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2023.03.27 05:37 Seikaz Worried of my future...

Good day,
I'm 24, diagnosed with RA at 20 but rheumy says i had it since 6.
I won't go into detail since i wanna save my energy but I was stable with just sulfa + nsaid as needed for a good 3.5yrs (mtx didn't work). Since a flare-up = bedridden for me, I decided to go slower than most university students. Taking 3 courses instead of 4. If i get a flare up, skip physical classes, attend online ones when available and rest until its gone. cool.
Just went through 6 weeks of pain where I was pretty much disabled _ _lll. Turned out sulfa isn't working anymore and I'm now waiting on getting CIMZIA for my first time. fun. but that's not what I'm most worried about...
I'm currently on my last year of university, searching for an internship. I just can't help thinking "wtf am i gonna do if I'm disabled for 6+ weeks when I'm working IF I can even find work?" hell, even a normal flare up disables me for like a week and sometimes two weeks. I won't be able to skip work like in university so how am i gonna manage that?
If it matters, I live in Canada, quebec, near montreal.
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2023.03.27 05:36 Midnight_Lace29 Is it possible to tap into other energies/consciousness while tripping?

So, on my first ego death trip I didn’t realize until later I was communicating with another. A masculine type energy that felt very much like a “twin flame” type energy. It’s so hard to explain. But it was like I knew him all along. Felt like it was just me and him at the end to the universe. Then, on my second ego death trip. There he was again. A familiar presence. And I was getting so many downloads of how the pieces of my life fit and make sense. How me and him will meet At a certain point in our lives. How all these events lead to the reunion. Not even just Romantic. Felt like….idk, more than that. I remembered planning this pre incarnation almost! It was intense. Now I feel this energy around me almost every time I trip now. I’m not sure what to make of this?
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2023.03.27 05:35 beautyforeverhair How to detangle and style a curly wig?

How to detangle and style a curly wig?
Detangle a curly wig
The key to detangle your curly wigs is patience. You will need to work with every lock separately. Just get a lock, comb it, and twist it around your finger, then you can let go. If the lock is too tangled, use detangler or a mixture of conditioner and water in a spray bottle. If it is too wet to keep its shape, gently dry it with a hairdryer.
To make it easier for you is to use hair clips. Keep your tangled hair from the untangled one. Also, do several layers of curls to make them look more natural, about a finger thick.
Popular Short Curly Hairstyles
Naturally curly Human Hair Bob Wigs: It is flattering on most people, give superb volume, and is very good-looking.
Curly short hairstyle with heavy side curl fringe: best hair type, fine to thick density with a little natural texture.
Side parted short curly hairstyle: The perfect hairstyle suitable for working and party nights.
Can You Go Short hairstyle?
If you have curly hair, you may wonder if short hair would look good on you and just how short you can afford to go. Here are some elements that need to be considered:
Your personality. Can you rock a short curly 'do that bursts forth from the head like fireworks? How do you want to present yourself?
Your lifestyle. Are you a wash-and-go kind of woman or do you like straightening your hair with a blow dryer and flat iron, or pulling it into the perfect place?
Your head and shoulders. Short hair that hits at the chin or above can look absolutely stunning on a woman with a long neck. It's almost sculptural. But short, curly hair on a woman with a short neck isn't as flattering as hair that falls to the shoulders or just above it.
Your body. Your hair should balance out your body. Large, curvy women look great with curly hair because the volume adds balance better than stick-straight hair.
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2023.03.27 05:35 Stardust-Qu33n How do you get your game to look different??

I've been playing ClaGen with whatever I've been given already, but I've seen several others whose games look different to mine. It is a mod? It is a custom thing??
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2023.03.27 05:34 Sad-Major6977 Dead Space Mobile

Does anyone know how to at least find a way to emulate dead space mobile onto ios devices? I’m trying to actually get the experience for my self but there is no way to play it on ios
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2023.03.27 05:34 Sleep_Puzzleheaded Rupert won't be outted or "found out."

I think Rupert just represents the quintessential Rich, Old British male who uses charm as a weapon. Everyone knows who he is, how he is, and what he's done, but for many reasons(that is a post of its own) is just forgiven because of said charm. I do think everyone knows publically how he is, but they just don't say much.
I do think Rebecca will learn how to deal with that though, which is what the story is about as it is - Rupert being outted or dunked on publically would just seem like lazy writing after coming this far with her character development.
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2023.03.27 05:34 ErinJean85 Round 1, 3 follicles scans

After 8 to 10 years of trying naturally (we have honestly forgotten how long it's actually been) we have finally been able to afford IVF.
This is our first round and things seem good but not great, my last cycle (in medicated) was 90 days (thank you PCOS) so I was really excited to start. I have been on 150iu Gonal F for growth since the 18th Feb and Ganirelix Sun 0.5mg to porvent ovulation since 22nd Feb.
I had my first follicle scan (and bloods) on Friday (24th Feb, CD9) and things looked good but not where they needed to be, so they sent me home to keep going over the weekend and booked another scan for today (Monday 27th, CD12), I went in this morning and to us (my husband and I) the scans seemed so much more clearer (to our untrained eyes) so we were very optimistic, when we walked out of the clinic.
I just received the call from the clinic with the results and they are still too low, they have increased my Gonal f to 200iu (I just had to do an extra 50 today and start 200 tomorrow) booked another scan for Wednesday. If the results aren't any better by Wednesday they will be cancelling this cycle to reassess my plan.
I know if it is cancelled it is for the best to get the best results possible, but I'm still a little bummed that it's not working like they (we) wanted, I think its because I thought this would be the "easy part", it's just meds and waiting, I forgot my body doesn't work properly, lol.
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2023.03.27 05:32 SeelieKnight Is it wrong of me to ask my dom to revise the rules they gave me?

For context I (ftm21) am VERY new to kink. I met my dom (nb23) who's just really wonderful and we've been seeing each-other for 2 months, and we're officially dating as of this morning. They are really aware of taking things slowly with me which has been great and they asked if they could introduce a couple rules for me to follow day to day, one of which is having to ask the to masturbate and cum. I'm open to a lot of things cause I really don't know my limits yet and I feel safe enough around them to let them lead the way in finding what I do and don't like.
So far, I do like this aspect of orgasm control but it is a pretty hard shift because I'm the kind of person who jerks of at least once a day if given the chance, and last week they said I could only have 2 orgasms that whole week and now I can only edge for the next 5 days until I see them again and we get to play. I'm eager to please so it is exciting to be good for them and make them happy, but there are definitely moments when just I want to just rub one out because my roommates gone and I want to take a nap, and nothing's better than cumming and falling asleep. And so far whenever I've asked to cum, they say I need to edge at least once, which is usually fun, but also not always what I have time for. I'm kind of afraid that once the novelty wears off, I'm going to miss the freedom to masturbate.
Again, my dom is amazing and we have really great communication, and I'm not afraid of telling them if I start to feel that way I just don't know if something like that would damage our dynamic. Currently the rules as written are "1) You cannot masturbate without asking for & receiving permission 2) You cannot orgasm without asking for & receiving permission" and I was thinking a compromise could be something where they can spring periods of time on me where I have to ask and they're a lot less lenient than they are now, way more edging, introducing order to ruin my orgasms, telling me what toys to use (currently all they do is tell me to edge 2 or 3 times).
I'm also worried about when I go to work at summer camp in the middle of nowhere for 2 months over the summer where I have very little service. I'm going to be overworked and just wanting for cum and go to sleep most nights, and its impractical for me to walk to other side of camp just to get service and ask my dom for permission. But I also don't want to edge/ not touch myself for 2 months... Is it improper of me as a sub to ask if I can have a free pass for that two months? Again, I'm not afraid of telling my boyfriend how I feel, but being a sub telling his dom to change the rules. I know the ball is in my court, I consent to what I want but I also value this pretty new relationship I want the dynamic to work.
tldr: is it improper for a sub to ask their dom to revise the rules? I'm not allowed to cum without asking and I'm worried I'll want more freedom in the future
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2023.03.27 05:30 AutoModerator [Get] Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp Instant Delivery

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[Get] Aaron Young – Google Ads Bootcamp Instant Delivery
Description of Google Ads Bootcamp
Google Ads in an Incredible Marketing Tool to Grow Your Business
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However, Google Ads can quickly become overwhelming and confusing with many different optimization options. Then you have to learn the language of Google Ads with terms like search impression share, CTR, cost per click, and so on. Furthermore, many courses and certifications teach the “why” and “what” of Google Ads but overlook the most crucial step—the how!
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2023.03.27 05:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
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  • You are sick and tired of learning skills that lead to nowhere — and that you don’t see yourself doing for more than 10 years.
I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.27 05:29 a116jxb I was inspired by the recent push by Republicans for Private School Vouchers in the state of Texas to come up with a sort of alternate rebellion. Something that would help folks who are hurt directly by the school voucher bill.

I was inspired by the recent push by Republicans for Private School Vouchers in the state of Texas to come up with a sort of alternate rebellion. Something that would help folks who are hurt directly by the school voucher bill.
For those out of the loop, SB 8 being debated in the Texas Senate would allow Texas school students to receive $8,000 annual vouchers to be used towards private religious school tuition or home-schooling expenses. Since this bill will disproportionately benefit people of high income living in predominately affluent areas and disproportionately negatively impact people of lower income and those living in rural areas, I'm proposing a bill to help offset this injustice.
I call it the Framework for Understanding the Citizens who Know that Cars Are Ruining Society Bill.
Here's how the bill would work:
Due to Proposition 7 in the State of Texas, a portion of sales taxes collected in the state are used to fund the Texas State Highway Fund, which in large part goes to create infrastructure for use by cars. So far, since 2018 this sales tax contribution has totalled a whopping $13.2 Billion. This is a direct burden on any citizen who purchases goods or services in the state of Texas without regard to whether they own a car. Due to the inherently regressive nature of the sales tax, a disproportionate amount of this money comes from lower income individuals, the same individuals least likely to be able to afford to own a car in the first place.
In Texas there is an extreme lack of walkable livable areas that are also affordable, especially in suburban and rural areas. Workplaces are often separated from residences by distances which make it all but impossible to get around without relying on terribly underfunded public transportation for those who don't own cars. Oftentimes in rural areas this leaves people with no choice but to walk. Many times, due to lack of pedestrian infrastructure, this leads to dangerous situations with pedestrians forced to be on foot next to busy roads with ridiculously high speed limits in any and all weather conditions.
Regardless of whether you own a car, all Texans pay sales taxes. Those sales taxes disproportionately come from the poor and disproportionately benefit the rich, by funding transportation infrastructures which the rich are more likely to be able to afford to use and which also makes the community unlivable for those who do not own cars.
The bill I propose would give every single adult age 18 and older who does not have a car registered in their name a voucher for $2,000 to be used towards public transportation and ride sharing, with an additional $1,000 per citizen going to any local transit authority assigned to service the geographic region where that person resides to help fund public transportation and pedestrian infrastructure projects.
The bill would establish a brand new $3,000 annual registration fee for any vehicle in excess of one single vehicle registered per person. The bill would allow a three-month overlap once every two years to allow for vehicle ownership transfers and upgrades.
The bill would also establish a new 0.25% sales tax on any vehicles sold in the State. This money, along with any revenue collected from the excess car ownership fees would go directly to a new fund that the State would establish called the Texas Alternative Transportation Fund. This comptroller of this fund would be responsible for running the FUCKCARS Vouchers Program, as it will inevitably come to be called.
You get to own one car. Any more than that is going to cost you three grand a year, per additional car. If you can afford more than one car, you can afford the additional three grand.
I know it's an idea that still needs work. But it's something that could help folks in rural and lower income neighborhoods. I'm sorry, I don't see many policy proposals from Democrats anywhere. So, instead of whining, I am deciding to be the change I want to see in the world. I think it's a law we can all get behind. Who's in?
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2023.03.27 05:27 cercini (PS4) Beginner Player: Stuck on Invading Executioner

So I’m super late to this game, on my first playthrough, and I’m absolutely floundering here. I’ve read a lot of stuff on builds and the basics of draining and parrying and what have you but I’m still skating by and CANNOT get past Invading Executioner. If I could get some advice or maybe links to good guides I’d really appreciate it, none of the build advice I’ve seen is very helpful since I can’t actually get any of the stuff they recommend, and most beginners guide are very very basic and I just feel like I’m missing something
I’m working with GXM Variant +4, Bayonet Devour, & Hunter code with gifts Flame Spike, Fire Storm, Blazing Roar, Blood Guard, and Ranged Impact (some others in there too that I don’t really use)
Basically I go through the fight, manage to mostly not get hurt, damage her almost up to half, but the attrition wears me down to where I can’t heal and my companion dies, then while I’m attacking she 1 hit ko’s me.
Trying to work in draining attacks usually gets me killed, same with parrying (I especially have no idea what the timing windows for parrying are for this game)
I honestly feel like I just don’t know how to play, like maybe I should replay all the previous levels without the companion so I can actually understand the core combat loop or something
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2023.03.27 05:27 Ill_Plum_1331 Lump at injection site

Hello! My cat is Goose, he is 1 year old and has suffered with food and skin allergies, I have him on a hypoallergenic prescription diet but he has to occasionally get Cortisone shots for skin flare ups. He got one about a week ago but it didn’t seem to help his itching like it has in the past. This evening we noticed a small hard lump in between his shoulder blades, the lumps seems somewhat mobile, but it’s hard to tell because of lose skin. Of course the first thing that pops up online is a injection site sarcoma, but I did also read an article where a Vet suggested that the injection was given Intra-dermaly instead of Intra-muscularly. Could this be the reason the shot didn’t work? I’m not sure how well I trust this vet to tell us the truth if they did mess up so we are looking for other opinions. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated by my little Goose.
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2023.03.27 05:25 traincar_92 My (26F) boyfriend (26M) of 8 months and I broke up, but neither of us wanted to

My (now ex) boyfriend and I met on a dating app. We connected right away and realized we have a lot in common. We have both met each other's families. He was very open, caring, affectionate, interested, etc. For context, I have some issues with anxiety and insecurity that I have been working on for at least 2 years. I am better, but I haven't been in a real relationship in 7+ years, so working on these issues in a new relationship was difficult. However, my boyfriend was so supportive. Everything was going so well.
In January, while away working (he's on a ship 2 1/2 months at a time), he mentioned that he wanted to check out Charleston, SC (we live across the country, in the same city) because he wanted to move there within the year. I asked some questions but he said he was just throwing ideas out there. We had talked about one day wanting to move out of our home state, but I didn't think he meant right away. He didn't give me many details. Over text he brought it up two more times, one time asking me to visit with him when he got off. I started to panic that he was going to leave me, and, I think rudely, over text told him I would visit with him, but couldn't just drop things to travel whenever. We talked on the phone about it eventually. I apologized for how I reacted, and he seemed better - he was worried that he upset me. Things seemed a bit off after this.
He returned home at the beginning of March. He was excited to see me, and I was just as excited. But he started making less plans. Less interested in physical intimacy, or opening up to me. I initiated plans, I tried to get him to talk about deeper issues, and when I tried to cuddle him or hold his hand, sometimes he wouldn't reciprocate. Finally I told him I wanted to talk about how he seemed distant - maybe it was all in my head. But he said that he was being distant. He said he felt indifferent about the relationship.
In person, he told me he needed to get out of his parent's house, and that he's been wanting to do this for a while. But he didn't want to rent an apartment because it's a waste of money, is insisting on buying a house in another state because it's cheaper. I told him I was willing to help him on the journey - it was too early to move in together across the country, but buying a house and moving can be a long process, especially with his job, and by the time it happened, I could go with him, since I expressed interest in moving too. But he said he didn't want me to have to leave my life, and that it would be hard for me, even though I said I wanted to do these things. Then, he said we lost the connection between us. I told him it was because of him, I was trying all the time and he stopped. He admitted he did this because he needs to move and doesn't want to get even more interested and attached to me, it would be harder to leave.
He is a very kind, giving person, and can be sensitive (like me) at times. He was coming up with reasons to not be together. I made it very clear that I am my own person, I make decisions based on what I need and want. I want to be with him, I like him the way he is, I want to help him move, I want him to open up. When I asked him if he wanted me to move with him, he said "Yes, but I didn't want my answer to influence your decision. And it's too early for us to move across the country together." He wouldn't break up with me, but wouldn't change his mind either. Eventually I said if we couldn't agree and he didn't want to make things work, we had to break up. And he said "I guess we do." That was it.
I am at a loss. Everyone in my life that I have told this to (this only happened a few days ago) has said that he is not sure what he wants, and that he is pushing me away to make it easier for him. I think he is feeling unworthy of love and thinks that I am only doing things to please him or because I pity him, not because I actually want to do it for myself. I feel for him because I know he is hurting and doesn't want to get hurt. Everyone is telling me to give him space, that he'll change his mind, he won't even move.
The advice I need is three things: 1) should I ever reach out to him, and do people think he will ever want to reach out to me? 2) has anyone been in this mindset or been with someone like this, and how did you handle them? 3) is it crazy to move with someone after 8 months of dating? Maybe a year by the time it happens?
TL;DR: My boyfriend wants to move right now, wants me to go, I'm not ready, so he pushed me away and we broke up. What should I do?
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2023.03.27 05:25 monkheadx Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101 Course (info to get)

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2023.03.27 05:25 kkader_568 How do you answer "where are you applying?"

Like I'm applying to 12+ colleges u want my whole list? 😭
And then they be like, "well, what are your favorites/top schools?" like bro my fav is where I'm gonna get accepted
I usually say some targets to not seem like I'm under or over estimating myself but idk. how do you guys respond to this, especially those of you like me with larger lists and no dream school?
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2023.03.27 05:25 MortDraconis Had a great match with my daughter!

Warning: Kinda long
A bit of backstory first: I played Battletech a handful of times in the 90’s during highschool and enjoyed the video games immensely as well, but hadn’t played tabletop for more than a decade when the beginner box was released. I got that to check it out and see if my daughters would like it. It was a hit so when A Game of Armored Combat came out it was an easy buy. I slowly would add more elements to the game system from what you get with the beginner box, first heat management, then physical attacks, etc. I backed the Clan Invasion kickstarter, buy by the time it was fulfilled, with all that was going on, playing had fallen by the wayside and we kinda forgot about it.
When the new Mercs campaign was announced, it reminded me that I had all these ‘mechs unplayed with so I asked my daughter to join me in a game last weekend. The scenario I came up with gave my daughter the choice of faction (IS, Clan, or Merc) and number of ‘mechs with a drop weight limit for each. Once she had selected hers, I made an Opfor of a similar BV. This was the first time using the new clan ‘mechs for us, and I didn’t realize just how much of a BV bloat it would be. She had a heavy, medium, and light and the scenario I designed included a vehicle and a gun emplacement, but I ended up selecting 4 additional ‘mechs, for a 3vs6 arrangement. It took 5 hours, and we had started late because we had guests for dinner. It was a fun time but my daughter got very tired at the end and ultimately was a stalemate (decided winner based on the outcome of the last shot of the that round). None of our previous games had been quite so long and I was a bit concerned because we still weren’t using ALL the rules (just adding PSR this time around). So I looked into Alpha Strike and we played a test match last night and that was also fun and only took less than an hour. However, there is also a lot more drama and fun with classic Battletech so we decided to play again today.
Today’s game was just a blast. This scenario this time was a local government lance was on patrol looking for pirates who had been terrorizing nearby towns. I selected the pirate force first, and made up a selection of lances for my daughter to choose from that had about the same BV (3100). Selected the Kozice Valley map with lots of high cliffs and rivers. The pirate force consisted of a custom Atlas “Jolly Roger” equipped with 3 large pulse lasers and 2 light Gauss Rifles and jump jets to help out with mobility in the valley. Then, always by his side, a custom Sentinel “Parrot” with a Streak SRM-6, ER medium laser, and a UAC-2, also with jump jets. My daughter selected the Advanced Scout Lance I had made with all custom lights, Commando, Locust, Raven, and Mercury; total BV=2858.
As the light lance entered the field of battle, they detected only a single medium mech (sentinel) and began closing range. In turn 3, the Atlas exited the pirate base and made its appearance on the field. I had intentionally hidden the mech so when it popped onto the field, it had its desire effect; concern and excitement!
The first shots of the engagement occurred on turn 4, with only the Atlas’ double light gauss having range and the Jolly Roger proved its effectiveness as a sniper, catching the locust dozing and not using its full moving potential as they had been proceeding cautiously and underestimated the pirate’s range. Both light gausses caught the locust and hit true in the CT torso resulting in immediate ‘mech destruction. At this point I was concerned that the fight would be over quickly. The government forces were already down to 3 ‘mechs without doing a point of damage and the Atlas was certainly showing its lethality. I considered, if the rest got picked off similarly, just having another of the prepared forces be “reinforcements” but this didn’t turn out to be necessary. The next few turns, the remaining government forces used their mobility to avoid the Atlas, but the Parrot was able to get a few shots in, while avoiding any return damage. At this point I decided I would RP the pirates a bit, rather than take optimal moves. The pirates would be overconfident, reckless, and a bit of a show off. The Atlas unveiled its jump capability, to the appropriate “they can do that?” response and jumped to a promontory where he could see most of the field. Meanwhile, the Parrot would forgo more advantageous positioning in order to “protect” the Atlas. My daughter also figured out the best tactic for mobile units against an assault is to find a way to its rear. The Mercury was able to jump into the rear arc, causing the Parrot to break with its engagement from the Commando and turn its attention to the Mercury. The Raven also was able to jump into the rear arc. I decided that recklessness for the Pirate Captain would manifest as a blatant disregard for heat effects, as the 3 LPLs generated more heat than it could sink. Over the next few turns the Atlas would get a few hits on the Commando while the Parrot started working on the Mercury.
Meanwhile, the Mercury/Raven jumping pair were able to stay in the rear arc of the Atlas. After a few “almost got ya” moments, the Commando succumbed to a streak SRM 6 blast from the Parrot, but not before the Atlas lost its rear CT armor and took 2 engine hits. Now bleeding heat profusely, the Atlas was forced to give the weapons a rest for a turn, largely due to a miscalculation (literally, I thought I was going to end with 12 heat but it was 18) and surviving 2 shutdown rolls. Still, I had both pirate mechs fighting and only half the government forces remained. The government forces shifted their tactics and went after the parrot, with a bit of brilliant maneuvering putting the Raven in the Parrot’s rear arc and nearly destroying its left torso. However, the Mercury performed a jump into water, after losing initiative, to avoid taking damage, as it was nearly dead, but to get out of the water they were forced to expose themselves with reduced evasiveness. However, a combination of heat penalties and a poor roll resulted in what would have been a killing blow a single LPL from the Atlas resulted in survival. The Atlas was also now started to show some wear on its armor and was doing everything it could to keep its back safe.
After the Atlas had cooled down, it was able to refocus and landed the killing blow on the Mercury, but not before it had stripped the Parrot of most of the armor from its left side, leaving just two points of inner structure remaining on the left torso and putting its XL engine at risk. Left with just the Raven against the same two pirate mechs, it would seem hopeless for the government forces, but a few well placed shots could turn the tide of this battle. Losing initiative, the Raven jumped away from the engagement and the pirate forces were not able to land strikes. The next turn, the Raven was able to win initiative and jumped to spot in between its two opponents where only the right arm of the Atlas could reach it, so it only really faced the wrath of the Parrot. Both pirate mechs missed again on all shots and the Raven, on the left side of the Parrot, finally broke through and destroyed that LT.
Now it was a battle for positioning. The Atlas was capable of severe damage from its weapons, but it was vulnerable to a single well placed shot in the back. The Raven had only suffered moderate damage to this point. Eventually the fight found its way to the river at the edge of the engagement area. The Atlas blew off an “arm” of the Raven and the Raven had damaged a bit of the Atlas, but had not landed another CTR hit. Then, one fateful turn, it seemed the Raven had the break it needed. The Atlas lost a PSR and fell, landing on its right side and face away from the Raven. The Raven had a free shot straight into the Atlas’ back! Using its remaining LL and 2 MGs, it unloaded, striking the arm and leg of the Atlas with the MGs, but getting a CTR hit with the LL, resulting in a single critical! But luck was with he pirates this time as instead of the last engine hit, it destroyed the CT mounted LPL instead. Even following this fall and the limited move after getting up, the Raven attempted another back shot and only hit arms and legs again. The following turn, losing initiative, the Raven decided to jump into depth 2 water and avoid all fire. But the Atlas was having none of that and walked into the adjacent water space at depth 1. Mustering all his skill for a kick, it landed and luck again found the pirates as the attack landed right on the cockpit of the pesky Raven, killing the mechwarrior inside.
It was a fun fight. I seemed at first that I had grossly miscalculated how even the matchup was going to be but as the fight proceeded and the outcome became more in doubt it was great to see how it unfolded. Even losing, my daughter had tons of fun because of how close she came to defeating an Atlas with only 3 lights. This was also a more reasonable 3 hours and about 15 or 16 rounds (lost count)
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2023.03.27 05:23 sourestlemons Is there a mantra that you use to remind yourself why you aren’t smoking anymore when it gets tough?

I’m very scared to quit smoking weed. It’s been my friend and I could always count on it and lean on it. I can’t even talk about it because it makes me anxious but I feel so lonely and I visualize what I truly want and believe I can be such a better and healthier version of myself if I just quit smoking. But I don’t know how; I convince myself that it’s ok when I have a good couple days, or I try moderating it. I’m nervous to be posting this but I have discovered this sub recently and it’s made me feel comforted that so many other people go through this. I am 29 and have been smoking weed almost daily (except for a two month break in 2018) since I was like 20. I get scared that I can’t go without it because “it helps me so much”. There are so many things I like about it but I really want to quit more than anything just to get to see who I am sober again and see if I can feel happier and healthier. I feel like I need a sponsor, I don’t have many friends or people who understand.
Thanks for listening. Any tips for how to make the leap and finally say “enough is enough” and stick to it?
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2023.03.27 05:23 Old-Independence4945 EECS 491 question

Planning to take EECS next semester, but cannot find any info through google search. Has any one taken it before? Wanna ask about how the course is composed of and do we need to find teammate to do project etc. Or where I can get syllabus directly. Thanks a lot!
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2023.03.27 05:18 Aggressive_Sky_9562 Need help finding someone I met on a cruise.

I've no idea if this is the right place to ask or if anyone will even take this seriously, but I met a girl on a cruise recently and she shared her number with me. Unfortunately we were in a rush and she typed her number wrong, and now it's too late to ask for it again because she's flying back home as of my time writing this. *She seemed really nice, and l'Il admit I was nervous when I asked for her number and had trouble getting my words out, so there's the possibility she wasn't interested and instead gave me the wrong number on purpose.
I only know her first name, most of her phone number, and the state she lives in, and of course I remember how she looks. I can provide the deets in DMs if anyone is willing to help. Thanks!
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