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2023.03.27 05:52 Affectionate_Leg_686 How to Change Color on Exterior Thin "Stone" Veneer

Hello everyone,
Our house has a thin "stone" veneer where some of the "stones" have a very dark yellow almost like rust color. It seems to me that this is a dye that was used during manufacturing. I am hoping someone has experience with altering the coloring somehow. I'd prefer for these to be more beige or cream in color. As you can see in the picture, there is variation in coloring so, this does not have to be a perfect color match. However, I am hoping for a look that mimics as much as possible a natural stone.
Our place is in Toronto and the stone veneer is on the oustide :)
Thank you.
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2023.03.27 05:50 mountainpf Keep stacking XEQT or pay down my mortgage? ($33K remaining, 5.9% interest)

Hey all.
My TFSA and RRSP are maxed and I have a significant amount in a taxable account too mostly in XEQT. My monthly mortgage payment is about $900 at the moment. Another 38 months of payments to go according to my bank. I have about 11K in cash that I'm debating to use to keep stacking XEQT or pay down my variable rate mortgage as a lump sum as well as what to do with my future income. I can also double up my payments as well afterwards if I want to. One additional factor is that come 2024 I'll be renting out the unit so I can deduct some of the interest from rental income for tax time.
The "peace of mind" of paying off the mortgage is not a factor for me. I just want to go for what is most likely going to give me the highest return though of course that is hard to say with certainty with the markets.
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2023.03.27 05:50 FPS_LIFE I made a hobbist page

I'm not sure if I can post this here ? But i made an Instagram page following me trying out all different hobbies.
I'm currently right into Lego and rockhounding / fossicking.
I've got ADD, so I'm forever trying to find dopamine in the form of doing things. I own and run a landscaping business so always try to keep myself preoccupied to avoid doing bookwork.
I've got an extensive list of hobbies I want to try and ones I've already done. I will also include other things like inventions I make and anything I do that's creative (for instance I built a concrete house number / sign) which I posted on Reddit a while back and got great feedback. Things like that I can write instructions for and make videos.
Anyway to avoid self promotion If you would like some inspiration feel free to DM me for the account name .
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2023.03.27 05:50 elise_oisen_ Buying house with cash: what are the dangers???

I have never owned a home. My father sold his last house in 2005, and has been renting ever since. He is about to retire, and with the death of his eldest brother last fall, and his share in the sale of the family farm this spring, and finally tackling the beast of capital gains tax he owes… he knows exactly how much money he has to spend and is looking to buy a modest forever home in cash (and avoid interest—he’s 70 years old).
I have a few friends with rental and investment properties, and a lot of the inspection work and other particulars they went through were tied up with securing a loan. The banks had a vested interest in the quality of the home, and I’m wondering what happens when they aren’t involved for a mortgage. My friends have no clear insights here as they’ve never gone this route before.
My dad is an old computer engineer, who is very sharp, but easily annoyed by … details. Buying a home is not exciting for him. It’s more of necessary burden to be undertaken to stop losing money on rent. He is also vehemently afraid of death and buying a final home…I know he hates to think about that. He said ideally he would like to look for a few weeks in June and “just buy a place”. He’s still working full time, lots of hours, and supposedly June will be a good time for project schedules with less workload. Which even if it’s less work…still means he has a lot on his mind and not a lot of mental resources to invest in this.
I want to help but don’t know how. Are there any resources for better understanding how this works without a mortgage? Dangers to look out for? Opportunities to get royally screwed? Any insights would be appreciated!
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2023.03.27 05:50 AutoModerator [Get] Khang Le – Wholesale to Millions!

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2023.03.27 05:50 cat-irific Struggling with an outdoor FIP cat

I have an outdoor cat that has FIP, I really want to bring her inside but im not able to since its my parent's house and they won't permit it. I started her treatment about a week ago and she's starting to be scared of me. Shes always at my house but i afraid she'll run off to elsewhere. This year I'm trying to buy a house and the plan was to bring her and her siblings in. So I know the best thing would to have her inside for treatment, I am trying to work on finding a solution but until there im just hoping someone has struggled with a similar situation. Or have any advice aside from being her in
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2023.03.27 05:49 Smurffies About being on the streets

I agree with you 100%. I'm living with my Mom and was living in the streets without a vehicle. 2 others would sleep in front of a Catholic church to get out of the cold win and stand in front of a gas station. We didn't even have to ask anyone for anything and people would show up and give us chips and water. I'm spiritual without any religion and 1 other was Catholic. Sometimes I'd be moved to pray with those helping us and simply because I felt good and thankful to be alive and my Catholic friend would join in.
When I last talked with my Mom I was crying because she was firm with her advice to just make money with my father and rip people off with him because at least I'd have a place and money. I told her I can't do that to myself and others and I laid down and cried on the spot. I was already were I slept anyway. 2 years ago I felt like talking to her but I didn't know her number. By some miracle I felt I knew all but 1 number. I had no phone, no shoes, no money, no extra clothes but I had jackets and we took turns wearing them through the cold nights. I decided to ask to use people's phones but this was 2 years ago during the height of COVID and almost no body wanted us to touch their personal phones. One Christian listened to me beg for his phone and I told him I might have to keep trying on that last number and I'm simply going on a strong feeling that I know her number. With patience he gave me my phone explaining he had seen me in his dream with my 2 friends and packed milk for us and left early to work that morning. The miracles continued and I did call my Mom and she was calling hospitals and morgues to see if I had showed up in any in the town she last saw me in. She had her phone in hand and saw a number from Gallup, NM and answered hoping it was me. I was sober the entire time we were on the streets and so were my 2 friends.
I'm a graphics artist and web developer but went into business with my father and one day decided to take everything away including my portfolio by changing the locks and ignoring my calls. Ran out of money and in the office was my vehicle keys because I walked to the building my father owned where we worked. My father's side of the family took his side including my brother and mother at the time. My Mom's side of the family was distant and never really knew us. After being excommunicated I realized alcoholism was so normal in the family that trying to exist in the world brought this issue to my face and I sobered up as my girlfriend at the time put me up. She wasn't planning to move in together but had a heart to do this for me. We were alcoholics together and as I started job hunting people in the market knew of my drinking problem and didn't want to hire me. At first I didn't know what they were talking about and denied it and my girlfriend agreed with me as I abused alcohol. I got a sponsor in AA and my girlfriend was not liking the new me. We grew distant and since I hardly had anything anyway she simply locked me out after convincing me to leave without the house keys. I was sober wondering the streets and never had friends close enough to help me at least sleep on their couch. My sponsor had moved and our little AA group got smaller until nobody was arriving.
I had enough to get by sober spiritually and my faith in a God of my understanding was tested. I never gave up hope and prayed more with all that I am as time went on. I was robbed my phone and shoes and the rest of my money and got used to walking around without shoes. Even today my Mom doesn't like me walking everywhere barefoot and for her sake and decency I wear them. I would apply for jobs to be paid under the table because when my girlfriend locked me out I lost my social security card and birth certificate. I would be a dishwasher here and there but 8 years passed without a steady paycheck and people would see us on the street and ask us to do odd jobs for a day. I'd buy shoes and get robbed for them and buy some again but it was usually at knife point and it became routine. One of my friends was actually an atheist but he didn't mind us 2 having faith and felt that when we're together we didn't get robbed so often. We decided to go to this forgotten park nobody went to and the 2 of us would pray all day and typically cry out to our individual Gods in our own ways. 2 years ago in September was when I got the strongest urge to reach out to my Mom.
She was living in a different state but I didn't know that and when we finally talked on the phone we were so happy to want to be in each other's lives. We had changed and she no longer had the same views and even though she still abuses alcohol I've forgiven her because she no longer repeats the things she said and did that hurt so much. She helped me get my papers back and her sister's daughter helped me with $300 to get a phone and clothes. I remember the first thing I got was a towel.
I was drawn to grow shrooms because I wasn't happy but I searched for help through counseling and realized what I thought was normal and my identity was a host of many things including PTSD. I simply thought everyone had flashbacks because everyone I knew had them but counseling let me know my true self is still hidden by the trauma. I understood then why ego deaths might be unwanted by some shroom users but I enjoyed what I felt the healing from them. After all they never repeated. The last mushrooms I grew was while living with my girlfriend and I finally continued 2 years ago when I moved in with my Mom. She assumed I'd just be sitting around depressed but she didn't know I was sober and was very happy to be able to fellowship with each other and I had a hobby I was excited to practice. Eventually I got into gourmets and medicinals.
When my Mom and I called each other my 2 friends were supportive and let me go. They spent time with me until my Mom came to pick me up from Gallup, NM and take me to her apartment in another state. I'm also diagnosed paranoid from the years of a society that would rather neglect us. Even being clean, fed and well dressed isn't enough to make new friends and receive help has me suspicious and pessimistic against new people I meet. My Mom purchased a $500 laptop for me and I'm using an Obama phone. I'm taking computer science classes at University of the People and learning for free at about JavaScript. I've applied at Sonic's, Walmart, Speedway, Maverick, Flying J, Intel, Amazon, and for remote positions. I was reading books at the library about electronic technologies and my Mom purchased a multimeter and soldering iron and I'm certified for aeronautics soldering and J-100 standards. They'll probably expire before getting hired because they say only women never quit from a soldering job and I'm male. My unemployment continues with more years adding on but I'm learning the Navajo way from my Mom and I'm a grand child of a recipient of lifetime achievement award for her tapestries of the 2 Grey Hills weaving designs. So, my Mom is teaching me to weave as she was taught by her.
Things are looking hopeful but I take nothing for granted. Today my Mom bought a new jacket for me and it's a windbreaker because the only jacket I owned was a heavy jacket because I'm paranoid of the cold outside. I'm still crying that I can receive such a gift from her. My involvement with the police would just be them passing by asking if we're alright as they shine a light at us and offer water. They got to know us that we didn't cause trouble and we weren't abusing any substances. Oh, and we hit up the soup kitchen by the Sisters on the days they served.
She doesn't have to say to me anymore, "My so, my son, don't lie to me Tell me where did you sleep last night? I no longer have to answer her, "In the pines, in the pines, Where the sun never shine I shivered the whole night through." "My son, my son, where will you go?" "I'm going where the cold wind blows."
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2023.03.27 05:49 Imperfect_Reading Dip into savings to pay off $8800 taxes?

I owed almost 10k in taxes for last year and put it all on a credit card. It's down to $8800 and I can have it paid off in about 3 months, 2 if I work alot of OT. I have about 1.5 years worth of expenses in an HYSA that I'm building on to save for a house. I absolutely hate the idea of taking anything out of the HYSA.
What makes more sense, pay it off now with my savings or just pay it off over the next few months?
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2023.03.27 05:48 ZaBaronDV Deciding the Dixiecrat VP

The year is 2000, and good feelings are riding high in the Confederate States. President Bill Clinton, who won in a landslide in 1994, defeating incumbent Buddy Roemer, has brought an age of prosperity to the CSA, mainly by renegotiating the Three Brothers Free Trade Agreement with the USA and the Republic of Texas and by cutting taxes. The President has also been making Confederate presence something felt abroad, being one of the main forces seeing the Republic of Korea reject communism and begin to join the wider world, and helping ensure Tibet and Xinjiang were freed from the Communist Chinese heel.
In short, Clinton's measured and centrist policies served as a welcome break from the harsh and uncomfortably right-wing policies of the late President David Duke, assassinated in 1990.
But now it's election season once more, and President Clinton has easily received Congressional approval to run for a second term on the Populist Party ticket, once again with running mate Edwin Edwards of Louisiana.
The Farmers party have also selected their candidate, the long-reigning Senator Bill Bradley of Missouri, with Representative Rosanne Cash of Arkansas as his running mate, hoping to make Arkansas a battleground this election cycle.
The Dixiecrats, meanwhile, have been out in the political wilderness the last six years, even losing Senate and House seats in the midterms of 1997. Such was the damage done to their reputation by the bellicose and stubborn President Duke. Hoping to make a case for conservatism this election cycle, the Dixiecrats have decided to run Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran. But who should Senator Cochran's running mate be this election?
Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi
Trent Lott of Mississippi has been serving as a Senator for over a decade now, and is seen as the current leader of the Dixiecrats in Congress. He has been compared favorably to former President Strom Thurmond, but was also a critic of David Duke's hotheaded temperament, and so placing him as Vice Presidential hopeful could send the message that the Dixiecrats are not the party of David Duke anymore but are still committed to similar values. However, Lott serves alongside Cochran as Senator of Mississippi, and so nominating him would have the Dixiecrats putting all their eggs in the Deep South basket, historically not a region where Populist support is strong anyway, not to mention that Louisiana is practically guaranteed to vote for Clinton regardless on running mate alone.
Governor Jim Gilmore of Virginia
Choosing to run a Virginian has never been a poor choice for the Dixiecrats, and Jim Gilmore has made a strong case for himself even despite that. Cutting education spending with positive results, Governor Gilmore had hoped to take this brand of conservatism to the national stage, but ultimately couldn't secure the Presidential nomination. Gilmore's appeal is largely similar to that of Clinton, boasting a degree of social progressivism that he hoped to use to steal some of Clinton's thunder, while still being palatable to the more conservative wing of the Dixiecrats. However, he will take some convincing to join the ticket, as he initially announced it was Presidency or bust, but if he can be convinced, he can near-guarantee victory for the Dixiecrats in Virginia and North Carolina. However, these states are already strongly in the Dixiecrat camp, and although he might make South Carolina competitive, his nomination near-guarantees loss of the entire Deep South and does little for the Dixiecrat's chances in Tennessee, Missouri, or Kentucky.
Governor Pedro Rosselló of Puerto Rico Territory
A Favored Son candidate from Puerto Rico Territory, Governor Rosselló nonetheless gave a good account of himself, outperforming all expectations. Rosselló is not lacking for ambition, and has made clear he's a fighter. His nomination to VP would make for a strong Dixiecrat turnout in Florida, and his Hispanic heritage could be a valuable tool in undercutting some of the Farmers' progressive appeal, potentially making a splash in the Deep South, while not being intolerable to the wider Dixiecrats. However, it's clear that Rosselló's priorities are very different from that of the mainstream Dixiecrat Party, and it's unclear how much he's willing to play ball.
Businessman Jim Crockett, Jr. of North Carolina
A speaker during the Convention, Crockett actually managed to get several delegate votes despite himself. Although not particularly interested in political appointments or positions, Crockett was nonetheless a strong driving force behind Cochran's nomination and is a figure of nationwide renown all on his own If he can be convinced to accept the VP position, he could potentially help the Dixiecrats make a difference in the battleground State of Georgia where he's incredibly popular, while many of the white collar class in the Carolinas consider him one of their own, to say nothing of how valuable his continued financial support would be. However, he has nearly no experience in politics, which is all but certain to cause some more experienced politicians to refuse to support Cochran or, worse, endorse Clinton.
View Poll
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2023.03.27 05:48 Rigby230406 Reptile Enthusiast Over Here, Judge My List Of “Reptiles I Want”???

I Already Own This! - Leopard Gecko(Tiger, my 1yo Female)
Considering Soon - Crested Gecko - Corn Snake
I Want It, Idk When - Kenyan Sand Boa - Rosy Boa - Herman’s Tortoise - Western Hognose - Ball Python - Gargoyle Gecko - Bearded Dragon - Blue Tongue Skink - Gidgee Skink - Mexican Black Kingsnake
In The Future (When I Get More Experience) - Ackie Monitor - Uromastyx - New Caledonian Giant Gecko (Leachie)
I Want One But Only When I’m VERY Confident - European Eyed Lizard - Australian Water Dragon - False Water Cobra
Before anyone thinks I’m a crazy person for wanting 19 reptiles, I’m a major enthusiast who’s just been given his first reptile
Clarifications I want to make . I would never get more than 1 reptile too close together (around 8 months to a year between AT LEAST, probably more for the last few) . I’ve done research into all the animals on this list to choose animals I think I can handle/learn to handle . This wish list may never be complete, I would never get any animal I am not 100% sure I can handle, or just to complete the list
Anyway, that’s my dream reptile list, my friends say my house is going to be a zoo one day but oh well idc I have no interest in a family with kids I just want to live me, my partner and our pets If anyone would like to share advice about any of these animals, feel free to share
If you have any questions about my choices, feel free to ask as well
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2023.03.27 05:48 Weird-Salamander-175 Request/Suggestion: A better home for Raven Rock's councilor

Lleril Morvayn is a councilor of the Great House Redoran, and yet he lives in a warehouse on the Raven Rock docks. Sure you could say he's modest and wants to put his citizens' well-being first, but as the most important Dunmer on Solstheim (except for maybe Neloth), he should live in a more defensible position that isn't just on the left as you step off the docks.
Idea 1: Add an option to turn down Severin Manor as a player home (because do we need one more?) and tell him he should take it instead. This would require adding AI packages to Lleril Morvayn to move out of the dock warehouse and into Severin Manor, and maybe rename it Morvayn Manor.
Idea 2: Mnem Raven Rock Expansion adds a number of houses to Raven Rock, all of which are simply static objects and await to have interiors and NPCs added to them. Councilor Morvayn could be moved into the home between Adril Arano and Severin Manor, or placed in one of the homes on the town's new upper level, behind the temple or above the mine.
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2023.03.27 05:48 CassandraN0va The Pyro, The Maid, and The Tower - Chapter 1

The Pyro, The Maid, and The Tower - Chapter 1
My Grandfather was a brilliant wizard and professor at the Taunton Magic Academy where I spent most of childhood learning the arts of magic and sorcery.
With both magic and science our technology advanced far beyond our understanding that we eventually tapped other realms and dimensions in our search for knowledge... But little did we know that our efforts in understanding the unknown became a beacon... Or for some gallows humor to ease my hands from trembling in fear... Bacon for an ancient devourer from beyond... At least that is what gramps told me.
Professor Vulcan Nova... Let it be known that he died to help me escape from this madness... I, his grandaughter Cassandra Nova will not let his sacrifice go in vain, I will complete the advanced studies of translocation and create a gate capable of sending me and any other survivor to a safer realm or world, though I lack much materials and knowledge I will try to scavenge sites where I can find magical books and materials and further my mastery of the arcane.

Day 1
The burnt shadow of my grandfather still lingers on the gate he created... I covered his body with a sheet till I can bury him, I refuse to stay in this basement twiddling my thumbs any longer... Studying will have to wait as I exit the basement... Come on girl you can do this... Those screams and moans are nothing to be afraid of...
T-they pounded the windows and as they try to clamber in I bashed them with my staff... Though I felt that this eldritch aura still lingering within their limp bodies... I needed to smash their heads and spines to a pulp till I can no longer sense this... Thing within them... These are no ordinary undead used by necromancers...

Day 2
I am getting better and better with casting spells as I try to hit the undead with magic missile as the bob and weave in their hordes, though some are capable of moving at an unnatural pace, I use the cars, fences, and windows to slow their advance and try to defeat them one at a time till I get better at fighting... My quarter staff is getting too beaten up so I will be using a crowbar I found in the meantime till I see a more powerful weapon.

Day 5
... (Tears and ashes)
... (Blood spatters)
It... Has all gone to hell, I thought there will be more survivors... I... I was so confident to see another witch and wizard once I got out of our basement... I trained and trained and at night I ventures hoping to Merlin that there will be another fighter like me in the next alley way.... But... No one... Am I the only one left... T-this town that was full of life and magic... Elaine... Jack... Anyone!?
I... I... Will try to break into the Academy... See if anyone is there... Just need to thin out the hordes in the street...

Day 7
The golems have all gone berserk... No longer recognizing me and pounding anything that moves... I am just glad that they are programmed to not destroy school property as I blasted magic missiles through the windows... Though... It is as if they were thankful that they can no longer hurt others as they started at me through the glass as they fell one by one...
Once I cleared the Academy I shall begin my studies and train to be better...
Though it pains me to report... No survivors found in the Academy...

Day 9
I finally did it... I cleared every fucking block... Made sure it is all safe... This town is mine you hear me! You monsters! You...
(Unintelligible writings and profanities)
There... Ahahah... Not just undead roaming the land... There are these... THINGS!!?? they are not of this world! But those fuckers think they can just kill us all??? So... I let these invaders taste some local delicacy of spicy homemade FIREBALLS!!! Hahaha... Dodge that if ya can!

Day 10
The fire saves.... The fire protects... I returned home and cremated my grandfather... I don't want to have to... Just... I just want to remember his face... Not like the monsters the others have become...
As the wind blew his ashes... May his mana return to the world and what was left... I placed them in a locket so that he may connect with me from the realm of spirits...

Day 12
I know... This may sound weird, but this is all I can do to cling to sanity as I re-read my journal... Being alone... I hate it... So umm... Found these interesting books with very umm... fascinating people... a toy I found in the local strip club... And body pillows from the nearby houses... Please don't judge future me as I am going to go crazy without anyone here! These clothes are... Well when I wear them I feel almost naked and free since we are forced to wear drab cloaks and robes all the time... It is quite cathartic to run around the halls and rooms with such indecency...
Notes: clean the sheets and toy tomorrow...

Day 16
Yes!!!! (Written in big bold and happy letters)
I finally found a survivor and I am finally no longer alone!
Though I kept myself be cool, calm, and collected.......
(Written in a... Obessesive and pyromaniac anger style)
Ahem... After taking my antipsychotics... I calmly led her from the streets of Denmark, back to my town leaving ashes and cinders behind...

Day 17
We returned back to the Magical Academy tower... I made sure the perimeter and the walls are secure and toured her around the place, it seems being cooped up on that restaurant for days on end made her glad to have companionship as well as she was relieved to be finally safe...
Though I just noticed since I was focused on my training that I became quite ripped, got myself quite a pack and my muscles are stronger as I hacked and slashed with my axe for days on end while maintaining a healthy diet.
Now that we are safe I can now relax and chat with her as her name is Della Lockwood, A chef at a fancy magical restaurant... She locked herself in the storage room when the Cataclysm began and good thing there were lot of food and water for her there...
Night Time:
We slept together in my bed and she was greatly understanding of... Well... The scattered toys, body pillows and lewd magazines around my bed... Though... When she looked at my desk filled with maps, notes, and pictures and photo albums of all the families here in town... She knew right then and there that I tried so desperately to save and find anyone that I can...
We hugged and cuddled as we slept this was the best night ever!... If not for the! (Once again unintelligible curses and scribbles)
The skies grew dark and we both felt something is wrong... The skies!!!! They are breaking!!! There are whispers from the walls... They are telling us to come outside!!! FUCK NO!!!
FUCK I shouldn't lose my cool... Though your frantic scribbling isn't helping... Della is getting scared... But I am now hugging her tight and weilding my Fire Axe as there is a knock on the door... DON'T OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!
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2023.03.27 05:47 ToBleepOrNotToBleep DAE lose motivation to clean when living in a place that is really terrible & poorly maintained?

My family came to help me move from my old apartment and made comments about how dirty it was. And how they were super disappointed in me for it and hoping I don't do that to the next place. I still cleaned it, like it wasn't like it was never worked on. It just wasn't cleaned as good as I should have done it.
But let me explain why. This place sucked the fucking life out of me. No AC for 6 months in summer. Where it is extremely humid and reaches 100 degrees. My cabinets, countertops, drawers, and bathroom vanity were literallyrotting. My water heater almost burned my house down. My AC unit was poorly installed and was a massive fucking fire hazard. It went out a 2nd time and literally no one came to fix it. They just blamed us for it. A pipe busted in my ceiling and it poured gallons of water for 8 hours straight. As a result my entire bathroom ceiling molded. It was like that for 3 months and is still like that as we move out.
2 of my kitchen cabinets fell off the wall. Never fixed. The flooring in my bathroom peeled up and turned black underneath. Never fixed. When they replaced the water heater they ripped the door frame off the wall and kicked a hole in my wall. Never fixed. Neighborhood kids broke my window. Never fixed. My carpet had cigarette burns from the previous tenant and it didn't matter how many rug doctors we rented, you had to wear slippers around the house because your feet WILL turn black. It's fucking sick.
I got nothing out of cleaning this place. I felt no accomplishment. No sense that I did something. I could sweat and toil all day and still wouldn't matter. I was still living in a rotting biohazard and no amount of Clorox & Mr Clean was gonna save me from it. That shit does something to your head. Living in something like that makes you give up.
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2023.03.27 05:47 mikasax Looking for private landlord 1 bedroom Apartment for around $1300

I am fed up with property management companies and prefer to rent from a private owner. I'm currently living in a building that was recently sold to a management company with multiple properties around Seattle.
I really appreciate how everyone in the building knows each other by name and we all look out for each other. The new company is driving everyone out with unreasonable rent increases. We're all moving out so I may have referrals if you have multiple vacancies.
I'm open to Capitol Hill, Ballard, Greenwood or other central locations.
Rent: under $1400 Parking needed Most have a balcony, patio, some sort of outdoor space I don't own any pets Move in date is flexible
Let me know if you have something or have a recommendation.
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2023.03.27 05:47 SugarDaddyDelight Repurposing coaxial ports for Ethernet use

We recently switched back to Spectrum from our fiber optic internet provider. The Spectrum technician had to install an all-new cable into our living room despite the fact that our house was already built with coaxial ports, and we've previously used them. The technician had to install an all-new coaxial port in the living room because he was unable to obtain a good signal in any of our home's existing coaxial ports. The technician suggested that something may have happened to the cables, which are behind the walls, because we have been disconnected from the Spectrum service for an extended period of time.
Because our house's existing coaxial ports are now rendered obsolete, per the technician, I am thinking of giving the coaxial ports a second purpose. I am thinking of using the coaxial ports to bring ethernet connection throughout my house. Each bedroom in my house has a coaxial port. I've read up on how MoCA units can convert from coaxial to ethernet, vice versa. Would it be possible for me to convert my existing coaxial ports for ethernet use?
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2023.03.27 05:47 SugarDaddyDelight Repurposing coaxial ports for Ethernet use

We recently switched back to Spectrum from our fiber optic internet provider. The Spectrum technician had to install an all-new cable into our living room despite the fact that our house was already built with coaxial ports, and we've previously used them. The technician had to install an all-new coaxial port in the living room because he was unable to obtain a good signal in any of our home's existing coaxial ports. The technician suggested that something may have happened to the cables, which are behind the walls, because we have been disconnected from the Spectrum service for an extended period of time.
Because our house's existing coaxial ports are now rendered obsolete, per the technician, I am thinking of giving the coaxial ports a second purpose. I am thinking of using the coaxial ports to bring ethernet connection throughout my house. Each bedroom in my house has a coaxial port. I've read up on how MoCA units can convert from coaxial to ethernet, vice versa. Would it be possible for me to convert my existing coaxial ports for ethernet use?
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2023.03.27 05:47 Short-Caregiver7620 Should I tell my SO that I lost 1/5 of my paycheck in the Stock Market in 2022?

TLDR: I've been married for 7 years, but our finances are still separate. I make 2x my wife's salary, but got wrecked in 2022 in the stock market. Do I tell her that we could have had new windows for the house if I didn't invest in garbage?
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2023.03.27 05:47 dacoalest Delivery instructions.

Just started dashing and had a delivery instruction to ask for ranch dressing. Can you see the delivery instructions before leaving the store? I was already at the house and had no idea. The customer then claimed I never delivered the food on a zero-tip order from Jack in the box.
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2023.03.27 05:47 Alexis4445 AITA for sleeping with my bfs best friend

Ok so I know the title makes me seem like I’m the AH but please read first.
So I 16f have a bf 18m and he has a best fiend 17m. I have known my bf for 10years and his bsf for 5. Well me and my bf have been together for 2 1/2 years and we went to this party and my best friend 17f was drinking with my bf and his bsf and I was just talking to them. Lets call my friend Jessica well her and my bf who where going to call mason walked off some where together.
So his bsf and I where left together and I was going to be the one DDing but Jessica and mason never came back so I only drove James home his bsf. The next day at school everyone that was at the party was talking about it and how Jessica had hooked up with someone. Ofc I went over to her but James came to me and pulled me to the side away from Jessica and told me that mason had called him last night and told him he hooked up with Jessica.
Jessica tried talking to me all day along with mason. After school James drove me home and we didn’t bother waiting for mason or Jessica (we all go to and from school together) we went to his house hung out played Mario cart and shit. Then he got beer from the fridge and we started drinking. And we ended up hooking up.
I also ended up sending Jessica and mason pictures of me and James together and pics of us laying together. I will admit I’m not proud of it but I was emotional and drunk.
Mason confronted me at lunch in front of half the school. I told him to go fuck Jessica and kissed James. I will admit I’m petty as shit. But I still don’t regret it.
So am I the asshole??
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2023.03.27 05:46 Bayly91 My Mother in law (60F) is trying to convince my boyfriend (32M) to meet up with his ex-girlfriend

My boyfriend's parents are going to come over for a week but he has been very vague about it, which is unusual, he said that it was not necessary to pick them up because they are going to rent a car but they have visited us before and they have rented a car and yet every single time we pick them up... I thought this was very strange and today I checked his phone and I read the conversation that he has with his mom and I was shocked when I read that my boyfriend's ex is in the same city where we currently live and his mom has been insisting him on talking to her for a week and a half now and also she's trying to convince him to go and meet up with her for lunch. She said that he could use their arrival as an excuse to go and meet up with her. They are going to arrive in the next few days and I just don't know how to handle this situation. I have to mention that we had issues on the past because of his ex, she keeps texting him, calling him and all of that, she doesn't do it in a romantic way but in a very pushy way. She texts him every 3 months or so and asks loots of questions about his life, which I find pretty odd and we talked about it and he knows that the situation doesn't make me feel comfortable. I checked his call records and he had a 30 minutes call with his ex but it seems that it was because of his mom's pressure.
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2023.03.27 05:46 SpartanKiwi Tell Me Why I'm Wrong (Or Right, You Do You)

Top 10 for this year, from a Kiwi who can only watch (I reckon we could rock house if we partook though)
  1. Finland: Cha Cha Cha by Käärijä - I have had this on loop since UMK, the sheer energy of the start gets me going and by the time it hits "tansimaan" I'm already shedding inhibitions, it's the perfect party song
  2. Moldova: Soarele și Luna by Pasha Parfeni - Classic ethno-bop, it gives me a kind of mystical feel, and has almost a comforting inevatbility to it
  3. Australia: Promise by Voyager - Unabashed Kiwi bias for my brothers on this one, but also unironically a good song, maintains a build up right to the end and never feels like it's slowing down until it stops
  4. Spain: Eaea by Blanca Paloma - This one wasn't for me at first, and it's still not one I listen to over and over, but I appreciate the performance and Blanca's delivery, for sure a deserved contender for the top when thinking about the show itself.
  5. Cyprus: Break a Broken Heart by Andrew Lambrou - This one started in like 16th or so for me, but it's so well put together that I've been unable to get it out of my head. Also I found out Andrew's Australian, so I guess more Kiwi bias here as well.
  6. United Kingdom: I Wrote a Song by Mae Muller - The UK actually sending UK things! Would not be surprised to hear this on repeat on store radios in NZ in 5-6 months, it's quality bop.
  7. Israel: Unicorn by Noa Kirel - It's a little messy, but an endearing mess. I always find myself bobbing along to it when it comes on but it competes with the UK for me.
  8. Croatia: Mama Šč! by Let 3 - The greatest shitpost of the year and I love them for it, musically decent too though I can see why some dislike it. I hope they qualify if for no other reason than the sheer meme potential on and off stage.
  9. Germany: Blood and Glitter by Lord of the Lost - GERMANY SENT SOMETHING GERMAN! I mean I'd like if it was in German too but baby steps, and it's the first time I've been excited about Deutschland in a looooong time - LotL are great performers too so I think they'll have something special for us in Liverpool.
  10. Armenia: Future Lover by Brunette - I'm part of the camp that wishes more of the song was Armenian, but I still love it regardless, Brunette has a voice that just kinda haunts but also knows how to hit when it needs to.
Before you ask, yes I have an anti-Sweden bias, I can't explain why but it's been there since 2017.
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2023.03.27 05:46 ASGfan Episodic Review - Gold Country Parts 1 & 2 (S3, E21 & 22)

This is the season finale for the third season, and you just know that virtually any season ending Little House episode will contain 2 things: 1) Actor E.J. Andre in a prominent role and 2) some extreme hardship. Like 90% of what happens on the prairie is hardships, but these are often the can't make a living, must go elsewhere variety. Oh, and this is a 2-hour episode, so you just know some bad stuff is going down. In this case, monsoon-like floods are preventing anyone from making a crop, people are leaving town abruptly and the Mercantile is having trouble staying afloat because of it, with unpaid bills from customers and having only 1-2 people a day in the store. Isaiah had a job elsewhere for a while, but that dried up. The Ingalls and Edwards clans have dinner at the Edwards place, where Isaiah talks about going on a gold rush and asks Charles and family to come along. Grace is less than thrilled with this idea. Middle of the night at the Ingalls place has Charles mulling the idea over when Edwards bops over for a visit. They agree to give it a go (and wake the entire household up in the process). So it's onto Dakota (no North and South yet), for the third state/territory we see the Ingalls reside in this series. Jack gets to tag along on foot outside the wagon (It's a hard knock life). Finally, they see sunlight again (and bright sunlight at that).
Everyone arrives at their destination. Caroline is already having buyer's remorse. A saloon girl borderline hits on young Carl, who seems rather enamored by her. Charles and Isaiah go to check out things, while Caroline and Grace scope out the general store, but find the goods too expensive to buy anything. No claims available here, so it's onward to Newton - a town 50 miles west. That night, Grace wakes up to find Isaiah gone. She wakes up Charles, who heads over to the saloon (natch), where some less-than-honest gambling is going on. Isaiah won a bundle, but gets roughed up and dumped. Charles finds him and brings him back to camp. Grace is pissed, but Isaiah apologizes and promises never to do it again (remember that).
A few miles outside of Newton, the Ingalls and Edwards catch up with 2 friendly families: The Delanos and the Griffiths. Mr. Griffith fixes Charles' squeaky wagon wheel while Mrs. Delano prepares a meal for everyone. The 4 families arrive at destination #2, where a handsome, younger reverend immediately introduces himself. Charles seems more interested about the gold prospects than talking religion. Everyone sets up camp, with Laura and Carl mildly pissed about not being old enough to file a claim. Laura is told not to stray too far away from camp, advice which she promptly ignores. Carl, who has come along with, cautions her not go any further, but Laura retorts "We come this far, we might as well keep going." Hard to argue with that logic. Laura finds an apparent old, abandoned gold mine, then a shed a moment later. Outside the shed, is a basket of fresh apples. Despite this, Laura decides the shed too is abandoned and it's okay to trespass on the property. Carl rationalizes it will be okay to steal some of the apples. Okay. As this is going on, a dirty, old man (sure enough, E.j. Andre) pops up out of the window and frightens them (with some music for added creepy effect). Laura and Carl start to run away, but Laura stops mid-flight and gives the old man some crap for scaring them, then throws apples at him. So just a few weeks removed from stealing Nellie's music box, breaking it and repeatedly lying about it -- Laura is trespassing on other people's property, stealing and throwing objects at elderly people. Keep that in mind. Nonetheless, the old man is lonely and finds the thought of getting his apples back is amusing and he busts a gut over it. He's Zachariah, widow of Lorraine. The kids talk about all of the activity around camp, but Zach is unamused, saying that gold changes people. Mary draws Laura and Carl back to camp, where Pa has found "color." He gets it appraised, and apparently it's a good one. Mr. Delano finds gold a little later.
Zachariah introduces Laura and Carl to his wife's final resting place under a green rock in the creek (or "crick") along with gold treasures. Caroline and all the children head over to the tent, which is serving as the chapel. The reverend has peppermint sticks for all the kids (why can't Rev. Alden be this cool?). The kids enjoy those while Caroline asks permission to use the tent for a school. The reverend obliges. At camp, a gunshot is heard while we get a close-up of Alicia (is she still on this show?). Mr. Delano has been shot. Just exactly who shot him or why is uncertain. We get some really good acting from the boy playing Mr. Delano's son (the same actor who would play Erich in "Harriet's Happenings") as he weeps over his dying father. Mr. Delano is buried.
Charles and Isaiah decided to put up their families in a rented house while they pan for gold. It's not cheap, but then again nothing around here is. At school, we find Caroline has taken on the teaching duties (just as she did in "School Mom"). Laura asks Janie (Mr. and Mrs. Griffith's daughter) a math problem and before she can answer, Laura butts in with the answer. Brat. Amusing moment as Isaiah scares off some bad guys with an unloaded gun. Charles comes home and we get that old standby of Caroline goes to get his supper but Pa is tuckered and falls asleep before she can dish it up that we've seen approximately 100 times on this show. School time finds Caroline getting hit on by a dirty old drunk. Mr. Griffith breaks this up much to Caroline's delight as he announces they're heading out and he's come to get Janie. The drunk seems to have sobered up remarkably well in the last 15 seconds and questions Mr. Griffith as to where he got that gold. Mr. Griffith says he panned for it in Shadow Creek, but the drunk says he got that out of a mine. Laura knows what this is about and runs away again. Caroline has zero qualms about sending Carl out alone amidst all of the gunfire to go look for her. Laura heads over to Zach's place, where he is heartbroken and devastated that his wife's final resting place was disturbed. He orders Laura to stay away.
Pa is the one to find Laura, who is sobbing. Pa assures her that it wasn't her fault that she blabbed about the gold Zachariah had buried. She heads off and Pa tries to catch up with Zachariah, but finds his shed aflame. Apparently he was so despondent over the situation with his wife that he took his own life. Remember all this started when Laura trespassed on his property and stole from him and threw things at him. That night at the prayer meeting, Charles arrives late, but gets treated like some sort of god and is asked to preach. Charles decides to get sanctimonious and hypocritical, admonishing those in the congregation who asked to be blessed with wealth (keeping in mind Charles did this earlier in the episode). And is it really a bad thing to ask for wealth? I mean, some people just want to feed their families and have enough for the future. The next day, the Ingalls and Edwards head for home where they meet a young couple who have arrived to try their luck. Charles decides not to tell them that a good man was just gunned down over there, mercifully putting an end to this episode.
EPISODE WINNER - I'm not religious, but the handsome, young reverend is just awesome. And the Delano boy sure can act.
EPISODE LOSERS - Laura for her crimes (again), Pa for being sanctimonious and unwise, and Isaiah for being a putz. Actually, Caroline was depressing to watch in this episode too.
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