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2023.03.27 06:06 Ok-Land-2286 Saved my daughter's life

My 2015 fusion saved my daughter's life. I put 150k miles on that car. The only thing that car ever needed was gas, oil, brakes, and tire changes. One month ago my daughter turned 17 and began to drive it to school and work. On Saturday she swerved to avoid a deer and hit a tree head on. She is ok. Barely a scratch on her. No injuries. The car did its job one last time. It was by far the best car I ever owned and may be the best car Ford ever built.
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2023.03.27 06:03 Fit_Mixture8682 TW I think I dated someone that SA'd me when I was younger

When I was about 16 (F) I did a lot of drugs, because I had a bad home life. I went to this party and got high on coke. It was at a house I always got high in so I was pretty comfortable (keep in mind I didn't drink alcohol ever just did a lot of coke) everyone else was drinking and doing coke.
I remember someone handed me a water and said I should drink some water and I didn't real think anything of it and then I had to use the bathroom, when I went to leave the bathroom someone came up behind me and pushed me back in. I tried to turn around to see them but they pushed my head back forward and my head hit the sink and that's the last thing I remembered.
Here's the part where I feel like I'm crazy. I never really remembered the part when I was waking up or having my clothes removed. My entire life I just thought someone bumped into me in the downstairs bathroom and for some reason I didn't remember anything else. I didn't remember waking up, i didn't remember putting my clothes on, i definitely didn't remember being naked. I literally had no idea this happened to me until I was 23.
At 23 I was about 4 yrs sober and had my life together. I ended up meeting this guy I knew from when I was a teen. He asked me out and we started dating, he was really sweet and nice, all green flags.
We went to the same high-school but we never really connected because I was using drugs and those were the only people I hung out with.
After we started dating I started getting this weird feeling and even though I NEVER even thought about that night in 6+ yrs, I started to randomly remember things that I want to say are memories but I honestly don't know. Like it was a memory that was gone and cameback? Or maybe I dreamt it and I think it's a memory. For the purpose of this post I'm going to say they are memories because that's what I believe they are.
I started to remembered tht after I hit my head on the sink my pants were pulled down someone was doing things to me. I remember a very small piece of something where someone was carrying me upstairs and was holding my head down by holding my hair. I remembered someone tapping my cheek and saying my name to wake me up and then telling me to get dressed.
And I remembered someone buckling their pants as they walked out of the room but I never saw their face. Just the pants and their back and that they had a hat.
Then i start having nightmares about all of this and i was still dating this guy and now because I'm remembering all of this stuff I start getting nervous with him and thinking to myself it's just because I'm remembering this stuff and now I'm afraid of men and I'm starting to think I'm psychotic.
One day we are sitting in his car and the topic of [email protected] comes up. I can't remember exactly how the conversation went but it was something like me saying "yeah and then there are things like being drugged and [email protected]"
And him saying "getting drugged that's not being raped. [email protected] pe is like violent when women are actually hurt." And then he laughed and said something like "Well what do you expect a guy to do if he really likes a girl and can't really ask her out because she's too pretty for him" and he looked at me and smiled and touched my face.
I tried to act normal until i was out of the car and then when I got in my apartment I started hyperventilating and passed out on the floor in my entry way. When I woke up I was still panicking and almost passed out again. I had to crawl to my room because I thought I would pass out if I walked right away and I called my BF to tell her about what happened to me and that I thought he was the one that did it. She offered to let me move into her house and I moved everything I owned that night and just left the big stuff in my apartment like my bed, couch, microwave. I didn't even give my landlord 30 days notice just let her keep the deposit and said I wasn't going back.
I have no proof and I feel like I'm literally crazy but I swear he's the one that did that to me that night. I just have a feeling he was and now when I remember it all I think about is that it was him that did that to me. He does wear a hat all the time and he'd be about the same size as the person I kind of remember.
I've dated other men before and after him, I've had two long term relationships and had no problems with them. I literally never even knew this happened to me until I started dating him. I didn't remember anything at all. It was completely erased from my mind. And the way he said those things and then touched me saying "what is a guy supposed to do"
I ended up ghosting him after that night and blocked his number and all social medias without any explanation to him.
I still am not sure if this even happened but my whole body tells me this is what happened to me when I was 16. That these are actual memories I'm having.
I've only told two people. My best friend and my cousin. My best friend I think believes me, but she also never liked this guy in the first place. My cousin said it sounds like I drank too much and probably blacked out. But I reminded her that I don't drink and wasn't drinking, I just did coke and she said it can happen with drugs too.
This all happened about 3 yrs ago (me dating this guy) and I've never had hallucinogenic psychotic episodes or anything like that but I still feel like I'm crazy. Every day I'm embarrassed tht I even told my friend because it sounds insane
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2023.03.27 06:00 Mister_Bald First Year Biking through the Winter: Thoughts & Experience

Hello! As it has been one week since ive needed to bundle up from the cold, spring is here! I thought i'd share my experience biking throughout the winter for the very first time.

Bit of backstory: I've been a huge fan of Jason for about a year now and in the summer of 2022 I got a bike. I only used it maybe 3 times though as commuting by work wasn't something I could commit myself to as it would have taken me over an hour 1 way. In early October, my situation changed as work was now only an 8 minute bike ride away. This is when I started commuting to work by bike. I have not stopped since.
Initially as it started to get colder, co-workers started to call me crazy (in a joking way). It really wasn't that bad, just a couple of layers, gloves, and a jacket depending on the day really did the trick. Once it started hitting 5c and below I had gotten myself a scarf to cover my face & nose. With this it took a bit more time to get ready for work + change at work but nothing a bit of preparation couldn't fix.
Then the snow came, and it was awesome! A point that Jason touched on in his video about winter biking is how the cars are quieter as they drive slower and the snow dampens the noise. Plowing through the snow on a calm night ride home was one of the best feelings I cant even describe. It was quite the contrast compared to everyone else who was extremely negative about the snow.
Not all was perfect though, as heavier snowfall came through some sidewalks and bike paths became impassable due to the towns lack of care towards these bits of infrastructure. There were only a couple days where I had to ride on the highway along with traffic. Some sections could be biked on and others I had to walk across. Once the town had gotten around to it though, to their credit they were consistent in keeping the path clear for the rest of the season.
My Mom being the loving are caring person that she is, was terrified by my riding in the snow. Initially threatened to take my bike away, but was that was just an empty promise. I was constantly told i'd fall over and hurt myself severely but that was never the case. I wore a helmet and besides, i'd never go faster then what I felt comfortable with and if there was a sketchy patch i could just extend my legs, no real issue. The route that I took never got icy and never thought about needing studded tires. I can only speculate that this fear comes from the same worries about driving a car in the winter.
After 2 months I became used to the process of looking at the weather, preparing accordingly but other then that, life just went on as usual. Sure, some days the cold wasn't the most pleasant to deal with but it wasn't impossible. One thing i've come to realize is that by North American standards, I live in a *very* walkable/bikable town simply because it's geographically impossible to urban sprawl. I cannot say my experience reflects other towns or cities in the same way.
Few more general points about biking not just related to my winter commute. It was also neat to see others also ride in the winter. I never realized how many people ride bikes in my town until I started doing it myself. When I say how long it takes me to get to and from places, people are more often then not surprised by how little it takes. Do they think biking speed is walking speed? Even I was surprised by how much of what I needed was accessible in a 15 minute bike ride. (15 minute cities make so much sense now!). Its sad that most people still live a car dependent lifestyle, even though its a very walkable/bikable place, but i digress!

Thanks for reading! For those who rode through the winter, what was your experience like?
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2023.03.27 05:56 HughThePoo 40 mph crash

Went out riding today because the weather was absolutely beautiful. Riding one of the longer routes around my area and I get to a massive stretch of downhill. As I’m going around a bend on the road I get passed by a car and then get cut off by the same car. Mind you I was hitting speeds of 40 mph down this road (recored on Strava) and as a cyclist who is rarely in these situations the only thing I could do now was grab both brake triggers and pray. As luck would have it I slowed down, not immediately or even very much but just enough to hit a power slide so cool that the car going the other way spun around to get a second look. As you can tell by the title it did not go well. I flew off the bike and suffered major road rash burns along my shoulder and down the right side of my back. I was wearing my helmet and the ems that checked me out said I was very lucky and the helmet did exactly what it was meant to. Anyway, just remember always wear a helmet no matter what and everyone be careful going into this biking season. A car will always win.
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2023.03.27 05:53 the_wizard_pendragon One CB Says one 60, Other Two CBS Say 30??? Trying to Rebuild Score from 520 to ~600 to Rent House ASAP! (Kinda long)

CW: very vague SA mention
I’m (23 NB) posting on behalf of my fiancée (22 NB), who lost their job after a bunch of crazy stuff happened all at once (they got hit by a car at work, they had a sudden death in the family, and was SA’ed at work in a span of two weeks, which was the final straw for them and they quit same-day). Due to the sudden job loss, they were basically unemployed from early September to December last year. Because of them temporarily having no income stream, they had one late payment in November on their Discover card. They had a perfect payment record before and after then, it was just that one time.
I offered to spot them the money to pay their November bill, because I know how credit scores work and how credit agencies play their games due to taking several financial literacy classes. I have a really good credit score (high 700s low 800s depending on the CB) and have a good handle on my finances. I have tried to help them and offer advice in the past, but they don’t want to hear it, because I’m their fiancé and have a different relationship with finances, which is fair.
Equifax and Experian both report the late November payment as being 30 days late, but TransUnion has it down as a 60 day late payment. Something isn’t adding up here… Is this something we can dispute with Discover and possibly even TransUnion? We can push it to CFPB if needed, but we need it fixed ASAP.
We are trying to apply for rental housing and their credit score is really low right now (~520-550ish) due to the late payment and a 100% utilization rate for the past long while. I didn’t know it was that bad until about two months ago and have been panicking since because our lease is up in May. Last I was aware, their score was around 670, so it was a shock. If it weren’t for us having to qualify for housing very soon, I would not care at all what their score was. That’s their business.
I had a Come To Jesus talk with them earlier today and we have pulled their three credit reports and have a plan. They have the money to pay down both of their cards (one $300 with Capital One and one $2500 with Discover which are both essentially maxed out and have been for a while now) to under 20% and will be doing so tomorrow. They will be completely paying them off after that, but keeping them open.
They said they have learned their lesson and are now going to only use them for small subscription service bills/recurring expenses and will pay the full balance of the card every month so this doesn’t happen again. They froze both of their credit cards in a block of ice in the freezer this afternoon.
We are really hoping that lowering their utilization rates down to somewhere in the 0-20% range, in addition to getting the payment dates with TU corrected, will be enough to bump it up closer to 600-650, if not over. Qualifying for housing is really time-sensitive and we’ll have all of our applications denied, even with a co-signer, if anyone in our group has a credit score under 650. I am hoping a heartfelt letter explaining what happened and recent payment receipts with their rental application will help their case. Needless to say, we’re stressing big time and don’t want to end up houseless.
We’re also considering calling Discover and sending a goodwill removal email as a last ditch effort, but I know Discover is notorious for not removing anything, no matter how sad your story is… It’s worth a shot though!
Does anyone have any advice, and is this kind of score jump even remotely realistic to hope they can achieve? Thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone is able to offer!
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2023.03.27 05:48 CassandraN0va The Pyro, The Maid, and The Tower - Chapter 1

The Pyro, The Maid, and The Tower - Chapter 1
My Grandfather was a brilliant wizard and professor at the Taunton Magic Academy where I spent most of childhood learning the arts of magic and sorcery.
With both magic and science our technology advanced far beyond our understanding that we eventually tapped other realms and dimensions in our search for knowledge... But little did we know that our efforts in understanding the unknown became a beacon... Or for some gallows humor to ease my hands from trembling in fear... Bacon for an ancient devourer from beyond... At least that is what gramps told me.
Professor Vulcan Nova... Let it be known that he died to help me escape from this madness... I, his grandaughter Cassandra Nova will not let his sacrifice go in vain, I will complete the advanced studies of translocation and create a gate capable of sending me and any other survivor to a safer realm or world, though I lack much materials and knowledge I will try to scavenge sites where I can find magical books and materials and further my mastery of the arcane.

Day 1
The burnt shadow of my grandfather still lingers on the gate he created... I covered his body with a sheet till I can bury him, I refuse to stay in this basement twiddling my thumbs any longer... Studying will have to wait as I exit the basement... Come on girl you can do this... Those screams and moans are nothing to be afraid of...
T-they pounded the windows and as they try to clamber in I bashed them with my staff... Though I felt that this eldritch aura still lingering within their limp bodies... I needed to smash their heads and spines to a pulp till I can no longer sense this... Thing within them... These are no ordinary undead used by necromancers...

Day 2
I am getting better and better with casting spells as I try to hit the undead with magic missile as the bob and weave in their hordes, though some are capable of moving at an unnatural pace, I use the cars, fences, and windows to slow their advance and try to defeat them one at a time till I get better at fighting... My quarter staff is getting too beaten up so I will be using a crowbar I found in the meantime till I see a more powerful weapon.

Day 5
... (Tears and ashes)
... (Blood spatters)
It... Has all gone to hell, I thought there will be more survivors... I... I was so confident to see another witch and wizard once I got out of our basement... I trained and trained and at night I ventures hoping to Merlin that there will be another fighter like me in the next alley way.... But... No one... Am I the only one left... T-this town that was full of life and magic... Elaine... Jack... Anyone!?
I... I... Will try to break into the Academy... See if anyone is there... Just need to thin out the hordes in the street...

Day 7
The golems have all gone berserk... No longer recognizing me and pounding anything that moves... I am just glad that they are programmed to not destroy school property as I blasted magic missiles through the windows... Though... It is as if they were thankful that they can no longer hurt others as they started at me through the glass as they fell one by one...
Once I cleared the Academy I shall begin my studies and train to be better...
Though it pains me to report... No survivors found in the Academy...

Day 9
I finally did it... I cleared every fucking block... Made sure it is all safe... This town is mine you hear me! You monsters! You...
(Unintelligible writings and profanities)
There... Ahahah... Not just undead roaming the land... There are these... THINGS!!?? they are not of this world! But those fuckers think they can just kill us all??? So... I let these invaders taste some local delicacy of spicy homemade FIREBALLS!!! Hahaha... Dodge that if ya can!

Day 10
The fire saves.... The fire protects... I returned home and cremated my grandfather... I don't want to have to... Just... I just want to remember his face... Not like the monsters the others have become...
As the wind blew his ashes... May his mana return to the world and what was left... I placed them in a locket so that he may connect with me from the realm of spirits...

Day 12
I know... This may sound weird, but this is all I can do to cling to sanity as I re-read my journal... Being alone... I hate it... So umm... Found these interesting books with very umm... fascinating people... a toy I found in the local strip club... And body pillows from the nearby houses... Please don't judge future me as I am going to go crazy without anyone here! These clothes are... Well when I wear them I feel almost naked and free since we are forced to wear drab cloaks and robes all the time... It is quite cathartic to run around the halls and rooms with such indecency...
Notes: clean the sheets and toy tomorrow...

Day 16
Yes!!!! (Written in big bold and happy letters)
I finally found a survivor and I am finally no longer alone!
Though I kept myself be cool, calm, and collected.......
(Written in a... Obessesive and pyromaniac anger style)
Ahem... After taking my antipsychotics... I calmly led her from the streets of Denmark, back to my town leaving ashes and cinders behind...

Day 17
We returned back to the Magical Academy tower... I made sure the perimeter and the walls are secure and toured her around the place, it seems being cooped up on that restaurant for days on end made her glad to have companionship as well as she was relieved to be finally safe...
Though I just noticed since I was focused on my training that I became quite ripped, got myself quite a pack and my muscles are stronger as I hacked and slashed with my axe for days on end while maintaining a healthy diet.
Now that we are safe I can now relax and chat with her as her name is Della Lockwood, A chef at a fancy magical restaurant... She locked herself in the storage room when the Cataclysm began and good thing there were lot of food and water for her there...
Night Time:
We slept together in my bed and she was greatly understanding of... Well... The scattered toys, body pillows and lewd magazines around my bed... Though... When she looked at my desk filled with maps, notes, and pictures and photo albums of all the families here in town... She knew right then and there that I tried so desperately to save and find anyone that I can...
We hugged and cuddled as we slept this was the best night ever!... If not for the! (Once again unintelligible curses and scribbles)
The skies grew dark and we both felt something is wrong... The skies!!!! They are breaking!!! There are whispers from the walls... They are telling us to come outside!!! FUCK NO!!!
FUCK I shouldn't lose my cool... Though your frantic scribbling isn't helping... Della is getting scared... But I am now hugging her tight and weilding my Fire Axe as there is a knock on the door... DON'T OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!
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2023.03.27 05:41 KiwiCassie You can afford to miss an exit, you can’t afford to lose your life

Typing this while I’m still a bit rattled from something earlier. I was driving home from work into Brooklyn, now I was cruising along Victoria Street, that three laned section before you either turn left into Brooklyn, or turn right and head back along Willis Street. It’s a bit annoying (if you travel along there regularly you’ll know) and you need to pick your lane pretty ahead of schedule to get where you want to go.
Now I was travelling in the centre lane, and suddenly this silver mini van pulls right out in front of me, I’m guessing not even looking before turning or else they’d have seen me. By miracle the lane to the left of me was free and I was able to swerve out of the way. Had there not been an exit out, I’d probably have ended up hitting the silver car.
Now, was it worth nearly causing an accident for that driver to save a minute or so if they had to travel around the block again? I don’t think so
I remember a quote I heard a while ago, “A good driver sometimes misses their exit, a bad driver never does”
Sorry if I seem a bit peeved off, but christ…
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2023.03.27 05:38 veerbahadur9083 I had a dream last night where my dog was hit by a car and the same driver then shot me over a heated argument.

My wife woke me up in the morning telling our dog has been hit by a car and the person driving the car wants to talk to me.
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2023.03.27 05:37 ExoticPlastic3330 Nearly 2 weeks post OP and my gums BURN LIKE HELL -- please help, advice, similar experiences?

I made a post yesterday about headaches and wow, I woke up with the worst head/jaw ache on the left side today than ever in my life. I've been hit by a car and had my head smash the ground and it didn't hurt anywhere near as bad as this morning.
It took awhile to get rid of it, I'm sure it will return. But now my gums, they burn like absolute hell on the left side where it's healing slower, there's this big gap left because I think they botched it. Tried calling my dentist all week and they never got back to me, they're a pretty horrible place to begin with but my insurance is also not great.
I now notice where there used to be a visible little scrape, there's this solid white thing that looks like a piece of tooth almost, but that couldn't be, right? I figured it would be granulation tissue. I've had that in the hole and it all seems to have fallen out after eating the past few days. I don't know if that's why it hurts so bad, but it feels like a canker sore times 20. I can't believe how bad they messed this up.
They were non-impacted for anyone wondering, so it's really strange why it's healing so slowly even if they did botch it. The right side is almost completely healed. the left side is going real slow, and for some reason now, my left teeth touch down way too much to the point where I can't even feel my right teeth touching. They are, but it seems like some invisible swelling on the left side, maybe in my jaw muscles, are pushing the left ones down in a way that moves the right ones up, like a see-saw. All I know is, this sucks. If my dentist doesn't get back to me tomorrow I'm going to flip my shit. 3 days in a row calling them constantly and not a word back. I at least see my GP tomorrow but he's not a dentist, I don't know if he'd be able to identify infection or not.
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2023.03.27 05:32 zachariusfrost Geese

They come back every year. I can recall multiple points in my childhood where I heard them honking in the wee hours of the morning, causing calamities that woke me up far earlier than I would’ve preferred. Every single winter they return, but this year has been different.
Geese are terrible people, and they’re actually not even people, which makes them even worse. One core, traumatic memory of being chased down by one as a child and sobbing hysterically was all it took for me to develop a lifelong distrust of the feathery demons. It seems so needlessly cruel to have what is essentially a long-necked chicken have the temperament of a damn lycanthrope. Their beady little black eyes seem like bottomless pits of spite, and the fact they actually have teeth on their tongues is something I don’t think I can ever forgive God for.
My father still lives in my childhood home, but me and my siblings are all moved out. He’s older now and has some difficulties with mobility so I stop by pretty often to help out where I can. Ever since mom passed, he’s been there alone with his faithful Labrador retriever; Brody, and although he greatly values his independence it’s getting more and more difficult for him to live alone as the years go on.
Me and my older brother: Eric routinely switch-off helping him with tasks around the house that may be a risk to him. Typically, it’s things like cleaning out the gutters, trimming tree branches and simple maintenance on his vehicles, mostly just things I’d rather a 73-year-old man not try and do alone.
Last week I went out to help him with some chores. My brother Eric was supposed to meet my there but he got roped in to his kids’ parent-teacher conferences so I met dad alone. It was just past noon when I met dad out at his house. He and I grilled some burgers and chatted about things for a while before we began on the tasks.
A recent snowfall had damaged some of the trees on the back of his property, and so he wanted to chop them down before they fell onto his shed. He and I grabbed some handsaws and an axe and began systemically pruning the aspens.
We soon determined there were about 3 trees total which we needed to remove. I climbed the ladder and began sawing off some of the upper branches as dad steadied it from down below. Things were going well until a sudden familiar and foreboding ruckus emerged in the distance. I lowered the chainsaw and killed the motor as I spied the flock soar overhead and land in the back pasture.
“Damn birds been ruining that back field. More goose shit than grass back there at this point.” Dad spat as he said it, clearly annoyed by the return of the unwelcome visitors.
“You need some scarecrows or something.” I replied.
“I tried that, damn things have no fear of people anymore though so it didn’t do a damn thing.”
I suppose it’s also important to mention that we live in Canada, and the Canadian goose is our national bird. INB4 comments saying how you should shoot them which unfortunately is not an option. Not only because firearms are severely restricted here, but also because killing a Canadian goose can get you hefty fines and potentially land you in prison.
In America, you guys have the bald eagle, which is cool. They are rare, imposing, beautiful and majestic. You remember the day you see one, and maybe even sing the national anthem or something when you do.
Geese are not like that, and I doubt anyone has ever been happy to see one. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been on my way to work when traffic suddenly just comes to a complete standstill because a few geese decided to casually meander onto the highway. We have made them a protected class, and they know it. The rest of us are lowly peasants when compared to our avian overlords, and Canada remains under the tyranny of the goose forevermore.
“Then there’s the red one.” He spoke it suddenly as though reflecting upon an old foe resurfacing.
“The red one?” Dad nodded and his eyes narrowed on me.
“You’re gonna laugh at me I know, but son, I swear I’ve seen it. A goose as tall as a man, feathers a deep blood red color” He paused and glanced out towards the trees as a gust rolled through the landscape.
“Something ain’t right with it.”
Contrary to dad’s prediction, I didn’t laugh: I didn’t know how to react. I thought he was just messing with me, but there was a deadly serious cadence in his voice. It probably sounds ridiculous to anyone reading, but something about the sincerity in his voice made me take pause.
My father is not a guy that scares easy. Never seen him shed a tear, and never seen him back down from an altercation. A man as stubborn as he is stalwart, and making up tales was never something he seemed particularly good at.
“How often do you see it?”
“Every once in a while… ain’t seen it for some time now, but I know it’s always out there… watching.” He let that ominous phrase just sort of hang in the air unelaborated. It still seemed a bit ridiculous, but clearly he was affected by it.
“You got a slingshot or something?” Dad shook his head down below as he stared contemptuously out at the flock. He didn’t reply, and since it seemed to be genuinely bothering him I decided to do something stupid about it. I climbed down the ladder as he glanced at me side-eyed.
“Where you goin?”
“Birdwatching.” I was already entering the tree line as I called back. A menagerie of branches and leaves split apart as I trudged my way towards them. They all continued peacefully grazing and loitering as I made my approach unseen.
I breached the other side of the tree line and stepped out into the field. The flagrant faction of fowl barely even seemed to notice my arrival. I grabbed a decent sized stick laying on the ground and sauntered out towards them.
“Hey… get outta here!” A few of them turned to look at me, but still seemed woefully unbothered by my display.
“GIT!” I shouted the words at the top of my lungs and began waving the stick back and forth. I was met with a chorus of angered honks as the gaggled fluttered into a frenzy. One by one they leapt into the air and began flying off in various directions.
One of them divebombed directly towards me, but I managed to duck aside as it flew past. Fearing their retaliation, I clutched my stick and prepared myself for battle, but thankfully they continued flying off and resuming their formation in the sky above. Seconds later they were soaring away from the property, hopefully never to return, but I knew I wasn’t that lucky or intimidating.
Once they were beyond the trees, I turned back, but something caught my eye as I turned away. On the ground where they had gathered, something was laying in the muck. I walked towards it, and I froze midstride as the macabre realization struck like thunder.
“Atta boy son, you must be a goose whisperer or something.” Dad chuckled as he and Brody approached from behind me. I just turned back and stared at him, and his expression contorted as he noticed mine.
“What is it?” I just pointed at it. Dad approached gingerly, and as he reached my side he too seemed taken aback.
“Is that what I think it is?” Dad ignored the question and moved in for a closer look. As he knelt down, he grunted and cleared his throat.
“Well, if you think it’s a severed human arm then I think you’re right.”
The two of us hurried back inside his house and dialed 911. The police showed up about an hour later and we escorted them back to where we’d found it. Not long after they had an entire array of workers, technicians and people sectioning off the area. They spent hours combing through the vicinity, and the longer it went on the worse it got.
Dad and I watched as they removed a body bag for the remains we’d found, then another, and another. In total we counted six separate bags of what we assumed were human remains. The initial search area widened to encompass a large chunk of the back field. They didn’t tell us much about it as they worked though, and so the two of us could only speculate as we watched from dad’s porch.
Eventually I was taken down to the police station as a few other cops remained with dad at his house. They interrogated me once we got to the station, and I told them pretty much everything I’ve written here. Obviously, they were skeptical, and I don’t even blame them for eying me suspiciously. Not a whole lot of it made much sense to me either, but I didn’t know what else to say to help them.
They eventually seemed to clear me of any wrongdoing and so took me back to my father’s house. They then took my father to conduct the same interview on him. It was getting late in the day by then, and although I thought about going home, I felt it was better for me to stay there and await dad’s return.
As I waited, I did some more research online. Apparently Geese- despite their aggressive tendencies and fierce attributes are mostly vegetarian. They do eat insects and fish from time to time, but usually just graze on plants. The fact that several of them had blood spackles on their down would seemingly indicate that the group had been eating the arm, and possibly the rest of the remains in the field. As far as I can tell, there’s never been any reports of geese eating humans or even scavenging on their remains.
It was nearly midnight by the time the officers ferried my father back home. He sauntered inside, clearly worn out from the bizarre day. He slumped onto the couch as the lead officer gestured me to join him outside.
“Thank you for your and your father’s cooperation today. I know this is a very odd and worrying situation, but we’re going to get to the bottom of it. Our crew may be out here for awhile while the investigation concludes, but we’ll try our best to stay out of you and your father’s way. Please feel free to call if you discover or learn anything you think we should know.” He held out his card and I nodded back. He and his partner then exited the home and made their way back to the cruiser. The rest of their team seemed to be packing it in for the night as well, so I returned to dad.
He was seated on his weathered living room chair with Brody stationed valiantly at his feet. He sipped from his whiskey glass as I went and sat on the opposing couch.
“Well… can’t say this is how I was expecting today to go.” I spoke with a chuckle and dad nodded back with an affirming grunt.
“You can say that again. Over thirty years I’ve lived on this damn property, and I’ve never seen anything like this happen.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at that.
“Well, I’d sure hope not, geese don’t even usually eat meat apparently.” I prattled off the fact I’d read previous from Google. Dad scoffed as his head slowly swiveled side to side.
“Apparently these ones do.” He glanced silently out the living room window, and towards the back field where the grisly discovery had been made. The two of us sat in silence for a moment as we contemplated the overwhelming day.
We chatted for a few more minutes but soon decided to call it a night as we were both exhausted. Dad told me I could stay the night there and I happily obliged as I was already near unconscious on his living room couch. After wrapping myself in his spare comforter I was out, but it did not last.
The intrusive sounds of aggressive barking stirred me from a deep sleep. Suddenly I felt a cold chill seep into my bones. I stirred from slumber, shivering as a cold chill descended my spine and a fuzzy form began nuzzling against me. It was dark with only the moonlight beaming in from outside the house, but I recognized the barks and blurry outline of Brody beside me.
He began whining and licking my face franticly as my eyes struggled to adjust to the low lighting. I patted his head and back as I tried getting him to calm down, but he seemed really riled up for some reason. The couch I’d been sleeping on sat below the front window and from my vantage point I couldn’t see the front door. As I sat up, and turned to the side I froze stiff.
The front door was wide open.
With a stark fright I jolted to my feet and backed away, confused and trying desperately to adjust my eyes to the shadows and quell my racing heart. Brody continued whining and barking as he stared out into the dark night.
I found my coat and approached the door, but it showed no signs of forced entry. I could only assume my dad had been the one to open it. On tiptoes I snuck to pier out the door, but found nothing but the empty yard and night sky.
Quickly I rushed down the hall to my father’s room, but as expected he wasn’t in there. I couldn’t imagine what would possibly possess him to venture out in the middle of the night alone, but I knew it wasn’t good. As I ventured back to the front door, I felt a true dread seep into the very cortex of my being. Nothing within me wanted to go out there, but I knew I couldn’t leave my father.
The cold breeze struck my skin like needles as I stepped out and shut the door behind me. Brody was still going ballistic inside especially with the door shut, but I didn’t want him to run off and figured leaving him there was the safer option.
I scanned the area around me but saw no sign of anyone or anything. Dad’s old Chevy sat derelict on his driveway along with my Subaru, both of them untouched aside from a thin layer of snow. I thought about calling out his name, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Back on the side of the house I spied a shovel leaning against the wall and so I took it with me.
We’d gotten a bit of snow as we slept, and in the yard, I spied I clear line of footprints leading out from the door and back around the side of the house. As I followed them my feet crunched in the snow which sounded like the crashing of thunder when contrasted with the silent night. My hairs stood on end and my hands shook wildly as I clutched the shovel tight.
The footprints led directly from the front of the house to the back grove where we’d made the macabre discovery earlier that day. Moments later I reached the tree line, but still didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. My father’s footprints vanished into the trees, and I just hoped he hadn’t wandered too far.
Branches scraped against me as I made my way deeper inside the grove. Still I heard and saw nothing out of the ordinary even as I approached the other side where the sectioned-off field was located. `As I breached the edge of the trees, I spotted something up ahead. It was laying near one of the fresh pits the police had been excavating, and after a few seconds I finally realized what it was.
“Dad? Dad are you okay?” I spoke the words in a shouted whisper as I snuck over towards him. He wasn’t moving, and as I got near him my heart sunk as I beheld his condition. His jacket was shredded all over, like someone had haphazardly slashed at him with a razorblade.
Once at his side I found him scratched up and unconscious, but clearly still alive. As I jostled his shoulder he slowly came around and opened his eyes. Suddenly his eyes sprung wide and he lurched upward as he furiously glanced around the area.
“Dad it’s okay… it’s just me.” He didn’t respond, and despite my protest he hobbled back to his feet as he panted heavily.
“What the hell happened? Why are you out here?”
“It’s here… I saw it.” He then groaned and collapsed back to his knees as his face contorted into an agonized grimace. I then saw that his leg was stained red and torn up pretty bad. He clutched it as he slumped down and I moved to assist him.
“We gotta get out of here son.” As I began trying to hoist him back to his feet, a sudden noise pierced the mute night air. An odd raspy sort of bugling noise. It was a weird sound that I didn’t recognize, but it definitely sounded like some kind of animal had made it.
Dad was glancing around franticly trying to see something, but he wouldn’t say anything. His leg was lacerated, and he couldn’t stand on it anymore so as such I ended up just basically dragging him back towards the tree line.
The morose screech we’d heard previous roared out once more, but this time it sounded like it was coming from above us. As I averted my eyes upward, I saw the fleeting form of a large shadow soar beyond the trees. The leaves on the top swayed from the wind of it passing, and clearly it was big, much bigger than any bird or flying creature I’ve ever seen.
“Shit… it’s coming back.” Dad turned and did what he could to try and hobble to the trees. The two of us continued awkwardly stumbling like a pair of drunken baboons until finally reaching the tree line. The moment we stepped inside it, I heard it descend onto the field.
From the shadows we peered out, seeing a large, bipedal creature towering in the field. It stood tall on long, lanky legs. It’s head was suspended upon an elongated neck, and bulbous black eyes stared unblinking back towards us.
My first thought upon seeing it was that it looked like a damn pterodactyl, but it was even stranger than that. I could scarcely believe what I was seeing, but it looked like an enormous goose. That freak of nature had to have stood at least 6 feet tall, with a wingspan probably double that. It’s body was an eerie crimson color much as dad had claimed, and the moonlight beaming down seemed to give it an almost ethereal presence.
It just stood there staring back at us for a long, tense moment of uncomfortable silence. It’s unblinking obsidian eyes seemed to gleam with a rampant sense of primal hunger. Something about it’s gaze was deeply disturbing. It seemed predatory, and of course everything about the situation seemed to reassert that notion. There was something even more than that though, but I couldn’t quite place it.
Dad and I continued backtracking through the woods as best we were able, trying to keep an eye on the fiend as well as get back to the house quickly. We failed the former in mere minutes as the sight of the bird disappeared behind the foliage of the woods. Dad’s leg was pretty mangled, and although it was causing him obvious pain he continued pushing on as I clutched him by the shoulder.
The sight of the house returned as we broke through the other side of the woods. Things were eerily quiet, with no sign of the feathered thing anywhere. The two of us took a moment to inspect the vicinity as we planned our move. I stepped towards the edge of the trees when dad reached a hand out to stop me.
“It’s still out there… it’s waiting for us to leave the woods.” Dad whispered the words as he slumped back against a tree.
“Well, we have to go out there… your legs still bleeding… you need stiches.” Dad grunted and shook his head.
“Trust me… if that thing catches you in the open it’s not gonna be good.” I just threw my hands up then.
“Dad we have to do something, we can’t just sit here.” I pulled my phone out once more, but of course as expected I had no service. Dad’s house was about five kilometers away from the city, and I never got any cell phone coverage there. Dad didn’t have his cellphone on him either, and as such our options were rather limited.
The two of us took a moment to try and bandage his leg as best we could. I took my belt off and applied a tourniquet on his thigh to hopefully stifle the bleeding, and dad tore off the dangling fabric on his jeans to try and wrap up the wound.
As we worked, we heard the sounds of distant honks approaching. A few minutes later and a flock of geese then descended from the night sky and landed around dad’s house. Once they touched down they fell silent, dispersing throughout the yard as though they were on patrol. There was no sign of the big one, but both of us knew it was still out there.
The chill of the night had become a serious problem by then, and both of us felt the cold gnawing against us relentlessly. My teeth chattered in my mouth, and the materials of my clothing proved simply too thin against the frigid night air. We needed to get inside or get away, lest we face serious risk from hypothermia.
I clutched my shovel tight, as dad grabbed some large sticks and filled our pockets with small rocks. At the last second, I told dad to just wait there as I tried to get back to the house. He protested, but both of us knew that with his wounded leg he would be a sitting duck if we got attacked. I had a better chance of going in alone.
I tiptoed out from the woods as dad watched with baited breath from the trees. The eyes of the flock bore down upon me like an oppressive heat, uncomfortable and foreboding. As I reached the halfway point between the woods and the house the flock erupted into a calamity of anger honks. They began to furiously beat their wings and ascend into the air, and I just booked it to the house.
I reached the front door at the same moment one of the geese reached me. It hovered and pecked angrily at me, tearing my coat with it’s beak and slashing against me with it’s feet. Just in case any Canadian authorities are reading this: I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT HARM ANY GEESE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.
Somehow (and through entirely legal means) I managed to open the door and slip inside just as the flock slammed into the wall behind me. Brody was barking wildly and licking at my torso as I took a moment to gather my breath. I took a few more moments to calm him down as the frenzied flock outside seemed to calm down a bit. Suddenly there was a large thud on the roof, and my heart dropped. A low gurgling, sort of droning noise became audible above as the rest of the geese fell into a dead silence.
I knew it was that thing again, and turned my attention to find dad’s phone and the car keys. I managed the latter quite quickly, but the former eluded me. After several minutes I all but abandoned the search and formulated a new plan. As I glanced out the window, I spied dad at the edge of the trees. I knew his situation was growing evermore dire by the moment, and I had to do something radical.
Brody remained at my side, a silent resolve seeming to swirl in his dark brown eyes. I took a moment to pet him, and whisper words of encouragement to the good boy. It almost made me tear up how loyal and ready for battle he appeared to be. He knew his owner was in danger, and he was ready to face the darkness. His unwavering courage inspired me, and I whispered to him.
“You’re a good boy Brody, let’s try not to die.”
As I grasped the door handle, something struck the window beside me. Shattering glass exploded into the living room as a goose flailed into the room. It landed with a thump, but quickly rose and ascended into the air honking and screeching furiously. Brody snarled and lunged at it, causing it to back away.
I figured that was the signal it was time to go, and so I flung open the door and beckoned Brody to follow. Together the two of us rushed from the house and towards dad’s truck in the driveway. A sudden surge of angered honks thundered out behind us, with one bellowing cry that dwarfed them all.
I reached the truck and picked up Brody to usher him inside. The engine roared to life as the geese began accosting the outside of the truck. They seemed to have no regard for their own wellbeing as they body-slammed into the chassis again and again.
I put it into drive and floored it towards the trees. Dad then emerged, staggering out from the woods and towards the passenger door. Before he could reach it though, a scarlet shadow descended from the heavens. It slammed down upon him, wailing and lashing out at him.
Brody and I hopped out the other side and pressed our assault. The red beast had dad in the fetal position down below him. Slashing with it’s talons and biting at his torso. With little other ideas I simply lunged at it, latching my arms around it and trying to bear-hug it away from him. Brody lunged and chomped down on it’s ankle as the beast howled.
It was strong, much stronger than I anticipated. It managed to simply toss me off of it and send me plummeting to the ground. It kicked it’s leg and knocked Brody back as dad managed to regain his footing behind it. It then extended it’s wings out with an angered screech. It’s tone like that of a goose distorted through a megaphone and pitched down several octaves.
I then beheld it’s full, horrific form. The thing’s eyes were haunting, like swirling pools of chemicals glinting in the sun. They were comprised of a multitude of colors which under any other circumstance might even be considered beautiful. They didn’t even look like eyes, and it made me realize this thing was no mere animal.
It towered over me, it’s feathers rippling in the cold breeze. Dad managed to clamber inside the truck behind it as Brody and I faced down the thing. Suddenly a torrent of geese descended upon us, and all semblance of order was lost. It’s hard to describe what even happened in the following moments, but it essentially involved me hardcore dancing my way through the swarming birds. By some miracle both I and Brody managed to enter the truck, thanks in no small part to dad flinging rocks out from the passenger side.
Once all three of us were in I put the truck in drive and gunned it out of there. The red one continued to pursue us down the road, slamming down into the truck 3 separate times. With each hit I swerved and nearly lost control, but somehow managed to maintain the course. Mercifully the beast and it’s cohorts eventually seemed to call off the onslaught, and we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.
I had scratches and cuts all over my body and both dad and Brody were pretty beat up as well. Thankfully, none of us appeared too badly injured, and we managed to reach the hospital a little while later.
Dad and I checked in with Brody accompanying us inside. They of course asked us what had happened as we got into the ICU, but all we could really tell them was that we were attacked by some animals. They of course wanted to know which animals in particular, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to tell them. They wouldn’t have believed us anyways.
They got us disinfected which hurt like hell, and stitched-up not long after. They ran us through the gamete of bloodwork, but thankfully they all came back negative including for rabies which was the primary concern. I was exhausted from the entire event, and fell deep into sleep as the sun began to rise outside.
I awoke a few hours later to find the police chief there awaiting me; the same guy in charge of investigating the grim discovery on dad’s property. He was of course curious about what the hell had happened, but I just laughed. I told him it’d be easier for me to just write it out, and that’s exactly what I’ve done here with this document.
The rest of this was not given to the police, but I wanted to add a few more things. Of course, they are skeptical about mine and my father’s accounts, and of course when they returned to our property the geese were nowhere to be found.
They may have locked us up in the loony bin were it not for the damage to my father’s truck and house, as well as my Subaru being covered in goose shit. That part just made me laugh, and it’s almost like the flock just wanted to send me one last middle finger for escaping their fury. One of the piles of stool was unlike the others though, and they got it into the lab for testing. We’ll see if anything comes of it, but I’m not holding my breath.
As for what the hell happened, that I do not know, and it doesn’t seem like anyone else does either. As mentioned, I’ve never seen any accounts of geese behaving like this, nor have I seen any creature or folklore that seems to match that red one.
There are wives’ tales around here about the so-called thunderbirds, and maybe that’s what it was. I just can’t ignore that unnerving feeling it gave me. Of course it was threatening in the sense that it could kill me, but there was also an underlying element to it. It was intelligent, and it’s odd, multi-colored eyes conveyed that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know, but I just hope I never see it again.
Honestly, I was kind of annoyed that my dad had ventured out there in the middle of the night alone, and I had to ask him why he’d done it in the first place. His response might have been the most terrifying aspect of all of this.
“I heard someone crying. Sounded like a kid, but when I got out there all I found was that damn bird waiting for me. I think it was making the noise.”
Brody, my father and I are all doing fine now, but are obviously a little rattled from the experience. If anyone has any theories about this event then please feel free to share them. I fucking hate geese, and this event has firmly reinforced that belief for me. If you see them, maybe it’s best to just avoid them altogether. You never know what those feathery bastards are contemplating.
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2023.03.27 05:29 a116jxb I was inspired by the recent push by Republicans for Private School Vouchers in the state of Texas to come up with a sort of alternate rebellion. Something that would help folks who are hurt directly by the school voucher bill.

I was inspired by the recent push by Republicans for Private School Vouchers in the state of Texas to come up with a sort of alternate rebellion. Something that would help folks who are hurt directly by the school voucher bill.
For those out of the loop, SB 8 being debated in the Texas Senate would allow Texas school students to receive $8,000 annual vouchers to be used towards private religious school tuition or home-schooling expenses. Since this bill will disproportionately benefit people of high income living in predominately affluent areas and disproportionately negatively impact people of lower income and those living in rural areas, I'm proposing a bill to help offset this injustice.
I call it the Framework for Understanding the Citizens who Know that Cars Are Ruining Society Bill.
Here's how the bill would work:
Due to Proposition 7 in the State of Texas, a portion of sales taxes collected in the state are used to fund the Texas State Highway Fund, which in large part goes to create infrastructure for use by cars. So far, since 2018 this sales tax contribution has totalled a whopping $13.2 Billion. This is a direct burden on any citizen who purchases goods or services in the state of Texas without regard to whether they own a car. Due to the inherently regressive nature of the sales tax, a disproportionate amount of this money comes from lower income individuals, the same individuals least likely to be able to afford to own a car in the first place.
In Texas there is an extreme lack of walkable livable areas that are also affordable, especially in suburban and rural areas. Workplaces are often separated from residences by distances which make it all but impossible to get around without relying on terribly underfunded public transportation for those who don't own cars. Oftentimes in rural areas this leaves people with no choice but to walk. Many times, due to lack of pedestrian infrastructure, this leads to dangerous situations with pedestrians forced to be on foot next to busy roads with ridiculously high speed limits in any and all weather conditions.
Regardless of whether you own a car, all Texans pay sales taxes. Those sales taxes disproportionately come from the poor and disproportionately benefit the rich, by funding transportation infrastructures which the rich are more likely to be able to afford to use and which also makes the community unlivable for those who do not own cars.
The bill I propose would give every single adult age 18 and older who does not have a car registered in their name a voucher for $2,000 to be used towards public transportation and ride sharing, with an additional $1,000 per citizen going to any local transit authority assigned to service the geographic region where that person resides to help fund public transportation and pedestrian infrastructure projects.
The bill would establish a brand new $3,000 annual registration fee for any vehicle in excess of one single vehicle registered per person. The bill would allow a three-month overlap once every two years to allow for vehicle ownership transfers and upgrades.
The bill would also establish a new 0.25% sales tax on any vehicles sold in the State. This money, along with any revenue collected from the excess car ownership fees would go directly to a new fund that the State would establish called the Texas Alternative Transportation Fund. This comptroller of this fund would be responsible for running the FUCKCARS Vouchers Program, as it will inevitably come to be called.
You get to own one car. Any more than that is going to cost you three grand a year, per additional car. If you can afford more than one car, you can afford the additional three grand.
I know it's an idea that still needs work. But it's something that could help folks in rural and lower income neighborhoods. I'm sorry, I don't see many policy proposals from Democrats anywhere. So, instead of whining, I am deciding to be the change I want to see in the world. I think it's a law we can all get behind. Who's in?
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2023.03.27 05:25 MortDraconis Had a great match with my daughter!

Warning: Kinda long
A bit of backstory first: I played Battletech a handful of times in the 90’s during highschool and enjoyed the video games immensely as well, but hadn’t played tabletop for more than a decade when the beginner box was released. I got that to check it out and see if my daughters would like it. It was a hit so when A Game of Armored Combat came out it was an easy buy. I slowly would add more elements to the game system from what you get with the beginner box, first heat management, then physical attacks, etc. I backed the Clan Invasion kickstarter, buy by the time it was fulfilled, with all that was going on, playing had fallen by the wayside and we kinda forgot about it.
When the new Mercs campaign was announced, it reminded me that I had all these ‘mechs unplayed with so I asked my daughter to join me in a game last weekend. The scenario I came up with gave my daughter the choice of faction (IS, Clan, or Merc) and number of ‘mechs with a drop weight limit for each. Once she had selected hers, I made an Opfor of a similar BV. This was the first time using the new clan ‘mechs for us, and I didn’t realize just how much of a BV bloat it would be. She had a heavy, medium, and light and the scenario I designed included a vehicle and a gun emplacement, but I ended up selecting 4 additional ‘mechs, for a 3vs6 arrangement. It took 5 hours, and we had started late because we had guests for dinner. It was a fun time but my daughter got very tired at the end and ultimately was a stalemate (decided winner based on the outcome of the last shot of the that round). None of our previous games had been quite so long and I was a bit concerned because we still weren’t using ALL the rules (just adding PSR this time around). So I looked into Alpha Strike and we played a test match last night and that was also fun and only took less than an hour. However, there is also a lot more drama and fun with classic Battletech so we decided to play again today.
Today’s game was just a blast. This scenario this time was a local government lance was on patrol looking for pirates who had been terrorizing nearby towns. I selected the pirate force first, and made up a selection of lances for my daughter to choose from that had about the same BV (3100). Selected the Kozice Valley map with lots of high cliffs and rivers. The pirate force consisted of a custom Atlas “Jolly Roger” equipped with 3 large pulse lasers and 2 light Gauss Rifles and jump jets to help out with mobility in the valley. Then, always by his side, a custom Sentinel “Parrot” with a Streak SRM-6, ER medium laser, and a UAC-2, also with jump jets. My daughter selected the Advanced Scout Lance I had made with all custom lights, Commando, Locust, Raven, and Mercury; total BV=2858.
As the light lance entered the field of battle, they detected only a single medium mech (sentinel) and began closing range. In turn 3, the Atlas exited the pirate base and made its appearance on the field. I had intentionally hidden the mech so when it popped onto the field, it had its desire effect; concern and excitement!
The first shots of the engagement occurred on turn 4, with only the Atlas’ double light gauss having range and the Jolly Roger proved its effectiveness as a sniper, catching the locust dozing and not using its full moving potential as they had been proceeding cautiously and underestimated the pirate’s range. Both light gausses caught the locust and hit true in the CT torso resulting in immediate ‘mech destruction. At this point I was concerned that the fight would be over quickly. The government forces were already down to 3 ‘mechs without doing a point of damage and the Atlas was certainly showing its lethality. I considered, if the rest got picked off similarly, just having another of the prepared forces be “reinforcements” but this didn’t turn out to be necessary. The next few turns, the remaining government forces used their mobility to avoid the Atlas, but the Parrot was able to get a few shots in, while avoiding any return damage. At this point I decided I would RP the pirates a bit, rather than take optimal moves. The pirates would be overconfident, reckless, and a bit of a show off. The Atlas unveiled its jump capability, to the appropriate “they can do that?” response and jumped to a promontory where he could see most of the field. Meanwhile, the Parrot would forgo more advantageous positioning in order to “protect” the Atlas. My daughter also figured out the best tactic for mobile units against an assault is to find a way to its rear. The Mercury was able to jump into the rear arc, causing the Parrot to break with its engagement from the Commando and turn its attention to the Mercury. The Raven also was able to jump into the rear arc. I decided that recklessness for the Pirate Captain would manifest as a blatant disregard for heat effects, as the 3 LPLs generated more heat than it could sink. Over the next few turns the Atlas would get a few hits on the Commando while the Parrot started working on the Mercury.
Meanwhile, the Mercury/Raven jumping pair were able to stay in the rear arc of the Atlas. After a few “almost got ya” moments, the Commando succumbed to a streak SRM 6 blast from the Parrot, but not before the Atlas lost its rear CT armor and took 2 engine hits. Now bleeding heat profusely, the Atlas was forced to give the weapons a rest for a turn, largely due to a miscalculation (literally, I thought I was going to end with 12 heat but it was 18) and surviving 2 shutdown rolls. Still, I had both pirate mechs fighting and only half the government forces remained. The government forces shifted their tactics and went after the parrot, with a bit of brilliant maneuvering putting the Raven in the Parrot’s rear arc and nearly destroying its left torso. However, the Mercury performed a jump into water, after losing initiative, to avoid taking damage, as it was nearly dead, but to get out of the water they were forced to expose themselves with reduced evasiveness. However, a combination of heat penalties and a poor roll resulted in what would have been a killing blow a single LPL from the Atlas resulted in survival. The Atlas was also now started to show some wear on its armor and was doing everything it could to keep its back safe.
After the Atlas had cooled down, it was able to refocus and landed the killing blow on the Mercury, but not before it had stripped the Parrot of most of the armor from its left side, leaving just two points of inner structure remaining on the left torso and putting its XL engine at risk. Left with just the Raven against the same two pirate mechs, it would seem hopeless for the government forces, but a few well placed shots could turn the tide of this battle. Losing initiative, the Raven jumped away from the engagement and the pirate forces were not able to land strikes. The next turn, the Raven was able to win initiative and jumped to spot in between its two opponents where only the right arm of the Atlas could reach it, so it only really faced the wrath of the Parrot. Both pirate mechs missed again on all shots and the Raven, on the left side of the Parrot, finally broke through and destroyed that LT.
Now it was a battle for positioning. The Atlas was capable of severe damage from its weapons, but it was vulnerable to a single well placed shot in the back. The Raven had only suffered moderate damage to this point. Eventually the fight found its way to the river at the edge of the engagement area. The Atlas blew off an “arm” of the Raven and the Raven had damaged a bit of the Atlas, but had not landed another CTR hit. Then, one fateful turn, it seemed the Raven had the break it needed. The Atlas lost a PSR and fell, landing on its right side and face away from the Raven. The Raven had a free shot straight into the Atlas’ back! Using its remaining LL and 2 MGs, it unloaded, striking the arm and leg of the Atlas with the MGs, but getting a CTR hit with the LL, resulting in a single critical! But luck was with he pirates this time as instead of the last engine hit, it destroyed the CT mounted LPL instead. Even following this fall and the limited move after getting up, the Raven attempted another back shot and only hit arms and legs again. The following turn, losing initiative, the Raven decided to jump into depth 2 water and avoid all fire. But the Atlas was having none of that and walked into the adjacent water space at depth 1. Mustering all his skill for a kick, it landed and luck again found the pirates as the attack landed right on the cockpit of the pesky Raven, killing the mechwarrior inside.
It was a fun fight. I seemed at first that I had grossly miscalculated how even the matchup was going to be but as the fight proceeded and the outcome became more in doubt it was great to see how it unfolded. Even losing, my daughter had tons of fun because of how close she came to defeating an Atlas with only 3 lights. This was also a more reasonable 3 hours and about 15 or 16 rounds (lost count)
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2023.03.27 04:59 xoxohunny Help Me Find A BNHA Fic!

Hello, a bit new to this subreddit BUT i got super desperate. Okay so I’ve been trying to find one BNHA fic where I believe it’s a Bakugou/Todoroki. It takes place in a modern setting with Todoroki working in an office and Bakugou, I believe, is either the lead singer or the guitarist of a band with Kirishima being one of members.
That might not narrow the search but maybe this next part?
So the main plot is Todoroki is cheating on Bakugou with.. Kaminari because he’s unhappy with Bakugou’s temper and assumes the man is cheating on him with Kirishima.
He’s been contemplating leaving Bakugou for Kaminari only for Bakugou to end getting hit by a car.
Bakugou dies and I can remember Enji being at the hospital with Todoroki.
At the funeral, Todoroki sees a purple-hiared man standing by Bakugou’s grave. Turns out, he’s a grim reaper (or an angel? there’s some fantasy aspects here like angels.) and he talks with Todoroki only to make him a deal. Todoroki has a couple of days to be with Bakugou before the grim reaper finally guides his soul to the after life.
I remember the whole plot but even with all of the details, I can not find the fic! I feel like the author deleted it but I hope I can find a copy of it?
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2023.03.27 04:57 sendpicsofcephalopod Ex showed up to house again. Rant/Advice Seeking

I have been hard no contact with my ex for almost six months. We had been on and off together for nearly three years. Over the years the abuse escalated to a life threatening level and his mental health severely declined. He was involuntarily hospitalized in September and stayed in a psychiatric hospital for 5 days, leaving against medical advice. The abuse significantly worsened during this time, which I honestly did not think was possible.
On October 3rd I hit my breaking point. I was so, so scared of him and for him. I could feel my soul suffocating. My alcoholism had become unmanageable, I used it as a means to escape his abuse but it was killing me.
That day we were both drinking. I asked him to drive us to the ER and I walked in and said I felt like I was going to have a seizure. He had walked in with me. The nurse pulled me aside and asked if I needed help. I said yes.
Security had him leave. I had a 0.0367 BAC. They gave me an Ativan and lots of fluids. I was taken via ambulance to a detox facility. I spoke with him a few times via phone while in detox. One thing he said that stuck with me was "Just don't love yourself more than you love me" in response to me telling him I wanted to go to rehab.
After three nights at the detox facility I was discharged directly to the rehab center. The facility was beautiful and within the first hour I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. Cellphones were allowed. He was very unhappy with my decision to go to rehab and made it very known. By the second night he was hounding me incessantly. Every second I had my phone I had to be talking with him. He was calling me to a point that my phone was unusable.
Our final conversations were me saying I was going to bed (it was 11pm and I needed to be up at 5:30) and that I loved him and hung up. He called back and I answered and he said "we are breaking up" and I said "ok". He ended the call then promptly started calling and I blocked him. That is the last we have spoken.
In the months since he has shown up to my house (I live with my sister) about 5 times. He regularly calls from random numbers, I never answer but he leaves voicemails. Sends stuff to my house like probiotics.
Last week at my place of work he tied children's skis to my car, sprinkled goldfish crackers all over it, and left a half drunk vitamin water on the windshield. I got home from work and about an hour later he showed up at my house with a bottle of Bacardi (which was my drink of choice) and rang the doorbell and left it. We have cameras and called police. Ya'll... I wish I could show you the photo of his outfit. Puke green coat, Jake from Adventure Time hat, and they giant sunglasses. It was comical.
The police asked what I wanted to do and I told them I mainly want a report to build my paper trail.
What is your guys' experience with restraining orders? I hate that he is still showing up after so long. Advice welcome, thank you for reading.
Also happy to say I am nearly six months sober and life is infinitely better without alcohol and that scum being.
Edit: Grammar
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2023.03.27 04:56 KickinWing2325 Finding deadheads when shed hunting isn't ideal but this was a pretty cool one to find.

Finding deadheads when shed hunting isn't ideal but this was a pretty cool one to find.
Pretty sure it was hit by a car, given proximity to the road when found.
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2023.03.27 04:54 Used-Information-455 I think I might have CPTSD from parenting, bullying, accidents, and more (long)

I'm in my early 30s, male. I'm starting to wonder if I have CPTSD. I've always known something is wrong with me. I just keep pretending everything is normal, knowing something feels wrong, but thinking I'm just lazy/stupid/unmotivated for not be able to find it and fix it. I've experienced the following symptoms pretty persistently throughout my adolescence, teens, and 20s.
I've tried therapy in the past, but never really stuck with it. I've just re-entered therapy and a men's group in the past few months again and am going to see it through. The reason I entered was mainly due to realizing I feel extremely stuck in life and hopeless, and trying to get to the root of why I feel that way. I thought I mostly had an okay childhood (middle class, parents still together, some friends, some hobbies), and that I was just a piece of shit for not feeling fully enthusiastic and in control in life. I've sought help via psychiatrists, medication for depression and ADHD, meditation, and healthy living as much as I can.
I didn't think I had any trauma in my past, but after doing some initial reading, I think I might have some. I have never opened up about any of this to anyone, besides a few details to my therapist and sister, so this is hard. After thinking about what potential trauma I had in my childhood, though, I feel I'm drowning and there's no bottom. I feel like my whole personality, including my choice of careepartners/hobbies, is just a response to these things. I don't know where to go from here. I'm just trying to put the pieces together.
1. Pretty emotionally distant dad. I had deeply repressed this, but I just realized that my father would basically be there, and would provide for the family, but would basically be emotionally absent.
I realize he did the best he could, but I think I just didn't get the care I needed to develop a sense of self and regulate my emotions in a healthy way early on. I can't really remember a solid piece of life advice ("my father always told me..."). Nearly every day after work, he'd come home and say a few words and then go take a nap, sometimes for several hours until mom made dinner. Felt like he'd just walk right past me and see right through me. Etc.
I think the really damaging thing was that he would give me and the whole family the silent treatment for days, sometimes I think up to a week or more if something set him off. We would be forced to just endure it. Read him emotionally. Do the dishes, quietly. Do my chores, quietly. Sit at the table and eat dinner in tense silence. Say nothing. Look to my mom for advice on what to do, but she'd just side with him. So, we'd wait. I'd ruminate endlessly about what to do, how to make it better - no answers. I'd cry myself to sleep alone in my room. I'd hate myself and think I was worthless. I'd truly worry he would leave the family because of me. I'd think he never actually wanted kids or loved me. I think this was around the first time I experimented with self harm (hitting myself in the head, running a knife over my arm but never cutting, thinking I should just be beaten instead). He never hit me that I can recall, but I was spanked, if that counts.
Eventually things would slide back into a terse normalcy - but I'd always wait for the next time. This happened fairly frequently, I think. I asked my sister because I couldn't really remember the details, and she said it happened fairly regularly until we were about 8 (me) and 10 years old. Great, only the most formative years. It mostly stopped then, when she wrote him a letter asking him to stop, but continued sometimes. I don't really remember what I did to set it off, or what set it off in general. I think just being a needy kid and him being stressed.
2. Sustained, malicious, intense bullying. I was a pretty introverted kid, and I think that's why I was a target. Bullying started in grade school and continued unabated through high school. Specifically targeted by bullies in the halls or after school. Called gay and mocked all the time in the locker room. Beaten up a few times. I was extensively targeted for ongoing harassment by a few guys in particular in high school. They would draw things on our driveway, egg our house, walk outside our house at night, etc.
I have a few guy friends, but mainly 3 close ones I've known since childhood. I've never really developed any other male friends since that - since high school. I think it's because I'm still stuck there in terms of trust. I don't trust other guys not to hate me and ostracize me. I don't seek out those relationships.
3. Dog attacks. I was attacked by our family dog when I was a toddler, I was told. I don't think it was super serious, no cuts/scars etc. I was attacked by another family dog that got on top of me and biting at me when I was closer to middle school.
Mainly, in middle school, I was attacked by another rescue dog at a farm where my sister and mom were riding horses. I was off in a nearby field playing with this dog (about my size) when he turned from playing to on top of me. Snarling at me, biting at me. He got on top of me and bit me but only caught my arm/jacket that I put up in defense, and he was very intensely pulling at me.
I was screaming, and my mom came over the hill. I remember screaming at her to help me, but for some reason (maybe the attack didn't look or wasn't as serious as it felt), she just said "you got this," and she walked away or stayed put a few hundred yards away. I eventually pushed it off/wrapped my jacket around it and got away. I don't think she really comforted me afterwards. Maybe this isn't as serious as I remember, but the fact that I still remember it and had an intense fear response to actually remembering it fully tells me that my kid brain thought I was going to fucking die, and my mom ignored that completely. That I'm on my own in times of dangefear, and that I can't trust anyone to save me.
I love dogs now and want one, but I think I've always subconsciously kept my distance and that's why I haven't gotten one yet. I think I'm still afraid at some level, as silly as that sounds.
4. Knockouts/car accident/head trauma. I've been knocked out a bunch of times, which probably isn't great.
There have been a few other times. In high school, I turned left into a two-lane T-intersection but didn't see a car in the oncoming direction from the right (hidden behind a nearby car and then switched into the lane I was trying to merge into), and I slammed on the breaks. As I went to go, I looked left and everything went into slow motion as a car came straight at me at full speed/50 mph or so (I think she was on her phone). It t-boned the car and hit right behind me on the driver's side, and totaled the car. I was knocked out for a few seconds and extremely disoriented. I didn't sustain serious injuries, but was bruised/had whiplash and massively dissociated for several days. I got a ticket for failure to yield, and my dad responded to the accident and was worried - but ultimately I think he seemed more pissed about the car in the long run.
This is a side note and pretty woo-woo, but I remember having an intense feeling of dread in the week prior, like something bad was coming. That might just be regular old anxiety, but part of me feels like I was supposed to die that day, and that I've just been existing in this dissociated, alternate reality ever since.
5. Deep Catholic guilt. I was raised Catholic by people who didn't really seem to believe in it, but culturally that's just what they were and "what you did," so they sent me to Catholic school through eighth grade anyway. There, we got all the typical messages - you're bad, you're guilty, you're sinful, you deserve to go to hell - but you'll be forgiven and go to heaven if you're a good boy and you play by the rules. Mandatory church on Fridays. Confessionals, confessing your bad thoughts to a priest. "If you're happy and you know it, that's a sin." I was highly, highly sensitive to this and had so much fear about doing anything wrong.
I understand the appeal of Christianity and Catholicism, I do, and I don't mind anyone who finds value in it. But I rebelled hard - questioning everything. I saw people not living up to the values they professed to hold. I saw the contradictions, the inconsistencies, but I couldn't help but internalize the values. I was a damn philosophy and ethics major in college out of an intense need to find an answer, develop a reliable superego or whatever, and to feel like I would be good and get love if I could just figure out what a silent god - and a silent father - wanted me to do.
6. Some unexplained deepset anxious feeling of something like sexual abuse or inappropriate touching at a young age. This one is extremely difficult for me to even conceptualize and put into words. I don't know if this even happened. But, I have a deep feeling and some flash of two memories - once in Catholic school, once on a farm at a family gathering. Those memories are more like a feeling, an impression, of deep shame and me being forced to do something I didn't want to do, something I know is wrong and extremely embarrassing. I'm not sure what to make of that and I don't remember any specifics. As you can see, I don't remember my childhood very well. Probably all the knockouts, to be honest.
I don't know why I'm writing this. I guess I'm just trying to process these things, and writing it out helps. Any advice, reactions, resources, or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.03.27 04:52 Carolinavelvel Lenovo Builds a Workstation James Bond Would Love

Lenovo Builds a Workstation James Bond Would Love
Lenovo has been hitting it out of the park of late. Even its smartphone unit, Motorola, seems to have recovered, and in servers and PCs, Lenovo is a true force to reckon with.
But last week, Lenovo launched a new line of ThinkStation workstations co-designed with Aston Martin that expanded its lead in that market. They are impressive performers, using up to two of Intel’s most powerful CPUs and up to four of Nvidia’s most powerful professional graphics cards. They pull so much power that you’d likely need your desk or home office rewired to run the thing.
Let’s talk about some of the ways Lenovo has found to move around its competitors, which has resulted in its gaining share and generally being ranked as number one in an increasing number of categories. We’ll close with my Product of the Week, GrammarlyGO, a solution that adds generative AI to its automated editing product line.

The Aston Martin Workstation

What prompted this column was a workstation announcement at DreamWorks, which was once the old HP’s most prominent reference account. But when Meg Whitman split the company, neither HPC nor HP could make blended workstation bids. A significant advantage with either system would, or apparently did, cause DreamWorks to flip to Lenovo instead.
From talking to DreamWorks, it was likely the servers, not the workstations, that forced the switch. Lenovo’s early recognition of the unique performance advantage of AMD’s Threadripper platform resulted in Lenovo taking over market leadership of high-end servers, which turned out to be another brilliant move by the company.
Aston Martin co-designed the workstations Lenovo launched last week. This alone is interesting. Not because Q, James Bond’s armorer, had a fondness for those cars (there is an interesting backstory here), but because, like Porsche and BMW, Aston Martin has become a design house that can be contracted to design other things.
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2023.03.27 04:48 Sensitive-Hospital69 I could’ve killed a man on a motorcycle today -regardless of who was at fault, and he followed me to work and beat on my car screaming at me, my coworker got him leave. TW: language/violent behavior

I was driving to work and not even five blocks from my house I was pulling onto the main road. A blue motorcycle was behind a white truck in the right lane, I pulled out into the left lane and the motorcycle sped around the white truck and almost rear ended me.
The motorcycle got into the right lane in front of the white truck immediately after and started screaming over his loud radio “fucking idiot fucking bitch” he zoomed behind my car as I was signaling into the right lane I didn’t drive erratically or make any sudden movements with him zooming around my vehicle. Once I merged he was in the left lane still screaming “fucking bitch stupid fucking dumbass bitch” and he started following me.
He was driving erratically around and in front of my car and pulled into the parking lot and immediately started beating on my window and screaming at me I was crying because I could’ve accidentally killed him if he would’ve hit me and I still feel immensely guilty and scared.
My coworker came out and said “what the fuck dude” and the man yelled at him and sped away. I was surprised he didn’t slash my tires or try and yank me out of the car I’m a very small woman and have had a similar thing happen. When I broke up with my abusive ex he broke my window and dragged me out of my car for context. I had someone pick me up from work, I don’t even want to drive. In the five years I’ve been driving I’ve never gotten into an accident or even a fender bender.
I cannot handle people screaming at me, I don’t think anyone can but I don’t want to drive I feel like an idiot. My roommate said that by now that guy probably already forgot about it, everyone has road rage moments but at least he is alive and he highly doubts the man is going to come after me but I am still terrified and paranoid.
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2023.03.27 04:37 speedypoultry be Quiet, Please? Noise / Harmonics / Vibration of a R1T? Are these noises normal or am I just too picky?

I just took a Rivian for a 300 mile test drive (Turo), after doing a service center drive the day before. These may seem like little things, but there were sources of noise that surprised me that I don't usually see in random inexpensive rental catruck. Even my Nissan Leaf is far better in many of these regards.
I'll start by saying the actual wind and road noise is minimal, which is nice. There's some road "vibration"/texture that is fatiguing (maybe due to lack of cabin isolation from frame), but it isn't bad. Actual bumps themselves are nicely absorbed by the suspension (IE: Potholes).

The Rivian for the demo drive had a fairly loud and annoying "wind" noise from the right side window. This wasn't standard wind drone; but rather on/off wind noise typical of roof bars, ladder racks or otherwise. The guide said it was "normal".
The Turo rental I had was MUCH BETTER than the test drive unit, but had the same damn wind noise. So, outside of there being a large variance, where is this noise coming from? Why was one truck so much better? Can it be fixed, and is it a common issue?

The HVAC fan on setting 2 or higher, when sitting still, is annoying. Not loud, but annoying. It has the hallmarks of a hairdryer squirrrel fan, rather than a typical space heater fan. It's a little "whiney".
I'm not sure if the issue is just lack of noise insulation around the fan, or too small of a fan device, but has this got better at all with newer Rivians? Or can you add some insulation to the fan cage?
I found myself manually setting the fan to "1" so it was tolerable, or hitting recirculate, when sitting in park.
This isn't an issue when actually driving, but when sitting idle and parked it is very noticable.

Sometimes is creaks, like my knuckles popping after sitting still too long. This one is totally ignorable, but what is it?

Now again, the actual wind noise was minimal to non-existant, and the road surface noise was moderate. I consider both those acceptable and fairly nice. However these abnormal noises mentioned above were annoying -- can anything be done with them?
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2023.03.27 04:37 learningprof24 Desperate for help on what to do for hurt dog

9yr old f German Shepherd/Beagle mix, spayed, no significant medical issues
I KNOW she has to go to the vet, and I will be calling them first thing in the morning, but unfortunately I cannot afford our local emergency vets. I’ve made a ton of phone calls and there is no one willing to work with me. Please no judgment that I can’t afford the ER visit - I got denied by CareCredit, I tried to borrow money, and they don’t do payment plans.
She snuck past me yesterday when I was bringing in a package, came back within 30 minutes, and seemed totally fine. Within an hour of laying down in her bed we realized she was yelping in pain every time she moved. I have never heard either of my dogs make these kinds of noises when injured, it’s heartbreaking and she sounds like she’s been tortured each time she shifts position.
She allowed me to examine her and there is no visible injury or cuts. My best guess is she was hit by a car or tried to follow someone who kicked her. From running my hands over her body it first appeared to be her ribs, but over the last 24 hours it’s become clear it’s her shoulder blade. I discovered this when I tried to avoid her ribs, touched her shoulder blade with a bit too much pressure, and got nipped for the first time ever.
While she does put weight on all 4 legs when changing positions she won’t walk more than a few inches before resettling. She hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours and refuses everything offered except for 2 pieces of cheese in the last hour. She also refuses to drink but I’m getting water in her with a turkey baster at this point. She also hasn’t peed since yesterday. My plan was just to clean accidents, but there haven’t been any…
I’m desperate for any advice on how I can make her as comfortable as possible until morning (I do have canine aspirin), how worried to be about her not peeing, and realistically what treatment for a shoulder injury is likely to look like. If I need to prepare myself to make some hard decisions tomorrow I would rather know that know.
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2023.03.27 04:19 redditorredrum1 How do I move on from my sexual assault that happened 7 years ago?

7 years ago I met a guy online, we hit it off fairly well. We were both in high school and shared some of the same friends. We went to 2 different high schools but we did live in the same town. We would call each other, FaceTime and text for hours every day until we decided to meet in person. It was around august that we had decided to make plans to meet. We arranged to meet at his dads apartment because he was supposed to leave around 5 so I mentioned to my sister if she could drop me off at a "friends" house (I had very strict parents) when I got there he asked to meet me by the apartment complex pool which I thought was strange but whatever, I felt him approach me from behind and I was a bit awkward since it was the first time meeting him in person, I asked if he wanted to go back to the apartment but he told me his dad was still there and said if I wanted to chill with him in the laundry room (that was connected to the apartment complex) again I didn't think much of it and decided to say sure. we walked inside the laundry room and nobody was in there. It was a very small room it only had only about 3 or 4 machines inside and a couple of chairs with a window right next to a small hidden corner, we sat down and just talked about how our day went, as you can imagine it was all a bit awkward and silent pauses as we talked. He then stood up and asked for me to hug him so I said "okay" and he then began to forcibly kiss me even when I kept pulling away from him he just held me closer and squeezed his hands into my arms, eventually I turned away and he punched me in my arms, acting like he was being playful, I just wanted to leave. He walked up to me again and pushed me into the hidden corner that was right next to the window and started to forcibly kiss me again and this time he began to touch me down there, he was doing it with so much force that I started bleeding a lot, I tried my hardest not to cry or show any weakness because I couldn't grasp what was happening. Eventually he pulled his hand out and asked if I wanted to go outside, I was in such a state of shock that I didn't say anything and just walked out of the room with him behind me. There was an industrial trash can right next to the laundry room. As I was walking off he grabbed my hand and pulled me to behind the trash can and started kissing me again, this time pushing me to the ground and was forcing me to move my hands as he was trying to pull my pants down to rape me, eventually he gave up because I kept pushing him off of me and yelling no that he decided to just walk off instead. I watched him leave and just sat there in silence, nothing was going through my mind, just pure shock. I remember coming home and showering watching the dry blood running down my leg and being completely silent. He had blocked me on everything and I then deleted my social media. I never told anyone. 3 years after that a good friend of mine began talking to someone and decided she wanted to go surprise him at his job, we walked in and the minute he saw me he turned around and walked to the back room, I also walked out and went inside the car, when my friend came back to the car I told her all about it and she stopped talking to him. I was so angry I wanted to scream and cry but I didn't, I just held it in. Fast forward to January 2023 he killed himself. I've been coping with this for a long time and I guess in my head I always thought there would be a day where I would confront him but that never got to happen. How can I move on from this now that he's dead and I know I will never be able to confront him?
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2023.03.27 04:16 Brief-Agent5083 call to cult of XXXTENTACION

2016*/January/ 29:
“Look at Me” gets an official release as a digital download. While its SoundCloud numbers continue to grow, the single doesn’t enter the Billboard charts for another ten-and-a-half months.
01/01/ 2017: Adam22 announces that he is managing XXXTentacion. “xxx is out in a couple weeks and i’m managing him,” he tweets. Over the next few months, while XXXTentacion is in jail, Adam22 uses his own Twitter account to update fans on XXXTentacion’s status and well-being
01/28/ 2017: Drake previews “KMT” at a show in Amsterdam. Fans compare it to “Look at Me” on social media. Pigeons and Planes posts a snippet of the two songs side by side
02/14/2017 : “Look at Me” enters the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 95
02/18/2017 : In an interview aired on OVO Sound radio, Drake denies copying “Look at Me.” “The other day, I dropped this song with Giggs and I’m seeing all this shit on my IG under some random picture of people being like, ‘Fuck you, you took this kid’s flow’ or whatever. I’m like, ‘What’s happening to me right now?’ So I’m trying to read and figure out who they’re talking about.”
03/ 26 /2017 Xxxtentacion Pleads no contest to the charges of armed home-invasion robbery and battery, and is released from jail on probation.
The beef involving Drake started when XXXTentacion accused the Canadian rapper of stealing his style and copying parts of his song, “Look At Me.” In an interview, the “Changes” artist said Drizzy could have communicated with him first.XXX continued, “if he had shown that he’s a hospitable person and that he’s really in this shit for the culture rather than being a bitch taking my shit and running with it and putting on his album, then he would’ve gotten my kudos; gotten my respect,” he proclaimed. “I would’ve let him hop on the remix and take 100% royalty rate. I would’ve done it.”
03/29/2017 :
on his first interview when he got out XXXTentacion stopped by 103.5 The Beat in Miami to talk with K. Foxx about his time in jail, career aspirations, and goes in on Drake about allegedly copying his style XXXTentacion accuses Drake of stealing his flow. “He is not a man. I think he’s a bitch, that’s a bitch move,” he tells the interviewer.“He could have reached out to me personally and spoken to me, and it definitely would have been more respectable,” XXX said. “But he dropped that preview, and it sounded a bit like ‘Look At Me.’ He could be a huge help in this situation to get me out of jail,” XXX continued. “Because I’m facing life. So that’s just how I feel.”
XXXTENTACION makes a twitter post quote "Drake mom kinda cute she could get it " A year goes by and there is not a single response from Drake in retaliation to X’s disrespectful antics. However, in February of 2018 the internet receives a cryptic message from X, claiming Drake has intentions of premeditated murder.
04/04/2017 another call-out from XXXTENTACION. X lays into Drake’s originality, rapping ability, and vocal chops. He even proposes a wager of sorts. “If [Drake] can do a whole fuckin’ album, or even 2-3 fuckin’ songs, originally, that does not sound like anyone elses cadence or does not have a fucking sample, and just sounds like him originally, he’ll get my kudos,” says X, before raising the stakes. “I’ll run around the street butt-ass naked, I’ll tattoo Drake name on my ass cheek if he can be original for 2 seconds or outrap me!”
04/22/2017 : “Look at Me” peaks at No. 24 on the Billboard Hot 100.
06/13/2017: XXXTentacion appears on XXL’s 2017 Freshman Class cover as the “10th Spot” winner — the only spot on the list that is fan-selected. According to XXL, “His fans blew up our voting page, pushing him to the top slot by thousands of votes.” In light of his domestic-violence charges, the decision to feature him on the list is met with significant resistance from XXL readers and other music publications.
Early August 2017: “Look at Me” is certified platinum.
08/25/2017 , XXXTentacion’s first album is released via Empire Distribution. It debuts at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. One blog, DJ Booth (which is part of the Complex Network), refuses to review the album!!! Kendrick Lamar !!! cosigns the album on Twitter. “Listen to this album if you feel anything,” he writes. “Raw thoughts.”
09 /21/2017: During a his performance at the Rolling Loud festival in the Bay Area, XXXTentacion gets into another fight with a fan. A video of the incident shows XXXTentacion hitting the crowd member in the head with his microphone. In a video released on Twitter later that night, XXXTentacion argues that he was punched first and acted in self-defense.
Octobe27/2017: In another Instagram story, XXXTentacion says that he “will not be making or releasing any music.” “I am tired of being mentally abused for trying to help people, I’m tired of the hate, I’m done,” he writes.
Octobe29/: XXXTentacion says, via Instagram story, that he will return to music if Ski Mask The Slump God agrees to be his friend again. “Tell Ski Mask to be my friend again and I will make music. Tell him to be my friend again,” he said in the (now deleted) post. A couple days later, in a video, responded, “I will always love that alien-looking na named XXX, but I have to distance myself because nobody would see me as an individual,” and “On top of that, that na crazy as hell.” Then, he wrote on an Instagram story: “This is a person who has before threaten[ed] my family, told me I was supposed to be sacrificed on some crazy shit,”
In 2018, XXXTentacion shared an Instagram post which read: "If anyone tries to kill me it was @champagnepapi [Drake]. I'm snitching RN."The star then quickly removed the post, saying that his social media account had been hacked.
Three months later, the rapper was murdered.
XXXTentacion, 20, is reported dead following an alleged drive-by shooting outside of a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida. When X’s body was found and identified it was confirmed that the rapper was shot in the torso while in his vehicle. It’s also notable that Drake ad-libs “skrr”, the sound for a car taking off, which the gunman in X’s death had done in order to flee the scene.
One user on YouTube by the name of LIL GOOEY, amongst several others, posits that SMS stands for “Send My Shooters”. This has led many to believe that Drake hired the shooters to take out X on his behalf due to his fame, power, and status. And that doing so covertly would not be beyond his means.
June 28, 2018:
A music video for “SAD!” is released, depicting XXXtentacion attending his own funeral.
July 19, 2018:
A Florida grand jury indicts four men — Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen, and Trayvon Newsome — in XXXtentacion’s murder. Each is charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery after the men had individually been named suspects and two had been arrested. Police claim Boatwright was the one who shot XXXtentacion. The three men on trial for the murder of XXXTentacion were found guilty of killing the rapper in a botched robbery-turned-homicide, on March 20. Later in 2023 photos and videos from the phones of the alleged shooter, Michael Boatwright, and the accused getaway driver, Dedrick Williams also included the men flashing fistfuls of $100 hours after they robbed, shot, and killed XXX.
December 17, 2018:
Skins debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard “200” with 132,000 album equivalent units. It’s the first posthumous No. 1 album since The Very Best of Prince in 2016.
An attorney for one of the four men charged with killing XXXTentacion named Drake and other celebrities to testify as witnesses. SOHH, take a look back at how the beef started before X’s death in 2018.
The attorney representing one of the four men accused of killing XXXTentacion filed motions where rappers Drake, Quavo, Offset, late Migos rapper Takeoff, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Joe Budden, were named as witnesses. Boatwright’s attorney, Joseph Kimok presented the final defense closing arguments on March 8. He told jurors that while XXX struggled with his killers before getting shot to death, the DNA found on his body, along with the stolen chain, wasn’t from Boatwright.
Kimok also said the DNA wasn’t Newsome’s, the accused second gunman or Williams who has been accused of being the getaway driver and ringleader.
“Whoever (XXXTentacion) struggled with is not in this courtroom,” Kimok told the jurors. “The DNA proves that someone not named, Michael Boatwright or Trayvon Newsome participated in this murder.”
Boatwright has been named the alleged shooter that shot the three bullets that killed XXXtentacion.
William’s attorney, Mauricio Padilla told the jury Allen was a “liar.” Noting that the prosecution’s additional witnesses also contradicted each other. He also said the Broward County Sheriff’s department didn’t look at other possible suspects, namely rap star Drake, who was beefing with XXX at the time of his death.
Five years after XXXTentacion’s murder, the state and defense rested their case on March 3. Gearing up for closing statements, the three men on trial for the late-Florida rapper’s murder each face life in prison.
But defense attorneys have argued that Drake could be tied to the killing amid his simmering feud with XXXTentacion.
The lawyers claimed that cops didn't investigate the alleged feud between Drake and XXXTentacion following his death.
Rumors have swirled for years claiming that the rapper, known as X or XXX, had beef with the highly decorated Canadian music star.
However, fans suspect the 36-year-old has made a series of thinly-veiled references to his rival's murder in some of his music.
Just three weeks before the fatal shooting, Drake released his 2018 album Scorpion, which featured the song I'm Upset.
He raps in the hit track: "End up gettin’ loose and gettin’ pictures from my ex, SMS, Triple X.
"That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck."Why you keep on shootin' if you know that nigga dead? (skrr) That's the only kind of shit that gets you some respect
So this is also quite fishy. Triple x meaning xxxtentacion because some people called him triple x
I’m Upset wasn’t the only “clue” off Drake’s latest studio album, Scorpion, that backs this theory. On Mob Ties, the 33-year-old rapper dedicates the song to how he’s got ties with criminal members Looking through, Drake claims it’s too late for amendment as the point of no return was crossed. He also makes note of paying off shooters with Louis Vuitton bags which was what witnesses claimed the shooter at X’s scene of the crime had taken.
Saying in another song louis bags in exhange for body bags
Lastly, remember that Drake had no response for an entire year after X publicly made several passes at his mother. These last bars in which Drake mentions his patience are chilling
Drake also opened the track with the line "50,000 on my head its disrespect," which social media sleuths believe references XXXTentacion withdrawing $50,000 in cash before he was shot dead.
DRAKE set the rumor mill swirling again with his rhymes on the song On BS on his 2022 album with 21 Savage titled Her Loss.
He says: "Maybe I should do a twenty, maybe I should break that twenty, do a ten. Maybe I should break that ten, do a five, then if it gets live, do a five again.
"If he held his tongue on that live, he'd be alive again, damn."
Fans suspect the Canadian artist was alluding to XXXTentacion with his complicated mathematical lyrics.
The answer to his confusing sum is 30, which is XXX in Roman numerals - and also one of the late rapper's nicknames.
The second bar seemingly refers to the Instagram live in which XXXTentacion laid into Drake.
Prosecutors say there is no evidence linking Drake to the deadly gunfire????lol
That said, X even said himself that he was a sacrifice on live and Ski Mask said X told him he was supposed be his sacrifice.
This is all online. And you can google it yourself
Lastly im gonna end this with the strange fact that 21 savage still has some kind of mashed up album with XXXTentacions songs on HIS official channel Im not sure where those royalties are going but a takedown is definitely neccesary so guys help We are done with this dude
Im gonna quote Ice cube " drake's godsplan reign is over "



Im asking the community and the loyal fans of XXXTENTACION to bring this out into the light because we all know jah deserves redemption and a fair trial ...
So lets see how comfortabel mr hotlinekiller is gonna be because our fanbase are no coachella bitches drakes fans are however
.... long live our brother jah we love you and we miss you and because you helped us we are gonna help you ... eye for an eye
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