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2019.12.23 16:25 Ashley100998 DragonManiaLegendHack

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2011.07.09 16:08 D3Sanc Dragon's Dogma

Kick the Ox, newly Arisen! Join us for discussions, information and miscellaneous topics related to Capcom's Dragon's Dogma and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

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Dragon Mania Legends mobile game by Gameloft

2023.03.27 06:06 JRicardo99 Waking up hours before my alarm

I recently started my internship and so far Im loving it but as I live far away I have to wake up at 5 am every morning. I go to sleep at around 10 so I should sleep until the alarm sounds at 5 to try and get at least 7 hours of sleep but I wake up multiple times before the alarm goes. I have various alarms set up so sleeping past the alarm is not the problem. I wake up dreaming about things I have to do at work even though I don't have any responsibilities as an intern so I don't know why I have so much anxiety about it.
Any ideas on how to deal with this?
Going to sleep isn't a problem just to clarify, the problem is not waking up hours before my alarm goes. I may also have some sleep apnea but nothing severe nor confirmed by a doctor.
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2023.03.27 06:05 flannel-ish i passed even while wearing makeup! now i need help

i'm a year and a half on T and a little less post op top. i'm very self-conscious still because while i have changed a lot, some things are slower. i have a deep voice now and have passed for cis a decent handful of times when first meeting people around my age (22), but middle-aged and older people are prone to misgendering me. i keep saying i'll have my femboy era when the facial hair comes in.
pre-transition i had always loved makeup. and i wore some today, thinking i'd probably get misgendered. but i got called "good sir" by a stranger. felt great.
all this to say.
it might be femboy time. or rather. i just need confidence. how do yall get confident and find femme style as trans men/transmascs?
thank you
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2023.03.27 06:05 Cat_578 Pictures of my nuclear power station! Been working on it since november 2022, and has eaten millions of my money. Very proud of it. Tried as hard as I could to get it as realistic as possible, but yknow how WTB is...

Pictures of my nuclear power station! Been working on it since november 2022, and has eaten millions of my money. Very proud of it. Tried as hard as I could to get it as realistic as possible, but yknow how WTB is... submitted by Cat_578 to Bloxburg [link] [comments]

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2023.03.27 06:05 TheSteveGuyMan I suck need advice

I play mystery Heros (on console) and the game likes giving me doom fist, echo, genji, Hanzo, Winston. They are my least played and often i lose so many fights because I fail to help my team in any way. I’m not kidding I’ll get these heros like 2 or 3 times a match.
  1. The console controls for genii, doom, and echo feel unintuitive
  2. I have no idea how to aim with genii or hanzo
  3. I can play winston but his ult is hard to control
These are the main issues. To help illustrate my struggles for genj and echo I have to take my thumb of the aiming stick just to double jump or fly up which is bad since I don’t play claw. For aiming I usually turn down the aim assist for projectiles but for some reason I just can’t hit anything on hanzo or genji. Doom is a complete other issue, I can’t do anything good on that character, I fundamentally don’t understand his controls or what he’s even suppose to do. Lastly Winston ult is disorienting to use and I find my self trying to chase people but over jumping and wasting so much time on it. It’s honestly pretty frustrating how bad I am at these heros, everyone seems to handle them just fine.
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2023.03.27 06:05 AutoModerator 🌞 Weekly Good Vibes and Introductions Thread 🌞

Welcome! We're glad you found us. We hope you find this sub helpful in your recovery.
This thread is meant to be a casual place to...
⚙️ Introduce yourself to the community: say hi, tell us a little about where you are on your DBT path (just graduated from group, DIY'ing using a book/internet, just starting working with a therapist, hanging out here to keep your skills fresh, etc.)
⚙️ Share a photo: of a DBT project you have created (eg: an arts and crafts item that reminds you to be mindful like a bracelet, your decorated comfort box,) or another meaningful photo, like your collection of diaries/journals. Please no facial photos, or pics with personal info in them.
⚙️ Offer some words of advice or comfort that you want to share with everyone: Send some kind words into the world if you are able to do so! Alternately you can respond to someone's story/comment with those supportive, validating words (like a lil virtual hug!)
⚙️ Tell us a positive story/experience that you had where you used DBT: Maybe you used it to get through a really tough time in your life, maybe you used some interpersonal effectiveness skills and you got the outcome you were looking for, or
⚙️ Offer some wisdom from using DBT skills that you have come to know after living it/understanding it: Share your wisdom with the community and share what you have learned and how it's shaped your life.
We would like the focus to be on achievements as a form of encouragement to others who may be struggling with the program. We ask that you please keep it positive, please no venting. Overly negative comments will be removed.
Please familiarize yourself with our subreddit Rules and our FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions about DBT, as well as media and resources (book lists, apps, podcasts, etc.)
This post is reoccurring every Monday at 12:01AM EST (GMT -5:00)
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2023.03.27 06:04 KaiTheKrazy How to deal with intrusive urges

I am attempting to quit SH. I literally don’t want to do it anymore, but I keep thinking about it. It feels like I’m going crazy because I know that I want to be healthier and get better, but my brain is convinced that I’m not worth getting better, that I haven’t gotten bad enough to warrant getting better, etc. it’s really overwhelming and the only way to get it to stop is to SH. I’m so tired of the never ending loud in my head, and I’m worried I’m gonna do something impulsive to get it to stop.
Has anyone else dealt with this? How do I stop it? <3
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2023.03.27 06:03 cloctor 联网之后的 ChatGPT

联网之后的 ChatGPT

从默默无闻到颠覆整个互联网需要多久?OpenAI 告诉你,四个月。
自从去年11 月ChatGPT 正式发布以来,OpenAI 团队更新AI 产品和技术的速度快到已经突破了人们的想象。就在刚刚宣布推出能力更强大的GPT-4 之后,不留给竞争对手任何喘息的时间,联网版的ChatGPT 来了。
众所周知,无论是ChatGPT 还是GPT-4,此前最大的一个缺陷就是它们的数据只停留在了2021 年9 月之前。而联网之后,这一层最后的封印将被解除,人工智能的超能力将在互联网的加持下被彻底释放。
不过,如果你仅仅把重点放在了‌‌“联网‌‌”上,那可能就低估了OpenAI 此次更新的意义。除了联网之外,OpenAI 这次更重要的其实是发布了ChatGPT Plugins(插件)功能--它将允许ChatGPT 和其他第三方应用程序的联通,从而彻底改写人们过去和互联网交互的固有模式。
如果说苹果过去这些年的成功是因为把开发者和用户都锁定在了iOS 生态系统中,谷歌的成功是因为把用户都留在了搜索引擎和浏览器里,那么,OpenAI 现在正在做的事情,就是要打破APP 生态,再去创造一个由人工智能驱动的新互联网入口。
OpenAI 表示,目前,ChatGPT 的首批插件已经上线,包括旅行软件Expedia、大数据公司FiscalNote、购物软件Instacart、支付公司Klarna、在线订餐平台OpenTable、电商平台Shopify、工作软件Slack 等十余家合作方,类型涵盖人们日常工作和生活的方方面面。
ChatGPT 的部分首批插件
那么,拥有插件功能的ChatGPT 未来会演化成什么形态?我们或许能从OpenAI 这次给出示例中窥见一斑。
在OpenAI 博文的开头,它列举了这样一个例子--‌‌“这周末,身在旧金山的你想要吃素食。周六,你想找一家口碑好的素食餐厅。周天,你想要找一个好吃又营养均衡、热量低的食谱,然后自己采购一些食材来做。‌‌”
在不使用ChatGPT plugins 的情况下,完成这整个操作需要多少个步骤呢?你首先需要打开yelp 之类的点评网站搜索合适的餐厅,接着,用谷歌或其他食谱软件来搜索食谱,然后再用热量计算器软件来计算选中食谱的卡路里含量,最后打开Instacart 这样的购物软件来下单订购食材。
整个流程至少要跳转好几个App、并且配合搜索引擎来获取信息,需要花费不少时间。但有了ChatGPT plugins 之后,一切就变得完全不同了。
它不仅能为你找到餐厅,还会给你贴上OpenTable 的该餐厅的链接;不仅为你找到食谱,还能快速帮你把食谱的卡路里计算出来;不仅为你列举出你需要的食材,还能把这些食材的Instacart 链接都提供给你,让你能直接点击一站式下单。
虽然ChatGPT plugins 目前还只是初级形态,但其真正的意义在于它把所有的App 都‌‌“藏‌‌”到了自己身后。也就是说,未来人们不必再自己去下载和使用各种App 和网站,互联网的统一入口变成了ChatGPT,每个人都将拥有一个专用的人工智能助手,帮我们连接一切互联网信息。
顺着这个思路再多往下想一步,那就是未来搜索引擎可能不存在了、原有的APP 生态也不存在了,未来软件公司的运行模式都可能将随之发生改变。继谷歌之后,ChatGPT 的镰刀或许很快也将悬到苹果头上。
  1. 不仅能颠覆信息搜素,还要‌‌“淘汰‌‌”工作
除了插件功能改变人们和互联网的交互模式之外,Open AI 发布的联网(Browsing)和代码解释器(Code interpreter)两个新功能也将ChatGPT 推向了另一个高度。而在再次大幅度提升打工人效率的同时,ChatGPT 也对更多的职位发出了‌‌“淘汰‌‌”警报。
首先,联网后的ChatGPT 的信息获取渠道将指数级扩大,也将能够更好满足用户对于信息的实时、个性化需求。一定程度上,联网后的ChatGPT 可以被视为一款升级版的搜索引擎。
比如在Open AI 给出的例子中,用户提问今年刚刚出炉的的奥斯卡得奖的结果,同时要求ChatGPT 根据这个结果来写一首诗。
在很快处理完这个包含了标准化搜索和个性化需求的问题之后,首先ChatGPT 像Bing 一样返回了问题答案并提供了可以点击的在线文档、相关新闻报道的链接,供你去验证和拓展阅读,此外,它还立马结合生成结果写了一首诗,提到了《瞬息全宇宙》和获奖者们。
也就是说,现在ChatGPT 能在现有的搜索引擎基础上能再帮你在多做一层--个性化处理你所搜索到的信息。
比如OpenAI 举例,当你想搜索当前地球和木星之间的距离时,此时并不是由ChatGPT 来直接把答案生成给你,而是通过安装的Wolfram 插件来执行这个命令,从它们的数据库中利用人工智能来检索信息并给出答案。这时ChatGPT 也会明确标明它是在使用Wolfram 进行回答,信息准确性的第一责任方也就变成了Wolfram。
在具备实时、可拓展编辑的信息检索能力之后,ChatGPT 将允许人们一站式的完成更多的日常的工作。
比如当你有一个出差计划时,只需要在输入目的地和行程,ChatGPT 能调用机票预订平台帮你查到最新的航班信息,并帮助你自动下单。当你想要买卖股票时,它能够帮你查询到实时股价并按照你提的需求进行买卖的下单等。
如果说ChatGPT 解除联网封印让人们的日常生活将效率加倍,那ChatGPT 此次所上线的代码解释器应该会让很多打工人‌‌“恐惧‌‌”,因为它直接影响到很多人的饭碗。
代码解释器为ChatGPT 提供了一个在沙盒、防火墙执行环境中工作的Python 解释器,以及一些临时磁盘空间,能够直接用户支持上传文件和下载结果。什么意思呢?
就是说,ChatGPT 现在不但能把你的问题直接转化为可执行代码,还能够直接运行这些代码来计算和验证结果。此外,你还可以通过直接上传文件来让ChatGPT 帮你运行和测试,你再基于返回的结果做出进一步的指令。AI 将具备自己撰写、分析、测试代码的能力。
OpenAI 表示,代码解释器将对于解决数学问题、进行数据分析和可视化以及在格式之间转换文件特别有用。
在给出的数据可视化例子中,ChatGPT 能够轻松的根据数据文件画出可视化图表,如果你对图表不满意,只需用自然语言描述你的需求,比如只截取某部分的数据,ChatGPT 就能帮你在几秒之内的执行这个命令再生成新的图表。而过去,同样的工作量,数据工程师们往往要工作好几个小时。
  1. 为巨型平台做准备,OpenAI 开始打造护城河
当四个月前ChatGPT 横空出世的时候,很多人还只是在调侃它的‌‌“废话文学‌‌”,并没有意识到它的出现将很快给整个行业带来一场革命。
如今,在收获了大量用户和关注度之后,OpenAI 显然已经走向了下一步--拥抱开发者和打造护城河。
或许你还记得16 年前苹果宣布开放第三方应用入驻的那一刻,而OpenAI 现在正在做同样的事情。同时,在人工智能的加持下,无论是用户还是开发者都在以一种前所未有的模式和速度进入到ChatGPT 生态之中。
根据一位名为Mitchell Hashimoto 的资深开发者表示,ChatGPT Plugins 的插件开放流程极具颠覆性。用他的原话,整个开发界面是他从事计算机生涯见过最疯狂也最让人印象深刻的事。他表示,开发者只需要定义API,然后用自然语言描述清楚这个API 是什么、有什么功能,然后ChatGPT 就会自己弄清楚身份验证、链调用、数据处理等一系列的工作。整个过程非常简单智能。
虽然目前OpenAI 还并没有明确开发者盈利模式,但大量的开发者已经迫不及待得涌入ChatGPT 的生态中去进行尝试,接下来ChatGPT 的插件生态预计会很快迎来第一波繁荣。
然而,生态在加速拓展的同时,OpenAI 也肉眼可见得变得越来越不Open。
GPT 人工智能模型过去的很长一段时间内始终保持着开源的状态,但自从GPT-3.5 开始,OpenAI 开始变得谨慎,只是公布了一些技术细节和实现路径,但不再进行开源。到了GPT-4,一切就变得更加神秘,不仅继续不开源,关于GPT-4 架构(包括模型大小)、硬件、训练计算、数据集构建、训练方法等方面的信息也全都避而不谈。
此举一方面是针对模型滥用的担忧,当然,更多的也是对核心竞争力的保护。如今,人工智能的硝烟已经弥漫了整个科技战场,所有人都在盯着OpenAI 想要挖去更多的信息或者分一杯羹。GPT 成为了OpenAI 的杀手锏和护城河,也必然会被保护得越来越严密。
人工智能时代的面纱正在被一点点揭开。ChatGPT 未来是会被变成一个新的搜索引擎、一个开发平台还是一个操作系统,我们目前还不得而知。但可以肯定的是,它一定不会只是一个陪你聊聊天的AI 机器人。

博谈网 2023-03-26 品玩
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2023.03.27 06:02 lmlem2521 I do have an iq for pre law

You stupid damn dumb ass people laws laws laws it's alll about the law following the law breaking the law yes that type of criminal gang related behavior just might upset a whole hell of alot. Your mad tell me how mad you are come say it to my face ya no balls ass having ass mfs you about to be big mad when I turn all your games back on you black Tacoma who? Who needs help gets your hearing checked and leave me tf alone
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2023.03.27 06:02 AutoModerator Daily Discussion - 27 Mar 2023

**Welcome to our Daily Discussion thread, where you can talk about anything Peloton related in a fast-paced, laid back environment with friends!**1
Do: Tell stories, share feelings on your upcoming delivery, how a recent class made you feel, maybe an upcoming class you're eager to take, some sweet new apparel that's quickly becoming your favorite shirt. You get the picture. Anything big or little. We just ask you abide by the subreddit rules, click "report" on rule-breaking comments/posts, and remember why we're all here - to get the most out of our Peloton subscriptions.
\1] Note: Based on broad feedback, starting Monday, 6 Dec, we've combined the Daily Discussion + Daily Training threads. If you previously were active in either, yes you're now/still in the right place!)
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2023.03.27 06:01 Embarrassed_Bed5275 Bad experience at Costa Rica retreat

I’m fresh off a retreat in Costa Rica where I watched a lot of people around me gain the answers they needed to move forward in life. I’d heard great things on Reddit about the place and got a recommendation from a friend.
My experience just wasn’t great. Another participant there seemed to be going through something with his sexuality and this started to get expressed in a strange way to other people. He tried kissing one of the girls who declined, and then twice tried with me, both times I gave him a firm no. I had talked on numerous occasions about my boyfriend and also about issues I had with men (as did the other girl so it feels he was picking the girls who had past trauma around men). On the last ceremony his behaviour was getting creepier and at one point he squeezed in next to me before entering the ceremony. I asked him to leave me alone but he wouldn’t. Myself and the other girl flagged our concerns to the guide but yet not only was he allowed to attend the ceremony, he was allowed to pick his bed - which was obviously the one directly opposite me.
It must have been about 5 minutes after drinking the medicine and everyone is lying in their beds in the ceremony room that I open my eyes to see this guy looming over my bed. I screamed and ran across the room.
At this point the leader of the ceremony made me come back and sit with this guy as he told me his heart was telling him he needed to kiss me. No one told him how inappropriate he was and instead the ceremony went on, he wasn’t moved away so I had to move. I spent the rest of the ceremony with my eyes wide open, scared he’d make his way back over to me.
The day after the ceremony, neither of the leaders asked if I was okay, instead they spent a lot of time with him (which I understand is important because he obviously had something going on). But I think given how scary it was (especially when you are in such a vulnerable state) I would have thought they’d take a moment to check in.
On the last day he asked to say goodbye to me and and I said that was fine but I did not want to hug him. He agreed and we said our goodbyes. However as I went to say goodbye to to one of the retreat leaders she said “I can’t hug you I don’t feel safe” I was confused but said okay and she then said “I’m only joking but now you know how he felt when you didn’t hug him.”
I’m so angry about that comment. I don’t understand why I should feel bad for not hugging him. The spiritual guides felt that everything happens for a reason and this was supposed to happen to me to trigger me. I think that’s ridiculous and just a poor excuse for some man’s shitty behaviour.
Has anyone else ever seen something like this at a retreat?
Since leaving the retreat I feel so sad, I went in feeling worthless and that I don’t matter and I feel as though I’ve left with those feelings validated.
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2023.03.27 06:00 ttc30mod It's positive pregnancy test time! Week of March 27, 2023

Did you get a positive pregnancy test? Tell us more! Remember, a positive is a positive whether the second line was faint or a dye stealer. Please try to give details such as how many days post ovulation you received your positive, what tests you used, what scientific method you used, etc.
Please note that this thread is for active members of our community who have participated in our subreddit before. Participating for the first time in the LP the cycle you get your BFP does not count as participation for this purpose.
Please do not use any banned terms/acronyms as per the sub rules, and **be sure to change the "TTC" portion of your flair to say "Grad" instead**. Grads are encouraged to visit BB30. Please be mindful to re-direct all pregnancy related concerns to whatever pregnancy related sub you choose to join. Congratulations!
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2023.03.27 05:59 Itachi_the_Uchiha Weird Bug With Animation Player That Goes Away In A Split Second

Weird Bug With Animation Player That Goes Away In A Split Second
Hello, I have a weird issue with animation player. I tried to key in some frames from a new sprite resource on my animation player but now I run into this weird error:
Cannot get path of node as it is not in a scene tree (Node not found: "Guard:frame" (relative to "").) On Animation: "RESET", couldn't resolve track: 'Guard:frame'.
This error shows for a split second and then goes away, and my sprite starts to animate normally without any obvious issues. Does the program eventually find the proper path? How can I get the animation player to recognize the sprite location (which is in the hierarchy of my player node) and stop showing this error?
For reference, all other sprites in this hierarchy except "Guard" sprite work properly and don't show this error.
After looking at this more in the editor, the output window shows this after I keyed a frame. My max hframe value is 15.
Anyone have an ideas? I'm really stuck and would appreciate the help. Thank you.
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2023.03.27 05:59 kalpana_1804 #UntoldStory_Of_GoddessDurga

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2023.03.27 05:57 Zestyclose-Lock322 I’m about ready to go… any advice?

So, I am 8 months away from turning 18. Honestly, it might be now or never. My home life has not been great in a long time. My legal guardian is dead set on controlling me. I’m not allowed to have friends, contact any family, get a drivers permit, or get a job. I’m not even allowed to go to school sometimes. I’ve been emotionally, mentally and physically abused, and I know that if I stay, I will get trapped, regardless of wether or not I am 18.
My plan is to leave ASAP. I have a boyfriend who lives far away, he’s offered to take me in. I may even be able to get a job with his family. But honestly if that dosn’t work I think I can manage to find someplace to stay…. Or just tough it out.
Here are my issues
  1. I have an 11 year old brother. When I leave I’ll be going clear across the country. I’m scared that he will be abused if things get worse. It’s more likely that things get worse when I leave. The stress will cause the abuser to be angry, and take it out on him. I know better than to try to take my brother with me, I am a minor with no job or stability and it will be dangerous for both of us. I plan on leaving a way to contact my brother or for him to contact me. In the event that he is being mistreated and nobody will help I will call cps and then go back for him. Is that enough?
  2. I have no money. Part of controlling me is making sure I can not ever gain financial stability. How do I get 3,000 miles away with no money? I don’t want to financially stress someone I love, how do I pay him for helping me? How do I sustain myself and find a job if something happens and my plan fails?
  3. I have a myriad of animals. How do I get rid of them? My legal guardian is probably going to kill for neglect them when I leave. They were another form of control. I need to offload them somewhere safe. The majority is livestock.
Lastly, I know I will not be able to enroll in school. But can i teen roll when I turn 18? What impact will that have on my ability to go to college and get a job? Is a GED a bad thing?
I would appreciate advice, this thread has already helped a lot.
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2023.03.27 05:56 Rehk_135 Respecting cost question

Does the cost scale purely based on character level, or the amount of times you Respec?
Curious if you go into it with a decent plan if you'll get one or two respecs before things get very pricey or if it scales to pricey as you reachax level regardless of how many times you do or don't Respec.
Thank you.
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2023.03.27 05:56 calpic-0 Just started & hate it :D!

Just a rant.
I have years of coffee experience and just started - Ive worked only 1 shift so far… It really irked me just seeing the back room and bar and overall flow.
I should have known better because it’s a large corporation but even the modules were so laughably fake.
I miss the small cafe vibe and wish I held out longer when job searching to land one of those instead. Starbucks hired me 3 hours after the interview (side note- is that a red flag) even after them telling they had a whole day of interviews. I even thought I bombed it so I was shocked to get an offer.
It’s my 2nd day tomorrow morning and I’m absolutely dreading it. I need the money rn but I don’t know how long I can hang in here.
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2023.03.27 05:56 Zopenzop Marketing on enquiry form

I have a company website made with WordPress and we have an enquiry form made with cf7 in there. Since a few weeks, we have been getting a lot of spam enquiries from the form on our website. I had never encountered this issue before, so I researched a bit and decided to use recaptcha human verification to control the bot generated enquiries. We also get quite a few enquiries where people are actually promoting their own products and services. Did you guys face this too? How did/ do you tackle this issue?
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2023.03.27 05:54 International-Lab760 should i cut off my addict father?

growing up, both my mother and my father were addicts. it wasn’t until i 17 my mom finally went to a rehab 2 hours away and got clean. she has been clean for 5 years now i think.
my father however has been using his entire life. he has tried to get clean twice, both times in which he lasted less than a year.
to skip over years of childhood trauma, i want to talk about the most recent time he got sober. he got sober and we go to rehab summer going into my freshman year of college. after he got sober, he moved to my college town while i was a freshman there. i had great boundaries with him but the longer he was sober the more i started to build a relationship with him and started breaking those boundaries because i trusted him more. i became a lot closer with him and then i moved home for the summer.
during the summer, i wasn’t there to hold him accountable and his girlfriend started using again. he started using again. i noticed something was off with him when i started getting less replies and he started asking me for money. i started questioning him and we got into a couple of fights. i move back to my college town and i start to distance myself from him. i call him out and he denies it. he ends up going to jail one night for getting extremely drunk and taking a xanax and stealing from a barn.
during his time in jail he is only texting his girlfriend and barely talks to me. i can see every message he sends to her and they break up. it isn’t until he starts contacting me more and finally he’s bonded out and goes on a bender. we barely talk during this time and we wonder when he is going back to jail.
after weeks of no contact i decide to call him and offer for him to go to rehab. i tell him i have connections and i’m able to get him in asap. he denies and says to give him a week. finally a couple weeks later i get a text out of the blue saying he’s ready. i drive an hour away to pick him up and he bailed on me. he made tons of excuses of why he couldn’t go.
he texted me apologizing and i told him i’m giving him one last chance. he then texts me a few weeks later again saying he lied to me about using. i finally set the boundary with him that i can’t forgive how he treated me and i can’t keep enabling him. he did not take well to that and practically begged me to stay in contact with him because he needs me.
my half sisters mom is just now starting to let my sister see him again, i didn’t think that was a good idea. he has done so much to me throughout the years and it’s only ever hurt me. the bailing on me for rehab and putting me in a dangerous situation by sending me to a really sketchy house really hurt me. i’ve barely talked to him now and it hurts a lot and i miss him. i just don’t know i can continue to be used like this.
should i drop him?
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