B.B. King_Evansville, Indiana_Victory Theater
2013_06_14_W.C. Handy Blues Festival_Henderson, Kentucky
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2023.06.09 06:13 BrickCity45 I made it out of that hell house, and I’m living happily ever after <3

Been wanting to get my story off my chest to someone/somewhere. I’m 21M and dealt with a very abusive upbringing my entire life. I have little to no positive memories from my childhood.
For 10 years+ my life was: get violently woken up for school in the morning(rip your blankets off, turn on the ceiling light and drag you out of bed) , go to school, come home and possibly get beat up, spanked, or yelled at for hours. Then I’d be locked in my house hearing my parents argue for hours then I’d go to sleep. We never went to baseball games, we never went out for family dinners, we never went anywhere as a family , my parents never felt like they were my parents, but rulers of my life . it felt like I was living in a group home, not a family home
This happened Monday through Friday. My parents never failed to (1) beat me up at least once a week and (2) argue loudly for hours at least twice a week, every single week for YEARS OF MY LIFE. Saturdays id still be locked at home but able to use a computer. Sundays im forced to go to church for 5 hours and if I didn’t wanna go I’d be spanked or bodyslammed until I got in the car to go . A lot of my life was spent getting severely whipped with a belt screaming crying, but getting no mercy despite my loud painful screams. being slapped, punched, being constantly punished. For any and every little thing imaginable. There was very often no reason to escalate every situation into a violent encounter, with their own son at that.
None of the “discipline” I received in my life ever made be a better person,
My “parents” are the WORST people I’ve ever met in my entire life, and I’ll never ever have to see them agai for the rest of my life. I’ve heard from a source that they’re miserably sad without me , and they somehow miss me. Bullshit
I’ll never be viciously spanked all over my body with a leather belt again. I’ll never be slammed onto the ground by my “dad” again. I’ll never have to hear their constant arguing every day of the week again.
If there was CPS involved early then I’d be saved so much sooner, but my parents manipulated me into thinking all the abuse I took was rightful discipline and no one was allowed to call police. I’m certain if authorities were to observe our daily life at that house they’d be arrested
I wanna focus on the more positive message , especially for the young adults in tough situations:
Make it out while you can. Do what you can to make your life easier because you only get one. Think about yourself and put yourself first. You’re going to thank yourself so much by improving your own life situation if you possibly can. Words from someone who actually made it out of a living situation that was driving me mentally insane.
I moved out at 19 and began living with my girlfriend, who my parents didn’t even want me dating became they simply didn’t want me to be happy, and wanted me to stay isolated , I wasn’t allowed to go to any friends houses/parties, I was robbed of my childhood and teenage hood living under strict rules and enduring abuse. I NO LONGER DEAL WITH THIS AND IM SO HAPPY.
I’m typing this from my apartment I share with my future wife, and my two dogs. I have peace. There is no fighting or arguing in this home. There’s no abuse, stress, nothing but happiness. I often think about how hellish my old life was, I hate my parents and I’ve been NC for almost 2 years. They add no benefit to my life.
To the people who feel mentally drained living with narcissists, please try to escape by all means. Your mental health is going to thank you. I feel so much peace that I wish anyone who was in a similar situation like me makes it out and breathes in fresh air of a new peaceful life
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2023.06.09 06:12 NotYetArt My ex and my mother, Neverending nightmare

I wish they would go away.
They have spent years punishing me for anything and everything. If I'm really so horrible why do they keep trying to find me and pretend everything's cool?
Any time I point out what they have done to me, it's either ignored completely and they claim it never happened or that I deserved it.
They've stolen from me, sexually harassed me, lied/used/abused me.
They made me think i was a disgusting worthless piece of shit that nobody could love. and that I needed to do whatever I could to get their affection. I bent over backwards, jumped through hoops, rarely slept and in panic mode 24/7 the years that i was with them. At one point I had to pay them to be with me. I sent them on many flights and bought them gaming consoles multiple times. I've pulled them out of a busy street in nyc after they were throwing trash cans and other debri at cars during one of their many tantrums.
I got them an easy job at my very nice office (after they whined & complained that they weren't a gold digger they just couldn't get a job) which they promptly didn't show up for and ignored all phone calls because they "needed to shower." (this man was a neat freak and constantly ordering me to bathe more since he was so repulsed by me.) Most of our relationship was him being offended/disgusted/upset by me and me trying desperately to "fix" myself.
He would throw tantrums because I didn't take him out enough, even though I had to work long hours and he was an adult older than me with free access to my bank cards in nyc - he could go out all day and do whatever he wanted, but because I was t there to hold his hand I "kept him prisoner and slave"... though it was his idea to do any cleaning and he would just get drunk while mopping...
And after we were broken up, they both kept showing up where I lived to harass/cause drama. In front of my landlords, roommates, he'd even show up while I had dates over.
He lives with my mother, and calls her mom. He told me to stay away from "his" family though they always reach out to me saying they "miss" me.
But I remember when he would scream at me that I wasn't as good as the "mom" before me. And I was also his "mom" at one point. (I had to feed him and deal with tantrums when he didnt want the food available, dress him, help him walk, and deal with him threatening to run away in the middle of the night...) But they tell me that their relationship isn't sexual...
Not only that but I get to watch my mother do all the motherly things she never did for me. As a child I was never wanted and told that children should never be heard so my mouth was covered with duct tape. My mother purposely ignored or laughed at me whenever I was injured or sad. When I broke my leg she accused me of lying, even after a doctor visit and a cast + crutches, I had to crawl on the floor across the house to fetch her remote or other things she was only a foot away from. They ignored everything to do with my schooling (fuck events, recitals, awards, etc) and didn't let me out of the house to do anything else.. but now she does all of this for her "new" children and wouldn't dare spank them like they would with my bare little girl bottom.
That is also only the tip of the iceberg, not even going into detail about how she knowingly left me in the hands of an older man (that openly expressed his desire for my underage self and everyone laughed) while she went to play bingo in a city 5 hours away.
Or the time she stopped her car in the middle of the road and walked off. While I had no license, couldn't drive, and also had her giant ass macaw bird latched into my shoulder (because she liked driving her birds around) and when I started walking down the highway she screams at me that I'm stealing her bird (that again, will not let go of me.) And left me there.
Or just a few years ago, when I finally came to live with her after she begged me over and over saying how much she missed me and then promptly evicted me and took in my ex who they both say they love each other and are so so happy together.
I finally moved to another city to get away from him, but they are still trying to find me. He visits the city I live in now frequently, purposely setting up long distance dates with women that live here, and posting about it in my local subreddit.
I really wish they would go away, forever. It seems like nothing I say matters, no matter how many times I tell them they aren't wanted or how nasty I get they won't leave me alone. I know this is what they want, to isolate me and make me feel like I'm a monster. They spread lies about me to their friends & family, saying I did things that never happened, but ofc completely denying anything they've actually done to me.
Their relationship hurts me in ways I cannot describe, and I know they relish that. I want to kill myself sometimes just so I never have to see or hear from them again but I know they would just love that as a new pity token to use.
The silver lining here is now I'm in a safer place with those that truly love me, they care for me and help me in ways that nobody ever has before. They tell me I'm full of love & joy and that I deserve to be cared for, something my ex and mother would never ever say to me. I'm grateful for them but I know my issues/mental health is too far gone and too much to dump on them all the time.
I know these toxic fucks are just trying to ruin that too.
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2023.06.09 06:12 KimPD199X [WTS] (USA,WW) Yoongi Butterfly Dream Premium Postcard & OT7 MERCH & PHOTOCARD (MOTS ONE, FESTA, INSIGHT HYPE

[WTS] (USA,WW) Yoongi Butterfly Dream Premium Postcard & OT7 MERCH & PHOTOCARD (MOTS ONE, FESTA, INSIGHT HYPE
Looking to sell the rest of the merch. Most items have minor to noticeable flaws, dm for more pictures and information.
Proof of sales are at ig @ aingxarmy.sales, have over 100+ proofs. I accept PayPal g&s and f&f, Venmo f&f and g&s as well! Buyer must cover fees, thank you!
🐱 Yoongi 🐱
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Asking $350 shipped ( only in the USA )
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MOTS Postcard $2
HYPE INSIGHT Pc set -$10
Stamp shipping starts at $1+ WW stamp shipping starts at $1.45+ First class mail starts at $4+ Priority starts at $8+ International mail starts at $20+
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2023.06.09 06:12 onedayatatime45 my wife’s friends 15 month old daughter is being taken off live support tomorrow after it was determined she would live in a vegetative state

i needed to vent because i am just so saddened and distraught and sick to my core.
My heart is broken for this family. what started as a coughing fit at day care turned into a month long fight and eventually a parent’s worst nightmare. She has been progressing very well until one night there was an issue she ended up not breathing for nearly an hour with medical staff performing cpr the entire time.
results now show multiple brain bleeds, heavily damaged cortex and heavily damaged lungs. keeping her alive would result in her having a vegetative state of mind and needing life support continually on her lungs. her parents decided this was not the life they wanted for her and will remove her from life support tomorrow. 15 months old. the youngest of 4 siblings and she has a twin.
this is a child i have held in my arms and had open christmas presents in my house. even though i was never too close to them, i am just sick to my core.
sorry for this long winded post. not even sure what i want out of this post. i just keep crying.
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2023.06.09 06:12 IntentionHopeful For the first time since the history of the industrial revolution the american quality of life and every life metric is projected to decline

And not for lack of resources but instead an artificial scarcity caused by greed. We currently produce enough to feed and house our population and then some. But because of greed its artificially kept away, houses that could millions home those hungry and cold on the streets remain empty, and food that could nourish our nations people gets dumped into the garbage and gets soaked in bleach. And yet our working class would rather be angry at trans people using a bathroom or critical race theory or China or a poor mexican shopping across the boarder
Wake up and smell the class war yah dumbass liberals!
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2023.06.09 06:12 TwooMcgoo Lift recommendations for daily driver with light - moderate trails

I'm looking at lifting my 2020 OR. It is my daily driver, but I will hit the occasional trail. Nothing too serious on the off-road side, and we camp only once or twice a year, so I don't plan on adding too much weight for regular use.
Any recommendations for able capable lift, but focused on the daily city drive? I've been looking at the OME and Bilstein, but I'm not sure what valving and the sort.
Budget is $2-2.5k, but if I can save a dime, I wouldn't mind.
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2023.06.09 06:11 Happyman1991 Advice on becoming a better DJ

Good day
A little Bank story I've been doing this on and on since I was a teenager nothing real professional just backyard parties with a laptop pcdj and some songs on an external hard drive
I believe I did my grandfather celebration of life purely off CD
Last year my sister's sister-in-law was getting married and asked me for advice on the right speaker to end upon further investigation I couldn't let them do what they were doing and ended up DJing it with two Spotify premium accounts offline on two separate laptops what a nightmare
Because I had Irish Celtic music punk rock emo '90s 2000 pop country classic rock and whatever else I'm forgetting
The takeaway is what I've learned Need to get better at sequencing need to start purchasing and collecting music again so I can use actual software again and have my beats per minute and so on
Need to request that they make an itinerary that I'm supposed to follow as opposed to I guess we should do this now eh
I haven't till August of next year to perfect my skills as one of my friends from that wedding him and his partner loved what I did and want me to do their wedding and I definitely want to do better with that one and I did the last but really
One of my best friends has asked me to do his wedding when it comes up in the years to come provided his girl says yes
And that one I have to knock out of the park
Anyways now there's a bit of backstory and things
What's a good way to get better at sequencing how can I perfect my skills what's your recommendation on software I would like to invest in the controller down the road maybe for the next event is that really necessary in your opinion or can I do without it any advice is welcomed
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2023.06.09 06:10 knitterpotato til that urban outfitters sells a bunch of popular romance/fantasy books!

i know that colleen hoover isn't technically romance and she isn't super well liked here in particular but there are two colleen hoover books, it ends with us and all your perfects, on sale at urban for 10 dollars
they also have meet me at the lake, happy place, the hating game, and a couple more
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2023.06.09 06:10 uMinded Project sources

I am looking around for SVG's for 1:12 scale houses and furniture that I can outline and cut on my machine. Everything I find is for laser cutting on 3mm wood but 3mm chip board is expensive.
I was hoping to find designs that work on 30 or 60-point chip board.
Any sources for designs you guys know?
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2023.06.09 06:10 Electrical_Clerk_665 Opportunity of a lifetime 27M

Today, I received the news I've been waiting for, a truth I've yearned for over the past decade whether I knew it or not.
I got an internship to coach a high school football team while completing my undergraduate degree.
To provide some context, I will confess that after high school, I fucked off for three years and was only close to finishing an associate’s degree. My senior year didn't culminate in the picture-perfect ending I had envisioned.
I got injured during my final football season, I was banking on walking on to a college team, earning a scholarship, and pursuing coaching after completing my education. I was not motivated at all and just spent all my time fucking off and going to EDM shows.
Eventually realized the need to regain focus. When I was 22, I made the decision to join the Marine Corps. Did my 4 years honorably and started college again.
After my time in the Marine Corps, coaching football wasn't even on my radar. My aspirations revolved around achieving financial stability and owning a house in California, perhaps pursuing an MBA after obtaining my undergraduate degree.
Born and raised in Oklahoma, I told myself I would never to return. However, when my former head coach reached out to me, giving me an opportunity, and considering the lackluster nature of my life in California, which failed to meet my expectations, I made the decision to apply to a university back home.
Over the past year, my possible career interests have shifted from firefighting to sales. I am fully capable of excelling in either field, but I found no genuine fulfillment in them. It was when my coach reached out that a long-dormant fire was reignited within me.
Exploring the possibility of gaining experience and becoming a graduate assistant at a college program while pursuing my graduate degree, I could get myself into the college football coaching circuit. My coach expressed willingness to vouch for me, which excited me even more.
It's worth noting that I am more than willing to relocate across the country for an opportunity in a college program. As a single 27-year-old with no obligations to anyone and I have no children. I am prepared to do whatever and go wherever to pursue my dream.
Even though I may begin at the bottom of the totem pole, I firmly believe that my drive and discipline gained from my military experience will get me to places and then some. I would work 90 hours a week if I had to.
Will it be easy? No.
Will it present challenges? Yes.
Most folks might find it amusing that I'm stoked about lending a hand to a high school squad. But for me, it's a once in-a lifetime chance that I won't let slip away.
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2023.06.09 06:10 AutoModerator [] ✔️Jeremy Miner – NEPQ Sales Program ✔️ Full Course Download

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How to turn skeptical prospects into self-propelled action-takers who chase you, and not the other way round! Jeremy’s 3 Step Formula that prevent sales objections from even happening. (hint: it happens in the first 5 minutes of your sales calls) The self sabotaging mistakes most salespeople make that only work to repel prospects (are you doing this too?), and how to guarantee exponentially better results using Jeremy’s proven NEPQ framework that’s earned him and others 7 figures in sales commission year on year on year. Plus, a whole LOT MORE!!!
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