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2023.03.27 06:13 PackMaleficent3528 Have any of yous faced this fighter before? How can I get my boxer level higher than 4?

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2023.03.27 06:09 Capable_Wave9649 Alright Reddit Luck!

Alright Reddit Luck!
These both happened within a 30 minute time frame! Woot!
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2023.03.27 05:39 WHiSPERRcs Do Apply to Tufts: A response thread from a current student

Hey all:
I saw the post about how you should not apply to Tufts, so I thought I'd respond (in bold). I know decisions just came out, so some people are a bit salty. But just hear me out.
It's an overpriced, subpar joke of a college.
Yes, it's expensive, Yes, it's probably overpriced. However, it's not a "subpar joke of a college." The issue with statements like this is that many students think this about their own schools without ever experiencing other universities. As I'll get into in this response post, Tufts has plenty of valid criticism and negatives, but overall for the vast majority of students, Tufts is an amazing place that provides a top-tier education, community, and experience.
- Don't assume you're attending a Boston school. Tufts is in Medford/Somerville, and downtown Boston is 20-30 minutes away by car. You'll probably have the chance to visit proper Boston twice a month at best if you take a rigorous workload. We just got the green line, but that takes up to an hour to get you in town. 90% of your time here is spent in suburban hell. The most common sights around are chain link fences, dilapidated road signs, and ugly architecture.
Anyone actually researching Tufts before applying knows that Tufts is not in Boston. For most applying, this is actually a positive. Being 15-20 minutes outside downtown Boston by car (it's not 30m unless you're driving on Boston Marathon weekend lmao) allows Tufts to have a unique campus bubble/vibe while still being soooo close to Boston. You can drop everything and get into Boston within half an hour easy, if not less, via the new green-line T stop on campus or the older red-line T stop in Davis Square. When I was applying, and comparing Tufts, and BU, Northeastern, all of which I applied to and got accepted, the real campus, quads, and camaraderie it allows was a massive plus, not a negative.

While I personally agree the Somerville / Medford architecture isn't particularly appealing, it's the definition of Boston/New England. Both Somerville and Medford (for those who don't know, these two towns/cities split Tufts down the middle and are the neighborhoods that Tufts is actually located in, not Boston) are extremely family friendly and safe.
- You share one gym and two small dining halls with 6000 students. Lunch lines can be 20-30 minutes long, and the food is shit compared to other colleges. Other dining options are overpriced and only two locations allow you to use meal swipes.
The gym issue is a valid criticism. Luckily for you all, Tufts is fundraising to build an entirely new aquatics center as we speak, and when that is completed, the gym will get a complete overhaul and expansion. I've heard this will be done in < 5 years.

The dining hall lines were weirdly bad during COVID, but aren't at all anymore. It can get busy sometimes, particularly around dinner, but it's rarely bad. They're also working right now to renovate some dining services which should all be complete by next year. Hodgdon-Food-on-the-Run (Hodge), which offered like a Chipotle, Sweetgreen, and Cava equivalents (good these chains if you're unfamiliar) was very popular with students and often was very very crowded. This has just been closed temporarily for renovation and will be reopened in the fall. Also, the food is relatively good compared to other schools. I've tried quite a bit.

Also, a clarification: Tufts has 2 full-form dining halls, but a handful more dining options.
- The school is heavily overenrolled. They barely have enough housing as is and are still looking to increase their freshmen class sizes. Chances are, you'll get put into modular housing with no community or dorm culture for your first year here. They've already taken down their tennis courts for mod housing, and are planning to cannibalize some baseball fields too.
Tufts, like almost every other school during COVID, did overenroll and this did cause some housing issues. Luckily, they're correcting it now. Also, they're about to begin building a new upperclassmen dorm as we speak.
- Campus looks like shit most time of the year. During spring and summer, it looks fine with some green, but 80% of the buildings are just prefabricated houses they bought up around the neighborhood. Trust me, this will get your mood down, especially during the winter months.
Welcome to New England, and Boston specifically. This wouldn't change for any school in the area.
- The Medford campus does not have a proper health center. For any serious ilness or injury you'd have to uber to off-campus clinics 20-30 minutes away. The on-campus wellness center is just a house that doesn't even open on weekends. Mental health services are so overbooked that getting a therapy session can take two weeks. Again, it's because the school is heavily over-enrolled.
While somewhat true, this is also misleading. For almost any school, if you have a serious injury you will end up at a hospital, not your schools health services. That being said, Tufts has a lab on campus and can do any STD test (etc) here. They also have plenty of partner hospitals that they can help get you appointments with. It's a good thing Boston houses some of the best hospitals in the world then, huh. I've had no problem scheduling appointments, even for the next day.
- The hill is annoying AF to walk over every day. It's cool at first, but you soon realize how much of a nuisance it is to walk up and down a hill to go to classes and return to dorms, especially during the winter when the roads are frozen.
It's a hill. It's a unique thing about our campus. Yeah, it 'sucks,' but it's also only 30 seconds to get to the top. The fact that the hill is the largest complaint for Tufts student should be a resounding positive about our community, classes, professors, and quality of life.
- Party scene is depressing. (not a problem for me personally, but if you like to party, might wanna watch out).
Yeah, kinda true. We aren't University of Alabama. If you want parties, you can find them easily. Will they be 4000 person ragers? No. Can they be fun? Absolutely. I don't think anyone if applying or matriculating here because of the party scene, though.
All of this for the grand total of 80k a year. You're paying almost double the price of Harvard, for a quarter of the quality.
Yeah, so the Harvard comment isn't true at all. I know you clarified in the original post that you were talking about aid, but I know plenty of students here personally on financial aid with very good packages...and 1-2 actually compared it to fin aid offered by Harvard and chose to come here purely on financial reasons.
I'll add something that I put in my comment of that post as well:
What’s not mentioned is the the students here are all incredibly nice and amicable. I just went on spring break w 7 friends to Barcelona (got tickets hella cheap in September) and all of my other friends from HS who I still regularly talk to and not having anywhere near as a good of an experience as I am. Just like every school there are plenty of good things and plenty of bad. It’s a damn hard school to get into, and many of the students here are super smart. Overall, my experience here is very positive despite a handful of legitimate criticisms and negatives, and I know I am having a much better time than at least ten friends from HS at a variety of other universities.

Also since this is this subreddit, I’d like to add that tufts admissions refuses to supply us news with some specific information about their students like gender identity etc. Regardless of your politics or what you think of this, this is partially why tufts has been slipping in the rankings (like Columbia or reed college historically)

TLDR: Do I think Tufts has issues? Yes. Do I think the University could do much more to fix/combat these? Yes. Is Tufts a perfect ideal experience? No. Do I enjoy my net-experience at Tufts? Yes. Do I enjoy Tufts more than 10+ of my HS friends enjoy their respective schools? A resounding yes. Does part of the Tufts campus/surrounding architecture suck? Yes, welcome to New England (if New England architecture isn't your cup of tea like it isn't mine). Is part of Tufts' campus pretty, especially during warmer months or after recent snow? Yes. Does the weather normally suck? Yea, duh (Again, welcome to New England...although I will note it's much more tame than I was told)
Feel free to DM me any questions.
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2023.03.27 05:36 Valeri2013 Post-Match Thread: Week 1 Wrap-Up

Week 1 Wrap-Up

North Carolina Courage 1-0 Kansas City Current
NCC: Mille Gejl (23')
KC: No Scorers
San Diego Wave 3-2 Chicago Red Stars
SD: Amirah Ali (22'), Jaedyn Shaw (32'), Alex Morgan (89' PEN)
CHI: Yuki Nagasato (18'), Mallory Swanson (45'+4' PEN)
Washington Spirit 1-0 OL Reign
WAS: Trinity Rodman (54')
RGN: No scorers
Portland Thorns 4-0 Orlando Pride
POR: Morgan Weaver (16'), Sophia Smith (22'), Hina Sugita (49'), Michele Vasconcelos (76')
ORL: No scorers
Houston Dash 0-0 Racing Louisville
HOU: No scorers
LOU: No scorers
Angel City 1-2 NJ/NY Gotham
LA: Alyssa Thompson (11')
NJ/NY: Margaret Purce (55' PEN), Lynn Williams (64')
Current Standings
# Team Pts GD W L T
1 Portland Thorns FC 3 4 1 0 0
2 San Diego Wave 3 1 1 0 0
3 NJ/NY Gotham FC 3 1 1 0 0
4 N. Carolina Courage 3 1 1 0 0
5 Washington Spirit 3 1 1 0 0
6 Racing Louisville 1 0 0 0 1
7 Houston Dash 1 0 0 0 1
8 Chicago Red Stars 0 -1 0 1 0
9 Angel City FC 0 -1 0 1 0
10 Kansas City Current 0 -1 0 1 0
11 OL Reign 0 -1 0 1 0
12 Orlando Pride 0 -4 0 1 0
Use this thread to discuss your reactions to this week's games.
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2023.03.27 05:35 ScoffingGorilla808 The “Sports” App ‘Bleacher Report’ posting a video of this kid not receiving a call/text from his mom for whatever reason after advancing to Final Four (Clicks/Clout/Cough)….

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I'm unlucky
I got 2 Lucky's and 1 cookie storm, that's all the lcuk I got
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2023.03.27 05:15 iND3_ Current Set Up w/ the Low Battery

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2023.03.27 05:04 askfjfl Reverse chance me for a CS major

Could someone else reverse chance me for good target schools as a CS major?
ECs / Awards:
  1. Full-time paid internship as bug bounty hunter at fortune 50 corporation at 16yo
  2. Won gold in national level individual programming competition
  3. Won gold in state level individual programming competition
  4. Developed coding curriculums for local middle schools at 13yo, actively being taught
  5. Programming hobbyist since 8yo, 50k+ downloads
  6. Worked as freelance python programming at 13yo
  7. Wrote my own programming language at 12yo
  8. Recognized in local news for writing accessibility programs for my school at 13yo
  9. 50+ hours in community service / class officer in Key Club and NHS
  10. Baseball for 10 years, soccer for 3 years, wrestling for 4 years
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2023.03.27 05:04 Puppy_love08HD Not sure which subreddit to post in since I cover so much, so I guess it's a vent.

TW: alcohol, anxiety/depression, mental health struggles
Honestly, I have a shitty support system at the moment, and have nowhere else to go to vent. Here's my story;
Backstory: Around this time last year, my ex step mom passed(2022). I clung to alcohol for a few months because it was the only thing at the time that numbed the pain. I got a better support system, some friends came and went, and eventually stopped drinking.
Thing one: The Breakup Fast forward to January, I (15 NB) met a really cool guy (14 M) who is a year younger than I, and we hit it off at a school club meeting. We started dating late January (2023) and I fell for him extremely hard. And I dont mean middle school yeah I really like this guy hes cool, I mean I poured every ounce of my well being into this guy. Which yes sounds very dumb, and I expect to get shit like "oh calm down you're just in high school there'll be plenty more" which I completely get and understand, but it still hurts. He broke up with me on the day of our 2 month anniversary (yes I know, dumb, but it was cheesy, and we both enjoyed cheesy anniversaries) and it wasnt even a break up, he dumped me. I dont remember specifics but it went something like this: ▪ I have a class before normal school starts, which I had just finished. ▪ I usually wait for him in the mornings of where it ends, and he showed up ▪ I was sending a text to my dad that I needed a ride home after school because of sports ▪ midway of me typing, he looked at me and said "hey I think we need to break up" ▪ I look up in shock, start crying, and ask if hes joking ▪ he says no, I just sit there and stare at him in shock and disbelief ▪ mf walks away because I didnt say anything, I text him to come back, he says no ▪ I then go to where his first period is, because I couldn't find him anywhere else ▪ he explains why he wants to break up, I said I understood ▪ friend of both of ours walks by, I ask if he was told the news, to which he said yes ▪ at that point I'm just bawling my eyes out, because I thought the relationship was doing fine ▪ I go to all of my classes like normal, just crying my eyes out in every class silently until Friday, which was about two days
Thing two: the relapse Friday night nobody was home, so I decided I was tired of being sad and turned back to alcohol. I had nearly a year sober, just to throw it away because of some guy. Sure it wasnt just because of him, I mean I'm tired of dealing with everyone else's bullshit and the breakup was just the cherry on top
Thing three: The over a month long pain So about Febuary 18th, I started getting some abdominal pain that would come and go in varying intensities. (Still there btw, with it being nearly april) I've been on multiple medications and none of them helped, I wont go into detail on the medical side as to not gross anyone out, but it has been hell. I've been to the ER about three times now and they still dont know what's going on. The doctors suggested an MRI, which I will be getting hopefully some time this week.
Thing four: The mental health aspect Since I got dumped, I'm realizing that I dont actually have any friends, nor a good support system because I talked to my boyfriend (at the time) about literally everything. I trusted him a lot, and loved him to death. Not only am i dealing with my shit, I have about 3 people that need my help almost 24/7 because of their problems, and its killing me, I never get to vent to any of them, so here I am venting to strangers on the internet.
Thing five: School School wise I'm doing decent, grades arent too shit but im trying to be better because I get grounded if I have anything below a B-. My days are pretty hard since my routine is thrown off. I used to go everywhere and do everything with him, but I'm alone again.
Thing six: The vent that doesnt make much sense I'm just so tired at this point. I'm doing a super shit job at taking care of my body, and stress isnt helping whatsoever either. I tell myself that I'm okay and that I'll be fine but I know deep down that itll take a while. I push myself so much to the point that I cant catch a break. And hell it doesnt help that I've never been recognized for my 12 hour days, like I'm supposed to be a kid and playing video games n stuff right after school, but I go above and beyond and still dont get seen. I wake up at 5 AM for fucks sake and dont get home till about 6, then I have homework, chores, food (which I occasionally skip, because yk, shitty job at taking care of myself) and then I try to go to sleep around 8 or 9, but I'm cramming all of this homework in at the end of the day that makes it so I get to sleep at like 10. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's not too healthy.
TL;DR Got dumped, been in pain for over a month, relapsed, and have a shitty support system
If you did read the whole thing, thank you
Edit: grammar
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2023.03.27 05:02 Additional-Ad7305 [OC] 2023 MLS Attendance Tracker - Week 5

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2023.03.27 05:01 allChickensFearRice 🇺🇸 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁩󠁡󠁿 📺 📰 KWWL News 7 Waterloo, Iowa News, Weather, Sports

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2023.03.27 05:00 AutoModerator 🇺🇸 📺 ABC News Live LIVE: Latest News Headlines and Events l USA

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2023.03.27 05:00 DTG_Bot Daily Questions [2023-03-27]

New player? Please read the New and Returning Player Guide, Destiny 2 Guided Support & Gameplay Guide.

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Season of Defiance (Season 20) key dates:

Top Known Issues List by Bungie

Welcome to the Daily Questions thread! Do you have a Destiny-related question that needs answering? Can't find it anywhere else on the web? Well, You're in luck! Simply ask your question down below, and the knowledgeable community of /DestinyTheGame will answer it to the best of their abilities!
Be sure to use the search in the top right before submitting a question, as it could have already been answered. Also, be sure to check the thread itself!
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Be sure to sort by new to see the latest questions!
You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.
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2023.03.27 04:53 imtraumatisednow2023 "Should I date my neighbour?" Comprehensive guide by someone with experience

I have created this account as a throwaway and created this guide in hopes to help someone in the future. Please upvote it in efforts to help someone stuck in this situation it’s hard when you don’t have guidance from someone experienced.
Over the course of the last year, I (M32) have been engaged and pursing a romantic relationship with my new neighbour (F28). I wish to share my newly found knowledge and experience in this unique situation. I played it as carefully as I could. When things were rocky, I looked for advice online, there wasn’t something set in stone and solid to help me. There were drips and drabs, but nothing amazing that popped out. I’m here to change that. I’m hoping the formatting will help whoever reads this skip ahead to the relevant section where they may need a quick answer.
“Should I date my Neighbor?” Let’s weigh up the obvious risks and rewards.
Pros: - You live close to each other, thus travel time is non-existent and it gives you an opportunity to frequently catchup, share meals, hang out, etc.
- If you have lots in common, great! You can bond over these activities, walk down to the local restaurant to share a meal, exercise together, play games, etc.
- There is a good amount of time to determine if you’re compatible.
- You’re basically living with each other from the start with your own personal space.
- It’s an amazing story to tell if you make it together. “How’d you meet?” “Well, funny story………..”
Cons: - You live close to each other. - Lack of privacy. You will get to know each other’s routines and may accidentally end up spying on each other. - You will know when someone is at their house visiting and may begin to worry or become suspicious. This goes the same way when they see you have people over.
- Moving too fast is a risk due to proximity. One partner may want to accelerate the relationship and the other may not. This can cause tension. In this case, a slow burn is the most effective approach.
- Arguments are unavoidable in all relationships, however it can be worse when you know that person is right next door. It’s bad energy.
- Awkward encounters during an argument or after a breakup. Your home may not feel like a safe space if there is tension in the air. This may force you or the other person to stay elsewhere for a while, thus worsening the situation.
- Break up. How do you think living next to your ex would feel? How would you/or they feel if you brought someone new home?
- If the worst happens, one of you may need move away.
My short biased answer is: no. Do not do it. The risks FAR outweigh the rewards in this instance. However, read on for more information.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and date my Neighbor, how do I go about this safely & diligently?
Glad you asked. Here’s what worked:
- Civilly discuss the risks and rewards with this person openly and early on. Give them a chance to express their concerns and listen to yours. Weigh it up from there and make a decision together. It doesn’t hurt to touch base on this one to check in where you’re both at from time to time. Having this discussion with your person will keep you both mindful of avenues to avoid.
- Set CLEAR boundaries with each other. Write it down. This is essential from Day 1. For example, one person may not be comfortable if you just knock on the door expecting they have the time and mental capacity to hang out, they may want you to text first and clear it. Maybe they do not want to be messaged at a certain time. Stick the boundaries and review them as necessary.
- Make a note of not paying any attention to their schedules and routines. This can be difficult and eventually spill out over time, but initially – don’t allow the curiosity to creep in. If they want to open up about this, let them. Don’t push it if they feel uncomfortable. Give them time. Everyone is different. But be sure to make the other person comfortable. This is important.
- Space. This is VERY important for the both of you. Be sure to allow space and actively gauge when it’s required. If you have an argument or disagreement, it may be worth initiating space and discussing a resolution at another time or a few days later. Unresolved arguments just lead to negative feelings and energy in the neighborhood. Nobody needs that. If you fall under the category of an anxious attachment style – seek ways to cope during this time.
- Intimate privacy. Although it’s a fantasy come true, don’t go around bragging to all your friends you’re “getting with the neighbor”. Keep that to yourself and be respectful towards the other person. Sure, tell a few friends you’re seeing that person, but don’t disclose intimate details. Love in private until you’re both very sure you’re going to be together long term.
- Communicate openly, respectfully and honestly, don’t play games. Failure to communicate is one of the primary reasons relationships fail. If you have a concern, or you’re upset about something – communicate it in a respectful and healthy manner. I’ve usually found doing it person is much more effective as it allows you to display tone and emotion and gauge a response. IMO Texts are useless, and things can be taken out of context and tone. But you do what’s comfortable for you.
- Talk about your dating statuses, and aim for going exclusive asap. Nothing is worse than the person you like bringing someone else home. It’s gut wrenching, it’s grounds for distrust and relationship failure. If you’re the jealous type and you can’t handle this stuff, walk away immediately. Nobody needs to take a hit like that. Also - don't be that person.
- Don’t ignore the red flags, and don’t let poor behaviour slide. Same principle as dating anyone else, do NOT ignore the red flags. Observe these very closely. If this person is breaching your boundaries, it’s up to you to communicate this. If your boundaries are not respected moving forward, walk away.
Lastly, do not enable your emotions and feelings to cloud your judgement. I cannot stress this enough.

I’ve decided I don’t think it’s a good idea to date my neighbor, how do I go about this?
This one is easy enough. If you’ve been wondering this for a while, sitting on the fence, or you’re a little bit into the relationship and have decided you don’t see this being a good move, if you’ve decided the risks outweigh the rewards, you need to have a chat to this person to express how you feel and let them down. Don’t just ghost them, you live in close proximity and this can cause issues and come across confusing.
Organise a respectful discussion and express where you stand calmly with minimal emotion. Remember to be firm with this decision as people can be opportunistic as hell, and will do and say anything to get their way. Explain it is out of respect for the both you, and that you’d be happy to be friends moving forward (you don’t actually have to do this, but just be civil during any interactions). Do NOT give them any false hope to hang on to. I repeat, do NOT give them false hope.

I dated my neighbor and it’s not worked out, what do I do?
You’ve gone and done yourself a mischief? Don’t worry, we all do this from time to time.
Depending on where you stand in this situation, you’re either in one of two positions. You’ve been dumped, and now you’re going through the motions of heartbreak, experiencing negative feelings, or feeling unhinged. OR you’ve ended the relationship and now the other person is hurt, acting out and you’re feeling anxious/wary about it. With a bit of luck, it ended amicably and you will just wave when you see each other. You may even just agree to be friends which would be the best outcome if you can both put your feelings aside.

If you’ve been dumped here’s what to do:
- Respect the other person’s decision. Period.
- Consider deleting their number and socials. It will make the process easier.
- Grieve your loss in a healthy manner. Here’s a fantastic guide on how to do that. Google: "the most comprehensive guide to dealing with heartbreak reddit" (I can't seem to be able to link it atm)
- Take care of yourself. It will be hard, but you need to prioritise your health and mental stability. Go for walks, exercise, eat, avoid vices leading to self destructive behaviour, talk to friends/family.
- Seek therapy if you are suffering. There is no shame in this. Call a counselling helpline and have a chat with someone. They may be able to put you in contact with a 24/7 free counselling service to utilise. Again, there is NO shame for seeking help. Those services are put in place to help people suffering.
- Give that person time and space before approaching them. But make sure you’re over that person before you do so. Approaching them with unresolved / lingering feelings can only cause harm to you.
- Keep your head down and avoid creating any drama.
- If you are approached by that person, be civil. If you cannot do that, TRY* politely and calmly explain you’re not ready or in the headspace to talk and you’re going to disengage immediately. Then walk away.
- Be kind to yourself. Go out and do something nice for yourself.
- Look into meditation and coping techniques. Headspace is a really good app for this.
- If you drink or have other illicit methods to cope, best staying away from this stuff until you’ve had time to process and truly accept everything. Sobriety never hurt anyone.
- If something they do triggers you, find ways to avoid it or deal with it. Anyone can be unconditioned to visual/hearing triggers (in most cases).
- If things are truly unbearable, perhaps go stay with friends or family for a while. Advise them of your situation. Support is crucial. Take as much time as you can to create space for yourself.
- Use your mental health support network, if you don’t have one, build one.
- If you absolutely can’t do it anymore and it is detrimental to your mental health, consider moving.
- Lastly, give it time. Time heals all wounds.

If you’ve been dumped here’s NOT what to do:
- Do not threaten this person. Under any circumstances. These are the foundations for a restraining order, and you do not want to be evicted from your home or worse.
- Don’t go acting out, displaying unstable / undesirable behaviour. Find a councillor or therapist to speak to if you’re feeling unhinged. If you start acting out, this person may collect and keep a record of this and use it against you. I understand you’re upset, but you are going to have to find healthy ways of coping to move past it. - Do not stalk that person or monitor their activity. This behaviour is possessive, repulsive and obsessive. If you feel an impulse to do so, DON’T. This will make things worse, and what you may discover will just hurt you further. As far as you’re concerned, that person doesn’t exist.
- Do not display aggressive behaviour towards that person. Avoid them if you see them for the time being until you can get yourself under control.
- Do not become inconsiderate or disrupt the peace by being loud, playing loud music, etc. They will know you’re doing it out of spite and use it against you.
- Do not approach their premises unless they have given you permission to do so. Just stay away. No door knocking, no letters, no gifts, no contact.
- Do not engage in any of your friends to contact this person, stalk them, harass them or harm them.
- Do not consume elicit substances or alcohol then approach that person. That’s dangerous.
Basically, don’t act out… okay? Leave them alone and focus on you. Things might seem messed up, you may feel the rejection hard, or resentment towards that person. At the end of the day, it was their choice to end it. You have no say or control over how they think, feel and make decisions. You need to respect it, you have no choice. Accept it, treat it as a lesson and move on in your own time.

If you’re going to break it off with the other person, here’s what to do:
- Weight up your decision carefully, anticipate and plan your dialogue and your approach. You may want to rehearse it or write it down in your notes.
- Be clear, concise and honest. Calm tone is the best, and speak slowly.
- Don’t give off any false hope or budge on your decision. - Break up in person, don’t do it over text. Don’t ghost, at least have some courtesy for the other person. You DO have to live next to them.
- If you’re scared/threatened of this person, perhaps consider doing it over the phone whilst someone is there with you or go elsewhere whilst you make the call. Safety first.
- As a precaution, tell a couple of people when/where you are going to do this. For your own well being and safety. Get them to check in with them before/during/after.
- After delivering the bad news, set new and clear expectations & boundaries in place moving forward.
- This person will more than likely be upset for a while. They might hate you, you’re just going to have to live and deal with that… but having said that – do not accept any bad behaviour afterwards.
- Go through the right channels to alleviate any negativity… whether that is their landlord, the police, etc. However be prepared for backlash, this could be a high possibility. Seek free legal aid before making decisions that could impact that person short term/long term. Play it smart. Take notes of EVERYTHING unacceptable.
- Lay low for a little while (not to say don’t live your life), because that person may be hyper sensitive and hurt seeing you get on with it. This is unavoidable, but maybe just give them a little bit of time to start grieving… out of compassion.
- If you need to, go stay a friend or family for a little while just to create some space.
- Hold off bringing anyone home for a little while. This one stings on the receiving end and can potentially provoke drama.
- Be civil to this person after the breakup.
- You’re hurting too, so take care of yourself and grieve in healthy manner.

If you’re going to break it off with the other person, here’s NOT what to do:
- Do not ghost them. This is confusing on the receiving end and quite frankly, rude. Don’t avoid them… they live next door.
- Do not engage in provoking / aggressive / verbally abusive behaviour when you do this or after.
- Do not engage in an argument with them. Walk away / disengage.
- Depending on how your gender is identified, do not do this on your own. At a bare minimum inform someone close to you about what you’re about to do. You don’t know what people can be capable of.
- Don’t bring someone else home and engage in loud intimate activity for a while. This is provoking and intentionally hurtful.
- After the break up, if they are acting up, best not confront them directly. Go through the relevant channels.
Right, so that’s basically it for now. If I think of anything more useful, I’ll amend this post and add it.
I’ll also post up my own personal story shortly.
TL;DR: Should I date my neighbour? No. You shouldn't. I designed this guide for someone who may be in a similar situation and need to seek advice.
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2023.03.27 04:35 TurtleTimeline United Airlines electric air taxi route in Chicago
United Airlines and Archer Aviation have announced the launch of the first air taxi route in Chicago to start 2025, an important step forward in their urban air mobility (UAM) network.
The selected point-to-point route will utilize Archer’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, which will provide residents and visitors in the Chicago Metropolitan Area with a safe, sustainable, low noise, and cost-competitive alternative to ground transportation.

Infrastructure for eVTOL aircraft operations

The partnership with ComEd, the Midwest’s largest utility company, will establish the necessary power infrastructure to support eVTOL aircraft operations in and around the Chicago Metropolitan Area.
RECOMMENDED: NASA determining how electric air taxis can safely integrate into U.S. airspace

Chicago’s transportation leadership

Chicago has a long-standing reputation as a major transportation center and leader in mobility innovation. With ORD being United’s largest operations hub, it provides an ideal location for United and Archer to ramp up their UAM operations.

Archer’s mission to unlock the skies and United’s purpose to connect people

Archer’s mission is to unlock the skies, freeing everyone to reimagine how they move and spend time. The company is based in Santa Clara, California. United’s shared purpose is “Connecting People. Uniting the World.” The company is headquartered in Chicago.

Expanding UAM infrastructure across the United States

The electric air taxi route in Chicago is a key milestone in the race to develop UAM infrastructure in the US, and this is just the beginning. The long-term goal is to expand to other cities across the United States, providing a convenient, sustainable, and cost-effective mode of transportation during commutes to the airport.
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