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2023.06.09 07:07 stnick6 [F4A] You’re vampire mistress confronts you [Vampire] [humor] [inhuman listener]

This is my first script. I’ve had a few ideas before but this time I just forced myself to start working on it
If anyone wants to record this feel free to do so, as long as you send me the link.
I like to think I’m a fair boss.
I pay you a fair wage and all I ask is that you do a few fair chores and once in a while I ask to feed.
It’s not like I do it often. I have dozens of servants so you only have to be fed upon once a month.
So why is it that when it’s your feeding day I wake up to find my bag empty?
Was the contract not clear in its wording? Every 27 days at 9:00 p.m. you were to head down to the feeding room, hook yourself up to the IV, and fill just one bag with your delicious blood so I can start my night off with a meal.
Shhhhh! I don’t want any excuses. You’ve tested my patience. I’m going to feed on you wether you want to or not. Now, are you going to let me feed on you, or are you going to make this harder on yourself?
That’s a good pet. vampire bite sound effect disgusted spitting
WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? What do you mean you “got no blood”? How? Were born like this? Wait wait wait, you’re a flesh golem? How? No I know how golems are made, I mean how can you be a golem all this time without me knowing?
How did you even get this job? Having blood is a very important part of selecting a servant! You took some from an ambulance and passed it off as your own? Ignoring how incredibly immoral that is why would you even do that?
What do you mean you wanted this job? You do know what I am right? I’m an evil vampire queen who’s taking desperate people from their family’s to be used as maids and blood bags! Why would you want to work here?
Well I guess that is true. I do have a lot of maids for a relatively small house and I don’t use most of the rooms so that leaves very little actual cleaning to be done. Do all the servants feel this way? Hmm, I thought they hated me.
Well I’ll think about that later. For now I have to deal with you. I can’t exactly keep you around knowing your “secret” but I have a feeling you’re not willing to leave without a fight.
Hmmm, now that I think about if I have had a resent problem with so called “vampire hunters” sneaking into my home in a fool hearty attempt at killing me. How would you feel about becoming my new body guard? Very well, you’ll start on Monday.
Until then fetch Maria, I’m still hungry. What do you mean “that might be a problem”? Yes I know there’s a full moon out what of it? SHES A WHAT?
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2023.06.09 07:05 AstroPotatoes SilverWolf works wonders in Moc 9

SilverWolf works wonders in Moc 9
Hi Friends,
I have a great team setup for MoC 9, but my apologies this applies to the few players who have a second healer + Seele + Ting (which most deep MoC runs use). For those who are struggling with Stage 9, you very likely have Seele + Bailu which are perfect here with SilverWolf. Having SW removes the need for a tank if you run a quantum + lightning comp. SW's ult is easy to charge and one-shots Svarog's summons (which has innate quantum weakness). After dealing with the arm in one turn, you can inject quantum weakness into Svarog and break him with your entire team.
Quick tips:
Ting needs to battery Bailu's ultimate in order to survive the first few turns of AoE damage (My Bailu had 4k HP and 40% outgoing healing). Once the arm is summoned, either Seele or SW's ultimate can break it (even before it absorbs a team member). Then SW can inject quantum weakness into Svarog + def shred leading to a kill in 3-4 turns.
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2023.06.09 07:04 DOUGHTY4N0RRIS Weird wiring issue

Hi all, was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a weird wiring issue I’ve been having.
I have a guitar with two humbuckers, a 3 way switch, volume pot, and master coil split toggle. I just finished it the other day and have had a chance to plug in for the first time.
I’ve had a couple of issues.
When it’s in humbucker mode, everything seems to work fine, except for a slight buzzing/humming noise. My assumption is a ground issue. I have GFS four wire humbuckers, and just wired both the coil-spilt and one of the ground wires (the negative side, not the bare shield) to the same terminal on the coil-split switch, so I assume I need to relocate that ground wire onto the ground terminal of that switch, which should hopefully fix the problem? Or do I need to redo any other grounds?
The other issue I’ve had is that in single coil mode, it’s super, super quiet. My amp volume wasn’t that loud, so I can’t quite tell if it’s even coming out of the amp at all or if the switch is just grounding out everything and acting as a kill switch instead of splitting the coils. Is this the same problem as above?
The volume knob, pickup selector, and jack all seem fine and I don’t think the grounds with those are causing any issues, I’m hoping if I just rewire this coil-split switch, it’ll fix the problem, but was hoping for any help.
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2023.06.09 07:00 Wrong_Organization13 The one-dimensional views team black fans have on team green.

I want to preface this by saying I don't mean to offend or be rude to anyone and this is just my thoughts. Of course, not every team black fan is like this, that is not what I'm saying.
So, as the title says I'm going to talk about the one-dimensional views team black fans have of team green.
I'm gonna talk about a few of the major show characters and events that team black thinks are just one clear thing.
I. Ser Criston Cole's hatred for Rhaenyra
The general consensus about Criston Cole is that he's still salty about Rhaenyra rejecting him so he wants to ruin her life. So, let's talk about the situation.
Let's just get one thing straight: Rhaenyra raped Criston.
So, Nyra goes back to the Red keep and tries to seduce Criston. It's very clear that Criston doesn't want to, he even tries to leave and Rhaenyra blocks him. She's laughing and seems to find It funny. Then, they have sex. (I know, this is a kind of bad description but I've never been goof at those)
A few of the arguments I see of this scene are:
"Criston was a grown man he could have moved her out of the way."
"He was smiling too and going along so it was consensual."
"Rhaenyra was a child, she couldn't have raped Criston, who was a grown man"
These are all problematic for multiple reasons.
First, let's talk about the power difference here. Nyra is a princess and Criston is the son of a steward. Nyra is the one who gives Criston his position and made him kingsgaurd(I also had an argument with this one person and they said that Nyra didn't make Criston Kingsgaurd, it was Viserys. I suppose he did, but Nyra chose Criston, and Viserys would have made anyone who Nyra chose into a kingsgaurd. So it's basically Rhaenyra who gave Crison his position). So Criston had no option to really refuse Nyra. Criston said it himself being a kingsgaurd is the only thing he has to his name. So when you think about that fact and the fact that Cole literally has nothing without Nyra, it become obvious that Cole would practically be forces into doing whatever Nyra says. Could he really say no to his boss and the person who gave him everything and could just as easily take it away? We have seen many times with Nyra acting arrogant and selfish, especially her younger self. That is apart of her character, people are supposed to acknowledge that(hell, Viserys even says it outright but no one likes him so they dont listen to him), but most see her as this feminist Icon that can do no wrong just bc she's a woman and she's "standing against the patriarchy"
Secondly, let's talk about the Argument that Criston could have just physically pushed her away: This kind of ties in with the power Nyra has over Cole. Criston could actually be killed for touching a princess or refusing her in general. So, could he really? Also the argument that it would actually harm Nyra to tell on criston is half wrong, she could say it was about something else and he pushed her away. Also, even if Cole tried to defend himself he would get killed( maybe by Viserys or Daemon bc they kill or threaten anyone who even remotely insults Rhaenyra...You could argue that Criston would be a Vaemond before the Vaemond thing happened) There's no winning for Cole. Not in any scenario.
I dont want this to be long so I'll stop it there but there's a lot of things I'm not saying, this is just the main thing.
2: "Alicent is not victim, Rhaenyra is"
I cannot begin to explain how angry I was when I saw this type of comment on tik tok.
They're both victims, but to say that one is a victim and one is not is just wrong. I also heard the argument that said "Alicent was a victim when she was younger but not anymore"....WHAT?????
That's just a disgusting thing to say. What are people even thinking?
Alicent has been manipulated, raped, groomed(Like Rhaenyra but ppl only seem to focus on Nyra being groomed and not Alicent) and much more. Alicent is a victim of everything wrong with westerosi society and its views on women. Her whole life is a prison, one that she can't escape.
Also, the whole thing with Nyra being mad at Alicent is very stupid. Alicent has explained many times that her father is not a good man and he will do horrible things to get what he wants. Nyra knows this. Sure, you could argue that Nyra was angrier about the fact that Alicent never told her but...would you? What would you even say? "Oh...my dad is forcing me to try and seduce your father, and now we might get married." 🙃
I went a little off topic but I'm back to Alicent being a victim.
And to say that Older Alicent doesn't deserve as much sympathy just because she knows now what type of person Rhaenyra is and the threat she poses to Alicents children, is disgusting. It's saying just because Alicent isn't trying anymore to be Rhaenyra's bestie means that she's more hateful. I would argue that Alicent should be a lot meaner to Nyra than she is, I sure would be horrible to the person whose very existence is a threat to my children's life.
BOTH ALICENTS ARE VICTIMS JUST LIKE BOTH RHAENYRA'S ARE VICTIMS!!!! Don't just look pat Alicents trauma and abuse just because you don't like her, it's OK to not like her, but to say that she isn't a victim and Rhaenyra is is just a horrible thing to say.
3: Aemond stole Vhagar
This is probably the one I'm most passionate about. I have seen many people from team black say this also, so it isn't really a one dimensional view, I just wanted to explain it to the people reading this that actually think Aemond stole Vhagar.
This will probably be the shortest one because it's just common sense that a lot of people don't seem to have.
A dragon cannot be stolen. A dragon claims the rider not the other way around.
And vhagar was never Rhaena's, she never tried to claim her. Also, this is also kind of Rhaena's fault for not claiming Vhagar. I know, Rhaena was mourning the death of her mother, claiming Vhagar probably wasn't on her mind. But then she can't really be mad at Aemond for using his one opportunity to claim a dragon when she had days to claim vhagar( it probably took days to get the funeral in order and other factors).
A dragon cannot be inherited.
Now, saying Aemond stole Vhagar would mean something totally different if Rhaena was actually bonded to vhagar and Aemond still tried to claim Vhagar and Vhagar actually chose Aemond instead of Rhaena(Im not sure if this could happen, I havent read the books and im only going off of shoe Canon. So please, dont go "Well in the books...." no. Im talking about the show, not the book). It would the make much more sense for the whole fight and argument to happen, but Rhaena never tried to claim Vhagar. Also, who's to say Vhagar wouldn't have burned Rhaena to a crisp if Rhaena tried to claim her? Vhagar wanted Aemond and she let Aemond claim her.
Also Aemond deserved better, both older and younger. I love them both but Older aemond is kinda like...a war criminal sooooooo.
I hope this makes sense. I'm kind of ranting so I didn't really thing about my grammar so don't judge if it's really bad. ALSO, I didn't look over this so, if I made a mistake please let me know(not with every single grammar mistake bc that's annoying)
I'll probably get a lot of hate for this if a lot of people end up seeing it but I said what I said.
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2023.06.09 06:57 PotentialMotor529 Here we go again!!

It's funny like first my mother sent me to kill malbonte but I didn't actually worse I sided with him😂 Now she wants me to kill War, like mother come on, lower your expectations!!
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2023.06.09 06:55 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] [Get] Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle - Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 06:53 bluejaybby Left at the altar… help me choose what to do next!

My sim (Alani Maher, YA-F) got left at the altar by her fiancé and the father of her child (Efrain Moon, YA-M). Their relationship started when they were both teens, dating casually until a surprise pregnancy forced them to get serious. As a young adult, Alani knew that she wanted to explore her sexuality and date more sims than just Efrain, so she broke up with him when she left for university. However, they were still very much in love and still very attracted to each other. Efrain and their son (Jackson Maher-Moon, I-M) moved to Britechester to be close to Alani while she completed her studies. While on their break, Efrain slept with Alani’s longtime best friend, Greta Laurent (YA-F), resulting in the birth of a baby girl (Alison Laurent, Newborn-F). When Alani discovered Alison’s existence, a jealous rage overtook her and she confronted Greta. Alani decided that if she can’t have Efrain, no one can. She set fire to Greta’s home, killing her. Alani is wracked with guilt but relieved that her competition is dead. She knows that Efrain must be hers and hers alone. Alani proposes to Efrain, who accepts. Shortly before the day of the wedding, one of Alani’s good friends (Yvonne Goth, YA-F), flirts with her. Alani has always been extremely attracted to Yvonne but never acted on these feelings. As a loyal sim, Alani’s feelings for Yvonne and their flirtation weighs heavily on her mind, but she pushes them aside to focus on planning the wedding. Plus, Yvonne flirted with her, not the other way around, so did Alani really even cheat?
On the day of the wedding, all attendees gather at the Von Haunt Estate. The first issue - Efrain is not wearing the wedding suit Alani picked out for him. This is easy enough to fix, but even in his suit, Efrain is reluctant to meet Alani at the wedding arch, cut the cake together, or even kiss. He keeps leaving the venue, and when Alani begs him to come back, he returns without his suit on. After many grueling hours of Alani attempting to beg Efrain to join the ceremony, the event ends unsuccessfully and the guests leave. Humiliated and enraged, Alani confesses to cheating on Efrain before he leaves.
Should Alani mend her relationship with Efrain and marry him, living happily ever after? Should she pursue a relationship with Yvonne instead? Was Efrain reluctant to get married because he somehow knows that Alani killed Greta, and he needs to be killed or otherwise silenced? Maybe Alani should kill everyone involved and simply start fresh? Or could Alani accept her feelings for both Efrain and Yvonne, and the three of them form an unconventional family?
(Thanks for reading! I’m very tired right now so I hope this story at least makes sense lol. This post is brought to you by My Wedding Stories, the buggiest pack ever. Any and all plot suggestions are welcome!)
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2023.06.09 06:50 Mental_Shine8098 Finally feeling the heat

I've seen many posts on here about pvp players jumping in and going all blood hound mode on unsuspecting players, I finally know first hand how that felt. Mind you that I'm not at all a great player, I've had my fair share of dying (more than most people I'd say), usually sticking to only killing AI, but today was the day that made me want to hunt players, especially the ones that kill and teabag you for no reason whatsoever.
So veteran DMZ players, how do I go about getting good at hunting these people?
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2023.06.09 06:48 detatchedsoul7 Books like vicious

Can someone suggest me some books like Vicious by Victoria Schwab? Was not a big fan of the second book.
This particular quote from the first book fascinated me. "But these words people threw around - humans, monsters, heroes, villains - to Victor it was all just a matter of semantics. Someone could call themselves a hero and still walk around killing dozens. Someone else could be labeled a villain for trying to stop them. Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human."
If someone can think of a book with similar dynamic, please suggest one.
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2023.06.09 06:46 IVBIVB Asked for super spicy wings. Got MC'ed by the cook.

In the time before time, when I was in college, a buddy of mine and I used to go to (buffalo/chicken) Wings night every Monday at the local joint. In NY, so the wings were legit. EXCEPT..."suicide" level hot was never really that spicy, just a bunch of tabasco. One day we were really jonesing for hot. We had physically seen the cook in prior visits, big burly "don't screw with me" type of person. I told the waiter to write down our directions to the cook. We said "Table 8 says you cannot make these wings spicy enough for them because you like small boys and are not enough of a man to make them hot".
He first refused to write that down, we slipped him a $10 (big money back then) and said "just blame us".
A pitcher of crap beer and 1 dozen wings for each came out. They smelled spicy, so we were stoked.
Had one bit of one wing. Immediately chugged our 16 ounce beer cuz OMG HOW DID HE MAKE THEM THIS SPICY ON A WHIM!
We each ate the remainder of the very first wing, that pitcher of beer was annihilated.
We hadn't noticed but the cook was sticking his head out the door watching us. At this point he's crying from laughing so hard. Comes over and says he'll make us a fresh order, those were the ones sitting at the very bottom of the prep bucket for hours, had been soaking in the chili peppers/etc and they never served them as a rule.
We told him that wasn't right - we demanded hyper spicy, he delivered, it was our responsibility to finish them with a smile. We immediately called 2 friends, told them in 2 hours we'd need to be picked up because we'd be hammered and they had to come drive us and my car home. They were baffled as it was a Monday night but agreed.
Took 2 full hours and 3 pitchers of beer each but we finished them. We stayed as quiet as we could given how much pain we were in, thankfully the restaurant was always <50% full. The cook came out to give us a high five and asked "I'm betting you won't (ask for ultra spicy) again right?" "No sir we will not, you have beaten us and we acknowledge your superiority"
We left a monster tip and our sober friends drove us home. Made both of us sit in the backseat of my car as they didn't want to risk anyone throwing up in their car or on one of them as the driver.
Epilogue: 12 far-hotter-than-suicide buffalo wings didn't just burn on the way down. Thankfully we lived with only college students, who heard "OH MY GOD PLEASE KILL ME NOW" from the bathroom for 48 hours after that.
Best. Wings. Ever.
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2023.06.09 06:43 george123890yang Best ways to play though Mass Effect 2 on the Insanity difficulty?

Imo, my strategies to play through ME2 on the hardest difficulty are first picking a class which gives a free armor or ammo ability (Sentinel or Vanguard), and then picking an armor or ammo ability (Barrier, Warp Ammo etc.) as it will help the main character endure damage as well as shred through enemy armor and barriers. It is also helpful to memorize what enemies you will fight in each level as it will help players pick which teammates to bring along. If the enemies have shields (Drones/Blue Suns/Eclipse) then I recommend bringing Garrus and Miranda as Overload will tear through their shields and make them easier to kill. If the enemies have armor (Collectors/Blood), I would recommend bring Grunt and Mordin as their fire abilities will shred their armor, and Grunt's armor ability will help him endure damage from the collectors.
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2023.06.09 06:43 H0PS1N_RS Have I killed my seedling?

Have I killed my seedling?
Both of my seeds I planted at same time has extreme difference in growth and appearance in my second plant appears to be very sick. I haven’t added nutrients to my water on any watering day. (Every 3-4 days) according to my notes. Day 11 since it sprouted from soil, using Fox Farm Happy Frog. One day after watering the seedling fell down so I propped it up with a tooth pick and moved more soil around the base and redirected the oscillating fan to blow off the tent walls rather than on the plants. Using tap water leaving to evap for 24hr to get chlorine out (tested with strips) and PH water ranging from 5.9-6.4, different levels each watering. First time grower here so I’m very blind to the process and trying to learn where I have succeeded and failed. My other plant looks very healthy and has began to develop is first set of 5 finger leaves.
TL:DR have I killed my seedling or should I use 1/4-1/2 strength nutes per fox farm feed schedule for week 2-3?
Pictures attached over the last few days of my observations
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2023.06.09 06:42 fiftyfour13 Traumatised 12yo Sister and with an obsessive crush, Advice needed

Hi there, I (24F) took half custody of my sister (12F) last year, her mother (50F) had schizoaffective disorder and in an episode of psychosis, ended her life by setting the house on fire but attempted to murder my sister and our elderly father (70M), the fire also killed sister's childhood dog. Due to the nature of my step mother's illness, I wasn't allowed contact with my sister or father since I was 12, so she didn't know me until last year.
I'm a mental health practitioner which has definitely come in clutch in assisting them in a trauma informed way, my sister is in regular therapy and we've tried our best to give her a life that she's happy and proud to live - still a long way to go, moving into a new house with nothing was difficult but we've almost accomplished it.
I'm looking for advise regarding recent behaviour that has me concerned. My sister has a crush at school (also has 5 others). Obviously crushes happen but she's borderline obsessive. She is constantly talking about him but rarely mentions anything else that interests her despite trying to engage her in that conversation. She tries to follow him home from school and was sad to realise he walked a distance only for his parents to pick him up so she couldn't figure out where he lives. She refuses to actually speak with him due to social anxiety and when asked what she'd do if he liked her back, she adamantly tells us that she's "scared of commitment" - which made me laugh at first given her age but now I'm getting increasingly worried. She's taking care of herself, which is an improvement given that she struggled to after the fire but its only to be "the best version" of herself for her crush. She was exercising multiple times a day and engaging in other disordered eating patterns which we've seemingly stamped out (for context, I have had significant mental illness in my past and know the "tricks" of hidden eating disorders). She's overweight and gets bullied about this at school, so we've booked her in with a nutritionist to educate her on positive food choices for her wellbeing physically and mentally instead of focusing on weight loss specifically.
I am worried about her self esteem as I believe this crush is a direct response to that but I also don't want to pathologise her. I'm worried that she'll practise unsafe sex at an early age because she went through early puberty at 8, so she's well developed already despite her age. I'm constantly anxious about her teenaged years and ensuring she's safe and sound.
What would you do about this crush? How would you go about speaking to her about these behaviours? I don't want to shame her or humiliate her but i'm unsure of how to tackle this. Her therapist hasn't been very helpful in providing ideas on how to manage her mental health from a parental standpoint and im basing everything from my work, but my work isn't with children. Any advise would be great.
Thank you, sorry for the long post, just at a loss!
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2023.06.09 06:41 DracoWeasley [PC] [PLACIDUSAX] [NG] Hunting King Ghidora

Hi, like the title says, I'm currently trying to kill Placidusax in my first playthrough. I've got the strategy down, but either my mimic dies on me while he's still got 10k health left, or I get caught by the Lazer breath. Anyone who can dodge better than my mimic (or me tbh, first playthrough after all) is much appreciated
If it helps, I've got the Ruins and Starscourge great swords (maxed), and the Clawmark Seal (+16), with 65 STR and basic bossfight spells (Rot Breath, Flame Grant Strength, etc.)
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2023.06.09 06:41 Gesture45 OCD Post Brain Injury

I had no symptoms of OCD until after my brain injury, when I was 28. Now I have visions without impulses - when I’m with someone (mostly my 9 year old daughter or my husband) I envision hurting or killing them. The majority of the time it’s strangling or suffocating with a pillow, but lately it’s been a bat with nails.
It’s awful, and it’s like a vision where I’m seeing it “first-person” from a video game. And I feel the feeling in my finger tips.
Don’t worry, I’m being followed by a psychiatrist and several other professionals. Everything is safe.
But I don’t have the physical impulses like check anything.
Does anyone else have the vision only OCD? I’d love to connect.
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2023.06.09 06:41 thejocka hinderstap and the band

Did members of the band really kill themselves in hinderstap so they could be reborn to kill? Or did people join the band from hinderstap? Or did people die in mat's first journey there?
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2023.06.09 06:39 Sarophie 1st Time Player. I finally get it.

Just bought the game on sale after putting off playing for years. And holy shit. That first Chimera fight. Climbing all over that fucker, Colossus style, chopping off and killing heads. Getting tossed about, tossing pawns about. The kickass interactions with allies during combat. Man. Y'all already know. But.
I get it. Holy shit. <3
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2023.06.09 06:38 OctarineOctane Have your players become Strahd's consorts or heirs? How did it go?

Strahd's goals are basically (1) marry Ireena, (2) kill RVR, (3) get his diary back, (4) find new suitors to become a potential consort or heir.
Wedding invitations have already been sent for my campaign (don't worry; if my players don't stop the wedding the Dark Powers will).
Strahd has asked them, at various points, to return the Tome, bring RVR's head, and/or be adopted into a family of tremendous wealth and power as his heir. So far, my players have turned these offers down... Except the orphan/urchin halfling rogue. He's actually entertaining the idea of having two dads (Strahd, Escher) and three/four moms (Anastrasya, Ludmilla, Volenta, Ireena) as a huge improvement over zero parents.
The "adoption" ceremony would of course require the sharing of blood. What bonds a family more than blood? And what better way to share blood than a little bite on the neck?
I have made it clear to my players that if they contract vampirism or lycanthropy their character sheets are mine. I did concede that I would be willing to negotiate if they became vampires or werecreatures WILLINGLY (e.g. not in combat), and it told a good story, but that they will lose significant amounts of free will and endure tremendous pain in the process of transformation.
Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone else had their players accept these kinds of deals. I think many parties give up Ireena or RVR as bargaining chips, and some give up the Tome as well. But to give up themselves as a consort or heir... That's different.
Did your players become Strahd's consorts or heirs? How did it go?
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2023.06.09 06:38 autobuzzfeedbot Even If You Hate Sports, These 11 Shocking And Unbelievable Facts Will Make You Read To The Very End

  1. The Pirates' Dock Ellis was tripping on acid when he threw a no-hitter against the Padres on June 12, 1970. The right hander mistakenly believed he wasn't scheduled to pitch until the next day, so he dropped acid with a friend around noon. Two hours later, he realized he was supposed to pitch THAT NIGHT.
  2. Monica Seles was the number one ranked women's tennis player in the world when, during a match at the 1993 Hamburg Open, an obsessed fan of rival tennis star Steffi Graf leaned onto the court and stabbed Seles in the back with a boning knife. The knife plunged an inch and a half deep between Seles's shoulder blades. Thankfully, Seles had leaned forward to drink water a second before the attack, saving herself from much more severe injuries. She was raced to the hospital and released a few days later.
  3. Eddie Gaedel — a little person who stood 3'7” tall — became the shortest player in major league history on August 19, 1951 when he stepped to the plate for the St. Louis Browns against the Detroit Tigers. The Browns were a bad team (they went 52–102 in 1951) with an owner, Bill Veeck, who pulled a lot of stunts to get fans into the stadium. Gaedel's appearance was one of them.
  4. Manon Rhéaume became the first woman to play in the National Hockey League in 1992 when she played goaltender for the Tampa Bay Lightning in a pre-season game against the St. Louis Blues. She played one quarter, allowing two goals and blocking seven shots. While she never made a regular-season NHL roster, she appeared in another pre-season game for the Lightning the following year, and played in the minor leagues between 1992 and 1997, becoming the first woman to appear in a professional regular season game.
  5. Nearly five decades earlier, Toni Stone not only became the first woman to play in the Negro Leagues, but the first woman to be a regular on a big league professional baseball team. She signed to play second base for the 1953 Indianapolis Clowns (Hank Aaron was a member of the team the previous year), and played in 50 games, hitting a respectable .243. She played with the Kansas City Monarchs the following year before retiring to become a nurse.
  6. Freddy Adu — a 14-year-old soccer prodigy from Ghana — become the youngest person ever to play for a major league sports team when he took the field on April 3, 2004 for D.C. United against the San Jose Earthquakes. Two weeks later, he became the youngest player to score a goal in Major League Soccer history. Despite his young start and comparisons to soccer legend Pelé, Adu went on to have an un-extraordinary journeyman career, playing on 15 different teams over the next couple decades.
  7. On the flip side, the legendary Hall of Fame pitcher Satchel Paige became the oldest person ever to appear in a major league game when — at age 58 — he took the mound for the Kansas City A's against the Boston Red Sox.
  8. On March 2, 1962, basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain scored a staggering 100 points in one game for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks. This is perhaps sports' most unbreakable record, with only Kobe Bryant coming anywhere close to matching it, when — 44 years later in 2006 — he scored a comparatively paltry 81 points.
  9. In a spring training game on March 24, 2001, the Diamondbacks' Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson hurled a 98-miles-per-hour fastball that hit and killed a bird that had the misfortune of flying into its path. The batter, San Francisco Giants' outfielder Calvin Murray, told the Athletic, "My initial reaction was the ball had exploded. I thought it was a practical joke or something, that he threw some tricked-up exploding baseball. It just took a minute for it to process."
  10. Amazingly, fellow Hall of Famer Dave Winfield had a similar experience in 1983. The Yankee was warming up in the outfield in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays when he threw a ball that hit and killed a seagull.
  11. Lastly, Ed Head — a left-handed pitching phenom — was just 15 years old when tragedy struck. He was riding a bus with his arm around his girlfriend's shoulder when the bus collided with another oncoming bus, knocking him unconscious. When he came to, he saw his girlfriend was dead and that his left arm had been ripped from its socket and was dangling by a thread. After a long surgery, doctors managed to avoid amputating his left arm, but told him he would never pitch again. Rather than give up, Head began the long process of teaching himself to throw right handed.
Link to article
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2023.06.09 06:38 Direct-Plankton-7499 Finding two mobile games.

Hello everyone, I’m not sure if this is the sun to post this to, but I’m looking for two old mobile game I used to play when I was like, 8 maybe younger, now I’m 17.
The first game was on the App Store, it was a top down shooter, it was about an alien shooting other aliens from what I think I remember there was like a decent plethora of weapons and was hella fun, I don’t remember if it was wave based or if enemies just kept coming, the story was something like aliens invaded another aliens planet, and this little grey guy is mad about it and just starts killing them, or his alien dog died.
The next game is marble popping one, but it’s not top down, it’s sideways, I think the character is a girl, maybe, and there’s a campaign style map on some island, and at the end of the map is like a mountain, the gameplay is you shoot marbles from the left of your screen to the right, and the marbles come from the right to the left, if I remember correctly the marbles slowly kept advancing toward you, this was also on the apple store.
Although this is hella vague, it would be quite nice if anyone remembers either of these, simply looking some more nostalgia.
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2023.06.09 06:37 jy02521671 all Mythic path experiences

I just played through all mythic paths over the last 3 months including DLCs. The story is so rich, have to say I genuinely had a good time. For me, some mythic paths play throughs are more enjoyable than the others, here are my experiences with each mythic path, my preferred class, and my epic moments:
Trickster - Gendarme
Mechanics - Perception2 increase critical multiplier, Trick Fate guarantees all attacks hit and crit (dualwield can achieve up to 10 crits in a row). On top of Gendarme's x3 x2 charge damage multiplier. World3 gives any feats you want, Persuasion3 makes enemies kill themselves, Magic Device3 makes metamagic rods infinite use. Nature3 can give unique items otherwise unobtainable any other way. Mechanically trickster can do anything and everything.
Disadvantage - None, Trickster is just too good.
Epic Moment - 1 round KO Deskari on unfair.
Demon - Kineticist
Mechanics - Demon Rage Kalavakus Aspect gives a free weapon hit on each CMB check. Kineticist has push/bowling infusion to trigger CMB checks on AOE attacks. Demon story gets to usurp Nocticula's city if so choose.
Disadvantage - Story is heavily skewed towards an evil Demon, even if you pick all the good choices in the game, Arueshalae still leaves you.
Epic Moment - Unfair Nahyndri is the hardest boss in the game, and Kineticist can just solo him. Also watching enemies walk into my AOE, get pushed away, then walk back in… again and again, while sipping on my tea and not having to control anything… is very amusing.
Swarm That Walks - Oracle Seeker
Mechanics - Swarm Clone copies your ability and spells, max 3 clones at mythic 9. Insane melee attack range if you are willing to grind up your Swarm Size. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook, Oracle offers Angel spellbook merge + pet progression, pet stays after your companions leave.
Disadvantage - no companions/mercenaries. Story is bare minimum, no ascension ending. No research in crusader mode, so Act 5 research items are inaccessible. No base building, no teleport around the map, meaning you have to waste time walking everywhere and get into random fights. No generals to lead your armies, so crusader mode becomes a dry and stale experience.
Epic Moment - the sheer quantity of attacks of opportunities when I can melee punch enemies from 2 screens away.
Angel - Shadow Shaman
Mechanics - Angel spells focus on buffs, and in this game pre-buffing before fights is overpowered. Can merge spell book, mostly buff spells plus irresistible damage spell Storm of Justice. Shadow Shamon can merge and offers pet + sneak attacks.
Disadvantage - Angel ending gives an extra fight with Deskari, sadly no extra fight with Baphomet. Angel story is really good, but needs to read a guide on it first otherwise very easy to miss characters/items.
Epic Moment - >! Iomadae came down and invited me to heaven !< , then I refused her like a boss!
Lich - Sylvan Sorcerer
Mechanics - Can raise dead NPCs as minions/companions. No limit to the number raised, can trivialise boss fights. Lich ignores Constitution damage. Vampiric Blade gives lifesteal on weapon hits. Can merge spell books. Overall has a good blend of buffs, debuffs, and damage spells. Sylvan Sorcerer can merge with lich spellbook and offers a pet.
Disadvantage - no real way to avoid the atrocities in act 5. Seela will leave you. Repurpose is glitchy, best not to use on important NPCs. Undead companions don't talk much.
Epic Moment - Walking around with balor bodyguards as if I'm someone important. The story is alright, was a little surprised when >! the crusade turned on me on the ending slides !<
Aeon - Divine Hound
Mechanics - Aeon Bane is a weapon buff that dispells enemy buffs on hit. Upon mythic level 6 all summoned units/pet get Aeon Bane. Divine Hound offers pet and free teamwork feats for your pet. Theoretically you can also spell summon nature allies to make full use of Aeon Bane. Edict of Invulnerability gives temporary physical immune. True Form can give massive stats buff. Interesting unique story with time travel.
Disadvantage - Spell summoned units can not be directly controlled and they require finicky maneuvering/positioning. Aeon Gaze requires manual activation every fight, it can get annoying. True Form can not be metamagic extended, there are ways to make it 24 hours, but takes a lot of work, and you only get 2 casts of it. Aeon ending is sad, makes you question why did you bother spending the last 100 hours to achieve a nothing ending.
Epic Moment - that one time I buffed to 80+ in all stats.
Azata - Overwhelming Mage
Mechanics - Overwhelming Mage gives +4 spell pen +3DC and is a Charisma caster, aligns with Life-bonding friendship. Favourable Magic gives your spell DC check roll twice. Zippy Magic makes your hideous laughtephantasmal killer jump to another enemy. The story revolves a lot around the dragon pet Aivu.
Disadvantage - Caster build falls off at higher difficulties. The DC just can't scale high enough to be relevant.
Epic Moment - meeting Arueshalae's ex in Act4 was pretty savage.
Devil - Crossblooded
Mechanics - Crossblooded can choose 2 draconic bloodlines with fire damage boost. Devil mythic 9 gets infinite hellfire ray, can set it to auto cast. Only Azata and Aeon can become Devil. Keeps previous mythic spells. Azata keeps Superpowers and Aeon keeps Aeon Bane.
Disadvantage - Infinite hellfire ray can not be metamagic boosted, which limits scaling potential. Story is OK, playing politics with Chilax, but for an evil character you never feel powerful, ending is mediocre. Can not recruit Galfrey.
Epic Moment - Decree of Never-ending War doesn't have mind-affecting descriptor… then I used it on mind-affecting immune enemies and it worked!
Legend - Fighter + Knife Master
Mechanics - Max level to 40, but per class is still capped at 20. BAB bonuses stack between classes, can achieve 10+ weapon hits in 1 round. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook. Fighter is a given with the weapon training, and Knife Master offers 10d8 sneak attacks. Can also keep Trickster critical feats after turning Legend.
Disadvantage - no ascension ending. CL does not stack between classes, heavily skewed towards a weapon based build, as you can achieve 40BAB versus 28CL if you are going caster build. If legend offers 40 CL, it would put casters on the same level playing field.
Epic Moment - Giving away mythic powers, then regretting the fact that I could have ascended to godhood had I made different choices.
Gold Dragon - Oracle
Mechanics - 3 dragon feats can choose from any non-mythic feats. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook. Uplift your BAB to 25. Oracle/Loremaster can merge and keep Angel spells, then the weak BAB gets uplifted at Mythic 9. Ideally at character creation you want to dump all other stats and pump one stat to 22, so at Mythic 9 all your other stats get uplifted to 18, and your one highest stat gets further +8.
Disadvantage - Dragon Breath is underwhelming, your weapon attacks do more damage. Requires a lot of planning ahead, once you become Gold Dragon, you can't respec otherwise you lose your merged Angel/Lich spells. The story is lackluster, no meaningful difference between corrupted and uncorrupted Dragon, Dragon ending is also mediocre.
Epic Moment - Finding out that there is a unique dialogue to stop Arueshalae from leaving by reforming from Demon to Gold Dragon… experienced that redemption moment… then promptly reloaded to continue Demon…
So that's my experience, comment below what is your Path/Build and your Epic Moment?
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2023.06.09 06:36 Thepersonpeople119 Why do I get sad when I’m not instantly good at a video game that I barely have any experience in?

I already know the answer to this question, but I just want clearly defined words spelled out for me. The game in question is Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) I’m not a serious CSGO player at all. I’ve only played CSGO about 5 or 6 times in total maybe? 12.5 hours in total lol. Last time I played was like last summer. Only reason why I’m playing it is because some friends play it. I have barely any experience with these kinds of games, as i’ve been playing COD and Battlefield my whole life on Xbox. Just recently moved to PC gaming in 2021, and I’ve gotten pretty good at more tactical military games like Squad. I’d say I’m pretty good at those games and I can get a good amount of kills as a foot soldier in Squad.
At first, like pretty much any new player to csgo, I didn’t understand the bullet patterns and am slow to the uber fast reaction times because I’ve had sleeping issues for years now and I’m always chronically fatigued to some degree (lol I shouldn’t be playing a game like this if I’m hazy). As well as how It looked like I was drilling holes into that opponent but it wasn’t enough to kill them and they headshot me almost instantly. I was told not to move when I shoot, and try to aim for the head and tap fire yada yada yada. I played a bit yesterday with 2 friends, and I got 3rd on my team with 25 kills and 20 deaths. But today I was just not doing good at all. I then noticed that I was sort sleepy about halfway through playing, as I only got 6 hours of sleep last night.
So I don’t care about the game and I never play it on my own, but why do I get that sad feeling where I’m not consistently good at a game that I barely have any experience in and which takes hundreds of hours to perfect, all while becoming progressively more sleepy from low amount of sleep from last night? Lol idk that feeling only happens in games like CSGO and the 2 times I played Valorant? Thanks.
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