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Pictures of welding, the art and science of fusing metals together.

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This ridiculous group of Magnificent Bastards is all about unpretentious Whisk(e)y Knowledge and Top-Shelf Shenanigans. We believe that whiskey is meant to be enjoyed, and we do that by sharing whiskey experiences and ridiculous humor. If you need something more serious or snobby - this isn't the right community for you.

2023.06.09 07:21 Fuzzy-Football892 iPhone Xs max turndown without screen

How can i turn my iPhone Xs max down without screen (turn down completely not just restart forcing)
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2023.06.09 07:21 readersanon I went to see a new dentist recently

And it was amazing! I hadn't been in about 4 years due to a variety of factors, and moved last year so I needed to find a new dentist. I chose this one based solely off some google reviews and their website, as well as easy to get to.
He didn't shame me at all for not seeing a dentist for so long! I don't understand why most dentists think shaming their patients is a good thing? It just means that you put off going back to not be shamed.
I thought for sure I'd need quite a bit of work done, but the problem areas that I went in for had nothing wrong with them at all. It was likely just sensitivity from plaque/tartar build up and after the cleaning, it's completely better. I did have two cavities which I got fixed this week.
The thing I hated the most at the dentist was the anesthetic injection. It always hurt so much. But with the new dentist, I didn't feel a thing!
It was such a great experience, I couldn't have asked for anything better. So nice to have a dentist who is patient and compassionate and great at their job. It really makes a difference when you're not dreading an appointment.
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2023.06.09 07:20 jeanie_nitro0_0 Wearable technology- has it ever helped you?

Hi all, I am very burnt-out at the moment so this may not be super easy to follow - apologies in advance
I am wanting to know what people’s experiences might be with things like smart watches that monitor your heart rate etc., and whether you’ve ever felt like it’s helped you to understand your body better?
A lot of new smart watches track heart rate variability and can detect when you are stressed out - I am wondering whether this actually works and whether it may be useful for neurodivergent people. I struggle to tell when my body is strung out and I need a rest, and only realize too late when I’ve crashed and withdrawn from the world. I am hoping that there may be some kind of technology out there to help learn these bodily cues of being stressed so that I can take better care of myself.
I have read that some people can find it useful, while others say that it’s not great as these gadgets aren’t really tailored to those with ASD.
Any insights greatly appreciated :)
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2023.06.09 07:20 immenselyaverage How should I (18M) deal with my currently long distance gf (19F) who keeps getting upset over small things?

I know the title sounds really bad, but please bear with me for a bit.
Me and my girlfriend have been long distance ever since summer started and we went back home from college. She lives a 2 day drive's distance away and we have a trip planned out where she's coming to visit me here in the next couple of weeks. Long distance has been frustrating, going from being with eachother every day, sleeping together, waking up together, eating together, to just being able to facetime or text has proven very annoying. It's one of those things that really tests my gf and I's communication skills.
But ever since we started, she's been getting upset at things that I wouldn't really imagine would be that big of a deal -- I could be an insensitive kid (I get I'm not at an age that's known for being good with interpersonal skills), but I'd like some opinions, advice, insults, whatever you got for me.
Some examples of things that she got upset with me over include:
-Me saying we could call at one time, but because I was talking to my mom about something pretty serious, it pushed back our call about two hours. I get being mildly upset at this, it's disappointing to not be able to talk to your bf/gf when they promised they would call, but she then decided that we shouldn't call because it was obvious I "didn't want to".
-Today, when I was playing games with my friends, I was texting her pretty off and on for a couple hours, but what drove her over the edge was when I didn't respond for 12 minutes, she texted "k goodnight" and then read my messages apologizing but never responded. I can understand not feeling like a priority sucks, but we called earlier in the day, texted ever since I woke up (including hours I'm working), and she's busy babysitting.
-There have been countless times where something I say gets absolutely misconstrued, and no matter how many times I elaborate, how eloquently worded I put things, it just means the same negative thing to her. Some examples include "I miss our time together, I feel like I really took it for granted" = "I was bored with you", "No you can't have my XXS work t-shirt from this job years ago because it wont fit" = "You're fat" (for the record, she is absolutely NOT fat -- but that shirt size was definitely meant for a little kid, which she is not), "I'm at the beach with my friends for the weekend, I'm sorry we haven't been calling as much" = "I'm not interested in talking to he she is not a priority". Most of these things have some basis to them, I'll agree -- talking about clothes sizes is a touchy subject with her, I should've been more careful, talking with her over the phone is important while long distance, I could've said something to try and make her feel like more of a priority, etc.
I feel like the most used word in our conversations is "sorry", and she's never the one who says it. I try and make her feel loved 24/7 and I'm walking on eggshells the whole time. But the things she says? It doesn't matter whether I think it's hurtful or not. Her saying I "look like a virgin" is the funniest thing to her, she'll tell her friends, sister, brother, whoever she's with that I got upset when she called me that the first time, but continues to point and laugh at me about it. If she's upset with me? She won't hold back, I'm being "rude" or "bitchy", where's the mutual attempt to LOVE eachother and not make the other feel bad?
I'll admit, what she says to me isn't the worst thing, and I feel like I made it sound worse than it is. What gets on my nerves the most, however, is how she acts when she's upset.
She won't communicate or let me know she's upset, she just wants to text one word replies, be passive aggressive in any message that isn't one word, if we're calling she'll pretty much just reply with "hm" or "k" and then get even more upset that I'm not talking more when I'm conversing with what feels like a brick wall. I apologize and apologize for anything and everything, I will send huge paragraphs breaking down where I feel I went wrong and how I'm trying to be more mindful of these things because the last thing I want to do is make her upset. In response? I get a "cool".
Anytime I talk about my relationship with my friends or family, they all say it's toxic -- I can see where they're coming from, but she was never like this in person. We would spend all day together laughing and smiling, and just having a great time. We did everything together and I just want that joy back. I'm extremely hesitant to bring these things up with her because if she gets upset with small things, how is she going to react to me telling her that I feel like I can't talk freely to her, that I have to bite my tongue or apologize profusely all the time.
It feels like she does this on purpose just to get a "sorry" out of me, and I really don't know why. I'm so tired of just giving in and trying to make her "happy" just for her to do this again an hour later, all at my emotional expense.
We go back to school in about a month and a half after she leaves from her trip to go back home, but we've only been long distance for a month and I feel like I'm at a breaking point.
So, relationship_advice gurus, how in the wrong am I? How am I gonna continue long distance until we can be together in person again? Should I continue long distance until we can be together in person again? Should I tell her how I feel? Should I take everything on the chin and just deal with it until school starts? Any criticism or advice is very much appreciated.
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2023.06.09 07:20 Automatic_Ground_104 Rod (bearing) knock?

So I was on a hunt regarding me being told that my turbo is about to give up and walk away from me. An (awesome) Reddit user suggested that I first should look into different possible issues than blindfolded changing my turbo to a new one, I decided to bring it to one of the most reputable indy shops around my area (my main indy shop is too busy at the moment and have only spot for me in a week's time). I delivered my car, and they told me to enjoy coffee for a bit until they take a quick look, and they did. Apparently, turbo is the least of my problems since I have a rod (bearing) knock. The mechanic said that the knock is too obvious for it to be anything else and said it is time for me to look for a new engine.
That's where the problem begins - the knock itself. I've never really noticed it until he pinpointed it to me: the knock can only be heard from inside the car, with the door open. When the hood is open you cannot hear this knock even with higher RPMs, only inside the driver's/passenger's seat with the door open. When increasing the RPMs, the knock becomes more intense (not faster per se, but intense) until around 2-3k RPMs. The sound can be also heard if squatting next to the front wheels, but it is a lot more quiet.
The car is driving pretty fine, there's no loss of power, and the fuel consumption is pretty fine (10-11l/100km in the city). It is working quite louder (I believe it might be because of fuel injectors) and has uneven RPMs when idling (tends to jump 7-15 (yes, tested with OBD scanner) on idle).
I am quite scared to drive the car at the moment and driving it literally like a pensioner would, is it really possible for it to be the knock of death?
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2023.06.09 07:20 glimpseofgod readings & spellwork available ♥︎

♥︎ readings; you'll get an in-depth and super-detailed psychic reading which will answer your burning question! you'll also get a free follow-up session where you can ask any questions for any clarity you need.
i'll tap into my psychic abilities, use tarot, and connect with both my spirit guides and yours to give you the best guidance possible.
i'm able to cover all areas of your life or any topic you choose.
no sugar coat - i'll deliver the message exactly as it is. not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

♥︎ spellwork: if you have a request that you haven't seen elsewhere, i offer custom spell for your specific needs. whatever you're wishing for, this spell will work its magic in your favor.
i'll be the one casting the spell, so no physical items will be sent your way. this is NOT A SPELL KIT for you to figure out on your own because i'll take care of 100% of the work involved & you're completely hands-free.
my spells are white magick. that means no harm to you or others. you won't have to worry about any negative repercussions from my magick. only positive energy, my loves! ♥︎

my reviews
about me & my shop's policy
dm for prices ♥︎

love, light, & blessings!
⊹-- alexa
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2023.06.09 07:20 Moose1237 Mental Health Nosedive.

My mental health has taken quite the nosedive in the past few days. Since then, I've stopped talking to my friends; just the idea of it makes me anxious and irritated. I don't know what happened. I thought I was doing fine. Guess not.
This has happened before. It's usually not this bad. I really did think I had it under control with only the occasional episode occurring. But then they just sneak up and absolutely ruin me. I should try and find out why this happens; see what links these episodes together. Maybe that'll help. Nothing else I'm doing seems to work.
I feel bad ignoring them though. I want to respond and pretend everything's fine, which is what I do most of the time. There's just something about it that makes me freeze up every time I get a message. Every time that I check to see what they said, my heart rate flares up and I panic a little.
I guess I'll just have to wait this one out. I hope it doesn't go on too long.
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2023.06.09 07:20 Professional_Purple2 I feel so empty despite having a good life and I wish i never existed

Hi, I know a few people have posted something like this before but Ive tried all solutions from other posts and yet have been going around in circles.
I've been working since I was 21 (am now 24). I have a pretty good job for my age and able to live a very good lifestyle and am very grateful for it. Yet, I feel empty.
Ive never really had an ambition, and still don't. My job consists of me replying e-mails for a tech company and theres not much workload. So I do have energy to do things after work but it feels like a temporary distraction from the void within me.
I have great close friends who are my support system, and I occasionally go out with them and feel better like 2 hours after. But it also just feels like a distraction. Now it's to the point where Im not even excited to go out with them anymore because i feel empty even around them.
Ive pursued hobbies seriously (such as going to singing classes) and even casually (like doing tiktok dances and playing games) and yet its just another temporary distraction
I go to social meetup events as well to meet new people. Ive also made new friends in bumble bff. I live with good housemates and go back home to visit my family occasionally. But everything is still so empty.
I do Yoga and dance workouts. I used to be religious but somehow religion sometimes just fuels me with anxiety (like I would feel guilty for not being Grateful to God etc..) so I took a step back from it for a while.
Everything just puts me in circles. Emptiness -> Distraction -> Emptiness -> Distraction
The only advice I havent followed is find another job that Im passionate in (due to economic and financial reasons). Teachers, doctors, lawyers all arent compensated well in my country and people are quitting left and right. I chose to stay in my job as its stable and with my current situation I cant risk financial instability.
Life is so pointless and I constantly wish I never existed (not in a suicidal way just a I dont wanna be here type of way)
If anyone has been through the same experience and found a way out please enlighten me. Ived tried all the things I can do in my situation to be better but everything just goes back in circles.
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2023.06.09 07:20 2bthrownawa How to deal with getting on with life when having to wait a few weeks before having it done?

This is going to be my second MA unfortunately, I need some advice or encouragement on taking my mind off of symptoms and heightened emotions in the mean time. Long story short, I am unable to get it done for another 2 weeks as I have obligations that I cannot get out of and am in a very crucially busy time in my life right now. Last time I had bad sickness around week 6 and I am pretty sure I am week 4 or 5 right now (so early). I am very disappointed in myself that it has happened again but it is 100% the right decision for me. I am over emotional at the moment due to hormones and I cannot find any information or support online that talks about this dreaded waiting period. I do not have any remorse about getting the procedure done, I just have this weird guilt that stays with me all of the time and I feel so alien to my body right now, it's really hard to describe what I am feeling. I am going back to see my family soon and I am extremely worried that this guilt is going to affect that time I have with them and I almost feel bad for doing things that I usually would do (like having my morning cigarette and a cup of coffee, interacting with people at work etc) even though I know that I am getting it sorted out in 2 weeks. Is it possible to live my life as a "non pregnant person" for the next couple of weeks while I wait to have my MA? Feeling such a disconnect from body to mind rn :/
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2023.06.09 07:20 Toriningen [Question] Best side-sleeper friendly headphones for ASMR?

I like to sleep to ASMR, but I currently use my Galaxy buds2 and the problem is that bluetooth earbuds just fall out by the morning and I have to rummage through my sheets. And then they drain of battery which sucks cuz I need them during the day and also rely on them for my alarms (which then gets risky if I have dead earbuds blocking the sound of my phone's alarms). Even with wired earbuds they'd just fall out and tangle.
What's a good ASMR headphone I can listen to that works for a side-sleeper (which means bulky normal headphones won't really work)? Are any of the headband type of headphones actually good, or do they tend to fail or break in practice? Or are there any comfortable earbuds that won't fall out overnight? What should I be looking for, IEM/open/closed/wireless?
It'd also be nice to have headphones that work well for day-time use, for when I'm multi-tasking with music or chill ASMR but not sleeping (but then again I already have my galaxy buds.. although they tend to hurt my ears if I wear it for too long).
I don't have an exact budget, but I'd prefer not to spend more than $300, preferably under $150 (my Galaxy buds2 were like $110). But I also don't want something that's like a knockoff that will likely die in a few months of use.
I'm willing to go up to $400 if the quality and quality-of-life differences are such an undeniable huge upgrade from $300 or $200 or $100, but at some point there are diminishing returns and I'd prefer to cap it. 1 comment
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2023.06.09 07:20 SophisticatedBalls Have Pixels dropped in quality?

I had a Pixel 3 for about 3 years. Had a few minor issues but way less than I had with other phones. Last fall, Verizon had a deal to upgrade to a Pixel 7 or 7 Pro for essentially no cost, so I did. I exchanged my 3 for a 7 Pro. Now don't get me wrong, I do like this phone a lot, but it is a lot more glitch prone than my 3 was. From deadspots on the screen to random restarts and crashes, it has quite a few issues. They're not frequent enough to be a serious issue, but I'd say in the 9-12 months I've had my Pixel 7Pro, it has had more crashes and bugs than my 3 had in those 3 years.
Anyone else have similar experiences?
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2023.06.09 07:20 RefrigeratorHot3505 Guitar support for 7/8 size classical guitar

Hi, I'm an adult with a 5 ft 4 in height and small hands. I recently realised that 7/8 size classical guitars work better for people like me. For this size of the guitar (and the guitarist), do guitar supports like Ergoplay Tappert model work well? I also came across the same model in a different size for kids. Would that be more suitable for my case? The place where I live, these supports are not as readily available to try out. I'm getting one shipped from Europe, so it would be nice if someone could help me with this.
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2023.06.09 07:19 Crazy91167 Could this be thought if as a sign?

So a few months ago i was really trying to manifest my sp, saying affirmation, scripting, but I had a lot of doubts, and was very attached to the outcome. I haven't been manifesting her in a long time, I still fantasize but I haven't scripted it anything. I'm still open to her but not as intense as before.
At work in the parking lot, I see a woman who looked just like her from the distance, and I got a jolt of anxiety because I reallly thought it was her, but as she got closer, I saw that it wasn't. After I clock in and go to my work station, I actually see my sp after not seeing her for a few months. She did make eye contact twice and the second time she held it for a second longer than a quick glance and smiled when she looked away. Could this be a sign from the universe to keep hope?
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2023.06.09 07:19 Mightyxmouse TRT or Steroids

My husband told me he had low testosterone and needed TRT treatments. Showed me a test saying so, and said all the information on how it would work. He then found a place that sent it like a subscription service ( I am realizing how naive I was as I type this out. ) over time I noticed some discrepancies about the service, strange problems with side effects, things weren’t adding up. I did the unthinkable and looked through his phone, yes I feel horrible, but I found out he’s been buying steroids through Instagram with bitcoin. I am unsure how to proceed. Help.
tl;dr my husband is secretly taking steroids
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2023.06.09 07:19 TeachinginJapan1986 Question about Students who don't talk

ALT in Kochi here.
Background: A mixed high school (General and Tech). On the Tech side I take students in pairs during class and just have conversation practice with them for 5 minutes each. This is at the request of the JTE. Its been like this for a while (more than 1 year). So I'm not apart of the class, but I am.
I have a student who doesn't talk. Zero. in the 2 years ive been here, they don't speak at all. now, I am only with this class once a week, so I can't say that They DON'T talk, only that they don't speak English when I'm around.
This came to a head today when the JTE who put me outside asked if I had a problem with the class as a whole. Of course not. They are fun to talk to and all of them have some awesome hobbies. Apparently a student who was paired with the non speaking student said they felt uncomfortable because I would ask the student a question, and they would just stay silent. Then I would ask another, easier question, and they would stay silent. Then I would move back to the other student to fill in the quiet time. JTE then asked if I had a problem with non-speaking student, and if I wanted to be moved.
This shocked me. I very quickly said no, I have no problems with the class. I told her what I do, and then she told me "you need to try something different." I asked her "Have you got them to talk? Do they speaking English to you?" Her response was "well, of course not, but thats on you to figure out. you're in your second year, and if the question doesn't get a response, then you need to change something." And so I asked her "What is the main point of the converstaion practice?" she said "To get students to speak." and I asked "So if this student doesn't speak to me OR you, what can I do to get them to speak?" And she said "Thats on you to figure out. I would use pictures to communicate."
Me:"But isnt the objective of Speaking practice to speak?" JTE: "Yes, but they wont." ME: "So its on me to get them to talk?" JTE: "Yes." ME: "But pictures aren't speaking" JTE: "its communicating."
I've tried asking about hobbies, work, their course of study, their intrests, even their friends to see if he talks, and even they said he speaks very little. So im at a loss. The JTE says I have to figure out a way to do it, but 2 years is a long time. This student almost failed last year because of English.
So ALT redditors, what have you done to get students who don't speak English to even answer small questions? From what I can tell the student looks up as if they are thinking about the answer when I ask the question, so I am partly sure they understand. I don't try to push too much becacuse I don't have access to the student's record, so I don't know if there is a problem or something that could cause more problems. Im just at a loss for what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 07:19 jholifield88 Looking for help

Hey guys been watching for a while, need some help.
I have a valid TWIC and waiting on my passport to come back (dogs chewed up mine but not my ex wife's, go figure) want to get my OS and eventual AB, working the deck and go overseas. But I'm in south central MS and don't know where to start, I have all my paperwork for my MMC but I haven't sent it in yet. As far as the STCW and such I don't know where to go. I understand Mobile is the closest Union which from this page seems to be the best thing to do. I make good money where I am working now but there is something about the water that calls to me. My ex wife, who I met on my days off, emotionally abused me .. Im not looking for sympathy but around here I don't have anyone to steer me in the direction I need to go.
Little background, I spent 2+ years on a towboat, crew change in Convent, LA, I've been everywhere from Algiers lock in New Orleans, Mobile bay through the MS sound to Galveston Galveston bay/lower MS,Upper MS, Ohio River, McAlpine lock outside Louisville KY, even spent 2 months on the Illinois River during winter outside of Peoria, IL, double locking at Peoria lock (which was a task breaking ice off the clevis for a southern boy, I also spent a Christmas in the hole at New Orleans and fought mosquitoes and wished we could wear shorts) but I know time on the river did not count as sea time, it was just the opposite. Sea time brought you in on the river as atleast a first mate
Im a 2 time divorcee at 35 next week (i admit I might be the problem) no kids and my house is paid for, but I'm used to being myself and am looking to get on a long hitch
Any help would be very much appreciated
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2023.06.09 07:19 peace-0_0-frog Is the "Collected Works of Jim Morrison" good? I wanna know have every piece of writing by Morrison? (The ones we know about atleast). If not, what other books can I buy? (aside from the "Collected Works"

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2023.06.09 07:19 Edocow1 Wondering if I have a shot or if I'm fooling myself

So I just recently turned 37 and have had a lot of things not really go my way over the past few years that has led me to reevaluate myself and get back to an idea that has always felt right in my and working in the UK indefinitely. I just don't know if what I am passionate about and what I would want to do for a living would allow for a feasible route at achieving this goal.
I have a degree from the United States in Landacape Architecture but I have become increasingly bored and resentful at the type of work that I am doing to make a living and makes ends meet in my state. I was hoping to try and start over by applying to a university in the UK to study ecology and conservation (something I am passionate about) on a tier 4 student visa. Due to some nuances I would be getting a second undergraduate degree, but that leaves the door open to apply for a masters program afterward if need be. Regardless of if I do a masters program or not, I intend to switch the tier 4 visa into the graduate visa (assuming it will still exist) to give myself some time to find a job that would sponsor me in the field.
The part I am having trouble with is if this is a possible dead end that would end up with me having to return back to the United States due to either not being able to find a job as it is not listed on the shortage list and the salaries for this type of work might not be up to the level required by the tier 2 swv from what I have been seeing on some various job searches. I do have the option to leverage some of what I know from landscape architecture, but I would rather be doing more along the lines of field research, surveys, and ecological studies.
Any recommendations, criticisms, advice or the whatnot are welcome as I am trying to weigh all the pros and cons before making such a commitment. Also, if anyone had any success stories similar to my plan I would love to hear them and how they worked out.
Thanks and sorry for the long post
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2023.06.09 07:19 Jhoosier EGS Star Catalogue v2 is now available!

Hi all, I've just finished the EGS Star Catalogue, version 2.0. I have a video explaining how to use it here. The UI is hopefully a little easier to understand and looks nicer. Don't forget to make a copy for yourself! Here are the new features:
For those who might be concerned about downloading random .exe files, the source code is available on the Github linked in the Star Catalogue so you can see for yourself and compile your own version if you'd like. Same for the Apps Script, which is necessary for importing the CSV files. Again, the code is provided in the Star Catalogue Welcome page, so feel free to create one yourself if you so desire (If you do not copy the Apps Script when you make a copy of the sheet, you will not be able to see or use the Import Logs function). I'm happy to have a discussion about this topic with anyone, but I do not provide tech support. Use at your own risk!
If you have any suggestions for streamlining things or how to make it more integrated with the game, I'd love to hear your suggestions.
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2023.06.09 07:19 affan992115 Nerve Control 911

Nerve Control 911
In 2006, a car mechanic slipped and badly cut his hand on a car door that had broken.
He patched the cut himself rather than going directly to a hospital. This was unfortunate because he had actual damage to the tendons in his hand and went on to have consistent pain while working.
A few weeks later, he began noticing a bizarre phenomenon while he was showering.
As his left hand began to wrinkle in the water, his other hand, the one that was injured—was not wrinkling.
This is a common feature of nerve injuries in the hand; your nerves fail to detect the submersion in water and therefore fail to tell your body to react.
Nerves are not in our body to annoy us and cause pain for no reason—these functions are critically important. People who lack sensory function often injure themselves quite badly, leaving their hands on hot stoves without knowing it.
Remember—if you get injured—go to the hospital. Don’t be a tough guy.
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2023.06.09 07:19 Bluebell1206 My boyfriend is ignoring me, it’s been 2 days?

I need some advice on what to do.
My boyfriend is 26 and I am 29 on Monday. We have been together a year and a half.
My boyfriends mum and I think he has autism and she missed something with him when he was younger. He acts very bizarre in situations and his family accept it and just tell me “that’s what he does” but it’s just not ok regardless if he has potential autism.
Basically he lacks eye contact, he doesn’t connect things very well, doesn’t see the bigger picture, doesn’t understand why someone is upset, doesn’t understand that something he says or does can upset someone etc.
We had a little argument on Wednesday it was very minor I wouldn’t even say I was arguing, all I said was “you haven’t kissed me today I always kiss you first” as a hint for a kiss before bed. He took that as criticism and said I’m trying to start an argument before bed, which I wasn’t I just genuinely wanted a kiss. In the morning of Wednesday he was still off with me and left for work while I was showing I was visibly upset (this is currently at his mums house as he is staying there for work). He saw I was upset and left anyway.
His mum heard I was upset and comforted me and said he has never dealt with emotions well or showed it and she has been sat there crying in the past and he will just go and sit in his room instead.
Anyway, he is now currently ignoring me. I text his mum and she said oh yeah he’s been saying you’ve messaged about your day at work. And I said yes but he’s not replying?? She said it’s very normal for him. She said when she had an argument with him once he ignored her for 3 months because he thought she was trying to start problems and he obviously is thinking the same with you.
She said it’s just what he does. His dad has also text and asked if I have heard from him (he lives with his dad) he said he’s text him a few times over the past few days and he’s reading and ignoring his texts.
What am I supposed to do? I always give people their space but ghosting not only your dad but your girlfriend?? I don’t understand??? I’m supposed to be going away for my birthday with him this weekend and he has just flat out ghosted me.
His family just say let him get over it he’s sulking it’s just what he does but this isn’t normal behaviour? I’m supposed to be driving to his mums after work tonight to take him home ready for our night away and just don’t think it’s happening now? How am I supposed to be ok when he’s doing this?
By the way any time he’s ignored someone he thinks it’s ok. He said if someone ignored him he would assume they need space and leave them to it????
I just think it’s strange. We’ve been together a year and a half and this has happened a few times. When he talks to me again he’s up my a** cos he knows I’m annoyed and just says he needed space.
But seriously?
TL;DR! My boyfriend is ignoring me over an argument
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2023.06.09 07:19 youraveragestoner36 36M : Wanna virtually hang out on an ongoing basis? Maybe sesh too? 💚🖤💚.

Disclaimer : Before anyone decides to judge me, I use cannabis for my pain and mental health stuff(fibromyalgia and other stuff). So if you're not down with that, we might not get along 🤷🏻‍♂️. And I'll be completely honest, I'm not looking for anything romantic or nsfw, not now, or in the future, as I have way too much stuff to work through to be emotionally available in that capacity. I'm just here for friendly chats and to hopefully expand my social circle a little.
I tend to be very picky about those I talk to, coz stressful, negative and toxic people cause stress which triggers my fibro... So basically no sarcasm, flirting, trauma dumping or crossing any kind of boundaries. I'll respect yours as long as mine are too(I usually prefer backing off politely instead of causing drama). I'm single, but you don't have to be, just be upfront about your situation and well be fine. I'm not here looking for therapy or help with MH stuff, just people understanding of the fact that some days I may not be around but some days I will talk your ear off 😅. Currently unemployed on a passive income, but looking to get back into something part time from home if I don't end up on long term... Such is life 🤷🏻‍♂️.
I'm very nerdy, have way too many hobbies, a couple of tats, git my first piercing this week and I'm loving itttttt, I also love everything black, cooking and baking, along with photography being my favorite hobbies. Obsessed with space, astronomy and a little astrophotography. I'm very much an emo /alt kinda guy with long hair, a third culture kid, and I have eclectic tastes overall. Houseplants are also a huge part of my life and I'm just about to start growing my own "herb" as well within a week or two 😁. I'm also not interested in politics or religion at all... My end goal is to move to Europe and homestead in the next 10 years (currently in NA).
I'm open to vc, or watching stuff on disc as well if we get along. My only deal breaker is that I prefer to talk to other childfree people only (it's a choice and a trigger for my ptsd, so please be respectful), and please don't be needy / greedy for my time, let's be chill if either of us needs space and we'll have no problems getting along long term 😊. Bonus points if you're a stoner who's into anime and rock music 😂. For now doing a rerun of my hero (on s6 rn) 😊.
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