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This is a subreddit where you can post GIFs a of unrealistic South Asian movie or television scenes.

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CNN: Anonymous Basement Dweller Edits Posters for Funky Munky Image Board, World Leaders Humbled; "Inspirational"

2023.06.09 06:55 styrofoamcatgirl What does it mean when your partner accuses you of flirting with your friends?

Jealousy? Possessiveness? Projection? Or something else?
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2023.06.09 06:55 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] [Get] Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle - Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 06:55 OkGlass7644 [Ghost-friendly F playing A4A playing opposite] Let’s roleplay!

PLEASE NO MINORS, GM’ING, AND DOUBLING (I can’t multitask rp’s like that, unfortunately.)
Hey! I’m 21F and from the US (CDT). I’m looking for a semi-lit partner that is 20-25 years old. I’ve been roleplaying for a little less than a decade and consider myself to be a literate person. I don’t always use big words, but I think my grammar and spelling make up for it. I’m no author, but enjoy writing, so my replies are usually detailed and 1+ paragraphs. You don’t have to write a book for every reply, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d send at least a paragraph that pushes the roleplay forward. I’m totally fine with talking ooc, whether that be about some plot points and ideas, venting, or just needing a break. If you’d like to ghost, you can do that too.
Depending on the RP and my partner, I can write as both M and F. I prefer M/F pairings and am comfortable writing in both first and third person and past and present tense. I mainly roleplay in modern settings with romance, drama, and SoL aspects. I like historical/AU ones as well. I don’t know much about fantasy and sci-fi, so I stay away from them, but if you’re willing to help me understand it better, I’ll try it. :) Most of my replies are improv based, so I bounce off of whatever I’m given. However, if it’s something major (main character death, gore, sexual assault, etc.), I’ll call a timeout so we can discuss it before proceeding. I like to add in some smut, but it won’t be the main focus. I like about 70% story and 30% smut unless it’s for story purposes. If you just want some smut to read, I’m sure there’s some other subreddit about it. Anyway, before we get to any smut, let me preface: WRITING SMUT DOES NOT MEAN I WANT TO SEXT. I don’t get off to roleplays (I’m aroace) and don’t want to see your respective genitalia.
Now, onto the other details: I mostly use kik and discord to roleplay. If we click here, we can exchange usernames and get started. At the moment, I don’t have any fleshed out plots, but I have a couple of pairings in mind that we can work off of if you have no ideas. If you’re not going to put any effort or thought into the roleplay, please don’t bother. I like to brainstorm with my partner and make something we both will enjoy.
Also, I can promise to reply at least a couple of times a day depending on what I have going on. Please understand that we both have lives outside of this and things come up.
If you’ve read this far (sorry for the length!) and are interested in creating something, please pm me. I look forward to hearing from you :)
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2023.06.09 06:54 weakveins Fool me 16 times, shame on you, fool me 17 times and I guess I’ll leave.

He lied, again.
I’m not even shocked, or angry, anymore. Just numb.
When I confronted him, he lied more. He changed the story. He did everything but the thing I needed from him: tell the truth.
He fell asleep, while I cried to a friend on the phone. How do you fall asleep when the person you love is in so much pain?
Tomorrow morning, the love bombing will start, as it always does, as he pleads me not to leave him.
I can’t stay. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I can’t stay anymore. I can’t let my daughter think this is how men should/can treat women. I have to respect myself enough to know I deserve better.
My life is about to get weirdly complicated. We have a 18 month old. We own a home. Our finances have been shared since we were 18. We used our savings to build a food truck (I’m the only one who owns it, but still complicated). We have 2 dogs.
I’ve told 2 people now. A friend and my boss, so I can’t turn back again. I don’t want to turn back. I just keep thinking “what if..”
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2023.06.09 06:54 ProperMountain9281 Broken UI, Help me

Yeah so I haven't played the Sims 4 in a few months so I decided that I should play it. But when I load it up my UI looks really weird and I can't tell what is what. I know it has to be because of some cc or mods. Does anyone know what I can do to figure out what cc/mods are doing that doesn't involve me manually going through everything to find out what's broken?
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2023.06.09 06:54 oshnrazr VIX Extremely Low

VIX seldom goes to 12. QQQ and SPY also at critical resistance levels. QT still in full swing. Statistically, what does this say about the market?
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2023.06.09 06:54 loporlp what does "med has called" mean

while watching solar light sometimes on his screen it says "med has called" I've played for over 2500 hours and have no idea what that means and searching it up provides zero insight. Does anyone know what it means?
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2023.06.09 06:54 XxFierceGodxX Still no legal betting in Minnesota

I live in Minnesota, and we came so frustratingly close to finally making some headway toward legal sports betting. There was a bill proposed, but they didn’t take action on time. Now it looks like we’ll be waiting until at least 2024. I feel like this is ridiculous. We’ve already been waiting ages for this to happen.
I was taking a look at this resource to see where we’re at with legalizing sports betting across the country. Looks like it’s finally legal in a lot of states, but I was surprised to see many others are lagging behind just like MN, especially given all states could use a boost to revenue via taxes.
Do you live in a state where sports betting is legal or illegal? How does it affect your life? If you’re stuck in a state where it isn’t legal, how optimistic are you that it will be legal within the next couple of years? What is holding things back in your state?
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2023.06.09 06:54 ASARIO1 Losing a lot of weight in a short time - consequences?

Hi, I currently weigh 264lb and I would like to get to 176lb.
I know I can lose 22lb per month. But I'm afraid of the consequences for my aesthetics (like hanging skin).
So here are my questions
How can I lose weight fast?
Is starving myself like joaquin phoenix or boxers really viable in the long term and sustainable?
How can I keep my skin from being destroyed?
Does intermittent fasting help? How can I keep my metabolism fast?
I know what I am saying may seem horribly bad for my health but after two decades of being obese I really need to lose weight.
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2023.06.09 06:54 ElTheStrange Discord for those needing a place

For any of those interested, I made a discord for people feeling alone and people who are only children. I felt they had a lot in common. I originally reached out in the lonely sub, but we recently had a possible troll that im sure reported a sob story to the mods that made them change their settings, which is why im sure its gone. I cant even contact the mods to talk to them about what could have happened.. but oh well. Not sure if its coincidental. (For those who are inconvienced, I am certainly off about this as well. I really want to contact to mods so if anyone has a way that I can contact them, that would be great). If you would like to know what happened, I will gladly explain in DM.
Now, I am going to stretch it to those who feel they may need someone to talk to.
Im asking.. please no trolls. Please be respectful. It is meant to be a place for those to join who really feel like they need someone to talk to, not to be messed with. I do not want this reddit getting deemed as private, too, because someone wants to be a troll. Literally ruined it for so many others when someone was trying to a nice gesture.
The discord is LifeAsOne. Different meanings: life as one, how a person might feel as one and then coming together as one. Lets come together and live it up a little.
You can join at:
P.s. i think its safe to say if it reaches to this sub, too, im not handing out this discord anymore. I just want to freaking help people, not ruin for others because a troll took advantage of what im doing..
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2023.06.09 06:53 Tokenrat321 My sister is struggling in school and its affecting me mentally

I (16f) have always gotten great grades, and am a part of a lot of extracurriculars as well as student leadership. I have a younger sister (12f) who I can't say the same for. She has consistently been struggling in school, many of her teachers repeatedly say that she is ill mannered and does not behave properly, and every time we have student teacher interviews there is always something negative to report about her. Now my parents are very much helicopter parents, they are very strict and we are barely allowed to do anything, the type of mischief my sister causes is definitely looked down upon and my parents are always anger at her. However, there is just no way to get her to understand that her education should come first, she's began to develop an attitude, never listens, lies frequently, and is just a very bad kid. We even got her a tutor to help her out but she even tires the tutor out to the point where he has began to threaten to leave her. Our family just has no idea what to do, and neither do I.
Now to the main part, I was accepted to be a part of an accelerated program when I was about 11, she now has the opportunity to apply for it but she just does not have the mental capabilities that I think she should? I don't know if that makes me sound horrible but to put it quite bluntly she is dumb and she is lazy. My family believes that getting into this program will give her the reality check she needs and give her a push to be better but it is a very competitive entry process. Throughout this process her inability to perform effectively has caused me to spiral into a depressive period, I am constantly crying over every single class she fails and I have to often excuse myself to go to the bathrooms for 10 minutes to just cry out. I have no idea why this is happening to me but its taking a very big toll on my education and social life as I am feeling burnt out for no reason and just tired and unmotivated.
I'm just really confused, I don't know what to do. Can anyone help? P.S- I'm sorry if the structure is off I rarely read over anything I post, also english is not my first language so sorry if there's any grammatical errors :(
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2023.06.09 06:53 Straight_Beautiful30 “Normal” test results with GI issues and no explanation

I am (17) Female, 5’7, 165lb, and am currently being treated for moderate upper stomach pain and nausea along with other symptoms. These symptoms all started around a month ago and have been progressively getting worse. These symptoms include: night cold sweats, more regular bowel movements (no diarrhea), pain worsens with food but gets especially bad with plain water, I have not been eating much as I am worried about pain but haven’t lost weight that would normally occur, bad acid reflux with vomit entering my esophagus and mouth but not out, I have also been dealing with severe day time fatigue, but I have also seen my insomnia get much worse (not going to bed until 6-8am), and have been experiencing some chills since the past few days. I have not had a temperature above 99.4 F, and I have not vomited. I am currently on sucralfate 1000 mg 4 times a day, 40mg of omeprazole 1 time per day, and 20mg of famotidine twice a day. I have an ultrasound and upper endoscopy scheduled but have gotten no explanation as to why my blood results are what they are. I understand that these things are mostly still in range but it must be pointing to something even if it’s in its early stage. I have added my blood results that were taken this past Monday as well as ones taken in December for reference. I also want to note that during the blood test on 6/05/23 I was on blood thinners for treating a few clots I have. Please also note that the current conditions I am also being treated for in status migrainosus since November, and possible POTS and EDS that I am being seen for next month!
CBC with Diff 6/05/2023
White blood count 103/mlc 5.23 Red blood count 106/mlc 5.29 Hemoglobin g/dL 15.2 Hematocrit % 46.3 Mean cell volume fL 87.5 MCH was in range MCHC g/dL 32.8 RDW % 12.2 Platelet count 103/mcL 304 MPV fL 8.8 Segmented neutrophils ABS # 103/mcL 2.19 Final Absolute Neutrophil Count 103/mcL 2.19 Immature Granulocytes ABS #. 103/mcL 0.01 Lymphocytes 10*3/mcl 2.48 Lymphocytes % Value 47.4 Lipase U/L 303
CBC with diff 12/10/22
White blood count 103/mlc 5.90 Red blood count 106/mlc 5.32 Hemoglobin g/dL 15.8 Hematocrit % 45.5 Mean cell volume fL 85.5 MCH was in range MCHC g/dL 34.7 RDW % 11.2 Platelet count 103/mcL 271 MPV fL 9.2 Segmented neutrophils ABS # 103/mcL 2.68 Final Absolute Neutrophil Count 103/mcL 2.68 Immature Granulocytes ABS #. 103/mcL 0.01 Lymphocytes 10*3/mcl 2.67 Lymphocytes % Value 45.3 Lipase U/L 142
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2023.06.09 06:53 dealt-a-wildcard14 Does she write about you?

Does she think you’re amazing? Or does she want everyone to think that she thinks you’re amazing? Does she write gushing posts about you, about all the things you do for her? Does she post the beautiful family photos, and go back again and again to see who likes them? Does she stand next to you in them now? Does she hold your hand? Run her fingers through your hair? Does she come home and tell you about a song that reminds her of you? Does she dance with you in the middle of the day? Do her eyes light up when she sees you? Are you the first person she looks for when she wakes up? Does she understand how brilliant you are? Does she see how fucking hot you are? Does she make you laugh? Does she love you? I mean, really love you? When something funny happens, is she the first person you want to tell? When you’re successful at work, do you want to tell her about it? When you dream, is she part of it? When you’re away, do you miss her? When you’re stressed, does she give you peace? When you see two people fall in love in a movie, do you think of her? When you think about the past and the choices that led you to her, do you feel like the luckiest person alive? Does she know you, all of you? When she looks at your face, is she seeing you or the mask?
You are amazing, brilliant, hot as fuck, accomplished, witty, and so fun. You are the person I think of when anything happens. You are the person who gave me peace. Every time I saw you, my whole body would light up. Every time I think of you, I am overcome with love. Every love poem makes me think of you. Every song makes me think about dancing with you. Every dream that I have involves you. You are the one I want to see all of me, to know every single thing about me.
I cannot believe I was lucky enough to have you, even briefly. I cannot believe I was lucky enough to be loved by you, even briefly.
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2023.06.09 06:53 RAThrowaway029494 I (21f) am resenting my bf (21m) and stuck on how to move forward.

I (21f) have been with my bf (21m) for 1.5 years. We’ve had our problems and there were some which included him not putting in effort and not being a good listener. And some other stuff here and there. He’s improved himself but then another issue comes along. He apologizes but I get more and more sick of it. I feel resentful and I don’t feel the same spark I felt before. Also our dates haven’t been exciting. He doesn’t really show me his love other than in words which is fine, but it doesn’t mean much anymore. It just sounds repetitive. He always seems so clueless when it comes to relationships and treating a partner. He always says he doesn’t know what to do. It sounds bad but I feel horrible for thinking this way. On one hand I’m resentful and in the other, it hurts me to feel this way and it hurts to consider breaking up. Any advice on this helps. Is there a chance of mending this? I don’t know what to say to him anymore.
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2023.06.09 06:53 Glittering-Sloth I'm drowning without you

Hey A,
I miss you more and more every day. I keep checking your social media, taking tiny little peeks into your life. The girl you followed today sent me into a spiral. Even if it means nothing, it makes me sad how I no longer know what's going on in your life.
How come you got to abandon me and be happy while I'm here missing you and struggling? Why did your happiness have to be at the expense of mine? I wonder how long you've stopped loving me before you finally pulled the trigger. All those times I'd look at you with such deep love and care, you were thinking of leaving me. My heart breaks at those thoughts. A week before, I was lying in your bed in the morning trying to sleep and you were playing with my hair - were you thinking of it then? All those moments I felt loved seem like lies now.
I think back to when you first told me you loved me. We were lying in your bed, you were so nervous. Worldstar Money was playing in the background. I think the lights were blue. You told me you loved me and when I said it back you were so happy. Your smile haunts my memories.
I keep waiting for a text. The text where you tell me you regret it, you made a mistake, and you want another chance. I keep waiting and waiting and waiting. You told me I shouldn't wait for you. You said who knows what'll happen in the future. I know you were probably just being nice.
I don't want to wait, I don't want to hope, but I don't think I'll ever be able to fully stop. You were the deepest and purest love I've ever felt. I'd wait forever if it meant you'd come back to me. People keep telling me I'll meet someone else. I have no doubt that I can find someone else, but they'll never compare to you. No one could ever be you.
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2023.06.09 06:53 SectorComplex8079 "All over but the Shouting" achievement guide

TLDR: Be anti-communist and attack Truman often.
Visits: All in NY
VP: Earl Warren
Difficulty: Normal
Q1: 1 option
Q2: Absolutely not. This is a perfectly reasonable measure, designed to prevent a strike in one industry from crippling the American economy.
Q3: I've supported the Israeli state from the beginning. I'm glad that Truman came around, but he absolutely sent the wrong message by vacillating on this issue until the very last moment.
Q4: Not only will I speak about this issue, but I will use it to attack Truman. I've supported civil rights all along, while Truman seems to have come around at the 11th hour, and for transparent political gain.
Q5: Not only is this a serious issue, but Harry Truman is complicit in it. It is no secret that he is, along with most Democrats, complacent on the issue of Communist infiltration.
Q6: I support our current airlift and hope that it leads to an agreeable conclusion.
Q7: I will talk about what I have accomplished in New York -- public works, a balanced budget, anti-discrimination laws, business creation, and funding for teachers and universities. This is the future of our party.
Q8: Eastern Seaboard
Q9: I think there are definitely programs that the federal government can get involved in to improve public health, but I also support our current system of private care and insurance.
Q10: This is something that we will research and consider seriously over the next four years. I'd have to see the details of any proposal before I could give my opinion.
Q11: We are the only thing standing between the world and global domination by the Soviets. I'm prepared to take any measure to prevent the advance of Communism.
Q12: What Truman really means when he calls this the "Do-Nothing" Congress is that they won't pass a program for national health insurance or the drastic expansion of Social Security. I will attack Truman for calling a pointless session for his own political purposes.
Q13: I support Social Security, but I think the program is most solvent in its current form.
Q14: I can't make a conclusive statement on this issue. I'm sure that between myself and Congress we can work out a good solution once I'm elected.
Q15: Eastern Seaboard
Q16: I support the Marshall Plan and believe that it is a force for the future peace and prosperity of our world.
Q17: We have already passed the Taft-Hartley Act and a modernized system of price supports for food, and their effect can clearly be seen in the drop in inflation since 1947. I'm confident this trend will continue.
Q18: I support the HUAC, although I do wish it could be a little more aggressive in its rooting out of Communist influence.
Q19: I support this Amendment as a necessary step towards the political health of this nation. We need to, periodically, have a fresh point of view in government. Ours is not an imperial nation.
Q20: We are clearly overcrowding our urban areas at the moment. At the very least, we can expand the federal highway system to make more areas accessible to families and developers.
Q21: Seaboard!
Q22: Only if we had clear assurances that other nations would not develop a nuclear bomb, and a means of enforcing those assurances.
Q23: Anyone can see that I've supported road development throughout my career, and I think this would be a positive step for the country.
Q24: Guess.
Q25: New York itself

Conclusion: With this guide, and honestly these aren't the best answers probably, you should win comfortably from 0.4 to 1 percent more than Truman. It's a pretty easy achievement if you know the winning points for the 1948 GOP.
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2023.06.09 06:53 MasterpieceLazy4364 Am I just sensitive or are some friends just really selfish?

I have this one friend that ever since she got a boyfriend, she started to drag everyone into her drama. For context, her family does not like her boyfriend for racial reasons (messed up I know) and her sister doesn't like her boyfriend because he doesn't like her and is kind of mean to her (at least from what she told me). So now, the friend with the drama only rants to me about the issue, and pretty much thinks about him as the center of her life. She pushed away most of her friends because of him and even admitted to me that since she's with him, she doesn't think she needs friends. I mean, I'm supposed to be her friend so that kinda hurts. Anyway, if we don't talk about her boyfriend, she would have nothing to talk about. She hasn't even asked me how I'm doing within the past few months. I took note because I was starting to realize how one sided everything felt.
Anyway, one day, her sister lied to her saying that I called her boyfriend a walking red flag (which I didn't) and she came angrily texting me asking how I felt about her boyfriend. She started to get super mad at me, but then all of a sudden switched up and said that I was entitled to my own opinion but I should keep it to myself "unless asked." And even when I told her that I didn't say that about him, she was still upset with me. Am I overreacting for feeling like I'm just being used right now? I set a boundary with her and told her that I don't want to be brought into the issue anymore because its between her and her family and that it puts a lot of pressure on me to solve things. She acknowledged it but now she still only messages me to talk about her life, and never asks about mine. I'm always the one asking how she's doing. I know she doesn't care about me as much as I expected her too and that I should lower my expectations, but it sucks because it seems like almost every friend I make only wants me for therapy purposes.
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2023.06.09 06:53 OutsideQuantity8270 Is it common for people to end up “better off” due to it happening?

This story is about my girlfriend and I have her permission to post this here as we have talked about this and not only does she want to hear the responses but I am also curious considering all of this remained between us until now.
My girlfriend of several years was molested by her Dad and her Mom growing up. It started before she can even remember and went on until she left for college, where we met her sophomore year.
According to her, her mother and father were always very kind, sweet, affectionate, never violent, never cruel, and treated their sexual time together as basically just another aspect of being a family.
She knew that she couldn’t tell anyone because according to them “not everyone loves their children the same way we love you and people don’t understand” along with more explanation but you get the point.
So she kind of had this dual life where she would go to school and extracurricular stuff as she got older but no one knew about any of it. She never told anyone out of fear they wouldn’t understand or her parents would get into trouble.
After we met and things got serious she disclosed it to me at a point she was comfortable and has told me repeatedly that it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She said it made her closer to her parents, taught her about sex and intimacy with people who will always love her, set a high bar for all future sexual/romantic relationships, and as much as it shocked me to hear the details of how she was raised (because a LOT happened early on) the most shocking part to me is how she sees all of it as a positive, and the more I hear her out the more it makes sense.
Now I’m feeling conflicted because it goes against everything I have been taught and told about it. She even referenced a meta study done that heavily disputed the connection between CSA and trauma.
All of this to say, how normal is this for people? Is she some rare case where Al though what happened was obviously bad due to moral/ethical reasons, it was “good” for her?
I’ve met her parents and they are the nicest and most friendly people. I grew up in a very sex-negative house where I was basically told masturbation was something the devil made you do, so our childhoods are basically polar opposites.
Anyways I hope the community can provide some feedback because she has been struggling with feeling isolated with these feelings for years. She doesn’t want to see a therapist because she thinks they will just gaslight her into feeling bad about something that in her mind has only benefited her. But it has taken a toll on her feeling this way and not being able to relate to anyone or talk about it outside of her family.
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2023.06.09 06:53 krazyass8 Terrified Transfer

I’m going to be a sophomore transfer to a new university (haven’t decided yet) and it’s gonna be out of state. Besides not even being able to pick a school, I come from a very boring university at home (no social life, no parties, no drinking, no hanging out) and I’m honestly super scared and nervous about transferring. I don’t want to make the wrong choice and transfer into a huge party school but I also want to transfer somewhere fun to transfer. I know college is what you can make of it, but does anyone have any good public school suggestions? I’m honestly so lost in this process.
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2023.06.09 06:53 Accurate_Command_839 1L grades received

So I got my 1L grades back and am at a 3.01 cumulative GPA. My school's curve is at a B+ - can someone tell me how bad a 3.01 is and does it get better in 2L and 3L? I got straight B-'s in my courses in Spring Semester; granted, I was going through some stuff personally which is why I couldn't give school all of my attention, but I don't think I can bring that up to potential employers as it sounds like an excuse and quite honestly, why would they care when they have so many great candidates to choose from? What does this mean in terms of externship/clerkship opportunities esp as someone trying to go into patent prosecution? I interned at a firm last summer and am working as a legal intern at a tech company this summer, but again, my grades haven't ever been this low so I have no idea what that means for future internships.
I am also a part time student and work ft as an engineer, if that has any relevance
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2023.06.09 06:53 IHaveTwoOfYou Hard Drive making pc not power.

I recently got a pc and a bunch of hard drives from my grannie, so i decided to go through and see what was on them, but i got to one and i plugged it in, powered the pc, and it wouldnt power up, no error, no screen output, just nothing. i tried putting in another hard drive that i know works, but the pc did not power, does anybody know why this is happening? i just got it and i dont want to already have to throw it out
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2023.06.09 06:53 WinstonRandy Genuine David P. Samson and show appreciation post.

David P. Samson should get more respect. You want to know what the money men are doing? ONE FUCKIN' guy telling you EXACTLY what they are all doing is David Samson. Mike has been 100% percent correct about everything. Samson told you where the big money came that swung the deal. People like Mike Ryan told you the nuts and bolts. Rock Solid reporting. Let's see how far this ego war goes. Gotta spend money to make money Dano. Take a breath walk the dog, you know. Waller in the slop of the Finals with Amin. I defer to Billy on any punishment. The Duke is more than fair, he needs a hammer to swing, you know what I mean Endulge yourselvesas much as possible much as Roy, Juju.if Wibon sits in Stu's chair somebody better be ready to enforce. 10 day Tony, Louis, whoever else wasn't invited into VIP, see if you can wrangle free booze this weekend. Cotes will do a that kind of thing a lot of it. Cdubs
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