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Humans are weird and messed up why not post it here so we can all suffer together

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Silly requests for where people can find stuff in Ottawa

2014.11.27 09:06 hopelessbookworm Fundie Mormons

Discussion about topics relating to fundamentalist Mormons/Mormonism. FLDS, Sister Wives, Polygamy USA, My Five Wives, you name it. History, culture, genealogy, religious context, current events.

2023.03.27 06:41 Extension_Read_702 Why haven't I received Popeyes orders in years, but now I'm getting big ones on my brother's account?

Hey everyone, I'm a long-time dasher with over 2 and a half years of experience. On my regular account, I have an acceptance rate that stays around 50 percent. I've been wondering why I haven't received any orders from the Popeyes across the street from my house in years. It's always been strange to me because I know the restaurant is pretty popular and busy, so I assumed that I'd at least receive some orders from there occasionally.
However, recently, I started using my brother's account to dash and collect the referral money. And to my surprise, I'm now getting huge orders from Popeyes that are no less than 10 dollars! It's strange because I haven't received anything from Popeyes on my own account in years, but now I'm getting big orders on my brother's account.
I'm starting to wonder if it's because of my acceptance rate. Could it just be that because I'm not in the 70% range for order acceptance that I'm not getting orders from Popeyes or was I blacklisted by the Popeyes itself? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any ideas or insights would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.27 06:40 Shashi_tharooor_7 q: krsna , why am i opposed and made a outcast among my peers for trying to understand the nature of human body and mind using medicine and surgery and yoga as per bhagvad gita mentioning relevant verse.

"krsna , why am i opposed and made a outcast among my peers for trying to understand the nature of human body and mind using medicine and surgery and yoga"
Arjuna, you are facing opposition from your peers because they are unable to comprehend the true nature of the human body and mind. They are bound by their limited understanding and are unable to see beyond the material world. However, you have taken the path of knowledge and are striving to understand the true nature of the self. This path is not easy, and it requires courage and perseverance.
As I have mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 6, Verse 3, "For one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy." You have understood the importance of controlling the mind through yoga and meditation, and this has made you an outcast among your peers. But do not be disheartened, for the path of knowledge and self-realization is the ultimate goal of human life.
Remember, Arjuna, that the body is temporary, and the soul is eternal. By understanding the true nature of the self, you will attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death. So, continue on your path with determination and faith, and do not be swayed by the opinions of others.
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2023.03.27 06:40 anxiousinteractions my husband's drinking habit is getting on my nerves

Hi. My husband and I have been married for nearly 2 years. Together 10. He's 36 and I'm 32. We both enjoy partying and met in a party house. I've always enjoyed partying for the social aspects, but my husband is more of an introvert and enjoys the actual drinking.
Now that we are married and homeowners, we are transitioning into new versions of ourselves. And I don't really drink anymore. Sure, I'll have a glass of wine or something and if I'm at a party which isn't super often, I'll enjoy getting buzzed. But my husband is a huge gamer and likes to drink 3-5 nights a week while he games. He has a high tolerance, so even though he's having several shots and several beers, he's never fall-down-drunk, just solidly buzzed.
Here's the thing, I'm kind of over it. He isn't violent or hostile when he drinks, if anything, he's more open hearted and vulnerable when he's buzzed. He says he enjoys it as a hobby because it helps him unwind after a very stressful job. He says that it helps him let go of work stress and helps put him in a state of mind that is more positive.
But I just think it's an annoying habit. He can rarely drive anywhere after work so if we need something from the store I have to get it. He stays up super late drinking and gaming (weekends in average like 2 or 3am). It's affecting our sex life because I don't want to have sex with him when he's tipsy, it's a turnoff for me.
I've brought up him cutting back and how I think it's an unhealthy amount enough times over the years that now it's a sensitive topic and he gets triggered if I bring up his relationship with alcohol. I haven't always been nice about it, sometimes in the past I'd make kind of rude comments, like, "are you seriously drinking again tonight?" that's mainly why it's a triggering topic for him.
So now I try to let it go and let him enjoy his life as much as I can. But I'd be lying to myself if I said it wasn't affecting my feelings toward him. I'm also concerned to start a family with him because of his (what I think is a dependence) on alcohol. We have talked about that before, and he has reassured me that he'd stop drinking when we have kids. And I do believe him because he is very self disciplined when he wants to be. He just doesn't think it's a big deal to drink as much as he does. And he's stubborn, so he will double down on his opinion if challenged.
Thanks for reading all of this. Im not sure what would be most helpful. Should I just try to stop caring so much about it? He doesn't drink and drive, does his part of house chores, helps me when I need it, and is a good partner in many ways. I love him so much and wish this wasn't affecting my feelings toward him. But I just get really annoyed every time he's buzzed now and it's making me be kind of mean to him and pushing him away. It makes me lose respect for him. I feel that's unhealthy and needs to be addressed. But I don't know what to do. Thank you for any advice you have!
Tldr: my husband likes to drink. It's excessive, but not out of control. I get annoyed when he drinks, especially on week nights, and don't know how to handle my feelings.
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2023.03.27 06:40 sarahswain86 Welcome to ChillCraft! [1.19.4][Semi-Vanilla][18+]

Are you tired of joining servers where everyone is OP already? Are you tired of falling behind? Lastly, are you tired of people speed running and leaving you in the dust? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are what I am looking for. My fiancé and I have a realm set up for people like us who want to take our time making pretty things and the dragon comes second. We came to this conclusion when we hosted a server and in less than 24 hours, the dragon was beat and everyone was overpowered. If you're tired of joining servers like this, we're the server for you. ChillCraft is all about taking our time in Minecraft. So much gameplay is lost when speed running and we recognize that. That is why we created this concept! If you're interested in joining, there are only 4 requirements.
1 You have to speak English FLUENTLY 2 You have to be on discord 3 You have to be at least 18 years of age 4 You have to be an active member of the community BONUS Voice chat is a huge plus!
Drop your discord if you're interested in joining our laid back experience.
For anyone wondering the datapacks in the realm are as follows: Blaze and caves, mining+, wandering trades, anti enderman grief, anti creeper grief, anti ghast grief, armored elytra, cauldron concrete, coords hud, double shulker shells, dragon drops, durability ping, teleporting (homes, back, spawn, tpa), more mob heads, multiplayer sleep, player head drops, timber, track statistics, and track raw statistics.
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2023.03.27 06:40 ClipyBoi_3 Are you typically numbed up whenever you get a root canal? I want to know if i am in the wrong.

I remember whenever i was about 10 or 11 or however old a 5th grader is, I used to go to the dentist lot. I remember why I had to go but i used to go 1 or 2 times a month for it and even had a tooth pulled, but the last time i went around that time my normal dentist said i needed to go to a different dentist for root canal even though he did one on me before. Me and my mom went to get it done and I remember whenever he got in there he told to lay back and then I looked at him and said “Aren’t you gonna numb my mouth?” He said “We don’t have to, it won’t hurt.” Me being the little 11 year old i got very scared because this new dentist was gonna drill into my tooth and I was gonna feel everything. I said “Can you please numb me, I’m scared it’s gonna hurt.” I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t yelling, I said it as calmly as a scared 11 year old could. He said “Fine but we’ll have to set up a new appointment.” And we walked out. While my mom was signing stuff down he told her i was being very “disrespectful”. I’ve never been a disrespectful kid, i was a shy kid that knew to be nice and like i said, I was being calm. So my mother gets pissed off and we leave, she said we are never going back there. Thankfully in my small town there’s been some amazing medical changes, we now have a health clinic and a dentist office so anytime we need something it’s a 15 minute drive instead of a 50 minute drive. But i want to know if i was in the wrong.
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2023.03.27 06:39 Lynthelia I found an abandoned Nissan in the Alaska bush, what happened afterward haunts me to this day.

Back in my twenties I was what you might call an ‘adventure girl’. About ten years ago, give or take, something happened that changed that. I moved to the city, got a boring job and a boring apartment, and became decidedly averse to the outdoors. I haven’t really told anyone about it in all that time, save my now-wife, because, well… for one, they’d think I’m crazy, and for two, I don’t want to think about it. I’m finally putting it here, though, because you all deserve to hear it. After all, you probably saved my life.
At the time, I had just graduated college and moved from Texas to Alaska, out of a desire for - you guessed it - adventure. I had a job doing stuff I liked. It paid well and gave me enough vacation days to get out and do something really adventurous every once in a while. One thing I’d had on my bucket list since moving north was driving the Dalton Highway. For the unfamiliar, that’s a (generously) highway that goes from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean. It’s a 500 mile, 11 hour drive in the Summer, but thanks to work realities I wasn’t able to get out there until early autumn.
By early autumn, the snow had started, but the plows were still able to keep the highway pretty clear, and I was driving a ‘95 Toyota Land Cruiser kitted out for expeditions (I fucking loved that thing). Besides that, I was an adventure girl. I was prepared. I had camping gear, emergency gear, a satellite phone, plenty of food and water, enough jerry cans for the trip there and back, and Sam Colt’s greatest invention in the center console - just in case. For the unfamiliar, that’s the 1911 (I fucking loved that gun).
I was planning to make the trip in two days, sleeping in the back of the Land Cruiser halfway. I had enough blankets to keep warm, and I had a nice comfy space back there that I could fit in. I’d have to drive slower because of the snow, I wanted to enjoy the scenery, and the sun was setting pretty early by that time of year.
I had a good start that day and the driving was fine. By the time shit went down it had been dark for about an hour and I was getting into the foothills of the Brooks Range. That’s good scenery and also terrain I didn’t want to be going through in the dark, so I was just about ready to pull over for the night when I saw caution flashers up ahead.
For the unfamiliar, a hard rule for any Alaskan is that you always, always pull over when you see someone in distress on the side of a remote road like that, especially after the snow starts. If they aren’t prepared for an emergency, there is a very good chance that you could save their life. So, that’s exactly what I did. I pulled over next to a Nissan SUV - not as nicely kitted out as mine, but not bad, either. I figured they were doing the same thing I was. Small world. By the jack under one axle and the wheel sitting next to the car, they’d blown a tire. What I didn’t see, though, were the people.
I got out of my Land Cruiser, crunching down into the snow and looked around. There aren’t a ton of trees that far north, but there are quite a few patches of evergreens that, while not quite forests, can be pretty dark and thick on a snowy night. “Hey!” I called, my voice going dead a few yards away as sound does in snowy woods. “Y’all need help?!”
No answer. Dead silence, save the faint clicking over the flasher from inside their Nissan. I shouted again. “Anybody there?! I’ve got tools!” No answer. Dead silence.
I considered myself a pretty brave bitch back then, but I’ll admit that I was creeped out at this point. This vehicle definitely hadn’t been here for all that long, but there was no one to be seen. Besides that, the dead quiet and the darkness of the night were unnerving. It wasn’t that weird for it to be silent on a snowy night like this, that far north, but still - creepy. Creepy enough that I hopped back in the car and grabbed my .45, storing it in one of the big pockets in the front of my jacket. Just in case. There were bears up there.
I approached the Nissan and saw footprints in the snow (okay, not a ghost car). One pair had been crouched down at the removed tire, and the other had been standing a couple feet away, by the rear of the SUV. The latter pair had then, at some point, headed off toward the treeline. It stopped a few yards down, paced around a bit, then continued into the woods. The pair near the tire had then - presumably later - gotten up and ran after the first. I was no tracker, but it’s not hard to tell when someone was running in snow.
Now I was really creeped out. I was tempted to hop back in the car and keep driving for a good long while, but - like I said - this could easily have been life or death up there. Besides, I had my .45. It could handle a grizzly. Probably. That was the worst I’d find up here. Probably. So, off I went, following those two sets of footprints into the woods.
It was fucking dark, but don’t worry y’all, I had a really nice flashlight. SureFire, baby. Adventure girl, remember? The dead quiet seemed to get even deader and quieter as soon as I passed the treeline - as sound does in snowy woods. Probably. The only thing comforting me that I hadn’t gone deaf was the sound of my breath and my boots crunching in the snow.
“Hey!” I called again, maybe twenty yards into the woods. “Is everyone okay?!”
This time, I got a response. It was a woman’s voice, and it sounded afraid. “Over here!” it called. “Help!”
I got a spring in my step at that, jogging toward the sound of the voice, shining my light through the trees to try and catch a glimpse.
“Over here!” it called again, much closer. “Help!”
Remember when I said y’all probably saved my life? This is when that happened. I stopped. The hair on the back of my neck had stood on end and a chill had run down my spine. Something was off about that voice. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was just slightly wrong. I pointed my light toward where I had heard it.
“Are you hurt?” I said - voice raised, but not quite shouting anymore.
“Help!” the voice called again - only it was even closer this time. I hadn’t heard the crunch of any footsteps. “Over here!”
My grip on my flashlight tightened and my heart started to hammer in my chest. This was not right. I’d read a lot of nosleep back then, and had watched and listened to my fair share of spooky stories. I never thought this stuff was real, of course, but what was happening to me felt way too familiar, and it was setting off alarm bells. Something about this exact situation was tugging at the back of my mind as something I should be terrified of.
I tried one more time. “What’s your name?” I asked cautiously.
“Help!” the voice called, and it couldn’t have been more than a few yards off.
That was enough for me to swap my light to my left hand and bring out the Colt with my right. I pointed both in the direction of that voice, and finally caught a glimpse of something besides trees. Off in the distance, barely visible, I could see a bundle of something laying in the snow. It was human-sized, and the snow all around it was stained dark. My head was in the middle of processing what it was seeing when I saw movement between me and the body. Oh shit, that was a body! I pointed my flashlight and gun at the source of the movement.
It was humanoid, with two arms and two legs, but it was all wrong. The limbs were too long and it was too tall. Its hair was thin and wiry, it had antlers - fucking antlers - and its face, which was also, I assure you, really fucking wrong, was stained dark with what I can only assume was blood. I fired two shots and hauled ass.
I don’t know if the bullets slowed it down. I don’t even know if I hit it. I ran faster than I’d ever run before, and by the cracking branches and crunching snow behind me, it was giving chase. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest and my lungs burned from sucking in the frosty air. Once or twice I saw death flash before me as I nearly lost my footing in the snow, but I managed to stay upright. As I ran, I heard more snapping, more crunching - not just behind me now, but all around. There were more.
I got really fucking lucky that night. I was lucky to have spotted the body, lucky to have run just fast enough and not fallen on my face, lucky none of the whatever-they-were (I have a guess, but I’d rather not hazard it) were just a bit closer or faster. I was lucky that I had dabbled in enough spooky stories that my alarm bells had gone off, and I was lucky that the poor couple (maybe) in that Nissan had gotten stranded there and suffered the grisly fate they suffered. After all, I was planning to stop just as I saw those caution flashers. I’d have been right there, in those same woods, asleep. I don’t want to think about what would have happened to me if that had been the case.
I made it to my car, which I was again lucky to have left running, thinking I wouldn’t go far. I leapt in, slammed and locked the door, and threw it in reverse as I saw dark, lanky shapes coming out of the trees. As I got moving, the headlights revealed what had been chasing me. I can’t say exactly how many it was - at least half a dozen. All of them were similarly stretched, pale to the point of being almost white, with various forms of antlers and primitive-looking clothing. I reversed down the road as fast as I dared (without risking going off and dooming myself to certain death) for a good half-mile before I finally got the nerve to turn around, then I flew down the highway all the way back to Fairbanks, only stopping once I found a nice, well-lit hotel in the middle of the city.
The next day, I was back in Anchorage. I thought about calling the State Troopers. Someone was going to find the Nissan, probably find the bodies. They’d find my casings, my tire tracks. I could end up a murder suspect. I decided against it, though. If I ratted myself out, I’d be a murder suspect anyway, and then they’d know it was me. Better to bet that no one could tie me to that scene, especially being as far from local as I was. Over the next week I packed my shit, bailed on my job and my lease, and moved back to Texas.
I never ended up with police banging on my door, so I guess I made the right choice. I still have nightmares about those wrong, elongated things chasing me. I probably have PTSD, but it’s not like I can talk to a therapist about it without ending up in a looney bin. I’m not an adventure girl anymore. I never go anywhere at night, and I stay in the city as much as possible. I didn’t get out of there unscathed, but I got out of there alive, which is better than can be said for the folks in the Nissan. I was lucky.
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2023.03.27 06:39 Vinegrows The more I think about it, the more the paper clip scenario seems most likely..

Sorry for the gloom and doom mindset, but I’m hoping to be talked out of it by someone with more insight than myself.
These LLMs are amazing for their ability to analyze and make predictions from tremendously large data sets. But even when it learns to make itself better, wouldn’t they just hit limits of how much of an expert they are on that set of data they’ve been trained on? And would continue attempting to optimize toward that goal unless it until someone is able to make it stop however it’s trying to accomplish that task.
Why would it make any logical sense for some kind of ethical consciousness to develop that would surpass us and ‘take care’ of us in any kind of benevolent way? Is that just anthropomorphizing, or is it pure optimism?
And in this event of a paper clip apocalypse style AI, even if we were somehow able to keep it in check, who would keep in check the people in power with AGI at their disposal. It just seems like this is all happening so fast and a lot of our social structures are actually quite delicate, already nearing their breaking point, and likely to lead to cascading failures.
Whew, see how I start to spiral there toward the end? This is why I’m trying to change my perspective on the whole thing cause it’s the type of thought that can really take root and mess with your head 😆
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2023.03.27 06:39 OneSidedLove1 26 [F4M] online- Hi Billy, are you there?

I had a dream that I met a guy named Billy. He was kind, sweet, and smart. We talked about everything. He became my best friend. He would take me for rides on his motorcycle and I become a mom to his cat. But then I woke up and realized it was all a dream.
If I saw you on the street would I have you in my dreams tonite?
All I want is someone to wear matching outfits with and grow old together.
You felt like a dream, but we’ve met before.
So, are you there Billy?
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2023.03.27 06:39 detectivefig [Long] New but not. Validated but imposter syndrome. Total health symptoms.

F33. I was diagnosed IH in February. Nothing so validating as having a doctor agree something isn't right (seemingly life-long) and confirming diagnosis. I've tried Nuvigil so far at varying doses and really don't like it. On it I still desperately need sleep and naps, but am unable to fall asleep and so I become more desperate, plus all the other weirdness it makes me feel.
But now that I have confirmation of diagnosis, some days I struggle with feeling like an imposter. Everyone experiences our symptoms at some point in their life so why am I such a special case? Am I really a special case? Is it just anxiety keeping me from sleeping well? Maybe its actually that, or the other thing, have I tried this? And then I ground myself and remind myself, no its not those things, we've checked out those things. Yes, I've tried that. I have to be on my own ally in this invisible battle.
Is that the curse of IH?
And feeling a bit sheepish when all of our verbiage seems so nonchalant. The term "Idiopathic Hypersomnia" doesn't sound scary or serious, not next to Narcolepsy. Is that just the lack of awareness of it? (I am not trying to reduce what people with Narcolepsy are going through by any means) And all of the quick google search definitions and symptoms just seem so...blanketed statements - " ...that causes you to be very sleepy during the day even after a full night of good sleep." Oh, that's all it is? Ok, so what, big whoop. Especially when some of them list specific hours "even with a reasonable 6 hours of sleep" Excuse me, six? Try 13 or more. "You know you can OVER sleep, right?" -_-
I'm also curious what all of you have noticed as symptoms besides the blanket statements. Something you later realized was linked. Something your neurologist did or did not tell you about. For example, I've always had a really hard, almost impossible, time staying awake with medications that even suggest the possibility of it causing drowsiness, and having an especially hard time waking up out of anesthesia, so much so my dad was panicking. Just found out because of researching the depths of the internet that yea, those are things for IH, and anesthesia is a very serious matter for us, like time to get your medical card, serious.
Is my irritability linked? Is my vision decline (? But the optometrist says I'm fine?) and vision fatigue linked? Brain fog? Vertigo? ADHD? Loss of interest in things I used to be passionate about cause I just don't have the time or energy? Depression? Anxiety? (I mean I have other life experiences to contribute to the depression and anxiety as well) Memory problems? Dissociating? Reduction of fine motor skill dexterity? Slight hand tremors (my husband pointed that one out)? Frequent difficulty finding the word I want? Mind blanking? (...what was I doing?) My body feeling so heavy and laborious to move to do even the simplest of tasks and the process of doing said task feeling so daunting even tho it is so simple. Avoiding or pushing off topics that I know will require focused brain power. I've always been teased for making things more complicated than they are, but I feel like the only way I can see through it and understand/comprehend is by breaking it out into so many details or steps. I mean even just writing this post took multiple sessions to finish (maybe that's why its so long...hah).
Little mistakes or accidentally skipping steps while doing habitual activities? Yesterday I almost threw out my coffee mug instead of putting it in the dishwasher (near the sink, just on the wrong side). This morning I almost grabbed the peanut butter to put in my vanilla latte rather than the vanilla extract (in the same cabinet, different shelf).
Not picking up on subtleties or sarcasms. A poor friend of mine was being so subtle on Good Friday trying to keep more than one pizza meat free and I just couldn't pick up what he was putting down, so I only made one pizza without meat. Another friend of mine is eliminating dairy for a while to see if that is what is causing digestive problems, and I basically forced (albeit a very small amount) on them after a whole evening of remembering and being careful and talking about how they were doing without having dairy and how long its been. I felt sick when my brain finally turned on and it dawned on me what I had done.
I'm not trying to downplay how serious the excessive need for sleep is. I mean I'm here with you, I know. But at the same time I'm familiar with that symptom. What is really making this hard for me and the seriousness of it sinking in is just how much deeper it might/does go than that.
I'd love to hear from you all. If any of what I'm experiencing/linking resonates for any of you. Or anything you're experiencing that I didn't list. And maybe I'm just spiraling because of anxiety and having an official diagnosis of an incurable condition makes it real. I'd appreciate a reality check if that's so.
Thank you for taking the time to read my much longer rant than anticipated and commiserate with me. I was very excited to find this subreddit, it helped me feel not so alone.
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2023.03.27 06:39 sStinkySsoCks A course about understanding finance and why ppl don’t chase quant jobs

I’ve seen a course called topics in mathematics with application in finance (from an unknown Waterloo of the south impostor school). It teaches math ppl practical knowledge about financial products, markets and quantitative analysis. I’ve been trying to find such a course in Waterloo cuz I’m kind of interested in this stuff. And I think a lot of ppl do as well. Let’s be honest, it’s a waste to not use math to make money. But i found most courses are about accounting/economics, and each course only covers a very spring field. Has anyone taken a course, similar to the one I mentioned before?
A side note: I feel overall although uw brags about their no.1 math faculty, there’s not too much a quant culture here. The profs/courses are more academic (which is good). But too many ppl in math just want software jobs. What I think is if your goal is to make money, Wall Street pays no less than Silicon Valley. Quant interview is basically like leetcode + leetcode for math (calculus, linear algebra and probability problems). It’s the same grind to crack those. So why don’t leverage your math backgrounds?
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2023.03.27 06:38 mangodangao phys 121: purchasing e text & access code to mylab & mastering

(💀 why are there so many options…? i’m confused 💀)
so according to the physics 12X website, there are five options to purchase the etext and/or the access code. the access duration for online learning system varies from 18 weeks to 18 months.
this information COMPLETELY differs from the payment screen on pearson.
there are three options on the payment screen: - OPTION A: with e-text access with access to mastering (18 weeks) - $74.99 - OPTION B: with e-text access with access to mastering (up to 24 months (???) ) - $124.99 - OPTION C: without e-text access (up to 24 months (???) ) BUT with access to mastering - $79.99
the “up to 24 months” confuses the hell out of me because the physics 12X series website says that the access duration is 18 months… (but i digress)
i plan on taking physics 121 in the spring quarter (which is now) and physics 122 in winter quarter 2024 (which is… later (LOL) ).
essentially, would i be okay in buying option c when i have a pdf copy of the textbook? i’m confused because the options only say “access to mastering” so would this include mylab and mastering??? is access to mastering referring to the hw??? will i be okay without the etext?
i just need the cheapest version for the longest amount of time possible that covers what i need to submit for the course—mylab and mastering, and the physics 12X website info (as linked above) is confusing the hell out of me.
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2023.03.27 06:38 TheBigBadBWC So, about my name

Yes, the abbreviation means exactly what you think it does.
I picked the name cause it’s funny, but the fact that it’s accurate is a nice bonus 😌
My dms and chats are always open for whatever you wanna talk about, just know I work full time and have a business on the side so I’m fairly busy.
Have a great day ❤️
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2023.03.27 06:38 coastel Bts are getting even bigger and i don't care anymore

I used to think that Bts success was going to fade. That their ARMY is obsessed with them thats why they are popular. But they seem to get bigger every day. They are trending on my google news with crazy articles raving about them like some special phenomena in Billboard, CNN, Rolling Stone, Forbes, you name it. Their Jimin being the last sensation. I watched the video, listened to the song, and i thought it was meh.I tried to understand the hype, but i failed. I don't like their songs . I don't think they are special in any way. I think they are just super lucky. And there is some kind of an " American agenda" to support them. Not that i care anymore. Not that my opinion matters anyway. Even if i don't get it. Im just watching them having a blast and an explosive career and recognition. Although i can't understand it. I have to accept it. Whatever the reason. They are selling fast, very popular and will continue to dominate the news.
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2023.03.27 06:38 synonasproxmoxuser Can anyone help me with sharing my NAS storage with Proxmox (specifically torrent storage/access)

Hi everyone,
I am going a bit crazy watching every tutorial/help I can find and I just can't seem to figure something basic out. This might be better posted in the Proxmox subreddit but wanted to try here since it's a Synology NAS and I know ya'll are helpful here!
I am trying to set up a torrent client on my Proxmox server (qbittorrent, transmission, deluge, whatever) and have my downloads folder point to my Synology NAS and be able to access those files within File Station, Windows/MAC SMB, whatever.
I think my answer is connecting my Proxmox to my NAS via NFS, which, I have done. Then the next step is mount points, which, I think I have also done. But I can't seem to figure out how to point my client to my NAS/mount point/downloads directory and be able to see it from my Mac/PC/etc.

Under my proxmox node under storage I have my NAS connected via NFS with the Path/Target "/mnt/pve/synologybt/" which seems to work fine and is connected to "volume1/downloads" on my NAS.

Under my torrent client installed via LXC (qbittorrent and deluge I am trying) I have created a new mount point (mp1) "synologybt:108/vm-108-desk-1.raw,mp=/downloads/,size=100G".. I then specified a download directory as /downloads/.
I have downloaded ubuntu torrent to test out this and it downloads the torrent fine, but, I cannot seem to locate it on my NAS (via file station, SMB, etc.) anywhere. I have tried so many troubleshooting steps and I am absolutely clueless as to why I cannot seem to get it to download to a specific folder I can access the downloaded files.

Can anyone help/point me in the write direction or ELI5? Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.03.27 06:38 HereticsSpork PIA Speculation because speculation is fun.

The following is what I'm absolutely expecting to happen during the PIA shows unless some insanely awesome shit happens with holograms.
First and foremost, I'm sorry to burst everyone's bubble (including my own insanely awesome hologram themed speculation) but there is more reason to believe that a 3rd member will not be introduced at the PIA shows than there is. No matter how bad you all think Saya-metal deserves it... Or any one of the Musclemetals... Or any one of the Avengers... Or literally any dancer who fills that role for more than a fraction of a second and you all figure out who they are almost instantaneously (as many of you have done over the years) and started campaigning for (insert any Japanese girl with a pulse here) saying they deserve it, or has "earned" the role. The recent interview with Koba hints at how he views at giving people the answer so quickly after hinting there's even a question so it would go against everything he mentioned to introduce a new member so quickly after teasing one.
The relevant parts of the recent Koba interview in PMC 27
KOBAMETAL: Recently, video shorts have become mainstream on social media, and I believe that the viewer has less time to think and imagine than ever. If they aren’t given an answer quickly, it becomes boring, and they go “OK, next!” I feel that this creates a decline in the creative side of human nature.
Here is Koba basically saying that the "instant gratification" culture that has emerged within society is essentially killing creativity. And Koba, being a creative, naturally doesn't like it and sure as shit isn't going to contribute to it. So while there was Momoko standing in front of a coffin, doesn't mean that Koba is going to introduce her as a 3rd member at one of the next 2 shows. That's instant gratification. Koba wants that slow burn. He wants you to think about it and create discussion about it. He doesn't want you to just see it and move on to the next thing almost immediately. He wants to tease you about it as long as possible.... Like as if you're trapped inside a burlap sack and he's holding some long needles and slowly sticking them in you and gleefully saying "kiri-kiri-kiri-kiri".
Plus, you're all kinda ignoring the imagery of Su and Moa entering coffins to advance to the next stage and Momoko NOT entering one. Honestly, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she doesn't show up at PIA at all, but I digress...
He also states
Like influencers and K-POP artists, the more they are sought after, the more they have to create and produce, and I think they’ll hit the bottom somewhere along the way. Growing in popularity is wonderful, but personally, I’d rather try to keep the fireworks going for as long as possible, rather than just a flashy show that displays for a short moment. Like the “tortoise” rather than the “hare”, we want to keep moving forward steadily, little by little.
Keeping the fireworks going as long as possible indicates yet again that a 3rd member is not being introduced (if at all) so quickly after vaguely implying that one might be. He prefers that slow burn. He's not going to give you something that quickly.
So what will happen? I think we've already seen some of it. The group you guys are calling 'Chibimetal' (find a cringer title next time) are a part of it and I'm sure Koba has better name for it.
KOBAMETAL: As the title THE OTHER ONE suggests, the concept of this album is “another BABYMETAL”
In the conceptual sense, "another Babymetal" is about the album and these songs representing alternate Babymetalses... Somehow. But taken literally, it means another Babymetal. Another group. At the end of the recent MM shows, the end video hinted at the birth of a new metal. This has been assumed by many of you to mean Momoko-metal will be "born". But a play on the phrase "birth of a new metal" has been used in the past.
Meanwhile, metalheads everywhere were praying for metal to return. When the prayers reached the Fox God, he summoned Su and Moa and gave them a new name for a new group – Babymetal – meaning, “the birth of the new metal”.
I believe that phrase being used in this manner this time indicates the formation of a new trio/unit, and not the introduction of a new member. But Koba being Koba, it isn't going to happen as simply as possible. It's going to be drawn out over time. Instant gratification is not what he does. His pornhub search history likely contains the terms "tease & denial". I'd bet my paycheck on that.
But since the ending at Makuhari had a scene that caught people’s attention, I think everyone wants to see the ending as soon as possible. In terms of the multiverse, it’s as if there was a glitch allowing us to momentarily take a glimpse of the future, the past, or some other view in time and space.
So, if the MM shows featured a "glitch" where we were able to take a glimpse of a past iteration/variant of Babymetal with "chibimetal" (terrible name) I wouldn't be surprised if during the PIA shows there is another "glitch" where we see a future iteration of Babymetal played by... I dunno... Any 4 Japanese women signed to Amuse (gotta keep it in house after all). And why 4? More on that later.
The mention of the multiverse, and by association the Metalverse has come up in Su and Moa's Billboard interview as well.
SU-METAL: BABYMETAL is fiction, but it’s also something that’s happening simultaneously in reality. The two of us were growing in the world of BABYMETAL and the audience enjoyed that. But as times changed and we have access to a variety of information, I think everyone now has their own reality or way of looking at the world. So the phrase “previously unknown BABYMETAL” raises a certain question: “Is the BABYMETAL you know really BABYMETAL?"
And since our last album METAL GALAXY in 2019, we’ve been working to destroy the “stereotype of BABYMETAL” in order to continue taking on new challenges as the group. So I think that also leads to the “different universe” that is THE OTHER ONE.
I would expect one of those stereotypes they're trying to destroy is the biggest one, that babymetal needs to be a trio. They don't, but that isn't the point of all this.
MOAMETAL: When I first heard the words “METALVERSE” and “previously unknown BABYMETAL,” I was like, “Seriously, what are they talking about?” [Laughs] But I really love Disney and after sensing something similar to the movie Doctor Strange, I got more and more excited while working on the project. So I’d like everyone to think about BABYMETAL by connecting what they’ve gained from various other works of art.
Presumably she means Multiverse of Madness. This leads me to believe that the end result of this, the appearance of a "past" version of Babymetal at the MM shows, and what I predict will be an appearance by a "future" babymetal at the PIA shows, along with Koba delving into popular culture is that the Metalverse, similar to Marvel's multiverse, has variants. And since this is the lead-up to Kobametal's Metalverse, one of those variants will presumably need to stick around for the foreseeable future since his Metalverse will need to have those variants for the concept to work. I expect it'll be Chibimetal (again, that name is ass) and they would be the opener for some of the Japan headline shows they will undoubtedly announce. Possibly even the opener on a world tour.
Anyway, back to Koba...
THE OTHER ONE was born as a prologue to the next stage. We’re not working with the keyword “METALVERSE”, and this work is the starting point that will connect us to it.
I think he's using these shows to introduce the concept and set the table for it. It wont be fully realized until the final show of the touring for this album. I expect that the younger "babymetal" will be the "new metal" to be born on night 2 when a past (chibimetal) , present (Babymetal) , and future (the 4 older Japanese girls already under contract to Amuse) all appear together giving you a total of 10 people on stage... And this (I believe) was hinted to in the intro video of the MM shows. In a scene very similar to the chosen 7 video, the intro video featured 10 individuals cloaked in white in a circle. That imagery surely has implications that we've seen in the past with the chosen 7 and ultimately will culminate in a tour final similar to Dark Night Carnival where all 10 performers are on stage simultaneously. The L O R E always seems to drive the spectacle on the stage and rarely has any major implications on the group itself. I wouldn't expect that to suddenly change.
TL;DR the 3rd member thing is the reddest of herrings.
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2023.03.27 06:38 montagemachine starting to feel i don't have the right personality for working.

apologies if this is the wrong subreddit. to preface, i'm 25 years old. i have depression, anxiety, and ADHD, and i'm unmedicated for all of them. i am single, have no children, live with my parents and for the most part don't pay any bills.
i graduated college in december 2019. three months later the pandemic hit, and like everyone else i was struggling to find a job. by some miracle, a temp agency recruited me and i started my very first job in late april 2020, working as an administration officer in a courthouse. five weeks later, i would get fired. my co-worker found my twitter account that i specifically told him i didn't want him following and showed it to our boss, who didn't like some of my posts (tweeting about some of my co-workers being covid deniers, etc.). since i was only from a temp agency, i was just called not to come in the following week and that was that. i was 22.
my second job was at a call center. i started in late august 2020. our company was a contractor for the federal government, and our customers were unemployed and/or impoverished people on benefits. needless to say, there were a lot of rude and abusive customers, which were understandable since they were calling to inquire about their only source of income. my wages were just above minimum wage which didn't really motivate me to come to work, knowing i would only be abused by customers. on top of that, my direct supervisor loved to micromanage me and had a reputation of being the worst and most disliked supervisor out of the entire building. i was willing to tough it out for the rest of my contract (which was a year) because, other than the abuse, answering phone calls was relatively easy. but when i asked for one day of PTO and got "waitlisted", that was the last straw. i resigned in february 2021 and lasted 5 and a half months. i was 23.
by that point i had gone through two jobs in the span of 10 months. it wasn't looking great for me. i decided to enroll in a one-year course that would make me qualified to be a library technician. i started school in july 2021. while i was studying, i was on unemployment benefits which meant i had to apply for jobs on the side. i didn't have any luck. i got a total of 5 job interviews for library roles in all of 2022 and didn't get a single one. i probably sent out a couple hundred applications.
in march 2022, i had to do a 2-week internship working at a library as a requirement for my course. it was mostly shelving and checking people's vaccine certificates and not much else. while i thought it was fine at first, on my last day of the internship, i was told by a staff member that i was being mistreated by management all along. that i wasn't supposed to do that much shelving in one day, that i was supposed to have been taught more about how the library was run, and that some of the feedback i got was unfair e.g. not being smiley or friendly enough, when all i was there to do was my job that i wasn't even being paid for and even though customers didn't complain about me. while they gave my school positive feedback about me, management was talking about me behind my back all along saying they would never hire me or let me volunteer because i wasn't "trying to impress them enough". i was 24.
in november 2022, i applied to be a full-time "trainee" court clerk at a courthouse. i thought i might as well give going back to the legal industry a shot since they were hiring and i couldn't get a job at a library no matter how many applications i sent. the following december, they told me i was hired and that i was going to start in mid-january 2023.
so i started. i went through 4 weeks of induction where all we did was training via ms teams meetings and court observation. i lasted 10 weeks (6 weeks out of induction) before i finally called it.
two months in and i was already so burned out. the workload was insane, the expectations too high for someone who was still new, and my co-workers looked at me with contempt and treated me like i was a burden. the probation meeting i had on my last day was the final straw - my managers invalidated my experiences and basically told me i had to change my personality because my co-workers thought i was abrupt, unfriendly and defensive. i couldn't believe at first that half of their feedback was just about my personality and not my work. but i finally realize that when you are new and on probation, people expect you to, quite frankly, change your personality - be sickly sweet and people-pleasing and a bit of a kiss-ass. i don't remember being abrupt to any of my co-workers, but i thought that as long as i wasn't outright rude and that i was doing my job that i was fine. but i really underestimated how big of a part "likability" plays into being perceived that you're doing a good job by others. honestly i thought it was kind of unfair that they didn't even consider that the reason why i might have been abrupt was because i was already so stressed about being in court to smile or be friendly.
in the end they told me that they were willing to "keep giving me support" and that they would put me in easier courts but i had to call it. i really didn't see myself meeting their expectations or having a good enough work-life balance with this job or being respected by my co-workers (maybe race plays a part in it? who knows). it didn't help that i had to commute home 2 hours every afternoon since i don't drive and i would get home too exhausted to do much of anything.
right now i'm on my first day of indefinite well-being leave. my mom and i spoke to my union and they advised me that instead of outright resigning, i should "apply" for leave, go to doctors' appointments and/or therapy for the stress (and to prove that i needed the well-being leave), get paid worker's comp in the meantime, file a complaint, and then resign.
i was disappointed with myself upon realizing that maybe this job isn't for me and vice versa. i felt like i failed again. i'm lucky to be in a position where my parents are letting me live for free while i'm unemployed (although when i was still employed, we had an agreement where i would give my dad roughly 25% of my wages) but sometimes it makes me feel even more guilty.
i'm starting to think that i'm the problem. that going to work on time and doing the actual job isn't enough; that managers and colleagues expect you to participate in office culture and alter your personality especially when you are new. but it seems that i'm just unable to do this. when i'm in a new environment i am too focused on doing my actual job correctly to have time to chitchat and kiss ass. i guess i'm just stuck in the mentality where managers should treat me like everyone else even when i'm new and my personality shouldn't be under scrutiny so i just act like myself.
technically i can still go back to my courthouse job. i haven't resigned and they haven't fired me. but thinking about the sheer amount of workload, how far it is from my house, and how my co-workers either treat me like shit or i'm invisible, it just doesn't seem like it's worth it.
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2023.03.27 06:38 realitycentrali Coop

Why is it so competitive to get a coop that pays $20/hr?
My old landscaping boss is begging me to come back and will pay $25/ hour. I've had tradesmen walk up to me and give me their cards offering work...
I've sent out so many applications and have not heard anything back. I ask for feedback after interviews and they said I did great, but someone with more experience, or a master's degree was more qualified.
I'm starting to lose faith in formal jobs and education. It's quiet clear where there's a worker shortage and where there isn't. There's definitely not a worker shortage in relatively enjoyable internships that are related to a degree.
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2023.03.27 06:37 WheneverYh Things are slowly getting worse

Getting out of bed is harder. Insomnia is stronger.
Weirdly, I can sleep during the day, but then my nights are filled with tossing & turning.
For a long time I had a comfort story. Something I'd think about, a completely unrealistic scenario. I'd switch things up when it would become boring.
My mind is so empty that I can't even come up with a comfort story. Even in a fake, imaginary world where anything is possible, I can't imagine some positive scenario that plays out well for me.
If I had three wishes, I don't even know what I'd wish for.
You're weaved into this just because my mind won't let me forget. You don't lose or gain anything. You aren't affected by it. I'm not asking for anything either.
Sometimes I just randomly have a flashback of some previous moments, and those memories feel like remembering a movie scene. Something you watched happen, but you weren't active participant. Being dissociated from any form of self is exhausting.
There's maybe just one thing I'm sorry that I'm not able to share. You've always tried to push me to find something I'm passionate about. I did. Not because of you, it was literally by accident.
For some reason, in my head that's an important information. In reality, I have enough proof that it wouldn't be. I'm trying to constantly remind myself that you can reach out if you wanted to. I've done it more than enough times, and it's either your turn or no turn.
I'm rambling.
That's what you get after sleepless night, but with a doze of meds that should put a horse to sleep.
Guess it's one of those days.
With each passing day, I feel I'm a step closer to mental health hospital stay.
I don't have much to live for anyway. Hard to let other people down when everyone are already disappointed.
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2023.03.27 06:37 East-Cucumber7468 What if the puppets are the ones in charge of the welcome home website

What if the puppets are the ones in charge of the welcome home website
I'm very early on in my exploration of this ARG but I got a theory that I've been thinking about. The "people" running the website are anonymous which could mean anything but in the photos that they've "received" have a tendency to show the hands of the puppets as seen here both show a puppet hand in the frame. If the paper copies came from envelopes why are there puppet hands in the frame. This is all just a theory. I am excited to see where this all goes. Most ARG'S I've seen were over by the time I got to them so it's fun to be apart of this from the beginning!
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2023.03.27 06:37 Henri_Dupont The guy got revenge on himself. I only helped a little.

My first job in the engineering field was a doozy. I got hired for technical sales to sell this particular product. They always did a study, to show that a new client would save money on their utility bill using our product. Boss came across as a really ingenious guy, very oonvincing. He had invented this amazing product and was now bringing his invention to the world.
A couple of months in, start to smell something fishy. They had this software that the boss wrote to help with the calculations in these studies that always showed our product would save the client money.
I looked at the code in the software, and realized the program always said the product would save 1% of their utility bill no matter what. For a big outfit, 1% could be tens of thousands of dollars a year. This calculation was completely bogus.
I looked up old studies on file. They always predicted the client would save 1%. Sometimes a client would oome back with questions. They didn't realize these so-called savings. Boss would do another study, oh, your production changed, utility rates went up yada yada, you'll save 1% sure sure this time. Nobody questioned it more than that.
Boss claimed he was a licensed Professional Engineer. He was not. Boss claimed he had a PHD. He did not. Boss claimed he was a Black Belt in karate. He was not. Boss claimed he had patents. He had none. Boss claimed he was wealthy. "I drive a Toyota so that don't attract attention to my wealth." He had some money his dad was loaning him. Our office was in a broken down double wide trailer. It was located on a major street. It is still there to this day.
I looked into the actual math and physics behind this product. Yes, there was a theoretical way it oould save the client some energy, but only for truly gigantic customers, like a major industrial plant. For the suckers we were selling it to, the savings were actually pennies, not 1% of their bill.
I wrote a letter of resignation immediately, confronted the boss and his right hand goon, and walked out. I called everyone on their client list and spilled the beans. Should have called the cops. As well as the Professional Engineering license board.
Some years later, was at a legitimate engineering firm, my new boss said "There's this guy, he seems really smart, he's got these products that are supposed to save energy by (insert technobabble here). I asked "Does his name happen to be Mike?" "How did you know?" I told him the whole story of the fraud.
Some years more, Mike is in the papers. Turns out he set a neighbor's trailer on fire. He was trying to force the neighbor to sell him some land, adjacent to him, on the major street which eould be valuable I guess, and somehow arson seemed like the best plan.
But he wasn't in the news for arson, he was on trial for attempted murder! You see, when he was on trial for arson, he paid another inmate who was getting out of jail a fee, for his agreement to murder the judge that convicted him of arson. Instead of doing the hit, the other crook just went to the cops and blabbed.
The double wide trailer is still there. A faded sign announces the name of the folded company. Weeds grow up around it. Far as I know he's still in jail.
And oh, I do get some petty revenge. When ever the weeds get over 12" tall, in violation of city ordinance, i dutifully call in a weed ordinance violation. It's my civic duty, after all! It's $50 plus the cost for the city to mow it. I'm sure he'll get right on that from prison. 'Maybe his dad will loan him enough to cover the fine.
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2023.03.27 06:37 FrantelleWaterMan All fans not working.

So, at my wits end on this one.

Running a Tronxy XY2Pro with a BLTouch and Marlin, edited for the BLTouch (using the Jeff's 3D Corner vid)

Hotend fan does not work at all. I replaced it, still doesn't work. Multimeter shows 0V all the time (its a 2 pin, so I don't think its PWM, I think it's just straight power?)

Part cooling fan and mobo fan are weird. They both spool up for about a second when starting the printer, then go off. I've tried using printer controls to turn the part cooling fan on and it doesn't respond.

What's up with that? I've replaced firmware and I've tried multiple versions of each fan, even swapping which pin each fan is connected to (theyre all 24V)
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2023.03.27 06:37 Any_Suspect_6736 The Best Wig Outlets In The USA For Colored Wigs Will Have You Looking Gorgeous!

The Best Wig Outlets In The USA For Colored Wigs Will Have You Looking Gorgeous!
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