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2023.03.27 06:32 TAU-44 [Recruiting][A3][AUS/NZ] Mobile Task Force TAU-44 "Phalanx"

Looking for a unique mil-sim experience in Arma 3?

Have a look at Tau-44, an Oceanic mil-sim community based in the SCP universe.

In our continuity, the Foundation is no longer a secret, the public knows that anomalies exist (even if they don't know all the details), and groups of interest have surged in numbers; many of which have plans to use or abuse anomalies for their own good.
Wars over these anomalies - waged both in the open and behind closed doors - have become commonplace, dictating the requirement for more MTFs like Tau-44 to fight the conventional fight so that others in the Foundation may continue the mission to Secure, Contain, and Protect.
Our unit, Mobile Task Force Tau-44 "Phalanx", is a globally ready first recon and fast response force aimed at putting effective initial investigation and surgical strike capabilities into the hands of regional Department Heads, O3 and O4 Councils, and Site Directors on assignment request.
With an emphasis on being the first force in position, as well as the last force to give up ground, Tau-44 are the go-to MTF for sensitive tasking where conflict with enemy armed combatants is likely. Where Nu-7 "Hammer Down" famously embodies the obvious, eponymous hammer, Tau-44 "Phalanx" is equal parts the anvil and the scalpel.
Based out of Site-231 in the sunny region of █████, ████████, Tau-44 trains for a typical deployment consisting of less than a company of soldiers, comprised of a primary HQ element directing platoon-sized detachments, further organised into teams of two four-man fire-teams.

Our ideal applicant is:

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What are your experience requirements? We understand not everyone has 2000+ hours of hardcore mil-sim gameplay or even any hours at all. Because of that we offer a training course specially designed to teach our new players our unit's tactics, mods, gameplay, and many other aspects. So even if you have never played in an Arma 3 mil-sim before, we're happy to take you on board.
  2. How dedicated do I have to be? Our general rule of thumb is that you attend as many operations as you can, but we understand that real life obviously takes precedence over the unit. This is only a game, real life is real life. Don't feel stressed about having to come to every mission.
  3. When do we play? Tau-44 runs events on Sunday nights starting from 6:00pm ACST and expect our active players to regularly attend. Operations normally last 2-3 hours.
  4. Do I need any of the DLC? To play in our operations, you will need the Apex and Contact DLCs. All other DLCs are optional, but recommended.

How to join if you're interested:

Head to to find our Discord link and proceed from there!
Alternately, you can send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.
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2023.03.27 06:31 hurricanes2 chronic, painful lower back aches

F18, 140 lbs, 5’6, no drugs/alcohol/medication
Hey! I’d appreciate any insight as to what is causing my pain, and how to possibly start to address it. I am going to give the best description of it that I can.
Timeline: to be honest, I can remember this pain all the way back till I was 14/15 years old.
Symptoms: chronic pain in what seems to be the lower back muscles, not so much my spine. My PCP has checked me for scoliosis at every physical and that’s all clear. It is not a shooting/stabbing pain, but more of a constant dull-mediocre ache. I can feel the ache throughout most of the day/night no matter what I am doing (standing, sitting, laying down, etc.)
It feels as if I need to get a massage and loosen it up, or stretch it out. My range of motion arch wise is not great. I started to do yoga over the past summer just to get some more activity, and some of the poses (like the cobra pose, anything bending) felt painful (but not particularly in a bad way? It feels as if I almost need to do that, but it just hurts). I know this probably doesn’t make much sense.
Things that may be contributing to it: I have poor posture. I have a larger chest, and I made it a habit to slouch a little as to not make my body pronounced. Also, it’s just heavy.
Is there anything I should be doing to get relief? It is an awful feeling :/
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2023.03.27 06:30 dani402l SIU'S ARTSTYLE

so I have a massive folder with many pics of many categories of tog . and I noticed us I'm sure most of tog fan's have siu's artsryle is so dame goooood its detailed to a ridiculous degree ,the coloring is incredible , the composition of the painting's is above and beyond ,best of all he does that while writing an incredible story thet is on par with it's art .
humanity doesn't deserve a treasure like siu .
with thet being said in this post im gonna share some of those pics I'm not gonna rank theme .
lets start with portraits :
the coloring of this pick is a bit grim(at least thet's the vibe i get ) but the detailing is us detailed us one punch man murata art , there are about five shade's of different yellow's which is masterful , id say there is honey , blond ,butterscotch ,lemon and banana.

siu mentioned when he thought of kallvan he thought of a german solider , he hit the nail on the head with him. , the detailing of the belt buckle is amazing the design of the buckle is beautiful, of course the coloring is breathtaking .
notice the lining on eduan's collar and lining on the shoulder's , there is so many color's of blue in this painting its staggering, even the lighting aura has multiple blue's inside there is slightly bluish white but the outlining most of theme are lapis but the lowest one on the left shoulder seems torques or arctic , and dame the eye's .
all right in my tog portraits folder there are plenty more painting's but I want to move on to eye's now.

us far us detailing go id talk about the three eye's tattoo , us for coloring a lot of yellow's and gold , somehow he made it really birght even a bit blinding like looking at the sun , it seems like there is even a very tiny bit of rainbow in the eye's
now here the eye has a lot of blue , its also less bright thane the last one . i forgot to mention siu colored the lacrimal caruncle in the other eye pics too
somehow its very bright too like the painting has an aura.
enough said lets move on to well landscape ohm scenery any way call it how you want to call it .

guys is the small floating castle actually small or its just far what do you guys think?
at night wow and I don't even know which scenery do I prefer , but at day the place seems like heaven in my imagination.
how romantic a painter living at an hell train station , the coloring though .
while the landscape painting's are my favorite type , if we talk about detailing ill have to give it to standoff's or exchange's or attacks
the elegance man
ok there are plenty more but if I missed any beautiful painting's please mention theme in the comment section tnx for reading .
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2023.03.27 06:30 Hack_Jammer So I did something that I'm not proud of in my latest DMZ match, truly I am conflicted.

So last DMZ match for the night I decided to squad fill in hopes of running another 6 man on Ashika and maybe get the weapons case since I'm 6 of 7. Game starts up and I hear my comrandoms speaking French so I figured that plan went out the window. They continued to speak French in voice chat and I figured I wouldn't overcomplicate things by talking so I just used my Pings and communicated that way.
We did a stronghold, a contract, looted a bunch and even grabbed a few air drops but nothing else of significance was done, and disappointed I gazed at the castle, pondering what could have been. As I walked back over the hill I noticed the extract beyond it was activated, evident by the indistinguishable green flare and suddenly I spring into action, start pinging like crazy to alert my fellow Frenchmen and maybe channel some of their current civil unrest into the engagement. Remembering the UAV tower on my side of the hill I make a break for it, only to be met by an enemy operator who beat me to the punch, I fire at him, barely managing to crack his 3 plate, before succumbing to his volley of premeditated aggression. He activates the tower, and I can only crawl away in defeat, my fall from grace mimicked in turn by my fall off the mountain. I cringed in disappointment at my own gameplay, when suddenly, a squad invite appears. I hastily accepted, thinking maybe my fellow squad mates would take heed to such invitational ceasefire, but I soon found myself fighting the very men who helped me.
The battle was swift, I missed crucial shots that I knew I should've hit, but I blamed not the game. It might have been my own reservations at my sudden betrayal and lack of honor that restrained me from going forward with it in its entirety. But soon, they too fell. But not without taking half of the 4 man squad I was now a part of. They say that to the Victor goes the spoils, and in essence they did, I took their dog tags, silver in color, as well as a weapon from each of them. I could feel their essences emanating from both relics as I carried them as spoils of war, and their aura was almost haunting. Through the French chatter of the death mics I was only able to barely utter the words "I'm sorry" in what I can only assume would have been very poor French on my part, may they forgive my transgressions.
I helped heal our wounded as we prepared to board on the final exfil point, and yet, a cloud of shame and regret loomed over me. One that even the radiation could not permeate, and as we sat in the helicopter to relish in our victory, I realized that I had only failed. I failed myself and my squad, I was only used by the new squad. I won nothing and yet I walked away with everything, a pyrrhic victory for sure.
I feel I may just hold on to their weapons, die with them. Maybe then I'll have died with them the way I should have at the start. Or maybe I'll keep them and let them carry me to the 7th case, either way, they'll haunt me till the day I lose them.
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2023.03.27 06:30 mother_of_goblins The Lyric & The Art Mart present Midweek Muse — a free (!) night of visual art, live music, and film. Check out work by local visual artists, make your own art, and listen to live music. Then stay for a free surprise movie showing at the Lyric’s Wild Card Wednesdays

The Lyric & The Art Mart present Midweek Muse — a free (!) night of visual art, live music, and film. Check out work by local visual artists, make your own art, and listen to live music. Then stay for a free surprise movie showing at the Lyric’s Wild Card Wednesdays submitted by mother_of_goblins to FortCollinsart [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 06:30 Nosexuskitty Xanax weaning

My GP is my prescriber & is tapering my Xanax (not my choice) and did not seem open to prescribing Lyrica or Seroquel, I’ve seen that on here for withdrawal symptoms. Would a neurologist be appropriate? He wants me to go to a psych to verify if I still need the Xanax, and we all know a new psychiatrist or psychologist is not going to prescribe (unless they do for someone with an established history?).
I have a feeling I will not be able to do my job (Customer Service Representative phone) & will probably end up getting fired. I’m barely keeping it together as it is. CBD doesn’t seem to affect me, nor does MMJ. If it does, it’s extreme. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve used them together or what, maybe my tolerance is too high. I just take 1 mg per day at night for sleep anxiety. I was also taking Ambien, which he will no longer write. So I’m using Valerian root which does help.
I’m not ready for the hell ahead of me…
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2023.03.27 06:29 braidedlady AGGHHHHH IM GONNA KILL MY ROOMATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok not really but i am 1 millimeter away from losing my shit at her. She is CONSISTENTLY extremely noisy LATE at night she'll invite her boyfriend over and Keke with him at full vocal volume as late as 4 am like two unemployed shitheads at 2 pm on a tuesday. I have texted her SO many times and she just doesn't give AF. Her laugh that I can hear through the wall makes me jaw clench. Let me tell you what I have done already.... I take TWO sleep supplements, I use a fan, I've rearranged my room 3 times to minimize the noise, i use earplugs. Ive already spoken to my landlord about moving out but can't afford to pay 2 rents in the event that I don't find a subletter.
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2023.03.27 06:29 AdministrationOpen82 To the guy in the panda suit at Osaka last night

Cute costume, and kudos to you for putting in the effort to dress up. Maybe next time though, stick to standing in the back where your GIANT-ASS panda head isn’t blocking the view of everyone within a ten foot radius. Or ya know, just take the head part off. /Rant over.
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2023.03.27 06:29 dakbailey A Genesis Year: 2023 in the works

You all may recall that I was rather proud about 18 months ago that I had purchased tickets to see Genesis in Buffalo.
I am here once again to say that I will not only be at Night 1 of The Musical Box’s “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” in Tonawanda, NY…
But I will also be at Steve Hackett’s “Foxtrot At 50” show in Binghamton, NY.
I hope to see some die-hard Genesis fans there at both shows! I need pictures to hang in my studio
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2023.03.27 06:28 FrustratedPlantMum Peanut Butter Confusion

I've been vegan for a long time. I eat a lot of peanut butter: 1. Protein 2. Yummy 3. Quick 4. $2.49 at Grocery Outlet 5. If you eat in the pantry in the dark, at night, the calories don't count. Fact.
But when I was first vegan, I didn't eat peanut butter at all. Why? I thought it had butter in it. For years I thought that! Finally one day at the store I checked the ingredients, just to make sure, because I suddenly missed peanut butter. Lo and behold: no butter.
I'm such a fool.
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2023.03.27 06:28 mother_of_goblins The Lyric & The Art Mart present Midweek Muse — a free (!) night of visual art, live music, and film. Check out work by local visual artists, make your own art, and listen to live music. Then stay for a free surprise movie showing at the Lyric’s Wild Card Wednesdays

The Lyric & The Art Mart present Midweek Muse — a free (!) night of visual art, live music, and film. Check out work by local visual artists, make your own art, and listen to live music. Then stay for a free surprise movie showing at the Lyric’s Wild Card Wednesdays submitted by mother_of_goblins to u/mother_of_goblins [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 06:27 SweetTeaRex92 Kids, don't drink and drive

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2023.03.27 06:27 BWall789 Next round of signings at Fan Cave.

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2023.03.27 06:26 k9palmerj Sleep advice needed

Im looking for advice from parents who’ve successfully managed to improve their baby’s sleep (ideally through other strategies other than CIO).
We used to have a good sleeper. In the early days, she would wake up maybe 1-2x, slept through the night a handful of times, went through the 6 month regression, then went back to 1-2 wake ups. However, since the end of december, she has been waking up 4-6x/night. She’s now 11.5m old.
She naps well during the day (two naps around 1-1.5hr long each), doesn’t often fight bedtime, and she’s not difficult to settle, but just can’t stay asleep for longer than 1-3hrs, with the occasional 4hr stretch. As soon as she wakes up, she’s standing in her crib crying for us.
If I go in to settle her, she’ll want to nurse back to sleep, which can take a while. My husband can settle her too without much issue.
Im at a total loss on how she can stay asleep for longer stretches. We are trialing a floor bed right now, starting with naps, but she sleeps in her crib at night.
We’ve never bedshared as our bed is too soft and one of our dogs sleeps in our bed with us.
What else can we do? Our ped recommended gentle sleep training, but I don’t want to go that route unless we absolutely have to.
TIA for your advice!
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2023.03.27 06:25 cyb3rxg0re ain't nothing better than bumping lol peep off an oxyb at night

he gets me fr rip pepp 🤭
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2023.03.27 06:25 namechangeforthis Am I a horrible person?

I'm sorry this is long. This person that I watch on TikTok is very sick. I comment all the time and they usually like or respond. Sometimes people comment wanting them to die and other mean things. It's worth noting this person jokes about their death a lot.
So last night I asked if they were Irish and this person replied to me saying they were"deathish". And that same person also commented asking when they were going to bite the dust and replied to another sending her love saying they don't need your love the need your Dr.
I felt like I couldn't ignore cause it was responded to me so I said, " wtf is wrong with you? " I'm truly as nice as possible to people but this person just seemed mean? They replied basically saying it was a joke so I immediately felt bad and apologized and explained why I said that.
Since then the person I watch has posted several vids that I have commented on as usual and they've been ignored. On the latest video they even deleted my comment. So I asked if they were mad at me and ignored that as well.
I also went to the other person's TikTok and said on one of their videos that it was good and they privated the video... I feel so terrible and I don't know what more I can do. I apologized? Am I a horrible bully? I feel sick and it's all I can think about. I have really bad OCD and idk if that's making it worse? It's triggering my thoughts of offing myself. Is this as big of a deal as I feel it is? Idk what to do. Should I go apologize again? I don't want to seem insane. ( Even though I probably am.. ) I hate myself so much.
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2023.03.27 06:25 crazy-cat-lady_ Insomnia after months of good sleep

I have had pretty good sleep and no occasions of insomnia for the past 6 months but last night, I had a lot in my mind and couldn't sleep. I fell asleep at around 2 am only to wake up at 5.20 am and not be able to fall back asleep. I have class today (I'm in uni) and probably going to skip. I feel very bad, because I skipped many classes last year due to insomnia, but it stopped after I had an exam on literary no sleep and it went fine. So I just convinced myself that even if I don't sleep one night, nothing bad is going to happen. But today, I feel like I just can't go because I have an hour long commute and 6 hours of classes, and I really hope that it doesn't cause me to get regular insomnia again because it was very difficult to deal with. I just feel like I'm very weak for skipping during to this, but I just feel like I can't do it:(
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2023.03.27 06:25 louser0w0 Strange Red Marks on lower legs causing distress

Hi everyone. I’m a 24 year old female, weigh 245 lbs, and for the past 5 years I have worked a job where I am required to stand/walk around for 8 hour shifts 5 days a week or more. I am borderline high cholesterol (runs in family), but my BP has always been low. I do not have any diagnosed illnesses and do not take any daily medication.
I am worried about the possibility of poor circulation in my lower legs. About three years ago I noticed these strange red marks developing on my right inner ankle.[ approx two years ago leg photo ] It was faint and never caused me discomfort, but made me worried. A year and a half goes by and more of these strange red marks have appeared. I go see a vein specialist where they do an ultrasound of my legs, measure them, etc, and tell me my leg veins look fine and the red spots are cosmetic veins that a dermatologist can treat if I want them to. Cut to present day and the marks have all but multiplied. Both of my legs have them, and it can also be noted my hair gets sparse about halfway down both of my lower legs. In this photo you can also see significant swelling of the ankle. [ a few days ago ] This has been going on for years with the occasional leg discomfort and night time Charley Horses. I have been going to the gym to move more and to assist in losing weight, but the redness flares up anytime I’m on my feet for a long period of time. It feels as though it is progressively getting worse and I’m not sure of what to do. My GP tells me to take a break at work and elevate my legs, but that it simply not an option. Is my job destroying my legs? Is this just a case of edema, or should I get a second opinion from a vein specialist? In the fall I will be starting a clinical trial for my phlebotomy course, which means even more time on my feet outside of my full time standing job. Anything helps! Thank you for your time.
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2023.03.27 06:25 Vexy March Contest Winners Thread

Results Page - New!!

As a reminder, we have a new website this year for voting, and it's in a new format, too, in 0-5 votes instead of upvotes. When the voting deadline ends, the page automatically converts to a finalized standings page so you can see the final ratings for all flag submissions, their authors, and what you voted them (if you did).

Contest Voting Link

Prompt: Design a flag for a Dungeons and Dragons character class

This month, we are taking inspiration from the classic world of tabletop role playing games. We want you to design a flag to represent one of the fourteen character classes from Dungeons and Dragons.

Contest Top 20 & Best in Category

We had 58 submissions, here's the top 20 and best in category:
Rank Username Submission Score Category
1 saladinmander A Flag for Monks 3.862 Monk
2 Emi6219 Bard - The Masters of Song 3.624 Bard
3 Miguk4Real Blood Hunter Class flag 3.62 Blood Hunter
4 coldbrewcoffeecake Rangers' Banner 3.596 Ranger
5 TuxKitten Flag for Paladin - Banner of Righteousness 3.505 Paladin
6 Imperatorjoshua Flag of the Clerics 3.486 Cleric
7 persew Morningstar Shield (Paladin) 3.438
8 bees-on-wheat Ranger's Star 3.435
9 FXBR Blood Hunters Flag 3.411
10 flagsdotwin Flag of the Barbarian 3.407 Barbarian
11 TuxKitten Flag for Fighters - Against all odds 3.375 Fighter
12 Emi6219 Paladin - The Armored Defenders 3.327
13 persew Arcane Fire - Warlocks 3.317 Warlock
14 qka365 Standard of the Guild of the Fighters 3.279
15 FXBR Flag of the Ranger Class 3.241
16 oblivicorn The Druidic Standard - Land and Sky 3.206 Druid
17 NewFlags Blue Wizard 3.189 Wizard
18 onewingedwaluigi1 Blood and Darkness 3.097
19 NewFlags Ranger Force 3.067
20 SansWarrior Chainbound 3.038
27 VertigoOne Night Skills - Rogue class flag 2.901 Rogue
35 Imperatorjoshua Flag of the Sorcerers 2.637 Sorcerer
40 SeallySealll2021 Flag of The Artificers 2.505 Artificer

Annual Top 20

Rank User Total Contests Flags Top 20 Flags Winning Flags Average Jan Feb
1 Emi6219 19.686 3 6 6 1 3.281 6.694 6.042
2 TuxKitten 19.165 3 6 5 0 3.194 6.554 5.731
3 FXBR 18.648 3 6 6 0 3.108 6.393 5.603
4 qwerty_sfs 18.37 3 6 3 0 3.062 6.633 5.965
5 VertigoOne 17.886 3 6 3 0 2.981 6.813 5.75
6 no_apologies 17.283 3 6 2 0 2.881 5.901 5.638
7 saladinmander 16.02 3 6 2 1 2.67 4.753 5.423
8 Miguk4Real 15.499 3 6 2 0 2.583 5.89 3.423
9 Imperatorjoshua 15.433 3 6 1 0 2.572 4.75 4.559
10 coldbrewcoffeecake 14.257 3 5 1 0 2.851 2.963 4.904
11 KarlsGB 14.219 3 6 1 0 2.37 3.212 5.246
12 Johhny_Geo_Flags 13.209 3 6 0 0 2.202 4 4.822
13 NewFlags 12.319 3 5 2 0 2.464 2.315 3.748
14 mfc314 11.217 2 4 2 0 2.804 6.6 4.616
15 persew 11.066 2 4 2 0 2.766 0 4.311
16 Emergency-Candle-129 10.838 2 4 0 0 2.71 5.825 5.014
17 StoneBurkeboi 10.596 3 5 0 0 2.119 2.263 3.636
18 bees-on-wheat 9.91 2 4 1 0 2.478 0 3.869
19 Efe_Was_Here1 9.448 3 4 0 0 2.362 2.747 2.348
20 oblivicorn 8.846 2 3 2 0 2.949 3.13 0
Full annual standings and past winners
Congrats to saladinmander on their 3rd win! They will receive a custom flair of the winning flag and it will be forever enshrined within our Hall of Fame, and can provide the theme for next month's workshop. They'll also get a custom flag from our new contest sponsors over at Flagmaker & Print!
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2023.03.27 06:24 Purple-Huckleberry76 Lucid nightmares as a kid.

I used to have lucid dreams almost every night from about the ages 4-9 and around 50 percent of the dreams were lucid nightmares that traumatized me as a kid and I would also have sleep paralysis very frequently as a kid. Sometimes the sleep paralysis and dreams would kinda blend together where I was awake but also dreaming at the same time. When they blended together I would have dreams where I would have symptoms of sleep paralysis such as not being able to breath or move. But sometimes I would have the most awesome lucid dreams. If anyone’s sees this please let me know why these kinda things happened to me because I’m really curious. Thanks.
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2023.03.27 06:24 Alternative-Elk1765 30F with crazy ex 27M

My alcoholic ex husband 27M was insane and constantly accusing me 34F of cheating when I was not! Here’s a compilation of the bull crap: 1.) one night I made pancakes for my kids for dinner and waited for his drunk A$$ to come home only to be woken by a constant blaring of a vehicle horn. He had urinated on himself and was laying in his truck on the horn. Calling me every obscenity in the book while my kids slept. He convinced himself a man in a black suv had pulled in to my driveway asking were I was and said he was asking to sleep with me. I have 10 wifi cameras on my property nothing showed any SUV. 2.) I went to see my best friend for the weekend and he convinced himself I was sleeping with her and told me if I didn’t come home he would kill himself. He called me all night long then he messaged everyone I was with. When we all blocked him he used an app to call us from fake phone numbers then he called the restaurant we were at. He then broke in to my safe and took my pistols and said he was going to off himself with them. 3.) DWI #1 he got drunk and crashed his dads motorcycle with a random women on the back. Blamed it all on her he went to jail and is still paying off her medical bills. Mommy paid for his lawyer though.
4.) DWI #2 he got drunk and drove off crashing his truck in to a bunch of things before passing out with an open container of rum in his hand. with the truck running in front of the ticket booth at a local fair. He was arrested and ended up losing his license and tried to blame it on me and everyone around him. I was asleep in my camper the whole time and had no idea he even left. Cops knocked on my door at 6am. 5.) he was so paranoid that he would block me on his make social accounts then make fake social media accounts to stock my social media that he blocked me on lol. 6.) he told me constantly how he could do better than me was always putting me down and saying awful things to me. So in return I regularly reminded him he was a loser with bad teeth that had two DWIs and he was welcome to go back to his ex.
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2023.03.27 06:24 Forward-Recipe-5722 Strong urges, I need some support

It's so late at night. My husband is sleeping next to me. All i think about is sexting and fapping again. I become the actor; so it's porn, fapping, sex addiction combined.
I'm tired of this shit.
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