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Tips that improve your life in one way or another.

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Welcome to the AliExpress hidden reps community! here you can find all kind of rep items that are hidden inside AliExpress! Please read the guide in each post to how to buy the items The items are hidden as regular clothing items! That normal because AE don’t allow reps. Enjoy and share your experience with us! disclaimer - some of the links may be affiliated

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2023.03.27 05:15 arthigomes Help with discerning my thought process!

I had a conflict with a close friend of mine regarding my mental health. So she is someone who believes therapy and healing are for the rich and those who have lot of free time. And I had set a boundary early on when I started taking therapy that I wouldn't confide in her regarding these and that she needn't comment on these as well.
But there was a lot of passive aggression and judgement still. I could sense she was looking at me as someone is always hung up on the past and being a victim. So I expressed the same to her recently and she did agree that she felt I was going too deep into all this and wasting my life.
I am someone who doesn't confide in people regarding all these. And I am trying best to live a life after a mental breakdown. I have a job and I am pretty much doing what the society expects an adult to do. I don't know if I really do have a victim mindset. I worry about that myself as to whether I am being a victim and not doing what it takes to heal.
I have come to doubt as to what counts as sharing my struggles even. Like if I talk about an issue at home or some incident from childhood... does that make me a victim? Does that make me someone who is pitying themselves? I don't know. And somatic therapy, nervous system healing...are all something I include in my healing. Still can I not talk about some of these sometimes? I am in general in need of a perspective to look at these. Like one does not talk about incidents and pain points anywhere, is it? Or one can give the self-validation and move on? Is it that simple ?
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2023.03.27 05:14 asksalott FB Marketplace scammers trying to figure out my home address?

Im trying to sell some bikes on fb marketplace and I have been bombarded with messages asking for my email address, phone number, etc (the usual stuff). I got sick of it after a while and ended up getting pretty colorful with insulting the scammers before I block and report them.
Now I am getting messages from scam accounts that go like "hello friend I would like to purchase item today, I have cash ready what is your address?"
Trying to hack my facebook is one thing but wanting my home address is just concerning. My initial thought is that I could have pissed off a previous scammer and now they want to make it personal. If that isn't the case, what advantage would an overseas scammer have in knowing your home address? Thanks
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2023.03.27 05:14 BawceHog [Georgia] Neighbor directed construction runoff onto my property (images included)

Atlanta, GA
Neighbor is doing a complete renovation including massive landscaping project. It is currently 2 years in process. Tonight, we have heavy rains and it became apparent that they directed runoff with corrugated piping directly into my backyard which is causing flooding and damage.
40 days ago I emailed the landscape architect who designed their project, expressing concerns of potential drainage issues. I asked for their drainage plan which he said he was unable to provide but insisted that everything was done correctly and that I should not be worried.
We just did a $80,000 renovation of our backyard (completed yesterday) and this issue will likely kill a good portion of the plants and displace other features. I can’t imagine the heavy water pooling will serve the turf well, either.
Below are a few images. You can see the location of the black corrugated pipe and it being directed toward my property. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.03.27 05:13 Aesenil The Cube

The Cube
I've been working on this base with u/Tisafir for around a month in real life, and almost three months in game
The Cube is far from complete, but we've finally hit a point where we've finally fully moved in and only head back to the house we used to use as a base to move items over
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2023.03.27 05:12 Benzotropine The cult of addiction

I don't see much criticism about the concept of "addiction" as a p$ychiatric concept or the conventional "treatment", which they deserve.
As someone labelled an "addict"/dual-diagnosed or whatever label the charlatans are using to grift these days, the whole process is not only unhelpful but actively harmful. I will explain.
So, I have a major issue with the concept of addiction as a mental illness. To label this particular expression of human anguish as an illness completely detracts from the issue and that is what is compelling that individual to continue using/drinking. I've been in lots of facilities and programs for addiction and attended my fair share of 12 step groups (AA, CR, NA) and every single person in there had experienced trauma. All of the female addicts I spoke to bad been molested as children. I started drinking heavily/using to cope with a SA personally. There is often a deep hurt. So, to pathologize their coping mechanism as a biological illness completely dismissed and ignores their lived experiences. Therefore, the real issue, the root of the addiction, is not being addressed so how can someone properly heal in an environment that routinely dismisses and ignores this blatant contribution to the addiction?
To tell people who are already hurting, depressed, hopeless or whatever the case may be that they have an INCURABLE ILLNESS that they are POWERLESS to is really fucking damaging. Anyone who has been to a 12 step meeting knows this is drilled into you from the start. It is literally the first step to admit that you are POWERLESS over drugs and alcohol! They break you down to build you back up this image they promote. It's literally like a cult. Like you will get chastised and shamed for questioning it. So, of course that doesn't help anyone at all. Now a person feels even more helpless and hopeless. What's the go to coping mechanism? You guessed it. So, they relapse. It doesn't matter if someone was sober 10 years and they took a sip at a party, in accordance with AA dogma he must start all over again with a white chip. That all or nothing mentality is also damaging. I felt worse about myself in treatment, more out of control and reckless than ever.
From various sources, their success rate seems to be >10%. So why are these programs pushed so heavily? Why are they endorsed as the only way to treat addiction? They blame the failure of these programs on this addict. How convenient.
I beat my own addiction after failing so many times with the bullshit "treatment" just like p$ychiatry did NOT help me but actively harmed me, like scarred me as a person.
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2023.03.27 05:12 Cool-Ad7301 Is this a good starter? ( I actually ordered this ngl)

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2023.03.27 05:12 alligator0323 Tanky Hauler for Alpha Clone

New to EVE, I am looking for a good, tanky T1 hauler. I am mostly considering the Nereus, any others?

I am totally F2P, so no Omega, which means no T2 Haulers sadly. Is this going to pretty well gate-keep me from effective hauling?
As an extension, will F2P gate-keep me from just about every good item and job in EVE?
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2023.03.27 05:11 thisismyname2129 Angel room chance randomly getting stuck at 0%

As the title describes I have this weird issue where random local co-op runs will have 0% chance of angel rooms the entire run. I tried to google about this but haven’t had any luck finding something similar.
I thought maybe it was Eden related and could be some starting item but it happens with any characters. We also don’t go in any devil rooms or take any kind of devil deal through any means. I didn’t want to ask on here but I’m out of ideas. Thanks for any help!
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2023.03.27 05:10 adonisgawd [Reed] One-on-one with Raiders GM Dave Ziegler: On Garoppolo, Jacobs, Waller, NFL draft and more

PHOENIX — Every year, the NFL’s chief decision-makers come together for the annual league meetings. For this go round, the Arizona Biltmore resort in Phoenix is the host site. The Raiders sent a contingent including owner Mark Davis, president Sandra Douglass, general manager Dave Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels, among others.
Ziegler sat down with The Athletic for an interview Sunday at a table inside the lobby of his place of residence for the next couple days. Coming off of the start of NFL free agency earlier this month, there was plenty to discuss. He discussed a number of topics, including the Raiders’ approach to team building, free agency, the draft, signing Jimmy Garoppolo, trading Darren Waller, franchise tagging Josh Jacobs and more. His responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

What was the comprehensive plan going into free agency?

We still had quite a few holes, I would say, on the roster when we went into free agency. I think there’s a part of us going into free agency where we’re addressing needs. The inverse of that is there’s some teams that go into free agency where their rosters may be a lot more established. Whoever it is, whether it’s the Chiefs or some of those different teams where they may be going into free agency and they’re saying like, “Hey, we’re targeting these three players,” do you know what I mean? … There’s that kind of realm of free agency. Obviously, we hope to build to get that. The plan in free agency, I would say we’re still addressing, generally speaking, just a lot of needs that we have on the roster. And I think when you’re doing that, there’s a couple things. No. 1, we have to continue to improve the depth and competition of the team. There’s still a lot of that when we’re going into free agency. I think the plan was to add as many guys as we could in free agency that we felt fit the mold of being smart, tough, dependable and just an element of being explosive, good football players. … But also, we want to build a football team that has an edge and has a chip on their shoulder. And I think there’s a certain type of guy that has that, you know what I mean? I think Maxx Crosby has that. I think Davante Adams has that. People forget, when Davante was drafted and brought in the league out of Fresno (State), he didn’t take off right away. From a vision standpoint, that’s what we want to build here and continue to build here. Those were some of the highlights of what we were looking to do in free agency.
And I mentioned this before when we’ve spoken, too: You have to allocate your resources in free agency. You don’t have unlimited cap space. You don’t have unlimited funds and things like that. And so, you have to be strategic in the way that you do that. I don’t see us in a position that maybe another team is like you look at the mosaic of your roster and it’s like, “Hey, we only need one corner and one left tackle or one defensive tackle and everything else is already set.” That’s just not where we’re at from a roster construct. And so, doing that probably would leave too many other holes that we still have to address, you know what I mean? So, I think we were strategic in doing it. We were judicious in what we were allocating. And I think the other thing that we did — maybe a little differently than last year — also was we added a handful more guys on two-year deals. Last year, we did a lot more one-year deals. We like the idea of making a commitment to those players and those players making a commitment to us. I think if you have just a slew of guys on one-year deals, that can cause some issues because they’re there for a year. So, that was kind of another part of it, too.

You agreed to terms with Jimmy Garoppolo pretty quickly once free agency began. What made him an attractive option at quarterback?

Simply put: Proven leader, proven winner. I think he’s won 70 percent of his starts. And you can caveat that with the whys and all that stuff but, at the end of the day, he was a part of winning a lot of football games. He’s a proven leader, he’s a proven winner and the next part of that is obviously he’s been steeped in the offensive system that we run. And so, there’s an advantage in that, too. Simply put, that’s what it was.
Garoppolo was supposed to sign on March 16, but ultimately didn’t sign until March 17. Was there any worry that the deal wasn’t going to get done during that time things were delayed?
No. It was just things contractually like language and stuff like that that we had to work through. There was zero worry at any point. We knew it was going to get done, it was just making sure that everything, there’s a lot of protection and clauses and language and things like that, so it just took a little bit longer once we all sat down and started to go through the contract. Because you talk about the framework, obviously, before, but when we actually were kind of going the nuts and the bolts of it, there was just a couple things that took a little bit longer to work through that we anticipated. We didn’t want to have you guys wait, too. We weren’t sure exactly when we were going to be able to get on the same page on all of it, so we just pushed it to the next day, but it was never any concern on our behalf that it wasn’t going to get done.

You wouldn’t have moved on from Derek Carr unless you felt you needed more from the quarterback position. How confident are you that Garoppolo can provide that?

We’re confident. We’ve been around Jimmy since he came in the NFL, so we were with him through a few of those developmental, nurturing years where you really get to learn who people are as football players, as people, from a talent standpoint. And he was successful with us in the time that he got to get on the field. Obviously, there wasn’t an extensive time because Tom (Brady) was there. And then you see him go to San Francisco and, again, there’s a high level of success that he has there, too, when he’s out on the field in a completely different system. He showed the ability to adapt to that system, adapt to a new culture, adapt to a new set of teammates and you saw a lot of the same things that we saw in New England, which was players gravitating towards him. The locker room embraces him. We saw him do that in a completely new setting. He won a few of the football games he went out for us when he started those few games when Tom wasn’t with us at that time. He won those games, and he goes to San Francisco and wins a bunch more games. So, again, I go back to the leadership and the proven winning aspect. I think those are the things that made Jimmy attractive to us. Knowing the history of it and seeing what we thought we saw in his younger years and then to see it manifest and prove itself out in San Francisco made us feel that we’re going to get someone that’s going to provide a lot of leadership and help us win football games.

You placed the franchise tag on Josh Jacobs. What went into that decision and is there any chance you could still work out a long-term extension?

What went into the decision was wanting to have him here. You got to make the decision of do you want the player on your roster or not? Obviously, with the year that he had and the person that he is in terms of his football traits and things of that nature, he fits the fabric of what we’re looking for. He’s a smart football player. He’s tough. He’s dependable. He’s explosive. From a football perspective, that made it an easy decision. Obviously, there’s an investment that goes into placing a franchise tag on a player. It’s $10 million. I’d say that’s a significant price tag for any player. So, we just felt ultimately that his football traits and him as a person and as a player warranted us doing that and making that decision and not letting him hit free agency, if you will. And then going forward, yeah, there will be an element of fluidity to it. I’d say we’ve been working through this free agency thing and so you have that time period where you can have some more of those conversations and things of that nature. So, we’ll have some more of those conversations. I wouldn’t say we’ve had a ton of them while we’ve been working through the free agency piece, but we’ll have some more of those conversations and we’ll see where it goes.

What went into the decision to trade Darren Waller to the Giants for the No. 100 overall pick in this year’s draft?

When you look at the trade in the singular aspect, we traded Darren for a third-round pick, right? Kind of taking a step away, what we ended up doing there is we ended up taking a portion of the money that Darren was making and acquiring Jakobi Meyers plus a third-round pick. So, that’s what ended up precipitating the trade. There was an opportunity to do it and, obviously, we thought it was the best opportunity for the football team. That’s how I really looked at is we ended up moving Darren for Jakobi and a third-round pick. Obviously, I thought that was worth the cost of doing business. Darren’s a phenomenal football player. He’s super talented. He’s super explosive. And Jakobi’s a really good football player, too. Ultimately, we felt like the value of acquiring Jakobi and the third-round pick was good value for us in terms of moving Darren.

From the outside looking in, there seems to be a lot of overlap between Davante Adams, Hunter Renfrow and Meyers because they’ve all been used frequently as receivers who line up in the slot in their careers. How do you see that working out?

I don’t look at it as overlap as much as I look at it as versatility to be able to move people around and put them in different spots. … I’ve had similar circumstances in the past where say like Julian (Edelman) and Danny (Amendola) had some overlap in their skill set, but we also used it kind of to our advantage. Those guys will give us flexibility to move people around. Jakobi has a lot of his production inside the numbers and I think that’s tailored to what we do offensively. I think it also highlights some of the things that Jimmy does well offensively, and where he throws the football well. Now, I think he can throw it to all levels, but he’s had a lot of production, too, between the numbers. So, I think Jakobi fits some of the things that Jimmy does well and it gives us some versatility. He’s just been a highly productive player. Again, maybe it doesn’t jump off the page in terms of an elite athletic skill set, but he’s really productive on third down, really productive over the middle of the field and when you watch his tape you see him get open and win in the slot and you see him get open and win on the perimeter. I don’t really have any issues with where he’s going to play because I think you could put him anywhere and he’s going to get open.

You mentioned at the Senior Bowl that the offensive line is a position group you need to address, but in free agency you’ve re-signed players like Brandon Parker, Jermaine Eluemunor, Hroniss Grasu and Netane Muti but haven’t made any outside additions. Why have you just focused on retaining rather than adding?

I think there’s a lot of value in the offensive line in continuity. There’s a tremendous amount of value in there because it is kind of a synchronized group. Ultimately, we have three guys that are coming back that were starters for us last year in Kolton (Miller), Dylan (Parham) and then Andre (James) and then we brought Jermaine back and Brandon back and we have Thayer (Munford) back. I think there’s a lot of value in that. And I just think there’s other opportunities to continue to improve that position whether it’s continuing to do it in free agency and, obviously, we’re going to have the draft coming up to continue that. So, we value the continuity. I think those guys are all good football players and I think we’re always going to focus on improving that group whenever we can. And, again, in free agency it made the most sense to improve the group that way based on the cost of doing business at that position or other positions.

On the defensive side of the ball, you made a collection of smaller moves rather than making big splashes. Were you just focused on adding to your overall depth?

Yeah, that’s exactly it. And I would just say again, it’s not just the defense. There’s various things that we outlined that we needed to address in free agency. Every move plays off another move, you know? So, ultimately on the defensive side of the ball, yeah it was more about finding some young players that fit the traits that we value and that we think we needed to add to the team, and we did that in a couple areas. We brought in recently a couple other guys at the cornerback spot in David Long and Duke Shelley that we feel are young players with some upside to compete in those roles. And, ultimately, whether it’s the offensive side or the defensive side of the ball, what we need to continue to do here is — and I’ve mentioned it many times — we need to continue to add our own homegrown talent.
We’re always going to be focused on developing our team through the draft, but I would say that we need to — not that it’s more of a focus, but just where are roster is at when you look at it — fill out a lot of holes and needs in free agency, which ultimately, we want to grow out of that. And I think the only way that you grow out of that is you draft your way out of that, and you end up having your young, core group of players and the fabric of players that are filling a lot of those needs. Whether they’re starter needs or whether they’re key backup needs and things of that nature where you’re going into free agency maybe with a much more narrow focus and a much more targeted group of players that you’re focused on adding and saying, “Hey, boom, they’re going to fill this one role or this one spot.” So, going back going into free agency, yeah, those guys ended up fitting needs. At the same time, we looked at other areas of the team, but there’s a tradeoff for going to sign someone for $15 million and what that limits your ability to do in other spots on the roster.

Free agency is never really over, but you guys know what the foundation of the roster is now as you begin to look toward the draft next month. What is the goal that you want to accomplish in this draft?

I would say it’s hard to really give you a direct goal like we want to do, “This or that.” I don’t think that’s something that I really want to advertise, anyway, but I still think we’ll go in with the approach of just draft the best available player. I think that’s what we believe in. That’s going to be the continued focus going forward. And I don’t know where that’s going to be. I don’t know what position that’s going to be. It could be a defensive tackle. It could be a tight end. It could be a guard. Whatever it is, we’re going to still continue to focus on, where we’re at, is that the best available player that fits the fabric of what we’re looking for?
And I don’t know how that’s going to materialize. To say, “Ultimately, no matter what, we’re going to improve the secondary,” coming out of the draft, obviously we would like to do that, but I think also when you have that mindset that’s where you start to reach and that’s when you start to overshoot things and that’s where you can start to convince yourself that a player is better than another player at a position because you really need that player. I think that can lead to bad decisions. We have a decent amount of draft picks and we have an opportunity to infuse our roster with some youth and we have an opportunity to infuse our roster with the style of football player in terms of the skill set but also the makeup and the DNA of the football player that I think is really important to building a consistent winner. It’s just like a successful business: Have a bunch of people that are steeped in the cause, that believe in the cause, that have similar DNAs, that are motivated by the same things, that have the same style of work ethic, that have similar levels of football intelligence.
When you do that, that’s how you build a group of people that all pull in the same direction. What I’ve learned and I think what we’ve seen over time is that people that win the offseason — when you look at the history of the league — why hasn’t that produced more wins? Why is that? Why haven’t the teams that win the offseason produced a high level of wins? And you can go all the way back to the dream team in Philadelphia. Well, I think a lot of that is because you bring all these people in from different teams that have different ideologies, different beliefs, different experience, different biases. That’s great on paper, but that’s not necessarily great for building a team. And so, I think acquiring talent and building a team, there’s a link there, but I think you have to be focused on building a team. That’s really the goal of the draft is continuing to build the fabric of our team and the DNA of what we want the Las Vegas Raiders to be.

You’re taking a long-term view with your team-building process. Where does the self-awareness to be honest about where you are come from and how do you plan for that to play out?

I was always taught when I first started in scouting back in Denver that the most important aspect of scouting is knowing your team and honest reflection of where your team is at and honest evaluations of where your team is at. And so, I value that a lot. You can get in the habit of making your team better or worse than it is, you know what I mean? You can go either way in terms of your strengths and your weaknesses. So, I think the self-awareness piece of it has developed over just what ingrained and taught as I came up. The most important part is honest reflection about your own roster and where it’s at. That’s not just something that I do on my own; that’s something that we do with the whole scouting department and the coaching staff. We come together as a group to understand where we’re at. For me, one thing that’s probably helped is both in Denver in my time with the Broncos and my time in New England, I got to see the construction of a lot of really good, successful rosters. … I’ve seen a lot of successful rosters built. Championship-level rosters. Rosters that — even the Denver roster — that wasn’t just a flash in the pan; they ended up actually going on to win a Super Bowl there. And so, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see what that looks like and see what that means. So, I have a frame of reference to understand where this roster ultimately needs to go to have the type of depth that we want, to have the type of starting-level talent that we want and ultimately to build a consistent winner.
Those past experiences give me the self-awareness to understand where we need to go. I think at the same time, we have a lot of good football players on this football team on both the offensive and the defensive side of the ball and I’m excited about what we have coming back. I think there’s going to be a group of players that make a jump in Year 2 being in the same system with the same coaches with the same level of continuity and so I’m excited about the jump that some of our young players are going to make here going from Year 1 to Year 2. And that’s part of our evaluation process, too, is you may feel from the outside looking in that there’s a deficiency here at this position or this position and we may be looking at it as the opportunity for one of our young players who feel based on their traits and based on what they did in Year 1 is going to make that jump in Year 2. So, I’m excited about a lot of the young guys that we have coming back, I’m excited about the top-tier talent that we do have at some different spots on the football team and then I’m excited also about some of the free agency acquisitions that we made that I think are really going to improve the mental toughness of our team, improve the football intelligence of our team, improve the talent and the execution in critical moments on our team. So, there’s a lot of things that I’m excited about our roster right now and then I’m excited about the opportunity that we have as an organization to infuse the youth that I was talking about in the team.
While there’s this level of self-awareness of where we need to go and understanding you’re not going to fix every single hole in one year, I’m also really excited about what I think this team can do here in the upcoming football season as we come together as a group and the areas that No. 1, we’ve improved the team, No. 2, the top-tier talent that we have and No. 3, the anticipated jump that we’re going to hopefully see from some of our players that are going to be in Year 2 on the job. I’m excited about that opportunity for a lot of our players because we didn’t overhaul the coaching staff. I think we’re going to see a lot of growth there. I don’t want anybody to get confused on the fact that we have the self-awareness to know that we’re not going to fix every single hole or get every single position group to exactly what the long-term vision is with where we’re at now as a team and the excitement that I have going into 2023 based on those three things that I just told at the same time.
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2023.03.27 05:10 TopecoClean Can Use Magic Eraser On Skin?

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2023.03.27 05:10 Dark_Lighting777 I'm done with this game

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2023.03.27 05:10 DarkM0nstr0sity Will D4 have its own version of Cosmic Wings?

I'm one of the crazy few that actually enjoyed playing D3, but one thing that always intrigues me in any game is an item that has a small chance to drop or an extremely rare item. I've always been a sucker for those rare cosmetics. So my question is will Diablo 4 have a cosmetic item that will be extremely rare to obtain similar to Diablo 3's Cosmic Wings?
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2023.03.27 05:09 __ii----ii__ SCP-106-ARC Entry into the Endless Fog

Item #: SCP-106
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-106 is stationary, and presents no immediate threat. Therefore, the only objective of containment is to ensure that remains undiscovered by civilians. The anomaly should be enclosed within a nondescript building of any kind. Two level 1 guards should be stationed outside all building entrances, and three level 2 guards should be present inside the structure, observing SCP-106. Should the anomaly exhibit any unusual behavior, superiors are to be notified immediately.
SCP-106 is currently enclosed within a small, unmarked warehouse. Civilians and unauthorized personnel are not to be allowed within the warehouse. Should unauthorized persons ignore warnings and attempt to enter, they are to be killed and disposed of within the anomaly.
Due to its nature, only D-class personnel will be allowed to enter SCP-106.
Description: SCP-106 assumes the shape of a cylinder, comprised of swirling fog. Dimensions are approximately 1.5 meters in diameter and 2 meters in height. Aforementioned cylinder appears to be sitting on the ground beneath. Attempts to dig out the ground from beneath the anomaly resulted in more dirt falling from the bottom of the cylinder, filling any gap made. SCP-106 is located in [DATA EXPUNGED], Japan, on a barren field. It does not seem possible to move the anomaly, due to its impalpable composition. Therefore, it has been enclosed in a guarded warehouse, as mentioned above.
SCP-106 seems to be an extra-dimensional entrance to an infinite landscape filled with endless fog. Persons and items entering the anomaly are trapped permanently within its dimension, unless they remain connected to the outside by some means. For further information pertaining to the nature of SCP-106, level 2 personnel should see
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2023.03.27 05:09 False-Suspect829 Decorative Pot Ideas

You should be able to create unique and interesting pots.

Dying Pots
One way you could dye a pot would be to right click a pot with dye to change its color. You could also do this in a crafting table. I think it would also be interesting if you could dye individual pottery shards in a crafting table. Then you could combine different colored shards like you do normally, creating really cool and unique pot. It would be neat if you could also find different colored shards/pots naturally as well.

Different Sized Pots.
I think pots should be able to be crafted and found in different sizes. You could make them different sizes by adding more pottery shards while crafting. In real life (I know Minecraft isn't known for being just like real life), pots aren't made and found the same size, they are all unique.

Storage and Plants
Finally, you should be able to store things in pots. To get your items back, you would do it just like you would a chest, or you could break the pot, giving you 4 shards. Maybe you could also place plants on the top of the pot, similar to how you can irl. Maybe larger and different sized flower pots could be introduced.
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2023.03.27 05:09 crushedcone [WTS] Gear locker fire sale! 25+ items. Mags, Pusher gen V, helmet, rails, trigger, Sig stuff, GPS, MAWL

Doing some spring cleaning, I want all of this goneeee.Most of it is in newish condition, I'm pounting out the things that aren't
$5 ship for small items, $10 for larger stuff or you can send me a label
Mayweather Gen V Pusher - $200, like new, mags not included
knee/elbow pads - $30 for both sets
chase tactical dangler - $20
garmin foretrex 601 - $80, a battery started leaking in storage (I'm stupid) but I caught i before it caused any damage.
Team Wendy Exfil helmet cover - $free, I cut a piece out of one side
nvg shroud - $20
helmet - $30 not much is known other than I think it's ballistic and size large. you could pair it with the shroud for some budget NV
Peltor ptt - $40
Axl Rac - $40
team wendy ballistic ear covers - $30
Safariland pistol mag holders - $40 for both. they're made for p320 but will work with most double stacks
Midwest 9 inch - $50
Midwest 7.5 in - $40
offset irons - $40
sb brace - $20
hiperfire EDT-SS - $50
magpul grip - $10
p365 slide & grip - $80? leftover parts from my edc
p365 10 rd mags - $50 for both
p320 mags - $50 for 3
m9 mags - $30 for 3
1791 holster - $20, fits mid and duty size pistols
wilson combat p320 grip - $40
gatcranks - $30 each, electric drill not included
3L thermobak - $50 each, one is missing the mouthpiece cover. All three have been collecting dust in storage and should be cleaned before use
if you made it this far, congrats! I also have two mawls for sale. Serials are visible in the pictures
Mawl 1 - $3000 3/21 DOM in 9.9/10 condition. OG box, a battery and manual included. EC2, removable propeller cap, no triple click
Mawl 2 - $2700 3/19 DOM little bit of wear. No box or anything, just a crazy bright laser.
So yeah comment below before sending a PM
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2023.03.27 05:08 SpeakerSuccessful437 What are your thoughts on Governor Andy Bashear of Kentucky?

Bashear, is considerd very popular in Kentucky, with his approval rating higher then 50 percent. I think many people thought he was a fluke, because he beat a very unpopular figure in Matt Bevin some years ago, but he seems to be the real deal. He has been fighting the good fight, vetoing stuff that has come out of the Republican Legslature. Plus, the economy in Kentucky has been doing very well under his watch. In your opinion, due to his enduring popularity, could he be pointed at as a Presidental contender that could win back at least the Upper South, sometiime in the future, or at least a running mate that could bring balance to a ticket, if the Presidental nominee was from the North?
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2023.03.27 05:08 HiTdAjUwU 6.99 turns into 22.99 not even including tip.

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2023.03.27 05:07 RIP_SIM i'm trapped in a nightmare reality

so i'm going to make this rather short and sweet. i just turned 30 in january. i just had a baby in november with my fiance who we were just procrastination away from going and getting courthouse married. everything was amazing and this is the most perfect storybook relationship i've ever been in. we fell in love instantly, dropped our lives and i had her move across the country to be with me. she got pregnant 6 months later.

anyway my mom got diagnosed with cancer the previous year and around the time she was moving to my city my mom got worse quickly and had as nice of a home hospice goodbye as possible. this was very hard but i had my newfound soulmate to help me through the first grief i've had to deal with. then my grandpa died a week later, which you're prepared for your grandparents to die, but not your 47 year old mom. this was all within the first couple weeks of my fiance moving in with me. she definitely helped me through this in a way that i must say the timing of us meeting was completely impeccable and i needed her so badly at that time.

then me and her ended up living with my grandma and grandpa until we rented our own apartment. my grandpa passed away while we were staying with them. again, i expected this and had prepared for years. but at this point i had never lost any family members and had now lost 3 of the closest people in my life in just a matter of half of a year.

november rolls around and she has the baby. despite everything going on we quickly got our own apartment and i got a better job that paid more and i liked 100 times better. we created an amazing family in no time and had the purest love for eachother.

our daughter had just turned 3 months old and a few days later my fiance got into a car accident and is no longer with us. i literally have no will or desire to go on, because not only did i lose my partner and absolute best friend i've ever had and the mother of my child who was a stay at home mom taking full time care of our daughter while i worked, i have absolutely no time to waiver when it comes to my now full time solo parent responsibility. i am literally trapped in a hellish world that i will never be able to escape from.

i could type an entire novel about how and why this woman was undeniably my soulmate and i was going to be with her forever. but i need to focus on what's important, and that is half of her soul lives on through our daughter and i owe it to both my late partner's memory and to our daughter so that she doesn't have to grow up with no parents. my family would raise her and she'd be in arguably a better and more stable place than me doing it, but me and her mother had spent hundreds of hours just talking and fantasizing about what we wanted for our daughter and how we were going to raise her. and i promise both of them i will do everything we dreamed of doing together, and raise our little girl exactly in her mothers image and honor and make sure she knows every last little detail about her mother.

she passed away march 1st so this is so fresh it's hardly sank in. i feel the weight of losing my other family members so much deeper now that my biggest support system and companion is now not only not here for me but fucking gone and dead herself.

i don't know what to do, but i have to make it for the sake of this magical thing we created. fuck guys. she was only 27 and the most amazing and dedicated mother i've ever known.

i'm utterly broken and dead inside. in the past month since she's been gone the new expressions she makes and looks she has in her eyes i see the spitting image of her mom and it fucking breaks me down and all i do is barely eat enough food to stay alive, and comatose on the couch because i cant bear to be in our bed. seeing her in our daughter is only going to get rapidly more intense as it already has since she died especially since i'll be really fucking looking for it. it's the most bittersweet feeling i've ever experienced.
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2023.03.27 05:07 Importanttonone Because I lied, I have ruined many things and Harmed myself.

I am using this as an outlet to express something terrible I have done. I have no one to talk to about it because I hurt the person I so want to talk over things with. I am, or was, in a year in a half relationship with my boyfriend when I lied about something so fucking stupid. I hurt him and I broke most of his friends with this. I lied to my boyfriend saying that someone had said something when in reality, none was true. I think I lied because I don't like myself and was in fact jealous of every single hookup my boyfriend has ever had. In a way, it made me feel better at the time because it was not me who was getting hurt. I didn't want to hurt them either. I thought no one would ever find out about it but boy was I wrong. And when everyone did find out, shit hit the fan and it was all because of me. No one can trust me anymore. My boyfriend can't trust a word I say and my friends don't want to surround themselves with someone like me. They did not say it exactly like this but I know it is actually what they mean or what I think it should mean. Everything was so intense at the time, with my boyfriend yelling at me in frustration and receiving multiple snap messages from the people I hurt. I was so overwhelmed with guilt, shame, sadness, and anger that I took the pocket knife I had and sliced my leg open. I was just going to let myself bleed out while I was on the phone with my boyfriend. I thought I did not want to live. It was until I thought about my younger sister, whom I am very close to that I decided to get the help that I need. Only my boyfriend knows that I harmed myself and he actually ended up calling my mother about it. My family came to the hospital to take me home. My dad hasn't acknowledged me and I think it is because he is scared that he almost lost his eldest daughter. My friends don't know that I cut myself and to be honest, I don't want them to. Is it bad that I want them to hate me? I already hate myself and I feel as if them hating me would make things easier? anyways I will be checked in a hospital and receive mental health care. I hope at the end of this I won't hurt anyone else. I hope I will be able to love myself.
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2023.03.27 05:07 IdealCodaEels Did anyone else experience eye floaters in pregnancy?

Hi, FTM at 26 weeks here. A very small (pea sized) darkeblurry spot appeared in the center of my vision of my right eye. It's pretty transparent, not opaque, and has stayed pretty much the same for two days. I can easily ignore it most of the time, but it shows up more clearly when I blink quickly or when I'm outside in sunlight. It reminds me of a tiny dot version of the visual disturbances that ocular migraines cause, which I've had for years, but OMs only last about an hour, not days. I've never had floaters before but internet searching is suggesting that's what this is?
I read that floaters are relatively common in pregnancy, but also am well aware that any vision changes can be symptoms of preeclampsia, so that's a worry.
My blood pressure is low/normal (108/69, which is normal for me) and I feel 100% fine. No swelling or anything else.
Already have a phone call and message in to my doctor, so figured I'd post here while waiting, to hear from y'all about how common eye floaters really are in pregnancy. (And if this sounds like a floater???)
Thanks for any insights 👍
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2023.03.27 05:06 Righteous_Fury224 Sympathy for a Succubus - Meridiana’s Story. Part 1

A/N - I fell down a Rabbit Hole last night, learning about Pope Sylvester II who was an amazing polymath of his time, writing books about Mathematics and promoting the study of Arabic Math and reviving the knowledge of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
The thing that intrigued me the most, from a writers perspective, was that he claimed that he was seduced by a Succubus he called Meridiana who helped him in his rise to power, eventually assuming the Papal throne.
This is her story.

Being trapped in a cell in hell seems to be a boring, well used trope these days.
The thing is though, if the being inside the cell is a demon that should be doing the trapping and torture… yes, that is me. Oh the irony! Oh the shame! Oh how fucking boring!
Oh and where are my manners these days? Pardon me!
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a Succubus of little wealth and lavish tastes. An ancient demon from the dawn of time.
My name is Meridiana and I have been a prisoner here in the wretched place for, as near as I can guess, ten centuries of normal universal time. All because I let my prey’s soul escape.
Senior Management look down on that sort of thing as the intended victim was a Pope! I had Gerbert of Aurillac or as he later became known, Pope Sylvester II, wrapped around my finger. Yet the wily pest infested priest avoided his fate of eternal damnation by being a shrewd, cunning and extremely powerful adept in the arts of sorcery and magic. And he confessed all at the end of his life which unburdened his soul allowing him peace in his afterlife, escaping his true fate of eternal damnation like most of his kind end up receiving, priests that is, vile hate filled creatures that they are. Only a few could be considered truly good human beings.
So my failure damned me instead. Senior Management had me tortured and imprisoned here in this miserable, vile, despicable cell, constantly tormented by lesser demons. It was laughable.
To be perfectly honest with you, it was a welcome break from having to deal with all of the ridiculous politics and ludicrous, absurd quotas the upper echelon were constantly mandating all the time of the rest of the demonic workforce. Anyway, I digress…
Time in the parallel dimension humanity calls Hell is an abstract. Things happen, that is undeniable, events progress, actions are taken and have consequences and reactions but still… time just is not a constant as it is in the universe. Time’s Arrow is a real phenomena there and all who exist in the universe are subject to it’s uncaring mercy. Yet although I say that from the comfort of my cell, which is quite luxurious I must say, I still remember feeling the passage of Time from my occasions when I was in the universe at large.
Now it was yet another ordinary ‘day’, my scheduled torture (I call them massages) was not due and I was reading an obscure text that Gerbert had written on mathematics, ‘Libellus de Rationali et Ratione Uti’, a work I may add that I helped that ungrateful conniving shyster write as the man was as ignorant as a pig in shit yet had the spark of knowledge and the yearning for learning in his beautiful mind. He knew he needed to understand and was aware of how much had been lost since the collapse of the empire in western Europe. Gerbert was also supremely aware that it was his own Church that had halted learning, banned the study of the sciences, of math and philosophy. They called it Heresy, using that as a method of control over the ignorant barbarians and peasantry who were flooding the empire at the time. It was pure genius. Even Senior Management were impressed but Yahweh was always the most deviously tricky bastard. He had hoodwinked humanity three times and now rested on his laurels.
So as I sat on my bench which was also my bed (I didn’t really need sleep here but sometimes a nap is incredibly restorative) and listened to the screams of the damned off in the background, I started to feel a pull upon my body, something I had not felt for a thousand years.
My jailer, a lesser demon often known as a Dretch, a bloated bellied, spindly limbed creature with the most stupid visages one could curse upon a being, shambled over to my cell.
“It is your scheduled torture Meri’,” it slurred through is misshapen mouth as it leered me at in the mistaken belief that I would be intimidated by this pathetic creature.
“Hmm… I don’t think so you miserable, insignificant, worthless speck of shit.”
The Dretch’ eyes opened in surprise at my defiance. The foul being’s expression grew more shocked and apprehensive as an aura of bright green light began to envelope me.
A resonate voice called from across the void. It was in a language that I had never heard before yet I completely understood it.
“I summon you Meridiana, I summon you Meridiana, I summon you Meridiana, come to me, hear my call!”
The repetition of the call of three was powerful. The pull upon my very being was seductive, cloying and oh so welcome.
“I ACCEPT!” I yelled back in triumph. A summons, even if a demon was imprisoned, could be ignored but why the fuck should I do that? This was my chance I and was taking it! I was so out of here!
The Dretch tried to trigger the alarm but it was far too slow and clumsy. I used a fraction of my power to trip the dullard demon over, wrapping a small amount of force around it’s embarrassingly skinny legs, causing it to plant it’s face painfully onto the stone floor. That gave me a modicum of satisfaction.
“I ACCEPT! I ACCEPT!” I screamed joyously completing the thrice call and refrain of the summoning.
Now I know that you who are reading this are almost probably human so let me relate what it feels like being pulled from one dimension to another. Think of it like the most irritating, unstoppable, incredibly powerful sneeze that you have ever experienced, them multiply that by a factor of twelve. Do the math if you pathetic mortals are capable… heh. You all know what an unstoppable sneeze feels like, it can not be resisted with any amount of comfort. Traveling inter-dimensionally is like that.
One moment I was in my cell within the dimension that humans call hell, the next I was in a large well-lit stone room, enclosed within a large summoning circle.
I sneezed. Loudly.
“Bless you,” were the next words I heard.
I looked up in shock. No human has ever called a benediction down upon me. Such things were unheard.
Before me was a man, not a particular impressive specimen to be honest. I gazed upon my summoner with a critical eye. He was of average height ( I later learned that in human measurements he was 171 centimetres tall). The man had some sort of lenses over his eyes, encased in a wire frame that travelled over the bridge of his nose and had a pair of arms that lay across the top of his ears. His light brown hair was receding, his cheeks and chin were covered in grey stubble and he looked like he was a little overweight, a slightly pudgy with a soft aspect to his body shape. He appeared that he had been fitter in his past but had let himself go to softness.
The Magus was not dressed as I would have expected. He was wearing what appeared to be a very short blue coloured tunic with a strange picture and writing on the front which I could not discern its meaning currently. The truncated tunic went down to just above his waistline and barely past his shoulders, maybe coming just past the halfway mark of his upper arms. He wore trousers of some soft material I was unfamiliar with and a pair of very comfortable looking, exceedingly well made black felt shoes.
What intrigued me the most were his eyes. They were the brightest Sea Green I had ever seen in a human, coloured with tiny flecks of hazel. They held an intensity and gleam of power that I had only ever seen once before in man, that of Gerbert’s. I must be vigilant with this Magus.
“Thank you for the blessing but it is not necessary nor wanted. So you have summoned me. What now mortal? Do you intend to bind me to your will, demand my service and subjugation?” I unfurled my huge leathery wings cautiously, so as not to touch the unseen barrier that held me within the summoning circle, stood to my full height of 224 centimeters and folded my arms. My tail swished behind me. I gave out the must demure, seductive smile I could, tilting my chin low and gazing back at the man with the promise of unearthly carnal pleasures in my expression. My eyes glowed with their inner fire, hoping to dazzle the mortal.
Gazing about my surroundings for a moment, I took in the alien strangeness of it all. I was in a stone room (I later learned it was called concrete – something the Romans had invented but the medieval religious dullards had forgotten). The room was large, being over thirty foot in length and some 18 feet in width. Not far from my summoning circle was the most peculiar form of… chariot or cart I had ever seen. A metal and glass box on wheels that were not made of wood, rather rimmed by a black looking substance I had never seen before. The interior of the wheels were made of the brightest shiny metal, bifurcated with even spaced holes. Inside the bizarre chariot were seats and in the front, on one side set into the front, was a large wheel. All around the rest of the room where shelves full of neatly stacked items I had no idea as to what they might be. On one wall stood a large, tall metallic box with double doors on the front. This was all so intriguing and interesting. The man then spoke, taking me out of my musings of my surroundings,
“Nope. In fact I am going to release you now. Just know that you cannot harm me, possess, charm or dominate me with your power. Look at the circle. It is entirely made with my blood. I have bound you completely to me. If I come to harm and die, you go straight back to hell. So it is in your interests to keep me alive as best you can. I do not command or demand this, just telling you the facts so we fully understand each other.”
I gawped back at the human and stared down at the circle in mounting horror. He was right, it was entirely made of blood. I deeply inhaled and aside from the strange and unknown smells in this room which I soon learned was his basement garage. I could easily smell his essence that had bound me, body and soul, to him. Oh yes, we demons have souls too. Just small ones that eventually wither and atrophy over the eons we exist. Only demons of great power have great souls but that’s another story.
“You what!?!” I was incredulous, almost speechless.
“You heard me perfectly well enough. I have bound you to me yet I will release you from the circle so you are free to move around and explore the world if you choose to. Oh, don’t bother to try anything, it won’t work.”
The Magus had a faint mischievous grin on his lips, it actually suited him I thought briefly. But current matters took precedent.
“Why? Why are you doing this?”
I did not comprehend this at all. This was beyond the norm of the ritual and practice. Humans summoned demons to bind them to their will for various reasons. Letting us go yet still be bound to them… now that was interesting to say the least. Dangerous too, to other humans that is.
“Because… reasons…” was his enigmatic reply as he kicked over one of the five large black candles that ended at the points of the pentagram within the summoning circle with a nonchalant shrug, breaking the containment field.
“That has to be the most vague and non-committal response I have ever heard mortal. Worthy of a Demon prince I may add,” I replied with a wry grin of approval.
Never give any unnecessary information out as to your true motives.
I blinked again, once again in confusion and mistrust as I was about to step out of the circle.
Never before in my immense lifespan had a human who had the power to summon me or any demon for that matter, had given out enough of their own blood to fully paint the summoning circle which binds us to them. He should be dead! Yet he stood in front of me, hale and hearty, not looking like he should be exsanguinated at all.
“Are you hungry or thirsty? The lore is unclear on this but I am going to assume that since you are now manifested in my universe, your corporeal form will require some sort of nourishment?”
The Magus stepped around a small table that was beside him, gesturing to a large glass pitcher full of a yellowy green, cold looking and faintly sweet smelling liquid. Next the that was a one of the most well crafted glasses I had ever seen, perfect in shape, clarity and form. Beside that was a plate which had a small stack of bread that had what appeared to be meat and cheese inside two slices of the bread that formed the stack.
“That’s home made Lemonade and cheese and ham sandwiches. I’ve put English mustard in the sandwiches, sorry, it’s a habit of mine. They might be somewhat spicy to your tastes,” he said with a slight apologetic shrug.
I stood there in abject astonishment. He was showing me kindness. Me, a demon from the hell dimension, known for our nihilistic love of cruelty and sadism. I personally much preferred manipulation and betrayal, psychic and emotional torture over inflicting physical pain but still pain is pain regardless of the source.
A feeling and memory surged up inside me, he is like Gerbert…he is a good man…what does he truly want from me? I must be wary.
“I can consume your foods and drinks… it’s been so long,” I said eagerly then caught myself as I had let out vital information which he could use against me!
“Then help yourself, all you have to do is step over the threshold.”
“Before I do, I must know your name mortal. If I am to… keep you alive… if that is my only requirement, then I must know who is my master.”
“I am not your master. I never intend to and never will be that. I know who and what you are and I do fully understand your nature… no believe me I do,” he said when I gave him a look of derisive dismissal. As if a mortal could know the nature of a demon! HA! Ridiculous! He continued,
“As I was saying, I do know all about your kind as you will discover. You can call me Ty. I will not give you my full name yet. You need to earn that. Again… I know things… knowledge is power after all eh?” he said with a sad smile.
The Magus was right. Knowledge is true power. Why he had a sad look was interesting as it vanished immediately.
“Very well… Ty… I accept your offer of sustenance. You are the most captivating, interesting mortal I have encountered in a long while,” I said as I stepped across the broken summoning circle.
I immediately thought about trying to seize him in my powerful grasp yet as soon as I did, the thought vanished. He was right, I could not even think about harming him. It was a most unusual feeling. No matter, mortals always overlook something in the rituals, I would find the loophole and be free. In any case, this was a most welcome reprieve from the eternal boredom that I had endured.
“Here, take a seat and have a drink. I think you could use one,” the Magus known as Ty said as he gestured to a white chair made from a shiny substance that was not wood. The chair had a large opening at the back in which my tail could comfortably pass through.
“Which is this chair made of?” I inquired as I took my seat.
“It’s called Plastic and you will be seeing a lot more of it. It’s a wonderful material yet like all things, it comes with a cost.”
I raised my eyebrows at hearing that. This Magus was indeed wise. He knew of the traps that could come with things that looked like being a panacea. Nothing comes without a cost, well nothing that is worth it in my judgement.
He poured the liquid into the glass and held it out to me.
I took it from his hands, letting our fingers brush against each other so I could enter his mind and dominate him. It was like hitting a wall, I couldn't get in!
He smirked at me as I realised that I couldn’t.
“Enjoy your Lemonade Meridiana.”
“I shall Magus Ty,” I replied with a sultry smirk of my own. Taking a sip I was instantly hit with incredible sweetness and sourness as well as the chill of the drink. My eyes widened once more in surprise. It was delicious! I guzzled down the entire glass of Lemonade in seconds.
“More!” I demanded as I thrust the glass back to him.
“As you wish,” he replied with an amused wink as he refilled my glass.
This was going to be an extremely interesting for us both I thought as I sipped upon my refreshed drink, gazing at my new Magus.
Most interesting times indeed lay ahead.
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