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2023.06.09 06:30 HeliaThePheonixWolf Uhhhh..... Don't kill anyone else, please?!

Uhhhh..... Don't kill anyone else, please?!
The cat in the dark forest is Wing, he killed the medicine cat, who he hated, without remorse. Wing killed them, and then ClanGen crashed, of course, and I didn't save. The ironic thing is he killed the medicine cat who helped him, Veilspots. Wing is the only cat in the Dark Forest btw.
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2023.06.09 06:29 Some_Canadian_Man This subreddit has opened me up to a new way of thinking about society

Ok so... I was always been somewhat left-wing. Then identity politics reared its ugly head and it pushed me "right". Admittedly, I've said somewhat angry right leaning stuff on Redit, and objectionable things on Twitter, but in my heart I don't always believe it - sometimes its just an angry reaction against "woke" identity politics. Because I am frustrated waiting for things to get better.
Something about life has never sat right with me. You know - we go to work, we get paid a pitance compared to what the executives at the tops make (millions). We're all just waiting forever to climb this crappy career ladder; if you wanna climb you must put in twice the effort for a 5% wage increase. Fair? Hmm. Meanwhile taxes increase as public services decline, and the price of everything has jumped by 50%-100% over the pandemic. WTF?! Does the cost of producing fruit in California (that ends up in our stores) cost anymore than it did 3 years ago? No it does not! We're all just getting poorer so these greedy fuckers who own everything can just get richer. Why?! Do they not already have enough billions?!?!
Each generation seems to be more and more screwed:
It's all just bloody nonsense! What is the point of living this life, watching society tear itself apart over... trans people?! (christ!) meanwhile we ahhh and coo at homeless people starving in our streets. But not enough to actually help them.
Finally money is not just money. If someone earns $30/h, of which $10 goes to tax leaving $20/h, and they have to spend $1000 on rent, then they've just burnt through 50 hours of their life just to not be homeless! They're literally using up a large portion of their short lifespan each month for what we all agree is an essential need. Never mind all the other expenses, such as groceries, telecoms, medical, etc. We're all just living to die.
Anyway, looking forward to learning, what I have read in the wiki so far has resonated with me. But also realizing that identity politics itself is kinda a distraction endorsed by the powers-that-be. If people are busy arguing amongst themselves, they're not taking aim at those continuing to fleece us.
P.S. Someone help me select the correct flair for this post.
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2023.06.09 06:29 PAB_Pyrotechnics Planning a Stop at Direct from China in Gary, IN

So, I am kicking off my annual cross-country drive from Phoenix to Michigan's Thumb on Saturday. I already have a pretty decent show planned (~$3500) including a bunch of 1.4G Pro stuff from Dominator, '76 Pro Line, and Racoon.
After spending the past 6 months on this sub I have come to the conclusion that I would be a complete moron if I didn't stop at Direct From China in Gary. I mean, I have driven right by on I80/I94 twice per year for the past 6 years not even knowing it was there.
So, what should I be looking to grab or ask for?
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2023.06.09 06:29 alexforencich Alternative FPGA-related communities

With reddit cracking down on 3rd party apps like RIF and Apollo, I think that perhaps the FPGA community here may be significantly affected.
Personally, I use RIF to access reddit probably 95% of the time, so when that shuts down at the end of this month, I'll definitely be spending a lot less time lurking on here. Not sure how many other folks on here may be in a similar situation.
Annoyingly, Xilinx also pretty much nuked their forums not all that long ago, and the Intel forums are similarly not great.
Let's post links all of the FPGA-related communities that people are aware of that might be worth checking out - forums, discord servers, whatever.
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2023.06.09 06:29 ThrowAwayPolyIssues What am I doing wrong? Is it me?

For context, I (37F) and my husband M (38M) have been married for 18 years and have been poly for 10 years on and off. My husband and I don't have any Poly or open marriage friends or are even involved in any groups so I don't have anyone to talk to about this. We have solely been living this lifestyle based on our hearts, we haven't really discussed this with anyone so I'm not sure what we did wrong.
We have been on and off seeing our partner V (55F) for the last 6 years. We have always been publicly open with the world and our family about having her as our girlfriend and partner. My husband and I have two kids and they have met and love her as another mother. Everything was going well a few years ago, we talked about having a wedding ceremony and moving in together. At the time she decided she didn't want to move from Jacksonville, FL where she lives to Texas where we live so we ended up splitting up for several years.
She was/is married and from what she's said he's abusive (mentally/emotionally) and was afraid to walk away due to them having children (currently 21&24). We recently reconnected 2 months ago after several years of not speaking with her reaching out, saying she has changed and is ready to move forward. We have been talking since she reached out, but she still hasn't left her husband and has not told anyone about us or being poly. We are a secret in her life while we are very open about her. We give her everything she needs and try our best to make her feel included even though she is 1000 miles away. Recently she asked M if he would be willing to divorce me so that they could get legally married. M stated he wasn't comfortable divorcing me but would be willing to have a wedding ceremony, add her to our bank accounts.. essentially everything that happens when you get married except without the legal document. She wasn't happy that M said he wouldn't divorce me and stated she wanted a legal paper commitment before she blows up her whole life to move down to Texas to be with us. She is in therapy and abuse class, so she's working on herself but said it was a trigger for her that we said no to the divorce. This ended up being a huge then and her yelling at us about how we don't truly love her and aren't willing to sacrifice for her to be happy. She then said she was done and didn't want to be together anymore. This set my husband off as he is the kind that when you say you're done he's not going to be chasing after you like a teenager, we are grown and you don't just quit when you don't get your way. She hasn't spoken to me in 3 days and has my number blocked but is still messaging M trying to get his attention. I'm completely heartbroken and confused as to why she's pushing me away when all I want is for us to all be happy together. She said we aren't committed to her and this relationship unless we divorce and she legally becomes M's wife.
**A little background on our previous issues. She has issues with M and I being physically intimate together without her and doesn't want to have sex as a group either. She said she sees me as a threat and the enemy when it comes to M and her. But in the same breath says she loves me and can't live without me. She has a lot of triggers that we have to tiptoe around and be understanding that we try our best to take all the anger thrown at us and forgive her every time she was upset.
I am hurt, M is hurt and she’s hurt. I feel like no matter what, nothing seems to be good enough and we keep failing. We haven't had anything as serious with anyone but her so we are at a loss. Any advice or thoughts would be helpful. I need an outside perspective from people who are successfully having happy healthy relationships. What should I do?
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2023.06.09 06:29 alatusss My snake keeps biting me :(

My snake keeps biting me :(
He tried eating my hair?? Like actually thought it was food type of behaviour and wouldn’t let go. already switched to feeding him in a seperate container but he just won’t stop. He did the same thing after the last time he shed as well but this time way more aggressive and frequent. I try holding him or even changing his water bowl and the moment he senses me he just opens his mouth and tries to eat me. Idk how to get him to stop anymore :’(. He’s a california kingsnake btw, a little over a month old now
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2023.06.09 06:29 SeannyTiernan Update 12: Production Update and Deep Click Calibration!

Update 12: Production Update and Deep Click Calibration!
Hi everyone,
Sean here from Swiftpoint, and I'm back with another update for you all—this time in video form.
We will be talking about Deep Click Calibration and showing you how easy it is to perform this with the X1 Control Panel.
Before we jump in I wanted to give you all a:
Production Update
As mentioned in our previous update we were aiming to have the production and shipping finished by July. Unfortunately, there is still one part that is causing a few headaches that we are working through at the moment.
We are happy to say that we have been able to secure all of the parts we originally planned. However, one part has a considerably longer lead time than the rest (Months vs Weeks) and we cannot begin production without it.
We are working with the supplier to reduce the lead time and we will keep everyone updated if there are further changes to the timeline. While we understand this is disappointing - At Swiftpoint our priority is to always make sure we deliver a high-quality product, so we will not sacrifice quality for speed and will not rush it if it means compromising quality.
Thanks again for all of your support, we will share an updated timeline with you as soon as we can.

Deep Click Calibration

In our latest video update, we'll dive into a nifty feature called Deep Click Calibration, available for the Z1, Z2, Tracer, and Creator mice through the X1 Control Panel.
Sometimes, the deep click buttons might not function as expected or have strange settings, leaving you scratching your head. But worry not, within the X1 Control Panel there is a solution for you.
With Deep Click Calibration, you can recalibrate your buttons to ensure they're working perfectly. In the video, I'll show you how an example of a normal press unexpectedly triggers a 100% deep click, and then I'll guide you through the process of proper calibration.
Remember, calibration is about personal preference, considering your hand position, finger strength, and grip style. So click the link below to be directed to YouTube to give the video a watch.
Deep Click Calibration:
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2023.06.09 06:29 CNard12 Nightly Pick 'Em Game for June 9th

Click here to submit your pick

(To confirm your pick, mention the team that you chose in the comment section) Click here to view real-time standings, and game results
  • Yesterday’s game: The Braves beat the Mets 13-10 Raisel Iglesias got the win, while Tommy Hunter got the loss.
  • Kingofalldogz the overall lead with 47.
  • alabasterhotdog and Pizzonia123 lead the month of June with 7.
  • Longest current winning streak: alabasterhotdog.
  • Longest current losing streak: NotLia, BusinessBread, and 56Metro 6.
  • The Orioles @ Brewers series is omitted from tomorrow’s vote as it was selected on 6/7.
  • The Mets @ Braves series is omitted from tomorrow’s vote as it was selected on 6/8.
  • The Rangers @ Rays series is omitted from tomorrow’s vote as it was selected on 6/9.
  • The Red Sox @ Yankees series is omitted from tomorrow’s vote as it was the ESPN Sunday Night Game.
  • Want to get daily email or phone reminders whenever a new thread is posted? If so follow the instructions in this post! It’s simple to set up, and you won't forget to pick again! ***
Today's game will be:
Texas Rangers (40-21) @ Tampa Bay Rays (46-) at 6:40 PM ET. preview, and analysis
The probable starting pitchers are:
Andrew Heaney (4-3 4.03 60K)) vs Tyler Glasnow (0-0, 3.72 14K)
Submit your picks in the automated system above, and good luck!
If you are unaware of what this competition is... please click this link as it will explain what is going on.
Here is a list the teams selected the least if you are stuck between picking different matchups. I would advise you to only use this list as a tiebreaker between close matches. I do not recommend using this list if you believe the matchup will be a blowout.
Tigers, and Athletics with 1 game each.
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2023.06.09 06:29 apowers10 5’7” f 210. Gained ~50 lbs over the last year

I just finished my 3rd year of college. My weight has always fluctuated wildly due to mental illness and the changes to the medications I take for it. I was so depressed I was on the verge of being suicidal in my first semester of college and I lost 10/20 pounds during that time, just how it worked out. So I never got that “freshman 15”. Last summer I had a 5 week field school program for college and I gained a bit of weight, but I was walking 5-15 miles a day and eating 3 healthy balance meals a day, and I was able to deter the negative thoughts because I knew that this was healthy weight. Then this past winter I was packing for a vacation and realized none of my favorite clothes from the summer fit me anymore. I’ve just been going up since then, even new clothes I buy I manage to outgrow within a month or 2. I’d guess I’m around 210 rn, and probably 160 a year ago. I don’t know what happened. I haven’t had any changes with meds of lifestyle this past year. I was in my first relationship for a while but the weight gain occurred during and after this relationship. I feel like if I could get to even 180 I wouldn’t hate myself so much. I take a lot of pride in my wardrobe/appearance and it kills me to outgrow everything I have curated. Last week I went to put on one of my favorite skirts, which 2 years ago barely stayed up, and it only barely buttoned but the seams were stretched and I feared it would rip if I sat down. I’d appreciate any advice or support. I’m not feeling motivated hit the gym(I never have gone to the gym, I hate exercise) this summer is my first time having to feed myself, I have been eating a ton of fruit. I just kinda want to die and need help.
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2023.06.09 06:29 notveryslimjim Hitachi GX3300A issue

Hitachi GX3300A issue
Hi. I've been trying to use this camcorder someone gave me a few months ago, but I'm running into this issue of discoloration/glitching or something. It goes away after leaving the camera off for a bit, but comes right back. And it's not even just a screen issue, that's what the camera captures and what can be seen in the viewfinder. The DVD disc reads fine and records properly, but again, that's the footage I get. I really don't want to buy a different analog camera because this one seems to work fine otherwise.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :)
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2023.06.09 06:29 deffonotanotheralt Shitty result, need to improve or else won't be able to go for university. How do I get better at chemistry?

Hi everyone,
I'm currently doing A levels and well I'm having a rlly serious problem that is practicals. So A levels can be modular which is that you can do half the exams an year early, and the other half in the second year. I didn't do well on chem tbh. Though it was still an A which is the highest grade at AS Level but my board makes it so your rank or percentile affects your ability to get an A* as your final A2 grade. Anything close to 93 percentile makes it so you can easily manage a 90 percentile A* in the next year. My board makes it so 23% of the grade is just practicals. Now the thing is the practicals are extremely weird bcz normally the qs' language is so weird nobody understands them. I managed to get a 23/40 on practicals which was still an A and was only given to 12% of students taking AS Level Chemistry as per the session's statistics. I don't really have practicals anymore, they're done with so idrc now but I managed to get a 95/130 (thresholds were 83/130 for an A) total this year which means I need to get about a 105/130 next year to ensure I don't miss my University offer which is likely going to be an A* for chemistry. There's alternate to practicals this year or "planning" where I just need to memorise a few pages of precautions and spit them out word to word on the paper. No biggie, I can do that easily. There's one more paper which is structured. I had structured and mcqs for year 1 too. I did well on mcqs (33/40) but kinda shit on structured (44/60), I was hoping around 50/60 but ig I made a lot of mistakes. No more mcqs in the second year so yay but the structured is now of 100 marks and covers knowledge that was required for the 60 marker one as well as 18 or so extra added chapters of inorgo and orgo chem. The parts in physical chem are well covered for me since I wasn't aware those topics were for second year so I'd done them anyways. I also just in general do better in physics and have been reading equilibrium thermodynamics by CJ Adkins and tho at some points I've wanted to bang my head against a wall I'm gaining quite a bit of knowledge about thermodynamics so.... There's electrochemistry this year which I'm covering from the Oxford Primers Electrochemistry book.
I'll definitely be doing more practice problems this year and am about to begin doing papers from now itself compared to last year for which I began doing papers 2 months in advance only.
I would rlly appreciate some feedback on what else I can do to make sure I don't lose my university offer for next year.
Just so I give a rundown on what topics the specification covers, I've just attached a link to the pdf which has my syllabus in it.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 06:29 morophobianna Being an ace lesbian is really lonely sometimes

You guys all know that comphet feeling—the one where you’re doubting yourself constantly because everything you don’t feel is everything you think you want and need to be happy; the feeling that you’re an imposter amongst those to whom you’re supposed to relate because something isn’t quite there…but that’s on you, isn’t it? You’re just standing in your own way somehow— if you could only grow up and get out of your own head, you’ll finally understand how right everyone else is and how naïve you’ve been. Everyone else has made it work… why can’t you?
But then you make some discoveries and some assertions about not wanting exactly what you think you’re supposed to, and that’s exciting! It’s really great… right? Or is it now a codified barrier between you and a world you expected to effortlessly join? And now, you find that you’re not even sure about much of anything, because how could it be that you got so off-course? But that’s okay, actually, because you’ve found a different way to be happy, even though the particulars of that are daunting even as you launch into a new future. And you are happy this way, you think… right? I guess we’ll take the leap of faith!
I’m really happy for those of you who end the cycle of doubt there. For me, though, a (probably) ace lesbian who can only speak for herself, this cycle seems never ending in my life: between being gay and ace, it feels like no matter how much pride and positivity I try to embrace and embody, at least one of those pillars of my identity is consistently under scrutiny by myself or my environment. The classic “maybe you’re not a lesbian, you’re just scared of men and their plumbing” quickly turns into “maybe you’re not into women— since you don’t like sex with them, you’re basically a misandrist who projects societally-promoted romantic ideals onto perfectly normal and deeply platonic female friendships”.
The worst part? I know all of this is absurd. I know that my image of a future husband is a cardboard cutout from the 50s ideal while my image of a future wife involves us potentially spending hours every weekend tracking down organic mushrooms at farmers markets because those bring her joy and that’s important to me. It just… majorly sucks while waiting for that day, continually wondering where I’m headed and hoping I’m not misreading my own psyche to the expense of fulfilling experiences and relationships.
I suppose this post doesn’t really have a point, it’s just… lonely. I love women, but not precisely in the way many of you do— I don’t think. Which is okay, I know, but the feelings of otherness and inadequacy are sometimes eerily familiar in a way I really don’t like. Comphet really is a lot to deal with, even years after starting my coming-out journey— I guess I just never expected to feel that underlying pressure from two separate directions of identity. I’m working on it, but… it would be nice to hear if others are struggling with the same. In any case, happy pride month everyone— I can say with certainty that we’ve earned it 🌈🤍
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2023.06.09 06:28 ScholarNeonBot Girls used to get married, deliver child before 17: Gujarat HC to Rape survivor on abortion plea

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2023.06.09 06:28 Desperate_Skin01 Stomach is upset ever since coming home from all vegan household

As title says. I've been vegan for a few months now, loving it and have found plenty replacements to help me adjust.
I visited home for 12 days. All vegan household, no meat or dairy products whatsoever. Stomach was fine.
I come back home (been back home for 3 days now) and my stomach has been upset! My girlfriend is not vegan but she has been trying more and more vegan food and trying to completely give up dairy (proud of her. She has a bad relationship with food so I don't really push her to be vegan due to worrying about her for that reason, however I think her seeing me being full on vegan and seeing how many options I truly have so she started to eat more vegan food. Can't complain, better than nothing!). She still eats meat. I'm still in college and she's freshly graduated so we don't have a lot of money as anyone can imagine. We share pots and pans. My diet didn't change whatsoever while back home. Nothing, nada.
I'm wondering if sharing pots and pans can make my stomach upset due to constant cross contamination even post washing? Normally this doesn't bother me but I'm trying to figure out what is giving me my stomach issues now that I'm back home :(
I eat plenty fiber, have plenty protein, I eat plenty greens, veggies and fruits even! I try to minimize the amount of oil used since that can be a true factor. Otherwise, I don't know what I'm doing wrong!
Any ideas? Maybe this is a stupid question or hunch but I have no idea at this point
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2023.06.09 06:28 Patricia69420 HRT progress feedback (measuring every part of my body like any normal person would)

So I'm definitely BDD or something but my stupid brain condemns all logical thought so I'm very dumbly posting my measurements of things for I guess any feedback of how I'm doing so far? I suppose? I know theres more than just measurements of fat and muscle changing around but still its something and I've never asked any other trans person if they measured themselves after and before and what all changed and when, So I guess this works as information for other people who also were wondering, if those people even exist WEIGHT: 111
Height, 5'7 (Measured September at 10pm)
Neck: 14.5 Inches
Shoulders: 18 inches (😬) front horizontal
Underbust: 29.1 inches
Waist: 24.2 inches
Bust: 30 inches
Hips: 31.5 inches
Thigh: 16 inches

4mgs estrogen twice a day for 2 months, last month 8mgs estrogen injected weekly
Height, 5'6 (Measured june at 7pm) (I don't even know posture or something)
Neck: 12.4 Inches
Shoulders: 17.5 inches, front horizontal
Underbust: 28.9 inches
Waist: 24.2 inches
Bust: 32.5 inches
Hips: 34.2 inches
Thigh: 19 inches Obviously small errors are probably present since I didn't do them all that perfectly with how tight/lose etc I did it, But I did it all the same areas at least
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2023.06.09 06:28 BlancDeHotot Best Agency that provides training for newbies.

For context I'm currently employed in IT industry while it pays good, napaka toxic. Now I'm thinking to go the route of VA's . I know it's late and all the best clients are already being served. I still want to try.
Previously tried sa sphererocket di ko na maalala how many month nung unang interview di na ako binalikan. Auto pass daw sa cyberbacker kaya di ko na tinuloy dun.
Athena looks promising Pero may part dun na need ata ng video recording? I'm not really comfortable with that.
Any other agency na okay?
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2023.06.09 06:28 abhiswami2004 Girls used to get married, deliver child before 17: Gujarat HC to Rape survivor on abortion plea

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2023.06.09 06:28 megnew2012 8 month old rescue will not get in her crate

My husband and I rescued an 8 month old Newfie/Pyr mix. We’ve had her for about 6 weeks and she has transitioned beautifully from a free range farm dog to a social city girl. She is a nearly perfect dog with one exception. She will NOT get in her crate at night. No matter what big value treat we through in there, once it’s dark she won’t even think about it. We have done everything our dog trainer has recommended: feeding her in the crate, making the crate cozy, making sure the crate has fun things in it throughout the day, never forcing her in it, etc. She will go in there semi willingly during the day for treats, toys, and mealtimes. And once she’s in there and the door is shut, she is totally fine. No crying or whining at all. She has also never had an accident in the crate. But at nighttime she won’t even go near it. We have resorted to sleeping on our couch while she sleeps on the floor in the living room, since her house manners are still questionable. She is not allowed in our bedroom since that room became a trigger for frequent pee accidents the first couple weeks we had her.
I know this stems from some separation anxiety, and we are working on leaving her alone periodically through out the day, both when she is in and out of the crate. But it’s difficult to build that separation when we don’t trust her to be loose in the house and she is so so difficult to get in the crate. Any ideas are welcome!
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2023.06.09 06:28 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Ellen Mackenzie – Dishing Up Digital School ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Ellen Mackenzie – Dishing Up Digital School ✔️ Full Course Download
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Module One & Two: Lay a solid foundation with lessons on your role, customer journey, mindset, limiting beliefs, and confidence-building.
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Module Five: Dive into content creation, from writing captions to creating reels and stories, all in the context of managing clients’ social channels.
Module Six: Discover systems and strategies for managing multiple clients, organizing content, scheduling posts, and reporting.
Module Seven: Navigate client communication and relationships, tackling engagement, boundary setting, and addressing “ghost” clients.
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2023.06.09 06:28 SatisfyingE I don’t get along with my coworkers.

I 24(M) am not really getting along with my coworkers. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, I work in a job where I have to travel and live with my coworkers. I want to go on more of these jobs, but being stuck for weeks on end with them could be brutal as well as I may not even get selected to go because of the dynamic. I’ve worked here for over 8 months, and never really had problems with anyone until about 2 months ago. I used to get along with everyone it seemed; but for the last little bit back home, and the entirety of my current travel job it has felt like I haven’t really been wanted around. I’m not quite sure what to do or how to approach this.
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2023.06.09 06:27 Just-Strawberry4742 Credit card debt game plan advice please :)

Hi Reddit,
So I was irresponsible these last couple years as a student and got myself into some credit card debt. I have a game plan to get myself out of this but would like some input as well. If it sounds good, what I should change, etc. My current paychecks are usually 1700$ every two weeks. Rent and bill wise my husband pays most of those.
My bills are -Internet 60$/month -Car insurance 175$/month -Car 370$/month -Phone bill 115$/month Other than these I usually buy groceries and gas is my only other ‘essential’ expense.
So here’s my debt -Capital 1 $4,302.01 w 29.74% interest -Apple $692.43 w 26.99% interest -Wells Fargo $4,226.69 w 16.15% interest
The first two were applied for and used for during my last couple years of school and have the worst interest rates like ever lmfao. I’m surprised I even got approved. They were necessary at the time so I can only beat myself up about it so much.
My game plan is to pay 645$ a month to the capital 1 card which should be paid off in 8 months if all works out. My main priority is this card due to it being 0% interest till November 6th. I’m going to do 25$ weekly to the Apple Card which puts it in the area of being paid off in about 8 months as well. While paying these off I’ll make minimum payments to the Wells Fargo card.
Both those cards should be paid off in the same month as long as all goes well. Then I want to take both payments so 745$ a month and throw it at the Wells Fargo card which puts it being done in 6/7 months.
How does this sound? I’ve totaled up all my expenses and it leaves me with about 1,715$ a month for groceries, gas and other things and puts me at getting all this debt being paid off in a little over a year. Soon I’ll have student loans as well to deal with but want to take things one at a time until it gets to it.
I’ve heard about transferring to a 0% card but honestly I thought one of my cards had automatic payments set up and it didn’t and missed some payments. My credit score is 612 so not great. I also just got a car loan due to totaling my almost paid off car (thanks deer). So also just had a hard pull there. I got a 7.99% rate though on a used car so not too shabby there lol. Anyways, thanks for the advice!!
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2023.06.09 06:27 kanri126 Never Ending UTIs from Hell

Okay so. This may be a long post, but I feel like I have to thoroughly explain so that somebody can accurately understand my plight.
I'm 24, and for the first 22 years of my life, I never experienced a UTI. I'll admit that I didn't have the best hygiene ever. I was never taught how to take care of myself and I didn't learn until I was maybe 20. But despite that, never a UTI to be seen. I also did not have sex for the first 22 years of my life. I got married, started having sex, and bam. UTIs constantly. I got my first one on our honeymoon. Six months later, another one. After that they started coming every three months. Now I can barely make it a month without one. A month and a half ago, I was on three different antibiotics because the bacteria have started to become resistant. Three weeks ago I had an infection that lasted less than a full day. It was excruciatingly painful, and then suddenly just vanished. So they've been getting more frequent and less predictable.
Also, even when I don't have a UTI, I have constant discomfort while peeing. It burns almost every time that I pee. I've just gotten really good at distinguishing if it's "normal" burning or UTI burning.
I do all the preventative stuff. I have switched to a pH balancing soap and wet wipes, I pee before and after sex, I take D-mannose every single day and every single time I have sex, I even wipe my husband down before we have sex. My husband is very hygienic. I don't drink alcohol. I'm not going to blame diet because my diet is healthier now that I'm married than it was before and I wasn't getting infections all the time back then. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, I'm always getting UTIs. It's exhausting and I feel like giving up.
I recently started seeing a new doctor and she referred me to a urologist, which I desperately need. We got an appointment set up, but then my husband changed jobs and we are without health insurance for 90 days. So I fully intend on seeing a specialist, I just can't right now.
I have a UTI as we speak and I'm not looking for medical advice or miracle cures because trust me, I've tried them all. I just want to know I'm not alone and I want to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Because it's feeling really dark right now.
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