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2023.03.27 05:29 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Report Details Rockstar’s First Bonnie And Clyde-Like Female Protagonist

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most profitable entertainment franchises in the history of games. It came along as a return to form after what many fans would argue was a misstep with the more gritty and realistic GTA 4. Originally released back in 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3—yes, it spans three console generations—developer Rockstar has supported the game's online mode with continual updates adding new content, new areas, and even all-new mechanics.
GTA V was such a runaway success—and GTA The Trilogy: Definitive Edition was such a dumpster fire—that Rockstar gave up working on a Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC, and has now reportedly abandoned plans to remaster more of its beloved older titles to instead focus on both further GTA Online content as well as the development of GTA 6.
gtaonline fukaru
Naturally, expectations for GTA 6 are incredibly high, and given the advanced age of GTA V, fans are chomping at the bit for any bit of news. That's why there's so much buzz around a report at Bloomberg that focuses on Rockstar's new corporate culture. Company co-founder Dan Houser left Rockstar in 2020, and ever since then the development house has been trying to reshape a corporate culture that the report refers to as being "like a frat house".
Given the nature and tone of the humor in the Grand Theft Auto series, it's really not surprising to hear that the atmosphere inside Rockstar was juvenile and chauvinistic. The report remarks that the workplace culture at Rockstar was "full of drinking, brawling, and excursions to strip clubs." That may sound like a good time to some, but it's admittedly not very professional.
gta1 katie Katie from the OG Grand Theft Auto (1997) on PC (left) and Game Boy Color (right).
As part of the report, author Jason Schreier casually reveals that GTA 6 will have at least two playable protagonists, and that one of them will be a Latina woman. This technically isn't the first playable woman nor even the first playable Hispanic woman in the GTA series; the very first GTA game featured a Latina named "Katie" as one of its eight playable characters.
Still, very few of the series' modern fans even remember the old DOS-based Grand Theft Auto, so we can forgive everyone for forgetting about poor Katie. Regardless, the new girl will apparently be part of a Bonnie-and-Clyde-like crime duo, calling to mind the partnership between Claude and Catalina in the beginning of Grand Theft Auto III. Hopefully the partnership between the new player characters in GTA 6 doesn't end the same way that one did.
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KOwen 29 July, 2022
Release the PC version at the same time as the consoles please!
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2023.03.27 05:27 KARMAONICE94 Overwatch 2🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I can’t believe that I can’t play Overwatch 2 due to not having SMS protect. Apparently my phone number is connected to another account and in order to fix it I have to send them a bill with my name and number on it. I can’t believe I have to go that far for a video game. I just wanna play with friends and can’t.
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2023.03.27 05:26 Solnse rb5009 trying to poke a hole in the firewall for traefik reverse proxy.

I'm somewhat new here and I just got a couple rb5009's that I'd like to set up so that I can route to various services. I've got a raspberry pi with docker running traefik, pihole, unbound, and unifi controller for my access points. I followed a very simple guide to get traefik up and running and am supposed to have access to the dashboard. However, when I try to go to it, I get a 522 error (server connected but failed to complete) via cloudflare where I have the domain DNS management.
I suspect that my initial rb5009 firewall rules or nat is ignoring the requests since it's setup to ignore anything not coming from the LAN. I'm not really sure how to make the exception for 80 and 443 and have it sent to the raspberry pi where traefik can pick it up. I've read through a lot of forum posts, the mikrotik docs on firewall and nat, and a ton of google results but it made me overwhelmed and confused. I'm an application developer, not much of a network or infrastructure guy. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
[[email protected]] /ip/firewall/filter> printFlags: X - disabled, I - invalid; D - dynamic
0 D ;;; special dummy rule to show fasttrack counters chain=forward action=passthrough
1 ;;; defconf: accept established,related,untracked chain=input action=accept connection-state=established,related,untracked
2 ;;; defconf: drop invalid chain=input action=drop connection-state=invalid
3 ;;; defconf: accept ICMP chain=input action=accept protocol=icmp
4 ;;; defconf: accept to local loopback (for CAPsMAN) chain=input action=accept dst-address=
5 ;;; defconf: drop all not coming from LAN chain=input action=drop in-interface-list=!LAN log=no log-prefix=""
6 ;;; defconf: accept in ipsec policy chain=forward action=accept ipsec-policy=in,ipsec
7 ;;; defconf: accept out ipsec policy chain=forward action=accept ipsec-policy=out,ipsec
8 ;;; defconf: fasttrack chain=forward action=fasttrack-connection hw-offload=yes connection-state=established,related
9 ;;; defconf: accept established,related, untracked chain=forward action=accept connection-state=established,related,untracked
10 ;;; defconf: drop invalid chain=forward action=drop connection-state=invalid
11 ;;; defconf: drop all from WAN not DSTNATed chain=forward action=drop connection-state=new connection-nat-state=!dstnat in-interface-list=WAN
and ip/firewall/nat: which are mostly disabled right now but intended to force all the traffic through the pihole once I have it up and running again.
[[email protected]] /ip/firewall/nat> print
Flags: X - disabled, I - invalid; D - dynamic
0 ;;; defconf: masquerade chain=srcnat action=masquerade out-interface-list=WAN ipsec-policy=out,none
1 X chain=dstnat action=dst-nat to-addresses= protocol=udp src-address=! dst-address=! dst-port=53 log=no log-prefix=""
2 X chain=dstnat action=dst-nat to-addresses= protocol=tcp src-address=! dst-address=! dst-port=53 log=no log-prefix=""
3 X chain=srcnat action=masquerade protocol=udp src-address= dst-address= dst-port=53 log=no log-prefix=""
4 X chain=srcnat action=masquerade protocol=tcp src-address= dst-address= dst-port=53 log=no log-prefix=""
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2023.03.27 05:25 GiversBot /u/NotAFanOfPineapples [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-03-27 (t3_vlmzo3 up 272.95 days, LONGTAIL)

NotAFanOfPineapples deleted from /borrow

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[REQ] ($250) - (#Eldersburg, MD, USA), ($280 paid back on Thursday, 6/30), (Venmo, Apple Pay, Cash App, or Chime)

Post contents

I’ve got two nasty bent rims on my car, which are causing me great concern. Even though the tires don’t seem to be leaking air, the noise when I’m driving is…not a good one. I paid several bills yesterday, so I’d have to wait until Thursday’s direct deposit to get this fixed, but honestly, being on the road at all until then is not an appealing thought — I can’t afford to blow out a tire and potentially spin out/crash on the highway. Tomorrow (Monday) is my day off, so I’d really like to address this before I have to be back on the road on Tuesday.
I have a full-time job as a general manager, and get paid every Thursday (technically Friday, but my direct deposits post a day early). I’m asking for a loan of $250, and offering to pay back $280 on Thursday, 6/30 (at around 8am EST).
If there is any additional info you need from me (that I didn’t already mention), just let me know; I’m happy to provide any info necessary (with reason obviously) to make for a smooth agreement.
My proposed payback plan is I can provide as many paystubs as you’d like to see, as well as any contact/social media info.
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[REQ] (500$) (#Moscow, Id, USA) (Repay 5 installments of 125$ each, weekly every Tuesday from 7/5/22 to 8/2/22) (Cashapp)

Post contents

I’m looking for 500$ to pay for rent and food this month. This is a shot in the dark, since I have no previous activity here. My car broke down last week, entire brake line shot. I use my car for work, so I spent the last of the funds I had saved up to fix that. The cars in the shop at the moment and will be fixed by Monday. I need money for food and rent for the next two weeks until I can work again and get paid. I need 500$ (400$ for rent, 100$ for two weeks food). Thank you for whatever help you can give.
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2023.03.27 05:24 curbside319 Fixing a basis mistake made in prior years on tax

Situation below, quite confused how to resolve this.
  1. In 2020 I had a 403B that was rolled over into a traditional IRA. The rollover amount was $40,000. That year, it had gained value to $51,000.
  2. In 2021 I did a backdoor Roth conversion. I put $6000 in the traditional IRA and then converted that amount to a Roth IRA. This was my first ever contribution to the traditional IRA. I forgot about the pro-rata rule and when I submitted my 8606, I erroneously said that my traditional IRA basis was $0. To this day, I still have a traditional IRA which now has a value of $60K.
  3. In 2022, I'm trying to fix my mistake in 2021 and also calculate my correct basis.
    1. I don't know how to calculate my basis for 2021, which I need in order to not make the same mistake again. Can anybody tell me what it is based off of the data above?
    2. I don't know what literal steps I need to take to fix this. I think I'm supposed to fill out 1040-X to fix the error, but do I also need to attach a redo of 2021's form 8606?
Thanks! My brain is swirling trying to figure this out!
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2023.03.27 05:24 GreenLanturn Why does my PC keep crashing when playing one specific game?

I play Overwatch, Hogwarts Legacy, and other games on max settings with no problem.
But lately I’ve been trying to play an indie game, Redmatch 2, which does not demand nearly as much. And my PC has crashed about 5 or 6 times mid-game after playing for maybe 20 minutes at a time.
I’ve updated my GPU driver, lowered game settings, but no luck so far.
What should I be checking?
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2023.03.27 05:22 MajestikPizza SKR mini e3 v3 wont heat bed

I am rebuilding my homemade i3 clone after buying a btt skr mini v3 mcu and converting to klipper. I am using a generic 24v PCB bed from aliexpress. Whenever i try to set the bed to heat I can see current flowing through the mcu connectors to the bed with a multimeter, but it doesn not heat. After about 10 seconds it causes an error and says that the connection with the mcu had been lost.
Things ive tried so far are:
1 - connecting a different bed (silicon mat not PCB) to the mcu. This succeeds in heating the silicon bed, so i dont think it's the board that has a problem.
2- connecting the bed to a different printer. This successfully heats the bed. So i dont think it's the bed itself either.
Can anyone think of a reason why the bed and board wouldn't work with each other or any way I can get past this issue?
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2023.03.27 05:20 hanpadawan Getting family problems off my chest

Hi everyone! This text will probably be long, but I need to vent somehow. First I would like to say that English is not my first language, so it may contain writing errors, and I'm sorry about that. But let's go.
Okay, to begin with I should explain that when I say "parents" I mean my mother and stepfather. My father and mother divorced when I was just under 10 years old, or almost 10, since then I have lived with my mother, stepfather and my sister. Well, when my real parents got divorced, there were a lot of issues, one of which was my sister having anxiety at a very young age (around 11-12 years old). I don't know if that's when they wanted to be overprotective of us, but the fact that we only realized this now is frustrating because so much could have been avoided I think. For example, I'm AFRAID to go out on the street even if it's around the corner from my house. Everywhere we wanted to go they wouldn't let us take buses on our own, taxis, rides with friends, NOTHING! This may seem harmless to some, but the problem it caused us seems to have no going back. I can't imagine doing anything alone because I feel scared without even having to do it myself. I'm almost 20 years old and I don't know how to solve anything by myself, and that makes me feel so small compared to anyone else in the world, because everyone knows and it's completely normal to go to a supermarket, bakery, alone and then just go back home , but for me this is impossible to happen.
My dad was always present in our lives even after the divorce, and he was just the nicest, most caring person I've ever met. Shortly before he passed away last year, he started warning me and my sister about how we were of age and that we needed to "walk with our own legs", and it never made more sense. That's when we finally started to understand my mother and stepfather's behavior towards us. I don't hate my mother, but I do get angry at how she doesn't know how to think for herself and always agrees with EVERYTHING my stepdad says and does. He's the kind of guy I thank God so much for not being my biological father because he's horrible. He has two daughters and treats them very badly and always gives this excuse that he is a father and he can. He interferes with their privacy even though they don't live with us, he's not even present in their lives, apart from the fact that they both have a very questionable upbringing. His youngest daughter is around 15 years old today, but when she was younger, every now and then she would spend a few days here, and any mistake she made even though she was a child, he would hit her and scream a lot. The girl was around 11-13 years old and still wearing a diaper, and instead of him being the FATHER taking care of her, he left it to my mother to do it, and that bothered me a lot because she just did it and didn't question it. In ALL THESE YEARS I've NEVER SEEN the alimony money my dad gave me every month, the money was supposed to be mine and my sister's, but we've never seen it, and apparently my sister doesn't care and makes the excuse that "ah they they were paying house bills and doing the monthly shopping", but that couldn't be possible because whenever we asked them to buy pizza for dinner they said they didn't have any money. We never went hungry, but there was a lack of food here because we had no money to buy it. Our water and energy have already been cut SEVERAL times because the payment was late. If the money was to pay bills and help with expenses, why did we always have problems?
Okay, still talking about my stepfather, I'll say about his behavior with us. From time to time he's nice, and helps a lot with some things in our life (remember that he's overprotective too), but there are things you can't forget and that even overcome the affection he sometimes gives us. When I was a kid, he used to """play""" kiss me... not on the mouth, but he would hold my hands in his and use his body weight on mine, so I couldn't get out, and he continued kissing and licking my neck... yes, that is very hard to get over and forget. I feel disgusted every time I remember this, and what hurts the most is remembering that EVERY time I screamed for my mom and she just walked by laughing because she also said it was a joke. He also rubbed our legs and sometimes our butt. He always did that after he started playing with us, I think to use that excuse. And I just realized how disturbing it was now that I'm older, and it disgusts me so much! The only person I had in my life was my father, he was my escape from problems and now I have no one else. I could even count on my sister, but she's like my mother now, and she doesn't find these things absurdly weird, she just doesn't care. She complains about their overprotection now that she's in love with a boy, and they won't let her go see him, they're not dating yet, but they both say they're jealous and she can't.
And finally, I am now at odds with them. As I said before, my father passed away, and we inherited some properties, there are 2 that needed renovation and after that we were going to rent. The question is, I gave my stepfather my money to settle my share there, as I don't know anyone and I don't know how to start solving it, I told him to buy what was necessary for the renovation with the money and then pay the mason. Okay, it was done without a hitch. A woman came to me to rent the place and I let her, she was supposed to pay me the entrance but she didn't pay at the beginning of the month, I said that when she had the money she would pay me and she committed. Turns out I didn't charge her all the time because I didn't need the money and I didn't want to pressure her, but even though I said I DIDN'T NEED it, my stepdad kept charging her. She paid me after a few days, and he came to ask me why I didn't tell him about it, I said "what for?" and he said that he was demanding nothing from her so, I said that I had already said that I didn't need it and he didn't say anything else, after a few seconds my mother appears screaming at me calling me ungrateful and saying that I should be more grateful for those who help from heart, just because I said I didn't need to charge the woman. I asked my sister what she thought about it and she said she agreed with my mother. Now I feel really alone, this is not the only problem that has happened over the years but the ones that are opening my eyes to the reality that I need to get out of here as soon as possible and live my life alone in my little corner.
And that. Thanks to everyone who has read this far.
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2023.03.27 05:20 ThatAnonMan [I3, Polybar] After hours of fidling around with ricing, I got this lovely setup to work out pretty well! :)

[I3, Polybar] After hours of fidling around with ricing, I got this lovely setup to work out pretty well! :) submitted by ThatAnonMan to unixporn [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:17 Shishkababraj someone please help me with sysid

someone please help me with sysid submitted by Shishkababraj to FRC [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:16 FreQRiDeR Monitor is mirrored until logging in?

In Ventura when I have my projector hooked up via hdmi, my monitor login screen is at same resolution (1080 x 786) as the projector even though it isn't mirrored? Once I login, monitor reverts to set resolution. Not a biggie since it only affects login screen.
Bug in Ventura?
MacPro 3,1 Ventura 13.2, RX580 Sapphire. OCLP 0.6.2 Nitely build.
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2023.03.27 05:15 Badgerized [Question / Concern]: Cancelled T-Mobile and paid off service and all devices on January 11th- still getting charged for service I do not have.

Good Evening Tmobile

I canceled my T-Mobile Service and paid off the service and all devices on January 11th, 2023. I went into the store as I got charged $205 on autopay (more than any of my previous bills) on February 23rd, 2023 (I had no EIP balance or account balance when I canceled over the phone with T-Mobile support). I was told in-store that I would have to call T-Mobile Customer Service. I did this and was transferred to about 5 different people. The last one I was transferred to couldn't find my account and said it must be an error and that I would get a refund within 5 / 7 business days that this sometimes "happens". This refund never occurred. I called back and ran into the same issue "unable to find account" I was transferred to a supervisor who said my account would be looked into as he couldn't find it either or the charge and that I would receive a call back within 1 / 2 weeks after they investigate the issue. I never got a callback and as of March 23rd, 2023. I have now been charged another $140.

What can I do?? T-Mobile customer service is no help. I am being billed for a service I have not had and had no balance on since January 11th. I have proof my line was canceled and I moved to AT&T on that date. Do I perform a charge back for those 2-month charges? How can I get them to stop charging me for service I do not have???

Thank you!
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2023.03.27 05:05 hmtinc Capcom making game collecting mildly Infuriating

Capcom making game collecting mildly Infuriating submitted by hmtinc to gamecollecting [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 05:04 johnec4 [PS4][PS5][M23] Selling LTD and Platinum quicksells for $2.69 per 100k! I accept paypal, cashapp, and venmo. Current inventory inside.

My prices are low because I have minimum trade requirements because I'm not tryna catch a ban. If you dislike my minimum trade requirements, please seek trades somewhere else.
I'll be online until about 1am eastern time. Here's my current rep profile.

ovr QS value QTY Must trade to me
88 200,000 1 85+
LTD 350,000 13 92+
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2023.03.27 05:03 muffintophottie FortiAP U432F fails to upgrade firmware

The unit itself works great. The only issue is I can't upgrade the firmware as it's stuck on 6.2 and I can't upgrade it to anything past that. When I try to run the upgrade from the Fortigate that is on 7.0.11 the unit reboots after uploading the firmware but doesn't upgrade. I downloaded the firmware and setup a TFTP server where I hosted the file, got into the AP through CLI and ran the following command: restore FAP_U432F-v7-build0031-FORTINET.out x.x.x.x and it downloaded without an issue but when it came to applying the upgrade I got the following error:
ERROR[imgif_nand_write.467]: imgif_write() len=262144, written=-1
write linux partition failed, errno=0
I even tried to upgrade to v6.2 build0323 and same issue. Has anyone seen this error before?
submitted by muffintophottie to fortinet [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 04:54 Kusko25 I just finished Forbidden West for the first time and I skipped the credits

Horizon Forbidden West was the only game on the PlayStation that I wanted to play. However, I couldn't justify buying an entire console just to play it. As a result, despite being a fan, I just played the game for the first time when it became available as a cloud game in PS-Plus.
After playing really good games, I usually sit and let the credits roll, enjoying the music and reflecting on the game as a way of respecting the work of the people who went into making it. But sadly, unlike Zero Dawn, I didn't feel the need to do that this time.
I'm afraid this post will turn into a rant, and despite gaining some catharsis from reading such rants here on Reddit (specifically after combat), this isn't really what I want to do. Instead, I'd like to lament, praise the game where it inspired me, and share why it let me down when it didn't follow through.
Praise I can give without reservation goes to the world design. The entire map is beautiful, with all its varied biomes, and most importantly, the different tribes that inhabit it. Guerilla excelled at giving all of them unique identities through architecture, fashion, tribal markings, and history. It is all beautifully worked out, and whoever was responsible for that can be truly proud.
This leads well into the characters that live in this world and their relation with Aloy. I truly find almost all of them (I don't really care for Zo) intriguing and inspired and would have loved to see how they clash and interact with Aloy, who is, if we're being honest, often arrogant and rude. Yet all of them fell short in development. Most grievously, I believe the AIs were hard done by. Games often, when addressing truly sentient AIs, play into the question of whether they should have the same rights as humans and be treated as equals, with the clear answer that, yes, obviously they should. Yet, at the same time, it seems they are content to reduce them to plot devices.
GAIA was named after a primordial divine creature. All the world was made from her, and it is an apt descriptor if we look at how complex such a mind must be. Distributed across the entire world, directing countless machines and terraforming equipment all at once, a mind that has tended an empty earth for hundreds of years before and watched the rise of tribes across the globe. But in the game, she is reduced to an exposition machine. She has no sense of humor, isn't adventurous or maternal, or even flirty, nor is she unknowable and mysterious. She delivers every conversation with the impassivity and monotone of a corporate secretary who doesn't care much for her job but is too integral to ever be let go.
Similarly, I was excited to meet the subfunctions, and two of them stood out as particularly interesting. The broken HADES had so much personality in the short conversation we had with it. As a monster brought low, HADES still believes in its purpose, but lacks the ability to act on it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, HEPHAESTUS was more robotic than any other subfunction, yet it still exhibited a distinct personality. HEPHAESTUS displayed neither hate nor malice, and it didn't want to destroy anything. It simply recognized that local human populations were a threat to the things that mattered to it, and thus they needed to be culled. This is similar to how humans would cull wolves living near settlements to feel safe. HEPHAESTUS was driven and never deviated from its purpose. It was a true psychopath, ruthless and cruel not out of evil, but simply because it saw no reason not to be. I didn't expect a deep dive into all the subfunctions, but it felt inadequate that each subfunction was only given a sentence to speak and no other interaction before being cut out, losing their intelligence, independence, and individuality, to become a light on the wall.
Introducing interesting concepts in characters and then never exploring them applies to almost all of the companions. Varl and Zo were deeply spiritual people who were both confronted with the reality that their religions were just stories that became myths, either invented to explain the world or distorted through time until they became dogma that they believed in.
Hekarro was crippled, and losing an arm comes with a loss of ability and a massive mental toll. We see a little of this with how much anger he carries when we first meet him, but this seems to fade without any need to confront it. For that matter, his abilities seem almost unaffected by the loss of an arm; he is still an outstanding fighter against machines and humans alike. Even climbing a sheer cliff face isn't a problem for him, and that's just not how humans work. Through him, we could have explored PTSD, feelings of helplessness, the need to accept that we can't define ourselves through only one thing all our lives, and instead have to see value in the self rather than just what you can do, but no. The deepest we go is that he has conflicting feelings about his replacement arm. (Sidenote: Did my game glitch, or did he just not use it ever outside the small quest where he shows it to you? Even when Regalla was advancing on the chief, he wasn't using it.)
Erend already had some character development in Zero Dawn, too bad that he appears to have forgotten that. He is a clumsy meathead, and everyone seems fine to bully him a little about it. He considers himself a useless failure, and every time he mentions it, everyone just awkwardly grins like this kid. Someone give him a hug.
Interestingly, Alva, as the companion that gets introduced the latest, has the most complete arc. She confronts the shortcomings of her culture, her worries about her family, duty vs. her own interests, and how the paragons of her myths were dickheads in real life. And she's having a great time with it, despite it all, the big nerd.
Finally, Beta... Beta is a living foible for Aloy's own preconceptions. As much as Aloy dislikes being praised, she has a certain attachment to being the only one who can save the world, the chosen one created to heal the very earth, and suddenly she is confronted with someone who has the same theoretical qualifications as her but doesn't ever confront her self image. At the same time, Aloy takes quite a bit of pride in that she managed everything alone and became so great through only her own merits, but that is, of course, only partially true. Rost cared for her and loved her, and despite their disagreements, he gave her a home to grow in. Beta, by comparison, was truly alone, and it left her broken and despairing. While the game eventually sort of addresses this, it is way too little and only stuffed in at the end. It feels like bad pacing to me and an insult to people who actually grew up in abusive conditions when they portray it like all is needed is one nice conversation for you to get over yourself. I understand there are limitations of what you can do in the context of a game, but I don't think that is a sufficient excuse. (Another sidenote, does the name Beta imply that there was another attempt to make a Sobeck clone, or is Sobeck herself the Alpha?)
Beyond that, Regalla is introduced as a main villain and then promptly ignored, to the point that I felt nothing about her when it came time to decide her fate. I actually thought it was a rather interesting plot device in Zero Dawn that Helis thought of himself as your great opposite and chosen of the sun when he really was just an obstacle in your way and a tool for HADES (and a tool, period). Applying the same to Regalla doesn't quite track though, given that she isn't just a fool, but actually in proper ideological opposition to Chief Hekarro. There was great potential there for exploring their common past, examining the drive for vengeance against the need for peace, but instead, she became a one-note antagonist, and we had less than 15 minutes of interaction with Hekarro.
Similarly, the Zeniths are introduced as maniacal egocentric bastards and only really used as an evil Deus Ex Machina. Aside from Tilda, I don't remember a single one of their names and couldn't even be bothered to look them up. They didn't work well as caricatures of greed and excess because they actually had a lot of power. It would have worked marvelously with the metaphors for CEOs and the hero worship of the Quen if we could have exploited their shortcomings. Perhaps we could have learned more about the individuals by investigating old Far Zenith facilities, or we could have managed to turn some of their tech against them by using old login credentials because they stopped caring about basic sensible security procedures and were still using legacy code. Alternatively, we could have had the boss fight against the blonde guy be a fake-out once the shield was down, where he still talks the same big game but goes down in a single hit because they hadn't been in real physical danger in a thousand years. We could have also made fun of their clothing and design choices, which all screamed more money than taste. Unfortunately, none of these things happened, and all we have is the Zeniths showing up, doing some things, and then going away.
This leads somewhat into Aloy and the team just being a bit dumb in this game. They make barely any efforts to learn about the Zeniths, even though they are helpless against them. Aloy finds their base by accident and never even sets up a camera. They allow Regalla enough free reign that she can just march on the Grove twice, essentially unopposed. And there are so many moments where Sylens should have become a bigger priority: when he lured Aloy into the West, when he delivered her to the Zeniths, when it became clear that he was responsible for the civil war and no doubt had more plans, when he first demonstrated a weapon that can kill a Zenith, and when they were exposing themselves to Zenith attack without that weapon. They never tried to get to him, instead running directly into a doomed scenario with Cauldron Gemini.
As expected, this has turned into a rant, so I'll quickly double down on that and list some of the most irritating points:
Why introduce so many new options without examining their impact on gameplay? More and more arrow types clog up the weapon wheel. Acid, adhesive, and purgewater are just versions of fire, ropecaster, and useless, respectively. So many open-world activities are locked behind equipment that you only get through main missions. Why not unlock them through well-developed side missions that can be completed anytime and that main missions may point to?
What is this massive focus on melee combat in a game that so heavily focuses on avoiding damage? The only occasions where I have found the complex weapon combos to be useful were in one-on-one battles with humanoids. Machines don't get staggered, so you can't pull off the entire combo without dodging, and multiple humans fire on you and their own people indiscriminately, so you can't focus on melee there either.
Why remove the long dodge? All enemy attacks have so much area that you need to abuse the i-frames to survive, and even then, I constantly get staggered even without being really hit (played on hard). Why nerf the jump slowdown? It wasn't game-breaking any more than concentration is now with the larger pool and refresh speed, but not having the zoom was helpful for short range.
Why does nocking another arrow cost stamina and have to be re-learned? Why hold onto the "buy better gear with money and machine parts" system but also introduce a crafting system where you use money and machine parts to improve your weapons? Either system works fine on its own, but it is annoying when I have to spend ages improving a weapon I bought for a lot of money, and at the same time, it's frustrating when I discard gear that I have invested effort into upgrading.
Why are you trying to be a platformer when it really doesn't work for you? Why are machines now able to spam their attacks without cooldown (Stormbird kept dive-bombing me, Thunderjaw was just shooting constantly)? Why did you replace so many canisters with purgewater (hooray, a status effect that doesn't debilitate their physical attacks at all and whose only benefit is that it accelerates better status effects)? Why did you replace canisters amongst variants? My brain is small and can't keep track of what is where when they still look the same.
Why is HEPHAESTUS capable of producing so many Hunter Killers, even though the whole point of Cauldron Sigma in the Frozen Wilds was that he could produce there without restrictions? Why are about 2/3 machines apex? Why build so many new spectacular machines that aren't properly balanced? Elemental Clawstriders spew more stuff than a Bellowback but don't have a single tank, large machines are so full of attacks that unless you exclusively use Tearblast, they will always die before you can cripple them. Projectiles are psychic and track you not only mid-flight but also target you while the machine doesn't know where you are. Agile creatures have their only weaknesses at the back, which you'll never see.
I could probably go on, and this was cathartic, but there is no need. In conclusion, I played Forbidden West in its entirety, and I'll likely do NewGame+ as well and maybe replay it some other time, but it's not a great game. It has too many big flaws and wasted potential for me to love it, and I hope for better, maybe even in DLC.
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2023.03.27 04:54 onlinepaperwriting Mastering the Art of Recommendation Reports: Fundamental Steps for Effective Writing

Recommendation reports are an essential aspect of many professional fields, from business to healthcare. These reports provide valuable insights and recommendations to decision-makers, helping them make informed choices. However, writing an effective recommendation report can be challenging. In this blog post, we'll discuss the fundamental steps to pursue while writing a recommendation report.
Step 1: Define the Problem The first step in writing a recommendation report is to define the problem or issue that you're addressing. Clearly state the problem, its scope, and its impact on the organization or industry.
Step 2: Conduct Research Once you've defined the problem, conduct research to gather relevant information and data. This may involve reviewing company records, conducting surveys, or interviewing key stakeholders. Collect as much information as possible to ensure that your recommendations are well-informed.
Step 3: Analyze Data and Information After collecting data and information, analyze it to identify trends, patterns, and key findings. Look for insights that can inform your recommendations. This may involve creating charts, tables, or other visual aids to help you present your findings.
Step 4: Develop Recommendations Based on your analysis, develop clear, concise recommendations that address the problem or issue. Your recommendations should be actionable and specific, with a clear timeline for implementation. Provide sufficient detail to help decision-makers understand the rationale behind your recommendations.
Step 5: Write the Report Once you've developed your recommendations, it's time to write the report. Use a clear, concise writing style and format the report for easy readability. Start with an executive summary that provides an overview of the problem, your research, and your recommendations. Then, present your findings and recommendations in a logical order, supporting your arguments with evidence and data.
Step 6: Review and Edit Before submitting your report, review and edit it to ensure that it's error-free and well-organized. Look for areas where you can improve clarity or concision. Consider having a colleague or mentor review your report to get feedback and suggestions for improvement.
In conclusion, writing an effective recommendation report requires careful planning, research, and analysis. By following these fundamental steps, you can produce a report that provides valuable insights and recommendations to decision-makers. Remember to define the problem, conduct research, analyze data and information, develop recommendations, write the report, and review and edit your work. With practice and persistence, you can master the art of recommendation reports and become a valuable asset to your organization.
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2023.03.27 04:52 Remarkable-Doubt2072 Questions about travelling on AP!? We

Hi all -
I’m planning a trip to my home country in May and have so many questions. I’m beyond worried. I have no overstay and entered the country legally. Here are my questions —
  1. I got the combo card, do I need any other documents beyond this and the receipt notices?
  2. What is the process? I know I’m taken to secondary inspection BUT what do they stamp? Where is the I-512 stamp given?
  3. My F1 visa and previous EAD has the name FNU JOHN DOE, while as my I-94 has the name JOHN DOE and so does my combo card. Will this be problematic? Do you think they could deny me entry because of this?!
  4. In October, I was flying out of Germany back to the U.S and was detained (because of overstay by 2 hours due to a human error) BUT I was given a warning and let go and entered the U.S without issues - would this lead to problems ??!
  5. Any issues faced by home country’s air carrier not allowing you on the plane based on the AP? (Any experiences with Air India in the group??)
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2023.03.27 04:51 statistic_geek Nursing Literature Review

Writing a nursing literature review requires a systematic and structured approach. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Define the research question: Start by defining the research question or topic you will be addressing in your literature review. This will help you focus your search and determine which articles are relevant to your review.
  2. Search for articles: Use a variety of databases to search for relevant articles on your topic. You can use keywords and Boolean operators to refine your search and find articles that are relevant to your research question.
  3. Evaluate the articles: Once you have found articles that are relevant to your topic, read them carefully and evaluate their quality. Look for articles that are published in reputable journals and written by experts in the field.
  4. Organize the articles: Organize the articles by theme or topic. Create a summary table or matrix that includes the author, year of publication, study design, sample size, and key findings of each article.
  5. Synthesize the information: Synthesize the information from the articles and identify common themes, trends, and patterns. Highlight areas of consensus and disagreement in the literature.
  6. Write the literature review: Start by writing an introduction that provides context for the review and outlines the research question or topic. Then, organize the review by theme or topic. For each theme, summarize the key findings of the articles and provide a critical analysis of the literature.
  7. Revise and edit: Revise and edit your literature review to ensure that it is well-organized, concise, and coherent. Make sure that your arguments are supported by evidence from the literature and that your review is free from grammatical and spelling errors.
In conclusion, writing a nursing literature review requires a systematic and structured approach. By following these steps, you can ensure that your literature review is well-organized, comprehensive, and provides a critical analysis of the literature on your research topic.
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2023.03.27 04:51 chewdizzle12 [US, US][H] Switch, PS2, PS3, Wii, DS games and consoles [W] want list

Here is an assortment that I'm trying to trade. Close ups available upon request.
[For Trade]
Nintendo Switch
- Luigi's Mansion 3 CIB
- Guacamelee! One-Two Punch Collection CIB
- Mortal Kombat Deception CIB
- Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks CIB
- Tetris Worlds CIB
- Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King CIB w/ Final Fantasy XII demo disc
- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves GOTY Edition CIB (small ding in the plastic on the spine)
- Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom: Premium Edition CIB
- Wii Play CIB
- Rayman Raving Rabbids (Gamestop box)
Nintendo DS
- Mario & Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (Loose)
- Puzzle Quest 2 (Loose)
- Puzzle Quest (Loose)
- The Legendary Starfy (Loose)
- Hotel Dusk Room 215 (Loose)
- Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (Loose)
- Puzzle Quest Galatrix (Loose)
- Official Nintendo DS Rumble Pac (Loose)
Nintendo 3DS
- Tetris Axis (Loose)
- Project X Zone Limited Edition CIB (Includes Soundtrack, Artbook, Poster and Game)
Game Gear
- Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Loose)
Gameboy Advance
- Banjo Pilot (Loose)
- Ms. Pac Man Maze Madness (Loose)
- Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge (Loose)
- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (Loose)
Game Boy Color
- Working Cobalt Gameboy Advance SP with original charger (loose) close-up pics
- Replacement Nintendo DS Lite Stylus (White or Black)
Will also browse your list since there may be other games I missed adding to my list. Thanks for looking!
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