Nashville tn crime rate

Psssttt this may interest a few of you

2023.06.09 05:56 gingerbeardguy Psssttt this may interest a few of you

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2023.06.09 05:49 Prestigious_Stress17 Healing Haven: Transforming Lives at the Trauma Healing Centre in Nashville, TN

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2023.06.09 05:38 abp93 I watched 12 angry men (1957)

Hubs and I googled “movies everyone should see” and are working our way down the list.
Today we watched 12 angry men
Wow! Wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much.
My main takeaway was that it’s not that the people voting not guilty 100% believe he did not commit the crime, it’s the fact that they cannot say he IS guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a very important distinction. One of the most important tenets of democracy and our judicial system is that the burden of proof is on the prosecution and it needs to be beyond a reasonable doubt. If they all voted guilty this 18 yr old kid was going to get the death penalty.
“It’s possible!” quickly becomes such a powerful conclusion in this film.
It had some funny lines as the men went back and forth with each other.
Each character represented a sort of personality trope/class/background to me.
We also thought it was interesting how the one old man was shunned after his racist rant, but, he wasn’t called out directly by any of the other jurors. This was 1957 after all I guess? I wanted someone to yell at him.
The last notable thing for me was how hot and sweaty everyone was the whole movie and how that probably directly played into how irritable everyone was. I grew up somewhere reallllly hot in the summers, that also has a high crime rate, and I always said it’s because everyone’s hot and grumpy 2/3 of the year!
I’d love to hear what anyone else thought of this movie.
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2023.06.09 05:28 storiesof-adreamer 25 [F4M] #Nashville/USA - Looking for my special subby boyfriend for a GFD long term relationship!

(If this post is still up, I'm still looking!)
Hey there. I really want to develop a female led/slight gentle femdom relationship with a special guy.
When a lot of men see the term "female led relationship," they think, "Oh, the woman will make all the decisions with no input on what I think/want."
Are there dynamics like that? I'm sure there is. Personally, I'm not looking to be "the boss" or "above" you in any way. I want us to be equal... but have you give up control to me in a few other ways. :)
What do I mean? Keep reading on!
You can call me Dreamer for now. (I'll tell you my real name once we get to know each other) Please do NOT call me Miss, Master, Dominatrix or Ma'am.
I'm 25 years old and an INFJ-T. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA (AKA Music City) and I'm on Central Standard Time. I'm a Black woman and I stand 5 feet, 7 inches tall. My eyes are brown and I wear glasses. I don't have any tattoos or piercings at the moment.
One thing I want to mention is that I'm plus size, AKA a bigger girl. I'm undergoing a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in two months to lose the excess weight I have in a sustainable and permanent way. I'm ready to regain my body and be healthy and confident again. I'd love to have you by my side throughout my journey!
As far as personality goes, I'd describe myself as empathetic and sweet. I like to help others as much as I can. In person, I tend to be rather shy at first. People tend to mistake that for weakness or gullibility. I'm anything but; my strength lies in introspection and quiet observation. I notice every nuance of a person's actions, words, body language, vibe... my intuition hasn't steered me wrong yet!
I won't go into detail on every single interest that I have but I'll talk about my biggest ones that you'll likely hear me mention the most.
I've been writing since I was six years old, but I started taking it seriously around 13 years old. All in all, it's been 19 years. As of right now, I primarily write Fanfiction but in the past, I've written short stories, poetry and I even tried to learn how to write screenplays at one point.
I wrote my first full-length book in 2018/2019. I started the sequel in early 2020, but I'm still working on it. I lost a LOT of inspiration during the pandemic but I'm finally writing for it again.
If you also enjoy writing, I'd love to "talk shop" with you and maybe we can exchange some of our past works.
Music has gotten me through a lot over the years. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone says that. But it truly has. It's shaped my life and introduced me to a lot of things and people that I probably never would've done or met otherwise.
There's no point in saying I like xyz genre because I've listened to pretty much everything. The only ones I truly hate are country and gangster rap. If you want specifics, though... I've been a HUGE twenty one pilots fan for 9 years. (I have more merch, stickers and other random shit than I care to admit to lmao) I also love other artists like Amber Run, Purity Ring, Phantogram, Daughter, Lorde, OneRepublic... plus tons more.
I've always had this dumb idea of a guy and I confessing to each other through playlists with songs that make us think fondly about each other...
God, I'm single.
I've been into photography for 10 years and I've had my DSLR for eight years. (It's definitely the camera version of 'Ol Reliable) I enjoy nature and portrait photography. I'd love to show you some of my work and get your thoughts on it.
TV genres I like: Animation (like Spongebob), comedy, drama, documentaries (disaster and crime ones are my favorites), true crime (like Forensic Files), old sitcoms (like Sanford and Son) and cooking and baking competitions/reality TV (like Kitchen Nightmares US and UK, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, The Great British Baking Show, etc)
Movie genres I like: Animation, drama, comedy, action, psychological thrillers and science fiction. I thoroughly loved The Greatest Showman so one could say I like musicals but it's the only one I've seen so not sure if that really counts. Comic book movies are pretty alright too, but I really haven't seen anything past the first Avengers movie lmaooooo.
I say this as unpretentiously as possible, but I haven't seen most popular TV shows or movies that your average person likes. I think the last "popular" thing I watched was that Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix. (mainly out of morbid curiosity because everyone was freaking out about it... and because I think Evan Peters is a cutie) I only saw a few episodes and then forgot to watch the rest of it, but it wasn't as horrific as everyone was saying. Maybe I've watched too much Forensic Files and I'm desensitized lmao.
✨️Video and computer games✨️
Video game genres I like: Adventure, action-adventure, RPGs & JRPGs, Strategy... basically anything that is relatively fun and not horror related.
Some of my all-time favorites: Kingdom Hearts II, Ratchet and Clank, Journey, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.
As far as computer games, the only thing I play on a regular basis is The Sims 2 and The Sims 4. As a kid, I loved simulator and time-management games; some old favorites are the RCT series, Simcity: Rush Hour, the first four Diner Dash games, the Delicious series and Burger Shop 2 (which I still have on my computer actually lmao)
✨️Other random interests✨️
Art, traveling, people watching, researching random topics on Wikipedia and watching YouTube, especially channels with old shows and movies.
My last position was working nights at a psychiatric hospital. I'm looking for something new at the moment.
I'm officially a college student at 25. Yay! Feel free to ask me more about it, I'd love to talk.
I really love dogs and cats. I have three cats and they're little demons but I love them to death. I also love small animals like ferrets, bunnies and snakes!
My main love languages are words of affirmation, quality time and gift giving/receiving. To be honest, though, there's elements of each language that I enjoy or relate to in one way or another.
I don't smoke and I drink every so often. Otherwise, I'm vaccinated and DDF.
I'm looking for a guy between the ages of 23-33 years old. I might be willing to talk to someone within two years in either direction (so 21 min and 35 max) if you meet all my other preferences/wants. If you're younger than 21 or older than 35, though, please don't contact me.
Please be single and emotionally available. I won't interact with anyone already in a relationship or married (even if you're separated or in a "dead bedroom," you're STILL married) and I'm especially not interested in poly/ENM. I'm 100% monogamous.
Hair is super important to me! I prefer medium length to long hair, something I can stroke and play with a lot lmao.
I have a REALLY big soft spot for blue and/or doe eyes, but don't let that deter you. If you have kind eyes, I'll fall in love with them, no matter their color!
I tend to like softer facial features and even softer personalities. Are you super masculine in public but a total softie in private? Lovely! Are you less masculine but a little more feminine? Great! Are you androgynous or otherwise fall somewhere in between? I can dig it!
Key traits that I like in a guy include, but are not limited to: Being sweet, gentle, empathetic, considerate, an active listener, exceptional at communication and willing to go the extra mile for those that you love, be it family, friends, your partner, etc.
With that being said, it's important that you have time for me. I'm not expecting us to talk 24/7 but if you're always too busy to talk to me, this won't work. At some point, I'd like for us to also talk on the phone as our schedules permit, of course.
As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, please be from the USA/North America and willing to meet and get to know each other in person ASAP.
It's important to me that you're an active listener; what I mean is that you'll make an effort to listen to what I have to say and respond to it accordingly. If I tell you my thoughts on a matter or ask you a question or give you a compliment etc etc, please respond to it. It makes me feel so sad and small if I feel like my thoughts or opinions are not important/relevant.
I can tell pretty quickly if someone is genuinely interested in me or not. Like I said before, I notice everything lol.
I mentioned earlier how one of my love languages is words of affirmation. One of the ways I enjoy that is through compliments. I'm not looking for you to worship the ground I walk on, but being told "You look beautiful" or "When you do xyz, that makes me really happy" makes me feel SO seen and appreciated.
It's incredibly frustrating to send a picture of myself and get a lukewarm response in return. :(
Affection is also super important to me. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling, touching... all the cute couple shit. I want you to touch me, not in a pervy way, but in an affectionate way. I want to stroke your hair while I hold you close... little things like that make me incredibly happy.
Keep in mind, everything I want from you, I'll give to you in return. I'll always listen and acknowledge you, give you compliments, shower you in affection, plus whatever else makes you feel wanted and appreciated as a person and in a relationship.
I always want you to have a choice and be able to voice your opinion. I will never degrade or boss you around in general, but especially when it comes to your personal choices. I'm a switch that used to be a predominant sub and believe me, I've had doms tell me before, "I make the decision on what you wear, what to eat, who you hang out with, etc etc... because I'm your dom and what I say goes."
Some people may like that. More power to them. But I'm not like that. I want you to feel free to express yourself. If you want my opinion, I'll give it to you, of course. But my job is to build you up and support your decisions, no matter how small!
Again, I'm not looking for you to kiss my ass. I'd love for you to take the lead on most decisions (with my input, of course). But I want you to also have a "service" attitude; whether that's helping out with household chores or surprising me with a massage after work or giving me flowers "just because" or helping me paint my toenails lol... just to name some examples. The sky's the limit.
That extends to "the bedroom" as well. I want my pleasure to be just as important to you as yours is to me.
In short? I just want to feel doted on and taken care of. I want to be the most important person in your life and you be the most important person in my life. I want to make you feel special and praise you and tell you how much you mean to me. And I want the same in return. 💓
● "KINKS" ●
This is inevitably gonna come up at some point. I'll say when it comes to my "kinks" (if you want to call them that) I like:
Teasing, edging, telling you when you can cum and begging me for it (I believe it's called orgasm control/denial), moaning, praise, blindfolds, eye contact, body worshiping (you and me), breast worship, oral, fingering and using toys on you.
Been a little curious about pegging someone one day. We'd have to build up to it, of course, because I don't want to hurt you. If you're not into that, though, don't worry! It's definitely not a requirement.
Things I do NOT like (or hard limits) are:
Humiliation, degradation, anything that causes you or me physical, emotional and mental harm, blood, pee, scat, vomit, diapers, CNC, ageplay, raceplay, hitting, slapping, choking or anything else illegal, unethical or otherwise unloving.
If you read all of this, good job! Here's a cookie, hope you like chocolate chip. 🍪
Seriously, though, I can't name every little thing I want. Despite the length of this post, I'm not trying to play Build-A-Boy. I realize you have your own caveats and that's totally fine. Let's get to know each other and see what happens. All I ask for, again, is that you want a serious, longterm relationship and not view me as just some sort of "kink dispenser."
Chats or DMs are fine. When you send me a message, please include the following...
• Name or alias • Location • Age • Height, body type, hair cololength, eye color • Your interests/hobbies • Whether you're a sub or a switch • What you're looking for out of a relationship and something (or things) you really enjoyed about my post • A clear, SFW picture of yourself • Your current favorite song (so I know you actually read through all of this) • Whatever else you want to add to catch my attention. The more you can match my "detailed energy," the better.
I won't reply to those who ignore my preferences or the message requirements above. If you send me nudes/dick pics/sexting or FWB requests/rude messages, you will be blocked and reported.
Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope you have a good night!
(P.S. I don't use Snap, Kik, Telegram, WhatsApp and whatever else. I use Discord and I only give my cell number out to people that I'm comfy with.)
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2023.06.09 05:12 MoMaverick16 Anyone around Nashville, TN?

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2023.06.09 04:41 Slapshot1087 Not me team but a great game for 2045

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2023.06.09 04:08 OnlyHoliday3065 Historical Rental Data for Nashville

I have datasets for short-term rentals and I'd like to cross reference those with some historical rental price data for Nashville, TN. I have HUD FMR Data, HUD 50% rent estimates, and current Zillow and data. Any suggestions on where to find historical rental price data? Im looking at 2015-2022. Possibly 2018-2022. I've found some on Statistica but I am not sure if that's a site that makes you pay for data that they got free. Any suggestions, thoughts, or comments would be appreciated!
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2023.06.09 03:29 Several_Ear_3305 Is El Salvador reducing their crime rates with this new president? Why?

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2023.06.09 03:23 ryu289 They hate the mirror

ANN COULTER: CNN Fires Chairman Chris Licht Because It Doesn't Want To Report ANYTHING Interesing—Like Immigrant Crime
March: mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, killing three 9-year-olds and three adults. Gunman: Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a transgender.
The end!
But she left a manifesto!
Media: Go away. We’re not interested.
The school is the one trying to stop it, along with a church associated with it.
I wonder why?
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2023.06.09 02:43 Fraaday Working in an Emergency Operations Centre

I mentioned offering to do a post about working in an ops centre, and I shall indeed, therefore, do such a post.
I don't intend here to go over all the operations of the UK's resilience and emergency infrastructure. You can look all that up. This post is more about what it's like as a civil servant to actually work on these issues.
In brief, however, in 2007 several incidents (Bovine TB notably and lots of piles of burning cows) made Gov realise the Cold War emergency management infrastructure was a bit rubbish. This brought in the Civil Contingencies Act, which dictates modern emergency management and planning stuff. There's a load of things around this, for example reporting through METHANE, following the JESIP principles, adhering to the UK's Concept of Operations, running emergencies through Local Resilience Forums, and so on. Again, not getting into that here.
Nowadays, the UK plans for and anticipates various emergencies, conducting exercises to test procedures, and then responding to the emergency through Operations/ Emergency Management Centres. There's about 20 different types of emergencies that we plan for, and some we don't really bother with.
After all, it's not like pandemic influenza ever hurt anyone, is it? No need to plan for such a thing.
Different departments have different responsibilities. For example, DESNZ has space weather, DLUHC has earthquakes, Home Office have terrorism. Some departments don't have anything because they don't do emergency stuff, but any department that does (there's a list) will have an operations centre and a resilience team. If it's a really big thing Cabinet Office takes over to coordinate in the Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR).
Some of the function of these teams is to speak with partner agencies, local groups, and other government departments to establish plans for emergencies. Under certain principles, emergencies are to be dealt with at the lowest level. For example, a local agency such as the police would be able to handle something like a small riot or outbreak of crime. However, if this disruption escalated, it may prevent the local police doing other jobs, like controlling a traffic incident on a motorway. At this point the police may declare a Major Incident, requesting assistance through the Local Resilience Forum, and maybe some firefighters would turn up to help or something. If this disruption got worse, the relevant agency would call for help from the relevant department (eg Home Office in this example). If this got even worse, Cabinet Office would step in to coordinate multiple departments and their operations. As such, you can see how there's several levels of response to incidents, and how there's a few different areas where civil servants would work in operations centres.
Occasionally exercises are undertaken to test these arrangements and train staff. Sometimes these identify important areas of improvement, other times such areas are ignored.
In 'peacetime', if you worked in an emergency team, you might travel about to different places, like regional police headquarters or hospitals, to talk to them about Government guidance, and see if partners had questions. For example you might go up and go through an LRF's cyber incident planning, make sure they were content with what they had to do, ask a few probing questions and so on. You might then put this info into a tracker to assess where you could join up different groups and get them working together to better share resources. Alternatively, you might write a case study on an emergency incident and publicise it to provide learnings for various organisations.
Sometimes you might be on a rota to receive emergency calls. This means you'd have a special number people phone when something's exploded. I got 1 call on such a number once, where a local council phoned me to tell me that everything was fine there and they weren't planning to do anything. This is an emergency number, you're not meant to phone it for that reason.
You will also train to fill various roles in an Emergency Operations/Management Centre (the name differs). This means that when something important happens and the department has to assemble the Centre, you'll be able to slot into whatever role you've been assigned.
In 'wartime' however, everything changes. Things are suddenly exploding and people are dying or falling off tall things. The situation is suboptimal all around, there are stranded Mongolian circus artists all over the place, and everything's a bit of a mess. Someone's been given out-of-date hedgehog food instead of ambient cupboard stuff and now they're sad.
These are all things I dealt with btw.
In the EMC you'll be assigned one of various roles:
Government Liaison Officer: You go along to meetings at local level and represent the government. You'd better know what you're doing and have the latest lines, otherwise they'll complain that you're 'patchy, junior and ineffectual' and sent a formal complaint into your Director. You'll also have to take notes very carefully as it will be important in future inquiries regarding the emergency incident, and it's important to know what central government knew at what time regarding various matters.
Liaison Officer: Get your stuff you're going down the road to camp out in another department. You're the liaison officer between your home department and your new campsite. You're responsible for triaging requests, finding answers in complex policy, and getting an idea of how things work over there.
Policy Officer: You have a pretty nebulous job. You basically are getting information from people about certain issues. During emergencies lots of questions come in from lots of people, whether local government or OGDs, and your job is to answer them and form a relationship with the relevant policy team. You're an expert in emergency management, not space weather for example.
Briefing Officer: You do briefings. To be honest pretty much the same as any other briefing role, except sometimes a lot faster. I did a COBR briefing in 20 mins once.
Situation Officer: You have to manage the situation intelligence of the EMC, you prepare reports and summarise data from local level, you manage meetings to bring together intel from the local level and pass it onto briefing officers or the policy cell.
Logistics Officer: You manage the Battle Rhythm, the cadence of meetings, briefing due dates, and set up relevant teams meetings to keep the EMC running. One department I worked in also had their Logs Cell sort lunch for everyone, so that's nice.
Information Officer: You manage and allocate tickets, emails, inboxes, and the general flow of information around the EMC. You might get 1000 emails an hour, your IT might fall over and collapse. You also hold the specialist information, like maps of terminals for oil which you might need to provide someone who was working on that sort of issue. Sometimes Logs and Info cell are combined.
Ops Management: You manage either cells, for example as a Situation Cell Manger, or you manage the whole Operations centre. Some departments will group cells in particular ways, but basically, you have different levels, from Bronze, like a G7 Briefings Manager, to Silver, a G6 Logistics Manager who manages the Logs and Info cells, to a Gold, who might be a DD Response Director.
Grades in this are extremely flexible, I acted about 2 grades up from where I was once, and in emergency management, you do have to have that flexibility. I've worked in a couple of departments doing this stuff, so it really depends on the structures they put in place too.
Speaking of flexibility, you might be so busy you might be put on a 4 day week. Comparably, you might have to work late at night, get up at 3am to take a call, or work during the weekends. Any overtime is worked out through payments or flexi, and (hopefully) wellbeing is considered during these periods.
You will have to be resilient and calm. You will have to be flexible and adaptable. You will ideally anticipate issues and communicate effectively, and you'll need to be capable of both close team working and independent action.
You will find emergency management to be extremely developing, but potentially extremely stressful. I worked on half a dozen emergencies, including Covid, the Afghan Withdrawal, a couple of big cyber attacks and some floods, and I did indeed get quite burnt out a couple of times. It is a personal choice about whether to go work in resilience. It's a very rewarding career I think, you bring order to chaos, you solve problems and go some way in coordinating terrible events. However, I personally am not sure I'd go back to it. Especially not in the department/team I was in, which had a Bullying/Harassment rate of 25% for 3 years because they consistently failed to manage wellbeing. I've heard some teams call a rate of 15% 'high', to which I say 'lol, get good, scrub'. I suppose to contrast that though there are some amusing incidents which are just very very silly, like 'woops we didn't secure out laptops so we've lost all the vulnerable children on the child sexual exploitation database'.
In terms of career path, you potentially have a lot of stuff though. You can become an expert in a particular field, for example you can be the Space Weather Guy. You could also just go further and further up in response management, which would provide you with a very valuable skill in certain parts of the private sector.
I do however certainly support people getting training and getting involved in exercises as part of the broader cadre of trained personnel. Most departments will have some sort of system for this, so have a look and you can see.
Questions welcome. Will either add to this or answer in the comments.
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2023.06.09 02:37 c0rncob007 Hayabusa with no plate used me as bait

I rode my bike (CBR600 F4i) to Nashville TN for work, just had my tools in a backpack, helmet jacket, jeans. I'm on my way back and am riding fast probably crusing at 100 with spurts above. I'm keeping a good eye out for any cops as well as checking my map for speed traps. I'm passing an on ramp and see a bike out of the corner of my eye, I wave then snap my head back realizing its a 'Busa. I know my 600 is no match so I dont slow or anything just keep crusing. He doesnt catch up to me for 5+ minutes. When he does he wont pass me and is riding slightly behind me and wont look at me even when I change lanes slow down and wave. So we ride like this for 5 minutes at 95 mph when I look in my mirrors and see that 2 State Troopers are riding about 5 feet away from our tails. I start cussing and easing off the throttle waiting for the blue lights, which they do about 15 secs later. I start pulling over but the Hayabusa takes off running and both troopers take after him. I think Im all clear but nope 10 mins later theres one of them waiting for me parked on the right shoulder and pulls me over. They end up letting me go even though they had me clocked at 93 after accusing me of the Busa rider being my buddy which I denied, and me saying that Im fully insured bike with license plate in full view and he probably used me as bait knowing I would pull over distracting the cops
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2023.06.09 02:20 Any_Macaroon_7818 So Tennessee Silencer does have a point.

So Tennessee Silencer does have a point.
Tennessee Silencer said to post some pictures of what my firearms look like that was stolen. So I figure ill start here.
On 5/29/23 my car was broken into while I was loading my car in Nashville, TN. They also took all of my clothes too and bag.
Here is the information This a close up of my ar-15 that was stolen it was on a(current picture). I did switch my light to the other side and zip tie the pressure pad cable.
This was a Daniel Defense 11.5 upper with a Aimpoint T-2 on a LRP mount, radian raptor ssd charging handle. Magpul sling. Sure fire 3 prong flash hider. It does have a light on the rifle, I did switch it to the right side of the gun, from the left.
Small ding at the very front on the rail.
Ballistics advantage lower,
The Sure Fire suppressor serial number is A52N06385. Caliber 5.56. as well as the AR
This is my Springfield TRP Operator 1911 It did not have light equipped on it when stollen. serial number for 1911 NM742146 Caliber 45 acp.
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2023.06.09 02:17 Barflyswatter She’s coming to B’ham this weekend for PRIDE….

She’s legit super scared and riddled with anxiety over her SEVERAL stalkers to the point that she literally announces where she’s going to be and when she’s going to be there… ok.
FYI: Birmingham PRIDE is normally held at 5 points with is a section downtown off of University Blvd and it is a HOT spot for homeless, drug addicts, sex workers, and saturated with bars (not Nightclubs) but bars. It’s also part of the ‘ghetto’ and has a high crime rate.
(*Im not speaking ill of the people nor the actions, but giving an idea of the area of where she will be. It’s also a very small section of the city and super easy to find. 😉 but she’s so overcome by anxiety of stalkers that she feels unsafe in crowds… so she announces this area is her destination?!?! Make it make sense!!!!)
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2023.06.09 02:03 Throwaway58476898 Need to get beggars and criminals in jail

Need to get beggars and criminals in jail
We need to have actions like El Salvador president did to bring down crime rate
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2023.06.09 00:44 JazzLover_OceanView And the TRUTH!!!!Has Landed 🛬

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2023.06.08 23:04 MissionOk293 Nashville, Tn

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2023.06.08 22:39 TornMachinery What does the Bay Area feel about the current governor, Gavin Newsom?

I was talking to some of my SF friends the other day about politics, and while they all seemed to be discontent with their local politicians such as London Breed, the SF Board of Supervisors, Sheng Thao, and Pamela Price they all seemed to be anywhere between ambivalent to supportive of the governor. Why is this?
If you ask me the governor is doing just as bad if not a worse job than our local politicians. Throughout his almost four years of office what has he actually done besides closing prisons, leading to higher crime, and making stunts for his inevitable failed presidential bid. I mean he was almost recalled a year or two ago. He's presided over one of the highest crime waves in California, the highest homelessness rate in the nation, highest cost of living in the nation, and the largest outflow of residents of the state's history.
While I am no fan of Ron DeSantis, there is a reason why is liked a lot in Florida. He actually got stuff done that popular with his constituents. Is Newsom actually liked in the Bay Area and it's just me who dissatisfied with his administration?
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2023.06.08 21:42 ReconEG [AMA ANNOUNCEMENT] Water From Your Eyes on Sunday, June 11th @ 1pm ET/10am PT!

[AMA ANNOUNCEMENT] Water From Your Eyes on Sunday, June 11th @ 1pm ET/10am PT!
It's Thursday, you know what that means.
Water From Your Eyes will join us for an AMA this Sunday! (Photo: Ariel Fisher, Graphic: u/sara520)
Coming up this weekend, we're excited to announce that Water From Your Eyes will join us for an AMA this Sunday, June 11th @ 1pm ET/10am PT!
Their new album, Everyone's Crushed, is out now via Matador and features the singles "Barley", "True Life" and "14." They've got a packed tour itinerary for the rest of the year, including just announced UK/EU headline dates for the fall, so check below for all their upcoming dates and visit their website to pick up tickets if they're coming to a town near you!
  • June 15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Bonk's
  • June 16 - Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
  • June 17 - Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records
  • June 19 - Athens, GA @ CINE #
  • June 20 - Nashville, TN @ DRKMTTR #
  • June 21 - Louisville, KY @ Whirling Tiger #
  • June 22 - Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
  • June 24 - Calgary, AB @ Sled Island
  • June 27 - Toronto, ON @ The Baby G
  • July 20 - New York, NY @ Central Park (Summerstage)
  • July 28 - Winnipeg, MB @ Real Love Summer Fest
  • August 11 - Oslo, NO @ Oya Night
  • August 12 - Göteborg, SE @ Way Out West
  • August 18 - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands @ Lowlands Festival
  • August 19 - Brecon Beacons, UK @ Green Man
  • August 20 - Hamburg, DE at MS Dockville
  • September 30 - Montreal, QC @ Pop Montreal
  • October 7 - Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile*
  • October 9 - Portland, OR @ Rev Hall*
  • October 11 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent*
  • October 30 - Manchester, UK @ The Deaf Institute
  • October 31 - Glasgow, UK @ The Hug and Pint
  • November 1 - Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
  • November 3 - Berlin, DE @ Pitchfork Berlin
  • November 5 - Margate, UK @ Where Else
  • November 8 - Bristol, UK @ Dareshack
  • November 10 - Paris, FR @ Pitchfork Paris
  • November 11 - London, UK @ Pitchfork London
  • November 12 - Kortrijk, BE @ Sonic City
  • November 13 - Luxembourg, LU @ Rotondes
  • November 15 - Den Haag, NL @ PAARD
  • November 16 - Amsterdam, NL @ Bitterzoet
  • November 17 - Benidorm, ES @ Primavera Weekender
# w/ Sword II *w/ Melody's Echo Chamber
Everyone's Crushed is absolutely one of my favorite albums of the year so far, and it's been incredible to watch their rise ever since the release of Structure in 2021, one of that year's best albums that only grows stronger over time, a feeling that holds over to their new LP as its strengths continue to rise to the surface. If you haven't given it a listen yet, well you've got until Sunday as the duo of Rachel Brown (they/them) and Nate Amos (he/him) join us for an AMA on the 11th!
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2023.06.08 21:34 Full-Firefighter8874 how can i find a hacker to erase my criminal record and bad history from public record?

Some people say that criminal records can’t be cleared in a way or another. More genuinely, it’s a question that’s complicated to answer. A criminal record may be cleared or may not be cleared – depending on the nature of the record. Some simple records can be cleared so easily; however, it’s possible to clear a convincing crime history with
Can a Hacker Erase My Criminal Record?
Erasing your criminal record becomes crucial if it’s accessible on the database. If you mistakenly do something wrong and you don’t want to risk your future, you probably think of removing the record. I’d urge you to get yourself freed from the court firstly. Then, find a lawyer and request the court to remove the record from the database. In case your request is ignored, you can go and find the best hacker. Having done that, you’ll be able to erase your criminal record.
Commendable hackers are existing in this world, however finding the right one might be trickier for you. Make sure you’ll not provide your important professional or personal data to the hacker. Provide the hacker with the only information that is necessary for removing your record.
Hackers are accessible on various platforms. You can find hackers on local as well as professional platforms, however, I’d recommend you access professional platforms. For your ease, here I’m providing you a list of 5 platforms where you can find ultra-professional hackers.
What is a Criminal Record?
A criminal record is a person’s criminal history that exists on the court’s website or police record book. The way a person has committed a crime or been arrested by the police is listed in this record. The crime rate has increased drastically in the past few decades. And the number of individuals committing a crime has also increased. According to research conducted, in America, every 1 out of 3 persons owns a criminal history.
Are you someone who’s committed any crime? Are you listed on the police crime list? If yes, it’s probably something you’re worried about. When a record is listed by the police, it is also listed by the courts and the entire justice system. Some criminal records are listed publicly on any website. You can access and monitor the record. However, it’s also listed on secure platforms too where you sometimes can’t access it.
Can someone really clear a criminal record?
Some people say that criminal records can’t be cleared in a way or another. More genuinely, it’s a question that’s complicated to answer. A criminal record may be cleared or may not be cleared – depending on the nature of the record. Some simple records can be cleared so easily; however, it’s impossible to clear a convincing crime history.
If the question is about removing a record from the public eye, its answer is absolutely yes! You can hire a hacker to do it for you. The nature of your crime could better depict the assistance rates. It really depends to which extent you have to go beyond the general rules.
Point to Note
Such criminal records are sealed or removed in the court’s direction. After removing that criminal record, nobody can depict that there existed a criminal record. However, the sealed record is preserved by the court for later use. The court can access the sealed record anytime and find that something is removed from the site.
How do I clear my criminal record in the best way?
Whether a criminal record can be cleared or not depends on the law of state and nature of the crime. Usually, states keep a record of crimes on pages as well. You should go for your bail firstly instead of committing another crime while clearing the previous one.
Moreover, if you have over 3 arrests in multiple states and you are not qualified for record sealing, you can ask your lawyer.
Secondly, if you still need to remove your criminal history, you can hire a hacker online. Several expert hackers exist in the online world. Make sure you’ve approached the right person. As your criminal record might harm you socially or economically in the future, you can clear the record with proof. In this way, hiring an expert hacker could help you get rid of this difficulty and complete your work while maintaining security!
Speak to a hacker anonymously on for all your hacking needs
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2023.06.08 20:42 TheQuaintGentleman 29 [M4F] Nashville/TN Shall we get you taken care of on this lovely day?

Hey! Picture this: 6 feet tall, green hazel eyes, brunette bartender, heading home with nobody to share that final glass with. Care to help me fix that problem? I’m looking for a fine lady friend i can unwind with at the end of a long day. And if we click, I’m happy to serve in more ways than one. Whatever your drink is, I’m down to make it. Maybe you’re looking for somebody to game with you? I’ll bring a controller. Wanna be tossed around the bedroom? The arms aren’t just for nothing.
I’m 6 feet tall and in good physical shape. More than happy to verify if you want to check that for yourself! Fully vaccinated and DnD free. Looking for some fun and easy company.
Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.08 20:41 KingExpolsionMurder Anyone else feel bad?

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2023.06.08 20:16 Responsible-Entry957 Size friendly DR/PCP- Nashville Tan

Hi everyone! I am looking for a size friendly doctor in or around the Nashville tn area. I really want to start taking my health seriously but i get self conscious going to the doctors. I would love someone who treats me with respect and doesn’t blame every health problem i have on my weight.
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