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2023.06.09 00:49 bananananex_cs Cheating in Faceit

Hello guys,
I've stumbled across this post today and had to take a look at the demo.
You can watch the full demo here (might be still processing) and make your own opinion. I'd be really glad if you comment here and tell me what you think about this person's gameplay. I've reported the player for smurfing first (without checking the demo). He wasn't connected to any other account (thanks Darwin for checking). After watching this match, I decided to report him for cheating. I have done that just a few minutes before this post, so don't blame admins for not taking action if you agree with me.
Here are the stats for the game:
In the demo this player says he had his old account deactivated before the new policy. He also says his old account was at 5k elo.
So here are my thoughts:
This guy is playing at gold nova level or elo 3-5 at best. His crosshair placement is shit. He looks at the ground 95% of the time like new players do. It's painful to watch if you're a somewhat decent player. He often just runs for positions without clearing any corners. Movement and utility usage is at a beginner's level too.
Mid-game someone says that they have a spectator who is observing how he plays. Suddenly he starts to die in very stupid ways. For example, his mate calls someone close in smoke on A and he just runs through. Then he gets knifed. It's pretty obvious he's doing it on purpose for a few rounds after that.
There are soooo many wtf moments in the demo where his gameplay makes no sense at all.
Their opponents (2 players at 4k elo) realize very early that he's certainly not legit.
He's currently banned for mic spam.
What are your thoughts?
Ticket: #5010940
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2023.06.08 17:07 KittyKatKiara 19 [F4F] Miami/Online - hiya!! its pride month and im looking for my other half 😪

Heya there! I'm Kiara, Kiki, or Kia! I'm a lesbian trans girl, and to keep it brief, I'm just looking for something longterm and serious, I just want to settle down with someone and just have my reason to wake up yknow?
I play a variety of video games! I'm a savage raider in FF14, I love to play League, Apex, Valorant, various amounts of RPGs, JRPGs, VNs, and like, if I could stream some stuff to you too if I'm in the mood, I'd adore that.
I love love love POP Music! JB, The Weeknd, KPOP, Sam Smith, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, & so so much more :3
I'm super into manga, as its faster for me to read something than just focus on an anime show, though I could focus if I had someone watching with me :3 but I like HxH, DbZ, Villainess, Dragon Maid, FMAB, & so much more.
I really adore writing! I'm a bit of a sappy romantic poet and like roleplay very much, so if you wanna write our sapphic ships together then I'm mega down~
As a partner I try my best to respect boundaries and learning each other's limits and or supporting the best I can. I'm really into matching PFP's, bio's, constant calls, sleep calls, and all that stuff to abide us until y'know, we can meet IRL!
Other than that, if I sound appealing to you, feel free to DM! I don't bite unless wanted haha.
Send a little intro about yourself, and to make sure you read, what's your favorite color?
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2023.06.06 19:38 KittyKatKiara 19 [F4F] Miami/Online - hiya!! its pride month and im looking for my other half 😪

Heya there! I'm Kiara, Kiki, or Kia! I'm a lesbian trans girl, and to keep it brief, I'm just looking for something longterm and serious, I just want to settle down with someone and just have my reason to wake up yknow?
I play a variety of video games! I'm a savage raider in FF14, I love to play League, Apex, Valorant, various amounts of RPGs, JRPGs, VNs, and like, if I could stream some stuff to you too if I'm in the mood, I'd adore that.
I love love love POP Music! JB, The Weeknd, KPOP, Sam Smith, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, & so so much more :3
I'm super into manga, as its faster for me to read something than just focus on an anime show, though I could focus if I had someone watching with me :3 but I like HxH, DbZ, Villainess, Dragon Maid, FMAB, & so much more.
I really adore writing! I'm a bit of a sappy romantic poet and like roleplay very much, so if you wanna write our sapphic ships together then I'm mega down~
As a partner I try my best to respect boundaries and learning each other's limits and or supporting the best I can. I'm really into matching PFP's, bio's, constant calls, sleep calls, and all that stuff to abide us until y'know, we can meet IRL!
Other than that, if I sound appealing to you, feel free to DM! I don't bite unless wanted haha.
Send a little intro about yourself, and to make sure you read, what's your favorite color?
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2023.06.06 03:54 KittyKatKiara 19 [F4F] Miami/Anywhere - it's pride month and i still don't have my sapphic romance ;(

Heya there! I'm Kiara, Kiki, or Kia! I'm a lesbian trans girl, and to keep it brief, I'm just looking for something longterm and serious, I just want to settle down with someone and just have my reason to wake up yknow?
I play a variety of video games! I'm a savage raider in FF14, I love to play League, Apex, Valorant, various amounts of RPGs, JRPGs, VNs, and like, if I could stream some stuff to you too if I'm in the mood, I'd adore that. I love love love POP Music! JB, The Weeknd, KPOP, Sam Smith, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, & so so much more :3
I'm super into manga, as its faster for me to read something than just focus on an anime show, though I could focus if I had someone watching with me :3 but I like HxH, DbZ, Villainess, Dragon Maid, FMAB, & so much more.
I really adore writing! I'm a bit of a sappy romantic poet and like roleplay very much, so if you wanna write our sapphic ships together then I'm mega down~
As a partner I try my best to respect boundaries and learning each other's limits and or supporting the best I can. I'm really into matching PFP's, bio's, constant calls, sleep calls, and all that stuff to abide us until y'know, we can meet IRL!
Other than that, if I sound appealing to you, feel free to DM! I don't bite unless wanted haha. Though, I'd much prefer to talk on discord, so send me a lil intro to yourself and your tag! and just as a question to ask to make sure you read everything, what's your favorite color?
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2023.06.05 16:31 MasterHandSSBU Personally insulting the fans of every NBA superstar and also Chris Paul

Lebron James - The easy joke here is that you are somebody who doesn’t really know anything about basketball and just picked the guy you recognised from Space Jam or adverts, but the truth runs a little bit deeper than that. If Lebron James is your favourite player you don’t even like basketball, you like arguing online. The sad truth is, you desperately crave the facade of friendship that comes with the tribalism inherent to picking a side in a popular argument. You exist only to say Lebron is better than Jordan or Curry or Dwyane Wade or whoever it is you and your gang are arguing about that week. Any game of basketball that doesn’t have Lebron in it is completely worthless to you unless it can be used as evidence about a player that Lebron played with/against. Any game with Lebron in it is a nightmare, because you know if he plays badly MJ fans will make fun of you on Twitter, and to you that’s all that matters.
Steph Curry - To be a Curry fan means that, intrinsically, you are spoiled. Your hands are soft and unworked, your mummy still pays for your groceries and you have a manservant to wipe your ass when you’ve finished shitting. You were raised on state-funded winning and excuses for failure. You would never survive even a day in the wild, you shrink from adversity like a child fleeing the hand of an abusive father and you speak like a ten-year old. You have no place in the dirtier arguments of the NBA, you consider yourself above them. Steph and his superteam have coddled you, made you feeble with his asterisk rings. The thought of supporting a REAL player, somebody you have to FIGHT for scares you too much. You are, and forever will be, bitchmade.
Kawhi Leonard - You will never understand why the rest of us are so jealous of you. Kawhi has his rings, he has his fan love and he has an excuse to retire early and not embarrass you with the sight of having to watch him average 7 points a game for the Grizzlies at the age of 36. You support a basketball player who isn’t. Kawhi is now little more than a myth, a legend of the rings of yesteryear that echoes throughout the barren planes of San Antonio and Toronto. All you, as his trusted liege can do is keep the flame alive for as long as you can. The winds may howl and call him a pussy for his load management but as long as you shelter the flame, and Kawhi keeps conveniently getting injured when the Clippers need him, you will be safe. They will always remember the Philly shot. That’s all you need.
Joel Embiid - He can’t keep getting away with this, right? I mean, you put in WORK to get him that MVP, more work than he did, and this is how he repays you? You remember a time when you laughed at the fans of ringless players. AI, Melo, Lillard, Chris Paul, Harden until he saw the light, all bums. Embiid would get you a ring, he was designed to get you a ring, he had to get you a ring. You deserve a ring. You sat through the rebuild, all those injury problems, Ben fucking Simmons, all because you were promised a ring. And every year you would say ‘we lost because of this thing that isn’t Embiid’s fault, we’ll be back next year!’. And for a while, the public believed you. They bought your tales and your lies. Not anymore. They know the truth now, and they hate him for it. Deep down, you do too.
Kevin Durant - How many times will KD ‘seek a new challenge’ or ‘make the move right for him’ before you come to terms with what he is? He’s a nasty ring chaser, and that’s okay. Everyone would respect you more if you just admitted it. You can cope all you want and justify all his moves by claiming ‘toxic environment!’ or ‘the front office hated him!’ but even you don’t believe that, you just say it to save face. The worst part is, you haven’t heard the worst of it yet. KD has gone remarkably unscrutinized by NBA media as a whole, but when people start to question whether the most remarkable unicorn the NBA had seen since Wemby should have more than two state-funded rings, you might have some explaining to do. Maybe he should have stayed loyal to Oakland. Not OKC though, fuck that place.
James Harden - I want you to find a coin right now and flip it, catch it in your hand and turn it over. Take note of what side it lands on and keep flipping it until it lands on the other side. If you can flip this coin 56 times and have it land on the same side every time, congratulations! You have matched the statistical probability of the 2018 Rockets missing 27 consecutive threes. What this exercise should show you is that God is real and for whatever reason, he hates James Harden. Spare your soul and support a real player instead.
Giannis Antetokounmpo - Nobody has ever enjoyed a Giannis performance without already being a fan of Giannis in the first place. He is perhaps the most consistently boring superstar to watch. He never takes threes unless they’re wide open, he has never had a super interesting or acrobatic dunk, he loves free throws and he makes about 14 barely contested layups per game. He has no dribbling bag and his defence relies on simply being large. He is a boring player, and you know this, because that’s why you like him. Your idea of ‘good basketball’ is simply the person who can score the most points with the highest efficiency. You live and die by the box score because you genuinely think that’s the objective way of saying who had the best game. You could be sat in front of an Excel spreadsheet instead of a Bucks game and have essentially the same amount of fun, because your brain has been programmed to release dopamine whenever it sees three numbers over 10 next to each other. You are boring, we all think you’re dull, and when the rest of us are discussing real basketball we don’t want you anywhere near us because your idea of humour is just saying the jokes that Giannis said again. An Allen Iverson comp would kill you on the spot.
Russell Westbrook - It would be easy to make a joke about how much you miss 2017 and how you pretended it still is to try and stop the pain from setting in, but to be honest I honestly think you do still genuinely believe it to be 2017. For you, time hasn’t progressed at all. You’ve been known to play Despacito and Ed Sheeran when you get the aux and you can’t stop talking about how excited you are for Infinity War to come out. And yes, you do still somehow believe Russell Westbrook is a good player. Despite all your friends and family pleading with you to move on and showing you Youtube videos of that time he hit the side of the backboard, you firmly believe that Russ is still cooking on the Thunder. I can promise you, it doesn’t get better. Wake up now before we lose you forever.
Nikola Jokic. You are a 35 year old white guy with a beard and glasses who would, if asked to, happily pay to get advanced basketball statistics. Your life is filled with words like ‘True Shooting’ and ‘Player Impact Estimate’ that the rest of us couldn’t give a single shit about. You are who KD was talking about when he said people watch basketball through a graph. If I showed you a powerpoint saying that Mike Conley is the piece missing from the Suns to make them chip favourites you would believe me as long as I added in enough bar graphs. You have a poster of Ernie on your wall. You have never discussed basketball without double checking a fact on your phone. When you go to a bar in a city you don’t know you make a big deal about ordering local beers, and if the guy next to you didn’t hear you order it you order it again but louder. You have strong opinions on pirating that nobody agrees with. You are probably a centrist. You have no idea how much I pity you.
Luka Doncic - There are two types of Luka fans, the hollow, soulless Mavs fan who physically cannot talk about his team without saying the phrase ‘We just need to get Luka some help’, and the 16 year old jerker who’s brain instinctively goes ‘Luka Doncic is Devin Booker father’ the second they see his name. Both are equally hard to talk to, but at least the Mavs fan has an excuse for their suicidal demeanour. The jerker is barely even a human at this point, a bag of flesh that surrounds an endless stream of catchphrases and recycled memes. Luka Doncic is Devin Booker father. If you laughed at that for the second time, seek therapy or employment.
Jayson Tatum - Bro I am NOT GAY, I promise but IF I was, IF bro, IF I was then of course I would have sweaty man sex with Jayson Tatum, he’s just cute bro it’s not gay to say that bro it isn’t I swear. What? Tatum’s game isn’t good enough to justify the lengths I’ll go to defend him? He’s not really all that and I only love him so much because I think he’s sexually attractive. Nah bro you’re crazy for that one I won’t lie, just because Tatum’s lips are soft like pillows and I like the way his ass jiggles and I wish the NBA would let him play without a shirt on doesn’t make me gay bro you’re crazy for that one.
Zion Williamson - The Great Zion Debate revolves around a single word; ‘if’. IF Zion was to play regularly, he’d probably be top 3 bigs in the league, but guess what? He doesn’t, so he isn't. That should be a very simple thing to understand, but Zion fans love nothing more than to drag everyone into a world full of hypotheticals and make-believe, where anything is possible except Zion’s shitty conditioning being his own fault. Eventually you’ll be spat out of their portal wearing nothing but a lobster bib and a Jose Alvarado jersey, fully believing that it’s AD’s fault that Zion loves food more than he loves his own mother. After all, you can’t say he plays bad if he simply never plays.
Damian Lillard - Oh fuck you’re so cool man, you’re so cool because the player you support is so loyal man, that just makes you so much cooler than everyone else man. Ignore all the times you’ve screamed for him to be traded because the Trail Blazers are a complete poverty franchise, that doesn’t matter because Dame is so loyal and cool man, Dame time baby let’s go! Let’s fucking go! Who cares that the current state of the NBA would be exactly the same if Dame was never drafted and spent his entire life delivering DnD equipment to Portland’s extensive collective of people who couldn’t care less about basketball, he’s so clutch! Ignore all the red flags and hope the Lakers come through with a trade request. You’ll need post-season success more than you think in the years to come.
Chris Paul - When Chris Paul retires without a ring, which is a near guarantee unless Phoenix fix their shit or he begs Denver to take his dog ass for a season, what will you do? You probably gave up on your hopes of a ring around the same time Harden fans did, but man 2021 gave you hope didn’t it? Just for a second you felt what it was like to support a real player, a real man. Not the banana boat enthusiast who choked leads like they were Bart Simpson, but a player who could maybe win something someday. It must have been nice while it lasted. Then, reality set in. To be honest, I don’t really know who I’m talking to with this one. Chris Paul surely doesn’t have any fans left. He barely even has his own family on his side. Ah well, you’ll always have Lob City. And Kim K.
Jimmy Butler - It’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it. Ever since Jimmy realised he could just blame KAT for all the T’wolves failings you’ve carried on that legacy for as long as you can remember. Maybe if Bam plays better against Denver your beloved Jordan surrogate won’t have to be directly outscored by UDFA’s every night. It’s okay though, Jimmy has ‘fundamentals’. You love fundamentals don’t you, they’re that thing you use when you don’t have any actual arguments to say why Jimmy’s better than the perennial MVP candidate you’ve set him up against for no reason. You can whine and cope and say ‘he makes his teammates better’ but if that were true, wouldn’t he have achieved something in Chicago, or with that very promising Minnesota roster? Surely it must be someone else’s fault. Maybe it’s the leagues for hiring referees. Or maybe it’s KAT’s fault again. Who knows.
Kyrie Irving - Kyrie fans are the rare breed of basketball fan that actually play basketball, the problem is that they think they’re him with the handles and the ankle breakers and the and-ones, but in reality they are complete fucking garbage. I will never choose you to play pickup with unless you are the last option and I will never pass you the ball because I don’t want to watch you bounce it off your own thigh for 20 minutes. And dude, can you please stop talking about the Zionist New World Order or whatever the fuck you saw on Twitter last night? I fucking doubt the guy with the MAGA Pepe pfp has links deep in the US government, so forgive me for not believing that they put aphrodisiacs in the tap water so that we spend all our money on babies, just help me guard their sharpshooter or fuck off. And wear some deodorant fucking hell.
Devin Booker - You know, if a player needs All-Star candidates at every other position on the court just to progress to the Conference Finals, chances are that player isn’t very good. This thought does not register in the mind of the Booker fan, who genuinely believes that KD, Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton isn’t enough help. Your greed knows no bounds and will swallow you whole one day, yet in your lust for power you fail to turn inwards. Where was Booker vs the Mavs that one time? Why did he only score 12 points vs the Nuggets this year? Is he stupid? Does he not know he can play well in big games? No, no, clearly the Suns just need to trade Cam Payne and Ayton for Sabonis or AD or some other top 5 big, surely that’s where the problem lies right? Wait, what do you mean salary cap?
Ja Morant - Oh man I feel bad for you. You’re probably a guy who just enjoys basketball as a spectacle, who doesn’t particularly care about winning or losing as long as you get to watch the most entertaining players in the league pull off the most ridiculously flashy plays. Isn’t that what we all want, deep down? Maybe you were raised on a healthy diet of Vince Carter or D Rose, maybe you just think a guy who can jump over another guy for a bucket is neat, whatever the answer is you’re trapped with this fucking idiot who can’t keep himself out of trouble. Now the team you touted as the most exciting in the league is the most hated in the league, and through no fault of your own you look like a fucking idiot. Worse still, the sheen has come off the Grizzlies young core and now people actually expect them to start winning, probably without Ja. Consider suing Instagram before Adam Silver demands Ja be burned at the stake for his transgressions against his fellow players.
Trae Young - Yes, we all remember that New York series. Yes, we all thought Ice Trae was hot shit at the time. But guess what? That was 2 years ago and Trae has shown no signs of progressions since. Still a liability on defence, still a massive ball hog and still ugly as fuck. Just face the facts and admit that without these rivalries you create, be it with New York or Luka or whoever, Trae would be the most forgettable player in the league. Three point specialists are a dime a dozen in the post-Steph era, and there’s nothing to really separate your fave from Dame or Paul George or De’Aaron Fox or any other number of downtown dwellers. Also like dude, come on, he’s so ugly. Have some self respect.
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2023.06.05 01:15 Selkcahs Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer

Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer
Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer
Image by Rhystic Studies
Hi guys, my name is Selkcahs ( and I’m an Argentinian MTG/MTGO Grinder that has played competitive Magic for the last 10 years and enjoys writing MTG Primers. While i have dabled myself in a multitude of formats, I've been always pulled back to Pauper due to it’s unique qualities and characteristics.
I’ve also played a lot of Archetypes but I've had modestly successful results in the competitive scene with the infamous Red Deck Wins ( While a great many players see themselves above the simplicity of playing Red Aggro, choosing more complex and colorful options; I've always respected the core idea behind it: finding the faster and most efficient way to kill your opponent.
“A harmony of mathematical precision” - The Architect expressing his thoughts about the efficiency of Red Deck Wins.
That being said, i think it was about time for me to immerse into what is the most dominant Red Aggro Archetype that has ever been seen in the Format; so I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I've enjoyed the writing.

A bit of history first...
A long time ago, when extra Mana in the Pool burned you and Combat Damage used the Stack, a man made history and revolutionized the whole idea of Deckbuilding in Magic forever. That man was called Paul Sligh, who made 2nd Place in the Atlanta PTQ in 1996 with a deck that by all standards (old and new) seems lackluster and not suited for competitive play.
The deck itself wasn’t fancy at all and it didn’t play the best cards of his time (it even broke the Golden rule in Magic, to not play more than 60 cards), but it did 1 thing particulary well: It curved with Creatures and Spells from Turn 1, which allowed it to maintain the Tempo advantage with early board presence and pressure. This game plan was helped by Red damage spells that served both as Removals to control the board and Burn to damage directly the opponent’s life totals.
The results obtained by Paul in the tournament were so impactful in the Magic competitive scene that from that point on the new decks that followed the same game plan were named “Sligh” in honour of the man that started a new era of building and playing Aggro strategies (even if the original deck idea was designed by another famous player, Jay Schneider).
While we have come a long road from that 1996 Atlanta PTQ, the core concepts of that first Mono Red Archetype sticked trough almost all formats: efficient and cheap creatures, combined with Burn spells that focused on closing the game as fast as possible, is a perfectly sound plan to achieve victory in the game of Magic.

The Red Menace
Since the beginning of the Pauper format, the Red Aggro Archetype has existed because the best Burn spells in the game are commons (Fireblast, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and all the subsequent and weaker iterations). Despite that, Red Aggro in Pauper historically lacked cheap and efficient creatures to complement their game plan, which meant that it existed as a 2nd Tier deck at most that could only achieve good results sporadically.
But that is the past brother, because in the year 2022 Wizards released Double Masters; an expansion focused on reprints that made the fatal mistake of downgrading to common one of the best Red creatures ever printed:
She’s beautiful, isn’t she?
The moment Monastery was legal on Pauper the entire metagame warped around it, classic Burn decks started playing very similarly to their Legacy counterpart thanks to now having an efficient and hard-to-answer creature. In a few weeks, the format gave birth to a new iteration of Red Aggro called Hot Dogs; which used Monastery, Kiln Fiend and Festival Crasher; paired with various cheap and “free” spells, to deliver One Turn Kills before Turn 4.
- Hot Dogs:
When the meta adapted and started efficiently countering the fragile game plan of deploying few early creatures and going all-in for the OTK, Red Mages commited themselves to explore other nefarious ways to abuse their new Prowess girlfriend until someone hit the jackpot when he realized that a combination of Red/Colorless Artifacts allowed you to play Kuldotha Rebirth in a Red Aggro shell with few concessions thanks to cards like Great Furnace, Chromatic Star, Implement of Combustion and Experimental Synthetizer.
The most important of those Artifact cards was Synthethizer because it provided something that was unkown to most Burn players until then: Card Advantage. Since that first Sligh deck, Monored has caracterized itself for being all about the Tempo advantage, trading at most 1 for 1 while abusing the early game pressure to nullify the extra cards that your opponent would have in hand until you managed to kill them.
With the adition of Synthetizer players started searching other Red cards that provided some sort of Card Advantage when they realized that effects like Reckless Impulse were essentially “Draw 2 cards” when you have that many cheap spells that can be easily deployed during the course of 2 Turns. And thus, the abomination was given birth:
- Kuldotha Red:
When the deck was in its apogee, Wizards decided it was a good idea to print another Reckless Impulse; this time named Wrenn’s Resolve. This meant that while Kuldotha continued as a perfectly consistent game plan, Red Decks now had enough card advantage to not even need to play the board with small creatures and focus on more Burn Spells and “Ping” creatures that, if left unanswered, will usually mean a swift and violent death.
- Mono Red Burn:

The Primer itself
Okay, this storytelling until now has been nice and fun, but i promised you a Primer (which usually means an explanation in depth of the Archetype itself) and so i shall deliver:
- The Rations
Yeah you guessed it, we will be playing the best lands a Red Aggro deck can wish for: untapped Basic Mountains. While the most important thing about that beautiful Red mana generator is that it comes Untapped, the Mountain Type is extremely important whenever you are playing cards like Fireblast or Lava Dart. In adittion to those, we also have some more interesting options at our disposal for different purposes:
  • Mountain: Everything we really need to be honest.
  • Great Furnace: Oh boy do i wish i could play 18 of this bad boys, but being able to use 4 in any interation of Burn that abuses Artifacts is good enough.
  • The Autonomous Furnace: the only tapped land that we can afford to play because it allows us to increase our chances of not getting screwed in the early game while also cycling itself in the Mid/Late stages of the match. You will usually see it as a 1-of and sometimes as a 2-of.
  • Forgotten Cave: A card no longer used in most lists because it can’t be cycled when revealed with “exile” effects.

- The Troops
As we already discussed, a fundamental part of RDW is having efficient creatures to put pressure in the early game, and this are the best options avalaible right now:
  • Monastery Swiftspear: Nuff said, it’s so good that its played in any format it’s legal. While to the inexpert eye it may not seem that oppressive, you will soon realize that Prowess triggers with EVERYTHING that is not a creature and that it’s almost impossible to safely block because it can always be pumped in various ways during the Combat Phase. In all intents and purposes, a busted card.
  • Voldaren Epicuren: a seemingly inoffensive 1/1 that does A LOT of things, which are dealing direct damage when it ETB and giving you a token Artifact that allows you to cycle useless cards (usually extra Lands). While the card is good by itself, it will always be played in iterations of the deck that can abuse the Artifact Blood Token in various ways.
  • Goblin Blast-Runner: A new 1-drop that can deal a lot of damage when you can consistently sacrifice permanents each turn.
  • Kuldotha Rebirth: While Kuldotha is a Sorcery, it represents three 1/1 Creatures for 1 mana as long as you can easily get an artifact to sacrifice. While it may seem not that broken, anyone that has played with or against it knows how much of a powerhouse it is.
  • Goblin Bushwacker: A monster of a card that multiplies the damage of your board unexpectedly, allowing you to deal massive amounts of damage; used specifically to abuse Kuldotha Rebirth.
  • Dwarven Forge-Chanter: The best Red Prowess card besides Monastery, having to deal 2 damage to kill it with a spot removal makes it feel like a common Eidolon of the Great Rebel sometimes.
  • Kessig Flamebreather: A “Ping” creature utilized in more Burn focused lists.
  • Thermo-Alchemist: Another “Ping” creature like Kessig, used to complement it.
  • Burning-Tree Emissary: Another beast of an infrequent downgraded to common. Multiple copies of her in the early game can give you an unfair Tempo advantage while also being decent in the Midgame when combined with other cards.
  • Underworld Rage-Hound: A creature that has seen little use but that has a lot of potential in grindy matchups.
  • Burning Prophet: A card that has seen little use mainly due to how inconsistent the Scry value usually is in redundant Aggro decks.

- The Guns
One fundamental component of Red Aggro is playing cards that deal direct damage to the opponent, to their creatures or both; here are the best options in today’s Pauper:
  • Lightning Bolt: The best red damage spell ever printed, period.
  • Chain Lightning: The next best thing after Lightning Bolt, a bit tricky to play against decks with easy access to double Red.
  • Galvanic Blast: An extremely powerful burn spell as long as you can consistently have Metalcraft; in the worst cases it works as a Shock which usually gets the job done.
  • Lava Dart: The bane of Faires and most 1 thoughness Creatures while also providing 2 triggers in 1 card of Prowess/Ping. A monster of a card in the right situation.
  • Fireblast: 0 mana for 4 damage? Well yes we’ll take it. The small detail of having 2 sacrifice 2 Mountains is usually little relevant in the Mid/Late game.
  • Searing Blaze: An historic 2x1 card for Burn. While it usually shines in formats with Fetchlands, it’s still good enough when played on your turn with the natural landrop.
  • Lava Spike: 1 mana for 3 damage to the face is usually all you really need when playing a list focused on burning your opponent directly.
  • Rift Bolt: One of the “worst” 1 mana burn spell due to having to wait 1 turn to work or costing 3 (which is sub-optimal to say the least).
  • Skewer the Critics: The least used “Bolt” of the pack due to how hard can it be to cast for 1 mana in a lot of situations.
  • Firebolt: A sorcery Shock with an expensive Flashback, rarely used.
  • Seal of Fire: Another niche card that has it uses when you want to use Trigger effects while saving the “shock” for later.
  • Needle Drop: A tool from another time when Red Burn decks didn’t had any real access to card advantage, rarely used this days.
  • Goblin Grenade: A niche option for decks that heavily use Goblins creatures.
  • Shock: Just don’t play this, please.
  • Curse of the Pierced Heart: If i find you playing this card we gonna have problems okay? This is from a bygone era when Burn was desperate for a way to maintain damage-over-time; this is no longer the case now that we have access to card advantage mechanisms.

- The Ammo
While for classic Burn players the adittion of non-land cards that don’t efficiently deal direct damage or inmediatly increase the board presence may seem strange, they are the sole reason why Burn stopped being a Tier 2/3 deck and become the undisputed master of the format.
  • Reckless Impulse/Wrenn’s Resolve: Both cards do exactly the same effect, they exile 2 cards until the end of your next turn; for all intents are purposes, in a low curve Burn deck, this effectively is “2 mana, draw 2 cards”. This type of card advantage allows Burn to not be afraid of play the value game and it’s common nowadays seeing Red Aggro outgrinding their opponents thanks to this kind of tools.
  • Experimental Syntethizer: An absolute beast of an Artifact, when correctly played it represents a 3x1 card advantage that is extremely hard to deal with. Do take in mind that the card exiled must be played the same turn or it will be lost; but then again, this is usually an easy endeavour in a low curve deck.
  • Chromatic Star: A card that cycles itself while providing an Artifact. Usually used by lists with Kuldotha Rebirth.
  • Implement of Combustion: A cousin of Chromatic Star, it deals damage when being manually cycled but it doesn’t provide mana. Depending on your approach to the Archetype you may sometimes find more value in the extra point of damage instead of regaining the invested mana when cycling with Star.
  • Mutagenic Growth: A “free” pump spell specially useful in Prowess based lists.
  • Manamorphse: A card that allows “free” triggers of Ping and Prowess creatures.

- The Garrison
Sometimes people don’t like being burned to death, so they will try to employ strategies to prevent us from doing that; and while when choosing between only Red card our Sideboaes options may seem limited, we have more than enough tools against most decks in the format.
  • End the Festivities: It allows us to deal with 1 thougness creatures for 1 mana while also doing a bit of damage to the opponent. An extremely efficient sweeper that is sometimes Mainborded.
  • Electrickery: Instant sweeper that can very relevant against Faeries or Bushwacker + Kuldotha.
  • Pyroblast/Red Elemental Blast: The anti-Blue hate cards by default, they come in handy specially to counter opposing Hydroblast/Blue Elemental Blast. You will always find youself using Pyroblast over REB (unless you want more than 4 copies) because Pyro can be played against any permanent/spell even if it’s not Blue, thus allowing us to get a Prowess/Ping trigger if needed.
  • Gorilla Shaman: A monkey that hates Affinity almost as much as you, while useless against Bridges it can get a lot of value against normal Artfifact Lands and other pesky permanents. Ironically, it can be sided in sometimes against Kuldotha based lists trying to punish their heavy Artifact use.
  • Smash to Smithereens: Destroying an artfact and dealing 3 damage? You are playing Burn, what else do you really need?
  • Shattering Blow: In a format plagued by indestructible Bridges, Shattering Blow can win some games by itself in the right situations.
  • Relic of Progenitus: The best Graveyard hate in the format, as long as you are not heavily depending on your own Graveyard to play.
  • Raze: We will usually have far more Lands that we need to comfortly operate, which allows us to trade 1x2 to destroy powerful enemy Lands like Bouncelands, Basilisk Gate and Lands enchanted with Utopia Sprawl/Abundant Growth.
  • Molten Rain: Paying 3 mana to destroy a Land is a lot for us, you are probably better with Raze in most situations.
  • Flaring Pain: A great way to bypass effects that prevent damage, specially against cards like Prismatic Strands.
  • Flame Slash: 1 mana for 4 damage to a creature is great way to clear the board and keep swinging our boys sideways.
  • Mine Collapse: A “free” removal spells that can take out most creatures in the format.
  • Martyr of Ashes: An old card no longer used due to how hard it is to get good value out of it.

- The Battle Plan
Von Moltke after he casted 3 Lightning Bolts to the face and the opponent responded with a Weather the Storm.
“A game plan for Burn? Isn’t as easy as just targeting all our spells to the opponent’s face while we swing with our creatures?”
Oh my sweet summer child, you couldn’t be more wrong. While Aggro decks in general (specially Red ones) have a straightforward strategy of killing the opponent as fast as possible, and sometimes you will encounter yourself with “automatic” hands where the road to victory is extremely clear; this also means that the slightest mistake can put you in a position where you lack the resources needed to close the game. Countless games of Magic have been lost because the opponent stayed at 1 life away of lethal only for you to realize that you missed that 1 point of damage in a seemingly unimportant missplay some turns before.
So the central point is: you will probably have to take a lot less decisions when playing Red Aggro than other more “complicated” Archetypes, so you better think things through really well because having few decisions means that the smallest innacuracy will often have dire consequences.

“Okay, okay, Got it. Just don’t fuck up and point everything to the face then?”
Wrong again, probably the worst play Monored can do today is Turn 1: Mountain, Bolt to the face. While more classic iterations of the Archetype focus on incinerating the opponent’s life total as fast as possible, we have learnt better. While Red Aggro’s goal is to maximize the damage dealt to the opponent, usually the most efficient way to do this is by sticking a few good Threats into the board and using our damage spells to control it and consistently deal damage over time; a plan that is helped by our newfound access to Card Advantage that will keep Creatures and Burn spells flowing turn after turn. Thus, we will only point our Bolts directly to the face when they will allow us to close the game in the immeadiate future.
While in the 2 current iterations of RDW we will see a propensity of Kuldotha caring more on maintaining board control and Ping Burn more focused on burning directly the opponent, neither of this decks can afford to mindlessly waste their Bolts.

“So you mean that i have to THINK when playing Monored?”
Sadly yes, besides the nut draw where you will win the match effortlessly you will need to find the right balance between board development, card advantage and burning the fuck out of your opponent’s creatures/life points. Playing correctly will usually allows us to neutralize the few ways our adversary has to counter us:
  • Did the opponent chained 2/3 Weather the Storm and went up to 60 lifes?
No problem mate, they have just lost those cards because we will be grinding them out with card advantage and our creatures will eventually drain their life attacking, even if it takes a good couple of turns.
  • Is the opponent holding multiple Blue mana open with potential Counterspell effects?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. If they are leaving a lot of mana open and unused, they probably won’t be able to advance their game plan either, we can just gather our cheap resources and play them all together baiting their responses. If we play something and it resolves, we call it a win and continue to let them waste their Tempo; if they do decide to user their Countermagic, we then have an opening to resolve a potentially more powerful spell, which should be something that provides card advantage that would then allows to happily trade one of those extra resources to their Counterspells later.
  • Are they killing each and every creature we put on the Board?
Well after all we are called Burn for something and while we do like to use our creatures to push damage, we are more than happy to go the incendiary route when needed. Also, as long as you don’t walk into a sweeper situation that allows the opponent to trade 1 big removal for several of our resources, we should be able to eventually utilize our card advantage to put into play more threats than the amount of removals spells our opponent have.
  • Is the opponent drawing a lot of cards, gaining life and also pressuring us?
Well give me a break, you can’t win them all. Sadly sometimes you will lose no matter what you do, specially if the opponent is well prepared and teched against Burn. With all the positives we have discussed here, in some situations playing a Monocolor Aggro deck that everyone is expecting is not the smartest choice; but even then, current RDW is so powerful that with a bit of luck you can even get good results against the harshest of matchups.

Burn samples:
Kuldotha samples:

Okay, that’s been a long one for me and i hope that everyone that read it had a good time. As of June 2023, and since the release of the Lady in Red in June 2022, we have experienced an undisputed dominance of the different variants of Red Deck Wins that shaped the format around it; basically, if you are playing a deck that is too slow to withstand an early Monastery/Kuldotha opening you are setting yourself up for a rough time in Pauper. This have forced the players to choose between 3 main option if they decide to play the format competitively:
  1. Play a Burn variant.
  2. Play an anti-Burn Archetype.
  3. Play a “Combo” deck that tries to ignore being set on fire while it does it’s own thing.
As the Pauper Format Panel (PFP), who’s in charge of monitoring the “health” of the metagame, has stated multiple times that they think there are no changes needed in the format; we are left with the only option of basking in ther infinite knowledge and enjoy being constantly burned to death if we want to continue playing Pauper in the foreseable future.
If you enjoyed the reading be sure to check my other Primers:
I also have a Patreon that, while mainly focused on the UW Caw-Gate Archetype right now, provides anything related to the Pauper format; including decks discussion, metagame analysis and coaching services.
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2023.05.30 18:06 TheBatBruceWayne 24 [F4R] Germany - just looking for someone fun to talk to and exchange our silly little interests!

Currently looking for Internships and writing CVs and its super sunny and nice outside and the fact that Im not just chilling somewhere by the lake reading a book and doing nothing is a bit depressing lol! But Im getting some boba soon so at least theres that! Before I tell you a bit about myself, what Im looking for is someone around my age (20-27 thats a must) and preferably someone from Europe so that the time zones match and also preferably someone female but Im not getting my hopes up too high on the last one lol lol. Also of course someone who hopefully resonates with my post. Creeps and the usual 18+ p*rn profiles will be ghosted, Im warning you beforehand 👻 Im also attaching a pic of myself and you’re free to provide one too!
Anyway that all! Hope to hear from you soon. C u later🐊
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2023.05.28 15:03 menace_to_theworld Sometimes I make my discord pfp a matching icon even though I'm matching with nobody.

It makes me feel less lonley
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2023.05.28 06:56 ComprehensiveLab8225 M22 ADHD [ habits job mindfulness noporn sleep ] accountability partner(s) search

UTC+6 (but I don't care about your timezone).
I'd like to find someone who's currently trying to incorporate the same habits in their life as I do, to add also some bi-directional (?) accountability.
The list of habits is: no porn (mins \0), sleep (wake up & go to bed at acceptable time \2), taking meds (\3), hygiene (teeth morning\evening \2), meditation (mins \20), journaling (mins \20), cleaning (dishwashing does not counts, mins \10), job (\420), walking (mins \15), "quality" media (\30), youtube (no more than \15), reading (maniac uncontrollable binge-reading does not counts, mins \30), cooking for tomorrow (\1), fasting (\1), non-working communications are offline during the day (\1). There also evaluation of how satisfying the day was, how well did I slept, what drugs did I took except the "usual stack", and at what hour did I finished all the things (that one may be added too early, since I'm not always even beat all that).
If you don't understand what's so difficult about doing normal things - good for you. If you think that I've added to much - last 2 weeks I was doing like 70-90% of that generally, so I consider it just having a space for improvement, rather than overwhelming. And the general dynamic from last 5 months was nice. Except the downfalls, but whatever, I'm ok most of the times.
I'm tracking minutes of what I do for 7 years (and about 1 year in a strike). Just to feel more control over my life, or to see clearly where am I heading to (even if it's a ditch, though it is not, now). Since early January 2023 I also publish daily habit notes, a few (17...) lines like "Habit: 14\30" (=14 minutes\times is done today, out of desired 30), with a little thoughts on a day. So I know that some people will see how well I was doing today (public promises -> public accountability). I medicate (generic atomoxetine) for 48 days already and I'm getting better. Some studies say, that it's plateau may be achieved after many months and possibly years, which is promising. I use identiti app for month because some guy on /b is also using it and we share similar habits (my nickname is @cashuser, habit names/descriptions can be misleading for the sake of them being default ones, so app would automatically associate your habits with such of other person). I use Forfeit app for 2 weeks, added walking and journaling to it (will add more later), set the fee to 1$ but it's still refreshing when charged, and prioritizes added things even higher than your job, lol. And, finally, I'm posting this today (been planning to do so for a good 2 weeks). Incremental progress! Yeaaah!
Why didn't I added working out? It's ultraboring. Would add when I'll get used to all the stuff already present here. Why don't I use beeminer which is sooo cool? It has only 3 habits on free plan. Why don't I use SnapHabit? Because it would be too much apps even if it had userbase (which is doesn't). What's my job? Programming. Where do I post my daily habit reports? You know I post them in Russian... Anyway, telegram @daily_reports_si (the pfp meme is "ME" on the giant wave and "problems" on a surfer).
So, yea. DM me with habits you share (the harder ones the better) and whatever messenger app you're using, if interested. Let's master this life in coop, and get motivated to match each other fail success.
P.S. That post took too long hope I won't miss anything today...
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2023.05.28 04:01 CloudsOntheBrain Help: Groundcover + House Mod Floating Grass Problem

TL;DR : Conflict between mod-added house and Remiros' Groundcover is causing floating grass in the area. Not sure how to get rid of it.

EDIT: Solved!

There was another esp affecting the groundcover that I hadn't edited yet in the Construction Set. I didn't think it was involved because the textures didn't match the grass added by the mod... turns out the textures were being overridden by Remiros' mod, but not the amount of objects being placed.
So I've been using the One Day Morrowind Modernization mod list with OpenMW 0.47, which uses Remiros' Groundcover to handle grass (at least in the Balmora area where I'm seeing this issue). I decided I also wanted to use the plugin from Dave Humphrey's Furniture Store which adds a few purchasable empty homes around Morrowind.
As you can probably guess, the dh_homes.esp plugin changes a few exterior cells to add the new homes... which means there's now a house on the southeast side of Balmora where there used to be a grassy hill. Whatever is generating groundcover thinks there's still a hill there. So there's a bunch of floating grass around and clipping through the house. Very ugly.
I tried manually deleting all the grass in the area using the Construction Set, I also tried using Vert's Tutorial on making the conflicting esp compatible using tes3cmd. The grass is still there. I'm assuming these fixes aren't working because OpenMW doesn't actually have you activate the plugins?
I also tried this tutorial from OpenMW on generating custom groundcover, but it's not fixing the problem either. I'm wondering if I'm on the right track with this one, but I'm doing something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Relevant openmw.cfg lines:
data="E:/MO2/MO2 Globals/Morrowind/mods/Remiros' Groundcover"
Plugin load order: content=Morrowind.esm content=Tribunal.esm content=distant_seafloor_2.00.esm content=Bloodmoon.esm content=Patch for Purists.esm content=Wares-base.esm content=F&F_base.esm content=Tamriel_Data.esm content=OAAB_Data.esm content=Solstheim Tomb of The Snow Prince.esm content=Wares_lists_hold.ESP content=Wares_lists_OAAB.ESP content=Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched.ESP content=Patch for Purists - Semi-Purist Fixes.ESP content=mistify.ESP content=distant seafloor TOTSP 2.2.2 patch.esp content=The Dream is the Door.ESP content=Uvirith's Legacy_3.53.esp content=Patch for Purists - Book Typos.ESP content=Khajiit-BaseReplace.ESP content=Khajiit-NPCPlayable.ESP content=New Argonian Bodies - Clean.esp content=New Khajiit Bodies - Clean.esp content=correctUV Ore Replacer_respawning.esp content=MultiMarkOMW.esp content=MultiMarkOMW-MysticismBalance-1.1.esp content=MultiMarkOMW_UL3.51Plugin.ESP content=SpeechcraftBalance.ESP content=Pickpocket Rebalance 0.15 Mod and 100% chance max.ESP content=OAAB Dwemer Pavements.ESP content=Trackless Grazeland OAAB Dwemer Pavements Patch.ESP content=Container Ownership.ESP content=Dubdilla Location Fix.ESP content=PCD_PFP_Compat.esp content=Dialog_Saved.ESP content=Hospitality_Papers_Expanded_v2.7.esp content=FMI_Nice_to_Meet_You.ESP content=FMI_CaiusBigPackage.ESP content=FMI_#NotAllDunmer.ESP content=FMI_ServiceRefusal_Contraband.ESP content=Containers Animated.esp content=Lake Fjalding Anti-Suck.ESP content=GITD_WL_RR_Interiors.esp content=ghastly gg.esp content=HM_DDD_Ghostfence_v1.0.esp content=HM_DDD_Strongholds_H_v1.0.esp content=HM_DDD_Strongholds_R_v1.0.esp content=HM_DDD_Strongholds_T_v1.0.esp content=Missing snow armor.esp content=TOTSP TD Content Integration - Spiders.esp content=TOTSP TD Content Integration.esp content=TOTSP_abotBoats.esp content=TOTSP_Forceful_Travel_NPC_Override.ESP content=TOTSP_Patch_for_Purists_4.0.2.esp content=Better_Sounds_1.1_Patch_2.esp content=Yet Another Better Sounds Patch - Tavern and Town Sounds Expansion.esp content=F&F_heads_vanilla.ESP content=F&F_No_Sitters.ESP content=dh_furn.esp content=dh_furn_stores.esp content=dh_homes.esp content=Expansion Delay.ESP content=CarryOn.esp content=MBSP-BetterSounds+ncgdMW+ClassSpec.esp content=ncgdMW.esp content=delta-merge.esp 
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2023.05.27 01:12 seasalt_strawberry A reddit that helps you find where a picture came from

Like the artist of the image, the other half of a matching pfp, etc. Is there a subreddit for that or no?
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2023.05.26 20:26 violetsdior I matched with Ash Evans but his pfp broke, what is going onn 😭😭 has anyone else matched with him yet??

I matched with Ash Evans but his pfp broke, what is going onn 😭😭 has anyone else matched with him yet??
I literally had a heart attack when we matched
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2023.05.26 15:59 Zentaurios New Stablecoins and Links to Traditional Finance — ZentaNews 5–26–2023

New Stablecoins and Links to Traditional Finance — ZentaNews 5–26–2023
Bitcoin stablecoin #Stably, Euro pegged stablecoin expands to Avalanche, Binance halted Multichain bridges, international news, nft news, and more! #ZentaNews #CryptoNews #Web3News #InternationalNews
Original posts on
Stably Introduces USD, the First Stablecoin on the Bitcoin Network
Seattle-based fintech firm Stably has announced the launch of USD (hashtagged as #USD), the first stablecoin operating on the Bitcoin network. This represents a significant milestone as it’s the first time…

World News:

South Korea Bill Forces Officials To Reveal Bitcoin Holdings or Face Penalties
The South Korean government is taking measures to regulate the use of digital currencies like Bitcoin by its officials. The government is implementing new laws that will require …
US Congressmen Urge SEC to Maintain Definition of Qualified Custodian Unchanged
In a recent development, Congressmen Michael Flood and Ritchie Torres have written a compelling letter to SEC Chair Gary Gensler, urging the regulatory body to retain the current definition of “qualified c…
Russian Think Tank Profiles BRICS Bank as IMF Counterpart to De-Dollarize Credit Markets
The Roscongress Foundation, a Russian think tank, has profiled the New Development Bank, known as the BRICS bank, as an alternative to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest “Decolonization in…
EU Watchdog Believes Crypto’s Link to Traditional Finance Not Yet Systemically Risky
The European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), in its most recent report on the “systemic implications” of cryptocurrencies, has stated that the crypto sector does not currently pose any systemic risks to the re…
U.S. Treasury Yields Rise and Bitcoin Stumbles Amid Debt Ceiling, Rate Hike Concerns
U.S. Treasury yields experienced a significant rise recently, stirring concerns in the financial markets. This increase is said to have caused Bitcoin, a leading cryptocurrency, to stumble….
Venezuela Aims to Reclaim Over $1.8 Billion in Gold Following the Dissolution of the Interim Government
Venezuela is actively seeking to regain control of more than $1.8 billion worth of gold deposited in the vaults of the Bank of England. This move comes after the dissolution of the interim government in th…
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Joins US Presidential Race, Pledges to Safeguard Bitcoin
Ron DeSantis, the incumbent Governor of Florida, has officially announced his candidacy for the 2024 United States presidential race. DeSantis’ presidential bid was launched on Twitter Spaces, a live audio…

Crypto News:

USBTC Aims to Become Bitcoin Mining Giant After Deal to Buy Celsius Assets
U.S. Bitcoin Corp. (USBTC) is looking to be one of the largest miners in the U.S. by increasing its computing power by 12.2 exahash/second (EH/s), following a deal to buy mining assets from bankrupt lender…
Binance Temporarily Halts Deposits for 10 Multichain-Bridged Tokens
Binance, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, announced a temporary suspension of deposits for ten tokens bridged through the Multichain (MULTI) protocol. This decision comes after a period of stuck transa…
Circle Expands Euro-Pegged Stablecoin to Avalanche Blockchain
Circle, the financial technology firm known for its involvement with stablecoins…
Morgan DF Fintoch Accused of “Rugging” $31.6M in an Apparent Exit Scam
Morgan DF Fintoch, a crypto investment platform, allegedly conducted an exit scam on May 22, 2023, stealing approximately $31.6 million in user funds. The on-chain investigator Zachxbt reported these event…

#NFT News:

Web3 Gaming Company Sorare Adjusted To Match The French Legal Framework
Sorare, a web3 fantasy sports company, is proposing an additional entrance option for participants living in France in order to comply with the country’s planned legislative framework for non-fungible toke…
Axie Infinity Now Allow Users To Forge Unique And Customizable PFP Avata
The blockchain game Axie Infinity has announced the debut of Axie Avatar Forge, which is a standardized and scalable means to give digital identity certificates to players.To begin, users may choose from a…
A Milestone Achievement: Herencia Artifex’s Cross-Genre NFT Project
The HXA project promotes a fusion of creativity that transcends conventional genre boundaries…

Other Posts:

Unraveling the Intricate Web: The Key Differences Between the Metaverse and Virtual Reality
The journey of understanding technological marvels such as the Metaverse and Virtual Reality (VR) is fascinating yet intricate. Both are concepts deeply rooted in the realm of technology and digital experi…
Building A Winning Business Schedule That Meets Your Needs Mama
Building a schedule for your business is essential to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and that everyone is working efficiently. A schedule can help to increase productivity, reduce stress level…
Institutional Investors and Their Role in Starbucks Corporation
Institutional investors play a significant role in the Starbucks Corporation, with these investors owning more than half of the company As such, these institutions can collectively exert substantial influe…

Web3 Events:

“Welcome to The Access Age” at Kingfisher's Corner™ Episode 24
Shared By: Will T
May 26 9:00 AM - May 26 10:00 AM
Twitter Space
Product Review - Virtual Environments informational resource Top 10 Metaverses With Potential in 2023 -
View Full Page and Share
#Zentaurios Zenta News #Web3Media #ZentaPost #ZentaNews
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2023.05.24 15:24 castlekissed does my pfp and banner match??

does my pfp and banner match?? submitted by castlekissed to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.05.23 19:54 DevThaGodfatha Bio pet peeves?

Pretty explanatory Lol. Name your bio and/or pfp (profile picture) pet peeves
“I’m not texting first” in a girls bio makes me think “sheesh , never mind then”. That’s a turn off . As a man my first instinct is to text first but putting that out there like that seems pretty stuck up.
Also seeing a grown ass man on the women’s side of swiping. I’m a heterosexual male. It’s not even that they’re an alternative gender and/or sexuality with different pronouns or whatever, they’re just gay men trying to match with undercover booty bandits. Like get the fuck off my screen dude.
Thoughts ? List yours below
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2023.05.23 01:25 iBarthVader Can somebody pls make a matching pfp of Mordekaiser w the same kind of art style? I want to match w my Mordekaiser main friend <3

Can somebody pls make a matching pfp of Mordekaiser w the same kind of art style? I want to match w my Mordekaiser main friend <3 submitted by iBarthVader to MordekaiserMains [link] [comments]

2023.05.22 15:42 Liza3437 Cursed with the ability to tan

I realize this is petty but take note of my age
I'll try to put my hodgepodge of thoughts into words. I (M16) consider myself moderatelly good looking as far as Modern-beauty standards go. I have a good chisel, square jaw, symmetrical face and wavy hair. To give a brief overview I usually hit it off w/ women, I've had a gf but alas, I attend an all boy private school so dating mostly seems like a dead-end. I actually thought I hit it off as while I was matched with this certain Aussie girl, lets call her "Sam," and made her day supposedly as I made her laugh a few times at my jokes, but when it came to exchanging instas I was met with, "Are you indian?", whereas I replied with a confused, "no?" "Are you sure?" I said it didn't matter. She just then left, but it was as if a sharp object thrusted inside me leaving me with an overlooming cloud of dread, and a sense of inadequacy I can't just shake away. So I have spanish descent, and the sun can give me very prominent tan lines, moreover its a well known fact Spain's populous has a lot of Middle-Eastern influence. This is the thing that kinda hurt deeply, I was always complimented on my deep-set eyes and sharp features but now I feel deeply hurt like some "other" on the internet. This evidently was a pfp of me who had just come from a hiking trip, so I had the tan line of a tortilla wrap bordering the inner portion of sweet mollases brown bread. Sorry I am not the most germanic person in the world? It made me realize the stigma on minorities primarily indian men, which I don't believe I look too much of(not like the actor of borat). Really I don't know what to do and its a problem I haven't encountered before. Is this a curse I have to live with, being categorized as dejected trash?
Honestly it's just one person but its like something in my soul-shattered, and I am having a very difficult time coping with my situation.
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2023.05.21 19:43 NotBot0-0 Why is it so hard to move on?

it all started at august 2021 when i first saw her online... at first shes sweet and showing affection and then we got together after a week and then after few days before we got together she lied to me about her mom and and blocked me for 4 days and matched pfp with her ex and after that 4 days she went to add me again and said "we need to break up my mom doesnt want u" but the way shes calling her bestfriend makes me think of maybe shes lying bc that bestfriend of hers is a playgirl... i told my ex that i can pretend to be a girl just to stay and she agreed the time i begged her... and then she agreed and matched pfp w me i know she cheated w her ex but i still stayed bc i love her and shes my first love... and then our relationship went well til november last year she cheated on me with someone and made an alt account to talk with that guy i figured it out the time i secretly looked at her notifications... she denied its her acc but the name of the account is her name like fuc- n i still stayed even tho its so painful for me and she became cold to me and on xmas i gave her nitro and caught her talking w another guy and she told me why am i not giving her privacy... i was like so tired of that time... i cut myself with blade and lost appetite... and we broke up exactly at xmas which makes my xmas so cold... after that break up i still chased her n apologized even tho im not the one who cheated n i just wanted an apology... and still rn i ask myself why it is so hard to move on.
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2023.05.21 09:35 Justwonderinif Trial 1 & Trial 2

Wednesday, December 8, 1999 / Trial 1
Thursday, December 9, 1999 / Trial 1
Friday, December 10, 1999 / Trial 1
Monday, December 13, 1999 / Trial 1
Tuesday, December 14, 1999 / Trial 1
Wednesday, December 15, 1999 / Trial 1
Thursday, December 16, 1999
  • Adnan's defense team makes another application for bail.
December 23, 1999
  • Bilal graduates from dental school
Thursday, December 30, 1999
  • Amended State's Disclosure Not Missing Prosecution discloses that the two hairs that did not match the defendant, also did not match Hae Min Lee.
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Monday, January 3, 2000
Tuesday, January 4, 2000
  • Adnan's parents make $5,000.00 payment to Christina Gutierrez
  • Jay is scheduled to be sentenced on this day. The original date for Adnan's trial was October 13, and the state expected Adnan's trial to be concluded by January 4. Jay is told not to come to court for sentencing until Adnan's trial is concluded.
  • Baltimore Circuit Judge Roger W. Brown dismisses charges against four men accused of killing Shawn L. Suggs, 21 -- on the grounds that the courts are overwhelmed. By law, defendants have to be tried within six months of their first court appearance, or the charges could be dropped. The case was postponed seven times after the speedy trial deadline had passed.
Thursday, January 6, 2000
Friday, January 7, 2000
Monday, January 10, 2000
Friday, January 14, 2000
Saturday, January 15, 2000
Monday, January 17, 2000
Tuesday, January 18, 2000
Thursday, January 20, 2000
  • On Friday, January 21, Judge Heard says, "We've heard some preliminary motions..." This implies that we are missing a session from January 20 (or even 19), or, that the morning of January 21 is either missing, or unrecorded.
  • Gutierrez's stipulation of the pages with Cell Sites indicated is a big issue for the IAC claim. Yet we don't seem to have a record of her stipulating to this.
Friday, January 21, 2000
  • Almost all the pages are missing. Judge Heard says that motions were heard earlier. That could have been the previous day. (We do not have access to or a record of Gutierrez stipulating to cell phone evidence (or any evidence), in the second trial.)
  • Judge Heard says they will hear additional motions at the end of the day, but they don't get to motions.
  • Jury Voir Doire (almost all the pages are missing.)
  • Defense clerk types notes on Ja'uan April 20 interview which was disclosed to the defense on January 18, 2000. These notes paraphrase Ja'uan's April 20, 1999 police interview.
Monday, January 24, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Page 6: Jury Selection
  • Page: 288: Judge's notes to jury
  • Cliffs Notes
Tuesday, January 25, 2000
  • Jury makes arrangements to be on jury duty - Court not in session. Snow storm in Baltimore.
Wednesday, January 26, 2000
  • Judge Heard attends a funeral - Court not in session. Snow storm in Baltimore.
Thursday, January 27, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Page 4: Preliminary motions. Gutierrez asks to bus the jury to the Best Buy and to the burial site in Leakin Park, and Judge Heard says she will decide that one later. Gutierrez also asks for permission to depose Detective Ritz as to the circumstances surrounding Jen's two interviews, and Judge Heard denies that.
  • Even though Gutierrez's stipulation to cell site evidence is an ongoing issue, we do not have access to or a record of Gutierrez stipulating to cell phone evidence (or any evidence), in the second trial.
  • Page 82: Jury enters, judge instructions
  • Page 94: Prosecution’s opening, Mr. Urick
  • Page 113: Defense’s opening, Ms. Guiterrez
  • Prosecution Witnesses:
    • Page 173: Emmanuel Obot, Mobile Unit, BC Police Crime Lab
    • Page 200: Detective Kevin Forrester, Homicide Sergeant BCPD
  • Page 219: Jury instructions, Judge warns families not to be emotional. Someone was smiling and the judge was not happy.
  • Cliffs Notes
Friday, January 28, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Prosecution Witnesses:
    • Page 17: Young Lee, Hae's brother
    • Page 81: Grant Graham, Chief of Forensic Trace Materials Analysis, Armed Forces Medical Examiner
    • Page 130: 2PM, Hope Schab, French teacher, WHS
    • Page 154: William C Rodriguez, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner
    • Page 183: 2:35PM, Nisha, Adnan’s friend [Gutierrez's notes taken during Nisha's testimony]
    • Page 206: Krista, Friend of Adnan and Hae
    • Page 237: Aisha, Friend of Adnan and Hae (Aisha reads note from Hae to Adnan)
    • Page 290: re: subpoenas for Ritz & McGillvary
  • Cliffs Notes
Monday, January 31, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Prosecution Witnesses:
    • Page 4: First Responding Officer, Adcock
    • Page 22: Missing Persons Detective O'Shea, Baltimore County
    • Page 47: Romano Thomas, Crime Lab Technician, BCPD
  • Cliffs Notes
Tuesday, February 1, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Prosecution Witnesses:
    • Page 4: Romano Thomas, Crime Lab Technician, BCPD
    • Page 14: Sharon Talmadge, Latent Print Unit, BCPD
    • Page 68: Don, Hae's new boyfriend
    • Page 104: Salvatore Bianca, Trace Analysis Unit, BCPD
  • Cliffs Notes
Wednesday, February 2, 2000 / Trial 2
Thursday, February 3, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Prosecution Witnesses:
    • Page 20: Voire Dire of Sharon Watts, School Nurse, WHS
    • Page 70: Judge decides Sharon Watts cannot testify
    • Page 78: Yaser Ali, Adnan's best friend before Adnan met Saad.
  • Cliffs Notes
Friday, February 4, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Prosecution Witnesses:
    • Page 5: Inez
    • Page 108: Jay
  • Cliffs Notes
Monday, February 7, 2000
  • Judge Heard N/A - Court not in session
Tuesday, February 8, 2000 / Trial 2
Wednesday, February 9, 2000 / Trial 2
Thursday, February 10, 2000 / Trial 2
Friday, February 11, 2000 / Trial 2
Monday, February 14, 2000 / Trial 2
Tuesday, February 15, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Prosecution Witnesses:
    • Page 4: Jay
    • Page 179: Jen
  • (Unrelated: On this day the Department of Motor Vehicles sends Jay a letter notifying him that his license will be suspended for failing to appear on three traffic citations)
Wednesday, February 16, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Prosecution Witnesses:
    • Page 3: Jen
    • Page 205: Kristi Vinson (aka "Cathy")
    • Page 297: Debbie Warren
Thursday, February 17, 2000 / Trial 2
Friday, February 18, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Prosecution Witness: Detective MacGillivary
  • The State rests
Saturday, February 19, 2000 / Trial 2
Sunday, February 20, 2000 / Trial 2
Monday, February 21, 2000 / Trial 2
  • President's Day - court not in session
Tuesday, February 22, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Defense Witnesses:
    • Page 78: Andrew Davis, Defense Private Investigator hired by Chris Flohr
    • Page 93: Philip Buddemeyer, Surveyer
    • Page 111: Mr. S (discovered the body in Leakin Park) -
  • Jury Instruction by Judge Heard
Wednesday, February 23, 2000 / Trial 2
Thursday, February 24, 2000 / Trial 2
Friday, February 25, 2000 / Trial 2
  • Page 47: Closing Arguments
  • 1:35PM: Jury deliberations begin. Verdict Sheet
  • 4:25PM Verdict Read; Syed convicted of:
    • First Degree Murder (Life)
    • Kidnapping (30 years, consecutive to life)
    • False imprisonment and robbery (10 years, concurrent with kidnapping)
    • entire day of testimony courtesy of stop_saying_right
  • Rabia remembers going down to see Adnan that same evening, and says that's when Adnan gave her Asia's letters, (according to Serial podcast.) Adnan remembers calling Rabia on the phone, telling her about the letters, and mailing them to her.
Saturday, February 26, 2000
Post Conviction Timeline>>
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